girlfriend in control

“What would you like to do tonight?” I asked

“Some friends of mine invited us to a party over in their hotel suite – the place is supposed to be beautiful, and an amazing view. Wanna go?” Sara said excitedly.

It was just last night that Sara had gotten me naked in front of two strangers, so I was kind of hoping for a quiet night with just the two of us. She had been so wound up after our adventure at the bar, we didn’t even make it home before I had to pull over to fuck her brains out. Even as we were getting ready for bed, she teased me until I got hard again, then took her time going down on me before making me come one more time in her mouth before we fell asleep. I figured I stood a good chance for even more mind blowing sex if we stayed home.

“I, uh…” I began to suggest we stay in tonight, but as I looked at her, she was clearly wanting to going out. She looked so excited and happy, I just couldn’t say no. “Sure baby, I’m always up for something different.”

We showered and I got ready. Sara was still in a towel as I walked up to her and reached under her towel. Her smooth shaved pussy was still warm from the shower, and my fingers quickly found her wet slit. “Oooh…. mmmmm… Baby! I need to get ready!”

I pulled the towel away to massage her ass with my other hand while I continued to finger her. “Baby, please… mmmmm… God that feels good! …But not right now. Why don’t you go make yourself a drink so I can get ready without being distracted?”

Reluctantly, I let my fingers slip out of her and went to mix a drink. About 15 minutes later she came down the stairs and looked simply incredible! She was wearing a shoulderless red dress, and high heels, with her beautiful blonde hair curled and bright red lip gloss.

“Wow! You look gorgeous baby!!!”

“Thanks sweetie – Let’s go!” Sara asked as I finished my drink.

Driving to the hotel downtown, Sara took every opportunity to tease me. Kissing me at stop lights, rubbing me through my pants. She even unzipped me at one point and took my dick out to stroke it for a while just before we arrived at the hotel. I had to quickly zip up before the valet opened my door.

As we walked into the lobby, I slid my hand over her ass and gave it a squeeze. She just smiled seductively at me, and grabbed her phone to check the room number for the suite. After entering the elevator and pressing the button for the top floor, I spun her around and kissed her deeply as I pressed her up against the wall. I was rock hard as she rubbed me through my pants, kissing me passionately.

The elevator chimed as we reached our floor and stepped out – having to straighten our clothes after the kiss. Sara even took a couple seconds to check her makeup and hair before we headed down the hall. I could hear music playing as we walked closer.

“6403. This is it.” Sara knocked loudly, hoping it would be heard over the music. As the door opened, I immediately recognized Katie from the previous night’s scavenger hunt. They both squealed excitedly.

“I’m sooooooo happy you made it!” Katie quickly wrapped her arms around Sara in a hug. “I love your dress – you look amazing in red! We really weren’t sure you were going to come!”

“I couldn’t turn down an invite like this!” said Sara as Katie pulled her inside the room.

Katie ushered me in as well “Hi Ben, nice to see you again” as I went to shake her hand, she quickly wrapped her arms around me for a hug instead. I was still a little hard from all the teasing on the way over and the kiss in the elevator – feeling my face redden as she looked down at my crotch and smiled knowingly.

Trying to distract myself, I looked around the large suite. The place was huge. There was a full bar, big flat screen tv playing music videos and a couple of different seating areas, with maybe 10 or so people milling around and talking in small groups while the music played. The large glass windows looked out over the city – an amazing view indeed! But I noticed something else – there were no guys…

I was guessing this was the bachelorette group Katie and Becca mentioned the night before. They all appeared to be about the same age – friends from college maybe? I figured maybe we were just early, and once a few more people showed up I could probably avoid eye contact with Katie and Becca. Just knowing they had seen me naked and recalling the events of last night had my mind spinning.

Sara grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to her as she finished a conversation, nodding her head yes to Katie as I wrapped my arm around her waist. She had that devilish smile on her face again as Katie walked away and she turned to face me, placing her arms loosely over my shoulders.

