Victor’s doorbell rang. He opened to a Polynesian beauty with almond eyes, thick straight black hair and all the right contours in all the right places. She was dressed in a woman’s business suit. She handed Victor an envelope and said “This is my letter of introduction.” Victor opened the letter and read:

To: Victor, Senior Pageant Trainer

From: Ms. Smith, Chairwoman, Total Woman Pageants Board of Directors

Subject: Fiona, Miss Fiji, Contestant for Miss Pacifica

The bearer of this communique is Fiona, the current Miss Fiji. She is a candidate for this year’s Miss Pacifica. She has won her local and island-wide contests and is gifted with intelligence and beauty. She speaks adequate English. Total Woman Pageants has been retained by her benefactor to perfect her in every way in order to outclass the competition in the upcoming pageant.

You are at liberty to use any and all means and methods necessary to instill in her the arts and skills demanded both onstage and backstage to win a world class beauty pageant. Please afford her the FULL range of your specialized tutoring. However, if at any time, you find this candidate to be reluctant or recalcitrant, feel free to return her to us without any regret or further obligation. She and her benefactor have been briefed on these terms and conditions and both have agreed in writing.

This Board, her benefactor and especially the pageant judges will truly appreciate your upmost attention to refining her abilities. As always, we thank you for favoring us with your valuable time and labors.

Victor folded the letter and looked over his latest charge. She was standing with eyes down, waiting his instructions or dismissal. He stepped out, waved the limousine driver on his way and carried her valises into the studio reception. Returning to the entrance, he ushered the woman inside, closed and locked the door and resigned himself to another long grueling week of work.

Victor led Fiona through the studio to the outdoor pool. The deck stretched half round and the remaining circumference was surfaced with white sand, simulating a seaside beach. Fiona was dressed in grey wool well-tailored woman’s business suit set off by a flowered patterned blouse and white strappy high heels. The blouse and jackets collars were very open, displaying bounteous cleavage. Her attire was a coordinated combination of business, leisure and ‘come hither’. Victor seated her under a table and umbrella at the boundary of deck and sand. He offered her refreshments and she picked at them nervously.

“Miss Fiji, were you born there?”

“Yes, my mother is a Fijian mix of native and Indian. My father is a Chinese businessman: fisheries, a tourist resort, even a small gold mine.”

“How did you get started in the pageants?”

“I used to hang out at the resort. I loved watching the nightly shows: meke dancing, fire dances and the hula. The hula is not a native dance but the foreign guests didn’t know and expected that as part of the show. The dancers taught me to dance when I was a little girl and I performed in early evening sometimes. Late at night the dances became very risqué. I didn’t know that until I was older. After I finished Business College, I became a part-time regular. That was when I was allowed to dance late at night. It was sensuous and exciting. I got to know many boyfriends, both locals and tourists. I also followed the regular dancers to the beauty pageants. I was lucky and won some. But I need training to become a true competitor. Will you help me?”

“That’s why you and I are here. We will tune you up this whole week. For now, get your luggage to the guest suite and we will have dinner at eight. Dress is formal.”

Fiona seemed to relax. She went inside to prepare. Victor liked her already. There was something about her that got him going. He almost regretted the need for her first test tonight. But his methods were honed from years of experience and what must be must be.

She wore a black gown to dinner, sparkling with silver accessories. Her black hair, dark almond eyes and robust hourglass figure mounted on heels showed she was okay in the formal dress phases of competition. He would make a final decision after a closer inspection, a much closer inspection. They chatted about the work week daily schedule: exercise, arts and skills training, current events and policies for the Q & A, performance practice in the evening. Fiona seemed well cultured and well briefed on the training program.

At 1AM, Victor arose from his own bed to administer Fiona’s preview of his methods. He worked his cock to hardness and strode across the hall to Fiona’s suite. He entered the dim room without knocking and approached her bed. He lubricated his cock for the first test. He looked about surprised; she wasn’t in bed. He heard a chair creak. Fiona rose naked from its cushions.

“I’ve been expecting you” she said.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a smothering kiss. Her hand descended to his cock, finding it slippery.

“I am very anxious to be a compliant student and if it’s your wish that I suck your cock right now, then I will. But please, may I clean the lotion off of it first? I doubt it will taste very good.”

“No need for that.”

