girl on girl

Six months before my 40th birthday I had a bit of a mid-life crisis. I don’t know why, as I’m normally a very positive person; married with two young teenage sons and a good job as an Administrator in a large hospital. With hindsight I guess I was bored and worried that my life was slipping away from me but that’s no excuse for my behaviour.

In early May I was invited to a birthday party in the centre of town for one of the young nurses. I would normally have made my excuses and not gone but this time I accepted. As we live in the countryside, about 17 miles from town hubby I volunteered to drop me off and pick me up; although I knew he wouldn’t be happy with staying sober enough to collect me at midnight.

When I arrived in town and saw what the others were wearing I felt old and dowdy in my glasses, smart trousers, blouse and cardigan when everyone else was in skirts or dresses and looked exciting and sexy compared to me. I still had a good night, drinking, dancing and even laughing. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d laughed as much and the evening flew by.

I was correct about hubby’s mood when he collected me; he had a face like a smacked arse. When we got home I wanted sex; but he was already asleep when I came out of the bathroom, so as usual I had to make to with a silent diddle under the covers.

The party was a big topic of conversation the following week at work and I was invited out again with a bunch of co-workers who regularly hit the Town on a Friday night but I politely refused and regretted it, when Friday came and hubby was fast asleep, pissed on cheap lager at 10pm. I left him snoring and went to bed where I tearfully pledged that I would go out with the girls the following week.

When I told my story the following Monday Kim, one of the staff-nurses offered her spare room for me to stay in if hubby wouldn’t pick me up. Still angry, I agreed. Of course Hubby wasn’t happy; but he reluctantly agreed when I said I would drive there myself and leave the car over night and drive home in the morning, without having to bother him.

Friday came around quickly enough and I excitedly drove to Kim’s house on the other side of town. I found the house easily enough and was pleasantly surprised when her rather handsome husband answered the door with a glass of wine in his hand for me. He ushered me upstairs where Kim was still getting dressed. Her bedroom door was wide open as I walked along the landing. Kim was sitting in front of a large mirror tonging her hair as I entered her boudoir. We chatted as she finished her hair and applied the finishing touches to her make up.

By the time it came to choose her dress her husband had joined us with the wine bottle. Kim was just over 5 feet tall and had curves in all the right places, her husband on the other hand was about 6 feet tall, with shoulder length wavy hair and a chiselled face. He had the look of a Rock star, especially as he wore very tight jeans and cowboy boots. He actually owned a coffee bar in a local shopping centre and played in a local band every couple of weeks. If he hadn’t been my friend’s husband he probably looked a bit pervy. It was his suggestion that she should wear a short red strapless one, but it meant she couldn’t wear a bra with it. Without a care in the world Kim dropped her silk kimono on the floor and walked past me to choose some panties. I tried not to stare; but she looked gorgeous and my eyes bulged when I realised that she was completely shaven down below. Being much younger than me Kim’s body hadn’t yet started to sag and her boobs were still quite firm for a woman with a child and her stomach was ironing-board flat. She selected a tiny white g-string and surprised me by pulling on a pair of tan hold-up stockings too.

“Isn’t the dress a bit short for stockings?” I asked as Ian topped up my wine. I was wearing a nice dress too, but it was a lot more demure and in keeping with my age and status.

“No, of course not.” Kim laughed and deliberately bent over showing off her stocking tops and an inch of milky white thigh, much to her husband’s amusement.

I finished my drink and on the taxi ride into town we chatted and I told her how sexy she looked and how my husband would be mortified if I dressed like her.

“He doesn’t have to know.” She replied with a wink, “Not if you got dressed at our house.”

I kept that thought in the back of my mind as we had another great night. The crowd I was with was smaller and slightly different from the previous week and a lot younger and rowdier. I knew a couple of girls from the hospital and was pleased that they were happy for me to join them. We went to pretty much the same bars and this time I recognised a few faces from the previous visit but still struggled to speak to any guys. One chap amused me by saying I looked like the TV Personality Carol Vordeman. Apart from having long legs and big boobs, I couldn’t see it, but a couple of the girls agreed when I told them. I felt by far the oldest person there, but for some bizarre reason still I managed to attract the attention of a couple of very young guys who wanted to dance with me and one even offered a drink, which I refused. Kim was on form, flashing her stocking tops at every opportunity and even sloppily kissing a couple of guys late in the evening; which shocked me.

We were both pretty drunk on the taxi ride home and Kim’s dress rose up her thighs quite quickly giving me and the driver a good look at her stocking tops and occasionally her panties, plus when she bent forward to pick up her bag I couldn’t help looking at her boobs and pretty pink nipples; which made me blush.

Ian was waiting up when we arrived at their house and Kim greeted him with a big kiss and drunkenly told him, ‘take me to bed and fuck the arse off me!’ Ian smiled and guided her upstairs. As I unsteadily made my way along the dark landing after going to the bathroom I heard the happy couple giggling as Kim got undressed and hummed the tune ‘the stripper.’

My head was spinning as I tried to get to sleep in the room next to theirs. Then I heard Kim’s voice, “Mmmmmmmmmm….hello Mr. Big. What should lickle Kim do to make you happy?”

Oh my God! I could hear them!

“Mmmmmmmmmm….you sure do taste nice.” I heard her giggle, “And which hole would you like to go into tonight?” Her voice was now very high and school girlish. I could then hear Ian panting and muttering for the next few minutes as I presumed my friend was gobbling his cock. By this time my hand was between my legs and my fingers diddling my clitty.

I frantically rubbed and fingered for the next 15 minutes as Kim and Ian noisily fucked like rabbits, making myself cum three times in the process. I woke the following morning with a stotting headache and when I scratched an itch on my nose I could still smell my stinky fingers.

As I tenderly made my way to the bathroom I could hear laughter and activity from downstairs as Ian and their 7 year old son Simon had breakfast and watched TV. Ten minutes later I was sitting drying my hair with only a towel wrapped around me when Ian knocked on the door and walked straight in with a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich. I automatically clutched the towel to my chest to protect my modesty as he greeted me but it was only as he left that I realised the bottom of the towel was open and he must have seen my pubes. I blushed madly as I put my clean knickers and bra on; thinking that he must think I was some kind of tart flashing my bits like that. But it really was an accident.

Nothing was said when I took my cup and plate back to the kitchen but I swear Ian winked as I got in my car to return home. I had hardly been in the house 10 minutes when hubby took the boys to rugby practice without a word about my evening out.

Hubby gave in without an argument to my request for a Friday night out with the girls and another stop over at Kim’s house. I sort of guessed he thought I was too old and dull to get up to any mischief while he sat at home wanking his cock to a frazzle looking at porn on the computer. He thought I didn’t know, but he never cleaned out the memory so I knew exactly which sites he was looking at and for how long.

The next few weeks followed the same pattern with Kim wearing some pretty sexy and very revealing clothing then flirting outrageously with an assortment of young men. At least twice she disappeared from view for 15 or 20 minutes and came back ‘glowing’ giving me the impression that she had been up to no good.

I also began smuggling ever more cleavage revealing outfits and skirts to get changed into. At first I would disappear into the spare bedroom to dress, but as they appeared to have some kind of ‘open door’ policy Ian would barge in anyway with more wine, and catch me in various stages of undress; gradually making me get quite excited at the prospect of him seeing me in my undies. Eventually I would dress in Kim’s bedroom with Ian nonchalantly commenting on our clothes and especially our underwear!

It didn’t take me long to fit in with the ‘gang;’ and to some degree become more comfortable with the ever growing attention of my own admirers; some of whom were young enough to be my son. After a couple of months I was revelling in the new found male attention and finding it increasingly difficult not to take their advances more seriously as I let a couple kiss me or ‘get a tache on’ as the younger girls called it.

When we got back to her house Kim and Ian always had very noisy sex and I soon realised that it was possibly even for my benefit, so I started taking a Rampant Rabbit and fucked myself in time to the happy couple in masturbatory fuelled nights. I would also stay for an extra hour or so and have breakfast in my short dressing gown, usually while Kim was still in bed. Ian didn’t say anything but would smile as he stole glimpses of my boobs and legs. I felt deliciously naughty, especially when I saw a bulge in his shorts. But that’s all that was ever going to happen between us; wasn’t it?

The ‘gang’ were a floating mix of nurses and staff from the hospital and a few assorted friends. Some weeks there could be nearly 20 in the group and other weeks only 6 depending on shifts and family commitments. Some of these girls, including Kim were absolutely wild and it took a very brave young lion to approach us; especially later in the evening when the heavy drinking was taking effect. By now I had realised that they were a very hedonistic crowd who lived for Friday night when ‘anything goes.’ I was still surprised at how much the normally reserved young nurses could drink, but I matched them glass for glass and their language could best be described as ‘industrial’ which I soon found to be very liberating when I started to swear like a trooper too. Without anyone saying anything I was also aware that a few girls took a pill or two and some openly snorted coke in the ladies room.

About a month before my 40th birthday I chose to wear a shorter than usual black skirt with some very fine 7 denier black tights; I still have good legs for a woman my age and several of my new admirers took great delight in telling me what a ‘great arse’ I have too, so I had started dressing accordingly. To complement it I wore a cream blouse with black lace around the low cut neck and cuffs. As it was quite see-thru I wore a spaghetti strap vest underneath.

While Kim was getting dressed Ian commented on how nice I looked and ‘that it was a pity I was wearing a vest.’ I blushed and looked away as Kim punched him in the arm for embarrassing me. She then turned to me and said; “He’s right though, you would look much sexier without it.”

“I’m not sure.” I mumbled as I gulped down a mouthful of wine. Even though I was wearing a new sexy lace bra underneath I wasn’t convinced that I was confident enough to go out showing the sexy bra and my chest off. “I’m a bit old for that sort of thing.” I mumbled again.

“Rubbish!” Ian laughed; “you are as hot as any of Kim’s friends….in fact, hotter than most.”

“Ian!” Kim chided her husband and punched his arm again as I blushed. “Look, Cathy, take it off and I’ll give you my honest opinion.”

I looked at Ian who made no attempt to leave the doorway as I took my blouse and vest off. I could see them smiling to each other as I put the blouse back on.

“Fucking Hell, Cath!” Ian laughed and raised his glass in salute, “you look as hot as fuck.”

Kim turned to face me as she pulled a tight white wool dress over her head.

“Wow.” She grinned, “He’s right, you do look hot.” It was thus decided so that’s how I would go out.

It was a smallish group this week with a couple of nurses that had been working joining us later on. After a couple of strong drinks I was soon very relaxed and my see thru blouse and large boobs certainly attracted a lot of male attention and I loved it. By the time we arrived at the club I’d actually ‘tached’ three guys and let a couple buy me a drink. One lad followed me around like a puppy in one bar until I took pity on him and let him kiss me; as he was quite young, gorgeous and very muscular, I don’t know what I saw in him! It was a very powerful, erotic kiss….much sexier than usual, as our tongues twisted and twirled. I was giggling like a schoolgirl when I rejoined my friends.