“So sweetie…” she began “Would you like to strip for me, or should I give you a hand getting undressed.”

Oh my god, NO! I thought as I looked into her eyes, searching for some sign she was joking. She couldn’t be serious?!? But as she slowly reached to undo the top button of my shirt it was clear she was dead serious.

“It’s ok baby.” she said softly “I can see you’re a little nervous, so I don’t mind helping out” as another button came undone.

“Don’t worry. You know I’d never do anything to hurt you, don’t you?” She paused

“Yes, of course, but…” I said, prompting her to reach for another button.

“I’m happy to hear that baby. I just love finding new ways to make you feel good, and after seeing how excited you got last night, I know you’re going to really enjoy this.” I nervously shifted my weight from one foot to the other.

“Just look right at me – don’t worry about anyone else, ok?”

“Ye… yes” I stuttered, looking deep into her eyes as she undid the last button on my shirt, and slid it off my shoulders revealing my chest and abs. She carefully set it aside and reached down for my belt.

“Katie texted me this morning to let me know she and Becca won the scavenger hunt. Apparently our pictures were a huge hit with their friends. They were so impressed by how well you followed my directions, they wanted to know if I’d consider having you entertain the whole group before they head out to the club.”

“God baby, I got so wet just thinking about it. Getting you completely naked in front of all of their friends! Having you do exactly what I say… Making you shoot a giant load of cum for me..Isn’t that HOT?” Sara asked as she unzipped my pants.

I could hear how turned on she was, and it was definitely getting me hard. Last night was a bit embarrassing, but it also made me horny as hell. I was practically in a trance as Sara slid my pants down and had me step out of them while slipping my socks off.

“Mmmmm, that’s what I like to see” said Sara as she gently ran her hand along the top of my boxers. I was so hard by now that the tip of my cock was sticking out just past the elastic of the waist band. She was standing right in front of me still talking quietly as she ran her fingernail over the very tip.

“Oooooo.” I moaned as she coaxed some pre-come from the tip and seductively raised her finger to her lips and licked it off.

“Mmmmm – you taste so sweet tonight! See, baby. This isn’t so bad – right?” she continued to slide her hands just under the waist band of the boxers, then back to my hard dick “You know, you really don’t have anything to be embarrassed about. Katie and Becca have already seen you completely naked. They even got to see you cum!” she explained as she continued to tease me through the thin fabric.

“And all of their friends have seen your naked ass and cock too… in photos at least. They liked the pictures so much, Katie practically begged me to bring you here.” The elastic was now just below the head as Sara continued to run her fingernails just below the exposed tip of my cock.

“Mmmmm, so what should I do with this?” Asked Sara as she once again squeezed my impossibly hard erection.

“Oh god” I paused before replying “Anything you want baby”


I nodded.

“I need you to say it” she whispered.

“Yes – you can do anything you want baby, anything at all.”

Her whole face lit up as she smiled “I’m so happy to hear you say that”.

She continued to stroke me “First, I’m going to finish stripping you completely naked. Once I do, you are not to make even the slightest effort to cover yourself. Not until we are done playing and I give you your clothes back. Do you understand?”

“Ye… ye… yes” I once again stuttered as she continued to stroke me, and more pre-come oozed from my swollen cock.

“Good!” exclaimed Sara as she moved around my side while keeping her fingers hooked under the waist band of the boxers. Just as I looked up at the rest of the room, she slid my boxers down to the floor and off – setting them aside with the rest of my clothes.

Whistles, cat calls, and applause filled the room as Sara swept my arms behind me to ensure I kept my promise not to cover up. The entire room as staring at me, smiling, and clapping as Sara grabbed my dick and pulled me by it toward the center of the room.

She walked confidently as she pulled me to a padded ottoman and told me to lie down.

I couldn’t believe this was really happening. My girlfriend had just stripped me completely naked in front of a room full of girls, and I willingly complied. My dick was so hard it hurt and as I laid down on the ottoman, Sara continued to squeeze and tease me – releasing me only briefly as someone handed her a bottle of baby oil.

