I wasn’t really all about the party. I knew maybe four people there, and while it was a pretty chill affair, I couldn’t help but feel like I wanted to be at home doing something else. Of course I was looking for the good looking girls- and there were a few- most of whom either had boyfriends or just wouldn’t be interested in me. When that happens, when I can see there’s no connection there, a woman’s attractiveness becomes abstract real fast, like art on the wall; pretty, but you don’t want to fuck it.

Dana was probably a decade younger than me, just out of college. Blonde, big, curvy, tall. She wore glasses and her hair up on her head in a messy pile. Everything about her was pretty casual. She wasn’t sloppy, but she didn’t put too much work into looking good. Some jackasses would probably have called her fat. I’ve got fairly eclectic tastes, and I like fat women. They’re so often overlooked and marginalized, not just as romantic partners, but as people, and I can never figure out why. But Dana, she was a thick, pretty girl with sharp features. Anyway, she gave me a smile from across the room, and I smiled back, kind of thinking “oh, what have we here?”

The party got smaller. There was a group in the living room, maybe ten of us, me against one wall, Dana sitting on the arm of the couch next to my friend Patty. We’re telling stories and joking. I said something that made her laugh, her head thrown back. I’m not an especially good looking guy, but I’m tall, I hold my chin up straight, and I’m funny. And I have a pretty big dick, about which more later.

So more people left, it was getting later. At first I’m sitting on the chair beside the couch, then as people got up, handshakes and hugs, “Facebook me,” etc., soon I’m on the couch. We’re talking to different people; periodically Dana and I will say something to one another over Patty, who’s sitting between us. When Patty gets up to see someone out, Dana slid off the arm of the couch and next to me. Hip to hip. I remember noticing immediately that her thigh was warm against mine.

“Well hello!” she said.

I don’t want to sound arrogant, but this was the moment I knew I was going to get fucked.

This just happens sometimes, if too rarely, but it happens. You meet someone and there’s no pretense, just the formality of getting to know one another and figuring out when you’ll get each other’s clothes off. You’re mirroring, everything the other person says makes you smile, it’s a time you really feel alive and all your senses are working.

Dana was twenty-two, just out of a good Boston college and waitressing as she applied to grad schools. Last year she’d broken up with her college girlfriend, a breakup which thrilled her conservative, Midwestern parents. She was studying sociology and had a heart filled with social justice and the desire to help people. I basked in her. Her goodness warmed me. I really liked her in addition to being attracted, which was nice.

Eventually everyone else left. Patty and her soon-to-be-dumped boyfriend were going to bed. Erin, the other roommate, was out of town.

“Dana, if you wanna crash in Erin’s room, she said to go ahead,” Patty said.

“Yeah, that’s awesome,” Dana said. “Thanks.”

I’m pretty sure Patty shot me a look as she left the room.

A few more minutes of pretense and we were making out on that couch. Dana’s lips were full and warm and she kissed me with urgency, like she was making up for lost time. My hands moved to her hips, then the small of her back and under her shirt to her smooth skin. Her back was still warm from the couch. She pulled my shirt untucked and then put her hands inside.

After a while, she pulled away, her hair all askew.

“Do want to stay with me?” Of course I did. She took my hand and moved me to Erin’s room.

The room was cozy, across the apartment from Patty’s, with a futon on the floor. I sat down on it while Dana went to brush her teeth before coming to bed.

I kicked off my shoes and sat down on the bed, but not under the covers. I’d be invited to stay, and while I had a strong premonition love was about to happen, I didn’t make myself too at home yet.

Dana came back wearing her t-shirt and panties, her jeans and bra draped over one arm. I looked at her long, sturdy legs and pink panties. She came in, shut off the lamp, and crawled over to bed.

“You gonna lay down with me?” she said, crawling over and on top of me.

