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Three weeks had passed since I had found out my 20 year old grand daughter worked at a massage parlor. Not just that but we had sex. And I must say some of the best sex I can remember. The funny thing is that Mary, her real name never said anything to me after she got home that night . And I never said anything to her. Things went on like nothing had happen. I was thinking, was it a dream? I was thinking of going back but wanted to make sure she was going to be working.

“Mary are you going to be at the shop today?” That is all I said. The look on her face told me what I wanted to know. We had just got up from lunch and I was putting things away.

“Yes I will!” Mary walked out of the room. Then I could hear her car door close and then her driving off. I went to the bathroom and took a nice long hot shower. When I was done I shaved and took an enema. I was thinking of something different today.

“Hello Karen. How is my sweet girl doing today?” I walked in the back with Karen and we stood by the pictures. On the wall was 3 new girls and one new TS. I smiled and asked how ‘that one’ was. “Can you tell me about her?” I pointed to a very soft looking TS. She had a nice set on her I would say about 36c. Great looking legs and about 6.5″ of meat.

“She is new here. From what I understand she is great with men and women. She enjoys giving and getting. In all ways, oral, anal and spanking. And best of all she does not deep throat. That you will like!”

“Has she been with Rose yet?” I said it without thinking. I think Karen knew I was going to ask about her.

“No she has not! Would you like me to set it up for you? And how would you like it? Rose first or Cathy?” Karen looked at me. She knew I enjoyed a TS from time to time and she knew I would love to see a girl with one.

“Send Rose in first.”

I took my shower and got on the table. I was face down when Rose walked in. I could not hear her but felt the cool air on my ass when she open the door. I then felt her fingers on my legs. She started to massage my legs. Up and down. She never said a word. Her hands moved up close to my balls and then back down. This went on for about 20 minutes. I then felt her hands on my back. She was standing at my side. I open my eyes and looked at her body. She was nude, like all the girls when they come in. Her fingers went right to the spots that I need them at.

“That does feel great Rose. I have been thinking of your hands.” I gave her a smile, looking down at her shaved pussy. “And a few other things!” Her hand went down to my ass and rubbed it. I felt her finger going down my crack and as it went I felt oil being pored on my crack. My ass hole tighten up as her finger found it.

“Now, now Sir. We can not have that happen. You have to learn how to relax. If I’m going to put my finger in you. You have to relax more. Now take a deep breath and let it out as I go in.” I felt her finger slide into my ass. Soon Rose was finger fucking my ass. “Now doesn’t that feel better Sir?”

What could I say. It did! Her finger was not that long and it was not that wide but it did feel good. I have a thing about getting a finger in my ass. I have a thing about getting more then just a finger in my ass also. Rose was doing a great job . My cock was hard and I think she knew it.

“Would you like to roll over now Sir? That way I can see your cock. I have been thinking of it for the last few weeks. To tell you the truth I have been thinking of it for the last three weeks. I did not want to bring my work home and I’m glad that you have not asked me to. It is best to keep that here. Is that okay with you Papa?” Mary calls me that from time to time. I call her my little one.

“Mary I think that it is best that we keep it here. If we start this at home I might not ever let you leave. So we shall leave it at your work. It would cost me all I make if I we did it at home. So lets just leave well enough alone.” I wish that we could do it at home but I understand that once that box is open it will just start something that we might not like.

“Sir I was thinking of trying to get you all the way into my mouth today. Karen told me that you would like to try Cathy today. I have worked with him or should I say her once since she came here. He is not to big but from watching him suck I would say she is good. A few of the other guys enjoy him, sorry her. Just tell me what it is that you would like to try.”

“I don’t know my dear. As you have been told I enjoy anal both ways. I would enjoy seeing how it felt to be fucked by you with a strap-on. You do have a strap-on that you use on guys like me? Or don’t you do that?” I knew from Karen that Rose loved to do that. Karen once told me that she wanted all the girls to do it. All but a few enjoyed it but they still did it.

