This is a story strictly for fun and much of the source ideas are from all over the place. Have fun and enjoy.

Thinker, Cutpurse, Demon… Vamp

October 1890:

My father had told me from a young age, he had said…

“Son, if you are going to survive and prosper on the streets of this great city, you are going to have to be smarter than the cops, quicker than your rivals and for goodness sake never steal from someone you know that business always ends badly.”

So taking his advice I worked hard on all the things a great thief has to know and be able to perform them as if it was second nature. I taught myself how to climb nearly any surface in any weather or situation, I ran every day to keep up my stamina and my dear old dad taught me the ways around all manner of locking mechanism that had ever been thought up and for good measure I had a friend of the family teach me the fine art of pick pocketing. All of these things I drilled until they were like walking and breathing for the horror stories of prison were enough to keep me razor sharp for every endeavor I contemplated. By the age of ten, I was able to cry on command and look lost and acquire from those doting women who came close enough for my practiced fingers to relieve them of either jewelry or cash depending on what was available of course and then disappear as quickly as I had lured them in. At the age of twelve my father gave me for my birthday a captain’s spyglass so that I might more easily watch potential houses in desperate need of burgling.

But it was in the winter of my eighteenth year that I noticed some rather unusual activity at the home of one Doctor Griffin. It was the luring of a neighbor’s cat that first drew my attention to his abode thinking he was either going to kill it for being a nuisance or eat it because of a string of bad luck but neither was the case. The good doctor took it to his second story laboratory and there subjected the animal to some sort of injection treatment. The effect wasn’t immediate but was shocking nonetheless, after approximately one quarter of an hour after receiving the injection the cat simply faded from view and disappeared in its cage. As I watched through the spyglass the doctor did a little dance and scribbled hastily in his journal about the effects of his serum. I decided at that moment that I would have that very compound for my very own. What better thing to have as a thief than the power of invisibility. I could stroll into a bank as it was closing and observe the manager locking the safe and memorize the combination and stand around until all was clear and steal at my leisure. Oh but this was wondrous! The good doctor reached into the cage and handled the ethereal animal and for all I could observe from his facial expressions all was well with the cat. So delighted was he that the doctor took up coat and hat and headed for the door no doubt to celebrate his success. As I watched he left his home locking up behind him and headed north to the pub not two blocks from his home.

I wasted no time and made my way from my place of concealment to the back door of the doctor’s home. With practiced ease the lock yielded to me and soon I was inside and heading for his laboratory. I could hear the cat from the bottom of the stairs as it meowed and scratched at the bars of its cage. Halfway up the stairs I could smell the distinct odor of chemicals filling the air. The stench became almost overpowering by the time I topped the flight and entered the well lit room that served the purpose of his experiments. There were beakers and tubes and piping and burners and papers all over the place. Tables were arranged in an H pattern to facilitate easy migration from one phase of the chemical process to the next. But even to my untrained eye there was more than one experiment going on and god help me I spent the time to look through his notes as quickly as I could. The main body of his work was upon the invisibility formula but his side project of which he was actually being paid was for a ‘health tonic’ for a foreign customer named Von Helsing, German or Dutch by the sound of it. The notes seemed to indicate that the project was complete and a sample and letter containing the formula were ready for tomorrow’s post, how convenient! Two birds with one stone mother would have said, god rest her soul. So after acquiring two syringes and samples of both treatments, and the recipe for the health tonic, I was long gone by the time the good doctor returned home.

Travelling to a safe place to inoculate myself I settled down in a quiet room with a warm cozy fire and decided to try the health tonic first. I read the recommended dosage on the letter to this Professor Von Helsing and added a bit for good measure and injected a nice robust vein in my left arm. If I had been a more analytical fellow I would have written down my experiences and dropped the letter in the doctor’s mail slot but I was not and so did not. But as I waited for the treatment to take effect I fancied what I might have put down in the letter.

Patient X injected with treatment at nine o’clock sharp. Patient noted a sense of euphoria at half past the hour. At the top of the next hour patient feels a surge of energy driving away all sense of fatigue from the long day’s events. Patient notes a definite shift in perception and clarity of thought as if for the lack of better words ‘getting smarter’. Patient walks around the room a bit restless and looks out the window facing out over the alley and in a rush of wonder notices the darkness has nothing to hide from his gaze. Patient X says that the sense of energy has changed to that of a feeling of great strength as if he could perform any physical act with ease. At ten thirty he notices a heightening of other senses now, his hearing and sense of smell more acute like some great hound. He can smell the cheap perfume of the whore next door as she gets ready to go out on the town for ‘work’. The patient opens the window to let in a breeze to drive away the cloying scent as it fills his nostrils. Oh but the cool air on his skin is like the caress of some courtesan from some far off land, so exotic and arousing.

Now the patient decides to take the second injection and complete his transformation to a more complete human being. The second syringe finds it mark in an equally robust vein in the right arm and he waits for the miracle of invisibility to be conveyed upon him. Patient X strips down to the skin and sits before the crackling fire with his back to the flames observing his shadow to see if it will disappear as he fades from sight. It is not long before the distinct tingling sensation is felt in the right arm and then travels all over the body. Within a short time the patient notices a minute distortion of his shadow; like a stone dropped in a pool his shadow begins to ripple, then fade and finally disappear altogether.

The deed was done! I was invisible and an entirely new life was waiting for me. I lifted my hand to my face and knew it was there but could see nothing. I stood up and looked down and it was a little disconcerting that there was nothing for my eyes to lock onto. I walked around and stumbled at first but realized I was over thinking this simplest of things and just walked doing so without further impairment. London was in for a most unpleasant shock as was my father when I came home and told him what I had done. I gathered up my clothes and got dressed pulling up the collar of my coat as high as it could get and making sure my hat and scarf covered as much of my head and face as was possible. I put the remaining health tonic and the letter to the professor in my jacket pocket and headed home. Walking as I always did with head down and shoulders stooped I drew little attention to myself on the hour long jaunt back to the run down flat in the less desirable part of this ancient place. Eternal London with its great palace and meandering river where the lords and ladies ruled over those of thinner blood but that changed tonight, tonight saw the birth of an invisible rogue who like the fictional Robin Hood would make things better for the less fortunate. Gods! I was rambling in my own mind and letting this entire situation take me over. I was born a thief and I will die a thief; life was just that simple. I had just changed my odds is all? But the fantasy was thrilling there was no denying that. It was well after midnight when I arrived home bursting with need to share my story with my father but alas I found him sleeping and by the pungent odor reeking from his prone form he was deep in his drink. I shrugged and went to find my own bed and sleep until morning or until he was sober and conscious enough to hear my tale. But sleep did not come as the hold of the healing tonic was still hot in my veins so I decided to do what came natural I practiced the thieving arts until the break of dawn and still I was no more tired than when I first began hours earlier. I went into the kitchen and fixed a pot of tea and a spot of breakfast until the old man awakened and my patience was rewarded as he stumbled into the kitchen not a half hour later. Perhaps it was the scent of tea that dredged him from his alcoholic stupor not that it really mattered he was awake and I could at last share my story. It was almost comical to see him flinch seeing me all covered up in jacket, hat and scarf like some intruder but he quickly recognized my clothing and visibly relaxed.

“Geez son you gave me quite a fright! What’s with the whole cover up thing have you caught a nasty cold or something?”

“Or something,” I said standing and searching for the right words to explain to him what had transpired. “I think you need to sit down and have a cup of tea before I launch into what happened last night.”

“Did someone hurt you? Give you a good scar? Is that why you are all covered up? Ooh I’ll have their heart if someone laid hands on my boy…”

“Dad relax I’m okay sit and calm down this is good news.”

“Oi! You could’ve warned me and not scared your old dad like this!”

“Well consider yourself warned, now sit down and have a bloody cup of tea you old worry wart! You are as bad as that widow lady down the block.”

I served him his tea and a bite of eggs and toast as I let the words form in my head.

“Dad you know that doctor fellow, Griffin who lives down from the Wolf’s Head Pub?”

“That I do.”

“Well I have been eyeing his place for about a week now and decided to help myself to some of his nicer things.”

“That’s a good lad; rich folks always have too many things to worry them sick.”

“Well I was using the spyglass last night when I saw the most amazing thing.”

“Do tell.”

“I spied him snatching the neighbor’s cat and taking it upstairs to his laboratory to be experimented on. He filled a syringe with some chemical he had developed and injected the cat with it.”

“Did the cat die?”

“No dad the cat didn’t die… it vanished… became invisible…” I could see the shock of my words hit home as he got to his feet and stared at me hard before speaking.

“Take off that hat and scarf boy!”

A demon is born…

I stood at the back of the church watching the preacher and congregation pray and sing and offer up thanks to the unseen god that they believed watched over them and answered their heartfelt cries for mercy and aid for myriad desires. I had been a part of this parish off and on for the majority of my life mostly for the fact that my mother felt it was the one thing that might at the end of my miserable life save my immortal soul from the life of thievery and deceit. So I honored her memory and attended services infrequently but still when the mood struck me I came to light a candle for her and try to find forgiveness in a lifestyle that allowed me to feed my aging father and myself. I had never killed anyone or even physically hurt a living soul in my entire criminal career and I felt that I never would I was not ‘that’ kind of thief. Lost in thought I missed the last hymn being sung and the last blessing being bestowed and it was the people leaving in mass that woke me from my mental stupor. I watched the parishioners file out and almost missed Mary as she slipped out the side to the private garden that lay on the west side of the church grounds. Curious as to why, with so much stealth, she stalked from the confines of the church I decided to follow. With some effort I managed to slip unfelt by the last trickle of humanity and reach the west door undetected and open it and follow the pastor’s daughter out into the garden. I could smell her perfume, jasmine, as I entered the manicured lawn and meticulously arranged flower beds all abloom with myriad colors and perfumes of their own. Then came the acrid smell of burning tobacco and I heard the deep throated sigh of Mary Bishop as she took a long draw on one of her pilfered cigars that no doubt belonged to her father. He would have tanned her backside if he knew that she was hiding out here smoking one of his expensive guilty pleasures but she was acting out in the only way she knew how I guessed. I caught sight of her and bit back a gasp of surprise as I took in her beauty. She had grown even more delicate and ethereal the older she became and at the age of nineteen she was truly a vision of loveliness. Her long black hair was now down and free from the constraints of pins and hat; her pale skin was flawless and showed no signs of illness or imperfection that I could see. She had curves now that would tempt even the most saintly of men and eyes the color of sky or ocean whose merest gaze would steal a man’s heart for the rest of his life.

She looked around often fearful of being caught with the cigar but continued to enjoy the wicked pleasure of it and maybe it was this that inspired my carnal desires to know her in the most intimate of ways. I crept up behind her on silent feet until we were mere inches apart before I reached around and cupped her heavy breasts in my hands and breathed in her ear. My hot breath and groping hands elicited a deep guttural moan from her as she looked over her shoulder and saw… nothing and no one.

“Are you a demon?”

“Yes…” I moaned in her ear.

“Are you going to make love to me?”


“I could scream and run away…”

“…but who would believe you?”

“Mmm… but I am the daughter of a good man…”

“…with the sin of lust in your heart and your loins.”

I was kneading her soft flesh now and lightly pinching her pebble hard nipples through her dress as she leaned back into me and dropped the cigar and gave into her hunger and desire.

“Take me demon… I cannot fight the urge to be violated.”

“Undress sinner so that my touch may know you better.”

She never hesitated and never looked back now as she shed her clothing for me. I watched hungrily as her flesh was revealed slowly but surely. Soon she stood before me beautiful in her nakedness and if there were demons she would have tempted them to come to her and violate her as I was going to. I stepped forward and leaned down and kissed her and gods it was like being struck by lightning! She returned my kiss and moaned deeply into my mouth as she pressed her breasts against my chest nipples digging into my flesh. Soon she had molded her body to mine and my hardness was trapped between her legs and rubbing underneath her drenched sex as she rocked her hips forward and back teasing us both. Panting with desire I broke the kiss and growled deep in my chest.

“Pierce me demon with your unnatural flesh… unnnnn!!!”

I spun her around so that once more I was behind her and I slowly pushed her so that she bent from the waist until our sexes aligned properly and the tip touched her lips.

“Push back,” I told her.

“What demon?”

“I said push back… I want you to impale yourself on me.”

She did as she was bid and I slowly entered her warm, wet depths with a patience that surprised us both. Then when I felt she was ready I began to move my hips and she followed suit and thrusting back to meet my forward plunge. A nice slow rhythm was established as we explored each other’s bodies with hands and mouth, touching and tasting which only enhanced the experience. I licked and nipped at her long elegant neck and she ground against me driving me as deep as was possible.

“Yes my demon lover, give me that pleasure I have so long denied myself!”