We kissed. It was great. She knew how to kiss and she kissed sweetly. She pulled my shirt off and began kissing and biting her way down my neck. I grabbed at her full hips and slowly brought my hand up, over her shirt, to her big tits, feeling her pierced nipple getting hard under the thin cotton. I started biting them through the fabric, and in frustration she whipped her shirt off. In the dim sliver of light from the streetlight outside, I saw her truly gorgeous double-Ds, holding them in my hands before burying my face in them.

I licked and sucked them. I enveloped each nipple in my mouth, biting and flicking them with my tongue, paying particular attention to the right, pierced one. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair and, much to my delight, ran a hand down over her belly and into her panties, playing with her clit as I sucked her tits. She pulled her fingers out and put them into my mouth. She tasted amazing.

Saying she was sexually aggressive sounds like a criticism, but it isn’t. She just knew what she wanted and asked for it, not in words, but with her body and her actions. Aggressive implies she wasn’t taking me into consideration, but she was. At each step, we were together, seeing what felt good and what we’d do next.

Dana reached into her panties again and, her fingers wet, reached into my pants and started stroking me. I reached down to undo my fly and she started tugging my pants and boxers off. I lay on my back as she pulled them off me, kissing her way up my thighs, up to my dick, which she took in her hand and started licking. She’d just put the head in her mouth, but I touched her shoulders and gently pulled her toward me to kiss her again. I wanted her to go down on me, but not yet. I still wanted to explore her some more.

I slid under her. As she knelt, her hands on the wall, I started licking her pussy. She ground herself on my face, and I gripped each thick asscheek in my hands. I gripped and pulled hard as she bucked across my tongue and chin.

“If you keep doing that, I’m gonna come.”

I kept licking.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” he voice got more high-pitched. She reached down and gripped me by the hair. She stopped grinding and her whole body shook. I kept my tongue against her clit, very gently, not moving it until she stopped.

Breathing hard, she slid down my body, kissing my face, which was covered in wetness from her pussy.

“I want you,” Dana said. “Will you fuck me?”

Still beneath her, kissing her, I spread Dana’s legs with my own. Reaching down between our bodies, I gripped my dick, aligned it with her pussy, and pushed into her.

We both inhaled sharply.

“It’s been a few month and I’m pretty tight,” she said. “Please go slow.”

I pulled her close so she was lying against me, put my feet on the bed and bent my knees, and started to fuck up, into her. Slowly, like she asked and- fuck!- she was tight! I was only going about halfway in when she pushed herself up, her hands in mine, and started taking me deeper.

I bent my knees further to keep her from going all the way down. Like I say, my dick is pretty big and sometimes women go too fast too soon and there goes your evening, you know?

She was going faster, her pussy and my dick making that hot, wet sound as she fucked me and I thrust back into her. I was gradually bringing my legs down level with the bed so she was taking more and more of me inside her. She leaned back down to me, kissing me and moving to my ear.

“Will you…” she said.


“Will is play with my ass?”

Yes. Oh, god, yes.

I made her suck and lick the fingers of my right hand, getting them nice and wet. Using my legs and left hand firmly on her ass, I was moving her up and down. I reached in-between her hot, sweaty cheeks until I found her tight, rubbery asshole.

At first I was just rubbing lightly as we fucked, rimming it, but soon I was pushing the tip of my middle finger in, just dilating her slick asshole as we fucked.

She pushed up, again, sitting upright on my dick, taking me in and rocking back and forth on it. I pushed up and hooked my finger deep into her ass as she came.

Seeing her sitting ramrod-straight on my dick, my finger in her ass, the light falling across her perfect tits… She was magnificent.

Sweaty, she collapsed onto me. Still in her, I wrapped my arms around her, kissing her neck and shoulders. We stayed like that, me moving inside her, but very slowly and gently now.

“You didn’t come yet,” she said, disappointed.

I told her it was okay. This time was all for her. I just like being with her.

Soon I slid out of her and she lay on her back. I’d like to think it was the deep dickin’ that had exhausted her, but it was also close to 3:00 am at this point.

