Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Last Week

The phone was ringing. West rolled over with a grunt and grabbed at it. “…Hello?”


“Master!” West sat up in bed, shirtless and looking divine. “I’m sorry, my lord, I was…”

“You’re fine. I’m just calling to give you new orders. The month is at an end. At the end of this week I want you and James to visit me at the school. We’re having…a recruitment drive. A big one.”

“I see, my lord.”

“Tell James, and I’ll contact the rest of my angels.”

“Yes, my lord, I’ll tell him. I look forward to seeing you. It’s been too long.”

“Only one more week,” Jacob said.

“Take care, my lord.”

“You, too,” Jacob said, and the phone went bed.

West smiled and hung up the phone. His month of exile was coming to an end, and soon he would see his beautiful master once more. He shook James, who was asleep beside him, awake.

James grumbled and pulled his handsome face from beneath the blankets. “What?”

“You need to wake up and listen, because I have our new orders.”

The next morning Jack walked to class with Maggie. She was close to him, as usual, using her body heat to keep him warm. Jack was detailing the big plans he had for the weekend.

“Well, it’s too bad that I’m going to miss everything.” She was wearing a tight sweater that hugged her sizable chest and a tight pair of blue jeans. The way her breasts bounced indicated that she had foregone a bra. “I mean, I guess I could stay if you want…”

“No, no, you go home and see your family. To tell the truth, I’ll be too busy to pay you the attention you deserve anyway.”

Maggie pouted. “Well, still, I don’t need to get fucked. I can just stay and, you know, help. You’re my god now, Jack, and I don’t know if you’ve figured it out yet, but I’m a very devout believer.” She reached down and grasped his crotch suggestively.

Jack jumped a bit. “Oh, I can tell, and I appreciate it, but I’m not questioning your loyalty. It’s just that your family is important, and there’s not much for you to do, honestly. This is god and angel work.”

“So, you’re saying I would be in the way?”

“No, but if it will make you feel better about going home then I can pretend. Besides, now that you’re my slut you can go home and evangelize about my greatness. Spread my gospel, maybe even start recruiting your family. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your parents and sisters bowing to me?”

“I’ve never thought about it, but sure, I guess that would be nice.” She pressed her full chest against him and leaned in. “Maybe I could help you get into bed with my sister. Watch you fuck her deep and make her your slut.”

Jack grinned. “Keep that up and we might have to find an empty supply closet before we go to class.”

“That’s kind of what I was going for,” she said before parting from him and sashaying her hips dramatically. She lead him to class that way and looked back periodically to make sure he was watching.

When they made it to class they took their seats by each other. Maggie smiled at Jack. “Why, you seem flustered, is something wrong?”

“Maggie, you wait around after class, and I’ll give you one hell of a show to remember me by. Let’s just put it that way.”

There was a lustful glow in her eye as she said, “Oh, I can’t wait!”

After class Jack kept Maggie with him, and they approached Mrs. Meter together. Maggie was giddy with excitement and nearly bouncing as she walked. She kept a smile firmly fixed on him as they made their way to the front of the room. Jack couldn’t help but laugh.

“You are really excited to get me into bed, aren’t you?”

She shoved him gently. “Of course I am. If you have complaints then you shouldn’t have made me a slut in the first place.” She ran her a hand along her figure, tracing the bulging shape of her unrestrained breasts. “Because I guarantee that all of your sluts are just as eager as I am to spend some time with your big, delicious cock.”

“You do realize that you won’t have me all to yourself though, right?”

Maggie looked to Mrs. Meter, who was busy packing up her things. “Her, right, you’re going to fuck our teacher in front of me, aren’t you,” she asked.

Jack smirked. “Maybe. Why, would that make you jealous?”

“No, of course not, master. You fuck whoever you want. If you want to fuck both of us then I’m fine with that. If you want me to tit-fuck you while you’re fucking her ass then I’ll do it. As long as you are happy I am happy, master.”

Jacob slipped one arm around her broad, womanly hips and said, “The answer of a true slut. You’re coming along nicely. Now then, allow me to introduce you to the real Mrs. Meter.”

Jack approached his teacher with Maggie in tow. When Mrs. Meter saw them she looked them over. She seemed to size Maggie up before turning her full attention to her master. If she was threatened or jealous she didn’t show it.

“Hello there, Mr. Hillton.”

“Don’t you mean Master Hillton?”

Mrs. Meter cast a quick glance at Maggie. “I see that you’ve invited a guest this time.”

“Does that bother you?”

“No, master, of course not. Whatever you want is fine with me.” She slipped her bag on and let Jack slipped his free hand around her waist. “Besides, I know from personal experience that you’ve got more than enough cock for two women to share.”

Maggie laughed. “Are you kidding? He probably has enough for a hundred women to have their fill.”

“Ladies, ladies, while I enjoy having two beautiful women talk about how big my cock is, I do have a tight schedule. So, let’s find somewhere private so that I can give you two the fucking of your lives.

Maggie leaned in and kissed Jack on the cheek before whispering into his ear, “I think you’ve already given me that.” On the other side of him Mrs. Meter gave a throaty laugh.

On the way to the office Mrs. Meter seemed to open up to Maggie. Jack’s presence put her at ease, and his aura opened up new parts of her that were closed off before. She had harbored some resentment toward Maggie for her young, shapely figure, but by the time they reached the office Jack had turned that into pride at serving Jack beside the young beauty.

Mrs. Meter locked the door behind them and then wriggled her way to the desk to drop her things off. The office was quite cramped with three bodies stuffed inside. The tight spaces made Jack’s scent swell quickly, and between that and the lustful energy each woman gave off he soon had them squirming without raising a single finger.

Jack tried to work his way toward the center of the room but had difficulty. The chair ended up flipped underneath the desk. Maggie nearly tumbled over him as he slipped past her, and her braless chest pressed heavily against him. They fell into a nearby wall and into a deep, impassioned kiss.

While they kissed Mrs. Meter kneeled down undid Jack’s pants. She extracted his limp godhood from within and jerked and sucked on him with all the love and passion she had in his bones. Maggie stepped over Mrs. Meter and stood above her while continuing to kiss Jack’s perfect mouth.

With both hot bodies pressed against him Jack staggered and fell back onto Mrs. Meter’s desk. He slipped his hands up Maggie’s blouse, finding her full bosom hidden beneath. Their kiss deepened, filling with fire and heat. She sucked hungrily on his tongue before parting, and together they lifted her blouse and tossed it aside.

Below Jack was now full erect. His divine scent had filled the room. Mrs. Meter had removed her panties and slid onto his cock, which was sticking from between Maggie’s legs. She stopped when her ass hit Maggie’s.

“You’re so fucking big,” Mrs. Meter crooned. “You’re the biggest cock in the world, and I love every inch.” She moved like a piston, fucking him relentlessly from the start. Each backward thrust sent the gradually disrobing Maggie against him, and soon she was nearly sitting on his lap on the desk.

With effort Maggie extricated herself from the tangle of bodies and yanked her pants off. By this time Mrs. Meter was bracing herself against the door and Jack had taken charge. He clutched her hips tightly and pulled her up and down his shaft with a fury. Eventually she lost her grip and fell forward with her ass up in the air.

