Mel, or Melanie, was another one of my students. She was also Venus’ buddy, and they were often seen studying together. They made quite a pair, Mel and Venus, not least because they were so different — where Venus was tall and curvaceous, Mel was smaller built and slender. Venus’ skin was a lovely bronze whilst Mel’s was a creamy white. And where Venus’ hair was a short bob, Mel’s beautiful tresses reached almost to her waist. Mel was, in truth, a nice combination of both Venus and spunky little Angie.

I’d heard some rumours amongst the boys that they were lesbians because of the amount of time they spent together. I’d dismissed the notion as ‘sour grapes’ because the guys on campus never seemed to have any luck with either of the girls. But it was clear that the two girls were exceptionally close friends, so it was perhaps understandable that the guys had come to such a conclusion.

Perhaps that was why Venus was able to recognise her best friend from such a distance. Both Angie and I looked at the approaching figure and for life of us, we couldn’t really tell who it was. All that was clear to me was that it was a naked young woman (from the jiggling breasts and general body shape) who appeared disoriented and was stumbling along. Angie looked at me and shrugged, signalling her own uncertainty.

Venus, being Venus, was absolutely certain, and set off running towards her friend. “Hey!” I shouted. “Hey Venus!” I wanted to remind her about sticking together, but she clearly wasn’t listening. “Forget it, Mike,” said Angie, grabbing hold of my lower arm. “She’s not listening. We’d better go after her.”

“Right,” I said. “Let’s!” With that, we trotted off, unable to muster up the same amount of enthusiasm or speed Venus was showing. I was still a little worn out from fucking Angie and Venus, and Angie didn’t seem to have recovered completely too. Also, our strange surroundings and the constant attacks from the alien plants had left us a little wary. We really didn’t know what to expect in this weird alternate plane we’d found ourselves in.

Venus reached her friend while we were still some distance away. We could see her go right up to Mel, grab her by her shoulders, look into her eyes, and pull her close. We couldn’t hear any words being said as the two women embraced. Maybe they were just relieved to find someone familiar in an unfamiliar place.

As we approached the two girls, I realised that they were still locked in a tight embrace. Worse, they did not seem to be moving. An alarm rang in my head, just as Angie turned to me and said: “Something’s wrong.” I nodded, and we picked up our speed, running as fast as our aching muscles would allow.

Only when we were close enough was I able to see that I was right — Venus was being held in place by her friend, and a greenish looking vine connected their pussies. “Look! Look at her mouth!” shouted Angie, and I realised that there was another vine snaking from Mel’s mouth to Venus’. “Venus!” I yelled. “Get away from there!”

She couldn’t respond, of course — her eyes were open and unseeing. Dear lord, my Venus was being possessed by the alien in Mel’s body. Angie and I reached the two women at the same time, and we each grabbed one girl by the shoulders and tried yanking them apart. No dice. They were locked tightly together, Venus’ impressive hooters pressed up hard against Mel’s smaller ones. Damn. Was this the end of the road for Venus?

“Grab the thing in their mouths!” shouted Angie. “I’ll remove the other one!” I did as she bade, managing to pull an impressively long and thick vine from the girls’ throats after a few hefty heaves. Shit. What about their..?

I looked down and saw Angie struggling to pull the alien out from the girls’ pussies. As she yanked at the green vine connecting the girls, her fingers were slipping all over it, and ended up right against Mel’s slit. It looked almost as if she was… playing with the girl’s cunt. Feeling a little guilty for that flash of horny insight, I decided to help her. I motioned to her to keep pulling at Mel’s end while I knelt down in front of Venus. Her reddened labia formed an upside down V right in front of my eyes, and as I looked, I could see the alien pulsing as it moved within her body. I gripped the alien vine at a point right next to her velvety pink valley, and used my own weight to press down on the alien invader.

I felt it give a little and gave a whoop of joy. “It’s coming out! Pull, Angie!” I urged the girl behind me as I doubled my efforts. Venus’ vulva bulged as its green invader slowly slipped out. I could feel the thing sag towards the floor, so I knew that Angie was having some success removing it from Mel too.

As the alien plant twisted and fought to slip back into Venus’ vagina, I wrapped both hands tightly round the stem of the slippery vine and heaved with all my strength, noting how the huge bulbous tip distended Venus’ pussy lips as it passed out of her. When it was finally clear of her, the poor girl collapsed on the floor, clearly overcome by the damned chemicals that had held her in place while the alien raped her. “Hey! Mike!” I heard Angie exclaim behind me and turned to look at her.

