giving birth

For the next few days we acted like a newly married couple on a honeymoon period. I don’t remember any of us putting on any clothes in that time. We had sex in all positions we could think of and did it everywhere in the house. I was not happy as I would’ve been if it were a girl, yet my body was getting more and more used to the touch of a penis. BIL was very happy and he even gifted me a new car. We talked about the future and agreed upon some ground rules. Of course I had to be wise because BIL did not know about most of my concubines including his own mother. It was agreed that when both of us will be in the same bed with SIS, we will keep the homosexual contact to the minimal because he wanted to make his wife happy and he thought that in that room we should act as if we are both there for her service.

BIL: I still can’t thank you enough my dear. You’ve made my life complete. I will never let you go.

ME: I will never go anywhere Prem. I think we have a perfect family. We’ll stay that way for ever.

BIL: Still I think you deserve more. You can ask whatever you want and I’ll not refuse.

Me: Well Prem, I do have some things I want from you, but there is no hurry. You will get to know in due time. For the time being enjoy what you can before SIS and Aunty Mona come back.

BIL lied me down on the bed and began to kiss me all over my body. He reached down my dick and started to suck it keenly. I was enjoying the sensation of his mouth on my dick immensely. I came with a bang and I could hear my grunts as I unloaded my balls deep down his throat. I kissed him on the mouth and tasted my cum which was sweetened by his saliva. I wanted him to lie down so that I can return the favor but BIL told me that he needed to pee.

He got up to go to the bathroom. I was watching him going to the bathroom when I had a strange urge. I got up and rushed after him. He was standing over the seat and about to let go when I grabbed his dick firmly. He was surprised but to answer his queries, I immediately sat down and took his dick in my mouth. His eyes lit up when he realized that what I was asking for. I felt his dick immediately becoming stiff but he had started to pee right before it. I tasted piss for the first time. I wasn’t repulsed by it. The taste was acrid and unpleasant yet it was worth the pleasure BIL was having. He soon emptied his bladder and I was having a full stomach now but he had more for me. I could feel his orgasm building and after just a few more sucks he unloaded his seed into me. I swallowed that too. He was looking totally used up and I went to the bed with him. There we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

The next day I woke up and remembered that I had to pick up Mona and SIS from the railway station. I took a bath and when I returned BIL had breakfast ready for me. We ate in silence but I would get an occasional look of affection from BIL. I left for the station on my new car. The train was a bit late but when it finally arrived I had no trouble locating them. They were both very happy to see me and both hugged me. They complimented my new car as we drove towards home. On the way I filled them in with the details of my Plan and its success. Aunty Mona became really emotional.

Mona: Oh my Son Sahil! How could I ever thank you. . . .

Me: Oh come on. I love our family and I can go to any length to help us stay together. We arrived home. BIL greeted us and then he left for the shop. On the way home, I was expecting that both SIS and Mona will jump me when we reach home but I was rather disappointed to find out that Pamela had returned. She was feeling a bit sick. I wanted to fuck SIS very much but nothing could be done there. Suddenly I had an Idea. I went to the living room where all the women were siting and catching up.

Me: Hey ladies! You’ve returned after such a long time. Why don’t we all go to a movie or something? It’ll be fun.

Mona and SIS agreed excitedly but Pamela said that she still not feeling well.

Me: It’s okay Pam. We’ll go another time.

Pam: Oh no. Please don’t change your program because of me. I’ll be fine. I’ll just take some aspirin and go to bed. You guys please go ahead.

That was exactly what I wanted her to say. But I hid my excitement.

We agreed that we’ll bring something for her. SIS and Mona got ready and we left at about 6 in the evening.

As I drove out of colony, Mona asked: What movie are we going to?

Me: It’s a new flick called SAAS BAHU KI CHUDAAI (Mother in law and Daughter in Law getting fucked)!!

All of started to laugh as I turned my car towards our shack in the out skirts of the city. As parked the car I noticed a bump. When we got out I came to know that I had parked the car on a wooden plank with nails coming out of it. It had instantly blown a tyre. I hadn’t bought a spare yet. There was absolutely no way to get it fixed as the area was deserted. So it was a bad situation.

When Mona showed concern, I told her that I’ll call BIL and he will bring a spare on the way back from the shop.

Mona: But wouldn’t he ask questions about what we are doing here.

Me: Don’t worry, he doesn’t ask questions from me. You come here and give me a kiss.