Maggie lifted a leg and fingered herself to the sight. While watching she pretended that Jack was fucking her, an easy task with his glamour fogging her mind. Each wonderful thrust radiated pleasure, and Maggie could feel it washing over her. In turn, they could feel her pleasure as she slid three long fingers into her loving snatch.

Soon Maggie and Mrs. Meter were howling in combined pleasure. They both crested on the pleasure high. Maggie squealed her love for Jack, but Mrs. Meter could only mutter incoherent gibberish that amounted mostly to praise for his cock.

Jack felt their combined orgasm and let the pleasure seep into his. His vision blurred, and his mind strained for control. On instinct he kept fucking whatever body was before him, driving his dick into the depths of her tight, hot snatch. He made them shout his name and praise his power, and without moving he fucked them both senseless.

His orgasm came in relatively short time, and when it did both women collapsed. Though only Mrs. Meter had the pleasure of accepting his load, Maggie could almost feel him pumping within her body and fell to the floor as a string of orgasm assaulted her.

Jack rode out his orgasm, yanking Mrs. Meter up and down his cock a few more times before releasing her. He pulled out and cum gushed out from her used and abused pussy. She fell in a tired heap by the door while he kneeled beside Maggie, who stared at his cock adoringly before licking it clean.

“Thank you, master, thank you…” Mrs. Meter sighed contentedly, her head down by the door, and her body folded on itself.

Maggie sucked the crown of his cock, capturing his excess sperm, and then said, “I swear you were in me. God, that was amazing…” before licking the side of his soiled shaft.

Jack stood and looked at the clock. He was late for his history class but didn’t care. Righting Mrs. Meter’s office chair he took a seat and orders his two sluts into position. Though tired and spent, they both hustled into their spots at his side and went to reinvigorating him with their mouths.

“As promised, Maggie, I’ll give you at least one nice, long fucking before the weekend,” he said as he swelled. “Besides, I think if you fuck me well enough Mrs. Meter might we willing to give you an A for the semester…”

Mrs. Meter smiled. “Any slut who brings you pleasure automatically passes my class with a perfect score.”

“There you go, Maggie. So, remember, your grade is on the line.”

When he was hard Maggie lined up and slid down his shaft. She gasped when he hit bottom and said, “Oh, I think I’ll earn myself an A+…”

As expected, Jack didn’t make it to his history class. He spent the entire hour fucking Maggie senseless. When he was finished Maggie and Mrs. Meter cleaned him thoroughly and sent him on his way.

He had to rush to make it to his psychology class and didn’t have time to bathe. So, when he entered the classroom he still reeked of sex, and the natural strength of his glamour was increased.

Even were his powers not amplified, Mrs. Pratt was obsessed. She couldn’t get her mind off of him all week. All night and all day she thought about him, even at home with her husband. Somehow Jack changed her when he fucked her. He became something more than just a sexy student or a wonderful mistake. On the day that they fucked Jack became her god.

Time apart from him only cemented this concept to her, and his appearance in her class reignited flames of arousal. His disheveled hair, muscular frame, and masculine scent left her reeling with arousal. Her nipples hardened and chaffed against her blouse uncomfortable, and her pussy gushed.

She watched him move and kept a nearly constant watch on him through class. Jack kept his head down and pretended to ignore her. He wrote in his notebook and read from his book while secretly manipulating her light. Without her knowledge he infiltrated her mind, and he teased and twisted her into form.

After class he waited with his notebook out as all of the students in the class poured out into the hall. When they were alone Mrs. Pratt packed her bag and approached his desk anxiously.

“I noticed that you were almost late to class. Looks almost like you slept in.”

“Is that all you have to say to me?”

Mrs. Pratt cast a cautionary glance toward the empty classroom before licking her lips and saying, “Hello, master, I am awaiting your command.”

“That’s better,” Jack said, and he looked up at her and into her soul. She shined completely pink, possessed by him.

“You seemed distracted during class. I hardly got a glance out of you.”

Jack smirked. “I was taking very close notes. Would you like to see?”

She nodded and leaned over his desk to inspect his notebook closely. Jack had wrote a long, winding narrative about her fall and transformation into his slut. Near the end he simply wrote, “You are my slut. You are my slave. You belong to me completely, and once class is finished and we are alone I plan to shove my massive cock so deeply inside of you that you will feel it in your soul.” By the time she finished reading Mrs. Pratt was blushing and cock hungry. She stood straight and smiled down at him.

“Those notes are quite…impressive. How long until we perform a practical examine and put what you’ve written to the test?”

Jack grinned and closed his notebook. “Good things come to those who wait,” he said while packing his bags. He joined her beside the desk. “I will fuck you, Mrs. Pratt, have no doubt about that, but we must take care of something important first.”

“And what exactly is more important than fucking me,” Mrs. Pratt asked. She straightened her back out and pushed her chest forward to draw his attention. She had been waiting all weekend for him to fuck her, and she didn’t like the idea of waiting any longer.

“Your husband is what,” Jack said while leading her out of the room. “I think it’s about time that he learned the truth about our relationship. I assume that you’ll have no problem with that.”

Initially Mrs. Pratt didn’t know how to answer. While she was Jack’s slut, she still loved her husband deeply. They had been married for well over thirty years, and though she was willing to betray her vows to him she had no interest in hurting him.

On the other hand, Jack was her master and her god, and when she looked into his eyes she wanted only what he wanted. Ultimately, she gave up her life and her commitment to her husband so that she could be Jack’s slut. That meant his desires and pleasures came first. She was HIS, and that meant he was due whatever pleasure she could bring him. If he craved her husband’s humiliation and heartbreak, then she would give him just that.

She led him down the hall, toward the adjunct instructor’s office. While they walked he kept his arm about her waist unabashedly. Any student who passed them saw how he owned her, and it seemed their secret would be out regardless of her answer.

“You’ve gotten very silent.”

“I was thinking.”


“And…I am your slut, master, and so I will do whatever you ask.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“I live for you now. I want only what you want, and so if you wish to show my husband how you’ve made me into a slut then I have no right or reason to refuse you.”

“That’s just the answer I wanted to hear,” Jack said, and he lowered her hand to cup her ass. “I hope you’re ready, because I plan to give him one hell of a show.”

The adjunct instructor’s office was an average sized room housing three desks. It was shared by all adjunct instructors for breaks between their classes. That is where they waited for Mr. Pratt after class. Mrs. Pratt sat on the desk while Jack took a chair in front of her. Idly, he ran a hand along her thick thighs while they waited.

At that time in the afternoon she and Mrs. Pratt often had the office to themselves. Few instructors actually used the office, and the Pratts only did so because they would drive to school together.

When Mr. Pratt finally did show up there was little chance of being caught, but Jack was still cautious and stood to apply his runes. Mr. Pratt noticed them waiting but didn’t make much of a fuss. He simply rubbed his mustache and put his briefcase on a free desk.

