Derek kissed my lips softly and tenderly. His nude body loomed over my own as I laid on my back on the bed. My firm 34B tits were being cupped in his hands. He squeezed softly at first then became much rougher as the seconds went on. I stared into his bright blue eyes as his teeth made their way to the soft pale flesh of my nape. He brushed some of my red hair aside to get a better grip on my neck’s skin. I moaned and twisted in pleasure.

He leaned up, his rock hard seven inch cock pushing against my already damp pussy. My eyes admired his arms and his six pack abs. His body covered in tattoos; a major turn on. My body only slightly covered but enough to get him turned on as well. His eyes traced my body as he grabbed his cock in his hand. He pushed the head of his dick against the lips of my pussy. My teeth sunk down into my lower lip in anticipation.

“Tell me you want it.” He said with a glare. His voice stern and masculine. I smirked at him, pinching my own erect nipples.

“Please, daddy.” I said in a whisper. My eyes taunted him with a flirtatious stare.

Derek smirked at my respond. It was exactly what he was wanting to hear. He pushed the head of his dick in but pulled it out. Oh he knew how much I love being teased.

My hips thrusted upward, trying to encourage him to slide more in. He didn’t give in so easily though. He rubbed the head of his smooth cock over my clit. My eyes closed and I moaned.

“You like that, don’t you?” He sneered.

My head nodded as I let out another pleasurable moan as he thrusted a few inches of his cock inside of me. My mouth dropped opened and my eyes opened. My hazel eyes staring into his own blues. Another moan came forth as he slid even more in. He went slowly, teasing me still, making me crave his cock.

Finally I had enough of the slow and tedious thrusts. My hands pressed hard on his lower back, forcing him inside of me. This time I let out a much louder and longer moan. MY eyes closed and my body tensed as I felt all seven inches of his cock slide inside of me.

Derek did not take long to thrust hard and fast. As I began to scream he placed a hand over my mouth to shut me up. It hardly worked and I moaned and screamed into his palm. This only turned him on more and his thrusting became much more rough. His other hand reached for my throat. He held me down tightly, forcing himself deep inside of my now soaked pussy. I felt his cock stretching me open and I screamed, wanting more and more. I could feel his balls slapping between my legs.

I thought this would be it. I figured he would cum in this rough missionary position, but I was wrong. So, so, wrong. Not that I minded when he slid out of me and tossed me onto my hands and knees. He slapped my ass and sent me lurching forward. I put a hand out so I wouldn’t hit the wall in front of me. I looked back at him and sneered. Pushing my ass higher into the air and putting my face sideways on the pillow, I waved my ass side to side. Now I was taunting him.

Derek’s fingers slid inside of my drenched pussy. He rubbed my swollen clit for only a brief moment to tease me before rubbing my own juices on my asshole. I knew exactly where this was going. Having only had anal sex twice before my body tensed up. He could sense it as he rubbed more of my juices on my back door.

“Calm down, baby.” He cooed as he slid an index finger inside. My asshole was tight and the feeling of his finger only caused discomfort. He watched my eyes clench shut and my mouth too.

“Relax.” He whispered again.

With a gulp I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. I knew the trick to anal not hurting was to relax and I did my best. Red locks of hair stuck to the back of my neck from sweat and my hazel eyes stared up at the powerful man behind me.

He rubbed the head of cock against my asshole. He pressed very, very slowly. I felt my asshole being stretched wide and it was a feeling of pain and discomfort. I let out a whimper of pain and clenched my eyes shut. My teeth gritted together as he went inch by inch inside of me. I couldn’t help but to whimper and gasp as I felt my back hole being stretched wide by his rock hard cock.

“Oh yeah, baby. I’m in.” He said between heavy breaths.

I couldn’t bear to open my eyes quite yet. The discomfort of his cock inside of my ass hadn’t gone away. Especially when his hands squeezed my hips and he began to thrust in and out. I felt him slide out a few inches and then back in. His breathing was heavy from excitement. I tried not to squirm as I felt the cock stretching by back end wide open. Four inches out, four inches in. He repeated the motion slow but began to go faster and faster.

“Ah!” I screamed out as his thrusts became rough. He beat into it with no remorse. My body rocked back and forth and he grabbed my hips tightly, forcing me to eat his cock up with my now burning asshole.

“Oh, yeah. Oh, baby. You like that don’t you, slut?” He asked between heavy breaths and groans of pleasure.

“Oh.” I managed to moan. “Y-yes.”

Tears formed in my eyes as my asshole became red. The burning feeling didn’t seem like it would go away. Then suddenly I noticed him slow down and pull out. I was surprised for I hadn’t thought he came yet. Nope. Different position. I should of known.

Derek sat down, his back against the wall, and patted his lap. I thought he wanted me to ride his cock with my pussy which craved his cock. But as I got on top of him he pulled me forward, closer to him, and slowly set my asshole above his cock’s swollen head.

Closing my eyes and with a loud scream “ah” he pushed me down. Once more my asshole was forced to eat his entire rock hard cock. He held my hips again and lifted me up and down.

“Come on baby. Ride it.” He groaned.

Wanting to please my man I did just that. My knees rested on either side of him and my hands pressed into the wall above his head. I forced myself up and down, my asshole burning still as it remained stretched by his cock. I gasped and screamed as tears dripped down my cheeks. I felt like I was being ripped apart as he forced me down harder than I had planned.

His hands reached up and his thumb and index fingers grabbed my nipples. He pinched them so hard I had to scream. Using my nipples to control me, he lifted me up and down. I followed his motions, wanting him to cum now!

“Oh daddy!” I screamed after a long moan of discomfort. My eyes were closed but the tears managed to continue to fall down my cheeks. I was panting, trying to ignore the pain in my back end.

“You’re gonna cum first.” He groaned.

One of his hands reached up to grab my throat. He kept moving me up and down and I followed. My hips moving in circles as well. His other hand went between my legs and in between us. His index finger found my swollen clit and relentlessly he rubbed. His finger moved fast and pressed hard into my clit.

“Ah! Oh! Oh, yes! D-d-daddy!” I screamed. My mouth dropped open to breathe easier and my eyes opened. I stared up at the ceiling as I continued to hump up and down on his thick seven inch cock. The burning in my asshole began to fade as my pussy got the pleasure it craved.

Next he shoved his index and middle finger inside of me. I moaned loud. Without realizing it I began to ride his cock even harder. I screamed loud as I felt that cock stretch my asshole even more. I moved up and down, enjoying the pain mixed with the pleasure. And to make matters better his thumb continued to massage my clit fast and hard. It wouldn’t be long till I reached my climax.

Another three minutes of pain and pleasure mixed anal sex, I felt my legs tightening. I closed my eyes and moaned loud and long. My body began to shake, my legs twitching, my thighs tight. My pussy began to pulse around his fingers as my juices leaked onto them. I couldn’t help but to sit down hard on his cock. I felt it slide deep up inside of me and let out another scream. Just as I did I felt Derek tense up too. His body also needed release. I could feel his cock stiffen and he wrapped his arms around my waist, letting his load shoot up inside of my back door.

We held each other for a moment, panting and completely pleased. My body still shook slightly from the pleasure of the orgasm.

“I love you.” He said, pulling away to kiss my lips softly.

“I love you too.” I panted. I began to rise, feeling his cock slip out inch my inch. Somehow, I had a feeling I’d be craving that cock in my asshole more often…

Author’s note:

This story is a sequel to Hate Me.


As usual Alex was filled with a mixture of emotions as she approached Nikita’s HQ, but most notably fear and excitement. Fear that she would find the woman she loved dead or worse that she would lead their enemies to them and live just long enough to see Nikita die. But Alex was constantly haunted by those thoughts and while they got stronger whenever she was about to see Nikita again they were overwhelmed by her feelings of joy at once again seeing the older woman who was her everything.

Her heart pounded ever faster in her chest the closer she got and then it skipped a beat upon seeing Nikita alive and well. However no sooner had a relieved smile crossed Alex’s face her training kicked in forcing her to analyse her surroundings. It was then that Alex noticed the totalled computer. Other things seemed in disarray but on further inspection of the room, and Nikita, it was only the computer screen and hard drive which was riddled with bullets.

“What happened to the computer?” Alex asked.

“Michael. He and I had a heated discussion.” Nikita said, a tiny smirk briefly crossing her face as she approached the younger girl, “It ended with a trip to Russia to help him settle an old score. That’s where I’ve been the last couple of days.”

“With him?” Alex found herself blurting out, hating how blatantly jealous she sounded.

“Yes.” Nikita said softly, not missing Alex’s tone, “And in case you’re wondering, nothing happened. He has feelings for me, he always has, and maybe in another life I might have explored that, but I made it clear to him there was someone else.”

“Oh.” Alex mumbled, happiness overwhelming her for a second before she asked, “Is that going to be a problem?”

“I doubt it.” Nikita said dryly, “We found out that Percy was the one that arranged to have his family killed so he’s agreed to help us take the bastard down.”

“That’s great.” Alex said, before quickly clarifying, “Not about what Percy did, that’s horrible, but if this means there’ll be two of us on the inside-”

“No!” Nikita almost yelled before calming herself, “Michael has almost unlimited access to Division. With him on our side there is no reason for you to go back.”

Alex just stared at Nikita for a moment and then asked, “So what do you want me to do?”

Nikita moved so she was standing right in front of Alex, “First we need to remove your tracker. Like I said, I know a guy who can do it, and give you a new identity-”

“I don’t want a new identity.” Alex snapped angrily, “I don’t want to run. I won’t. I won’t leave you!”

“I don’t want you to leave!” Nikita snapped back, somewhat softening her tone as she added, “I want you to stay. I want you to stay here with me, and I want to make this place nuclear bomb proof and lock it down so tight no one could ever get to you. But the truth is as long as Division is around it doesn’t matter what I do your life will be in danger. So me and Michael are going to finish this. Finish them once and for all. And I want you by my side for that, but I need you to understand… if you stay I can’t guarantee your safety.”

“I don’t care.” Alex snapped again, albeit without a hint of anger this time, “I’m staying.”

Nikita half smiled, “I hoped you’d say that.”

Alex cautiously stepped forward, “Were you really expecting me to say anything else?”

Again Nikita softly smiled, “You should know by now I always expect the worst, but-”

“Prepare for every potential outcome, I know.” Alex said, stepping into Nikita’s personal space, “I just don’t see how you could ever think me leaving you was a possible outcome.”

“It should be. You should leave me. You should hate me. You should-” Nikita snapped, and then when her lover gave her a look she sighed, took Alex into her arms and said, “And I know, I know you don’t care how I think you should feel, but honestly Alex I don’t deserve you. And for all my careful planning I didn’t see this coming. I didn’t see falling in love with you as a possible outcome and now I can’t sleep, I can’t eat… I can barely function because I’m worried they’ll take you away from me the way they took Daniel. And I loved him, but not as much as I love you. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you. So please Alex, leave Division. Please leave Division so I can keep you safe. Please… stay with me.”

What was possibly the most genuinely happy smile she’d ever had crossed Alex’s face as she replied, “With you, is the only place I’ve ever wanted to be.”

Smiling with the same obvious happiness as her protégé Nikita stroked Alex’s hair and whispered, “That’s good. So good. But we still need to remove your tracker. After you called I contacted my guy but he can’t do it until tonight. In the meantime… I’m open to suggestions…”

Alex was a little taken aback by that last comment, particularly the tone of it. Back before they were sharing a bed Nikita had been strictly business with her for the most part, and when they had become lovers Nikita had grown cold as ice. It had been worse during sex, Nikita treating Alex like trash in a misguided attempt to stop the younger girl from falling in love with her. So it was kind of jarring for Nikita to be playfully flirting with her, albeit a little cautiously, the deadly assassin looking a little worried as Alex hesitated to reply.

Refocusing on what was important Alex softly smiled and said, “I could think of a few things.”

Then she lent in to kiss Nikita which led to another pleasant surprise for Alex. Namely Nikita leaning in at the same time and with the same slow pace resulting in a kiss which was more reminiscent of strangers than long time lovers. Once their lips met there was still the passion of two people who had thoroughly explored each other’s bodies but there was still a cautiousness more associated with a first time kiss and a gentleness Alex had never received before. It was breath-taking. Not that kissing Nikita wasn’t always breath-taking because it was, this was just… different. Wonderfully different.

It was different because Nikita wasn’t kissing Alex like she was her lover, but like she was in love with her. Of course Nikita had been in love with Alex for a while but she was now embracing those feelings instead of fighting them. Embracing her passion for the young girl, Nikita trying to tell Alex she loved her through the kiss. Which admittedly she had done right after finally telling Alex how she felt, but a hello kiss is different to one given in the middle of sex. Or right after it. Or a reluctant goodbye.

For the most part Nikita enjoyed gently kissing Alex. It brought back a few bittersweet memories of former lovers but fortunately it was difficult to concentrate on anything that wasn’t this girl in her arms. The only other thing that was really on Nikita’s mind was guiding the younger spy to the bed and stripping them both of their clothes, something she took a great deal of time and care in doing. Nikita used that same amount of care to lower Alex on the bed before gently pushing her into the centre of it and then getting on top of her.

After that Nikita just concentrated on kissing her young lover, just enjoying what felt like a perfect moment for who knows how long until eventually she broke away from her protégé, looked into her eyes and whispered, “Alex… the way I’ve treated you, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok.” Alex whispered breathlessly, “We’ve been through this. You don’t have to be sorry about that, I loved every minute of it.”

“I know, but…” Nikita hesitated briefly, then added, “But I wish our first time had been different. By then I was in love with you, I should have acted like it. I should have accepted it and told you how I felt. I should have shown you how I felt. I should have made love to you. I was just so scared. Of loving you, of admitting the truth… and I somehow deluded myself into believing as long as I kept telling you and myself you were nothing to me then if I ever lost you it wouldn’t completely destroy me and leave me a useless wreck. I, I was a coward, and for that, I’m sorry. But I’m going to make it up to you. I promise. And I’m going to start by giving you the first time you deserve.”