Both ladies came forward and showered me with kisses. We started to get naked quickly and before we entered the bed room, Mona was already sucking my cock and I was sucking milk from SIS. I made her lie down the bed and brought my cock to her mouth. She eagerly began to lick and suck it. Mona came up behind me and she started to lick SIS’s cunt. She was doing a great job on my rod. I looked in her eyes and she gave me look of ultimate affection. She was using her tongue to tease my cock as her lips were locked and moving up and down quickly. I felt my orgasm building up. I pulled out of her mouth. I turned to Mona. I got her up, and told her to sit on SIS’s face. SIS immediately began to lick her clit and put a finger in her cunt. I stood up and shoved my dick Mona’s throat. Mona had toe curling orgasm a few minutes later and she collapsed.

I got down on SIS’s cunt and began to lick it. I could see the bulge of her belly. It was a huge turn on. I frantically started to assault her cunt with my tongue. It was not long before my face was hit by a splash of fluid. SIS was screaming with pleasure.

Me: Wow sis. I never thought that you could cum that much. I . . . .

But Mona cut me off: I don’t think it’s cum Sahil. I think her water just broke!!!

I just began to realize what poor situation we had got ourselves into. I reached out for my cellphone to call an ambulance or something but as I began to dial the number I could see that I hadn’t got any bars on the cell. I tried to go outside to get some reception but I knew that my service provider had no coverage in that area. I reached for SIS’s cellphone but it had already run out of battery on the way here. She had forgotten to charge it. Aunty Mona never had a cellphone. Now worry was converted into panic. I did not know what to do next. SIS was now yelling with pain. I tried to calm her down but she was in too much pain.

Mona: Sahil beta! Don’t panic. We’ll have to deliver the baby ourselves. It’s no big deal. It happens all the time. You just find me all the clothes and towels you can. I would also need scissors and please boil some water.

I immediately brought some towels from the closet. I found a pair of scissors on the drawer. I put some water to boil on the kitchen.

When I came back to the bedroom, Mona had opened SIS’s legs as far as they would go. I held SIS’s hand and tried to calm her down, but she was beyond herself. Mona told SIS to push. SIS tried but she was shrieking with pain. I told her to look into my eyes and calm down, SLAP. I received a hard slap from SIS that made my eyes water.

SIS: When that baby comes out. I’ll shove it up your ass and then I’ll tell you to calm down you bastard.

Me: It’s okay SIS. Try to . . .

SIS: Fuck me now. I need your cock.

Me: But you. . . .

SIS: Put in my ASS you idiot. . . . .

I looked towards Mona. She was astounded but she signaled me to go ahead. I was already naked and I saw my cock springing up to life as I realized that I was going to fuck my sister’s ass as she gave birth to my child.

I lied down on the bed. I made SIS to lie down on my abdomen. I opened her legs and made her asshole open. Mona licked my cock to lubricate it and I shoved it inside my SIS’s rectum in a single thrust. I now began to move SIS up and Down steadily. SIS was yelling like she was about to die. Mona was urging her to push harder as I pounded her ass. Soon Mona announced that she could see the baby’s head. I began to fuck her harder as she pushed with all her might. I was going faster, everything was a blur. Then, I heard the cry of the baby. At the same time I emptied my balls deep into SIS’s rectum. . . It was perhaps the most intense orgasm I ever had. Suddenly all felt silent. SIS had collapsed and gone to sleep. Mona had the baby cleaned up. She gave it to me. I was holding my son. I was perhaps the single best feeling in a man’s life. I got teary eyed. Mona kissed me on the forehead and congratulated me.

I now needed to get in contact with BIL. I dressed up and left the shack. I walked for about hour when I could finally see a bar on my cell. I called BIL. I congratulated him on being a “Father” and then I told him to pick us up. Bill got there in about half an hour. He was very happy. He picked me from the roadside and we went back to the shack. On our way, I told him that we were out on a picnic when Mona wanted to visit our shack and then we had the flat tire.

BIL was a little worried at first but when I assured him that everything was normal, his worry was replaced by his happiness of being a father. He kissed me on the mouth and thanked me again. When we were at the shack, BIL ran to SIS’s room. He kissed her as congratulated her. Mona hugged her son and gave him his baby. BIL literally began to cry. I left them alone and went out to change the flat tyre. BIL had brought a replacement.

When I had got the car fixed. I told everyone that we should leave. BIL took SIS with him and I had Mona and the Baby in my car.

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