Chapter 2. The Beginning

Fuck. Me. That wasn’t a dream? But how in the world did I get bigger boobs and clear skin? For a 21 year old, how can I still grow boobs?

I have so many questions while I’m standing in front of the full-length mirror. Could it be because I lost my virginity? This is impossible, right? How can a person become prettier in exchange of… what did Aphrodite say again? It must be some metaphor about confidence.

I stood in front of the shower wishing to wash away my confusion. These questions are making my head hurt more. My head is already throbbing with so much alcohol last night. Plus, I’m already late for work. Maybe I just feel prettier and sexier because of the orgasms Aphrodite gave me last night. Just the thought of her makes me wet. I vividly remember how she kissed my sex. I touched my cunt in remembrance.

“Norah, you’re already late for work,” I whispered to myself in the shower. I idly wonder how I got home, as I don’t remember telling her where I leave. I shoved the idea aside as the cold water hit me.


I decided to take a taxi instead of the train because I’m already late. Jenna, my neighbor with night shift, mentioned something about the train not working today. I can’t take the risk.

After giving the directions to the cab driver, I can’t help but notice him checking my bust through his rearview mirror. I’m not used to getting attention, especially because I’m just a 32A. Or am I still? My bra doesn’t feel comfortable though, and it’s emphasizing my cleavage with the plunging floral dress I’m wearing.

I stared at my bust too then held them firmly with my hands. I squeezed them to feel how real they were. Then I rolled my thumbs over the exposed skin and squeezed again. I tried feeling my nipple through the sheer material of my dress and my bra. Even my nipple feels weird. That’s when I remembered I have company.

“Oh please don’t stop because of me,” the cab driver winked.

I blushed and explained, “they just feel weird today”.

“They look perfect to me. But maybe because I’m not seeing them entirely.” The driver seems to be enjoying himself.

My good mood getting the better of me, “how about I’ll show them and get a free ride this morning?” That line sounds familiar. I can’t believe simple old me will say it.

He raised an eyebrow. “That’s nice of you ma’am but the traffic this morning is bad. Maybe if my hands get to admire them, I’ll be generous ma’am”.

I laughed. Hmm, am I imagining it or even my laughter sounds nice?

I can’t believe I’m negotiating my tits with the taxi driver. But it made me wonder how far we’d go. He’s right though; fare at this hour is expensive. “what a generous man you are!” I said hearing the sarcasm in my voice. “I’m already late though. I don’t think I have time to let you touch them.”

“Hmm,” he smiled his pearly whites at me. “what time is late, ma’am?”

I looked at the clock in his dashboard saying 8:27, “I have to get there by 9:30″.

“Care to bet? I can get you at the back of your office building in 20 minutes. If I do, I’ll have until 9:15 with them.”

“Wow! And if you don’t?” I know it takes 45 minutes from this part to our office at this time. Traffic is that bad, especially on a Monday morning.

“If I don’t, I get to pinch that nips of yours and you’ll get free cab ride today.”

This conversation is already soaking my underwear. I stared at his brown eyes and smiled coyly, “deal”.

He grinned, as if that’s his way to seal the deal. “By the way, it’s Enrico, ma’am.” Then the cab moved like some sports car. He stared into the road and drove away. He took a different route, one that I was not familiar with.

To be fair to Enrico, he looks like a hot Latino guy in his late thirties. I wouldn’t be disgusted at having him “admire” my rack. I looked down at my chest again and held the twins. Puberty at this age is impossible, right? I was grasping it while thinking of how Aphrodite teased me last night. Could it be that she’s some kind of fairy godmother that made me pretty in exchange of sex?

“That’s cheating,” Enrico interrupted my reverie.

“I didn’t think there were rules, Enrico,” I cocked my head. I was feeling outstandingly confident today. So I teased him, “want to take a peek of the prize?” I pushed down the sleeveless strap and pulled down the neckline. I revealed my white lace bra. I bet Enrico can already see some part of the nipple. My boobs are definitely larger for this bra.

He laughed then shot past 3 cars by over taking. “I’m liking the incentive, ma’am”.

His encouragement is making me hornier that I dragged down the bra and placed it under my boob. I looked at him through his rear view mirror. “like what you see, Enrico?”

He nodded while staring at my boob. “I think there’s a dirt under your nip though.”

“Really?” I pulled the boob upward and tried to look under. I was having difficulty to take a look. That’s new.

“You can’t see? It’s right under your nip. Try rubbing it.”

“Oh I see what you’re doing, Enrico. You mean like this?” I rubbed the skin under while biting my lip. I am so turned on. I placed my index and middle finger inside my mouth deliberately. When it was wet, I rubbed it around the nipple. “Is it still there?”