She had successfully removed the alien from Mel’s body (now lying crumpled on the floor next to her), but the net result of her efforts was that the alien had switched its focus to her. Her eyes wide with fear, she was holding on to the stem of the alien vine whose tip had disappeared into her pussy. As I watched, the other end (the one that had been inside Venus) twisted and snaked its way up her inner thigh. It was clearly aiming to get inside her any way it could — and that meant her asshole was about to be penetrated.

“Mike! Help! Me!” she called out desperately. I suppose it was shock that made me hesitate. That, and the fact that it looked a lot like Angie was fucking herself on the alien vine, the way it kept fighting her, twisting and surging in her hands and pushing into her as she kept pulling at it to keep it out. She was trying hard to stop it from going in any further than it had, but it didn’t look like she was having any success. Yeah, I was kind of admiring the scene too, I guess. By the time I did anything, the alien’s bulb had disappeared into her anal orifice.

“Mike! Help! It hurts!” she cried out again, and I sprang into action, scooting over to kneel in front of her as I reached out and caught hold of the end embedded within her rectum. Having achieved a beachhead in her backside, the alien wasn’t giving up without a fight. I had to pull at it again and again, and watch her anal ring bulge out, slowly open, then quickly close again as I almost, but not quite managed, to pull it out. I suppose that under other circumstances, watching something like that might have been arousing, but my ears were filled with Angie’s squeals and moans as the battle for her ass raged on.

After a while, I felt my arms begin to tremble and realised I was getting tired, but then, so was the alien, apparently. After a mighty surge it thrust itself deeper into Angie’s asshole, pushing the stretched pink ring into her buttocks. She screamed, “Oh god, Mike! It’s going… deep! Too deep!” and I knew I had to get it out pronto. I gritted my teeth and leant down on the damned thing with whatever remaining strength I had. I knew I would not be able to keep fighting the alien for much longer, and thankfully for Angie, I didn’t have to.

Her asshole yawned wide, then snapped shut as I pulled the damned thing down and out of her rectum. Yanking the rest of the alien out of Angie’s vagina was a piece of cake in comparison. My arms were so tired after that effort, and the fucking alien so slippery that I dropped it on the floor despite my best efforts to hold on to the squirming bastard. It wriggled about on the floor for a bit, then it seemed to gather its wits and began crawling like a snake towards the still-unconscious Venus.

Fuck, it wasn’t going to have another bite of her cherry. Not while I was around. In spite of my tiredness I got up and quickly stomped down on it, just happening to put my full weight on the bulbous part. The alien suddenly burst like an overripe grape, spewing greenish liquid all over my foot and calf. It was viscous and sweet-smelling, and my stomach suddenly growled. “Shit, I’m fucking hungry,” I thought. After all, we hadn’t eaten anything for what seemed like a long time. I looked at the crushed alien plant under my foot. It was a mess, but it certainly smelled wonderful. Should I..? I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to eat any alien, or anything from the plant-like things that were constantly attacking us. What would that stuff do to our bodies?

I heard the sound of someone falling to the ground behind me and remembered my partner-in-rescue Angie. She had risked herself to save Venus and Mel, and I’d forgotten about the poor girl. I turned around and saw her lying on her back, her eyes closed. Maybe she’d fainted, maybe she was just too tired… or maybe she was hurt. I couldn’t tell… and even if I did find out she was hurt, there was little I could do. No clothes, no pockets, no first aid kit. Damn this alien place.

Ignoring the now deflated alien at my feet, I dropped to my knees next to the young woman’s body. It gleamed with her sweat in the half-light, and I could see her chest rising as she breathed. She was alright. At least, she was breathing. And as I watched her breathe, I realised that her breasts were leaking.

Yes, that sounds weird, I know, but up to now, there was very little about this place that wasn’t weird. I could see a clear yellowish liquid well up at the very tips of her nipples, and I just couldn’t help myself anymore. I leant forward and took a tentative suck. It didn’t taste like milk — maybe it would’ve been even weirder if it had tasted like milk — but it tasted good: a sweetish, musky taste that made my stomach growl even more. Putting aside any last reservations I had about doing this to an unconscious woman, i placed my hands round her breast and covered her nipple completely with my mouth as I began sucking in earnest.