With that Nikita pressed her lips to Alex’s again, this time pushing her tongue into her mouth right from the get go and using a tiny bit more force than before as an attempt to make her forget about the last thing she had said. It was something Nikita had considered bringing up more directly before chickening out, that being because she trusted the wrong people Alex’s first time was a nightmare. Of all the many, many mistakes Nikita wishes she could go back and change that somehow, or at least change her own unforgivable behaviour, but alas she couldn’t. All she could do right now was make love to this girl who she could no longer live without, Nikita determined to keep her promise of making it up to her protégé.

Breaking the kiss again Nikita whispered, “I love you.”

Alex smiled softly, “I love you too.”

Nikita returned the smile and briefly kissed Alex again before moving from her lips to her neck, the more experienced spy leaving a trail of gentle pecks in her wake before stopping a while to lick, suck and nibble at her lover’s soft flesh. She repeated this process when she moved from Alex’s neck to her tits, Nikita first kissing her way down the other woman’s body until she could take one of Alex’s nipples into her mouth and suck on it. And lick it, Nikita moving back and forth between those nipples and using a varied amount of force to worship each one. The biting was less frequent and less rough than usual, Nikita only using her teeth because she knew how much Alex loved it.

While Alex did love it she wasn’t so much a fan of this gentle teasing. Of course Nikita had teased her in other ways before, and the older woman had trained her to withstand much harsher tortured than this so Alex kept her mouth shut and just tried to enjoy what was happening to her. Which in some ways was easy, given everything Nikita was doing felt good and it was blissful to have the goddess she loved gently making love to her. However even when Nikita moved lower she deliberately ignored the place Alex most wanted her, the deadly assassin instead concentrating on gently kissing her stomach, thighs and even all the way down her legs. Seemingly everywhere except Alex’s needy pussy.

So by the time Nikita finally pressed her tongue against the bottom of her cunt Alex was nearly delirious with need, the young spy letting out a guttural cry of relief which quickly turned into a moan of pleasure as the wicked tongue travelled all the way up to her clit. Nikita kept her tongue on Alex’s clit just long enough to make the brown haired girl’s eyes roll back in her head before starting a steady rhythm, Alex whimpering as her mentor deliberately avoided her clit but more than made up for it with her skilled licking.

Again this was so different to what Alex was used too. Normally Nikita would go down on Alex until she had made the younger girl cum at least once, the older spy wrapping her upstairs lips around Alex’s downstairs lips so she could suck the cum from her before tongue fucking her. When Nikita was stressed out and in need of an orgasm right from the get go she would shove Alex to her knees so the Russian girl could eat her pussy, after which Nikita had often return the favour using the same suck and fuck technique. She had only started by tongue fucking Alex a couple of times, most recently when Nikita had her pinned down underneath her on the training mats and the far more deadly assassin hadn’t been able to resist turning it into an 69. However this, this was new.

Alex wasn’t sure what to think of this new treatment at first. She was so used to instant gratification, or at least instant incredible pleasure, that all the gentle foreplay had been a little jarring. In some ways it was the same with the gentle pussy licking she was now receiving. It also felt increasingly frustrating not to get the overwhelming ecstasy she knew Nikita could so easily give her. However there was a new intensity Alex adored and when it was combined with the sensation of the soft cunt lapping it was more than enough to make the young brunette writhe joyfully on the bed.

Nikita was feeling a little lost so Alex’s writhing and moaning was more than welcome. It always had been as Nikita got a primal thrill out of pleasing her lovers regardless of what they meant to her, or what she pretended they meant to her. However this was particularly welcome because while Nikita had fucked many, many women she had never made love to one before. Her attempt at the end of their last sex session didn’t really count and Alex had needed to rush off in the morning so this was the first time Nikita had a chance to truly make love to this girl and she desperately wanted to do it right.

Luckily Nikita had a chance to do some research before Michael destroyed her computer, and she had occasionally ordered Alex to give her pussy a gentle licking, so she did have some idea of what she was doing. There was also definitely something to be said for instincts. However Nikita had never been this anxious and nervous to please a lover before and combine that with using an unfamiliar technique it was such a relief to receive positive, if unintelligible, feedback.

It also helped that Nikita was really, really enjoying herself. Licking Alex’s pussy like this was so wonderfully intense and Nikita felt more connected to her young lover than ever, which was really saying something considering the past year or so. Best of all Nikita was really getting to savour the heavenly taste which was pure Alexandra Udinov. Sure, Nikita had known from the first time she buried her face in between Alex’s legs that her protégé had a delicious little cunt, but she had always devoured it so ferociously she had somehow not truly appreciated how amazing it was.

Nikita was unsure how long she spent savouring that flavour. It could have easily been hours, Nikita not wanting to check but knowing she had to, and sadly not just because her plan demanded that at some point she replace her tongue with her fingers. So eventually Nikita did just that, for once taking the time to watch as she rubbed her index finger along Alex’s pussy lips before slowly pushing it inside her younger lover and began fucking her with it. To have such a close-up view of her finger pumping Alex’s pussy was enough to make Nikita want to stay in between the other brunette’s thighs forever, yet the more mature spy forced herself to lift her head up and look at the clock.

Seeing she still had plenty of time Nikita slowly moved up Alex’s body until they were face to face, the whole time finger fucking the younger woman at a slow and gentle pace. She then stared into her beautiful blue eyes for a while before whispering, “Alex…”

“What?” Alex gasped after a little while, hoping Nikita wasn’t going to ask her to leave her again.

Nikita wasn’t, but she was struggling to find the right words to say what she wanted to say, “I can’t give you everything you deserve. I can’t take you out to the movies or to dinner, but I can spoil you in other ways. I can buy you pretty things, or steal them, and I’ll cook whatever you want… do whatever I can to make you happy. So… if this is what you really want… if I’m what you really want… I’m ok with labelling this now. I’m ok with labelling us.”

Alex was stunned, and not just by Nikita nervous for once but because of what her older lover seemed to be saying, “You mean like… labelling us the G word.”

“Yes.” Nikita smiled softly, “We could die at any moment, and… and I’m done holding back because of it. So, if it’s really what you want, I’m all in.”

Almost literally crying with joy Alex cupped Nikita’s face and softly whispered, “You’re the only thing I’ve ever truly wanted. The only thing. So, yeah… I’m all in too.”

The two women exchanged a soft and extremely brief smile. Then a wicked grin crossed Nikita’s beautiful face and Alex trembled in anticipation. Sure enough the young Division agent was soon trembling in pleasure as her beloved sensei picked up the pace of the finger fucking. At first it was only a little bit but it was more than enough to make Alex gasp joyfully. Then Nikita worked her way up until she was truly displaying the rhythm she was capable of, although this time while it was hard it was not quite rough, the experienced assassin once again showing off that she was a master of sex.

As Alex enjoyed the benefit of that she briefly took a moment to appreciate how unusual it was to talk about commitment during sex. Or at least she imagined it was. At least a meaningful conversation which pushed the relationship forward. Then again Alex’s understanding of ‘normal’ was limited as it was something she could only study and never be. Nor was it something she truly wanted because what she had with Nikita was anything but normal and Alex loved it. So if anything it seemed appropriate to have an unconventional conversation about commitment, especially during sex which had defined their relationship for so long, and yet helped it change into what Alex had always wanted it to be.

Of course Alex thought this was it. All Nikita could manage for now. But she was wrong.

“Alexandra Udinov.” Nikita huskily whispered, the older woman using a Russian accent which somehow made Alex’s body tremble just as much as Nikita deliberately pausing to curl her fingers inside her, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Those earlier tears of joy which had threatened to fill her eyes were now streaming down Alex’s face, the Russian girl literally weeping, “да! да да да! Yes! Oh God yes!”

“Then cum for me.” Nikita demanded, as she began to slam her fingers in and out of Alex’s cunt as fast as she could while staring into her lover’s eyes, “Cum for me my girlfriend.”

Hearing Nikita call her that, something she had wanted for so long, immediately sent Alex over the edge. Her body trembled, her pussy clenched down on those skilled fingers and she let out a sharp cry as she came, the whole time Nikita staring deep into her soul with a breath-taking intensity. Nikita kept her fingers still, allowing Alex to coat them with her cream. Then she smiled softly down at her protégé and began fucking her again, at first switching back to the gentle technique before gradually building Alex up to the point she was ready to cum again.

It was strange, Nikita had spent so long hating the way Alex looked at her because she didn’t deserve it. Because it was wrong. Because it was a lie, Nikita truly believing that when Alex learned the truth about her involvement in her father’s death the other girl would hate her. Yet here they were almost a week after Nikita had finally revealed the truth and Alex was looking at her with those big puppy dog eyes, wordlessly telling the deadly assassin she loved her in spite of everything.

Now that she had truly accepted Alex’s love Nikita adored those big puppy dog eyes. Adored the way they showed total devotion to her, told her that Alex would never leave her, that she would always be hers. And they of course told Nikita of the tremendous pleasure Alex was now receiving from her touch, other parts of the younger spy’s body telling Nikita the same thing. Specifically in the way Alex’s face was awash with bliss and the way the other girl desperately clung to her as she rode out her orgasms.

Even when Nikita hadn’t enjoyed the love she saw in Alex’s eyes she had still stared into them when Alex came because it was perhaps the most intoxicating sight Nikita had ever seen. As she liked giving her lover’s pleasure it was only natural she enjoyed staring into their eyes when they came, however there was something special about Alex. Perhaps it was because Alex had always been special to her, but there was just something about the way the Russian girl’s eyes lit up when she came which drove Nikita wild.

As much as she was addicted to that sight Nikita had another addiction and she was aching to get her fix. No, not the drugs that once ruined her life, but the sweet taste of Alex’s cum, Nikita kissing her way down her girl’s slender body before switching her fingers for her tongue. After a few thorough licks Nikita wrapped her mouth around Alex’s pussy lips and sucked the remainder of the other girl’s cum out of her sweet little love hole. Which in turn caused Alex to cum again, this time in Nikita’s mouth, the more experienced assassin eagerly swallowing every drop before tongue fucking her beloved protégé to another orgasm.

For a while Nikita switch back and forth between her tongue and fingers, giving Alex so many orgasms in the process she thought she would pass out. Then Nikita slowly brought her down from her high, kissed her way up to her body until they were face to face again and stared lovingly into Alex’s eyes.

She became lost in those eyes for a few seconds, then after a brief kiss Nikita whispered, “Wait here.”

Obeying Nikita was like breathing for Alex, something so natural to her she did it without question. Trusting Nikita was just as natural to her, Alex understanding although her sensei had kept things from her and even lied to her she was trying to do what was best for both of them. Then there was getting excited at Nikita’s actions, one of the most frequent triggers to this natural reaction being Nikita retrieving a strap-on dildo. Alex was a little disappointed it wasn’t the biggest model, but she had plenty of fond memories of Nikita using that 10 inches of rubber to make her feel oh so good.

What was unnatural was Nikita gently lifting her feet and slipping the harness over them after murmuring, “I thought tonight we could try something different.”

Alex was stunned. Sure she had fantasised about using the strap-on cock to fuck her beloved mentor, or even just a regular dildo, but Alex hadn’t been sure Nikita would ever allow her to use one on her. Of course it was a nice surprise, and even as Alex was busy being stunned her body was only too happy to move itself accordingly to make it easier for Nikita to slide the harness up her thighs and tighten it around her waist.

By the time she had come to her senses Nikita looked about ready to take the fake cock into her mouth, prompting Alex to softly ask, “Have you ever done this before?”

Looking up at her student Nikita softly smiled, “Not for a woman.”

Then Nikita swallowed the head of the cock and began bobbing her head up and down on it, her right hand stroking the base in what was probably something done out of habit but really worked for Alex who was having the end of the dildo bashing against her clit. Surprisingly soon after that Nikita began lowering her mouth even further down on the dick, taking inch after inch down her throat until she was bobbing on the entire length of the cock.

Obviously Nikita had done this before, and while Alex found it incredibly mentally thrilling and surprisingly physically pleasurable to be on the receiving end of a blow job for once she couldn’t help feel jealous. It was a childish feeling as the older woman had made no secret of her sexual tension with Michael or her previous engagement to Daniel, so it was hardly new information that Nikita had experience with men. That she had loved others. That Alex was simply the latest to fall head over heels for this exotic beauty, and she should try and focus on the honour of being the first woman to experience this from Nikita than any petty jealousy.

For her part Nikita was extremely nervous by this whole situation, so she finished the blow job as quickly as she could then took the toy out of her mouth, crawled up Alex’s body and lined the head of the dildo up with the entrance to her core. Then with a calming breath she lowered herself downwards, her pussy welcoming the fake cock inside it pretty easily. There was a slight stretching sensation which could have easily been avoided if Nikita had just picked a smaller dildo but she wanted this to hurt a little. In fact she was somewhat disappointed it didn’t hurt more.

Nikita had inflicted big toys on Alex almost right from the get go, the smallest strap-on being 8 inches long and she used that only once. More recently she started using the 12 incher but after careful debate had chosen the 10 inch model for this little experiment. Of course Nikita had been with plenty of ‘well-equipped’ men, particularly Daniel and Michael had been above average, however she had never had something quite this big inside her, Nikita getting quite a thrill out of her protégé stretching her out like never before. Alex stretching her out like never before.

Of course Nikita had considered using a toy this size when she was alone, but honestly she preferred using her own fingers when masturbating. If she wanted something hard inside her she could normally get it just by walking into a bar and picking up the best they had to offer, although admittedly that was something she hadn’t done since she found Alex. At first because caring for the girl had taken priority over her sex drive and then later in her weaker moments Nikita had become fixated on just touching herself while imagining the beautiful Russian girl. Then she had allowed Alex to succeed at seducing her and since then Nikita had no need for masturbation.

Briefly Nikita smiled as she thought about how much more effective Alex’s mouth was than her own fingers at getting her off, especially after she had added sex-ed to her student’s education. Soon afterwards Nikita thought she was going to have a lot of fun guiding Alex through the advanced sex-ed lessons, although her mind was briefly occupied with the fact that she had finished lowering herself on the full length of the strap-on. Nikita was now sitting on Alex’s lap with every inch of that dick inside her. Nikita had every inch of Alex’s dick inside her.

Alex was also dwelling on that overwhelming thought. She had become so used to it being the other way around, and she loved it, loved having Nikita’s dick inside her, but this was a whole new level of thrilling. Not necessarily better than having Nikita inside her, just different. A very good different, which was quickly becoming the theme of the night.