Later in the evening when we were inside the club the girls went wild; dancing on the tables and openly cavorting with a wild variety of men; Kim included. I danced with a couple, and one young bodybuilder held me tight on the dance floor and squeezed my arse before running his hand up my skirt as he rubbed his face across my boobs……I did nothing to stop him because……I loved it!

I was very drunk at this stage but I still knew what he really wanted when he took me outside for a smoke. After weeks of struggling not to give in to temptation this sun tanned young lothario had me weak at the knees and I knew it was going to be a struggle to keep my knickers up.

As I puffed on my ciggy he kept licking my neck and ears and stroking my arse, telling me ‘how sexy’ I was and he had ‘such a hard on just for me’ and ‘how much he’d always wanted to fuck a real MILF.’ I was flattered by his candour and my chest was heaving as I stubbed out my cigarette and he took my wrist before pulling me into some shadows behind the industrial bins. It stunk but I was captivated as he kissed me again and stroked my boobs. I couldn’t stop myself and began grinding against his crotch. I didn’t even know his name as he began telling me how desperate he was to fuck me with his big cock.

“No, no.” I mumbled as his hand slid up my skirt. “I can’t; I’m married.” I kept telling him as I kept my legs tightly closed. “No, please stop that…..I’m married.” His hands were like an octopus as he lifted my skirt with one and tried to lift my blouse with the other.

“I don’t give a flying fuck!” He softly growled as he quickly unbuckled his jeans, “I bet his fucking cock is nowhere near as big as this fucking baby maker!” He then took my hand and placed it on his hot cock.

“Bloody Hell!” I panted as I gripped it. “It’s fucking massive!” I gasped as my fingers wrapped around the girth, “No, I really can’t…..I’m on my period.” I lied.

“Well, you’re not fucking leaving me like this.” He panted. “You better do something fucking quickly or I’ll rip your knickers off and stuff it up your fucking arse.”

Scared at the veiled threat and horny as hell I began wanking him properly. It really did feel enormous in my hand; and it was incredibly sexy tugging on a young strangers cock while I could hear voices only a few yards away.

“Fuck that’s good.” He panted as he eventually pulled my tits out of the bra and began mauling them and sucking my nipples while I tugged on his cock and my hand became a blur. It must have been 20 years since I’d last done anything like this and I felt really naughty as I cupped his wrinkled ball bag and gave it a little squeeze the returned to furiously stroking his cock between my fingers. The lad suddenly stood up straight and threw his head back as he grunted and a string of cum landed on my skirt followed by a second and a third as I kept wanking him. My heart was thundering and my legs weak as he began pulling his jeans up.

“Thanks Missus.” He grinned as he tucked his shirt in, “I knew you’d fucking come through in the end.” With that he turned and left me in the alley to pull myself together and wipe the spunk off my skirt. When I’d composed myself I slowly made my way back to the smoking area where Kim and Sarah were waiting for me.

As a group of young lads sniggered Kim laughed and gave me a little cuddle.

“Did you enjoy yourself down there?” She whispered as she handed me a cigarette.

I was a bit dazed and didn’t know what to say so just smiled.

“I heard him tell his mate that it was the best wank he’s had in months!” Sarah giggled and nudged Kim.

We finished our cigarettes before returning to Kim’s house in a taxi. Ian was waiting for his wife and they repeated their antics from the previous week as I lay furiously masturbating while listening to their noisy fucking through the thin wall as I relived my own week moment in the alley, several times.

Kim had obviously told Ian about my indiscretion as he asked ‘if I’d had a better than usual night’ the following morning as I sat with him in the kitchen in my dressing gown. I felt my face go bright red and my nipples stiffen as I nodded and sipped my coffee.

“You might have guessed that she takes some satisfying.” Ian smiled and raised his eyes to mean his wife, “So I don’t mind her having a bit of fun on a night out. She can only guess at what I get up to on my nights with the band.” He was grinning now and staring at my nipples. “As long as she comes home, I’m happy……I’m always happy to get sloppy seconds!” I blushed again and made my excuses before swivelling off the high chair; accidentally giving him another flash of my dark pubes (I really should wear panties when visiting friends).

By now Ian usually kissed me on the cheek as I left but this particular morning he got a good handful of my arse at the same time and I did nothing to stop him.

I drunkenly wanked a different young lad in the same alley the following week, letting him lift my skirt to spunk on my knickers and tights; which I smeared over my face in bed as I fingered myself to 3 more orgasms..

Because of my Birthday celebrations I had a couple of fun but sexually barren weeks until a month after my Birthday when I had an absolutely crazy night. I was in a particularly playful mood (can’t think why) when I arrived at Kim’s house in trousers and a t-shirt, with my ‘going out clothes’ in my bag.

I’d deliberately selected a black and silver bra that showed lots of cleavage and made my boobs nearly fell out as I stepped out of my jeans and revealed a matching tiny lace g-string. I then took out a black chiffon blouse followed by a shortish black pleated skirt and an expensive pair of wide holed fishnet tights.

But when I pulled my new knee high ‘Adam Ant’ boots out of the bag Ian let out a wolf-whistle.

“Easy there; tiger.” Kim laughed; as she pulled her own sexy panties on; “let’s just hope you can keep that image in your head for when I come home!”

We had another great night wandering from pub to pub; I even ‘tached on’ with 5 or 6 different guys who all fondled my arse and boobs, much to my delight. We eventually ended up at the usual club; where the doormen greeted us like Stars.

I felt like I was the centre of attention with a couple of young guys vying for my attention; until I was approached by a squat, tattooed muscleman. My heart was thumping and my chest heaving as he started dancing with me. He was a pretty nifty mover and we eventually chatted for a few minutes after he bought me a drink. With the loud music, conversation was at a minimum but I understood that he was supporting a friend at a body-building competition that was being held in town. He soon made me giggle by trying to put his hand up my skirt to see if I was wearing stockings then he suddenly kissed me full on the lips. I thought that I was going to feint. After kissing my mouth dry inside the club he made his intentions very clear when he followed me outside for a smoke. He repeated his previous actions by kissing my neck and ears while running his hands up my skirt; all the time whispering that he wanted me to go back to his hotel to fuck me.

My wife, Mary, turned 50 a couple of weeks ago. For her age, she’s still in remarkably good nick. OK, so her bum is a bit broader that it was when she 30, and her boobs droop a bit more, but on the whole, she’s still a very good looking woman.

To celebrate her birthday, we decided to go away to a country house hotel for the weekend. We checked in at about 2pm on the Saturday, unpacked, and then went for a bit of an ‘explore’ along the edge of the lake that is just down the hill from the hotel. We must have been out for about two hours altogether and when we got back — at about 4pm — my wife said that she felt like a bit of a nap. Sometimes when she says she feels like a bit of a nap she really means that she feels like a bit of sex. But this time she really did mean that she felt like a nap, and she was asleep in about three minutes flat.

While Mary had her restorative sleep, I wandered down to the bar is search of a cold drink. I had just settled down with a long glass of orange juice and club soda when a whole group of people came into the bar area wearing name tags and carrying folders of one sort or another. I didn’t take too much notice of them. I was more interested in studying the little stack of brochures I had gathered to see what Mary and I might do on the Sunday.

I had pretty much decided on the boat trip out on the lake, when a voice nearby said: ‘Hello, Mike. Fancy seeing you here.’ It was a woman’s voice, quite deep and slightly husky, and even before I looked up I knew who it was going to be. And it was.

Lyn was an old girlfriend who I thought was now living in Scotland. It turned out that she was, but she was also travelling a good deal, running team-working courses of some kind — which was what she was doing at the hotel that weekend. I offered her a drink, but she said that she still had quite a few things to do. ‘I’d love to catch up later though,’ she said.

When I got back to the room, Mary was just waking up. ‘What have you been up to?’ she asked. I told her that I had been investigating what there was to do in the area. I also told her about running into Lyn. Now Mary and Lyn had never actually met — although, obviously, each knew who the other was. I said that Lyn had suggested getting together later and watched Mary’s face for some sort of reaction. But all she said was: ‘Oh, OK.’ Whether this was ‘Oh, OK’ good or ‘Oh, OK’ bad I couldn’t tell.

Shortly before seven, we went downstairs to the dining room where I had reserved a table overlooking the garden — which at night was all lit up. I had also told the maître d’ that it was Mary’s birthday, and I had arranged to have a couple of glasses of Veuve Cliquot champagne ready for when we arrived. We were just sipping the champagne and working out what we were going to eat when I noticed Lyn come into the dining room and sit all by herself at a table at the other end of the room. She was sitting with her back to us and I’m pretty sure that she didn’t even notice us.

The meal was very good. We also had another glass of wine. And we were just finishing the last of our wine when I noticed Lyn getting up from her table and walking towards the lounge area. This time she did see us. She even gave me a little wave.

‘That’s Lyn,’ I said to Mary. ‘The woman in the black dress who is just leaving.’

Mary looked at the disappearing Lyn and said: ‘Oh. We should have invited her to have a drink with us.’

‘Well, we still could,’ I said, not sure at that point whether Mary really meant it.

‘Or we could all go and have a drink in the lounge,’ Mary suggested.

And that’s what we did. I introduced the two girls and went off to organise some drinks and, when I got back, they were chatting away like old friends.

After a second after-dinner drink, Lyn went off to ‘powder her nose’. ‘So, what do you think of Lyn?’ I asked Mary.

‘I’m surprised you ever let her get away,’ Mary said. ‘She’s really nice. And very sexy.’

I said something like: ‘Yeah, but so are you. And you’re looking particularly hot tonight, Birthday Girl.’

Mary just smiled. And then she said: ‘Do you think Lyn might like to join us for a drink in our suite?’

(Our room wasn’t actually a suite, but it was quite spacious. There was certainly enough space to entertain.)

‘Let’s ask,’ I said. ‘And we did. And without a moment’s hesitation, Lyn said yes.

Back in the room, I found a music station that was playing suitably smooth jazz, and then I got out the bottle of brandy that we had brought with us (for medicinal purposes) and poured three generous-sized drinks. ‘Cheers,’ I said.

‘And happy birthday,’ Lyn said, and leaned over and kissed Mary full on the lips.

Somewhat to my surprise, Mary just smiled and said: ‘Thank you. I think I like having birthdays.’ And then Lyn kissed her again, this time it was a long lingering kiss. And, again, Mary just smiled.

Then, after we had all had a sip of our drinks, Lyn said: ‘Why don’t I help you take off that dress. It’s such a pretty dress, and it would be a pity to get it crushed.’

At this point, Mary looked across at me with an expression that said: What do you reckon? And I looked back at her with an expression that (I hope) said: It’s up to you, girl. And then, after the briefest hesitation, Mary stood up and allowed Lyn to unzip her dress and help her out of it.

The birthday girl was now standing there in her sexy new red lacy bra and matching knickers (a birthday present from yours truly). Lyn then said that she thought she should probably take off her own dress. And she did.