My mouth was immediately filled with the sweet nectar from her breast, and I wondered if this development had anything to do with the earlier attack by the alien plant, which had skewered the girls’ breasts while they fought. Perhaps it had prepared the girls’ mammary glands to provide food.

I drank deeply as I wondered about this, and was suddenly surprised by a movement beside me. Venus had regained her senses, and seized Angie’s other breast. She began suckling at Angie’s teat with as much (if not more) enthusiasm as I had.

I can’t tell you how long we sucked at Angie’s breasts, but after a while, I realised the girl was conscious. She was moaning a fair bit, that was how I knew… clearly, having the two of us sucking on her nipples was enjoyable, to say the least. When we finally stopped, I noticed that her breasts appeared smaller… and that her hand had moved to cover the split of her groin, which was noticeably leaking a small puddle of fluid.

“I… I’m sorry,” Venus apologised first. “I… when I came to, I saw Mike sucking… and I… was so hungry I couldn’t help it…”

“Um, Angie, I guess I…” I started to explain, but her finger on my lips stopped me. I was right — she was wet. I could smell and taste her musk on her finger.

“It’s alright, guys,” she said. “No need to explain.”

“I’m actually less tired than I was before,” I continued to try. “Maybe drinking from you helped…”

“Yes it did,” said Mel, her eyes locked onto mine. I could see a mischievous glint in them. “I… they were getting kind of heavy, after all.”

“Speaking of which,” Venus piped up. “Mmm… could you guys help..?” She gesticulated at her own overgrown chest.

Angie looked at Venus’ huge breasts and literally salivated. “Sure, Venus,” she grinned. “Anything to help you. Besides, I think we’re going to need the energy after that exercise!”

Without further ado, we set about suckling at Venus’ teats with gusto, and I stopped only when she suddenly reminded us about Mel. Squeezing her tit so that a trickle of the golden fluid slipped down the slope of her still impressive breasts, she said: “Maybe getting her to drink some of this will awaken her.”

With Angie still sucking furiously at her left breast, Venus crawled over to the unconscious girl and put her tit into her mouth, squeezing at her nipple so that the liquid ran into the unconscious girl’s mouth.

Now, that’s a sight I don’t get to see everyday. One girl sucking on another girl’s tit while the other girl is pulling a third girl’s face to her breast, urging her to have a suck too. Sitting there and watching them, it suddenly felt a lot like I was looking in on some guy’s weird sex fantasy.

Anyway, there was no response from Mel in spite of Venus’ urging. I could see she was still breathing, but she wasn’t responding at all. Great. Since she was Venus’ best pal, it was a sure bet we’d have to bring her along. I’d normally not have a problem with that, except that the whole place was barren and we had nothing around that we could use to fashion a sled or stretcher of some sort. It would probably come down to us having to carry her around, which would slow us down considerably. And given how the alien attacks didn’t seem to be letting up, I wasn’t sure we could afford to do so.

I think Angie was thinking pretty much the same thing too. Turning to look at me, then back to Venus, who was cradling Mel’s head against her breast, she said: “Look, I think we should do something to try to get her awake. I’m not sure we can lug her around in her current state.”

Venus didn’t say anything, she just nodded her assent. Good. The girl is stubborn, but even she knew that we couldn’t afford to slow down in our quest to get out of this place. “What do you suggest we do?” I asked. “We don’t have anything on hand, and I’m not sure slapping will work.”

“Won’t it?” Angie said, and reached over to slap Mel’s face lightly. Venus pulled her friend into a sitting position and suddenly said: “Hit her harder!” Angie did as she said, and she hit the girl a few more times before I stopped them. “It’s no use,” I said. “She’s not responding.”

“Do you have a better idea then?” Venus challenged. I saw tears in her eyes and my heart melted. My Venus was hurting, and I would do anything to help her. But what? What could we do to get Mel awake?

“Hey… how about this?” Angie interrupted my thoughts. “How about you fuck her awake?”

“I… what?” I said, incredulously. “You’ve got to be kidding…”

“Well, it’s either that or we throw water on her. Since there’s no water around, that means we pee on her, and I don’t want to be around if she wakes up and sees all of us doing that,” explained Angie. “Can you imagine waking up to that?”

I shook my head, trying not to let the image of the two girls pissing on an unconscious Melanie burn into my mind. “In the absence of any other option, fucking might just be the answer,” Angie continued. “You know what? I’d do it, except I don’t have the equipment. You’re the only one of us that has, Mike, so that means… you’re it.”