The entire time Jack was trying to dominate Mrs. Pratt he was also wearing down Mr. Pratt. He had broken into the old man’s weeks before, and each night Mrs. Pratt went home smelling of Jack only made his presence that much stronger. Even without direct action Jack could tell Mr. Pratt was his. It was in the way the old man shined.

Mr. Pratt stuffed his hands in his pocket and looked his wife and Jack. Carnal images came to his mind unwillingly. Mrs. Pratt bent over the desk. Mrs. Pratt covered in semen. Mrs. Pratt choking on Jack. The old man seemed to fold into himself.

“…Jack, did you need something?”

Jack smiled. He could see the fear and worry in Mr. Pratt’s soul. Every night for the past week Mr. Pratt had masturbated to such fantasies, lost in a mixture of disgust and fascination. Simply being in Jack’s presence was giving him an erection.

Jack took Mrs. Pratt’s hand and pulled her close. He slipped one hand around her waist and used the other to pull her shirt down over the shoulder. Her skin was soft and pale, and Jack planted a small, delicate kiss on her shoulder while staring into her husband’s eyes.

“You have a beautiful wife,” Jack said. He moved his hands and cupped Mrs. Pratt’s breasts through her shirt. He hefted them up while she moaned. “She’s stacked and smart, and she fucks like a goddess. I wanted her from the moment I saw her, and guess what? I took her.”

Jack released her breasts and swatted her ass. “Get naked for us, slut. Show your husband the body that now belongs to me.”

Mrs. Pratt lifted her shirt slowly and said, “Yes, master.” She wore a purple, lacy bra that could barely contain her large, pale breasts. They nearly came tumbling out when she lifted her arms, and one hard, red nipple stuck out after she tossed the shirt aside.

Next she stripped her pants. They fit tightly to her shapely legs, and she had to bend at the waist and stick her ass out toward her husband in the process. He stared at her large, round rear in shameful lust but knew deep down that it was no longer for him. Her panties, lacy and purple like her bra, had slipped partly between her cheeks.

She righted herself and pulled the panties out and around her fleshy rear. Then she looked back at her husband to grin. “I’m really very sorry for teasing you, darling. I know it’s sad to think that you will never be able to touch me again, but I still hope you enjoy the view. From what I gather it should be rather nice.”

“Let me be the judge of that,” Jack said, and Mrs. Pratt turned her back to him and bent once more. Now her large breasts swayed before her husband while she gave her master an up-close view of her delicious ass.

Jack squeezed and swatted at her rear before yanking her panties down. Juices caused the crotch to cling wetly to her pussy. Once her lower half was naked Jack slid a single finger into her vulva. He paced it slowly, taking time to sink it in to the knuckle.

“Oh…,” she gasped. Just that lone finger felt better than her husband’s full dick.

Jack squeezed and shook her ass a bit more before spanking her one last time and withdrawing his finger. “Well, it’s official, you do have one hell of an ass.”

“Thank you, master, I’m glad that it is Jack tested and approved,” she teased.

Jack grinned and slipped his already hard godhood out. Grabbing her by the hips, he pulled her back and slipped inside of her immediately. She grasped while stretching around his divine girth, and the big, lustful smile on her face grew wider with each inch.

“Oh…You’re inside of me, fucking me, in front of my husband.”

Jack squeezed her ass and started pulling her along his cock. She moved her hips, meeting his slow movements enthusiastically. “Actually, it looks more like you’re fucking me.” He took her hips against and started setting the pace, fucking her relentlessly and brutally. “This would be me fucking you.”

Mrs. Pratt climaxed only seconds later. She nearly fell forward into her husband’s lap, but she braced herself against the nearby desk. “Oh, I’m coming. I’m coming….” She looked into her husband’s eyes. “Look at him, darling! Isn’t he beautiful! He’s fucking me, he’s fucking me senseless in front of you with no shame, no restraint! Look at how he owns me and uses me and—I’m coming again!”

Mrs. Pratt’s stare was somewhere between awe and resignation. “Yes, darling, I see it,” he said. His pants were tented. The sight clearly aroused him even as it broke his heart. He looked away from his wife’s rapture-warped face and her swaying breasts and turned his gaze to the locomotive beauty of Jack. Their met eyes.

Pink mist circled and consumed Mr. Pratt. Everything faded away, and he found himself falling. Reality was pulled out from beneath him or had dissolved into air.

Jack watched the old man’s eyes fog over. He smacked Mrs. Pratt’s ass. “Your husband isn’t even putting up a fight. He already knew when we got here. He probably knew from the very start: you’re mine!”

“Yes! Yes, master! I am yours! And you are my…my god!”

They rocked into each other. Each movement brought them deep, reality warping pleasure. Mrs. Pratt shook with the force of his thrusts. She was no longer coherent, as her mind collapsed and faded in the fine, pink mist that had taken her husband. Her brilliance eroded and turned to pure passion.

Her breasts wobbled free from her tight bra. Her husband returned to this image: his beautiful, brilliant wife turned wanton. Her hair was a mess. Her mouth hung open. Her eyes were rolled back. Her breasts had fallen free and were swaying hypnotically beneath her, with her nipples swollen with arousal. He saw this and watched impotently as it continued.

Jack’s presence was everywhere. He was inside of Mr. Pratt just as he was inside of his wife. It was then that Mr. Pratt truly accepted it. He loved his wife, and he always would. She was a beautiful woman, normally very classy, too, and she deserved the best. Jack, clearly, was the best, and so she deserved him just as he deserved her.

Jack reached forward and unsnapped Mrs. Pratt’s bra, which slid smoothly down her arms and fell to the floor. Now her breasts moved freely, unhindered by the flimsy lace that had once struggled to contain them, and they bounced heavily as Jack grabbed at her arms and fucked her even more roughly than before.

Mr. Pratt was astonished, transfixed by the sight. His wife was now standing straighter, with her body bent upward. By the look on her face he could tell she was still lost in otherworldly pleasure, but now Jack was truly using her.

Suddenly Jack released her. She fell forward and caught herself on the desk while he withdrew from her. He was absolutely enormous, larger than Mr. Pratt thought possible, and his cock gleamed. He wasted no time in taking Mrs. Pratt by the waist and leading her about.

“Mr. Pratt, I want you to tell me how that made you felt.”

Mr. Pratt watched blankly as Jack bent his wife over another desk and started to finger her. She lifted one leg and rested it on the desk to grant him greater access. Jack slid his enormous cock along her backside.

“It was-is-beautiful,” Mr. Pratt said after some consideration.

Mrs. Pratt swiveled against Jack’s hand, which was three fingers in. Those three fingers couldn’t compare to his mythic girth, but his every touch was still euphoric.

“And what you see right now, what do you think of this?”

“It is…natural,” Mr. Pratt said.

“Natural? Explain,” Jack said while ramming his fingers in knuckle-deep. Mrs. Pratt yelped and sat up to toy with her own breasts. She twisted and sucked on her own nipples as waves of pleasure washed away the shores of her mind. By this point she was little more than a fuck toy.

“It is…My wife is submitting to the superior male, to you. I could never begin to compare. I could never hope to even compete. You are beyond mortal standards. You are a god. You are her god.”