“Just relax baby” Sara cooed as she drizzled the baby oil over my erect cock and balls, gently rubbing it around to make sure she didn’t miss anywhere. Once I was slick with oil, she set the bottle aside and started to work my erection with both hands.

By now I was completely out of my mind, only barely listening to Sara as she apparently demonstrated various cock teasing techniques to the room full of women. They had crowded in closer, surrounding the ottoman on all sides to get a better view as Sara continued to stroke and play with me while answering some questions.

“I love how he looks shaved – does he always keep it smooth for you?” “How long can he stay that hard?” “Does he always like his balls teased like that?”

Sara really seemed to be enjoying the attention, and so was I!!! Occasionally she would stop for a second and release my dick to watch it bob in the air or let someone snap a close up with their phone – each time generating another round of applause and compliments. There was a steady trickle of pre-come leaking from the tip, and she could tell I was dying for some relief.

“Are you ready, baby? She asked softly after what seemed like an eternity of teasing.

“Please” I begged

“Please what” she teased while once again slowing down her pace

“Please make me cum!” I pleaded

“Of course baby!” Sara exclaimed, as she now began to stroke me in earnest while fondling my balls. I felt myself starting to tense up as I attempted to hold out just a bit longer, but it was no use. My balls exploded, shooting a massive first blast in the air. Sara kept going – milking five or six more bursts before I collapsed back against the ottoman exhausted.

The room practically erupted like the finale of a fireworks display – with “ooohs” and “aaahs” and applause.

I was still recovering when Becca walked up and handed Sara a towel “That was a great show – thanks for sharing Sara!”

Sara couldn’t stop smiling – she was beaming, as she started to gently wipe the combination of baby oil and cum off me.

“You did SOooooo good baby!” she moaned while gently moving my recovering dick to one side to wipe off my stomach. I was positive she was soaking wet by now, and her nipples were easily visible through her red dress.

“You had fun didn’t you?”

I nodded

“I told you I was going to take good care of you.” She continued gently padding the towel against my skin, but now had my dick in her other hand. “When I first started to undress you, you looked a little nervous.”

“Did you mean what you said? Can I really do anything I want?” She gave my dick a very slight squeeze.

“Yes” I croaked as I felt how dry my throat was from breathing so hard.

“Anything at all?” Here eyebrow lifted slightly, as she squeezed me again.

“Yes – anything” I managed to blurt out as I felt the blood begin to flow back to my erection.

“Hmmmmm” she pondered as she now stroked my growing cock. “It looks like you might have some more cum in you”

She quickly grabbed the baby oil – once again rubbing it all over until I was slipping through her hands. As she stroked me, the rest of the girls started to take notice.

“Oh my god – she has him hard again already!” “Can you believe it? I mean he just came a minute ago”

This time, Sara was not wasting any time. She knew my dick better than anyone, and she was clearly not teasing. She wanted to make me cum.

“That’s it baby! Give me another load of cum! Show them you how you cum the second time. Give it to me!” she knew how much I loved when she begged me to cum.

As I looked up, one of the girls next to me was clearly fingering her pussy under her dress. I was pretty sure she wasn’t the only one, as the others looked on and Sara continued working my hard dick.

After just a minute or two more, my body couldn’t take any more. Once again, my legs tensed up, and I came *hard* – twitching as my dick spurted several more times. Sara was careful to make sure she squeezed every last drop from my quickly softening dick. I was completely exhausted, and covered in a light sheen of sweat, baby oil, and cum.

“Why don’t you go take a shower baby.”

It was more a direction than a question. I sat up slowly, still light headed from the recent events, and made my way to the bath room – making no effort to cover myself as I walked through the room full of girls who had just watched my cum twice.