In retrospect, I’ll admit that was a pretty lame reason to fuck an unconscious girl, but at the time, it seemed… right. Venus even seemed to be in agreement, standing and pulling her friend up with her as per Angie’s instructions. Mel’s head sagged to the side as the girls positioned her for penetration, Angie holding on to her left leg while Venus held the right.

My cock was hard — it had been so for quite some time, but I hadn’t really paid much attention to it till now. As I moved towards the girl, it seemed to me that the head of my dick would not fit into the comparatively tiny slot of the unconscious girl. Angie seemed to concur, instructing Venus to pull her leg upwards so that I would “have more space”.

Mel’s legs formed an ‘M’ around her obscenely gaping pussy lips as my prick pressed inwards. She flinched and moaned, and the girls, encouraged by her reaction, urged me on. “Go on and give it to her, Mike,” said Venus. “Yeah, give her all of it!” added Angie. “Get in there!”

I thrust forward as hard as I could, and was rewarded with a shudder from the unconscious girl. She was reacting to being fucked! The two girls at the side whooped with joy. With their arms hooked under her knees, they drew her pubis upwards so that I would have a better angle to insert my cock into Mel. I hesitated with my cock just halfway inside her. Her pussy looked… stuffed, her vulva distended around my intruding prong. “I don’t know,” I thought to myself as I looked at the unconscious girl. Mel’s eyes were still closed, her breath sounding a little rapid and harsh. “Should I? Is this ra…” The two girls suddenly began yelling at me, urging me to “keep going”, to “stop being a faggot” and to “fuck her till cum comes out her ears!”

Who can resist that kind of encouragement? I cast aside any remaining doubts, plunged right in and began sawing in and out of her as sexy, naked Venus and Angie kept yelling at me to continue fucking Mel. OK, it was screwed up alright, and it got a little out of hand after a while, because I was pumping so hard in her she was moving up and down in tandem with my movements in her body. Or was that because of the two girls’ delightful assistance in ramming her up and down my prick? I couldn’t tell.

I was going at it full tilt when they suddenly told me to stop. Apart from Mel’s flinching and moaning, it didn’t seem to be working the way we hoped it would. “It’s not working,” Venus complained. “She’s reacting but she’s not…”

“Fuck her in the ass!” said Angie fiercely. There was a light shining in her eyes that I’d never seen before. It was almost as if she was… relishing the idea of me fucking the unconscious Mel in her rear orifice. “What have we got to lose? We need her to wake up, and quick. Come on Mike, try that!”

Venus, again, did not disagree. She did as she was told, lifting Mel’s legs higher so that her ass was now hanging just in front of my dripping wet cock. God, I don’t know if it was that alien seed thing in my balls, but my cock was pulsing. I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t do her any damage if I fucked her in her backside, but the girls made up my mind for me, driving the unconscious girl forward onto my dick as I hesitated once more.

Wow. The sensation of Mel’s hot, tight anal ring expanding round my prick head was incredible; and the feeling of her clutching rectal passage giving way to my throbbing erection was indescribable. I was sure I would come very quickly in her tight ass, and I was right. I didn’t even have to move a muscle — Venus and Angie simply lifted Mel up and slammed her down until I was balls-deep in her ass, Her anus was so tight around my cock that I started shivering and they knew I was about to cum, so the two girls moved even more quickly, thrusting me into her asshole so rapidly Mel’s breasts didn’t bounce, they seemed to be floating in front of my eyes.

My orgasm was immense — I could feel my prick jerking around in the tight, confined space of her rectum as I sprayed everything I had into her bum. Mel had begun groaning and twitching when her ass was impaled on my cock, and she must have felt me cum into her buttocks because she drew a sharp breath and gave a sudden, sharp scream.

I really can’t say what happened next because I don’t know. The next thing I was aware of was that we were all lying on the floor, my softening prick still embedded inside Mel’s bum. Her legs were wrapped around my neck and her face buried in my chest. Of Venus and Angie, I could only tell that they were on either side of us, both breathing hard. Their heads were turned away, so I couldn’t tell if they were unconscious or not. Then Mel uttered a muffled “Get off of me!” and I quickly pulled out, noting how her asshole clutched at my prick before giving it up. A copious amount of my cum flowed out of her ravaged bum as I withdrew, making her groan.