“Maybe you need to do it again to be sure, you know?”

Just when I was rubbing it with my wet fingers for the second time, the cab hits a hump. Making my boob jump from the sudden movement of the car. “Ugh!”

“Oops. Sorry, ma’am. I didn’t see that hump.” He feigned an apologetic smile.

I laughed then we hit another hump again. The boob bounced like crazy, I tried stopping it with my hand. He laughed too.

“Are you laughing at my misery, Enrico?”

“Not at all, ma’am. You are just making my morning happy.”

That’s when I remembered Aphrodite’s words, “what if the price is to make people happy?” She said something about becoming prettier by having sex with different people. Was she serious?

We hit another hump again and this time there was no attempt of reducing the impact. It made my tit bounce like the bobbing head of the toy dog in his dashboard. “You are such a tease, Enrico.”

He groaned. “You are making me very hard, Ma’am. I mean you are making my driving hard,” He winked. “Good thing, I have this city memorized by heart.”

When I looked outside, we were two blocks away from the office. “Whoa!” Then I glanced at my watch, it’s just 8:40.

“Looks like I won, ma’am,” he said, “what if I’ll park one block away so that your co-workers won’t see your boobs displayed inside my taxi?”

I was still at awe on his driving and distracted by Aphrodite’s words. Does that mean that if I have sex with this cab driver, I’ll get prettier? “Sure,” was all I managed to reply.

Enrico parked his taxi and asked me to move to the front seat. I fixed myself and do as told. As soon as I sat in the passenger’s seat, his boxers and jeans already pulled down, freeing his slender but long cock. My mouth watered at the sight.

“Like what you see?” he said mimicking my teasing a few minutes ago.

I laughed, “but our deal is you’ll just touch them until 9:15, right?”

“I said ‘I’ll have until 9:15 with them’,” he said seriously, “now put your dress up, I want to see my prize.”

I forgot that I’m wearing a dress. Now, he’s going to see more. I pulled the dress up exposing my white lace undies and its matching white bra. He placed his hand on my back and unfastened the bra. “Now pull up the bra and hold your dress up. Don’t let go.” All the humor is gone in Enrico’s voice. It made me nervous and hot so I obliged.

As soon as I secured the bra and dress with my hands, he grabbed my boobs. I flinched at his cold hand but felt the nipples harden. He used his rough thumb to press my nipples, drawing circles around them. Then he was flipping them fast that I couldn’t help but moan. I gasped when I felt him lick my right nipple. Enrico bit it softly and sucked.

My hips are moving involuntarily now, asking for attention down there. He stopped the movement by putting his other hand to feel my sex. I gasped again when I felt him tear my panty apart and press his thumb inside my cunt. My eyes widened at the sudden intrusion. He fucked me with his thumb, thrusting it inside. He was widening the opening by encircling his thumb at the entrance. That felt good.

Soon, he replaced it with his index finger. He added the middle finger and twirled it inside. I was close when he pulled his hand away from my sex to touch his cock. I saw him spreading my liquids across his cock before he started masturbating.

He continued twisting my nipple with his other hand. But it was not enough to finish me off. My sex is burning with so much lust, I couldn’t help but finish the job on my own. I held the dress and bra with my left hand while I touched my clit with the right hand, spreading the juices. I pushed two fingers inside, rubbing my clit with my thumb.

I wasn’t sure whether the taxi shows our movement and if other people can see us. But I don’t care, the thought of it makes me feel hotter.

We were both moaning hard, looking at each other’s eyes filled with ecstasy. Just when I noticed that he was close, he pinched my nipple hard, making me come with two of my fingers inside my cunt. My orgasm wasn’t done when Enrico came, shooting his come to my chest.

A few minutes after we finished, I hooked my bra and fixed my dress. Enrico said with his gleaming smile, “I think I still have a minute to kiss the other nip.”

I smiled pulling the bra downwards and let the taxi driver, kiss my boobs goodbye.


As I was walking inside the building, I continued straightening my dress. I’m not sure if I feel uncomfortable because I just had sex or it’s because of the absence of my panties. I noticed some guys and maybe a few ladies checking me out. I wonder whether they were looking because they also know that I just had sex.

Upon entering the elevator with two other people, I noticed the changes. The dark circles under by eyes that I’ve been insecure since high school have vanished. I touched the skin and felt the smoothness. I tried wiping it to see whether it was just my concealer. It wasn’t. Also, my wiry hair suddenly turned into soft curls. How the hell did I get a makeover during that cab ride?

My thoughts were distracted when the elevator stopped. A girl dressed in red suit with golden locks passed between me and another guy. When she stepped outside the elevator, that’s when I realized who she is. “Satisfied with the deal?” Aphrodite asked winking at me. The elevator closed before I could say anything. I bet that she saw my jaw drop though.

