Christmas is that time of the year when you just can’t seem to do enough for the people you love, or want to love you in that special way. I am crazy about my granddaughter, but I suppose every grandfather says that. I’m actually more like Nita’s father, since I raised her and her brother Nathan. I was only in my forties when my son Billy and his wife were killed so suddenly and I didn’t know what I was gonna do with a couple of kids. Hell, I didn’t even have a wife, since Jenny passed on before Billy was out of elementary school. I figured I find a way though to help those kids and the funny thing is that most of the time it felt like they did most of the helping.

Anyhow, now in my sixties I’m still a big guy, some people would say strapping and even handsome in a Sean Connery kind of way. My hair went white long ago and I’ve got huge arms from cutting and hauling lumber akk day long. The ladies in town think I’m a real catch and I get no complaints from the girls I chose to bang, but lately my dirtiest thoughts concern my Nita. I can’t get her out of my head.

It seemed like only yesterday that she was a little girl and now, at 18, she’s firm and soft, round and slim, just about the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen. She’s got this pretty long blond hair and big grey eyes that seem to say, “Fuck me Gramps! Fuck me!.” At her height of 5 ft 3 she’s a small powerful package with perky tits that jiggle just right but can still stand as straight as two soldiers … and I just want to salute them! I’m almost ashamed of the feelings I get when she’s in the same room with me. I think I’ve done a good job of keeping her from knowing what’s in my mind, but maybe I’m wrong. In any case, there’s only one thing I want for Christmas this year and that’s Nita, sitting on my lap with a long, hard cock up her nasty little cunt.

Unknown to Jim, Nita had similar feelings for her grandfather. When she was younger, Nita use to spy on Jim’s dates, watching him pound the hell out his girlfriend’s slimy cunts. One night Nita would always remember was when Jim brought three women home and proceeded to bang the shit out of them in EVERY hole! When Nita got older and started playing with other boy’s cocks she realized that no one could compare to her Gramps and most importantly no guy had ever made her squeal like pig. When Gramps fucked women it sounded like he was killing them.

It didn’t help that her grandfather was so attractive, standing at about 6 ft 4 with muscles bulging. He looked like a cross between Richard Gere and Arnold Schwarzenegger to Nita. She just wanted to wrap her arms around his big powerful thighs and slide his massive erection between her two 38 double Ds and suck him all night long. At the age of 18, Nita felt she was more than ready to find out what she was missing and decided she would get Gramps’s big fat juicy pecker for Christmas if it was the last thing she ever did!

The evening of Christmas Eve turned out to be a terrible night. The snow just kept falling and Jim knew that with the snow falling so heavily there was no way that Nathan would make it home for Christmas. When Nathan called a couple of hours later, Jim didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. He would have Nita all to himself. The problem was, what could he do with her?

“Well Baby, it looks like Nathan won’t be able to drive through this mess,” Jim announced to his granddaughter as he watched her placing gifts under the tree. Her tight red sweater squeezed together her mighty tit flesh into perfect globes that made Jim’s mouth water.

“Oh, shit! What is he going to do for Christmas now Gramps?” Nita wanted to look upset and hoped she seemed appropriately shocked and distressed, but she was near breathless with excitement at the prospect of trying to seduce her grandfather and didn’t want her older brother messing it up.

“Oh, well, I guess your brother will just stay put until tomorrow afternoon and drive up. He wasn’t that eager to leave his pretty new girlfriend anyhow, from what I understand. They’ll probably have a nice old celebration just the two of them,” Jim laughed at his insinuation. Yeah, Jim thought to himself, if he was anything like his old Gramps, he’d be banging the little slut all night long!

“Well Gramps since it’s only you and me, I might as well change into my nightgown and we can watch A Christmas Carol. It will be on in about 20 minutes,” Nita suggested hopefully. Her pussy was already steaming with the nasty thoughts that instantly popped into her head at the prospect of snuggling with her Gramps.

“Uh … ah .. yeah, sure Baby,” Jim stammered as his mouth went dry. “I’d love it … I mean I’d like that. You go change and I’ll get us a drink too. Anything you want?” Jim asked. Boy, was that a loaded question!

“I’d love a drink of wine Gramps …it is Christmas!” Normally Jim wouldn’t approve of his granddaughter drinking but it was a special occasion. Opening the kitchen cupboards Jim found a large wine glass and poured his Baby girl a generous portion and then poured himself a large glass of whiskey. Walking into the living room he sat down and waited for his granddaughter and changed the channel to the station she requested. Just then he looked up and saw his granddaughter. She was dressed in a little red scrape of silk that covered her young firm body like a glove. Every curve, every bump visible to his horny old eyes.