The two girls were now both down to their underwear and I could feel a serious stirring in my pants. Lyn gently steered Mary over to the king-sized bed and laid her on her back. She then started covering Mary with little kisses, starting at her feet and working , slowly, upward towards her inner thighs and her satin-covered pussy. While Lyn was doing this, Mary started playing with her breasts, rubbing them with the palms of her hands, and then circling her nipples with her fingertips. By the time Mary had lifted one breast out of her bra completely, I had my pants down and my cock in hand.

When Lyn reached Mary’s satin-covered pussy, she used the tip of her nose — the tip of her rather elegant nose — to caress Mary’s by-then pronounced camel toe. And then she teasingly pulled down Mary’s knickers to expose Mary’s swollen pussy lips and went to work with her tongue. A few minutes of this, and Lyn removed her own knickers and moved around to straddle Mary’s face so that Mary could tongue Lyn’s pussy while she went back to work on Mary’s.

By then, my own powers of self-control were being severely tested. I kept feeling that I was in danger of going over the edge. But, greedy bastard that I am, I wanted the feeling to go on and on.

Eventually, Lyn came up for air, glanced my way, and said to Mary: ‘If you would like a hard cock in that beautiful pussy, I think I know where we can find one.’ Mary just grinned.

I didn’t need a second invitation. In no time at all, my pants were completely off and I was lining up to enter my wife’s slick wet fuck hole.

To be honest, I didn’t last very long. I started with long, slow thrusts — and the intention of lasting all night. But within a minute or so, I was pounding away like my life depended on it. And in another dozen or so strokes I was filling Mary with hot juice.

For few moments, Mary and I just lay there with me still inside her. And then I felt Lyn sliding a saliva-coated finger down between my buttocks towards my arsehole. I knew what was coming and my cock twitched at the thought of it. As Lyn finger-fucked my arse, my cock started to harden again.

‘Can I have a turn now,’ Lyn asked Mary.

‘I think you should,’ Mary said.

I have to say that when Lyn asked if she could ‘have a turn’, and Mary said that she thought she should, I was more than a little surprised. It had been about 12 years since Lyn and I had last fucked. And I think Mary thought that I remembered her a little too fondly.

Sometimes when we are having sex — especially if it is really hot — Mary says: ‘You thought you were fucking Lyn, didn’t you, you bastard.’ Mind you, I sometimes get right back at her. Just before we got married, Mary had a fling with an 18-year-old student. ‘And I assume you must have been thinking of Justin,’ I say.

But I didn’t have my hopes too high. I figured that she was just teasing — possibly teasing both of us. And even that in itself was pretty exciting.

When I pulled out of Mary, my half-hard cock was covered in pussy juice and cum.

‘I think we should clean you up a bit first,’ Mary said. And she almost leapt off the bed and headed for the bathroom. Moments later she was back again with a warm, damp face cloth, and was ministering to my member.

By then, I had rolled over onto my back. And Lyn had pulled off my shirt and was sort of kneeling on the bed covering my chest with little kisses. While she was doing this, I reached between her legs and found her pussy. And it felt so good. It immediately reminded me of the old days.

Mary shaves the action area of her pussy and keeps the hair above trimmed in a sort of crew cut. But Lyn still had the full bush that I remembered from when we were together. Lyn always did have the softest pussy hair you can imagine, certainly the softest pussy hair that I have ever known. I used to call it her baby hair. And it was good to see — feel — that it was still as soft as ever.

Given that I didn’t really expect Mary to let me actually fuck Lyn, I lost no time at all in getting my fingers into her slippery slot. And, happily, she adjusted her position to make it easier for me to do so.

And then, after another two or three minutes of this, with Mary sucking my cock back to full attention, Lyn suddenly took charge.

‘Out of the way,’ she said to me. ‘Let’s do this before one of us gets sensible and has second thoughts.’

She pushed Mary back onto her back, her legs spread, and settled down between them so that she could tongue Mary’s pussy. At the same time, she stuck her well-padded but firmly-toned arse out behind her and gave me a wink. ‘I’m sure you can remember what to do,’ she said.

And I could. Doggy-style had always been our favourite position, and we just took up where had left off 12 years earlier.

While I plunged into her with long leisurely strokes, I also managed to massage her rosebud and then plugged her with my thumb. She had always been a fan of this, and pretty soon I could feel that she was on the verge of coming. I kept it up for another minute or so, and then pulled my cock out of her pussy and eased it into her arsehole. Another three or four strokes and she was there.

That night, I slept between two hot and dirty ladies — the first time that had happened since I was about 19.

In the morning, Lyn had to leave early for a morning session with her seminar / workshop / whatever. And, after that, she was heading back up to Scotland.

We said our goodbyes, and then Mary and I went back to bed for an hour or so where we discussed the events of the previous evening while she gave a nice long-and-leisurely ‘good morning’ hand job.

Just the other day, we got an email from Lyn. It said that she was going to be down our way later in the year and that she hoped that we could all get together for a drink or something. I must say that ‘or something’ sounds pretty good to me.

When she got to the kitchen, the tub was gone, but Lara took a pail of warm water and told Ailis to stand over it so that she could rewash her now that she was shaved and clean. Ailis was beyond modesty at this point and knew that she and Lara were to be closer than friends if they were to go through these things together, so she warmed to the idea of having another female to share the experience overall.

As Lara cleaned Ali off she finally got to have a good look at the beauty his Lordship had paid so handsomely to own. She was no more than 5’4″ but was perfectly formed everywhere. Firm full breasts with small pink areola and budding nipples, flat trim tummy leading to a perfectly sculpted pair of tightly nestled cunt lips, and slender shapely legs. Her high round bottom sloped upwards from a dimpled lower back, up a strong, muscled back. Her face was innocent and open, surrounded by dark flowing wavy hair, and deep green eyes set within long lashes… all of it covered with flawless milky skin. She was definitely a prize worth having, even without lineage. She would be happy Lara hoped, and in turn make his Lordship happy as well.

Lara finished cleaning Ailis and told her to lie on the fur rug in front of the fireplace to dry, and that she would join her in a minute. Ali did as she was told. She was beginning to trust her and had formed an attachment to the girl already in her distress.

Lara laid beside Ali and looked at her body in the firelight, “Ailis, you will be happy here, I promise. And you will like what his Lordship offers you in this new life.”

Ailis looked up at the young girl leaning over her, and half-smiled, “I know. I am not really sure what I am to do here, and this beginning has left me a little afraid, but I am willing to keep trying.”

“That’s good pet,” Lara said. “It will get so much easier now, honestly, you’ll look back and realize it as the start of something truly pleasurable.”

Ali closed her eyes and Lara began to caress her naked body. She didn’t bother to open her eyes, her trust for Lara complete, she knew she would do whatever she wanted her to do. “Ailis pet, open your thighs a bit for me, there is something else his Lordship has asked me to take care of before he revisits tonight.”

Ailis obeyed her new friend, knowing she would never hurt her, and was pleasantly surprised to feel Lara’s soft fingers tracing a line down her stomach and up one thigh, then down the other, over and over. The sensation was lovely and giving Ali chills all over her body. Something that didn’t go unnoticed by Lara, who leaned in and kissed one of the girl’s erect nipples lightly. Her pink tongue came out and rolled the growing bud around its surface, then her teeth clamped down firmly enough to elicit a shocked, “OH” from Ali, before it turned into a soft moan of pleasure instead “Mmm, Lara, that feels very nice.”

Lara blew air over the moist nipple and watched in awe as it hardened and grew, “Oh, they’re fantastic,” she said quietly, taking the nipple back into her hot mouth.

Ali was moaning and arching her back to get Lara to keep sucking her breast, while Lara was refocusing her movement on reaching Ali’s pussy. As her fingers crept along the side of the girl’s open thigh, Lara looked up long enough to see the moisture that had coated the skin between her legs glistening in the firelight. She moaned and took Ailis’ nipple back into her mouth, licking and biting until the girl was fully distracted from Lara’s fingers beginning to probe the outer lips of her girlish cunt.

When Lara finally made contact with Ali’s very wet hole, she moaned loudly and parted her thighs even further to allow Lara to move her hand deeply into her soaked pussy. Lara was very careful not to stick her fingers into Ailis though, his Lordship wanted her intact for himself. But Lara was allowed to do anything else she liked.

As Lara’s fingers began moving up Ali’s slit, parting her small, wet lips and moving toward her clit, Ailis began to pant and beg, “Oh Lara, please, please help me, it’s burning inside me, I feel like I’m on fire.”

“That’s normal pet, it feels wonderful doesn’t it?” the older girl said as she brushed against Ali’s completely erect and swollen clit. When her hips lifted off the ground, Lara was ready to move forward a bit more with her.

“I’m going to move now Ali, but I promise, you will like what happens next very very much,” Lara said.

“Don’t leave me,” Ailis sighed.

Lara reassured her, “I’m not leaving pet, just moving to another part of your body. You’ll see. There’s a good girl… spread your legs apart for me, hold them up in the air, and then let them fall as far apart as you can still holding them up, okay?”

“Yes Lara, whatever you want me to do,” Ailis said breathlessly while lifting her legs high and spreading them very far apart, almost in a straddle, yet still held off the ground, with Lara guiding them into the position she wanted them in.

Lara kneeled between Ali’s spread-eagle thighs, the firelight casting a rosy warm glow over her glistening, open and hairless pussy. Lara was practically drooling, her cunt looked so edible.

Lara slowly lowered her lips to within an inch of Ali’s clit and blew gently on the engorged button. When her thighs shuddered from their upright position in response, Lara flicked out her tongue and caught the poor girl’s swollen, sensitive nub perfectly with the tip of her tongue.

“OH, ooooh” Ailis cried, feeling Lara’s sucking lips close in around her. Her hips bucked and her legs shook and spread further out.

Lara placed her hands on the insides of Ali’s thighs to hold them perfectly apart so she could dig in more fiercely to the feast before her. She inhaled deeply of the sweet perfume of her young charge before dipping her tongue into the thick liquid flowing from her tightly closed virgin cunt.

“Mmmm,” Lara moaned, her tongue pushing into Ailis’ little box, drawing out her juices and drinking them in. “Ali, you taste like mulberries, fresh and brand new.” Lara was very grateful that Macleod was allowing her to do this to his new pet.

Her fingers now moved from the girl’s thighs, but her lips stayed firmly glued to her cunt. Tongue swirling around inside her little hole, then up between her swollen lips to the pleasure button she could barely wait to push, she moved her hands towards Ali’s pussy and ass with a plan in mind to take the girl over the edge, but not yet she thought. Perhaps she could push her a bit further in this one session than she thought possible at first.

Ailis was writhing and begging Lara to help her, barely coherent or knowing what was going on, her moans and screams becoming a constant chain of music to Lara’s ears. The older girl knew the pleasure she was giving Ali, and she was happy it was well received.

“OH, Lara, Lara please, help me,”she cried, her hands grasping at Lara’s head, legs trembling uncontrollably, eyes unfocused and breathing heavy and panting, “Oh please Lara, I’m falling so far, please, it hurts to hold it in.”

It was good that the girl was already instinctively holding herself back from an orgasm without even knowing it. She was going to prove a worthy purchase after all for his Lordship.

