This story was written by request. The general idea was provided to me, but all the details, good and bad, are my own… just like the typos and grammatical errors. This is part 4 of 5 or 6, depending on the final length.

Chapter 4 Reaching bottom

Raj tried to rationalize what had happened to her, but she always came back to the water. She knew that it had been drugged and drank it anyway. Did that mean that subconsciously she wanted to have all that sex? Did she really know all along that George was going to bring at least Bill and Amy in to have sex with her again? What about all the other men during the second visit? She thought about it and knew that she understood where this was heading, but kept denying it to herself. She had to be honest and admit that she loved being fucked again; she loved orgasms again; she just didn’t need to be forced. Yes, that’s it. Next time she would just say that she would agree to the sex as long as she got to pick the scenario. Not a multiple fuck like last time. She just wanted some one on one time with George. Yes, that’s what really appealed to her. As soon as she said it her body reacted, her nipples hardening and her breath quickening.

Raj decided to go watch the DVD. She went into the den and turned on the TV and hit play on the DVD player. It came to life with George stepping in front of her for a blowjob while Amy crawled under her to eat her pussy. She stared. It looked so different to see yourself on screen like that. She watched as each man stepped up to her and she sucked the cock until it spurted over her face. It made her hot watching this. When they got to the fucking she couldn’t stand it anymore and ripped off her pants to masturbate. It was odd that she could not recall all the details, but she absolutely remembered the feeling of her orgasms washing over her. She couldn’t wait until she got to see George again.

Her wish came later that week. On Saturday, when the normal delivery and payment was expected, George showed up at noon. He was very early and she had just finished an early lunch with her husband. He didn’t even get out of bed unless he had to get to the bathroom anymore.

When she let him in George had a mischievous grin on his face. “You ready for a really exciting event today?”

She looked at him carefully. She didn’t know how far it would go this time. “Uh, I don’t know. What are we doing?”

He waved out to his car and a woman stepped out and came up to the door. “This is Monica. She is going to stay here with your husband. I want you to come with me.”

Raj hesitated, uncertainty written on her face. “What? Wait. I’m not sure I should.”

“C’mon, Raj. It will be an experience. Trust me, okay?”

Raj stared at him, trying to trust him. “Okay, I guess so.”

She got a light jacket and followed George out to his car. They backed out and he took her to an industrial area on the other side of town. This area was unknown to her, but she could see that there were a lot of businesses in this area. There were granite countertop producers, cabinet providers, floor covering providers and other things like that. George pulled up next to a door that had no sign outside. He motioned her to get out of the car. When they got out, he came around and gave her a kiss. “Do you trust me?”

She stared again. He kept asking this, but this time she decided to be brave. Her body was tingling with anticipation, but she was a little frightened, too. “Yes.” She did not say it very confidently.

“Good. Let me put these on you.” He held up a set of handcuffs.

“W… What?” Raj stammered. She was not prepared for this.

“It’s just part of the game. Don’t worry, you won’t be harmed.” He turned her around and started pulling her arms back. She allowed him to do it reluctantly and he got her hands cuffed behind her. “At least it won’t hurt too much.” He laughed.

Raj froze at that and looked up at him in shock. George smiled, took her arm, and led her toward a door. Once there, he knocked and a very large and very black man opened the door. He was enormous and almost filled the doorway. He had a shaved head and arms like tree trunks. His shirt and pants must have been custom made because Raj figured he was about 6’6″ and 350 pounds. He grinned at her lewdly.

He didn’t say anything, just opened the door and nodded to George. George pushed Raj in front of him and motioned her down the long bare hallway in front of her. She looked around as she carefully walked down it. They passed a few closed doors with no markings whatsoever and finally reached the end. This door said “Bay” on it and George opened it. It led into a large almost four story high empty warehouse. Raj looked around and saw it immediately.

In the center of this open area were a few couches all placed onto a large area rug and there were lights that were illuminating it. She could see about a dozen people all milling around on the other side of the lights, but it was difficult to see them with all the bright lights between her and them.