“We’re doing what?” I asked, incredulous as I rolled off the bed and followed Jo’s incredible ass back into the hallway. She swayed her hips as she walked, looking back over her shoulder to make sure I was enjoying the show. My still-bobbing cock told her what she wanted to know, and she smiled.

“We’re going porn shopping,” she said. “Right now.” She bent at the waist to pick up her dress from where I had left it in front of the door and I stepped up behind her, sliding my cock back into her tight, soaked pussy.

“What for? We seem to have plenty of fun lined up here,” I said. I gripped her hips and backed out almost all the way until just the tip of my cock was inside her, then slowly pushed it back in, all the way to my balls. She groaned and raised back up, her back arched, wrapping her arms around my neck, the soft knit of her dress brushing lightly across my back and shoulders.

“So you can cum in my pussy,” she said, turning her face to mine and flicking her tongue across my lips, “while the porno shop girl sits on my face.” Jo released my neck and stepped forward, my drenched cock pulling free and waving wetly in the air for the second time in two minutes.

“Wow,” I said. I really couldn’t think of anything else to say for a few minutes. Jo slipped her dress around her shoulders and zipped it up slowly, leaving a generous amount of cleavage exposed and cocking her head to the side.

“Are you gonna put on pants, or are you going like that?” she asked, grinning at me again.

“Right!” I said, and turned back to the bedroom, snatching up a dark pair of cargo shorts and a plain white tee, tugging the shorts up and stepping into a pair of flip-flops before heading back to Jo. I tugged the shirt over my head and opened the door for her, giving her ass a gentle slap as she passed me.

“Oh, I hope she likes anal!” Jo said as we started down the stairs. “I want to lick her pussy while you fuck her ass.”

I stopped for a second and watched her walk, shaking my head in wonder. My life had become very interesting very quickly.

The drive to the porno shop took about five minutes, and when we pulled up into the parking lot, Jo turned to look at me.

“Ok, two things: first, we’re not doing this every night. I’m cool enough to want to have a threesome every now and then, but jealous enough that I’ll be pissed if I don’t get your cock to myself most of the time. Second, I’m gonna go in first, see if she’s into girls.” She leaned in and kissed me quickly, then sat back and looked me in the eye. “Work for you?”

“Absolutely,” I said, nodding sincerely.

“Good,” she said. Jo leaned back from me and dropped her zipper a bit farther, level with the bottoms of her breasts. She looked at me sideways, grinned and span around on her ass, pulling her legs back and apart, exposing her smooth little pussy to me. “Kiss for luck?”

I laughed and leaned forward, taking in her scent and running my tongue once between her lips, scooping her juice into my mouth and flicking my tongue across her clit. I pushed her thighs up and swirled around her hot, puckered ass, smiling as she giggled.

“Thanks,” she said as I raised back up. Jo popped her door open, winked at me and stepped out of the car, wiggling her ass as she went. I watched her go, grinning and adjusting my throbbing cock in my shorts, then settled in to wait.

-This section was told to me later, by Jo-

I walked away from the car, crossing my legs with each step to give you a good show and headed for the door, my pussy tingling as I thought about what I hoped was to come and I felt the cool air blow across your spit on my asshole. I looked around the parking lot quickly, realizing that no one else was parked here, and lowered the zipper on my dress a little farther, about halfway to my navel.

My nipples were already straining against the knit as I pushed the door open and cool air splashed across me, hardening them even more. The girl behind the counter turned to greet me and my clit throbbed.

She was hot. Long, straight blonde hair, light, natural-looking tan, soft green eyes and full, pouty lips that I desperately hoped would soon be wrapped around my clit. She smiled as I walked up to the counter and handed her my ID. She looked at the picture, then up at my face. Her eyes dropped to my tits and she grinned, waving me through.

I smiled back, and made sure she saw me glance down at her tightly covered chest, straining against her work shirt, check out her ass encased in black jeans and scan her legs running down to her off-white, retro pumps and quickly lick my lips before stepping through the little gate and into the store. Her eyes followed me as I walked slowly to the toy section, swaying my hips a little for her benefit.

“Let me know if you need help with anything,” she called.

“Thanks, I will,” I said, looking over my shoulder and smiling at her, throwing in a wink for good measure. She grinned broadly, and I noticed her nipples now standing out against her tight polo. I walked into the toy section and looked around for a minute or two, wondering how to get her over there when I noticed a long chain with a small clip at either end and suddenly knew exactly what to do.