A few minutes later, I excused myself, threw on my pants and went to the bathroom. As I went to the door, Patty was just exiting. She looked at me, shirtless and sweaty, knew what had just happened. She was not impressed.

“Really?” she said with mock disapproval. I shrugged, kissed her cheek (realizing a second later my entire face was wet from Dana’s pussy), slipped past her into the bathroom and closed the door.

When I got back into bed, Dana was turned on her side. I thought she was asleep and I spooned up beside her. She pushed her voluptuous ass against me, turned over her shoulder and kissed me again. I arranged my semi-hard dick between her soft, moist ass cheeks, and heard her starting to snore lightly.

Oh well, I thought.

I don’t know how long I’d dozed off for when Dana reached behind her, grabbed my dick and started loosely stroking me hard again. That didn’t take very long. She was using her fingertips along the length of my shaft, pushing it along her asscrack, rubbing back and forth. She moved her hand back between her legs, getting her fingers wet, and then spread the wetness all over my cock. I started slipping between her now-lubed asscheeks. It was heaven. She could definitely make me come like this.

I licked my fingers and rubbed them on my shaft to add more lubrication. She moaned. I started using my hand to hold it, and she moved back to rub her clit. I was jerking myself off using her ass cheeks while she masturbated.

Then I rubbed the tip of my dick against her asshole. Dana let out a deep, low moan. I rubbed and pushed some more, and she started grinding back, angling her asshole against my dick, opening it just a little. With her free hand she pulled one of her huge ass cheeks open so I could get right against her. I transferred a lot of saliva from my fingers to her asshole.

Dana turned back and looked at me over her shoulder, her voice sleepy.

“D’you think I’m a slut?”

This just crushed me. This beautiful women, doing wonderful, sexy, dirty things with someone who liked and respected her, and society had convinced her there was something wrong with her for it. Fuck society, fuck her parents, fuck anybody who had an opinion about what two people privately did in bed together.

I told her, gently as I could, that no, I didn’t think she was a slut.

And she pushed her ass onto my hard dick.

“No,” Dana said. “Tell me I’m a slut. Please?”

Oh. OH! It turns her on. She owns it.

Yeah Dana, you’re a slut. You’re goddamn fucking ass slut.

She bucked back, impaling my dick halfway up her ass. I licked my fingers and ran it along the rim of her anus, gripping the back half of my dick to keep it steady and to keep her from going too deep.

It felt incredible. She was fucking me with her ass. I kept whispering obscenities in her ear, telling her what whore she was, what a hot fucking ass slut she was, as she moaned louder and louder. Soon she was taking my entire length- my whole dick- up her ass. No woman had ever come close to doing that for me. I grabbed her hips with both hands, just trying to hold on. I felt simultaneously selfish and like I was being used- in the best way- a living sex toy Dana was using to get herself off.

And I loved it. I love how she felt. I loved her big, sweaty ass slamming into my hips. Loved seeing my long dick disappearing into that tight asshole-

I was gonna come.

“Come in me,” she said. “Come in my ass.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice.

I started coming and she didn’t slow down. She made herself come as I was, but I think I came longer. My come lubed her ass even more, and she kept fucking me for minutes as I finally softened and popped out. I felt emptied out, all tension released. I felt great.

We kissed and the she rolled over and settled into my arms. We both sighed and then laughed. I played with her hair and kissed the back of her neck.

Yeah, I liked this girl. She was a great fuck, yes. But she was sweet and kind, too. I didn’t know if we had a future together, but I knew I wanted to see her again, both with her clothes on and off.

I was just about to fall asleep. Dana said:

“What did you say your name was again?”

Sleep well, baby.

I imagine you coming home tonight, surprised how all your snow chores are done. You walk into the house and it’s warm, there’s a light in the kitchen, and you enter, curious about what you’ll find. As you enter I turn around and smile. I’ve been hard at work at the stove, cooking our diner. You can tell that a soup is bubbling away, perfect for this cold winter night.