While Alex didn’t exactly get over being inside Nikita in this way her thoughts were interrupted by the amazing sight of her exotic goddess slowly lifting herself up so that a few inches of dildo left her pussy and then pushed herself back down and in doing so pushing those inches back inside herself. Nikita then repeated this process, establishing a slow, steady rhythm. Only she wasn’t fucking Alex, she was fucking herself. Nikita was fucking herself on Alex’s cock and Alex didn’t know what to think or where to look.

At first Alex couldn’t help but focus on Nikita’s cunt, the younger spy mesmerised by the sight of that pretty little pussy taking that big dildo with ease. The thought of her sensei bouncing on her cock was beyond thrilling, and it looked amazing, but Alex couldn’t help thinking the reason Nikita was taking it with ease was because of her former lovers, because of Daniel and Michael, and she should have been mature and understanding about that but she just couldn’t help feel jealous. In many ways Alex was still a child and she could easily become petty and jealous at the idea of Nikita with someone else, the thought of it now threatening to ruin the amazing time she was having.

To keep herself happy Alex forced her eyes to travel upwards to Nikita’s breasts bouncing ever so slightly by the force of her thrusts, the young assassin quickly becoming happy again at both the sight and the image in her head of sucking those well-proportioned globes of flesh. Best of all it wasn’t just her imagination, it was many memories of Nikita allowing Alex the privilege of sucking her tits, and of course the sweet memory of the last time she’d really had some time to worship that area.

Once she had enjoyed that image for a while Alex’s eyes traveled upwards to Nikita’s beautiful face which was a mask of pleasure, the two deadly women locking eyes and staring at each other for a few blissful seconds. Then without any warning Nikita leaned down so she was pressing her body flat against Alex and kissed her girlfriend right on the lips.

The kiss seemed to last forever and yet only for a few seconds, the next thing Alex truly knowing being Nikita pulling away from her and whispering, “Fuck me Alex. Please fuck me.”

It took a couple of seconds for Alex to fully comprehend what Nikita meant by that. When she figured it out she scolded herself for her stupidity and then quickly got to work pleasing the only person who meant anything to her anymore. That included grabbing Nikita’s hips firmly with both hands and then thrusting upwards and into her sensei. Immediately her own personal goddess let out a loud cry of pleasure which had Alex repeating the process, awkwardly thrusting away at Nikita’s cunt as the older woman lifted herself up and began thrusting in time with Alex’s movements.

Nikita also began playing with her tits, gently at first but with increasing roughness to go along with the harder thrusts initiated by the more experienced spy. Alex was of course ever the obedient student and happy to follow her teacher’s lead, the eager to please Russian pounding up into the older woman’s love box as Nikita pounded downwards. Working together like that the sex soon became harder and rough, at first Nikita just moaning happily before beginning to make more verbal encouragement.

“Fuck me Alex, please fuck me.” Nikita practically whimpered in a desperate tone Alex had never quite heard before, “Oh God fuck me with your cock! Fuck me with your girl cock. Yes, mmmmmmm, oh Alex, fuck me Alex. Fuck me my girlfriend. Fuck, ooooooohhhhh fuck me Alex!”

That simple encouragement had Alex more desperate than ever to please the love of her life. However for once Alex felt compelled to go against Nikita’s unspoken wishes and shake things up a bit. If it turned out to be a mistake she would simply say she was trying to show initiative and then take whatever punishment Nikita saw fit. If not, well, Nikita wasn’t the only one who would benefit.

It wasn’t often Nikita was taken by surprise but normally Alex was so submissive during sex. In fact Alex was subservient in general to Nikita, and while a big part of that was their teacher/student dynamic the older spy had suspected her protégé of being naturally submissive before she bedded her. Nearly every sexual encounter that had only seen to confirm Nikita’s original hypothesis, the fact that Alex was a bottom only making it harder for Nikita to resist the young temptress.

So even though Nikita had ordered Alex to fuck her and begged for more she was taken completely offguard when her protégé flipped her onto her back and mounted her without the dildo being removed from her needy hole. Unfortunately that stopped the momentum of the fuck, a few seconds ticking by as Alex stared down at her nervously. Then with a clearly forced look of determination on her face Alex started fucking Nikita again, this time the young assassin being the one to choose the pace of the thrusting. She chose hard and fast, Alex using a few warning thrusts to get Nikita’s pussy used to the sensation of being fucked this way before quickly working things up to the point she was using all her strength to pound into the far more experienced and deadly assassin.

If she had been in her right mind Nikita might have considered scolding Alex for doing something without her permission. As it was she was far too busy moaning in pleasure and trying not to cum to quickly from being fucked this way. The way she hadn’t been fucked in so long. With her on the bottom and someone else pounding into her. Only this time it wasn’t some musclebound man but her petite protégé. A girl almost half her age who had submitted to her so completely was now pounding her pussy hard and deep, making the dangerous spy come apart underneath her beloved Alex.

“Wrap your legs around me.” Alex said, her soft tone sounding deafening in the now more or less quiet room, “I want to feel your legs, and arms, wrapped around me while you cum.”

Nikita was speechless. She wanted to say yes, to beg Alex to fuck her and make her cum, and that she loved her. Instead Nikita did as she was told, which was kind of big deal for her as she had always hated taking orders. Now however she didn’t mind, especially as she was soon fucked to a powerful climax. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as Nikita stared up lovingly into Alex’s eyes and then tried to verbally give Alex her approval. Even though she couldn’t form a coherent word let alone a sentence Alex got the message, the younger girl clearly cumming herself as a result of the stimulator on her clit and the joy of fucking Nikita, both women enjoying this act perhaps just as much as the other.

After what felt like a blissful eternity Alex collapsed into her lovers arms, Nikita holding her sweat soaked body to her own in a sticky but much-needed warm embrace. They rested like that for a while, Alex’s cock completely engulfed in Nikita’s cunt, the younger spy trying to get over what she had just done to this goddess who had treated her like a submissive little fuck toy since their first night together. Which again Alex loved, but to have fucked Nikita in this way and made her cum whimpering her name was beyond intoxicating.

Of course they say all good things must come to an end and from the look in Nikita’s eyes when she rolled them over told Alex that her time on top was well and truly done.

That thought was momentarily in doubt when Nikita rolled off of her, got down between her legs and gave her another long blow job, this time cleaning her own cum and pussy juices from the shaft. Then it became a little unclear when Nikita removed the harness and began lapping away at Alex’s cunt, the experienced older woman effortlessly cleaning her young lover’s pussy of all her leftover cum before beginning to drink down her regular cream. It was enough to make Alex want to beg Nikita to get into a 69 with her so she can return the favour, before she could Nikita moved away and it all became clear.

Quickly strapping the dildo around her waist Nikita ordered, “Bend over.”

Alex obeyed without a moment’s hesitation, the young spy eager to see which hole her sensei would choose to fuck. Her mouth, pussy and ass were at Nikita’s disposal 24/7 as far as Alex was concerned. Even during the deadliest missions Alex was confident Nikita could find the time to take her if she wanted too, and Division HQ was just another place which couldn’t keep Nikita out if she wanted to be there. Of course now was not the time to dwell on such things. Instead it was the time to wiggle her ass invitingly and hope the mighty Nikita would take her, and take her hard.

For a few seconds Nikita just stared at her lustfully, Alex practically quivering in anticipation of what was about to happen to her. Then Nikita moved so she was directly behind Alex, the younger girl letting out a excited moan as she felt her sensei’s fingers sliding over her pussy lips. Nikita cruelly teased her girlfriend for a full minute, sliding those fingers up and down, up and down, up and down before finally pushing them slowly inside her, Alex moaning loudly as her older lover began finger fucking her.

Nikita had proven she could easily make a girl cum by just using her fingers but Alex was no fool, she knew exactly what her boss wanted and she was only too happy to give it to her, “Please fuck me Niki, mmmmmm fuck me hard! Oh God, fuck me with your big cock. Mmmmmm, I want to feel your big cock inside me. I want to feel you inside me. Ooooooh Niki, please give it to me. Fuck me like only you can. Please? Please fuck me Nikita. I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me. Ohhhhhh, fuck my pussy, fuck my ass, fuck whichever hole you want, they’re both yours. All my holes are yours. My mouth, pussy and ass are your personal fuck holes. Please fuck one of them oooooooohhhhhhh Nikitaaaaaaaa!”

Hearing the words she had been waiting for Nikita quickly pulled her fingers out of Alex’s pussy and replace them with the strap-on cock, the older spy slowly but surely pushing the full-length of the dildo into her protégé. Once Alex was full of her cock Nikita took a few seconds to savour the moment. Then she slowly began pumping her girl’s pussy, Alex’s joyful moans the sweetest music to Nikita’s ears.

It had always been a wonderful sound Nikita had been too busy hating herself to truly enjoy before. Now she was in heaven, not just from the sound of Alex’s enjoyment from the feeling of her hips gently thrusting against the other girl’s butt and perhaps more importantly the sight of Alex’s love hole stretching around her strap-on. Her lover’s womanhood taking her false manhood inside her. Alex taking Nikita inside her, stretching for her, taking everything she had to offer. Every long, thick, hard inch of that fake prick pumping in and out of Alex’s core, Nikita fucking her girlfriend with her strap-on cock. Fucking her with her cock.

For a while Nikita kind of got stuck on that idea. She always did when fucking Alex like this as there was something about wearing a strap-on which really got Nikita off. It was why as tempting and as easy it would have been to just make Alex cum on her fingers Nikita had pushed her dick into her protégé the second the girl had begged her for it and confirmed her holes belong to her.

Of course thoughts such as these had Nikita literally aching to fuck Alex hard and make her cum. That was something Alex wanted too given the way she was moaning and her wet pussy was welcoming Nikita’s cock. However after so many nights of treating Alex like a cheap whore Nikita desperately wanted to give her lover the type of treatment she truly deserved while at the same time giving her a gentle reminder who was in charge. Fortunately, and as usual, Nikita had a plan.

Alex was so lost in the heaven which was being fucked by Nikita she was completely taken by surprise when she found herself slowly being moved backwards. For the briefest of moments she almost panicked. Then she relaxed, safe in the knowledge that nothing could hurt her as long as she was in Nikita’s arms. It was perhaps a childish/unrealistic thought but it was one which felt so vividly real to Alex given she knew full well what this goddess was capable of, the fact that Nikita moved her like she weighed nothing further proving there was something to that thought.

Before Alex could dwell on it much more she felt the dildo start moving in and out of her pussy again. It had stopped only briefly but in her current horny stated it felt long enough to the young assassin, Alex just enjoying the sensation for a few seconds before analysing this new position she now found herself in.

It was sort of the reverse cowgirl, only instead of laying on her back Nikita was sort of kneeling. Or perhaps more accurately sitting on her legs. Either way she was bouncing Alex on her lap, the younger girl more or less moving up and down on the fake prick which was still deep inside her, Nikita still effortlessly moving her body as if she weighed nothing.

Which clearly wasn’t the idea, “Come on, Alex bounce for me. Bounce on my cock. Bounce like a good girl.”

Not needing to be told twice Alex started riding Nikita’s cock, the younger spy working in time with her mentor’s movements so that the dildo went as deep as possible with each thrust. It wasn’t as hard as it could possibly be because Alex chose to keep time with Nikita’s pace which were slow and steady, the Russian of course ready for a harder pace but not daring to push it without Nikita’s permission.

In the past she had tried a few times and Nikita had been furious, yelling at Alex that she had to do what she said at all times. That if she couldn’t trust her to do as she was told when they were alone together how could she trust she wouldn’t be a liability out in the field. It was the same thing Nikita said when Alex made a mistake during training and had always meant the same thing, that being Nikita liked having Alex under her thumb. Alex wasn’t sure how much Nikita was aware of it as she had been hesitant to ask her but there was no denying Nikita craved control. In general but most of all over Alex. And for all of her own long-standing desires for freedom Alex loved being under Nikita’s control.

Fucking Nikita with the strap-on was everything Alex had dreamed it would be and more. It had given her the feeling of power and dominance which had been incredible rush, and she had got to be intimate with Nikita in a way she had never known before. It had just been so intense, in a way which had been so different to anything else. Even the little display of dominance they’d both enjoyed the last time they were together. However deep down Alex knew she was a bottom, or possibly Nikita was such a top that she just gravitated towards the submissive role.

That was why as fun as it had been to play the role of dominant top it felt heavenly to be back in the role of submissive bottom. The role that felt like she was born to play, Alex truly believing she had found her place in life right here, bouncing on Nikita’s cock. Yes, her purpose in life was to sexually please the goddess known as Nikita. To fulfil every one of this goddess’s desires by any means necessary, her own pleasure nothing but a trivial after thought next to the enjoyment of Nikita. That was why Alex continued to ride that dildo even as her own desire caught up with her and her body began to ache for the type of powerful orgasms only Nikita could give her.

Luckily for Alex she was soon given the chance to earn those orgasms, Nikita leaning forward to nibble on her earlobe before whispering in her ear, “You wanna cum baby girl?”

“да!” Alex whimpered, “да! да да да! Ohhhhhh my God yes, mmmmmm, oh Niki please, I need it!”

Grinning wickedly Nikita practically purred, “Maybe I will… if you beg for it like a good girl.”

Wasting no time Alex quickly begged, “Please, please, please let me cum Niki, make me cum, ooooooohhhhhh Gooodddddd! Please? Please? I want to cum for you so bad моя любовь. I wanna cum for you my love, mmmmmmm, only you. I’m yours Niki, I’m your baby girl. I’m your good girl. Mmmmm I’ll beg for you, oooooooh, I’ll do anything for you, ahhhhhh, oh God, Я люблю тебя, Я люблю тебя, oh God Nikita I love you, please, please, please make me cum I’m begging for you to let me cum. Пожалуйста, пожалуйста, пожалуйста, пожалуйста, пожалуйста Nikita сделать мне диплом! Пожалуйста сделать мне диплом! Пожалуйста сделать мне диплом!”

Alex continued to beg as Nikita lowered her down until she was on all fours again and slowly began increasing the pace of the fucking. Although Nikita built up pace slowly it felt like only seconds passed in between gentle pumping and hard pounding, Alex losing the ability to speak coherently as she felt herself crashing towards the edge of powerful climax. When she went over that edge she lost herself altogether, Alex surrendering her entire being to Nikita, safe in the knowledge that her sensei would protect her while she was overcome by ecstasy.