My thrusts became stronger and faster as I felt her body begin to stiffen with the approach of her climax. She placed the side of her fist in her mouth and bit down to keep from screaming as she arched her back when her orgasm came crashing down upon her. She was grunting now as she tossed away any care of being heard and caught in this most sinful act. Her body was dictating her actions now and to see her like this was a dream come true. Still I pounded her hard and fast from the rear as I felt that delicious tingling sensation telling me my own climax was nearing and Mary moaned all the louder as I swelled inside of her stretching her just a bit more.

“Oh my you are filling me up so wonderfully my demon! Are you going to spill your demon seed inside of me?”


“Will you visit me in my bed after today?”

“Do you desire me to…?”

“Yessss…” she moaned. “I want to feel you inside of me over and over again; my body belongs to you now.”

“How can I refuse?”

I picked up the pace and began to thrust harder and faster as I felt that distinct feel of my orgasm as it raced to envelope me as hers did so recently. Mary had managed to get a hold of herself and bit her lip to keep quiet and silent she remained even as she moved her body against mine with equal force to drive us both over the edge. With one last savage drive of my hips I buried my member as deep as it could go even as my seed pulsed inside of her; so much that it oozed out and spilt upon the grass at our feet.

“Leave me a key to your home in the yellow rose bush and tonight I will visit you again and violate you over and over,” I told her.

“A key…? I don’t understand why does a demon require a key?”

“It is symbolic of your desire to unlock your lust and body to me.”

“I understand… now.”

I arrived home and found my father sitting in the living room reading a book. I went to my room and dressed so he had something to fix his gaze upon as we talked. I walked down the stairs not trying to hide my footsteps as I approached the living room and my father.

“I took your advice and went to church.”

“So how was it?”

“I can honestly say it was the best day of my life and I will be returning there often.”

“That’s a good lad! I am glad you found a fine spiritual anchor.”

“I would call it a nice warm place to find comfort.”

“How about a cup of tea,” he offered.

“You know I am a bit parched…”

After tea with dad I went up to my room to plan my day. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop my mum said so often. It was obvious to me I still had to do a majority of my thefts at night so no one saw things floating through the air so I would spend the days observing places that I would otherwise have never been able to even set foot into and observe their security and even tamper with it. My first stop Witherspoon and Associates a place where money is loaned to folks at sinful percentages. They always had cash on hand and that would do as a fine start. Reeking of sweat and sex I took my bath four days early much to the shock of the old man but my thought was this they may not be able to see me but they sure as hell could smell me. After a pleasant soak and drying off slipped out the back unheard and unseen and made the ten blocks stroll to the counting house. Like most of London the two story building was old but Michael Witherspoon Sr. had spent some of his ill-gotten currency on fortifying the upper floor from thievery by placing a kind of fencing around the gables that had sharpened metal spikes to deter entry from that direction. The windows likewise were barred on both levels and the doors stout oak. Short of burning the place down it appeared impossible to burgle but not for me. I waited patiently until a customer entered and followed swiftly after and took up a position free from human traffic and observed. The man who entered was finely dressed and was obviously a person of means and producing a note and displaying the ring on his right hand the clerk approached the office of Old Witherspoon himself and entered after a momentary wait. I crept behind the man to see what manner of jewelry produced such results and saw it was an ornate signet ring with three swords forming a triangle and an eye within the confines of the swords. How interesting I thought I may have to procure this ring and discover what lies behind its meaning. As I heard the door to the office open I withdrew from the man and when the clerk summoned him to the old man’s office I followed silently after. Once the door was closed the two embraced and the elder Witherspoon offered his guest a seat.

“So how goes the day Your Grace,” the older man asked.

“It goes well and yourself Michael,” the other replied in kind.

“I see you come with a letter from Him should I bother reading it or is it another request for funds for one of His pet projects?”

“Have a care Michael, even with your high standing in the Order such talk is ill advised.”

“I know but he is bleeding me dry and if things continue on this tangent I will be among those I myself have sent to the poorhouse.”

“Fear not I have spoken to mother and due to your many years of unwavering aid and loyalty she is going to forgive your debts and place fifty thousand pounds in your bank account.”

I could see the relief on the old man’s face as he wiped his forehead with a monogrammed handkerchief and reached for the sealed letter. I moved to stand behind and to the side of Witherspoon as he broke the wax seal on the letter and I saw it was a variation of the swords and eye but more intricate by far. He opened the document and began to read and I saw the color drain from his face as with shaking hands he set the letter down.

“I see, he means to be a full partner and I am to retire immediately. What of my sons? What of my legacy?”

“Your legacy dear Michael is your years of loyal service to the Order. I promise your sons will be looked after and this business your grandfather began will survive into the next century and beyond.”

“Thank you Edward that means much in these uncertain times.”

“Ah I almost forgot you have been promoted, give me your ring.”

I watched as Michael Witherspoon removed his old ring with some difficulty and handed it over to this Edward. The ring was dropped into a coat pocket and out of the other pocket a finely carved mahogany box was produced and handed to the old man. He took it and slowly opened it and gasped. The silver ring he once wore was now replaced with a gold one set with precious stones.

“Temporal Master,” Witherspoon whispered.

“You have earned it and when you die your son James will inherit your title and power.”

“I am deeply honored your Grace.”

“Enjoy your retirement old friend.”

The two men embraced and shared an intricate handshake before Edward turned and left a few ounces lighter. I concealed the old ring I had taken on the top of a nearby bookshelf and followed the young man out. Who were these men? What was this Order they were talking about? I never suspected my invisibility would reveal such things.

I spent the rest of the day observing the ways and means of how this business worked and saw how I could breech their security and collect quite a bit of cash as well as the old man’s ring. I knew someone, hell I knew lots of people all over this fine city, but this particular person knew things for a price of course. I would liberate a large amount of money from this place and then dress for the occasion and go see my old friend and ask them about the Order.

It was about a half hour before closing when the two guards stepped through the front door and my heart sank. The second man through the door was none other the Timothy Carter a friend and veteran of the Boer War. I hadn’t seen him in weeks and now knew why; he had landed a steady paying honest job that got him out of the old neighborhood. My resolve almost faltered but I had to go on with my plan. No one was going to get hurt but I just had to be especially careful since I actually knew one of the guards. Despite standing in one spot for long periods I felt as fresh as if I had just stepped out of bed. I was a bit hungry but I could fix that after I left here. First I needed to immobilize the first floor guard. I found what I needed to bind the guards and having spent some time last summer hanging with the Long Wharf Gang. There I learned the ins and outs of knot tying in exchange I showed them the finer points of picking a pocket a fair arrangement all in all. Seizing my opportunity I began to turn off the lights one room at a time the gas lamps went dark and my superior night vision gave me the upper hand and the first bloke was out cold and trussed up in no time. I slipped up the only stair that led to the second floor and found Timothy wary and on guard for anyone heading up the stairs. He knew something was amiss but just not prepared for the likes of me.

“I know your there and I will give you fair warning I am armed and will shoot you dead,” I could tell he meant every word. “You can leave now empty handed but alive.”

You had to appreciate a kid from the slums giving a thief an easy out but I was determined to rob the place and sadly he was going to suffer a little bump on the head for his troubles. It was easy enough to slip to the side and then behind him and even as I brought the sap down on his head he began to turn sensing somehow that I was behind him. Two minutes later my ear was pressed to the front of the safe as I began turning the dial listening for the tumblers to fall. In less time than I would have thought the safe was open and its contents were mine and oh what surprising things were inside? There was a small iron box with gold coins stamped with an unfamiliar design and appeared newly minted by their condition. There were the accounting books for the business both sets. I was beginning to like Old Man Witherspoon more and more. He was a thief just like me. Then there was the cold hard cash that came to the astounding amount of nearly fifty thousand pounds! Plus at least another twelve bags holding various jewelry and assorted coins; so I borrowed Timothy’s jacket and using it as catchall carried the entire contents of the safe carefully away. My last stop before I left was the ornate ring I had hidden in the office and then I placed my goods at the back door and with a last check on the guards to make sure they were alright I would be going. The first old sod was still sleeping peacefully where I had left him and when I went to check on Timothy I found him unconscious as well upstairs and I examined his head wound because of the bit of blood seeping from the cut on his scalp. I bent down to make sure he was breathing before I turned to leave and then well suddenly I was in my room at home sitting on the floor with the jacket full of goodies at my feet. I found and lifted up the loose floor board and placed everything except the ring there for safe keeping and returned the plank to its proper place. I dressed and dropped the signet into my pocket and headed out towards Paddington Station to meet up with someone who could enlighten me.

“Hello Ruby,” I said approaching the redhead who had once been the most beautiful street walker in all of London but a hard life and a few perilous tricks had reduced her to the scarred bitter young woman she was now.

“Hello Oswald,” she said smiling her hair cascading over the right side of the face where a john had cut her deep ruining her lovely Irish features forever.

“Nice night,” I began but she stopped me with a look. “Alright I got a bauble I procured and I want to know who it belongs to.”

“Don’t you remember the bloke you robbed or were you piss drunk at the time?”

“I know who it came off of but I want to know who it belongs to, here take a gander at this,” I said offering her the ring.

She leaned into the light offered by the lamp post and turned it this way and that whistled.

“Got this off one of them gentlemen did ya?” she began. “A few years ago before this,” she said reaching up and touching her face. “I used to perform at a gentlemen’s club and while I was being especially friendly to this handsome chap I noticed his ring.”

“Let me guess his fingers were deep in those luscious auburn locks of yours?”

“Precisely,” she said proudly. “No one sucks a cock like I do and don’t you forget it.”

I remembered and she was and is a very talented whore. I also recalled the night after a particularly good score going to her and asking her to marry me and leave her dangerous job behind. She had said no and a week later well a week later everything changed.

“So where can I find this club Ruby,” I asked already fishing into my pockets for a few large silver coins.

“Not far from Scotland Yard actually can’t miss it big two story stone thing with gorgeous pine doors with two crossed keys over a silver gate.” She said softly as she handed me the ring and I gave her three coins. “Generous as always… Oswald for what it’s worth I was a fool not to marry you. But now…”

“Oh Ruby,” I pulled her close out of the illumination of the street light and as I bent to kiss her she closed her eyes and it was like time stood still. I cupped the ruined side of her face, my tears falling on her ruined flesh and I wished beyond all hope that someday she could be whole again and mine. Until then she would never agree to marry me.

“Here now let’s have none of that,” a Bobbie came walking by on his patrol and we parted. “Oh hello Ruby didn’t know it was you, carry on.” He said with a gentle grin.

“Evening Constable Jones, give the misses a kiss from me,” Ruby said tartly.

The cop waved his night stick in response and continued on his way.

“Thanks for all your help Ruby I think I am going to visit this gentlemen’s club soon,” I said out loud and Ruby was shaking her head vehemently.

“Oh no you don’t lover boy, those blokes may play at being gentlemen but there are kill you on sight dangerous. Guests and girls for their fancy are one thing but I have heard stories of good lads trying to steal from them and they end up badly. So don’t you even think about sliding in there I don’t… just don’t you dare!”

“You still care Ruby?” my voice was soft and gentle like the caress of her skin.

“Of course I still care you silly sod!” she exclaimed and then the tears flowed and she turned to leave. “If things were different I would take up with someone like you but you know why I can’t.” With that last bit she was gone.

Frustrated and not a little aroused by her kiss I decided it was time to visit my little vicar’s daughter. Though my heart belonged to Ruby my ever stiffening manhood belonged to another this night.

Mary woke late that evening tied to her bed with her own silk scarves and one used as a gag to keep her quiet. I knelt between her legs and leaned forward so I could cup her breasts and suckle and bite at her nipples. It was a good thing that I had gagged her as she was moaning fiercely. I slid a finger between the lips of her sex and she was absolutely soaked with need to be penetrated and who was I to deny her? But I promised myself I would savor the first time in her bedroom and so I continued to knead, lick and suckle her sensitive flesh. Louder her moans came as she begged to be pierced to her core; she thrust her hips upward trying to snare my unseen member with her wet slit but I managed to outmaneuver her for a time. But her lust was infectious and soon, sooner than I planned my resolve to wait faded as to nothing and so I teased her lips with the head of my member and she tried to move her hips upward to impale herself but I moved back and was rewarded with a deep growl of disappointment. Then I slid just the head inside of her and sat there enjoying that sensation but she wanted more and was begging me to fill her up. So slowly I leaned forward and let the length of me enter her inch by inch until she was completely impaled. Then I began to make love to her in long slow strokes and I could see the worship in her eyes. I felt tonight after she had climaxed I would try something new with her and see how she took to it. I couldn’t thrust into her as I had outside for fear of the sound the bed would make creaking with our love play. So it was a slow and deliberate thrusting of bodies to build up that wondrous pleasure until she could take it no longer and biting down on the gag her body shook with release.

“Did you climax my pet?” I asked her after I removed her gag.