“Excuse me,” I called, peeking my head around the corner. “Can you explain something to me?”

She looked up from the book she was reading, set it down and came around the counter.

“Sure,” she said, walking closer. I watched her come, staring at her tits and checking out her hips as she got closer. When I looked up to her eyes, she was watching my face and grinning broadly, with just a slight blush. “What’s your question?”

“What are these?” I asked, holding up the chain. I knew perfectly well they were nipple clips, but in my defense, I’d never seen this particular type before. The clips were circular loops of soft wire with two small handles on the bottom.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, taking the chain from me. “They’re nipple clips! You just put the loops on your nipples, and they pinch them lightly for you. Plus when you move around the chain makes them tug.”

“How do they stay on though? They just look like hoops to me,” I said.

“Oh, when you squeeze here, they open a little, see?” She demonstrated the squeezing motion, opening the hoops a little. I put on my best doubtful face.

“I’m still not totally getting this,” I said. I summoned up my courage. “Could you, maybe, um, show me?” I reached up and grabbed the tab of my zipper, looking at her questioningly.

She looked at my hand, then up to my face and nodded eagerly. I smiled at her, and pulled the zipper down to my navel, opening my dress and exposing my tits to her. She stared for a second, then moved forward and reached out, squeezing the little handles and fitting the hoop around my nipple. I gasped as her fingers brushed my breast and smiled when she looked up, nodding encouragement. She smiled back and let go of the handles, gentle pressure pinching my nipple as she moved to the other one and repeated the process, this time growing bolder as her fingers brushed my soft round breast. I moaned as she let go, feeling wonderful pressure in both nipples.

“Ooh, that’s nice,” I groaned. I pushed my tits out toward her and arched my back a little.

“Try shaking them around a little. Get that chain moving! It’ll feel great,” she said, eagerly watching every move of my tits. I obliged, jiggling my tits slowly, enjoying the tug from the chain as I moved. “It makes them a lot more sensitive, too,” she said. Before I totally realized what she was doing, she reached out and ran a fingertip around my pinched nipple, making me moan as little sparks of pleasure ran through me and straight into my pussy.

“That’s amazing,” I said. “How do I get them off?”

She smiled and moved her fingers down, squeezing the handles again and pulling the hoop off painlessly.

“Just like that,” she said, smiling brightly. Her own nipples strained against her shirt.

“Can I try?” I asked, reaching out and taking the little hoop from her hand. I stepped closer, moving my hands toward the hem of her polo. Her eyes widened as she realized what I wanted, and she smiled naughtily.

“Sure,” she said, and peeled her polo and bra off over her head in one smooth motion. Her breasts were amazing, small, perky and perfectly round, with small, beautiful little nipples poking out like miniature erasers from perfect areolas that were almost the same color as the rest of her breast. I gasped and instinctively cupped one, running my fingers lightly around the smooth, hot skin.

She moaned and stepped a little closer, pushing her breast into my hand.

“Go ahead,” she whispered. I smiled at her and slipped the hoop over her hard little nipple, feeling the chain jiggle and tug at me own as I moved. She gasped as it pinched down and grinned as I straightened, causing the chain to jiggle even more. “See, super easy,” she said.

“Yeah,” I said. “That’s wonderful.” I kept my hand on her breast, gently stroking the soft skin, lightly squeezing. “You said it makes your nipples more sensitive, too, right?” I asked.

She grinned and nodded, pushing her breast a little farther into my hand, encouraging me. I smiled and winked at her, then dropped my head down quickly and trapped her nipple between my lips, flicking my tongue across the tip and hearing her moan as her hand cupped the back of my head. I let my free hand trail up her side to cup her other breast, gently pinching the nipple between my fingers as I suckled and nibbled.

I felt her hands reach out and cup my tits, her own fingers busy on my nipples and groaned into her chest, unconsciously spreading my feet farther apart and biting down on her little nipple. I straightened up and she attacked my tits, her hungry little mouth pulling in my hard, pinched nipple, her free hand twisting the other. She dragged the whole length of her tongue across my tip and twisted with her fingers. I gasped and caught the chain between my fingers, giving a gentle tug and felt her moan on my tit.