I looked at my reflection again, stunned at the pretty and sexy woman looking back. I wasn’t sure whether Aphrodite was referring to the deal I just had with Enrico or the deal that will change my life. Now, should I stop the elevator and test the theory with this guy?

Summer Solstice Dedication Whipping and Dildo Play!

I took Mistress J to the store to buy her smocks for work. This was my fine for disobedience to her words as we agreed upon beforehand. Before J performs her Rite of Summer dedicating a ritual whipping I must give pleasure to my mistress with gifts; food and clothing. She was glad to receive the gifts promising to reward me for my disobedience with the lash as soon as I fed her some pasta dinner. On the phone she left a message promising me a hard whipping under her authority forcing me to kneel over the divan blind folded before the altar of the goddess. We have an altar in front of the fireplace with candles and a statue of a buxom Venus De Milo our goddess of love. We believe using discipline enforces female domination in the psyche of the male slave, adding that physical discipline reinforces obedience in the physical and spiritual world.

I personally believe that allowing my mistress to discipline me helps her cope dealing with men building her self confidence in communicating with men in every day life. I willingly and obediently am given this time by Mistress J to confess all my faults to her and be judged by her before the goddess and suffer the disciplinarily punishment my mistress will give me. Dealing with me immediately assures swift and fair punishment for the penitent slave.

My first offense as always is not being obedient to my mistress needs and not listening or paying attention to her as she speaks to me. I have problems thinking the wrong things as she talks to me assuming things that are made up in my mind. Next mistress told me to masturbate before the goddess and come on her to spill my seed before the ritual. Giving a semen offering to the goddess is like emptying your very self to her. Being forced to ejaculate on the symbol of the goddess of love symbolizing giving up everything in my balls including any chance for pleasure or physical stimulation during the whipping ensures mistresses J that I will have her full attention during the lashing. Confessing all my acts words and deeds to mistress J I tried to masturbate but to no avail I could not even get an erection. Seeing the disgust in mistress face for failing to come mistress will judged me for excessive masturbation and my punishment would be more intense receiving a caning as well as a three day come fast. Also for failing to masturbate to a male orgasm I was going to suck her cock before the goddess then be impaled in the bath on a nine inch dildo. I had a sick feeling in my belly because I knew my mistress meant business when it came to discipline so I knew I was going to be hurting afterwards especially for the offenses I confessed. Plus J had enough of my insolence so she was in the mood to do some serious behavior modification.

After sitting with her on the couch as she smoked a cigarette she announced that it was time. Staring me in my eyes she dominantly asked, “Are you ready slave for your whipping?”

We started at 7PM on Friday night the perfect time for paying for my crimes against womanhood. My first command for not coming was not to have a male seminal emission for three more days till Monday night. Mistress said the reason I cannot get hard with her is that I play with myself too much so she was putting me on a come free diet. Tonight it would be my mouth and ass serving her dick instead. J was in a good mood for whipping me this time. I nicely asked her if we could video the whipping and she agreed. The video help reinforce her domination over me and builds my confidence in trusting her for discipline plus it is a constant reminder of what is in store for me whenever I screw up. We know the male slave is always in a state of sin and misbehavior so a mistress job is never done but the practice of discipline takes it away from the government and places it in the home at the foot of the goddess and the priestess your mistress. It is hoped that discipline in the home will bring peace and harmony in the world as the behavior of the male is slowly modified to stop mistreating woman and be more subservient to her needs. We believe that the head of the house is the woman and she has the final say in the area of discipline and punishments. I have relinquished my rights to my flesh and given the honor of discipline to my mistress so she can bring me before the goddess as a willing servant and cleanse my behavior in ritual whipping and punishment.

Mistress J was on camera and was in style wearing her black shirt for the Solstice ritual. She had told me on the phone that this whipping would be painful and leave marks and I would have a problem sitting for several hours. The phone messages left shivers up my spine because J never goes back on her word. After the whippings she has already given me she means what she says. I knew as I was laid blind folded over the divan that J was going to punish me good. I had been whipped by other women but mistress J was definitely into punishment unafraid to leave welts or marks.

