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The week had gone by much too fast and before I knew it, it was February fourteenth, Valentine’s Day. The next day Alisha would be gone. For nearly a month I had watched her pack her stuff into boxes, saw her give away and throw away unneeded things. Last week, I helped her re-paint her bedroom from navy blue back to eggshell white, as that was part of the rental agreement of leaving things as you found them.

It saddened me to think that my roommate and best friend for the past six years would be leaving for good. I tried to pretend that it didn’t bother me that she’d be out of my life, but she knew better. She knew better because she said I smiled too much and was too helpful, something I normally wasn’t. She knew how I really felt.

As Alisha snapped the last suitcase closed and set it aside, she glanced over to me, “Varian, will you stop it? It sucks enough to be moving out, but you’re making it worse with those sad little-boy, blue eyes of yours.”

I half-smiled, “Sorry.”

“You can call me or visit me whenever you like. So, it’s not like I’ll really be gone, you know?”

Swinging off the end of her bed, I stood, still giving her the half-smile, “You’ll be gone.”

“Ya,” she said, her own sadness reaching her eyes, “You’re right. But Vari, still, you can do the calling and visiting thing anytime you want.” She then brightened, “You find the truffles I left for you?”

“Oh, ya,” I laughed, remembering the chocolates she had made for me in a heart-shaped box. “I ate all four of the toffee raspberry ones already.”

“God, you’re going to be sick,” she giggled. “Save me a couple of the grasshopper mint cookie ones.”

Alisha was a fantastic confectionery chef and it was the reason she was moving back to Canada to reopen her shop, The Chocolatta. She made and sold fine chocolates and marshmallows in every flavor imaginable. Some unusual ones too, like her chipotle cricket truffle and tequila cherry marshmallow. I hoped I didn’t have any of the chipotle cricket ones in my valentine.

“That reminds me,” I said going to my room down the hall and getting her gift off the dresser then returning to her room. “Here, happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite butchy babe.”

I handed her a slim silver heart box. She wasted no time and slit the tape closure with her short natural nails, lifting the lid. Under the tissue paper were two very expensive silk ties, one red, and the other pink. Alisha may have been a soft butch, an attractive androgynous who never wore make-up and never needed it either, but she still loved girly-girl colors―especially, if it were accents like the ties.

“Oh, my god. These are fantastic!” she rubbed the red one against her cheek, “Feels so sexy and decadent. Thank you Vari.”

“You’re welcome,” I said, watching her try one on then she called her girlfriend, quickly forgetting I was standing there.

Feeling awkward, I left her room and went back to mine and sat at my computer where I had instant messages waiting for me. I picked up the conversation, chatting until Alisha appeared who had both the red and pink ties tied loosely around her neck. Although she looked silly, she also looked sexy with white shirt, a cardigan and jeans slung low on her hips. Her bed-head short dark hair and eyes shined from luster of natural beauty of her Persian descent and not from the hallway light.

Then catching myself staring, I turned around back to the computer to chat with a friend who lived in Las Vegas and another that lived in Boston.

“So what are you going to do for your last night in Seattle?” I asked nonchalantly, hoping that I wouldn’t upset her.

“Well firstly, you need to make me some of your yummy dim sum and sweet and sour pork.” Alisha said standing behind me, wrapped her arms around my neck then affectionately kissed the top of my head. “Then I thought I say goodbye to Katie in the way I only know how.” She said giggling into my ear.

“I’m sure, with her legs up around your ears.” I snickered, but was quite a bit envious of Katie, as I’ve always wanted to bang my lesbian roomy.

“Who are you instant messaging?” Alisha asked and I brought the girl’s picture up on screen for her to see. “Ooo…the one that lives in Vegas. She’s yummy. Let me talk to her?”

“Hell no,” I teased.

“Aw Varian, I shared Katie with you,” she whined.

I snorted in response.

“It’s not my fault Katie wants to cut your balls off now,” Alisha laughed.

“Ya. What’s up with that?” I asked wanting to know why Katie had been such a bitch to me lately. “Last summer the girl couldn’t get enough of me and now she’s all full of piss and vinegar.”

“Because you have a penis?”

“No sweetheart, that’s why we got along last summer. It’s because I have one and you don’t.” I teasingly reminded her of the fact that her bisexual girlfriend Katie and I shared sack time.