“Mmm,” I moaned, and gently pulled her up from my nipple. I stepped close, pressing our breasts together as my arms went around her neck. I spoke with my lips nearly touching hers. “I came in here to get my boyfriend a present for our anniversary,” I lied, ” and I think I’d like to give him you.”

“Oh really?” she whispered back. “That could be fun.”

I brushed my lips across hers, smiling and flicking my tongue out across them. “I think so too.” I kissed her, my tongue sliding into her mouth as I dropped my hands down to cup her tight little ass and pull her into me, our breasts pushing together. She moaned into my mouth and her hands found my ass, copying my motion.

“Let me call him,” I whispered. “He drove me here, he’s waiting in the car. Let me call him in here. Let’s greet him like this, with our tits chained together, let him see the sexy little present I found for him, watch his cock get hard for us while we play with each other’s nipples. Maybe even-” I slid my hand slowly down the front of her pants, slipping under her soft panties and across close-shaved skin, my fingers brushed across her clit and I rubbed a slow circle.

“Yes,” she moaned. I slipped my finger into her, swirling it inside her before pulling it slowly out. I fished my cell phone from the little pocket knitted into the side of my dress and dialed, kissing her deeply while it rang. I heard you pick up on the other end.

-I’ll take it from here-

“Hello?” I said, having pulled my phone from the pocket of my shorts.

“Hey baby,” came Jo’s voice. “Come in! I think I found us the perfect little toy.” I heard her giggle as she said it, and wondered what she was up to.

“I’ll be right in,” I said, and ended the call. I stepped out of the car and walked to the door, my cock mostly softened during the wait. I pushed the door open and scanned the interior, noting that Amber was not behind the counter as I had expected. My eyes moved around the room and alighted on a sight that dropped my jaw.

Jo and Amber stood hip-to-hip, a slender chain connecting Jo’s right nipple to Amber’s left. The shop girl was naked from the waist up, and Jo had unzipped her dress down to her pelvis. As I watched, Jo’s hand slid up and cupped Amber’s breast, gently squeezing the supple flesh. Amber stared at me in surprise and delight, looking me in the eye and licking her lips. I looked to Jo, who laughed at my expression.

“What do you think, baby?” Jo asked. “I think I found what we should take home and play with, don’t you? Why don’t you come see if she’s as good as I think she is.” As she spoke, Jo’s hand trailed down and her nimble fingers popped the button on Amber’s jeans and tugged the zipper down with quick, efficient movements.

I walked up to them, my eyes boring into first Jo’s, then Amber’s. My arm slipped around Jo’s waist and she bent her head back, reaching up to plant a kiss on my throat and whispering loudly into my neck, “Slide you hand in her panties, baby. She’s so wet. I want to watch her face while you fuck her with your fingers.”

Amber moaned and rolled her hips forward, sucking in her already flat little stomach, presenting herself to me as I stepped closer, my left hand cupping Jo’s ass and slid my right into her panties. Heat radiated from her sex as my fingers slid lower over her smooth mound and she groaned as they brushed past her clit. Her panties were damp from her wetness as my fingers curled and slipped inside her tight little pussy, her breath caught in her throat and I felt her hand cover mine on Jo’s ass, her free hand coming up to grasp the back of my neck and squeeze.

“That’s so fucking hot,” Jo moaned, and her lips found Amber’s as her fingers gripped my cock through my shorts. “We need to either lock the door or get the fuck out of here,” she mumbled. “I want to choke on your cock after you fuck her little pussy.”

Amber moaned and came on my fingers at Jo’s declaration.

“Oh god, please choke me with your cock, too. Shove it down my throat after you make your girlfriend cum on it.” Amber’s legs shook as she spoke, her voice quavering. She gripped my neck tight, holding herself up as her orgasm tore through her and she buried her face in Jo’s neck, whimpering and moaning as I let her come down, slowly pulling my hand from her panties. “Fuck me,” she whispered. “I’ll lock up, just take me anywhere, right now, please.”

“Done deal!” Jo exclaimed happily. She unclipped the chain from her nipple and attached the other end to Amber’s unoccupied breast, giving a gentle pinch. She stepped back and looked at Amber, a thoughtful expression on her face. “Hmm,” she hummed.

Jo’s eyes darted around for a moment before her wicked grin returned and she walked to one of the racks, returning a moment later with a short little schoolgirl skirt. She opened it, wrapped it around Amber’s waist, and pulled the girl’s jeans and panties down in a quick motion. Amber kicked off her rockabilly heels and stepped out of her pants before slipping the shoes back on.