“That’s wonderful love, just a bit longer and then you will be allowed to let it go,” Lara promised. “But for now you must hold on.”

Lara stood up and removed her clothing as well. Ailis was doing so well, she thought it was a good time to simply go the entire distance now and save some effort for the girl in the process. She was so far over the edge, she was ready and willing to do whatever she was told now.

“You may bend your legs now Ali, and relax a moment,” Lara pulled back from between her thighs and allowed Ailis to relax her legs. She was planning to have the girl’s cunt straddled over her face to give her ample access to her treasures, while allowing Ailis to experience tasting another girl’s pussy for the first time at her own pace as well.

“Sit up pet,” Lara said, laying down where Ailis had been laying. “Now I want you to stand over my head, and then kneel down so that one knee is on each side of my head near my ears. Then I want you to put your hands on the floor between my open thighs. Whenever you feel the urge, you may lick or play with my cunt too. In fact, if you like, when I do something to you, you may do the same thing to me.”

Ailis was very nervous, but her system was so revved up that she would have done anything Lara told her to do, and so she nodded her agreement and scrambled to take her place over the other beautiful naked girl. She had time to notice that Lara was equally gorgeous, and had a fresh, clean, hairless pussy as well, before the older girl had her hands on Ali’s cunt, parting her lips and using her fingers to draw the juice from her.

Lara wrapped her arms around Ali’s legs and placed one hand on each of her thighs, pulling the girl’s cunt down to her mouth, sticking her tongue into her hole repeatedly, moaning, and sucking on her now throbbing clit.

“OH GOD,” Ailis cried out, diving down between Lara’s open thighs and tasting her sweet, juicy pussy for the first time. Her moans were buried in Lara’s cunt, her tongue giving the older girl an equal lashing, as her hips bucked under Ali’s eager mouth.

Lara simply dug deeper into her tasty cunt with each sensation washing over her, and moaned as she sucked thickly on the young virgin’s clit, feeling it swell even larger in her mouth. Ali was grinding her hips against her face, and with her hands still wrapped around Ali’s ass, she held open her lips a bit and slid her tongue up and down the smooth slit.

“Nnnmm,” Lara moaned, the vibration causing Ali’s thighs to shudder. Lara smiled when she felt it, gently dipped her finger into Ailis’ pussy and rubbed the juice on her asshole while pulling the girl’s cunt back onto her hungry mouth.

Ailis screamed loudly, and then moaned continuously, while Lara pulled her open ass close enough to flick her tongue at the tight hole and cover it in saliva. Moving down again to focus on Ailis’ cunt, Lara pushed the first knuckle of her middle finger into Ali’s virgin asshole and the girl moaned more deeply into Lara’s now dripping cunt.

Lara was very close to her orgasm, but she wanted to get Ailis over the edge first and so began in earnest to do what she knew would cause the virgin to cum all over her face.

“I’m going to make you cum now Ali, it’s okay to let go if you feel like you need to now,” Lara said.

Ailis only nodded her head and kept moaning into Lara’s pussy, so Lara turned her attention back to pushing her to full orgasm. Keeping her knuckle lodged in her tight little ass, she once again pulled Ali’s cunt to within inches of her mouth, but this time she used her free hand to hold open the girl’s lips, and focused only on gently lapping at her exposed clit with a firm, hard tongue in one moment, alternating with flicking it sharply in another. Lapping, flicking, lapping, flicking.

In a matter of moments, Ailis’ juices began to flow like a stream from her parted thighs and her body was trembling all over. Lara clasped onto her clit hard with her lips and sucked and flicked it with her tongue at the same time.

Ailis sat upright at once, her hips grinding wildly into Lara’s face, “OH, I’m cumming, oh God, OH!”

Lara kept her sucking and flicking going until Ailis went back to work on her pussy. When she felt her stop convulsing, she let go and gave the girl instructions on how to suck and lick her to the same orgasm, and within moments, Ailis was drinking up Lara’s juices too.

The girls collapsed next to each other, satiated, but full of a curious energy, and with a gleam in their eyes. Lara got up first and went to heat the water to wash them. The night was over for her, but Ailis had a long time ahead of her to go and Lara wanted to make sure she was clean and ready for more within the hour.

“Come Ailis, I’ll wash you for his Lordship’s arrival,” Lara said, and went to fetch the water.

It was near 7PM when his Lordship entered the house and Lara excused herself and left, hugging Ali and promising to see her again soon before she left. Ali was strangely nervous now around him and did not understand why, but her apprehension grew when he walked over to where she sat and sat right next to her.

She had on a long silk embroidered gown. It was more luxurious than anything she had ever owned and it felt heavenly against her skin. Macleod noticed her apprehension though, and asked if she were alright.

“Yes,” she replied, “though I am still unsure of what you want from me here.”

“You will learn about that quite shortly Ali” he replied. “You enjoyed your time with Lara I hope?”

Her blush did not go unnoticed, and he moved quickly ahead, “Ah, good. I’m glad, then there will be no need for delay.” Ali thought he was going to leave, but he took her by the hand as he said, “Follow me Ali.”

She did so quietly, and with a bit of hesitation, but his hand on hers pulled her forward ever so slightly, making hesitation impossible. He walked through the kitchen with her, and into the root cellar, and she wondered where he was going, when he opened a door that she didn’t see before that had been carved into the wall of the root cellar.

She pulled back again, but he tugged on her hand and brought her through the dark passage with him. She was huddled against him and could not see clearly where they were going, but he knew his way and took each turn easily. It seemed to Ailis that they went slightly downhill but her senses were so tense she couldn’t think clearly.

Finally he stopped in front of a door and turned a key in a lock. The room opened into a cavernous area lit only by candlelight chandeliers and floor candelabras. It was draped in rich fabrics and heavily padded rugs and furs lined the floors. When Ali saw what hung in the center of the room, as well as the equipment on the walls and floors, she tried to get away. What had she done? She couldn’t do it.

“My Lord,” she stammered, “I am sorry, I cannot, please, let me go back to my parents, I will work in your house the rest of my days doing any hard labor you ask, please my Lord I beg of you.” She was almost in tears, but Macleod had waited years for her and he was not going to give in. Not even an inch.

“No Ali. You are mine now. I have bought and paid for you. And I will be gentle with you, but you will obey me, and do everything that I tell you or you will be punished, severely. Is that clear?” he whispered quietly to her.

The girl looked down at the ground, realizing there was nothing she could do now, that she must submit or be punished somehow. And although she didn’t readily understand what His Lordship could mean by punishment, she could not believe it would be worse than what she imagined her fate to be if she went quietly in that room.

I sat for the day, my back against the sand, the summer sun warming my skin. Occasionally I would swim in the cool water, floating on the surface and watching the clouds or doing tipple-tails and handstands in the shallow sandy depths. There was nothing interesting to see down there, a fake beach with sand brought from another place. But it was fun to play and hot enough that the sea seemed cool and refreshing. After swimming I would climb out again and lie back on the sand, the water from my suit dripping back into the grains beneath me.

I lay in the sand watching the day turn into night, the clouds and blue sky turn into the pin cushion of night. The stars were much more visible out here. Thousands compared to the one or two I could see from my city home.

The beach had been full when I arrived, but now as I walked to the showers I noticed there were only a few couples left wandering under the stars.

I paid my money to the girl at the main entrance and went into the ladies shower room. As the country’s custom decreed I left my towel in the cubbies near the exit and went into the shower room with just my shampoo and shower gel. I was alone. The shower room was really just four walls lined with shower heads, and a door. The floor was tiled but the only light was the bright moon and the twinkling stars above me.

The cool summer evening breeze drifted over the wall. I pushed the button and stood under the cold rushing water, letting it wash away the salt and soothe my sunburn. In this country, quite opposite to my own, it was normal to strip in the showers in swimming pools and gyms, anywhere really where the sexes were separated. I always felt uncomfortable but I was trying to accustom myself to the feeling of being naked in front of others. This situation was perfect for me, I had the discomfort of being in a large open shower room but without the staring eyes, or the eyes I imagined to be staring.

After standing under the shower for a few minutes I took a deep breath and started to remove my costume. The bottoms were easy of course, but the top, a tankini was a little more trying. It was never easy, even when dry, but when wet it was quite a challenge. I unhooked the fastening and then rolled the wet, salty material down over my large breasts. My nipples were standing to attention in the cold water. I pulled the under-wires down over my hips and dropped the costume to the floor. I picked up the bottoms and top and rinsed them with my shampoo, squeezing out most of the water and stuffing them behind the shower pipe. Then I squeezed out some shower lotion and started to bathe. I was more aware now of my body than I had been all day.

The cold water rinsed the sand and salt and I moved my hands slowly over my skin the shower lotion causing them to slide easily into every crevice. I lifted one breast then the other, moving my hands slowly over my nipples. I hesitated then, feeling the familiar thrumming between my legs. After looking around and reassuring myself that there was nobody there I moved my thumb again, slowly over my nipple. I turned and watched my nipple harden again under the cold stream of water.

Bending over I rinsed the sand from between my toes, sliding my hands up my smooth legs, I had shaved that morning and they were still silky. I enjoyed the softness, running my hands up over my thighs and back over my bottom.

I leant back against the wall, feeling as the cold water rushed over my front and down to the ground, I felt my way slowly back up my leg. My hand slipped and slid easily in the wetness and I stepped apart slightly to welcome it inside. The heat inside me was so opposite to the cold outside, I gasped as I ran my finger over my clit.

I rubbed slowly, bent over, hiding what I was doing from no one but myself. My other hand reached up and pinched my nipple, it hardened under my touch, I pinched harder. I was struggling to stay upright, the heat travelling down my thighs making my legs want to bend. I heard a door slam.

Standing up quickly I looked around again, there was no one there. Feeling conspicuous and naughty I turned back around, picked up my shampoo and started to wash my hair.

I lathered up my hair and turned again, leaning back into the flow of water, my eyes closed as the bubbles washed over my face.

I felt a warm hand on my hip.

I stopped breathing.

The hand moved slowly, from my hip up my body, crossing my stomach and moving over my breast. It stopped to cover my nipple. Then slowly it moved, cupping the cold water under my nipple and moving a thumb maybe, over my nipple. My body reacted quickly, my nipple rose harder than before I could feel the other nipple hardening just at the thought of what was happening. I felt exposed, caught, trapped, naughty, and terribly excited.

Not able to keep up the facade of washing my, now thoroughly rinsed, hair I brought my body back to it’s upright position and dared myself to open my eyes.

She was standing directly in front of me. A little taller than me, her brown hair cascaded over her little breasts, her dark brown eyes looking down, watching my nipple harden under my fingers.

She was naked and her cool suntanned skin showed only a light shadow of where her bikini should have been. I raised my face slightly and she smiled at me. Looking right into my eyes she dipped her head and took my rock hard nipple into her mouth. She lifted my breast to meet her with one hand, the other still squeezing my other nipple. She sucked on my nipple, grazing it occasionally with her teeth, all the while looking right into my eyes. After a minute or so I felt her other hand moving.