“Hey, I’m pretty talented with a strap-on,” she laughed. “Besides, she calls my name, not yours.”

“Oh, but she did,” I laughed and Alisha playfully slapped at me.

“Say goodbye to your online girly friends and go make me some Chinese food.”

And so I did and did―I made Alisha entirely happy with her favorite dish. She liked my cooking even though she likely could cook me under the table if she wanted to. However, it was a tradition of me making dinner for her. Alisha now stuffed with sweet and sour pork and spring rolls, gave me a thanks and rushed out the door to see her girlfriend. She told me she’d probably see me again before she left for good.

# # # #

Hours after Alisha gone to Katie’s place, I’d stayed home and chatted on the net since I hadn’t made a Valentine’s date for the night. Work came too early for that and I was just plain tired. Then again, the Zhujiang, a pretty good Chinese beer I drank with dinner and continued to drink afterward made me sleepy.

I signed off and shut down the computer for the night and went the shared bathroom in our large apartment that my family owned. I stayed on as a manager and handyman and Alisha had rented a room while she finished school.

School was done. Alisha graduated with honors and now she was going back home to British Columbia to run Chocolatta with some of her old friends. This was all good for Alisha, but bad for me as I was going to miss her terribly. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had a mad crush on her from the first time we met. Alisha was hot, there was no way that I could deny that, but her being a lesbian only made everything about her all the more interesting.

Who can say that they had a female roommate who had the same taste in women and had drooled over each others girlfriends? Not many. Alisha really was one in a million and I was going to miss her. The only thing that made me feel better was that she was going to miss me as well.

I’d taken my shower and gone to bed, probably been asleep a few solid hours, but I wasn’t such a heavy sleeper that I couldn’t hear someone in my bedroom. The floor creaked in all the places that led to me in my bed. Silently, I reached between the head of the mattress and box springs where I gripped a fully loaded, one in the chamber Lawman; a big pistol with an even bigger bang.

“Varian, don’t.” Alisha called.

She knew where I kept the pistol and she knew I wouldn’t hesitate using it. I released the grip of the pistol while my heart slammed in my ribcage out of fear. It had been seconds away from using my weapon on her.

“That was very stupid of you, Alisha and you know it.” I said evenly, trying to control my breathing.

“I know, I’m sorry,” she said while kneeling on the floor next to me. “Really I am.” Alisha breathed apricot brandied vapors into my face.

I wrinkled my nose, “Whoa Alisha…are you drunk?” I asked in surprise since she never drank.

Alisha giggled, “No, I’m not really drunk, just buzzing hard.” Alisha lay her head on the edge of my pillow, “By the way, thank you for not blowing me away Mr Tough Man Eastwood.”

“You need to go to bed goofy girl.”

“Ya, I think you’re right, but first I want some of your dim sum, but mostly, I’ve been craving your sweet and sour poke.”

I chuckled at her pork flub, but somehow her mistake turned me on.

“I already made you some earlier. There are leftovers in the ice box.” I said, feeling my cock grow hard.

“No…I said poke not pork, but I guess you’re right―you can pork me just as well as you can poke me. Either way, I want you not your damn food dummy.”

“Confucius say, girl who drink too much should know not to tease boy,” I laughed. “Go to bed, Alisha. I’m not interested in any of your games,” I finished, a little more sternly, hoping my words would get through to her.

“Hmm,” she said, in what I thought was subdued tone, but found otherwise as she reached for me through the sheets. “I think your stiff cock speaks for itself .”

“Listen,” I brushed her hand away, “This is all very flattering, but if anything happened between you and I, well I know you’re going to wake up pissed off with yourself and worse me,” I sighed. “And I can’t have you hating me, hun.”

“Varian,” she purred as she slid under the sheets with me then caressed my bare chest and gasped in pleasure, “Oh, I just knew you slept in the buff,” she pressed her nakedness against mine.

Surprised, but even more horny for her, I said, “My god, you came into my room without clothes on, you perv.”

This situation confused me. What happened to the butch babe who rebuffed me the first day we met? The one who always teased me, but always denied me? I wasn’t sure if I liked this new girl in my bed, but I knew for sure I was attracted to her, always had been. Her being lesbian made her all the more attractive with her unattainable status, making her the best friend I’ve ever had.