We went to the altar and J lit a white virgin candle next to the goddess dedicating the ritual. We would be in ritual as long as the candle burned. I was taken to the divan and J put on my collar combo cock harness which is a choker chain that binds my genitals. On my nipples she placed two clothespins with a chain holding them together as a painful reminder that my nipples were not for pleasure but for punishment. Next I was blind folded and placed face down over the divan. J told me that I would remain there for the duration of the whipping as long as she wanted. I was forbidden to get up or even raise my ass up in any painful pleadings. J chose the wooden paddle; more to make me whine and scare me to test the rules. I had asked her to test my bravery and not let me be a “wimp” before her or the goddess. Right off the gates Mistress J struck me so hard I was already begging her to use something lighter; so much for bravery. J was looking for the little boy in me to punish and she found me right away begging for her to stop. This made her more adamant to punish me I asked her to maybe try something leather to warm me up first. Instead she chose a flogger to do the honors. Striking my back forcefully making me cry out again but this time she gave no remorse and kept on flogging my back, ass, and legs to warm me up for the brunt of her licks. This whip left nice streaks all over my shoulders and were not light wispy lashes for a pussy whipped man. Forcing me to stay kneeling bent over the leather divan, Mistress J unleashed her arsenal of whips and paddles on me that made me cry out and shake in my flesh.

Mistress J loves to produce the fear in me that makes me shake in my skin afraid of her style of female domination justice. J reminded me that I freely volunteered for this discipline. I did ask for it and gave J written permission to whip me with her own discretion as a trust from me. We have no safe words except for J listening to my cries of pain and my deep breathing as I try to get my breath after a good volley of lashes. Being blind folded I had to try to guess what I was being hit with. I was shaking and anticipating the painful blows sometime I even cried out and lurched at ghost whips that never fell on my flesh. This turns J on because she knows and feels my body is totally under her powers even craving more of the lash from her. J whipped my legs with her mini whip making me cry out with each moan. She does not mind my cries as long as I am not faking because it signals her that what she is doing is reaching home in my flesh. Another indicator is the color tone of my skin as she slowly turns it from pink to red to purple as she lays the welts down like artwork on my flesh.

Waiting for almost last J picked up her nasty J stick an oak paddle eighteen inches long, two inches wide, and a half inch thick, with eleven nylon spikes sticking out of it. Last time she used it on me she broke the skin and had to call off the whipping and wash me up with alcohol. This time she held me down by pressing on the small of the back and deliberately paddled me earnestly but with only enough force not to damage her slave so she could continue to punish me for my offenses. The J stick made me cry out with each blow and worry about opening me up again so I was shaking in my skin especially when she told me that I needed to present my ass higher for the stick. I arched my back and took it like a slave crying with each blow. I counted twenty whacks and she set it down.

For her finale Mistress J took up the cane my punishment for not being able to ejaculate. Mistress J had caned me before so I knew what to expect but this time it was not a wispy sound but a strong thud. J had picked the thick 3/8 cane for real discipline like English. Reminding me as promised that I was to bore her marks of the caning for several days. J likes to cane my back which is a skilled way of discipline because it does not bring any pleasures as in whipping the buttocks brings, because it does not stimulate any of the sexual nerves just the painful ones. With Mistress J’s knowledge of anatomy and nerves she knows the places to make my skin crawl for mercy. Out of breath from the twenty on my back J then gave me twenty more on my ass and legs tossing the cane aside only to announce it was time again for a fellatio lesson.

Strapping on her black 2in. wide 8in. long dildo, J was excited to make me suck her cock. Making me kneel besides the altar J told me she need not tell me how to start I learned that before. I opened my mouth and she slid her cock inside. J allowed me to lick and suck her cock with my own movements. From above she delightfully watched smiling at me sucking her dick, telling herself it was only a matter of time before I choked on her cock. I deliberately tried to put on a good show for my mistress. Taking it in as deep as I could mistress giggled when the inevitable happened when it hit the back of my throat and I began to gag. Taking her cock out of my mouth slobbering on the floor, I asked her if she would make me suck a real dick. Because of AIDS Mistress J gave me a strong no, but that if there was no AIDS I would have been sucking and swallowing cock for sure. She pushed her dick back in my mouth and made me suck some more.

Being forced to suck on a dildo strapped to your mistress does not sound fun. But in actuality after the first few times I got over the taboos and now enjoy it to the point that it turns me on to be dominated this way. Kneeling on the floor and being forced to perform fellatio, my most favorite sexual act, on my mistress dick instead of getting sucked myself, is the perfect humiliation for a mistress to entertain. Mistress J loves to make me suck and watch me perform for her. This is a little reminder of who the real boss is. Men live for blow jobs now I have to beg to suck my mistress cock instead. A slave soon learns that cock sucking is now his business. The more I suck my mistress cock the more my psyche gets trained to suck and the more natural it becomes. It is all part of making me submit to my mistress as her willing an obedient slave. Mouth movements train the body to submit even in the subconscious mind. Making a man perform fellatio gets you trained as an oral male slave able to perform on either a man or woman in a loving manner.