I had no idea what to do; this was my first time being so close to another naked woman. I was only just getting used to the idea of me being naked, let alone being naked this close to someone else. Of course I had thought about having sex with a woman. I was curious, I had fantasised; this was way better! Her hand travelled slowly down my body, sometimes her nails tickled my skin, other times it was just the smooth touch of her fingers. My whole body was on fire, the feel of her and the ice of the water. Knowing anyone could walk in on us at any time.

Her fingers were waiting, sitting just at the edge of my lips, they slowly traced the outline. I desperately wanted her to dive in, but she just waited, circling. She sucked on my nipple, she squeezed it with her fingers, she waited.

I looked at her, tracing her body with my eyes, down from her big brown eyes, over her small pert breasts, nipples hard in the cold water, down over her stomach, down to the brown hair waiting below. Her legs were open, there was a space there, space for me, should I like to fill it. I took a deep breath and crouched down. The water gushed over my head and made me gasp until I came out of the flow and into the hair before me. She shaved a little, just keeping it tidy. I ran the tips of my fingers gently around the edges of her protruding lips and looked up into her face. She had her hands on her breasts, her head back. I separated the lips gently and slid a finger inside.

It was warm in there, her clit was hard and round under my thumb, she gasped each time I moved over it. I moved around slowly making long arcs from her clit, following the line of her inner lips to the waiting hot red hole and back up. Each time I could feel her getting hotter, wetter.

Then, leaning forward, I pushed her lips back and latched my own onto her clit. Licking and sucking I worked my way in slow circles around it. I moved my fingers back and pushed them, two at once into the waiting hole. She made a sighing sound. I kept licking, sucking and pushing for a while, getting her worked up, making her louder.

I turned her around, pushing her back onto the wall and spreading her legs further. My left hand moved around behind her leg. My tongue worked on her clit, dipping down to her wetness every now and again. Meanwhile my index finger stroked slowly down from the middle of her back, down over the crack, down to the tight hole of her ass. I pushed my finger around the hole, warming it up for my entry. I was really enjoying the feel of another woman beneath me, the smell of her, the taste of her, the sounds she made. I had three fingers inside her cunt now, I was curling them forwards, reaching for her g-spot. I was enjoying suckling at the round pulsing mound under my mouth. She was pulling on my hair, on her nipples, chewing on her lip. I could feel her rising.

I pulled all of my fingers out of her cunt, but kept rubbing around her asshole. I rubbed my thumb harder over her clit. Slowly I pushed my finger slowly into her asshole, at the same time I pushed four fingers into her cunt. I felt them meet inside her. I started moving my hands up and down and she started to moan, louder, her breaths coming faster. I pulled out of her ass and after circling again replaced my one finger with two, she really loved the feeling of them entering her.

I kept them there moving, pushing slowly inside her. I moved my right hand, the four fingers in and out and then I replaced my mouth once more to her cunt. I blew directly onto her clit, then consumed it, my tongue working quickly, sliding over her.

I felt her come. Her muscles clenched around my hands, once, then again and again. The liquid which had been lubricating her slid down my hand. On the third clench her ass pushed me out and with one final taste I left that hot place and stood up.

I moved across the room, standing under the water I watched her, her face slack, flushed, happy. She was buzzing, and I knew the feeling. Leaning back on the wall and watching her, my own hand moved down to touch myself again.

I watched her gather herself, she turned and washed her hair. Then turning back she took my shower lotion and started to bathe herself. She looked me right in the eye the whole time, hands moving over herself, the hot flush of her orgasm dissipating.

Once she was rinsed clean she came over to me. She kissed me right on the mouth. Then slowly she kissed her way down my neck, over my breast and back to my nipple.

Standing, she moved me bodily. Turning me to face the wall she pulled my legs back, she put my hands against the wall and bent me over so I was at right angles to it. The shower water hit the middle of my back. Now I truly was exposed. She stood back to admire me, with my legs separated in this way I knew she could see everything. She moved towards me and standing at my back she moved her hands over my ass. She circled several times before taking her fingers right down my crack. She made sure each finger touched every hole and bump. Then she came round to my front. She grabbed my nipple and pulled my breast up towards her. She bit down on me, the pain and pleasure surged from my nipple right down to my cunt.

Moving down and under me she put her mouth on my clit. The heat of her turned me on. I could feel her tongue working me, I could feel her fingers dipping inside me. Then suddenly she was gone.

I looked back over my shoulder. She took my bottle of body lotion and as I watched poured it right into my ass crack. I felt as the liquid oozed slowly over my holes. Her hands smoothed it into my skin, sliding over my mound and back up to my ass. I was so turned on. Pulling one hand from the wall I reached to grab a nipple. She came back around and put my hand back on the wall. My cunt got hot with the pressure of her hand against mine.

She moved back under me and as I looked back I could see her back towards me, her face tilted up and I could feel her tongue again on my clit. Her hands were now free, and roaming. Around over my ass, down my legs, up over my nipples. She sucked and licked she dipped her tongue far inside me, she pushed her fingers up into my runny wet heat and French-kissed my cunt.

I felt the orgasm rising several times. She slowed down, or backed off each time and moved to my breast. Finally, when she decided, she kept up the momentum. She licked and sucked, she dived in and out of my waiting cunt with her tongue, with her fingers, then she started moving her hand up and down my crack. Each time her fingers touched my asshole I wanted them to reach inside. I was burning to have her in that naughtiest but most delicious of places. Finally, perhaps feeling my desperation she pushed her finger inside me. It slid in so easily, my ass just waiting, wanting more.

Looking back I watched as she pushed her whole hand up inside my cunt, she looked back into my eyes as she did it, then as I watched she reached around and I felt her other hand on my ass. Watching me she pushed three fingers into my ass. I clenched, trying to hold all of her inside me. She smiled. Turning she licked my clit, then slowly she kissed it gently before starting to suck it, she sucked and moved her hands inside me. I felt them both going in and out, my body was crying to come, getting closer and closer. I was struggling to stay standing, struggling not to touch my aching breasts. I desperately wanted to moan and gasp but didn’t dare to be caught in this act. So instead I did the only thing I could, I breathed, I relaxed and I moved back onto her hands.

The orgasm came as soon as I relaxed, rushing into me from both ends, sucking her hands in and gushing my heat out. My cunt finally released her hand as I sunk gratefully to the tiles. I lay there panting for a while, my back cooling with the water, the red rush of colours dancing in front of my closed eyes. It took a while for the heat to subside, for my heart to slow and for the colours to calm. I opened my eyes and looked up at the stars, I was alone.

Teen girls discover the thrill of being nude in public

(Author’s note: Very special thanks to LunaRosa for the focused and perceptive editing. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.)

: : : : :

We’re almost there, at last. Our annual beach vacay.

I’m Caitlin Reilly. If you assume from my name that my grandparents are all first-generation Irish-American, and that I have red hair, green eyes, and five hundred freckles, you’re right. Except it’s probably more like a thousand freckles.

I turned eighteen last May. That makes me a Taurus. If you assume from that that I’m stubborn, adventurous, and competitive, you’re right. Except I hate the word “stubborn.” “Focused,” “tenacious,” those are better words.

I’m an only child. If you assume from that that I’m spoiled, bossy, maladjusted, or lonely, you’re wrong. I’m naturally outgoing, and I was raised to be fair to everyone: friendly, supportive and reliable to people my own age, and respectful to my elders. I know, those are old-fashioned values, but they work quite well for me, even in today’s irreverent world.

Every summer, my family spends a week at the beach. Always in mid-July, and always with the Wilsons, the Coopers, and the Andersons.

Outwardly, our families have nothing in common. We live in different states. The adults all work in different fields. The bond is, the older generation went to college together, all eight of them. Whatever connection they made there, it’s a strong one. They share one other major thing: each couple produced an only child, a daughter. All of us were born within a few months of each other.

We’ve been vacationing together since I was four, in various combinations. I’ve become quite close with the other girls: Alyssa, Danielle, and Jessica. Like our parents, we’re quite diverse in our interests, seemingly without much in common. But also like our parents, there’s chemistry at work there, and we have a great time when we’re together.

For the last ten years it’s been all four families, with only a few exceptions. One year, Mr. Anderson’s mother died the day before we were due to travel. Another time, the Wilsons all had a summer flu bug. Last year, we were the ones that didn’t make it — my mom had an emergency appendectomy on the day before we were due to leave. (She made it through fine.)

So I haven’t seen my friends for two years, and this particular two years has been quite dramatic.

When we got back home two years ago, my mom noticed I was kind of down. I thought I was hiding it, and I was determined not to talk about it, but she finally drew me out. “Mom, surely you noticed that Alyssa, Danielle, and Jessica have all become curvy, and developed breasts. Look at me: I’m just a bean pole. I have no hips, and no tits. I’ll never catch up to them.” I told you: I’m a Taurus — intense, competitive.

“Cait, when’s your birthday?”

“May, mom, do you really not remember?”

“When’s Alyssa’s?”


“And Danielle’s?”


“And Jessica’s?”

“October. What’s your point?”

“You tell me, what do you think my point is?”

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “They’re seven or eight months older than I am, so of course they’re more developed.”

“Good. Did I ever tell you about when I was a teenager?”

“Only about a jillion times, mom.”

“What do you remember me telling you about when I was a teenager?”

“You were what they call a ‘late bloomer.’”

“So, do you think your dad liked me and married me even though I never developed?”

“No, mom, you eventually developed, and dad liked you because you DID develop.”

“He NOTICED me because I did develop. He liked me and married me because…”

“Because you’re a good person. I get it mom. Lesson over.”

“Not so fast. What do you get?”

“My friends are half a year older than me, and I’m probably a late bloomer. (sigh) I’ll catch up.”

: : : : :

That was two years ago. I don’t know if I’ve caught up or not, but I’ve certainly developed a figure. I don’t like talking about it, it sounds like bragging, but let’s just say that I did grow hips — my boyfriend calls them my “wonder buns” when no adults are around. And I did get breasts, 34Cs to be exact. I guess that’s good… my boyfriend doesn’t have any cute sayings or nicknames for them because it’s clear that when he even just thinks about them, his mind comes to a complete halt.

Anyway, the point is, my little inferiority complex is long gone. Whether or not I’ve “caught up,” I can’t wait to see my friends.

: : : : :

Sunday morning. We took off in the car obscenely early, before dawn, and arrived at the beach a little past noon. As usual, we were the last ones to arrive — we live the farthest away. We parked, and entered the hotel to check in. Alyssa, Danielle, and Jessica must have seen us pull up, because as soon as I walked through the door into the lobby, they ambushed me. There was much hugging, jumping in place, squealing, and general happiness. I noticed several of our moms and dads looking over, with warm smiles on their faces.

Apparently, there was no agenda for Sunday afternoon, other than get some lunch and get settled. The parents all wanted us all to go out to lunch together, but the girls already had other plans — they got the folks to leave us some money, so we could eat at the little poolside grill. “Don’t go in the water for an hour after you eat,” our moms said, and we all groaned and pointed out that that little bit of folklore has been discredited for decades.