It was difficult, as always, but Nikita remained vigilant of their surroundings even as she became mostly lost in fucking Alex. That there were motion sensors and nonlethal traps surrounding her inner sanctum helped, and as always there were several weapons nearby if Nikita should need them. However it was only a matter of time before Nikita was truly overcome by pleasure, and even if they were interrupted at this stage Nikita wasn’t so sure she could tear herself away from Alex even under the threat of death. Which would almost be worth it as at least she and her lover would go blissfully happy.

Pushing that thought out of her head Nikita concentrated on the girl bent over in front of her slamming herself into each thrust. Nikita smiled, remembering a time when she had tried to teach Alex not to do that without her permission. It had ultimately proven fruitless as no matter how hard she tried Alex couldn’t seem to stop herself from doing this and Nikita had to admit there was something so endearing about watching her protégé thrust back against her. Besides, Nikita had enjoyed having the excuse to spank Alex’s cute little butt.

Just how violently she use to punish the younger girl briefly made Nikita feel guilty, but she quickly replaced it by the thought of something else she like to do to Alex’s cute little butt. As always Nikita wanted to do that thing again, however for once she considered using the energy she had left to just keep fucking Alex’s pussy. After all she was seconds away from a climax herself and it would be so easy just to speed up even more and slam Alex’s cunt until they both collapsed with exhaustion.

Instead Nikita kept her composure as she pounded her protégé’s pussy through two nicely satisfying if not overwhelming orgasms, treating Alex to several far more than satisfying climaxes in the process. Then Nikita suddenly pulled her strap-on out of Alex’s sex, lean down and buried her face in her young lover’s cunt, the older spy hungrily lapping up all the sweet girl cum she could find before allowing her tongue to travel north.

Alex had loved those gentle licks to her pussy as they had been a blissful way to comedown from her high. It was something Nikita had done many times before and while the older woman had told Alex she only did it because she liked the taste of girl cum the young Russian new better. After all, why would Nikita lick her so thoroughly if she didn’t care? Of course Nikita was no longer pretending not too, which only made everything more blissful for Alex, the younger spy welcoming her saviour’s tongue on her twat and then on her ass hole.

While the little pussy licking was nice the ass licking was even better because it promised further pleasure to come, Alex moaning joyfully when she felt Nikita’s skilled tongue slid across her butt hole for the first time in ages.

Receiving a rim job from Nikita was a rare treat for Alex. Normally Nikita made the young girl lick her ass as a not so subtle reminder who was in charge, Alex of course absolutely loving being made to bury her face in between her sensei’s butt cheeks, especially after being ‘forced’ to eat Nikita’s pussy. She also loved it when Nikita sat on her face and literally smothered her with her ass, or better yet her cunt, making it easy for the whole world to fall away leaving only the sight, smell and taste of Nikita.

Those memories brought a blissful smile to Alex’s face as Nikita’s tongue continued lapping away at her butt hole, the younger assassin’s mind moving eventually from the past to her immediate future. The thought of it caused adrenaline to pump through Alex’s veins, so that while she didn’t regain her full strength it kind of felt like it, Alex knowing she would need whatever she could get for taking the type of ass fuckings Nikita love to dish out.

As her protégé’s mind went back and forth between her past and future Nikita chose to concentrate on the present. Well, mostly. She did briefly think it was a shame she hadn’t spent much time licking this little treasure in between Alex’s cheeks, but in her defence that was because she was normally busy fucking it. Or fucking and licking Alex’s front hole, two things which had consumed Nikita’s life even as she protested that she felt nothing for the other girl.

That had her once again thinking of the far worse things she had done to Alex, then Nikita refocused on the task at hand so she didn’t become lost in them again. That involved spitting onto Alex’s ass hole and rubbing in the saliva with her tongue, closing her lips around the puckered rosebud so she could suck on it and even push into her protégé’s tight anal ring. The last thing was difficult but not impossible. Not that Nikita got very far, at least not with her tongue alone. Luckily she had another trick up her sleeve, although she put it off for quite a while as she was enjoying rimming her new girlfriend.

Eventually Nikita did pull her mouth and tongue away from Alex’s ass hole, pressed her index finger against the tight entrance and pushed slowly but forcefully forwards. Both girls moaned as Nikita penetrated Alex’s butt hole and pushed her finger as deep as it would go into the younger spy’s rectum, Nikita marvelling at the exquisite tightness for a few moments before gently beginning to butt fuck her protégé with her finger.

After a few minutes of this Nikita replaced her finger with her tongue, that soft wet muscle briefly being able to travel further into Alex’s butt thanks to the fingering. Then after a minute or two of thoroughly tonguing Alex’s ass hole Nikita switched back to using her finger, this time adding a second one into the mix to further stretch out the young girl’s butt, preparing it for the strap-on which was still glistening with Alex’s cum and pussy juices.

Through it all Alex whimpered and moaned in pleasure, and about halfway through she began begging, “Ohhhhhh God fuck me. Please Nikita, fuck me. Fuck my ass. Oooooooh fuck yes, lick me back there. Get my ass hole nice and wet so you can fuck it with your big dick. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssss finger me, finger my ass, yesssssss mmmmmmm, just like that, finger fuck my ass hole, mmmmmm, fuck me Niki, use every single one of my holes for your pleasure. Mmmmmm, I’m yours Niki, my whole body is yours, mmmmmmm, you can fuck me in whichever hole you want, ooooooohhhhhhh, just fuck me! Fuck me Nikita, please-”

“Alex!” Nikita interrupted, waiting a few seconds to make sure she had her girlfriend’s attention before continuing, “Spread your cheeks.”

Ever eager to please her saviour Alex immediately became silent the second Nikita spoke her name. She was just as quick when it came to pressing her face to the bed sheets and reaching back to grab onto her ass cheeks. However, knowing what Nikita liked, Alex made sure to slowly spread her cheeks apart, slowly revealing the forbidden hole she was going to allow this goddess to use for her pleasure. The tiny hole, like every other hole on her body, which belonged to this goddess and was hers to use. Her ass hole which her girlfriend was about to use for her pleasure.

Some combination of those words echoed in Alex’s head as she became lost in the joy of exposing herself in this intimate way for the mighty warrior named Nikita. Then she felt Nikita slowly remove her fingers from that tight, forbidden hole and replace them with the strap-on, Alex practically quivering with anticipation as the older woman slowly increased the pressure until her anal ring began to stretch.

It hurt, especially when her ass hole stretched wide enough to take the head of the dildo inside it, however this was the type of pain Alex had grown to crave. Partly because it made her think of the pleasure to come, but mostly because she liked the feeling of being forced open for Nikita’s pleasure, her most private of holes being stretched in a sign of submission to this clearly superior woman. So Alex actually let out a cry of pleasure as she was anally penetrated by the woman she craved to please, Alex spreading her butt cheeks as wide as possible to make it easier for Nikita to see her cock sliding into her bottom.

After all the times they had done this Alex didn’t need to see Nikita’s face to know that her new girlfriend was captivated by seeing her strap-on sliding into her ass hole, the older woman’s gaze remaining locked on that poor hole as it was forced to slowly take the entire length of the dildo. However with her face pressed against the bed sheets at an angle she could just about see behind herself, and Alex did so enjoy the captivated look on Nikita’s face because it told her she was pleasing this dominant woman, which of course was the most important thing in the world to her.

Nikita did indeed love watching her cock slowly sliding into Alex’s ass hole. She also loved watching her cock slowly sliding in and out of the younger brunette’s butt hole, Nikita only taking a couple of seconds to enjoy having fully penetrated Alex’s ass before she began officially sodomising her protégé with slow but steady thrusts.

Of course Nikita had always enjoyed watching herself fucking Alex, even when she had hated herself for it, but there was just something special about anal sex. It was just so taboo and wrong, two things which Nikita had always thought described her sexual relationship with Alex, therefore this act seeming to be the most taboo and wrong thing she could do. But more than doing something unspeakably wicked to a girl she was so determined to help, it was the control Nikita craved, the dominance.

As much as Nikita always wanted to protect Alex she loved having the younger girl under her thumb. It was something she craved, needed even, Nikita almost not comfortable having Alex in her presence unless she was completely subservient and obedient to her. And nothing seemed to make Alex subservient and obedient then fucking her in the ass, the act of sodomy never failing to turn Alexandra Udinov into the perfect lesbian pet. In turn it made Nikita feel like a total Alpha female dominating her submissive mate, the far more dangerous assassin fucking the less experienced assassin up the butt and making, no, reminding her she was her bitch.

It was wrong to think of Alex in that way, especially considering her past, but Nikita just couldn’t help herself, especially in this position. Because as overwhelmingly dominant as butt fucking Alex normally made Nikita feel, seeing nearly the entire length of the strap-on dildo pumping in and out, in and out, in and out of Alex’s ass hole, the young Russian beauty bent over in front of her and spreading her ass cheeks in total submission to her, her protégé so accepting that her back door was Nikita’s personal fuck hole, it was almost too much.

Eventually it took so much out of her to control her body Nikita couldn’t help but lose control of her mouth, the deadly assassin growling, “Take it Alex! Take it like a good little bitch! Mmmmmm fuck, you are my bitch Alex! I own you! I own every little part of your body! Ohhhhhhh fuck, even the most private part of your body is a fuck hole for my pleasure. Mmmmmm yes, your tight little ass is mine Alex, your entire body is mine! Your mind, your soul, every little part of you belongs to me. You’re my property Alex, ooooooohhhhhhh mmmmmmm, and I’m going to protect what’s mine. No one else is going to touch you my sweet baby girl because no one touches my things! Nobody touches my bitch. My sweet little bitch. My hot little slut. My beautiful baby girl. Ohhhhhhhh Goooooddddddd Alex, I love you so much.”

“Я тоже тебя люблю, моя любовь! I love you more than anything!” Alex practically wept with pleasure, loving everything Nikita was saying to her, “Пожалуйста, трахнуть mеня, fuck me hard! Please pound my ass and make me cum! Ohhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, butt fuck me Niki, butt fuck me hard! I wanna cum for you Niki! I wanna cum for my owner! I wanna cum for the woman who owns me! Ooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, I’m your little anal slut Nikita, mmmmmm, I’m your bitch! I’m anything you want me to be because I’m yours and I love you and please, pleaseeeeeeeee, oooooohhhhhhh, пожалуйста, сделать мне диплом сделать мне диплом сделать мне диплом сделать мне диплом сделать мне диплом!”

Slowly, ever so slowly, Nikita increased the pace of the butt fucking to something which wasn’t a fraction of the roughness she used to use however was enough to have Alex rushing towards climax. When she reached the edge Nikita slowed down just enough so Alex wouldn’t cum, the experienced butt pounder riding her anal slut through near orgasm after near orgasm without a hint of allowing her to go over the edge.

The latter thing Nikita had done many times and Alex was grateful for it. She didn’t want to cum so soon, not when she was experiencing the heaven that was Nikita fucking her in the ass. However Alex was a little disappointed that Nikita was holding back, her lover still clearly feeling guilty for the way she had used her over the last year. On the bright side Alex was confident that Nikita would eventually get there, and the ass fucking was hard enough that Alex could feel the far more dominant woman’s hips crashing against her ass cheeks, causing them to jiggle slightly and the sound of flesh meeting flesh to echo throughout the room.

Another advantage Alex had was she was used to being denied an orgasm while being fucked by Nikita so when the urge to cum became almost unbearable she could go to her happy place. A place in her mind she could concentrate on to distract herself from torture, or at least that’s why Nikita had taught it to her. Of course that happy place involved being with Nikita in some way, Alex either imagining being in the arms of the woman she loved or imagining that goddess fucking her. Maybe somewhat ironically when Nikita was fucking her like this she would deal with it by imagining Nikita fucking her, only harder and with more of an emphasis on Nikita’s ownership of her.

For better or for worse Nikita knew of these unhealthy desires and was not above using them to make her lover cum, “Alex, your owner commands you to cum! Cum for your owner! Mmmmmm, cum for me Alex, the woman who owns your every breath. You only breathe because I allow it, do you understand me! Ahhhhhh fuck, you exist for my entertainment. You’re purpose in life is to please me, oooooooh, fulfil your purpose by cumming for me now! Cum for me you little bitch! Ahhhhhh God, you’re mine Alex, you’re my bitch, my slut, my girlfriend, my everything, oh God I love you baby girl!”

With those words Alex came so hard that she saw stars. Her cum squirting out of her cunt and she literally shook with joy, Alex thrusting herself back rapidly against Nikita’s thrusts, impaling her own ass hole on that mighty weapon of ass destruction until eventually she collapsed with exhaustion. Of course the expert butt fucker kept a tight hold of her hips so her lower half remained in the air, Nikita relentlessly ramming Alex’s butt for both their benefit, although Alex pretended Nikita was just using her butt hole for her own selfish pleasure.

Nikita had used Alex’s ass hole for her own selfish pleasure. She had used every hole on Alex’s body. Countless times. In every position she knew, and even some she didn’t, Nikita throwing Alex around like a rag doll and using her however she wanted. She had fucked her baby girl so brutally she had wanted her to break, especially when slamming her ass with a strap-on, Nikita literally trying to make sure that Alex wouldn’t sit properly thanks to the assault on her ass.

It had all been a desperate attempt to make the younger girl hate her. Leave her. Maybe even kill her. Anything but love her, Nikita knowing in the very core of her being that she didn’t deserve Alex’s love. She didn’t deserve anyone’s love, but especially not Alex’s. Not after what she had done to her father, not after failing to protect her from this world’s monsters. In doing so Nikita had only made it worse. She had not only failed to drive Alex away but she had repeatedly hurt the person she had grown to love above all others, Nikita now fully accepting if there was such a thing as true love Alex was it for her. Alex was the one, her soul mate, and somehow Nikita would make it up to her.

Perhaps if they had a normal relationship that would mean Nikita would only make gentle love to Alex for the rest of their days, but they were far from normal and Nikita knew what her lover wanted. What she needed. What she craved. So when Alex was desperate for it Nikita pounded her lover’s ass hard and deep, keeping her hips up in the air for as long as she was able so she could force the less experienced assassin to endure the hard butt fucking she had been begging for.