“Yes my demon.”

“Are you ready for something new and deliciously wicked?”

“Yes… untie me.”

I freed her from her bonds and instructed her where to kneel on the bed while I lay down. I took her by the wrist and guided her hand to my hardness and watched as her hand wrapped around the shaft.

“MMM so hard,” she moaned.

“Stroke it my pet.”

She followed my suggestion and her hand moved up and down the length of me slowly as she got used to this new act of love play.

“How does that feel?” She asked me and I moaned softly in response. “What next?”

“Lower your mouth to the tip and lick and suckle it.”

“Like this…?”

She slowly and cautiously brought her face down to my sex and with a little effort found the tip and did as she was bid. She took great delight in this new act and soon had the entire head in her mouth licking and sucking it.

“Try and see how much of it you can get into your mouth,” I suggested.

Mary’s head lowered and lowered and I felt the tip pop into her throat and she showed no signs of gagging whatsoever. Soon nature took over and her head was moving up and down while her tongue swirled along the length giving me great pleasure.

“You are a natural at this…”

“…show me more…” she said letting the tip pop out of her mouth.

“Turnabout is only fair…”

I positioned her once more on her back and lowered my face to her glistening sex and began to flicker my tongue over her sensitive flesh and watched as she gripped the covers and once more bit back a moan of purest delight.

“Oh yes I like this… more… lick me more…!!!”

My tongue found her clit and it took placing a pillow over her head to keep her from screaming. Her ass left the bed as she drove her sex against my face and her second climax crashed over her more powerful than the first. When she was recovered I lay on the bed and her on top of me each with our faces buried in the others sex. Her head bobbed up and down while I licked and suckled her lips and button of pleasure hidden beneath its fleshy hood. I nearly lost control and sent a spray of sperm down her eager throat but wasn’t sure if she were ready for that yet. Five minutes later when her fist and mouth worked in concert and drove me headlong over that sensual edge I discovered her love for the taste of my cum. She swallowed every drop and was thirsty for more. Hungry for more she continued to lick, suck and stroke me back to a near painful hardness then she rose and lowered herself down and blindly guided me between her legs and with a sudden drop impaled herself and with a muffled cry began to ride her demon lover. I didn’t know how long I could keep up the pretense of a supernatural being but as long as she craved my physical company I would be an idiot not to come to her. She closed her eyes and rode me with complete and utter abandon lost in the pure pleasure of the moment. I cupped her breasts and teased her nipples as she pleasured us both and this drove the poor girl over the edge and she nearly fainted when her orgasm hit. I rose and placed her on her back without our bodies parting and soon heedless of the noise I had her legs over my shoulders and ramming myself as hard and deep as I could into her tight wetness. Thankfully the bed didn’t make as much noise as I feared and Mary managed to find a pillow and drown out her screams saving us both from unwanted discovery. It wasn’t long before I felt my own climax nearing and I leaned forward and whispered to her.

“Shall I fill you up or let you drink deep again?”

“Please demon let me drink of you again!”

I continued to slam my body against hers and again she covered her face to keep her cries muffled from the others in the house. When I knew I could hold out no longer I pulled out and grabbing her fiercely by her hair I placed Mary’s mouth over the head of my sex and she forced her head down further so that when I did release she again greedily gobbled up every drop of my precious fluids. The she proceeded to lick my member clean of all residue and stickiness.

“Demon, I like it when you pull my hair.”

“And I like what pleasures your mouth gives to me.”

“Then you shall have it whenever you desire Dark One.”


I returned home and was so energized by the night’s events that neither did I sleep that evening, nor the night after that or the one after that.

I pondered Ruby’s words in the lonely hours of the night and finally came to the conclusion I would unravel this mystery and discover who this group was and their agenda.

The Bloodstone Ring

One end of the chain was wrapped around the belly of the massive gargoyle and the other around the monster’s waist. Four men were struggling with pry bars and sheer brute strength to tip the stone edifice over and thus drag the revenant into the purifying rays of the sun. But two tons of solid lovingly crafted granite does not shift easily. Meanwhile I looked around the chamber and assessed our losses. Dear Mina and her husband Jonathon were dead huddled in the same corner she from massive blood lost and him from a broken back. Four others all veterans of Afghanistan lay either ripped apart or drained dry by the monster. Surprisingly it was the American who stood his ground and was going toe to toe with the beast. I ran to the balcony and threw my considerable strength into the task at hand and shoved, hard and it was just enough to tip the forces in our favor and the gargoyle moved slowly at first but then quicker now and with a horrific grinding sound the chain went completely taut and began to do its work. Inch by bloody inch the revenant was dragged towards the slanting curtain of the dawn’s first rays and the look of sheer panic on its face was welcoming after so visceral a battle. Forgotten was the American altogether as the beast laid both hands on the chain and pulled. Our forward progress stopped but it was enough.

“His head,” I shouted, “take his head!”

The unflinching American took up my machete that had served me in the jungles of Africa and South America so well and with a massive two handed blow severed head from neck and the beast was drug over the balcony by the now falling gargoyle and disappeared from sight.

“Well done Sir well done,” I clapped the tall ruggedly handsome young man on the shoulder before finding a seat and collapsing after our herculean labor.

“So it’s dead,” the American asked sitting down next to me panting and bleeding from a dozen or more small wounds from the monster’s claws.

“Only one way to know for sure,” I said handing him his fallen Bowie knife. “Cut out its heart.”

“What about Mina and the others,” he asked slowly taking his feet.

“As I told you before, Lucy was an aberration, most people slain by a vampire stay dead even if they are drained dry.”

“Alright Dutch,” the American said in his southern drawl. “Let’s bury our dead and make sure this thing is gone once and for all.”

“How many times must I remind you my name is Abraham, Abraham Von Helsing,” I said shaking my head but he just smiled and with the help of the other men carried off our fallen comrades for a proper burial.

It was well after noon and we had gathered far from the monster’s lair in a small inn north and west of the castle having bathed and now dressed in fresh clothing we broke our fast that brotherhood of ours. We had been baptized in the blood and sacrifice of our comrades and were forever bonded over this unforgettable series of events. Such a tragic waste of life and the horror inflicted upon these poor souls who would look back on the conflict of men and see them as a trivial thing after facing the vampire.

“Doctor Von Helsing,” the inn keeper approached me and handed me a letter and a quick glance at the wax seal I knew it was from my superiors.

I gave the man a coin and asked for the means of replying to this letter and he went off to fetch paper, pen, ink and wax. As I waited for his return I read the letter while sipping my beer. It is as I feared and grimly I accepted the next duty I must perform.

“Hey Quinn what’s that,” came a voice above the din of the people assembled celebrating the vampire’s demise.

“Oh just a little souvenir from our adventure,” the American said his Texan accent distinguishing him from the locals and British soldiers alike.

“That’s quite a stone what do you think it is,” asked the Sergeant Major.

“Ruby or Garnet, I am not sure to be honest,” Quinn replied as he slipped the ring onto his finger. “But it’s a good fit all in all don’t you think?”

“Quite,” replied Corporeal Whittington. “The ladies are going to think you’re some kind of landed gentry Quinn.”

“Strange thing though, he was a Count correct; then why does his signet ring look nothing like his crest or coat of arms,” the American asked hitting too close to the mark.

“Now that is odd let me see three swords around a ruby eye. I’ve never seen a design like this. Hey Doctor have you ever seen this one before,” the Sergeant Major asked me.

“It must be the devil’s eye,” I offered ordering another round of drinks for the boys and wondering when and where to carry out my orders.

We took turns buying round after round and as the sun touched the western mountains I knew that this was going to be a night to remember and not for the joyous victory we had just achieved. As the last lights of day faded from sight I looked out over the drunken men who had celebrated so light heartedly and smiled.

“All right boys off to bed now and get some much deserved sleep,” I called out and the five men slowly rose to their feet and began to stagger off to their rooms.

True dark had just settled over the town when the Quinn, the American, snatched his hand to his mouth and cursed for a second before returning to his stumbling up the stairs to a nice soft bed. What was that about I wondered but paid it no heed because soon this would all end in tragedy and the only witnesses to this travesty would be dead. The letter from the Grandmaster contained only three words. ‘Kill them all.’ I would wait until they were well asleep and then bar all avenues of escaped and set the inn ablaze destroying witnesses and evidence all in one fell swoop. As the young men slept I remembered my time with my comrades in the far off lands that Queen and Country had sent us in their service. How those loyal men had followed me a foreigner and how I had earned their trust and then their love. It sickened me that they must die but my first loyalty was to the Order and everything else came second. I checked my pocket watch for the hundredth time and as the hands pointed to midnight I rose took up a burning brand from the fireplace and headed for the door. I barred every exit and then tossed the torch onto the roof and watch it catch fire so very quickly. I walked away and with my duties fulfilled I was heading back to London to check up on any progress on the project Doctor Griffin had been contracted for all those years ago.

As the inn burned Abraham Von Helsing, Master of Shadows for the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight dourly walked away from the conflagration hearing neither the breaking of the window nor seeing the single figure leap from the building to safety. He wasn’t the only one heading for London town and vengeance would be metered out.

A demon’s new toy…

After a particularly fierce night of love play Mary mentioned in passing that her cousin Evelyn was to visit and that stoked a flame in my loins to have them both and I told her so. Much to my pleasant shock Mary agreed to my carnal fantasy. When lovely Evelyn visited Mary would drug her using her mother’s sleeping powder and we would have our way with the nubile and innocent eighteen year old. The wait for the visit was maddening and I took it out on Mary our love play became a near brutal thing as I would yank her hair as I drove into her from behind nearly bending her neck to an unnatural angle. All the while she worshipped my dark nature and the pleasure and pain I inflected upon her. No matter the pain Mary was always eager to for my cock between her legs.

At last lovely cousin Evelyn arrived to stay with her family in London from faraway Dublin. I watched unseen as her carriage arrived and she stepped from it a beauty with scarlet hair. She was a curvaceous splendor barely five feet tall but fiercely gorgeous and independent the latter the reason for her visit. It was thought the saintly Pastor could instill some measure of discipline upon the girl and save the family more heartache. The headstrong nature had manifested early in life and had caused no end of trouble for family and friends alike. Mary had shared story after story of Cousin Evelyn’s illustrious career as a shit disturber. I liked her already. Tonight Evelyn would learn a whole new level of discipline at the hands of Mary and me. She would be tied, gagged and pleasured until she begged for release.

Ten o’clock and the house was perfectly silent as I made my way to Mary’s room and then from there to Evelyn’s cell in the basement of the church. It was decided by the good pastor to lock her there until she had learned proper manners and some measure of courtly grace. Mary had easily acquired a key from one of the maids and soon the door to the cell was open and we entered scarves and tools for the task in hand. It didn’t take long to tie the sleeping form to the bed and then we waited for the drug to wear off. It wasn’t a long wait since Mary had given her only a partial dose of the drug. Evelyn awoke and looked around alarmed at seeing Mary sitting on the edge of the bed smiling down at her.

“Good, you are awake cousin, God has seen to it that you are to be properly disciplined and so he has sent one of his spirits to teach you humility and your place in subservience. I will be here in case you need my help.”

Mary rose and sat on a chair at the foot of the bed and I moved to take Mary’s position on the bed. I reached into the bag she had brought filled with the things I told her I would require and removed the straight razor. Evelyn’s eyes widened in shock seeing the razor seemingly float from the bag by some unseen force. I gripped the top of her nightgown and with great care cut it from top to bottom revealing her naked form to my hungry gaze. She moaned against the gag and the cool air caused her skin to produce goose pimples galore. Her skin was freckled and as I ran my hand over her flesh she tried to pull away but the scarves held her fast. I cupped her right breast and lowered my lips to her puffy nipple and licked and teased it and to my surprise she let out a low moan of pleasure. I looked over my shoulder at Mary who appeared equally shocked.

“Spirit it appears my cousin likes your touch.”

Evelyn nodded and I moved my mouth to the other breast and more moans followed. I let my hand run downwards along her flat belly to her mound of scarlet hair and below that to her sex now slick with running juices. I slipped two fingers inside of her and felt her tightness grip them like a velvet fist. She was actually squeezing my fingers with the well developed muscles of her sex. This was going to be a whole different experience than what I was expecting. I continued to finger her until with a powerful thrust of her hips she climaxed with body shaking force.

“It looks to me as if innocent Evelyn isn’t so innocent after all, this should prove fun.” I moaned softly.