By the time we had eaten, the parents were back, for a minute. They had seen a sign for a local art fest they thought looked interesting. One thing we had all learned many years ago, our parents’ taste in art is the polar opposite of ours, so they didn’t expect us to go with them. After making sure we’d be OK, they set out, saying they’d be back for dinner, but probably after 6.

We stowed the trash from lunch. The beach was only about a ten minute walk from the hotel, but we decided that for today, being near the hotel and its concessions was better than packing a cooler and lugging it to the beach, so we commandeered four of the lounge chairs around the pool.

I have to say, as proud as I was over how I’d blossomed, my friends looked fabulous. I’m talking swimsuit-model-caliber gorgeous. They, however, only wanted to talk about me and how great they thought I looked. They demanded to know all about how the boys back home were handling it, and particularly how dad was handling it.

Speaking of dad, he was NOT happy with the bikini I was wearing, but I held my ground and insisted that it was what girls wore now, and that it was perfectly in line with what my friends would be wearing. I was right — their bikinis were as revealing as mine, leaving very little to the imagination. I could tell that the guys lying out near us appreciated our choices in swimwear — it was all they could do to keep their eyeballs contained in their heads.

We pulled our deck chairs into a small circle, and leaned forward, in order to have our conversation as private as possible from the nearby boys, as well as the two college-age guys working the grill.

“So, Cait, seriously, I think you ended up with the best boobs of all of us,” Dani said. That worried me; whenever she gives a compliment like that, she’s up to something. I didn’t have to wonder long.

I shouldn’t have let Aly and Jessi out of my sight — they can be so willing to co-conspire. Before I knew it, their hands were on my back, untying the knots holding my bikini top on, and they whipped it off my chest, leaving my tits fully exposed.

Time came to a complete stop. My brain just froze. My breasts, my pure, innocent, delicate breasts, were out in the open, on full display, the sun shining on them, the breeze blowing across them, the poolside guys all looking at them.

By the time I lunged at Aly to get my top back, she had already tossed it to Jessi. Dani was laughing so hard it looked like she couldn’t breathe. I charged at Jessi, who ran a zig-zag path between the deck chairs. After a couple of figure-eights through the furniture, I remembered that there were guys watching, and covered myself with my hands, my face (and my pussy) glowing in response to the show I realized I had given them.

Remember the part about being a Taurus, being competitive? I lunged at Jessi, to get my top back, but it was a fake-out — what I was really doing was getting around to Dani’s back. I pulled both the knots of her top loose, and snatched it off of her. She lunged at me, but I evaded her, and tied her top on in place of mine. That left her tits out, and she went to work trying to snag my top from Aly and Jessi.

Jessi tossed the loose top to Aly, and Dani chased after her, forgetting, like I did, to cover herself as she ran. The guys, needless to say, had huge grins on their faces. Jessi was right in front of me, watching Dani chase Aly, which meant she wasn’t watching me. I untied her top and pulled it away before she could react.

Aly ran past me, followed closely by Dani, her boobs bouncing obscenely. I tossed Jessi’s top to Dani, and she gratefully stopped and put it on. Now, to recap, Jessica was topless, I had on Danielle’s top, Dani had on Jessi’s top, and Alyssa, the only one who had not been exposed, was still holding my top.

Jessi covered her chest with one arm, and held her other hand out to Aly, who dangled the top just slightly out of reach. Jessi reached a little farther, and Aly took a half step back. Jessi reached a little farther still, and Aly took a full step back, bumping into Dani, who untied Aly’s top and pulled it off, while I grabbed the top that was originally mine. Dani tossed Aly’s top to Jessi, who gratefully put it on.

The three of us tossed my top amongst ourselves, letting Aly chase it. The next time I had it, I pantomimed tossing it to Dani, who pretend-tossed it to Jessi. Aly followed the motion of the gestures, and by the time she realized that the top wasn’t actually flying from person to person, I had hidden it under the cushion of one of the chairs.

Aly continued rushing from one of us to the next, still trying to figure out who had the fourth top. She became aware that she was also forgetting to cover up as she ran, mainly because the guys were cheering. She stood still for a second, covered herself, stuck out her tongue, and shot them the bird. They hooted and hollered even more.

She finally gave up on finding the top, and gave up on covering herself, and came and sat with us, letting her breasts hang out, in full view. She actually sat on the cushion hiding the top. I took pity on her, and said, “You’re getting really warm.”

“I know exactly where it is, I saw you put it here. That’s why I’m sitting on it,” she said. “I just feel really HOT, sitting here with my tits out, while ALL the guys are looking at ME.”

We glanced at them, and she was right, they were.

Jessi said, “Well, you should cover up, we don’t want to get kicked out of the pool area.”

Dani and I agreed, so Aly retrieved my top and tied it on. Jessi added, “But this is fun,” pulling the cups of her top aside to reveal her nipples. The guys cheered.

“So, what are we gonna do about that?” I asked.

Dani glanced at the pool clock and said, “I have an idea. We’ll have to watch the time — we want to be sure that we’re ‘back to normal’ by the time the folks get back…”

We all leaned forward for privacy, to find out what Dani had in mind. She asked, “Did we all think that was hot?”

We all nodded, some a little more shyly than others.

“I know I did,” she continued. “I’m not completely ready to ‘put them away.’ But, realistically, the hotel will shut us down, and maybe even evict us, if we try to lie here topless. So let’s make it a game. One of us at a time will take her top off for five minutes, then put it back on. We’ll wait five minutes, then the next one will take hers off for five minutes. And so on, around the circle.”

I could see that Aly and Jessi were stressing, and to be honest, I was, too. “That’s going to be pretty intense. I mean, having your top yanked off, that’s one thing. But intentionally taking it off, that’s completely different.”

Dani didn’t seem to be aware that as she sat there, she was rapidly rubbing her knees together. “I know, that’s the best part.”

Aly and Jessi weren’t saying anything, so I took a deep breath and said, “Let’s do it. Who’s going first?” We all looked at Dani.

“No problem,” she said. We rearranged our loungers, so that we all faced away from the hotel office windows. Dani leaned back and arranged herself on the chair as if she was settling in for some sun. We all did the same, while at the same time watching her, as well as checking out the guys, who sensed that the show was over. Jessi got her smartphone out and fiddled with it a bit, as if she were sending a text or a Tweet. “Five minute timer,” she said.

When we were all settled, Dani reached back, as cool as the other side of the pillow, and untied her top, laying it on the pool deck beside her. She reclined, pulled her sunglasses into place, and shut her eyes, as if everything were normal.

It was surreal, looking at her lying there, wearing nothing but a very tiny bikini bottom. Several of the guys were still ogling her, even though one topless girl, lying still, was rather tame compared to several of us chasing each other around, tits a-floppin’.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I envied her — not being topless, I would get my turn before long, but appearing so calm, so peaceful, so comfortable. My heart was racing in anticipation, even though it wasn’t even my turn yet; yet there she was, lying there half-naked, so serene.

Then Jessi’s phone made a barely audible ‘ding,’ and Dani’s five minutes were up. We ‘rested’ for five minutes, and my metabolism sped up to warp speed in anticipation of what I was about to do. When the timer dinged, without asking who wanted to be next, I leaned forward, reached behind my back, overruling all sorts of negative internal dialog, and untied. I only undid the bottom knot, and lifted the top over my head with the neck still tied — it would be easier to put back on.

I laid back on my chair, letting the sun wash over me, feeling the sea breeze caress my skin. It was a completely different feeling than having my top pulled off. That had been exciting, in a frantic way; this was, it was, it was calmly exciting… it was excitingly calm… it’s hard to explain.

Actually, except for the newness of it, it was no big deal. I mean, I definitely felt an exhilarating buzz, because it was impossible to forget that for my entire life it had been such an intense taboo. Overlooking that, however, it was very natural and easy.

Through the enjoyment I was feeling, in the back of my mind I was aware that this was a rare moment, and there would be few opportunities in life to repeat this. As nervous as I had been, my five minutes flew by, and when the timer dinged, I hated putting my top back on.

We took our five minute rest, and then Aly took her top off. I watched her go through the entire cycle of emotions I had just experienced, from nervous anticipation, to calm excitement, to serene enjoyment.

At one point she glanced around, and when she caught my eyes on her, mouthed “What?” at me.

I shrugged and whispered, “I just wish it was my turn.”

She grinned, lay back in her chair, whispering back, “Soon enough, Cait. I’m not giving up a SECOND of this.” When her five minutes were up, I saw the same disappointment cross her face that I had felt.

I watched Jessi go through the same cycle of emotions — fear, acceptance, pleasure, regret that it was over. I’m not that good at doing math in my head, but I spent some of the time, while I waited for my turn to roll around again, calculating how many turns I’d get before the parents were due back.

My second turn was quite different than the first. I barely got nervous this time, and because of that, I was able to enjoy it in a very different way. That “calmly exciting” glow was there from the start, or at least after a brief adrenaline rush from taking my top off. I felt completely free — both in an exhilarating way from facing a deep inhibition and overcoming it, and in a serene way from experiencing something very special, that not everybody gets to do.

As the afternoon passed, two or three times an older man from the hotel office, wearing a suit and tie, came out and stared at us. Fortunately, every time he did, it was during our five minute “rest” period where we all had our tops on. We’d kind of glare back at him, trying to make him feel like a pathetic old lecher, and he’d slink back into the office. I said, “Those five minute gaps were a great idea, Dani.”

We each had taken several turns, and Danielle was reaching behind her to take her top off again, when Ally hissed, “Dani, wait, look at the time!” It was after 6. She retied the knot she had undone, right as our folks came around the corner, back from the art show.

“Hey, girls,” they all said. “You have a fun afternoon?”

You have no idea, mom, dad, no idea. We gathered our stuff and headed to our rooms, to shower and get ready for dinner.

The one thing we didn’t do was get our correct tops back on. I’m pretty sure my mom noticed, but she didn’t say anything, and the girls told me later that no one said anything to them, either.

: : : : :

That was Sunday. With all the activities the adults had planned, it was Wednesday before we had another moment to ourselves. After breakfast, I headed back to the room with the parents, got my bikini on, and told them I was meeting the girls at the pool. Dad woofed about my bikini some more, but didn’t make me change it, I guess he accepted that ship had sailed.

When I got out, only Dani was already there. I laid my towel out over the lounger next to her.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hey,” I responded.

“So, that was fun the other day, giving the guys a show.” She sounded sort of tentative, like she was gauging my reaction.

“Yeah, it was.”

She paused for a minute. “I mean, I REALLY liked being topless.”

“Yeah, I did, too. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Did you like it enough to do it again?”

“Right now?” I couldn’t imagine what she was thinking. What I could imagine was, if my dad happened to come out and see me topless in public, he’d have a cow, and probably ground me until I turn 30.

Dani gave me that “duh” look that all teenagers have, and said, “The parents are all going out to some nature center this afternoon, I think we can beg off and have the afternoon to ourselves again.”

“Cool, but, at some point we’re going to get in trouble for breaking the pool rules here at the hotel.”

“I’m not thinking of the pool.”

“Well, the beach is posted ‘No Nudity,’ and I’m pretty sure that includes topless.”