As you walk in, I lower the heat to a simmer and then walk over to you. We hug and kiss lightly before you drop your bags and books that are weighing you down. Unceremonially, you plop yourself down in a chair and in a moment you feel my hands upon your shoulders. You moan softly as I help pull out some of the tension that you’ve been holding onto.

I massage you for a bit, but not long enough for you and when I stop I grab your hand and pull you into the bathroom. When you walk in, your eyes take a moment to get adjusted to the lower light level. The bath has been drawn and is still at a very warm temperature, and there are candles flickering to illuminate the room.

You smile as you feel my hands go to the hem of your shirt. I slowly pull it upwards and over your head, mussing your hair in the process. Then I wrap my arms around your waist and move down to the buttons on your pants. I undo them, drag the zipper of your fly down and with my fingers wrapped in your belt loops I gently pull them down.

You are standing in front of me with only your black bra and panties, and I whisper into your ear “You were a good girl for me today, weren’t you?”

You moan an mmmhummm and sigh. I undo the clasp of your bra, letting you feel the weight of your breasts for the first time today. There’s a deep red line where the bra strap hugged your body all day long and I scratch it. Then my hands slide down to your panties and I pull them downwards until gravity takes them to the floor.

I can tell that the crotch is soaked as you walk out of them and into the bathtub. I lean down and kiss you softly as your breasts bob up and down in the water. Then I gather up your clothing, and put them away in your laundry basket.

While I am gone, you are enjoying the water on your skin and start washing off the sweat and stress of the day. You dunk your head underwater and wash your hair.

When I come back, you are almost done. I kneel down next to the tub and grab the pouf. After I drizzle a bit of body wash on it, I bring it down under the water and scrub your body. I give special attention to your pussy, ass and breasts. When I’m done washing you, I let go of the pouf and then run my hands over your body to remove the soap.

I lean down and kiss you while at the same time pulling the stopper in the tub. You feel the warm water drain off your body while being kissed and it is a unique sensual experience. When the water finally drains completely out, I stand you up and then take the shower head and rinse you down one last time.

The hot water feels good as it blasts through your hair and then plays along your sensitive skin. When I shut it off, you are a little disappointed. I grab the towel that I have on the sink and start drying you off.

Feeling your softness under the terry cloth is a quite arousing. When you’re dry, I wrap your hair in the towel and bring you into the bedroom. Helping you into the bed, you lie down and I kiss you with some passion.

“I’ve wanted you for my appetizer all day long.” I say softly directly into your ear.

My lips follow your curves, down through your cleavage and across your belly. When I get to your crotch, I gently spread your legs open. It’s like opening up a spice box, and your sweet aroma makes me salivate instantly.

I lean down and softly kiss your closed pussy. Spreading your legs wider I lean down and lick along the length of your slit. I slowly lick upwards, feeling the textures and tastes change as my tongue slides over your pussy. I love tasting you, feeling you, smelling you, seeing you, hearing you. There is no better way to experience your arousal as completely.

I continue to lick you and your body is responding erotically to each and every move. Without warning I grab your legs and push them up towards your head. Your ass is accessible now and I lean down and lick around your asshole. Your moan is practically a shout, partly out of surprise, and partly because what my tongue is doing feels so fucking good.

I trace the outside of your hole, feeling your rosebud tighten and relax as my tongue travels around the edge. I’m running in circles around it and then start flicking my tongue up and down over it. Your hand shoots out and grabs mine as I fill your body with pleasure. I move your hand to replace mine, so now you are holding up your own leg. Then I take my free hand and move it down to your pussy.

I push my tongue along your asshole and my nose slides into your pussy. At the same time my fingers find your clit and I start rubbing it. Your body is now rocking as your hips try to find a rhythm. Your moans are becoming more and more urgent as my fingers and tongue move more rapidly. Finally your other hand finds my head and pulls me into you.