“That’s right, I am your wife’s god. I won her, all of her, but I am not here to tear a marriage apart. So, I want your permission. I want you to give your wife to me.”

“Isn’t it late for that? Didn’t you already take her?”

“Yes, I did, and this is little more than a formality. Still, traditions are traditions, and I think you should at least willingly hand this slut off to me.” Jack wriggled his three fingers inside of her. “I think if you did that it would make her very happy. Wouldn’t it, Mrs. Pratt?”

“Yes,” Mrs. Pratt purred. “Tell him what he wants to hear, Walter. Tell him that I am his. That my pussy, my soul, my body, my mind, tell him that all of it is his. Tell him that you approve!”

The old couple locked eyes, and Mr. Pratt truly saw his wife for the first time. She was a slut lost in her desperate need for a better man, for a god. Jack was less than half her age, and yet she was bent over a desk for him, writhing against his fingers with confidence and without shame.

Mr. Pratt blinked and cleared his throat. “If you insist then…I approve of it. I give her to you, Jack. My wife, my beautiful Evelyn, belongs to you. Use her however you like.”

“Well, if you feel that way…” Jack slid his fingers from Mrs. Pratt’s pussy and rubbed the juices along her butthole. This caught his teacher off-guard but in no way repulsed her.

Jack grabbed her hips and lined up. Rather than piercing her pussy, Jack went a bit higher. The feel of his enormous crown pressing against her tiny ass brought trepidation, but Mrs. Pratt gritted through the initial pain. Jack owned her and could take her however he liked. She was truly committed.

He went slow. Mrs. Pratt was surprisingly accommodating. She laid flat as she could on the desk and relaxed her body and lifted her ass up to give a better angle for her master’s godhood. Then she held and waited for the inevitable end to the pain.

Once Jack started riding her the pleasure came quickly. At first he fucked her ass with slow, deep thrusts. Then she started moving, meeting his thrusts with gyrations of her own. She shook her ass down his shaft and was rewarded with an orgasm. It was followed shortly by another.

She sat up on the desk and reached down to tease her pussy. Juices squirted onto the desk and ran down her leg as powerful waves of pleasure arched out from her ass and throughout her.

Already she worshipped him, but Jack became her every thought. He was perfection. He was absolute control. When he fucked her ass the very core of her being, the center of her light, collapsed and was bathed in glorious pink light. She became a part of Jack, an extension of him, and every touch became indescribable pleasure.

Her worship, love, and pleasure were all overwhelming. She had such a vast mind, and when she fully submitted to Jack and became his true slut in heart, mind, and soul, Jack could hardly contain the pleasure. His head lulled back, his eyes unfocused, and his cock swelled in her.

She kept moving her hips with impressive stamina. She slid up and down his enormous shaft with the ease of a natural born slut. After what Jack did to and for her Mrs. Pratt knew that is what she was. Being a cum slut came to her more easily than being a scholar, which was her previous calling.

The pleasure in the room surged out of control. It filled their minds and threatened to drown him. Mr. Pratt crested from simply watching, staining both his underwear and pants and maintaining erection even after.

On the desk, Mrs. Pratt shouted incoherent praises in between squeals of delight. “Fuck! Master! Fuck! Your beautiful cock is my pleasure! I am yours! Ass is yours! Fuck! Cum! Cum in me! Drown me! Dissolve me! Renew me! Slut! I’m your slut! No one else…No one else is real! You! You are existence! AH!”

Jack came and filled her with cleansing light. She fell forward onto the desk and rode out his pleasure. Sperm shot deep into her bowels, and she could feel each thick stream as it pumped into her. The heat of it spread through her, triggering a long series of powerful orgasms, and she sat there face down, her ass up, and she melted away.

When finished Jack slid his sticky cock from her ass and staggered back. Sperm trickled down his swinging cock and pooled on the floor beneath his feet. Mr. Pratt caught him from behind and steadied him, and both stared at Mrs. Pratt on the desk.

“Well, would you look at that…”

Mrs. Pratt still had her ass angled up. Cum oozed from her stretched bottom. It ran down her worn pussy and dripped onto the desk below. Even Jack was impressed by how much he had stuffed into her.

Jack looked at Mr. Pratt, who stared in equal awe. “And that…,” Jack said, nodding to Mr. Pratt’s stained crotch. “Impressive for a normal man,” he said through some laughter.

Mrs. Pratt slowly came down from her high and, in the process, just as slowly crawled from the desk. She gave a soft, melodic laugh and rested against the desk legs. She was so thoroughly fucked that movement was hard on her. She was also very tired and contented. Yet when Jack took her by the hair and pulled her toward his dirty cock she felt invigorated.

“What did I tell you,” Jack asked while she cleaned him. “I aimed to give a good show, and I think I gave one.”

She purred an affirmative.

When his cock was clean Jack pulled his pants on and walked over to Mr. Pratt, who was now staring blankly at them. Mr. Pratt didn’t know who he was without a wife, and it was only right that Jack fix him.

Kneeling down, Jack looked him in the eye. “Mr. Pratt, listen. I know that everything is changing, and that you may be confused about your place in this new world your wife has found. So, let me speak plainly: you are mine. Give yourself to me as a follower, just like your wife, and you will once again have purpose.”

“…What purpose?”

“You will continue to be married to her, and you will live for her. You will pamper her, care for her, and keep her ready for me. Really, your relationship won’t change much, save for the fact that she fucks me, and that should make you happy.”

Mr. Pratt hollow gaze gained some life. He smiled weakly and said, “Thank you…It does make me happy that she found you. And thank you for choosing her.” Though it hurt to say, Mr. Pratt meant it.

“You’re very welcome,” Jack said, and he kissed Mr. Pratt’s forehead. Energy surged between them. Jack rode the pathways of Mr. Pratt’s brain. He was once a proud, loving father and devoted husband, a kind, simple man who was contented in his old age. This image distorted like a puddle, and then Mr. Pratt was wiped-clean and renewed under Jack’s care.

Jack stood. “You’ll need to take care of her. She’s leaking everywhere.”

“Of course, master, and thank you for fucking her ass. She is shining so brilliantly now.”

“Oh, it was my pleasure,” Jack said cheekily while leaving. He hesitated at the door and watched the two of them. Their relationship was still new and fresh, but Jack could see the way Mr. Pratt loved his wife and trusted the old man to care for her.

He left the offices for his final meeting of the day: Mrs. Mueller.

Jack skipped his class with Mrs. Mueller to grab a quick lunch with Ambrosine and rest his cock. After their meal Jack went for a quick shower, cleaning himself after having ravaged Mrs. Pratt’s ass ruthlessly.

Once cleaned, dried, and dressed, Jack went straight to Mrs. Mueller’s office and met her there. She greeted him with a big smile at the door and nearly toppled him with a hug before bowing. “Oh, master! Thank you for coming by. When I didn’t see you in class my heart sunk to the bottom of my chest.”

Jack grinned and helped her to standing. “Don’t worry about that, I’ll just have to shove it back into place with my cock.”

“Well, I like the sound of that.” Jack took her hand and placed it against his crotch. She cupped him. “Why don’t you come into my office so we can start with a nice, long blowjob?”