George pushed her toward the lit area and when they got close she saw something else that absolutely petrified her. In the middle of all the couches was an old fashioned stockade. At least it was like a stockade, except you had to kneel to get into it. It was very low and there was a spot for the knees, then a small bench for the torso, and then the stocks for locking the hands and head into place. There was also something to hold the feet down and well apart. She knew immediately that she was looking at something to be used for sex. She started trembling.

“George, no, please no.” Her pleading started.

George held her tight in front of him and whispered in her ear. “Listen very carefully, Raj. When we get in there, you should do exactly what I say and let them have you however they want. If you do not, they will get very rough. If you go along, it may be uncomfortable and there might be a little pain, but it will be nothing like what will happen if you refuse at any time.” He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a bottle of water. “Here, this is drugged like the last time; it’ll make it easier for you.”

Raj stared at him. “Are you helping me or just using me like the rest?”

Her fear was palpable and George could hear it. “That hurts, Raj.” He looked directly into her eyes at this point. “Look, Raj. I am part of this, not denying that. But I like you and I don’t want to see you get too hurt. However, I’m going to do what they say. I work for them, too.”

Raj stared. “Give me the water.”

George grinned and held it up so she could take a drink. She guzzled it and he let her. When she had finished half of the bottle he stopped and finished walking her over to the lit area. He put the bottle down and unlocked her cuffs. She stood there shaking.

Raj looked around and now saw about 20 people approach from behind the lights. There was Bill and about three other people with cameras. There were three women. The rest were men, black and white, that she had not seen before. The three women came over and she could see some apprehension in the brunette, but the blonde and redhead both seemed more resigned than anything. They stripped her and she stood there quietly, hoping to get this over with as tears brimmed in her eyes.

George led her over to the stockade and motioned for her to enter it. Raj looked down and her fear had her shaking like a leaf. She could barely lower herself, but George helped her and tears started falling down her face. She felt herself being maneuvered into place. Her hands were locked in place and then her head. She was resting on a padded bench and lastly they locked her feet into place. When that happened they were about three feet apart, but not too uncomfortable. But they were not done. Next they took her knees and pulled them open and tied them down so that she was spread wide open. She could feel her large tits hanging down on either side of the bench, which was only about 12 inches wide but fortunately comfortably padded. Her ass was slightly higher than her head and it left her sex open to the air. She could feel the eyes rake over her body.

The first thing Raj felt was her pussy being licked. She moaned and a man with a very large dick moved in front of her. It had to be 8″ and very thick. He stuck it into her face.

“Suck my cock, you little bitch!”

Raj felt the tears roll down her face and she opened her mouth to suck another stranger’s dick as he berated her like a common whore. She was hoping last week was the last time, but she knew none of these men and they all appeared to be focusing on her. She started sucking on the dick and the person eating her pussy was so good that, in combination with the drugs starting to take effect, it was making her hot! She suddenly wanted this big dick out of her mouth and in her pussy. This drug always made her want to cum.

Raj sucked on the dick, running her tongue around the crown and then moving what little distance she could with her head in the blocks. The man she was sucking solved that and grabbed her head to fuck her face. Once again Raj felt so degraded and used, but now she couldn’t think about anything but reaching an orgasm. The guy was fucking away at her mouth like it was just another place to put his dick. Meanwhile, the pussy eater had finished and Raj now felt a dick being centered on her pussy. The guy slammed into her and fortunately, she was pretty wet. He started pounding her, the slap of his hips on her ass resounding in the bare warehouse as he also called her slut and a whore. The guy in her mouth suddenly shouted his warning and pulled out. Raj leaned forward, trying to keep her mouth over it as a better alternative to what she knew he was going to do but couldn’t reach him. He did exactly what Raj expected. He jacked off on her face, shooting cum all over her and up into her hair. The guy behind her kept pounding and suddenly, being able to concentrate on that, Raj felt her orgasm building. She closed her eyes and concentrated on getting off but it was not to be because suddenly the guy pulled out of her and jacked off all over her ass. She could feel the hot cum splashing all over her all the way up to her waist.