“What are you doing?” I groaned in exasperation, “What am I doing? I should just shove you out of my room and lock the door.”

“Maybe you should, but you won’t.”

“For fucks sake, you’re drunk. You like girls not guys.”

“Hush, I’m not that drunk. I only had a couple drinks. Jeez, sometimes your dumb as cum. I can’t believe that you still think that I’m a lesbian after all this time.”


“Okay, get this, I’m bisexual. I lied. I’ve been lying from the first day we met.”

“Wh-what, why’d you do that?”

Though it was dark, I could still clearly see her and gawked at her in complete shock. She was wrong. I never once saw a clue that she anything other than lesbian for the last six years.

“Because, Vari, it would of confused our friendship, the living arrangement and I really needed to be here with you while I went to school without all the complications of something more than friendship. Believe you me it wasn’t easy to keep on just liking the girls when you were around.”

This revelation stung a bit and I wasn’t entirely convinced. “When I was around? So, you’re telling me there have been guys since you’ve lived here?”

“Yes, with them, just sex. Katie has been my only lover, as you know.”

“So, this sudden change of heart is because you’re leaving?”

“Well, yes and no. Let’s let it be a going away present for both of us and your Valentine’s date for the night since you didn’t have one of your own. Then I want to fuck you until my pussy’s dripping.”

“Oh c’mon,” I laughed, trying to ignore the vulgarity she was using as it made my cock twitch madly. “All that doesn’t change the fact that you and I are friends, hun. I don’t sleep with friends.”

“Liar,” she giggled. “I know that’s a damn lie. Do you want me to name off all those so-called friends you don’t fuck? I swear if your male friends were really women, you’d sleep with them too.”

“Argh,” I said in frustration. “I can’t believe I’m trying to talk you out of having sex with me.” I grinned into the semi-darkness.

“Me either,” she shifted down some where under the covers, somewhere I couldn’t see what she was doing. “I know you want to taste my pussy,” she said then slipped her fingers into my mouth.

I tasted her on her fingers and wanted to bury my face into her pussy and drown in her cum.

“Damn it, please leave,” I begged. “This is, so not cool of you and you know it.”

Her brandy breath were fumes of proof if I did what I wanted with her, I’d be taking advantage of her. With every ounce of inner strength I had, I rolled away from her.

“Come back when you’re not drunk and we will see how you feel then.”

She sighed, “Don’t you at least want to see me play with my pussy? I know you’ll love it.”

“Go away, goddammit,” I said grumpily, knowing that once she left my bed that I would resort to masturbating with visions of her in my head.

The bed springs shifted and I felt her slide away from me and heard her retreating steps. I won, but wasn’t happy about it. I couldn’t believe she lied to me and worse, that I was stupid enough not to see it.

# # # #

Sometime later, while still half asleep, I felt something at my right wrist and it being hoisted above my head, then the same with the left one. I smelled chocolate, dark and rich before Alisha’s lips were pressed to mine. It was a dream. Her tongue in twined with mine and our breath became rushed while my heart beat faster. An erection swelled with desire as our kiss deepened, knowing I seeped a slick, clear lubrication from the tip of my cock.

“I knew you’d tasted delicious,” Alisha whispered.

Her words broke the spell and I knew this wasn’t all a dream. With guilt, I tried to move away, but realized I couldn’t. She had bound my wrists. With what? I wondered, glancing up and seeing her red and pink silk ties.

Sleep slurred my speech, “Whas goin’ on?”

Alisha snuggled her nakedness alongside me, breathing in excited little gasps that no longer smelled of apricot brandy. She pressed her mound to my thigh and took nips of my bare chest.

“I realize you’ve just discovered your scruples, but Vari, this isn’t the time to use them,” she said between little bites and kisses.

“C’mon, stop,” I woke fully, pulling on her ties. Becoming annoyed, I tried to wiggle away from her, “This isn’t fair.”

“I know,” she giggled. “Figured if I tied you up like this it kind of takes away any responsibilities you may feel in protecting my virtue. Trust me that boat sailed long ago. Just relax and enjoy.”

I tried to another half-hearted play of protest, which she shoved a truffle into my mouth. It was a cocoa strawberry one that oozed strawberry syrup. She was quick to lick the corner of my mouth, catching it before the stickiness dribbled onto my pillow. I groaned as her hand moved down to grasp the head of my cock, which had been hard from the moment I was aware of her being in my bedroom. My friend stroked me up then down and I felt her palm slide over the head again, making her hand slick with my lubrication.