“Your mother is so fucking hot.”

I looked over at my girlfriend in disbelief.

“Fiona! One day she could be your mother-in-law, you shouldn’t say things like that – especially in front of me.”

“I’m just saying. What a cute ass.”

Fiona grinned. She likes to act reserved and quiet in public, but in private she becomes an insatiable beast.

“Well try not to.”

“Wouldn’t you like to watch me with another woman?”

I had to admit, when I found out Fiona had experimented in college, I was turned on. The idea of Fiona’s sweet little face between another woman’s legs was a real jerk fantasy for me, the night she told me we had sex three times.

“You’re thinking about it, right?”

I blushed, “You’re such a slut Fiona.”

“I bet I could seduce her.”

“Impossible, my mother is a saint. She hasn’t even been with another man since my father left.”

“Heh. All that time without sex, I bet she has a pile of vibrators!”

“Please don’t talk like that.”

“C’mon, she’s a human being, we all need to get off from time to time. I’d have her begging in no time.”

Despite the subject of her desires I could feel my cock stirring.

“You really think you could seduce her?”

Fiona looked me dead in the eye.

“I’m one-hundred percent sure. You feel like making a bet?”

My empty wallet called out from my back pocket.

“Not that you would win or anything, but can I trust you not to go all the way?

“I’ll make sure youre happy, I promise. One-hundred dollars.”

“Deal. Right now? When she comes back with the drinks?”

Fiona smiled, “Yes.”

“Should I hide or something?”

“No, you can watch. I’ve seduced a few women before, I’m pretty good.”

“I guess the money is as good as mine. Good luck, I guess.”

We sat and waited in silence. Eventually my mother entered the room carrying a tray of cool drinks. I took mine and sipped at it. When Fiona reached for hers she subtly brushed against my mothers arm.

The two of us were seated on the couch, my mother put the tray down on the coffee table and sat opposite.

“So,” said my mother, “Do I hear wedding bells?”

I nearly choked on my drink.

“We’re in no hurry Eve,” answered Fiona, “I want to make sure your son is everything I need.”

“You’ve been together for over two and a half years, what don’t you know yet?”

“To be perfectly blunt, I don’t know if he can satisfy me. Sexually.”

I watched my mother’s face, I was sure this would cut the conversation short. She simply blushed and nursed her drink.

“We haven’t spent much time together in the bedroom,” Fiona lied, “I don’t know if a man could ever truly please me.”

“Are you a virgin?” my mother asked, looking back and forth between us.

I kept a carefully neutral expression.

“No,” said Fiona, “I’ve been around. The only way I’ve ever climaxed is from oral attention though.”

Fiona smiled again, I couldn’t believe my mother hadn’t left the room in embarrassment yet.

“I’m sure my son could u-use his… mouth on you,” my mother stuttered.

Fiona faked embarrassment, “It’s just that… the only one who can truly understand a woman is another woman. Women are so patient and gentle.”

“Have you been with many women?”

I bit down on my tongue.

“A few. There was one, my college roommate, she was so amazing. Some nights I would pass out with pleasure. She taught me everything.”

I knew from personal experience that Fiona knew a lot of tricks.

Fiona tilted her head, “Have you ever been with a woman Eve?”

My mother blushed deeply, “I could never do that. The only person I have ever slept with was my ex-husband.”

“Well, we can all surprise ourselves. Have you ever been truly satisfied?”

“He wasn’t the most… sensual person.”

Fiona fluttered her eyelashes, “I just can’t imagine life without sex. You must get so frustrated…”

My mother sighed, “Sure.”

“Do you own a vibrator?”

“I can’t discuss this in front of my son!”

“We’re all consenting adults here. C’mon, I rally want to know.”

My mother gave me a glance, then looked down at her feet.

“I have a whole drawer full.”

“Wow. You must spend a lot of time with them.”

“Sometimes. It helps me to relax.”

“I have a couple of vibrators, but they aren’t enough to push me over the edge. How about you?”

“It feels good…”

“So you say. But do you ever climax?”


“If you hold it up against your clitoris on a low setting it feels really good. Never as good as a tongue though…”

“What does it feel like… down there?”

“What do you mean?”

“A tongue…”

“Ah. It’s so soft, so agile. The first time my roommate licked me I came in less than sixty seconds! I was so innocent back then…”

Fiona looked my mother in the eyes.

“I could teach you a few things, if you like.”

Things were snowballing, but I still felt I could trust my mother not to go too far.

“I don’t know…”

“Trust me, I learned from the best.”

My mother ran a hand through her long blond hair, “If you really want…”

Fiona got up and made her way over to my mother’s chair.

“Why don’t you start with your breasts.Play with them just a little, show me.”

I watched as my mother started to slowly run her hands along the front of her dress, feeling her large breasts through the fabric.

Fiona watched her intently, “You aren’t used to this, are you? Here, let me show you…”

Fiona grabbed a breast in each hand and gently manipulated them. I looked on awkwardly as my girlfriend played with my mothers tits.

“Here, let me try this out…”

The hands made their way around the dress and underneath. My mother didn’t say a word as her bra was silently removed. In no time my mother’s bare breasts were hanging out of her dress.

“That’s better right? But hands can only do so much…”

Fiona leaned down and sucked a nipple into her mouth. She licked away for a little while then pulled back, leaving a wet patch.

“I can tell you liked that. A tongue is so much better right?”

My mothers legs actually separated a little. Fiona ran a hand up each leg.

“Just use your imagination. Think about that feeling, a delicate little tongue in your most sensitive place. I bet you would cum so fast.”

My mother’s eyes closed, her legs opened even further.

Fiona ran a hand up my mothers dress. She lifted her ass momentarily, a second later her cotton panties were dragged down and discarded.

Fiona flashed me a naughty look. My mouth was hanging open, my cock strained against the front of my jeans.

“Would you like me to lick you Eve?”

My mother nodded.

“No,” said Fiona, “I have to hear you say it.”

“I want you to lick me?”


“My… my pussy.”



“Please lick me, Fiona.”

Fiona’s hand travelled up my mother’s dress and wrapped around. My mother scooted forward in her seat.

My girlfriend’s head disappeared up under my mothers dress, I leaned forward.

Wet noises floated up as Fiona lapped away at my mother’s pussy.

“How is it?” came a muffled voice.

“It feels weird…”

“How about this.”

My mother’s legs stiffened, her back straightened, and she let out a soft moan.

“Oh God.”

Fiona continued her magic.

“You’re good… holy shit you’re so amazing!”

A hand snaked up inside my mother’s dress, Fiona’s hand rested on her stomach.

“Oh, Fiona. Lick me! Eat my pussy!”

“Cum for me Eve. I want you to cum right now!”

My mother obeyed with a scream. Her fingers mixed with Fiona’s hair and her back arched. It looked like a series of electric shock running through her body, and it seemed to go on forever.

Fiona pulled back, her face slick with my mother’s juices, “How did it feel Eve?”

My mother looked down at Fiona with a content smile, “I’ve never felt anything close to that before.”

Fiona unzipped her black leather miniskirt and let it slide off, exposing her silk panties.

“Then how about you get down here. Have you ever heard of the sixty-nine position?”

It was Friday evening. As usual, a group of us were hanging out at Jimmy’s. Jimmy’s was a bar a block from work. A changing cast of characters would meet up there after work to eat, drink and generally let off steam on Fridays. The place was small and the only music came from a juke box but it was fun. Most of the week it was a neighborhood bar full of locals, but not on Friday.

The gang from work was a mix of both men and women. We all got along. There was often flirting but no dating, as far as I knew. Maria and I got along especially well. Maria was a pretty, petite, fiery and sexy woman. She was only five two but she had a big personality. We had developed a back and forth banter that we both enjoyed. She reminded me a lot of Lisa.

Lisa and I had been dating for about two months now. I felt things were going well. Lisa worked nearby and would occasionally be able to join us at Jimmy’s. She was similar to Maria, right down to height and personality but blonde instead of brunette. She also had a disconcerting jealous streak when it came to Maria. I think she saw how similar Maria was to her.

On this particular night, Lisa arrived about an hour later than I did. When she walked through the door, I was engaged in a conversation with Maria and Tina, another girl from work. The three of us were laughing and Maria at some point touched my elbow as we were talking. I say at some point because I don’t actually remember it happening. Lisa however seemed to have the image burned onto her brain as she recounted it later.

But anyway, while the three of us were talking, Lisa approached our group. I gave her a quick kiss and Maria and Tina exchanged hellos with her. She initially seemed relaxed but was giving me somewhat of a death stare when the other two weren’t looking.

As our little group drifted apart, Lisa pulled me aside and lit into me. “I can’t believe you’re hanging out with her.” “Don’t you care about me”? “I saw how she spoke to you, touching you.”

I tried to explain, “I don’t know what the problem is; we’re just work friends.” “I’m not interested in dating anyone but you.”

To say things weren’t warm and fuzzy between us the rest of the evening would be an understatement. There was some distance between us, she gave me cold looks and seemed to be drinking heavier than usual.

When we got to the car, she sat slumped against the passenger side door. I started the car and turned to her saying, “What was that all about? You know there is nothing going on there. You have to be able to trust me. Otherwise, what kind of relationship can we have?”

She just said, “I don’t want to get hurt.”

Here it was again, I was paying for the sins of some previous boyfriend. Exasperated, I said, “I’m not going to hurt you. You have to accept that.” I pulled the car out to start heading home.

She sat silently for awhile. When we pulled onto the highway, she started moving around. She suddenly unfastened her seat belt and got up onto her knees. I asked her what she was doing but she just leaned forward and started kissing the side of my face and my neck. Her hand was sliding up and down my chest. Then her hand slid to my crotch and she was fondling my balls through my pants and feeling my growing cock.

She undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants and lowered my zipper so that she could stick her hand in to feel me. She was alternating between slowly stroking my cock and fondling my balls as she continued to kiss the side of my face.

She stopped kissing me and leaned back for a moment. Then she lowered her head down and my cock was in her warm wet mouth. It was a moment of pure heaven. She started bobbing her head up and down. She was great at this. She began to increase her pace. I was having a hard time concentrating on driving. I pulled off the highway at the next exit.

Just off the exit, there was an empty parking lot that I took advantage of. The lot was behind a building, so we were screened from the road a little. She was really going strong now. I reached under her skirt and slid her panties to the side. My finger slipped easily into her soaked pussy. She moaned around my cock. I was trying to match her motion.

Lisa was becoming insatiable. She rocked her hips wanting more inside of her. Her sucking action was becoming more intense. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. As I felt myself getting close I warned her that I was going to cum. She had never let me cum in her mouth. She kept sucking. As I was about to erupt, I warned her again saying, “I’m cumming.”

With a grunt, I emptied a massive load into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. When I was finished, she kept sucking. I got to the point where I had to stop her because I had become over sensitive.

I leaned back and let out a long “Whew.”

She sat up smiling and said, “Surprised you, didn’t I?” That she did.

After I caught my breath, I fixed my pants and started the car back up. I took her home and, after returning the oral favor until she had a body shaking orgasm, fucked the shit out of her.

“Hey baby, how was the first day?” I asked, as my girlfriend walked in through the door.

Jess and I had been dating for four years now. We just both graduated from college, and moved in together. She did Women’s Studies, and I did engineering. I found a great job as soon as I got out of school. Jess, however, had to resort to a retail job until she could settle for a new career.

“Meh, it went alright. The manager is more of a douche than I thought,” said Jess, setting her things down. She looked great in jean shorts, short enough that the white pockets stuck out from underneath. She was about five foot four, and light as a feather. She had 32C breasts, a very thin waist, and my favorite – a small, but tight, very round ass that turned heads everywhere she went. The shorts showed off her lightly tanned legs, and the tan looked great with her blonde, shoulder-length hair.

It was pretty easy for her to get a job at Abercrombie & Fitch.

“What happened?” I asked, offering her a glass of water.

“Nothing really, just his attitude,” said Jess, smiling at me. She tiptoed and gave me a kiss on my lips.

The second day at her job was no better, but no worse. She complained about her manager again, but she promised that it was something she could deal with.

“Mark is a bit rude, I don’t know how to tell you. He never moves out of the way when he’s in the way, that kind of person. He thinks he’s such a stud.”

The third day, I got home before her again. I cooked her some dinner, and waited till she got back home. I knew she was in a bad mood when she came through the door without saying a word.

“Whats wrong?” I asked.

“Black fucking shoes,” she shouted at me, “Mark put me in the storage the whole day, because I wore black shoes. These don’t even look bad! And I wasn’t allowed to touch my phone, so I couldn’t even text you. Mark put me in the storage room the ENTIRE day!”

Oh well, I thought. We ate dinner quietly and watched a show on Netflix.

In bed, she snuggled up to me.

“Will you give me a ride to work tomorrow and then pick me up, so you can kind of size up Mark? He’s treating me badly at work.”

I couldn’t say no. I gave her a smile and we fell asleep.

I was standing there, being mesmerized by Jess. She wore a small green t-shirt with a push-up bra, which was a little tight on her and made her tits look absolutely delectable. It flowed down and tightly hugged her hips, covering just a little of the top of her round bottom. She wore tight black leggings that rode up her butt, showing off both her little buttcheeks.

She tiptoed and gave me a kiss. I couldn’t help myself but to grab her ass and give it a good squeeze. She giggled, and happily skipped toward the door.

When we both got into the store, Mark gave her a glimpse, then told her to neaten up the display and then to work the register. Jess turned around and gave me a smile.

Mark was pretty well built. He was just above my height, but had a much solid build. His arms were huge. We exchanged a nod, and I introduced myself as Jess’s boyfriend. I hate to admit it, but I was intimidated by him. His handshake was much firmer than mine. It was as if I stuck my hand out to get squeezed by his iron claws.

After my work was done, I cooked some dinner and went to pick up Jess. I went there about fifteen minutes before the store closed.

“If you’re waiting to pick up Jess, you can’t wait next to the register. It’s bad for the business,” said Mark.

I sat on one of the couches. The stink of the store annoyed me. The attitude of Mark annoyed me.