I reached into the bag and extracted the cup containing the shaving cream and Mary provided a basin with water. I applied the cream to Evelyn’s pubic hair and she began to moan in protest but to no avail. I had always wanted to do this and it was Mary who suggested that her cousin go under the blade for my enjoyment. With practiced ease the razor removed hair in nice clean strokes and before too long her Venus mound was naked as the day she was born. Washing the razor clean I closed it and returned it to the bag and found some lotion to sooth the skin and put her at ease. Now I was ready for my first time with the lovely cousin Evelyn. I knelt between her legs and teased her lips with the head of my manhood as Mary took out a single red candle and lit it. As I eased my length into the extreme tightness of Evelyn’s depths I took the candle and as I thrust into her I dripped wax onto her exposed nipples. The effect was instant and delightful as her sex gripped me and she arched her back driving me deeper still.

“Does he feel good inside of you?” Mary moaned watching intently.

Evelyn nodded and began to squeeze me as I thrust into her in a nice slow rhythm. Again the wax fell and her muscles clenched nearly sending me over the edge but I managed to fight off the urge. I took my pleasure from her slowly not wanting to rush this night. After the fourth drop of wax Evelyn’s eyes rolled up and her body shook as she drove her hips up and ground them against me as she climaxed. I sensed that there was something between Mary and Evelyn something more than simply being cousins and I was going to find out. I eased out of Evelyn and untied her bonds from the bed and then flipped her over onto her belly and retied them.

“Spirit…” Mary’s voice was a little shaky now, “what are you doing?”

Ignoring Mary’s question I pulled Evelyn’s ass cheeks apart and pressed the tip of my sex against her tiny puckered brown hole. Then I gradually applied pressure and the slick flesh slowly but inevitably penetrated that tighter recess. Evelyn was moaning and groaning in protest but that too fell on deaf ears. After about two minutes I was as deep as I could be in Evelyn’s tight little ass and Mary watched in horror as I began to violate her cousin in earnest.

“Demon! You never mentioned sodomizing her!”

“You’re next my pet,” I hissed at Mary and I fully intended on carrying out that promise.

“What? Why?”

“Because there are depths you have not sunk to yet.”

“You wish to corrupt me completely?”

“As if you had any doubts over that matter. You have lied to me so why should I not keep some of my desires hidden from you.”

“Lied? How have I lied?”

“Who taught you to suck cock little one? It was obvious to me that I was not your first.”

“Nathaniel…” Mary was sobbing now.

“Who is Nathaniel?”

“My other cousin,” Mary said tears flowing freely now.

“Let me guess… Evelyn’s brother.”


“Was it Evelyn’s idea for you to fuck her brother or just suck him off?”


“I like Evelyn more and more by the minute a truly wicked girl worthy of my full attention.”

“No! You are my demon and mine alone!”

“Who is the Master here my pet?”

“You… you are…” Mary said softly.

“Now be a good little slave and undress for me after I finish fucking dear Evelyn in the ass you are next.”

“Yes Master…”

I began thrusting into Evelyn slowly and when she was ready I drove my hips into her as hard and fast as I could plunge my member as deep as it could go. Evelyn was moaning now but not in pain but in sheer pleasure.

“How do you like my cock in your ass dear sweet innocent Evelyn,” I asked as I leaned over to whisper in her ear.

Her moans of pleasure were all the answer I was looking for. I looked over and saw that Mary was dropping the last article of clothing and stood gloriously nude for me.

“Be a good little slave and finger yourself and better make sure both holes are ready for your Master’s cock!”

Mary only smiled and sat on the chair and began to masturbate sliding two delicate fingers in and out of her drenched sex. When her fingers were slippery enough she eased them up into her ass and fingered that slowly begin to moan like her cousin in anticipation of a much longer and thicker substitute for her digits.

“I wish you could see Mary now,” I told Evelyn. “She is fingering her own ass in preparation for the treatment you are getting. If I untie you will you get on top of me and ride my cock with your naughty ass?”

Evelyn nodded vigorously and so I leaned further forward driving myself deeper still into her nether region and we groaned together. I untied her hands and then leaned back and released her ankles from bondage. I slowly eased out of her ass and lie down on the bed. Evelyn true to the word straddled me and slowly lowered her ass back down onto my cock and impaled herself with soft little coos of pleasure. Then as Mary watched she began to ride me slowly but then was lifting and dropping her body as fast as she could muster. Evelyn removed her gag and tossed it onto the floor.

“We don’t need that,” Evelyn said with a lovely Irish accent. “Sir Demon I have never had such a fine piece of flesh inside of me before and never in my ass, this is truly a wonderful punishment.”

“I just hope you have learned your lesson missy.”

“Oh I have, never let Mary keep all the finer things to herself greedy thing that she is.”

“I wrote you all about,” and she stopped before she said ‘my demon’ and finished with, “the Master.”

“Master, is that true demon are you my Master as well?”

“What do you believe?”

“I believe that you can do whatever you like to me… Master.”

“Good, now if you are a good little slave I will let you lick me clean and get me hard again for Mary over there.”

“Mmm sounds delicious Master.”

Evelyn rode me faster still and drove her hips down as hard as she could manage and it wasn’t long before my member was swelling something fierce inside of her tighter hole and ready to burst. This drove Evelyn mad with lust and she slowed down to make my climax all the more intense and I could feel every inch of her ass as she hips moved to a crawl. It was my turn for my toes to curl up and bite back a scream as my climax finally hit and it was more intense than any I had ever experienced with Mary. My cum pulsed hard and deep inside Evelyn’s ass and so much so that half of it oozed out, down and onto the sheets. Eager to taste ‘demon’ seed she moved off of me and cleaned me with her mouth and tongue and then continued to lick and suck until I was once more rock hard.

“He’s ready for you Mary,” Evelyn said to Mary and then addressed me. “How do you want her Master?”

“On her hands and knees,” I whispered.

Mary traded places with Evelyn on the bed and got onto her hands and knees and waited for me with great anticipation. I rammed my cock into her sex and began to hammer away surprising her. She thought I was going to violate her ass first but much to her delight I drove myself hard and deep into her womb getting my member nice and slick for her other hole. When I was ready I withdrew and directed her on what to do next.

“Grab your cheeks slave, yes like that and now pull them apart so I can see what I am going to violate.”

Evelyn watched licking her lips and masturbating while I slowly plunged into Mary’s virginal ass. She watched her cousin’s face closely and saw her face flush red as the hard thick member pierced her to the core. When Mary was ready I began to move my hips slowly and realized she was going to take longer for her to take in what was being done to her.

“Push back…” I said.


“I said push back slave.”

Mary slowly began to push back against me as I slid my hips forward. Our pace quickened and soon she was slamming her hips backward impaling herself over and over again. The slapping sound of our bodies was obscene and wonderful and hopefully wasn’t loud enough to wake the pastor or his young wife.

“If you don’t push back harder I will visit your mother next and do the same to her,” I threatened.

That was all the incentive Mary needed as she lowered her head and slammed her body back as hard as she could. The rhythm was slower but damn it was all the more intense. Mary appeared on the edge of a strong climax when she felt my cock swell deep inside of her. She doubled her efforts and ground her ass against me with each backward motion. My fingers dug into her ass cheeks as I felt the point of no return and knew it was mere moments before I filled her with my cum. Mary grabbed the nearest pillow and buried her face into it as with a final thrust my cock spurted hard and long into her and once again my demon seed painted the sheets with invisible wet spots. I eased out of Mary got off the bed and took Evelyn by the hair and guided her mouth to my cock for an eager cleaning which she performed with great enthusiasm. Mary recovered on the bed panting and trying to catch her breath.

An eye for an eye…

Once I was licked clean it was time for me to leave and as I bid them farewell I saw a shadow at the door depart and heard soft foot falls out in the hall. I followed quickly on silent feet and found not a scullery maid lurking in the shadows of the kitchen upstairs but Mary’s own mother and by god her night dress was damp between her legs. She had seen much, how much I didn’t know and I had to keep her from speaking to her husband the pastor. I clamped a hand over her mouth and grabbed her by her hair and out into the moonlit garden. Once out of the line of sight and hopefully out of earshot I pushed her to the ground and onto her knees. I moved behind her, lifted up the bottom of her gown until her bare ass was visible and plunged my now very hard member deep into her wet slit. She bit her fist just like her daughter as I began thrusting into her hard and fast.

“Does your husband make love to you like this, with such passion?”

“No demon he does not.”

“Do his hands cup your breasts as savagely as mine do now?” I said gripping her tits in my hands and pinching the nipples severely.

“No demon…” she moaned, “…he does not.”

“Does your husband’s cock feel as good as mine does now?”

“Oh gods in heaven help me but no demon it does not!”

“Take off your gown so I can see you better woman.”

“Yes demon… let your evil eyes burn into my unworthy flesh,” she said yanking the clothing from her and revealing her young strong body.

“Lovely… just like your daughter,” I whispered.

“Bastard! I will never forgive you for violating my daughter and corrupting her as you have.”

“I don’t seek your forgiveness mother… only your warm willing flesh.”

“You say as you rape me…”

“Then I will stop and never will you feel my presence again pastor’s wife.”

“No… I mean if I let you have me will you leave my daughter alone?”

“No… she belongs to me willingly.”

“How can I save her soul?”

“You can’t… you can either leave now and be a pastor’s wife or remain and be a demon’s whore the choice is yours.”

“Whore…” she tried out the word as I was still deep inside of her and I slowly began to pull out. “No… please don’t, it has been so long since…”


“My husband is a very busy man and he has so little time for…”

“When is the last time he fucked you?”

“So foul mouthed for a demon…” she said.

“I asked you a question woman.”

“He hasn’t made love…”

“Fucked you…”

“He hasn’t fucked me in three years! There are you happy?”

“Delighted. Now are you going to be a good little whore and get on your back for a good old fashioned demon fucking or are you gonna leave?”

She was on her back faster that I thought possible.

“Now spread your legs for me whore,” I told her and she complied. “Now tell me where do you want my cock, point to it?”

“Here,” she said pointing to her sex which glistened in the bright moon light.

“Not here,” I asked my finger touching her ass.


“For tonight I will humor you but tomorrow night will be a different matter whore of mine.”

“Please… fuck me demon… make me cum like you did my daughter and Evelyn!”

“I love it when a woman begs for it!”

I took her legs and placed one over each of my shoulders and eased my member into her slowly enjoying her warm wet slit. Then began to move in and out of her and she was moaning with each inward thrust.

“So deep! So thick! I have never felt so complete… so stretched inside…”

“You will after tonight your body belongs to me now.”

“Yes… fuck me demon!”

“No… say it like your daughter said it!”

“Fuck me Master!”


My energy level since taking the health tonic seemed to be without limit and my sex drive was bordering on the supernatural. Thank you Professor Griffin! I pounded my hips into her until she came three times and only then was I ready to climax.

“Where shall I spurt my demon seed slave?”

“Anywhere Master… my face… my tits…”

“How about down your throat…?” I said pulling out of her. “Get on your knees so you can suck me off whore.”

“Yes Master!”

She assumed the position and I guided her hands to my hardness and she eagerly began to lick and suck just like her daughter. Eager to please and be pleased ran in the family. Her hand pumped the shaft while her lips and tongue teased the head and soon I was growling and moaning as my climax was mere seconds away. She clamped her lips around the head and cum splashed the back of her throat and she swallowed as greedily as ever her daughter had. Then like a good little whore she licked and sucked me clean and dry.

“How was that Master?”

“Excellent, now as a special treat I am going to do something I haven’t done with your daughter.”

“What is that Master?”

“I am going to fuck you in public.”


“Yep… there is a pub on…”

She nodded and said she knew where it was located and I told her how to dress and when and where she was going to get fucked next and with a little less reluctance than I would have thought from her she agreed to a daylight rendezvous.

Blood and Darkness…

I awoke that first night burnt, naked and filled with a rage and hunger I couldn’t resist. I left the safety of the cave I had found and the blackness was alive with sounds and the scent of prey. I felled two large elk before the hunger was satiated and even then I wanted more. Feeding seemed to quicken the healing process but it didn’t take a genius to know what had become of me. In my pride I had taken the revenant’s ring for my own and once full dark had struck so had its curse. I remember the sting from the ring as it tasted my blood and found it wanting. I knew in some instinctual way that it then pumped the blood of the Ancients into my body and even as the inn burned I was reborn! I would be like Cain and walk the world forever until slain or the crack of doom! I did not relish the thought of this uncontrolled hunger ruling over me and killing of innocents as the Count had. No I would do what any real man would do… I would greet the rising sun and meet my maker with courage not cowering in the stygian darkness of some crypt or forlorn keep.

I wandered the mountainside until I found a cool running stream and dove in washing the blood and char from my body and was shocked to feel that the water did not chill me even as I saw chunks of ice float passed me. Naked and dripping wet I followed the stream to a clear vantage point where I would wait for the rising of the dawn star and if the good lord was kind I would be in paradise before my ashes were caught up by the wind. My new keen senses allowed my eyes to see into the darkest shadows and my ears to hear the cry of the owl miles away and take in the scent of dead leaves and distant pine higher up on the mountain. It was an intoxicating time for me and I almost sought shelter in the earth but I would not be swayed by simple sensations. I wanted to end this while the strength to do so was still within me. I could actually feel the rising sun as it approached and I took to my feet and with eyes closed and arms outstretched I waited for my end.

