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We had just fucked ourselves senseless and Billi was leading me to her shower. After she adjusted the temp we got under the spray. First off was to clean my cock of the lube and cum.

I leaned back to the shower wall and spread my legs like a slut as she covered me with soft soap from cock tip to balls and back to my ass. I was sexually spent but she easily got me to a semi hard state. I love having my semi hard cock stroked and when you add some anal play I am a happy guy.

As my cock rose to full tumescence I had to stop her so I wouldn’t cum. I reached out to move her from the spray so I could stroke that wonderful cock of hers. Now that she was completely naked I could see she had small titties with hard pointy nipples. As I was washing her fat cock I was sucking on her tits.

I was now under the spray and turning to let the water wash away the soap from me. She was hard too and both wanting to prolong our fun switched to the other parts of each other’s body.

She was very soft and had no hair anywhere and I got lost washing her ass with both hands. I took the shower head down and spreading an ass cheek directed the spray to her butt hole. She helped by spreading the other cheek for me and my cock got harder just seeing that wonderful opening remembering how great fucking it felt. I thought I saw some of my cum wash out and it excited me.

Hanging the shower head back up she started washing me and when she got to my ass she said: “You have such a hot ass! I just love it.”

She was working my cheeks over it so well and I just love my ass caressed. After a while she ran her fingers down my cheeks and lingered over my ass hole. I spread my legs and leaned into the wall as she played with my hole.

Much to my disappointment she let go of my ass and said: “Give me a moment hun and I’ll meet you in bed.”

I stepped out and after drying off went in search of her bed. Finding it I slid under her covers and easily drifted off to sleep.

Sometime later I woke to the feel of someone caressing my ass cheeks. I was on my side facing away from her with my top leg spread forward giving her access to everything.

As she was caressing me she said: “Do you shave love? You feel so smooth?”

“Yes, I shaved everything before I came to meet you, do you like me this way?” I said flexing my ass under her touch.

“Oh yes, but you should wax, it is so smooth and last longer.” She adds.

“Ah, I don’t see me asking for a wax at a salon any time soon!” I laughed.

“Oh, love I have someone who can come to you or better yet you can go to him. He is a gossipy little twink but you might get a BJ at the end and he can do it in his place. I’ll give you his contact info.” She tells me.

As she caresses my ass she moves her hand over my hip to run her fingers down and around my semi hard cock. With my ass cheeks spread she moves her cock to rest between them as she runs her hand around my cock. She holds it softly and slowly strokes me while sliding her cock in my ass crack.

As she runs her semi hard cock up and down my ass crack she says: “You have a wonderful ass love, do you think I might make love to it?”

“You keep caressing it as you are and you might just get your wish.” I say as she feels my cock come quickly to its full size.

Spurred on by my desire to enjoy her attention to my ass she continues by spreading my cheeks wider and running her cock between them. She was stroking my neck with her free hand and whispering in my ear.

“You have such a nice ass. I didn’t realize how much I wanted it until I saw it in the shower. All nice and smooth, but so strong and manly. I am usually only a bottom but every now and then I want it all. When you let me fuck your mouth before you tried to fuck me you cannot know how hot that made me.” She whispers as she concentrates on my ass as my cock is all but forgotten.

Sometimes during anal play my cock shrivels up to its smallest size. But usually on the few occasions I am penetrated and relaxed it returns to its full measure. As Billi is enjoying playing with me it is shrinking and all my sexual energy is focused on my ass.

She continues her kisses from my neck and down my spine as she is now rolling me onto my chest freeing up both of her hands to work my ass cheeks over. By the time she is kissing the small of my back she is really turning me on with her hands on my ass. I am not often a pure bottom but from the time I let myself go with someone who I lust after.

She was immediately on that short list of ones I really lusted after as soon as I saw her. That is why I was so hot to have her use my mouth. Now I wanted to give it all up and welcome her into my ass.

We were in the midst of a high sexual connection because she easily slid into being the active participant in this scenario. I easily slid into the submissive. I wanted to be penetrated, to be entered, to be fucked. I wanted my ass to be the center of my being for this.

“Do you want me Billi love? Do you want to fuck me? If you want my ass show me how much.” I plead, offering her what she desires but wanting it as much as she did.

She was now facing my ass and as she spread my cheeks I could feel her hot breath on my anus. I raised my ass up almost begging for her tongue when she said: “Take that pillow and place it under your hips and help me make this wonderful for both of us.”

“You’re a nasty, naughty boy aren’t you? You are offering your tight little ass up to a girly boy. You are just another slut aren’t you? Just want to get fucked…”

Before she could finish I said to her: “Yeah, I am a horny fuck, but I only offer up my ass to the best, the hottest. I have fucked my share of guys but you are the first that I wanted to surrender it to. So, my hotness take what I am offering and make me forget any others.”

She squeezes my ass and runs her tongue from my balls to the base of my spine. I am completely at her mercy as I lay my head down and spread my legs opening myself up to her desires.