“Wow.” All the blood rushed from Jim’s head and into his cock. “Gramps, why don’t we watch the movie in your room. You have that big television in there,” Nita asked her grandfather in a tone of voice he’d never heard her use before. It almost sounded like she was coming onto him … no … that would be too crazy!

Following his granddaughter into his bedroom, he watched her crawl up on his big bed and sat down beside her. She motioned for him to turn the t.v. on. “Gramps, are you ok?”

“No .. I mean yes, Baby. I’m just a little surprised, that’s all. That nighty is new isn’t it?”

“Yes Gramps. Do you like it? I bought it and thought of wearing it for you.” She pulled at the spaghetti strap until part of one large breast was showing.

Jim looked at the little beauty and noticed for the first time, how nervous she seemed to be and realized what was going on. “Baby, why did you want to wear it for me?” Jim asked gently.

Sighing softly, Nita ran her hand up one of her grandfather’s big thighs and placed her small hand against his growing erection. “Because I want you to think of me as a woman, as a woman you’d like to fuck.” Jim smiled, “Baby there is nothing I’d like better than fuck the shit out of you!”

Excitedly, Nita threw her arms around her grandfather, pressing the warm silk covered tits into his chest. She started kissing him everywhere all at once, barely able to control herself, but Jim grabbed her by the head and hauled her back, “Whoa little girl … you want this to last don’t you?” he asked as he peeled the straps from her nightdress down until her tender melons were exposed to his fervent eyes. He bent his head and taking one juicy nipple into his mother began to suck and lick and bite until Nita was moaning and whimpering. “You like that little girl? You like Granddaddy’s tongue on your tits?” Nita slid her hands through Jim’s hair wanting him closer to her, wanting everything he had. “I love how you make me feel Gramps. I want to be your slut, your only slut.”

Jim smiled into her lovely eyes and pulled her nightgown up, exposing her furry little box to his seeking hands. Sliding one hand down her stomach, he reached her pussy and plunged two big fingers into her steaming cunt, making her scream, “Oh Fuck .. Yes Gramps. Do me now!”

Realizing that she was already wet and soaking his large hand, Jim pushed her all the way back, not bothering to take her red sleazy nightgown completely off. Tearing at his clothes he finally freed his eight inch raging cock meat and to her delight it was pointed right at her. Grabbing his fuckmeat into her hands she caressed and cooed at it like a baby and bringing it to her lips suckled and kissed it, making her grandfather understand the depth of her devotion to him and to his cock. “You really are cock loving whore, ain’t ya Baby?” Taking his cock out of her mouth she answered, “Does that bother you Gramps?”.

“Not one damn bit!” Jim responded with laughter. “Now Baby give me back my cock and get ready for the fucking of your life!” Lifting her legs, Jim flipped both over his huge shoulders, opening her cunt fully and in one stroke was fully inside her tight wet cave. “Oh fucking damn, that feels good Baby girl!” Jim bellowed as he started to pump his cock in and out of his lovely granddaughter.

The eighteen year was straining and holding onto the bedposts as her grandfather’s thrust became more and more violent. “Oh … Oh .. I’m make me cum! Make me cum Gramps! I’m your little slut!” Nita screamed shaking her blond head, as beads of sweat began to appear above her lips. Straining and rubbing her clit and pushing harder against her grandfather, her whole body started shaking. Her tits began to vibrate and Jim had never seen anything more sexy. “Oh Goddddddddddddddddd! Gramps! I’m cummmmmmmmming!”

Still fucking away with no intention of stopping until he fully blew his load all over her body, her pussy, her tits, her mouth, her asshole, it occurred to Jim that his granddaughter might not be on birth control … and how did he feel about that? He fucked her even harder!

Nita came three times before Jim finally exploded into her honey pot! Bucking and groaning and hearing the slap slap of his flesh beating against her pussy, Jim finally collapsed on top of his young granddaughter. Pulling her into his arms, one hand over one big tit and the other inside her creamy slit, Jim played with her all night long as she slept peacefully.

Well, I can hardly believe the way that night turned out. I have no regrets though. When I asked Nita if she got everything she wanted for Christmas, she told me she only wanted one thing and I gave it to her last night! Well, shit. I always did like to please the ladies … and we found out a month later she would be giving me another child! I’m gonna be a daddy and great-granddaddy! What a great Christmas that turned out to be.

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