“My name is Quincey Morris and I am a human being!” I cried out as the first true rays of dawn lashed out and I expected at any moment to burst into flames.

Any moment I would feel the searing pain and then the flames like I had at the inn… any minute now. But instead I felt the warm healing rays of the sun and energy flowed into me and the residual pain from the fire began to dull and then fade completely. Had I been forgiven? What was I supposed to do now? There was no singing of angels or the voice of the almighty there was only bird song and the chatter of the few forest animals that began their day in search of food. Naked, alone and very confused I began to walk towards what I hoped was the nearest town where I hoped to borrow some clothes and do the only thing that seemed to matter hunt down Von Helsing and kill him!

The Magician of Steam:

When I had troubles and I needed a place to forget for a while I went to Ingrid’s Bath House. October had passed and November crept up and though my thefts had become legendary and the wealth in our coffers were brimming over there were a few things that were really bothering me. In the six weeks since I injected myself I ate little or more often nothing at all and I hadn’t slept, really fell asleep and dreamed since before that night. The burden of the invisibility was taking its toll. So I decided a nice long bath to help ease the tension and chasing the dragon to help me dream if only in the drugged embrace of opium. I paid for a private room and enough of the drug to keep me enthralled for many hours. The nice thing about Ingrid’s is that it never closed.

True the owner wasn’t always awake or available since her deepest desire lay in the large building behind the bath house where steam and the pounding of hammer on metal could be heard at any hour godly or otherwise. For the young immigrant from the Netherlands, if you believe her story, was a fanatic when it came to building things with her own hands. She had read every book on the subject and despite the unfortunate nature of her birth, being a woman, she had made advances others in her field would have killed for, I mean literally. If they knew the extent of her skill and knowledge she would be dead. A fan of steam and electric power Ingrid had devised and sold clandestine machinery for both the military and private sector and all before her twenty sixth birthday. She ran her entire warehouse on her latest invention the solar powered perpetual electrical storage device or Sol for short. The byproduct of much of her experiments is what brought about her opening the bath house. The excess steam had to go somewhere, might as well put it to good use. So the entrepreneur was born.

I was deep into chasing the dragon when there came a light knock on my door.

“MEESTER FLEENT?” asked the loveliest of Ingrid’s girls who worked the bath house, Opal.

Her English was not so good and her pronunciation of my alias Mr. Flint was a bit exaggerated.

“Come in Opal,” I told her, the pity is that despite her heart breaking beauty the poor thing was born blind.

But her hearing was sharper than any sighted person and it was her habit to visit me when I was a customer and sell information for a price of course. The door opened and as often happened the mere sight of her took my breath away. She was of Chinese descent in her early twenties and the daughter of the legendary courtesan Succulent Ti and the General Formidable Tsung. She was petite of build with features that were perfection itself. Her skin was like the finest porcelain and hair was like an ebony waterfall that fell all the way to the floor. But it was her pale eyes that for some marred what otherwise would have been the ideal woman. I found her gaze didn’t bother me at all and I think that is why she sought me out when I was here despite our standing business agreement.

“I have brought tea and biscuits Mr. Flint,” Opal said setting the silver tray service down with ease. “I hope Sir is doing well today.” She closed the door behind her and slowly approached the sunken bath. “Would Sir like me to serve you in or out of the bath?” she asked with a sly smile.

“I think ‘in’ would be more entertaining don’t you think Opal?” I asked.

“MMMM yes Sir I agree,” she purred as she slipped out of her robe and slid carefully into the bath. “One lump or two,” she asked again smiling.

“For my tea I take two as you well know and as for the other lump… you can take care of that at your leisure.” I said to her grinning.

Opal poured my tea and held out the cup for me to take and then moved by touch until she was sitting in my lap sideways and her head on my shoulder. This way she could stroke me easily and whisper in my ear without disrupting my ability to drink my tea.

“Sir is aware of the many robberies in this great city I am sure, the newspaper is full of the thief’s exploits. What sir may not be aware of is that Scotland Yard has hired a consulting detective to aid in their investigation. He was the same man responsible for the capture of Jack the Ripper.” She said softly.

“The papers never mentioned the capture of the Ripper,” I said shocked.

“It was not in the papers Mr. Flint. But like you the consulting detective has a mild addiction to chasing the dragon and talks in his sleep.”

“Did he say who the murderer was?” I asked.

“No Sir,” she purred making slow circles with her hips now just above my raging erection. “He only mentioned that another member was responsible.”

“Member, a member of what,” I asked her.

“MMMMM, some gentlemen’s club I suppose he had me touch his signet ring and it was very odd Sir.”

“I wonder, Opal be a dear and fish the ring from my jacket pocket to your right,” I told her.

She rose up and quickly fished the ring and sat back down and found my hardness waiting for her and it slipped into her easily.

“NNNNNNNN,” she growled/moaned. “Sir is naughty impaling poor Opal on your member like that. MMMMMMM I am going to have to punish you with my pussy now.” She said as she began to ride me slowly.

She threw her leg over and straddled me proper like and rode me in nice long movements of her hips.

“I have missed you Opal,” I moaned in her ear.

“And I you Sir, you stretch me like so few of the men who visit me,” she purred.

The ring forgotten for the moment we made love in a slow circuit of the bath both inside and out ending with me kneeling behind her and pounding her pussy hard and fast.

“UNNN UNNNNN UNNNNNN,” she moaned. “MMMMMMMM I love your thick white cock Mr. Flint!”

“MMMMMMMMMMMM and l love that tight little Chinese love box of yours!” I growled in her ear.

“Are you going to cum inside of me tonight or shall I suck you off MMMMM?”

As I pounded her harder and faster now and my cock swelled inside of her I decided to let her swallow my cum.

“Here Opal,” I said slowly pulling out of her. “Let me see how well you suck cock shall we?”

“I will not disappoint you sir,” she said turning to face me and her fingers slowly wrapped around the shaft. “My mother taught me the finer art of oral sex herself.”

Inch by inch she licked and sucked me until half of it was down her throat. As I sat there I let her do all the work and she worked it like the pro she was. In the drugged haze her eyes almost glowed now with a queer internal radiance. My pleasure seemed to double at the merest touch of her lips and her tongue was like a living thing swirling and moving serpent-like.

“How does that feel Mr. Flint? Will you shoot down my throat soon?”

“OH GODS YESSSS!” I groaned.

“MMMMMM good, I need your cum lover.”

She returned her mouth to my cock and as her head bobbed up and down on it my orgasm got closer until with a muffled cry I felt pulses of cum shoot from the tip and Opal swallowed eagerly. When I was done she licked her lips and helped me back into the bath and took her place in my lap. Once she was settled she was all business again. She opened her palm and removed the ring that she had held there with a near death grip. Her fingers traced the signet etched into the top and she nodded.

“Yes Sir, this is most definitely the same group the detective belongs to. Are YOU a member Mr. Flint?”

“No, it was an acquisition actually.”

She set the ring down carefully on the side of the tub and purred in my ear.

“I must go Mr. Flint, I have other customers to see unless… you would want me to stay and pay for another hour of my time?”

I caressed her backside as she rose to her feet and my finger found her slit and above that her anus.

“MMMMM that cost extra Sir, but for you I would give a special price,” she growled.

“Tempting but I have an appointment with your boss,” I told her and she frowned.

“Pity Mr. Flint… I have not had that hole pierced in a very long time it is especially tight.”

“You are killing me, tell you what. If my business with Ingrid doesn’t last too long I will return for your special attention for two hours.”

“Sir is very kind!” she said smiling and licking her lips.

I watched her dress and then without a look back she left and if I didn’t know she was blind I would have sworn otherwise. But her familiarity with her surroundings lent her a comfort of movement the outside world could never allow.

I rose out of the tub and dried off and slipped what was left of the opium in my jacket pocket and dressed absently slipping on the ring to check its fit. Pity I was invisible it was a handsome ring all in all. I paid my bill and slipped out the rear exit and crossed to the building beyond. Many times when I visited Ingrid there came the perpetual sounds of hammer on metal but tonight it was surprisingly quiet. Although tonight there was the distinct scent of ozone in the air and I wondered if there had been a freak lightning strike or just one of her experiments gone awry. I stepped up to her threshold and there came queer mechanical sounds and with a soft ‘ding’ the door opened by itself.

“Come in Oz,” Ingrid said calling me by her pet name.

“Ingrid, love the new door bell.” I said as I stepped in and walked to her main laboratory.

“Isn’t it just the thing, it weighs the subject and if it finds it on its list the door opens automatically then the door opens. If not…”

“I’d rather not know what happens if you fail to weigh in. How are you love?”

“Crazy busy Oz, I had a very unique intruder this very night that I am examining,” she said smiling beneath the ever present goggles.

Ingrid’s laboratory took up most of the central space of the warehouse with all matter of device, contraption or machine made of brass, steel or pig iron. There was also glass apparatus that any self appointed mad scientist should have filled with liquids both colored and clear set in a semblance of ordered chaos all about. But tonight Ingrid’s full attention was upon a hexagonal brass vat filled with bubbling water that stood perhaps six feet high with glass panes set at the top of each of its six walls so she could observe her subject. Strapped to a metallic slab was what appeared to be a naked woman of great age her long snow colored locks floating like an eerie sea weed towards the top of the tank.

“Is she alive,” I asked and Ingrid nodded.

“I’m not sure how but she is, she took enough current to kill ten men and how the bloody hell she managed to get to my roof at her obvious age… her things are on that table to your left Oz take a look and tell me what you think.”

I turned and walked over to gander at the items that seemed to upset Ingrid so. That didn’t happen very often for of all the people I knew she was the most gifted mind in all of England even at her tender young age. I picked up each item in turn as they were laid out on the table and examined them. The first was a slender tube of metal about nine inches in length with what appeared to be black ivory covering the first seven. Set on the ivory in a kind of floral pattern where precious and semiprecious stones that ranged from three carats to seven carat in weight. Being something of an expert on jewels and jewelry I tried to discover how the stones were attached but aside from some sort of glue I was stumped. They were all seated firmly except the violet stone that moved downward just a bit when I touched it. However when I did there arose such a piercing sound from the thing it set my teeth in a grimace of pain and all manner of dogs in the area went to howling just before the window on the far wall shattered for no reason at all and only then did the noise cease. I shook my head and the baying of the hounds stopped as well.

“What the devil was THAT,” I shouted my ears still ringing.

“What was what Oz,” Ingrid asked.

“That bloody awful sound surely you heard it!” I told her.

“I heard nothing but apparently you and the neighbors canines did how interesting!” she said with a fierce smile. “Oz why the hell are you still all bundled up lover? It is fiercely hot in here.”

“That’s one of the reasons I am here Ingrid love,” I said softly.

“The gods must love me, two mysteries in one night. I love it!” she exclaimed as she stepped down from her observation point above the tank to walk over and take a closer look at me.

“Have a care and there will be no dissecting agreed?”

“No cutting I promise,” she said smiling. “But poking and prodding is allowed I hope.”

“You are being naughty Ingrid,” I told her.

“Do you have any idea the last time I got shagged and it done well?” she asked and I shook my head. “It was…” she stopped and made her ‘thinking’ face. “…well it’s been a very long time indeed. Now loose the hat, scarf and coat.”

I imagined her eyes growing wide as I lifted the hat from my head revealing my condition. The scarf and coat followed my hat to the floor and she just stared at me open mouthed.

“I’ll be double damned and arse fucked by Lucifer himself he fucking did it! He did it! Griffin you crazy son of a bitch you actually did it! Let me see everything… or well not see everything as it were.”

She helped me strip down until I stood naked and unseen before her. Ingrid’s hands roamed over my body feeling the skin, the muscles beneath and even the iron hard erection her touching had inspired.

“Oh my even your cock at full mast is completely invisible, no sign of blood flow or anything. Amazing! Is there any change in sensation since he injected you?” she asked as she squatted down and took the head into her mouth and her tongue flickering over the sensitive head. “For the sake of science my dear lad.” She moaned.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM if anything I am more sensitive to pleasure but less so to heat or cold.”

“Let’s find out shall we?” Ingrid said smiling. “For the sake of discovery I am going to have to test your sensitivity to the elements.”

“Ingrid why are you undressing,” I asked her as her lab coat went flying and she tore at the garments beneath.

It wasn’t like this was the first time we had fucked but I don’t know her eagerness now seemed fiercer. Soon the five foot tall scientist and inventor was naked before me and her curvaceous anatomy was once more mine to touch, fondle and taste. She felt around blindly until she found me and pressed herself again me and whispered in my ear.

“Be a good lad and do your best this is for the sake of science and posterity after all,” she moaned as her hands moved over the length of my cock.