“You would rather blow me to start? You must really love to suck my cock.”

“I do,” she whispered while leaning in and kissing him. Her tongue slithered into his mouth. She tasted of strawberries and alcohol, and when she broke the kiss Jack could see lust fogging her eyes. “I love sucking that big, beautiful cock of yours. I love choking on it and swallowing your seed. After blowing you the other day I went home and my husband asked why my lips looked so puffy, and all I could do is laugh because if I told him the truth he would just die.”

She rubbed his cock firmly through his pants and when he swelled she smiled. With her free hand she grabbed at his pants and tried to yank him into the office. “So, please, come in here so I can eat your cum, master!”

“Oh, you’ll get a mouthful and then some, but…” Jack stepped back and removed her hands. Rather than go into the office Jack simply slipped his pants down and let his cock hang free. It was over halfway hard and already astonishingly large. Mrs. Mueller stared in shameless adoration, salivating. “Instead of your office I want you to suck me off out here.”

“Out here,” Mrs. Mueller said, gesturing to the hallway. A small pearl of pre-cum collected on the tip. It called out to her. She licked her lips.

“Yes, right here and right now,” Jack said. He reached out and pulled her forward by the hair. She kneeled and grabbed his cock on instinct. Already her fingers couldn’t meet around him. “There’s a good girl, serving her god however he asks. Now, worship me!”

Holding his cock, she gave a quick, cautionary glance up into his dark, confident eyes, and then she smiled. “Yes, master, it will be my greatest pleasure.”

First, Mrs. Mueller licked up that hypnotic little droplet of cum. Then she shivered and swallowed his shaft with one smooth swipe. His scent and heat confused her and filled her with brilliant light. It was easier to take him since he was still limp, but she also couldn’t go too deep. Jack was at least a foot long even then.

Rigidity came to him quickly, and soon she was gagging on less than a fourth of thick cock meat. She struggled to take him, moving in slow, deliberate movements and running her tongue along every inch of flesh she could touch.

Jack let out a deep groan and cupped her head. He took control, pulling her up and down his shaft and fucking her mouth. She relaxed her body into his command, letting him use her however he liked. Soon he was simply masturbating himself with her face.

He went into her throat, a first for him at full strength. She choked on him and pulled him deeper, reaming herself happily. The idea of stretching her throat was a great pleasure. Saliva ran down his cock and her neck. She used it to lubricate his shaft with both hands.

She couldn’t breathe around him. His scent was everywhere and inside of her. Her head went light. She wasn’t even halfway down on him, and that felt like a lifetime achievement. His size never ceased amazing her.

Jack released her, and she shot up like she was spring loaded. Spittle exploded everywhere when she fell from his cock, and she sat on the ground gasping for air. “You’re…amazing,” she told him while stroking his slippery cock. She sat up and took him in both hands. “You’re a god, a master of men and women alike. Your beauty is fable, a legend that shall reach every ear on Earth. Someday, master, you will own this world, and perhaps then your beauty and your power will be harnessed to its full potential. Perhaps then you can sail the stars, taking your myth with you. Perhaps you could transcend time and space and rule for all of history!”

Jack laughed and slapped her cheek once with his cock. “Waxing poetic while sucking me off…It’s not the first time I’ve heard such things, though you’re far more original than any other slut I’ve had so far.”

“Thank you, my master!”

She went back to sucking on him noisily and this time took him in her throat willingly. She paced herself, learning to breathing around him, as difficult as it was. Each downward bob made it easier, and soon she throat-fucked him without discomfort. She went down, gagging, and held that way.

“Don’t you two know any shame,” said Mrs. Ash from down the hall. Jack looked down the hall and found her standing at the door, her hand on her hips. She shook her head in disgust. “People come down this hall, you know. They’ll catch you, and you don’t even seem to care. I mean, look at her, she hasn’t even stopped sucking.”

Jack grinned. “That’s because she knows there are more important things than pride. Like worship to her one true god.” He looked into Mrs. Ash’s eyes, into her light, and read her. “But, you know that, too, don’t you?”

She hugged a notebook to her small chest. Despite her age she had the figure of a teen. “What are you talking about?”

Jack pulled his cock free from Mrs. Mueller’s mouth and turned on Mrs. Ash. He stroked his bloated godhood while staring into her light. Pink spread through her. “I mean that you should come and get a closer look, my slut in training.”

Mrs. Ash shivered when he called her a slut. His voice was entrancing. It drew her toward him. The entire time she stared at his huge cock, bloated and veiny. The tip gleamed red and the shaft shined wetly. Mrs. Ash couldn’t imagine taking so much and was envious of her coworker’s skill.

Jack released. Thick ropes of cum splashed across Mrs. Mueller’s face and filled her open mouth. She cupped her sweater-covered breasts and caught his cum as if in a chalice, and she clamped her mouth over his crown.

For her loyalty Mrs. Mueller was rewarded with her own orgasm. It was made more intense as sperm slid down her hungry throat. The heat of it spread through her, amplifying her pleasure with each mouthful.

Mrs. Ash shook in arousal. When Jack came she felt a pulse, like a shockwave of pleasure. The sight of him spewing so much cum was more than she could have hoped for. He was handsome, he was confident, and most of all, he was hung.

Normally Mrs. Ash found the word cock to be crass, but it suited Jack’s endowment perfectly. His size, both terrifying and bewitching, was too beautiful to look away from. It was too beautiful not to succumb to, not to be destroyed by.

Mrs. Mueller served as cautionary tale. She was a beautiful, lonely woman who willing gave herself to Jack. For him she became a slut and worshipped him like a god. She forsook her family, her husband, and acted as a tool for his pleasure.

Mrs. Ash envied her.

Jack called to her suddenly. He was stroking his cock, depositing the last bit of cum on Mrs. Mueller’s extended tongue. His gaze was on Mrs. Ash, though, and she felt herself submit. “Mrs. Ash. Look at the mess I made. I think she could use a little help cleaning up, maybe a tongue.”

Mrs. Ash couldn’t resist. Somehow, she had refused to lick Mrs. Mueller clean that day, but she couldn’t resist any longer. She needed to taste Jack’s essence because if it tasted anything like it smelled then it was orgasm inducing.

Mrs. Mueller flipped her hair back and exposed her sticky neck as Mrs. Ash kneeled down. Delicately, Mrs. Ash traced her tongue along her coworker’s soft skin. Her first taste was tentative. Afterward she lost reservation and sucked on Mrs. Mueller’s neck with wanton hunger.

Behind Mrs. Ash Jack was lifting her hips and pulling her skirt over her ass. He slid her panties to the side and gently fingered her sopping pussy. Once she as ready he lined up and thrust forward.

My legs hurt, I was hot and I swear there’s a pebble in my shoe that hides every time I take it off to check and yet I was here. I climbed deeper and deeper into the wooded area searching for the perfect spot. The spot with the wildest shrubbery, preferably, was blooming with life. There was where I’d make my offering to Cernnunos. I was a fairly new Wiccan, but I fell into it easily, as if it had been a part of me all along. This was my first offering, and the first time I’ve ever tried to contact a pagan deity. I doubted he’d even respond in the ways I’ve heard.