After five minutes of sucking Mistress J got bored I begged her to continue to fuck my mouth. She giggled and agreed. Holding the back of my head she pressed her hips forward driving the dildo all the way to the back of my throat gagging me then pulling all the way out. This interested her because she almost got all eight inches inside so she held me hard and drove it back down my throat. This time as I tilted forward so the angle was right the dildo slid right down. It felt so different I asked her to do it some more so she pushed a good seven inches down my throat fucking it in and out. I was so turned on when she finally stopped I had to hold her and kiss her thighs and hide my flushed face. Mistress now has my secret that I can deep throat for her without choking.

Mistress took me to the bathroom for my final humiliation. She ordered me to impale myself on the nine inch dildo sticking to the shower wall. The dildo is specially made to attach to the shower wall without falling off like a suction cup. It is a silicone dildo that slips nicely up my ass. I soaped it up and slowly began to work it up my ass. If done carefully stimulating the male colon is an extra advantage of anal sex because of the stimulation of the prostate gland. After practice anal sex is now a turn on to me for sure. The trick is to point the tip first towards the balls then up and into the colon pointing the head to the backbone to make the curve in the colon. Then it is fully inside. You have to insert a dildo in deep enough beyond the curve to stretch the muscles and enjoy the penetration. The feeling on the prostate as the dildo slides past makes you wish that woman were not born with dicks too. Be thankful for dildos. One wonders that in the ancient sites where dildos were found how many were actually used on men instead of horny woman masturbating fantasizing about real cocks. They may have been fucking there men’s asses all along.

Mistress J loves to watch me sit on a dildo this fascinates her so much to see a man fucking himself. Once I was fully on I started to play with my cock and was scolded not to touch myself. I apologized and J went to have a smoke leaving me moaning on the dildo. Several minutes later she returned with a cup setting it on the sink. Jumping up on the bathtub shelf she put her chest in my face lifted her shirt and pulled her breast out of her bra offering me a suck. I was totally surprised because I had forgotten I had asked her to give me such a treat. I sucked and licked the nipple as she unsheathed her right breast offering me a suck on that nipple. I wanted more but J said, “Kiss them good by I have to put them away now!” So I obediently kissed both nipples.

I watched her slip her breasts back in her bra and reach for the cup. “It is time for your shower now slave,” J reminded me! She held the cup under my cock waiting for an offering. I took a deep breath sighed and let loose with a stream of pee filling the cup half way. The smell and color of my pee told her not to make me drink but instead she told me to get off the dildo and kneel on all fours in the shower. Taking the clothespin nipple clamps in hand she removed them watching me cringe and cry out as the blood finally began to flow to my nipples. “Get down slave for your shower,” J ordered.

I was afraid to take the dildo out because I had to go and did not want to spoil the mood so I pulled the dildo of the wall leaving it in my ass for the golden shower. I got on all fours head down. J wanted to wash my whipped flesh in urine as a healing to the ritual. Slowly she poured my warm pee over my back, ass, and legs washing me as if cleansing me for my misdeeds, like an s/m baptism. When J finished she told me to join her in the living room and serve her!

I took a warm shower when I pulled the dildo out it was humiliation time for sure but it was worth it. The warm water made the welts more inflamed reminding me I had just suffered a hard whipping. I felt lucky that I had a woman so open to S/M to play with. Mistress J is a trained nurse and will only do what is safe for me even when it comes to severe punishment. She knows how to squeeze the nerves in me for our sessions without permanent damage. I toweled off and walked naked into the living room where J was patiently waiting. I got the cameras ready and we took several pics of my welts and I modeled my whips for her because I want to start advertising them on the net for sale.

We sat down and discussed what the ritual meant to each of us. I agreed that it was a painful one. J found out that whipping my legs gets better results especially the tender inner sides. J’s favorite part was the dildo sucking it fascinated her she said I was better than her at sucking cock. She likes the mini whip which causes terror and is now skilled enough with it that she has made it her main whip to do the real punishment with. J found that the larger cane causes more pain and leaves the best welts so she has confidence that she will use it again and not be afraid to use it to produce welts.

I massaged J’s back and feet until she got bored. We went together to the altar and blew out the white candle closing the ritual and expressed the desire to serve the goddess again in a week. Then I drove Mistress J home for the night. She kissed and hugged me thanking me for the fun day!

On Monday Mistress J talked to me on the phone to give me my masturbatory instructions. I was to impale myself on the dildo in the shower at 6:15 PM and don’t come off till I shoot my come. If I fail to come I am not allowed to come any other way and I have to await further instructions for Mistress J. So at 6:15 I got into the shower and soaped the nine inch dildo and slowly pushed back sending the shaft into my colon. I thought about the male attitudes towards senseless pleasures and what I was doing just to make myself ejaculate. After a good seven inches was up my ass I soaped my cock which was limp and stretched the shaft in my left fist making the glans more sensitive then I rolled the head into the palm of my right hand vigorously in small circles to get the juices flowing . The sensations were intensely pleasureful especially stimulating my pee hole which became over sensitized until I began to have what I call a female ejaculation shooting precome and urine onto my hands. The feelings were so intense that I could no longer concentrate on having an ejaculation any more. My emotional feelings had been fulfilled and the desire to serve my lusts made me think that I was not thinking of my mistress but of myself and my selfish needs to come.

