In a land far far away there lived a happy little girl. Her name was Cinderella. Her father had passed away but she lived a good life with her mother. But one day her mother remarried and the man and has two sons came to live at their house. Everything changed after they moved in, Cinderella hardly ever saw her mother and she always had chores to do.

Years went by and when Cinderella was 16 her mother passed away and she was left in the care of her stepfather and stepbrothers. They left her alone as long as she did her chores. They ridiculed her about her homely appearance so she was very happy when they left on a trip for an entire year.

By Cinderella’s 18th birthday she grew into her body and filled out. So much so that she was a beauty. Her long hair turned the color of a raven’s wing, her eyes sparkled like the ocean, her mouth was a pink and soft as a rose petal. The men around coveted her body, but she did not realize.

Once a man in town cornered her behind a building and began to kiss her. His hands ran over her curvy body, running over her full tits and down past her flat stomach to between her legs. Before he could get any further he heard his wife calling and pushed her away, promising to finish later. After that time she stayed away from town and stayed at her home.

A week after her 18th birthday her stepfather and stepbrothers came back. They were loud and obnoxious as always. Her father was the same man, a huge dangerous looking man. Her stepbrothers had grown just as tall and muscular. Taking a deep breath she went downstairs to greet them, hoping the days of her torment were a thing of the past.

“Hello, Stepfather. Hello, Tyler and Rob. How was your trip?” The men looked up but did not answer. They continued to stare at her, their eyes running over her face and body. She shivered at their constant gaze. “Um, dinner has past but there is some left in the kitchen. The cook will heat it up. I am not feeling so well so I am heading to bed. Goodnight.” With that she ran upstairs.

The next morning she was in the barn tending the horses when Rob came up behind her. His hand brushed her hair away from her neck and lingered. “Hello, Cinderella. The past year has been good to you. You have filled out very nicely.” Rob slowly turned her around and backed her into an empty stall. “There is so much that I wish to do to you right now. But I have time and so do you.” With that he shoved her down into the hay and straddled her body. His hands went directly to her tits that were straining against her plain white dress.

“No, Rob! You cannot, I am your stepsister!” Cinderella struggled to sit up.

“No, you are not my blood. I have not spent time with you. You are here because of my father’s good will. You will do as I say or be tossed into the street.” He took in her appearance and knew he had her. Her eyes began to water and her full lips shook. Her black hair was spread out under her. Her tits were spilling out of her tight top. He could not longer resist. “You will do as I wish.” With that he put both hands on the bodice of her dress and ripped. She cried out in surprise. “Very nice.” Rob traced Cinderella’s naked tits, admiring the full roundness.

Cinderella whimpered, but her nipples pebbled at his touch. Rob rolled off of her to rip her dress totally off. She flinched but allowed it. “Good, my pet. Your tits are perfect, your ass nice and tight. Your pussy will be tight as well, I hope.”

“Please, Rob. I’m a virgin. Don’t make me do this.”

“Oh, shut up and spread your legs.” He watched as she obeyed and he crawled on top of her. He pushed his cock in her. He felt pressure and than pushed hard. She cried out and he took that as his cue to fuck her hard and deep. When he finished he left the stall, leaving her naked.

Cinderella lay there, exposed. She couldn’t believe what happened. Rob had fucked her and she let him. She started to stand when Tyler stepped in.

“I thought I would find you here. Rob told me that he fucked you and you didn’t fight. It is now my turn.” Tyler pulled a hay bale over and grabbed her arm. “He is right. Your ass is the best I’ve seen.” With that he pushed her body over the hay bale and said, “But I’m not as nice as he is. I like a little pain with my fucks.”

“Ty! No, this hurts the hay is going into my breasts.”

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