“The things we do for the advancement of mankind,” I said as I lowered my mouth to her inverted nipples and began to lick and nip at them.

“MMMMMMMMMM it is a hard calling but I am willing to suffer for that most noble cause.”

“Shall we,” I asked as I grabbed her by the hips and began to lift her into position.

“MMMMMM standing up that is as good a position to start as any I… NNNNNNNNNNN GODS YESSSSS,” she cried out as the mushroom shaped head of my cock entered her and the ten inches behind it slammed into her suddenly.

Our love play was nice and slow and all the while she was wearing them damn goggles of hers and they desperately needed to go.

“Ingrid… dearest… lover… lose the goddamn goggles!” I said smiling. “I’d like to be able to see your eyes.” I told her.

“Oz… I never knew you were a romantic,” she said slowly slipping them off revealing her brilliant blue eyes.

I turned and set her ass on the edge of one of her work tables and began to thrust into her harder now. She raked my back with her nails as I pounded her pussy in quick sharp movements of my hips. Ingrid began to shake and pant now and I felt her teeth on my shoulder as her orgasm got closer and closer.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN oh god lover I am so fucking close…” she growled. “Please make me cum…”

I thrust as hard and fast as I could and with one last rake of her nails I knew the little minx had drawn blood but I didn’t care. After she had recovered some true to her word she took the flesh and blood from beneath her nails and carefully preserved them for later analysis.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM lover I need another ‘sample’ are you ready for me to extract it?” she purred in my ear.

“What kind of sample?”

“I would love to get some of your sperm for analysis; can I suck you off for it?” Ingrid said nibbling my ear.

“MMMMMM I would love to ‘donate’ for science, but uh you’ll have to do it on your knees doc,” I moaned.

“All in the name of progress,” she said moving from the table to the floor. “Now give me that fine young cock of yours.”

I slipped my fingers into her hair and made a fist and when she opened her mouth in surprise I eased the first few inches inside. Her lips wrapped around it instinctively and then her hands, mouth and tongue worked together towards obtaining a sperm sample. I closed my eyes and remembered my lids were transparent so I looked down and watched the eager scientist lick, suck and stroke me for all she was worth. Despite have the eager and talented Opal pleasure me earlier I found my stamina was quite restored. I made her work for every ounce of cum she was going to catch with her mouth and I think she knew it.

“MMMMMMMMMMM you are enjoying this aren’t you Oz? Good cause it has been so damn long since I sucked so fine a specimen as yours! I love the feel of it in my hands,” she said as she double stroked it with both hands. “I love the taste of it,” as she lowered her mouth to the tip and licked and sucked on the sensitive end of my cock. Despite my best intentions of holding off the little minx was getting to me and while she stroked and sucked I felt that undeniable sensation that filled me up to bursting and she was prepared when I cried out let loose a torrent of cum down her throat and then into a glass beaker for further study instead of digestion.

Pleasantly weak in the knees I walked over the vat filled with bubbling water and looked at her patient strapped to the metal table and could just make out some sort of mask placed firmly over her face.

“Where’d she come from Ingrid, this decrepit old geezer?” I asked.

“I told you the roof,” Ingrid said as she finished dressing and walking over to where I stood.

“The roof… dear god woman do you realize what you did that jolt of electricity must’ve picked her right up and flung her straight onto the thrice damned top of this here building.”

“Must have I suppose, still she had no business ringing my bell when I was obviously busy,” was Ingrid’s reply.

“You’d better either turn off the power or at least put it so it don’t kill the next poor sod who comes a knocking sweetie,” I told her.

“Power is off for now but I’ll take it into consideration about lowering the current a tad,” she said smiling having a go at me verbally.

“So is she a local gal, I mean do you recognize her?”

“Nope, I don’t know her face and I seriously doubt she’s local that much I am sure of,” Ingrid said as she tugged on the chains that lifted the body from the vat and onto an examination table.

“How can you be so sure she’s not from around here,” I asked.

Ingrid picked up a brass and copper funnel and placed the small end on the left side of the woman’s chest.

“Have a listen,” she said and I leaned down and placed my ear over the wide end of the funnel and I could hear a faint heartbeat.

“Sheesh Ingrid you’ve damn near killed her,” I said but she shook her head and moved the funnel to the other side of her chest.

“Now, listen again.” She said grinning.

I lowered my ear again and heard a strong heartbeat on the right side of her body.

“What the bloody hell?” I cursed confused. “Am I hearing this right, she has ‘two’ hearts? Is that even possible?”

“How’s your Latin,” Ingrid asked.

“My mum had me learn it so I could understand what the priest was saying at mass, so it’s fair to passable why?”

“Excellent, be a good lad and fetch me that heavy leather book over by the controls there.” She said pointing to a box with a series of largish looking switches and next to it a large and ancient looking tome.

I walked over and lugged the awkward thing over and set it down next to the unconscious woman. There was a golden serpent inlaid into the cover and when I opened it discovered it was a hand written volume titled De Vermis Mysteriis or the Mysteries of the Worm. I paged through the disturbing contents until I found the part marked by Ingrid. It was a detailed diagram of an autopsy performed upon what the author called a Zeitgeist which I believed was German for Time Spirit. The detailed anatomical drawings showed a male specimen and it too possessed two hearts. According to the author the Zeitgeist wasn’t dead while the autopsy was performed and somehow managed to not only recover from its injuries but perform some sort of complete cellular reconstitution process that involved a dazzling golden light/aura that completely altered the man’s appearance and when it dissipated there were no signs of injury or trauma of any kind. The Zeitgeist proceeded to destroy the laboratory and killed everyone but the author who he said would have to live with the memory that one day it would return for its vengeance.

“Did it return,” I asked. “Is there any mention further on in this book of the Zeitgeist’s revenge?”

“No, the author killed himself two years later as the fear and dread of the creature’s return drove him mad with grief.”

“Serves him right after cutting the poor thing open while it was still alive, but really this reconstitution process couldn’t possibly be real could it?”

“I am going to find out for sure,” she said. “It’s the least I can do for nearly killing the poor thing.”

“How are you going to do it?”

“I think a mild electrical charge should start the other heart back to beating in a normal rhythm again and once both are fully functional the process should begin on its own.”

“I hope you’re right,” I told her.

“Stand back this could be a wee bit dangerous.”

Ingrid manipulated the chains again and returned the woman to the water. She then lowered a device into the water directly over the left side of her chest where the weak heart was barely beating away. Then she walked over to the control panel and turned some dials and I heard the hum of power as it built up in the circuits. I approached the vat just close enough for me to see clearly through one of the six windows. Even as she through the first switch my bare foot stepped into the puddle of water that her body had dripped when it had been removed from the vat. Even as I looked down and saw the path of the water to the vat it was already too late. There came a blast of white light as the current hit the water and then I saw the body arch its back and the pulse of pure golden energy erupt around the body, up the side of the tank and down the floor and into me. Suddenly I was flying through the air at a fairly high rate of speed and thank god the hard metal wall stopped my backward motion.

I opened my eyes and the searing pain in my skull was terrific and I nearly blacked out again but the sight of Ingrid and the tall naked woman compelled me to fight the dizziness with all my might.

“Oz…” came Ingrid’s voice from so very far away. “…are you okay?”

“Do I fucking look okay,” I managed to say as I reached back and touched the deep cut on the back of my head.

I instinctively brought my hand in front of my face and saw all the blood but it didn’t register at first that I could actually ‘see’ my hand. Then just as I realized I could see it my hand disappeared as if it never were.

“Damn it,” I cried out.

Though my vision was still a little fuzzy the woman standing behind Ingrid stepped forward and then knelt down in front of me. I tried to focus but her naked form was very distracting. She was at least as tall as I was with a slim but muscular frame but it was her bone white skin and hair that was the most alluring part I thought as I stared at her. Her snowy mane of hair fell passed her finely shaped ass to her lower calves and her crimson eyes were hellishly unsettling but her sheer beauty was enchanting. Maybe it was the crack on the head that was playing havoc with my senses? I gritted my teeth against the pain and I could almost understand her now.

“Focus young man, if you want to be visible you must focus your attention upon it.” Even her voice possessed an ethereal quality to it.

“So beautiful,” I managed to mumble before I blacked out again.

The next time I was conscious it was I who was strapped to the metal table in the bubbling vat and despite the bubbling of the water I could easily hear Ingrid’s voice as she spoke to me.

“Excellent, we have modified the concentration of herbs and sunlight into the vat to speed up your recovery. Now lie still and let the water and light do their work Oz.”

Well it wasn’t like I was going anywhere so I lay there and over the next hour or so felt the pain in my head and upper back dissipate into nothing. I told them I was ready and I was raised up and the table orientated so that once I was unstrapped I could simply step onto the floor.

“I don’t know Ingrid should we let him go I mean he is helpless and I haven’t been with a man in forever it seems,” the albino said with a sensuality that had me rigid in no time.

“I have a feeling that even if we untied him he would still shag you rotten,” she replied.

“MMMMMMMM let’s hope so,” she said licking her lips.

With a woman on either side of the table the straps were removed but my invisibility remained. I walked over to where a towel lay on a nearby table and dried myself off.

“I had this crazy dream that I was visible for a little while at least,” I said and Ingrid nodded.

“You were and you can Oz but it takes some concentration on your part.”

“I suspect it was a combination of the electrical current and the energy from my regeneration coursing through you that altered your body’s bioelectrical field in such a way as to allow for voluntary visibility.”

“In the Queen’s English,” I said over my shoulder.

“MMMMMM if you focus ‘hard’ enough you will become visible dear lad,” the albino purred.

I looked around and noticed a fancy full length mirror sitting over in the corner and decided it would be the perfect place to practice. I stared at my empty reflection and thought as hard as I could ‘visible’ but nothing happened. I pushed everything else from my mind and wanted more than anything else to see my reflection and had only the modest of success of a slight distortion in the air.

“You aren’t having much success lover, tell you what we make a deal,” the albino said as she walked up to stand between me and the mirror. “How about I teach you how to become visible and you be my boy toy for say MMMMMMMMMMM twenty years?”

“Twenty Years! Lady, are you insane?” I said and she turned slowly and smiled.

“MMMMMM sanity is so very overrated besides for a man with an indefinite lifespan what’s twenty years?” she purred.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I have an idea we swap stories, I tell you my life story and you tell me yours especially the part about your visit to the Professor Griffin’s laboratory.”

“What do I have to lose,” I asked.

“MMMMMMM tonight a couple of pints of fluids and that’s on the low side lover,” she said licking her lips.

“I don’t know my gut is telling me you’ll get more out of this deal than me,” I said and she smiled brilliantly revealing perfect teeth.

“I can see that sex and knowledge aren’t enough. I have a few toys at my disposal that I will part with to sweeten the deal and that is my final offer. Otherwise you figure this out on your own.”

“Okay we have a deal,” I said.

“Excellent now we need some alone time you and me, how about we retire to my rooms and we can see if I made a fair agreement on your sexual prowess?”

“I will try not to disappoint,” I said looking her naked body over with more attention now.

We switched places and the albino bent over and grabbed the frame of the mirror for support and looked into the glass watching for any sign of me but there was none. I moved directly behind her letting the tip of my cock rest between her perfect ass cheeks. I thrust my hips slowly teasing her and I heard her growl of hunger.

“Fucking tease,” she moaned. “Now be a good lad and slide it in where it belongs.”

I took cock in hand and traced the valley between her cheeks and then moved downward slowly. When the tip touched her asshole she moaned but shook her head.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNN not yet,” she growled.

I smiled and teased her clam shaped pussy with its internal labia and hidden clit and felt how slick it was with her need to be fucked! I let the tip slip in and her growl became a moan and then she was begging for more.

“Please lover, it’s been so damn long! Slide it deep into me and fill me up like only you can.”

Inch by rigid inch my hardness pierced her until we were grinding against each other.

She bit her lip and looked back and delighted in being fucked by an unseen lover. I watched as my invisible flesh stretched her out and saw her ass cheeks vibrate as I began to thrust into her now. I grabbed her hips and gripped her tightly as we fucked! This was not making love this was one long grudge fuck. I rammed my hips forward and she moaned and squealed in delight as the pleasure flowed back and forth between us. I ground my hips against her ass as I flexed my cock inside of her and saw her eyes roll up and her pussy spasm around me as her first orgasm filled her up and shook her to the core.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSS,” she screamed and still I hammered into her taking my pleasure from her body.

The albino let go of the mirror and folded her body forward and grabbed her ankles for a deeper penetration. I picked up the pace and force of our love play and the slapping sound began to drown out some of Ingrid’s machines now.

“Damn Oz,” the woman on the other end of my cock growled, “you know how to fuck a woman!”