Victor palmed her ass, lifted her and laid Fiona on the bed. She aimed him accurately as he pushed in. She assisted him with hip rolls. When he tired, she lay still rubbing his back, swirling her hips side to side to keep a gentle vagina caress on his embedded cock, tickling his slit with her cervix. When he had recovered some energy, they stroked some more, building the heat higher until a mighty orgasm swept over them. Obviously, she was fully in agreement with his demands for complete cooperation so he forewent the stern speech he had conveyed to other candidates so many times before.

For the next few mornings, they began with exercise, Fiona wearing a saggy see-thru thong bikini. Her dark nipples moved about enticingly as she performed her weight lifting and stretching sets. They ate brunch and held talent practices. The afternoons were for review of question topics. They spent the evenings in performance practice. Fiona had that special something that Victor found intriguing. Despite his age, he was almost constantly aroused. And Fiona constantly availed herself to serve his needs. At any point of any session, Victor would pause, lounge back and Fiona would recognize the signal. They fucked and sucked anytime and anywhere.

Towards the end of the week, Fiona showed Victor her hula moves. They were at the beach area of the pool. It was after dark and the glow and glitter of tiki torches surrounded the woman as she gyrated her hips to the drumming music. She wore a modern revision of the traditional grass skirt. Her attire was an obscuring drape of individual fine silver chains, knee length. As she undulated her hips, the cascading metal skirt reflected the flames and shimmered like water waves pouring down her legs. Two shorter decorative chains hung from her nipples, clamped to the nubs. They swung like synchronized pendulums from her wobbling bare breasts. Her hair bounced all around her torso and sometimes had to be swept back to keep her jiggling boobs unconcealed.

Fiona danced and revolved giving Victor, relaxed in his chaise lounge, a 360 view of her talents and stamina. He already had opened his pants and was playing with his cock. Fiona noticed that but prolonged the show. As the music concluded and the beat slowed, she let her body run down like a toy loosing energy, bending forward at the waist and letting her arms hang limp. Her long dangling hair shrouded the full frontal view. She tilted her head back and peered through the narrow gaps in the strands, looking at Victor and smiling. As she stood back erect, she fluffed her tresses behind her.

Victor watched and continued to handle himself. Fiona’s bare feet carried her forward and she kneeled by his side. Her hand replaced his, continuing the rhythm of the cock caress. She leaned in and kissed what she touched. She opened and drank in the stiff meat, slurping it with her tongue. Victor’s freed-up hands held her head, petting her coiffure. Her nipple chains swung in time below her swaying tits but her waist chains had parted to the side revealing her pantiless ass in the torch glow.

Victor moved a hand to her rump and rubbed the smooth cheeks, finding moisture at the entrance to her cunt. He embedded his finger there and she moaned around the prick embedded in her mouth. His other hand started at the base of one tit chain and collected it upward until his palm contacted her flesh. He grappled her suspended boob, squeezing, massaging, and pinching. She moaned some more. Victor released his holds and lay back. Fiona continued her work. Victor let his body feel and enjoy her efforts. He was insatiable with her, never getting enough. But the ‘enough’ for this session was coming on. He breathed, panted, gasped and gushed into her mouth. His eyeballs saw colored lights inside his closed eyelids, bright enough to match the fires of the tiki torches sputtering nearby.

She was caressing his chest with her hands when he came around to consciousness. After a hiatus to get some strength, he lifted himself out of the lounge, took her hand and led her inside. They played in her bed throughout the night. Fiona retained the glittering decorations. She took her time and let her multiple orgasms flow. Victor was selfless in helping her achieve joy again and again. Victor himself enjoyed two more big ones, once in her womb cowgirl style with her nipple chains swinging and again missionary style when he required a less strenuous buildup to his ultimate release.

The final day of training was spent in critical review of all the lessons. He recommended that she use her best judgment of the pageant rules and customs to determine when and how to display her special silvery hula talents to its greatest advantage. Victor was exhausted from the previous evening and night. They did not fuck or suck at all that day.

Victor was sleeping alone on the last night. At 1AM, his door opened and Fiona entered his room. She went straight to his bed and crawled in beside him. She started slow, barely brushing his body, hoping she could elicit one more erection from him before departing the studio the next morning. She engaged a unwavering effort, letting him take the time he needed to get set. When he finally was ready, she rolled him on top of her and pulled him in. She rocked and rolled her hips, simulating a horizontal hula, as she gyrated her legs around his legs and her genitals around his genitals. Victor hung on through the ride, simply letting the Polynesian beauty finish her time with him in her own cultural style. He completed his last cum of the week inside her.

When he awoke the next morning, she was gone, off to her glamorous life as a world class beauty pageant competitor, leaving him available to help the next young woman learn to achieve a lifelong dream.

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