I move my tongue with a quick little flourish and that sets you off. I feel your whole body tense as you get right up to the edge and then with loud moan your body jumps off the bed like an over-wound spring. Your legs clamp my head as your hands tangle themselves in my hair. I feel the first streams of liquid as you start to squirt all over my face. Every muscle in your body is convulsing around me as continue to lick and rub, trying to keep your body riding each wave of orgasmic bliss.

When your body becomes too sensitive for more, I crawl up beside you and rest my dripping face on your breast and just hold you while you come down. I can hear your heart beating hard within your chest as you pant, trying to catch your breath. Your whole body is limp, and while normally your hand would be on my back, holding me, you don’t even have the strength for that.

When your panting becomes more under control, I get up and help you into some fuzzy warm pajamas. Then I bring you into the kitchen and serve you some well simmered soup.

As you take the first spoonful, you look at me with pure lust. I smile and we both know that as soon as we’ve gotten some nourishment, we’ll get back into bed and have the energy to finish what we started…

When your soup bowl is empty, it just takes one look in your eyes to tell me that your appetite is not yet satiated. No the emptiness that you just filled is replaced with another that only my cock could fill. I feel it too, the need for you is growing deep inside me. That look you are giving me with that mischievous smile on your face gets my heart racing.

I pick up the soup bowls and rinse them out quickly. I slide them into the dishwasher and then head to the stove and put the cooled soup into the refrigerator. A quick wipe down of the counter and table, and the kitchen is clean. I look over to you, and I can tell that you enjoy being taken care of.

I smile at you, and lean down to kiss you softly, my hand wrapping around your back, pulling you upwards towards me. Your body feels so good against mine and as your hands wrap around me I’m in heaven. Your touch has me hard and throbbing in my pants and I can tell my briefs are soaked through with pre cum.

Reluctantly I pull away from your lips and I feel the air of the house, cold and dry. I moan softly as I look into your eyes, you are just so perfect to me. My eyes travel down to your lips, and I can’t help but return your huge grin. It’s that grin of yours that tells me that you’ve got something planned.

I head into the bedroom, and you’re right behind me, literally. As I stop to flip on the lights, your arms go around me and pull me back against you. Your hands are on my chest which feels incredible. I love the juxtaposition, your soft body against my back and ass, and your hands hard and firm against my front.

It does not take long before your fingers have found their way to my buttons and you eagerly start undoing them. The bedroom’s heat is turned up, but it the air still gives me a slight chill as your hand move lower and lower. You tug my shirt up out my pants to reach the final buttons.

As soon as the last button is undone, your hands go to my bellybutton, and then move upwards against my skin. You pull be into you and its exquisite to have your forearm against my stomach. Your hands squeeze my breasts as you nuzzle against my back, deeply inhaling in my scent. You know how to make me feel so wanted and appreciated.

As you hold me, I can tell your hunger is growing and you move your hand down to my hip. Using my belt loop for leverage, you spin me around, keeping your arms under my shirt while you do. Now, my shirt is open and your hands slide across my skin to my back. Your fingers dig into my shoulders and your palms press into the very top of my shoulder blades as you pull me down into a hungry kiss.

As we kiss our hungers grow until we are both completely starving for each other. Your hands are digging into my back, feeling my muscles under my skin as I move my arms to pull you closer to me. My hand goes to your head, and I pull you into me. At the same time I walk towards you, pushing you backwards. In a few steps you’re trapped between me and the wall as I eagerly kiss you.

You are moaning into my mouth, your body writhing against mine. You know how I love your body, the way it looks, the way it feels, the way it smells, the well it tastes, the way you hold yourself. With your body pressed against me, feeling you move against me, I am so turned on that I’ve become a little manic with desire.

Your hand drops off my back and lowers down to my crotch. I love the way your hand cups my balls, feeling my hard member, making me throb in your grasp. As you squeeze me, I moan softly letting you know how good you are. You’re obviously enjoying teasing me, but at this point I need more than that.