The bone jarring force of my thrusts was sending me close to climaxing sooner than I would like but hell we were going to at it for a long time yet. She whimpered as my cock swelled inside of her and she was crying out for me to shoot deep inside of her. I gave in and pulled out and paused for a two count before ramming my dick in as deep as it could go and pulses of cum shot into her.

“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN oh my fucking god YESSSSSSSSSSS,” she screamed.

I felt the hunger rise up in me and without any hesitation I let it have its way with me. I pulled out and snatched the albino by her hair and drug her to her feet and sank my teeth into her neck. She didn’t fight me she actually pressed her body closer to me and I felt her tits against my chest and her nails raking down my back.

“OH GODS YESSSSSSSSSSSS Lover… drink deep… its okay you can’t hurt me!” the last words she whispered in my ear.

Her essence filled me up and it was like swallowing white light! I moaned and when I came to she was holding me and keeping me from crashing to the floor.

“I got you Oz and I won’t let you fall,” she moaned in my ear.

“What happened,” I asked a small chunk of my memory gone.

“Dinner and great sex, just not necessarily in that order,” she purred.

“Twenty years eh,” I asked her.

“MMMMHMMMMM and some toys to boot,” she said smiling.

“I think I am going to like this arrangement,” I said smiling.

“You have a pretty smile,” the albino said tracing my cheek.

“Huh,” I said and looked down and there we were both visible in a lover’s embrace.

“When you relax you can become visible lover,” she cooed.

“I have you to thank for this,” I said pulling her closer still.

“Well if you want to thank me… we can find a nice hot bath to share. Ingrid has plenty of your fluids to study she will be busy for months.”

I looked over and there was Ingrid completely oblivious to us her head over her work table goggles back in place.

“MMMMM I could use a hot bath with a gorgeous woman to make things all the better,” I told her.

“Well then let’s,” she said walking towards the outer door.

“UMMM shouldn’t we get dressed?” I asked.

“Why it’s just across the street.”

I shrugged and followed her over and took my step into a much larger world.

Return to the scene of the crime…

After my time with the albino, whose name I learned was Magus, just Magus, I decided that I needed to speak face to face with Professor Griffin. He deserved to know that his experiment was a success and I needed to make amends for my theft that had proved so lucrative. But before I visited the good Professor I had a intimate meeting with the Pastor’s wife. I was still amazed at the compliancy of the women of this household or were all women like this? The prostitutes I had been with and learned all the sexual skills I had developed from had all been women who enjoyed sex and needed the money. But these were women who were established in the community and led good lives except apparently for their sexual activities which were a bit on the aberrant side. I was afraid that the more I learned about the opposite sex the less I would understand. Women were crazy that was an established fact and when deprived of cock was very driven to get it as much as or more so than men in need of female companionship. I shrugged and arrived at the pub and got into position just a few minutes before she arrived. The door to the private dining room was used more for illegal transactions in the past but today it was for a more pleasurable pursuit. She approached the chair in which I was sitting and stopped two steps away.

“Are you here?”

“I am here now do as I instructed you.”

“Yes Master.”

She approached turned away from me, lifted up her long dress and lowered her wet slit onto my iron hard flesh and we moaned in unison as it sunk deep into her. Then she arranged her dress to hide the fact that she was sitting on my lap as best she could. The bar maid came in and dropped off her meal and left without a second glance. Once the door was closed she moaned in my ear and began to squeeze me with her internal muscles and I began to flex my member within her. It was a wonderful slow sensation that tested both our limits of self control. Within five minutes I wanted to bend her over the table and fuck her like mad and in five and a half minutes she was begging me to do just that. Worst for her she had to eat her meal and manage not to shove the tray to the floor in her hunger to be taken violently.

“When the girl returns to take the tray you will get up, lock the door behind her and then offer yourself to my desires, understand?”

“Oh yes! Thank you Master!”

We had to wait another long five minutes before the girl returned and took the tray and as soon as the door closed she was up and quietly locking the door. Then she folded her upper body over the table and yanked up her dress to reveal her bare flesh to me. I slammed my cock into her and began to drive into her as hard and fast as I could and she managed to keep silent all the while. I looked to the door occasionally to make sure we were not heard or interrupted but fate was kind and before long she was shoving her ass back against me as her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave and mine crashed over me seconds later. We were panting and moaning softly when there came a soft knock at the door.

The chapel had fallen into disrepair, the people no longer felt any need of it and it had been in misuse for many years, stood dark and cold at the edge of the village, like the shell of a body which has lost its heart, its soul, its purpose.

But once every week, on what would once have been a holy day, Agatha would sit at her window which overlooked the chapel and see the bowed figure scuttling through the grounds, no more than a shadow sometimes, other times stark in the light of the moon to show her the cowl, the long robe, the monastic movement and the pious pose.

As she waited, curled in the seat of the window, her face as pale as distant starlight, one hand delved beneath her skirts, rummaged beneath the layers of silk that she always favoured until it found her cold thigh.

Fingers inching along the smooth flesh, slowly as if it was another who was teasing her, they slipped between her legs and began to strum the lips of her cunt, exciting her as she waited. And then there he was!

In an instant she was up from her seat and down the stairs, out into the night and hurrying across to the chapel, skirts billowing behind her so that she seemed like some dark vengeful spectre.

She could see him in a pew, the priest, as soon as she opened the chapel door could make out his bowed head, the slumped shoulders, the contrite attitude. Slowly she slipped through the door and made her way towards him.

The rustle of her skirts must have caught his attention, or perhaps it was simply the chill of her presence, he turned and his eyes grew wide as he picked her out of the gloom, not expecting his customary solitude to be disturbed. She sat beside him, dark and brooding, looking to him like a person who might have sinned.

If only for the fact that Agatha had no belief in sin.

“Will you help me, Father?” she asked softly, turning to him slightly, her skirts parting at the knees to give him a glimpse of her thighs.

In the gloom her flesh looked paler than ever, her dark lips bloody.

“If I can,” the priest answered, his voice a little hoarse as he fought to draw his eyes from the bared flesh.

“I have a confession to make, Father.”

“Then-” He looked to the confessional in the far corner of the chapel, was about to rise, but Agatha placed her hand on his knee.

“No, here,” she insisted. “We will speak here.”

Her eyes glared at him, there was no hint of contrition in them, but the priest nodded. “Very well my child.”

Agatha smirked to hear him call her “child”. As if! But he would learn!

“Father, I have wicked ways,” she began, her voice low so that he had to strain to catch her words, leaning a little towards her.

“Sinful thoughts? Sinful deeds?”

She smiled, there was no such thing as sin, said, “I have thoughts of hurting men, Father, of using them.”

“Not loving them? And do you put these thoughts into effect?”

“Oh yes!” she said, her hand tightening on his knee. “And more. Thoughts of women, too. But with women it is desire. I desire sexual contact with them, wish to lie in their arms.”

“And do you act on these desires too?” the priest asked, his voice breaking a little.

“Oh yes, with Bittersweet,” Agatha answered.


“My lover. We lay together and caress each other, kiss each other, finger ourselves and each other and make each other come.”

The priest cleared his throat and crossed his legs, momentarily dislodging Agatha’s hand. Beneath the long black cassock he wore she was sure he would have an erection.

She brought her face even closer to his, her eyes wide so that he could lose himself in them, asked, “So if it is love then can it be wrong?”

“It … it is a sin my child.”

“A sin?” she repeated, as if she did not know the word, and her hand slipped from his knee into his lap. “But surely not, Father? It feels so good.”

“Pleasure can be a sin, my child,” he said, as her hand began to move gently back and forth across his groin, the back of her hand pressing against one thigh, then her palm against the other, her knuckles rocking back and forth over his genitals.

“And pain too?” she asked, suddenly clenching her fingers around his balls.

He let out a cry and she released him immediately, jumped to her feet.

“But if I have sinned then I must be punished!” she exclaimed, standing before him, her back to him. Slowly she raised her skirts to her waist, bared her arse to him, backed towards him so that the naked buttocks were only inches from his face.

“Do you wish to punish me, Father?” she asked him, over her shoulder, and moments later she felt fingers tentatively touching her pale white flesh.

Then there was a pitiful sob and they fell away.

Agatha turned, sneered down at him, spat in his face. “You poor sad slut!”

Bending over him, she began to unfasten his cassock, from the neck down to the hem. He offered no resistance, made no protest, when her hair fell over his face in a fragrant musty veil he made no attempt to brush it away. Parting his cassock, Agatha bared his body. His flesh was white, it had never seen the sun and was as pale as hers, but his cock was thick and throbbing, twitching in the cold air of the chapel.

Holding her skirts high, Agatha fell down on top of him, sitting so hard on his cock that it caused him to gasp as it hit the roof of her cunt. She stirred her body around on top of him, her hips moving in liquid circles, and soon he responded, rising to meet her. She rolled to one side, lying on the hard pew and drawing him on top of her. She pinched his nipples to make him cry, raked her nails across his chest to make him sob, held him tight to her with her arms and legs, crushing him as if in a vice.

The priest thrust into her but he was inexperienced, he was clumsy and crude and he had no control, within seconds he was coming inside her with a fervour which he had previously reserved for his god, filling her with his thick creamy spunk. And all too soon he was soft inside her.

Agatha kicked him away from her, heard him fall heavily to the stone floor. She sat on the edge of the pew, her legs wide apart and dripping his spunk back onto his face, into his open mouth, spooned her fingers inside her to continue her own excitement and then wiped them across his cheeks, anointed his brow with them. He was sobbing, crying that he had sinned, and she stood, kicked him in the side as she climbed over him.

“Stupid little man! There is no sin!” she told him, walking quickly across to the altar.

There was a large wooden cross there, the height of a man, and putting her whole weight behind it she toppled it over in a crashing cloud of dust, rested it at an angle against the altar.

“What are you doing? That is desecration!” the priest cried.

Agatha strode angrily back to him, her boots echoing against the walls of the chapel, reverberating about that once sacred place, gripped him viciously by the hair and tugged.

“Come with me you sad little shit!” she said, and pulled him along, dragging him across the floor on hands and knees to fling him against the cross.

Then, kneeling astride him, her skirts like a dark pool spilling over him, she bound him too it, tied his hands outstretched, his feet, wrapped stout leather straps around his chest and waist. Another around his neck was buckled so tight that it almost choked him. He was unable to move, bound helpless before her.

She stepped back to regard him, a cold smile on her face entrancing him, as if draining the last ounce of purity and virtue from his body. Then she clapped her hands, called, “Ready?”

The priest was unable to move his head, but his eyes flicked to the chapel door as it creaked open, saw a second woman enter, walk down the aisle to stand beside Agatha and take her hand.

“My lover, Bittersweet,” Agatha told the priest, kissing her on the lips, finally showing some tenderness in her eyes. “He says we have sinned,” she said softly to Bittersweet.

Bittersweet laughed. “Shall we teach him? Shall we show him what sin is, my love?”

The two women approached the crucified priest, Bittersweet reached out and ran a hand over his belly, his chest. Then she closed her fingers around his nipple and dug her sharp nails into his chest.

The priest screamed aloud but his cock rose erect, jutting out from his body so that he became a travesty of a martyr, a sinful parody of a saint.

Agatha laughed and slapped it hard, bringing another anguished cry from him.

They both caressed his face, hands running over his cheeks, parting his lips. Bittersweet brought her face close to his, licked his mouth, then took his bottom lip between her teeth and bit. When Agatha nipped at his neck and Bittersweet drew her nails across his chest, over his belly, the two women had him weeping like a child.

Agatha and Bittersweet were now excited, for each other, with each other. They smiled into each other’s eyes and embraced, kissed deeply, tongues meeting in a frenzy. One on either side of the priest, their bodies pressing against him, they folded him in their embrace, almost suffocating him with their flesh. His body was quivering between them, tears coursed down his cheeks as Bittersweet cupped his balls and Agatha grasped his cock.

“Well, priest?” asked Agatha, her lips close to his ear, her words scorching his cheek.

“There is no sin,” he agreed as he came, his cock spurting over their hands.

Chapter 1:

Toby wiped the cum off his cock and continued to watch Tommy and his gardener Dale Garcia, fuck a big-breasted Goth named Daffney.

Dale laid the bulk of his heavy body on the floor and Daffney mounted his cock. Her large pale jiggling ass cheeks, bounced of Dale’s thighs as he shoved his cock in and out of her dripping wet cunt. Her planted her feet under his legs, so she could get a tighter grip.

Tommy sat on the couch and rubbed his huge cock. The sounds of Daffney moaning frantically and the sloping sounds of Dale’s cock going in and out of Daffney made Tommy’s cockhead turn purple. He also watched her enormous tits drag and slide all over Dale’s chubby chest. Tommy kneeled behind Daffney and wet his finger. He shoved it straight up her tight asshole.

“Ahhhhh!” Daffney shouted as Tommy pushed his finger deeper between her pillowy cheeks.