“Yes I do, do it. And best of all I enjoy the power that is gives me. Something about fucking a guy turns me on. I get to the point that I feel I have a real cock. I know that most men enjoy or should I say love to fuck a girls ass. I remember that last time you did!” Yes I did. Watching a girl or a TS take it like that. I’m not into guys unless they are a TS or a CD. A TS is a great turn on for me. Looking at them seeing a cock and tits is the best. A CD is okay only if they can pass.

Rose left and walked back in with a strap-on on. It looked like the real thing. About 7.5 inches long. Rose walked in front of me and as I lay on my back it came over my face. I turned some and asked.

“Would you like me to suck that for you my dear? Try to please you. I would enjoy letting you watch if you like.” This was part of the game. Something that I got into and I knew some of the girls enjoyed it also. I might kneel in front of them. Bend over the top as they lay back. Or take it this way. The way I enjoyed it the most was to kneel in front of them or over them as they lay back. I told Rose that I would enjoy it if she would lie down and have me kneel on the table and go down on her. She did.

The feeling if a strap-on is not the same as a real cock. It is not warm and does not give like the real one. But when a girl is on the other side you can look down the cock and see her pussy. Looking at that turns me on as much as sucking her cock. Knowing that she is going to push it into my ass also is a turn on. After about 10 minutes of this and her talking to me I was ready. Rose moved slowly and I did also. I got on my back and was looking down my body as she get between my open legs.

I watched as she put some anal lube on her cock. I also watched as she looked at my ass. The look was not unlike the way most guys look at a girls pussy or ass just before they stick it in. The look of lust. The look of power. That is what I enjoy most about ass fucking. The power it gives you. The feeling that you are doing something so taboo. And for a guy to let a female do it to them. I give myself up to them. I trust them. I let them see inside me, to go to a place in me that 99% of the women I know do not know about me. Then I felt her push it.

At first I had little pain then I felt more. I started to take a deep breath just before Rose pushed. I would let it out as she pushed in. And then she would pull out a little. Then in , then out. Rose was making love to my ass, not fucking it. Slowly in and out. Soon I could hear her. I could see her looking down at it as it went in and out. Just like I did when I fucked her ass three weeks ago.

Since I was on my back Rose could see my balls and cock moving as she push in and out. I could see her tits bounce each time she would pushed in. I felt thighs on my thighs each time she bottomed out. Watching her eyes as they looked at my cock and balls. Looking at my hole taking her strap-on in each time she would push down. Watching it, trying to hold it from coming out as she pulled back. I felt her small hands holding my hips. The same way I held her hips weeks before. All at once I could feel myself starting to get into this. I was now pushing back up on each of her down strokes. I was now helping her fuck me. My hands went to her hands and held them in place.

“Oh my god does that feel great. I feel like you have a real cock. Watching you as you fuck me is one of the greatest things I have watched or felt. I’m almost ready to cum my dear!” What could I say. I now had my eyes close and fell into a dream state. My ass took her cock and I just let it happen. Now I knew why so many women enjoy this. Why they let a man fuck them like this. The feeling of giving yourself to them. Rose knew I was about to cum and she started to slow down. She still held on to my hips but did not move as fast. The door opened and Cathy walked in. The first thing I saw was her tits. A soft white globe. Her tan make them look bigger then they were. I would say she was about a 38c. Her nipples brown on a white background. My head was still back and was turned so I had a good view. Then I started to move my eyes down . Down till I could see her cock. Shaved, smooth looking and not hard but not soft. Without thinking I licked my lips. This did not get by Rose.

“So I see you like what you see Sir. Would you like to try to get her hard with your mouth as I keep fucking you slow?” Rose had never stopped fucking me. I could feel her about half way in me.

“Yes I think I would my dear.” I knew I wanted it. I wanted to let my grand daughter watch me suck a cock. To show her that I could suck a cock like she did. I was thinking that maybe that she got sucking cock from me. I never took my eyes off of Cathy’s cock as she walked towards me. My mouth opened as she got closer. I soon felt the tip on my lips and I kissed it. I could hear Rose talking.