The warm water felt good raining down from the oversized shower head above me as I washed off the slick oil from my body. I could hardly believe what just happened. My girlfriend had just stripped me and made me cum in front of a room full of strangers! Replaying the events in my head, picturing the look on Sara’s face when she made me cum – I was actually starting to get turned on again.

After rinsing the soap off, I found a towel to dry off with and wrap around my waist before walking back out into the room. Strangely, I was more embarrassed now than I had been just a little while earlier while cumming in front of everyone.

Sara quickly motioned me over toward the group of girls she was talking (and laughing) with. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, until Sara spotted the towel wrapped around my waist.

“I thought we had a deal?” She asked sternly

“But sweetie?” I pleaded.

She ignored the plea, grabbed the towel, and yanked it away.

“That’s more like it” she said as she turned to continue her conversation, and reached down to grab my dick once again.

We made our way around the room, getting introduced to the rest of Katie and Becca’s friends – but rather than getting to shake their hands, Sara had me keep my hands behind my back – having each of them squeeze my cock instead. Some just gave a timid touch, but a few took the time to rake their finger nails over my balls as my dick rested against their wrist, or give me a few slow strokes. Sara really seemed to be enjoying this, whispering how sexy I looked naked while teasing my cock between introductions.

“Can you show us how to do that one trick again where you’re barely touching him?” asked one of the girls who continued holding my dick after Sara introduced me.

“Sure” Sara replied cheerfully as she grabbed my hard on again and just barely started teasing the underside of the tip with her fingernail. She knew this drives me crazy, and as she continued I could feel my knees start to weaken as my cock once again reached full hardness.

“My god – it looks like he could actually cum again!”

“Of course he can!” replied Sara. “Isn’t that right, baby?”

I was literally just trying to keep from collapsing, and failed to respond. Sara continued teasing me – it was like she was trying to see if my legs would actually give out from all of the attention she was giving my dick.

“Do you want to cum again, baby?” “Do you???”

“Please!” “yes, please!!!” I managed to utter

Without hesitating, Sara kneeled down directly in front of me and immediately sucked my hard dick into her mouth. I could tell she was incredibly turned on with how hard she was sucking me. As she continued, I jumped a little as Katie wrapped her arm around my waist.

“Looks like he might need a little help standing” she remarked as she grabbed my ass.

Sara looked up at us and smiled while teasing me with her tongue.

Katie whispered in my ear “Thanks again for helping Becca and I yesterday. We never would have won without you. I think I might just have to hold on to one or two of those pictures as a keepsake though.” Sara was now stroking and sucking me into her mouth trying to finish me off quickly while Katie continued quietly talking into my ear while caressing my ass:

“At first we weren’t sure if she was really going to bring you tonight. Then when you arrived, I still wasn’t sure she’d really strip you naked in front of all of my friends like she promised to. She told me you’d do anything she wanted and now I can see she was right.” I could feel my balls beginning to swell.

I looked around the room as Katie was talking. Her friends were all crowded around us, watching Sara suck and stroke me. A couple were definitely touching themselves under their dress as I neared the point of no return.

“You’re standing here, completely naked, in front of all my friends and you’re about to cum in front of us for the third time tonight. You couldn’t say no to her even if you wanted to. Could you?”

As I looked down, Sara looked directly into my eyes…. She knew she had me.

“I’m cumming!!!!” I groaned as my dick once again exploded. Not nearly as much in terms of volume as the first (or second) time, but I was so sensitive that as Sara continued to suck the last bit of cum from my dick, my knees finally gave out. It was just too much to handle.

Katie caught me, and lowered me to the ground where I collapsed on the carpet. I was completely spent. After lying there for a bit, Sara brought my clothes over to me so I could get dressed.

She said her goodbyes while I quietly put my clothes on.

Holding my hand, Sara walked me to the door while Katie wrapped up their conversation:

“You should really call me sometime soon – I have some other fun ideas I think you’d like!”

“Definitely!” responded Sara “I’d love to find some new ways to show him off….”

Sara squeezed my hand as we walked out the door. “You did say, ANYTHING, right baby?”

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