My hands go to your shoulders and I my fingers wrap around them. I push you back firmly, trapping you against the wall and forcing your hands down to your sides. My lips go down to your ears and I breathe out, forcing my hot moist air against your sensitive earlobes. When you hear me say, “I want you,” you squeak in delight.

Still holding your shoulders tight, I lick your earlobe and then lightly drag my lips along your jaw line to your lips. I kiss you with a desperation and your hands make their way the button of my jeans. Distracted by the kiss, your fingers fumble for a bit until you are rewarded with the pop of it getting free. Immediately after that success, you fight with the zipper tag until you win that battle.

With full access to the contents of my pants you slide your hand in. When your palm cups my dick it throbs, adding even more pre cum to the already soaked cloth. I want nothing more than to feel your skin against mine. Your hands slide over my briefs and when they get to my hips, you grab my pants and pull them down.

My pulse is racing, driving my body along. My hands loosen my grip and run them over your body. Even under the thick fleece you are wearing, your nipples easy targets. With one hand I grab your ass, and using the other palm I rub circles right over your nipple. Still kissing, you moan deeply directly into my mouth and I breathe it in.

I need more; it’s not just desire, but an urgent physical and psychological need. My hands move back to your shoulders again and I desperately push you down to your knees. As you move down our lips break apart and I realize then that my lust for you has overcome my unconscious need to breathe. I gulp for air as I look down at you. You are staring at me with those beautiful eyes of yours, framed by your glasses, your hair curving around your face, drawing my attention down to your amazing breasts.

As I absorb your sexuality with my eyes, your hands move to the waist band of my briefs and lower them down to the ground. I lift my feet up, one at a time, and you untangle me. Then I shrug my shoulders and my shirt slides off my body and pools into a pile behind me. My eyes move away from your heaving chest and back to your eyes. I can see the lust that I’m feeling reflected in your gaze.

You smile widely as you lower your eyes to my bobbing cock. You stare at it, and when you notice the glistening pre cum at the tip you lean forward and bob for me. The first thing I feel is your tongue glide against the tip of my dick, and I moan. Encouraged, you open your mouth and take me in to its wet warmth.

You sit up onto your knees, and in this position you’re better able to take my cock into your mouth. Looking up at me, you try to smile, and while you can’t quite, you look as sexy as hell trying. Your hands move up my legs and one finds a home on my hip and the other on my ass. Still looking up at me, you pull yourself forward onto my cock. I let out a grunt of pleasure.

As I start to get lost in the bliss you’re giving me, you lower your eyes and shift your focus completely onto my cock. You’re moving up and down my cock, and it feels better then fantastic. Something about the way you grab my ass to pull you on to me and push my hip away adds to the eroticism of it all.

My legs are starting to shake and my hands grab your head to steady myself. With you for balance, I spread my legs apart so I can have an easier time. You adjust your own height and now no longer need to hold on to me. Your right hand goes to my cock while your left starts to play with my balls.

Oh god, it feels so good to have you stroke my cock while sucking me. As one hand gets more tangled in your silky hair, my other moves down to your cheek. My thumb is absent-mindly stroking your cheek as you suck my cock.

Your eyes look upwards and find my gaze again. When you have my rapt attention, you turn your head a bit and open your mouth wide. You start sliding my cock into your mouth so it rubs against your cheek and with my hand there I can feel every movement. At the same time you’re licking the other side right under the crown and using a light tickling touch around my balls.

My hands clamp tighter against you and I grunt. “Oh, god, this is getting to be too much.”

You slide my cock out of your mouth and between pants say, “Then cum for me.” As soon as the words are out of your mouth my cock slides back in. My hips are rocking back and forth as you work your magic. Between your fingertips on my balls, your tongue on my cock head and your hand on my shaft I can’t take anymore.

By the time I say, “I’m going to cum,” you already know. You feel my ball sack tighten and move up to my body and the first strong throb along the length of my cock. At that moment, you do that secret little trick only you know and push me over the edge.