From my angle, I could see Jess as she checked out the customers. Whenever there was a transaction, she turned around and removed the hangers from the shirts and the pants. She’d turn around, bend over a little bit as she worked on the clothes. The two guys who were in the line leaned forward, enjoying Jess’s little ass as it ogled. They grinned to each other.

“Hold on, I forgot to grab a few more,” said one of the guys as Jess turned back around. He hurried back with several more clothes.

And then they checked out Jess more as she turned around, removing the hangers.

“Oh wait, me too.” said the other guy, with more clothes. Jess was a little agitated, but gave them a smile and removed the hangers again.

“You guys are just playing with me,” said Jess, faking a smile at them.

“No we aren’t, promise.” said one of the guys, grinning at Jess.

“Actually, never mind these clothes,” said the other one, removing all the clothes that they brought after the register was started.

Jess sighed, and continued checking them out.

They were giggling to each other as they walked out of the store.

“What a fine little ass on that girl, man. I’d love to get my face between those,” said one guy.

“I’d destroy that girl, face and ass,” said the other.

I pretended like I didn’t hear them. It didn’t help that Mark in sight, eyeing me and shaking his head, warning me to not make a move.

“Jess, you’re going to have to re-shelve those before you leave,” said Mark, as he went back the storage. Jess, upset, stomped her feet as she grabbed the pile of clothes to restock.

The ride back was quiet. I tried to cheer her up.

“Man, those couple guys were assholes,” I said to Jess, looking over at her.

“Oh well,” said Jess, leaning back.

“Maybe a different job?” I asked.

“Nah, I can deal with it. It’s not easy to find a job these days.” said Jess, snuggling away from me.

A week had passed. Jess complained less, almost to nonexistent. I committed myself to my new job, but tried hard to support her too.

Due to our lack of conversations, I decided to surprise her at the end of her work. I wanted to pick her up and take her out to dinner. The store closed at 9 PM, so maybe a pub for us. We hadn’t had a date in quite a while.

I ran a little late. I should have texted her that I was coming.

The mall was closing when I got there. As I made my way into the mall, I noticed Jess’s car a few rows away. I was glad she didn’t leave already. Can’t surprise her if she’s not there to be surprised.

The store was closed already when I got to it. I must’ve missed her while coming in. I couldn’t have, though. The way I came in would most definitely be the way she would be going out. Maybe she decided to go to another store quickly before they closed.

I stood in front of the store, tugging at the door a couple times. It was definitely closed.

Then I noticed Mark sitting on the couch where I was sitting just a week ago.

His head was tilted back. His hand was bobbing up and down. Was this guy masturbating in the store? I chuckled to myself. Jess is going to get a kick out of this.

And then… There was the blonde hair. Was it blonde? It kept bobbing. Yup, definitely blonde…

I leaned in closer to the window.

Definitely blonde… Looks a lot like Jess, too.

Mark’s hands were gripping her hair tight, pulling it back into a ponytail, as she worked on his cock. He was pumping her head up and down on his cock like a jerk-off toy. His other hand… I followed it up, and it was against his lips. Our eyes met. He was shushing me with his finger.

Marked pushed away a clothing stand with his foot. I could see the girl’s entire back view now. She was on her knees, serving Mark like a king. Her shorts were off to the side, and she was wearing just a little pink thong. She was wearing a long-sleeved navy shirt. Everything looked so familiar… My heart dropped. My girlfriend, Jess, was this girl.

Mark stood up from his couch, his eyes going down to Jess, then up to me. He gave me a shit-eating grin as he grabbed Jess’s head with both hands and pumped away. He had no regard for Jess as he shoved his entire cock down her throat, in and out.

In and out, in and out… I watched as Mark fucked Jess’s face in and out. I watched as his hips thrust against Jess’s face, I watched his shit eating grin, then back down to Jess, then back up to Mark…

He then grabbed her head tightly. His mouth gaped open and his legs shook. He moved his hips slowly, squeezing out last bits of his cum and unloading them into my girlfriend’s mouth.

He wiped his drool and moved my girlfriend’s head down. She bowed down and started licking his balls. He sat back down in the couch. Jess scooted up, her head tilted to the side between his thighs, massaging his balls with her mouth.

Then I noticed Jess standing back up straight on her knees, her back arched back. She always had such good posture. She stood up, and put on her shorts. Her little ass wiggled side to side as the shorts slid up her hips. She walked to the back of the store.

I was dumbfounded. What the hell just happened? My lovely girlfriend of four years, sucking off her manager, what the hell? I should’ve been angry. I should’ve rammed through the door and punched this douche in the face.

Mark came to the door and opened it for me.

“Sorry about that, man.” He said, patting my back.

I stayed silent.

“Great cocksucker, though.” He said, holding the door open.

I followed in through. I could see the huge sweat mark on the leather couch. I could see my girlfriend’s saliva stains on the carpet.

“You should leave,” said Mark, apologetically.

I couldn’t say a word.

“She’s going to be done getting ready.”

I stood still.

“Fine, why don’t you go behind the register.”

Better than leaving and not knowing what went on.

I walked to the register and crouched behind it.

A few moments later, I heard Jess come back out.

“I gotta go now Mark, that was fun,” I heard her say. I heard a little kiss. Then a little spank.

“Ow, that hurt, haha,” said Jess, in her girly voice.

“Mmm, again, already?” I heard her whine.

I quietly moved to the side of the register. I could see Jess’s feet, now her legs.. okay, I could see both of them.

She stood against him, her hand at his pants, stroking the outline of his cock.

“Just a kiss, okay?” she said, getting on her knees.

And then Mark sleazily unzipped his pants, taking his cock out for my anxious girlfriend.

She popped the tip of his cock into her mouth, looking up at Mark as she suckled gently. Then she ran her tongue under his cock, giving it kisses all over.

“Really gotta go now,” said Jess, standing back up. Mark gave her ass a hard squeeze, making Jess squirm and giggle. Jess walked away, and I heard the door.

“You should go now too,” said Mark, tucking his dick back into his pants.

I stood up meekly.

“I’m sorry you had to see that,” said Mark, giving me a pat on the shoulder this time. I looked at him. Still the same shit eating grin.

They never played the weight bench game again.

Winter 2003

Ryan’s girlfriend, Trisha, inspected the three-foot wooden cube that Zach had just finished painting black. “I think it’s going to need another coat.”

Zach poured more paint into his tray and gritted his teeth. “Yes, we’ve already established that it takes three coats to cover.” He usually managed to be nice to her for Ryan’s sake, but there was only so much Trisha he could take. He was also a bit grouchy because he hadn’t wanted to spend his weekend painting props for the drama club, but Trisha had roped Ryan into it. Zach went with him so he wouldn’t drown in estrogen. Why the hell did they need two dozen huge black wooden cubes, anyway? It seemed like a stupid waste of trees and paint.

Trisha held her hands up defensively. “Jeez, you don’t have to bite my head off. I just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page here.”

“Yeah. We’re all on the painting stuff black page. It’s all good.” He smiled as he loaded his roller up with paint, and imagined rolling it over Trisha’s made-up face and highlighted hair. He might be too chicken to hit on Ryan, even after finding out he was bi, but at least he was man enough to admit to himself that he was bitterly jealous.

“Okay then. Well, I’m going to do another cube now, I guess.” Trisha walked off, and Zach didn’t pay attention to where she went.

A redhead in a tight black shirt and jeans came in through the back doors of the auditorium, carrying her coat over her arm. She had a perfect miniature hourglass shape. Zach paused with his roller still on the paint tray and watched her walk down the center aisle toward the stage where they were painting. Her gait looked almost like a dance, with the way her hips swayed. Instant attraction.

“That’s Trisha’s cousin, Melissa,” Ryan whispered.

“The one she wanted to set me up with, and I resisted?” Zach looked down at his paint tray and moved the roller around, trying to look busy.

“Yep,” Ryan said with a smirk in his voice.

“Call me shallow, but suddenly, I’m liking that idea,” he muttered. Maybe a really pretty girl could help him get his mind off Ryan. He applied his paint roller to the nearest cube and peeked over the top of it at Melissa.

Ryan snickered.

Melissa looked a little lost until she spotted Ryan and made a beeline for him. “Heyas. I decided to come help after all.” She had a loud voice like Trisha’s – not attractive, but unless her personality was too much like Trisha’s, he could probably get over the volume.

Ryan introduced Melissa to Zach and suggested that Zach could set her up with a roller and a tray. He did, and they hit it off right away. For all her flaws, Trisha was a good matchmaker. If Zach had met Melissa without having met Ryan first, he’d have fallen madly in love. Since it happened the other way around, she was just good company and a very pleasant distraction. It didn’t hurt as much to see Trisha with Ryan when he had a date of his own.

But alone in bed at night, he couldn’t think about Melissa. It always came down to Ryan, rope, and something painful and perverse. He wanted Ryan to strip him down, burn his name into his skin, make him bleed, bring him to tears, and use him for a sex slave.

The scary thing was, if anything ever happened between the two of them, he was pretty sure Ryan would eventually do most of that. The scarier thing was the possibility that Ryan would have no interest in doing any of it, and Zach would have to deal with the fact that the person he wanted most in the world didn’t want him.

Prom night, 2003

The last notes of the last dance of the evening faded from the hazy air in a swirl of blue disco lights. Zach hugged Melissa and patted her on the back, feeling the ridge of her spine through the smooth fabric of her dress. He figured he’d done his duty as a good boyfriend: brought her flowers, posed for pictures, danced with her, and paid attention to her. He told her she looked like a movie star at an award show, and meant it. The short gold dress suited her delicate pixie shape – sexy without being vulgar – and her curly red hair was extra shiny. It had been a surprisingly pleasant evening, much better than the 9th grade farce that convinced Zach to avoid school dances. Hopefully, though, the best was yet to come.

Melissa tilted her head back and he gave her the expected kiss. Her lips tasted sweet like chocolate. Even sweeter, for the first time ever, they both had excuses not to go home that night. A twinge of anxiety followed that thought. He had something important to ask her, and he didn’t know how she was going to take it.

Lights came on in the ballroom. Melissa slipped away to get more pictures taken with her best friend while the DJ packed up. The girls giggled and struck poses. Zach stood back and watched Melissa appreciatively, for once not thinking that he’d rather be Ryan’s date. Those glittery spike heeled sandals did wonderful things for the shape of her legs. He’d never seen her wear heels before. It distracted him enough that he almost jumped out of his penguin suit when Terry tapped him on the shoulder.

Terry grinned, displaying a mouthful of teeth that clashed with each other at odd angles. “Room 1462.”

“Um, thanks. See you in a few.” Zach dropped his gaze back to Melissa’s legs.

Terry and Ryan did their best to make themselves the center of attention as usual; they jumped on one of the beds and had a pillow fight, pretending to be girls.

The burnt smell emanating from the kitchenette was a result of Trisha’s failed attempt at chocolate chip marijuana cookies. She hacked at the lumps of charcoal with a spatula. “We could still eat them. The middles aren’t black,” she told her skeptical friends.

“Might as well have just smoked it. Now the room is going to reek like pot anyway,” whined a girl with claw-like acrylic nails. “At least there’s some left. Who’s got a light?”

Lonnie dashed inside from the balcony that overlooked the hotel swimming pool and barely made it into the bathroom before he started tossing his cookies. Luckily, the burnt cookies largely masked the sour smell of tossed cookies.

Melissa drained the last drops from her fourth cup of extremely spiked tropical punch. She shook her head and smiled.

The moment seemed right. Taking advantage of multiple distractions, Zach towed Melissa into the walk-in closed without anyone looking their way. She went with him cheerfully.

He closed the door and braced his back against it. Melissa stuck her empty cup on top of the water heater and kissed Zach with a lot of tongue. He responded with enthusiasm. She leaned into him heavily, then drew back and patted his jacket pocket with a frown. “What’s all lumpy?”

Now or never. Drawing on the courage supplied to him by vodka, he pulled out the toy handcuffs. The tissues he’d wrapped around them to keep them from clinking fluttered to the floor. “These.”

She lowered her gaze and bonked her head against his shoulder, but he caught a glimpse of a grin as she did it. “Good grief, Zach, have you been carrying those around all night?” She sounded amused, at least, and possibly pleased, but he couldn’t tell for sure.

“Yeah. Um…” He tilted his head, trying to see her face. No luck. “Would you handcuff me to the clothes bar?”

Melissa was silent for a long time. Zach started to wonder if she even heard him. Just when he was about to ask again, she sighed, all traces of good humor gone. “No.”

It felt like she’d stabbed him in the gut with a giant fork. “Please? You can do anything you want with me.”

“I said no.” She lifted her head and stepped away from him.

The fork twisted, tugging all his internal organs out of alignment. “Or I’ll do anything you want,” he added with a forced smile.

Melissa snatched her cup off the water heater. “What I want is to have fun at the party, not play dominatrix in the coat closet.”

Zach kept his back against the door. As long as she was still in the closet, there might still be a chance to talk her into it. “You like oral sex. What if you cuff my hands behind my back, and I’ll lick you as long as you want?”

“No. I don’t want to put those on you and every time you ask is a huge turnoff, okay? I’m not even in the mood to kiss anymore.” She reached for the door handle.

He covered it with his hand. “You could hit me instead.”

Melissa raised her voice a little. “What is this, Green Eggs and Ham? No. And no to everything else you’re about to say.” She tugged his arm, trying to get his hand away from the doorknob.

“Ok, Green Eggs and Ham. Can we skip to the part where you try it and find out you like it? Wouldn’t that be at least a little fun, having total power over someone?”

“Holding the door shut is really immature. Let me out.” Melissa dropped the plastic cup and used both hands to wrestle with Zach for control of the doorknob. She kicked him in the shin, but not enough to hurt.

The handcuffs swung from his fingers and clattered against the door as they struggled. The rational part of his brain knew he should drop the subject and let her go, but the giant fork of desperation overruled it. “I’m just asking one little thing. Not even asking you for anything sexual that we haven’t already done. I’ve done lots of nice things for you, haven’t I?”

The volume of Melissa’s voice climbed. “What, so everything nice you’ve done for me was to get me to … do things with you in the closet? Stupid me, I thought you were being nice because you liked me.” She hit her forehead with her palm.

“It’s not like that. I love you. But this one little thing is really important to me, and I don’t see why you’re making such a big deal about it. Why can’t we just do things you like with me wearing handcuffs? Please, Melissa.”