Stories abounded amongst the neo-pagans I hung out with at Florida State. They said, depending on the god or goddess, there would be signs of their approval of the offering; like fireflies from the goddess Oya or the sweetest smell of honey from the goddess Oshun. I mostly studied the goddesses. Coming from a Christian background where the single deity was male I found it so much more interesting that I can in turn worship someone in my own image, a woman.

It was one day, out with Alyssa, the only other black pagan I knew; that she told me that Cernnunos was my patron. She noticed how the natural world sort of swayed and bend when I walked past. I, at the time, did not notice these things but Alyssa assured me that I would become more sensitive to nature the more I study and the more I worshiped.

It was now more than ever I needed the comfort of my patron god. Shannon was my first love, or at least I thought he was. He used me, in the worst way. He made me fall in love with him, or maybe that was my fault but I’d fallen hard for him. He had dark crystal eyes and the warmest cinnamon skin, and his smile was so charming. But I was nothing but a piece of ass to him. He felt the need to put me in my place at a house party when he was grinding with another girl. He drunkenly slurred that I was just a great lay and nothing more. He said it so loud everyone gawked. He laughed at my humiliation. He made me feel like nothing. There was so much pain for so long. I felt as if no one could ever be who I thought they were I started to withdraw from my friends, from my studies, from life.

One night after crying to Alyssa she said that maybe contact with my patron god would give me some semblance of peace. It felt strange to even entertain the idea. Ridiculous to me but it wasn’t any different than praying in a temple or meditating in a studio. It was worth a shot. I wasn’t sure what to expect, this was all so new to me. Alyssa helped me. She wrote down a list of things I had to procure for an offering, she taught me a prayer to Cernunnos, and wrote a general to do and not to do list. I was as prepared as I would ever be.


I’d been walking for maybe two hours when I realized I was lost. I tried not to panic; this was a first for me. I never got lost in wooded areas, they felt so much like home but here I felt lost. Then just up ahead I saw it, the perfect place. It was as if it had been waiting for me. Natural vines strung a group of oaks together around a small clearing, the sun streamed through the branches illuminating it; even its earthy smell was crisp and new. I settled in to begin my offering.

Let me re-iterate, I had no clue what I was doing. I was totally convinced that this was a learning experience. Never would I have imagined that… Well, I’m getting ahead of myself. I laid out my linen scarf in the middle of the sanctuary I picked out. I sat down and began to create an altar. I laid out the rabbit skin I bought at last year’s Renaissance Fair, on it I laid a freshly picked apple and peach, I pulled out a bottle of warm Guinness ( he was Celtic after all) and popped it open, and lastly a candle made from animal fat that I got from a mystics shop in town. I sat back and admired my work. It was nothing to the magnitude of what I’ve seen Alyssa do but it looked right and so I was proud of it. I lit the candle and pulled out the prayer that Alyssa wrote up for me.

“I raise my hands in Prayer to Cernunnos,” I began “To him I pray, to the Antlered God. To he who holds opposites apart To he who brings opposites together I raise my voice in honor and longing, Calling Cernunnos, The Antlered God,”

I put down the paper, having the prayer well in heart, and rested my hands on my knees palm up. I closed my eyes and lifted my head toward the canopied trees above. I remembered the pain of being used, and forgotten. I recalled how helpless and stupid I felt. I thought of how it felt to feel like nothing. I channeled that energy as I imagined it flowing from my body to mingle with the energy of the forest, as I continued.

“Hear me, Cernunnos, See my hands extended. See my pain and my weakness, my fear. I am the lame deer in the forest, The faltering lamb at the edge of the herd,”

I felt a sudden whoosh of what I could only describe as energy, like a tingling ripple through my body. I quickly opened my eyes to only find the peaceful blue sky between the green branches. With renewed belief in what I was doing I closed my eyes to finish the prayer.

“Generous One, Grant me clarity and balance. Remind me of the unending truth of my strength. Wolves may come, and slavering foxes: I am them too. Let me know my own face.”

This time no whoosh or energy rather a slow thrum through me. It started at my head and slowly began to encompass me. I sighed to myself. This was my sign. The air became thick and it was as if I could feel all the life of the forest but I wasn’t scared. I was excited. Maybe I was too excited, suddenly I was flushed with heat and my nipples tightened painfully. I opened my eyes to shake the feeling. I was supposed to feel reverent, not frisky.

When I did that I saw him. Seriously, I saw him. I was convinced I was hallucinating. What was in that candle? I simply stared….

He, Cernunnos, or at least the being I was seeing, sat on the other side of the alter I had created, his body in a position that mimicked my own. His legs crossed in front of him, his hands palm up on his knees and his head heavenward. His head slowly focused on me, his fierce hazel eyes were almond shaped and serpentine. They gazed back at me, taking the breath from my lungs. I stared…

He was a big man with tan skin and broad shoulders. He was truly the Antlered God for he had the antlers of a stag with intricate Celtic knots carved into them, the base of which disappeared into a thick mane of wavy chocolate brown hair. His hair travelled the length of his naked body. His face was angular and his lips thin, he smiled at me. His facial hair, though short was rather wild. Around his neck was a golden torque that glinted in the streams of sun and perched around his wide shoulders was thick long snake. It wrapped around one of his arms and hissed. In awe, I stared…

Cernunnos upper arms were banded with gold and marked with Celtic knots. Light brown hair dusted his chest and traveled south to where his erection confidently pointed northward, the tip laying against his belly button. I could do nothing but stare….

“Do you truly believe that I exist here with you, or must I allow you to gaze upon me a bit longer?” His voice was deep and rumbled through the forest.

“I…you c-…You’re here in the flesh.” I stammered causing his smile to grow wider. How he regarded me made the hair stand up all over my body. I racked my brain for any reading ever mentioning that a god or goddess has ever shown in the flesh. I couldn’t come up with one.

“You did summon me, did you not?” With his every word the forest around us seemed to respond. The greenery swayed, wind whistled through the trees the flowers turned its faces toward us. I could see it all. I was sensitive to it, I realized.

“Yes, but-but I never would have imagined that…”

“Yet, here I am now, precious one.” He said leaning closer. The movement caused the snake about his arm to coil and hiss, he struck out and I squealed falling backwards.

Cernunnos laughed good-naturedly, “Do not worry, precious one. You’re safe with me.”

He put the snake to the ground and I watched with scared fascination as it curled into itself next to the Celtic deity. Cernunnos pushed to his feet with an amused smile. For such a large man he was lithe. He offered his hand and pulled me to me feet. I floated in a state of fear, disbelief and awe as I touched him and a surge of energy pulsed through me. I moaned loudly. I was taken aback by the feeling; I’d never imagined it would be erotic in nature.

“Why do you not feel worthy of my presence?” He asked not letting go of my hand. His beautiful energy continued to pulse through me, I could barely think, only feel.

I pulled my hand from his, “I-I don’t know what to say? This is my first time ever doing anything like this. Why wouldn’t you go to anyone else? There are probably thousands of others invoking you’re name as we speak and-and you’re here with me?”