I look down at you as get pushed over the edge. You’ve got a serious look on your face as you concentrate on getting me off. The second that the first uncontrolled throb you open your mouth and lean back. Your right hand is stroking my cock furiously as the first shot flies out and lands on your cheek. As it hits you your eyes shut tight and your smile widens. The next jet lands in your mouth, right where you want it. As I continue to cum more and more cum pools into your mouth and it looks incredible.

When I finally stop cuming, you open your eyes and look up at me through your glasses. I can clearly see you swirl your tongue through my cum. When you close your mouth and swallow, it is so erotic. You open your mouth and show me what a good girl you were and smile at you. You lean forward and lick the little drip of cum at the tip.

I move backwards towards the bed and lie down for a second. You move into my armpit curl up. Listening to my heart beat gradually slow down and feeling my chest no longer heaving you smile. You know that in a few more minutes round three can begin.

When I stop panting and start breathing normally you know that playtime will be resuming shortly, and you can’t wait. You roll onto your back and stretch, arching your back high into the air.

I roll onto my side to get a better view of your body. You look fantastically sexy in that position. My dick is still soft, but the way your body looks stirs something within me. I need more of you, and you feel a need for me just as desperately.

As you arch your back more, your shirt slides down to you breast line, revealing your scrumptious belly. As your stretch concludes, your back lands on the mattress and you lift your hips. I expect you to stretch some more, but instead your hands go to your waist band as your remove your pajama bottoms. When they are on the floor you sit back up and remove your shirt completely so that we are both naked. You look incredibly alluring.

With your body on display for me, my mouth is open and I am salivating. You smile as you bend forward, giving me a terrific view of your cleavage. My hand reaches for your body and just my fingertips touch your soft skin. My hands feel all over your body, but I take special notice of your stretch marks and other imperfection.

As I lovingly touch you, your cheeks get red and you want to hide. You are so sensitive about your own body, you hate that as you’ve aged, that your body has betrayed you. Still, I touch you, gently, caringly, until I lean down and brush you with my lips. As I kiss you I moan a true appreciation of your body, and for the first time you see yourself as I do, a goddess made real by her uniqueness. While this doesn’t make you completely comfortable, it does make you happy. You relish being accepted and appreciated, and you feel yourself relax.

Smiling, you look at me, your hand running against my back. My skin feels your touch like an electric shock, but I don’t stop exploring your body. I am too excited by every curve, every bit of you. No matter how many times I’ve explored your body, I never tire of it, in fact I only anticipate the next opportunity I’ll have to explore again.

Below my lips, your skin is waking up. I feel your hairs rise as goose bumps cover your skin. The room has warmed up, so I know that this is a reaction to my touch and I love that. I love discovering your body’s reactions to my touch and it only encourages me to explore you further.

I drag my lips across your skin, up from your waist, along the side of your body, to the side of your breast. You squirm a little as my lips pass; you are a little bit ticklish. My lips lift off your skin, but I’m still close enough that you can feel my warm breath against your flesh. I hover over you until my mouth is just above your nipple.

Your nipple is right under me, and I love how the light pinkness contrasts to your pale skin. My mouth lowers and I lick across your areola, missing your nipple entirely. I lick a square pattern around your nipple making sure to not touch where you so desperately want my touch.

As I lick your areola, I can feel your skin tighten. It feels so good and when I lift my head up, I can see your skin knotting under me. My eye glances over to your other nipple and I can see just how tight and straining the one I’ve been playing with is. You look incredible.

I lean over your body, and you can feel the heat radiating off my chest and onto your aroused skin. I kiss right below your other nipple. My lips lift off your skin and kiss you again and again, making a circular pattern around your areola. You are moaning and your body is writhing beneath me, willing for more.

I am lost in the sensuality of your skin and the reactions of your body. I am not sure when I notice that your hand has tangled itself in my hair, but I am aware of you leading me to your nipple. When you feel my lips close to your nipple, you shift slightly and push down, forcing your nipple in to my mouth. I am dimly aware of you moaning my name, you commanding me to lick your nipple.

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