Her ass trembled under the pounding Dale was giving her and soon Tommy inserted his large prick inside her asshole and began fucking her. Daffney had never felt a dick as big as Tommy’s before and never had two dicks fucking her brains out like this.

The two guys double-fucked Daffney hard. Dale would rest his cock inside Daffney’s cunt, while Tommy rammed his cock in and out of her asshole. Tommy’s giant balls would slap up and down against Dale’s own smaller balls.

Dale found his head buried between Daffney’s humongous pale hooters. He sucked on her nipples until they were sore and red. Tommy tried to stuff as much of his oversized dong between Daffney’s ass cheeks while he fucked her.

All Toby could hear was Daffney’s cries and moans as she felt her ass being ripped apart by the monstrous cock.

“Ughhhh! Oh godddd!” moaned Tommy as he clutched onto Daffney’s wobbly ass and pounded her butt harder.

The force of Tommy’s pounding caused Daffney’s huge sweaty knockers to beat on Dale’s face, which of course, he loved as he fondled them greatly with his hands and mouth.

Tommy pulled his cock from Daffney’s ass and oozed some pre-cum between her cheeks. He walked in front of her and shoved his cock between her lips. Her black lipstick smeared all over his cock. Her eye shadow ran down her flushed face. Dale resumed fucking Daffney’s bald snatch until he felt his balls tight up and ready to cum.

Dale pushed Daffney off his 6-inch cock while Tommy gave her mouth a nice hard face fucking before pulling out. She held up her enormous pale breasts as both Tommy and Dale jerked their cocks at her chest. They slapped her big tits with their cocks and rubbed her rubbery nipples and large areolas down in pre-cum. Finally, Dale blasted a large load onto Daffney’s chest. Followed by Tommy who blasted an even large load across her chest and neck. Daffney squeezed and squished her cum-drenched tits together as both guys drained the last of their cum onto her chest.

“Well this is great. I won’t be getting any of Tommy’s cum tonight thanks to that damn gardener mixing his cum with Tommy,” said a disappointed Toby.

Chapter 2:

Toby headed to the bathroom to clean the cum stain off his jeans. He heard footsteps and started to panic. He quickly ran into a dark room and hid inside a closet. The closet door was cracked a little because he couldn’t fit inside the stuffed closet.

The lights came on and a naked Tommy jumped onto his bed. His large cock flopped between his thighs with Daffney’s juices still soaked into it.

Toby could see some picture of women with huge tits on the wall. He figured he must be in Tommy’s room. Toby’s eyes then lit up as big-breasted naked Daffney entered the room.

“I’m going to fuck you hard,” Tommy said to Daffney as she straddled herself on his huge prick.

Tommy grabbed Daffney’s big ass and squeezed her cheeks. He thrusted his cock up and out of her wet cunt. Her large cunt lips were able to swallow his cock as he pounded her. Her massive pale breasts dragged up and down Tommy’s chest and that caused him to thrust harder and faster.

Toby had a good view of Tommy’s cock going balls deep inside Daffney. The bed rocked up and down and the bed board knocked against the wall. Daffney moaned louder with each hard thrust.

“Uhhh! Uhhhhh! Ohhhh! Fuck! Uhh! Unnnhh!” Daffney cried as the big dick filled her cunt up.

Toby felt his cock harden again and tried to resist pulling it out.

Daffney sat up and Toby got a good view of her mammoth knockers flopping in every direction as she bounced up and down Tommy’s dick.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh GOD!” moaned Daffney as she rode Tommy’s cock hard.

Tommy kneaded the tender flesh of Daffney’s jiggling ass. He felt the heels of her feet locked under his wet thighs as she rode him wildly. Tommy had never seen a more beautiful sight then Daffney’s giant sweaty tits as they bounced off her chest with her huge red nipples sticking down from her tits.

Daffney’s orgasm was too overwhelming for her. She pressed her body down onto Tommy’s. She held him tightly. Her massive breast spread out between the two as she released her pussy juices all over his thrusting cock.


Tommy continued to pound Daffney’s creamy cunt. Her cunt was so wet and slippery after she had came, that Tommy couldn’t hold back any longer. He managed to fuck her pussy for a few more minutes and gave way to her unbelievable wetness.

Tommy lifted Daffney off his cock and aimed it at her flushed face. He shot nothing but massive loads of cum all over her face, hair, neck, and chest. He rubbed his cock into her face and jerked off some more, making sure he completely emptied his nuts’ juices.

Tommy fall back into bed to catch his breath.

“Ok girl, now get your clothes and get the fuck out!” Tommy said harshly.

“Fuck you,” said Daffney as she climbed out of the bed and left his room.

“Stupid bitch,” Tommy muttered.

Tommy got out of bed and went into his bathroom and closed the door.

“Now’s my chance,” said Toby.

Toby got out of the closet and went over to Tommy’s bed. He found a large glob of cum on the sheets. Toby pulled out a small tube and collected the seamen. He slowly move stealthily out of Tommy’s room and left the house through the front door.

“I did it!” said an excited Toby as he rushed home to work on a new Hicks formula.

Chapter 3:

As soon as Toby got home, his mother confronted him.

“Toby!” his mother said.

“Yes mom?” he answered with a worried tone.

“Quickie Marts called earlier and said they need someone to work the late shift. They want to know if you would like to do it?” his mother replied.

“Yeah. Sure mom. I need the extra money,” he answered.

Toby sat the seamen simple aside, got dressed in his Quickie Marts’ uniform and headed out the door to work.

Chapter 4:

Quickie Marts was a small convene store. Not including the manager, only 3 people worked their. Two male employees and one female supervisor. Toby is one of the employees, but the other employee called in sick. So Toby had to work with the supervisor.

As soon as Toby entered the store, he saw his supervisor chewing gun and reading a Cosmo magazine at the front desk.

“About time you show up,” she said.

“Sorry Leslie. I was not home when you called me,” he explained.

“I figured that much,” Leslie responded. “Now go make yourself useful and stock some shelves or something.”

Toby sighed and headed to the backroom. He didn’t like Leslie being a supervisor. She used to be an employee until the last supervisor quit. Toby hoped that he would have got promoted to supervisor, after working for Quickie Mart for 2 years. But 6-month amateur Leslie got promoted instead. Toby and the other male employee knew Leslie had slept with the manager to get promoted.

One time, they saw Leslie giving the married manager head in the backroom. A couple of times they heard loud noises from the back and strange moans.

Leslie James was a 22-year-old college dropout. She wasn’t a beauty queen but had a decent face with small freckles around her nose and wide forehead. She stood 5’9, 140 pounds, slim with long legs, which she never showed off because she’s required to wear jeans to work. Long straight blond brownish hair, which passed her shoulders, pretty hazel eyes, and she wore braces.

The only thing Toby liked about Leslie, was that she had large breasts for being so slim. They’re very visible even when she wore hooded shirts and her work uniform, which is a Quickie Mart vest, jeans, and a shirt. Her big tits bobbed a lot when she moved around. They attracted a lot of male costumers. Even bisexual women and lesbians often couldn’t keep their eyes from Leslie’s bobbing beauties.

Toby and the other male employee had a bet going on about Leslie’s bra size. Toby figured her breasts must be double D’s. The other employee bet they’re larger then double D’s. Toby couldn’t disagree because each boob looked bigger then her head and they must weight a lot to naturally hang down from her chest even with a bra on.

During the night, Toby kept going back and forth from the back to the front, keeping an eye on Leslie. She pretty much did nothing but read magazines and talk on the phone.

As Toby stocked some baby items, a good looking 6’3, 245 pound muscular blond man came into the store. Toby watched as he flirted with Leslie and she flirted back. Leslie then came from behind the desk and grabbed the guy’s hand.

“Hey Toby. I’m going to the back to show this costumer some “special items” on sale. Be right back in 20 minutes,” Leslie said.

Toby sighed as he knew she was going to fuck that guy. He actually wish he was fucking Leslie. Then it came to him that once he becomes Jordan again, he would have a chance to fuck her brains out.

5 minutes had passed and Toby got curious. He started to hear some strange noises from the back room. He got up and followed the sounds. As he got closer, the noises became much clearer as slurping noises. They were coming from the manager’s office. Toby peaked through the window as the blinds weren’t all the way down. He saw Leslie on her knees with just her white socks on and green thong. He eyes got wide as he saw the sides of Leslie’s huge tits as they swayed back and forth against the man’s bare legs. They looked much bigger then he expected.

The man had his hands on the back of Leslie’s head. His eyes were closed and head tilted back. Moans escaped from his lips while Leslie’s sucking noises drowned them out.

Toby watched as Leslie bobbed her head up and down the man’s crotch rapidly. She slurped, moaned, and savored the guy’s cock. Toby wondered how big the guy’s cock was for Leslie to pull up for a long time and then push back down. He wanted a better view but just couldn’t get one.

Toby heard the front door open. He heard the costumer-shouting hello and had to go greet them. He sighed as he left from the back room.

After 6 minutes of helping the customer, Toby could still barely hear Leslie and the guy fucking wildly in the back. Her moans and cries were faint but noticeable. Toby quickly rushed the customer out the door and headed to the back room. He saw Leslie laying on the arm of the couch, her legs up in the air swaying and the large man in between them, pounding her pussy hard. The only nudity Toby could see was the man’s pasty butt cheeks as they tighten up with each thrust he gave Leslie.

Another customer had entered the shop and Toby had to go.

After he finished with the latest customer, only took in 4 minutes, Toby headed back to the back. He saw Leslie on her hands and knees with the guy thrusting his cock hard and deep inside her pussy. Toby only saw Leslie’s sock-covered feet with her toes constantly curling with each hard thrust and the back of her quivering legs. Her pussy was blocked by the man’s enormous slick balls as they bounced and flopped all over her dripping cunt. His pasty ass was high in the air blocking his view of Leslie’s ass. Her moans and groans caused Toby’s cock to spring to life. He wanted to fuck Leslie so bad. Watching her get pounded from behind set his crotch on fire.

Soon more customers started walking in and Toby had to go service them. He left from the back with his boner still intact.

After 30 minutes, all the customers were gone from the store. Leslie and the man came from the back room. Both of their faces were flushed and the man had a huge smile on his face as he left the store. Leslie joined Toby behind the counter.

“Sorry it took so long. Apparently what he wanted wasn’t back there. We had to make a few calls,” Leslie explained.

“Oh. Well that’s just too bad,” Toby said sarcastically. “And where I thought had got plenty of what he wanted.”

Leslie looked at Toby oddly and then gave him a mean look.

“Get lost and go stock some more,” Leslie said harshly.

Toby put his head down and went back to stocking as Leslie once again started to read magazines and talked on the phone.

Chapter 5:

It was 2am about the time Toby and Leslie locked up the shop and headed their separate ways. As Toby walked home, all he had on his mind was seeing the bare sides of Leslie’s gigantic tits. His cock filled up the front of his jeans and his face became red.

“I hope everyone is asleep. I can’t go into the house with a boner,” Toby said to himself.

He made it home and quietly opened the door. He heard the television on and tried to creep pass the living room.

“Toby! Is that you?” a sweet southern voice said.

Toby realized it couldn’t have been any girl in his family.

“Bree?” Toby said.

“Yeah Toby. Erica told me you would be coming home from work,” Bree said.

Bree came into view from the living room. Toby almost creamed his pants at the sight of Bree.

Bree was a junior in school and Mrs. McGee’s daughter from next door. She’s also good friends with Toby’s sister Erica. And like mother like daughter, Bree inherited her mother’s gargantuan knockers. They swayed loosely under her plain tee shirt.

Toby sized up Bree starting at her tiny bare feet with her toenails painted dark red. Her legs were short and the tee shirt barely covered her thick thighs. He could see parts of her white cotton panties. Her huge tits made her shirt hang loosely from her body. Toby couldn’t believe for a junior girl who stood 5’2, her tits were monstrous and made her thin body look deformed. But that’s what made Bree the star of so many wet dreams for guys at Toby’s school. He could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Besides the fact that her tits hung naturally low, her small nipples poked through the fabric.

Toby noticed that Bree had her dark brown hair trimmed shoulder length. Her ruby red lips were large and full. Her skin was giving off a golden glow. He figured she must have gotten a tan earlier.

“Toby? Toby? Earth calling Toby?” Bree said.

Toby broke out of his daze and smiled at Bree.

“You are ok?” Bree asked concerned.

“Never better,” he replied.

“Well I’m going to go watch some more TV. You want to join me?” she asked.

Toby’s heart pounded fast and beans of sweat dripped down his forehead.

“Maybe later,” he said. “Right now I have to go finish some schoolwork.”

“Figures,” she said disappointed.

Bree left Toby and headed back to the living room. Toby sighed and headed downstairs to his lab. Ready to become Jordan. And the first thing on his mind after becoming Jordan, was to fuck Bree McGee…

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