“I’m not thinking of the regular beach.” She paused. “I’m sure one of us can get the folks to leave us the keys to a car. There’s a ‘clothing optional’ beach about a 15 minute drive from here.”

“How do you know that?”

She gave me the “duh” look again. “I’ve got my tablet here, with wi-fi. I went on-line and looked up ‘nude beaches.’”

Now it was my turn to pause. “So you want to go there, and lay out topless?”

She smiled a little Mona Lisa smile. “For starters…”

It took a moment for that to sink in. “You’d go bottomless? You’d get completely naked?”

“Well,” and she glanced from side to side, as if checking to see if anybody was listening, “you thought it was exciting letting your boobs out, right?”

I nodded.

She was practically whispering now. “Think how much more exciting it would be, letting your kitty out!”

Actually, my kitty was already getting pretty excited. Before I could answer, Aly and Jessi showed up.

I guess Dani had been practicing her speech — she led them through exactly the same script. “So, that was fun the other day, giving the guys a show…”

She was very persuasive, and we all agreed. My mind, my tummy, and my pussy were doing little flip-flops: after lunch, we were going to go to a nude beach…

: : : : :

We all wore t-shirts and shorts over our bikinis for the short drive over to the beach, except me. I wore a small tank top, really a boy’s undershirt, the ribbed stretchy kind, instead of a t-shirt. Once we parked, we left our shirts and shorts in the car, except I untied my top and pulled it out from under the shirt, leaving a tankini, with several inches of tummy showing between my bikini bottom and the tank top.

The shirt was so tight, I was almost already topless, and I felt a surge of energy from that. Of course that made my nipples stand up, which was obvious through the shirt. Actually, you could clearly see the outline of my areolae as well.

We bravely marched past the big signs on either side of the path saying “Warning: Nudity Ahead” and “Clothing Optional Beyond This Point.”

I was surprised by how crowded it was, and how diverse, too. Young people, old people, slender people, chubby people, attractive people, ugly people. All sorts of hair and skin colors. Some with tan lines, some tan all over. ALL over…

Dani found a fairly open space amongst the humanity, and started to lay her towel out, but Aly said, “Let’s go further down,” and she pointed left, “where it’s less crowded.” Dani looked at her quizzically, and she replied, “You aren’t the only one with a tablet,” and stuck out her tongue.

So we walked up the beach for ten minutes or so, to where there was more open space. Dani said, “How’s this?” and threw out her towel, not waiting for a reply. Aly and Jessi looked around at how few people there were, apparently approved, and began arranging their towels as well. I laid my towel out, but gave Dani a sharp look, which she caught.

What Aly and Jessi failed to notice was, yes there were fewer people here, but all of them were young and attractive, about three-quarters guys, and one-quarter girls, mostly college age. I started to mouth “You devil” at Dani, but she cut me off with a finger at her lips in the universal “shhhh” symbol.

We were all still standing, and Dani undid her top with a flourish. I followed with my tank top. Aly and Jessi both had an attack of shy, pulling the knots loose on their backs, but holding the little triangles of fabric in front. Reluctantly, they let their tops come free, folded them, and stashed them.

Dani grinned and said “Showtime!” Aly and Jessi groaned. Dani bent over and lowered her bottoms, going a little slower than she had to, for effect. She stepped out of them, and held them over her head in that Olympics “stick the landing” pose. Sensing that this was going to be difficult for Ali and Jessi, she said, “See? It’s easy!”

The three of them looked at me, so I guessed I was next. Not believing what I was doing, I lowered my bottoms slowly, inch by inch, over my butt and down my thighs until the elastic no longer gripped, and let them fall to the sand. I lifted them with my foot, captured them with my hand, and set them with my shirt.

I have to say, as exhilarating as it had been to have my breasts out in the sun, having my pussy and ass uncovered, free for viewing by anybody, the sun warming them, the breeze tickling them, was beyond incredible. I looked around, and practically every pair of male eyes on the beach was glued to me, so I slowly spun in a circle, sashaying a bit for emphasis.

From the stunned looks on their faces, Aly and Jessi weren’t having quite as easy of a time. Dani said, quietly so her voice wouldn’t carry, “The longer you wait, the harder it’ll be.”

Jessi got it, and as quickly as she could, yanked her bottoms to the sand, and stepped out of them. She looked like she was going to pretzel her arms around her front to try to hide everything, but she caught herself.

By now many of the guys nearest us had noticed there was a free show going on, and applauded. Although she turned bright red, she waved at them. I found it interesting that on a beach full of naked people, it was the ones in the process of taking off their clothes who got all the attention.

That left Aly. I’d never seen her with such a panicked, deer-in-the-headlights look on her face. She began to pull her bottoms down, the tiniest little bit at a time, more in the back than at the front. When barely an inch of her butt-crack showed, she bent forward at the waist, and continued the painstaking process of exposing her butt.

When her entire ass was uncovered, she froze. Completely. As in, unable to move. Visibly trembling, she said, “I’m not sure I can do this.”

Dani asked, “Want some help?”

“NO!” Aly barked, then relented, “Yes. No. I mean, yes. Yes, YOU do it.” She remained frozen, not moving a muscle. But when a couple of us reached for her bottoms, to pull them down for her, she said, “No, wait, I’ll do it.”

She straightened up, and began to wiggle the front down, first pulling one side down a quarter inch, then the other. When they were down to where I was sure her pubes would start to show, it looked like she would freeze again, then as if resigned to her fate, sighed deeply, and continued.

She barely lowered it another eighth of an inch, then another. It was odd, though, no racing stripe, no landing strip, no powder puff, no short and curly hair of any sort was emerging. Another quarter inch, and there was the top of her slit, completely shiny smooth on either side. She had shaved!

“Girl, what have you done?” Dani asked, grinning wildly, then Aly lowered her bottoms to the sand in one continuous slow pull. She started to cover herself with her hands, but caught herself, and held her hands straight down at her sides. She crossed her legs, then caught herself again, repositioning her feet about a foot apart. Jessi and I both gestured at her to do a slow spin, letting us (and all the surrounding guys) see everything.

The rest of us were staring at her as intently as all the guys. I had heard some of the girls at school talking about shaving, and waxing, and of course almost every girl has to do some “grooming” down there to keep hair from escaping her bikini bottoms. But I had never seen a live, shaved pussy before, and apparently neither had Dani or Jessi.

“Whatever possessed you to do that, as shy as you are?” I asked.

“I wasn’t feeling shy when I did it. I’m feeling so shy now BECAUSE I did it. When I saw that all of you had hair, I just kind of freaked out.”

“I gotta do that,” I said, “it looks AWESOME.” Dani nodded in agreement.

“Do you think so?” Aly asked in a tiny voice.

“Abso-freakin-lutely, girl. Take a look around, EVERYONE is checking you out.”

Aly looked, and they were. She looked for a second like she was going to wilt and fold herself up to hide it, but she caught herself, and obviously decided to maximize the moment. She held her arms up and twirled again, this time without any prompting from us.

“Fabulous,” Dani said.

Now that we were all NAKED (I just wanted to shout it out), we applied sun screen to our fronts and each other’s backs, then just lay in the sun, taking it easy. We talked some, but mostly just enjoyed the sun and the breeze in silence. After about an hour, I felt like things had gotten somewhat lethargic, so I got everybody up, and led us across the sand, into the water. I took a very zig-zag path, walking us past most of the larger groups of people. It looked like every guy on the beach tracked our progress over the sand with their eyes.

Going to the water added another level to the experience. The process of standing up, walking past people who were seated, and reaching the water, practically feeling their eyes checking out every part of my body, made me feel far more exposed than merely laying on a towel. Then there were the waves, splashing on my bare skin, tickling all the private parts that were out in the open. I never expected it to feel so free and exhilarating.

When we got back to our spot, a group of college guys was waiting for us, wanting to chat us up. “Sorry, guys, out of time, we gotta go,” Dani said. It was news to the rest of us…

Still surrounded by the college guys, we got our suits back on, some of us (Dani and I) making a bit more of a show out of it than was absolutely necessary. We gathered our towels, and headed back down the beach toward the car.

“I wasn’t ready to go back yet,” Aly said.

Dani responded, “We’re not going back, we’re just moving. You didn’t want to be held hostage by those frat rats, did you?”

We walked for a few minutes, then as we neared the crowded part of the beach, Dani said, with her eyes sparkling, “What’s been the best part of the day?”

“I dunno…”

“What are you getting at?”

“Think, guys, what was the most intense moment?”

Nobody responded.

“Damn… I have to explain everything to you! It was undressing, getting naked, taking off our bikinis while everybody watched!”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“Yeah, it was.”

“OK. That’s why,” and she paused for effect, “we’re gonna do it again. At the crowded part of the beach.”

“I dunno, Dani.”

“I’m not sure…”

I had heard enough. “I’M sure. Dani’s right, that was the best moment of the afternoon, and who knows when you’ll get another chance like this.”

Dani said, “I know when — right now!”

There we were — in the middle of the beach, the most crowded part. She laid her towel out, and this time we all followed.

Dani said, “Let’s take it up a notch. Instead of-”

Jessi interrupted. “We’re already taking it up a notch, all these people are around.”

Dani waited a second, to see if there was any more back talk, then she resumed, “Instead of each of us taking off our tops, and then we each take off our bottoms, let’s go one at a time — we each take off our top, then our bottoms, THEN it’s the next person’s turn.” She glanced around the group, and nobody objected. “I went first last time-”

I interrupted her. “Wait. Everybody sit.”

Aly looked confused, and Jessi said, “We’re not gonna take our clothes off?”

When we were all seated, I leaned in to the center of the group so I wouldn’t have to speak as loud, and said, “Of course we’re gonna take our clothes off, but let’s make it hotter.”

Aly, who of course had the most to hide, said, “I don’t wanna make it hotter, just getting naked in front of all these people is hot enough for me.”

Jessi said, “Then you don’t have to do it. I wanna hear Cait’s idea. If she says it’s hot, I probably want to do it.”

They all turned their attention to me.

“Alright, here’s the plan. One by one, we stand, and like Dani said, take it ALL off.” I looked at Aly. “You don’t have to do much if you don’t want to, but if you’re feeling it, spice it up with some wiggles and shakes. When we’re all naked, we’ll vote on who made it the sexiest.”

“I don’t wanna make it sexy, I just want to get it over with,” Aly complained.

Jessi snapped at her, “Quit whining, you already have to do less than anyone else to be voted sexiest, because you’re shiny bald down there.”

Aly’s face glowed bright red.

Jessi took charge of the moment, saying, “C’mon, Aly, those two went first last time. Let’s show ‘em how to do it.”

I was really proud of Jessi. She stood right up, undid her top, taking time to fold it neatly and stash it with her towel, which prolonged her time standing. Then she calmly and casually slid her bottoms off, folding them, bending over at the waist and placing them with her top. She straightened up, and then seemed to remember that we were going to have a “sexiest” vote. She arched her back, sticking her boobs out, fluffed her hair, and looked out across the sea of people around us. She smiled at a couple of guys who were blatantly watching her, and sat, comfortably arranging herself. She looked all calm and collected; you’d have to know her really well to see how anxious she actually was.