When Raj started looking around she noticed that there were two cameras running and that there were several other naked men around. The drugs and the stimulation meant that she was hot and ready to cum. George appeared in front of her.

“How you feeling slut?” He smiled, but it sounded demeaning.

Raj looked up but couldn’t get angry. She just needed to cum. “O… Okay.”

“Do you want something?”

Raj looked around and the other guys were standing around with everything from completely limp to solid hard dicks. The other women were also naked and some of them were watching and stroking the dicks around them. She looked up at George. “I want to cum.” She was so hot for an orgasm she couldn’t hold back and the drugs were removing all of her inhibitions.

“Ask for it.”

She stared at him. “I want to cum.”

He grinned evilly. “No, beg for it.”

“Please may I cum.”

“Say it louder and yell it with conviction.”

Raj took a deep breath and said loudly. “Please, I want to cum. Please make me cum!”

George smiled and as Raj looked up she felt hands on her ass and another dick entering her. She sighed. This guy held her hips and started pounding her. It was just what she needed and she started heading toward that blissful release again. Then another guy stepped in front of her and grabbed her head. She wanted to say no, that she needed to concentrate on her orgasm, but as soon as she opened her mouth, he filled it with dick. He started sawing in and out of her mouth as the guy behind her pounded forward, slapping up against her ass and pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm.

Then Raj came. She jerked and twitched under the incessant pounding of the guy behind her. He kept pounding and she kept cumming for about a minute. The guy in her mouth eased up a little because she was jerking and breathing so hard. Then she calmed down and the guy behind her pulled out and spurted up and over her back, leaving large trails of hot cum down her back to her ass. She groaned and the guy fucking her face resumed his search for an orgasm of his own. Raj was concentrating on making sure he got off when she felt someone drizzle a cool liquid over her asshole. She moaned and that sent the guy in her mouth over the top. He, too, pulled out and launched spurt after spurt of cum all over her face. She was now drenched from the hairline down in cum and had trouble keeping it out of her eyes. She was trying to see when she felt two things. First, the blonde woman appeared and started wiping off Raj’s face so that she could be more comfortable. The woman was just cleaning her eyes when she felt something enter her ass. She jerked at that. She was not used to things in her ass. It felt like a finger and then she felt it move in a way that confirmed that it was a person’s finger. She was not hurt by this, but surprised. She was relaxing again as the finger kept fucking her ass and another hand started rubbing her clit. She started moaning and thinking about another orgasm. Then she felt this person start feeding another finger into her ass. She groaned and this did indeed hurt a little. It was two pretty large fingers and they were stretching her out further than she had ever had her tight ass stretched. Raj was trying to relax and get used to it when the redhead suddenly came and sat in front of her.

“I think she needs to eat some ass and pussy while she gets butt-fucked.”

Raj’s eyes went wide at that, but she was slow in comprehending all this with the drugs in her system. “What?”

The redhead just smiled and turned around. She got on all fours, which put her ass at the right height for Raj’s head. She backed her ass up until it was started to press against Raj’s face. Raj tried to resist or move, but she was held too firmly in place by the stocks. Red pressed up against Raj and she could smell and feel her ass and pussy. Her nose was almost buried between the girl’s cheeks and her mouth was at the entrance to Red’s pussy.

“Eat me, bitch!” Red commanded.

Raj tentatively stuck out her tongue and was thinking about what she was doing when the fingers in her ass suddenly disappeared and she felt something else being pressed up against her ass. Fuck! They really were going to stick their dicks in her ass.