She is quick to feel my surrender and continues to lick my ass crack. She knows her way around a man’s ass and quickly brings me to a new level of excitement. I have offered the last of my maleness and she has taken it. I don’t even think of myself as giving up any of my manhood, just being completely able to enjoy all the pleasure that one’s body can experience when he has an experienced partner.

She progresses from running her tongue the length of my ass crack to licking my ass hole driving me insane with lust. She covers my anus with her mouth and works it with her tongue until I want more. I want to be penetrated. Looking up I see the bottle of lube and reaching for it break her connection with my ass.

Seeing where I am reaching she leans to meet my hand which brings her hot cock head into the cleft of my ass and it easily slides up my crack to come to rest on my ass hole. As she leans forward the tip of her cock presses into me opening me up. But due to her impressive size I cannot relax quickly enough to allow her complete entry.

She knowingly feels me tighten up and quietly says: “Relax my love, I won’t hurt you. I will make sure you are open enough to enjoy my cock. I know how to treat a nice ass like yours when it is offered.”

Using the lube to cover her fingers she takes them to quickly cover my ass hole. Gently running them around it she quickly returns me to my relaxed state and before I know it she has two fingers deep into me. She works them in and out of me as she crosses them and flexes them opening me up even more so that she tries to push a third into me. This is a lot more than I have felt in a long time and she realizes it and moves to stop.

I tell her: “wait just a second and let me relax for a moment. When I take a deep breath fill me with your fingers so that I can accept that beautiful cock of yours.”

She rest her fingers around my anus and holds my cheek open with the other as I prepare myself for what is about to happen.

“I am about as ready as I’ll ever be, take me sweets.” I say as I exhale and when I inhale she easily slides all three fingers into my ass.

I feel so filled but know that this is just the beginning and after she is working me open she pulls her fingers from me and I feel so empty. This quickly changes as I feel her cock head touch my ass hole.

My moan is all the encouragement she needs to push into me stretching me like I have never been. It should be painful but it feels so good!

As she slowly fills me with her hot fucking cock my entire being is centered in my ass. I feel her being gentle with me and it makes it easier for me to accept her fat cock. She has the biggest cock that has ever entered me but I am aching for it.

I feel her stop and then I feel her balls come to rest on mine I realize I have her entire huge cock inside me. She rest there and I remind myself to relax and enjoy this. I was so worried about not being able to take her girth that I forgot to enjoy it.

Relaxing I stretch out my arms and legs and push my ass up trying to take more of her into me. Sensing that I am ready she slowly pulls almost out of my ass and when I try to open myself up for her she pushes back into me.

We continue like this until I am relaxed enough to beg her for more. Having taken all the cock she has all she can do is speed up her fucking of my ass.

She is now laying forward on my back and softly talking to me saying: “Your ass feels so good love. You are so wonderfully tight. You are more man than any before you because you are the first to take all of my cock and reach for more.”

I squeeze my ass and she says: “Oh my fuck, stop that, you are so tight that I cannot take much more of that!”

It is now that I realize that my cock is very hard and uncomfortable under me so I reach down to move it to rest along my stomach. I almost cum from just that slight touch.

I want her to remember the man who took all of her cock and wanted more so when she pulls back I squeeze her and just as she reaches the end of her stroke relax and open myself up as much as possible begging for more. She moans and bites my shoulder as she pushes back into me. We fuck like this lost in our shared pleasure.

I can feel her balls tighten up and come to rest close to my ass hole and this pushes me to the edge. I want her to cum with me as I am so close.

“Cum with me baby, shoot your hot load into me and fill me with it as I cum too. Let’s cum together so we both remember this night.

As she grabs me by the shoulders she speeds up her fucking. God it feels so good and as I scream: “I’m cumming baby, cum with me! Fill me with your cum!”

And slamming her cock as deep into me as she can she holds me and I feel the heat of her cum shooting into my guts. After a couple of intense shots she moves back to fuck me as her balls empty themselves into me.

I feel my own balls tighten up as they shoot their load out my throbbing cock. The motion of our coupling is enough to bring my orgasm on and I cover the pillow under us with my hot sperm as she does the same with my insides.

She slowly stops and runs her hands down my sides to reach under me and find my cock with one hand to stroke it and the other to squeeze the last few grams of cum from my balls.

When she feels that I have been drained she pulls her cock from inside of me and this is so incredible I cum a little more and surprised she milks this from me.

“Wow baby, I didn’t expect that. Did you cum twice for me?” She asks.

“Once, twice, I am so high on your cock that I just don’t know. I do know that what we have done today is more exciting than anything I have ever done.” I say to her meaning every word of it.

As we lay side by side coming down from the experience I hear a door opening and being unsure of what to expect have to ask: “What was that? Is someone here?”

“Relax love, that’s just Mia, my roommate coming home. You will like her.” Billi says looking at me with a smile.

“What is she like? Is she..ah…like you?” I query.

“Do you mean does she have a big cock like me?” seeing my embarrassed nod she says: “No, well, maybe not quite as big, but the boys we play with have always been happy.”

“Why, wasn’t I enough for you?” She questions.

“Oh my sweet you were plenty, but really, what would you say if we were at my place and a friend of mine arrived?” I ask

…the rest is to be seen…

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