“Are you deaf? I said no. No. N. O.” She drew the letters in the air with her finger. “Stop acting like an overgrown three year old and let me out of this freaking closet now.”

Zach inched over and blocked the doorknob with his body. “Shhh. You’re being really loud. Please? At least try it for five minutes.”

“I’m loud because you’re not listening to me.” She poked him in the arm. “Why don’t you try eating Trisha’s cookies for five minutes to find out if you like them?”

“Oh come on. Nobody likes burnt cookies. I’ll let you out if you can give me one good reason why you won’t do it.”

“Here’s a reason. I don’t want to play your stupid game with that dorky toy. Congratulations. You’ve ruined prom night. Want to try for more?” She reached into his pants pocket and pulled out his cell phone before I processed what she was doing. “I’m calling the police if you don’t get out of my way. It’s not legal to trap somebody in a closet. You want an adult criminal record?”

He tried to catch her arm, but she staggered away, steadied herself with a shoulder against the wall, and flipped the phone open. When it dawned on Zach that she might be serious about calling the police, he took two steps forward and reached for the phone. She thrust it at him, yanked the handcuffs out of his grasp, and flung the door open. Everyone at the party stood clustered around the closet door in the hall, and a lot of them snickered.

Melissa pushed past Ryan and Trisha, and strode to the back of the room. Zach froze for a moment with everyone staring at him, then chased after Melissa as she pulled the balcony door open. To his surprise, she didn’t try to stop him from coming out on the balcony. He got there just in time to see her fling his handcuffs over the railing. They splashed into the hotel pool a story below. A couple of late night swimmers looked up. He stared at them as Melissa stormed back inside.

One of the women in the pool ducked under the water and came up a moment later holding the handcuffs. They had a little laugh about it and she deposited the cuffs on the edge of the pool, then looked back up and waved.

“Yeah, absolutely hilarious,” Zach said under his breath.

Inside, Melissa shrieked, followed by a crash.

He charged back inside to find Melissa face down in a puddle of orange liquid that was soaking into the dark gray carpet. A split second later, he registered the tipped-over table, the upside down punch bowl on the floor, and the scattered plastic cups.

“Ow ow ow. Stupid shoes,” Melissa said through clenched teeth.

Zach moved automatically to help her up, but she stopped him short with her glare.

“Don’t touch me.” Her voice was cold enough to chill a penguin to the bone.

Ryan complained about the punch being gone while Trisha gave Melissa a hand up and helped her limp to a chair. The girl with fake nails burst into a fit of stoned giggles. Terry smirked at Zach. Some guys debated whether the hotel was going to charge extra money for cleaning. Genevieve whipped out a digital camera and snapped pictures of the incident, while Lei shook her shoulder and protested that taking photos of somebody who just got hurt wasn’t nice. Lonnie flopped on a bed, pulled a pillow over his head, and yelled at everyone to shut up. Words devolved into white noise and meaningless syllables. There wasn’t enough air in the room. Zach fled.

He was too upset and too drunk to drive, so instead of going home, he took the elevator to the top floor of the hotel, where he found the exercise room still open, but empty.

Zach sat on an exercise bike and watched the news on T.V., hoping to numb his brain.

The door opened, and Ryan’s reflection appeared in the window.

Zach looked over his shoulder. “Hey.”

Ryan dangled the handcuffs from his finger and offered them to Zach. “I got these back for you.”

Bondage and Blackmail

Special thanks must go to greenlemur22 for the great job of editing, and helping out when I was stuck with writers block!

The story starts a bit slow… but it wouldn’t make sense without the background. Most of the story is true…just embellished a little. Why ruin a good story with the truth!

It’s Thursday night and I am staying over Jennifer’s house again; we both need to work on Friday as we’ve just started our careers after graduating from university. Jennifer still lives with her parents and because we’ve been going out about 3 years, they let me stay over some nights. We are planning to move out shortly. Just need to save a little cash first!

Even though we are 21, Jennifer is still their little girl, and so although I sleep in the same room as Jennifer, but we have separate beds (mine being a trundle bed that slides out from underneath hers).

As usual, I am naked in the single trundle bed. Jennifer is in her bed, with pajamas on. She has a night light on near her bed (far side to me), and the main bedroom light is off. We are each in our own bed chatting quietly, but eventually, it’s time to sleep, and she always asks me to turn out the night-light. Jennifer doesn’t like to do sexual stuff when her parents are at home, so this next bit is the highlight of our non-sexual evenings.

I get up and lean over her to turn out the light. Jennifer takes the opportunity to sneak my penis in her mouth. She sucks hard, twirling her tongue around the head. The feeling of being in her mouth is wonderful. The fact that we could be caught any second by Jennifer’s sister or parents is a big turn-on, I purposefully fumble with the night light trying to make this sensation last longer. She sucks hard, taking me fully into her mouth. Finally I turn off the light.

Jennifer releases my cock, and licks from the base to the tip, she sucks my cock one more time, “Goodnight honey”, she says.

I move back into my bed ready for sleep. My penis wet from her saliva, I feel very horny. I grab myself, feeling all good inside.

“Don’t forget my parents are out this weekend,” Jennifer whispers.

“Yes, but you are working tomorrow night,” I say.

“Only until 10, and then I’ll fuck you all weekend,” she whispers.

I smile, as we fall asleep.

After work the next day, I get back to Jennifer’s at around 6pm. Her parents’ car is gone, but Jennifer’s sister Natalie is home, and lets me in.

“Hi Stu,” Natalie smiles, as I walk in, “Jen just called to say she won’t be back until after midnight. Things are going badly with her work implementation…whatever that means.”

Just turned eighteen, Natalie is a stunner and knows it. With long, dark hair and piercing blue eyes, she’s almost always wearing provocative clothing that show off her perfect, firm B-cup tits, fantastic legs, and a very hot arse. She often “accidentally” flashes me an upskirt or downblouse view while Jennifer is there, just to let her older sister know that her boyfriend will look.

Tonight Natalie is in tight bike pants and a midriff-baring jogging bra. I know that she is out to play indoor netball tonight, and will be home around 10. I watch her as she packs her bag to leave. After last nights teasing, I am horny, so enjoy watching her walk around.

Nat heads off for netball leaving me alone.

I am disappointed that Jennifer will be home even later (and I’ll probably already be asleep), but at least the rugby is on tonight from 9 – and so at least something is on the box. I cook some dinner, eat and do a few things on the computer. Jen’s place basically feels like home to me.

Jen calls and lets me know that now she won’t be back until after 2am. My phone has been playing up, so she has already let Natalie know – in case she couldn’t get through to me.

As I’m watching rugby, I hear the front door and Natalie walks in, slightly hobbling, and collapses onto the couch next to me with a groan.

“Nat! What did you do to yourself?” I ask.

“I think I hurt my leg… it’s sore,” she says, rubbing her inside thigh. She looks in pain.

“Probably just a slight strain,” I offer, “I’m sure you’ll be right after a hot shower and a good sleep!”

“I think it’s a little more serious than that…can you have a look?” Nat asks.

She walks over and stands in front of me (blocking the TV). She parts her legs slightly. The smell of her sweat turns me on. I gently place one hand on her outer thigh, and one on her inner thigh. I gently massage her thigh.

She’s wearing her bike pants so it’s hard for me to feel any muscle problems through her clothing. I gently rub her inner thigh, careful not to go near any good bits. I like the feel of her thighs, but I can’t work out whether she has a muscle issue or not.

“Turn around,” I say, letting go of her.

Natalie turns around, and again I place my hands either side of her leg. This time I am able to closely check out her cute bottom. I gently rub her inner thigh. I’m not really doing anything other than caressing her. She reaches her hands skywards in a stretch, making her bottom protrude more. I like the view, my penis stirring to attention. I know it’s wrong to be feeling up my girlfriend’s sister, but how can I resist.

Even though it seems to be a real injury, I know that I need to cut this off now, before she flirts too much.

“To be quite truthful,” I say, “I can’t feel anything swollen, but your bike pants are tight, so they may be keeping any swelling down. Best bet is to have a hot shower, rest for a bit… and it’ll probably be ok”.

“Oh, I could take the bike pants off, but I’m not wearing panties,” Natalie says coyly, biting her lip.

“Funny… now take a shower,” I say.

Natalie heads off upstairs to the shower…I continue to watch the rugby, trying to get the image of Natalie not wearing panties out of my mind. She really is cute!

After her shower etc, Natalie walks back in the room, and Wow!

I try not to stare. She’s wearing a skimpy silky maroon type nightie with no bra on, and it only just barely covers her bottom. As she walks over to the other couch, I watch as her nightie briefly clings to her breasts and it just covers the bottom of her sexy arse cheeks with each step.

“Who’s winning?” Natalie says, as she sits down on the three seater couch, smiling broadly. She knows the effect that she having on me. She’s a big tease!

“Australia 14, England 12,” I manage to say, catching my breath.

“You’re right, my leg feels much better now. Thanks for the advice,” Natalie says. She then moves to lie on her front with her face at the far end from me, watching the TV.

I am in the perfect spot to watch Natalie without her seeing me. Her nightie has ridden up a little, and I can just see the start of her bottom. Her legs look gorgeous all stretched out. Her skin is so tight and firm, I’d love to lick and kiss her legs. Her skin is flawless.

She knows she’s showing off to me! She is a tease, especially with her sister out.

She squirms a little, and some more of her arse shows. Now this is too obvious. She is trying to get me to look, and yet, I can’t help it, I just have to.

I can now tell she is wearing a little sexy black g-string. The bottom of her arse cheeks just want to be grabbed. I am mesmerized by the scene. I am trying to watch the rugby, but I just can’t…I’m just too horny now.

My cock is getting hard. I’m imagining how I’d grab her arse, us fucking, her toned legs with her perfect feet wrapped around me, me kissing her sweet neck and sucking her hard nipples.

I am totally ignoring the rugby. She re-adjusts herself, succeeding only in giving me a better view. Her tight legs and thighs just are inviting me in.

Natalie looks back at me over her shoulder, “Enjoying the show?” she coos, “I thought you couldn’t resist a look…men can only think with their dicks.”

Nat is normally a flirt, but she’s never been this aggressive before! I am speechless.

Natalie gets up and walks directly in front of me, “Would you like a fuck?” she says matter of factly. “I’d love to try you out… you could have both sisters…a dream come true.”

“What?” I manage to blurt out.

She lets out a little laugh.

Now I know she is toying with me, but how to handle this, I’m lost for words. I sort of expected a little flirting, but nothing as blatant as this. She’s always straightforward, especially if it puts me on the spot, but I wasn’t ready for this.

“Umm, how can I say no politely? I mean I’d love to, God knows I really would… but it would just be wrong,” I say stumbling over the words, almost disbelieving my own voice.

Natalie is still standing in front of me. She pulls her nightie way up, so it’s just barely covering her nipples. She spins around, giving me a great view of her g-string, and lovely arse. This is almost painful. I’m sure my mouth is hanging open.

She grabs holds of my chin, and directs me to look into her eyes.

“Stu, look up here, in my eyes. Are you sure? My titties and pussy would like some attention,” she moans. “Oh Stu, I am so fucking hot tonight and I need it so bad.”

She bites her lower lip in a very sexy way, “maybe I’ll just sit here,” as she sits next to me, her hand resting on my leg, dangerously close to my now hard penis, trying to snuggle her head into my chest.

I sit perfectly still, scarcely breathing, not knowing how I should react. Moments pass. I feel stupid. Beautiful sexy girl, me not doing anything. Her fingers playing a silent tune on my thigh. I need to get up and move and get out of this situation or I am going to be lost.

“Ok… if you won’t fuck me … can I at least get a foot massage while you watch the bloody rugby,” Natalie whispers almost in frustration.

“Umm,” I manage…I know I need to move away to cool it all down, “Why not…sure.” I gasp. At least it changes the situation!

Natalie moves to the far end of the couch, and lays her feet in my lap.

And so here I am. There is this absolutely beautiful girl in her nightie, her breasts pressing against the thin material, asking me to fuck her, and I have refused. How unbelievably stupid can a guy be! I start to rub one of her feet, while the other lays on my thigh, almost touching my penis.

“Are you sure you don’t want me? I’d really love for you to kiss my breasts… take my nipples in your mouth… suck on them so hard… please Stu,” she whispers while looking poutingly at me.

Natalie slides her finger around her covered nipple in little circles while her foot rubs my thigh. Finally… her toe slips along the side of my rigid cock. With a little smirk she slips her fingers under her nightie and toys with her nipple.

I jump – it’s too much for me. I push her foot off, “Look, it’s not right, please stop. Think of your sister,” I groan.

Natalie jumps up, and storms out of the room, her nighty flipping side to side. She pauses at the doorway, gives a bit of a huff and walks out the door.

I am disappointed that she is gone, yet I am also incredibly relieved, I couldn’t have kept that up without eventually giving in… and if Jennifer had walked in… JENNIFER… oh God when she gets home she is going to be soooo fucked.

The rugby is over. I look at the clock, it’s 11:30pm, Jennifer won’t be home til 2.

I walk upstairs ready for bed. Natalie’s bedroom light is off, and her door almost closed. I go into the bathroom and do my teeth. Then I walk into Jennifer’s bedroom, and turn on the light.

I almost jump!

The trundle bed is out, Natalie lying spreadeagle on the trundle bed…my bed, each arm and leg handcuffed. She is completely nude.

She looks fantastic. Her gorgeous tits I get to see for the first time. Her pussy has wonderfully trimmed pubic hair. Her skin looks so firm and touchable. I want to just take my clothes off rub my cock against her.

I look her up and down

“Would you like to take me Stu,” Natalie says, with a knowing tone.

“Don’t be silly,” I say, “Now where’s the key to unlock you.”

“Well, there’s the thing,” she says, “If you don’t do as I say, you don’t get the key to unlock me…and then your girlfriend who’s back at midnight will have your balls on toast. So you’d better hurry…clothes off…NOW!”

I freeze. What is she suggesting? That I need to do as she says, or somehow I would be in trouble. It doesn’t make sense to me.

“What?” I say, a little confused.

Surely I can find the key. I look at her handcuffs. They are real. No chance of breaking them.