“Mmmph!” Raj tried to say something, but Red was pressing back against her pretty hard as she felt the first penile penetration of her ass. Her moaning was enjoyed by Red who was now rotating her hips as she rubbed her ass and pussy all over Raj’s face. Raj kept licking and sucking and, with her inhibitions so relaxed by the drugs, was now enjoying the feeling of eating a woman’s pussy. She was also beginning to enjoy the dick in her ass. The guy was now squatting so that he could get good leverage and was hammering her ass. She was grunting as he did it each time, pushing her shoulders up against the stocks. Raj just wished she had her hands free. She was really getting into eating Red when she felt her shudder and juices squirted into her face. She tried to pull back. She had never seen a woman squirt and was shocked as she was squirted right in the face. While she was doing this she felt the guy in her ass speed up and begin pounding her as he finally popped a nut. He came and came and Raj could feel something warm in her ass.

Raj was breathing hard when suddenly she saw blond pussy being backed up in front of her face. She didn’t hesitate and started eating it. It was different and very messy. She suddenly realized it was because at least one guy had cum in it. She was eating a creampie! She hesitated for a second, but all she could think about was eating pussy, getting fucked, and having orgasms. She started slurping up the cum-filled pussy and felt somebody suddenly plunge a fat dick into her ass. She groaned around the pussy she was eating and could feel male cum coming from the ass in front of her and leaking onto her nose. She just kept sucking and being butt-fucked. She could feel another orgasm coming on and somebody took mercy on her and started rubbing her clit. That put Raj over the top and she moaned and groaned into the blonde pussy making that woman cum. When she came the blonde didn’t squirt, but more spunk was forced from both her holes and onto Raj’s face. The blonde collapsed forward and Raj stared at the open pussy and ass in front of her. She was rocking from the rhythmic ass pounding she was taking until another guy pumped her ass full of cum. She looked to her left and saw the camera trained on her face as she licked her lips, cleaning them up.

As soon as the guy finished cumming in her ass, another took his place. Raj waited while at least three more men filled her ass with cum. By this point, she could feel it running down from her ass and over her pussy. Unfortunately, it felt like the drugs were wearing off and Raj was no longer feeling as frisky. She was feeling downright abused by now.

Raj tried to look around, but there was no room for turning her head. Finally, George showed up and released her from the stocks. She went to try to stand up, but her legs would not support her and she got dizzy. George helped her to a couch. Raj sat there and tried to regain her senses. She looked up. The scene was not something she was used to seeing. She was sitting on a couch in the middle of a large warehouse. There were naked men and women around and she was sitting there on a couch with cum leaking out of her ass and pussy. She opened her legs and looked down as it ran out and dripped from the couch onto the floor. It almost didn’t seem like it was her body she was looking at. She had never seen something like it before. She looked back up and saw that there were three men approaching her, their hard dicks swinging back and forth like metronomes.

George leaned over to Raj. “You are going to love this.” George helped her stand up. “This will be the highlight of your personal fuck movie. Your first triple penetration.”

Raj looked up at him and back at the three men. She knew what was going to happen and felt powerless to stop it. She again did exactly what George wanted. He waited until the first man sat on the couch. He was very dark, like the actor Djimon Hounsou. He sat in the middle of the couch and George led her by the arm to sit on his lap. She straddled his lap, facing him, and he held his dick up. It was covered in some sort of lubricant, so she easily slid onto it. She moaned. Then she felt the second guy, a tall skinny white guy, spread her ass cheeks. She readied herself for this and felt him slowly push into her. Both these cocks were about 7″ long and pretty normal in width, but she could barely take them both at the same time. She felt so stretched and full. They just smiled at each other and the black guy spoke.

“Just move up and down a little, slut, and you’ll get the fucking of your life.”

Raj did that and it felt like she never thought possible. Her ass and pussy were both a little sore, but she was still so turned on from the drugs that she started bouncing up and down, wanting more orgasms. She had her eyes closed and was concentrating on the two dicks already in her when she felt someone grab her hair. She opened her eyes and saw a short stocky white man pulling her to the side of the man she was sitting on so that he could feed her his dick. It was uncircumcised, shorter than the other two, but fatter. She groaned and let him do it. He pulled her mouth to him and started fucking her face while the other two started making sure that she continued to bounce up and down on their dicks.

Raj looked to the right, toward the end of the couch and saw a camera pointed right at her.

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