During the ritual, mistress called me on the phone leaving a message to see if I was being obedient demanding that I call her ASAP when I got out of the shower. I called her and confessed to her I could not come but had a different kind of orgasm. Mistress was not mad but told me my punishment would be that I would have to wait to come when she was ready to tell me. I asked her if I was going to be physically punished for not coming for her but she hesitated to say except that I was banned from any more masturbation for the time being. I am going to have to discipline myself not to bring it up but to trust Mistress J with her timing when she feels that I need to be milked.

Milking is the female dominants way of voiding her male slave’s semen for her magic. We practice ritual milking before an altar or practice self loving techniques that mistress desires me to practice for my health. Mistress feels that excessive masturbation is unhealthy so it should be curbed with discipline. Taking charge of my seminal ejaculations gives mistress responsibility over my sexual contentment and emotional sexual well being. I have given my seed to Mistress J and her words and commands can draw it from my body as she wishes.

It is also forbidden for a male slave to have an erection before his mistress without permission. He must cover himself so as to not dishonor his mistress. It is an honor to be humbly naked before his mistress and be like a eunuch, a nude man servant that she can watch with her eyes and see that his cock is under her control. A male cannot play with his cock before his mistress because it is a blatant sign that she has not fulfilled her slaves milking properly and he is showing signs of lustful desires. Lust his taken care of with the whip.

A slave is also forbidden to have an erection or ejaculation during a ritual whipping. The male slave is not being disciplined for his pleasure and is forbidden to use the time set aside for punishment to fantasize or receive pleasure from the taste of leather. Mistress J believes it is very important to separate sexual pleasures from the ritual act of discipline. Even though the male slave is whipped sky clad Mistress remains clothed in black as a sign of superiority. Stripping a male slave naked taking away all his identity opens all his flesh to her desires and shows an act of humility and also respect for your mistress. Nakedness during a whipping says that the male slave has given all his fleshly desires to his mistress and is willing to submit to a painful whipping of repentance confessing to breaking her natural laws. A mistress can make laws for her slave to obey and be punished for. The slave must kneel before his mistress and sign an oath in blood to be obedient to her words or suffer the dire consequences of the contract.

Julia listened to the soft clicking sound of her own high heels as she entered the room at an excruciatingly slow pace, at least it must have seemed that way to James. But the slow entrance was not to evoke any kind of response from James rather Julia was pondering the next few moments. While there had been ample time on the drive home to make a plan that wasn’t the way her mind worked as she preferred to act when she was in the moment. She had acknowledged to herself long ago that the world is in a constant state of flux and pre-made plans can sometimes stifle the creative process.

In a matter of seconds her thoughts coalesced. Quite simply she thought to herself, three things must happen in the next hour.

For James’ part he had not moved or even acknowledged Julia’s entrance into her own bedroom. The most vivid sense of the moment for both of them was the fragrance of the burning candles. Fitting, thought Julia, as this is a moment in time that will determine the future of this relationship, so why not candles?

Julia took one more step so that her right foot, specifically the toe, was within one inch of the completely nude James who had his forehead actually touching the hardwood floor. “James, the very first thing I want to say to you is that I’m extremely pleased and happy that you are here. And, I’d like to compliment you on your decision to alter my request to have the light and for opting for the lit candles. I’m impressed. I like a man that can think, James. I have always appreciated the fine quality and depth of your mind and that is what makes you so very special. Secondly, to have the strength to make yourself so utterly vulnerable to me, and my wishes, it goes beyond making me happy. It fills me with passion and lust.”

Julia paused but James did not speak or even move and Julia noted the additional satisfaction that she experienced by this inaction. “I’m curious about something. And, do you know what I’m curious about?”

“No. But, I hope you’ll tell me soon.”

“I will and it is one of the few things I will be saying to you over the next hour or so.”

James remained in his position and did not respond verbally.

“What I want to know….no, what I am dying to know…is just how well you understand me. Specifically, my needs and desires. What I want, what I’m thinking, what would satisfy me or even surprise and excite me to a degree that I can’t even imagine.”

Julia let James think about that for well over ten seconds. “Are you following me sweetie?”


“Good. I thought as much. So, what I want to happen is that without me saying a single word I want to see and feel, through your deeds, a course of actions on your part that would make me happy, even ecstatic. Let’s shoot high. And, to make me happy it’s important, actually imperative, that you understand how I’m thinking and feeling.”