“Sir that looks so sexy. Watching a man kiss her cock like that. Watching you as your lips push the head back towards her. Now open and lick the tip. That’s it. Now open more so I can see it going in. Let me see you take it all the way in. That’s it!” I had Cathy’s cock all the way in. She was, or should I say ‘he was’ not all that long. I would say about 6 to 6.5 inches. Every now and then I would look up at her face and she was looking down at my cock. By now I was as hard as I have ever been. Getting fucked by a girl turns me on. But sucking a TS cock was making me harder. I open wide to try to say something and I felt her pull out and then back in. I had her balls on my left cheek. I could see her looking at my cock and feel a strap-on in my ass.

“Rose was right when she told me that you had a big cock. I wish I had one that size. Your mouth feels great on my. If you keep this up I might cum in your mouth. Is that what you want!” I felt her cock going in and out. I felt a strap-on going in and out. I pulled back and said .

“YES.” A one word answer. Short and sweet. I wanted to feel her shoot into my mouth. I felt a hand on my cock and knew it had to be my grand daughters. She was jacking me off and I sucked a cock in front of her. Her hand came up as her cock pulled from my ass. At the same time I felt a cock pull out from my mouth. Then I felt a cock going in my ass at the same time one went into my mouth and her hand came down on my cock. It was a dream come true. It felt as if we all had the same movement. Both cocks went in and a hand went down. Cocks out and hand up. I was getting close.

“Yes Sir, She is close and I can tell your close. I want to watch you shoot your cum out and watch her shoot her cum in your mouth.” Rose was now fucking my ass. I could feel her pulling out and going back in. She now fucked me like I fuck a pussy fast and deep. I felt her hips hit my thighs each time she went down. I felt her hand moving faster and faster. Her hand slapping my balls with each down stroke. I could feel Cathy’s hands on my face as she now fucked my mouth. Words can not tell how this feels. You have to live it.

I felt my cum starting to move. I pushed up on my hips and that told them I was close. Cathy watched and knew when I was ready. With my mouth open all the way I felt it hit the back of my throat. I made a sound like I was gagging but it was from joy. I was about to cum. Cathy pulled out and started to jack me off. I felt a hand squeeze my balls and I started to cum. Then I looked up just as Cathy started to cum.

“OH my god! I’m watching two cocks shooting. One is shooting in my lovers mouth and the other one all over my hand. What a site.” I felt Cathy’s cum going into my mouth and running down my face. Then I felt my grand daughters mouth take my cock. I looked down the best I could and could see her. I can not tell you how it felt watching her do that. And at the same time taking a cock into my mouth. I swallowed and I could see Rose swallow as well. Then she closed her mouth around me and I came in her mouth. She did not swallow. I sucked the rest of Cathy’s cum and then I open my mouth to let Rose see it. Her mouth came off my cock and I thought now what?

I have done this a few times. It is called ‘snowballing’. I watched Rose move towards me and then she bent. I was thinking that she was going to spit my cum into my mouth, but she bent more and kissed me. I felt my cum come out of her mouth and into my mouth. It was great. Then I watched as Cathy bent and kissed the tip of my cock. Her mouth open some and she sucked what she could from me. Rose was still close to her and she kissed Rose I knew that she was pushing my cum into her mouth. Rose and I kissed once more As we kissed I could taste more of my cum in her mouth. I then pushed it back into her mouth. Rose pulled back and kissed Cathy. I watched as my cum went back and forth between them. I was still on my back and they pulled apart. I could see my cum dripping out. They bent and then kissed me at the same time. Feeling my cum dripping into my mouth almost made me shoot once more.

“That my dear Sir was one of the best blow jobs I have ever watched or done. You Sir are a sick man”. Rose kissed me softly on the mouth and then told me that she would like to come back in three weeks once more.

“Next time I would like to watch you and Cathy fuck. Then you both fuck me.”


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