“I want your pussy to be easy to get to,” Jo whispered in her ear, and Amber shivered, the chain between her nipples jangling with the motion. Jo gathered up Amber’s clothes, folding the jeans and panties neatly and laying her shirt and bra over the top.

“I’ll grab my keys,” Amber said, and practically sprinted behind the counter, the chain tinkling the whole way. She grabbed her purse and keys, stepping around the counter and reaching to take her shirt from Jo.

“I think we should just walk to the car like this,” Jo said, gesturing at her own exposed tits. “Let’s see if we cause any accidents between here and there,” she added, her wicked little grin broader than ever.

Amber returned the grin full-force, and my cock twitched as the two girls looped their arms through mine. We walked out the door, me with a massive erection straining against my shorts, the girls with their gorgeous breasts exposed to the world, nipples hard and proud. Amber flicked the lights off and locked the door behind us, barely losing a step as we walked slowly to the car.

“You drive,” Jo said. The keys were already in the ignition. I opened the driver’s side door, and Jo hopped in, scooting all the way over. Amber followed, and I slid in last, situating myself behind the wheel. As soon as the door closed, Jo slid closer to Amber and her hand dived between the blond girl’s thighs, working her pussy with her long, slender fingers.

“Suck his cock,” Jo whispered into Amber’s ear. “Suck the cock I’m gonna make you cum on.”

Amber groaned, dropping her head in my lap as her hands tore my zipper open. She struggled to pull out my cock, so hard and throbbing, and gasped as her hand closed around it.

“Nice, right?” Jo asked, her fingers still busy under Amber’s skirt.

“Fuck yes,” whispered Amber, her eyes wide as she stroked my cock.

I started the car and threw it in reverse, backing out and pulling onto the road, driving as fast as I dared toward my apartment, eager to get these girls home. Amber’s wet little mouth plunged down over my cock, her tongue eagerly stroking along the shaft as her lips glided downward. I grunted as she stroked my balls with her fingertips and pushed as much of my cock as she could take down her throat.

Jo shifted in the seat, taking advantage of the huge bench seat in her ancient Oldsmobile, and dropped her head between Amber’s thighs. I felt a moan travel the length of my cock as Jo’s mouth went to work, and heard, “Oh, baby, she tastes so good,” from the shop girls crotch.

I made the five minute drive in under three, the car filled with the sounds of slurping, sucking and moaning the entire time. I tore into a parking space and slapped the car into reverse, killing the engine the moment we were stopped. I clapped my hand on the back of Amber’s head and pushed, forcing my cock a little deeper into her throat, feeling her gag on it and moan as she came on Jo’s tongue.

Jo sat up as the girl shook through her orgasm, zipping up her dress and grabbing the polo from the dashboard. I let up the pressure on Amber’s head and she came up gasping, her arms snaking around my neck and pulling my lips to hers for a deep, wet kiss.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Jo said, her wicked grin still plastered on her wet lips. Amber nodded and tugged her shirt on as I crammed my cock back into my shorts. We piled out of the car and speed-walked to my building, Amber’s skirt bouncing with each step, flashing glimpses of her tan little ass.

We tore open the door and started up the stairs, Jo reaching up suddenly and snatching away Amber’s skirt, the young blonde not even slowing as she completed the flight nude from the waist down, her ass bouncing firmly with each step. I opened the apartment door and pulled Amber and Jo inside, their arms immediately going around each other and their mouths meeting, moans escaping around searching tongues. I pushed the door closed as Jo reached for me, catching my hand and pulling me to them, folding me in with them as they kissed and Jo’s hands went to work, one slipping down and gliding fingers into Amber’s pussy, the other popping my shorts open and shoving them down, grasping my cock and pumping.

Amber pulled Jo’s zipper open and I pulled the dress off her shoulders, her hands losing contact for a moment as the light garment fell to the floor and she stood in nothing but her strappy heels. Together, Jo and I peeled Amber’s polo off, and the girls stripped my tee.

I reached around Jo’s waist and cupped her ass, sliding my fingers low and in until my middle finger brushed across her tight little hole. I pulled my hand back, popped the finger in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it before replacing it and pushing it slowly in. Jo moaned into Amber’s mouth, her hips rocking back into my hand. She never lost a beat on my cock or Amber’s pussy, her hands moving rhythmically as she stroked us both.

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