Again, she paused. “However, you may talk if you desire. You might want to say things to me. Who knows, you might want to try and win my heart with your words of affection? Think of me as your empty palette just waiting to be brushed with fresh, vivid, and exciting strokes of attention. There are no rules to hold you back, darling, your only restriction being the limits of your imagination.” After a slight pause she added, “Do you relish such an opportunity to “play” with your Goddess, James? Is this not a dream come true?”

“I hardly know what to say, Julia.” After a brief pause, “except to add that I can’t think of anything, anything, in the world I would rather be doing. Just to know that you trust and want me to be this person with you right now is the ultimate.”

“Mmmmm. I’m already feeling very happy, James. So, before we begin I have something to tell you. I think you know what I’m going to tell you but I’m going to tell you, anyway. Is that okay, baby?”

“Yes, Julia.”

“I see you brought up the complete book of photographs from downstairs which I’m going to take as confirmation that you liked all of them. I think it also means that they brought you excitement, too. You don’t have to answer because we both know that they did. If you felt worried or apprehensive that is only natural. I’d be concerned if you didn’t. The important thing is you put those fears aside and made the decision to wait for me. Wait for me knowing that your future was probably going to look much different from this point on. You are not afraid of risk. I love that about you, always remember that, James.”

“I’m not going to go into details because I think that would be cruel of me and I have no intention of being cruel to you. I think we both know that the two of us are on a path that is bringing us much, much closer and to a level of intimacy that very few people ever experience. I only realized that recently. Odd, how things can sneak up on you when you least expect.”

“Do you agree with me?”


“Okay, then. Essentially, I met a friend of mine this evening. I like this man but I don’t love him. He doesn’t love me, at least not in the traditional sense. We don’t go out to dinner or the theatre or even walking in the Park.. What we do enjoy about each other is a wonderful and dynamic sexual chemistry. We have hard satisfying sex whenever we are together. We have lots of sex. Tonight, for example, was an evening as I’ve just described. So, in some ways I’m satisfied, exhausted, and ready to fall asleep. But, there is another part of me that wants something else before I fall asleep. I want it even more than everything that I’ve had earlier in the evening. This is more important than any of that. Do you understand what I’m saying.”

“I think so. No, I do.”

“Good. Because unless you have questions of me I won’t be talking for awhile.” At this point Julia lowered her voice to a sexy, throaty, whisper and said, “James, baby, I’m at your disposal for you to do whatever it is you think I would like. Anything. And know this darling, there isn’t another man in the world that I would accord this level of freedom. Only you, my sweet James, just you.”

The air was suddenly thick with silence. Both James and Julia could hear the candles burning and flickering with no other activity to disrupt them. It was eerie in the sense that symbolically it was the prelude to what was going to happen next.

James raised his head and torso just high enough that he could see Julia’s eyes. When eye contact was established he said, “Thank you, Julia, for allowing me to be such an intimate partner in your life. And, for your implicit trust in me. I thank you with all of my heart.”

Julia mentally crossed off the first item on her list of three. Two left. She gazed down on James and gave him a warm, affectionate smile that he returned. For a moment neither of them moved until James lowered his head and placed his lips on the point of Julia’s black leather shoe and gave it a short kiss. He paused to breathe the scent. It made his heart flutter. He moved over to the other shoe and repeated the symbolic action.

Julia felt like the air had electricity in it. Her senses were alive. Ten minutes ago her body was fatigued and ready for sleep and now it was beginning to heat up, heat up in a way that felt new to her. It was energizing her. She could feel her heart beating strong. Her mouth was a little dry. Her pussy, not bathed since the early morning, wet and eager for even more attention.

James removed each shoe very carefully and put it to the side. He then guided Julia to the bed and asked her to sit upon it with her feet hanging over the edge. When she was in place he picked up her right foot and began to very gently massage it making sure to touch upon all the tender and erotic spots. Pushing and pressing he manipulated with the care and expertise of a surgeon. James didn’t know how he was so adept at these maneuvers nor did he care. Instinctively, he knew that no one could do this for Julia better than him. After ten minutes or so he kissed the top of her foot and set it down so that it, again, touched the floor. He picked up the other foot and did a similar routine yet not exactly the same so as to be more spontaneous in his ministrations to Julia’s feet. He wanted to delight her with something different on this foot. Julia for her part couldn’t help but softly moan and sigh. James knew he was right on course for making his queen happy. And that happiness, was his one and only goal. “Mmmm, Julia, I love doing this to you.