He gave me an inquisitive look before reaching out and slowly stroked my cheek. He touched me as if he was curious about the feel of my skin. I nuzzled into his touch; his strong energy pulsed through me. He stepped closer, he smelled wonderfully of the earth, spicy and male. We were barely a whisper apart and he towered over me. His hands dove into the thick mass of my curly hair and gently tugged it, pulling my gaze up to him.

“Do you understand who you are?” He asked softly,

“I’ve been calling to you since you were old enough to venture into the woods alone.”

His gaze alone was enough to send me into a sweet paralysis as I lost myself in it. “Who am I?” I asked barely over a whisper.

“You are a daughter of Oshun,” He responded with an amused smile. His fierce eyes searched my face then traveled down my body.

“So many bindings,” He said mostly to himself. He grabbed the hem of the white tee shirt I wore, ripped it down the middle and pulled it down my shoulders in one swift motion.

“What are you doing?” I asked panicking as I backed out of his reach. I backed up so far my back hit a tree.

His brow furrowed at my reaction, “I’ve frightened you.”

I stood before him in nothing but a bra and maxi skirt, my tattered shirt still hung from one arm. It occurred to me that I was in the middle of a wooded area with a huge guy who can easily over power me, out run me, and happen to be sporting the biggest erection my twenty three years have ever seen. He just ripped my shirt off of me for goodness sake. What if it was Shannon’s stupid football friends playing a trick on me. They couldn’t have though, they weren’t smart enough or cared to do this much research for a damn prank. Then who was he?

“You doubt me again.” He said. He slowly approached me and held out his hand. “I’ve promised to never harm you. You will always be safe in these or any forest. This I swear.”

He once again was a whisper away. He bent down to my eye level and placed my hand on his nape. The familiar surge of energy returned. “You may see for yourself.”

His gaze never left mine. Trailing my fingertips over his scalp, I felt where scalp gave way to thick antlers. I jerked back when I felt it. He was legit, a real Celtic deity, in front of me.

He laughed to himself, “I thought you’d know so much more when this day came.” His hand came back to stroke my cheek. I basked in his touch, nuzzling his hand like a content kitten.

“What was I supposed to know?” I asked. My eyes closed of their own accord as I sank deeper into the feel of him.

“You were to know that you were a daughter of Oshun, the beautiful Yoruban goddess. Her blood runs through you, so incredibly faint but undeniably there.”

“I thought you were my patron god.” I replied.

“Oh no, precious one, I merely call to you.” His fingers traced my jaw and settled beneath my chin. He pulled my face upward to gaze at him. “You smell of her, of honey. She’s in your beautiful oaken skin. She twinkles in your eyes; she even causes you to revel in pleasure despite your fear.”

His lips descended on mine, sending the world reeling around. Me the energy pulsing through me was so intense I melted against him. His kisses were wild and his tongue dominated my mouth. My body vibrated from it.

“Christine,” He growled into my mouth as he pressed his body into me. The bark of the tree pressed deliciously into my back as one of his thick legs pressed between mine, his erection caught between our bodies. Some conscious part of me wanted to beg for him to stop while another wanted him to push farther. He grabbed a handful of my skirt and slowly dragged it up my leg whilst his lips nibbled down my neck. It wasn’t long before his fingertips dragged along my inner thigh and I shuddered against him.

“Christine, I want you to understand that my intention is to take all of you, to revel in your beautiful body. I will not force you but I will try my hardest to gain your compliance. It is the hunt in me after all.” He ended on an amused laugh, pinning me with a hazel gaze.

Something unexpected happened, all the pain from before came rushing back. I could see Shannon’s face as he said those hurtful things, I can see him laughing. I gave him something so precious and he took it before humiliating me. My eyes flooded but I nodded to Cernunnos. Who was I to deny a god? No one. Nothing.

“You object.” He stated rather than asked. I was beginning to notice that he didn’t asked many questions.

“I….” Fat, warm drops of tears fell onto my cheeks but I continued past the lump in my throat, “I don’t want to be used anymore, I don’t want to be shamed, and I don’t want to hurt…anymore.” He stroked my face again, wiping away my tears,

“Precious one, I will not hurt you.”

“You said that already,” I said filling with anger and frustration. I yanked his hand from my face and pushed against his chest. It was like trying to push a tree, he didn’t budge.

“I didn’t come here to be sexed up in the woods like some freshman in a horror movie; I came here for clarity, for peace. But you’re just like them. You’re going to fuck me and leave. You’re not even my patron god!” I tried again, unsuccessfully to push away from him.

In a swift motion he had pinned both my wrists above my head with one hand while the other gripped my face and held it up to gaze into his eyes. “One thing I will not allow you to do is insult me!” He didn’t shout but he was fierce, “I know exactly why you are here and if you were more experienced you’d understand what I am here to teach you.”

I felt the panic begin to rise within me but he kept my face trained on him. “Why do you think he was able to hurt you? Why do you think many will be able to if you continue? You don’t truly understand your power!”

I wanted to laugh, I have no power, especially now. I felt the most powerless I’ve ever felt in my life. I squirmed and only succeeded to hurt myself. “What exactly is my power?”

“People, spirits, and beings they will come into your life and some will give and some will take but you have the power to decide. You decide how much they take and certainly how much they give.”

“So now you’re going to fuck the understanding into me, is that it?” I said. I couldn’t help myself. I felt cornered and I lash out when I do.

He looked as if he could slap the shit out of me but then his features suddenly changed back into that amused grin. “Of course you’d respond like this, you are Oshun’s child. To explain my actions, every sexual experience you have ever had ended with disappointment, and regret but I am here to show you something different. With me, give what you will and take what you must. It’s a balance you must learn and I your teacher. It’s a balance that occurs throughout the forests throughout nature.”

It took a while for me to absorb all that he was trying to tell me but as I did I felt lighter, my soul freer. I even relaxed against Cernunnos restraining body. “If I’m going to give what I will, shouldn’t I be free?”

He let go of me taking a step back. His grip left my wrists and jaw sore.”Precious one, what will you give?” He asked leveling a heated gaze on me.

I was suddenly put on the spot and felt awkward. I knew sex was the goal and if I truly had no inhibitions nothing would stop me from jumping his godly bones this minute but something held me back. “I give….”

I stood for moment thinking before I decided. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra, letting the black frilly thing fall to the ground. At the thought of standing topless in front of him my body flooded with heat and arousal, my nipples puckered. Next was my pink maxi skirt. I slid it past my hips and down my legs to pool to at my feet. Last to go was my panties, the classic black briefs. He growled deep in his chest, a sound of desire, one that pooled heat between my legs.

“You gave, and now you will take,” He said walking toward me, his steps slow and measured. Like a war drum my heart began to beat resoundingly. His hands were the first thing to touch me, sending waves of pure lustful energy threw me. They settled on my shoulders and followed the curve of my neck, down my chest to brush against my nipples. I moaned loudly and his hands retreated. I was breathless. He leaned down to devour my lips and his thumbs found my nipples again. Pure unaltered pleasure thrummed through me.