“Here I am naked and cuffed,” Natalie says “Do you think Jennifer will believe I just ended up like this? Surely she knows how much you like sex… and after all, if you had the chance…you couldn’t refuse. So if Jennifer finds me tied here, she will just assume you saw me, and played with me. I bet you even fantasize about me while you are doing Jennifer.”

“So if you don’t do as I say…you don’t get the key…and Jennifer catches you in the act…so to speak,” Natalie adds, giving a sweet little smile.

I look down at Natalie, her breasts looking up at me. I would love to just lick them, push my cock against that smooth skin. Feel her pussy.

“Now, get your clothes off,” Natalie orders.

I move to lie down beside her, ignoring her order. I try to think about what my options are. I gently stroke my hand from her wrist down along the side of her chest, careful to just graze the side of her breast. I kiss her on the cheek.

“You do that again, and you won’t ever get that key,” Natalie says angrily, “Now you do as I say or Jennifer will find you here taking advantage of me… and she’ll be home soon!”.

“She called earlier… won’t be home til 2am,” I say without thinking.

“Midnight or 2am makes no difference to me,” Natalie retorts, from her very vulnerable position.

I really don’t know what to do. I would really like to fuck her…but at the same time, would like to unlock her and let this be over.

She does have a point. If Jennifer walked in, no matter what time, I’d be the one to get in trouble, not Natalie. After all, I would be the one cheating.

“Hey,” says Nat, “clothes off now!”

Reluctantly, I get up and walk over to turn off the bedroom light. There’s still just enough light to see. I take off my shirt, pants and underpants. My cock is already hard and springs out. Natalie is focused on it. She slowly licks her lips

“Yum,” she says, “I’d love to feel that inside me, but first…I’d like you to touch me, caress me.”

I lie next to Natalie, my head next to her out stretched cuffed arm. I kiss her bicep, gently… slowly nibbling at its firmness. I slowly lick down her arm as she flexes it. My cock is close to her thigh, but not touching it.

My other hand runs down her chest, trailing between her breasts. I stop just above her pubic hair, to start again. With each trail down her torso, my hand finishes closer to her pussy.

I lightly kiss and lick down her arm to her neck, all the while running my hand between her breasts downwards.

Natalie is turned on, she tries to spread her legs wider while still bound by her cuffed ankles. Her legs are spread wide. Her pussy looks wonderful, all wet and shiny from her juices. I gently caress her inner thigh. Rubbing from one thigh to the other ensuring that I go as close to her pussy as I can without actually touching it.

I move from lying beside Natalie, to lying on top of her now, my head at Natalie’s breasts height, my ribs pressing against her pubic bone. My penis against the mattress.

I gently kiss the side of her breast, light soft kisses. Slowly making each kiss a little firmer, and a little wetter. She spreads her legs even wider, and thrusts up toward me.

I lick around her nipple, then give it a gentle bite. I move away a little to take in the view of her breasts. They are shiny with my saliva, they look slippery, firm and sexy.

I kiss the under side of Natalie’s right breast, and then down her ribs, to her belly button. Slowly I kiss further down leaving a trail of wetness as I go, moving downward into her pussy hair. Her taste and smell are just magic.

Staring straight into her pussy, my hands under her bottom. I gently blow on her wet opening, I flick her soft pussy lips with my tongue. Slowly I lick more firmly, making my tongue firmer and firmer.

“You’re really good at this, please don’t stop,” Natalie whispers.

I concentrate on licking her clitoris, my mouth and chin now soaked with her juices. Natalie obviously likes this attention. I love her taste and smell.

I start to move up her body again, licking and kissing as I go. I pause at her breasts, swirling my tongue around her erect nipples. Still higher I move, as I kiss her mouth for the first time. I can feel her hunger to finally give something back, something her bonds are preventing her from doing.

My incredibly hard cock is pressing against her clitoris. I slide it back and forth along the opening of her pussy. Her tongue penetrates my mouth, and hungrily, passionately we kiss.

“You have a fabulous body,” I murmur between kisses and deep breaths.

Natalie is thrusting against my cock, “Please put it in,” she pleads.

“You on the pill,” I say in a moment of lucid thought.

“Yes. Just hurry up and fuck me, make me cum,” she almost orders.

I continue to kiss her, she turns her head and I take her earlobe into my mouth, gently biting it. I continue to rub the underside of my cock against the opening of her pussy. Natalie is thrusting against me.

I pull my hips back a little, and push my cock deep inside her. I thrust into her. I feel the wonderful warm feeling of being inside someone, someone new. Natalie, my girlfriends sister, with her tight eighteen year old vagina is pushing against me – trying to get me deeper than I already am. This feels wonderful, her warm tight body sliding against me. I am close to cumming. I lick down her neck, softly Natalie moans.

I thrust in and out of Natalie, slowly building up a rhythm. Passionately I continue to kiss her, my arms around her. Her hips thrusting up toward me.


I hear the front door slam. Fuck Jennifer must be home!

My mind races! Fuck fuck fuck.

My mind clicks into gear. Jennifer and I have been caught like this before. I know we have approx 30 seconds sort something out if Jennifer comes straight up to her room.

The crucial differences between Jennifer and I being caught like this, and Natalie and I being caught like this, is this time I am cheating on Jennifer, and with Natalie being cuffed, and in no position to find a key… Fuck’en hell, I’m caught!

“Jennifer’s home!” I tell Natalie in a panic, “where’s the key?” I look over toward the clock, it’s only 12:30am, Jennifer’s way early.

“Key’s downstairs, you have no hope of getting it! Just pull the covers over you and pretend to be asleep,” Natalie whispers.

Quickly, I reach down and pull the covers up. My hard cock is still inside Natalie, it feels too good to take out. I’m still very close to cumming!

I place my arms over Natalie’s so that the top of my body exactly covers hers. I hope Jennifer can’t tell Natalie is in bed with me.

I hear Jennifer walk up toward her room, the footsteps getting closer. I am still deep inside Natalie. I can feel Natalie’s breasts against my chest, we are both breathing hard. My cock still feels wonderful inside her.

Jennifer’s footsteps are very close now, I can hear that she has paused at the door.

“Stu, you awake?” I hear Jennifer whisper.

I dare not move. Jennifer waits.

Finally, I hear her footsteps move toward the bathroom, and the door close.

“I hope she has a shower,” I whisper to Natalie.

Just then we hear the familiar sound of the shower as water starts running.

“Now, quickly, where’s the key?” I ask Natalie.

“You have to be quick and listen carefully! Downstairs in the laundry, my jeans are hanging on the back of the door. Get the key out of the right pocket.”

As I watched her walk through the apartment doing little chores here and there I wonder what she is thinking, did she realize that her carelessly tied back dirty blonde hair that became a persistent harassment to her falling in her eyes framing her face, made her look like a dirty magazine model. Not trashy…no much more high class, her baggy swishy soccer shorts, grey what used to be a sweatshirt, cut at the collar and draped off of one shoulder. I can see the straps of her pink thong coming up over her hips, peeking out of her shorts and calling to me to look, she caught me staring and throws me a little smile and pulls the shorts back up over the top. I try and navigate my attention back to the TV, not working; my mind is not in it. I get up and walk past her to the spare room to the computer, I walk past her and peek over her shoulder, and she is reading one of her pieces of junk mail promising more intense orgasms. Like she needed help, it took all I had to not be the last to finish each time, it didn’t matter what I did when we got together, she was amazing. When she got in a groove there was no stopping her, she initiated almost every time, it was much easier that way I could go at the gust of the proper breeze and she had a stressful job that she refused to talk about at home, it was better that way and I liked it. I patted her on the ass as strode by and she let out a whimper, not a yell not a yelp but a take me now whimper.

She enjoyed a little spanking, nothing rough but a little surprise never changed her mindset. I ran my hands up her sides and around the front to her breasts, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were erect against the soft lining of the remains of the sweatshirt, as I lightly pinched her right nipple I cupped her left and she brought her left hand up over mine and slowly rolled her nipple between her forefinger and thumb. I slid my right hand down between her shorts and the thong and I could feel her breathing tense up and become short quick puffs. She reached her hand down and rubbed my now engorged member through my jeans, her hand lightly clenching, then releasing, stroking and tugging at the taut jean material. She turned around and I pulled her shorts tie string loose and slid them off, they slid to the floor, she gave me a little pout and whispered “you know what this means?… this means you have to finish what you started. I want you to make me come, hard and fast”. I was more than happy to oblige.

I picked her up and set her on the table, at 110lbs she was easy to toss her around. She unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zipper down. She pulled her sweat shirt off and rubber her hands on her breasts, I pulled my shirt off, not being a pro athlete I don’t have the tightest body, it seemed to be enough to keep her happy and that was all I cared. Before I knew it my boxers were at my feet and she was pulling at my cock and rubbing herself through the thong, I reached over and pulled her thong off, it fought the whole way down and rolled over into a ball of material. She slid closer to the edge of the table and pulled her legs back to reveal the silkiest patch of pubic hair, light and wispy. I can feel the heat pouring of her pussy, she pulled me toward her abruptly bring my back on task from my moment of awe. I slide inside of her and her head thrust back, she always loved the pressure of my head against her lips, she got more aroused each short stroke, I smacked the outside of her thigh and she clenched her legs pinching my sides and forcing me further inside of her. I wanted this to last, I pulled out and used my cock to apply pressure to her hood making sure not to completely reinsert, teasing her. She started to run her fingernails across my chest and I knew the anticipation of reinsertion was becoming too much for her to handle.

It’s an odd feeling to love someone, want them in your life, care about them… and cheat on them over and over again. It doesn’t add up or make any sense, but as the years passed, I embraced the odd feeling to make a strange and wonderful side life that I like to call, “Fuck a GF Inc.” It is secret, and naughty — I am sort of like batman or superman, except I am probably the villain because I do the wrong thing because it feels so, so right.

It started innocently enough, considering. My amicable relationship with my ex-boyfriend, Jonathan, turned into an on-going sexually charged environment, all the while being with my boyfriend, Peter, of then three years. At one point, I confessed my transgressions to Peter and our relationship was very rocky for quite some time. I told John that I cared for him as a friend (which I did), but this sexual thing had to stop, despite our clear desire for one another. I truly did not want to leave Peter and I knew Jonathan and I would never make it long-term. After all, there is a reason we broke up in the first place.

We reverted mostly back to our (pretend) platonic relationship, ignoring our obvious chemistry, until I came into a huge financial jam. Due to circumstances I won’t go into, I really needed cash to pay my bills or my electricity would be shut off and/or I would be evicted from my apartment. Stressful times. Though I hate asking for money or handouts, I was desperate — I borrowed money from family and friends. Through their love and understanding, I had just enough to make ends meet and to dig myself out of that financial crisis. Jonathan helped considerably. More than I could have asked him to contribute – More than he could probably afford, but I was in no position to turn down any assistance. In the course of things, I asked how I could ever repay him. He jokingly and offhandedly replied, “Blowjob?” Of course he was kidding, but the thought dwelled in my mind for months afterwards.

In fact, repaying Jonathan’s money with a blowjob often occupied my fantasies while my boyfriend fucked me over and over. At work, the thought would slip into my head and I my breath would catch and I could feel a surge of moisture under my lace panties and sensible gray work slacks. Oh it was so wrong, so naughty to think of such things. Not only was it cheating… it was prostitution. An illegal activity in my state. Incredibly degrading to women. Totally outside my own moral code. Totally inappropriate to my situation in life! Not only was it bad — but I was a successful, intelligent career-focused woman! Why in the world would I get so turned on by the thought of being so … slutty??

Sooner than later, I eventually visited Jonathan, and offhandedly referenced his comment as we lazed on the couch watching television with my head on his lap.

“Were you serious about what you said about paying you back?”

“What, the blowjob thing? Of course not! It was only a joke.”

I could tell however by how quickly he knew what I was talking about that he had, indeed, been thinking about it. The look a man gets in his eyes when he is turned on signaled that it was not “only a joke” to him, but perhaps something he thought of too.

A pregnant pause took up the silence as I felt his cock stir beneath my head, under his pants. I felt a strong surge of pleasure and anticipation tingled to my nipples and my pussy. My breath caught. This couldn’t really happen. I had a boyfriend, whom I loved. Mmm… but why did the thought of cheating on him feel so good?

Jonathan stroked my hair gently while I tried to get a hold of myself. His eyes turned darker and his breath deepened. He grabbed my hair and turned my head around to face his cock. He must have undone his pants without me noticing. Soon I wouldn’t notice much as my body’s needs consumed me. I hesitated my lips at his quivering tip, then gave in to my urges and filled my mouth with his thick cock.

Oh wow! I forgot how thick he was. I forgot how wide my mouth had to be to fit him all inside. I forgot that his dick hit the back of my throat before I could fit him all in. That, however, did not stop me from trying. I moved from the couch to the floor, kneeling in front of him. My heart raced and I could feel my women juices running all over my pussy. I was soo turned on.

I admired his cock once more before I mouth-fucked his dick like the little slut-whore that I was. Yes, I sucked his dick for cash. And I was a cheap-ass whore, only $50 to get your cock inside my slick, warm mouth. I varied between licking the sides of his shaft, ticking the tip with my tongue, and caressing his dick all the way inside my warm mouth. Ah it felt so fucking good. I sucked on his huge balls and rubbed them all over my face. That’s right. You’re balls are all over this slut. She likes it so fucking bad. I loved his huge-ass balls, I forgotten their impressive size. It only made me more turned on.

I paused to take off my shirt to expose my naked chest. I grabbed my handful of B-sized, perky tits, wet them with my pussy juice, and inserted his throbbing dick into my boobs. Oh I loved looking down and seeing my juicy girls fucking Jonathan’s cock. In and out in and out oh my god I am such a dirty slut it feels so amazing. His breathing changed and I knew by how his cock pulsated and tensed that he was about to cum, and I lost it. I bounced my titties harder on his cock as my pussy contracted and I had one of the most fabulous orgasms in my life while Jonathan groaned and squirted huge globs of sweet, sticky cum juice all over my chest.

Oh… that felt so fucking good. I fucking love his cock. I put it in my mouth once again to suck off all the delicious cum, and to enjoy the feeling of his heavy, sated cock in my mouth. Fuck, I am such a slut. And it feels soooo good.

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