At this point James asked Julia if he could remove all of her clothes. Without hesitating or saying a word she positioned herself so that James could remove everything. First the top (she wasn’t wearing a bra), then he pulled the skirt off leaving only her panties. James placed the top and skirt on the chair nearest him and assumed his position in front of Julia. He stared at her panties imagining what lay beyond. Julia’s head and back were on the bed and she was looking straight up. James arose to his feet and after gathering the two bed pillows he lovingly placed them underneath Julia so that she could observe him if she wanted. At this point Julia opened her glazed eyes and smiled at him.

James took this as another sign that things were going well. He was beginning to feel erect and since he was completely naked the only article of clothing left between the two of them were Julia’s panties. They were light pink with white trim. Except the part that was a darker pink clearly the outcome of Julia’s earlier activities. James moved his head a little closer to just beyond her knees and took a deep breath. The scent was intoxicating. The mixture of Julia’s fragrance and the smell of sex was rampant and he found himself starting to get even more excited. This surprised him not that he thought too much about it. He was too busy thinking about his next actions.

Slowly, he began kissing her inner thighs. Soft, gently pecks that lingered on Julia’s soft and pliant skin. He loved the feel of her skin and could hardly contain himself with his kissing. Yet, he knew that he must keep the pace slow as this would be how Julia would want it. Being bold while being tender is how James felt. While part of James thought he should proceed right to Julia’s panties and remove them he had another idea. He asked Julia if she wouldn’t mind sitting up for a bit. She responded by using her elbows to gain a sitting position on the bed. She caught James eyes, held them, and then wrinkled her nose in a pixie fashion. She had never done this before and James felt his heart melt. He then stretched himself as to reach Julia’s breasts and began planting gentle kisses near the nipple of her left breast. He flicked it with his tongue. A few more times. The nipple was getting harder. James took it into his mouth and using his lips he gently clamped as much of her breast as he could reasonably fit in his hungry mouth and began gently sucking. Sucking and occasionally flicking his tongue back and forth across the nipple.

Julia began breathing deeper and louder. She moaned. She took one of her arms and using her free hand gently prodded James head deeper into her breast. She gently rubbed his hair and stroked her fingers through his scalp. James, for his part, was practially becoming lost in his devotion to her breast. He realized it and switched to the other one and repeated his actions. After Julia removed her hand from the back of his head James took a few moments to gently kiss each nipple as if to say good bye for this moment. Julia leaned back against the pillows but could still see James from her vantage.

They both knew what was going to happen next. It was implicit in the way they looked at each other. The smiles had turned to more of a lusty expression as the sexual energy had blossomed into full scale erotica. The kind you experience when you are doing something for the first time in your life. The anticipation of it all.

James hooked his thumbs under Julia’s panties and slid them down her legs and then wiggled them off her feet. Instead of discarding them he held them in his hands and stared down at the exposed crotch. What he did next made Julia softly gasp. He brought slowly to his face and took a long deep breath and then, and only then, did he open his mouth and place his tongue over the complete length of the gusset. He repeated his actions and noted the unusual mixture of juices that his goddess had secreted. Goddess cream, he thought. My Goddess.

When he completed this unusual act he placed them on the floor. He, again, began kissing Julia’s thighs. Perhaps a bit faster and harder than the first time. James was more fully erected than any time in his life. He didn’t even know he could become this hard. He used both hands to spread Julia’s thighs. He actually overextended them so that the effect was almost to obscenely portray her cum filled pussy. He could see the juices that had dried as well as the fresher ones that were damp. He took one hand and quickly stroked himself a few times just because he knew it would feel good. Then, back to Julia. He experienced a long, slow, deep breath and exhaled. His face was only three inches from Julia’s glorious pussy. It was the object of his affection no matter the state it was in. To be able to suck at the throne of his queen had him delirious. It was a moment in time that he knew he would never forget as he placed his mouth over her slit, took his time to settle his lips securely around it, and then began to suck. His tongue slowly entered as he sucked. He could both taste and feel the mixture of juices as they entered his mouth. Strangely, or maybe not so, he became even more turned on. Julia’s was body was atwitter as she moved with his mouth on her pussy moaning loudly. She took both hands and kneaded him deeper into her pussy.

Julia was beside herself with passion and heat. This was the second item on her list and it left only one to go. Yet, this mental tally was not a distraction to her, rather another erotic moment just like James kissing her breasts or her thighs that made her hotter and hotter. James continued the oral love of his goddess until she reached several orgasms. It was only then that he finally slowed his pace down and with one final kiss placed on her sex spot he extricated himself from the best place he’d ever been.

“Oh, Julia, thank you for letting me make you so happy. Because, I know you are. Thank you so very much.

And, now the final item on Julia’s list was complete. Never in her life had she felt so fulfilled. “James, I love you. I love you more than anyone or anything.”

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