His kisses traveled down my neck to my breast. He laved at each of my small brown nipples making me tremble. His kisses traveled lower toward my belly his tongue dipped into my belly button. My pussy flooded in anticipation. Instinctively my hands caressed his head to be reminded of the antlers that sat atop his head. The realization made the experience even more surreal. He traveled lower nuzzling the shirred hair of my mound. Swiftly, he hefted one of my thighs over his shoulder. I quickly gripped his antlers for stability, then realized what I’d done and felt a pang of embarrassment. Cernunnos merely laughed into the folds of my heat.

His tongue found my pearl, expertly and I sharply gasped. His tongue traced lovely circles, it teased and satisfied. He drew my clit into his mouth to suckle on it and my eyes rolled to the back my head. It wasn’t long before I was shuddering violently from the strongest orgasm I could have ever imagined. If I was honest with myself I would say that I’ve never felt a true mind blowing orgasm and even more I’ve never with another person. Cernunnos slowly withdrew from me, rising from his knees while I slowly sank to mine in a heap of satiety.

His amused grin was there, “Shall you give or will you take again.” My body was a sensitive heap I couldn’t ‘take’ anymore if I wanted to and I did so want to.

“Give,” I muttered looking up at the deity. “I’ll give,”

Positioning myself on my heels before him, I placed my hands on his thigh lightly dragging my nails upward. He hissed his approval and I continued. I placed the head of his cock on my tongue savoring his heat in my mouth. I suckled his head for a time until I felt his cock jump, then I pressed him further into my mouth. Slowly, I pushed to my limit trying to avoid the embarrassing choke. I withdrew and pressed forward wrapping my tongue around the shaft. I picked up speed until heard him growl his pleasure. I pulled him out of my mouth to lave the underside of his massive cock. I wrapped my hand around it pumping it as I paid homage to his testicles, hanging heavily and proudly.

“Christine,” He growled my name. Swiftly he reached down and pulled me to my feet. “Now, you take.” He pressed my back to the oak behind me and pulled my knee up his hip.

“No,” I said barely over a whisper, “Now, I give,” I guided his cock to my opening. He pushed into me slowly, stretching me impossibly. He leaned his forehead on mine his antlers surrounding us both. I groaned in pleasure-pain.

“Precious one,” he said before kissing me tenderly.

Chapter 02: Moira

Moira watched the revelry with dispassionate lethargy. It was amazing how easily these mortals succumbed to vices of the flesh. They prided themselves on their goodness and morality with one breath, while with the next, expelled whimpering moans of ecstasy while performing acts of deliciously vile lasciviousness. Contradictory asses, the whole lot of them. And they thought she was immoral. At least she had the decency to be exactly who she wanted to be, to do exactly what she wanted to do.

No illusions, no artifice. Just pure, unadulterated Moira.

If she was to show them what wickedness they were capable of with just the slightest of persuasion, they would be horrified. Very little of what was happening before her was tasteful. Her spell merely took away the flimsy walls they called inhibitions. What were left were their long buried fantasies; debauched dreams hidden behind carefully crafted masks of righteousness and purity.

No doubt, the trio of angelic cheerleaders kneeling before her were usually paragons of respectability; going about their cheerful days in their tiny little get-ups, with 4.0 GPA’s, and memberships in some elite sorority. But tonight, with the help of a small spell of compulsion, they were feasting voraciously upon the clit of a rather plain looking girl. Moira assumed the lucky girl was usually ignored completely. With her large frame glasses, and limp brown hair, she would never have believed that one day orgasm after orgasm would be bestowed upon her by three foraying tongues and the hard, punishing thrusts of three fingers into her dripping cunt.

Several men stood around the foursome, watching them with unconcealed lust, hands pumping up and down their rock hard cocks. One staggered a few steps closer to the oblivious women, and let out a bellow as he came. Streams of liquid jetted from the tip of his cock, landing in thick white spots all over the enraptured brunette’s naked body. Suddenly, a second man jerked forward and dropped to his knees. He pumped his cock twice over the prone girl, and then covered her face with his scalding release. Moira turned away just as three other men stepped forward, eager to add to the collection.

Her gaze rested, instead, upon the delicious vision of a woman being pummeled from behind. On her hands and knees, the man slammed himself into the woman so hard that, with even the ruckus of dozens of orgies surrounding them, Moira could discern the sweet sound of skin slapping against skin from her distance. The woman looked like she would be screaming her ecstasy from such rough treatment had her mouth not been stuffed full with the cock of another man. He held her head back with a lock of her jet black hair, and was forcing himself into her mouth with as much glee as the man who was taking her from behind. The woman’s cheeks were concave from the vacuum she created within her mouth, forming a warm heaven for the lucky man she was sucking on. Then the man rammed himself into her mouth once more, and with a violent convulsion, loosed a torrent which she unhesitatingly swallowed down.

Moira’s eyes wandered once more, and she smiled cynically at the sight of a couple; a man and woman on a chair not three feet away, rocking together in a slow and steady rhythm. His large hand covered the peak of a breast, while the other roamed the curves of the woman’s derriere. It was endearingly vanilla in this house of debauchery, and Moira wondered if she had ever been so innocent.

Never, she thought as she shifted her hips suggestively. Behind her, a slight groan came from the perch she sat upon. Moria turned to look upon the face of her lover. Erebus’s face was darkening with need, and his cock, forever ready, hardened even further within the tight confines of her ass. He grasped her hips and pushed her down as he thrust upwards. The sensations that spiraled through her were beyond description. All Moira knew was that she was filled beyond endurance, and she loved every unrelenting inch of it.

But instead of giving her the rapture she was so obviously begging for — a magnificent, awe inspiring ass-fucking — Erebus merely held her in place. With the crook of a finger, one of the angelic blonds came to the god’s bidding. He caressed her rounded cheek gently, like a master petting his favored beast, and slid his hand into her thick mass of golden curls. With hardly an urging on his part, he guided her down between Moira’s spread knees.

“Make her come,” he commanded lazily, and the angel set to work obeying him. Moira felt the velvet heat lightly touch the throbbing need at the apex of her legs as she watched the small, feminine tongue slide along the tip of her clit. Completely engrossed with the feast before her, the angel opened her mouth and took the nub between her plump lips. At the sweet suction that followed, Moira arched her back and groaned. Erebus’s impaling cock pushed even deeper at her movements, enticing all her nerves into a flurry of delight.

With instincts born of the wanton, Moira’s body moved to the ministrations of the woman before her. Her hips rocked back and forth with the slow lapping of the angel’s tongue, and hardened steel clad in soft, smooth skin slid in and out of her ass. Fingers entered the hot wet haven of her pussy, and began their work.

With the hot devouring mouth and firm tonguing, Moira became limp with the unyielding pleasure that bombarded her. With the persistent stroking fingers Moira felt herself unravel piece by piece. But it was with one last firm thrust of his massive cock into the tightly puckered entrance of her ass that Erebus freed a storm of pleasure that refused to dissipate. Again and again, her every sensation was battered by the tempest. Her screams were drowned by the rushing of blood in her veins, as again and again, the duo pushed Moira into paradise.

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