I’m going to let her do this aren’t I? I’m going to give in, have sex with my best friend, and ruin everything that we’ve shared the last several years. I thought with guilt as I swallowed against the chocolate and knew I would as I felt her remove her hand and wrap her lips around my cock. She sucked and licked just the head while she worked a smooth hand down the shaft of my cock in long strokes and strong tongue lashes.

After several moments of her cock sucking attention, I felt the stirring of orgasm. Wait, no, I thought. Since I had her now, I wanted this to go on forever.

Shifting my hips, I managed to get her attention, “You need to stop now.”

Her head popped up, grinning at me, she sat across my hips, pinning me down further. The ties ceased to be sexy, more frustrating now then anything. I wanted to use my hands, touch her, feel the wetness that gleamed between her legs.

“Were you about to come?”She asked as she touched herself and licked her glistening fingers.

I nodded, smelling her from where she was and crazy with desire with her clean, musky scent.

“Untie me,” I whispered.

“Not yet,” she whispered back.

Alisha situated herself so that she was spread open, displaying her pussy before my mouth like a hors d’oeuvre.

“You want that?”

“God, yes.”

She scooted forward with my face between her thighs and grabbed my hands as she kneel over my lips. Where I didn’t hesitate, I buried my tongues inside her, skipping any pretense of seducing her with shy licks. I fucked her with my tongue, lightly nibbling at her. She moaned long and loudly, sounding amazed as my tongue explored, probed and thrust. She let go of one hand and grabbed the back of my head, curled her fingers into my hair. My tongue found her hard and erect nub, which I flicked with a pointed tongue with firm strokes and latched onto her clit. I sucked on it. She ground her pussy onto my chin as I continued to suck on her. She rode my face hard, pulled my head tighter to her, I felt her thighs shake and still I sucked her clit until she fell calm on my face.

She shifted slightly and finally, she untied me. She went on her back between my thighs with her knees pressing my cock and her ass against my balls.

“You’re really going to have to fuck me now because I won’t be completely happy if I don’t get my sweet and sour poke.”

With my head propped up on the pillows, I could see her as she stroked her sopping wet pussy, lovingly like a kitten. Her hands glistened with her wetness. She squeezed my erection with her knees.

“C’mon you know you want me as much as I want you,” she stroked her pert little breasts, pinching her dark nipples. Her naked body was thin and androgynous even though she had tits, but was still alluring “If it makes you feel any better, I’m stone cold sober…” she trailed off mischievously, “And Varian I want your cock inside me now.”

Alisha reached over the side of the bed and held another truffle. This one I knew was a dark chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne pepper. She licked it and smeared the truffle on and around one nipple then traced a chocolate path to her other nipple.

“Oh!” she giggled, “There’s some heat in that one.”

I moved between her thighs and licked the spicy chocolate, sucking her small nipples and cupping her breasts. The heat and the wetness of her pressed against me as I nestled between her thighs. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I sucked harder, thrumming one nipple with my tongue. I got the taste of her that I’d lusted for so long.

“I’ll be leaving for Canada tomorrow afternoon, give me some of your dim sum to remind me of you later.” Alisha wiggled beneath me.

Good god, she’s right, I thought. I wouldn’t be seeing her for quite some time or perhaps, not ever again. I couldn’t let her go without giving her a piece of me to take with her.

Qualms pushed aside, “All right. I know you said you’re bi, but I’ve never seen any men around you,” I said still wanting to more with her sudden change of heart. After all, she could’ve left and I’d been none the wiser. “Just want to be sure this is what you want.”

“Well it’s been awhile,” she confessed, reaching between us and squeezing my cock.

“How many men have you had?” I said really wanting to know. “When was the last time you were with a guy, Alisha?” I questioned as I pinched her left nipple.

“Lots actually, but the last time was over a year ago, ya know, New Years. It doesn’t matter when or how many, Vari because I know this is a big head trip for you,” she laughed.

I had to agree, it was a huge ego stroke for me to receive from an amazing, gorgeous woman such as Alisha.

“Now will you kindly do us both a favor and fuck me?” she asked with an unmistakable hint of desperation.

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