“Good job,” I whispered to her. She grinned in appreciation.

Aly jumped right up, raising her arms over her head and stretching, as if she were just waking up. She casually removed her top, then seemed to notice something on one of her boobs, bikini lint or stray grains of sand, scrutinizing it for a second before brushing it off. Now it was time for her bottoms. Obviously she had steeled herself for this moment, because she showed none of the stage fright she had earlier. She simply arched her back, and slowly slid them down to the sand.

She raised her arms up to the sky again, and stretched, bigger this time, an impressive simulation of nonchalance. She repositioned her feet almost as far apart as they would go, bent over, and touched her toes, stretching her lower body to go with the upper body stretch she’d already done. Just to make sure nobody missed anything, she straightened up, turned and faced the other way, repeating both stretches. This time I was behind her, and got a full visual tour of her shaved area, increasing my resolve that I wanted my pussy to look just like that.

With that, she was done, and settled down onto her towel. Dani and I looked at each other, not sure who would be next. I nodded at her, and she stood. I would be last.

I don’t remember her ‘performance,’ I was too busy focusing my adrenaline into a plan — I wanted to make the most of this moment. Knowing Dani, I’m sure she was very animated and demonstrative.

My turn. I took a deep breath, and stood. I hooked my thumbs in the sides of my bottoms, and wiggling my hips a bit more than I needed to, lowered them, one side a little bit, then the other, all the way down. Jessi said, “Ooh, bottoms first, I wish I’d thought of that.”

Now I was standing there in my tank top, covered from my shoulders down to my waist, but with my pussy and ass out in the open. The opposite of topless. It’s a very different type of exposed than either naked or topless — ALL the attention concentrates on the most private areas, the ones that hardly ever get to be uncovered, and even when they are, have to share the stage with breasts.

Having my boobs covered somehow made my pussy and ass feel more exposed, and they were tingling harder than I had ever felt. I could practically FEEL all the eyeballs pressing on the little white areas of skin that had only ever been uncovered in public once before. I wasn’t done enjoying the moment, so I took my sunglasses off and cleaned them. I put them back on, and turned a quarter turn, giving a different set of people a clear view, but they still had smudges. Darn the luck — turning a bit each time, it took me another three or four tries to get those crazy shades clean…

Finally, I had extended the moment as far as it would go, so I lifted my tank top up over my head. As ultra-exposed as my lower bits had been, baring my chest somehow made me feel far more naked than I had ever been, even a short while ago at the other part of the beach. I felt like I was receiving an all-over, intense massage, from the breeze, the sun, and everyone’s eyeballs. I still wasn’t quite ready to be done, so I found another smudge on my sunglasses, and cleaned it thoroughly before I sat.

We leaned our heads together, and Jessi said, “OK, now we vote. You can’t vote for yourself, OK?”

We all nodded. I voted for Jessi. She might have done the least, but I wanted her to get some credit for overcoming the greatest stage-fright.

The result was a tie — we each received one vote. Dani wanted another vote to resolve who the winner was, but Aly and I both quickly said that a tie was fine — that way we all won — and Jessi agreed, so we settled back on our towels to catch some sun.

The whole bottoms-first thing had me more aroused than I had ever been. I tried to just enjoy the beach, I really tried, but the sun’s glow on my skin just emphasized the glow in my pussy, and my pussy wouldn’t leave me alone. I swear, it was throbbing. I needed some relief.

I didn’t think I could just sneak my finger down to rub myself without being noticed, so I turned over onto my tummy. I mean, when you’re tanning, you do both sides, right? I strategically positioned myself over my arm, with my hand conveniently right at my groin.

I paused briefly, to be sure nobody yelled, “Look, that girl’s fingering herself!” When no one did, I slid my finger slowly into my slit, and the feeling was like sticking it into an electric outlet, only sexual. I don’t think I’d ever felt anything that was that intense, but still felt good. This wasn’t going to take long.

Even in the midst of all those people, I was too far gone to even consider stopping. I slowly rubbed myself from the bottom to the top of my slit, five or six times, bringing me right to the edge. I found my nub, and flicked my fingertip over it, as rapidly as I could.

My orgasm flowed over me like a tsunami, relentless, enhanced by the fresh sea breeze blowing across my skin. The air was slightly cool, contrasting with the warm glow I felt from the sun, as well as from my finger. Trying not to draw any attention to myself, I did my best to hold still and keep quiet, very difficult considering the explosion I felt in my pussy. My body wanted to squirm, thrash, writhe, moan, maybe even scream. I was pretty sure I succeeded in being stealthy.

Maybe not… I was floating gently back to earth when Jessi leaned over and whispered into my ear, “What did you just do?”

“Nothing!” I said, even though that was obviously untrue. Unfortunately, I said it loud enough, and with enough edge in my voice, that Aly and Dani noticed.

“What?” they both wondered. They sat up, and Jessi whispered something to each of them. Their eyes got wide, they all glanced at me, and Jessi whispered some more, then they glanced at me again. I shrugged, in the universal, ‘Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do’ gesture, with a smirk at the end, conveying my satisfaction with how things turned out.

They all laid back down, Dani and Jessi on their tummies, I noticed. One arm out in the sun, one trapped underneath. Knees slightly apart. Dani held fairly still, but Jessi was visibly squirming. Dani was the first to finish, and turned over onto her back. She was barely settled when Aly turned over onto her tummy, also trapping an arm under her. I settled back to enjoy the sun — if I paid them much more attention, I was going to have to go again.

: : : : :

Friday was a very sad day. Both Aly’s and Jessi’s families had to leave, a day earlier than usual. We girls had a tradition of walking to the local ice cream shop for lunch on our final Saturday. With our week at the beach done, we didn’t have to worry any more about how we looked in our bikinis, and since we’d gone ‘without’ for the entire week, we’d absolutely pig out.

But this year two of the four families were leaving mid-morning on Friday, and somehow ice cream for breakfast didn’t quite fit the bill. We had some juice and fruit out by the pool, the site of our “coming out” party, or rather, our “top coming off” party. It seemed like a lifetime ago.

We hardly discussed anything but our time at the pool and the beach.

“So, what are we gonna do next year, to top that?”

“I dunno,” I said. “I looked on-line at suggestions for public nudity, stripping games, Truth Or Dare, that kind of thing.”

The girls looked at me like I had grown a fin down the center of my back.

“What? I have a tablet, too… Really, most of it is pretty silly — ride bikes in short skirts without panties, that kind of lame.”

“I wouldn’t be interested in that.”

“Me either. So what ARE we gonna do next year?”

“The good news is,” I said, “we don’t have to decide now. We’ve got an entire year to come up with ideas.”

May 6

My name is Juliette Rachel Quinn and I am going to fuck my brother. He has no idea what I have in store for him. He’s a year older than I am, at nineteen, and doesn’t know anything about sex.

This feels weird even writing it down, because until last week I was a virgin, and didn’t know anything about sex until my cousins, Colleen and Nathan, taught me all about it.

(Instead of writing it all down here, you can read all about my sexual awakening in Slam Duncan’s wonderful story “Colleen, Nathan, and Julie” on

I love my pussy. I love to touch it. I love to look at in the mirror I hold between my legs, at all the lips and folds, and other parts that were always a secret. I didn’t even know what a clitoris was until recently, but I love to get it all hot and swelled up, and watch the “little penis” poke out from under its hood.

My clit looks like a little cock. It has a head and a shaft, and the hood is like a foreskin, I’m told, because I haven’t seen an uncircumcised penis yet. I flick my fingers over the hood until I get really hot and wet, then I take my juices and lube it up real good so I can roll it between my thumb and forefinger.

I like to put things in my vagina. I like a hard cock best, but I have a dildo and some vibrators that I use on myself. My favorite toy is called a “rabbit.” The cock head goes around and around, and it has a bunch of silver beads that revolve and massages my pussy lips. It has a set of little “ears” that fit right over my clit; it vibrates a million miles an hour and makes me come almost instantly.

I love my breasts, too. Boobs, tits, hooters, whatever you want to call them. They’re nice sized (I wear a C cup bra), round, firm, and they have really pretty pink nipples. Playing with my nipples is fun, too, cause it gets my pussy all hot and wet.

Sexy underwear really turns me on. I spent a fortune at Victoria’s Secret in the mall, buying myself lacy bras and panties, in all kinds of different colors. My favorites are the demi-bras that lift my boobs up high and barely cover my nipples. I have one with holes cut out where my nipples go, and when I wear it they stick out through my top, especially when I make them hard. I can’t wait until my brother comes, so I can tantalize him with all these pretty things.

May 7

My brother, Joshua Timothy Quinn will be here in two weeks. He has two Biblical names that my father, who was a minister, insisted upon. I only have one name from the Bible, Rachel. I was named Juliette by my mother, because it was her mother’s name. My grandmother loved Shakespeare. I can’t wait to teach him everything I have learned about sex.

My best friend at school is Aliyah. She is a Muslim and she wears a hijab that covers her neck and head. Her parents are very strict and they won’t let her date or ever be alone with a boy. She is in love with David Goldstein, a Jewish boy, but she has never kissed him or even held his hand.

Aliyah knows everything about sex. She learned it all on line, reading Literotica and watching porn at an internet cafe; her computer at home is blocked by her father. She is the person who first talked to me about masturbation. She knows about sex, but she had no experience; she has never even kissed a boy.

We tell each other everything. I gave her a blow-by-blow (ha ha, good pun) description of my sexual experiences with Colleen and Nathan. We’re going to have a sleep-over at my house this weekend. May 9

Aliyah came over for our weekend together. She was wearing her hijab and traditional long, shapeless clothing. I asked her about the significance of her headdress.

“I hate wearing this. People point at me, and call me things like ‘rag-head’ or ‘sand nigger.”

“You can take it off here.”

She looked really appreciative, unwrapped it and shook out her long coal black hair. It looked beautiful, so soft and shiny, and so much in contrast to my pale blondeness. I ran my hands through it, it was so silky, and I took out my brush and gave it one hundred strokes.

“That feels so good. No one has ever done that for me before.” She is really beautiful, with a lovely face, full lips, and black eyes. She has a little diamond stud in her nose, otherwise she doesn’t wear any jewelry.

I have a queen-sized bed that is big enough for both of us. I stripped off my top and stepped out of my jeans. Then I unhooked my lacy bra and took off my panties and threw them on a chair.

Aliyah stared at me with wide eyes. “I’ve never seen anyone naked before. You are really beautiful.”

I blushed all over. “Thanks.” I turned down the bed, revealing the burgundy satin sheets that I bought on-line. “I usually sleep in the nude, if that doesn’t bother you. These sheets feel wonderful against your bare skin.”

Aliyah was holding a full-length jalaba that she was going to wear to bed. It was made of some kind of rough cloth that looked really scratchy. She looked at me lying naked on the red sheets, then looked at the jalaba. “What the fuck,” she said and threw it on the chair too.

She undid her belt and pulled the long dress over her head. She wore a plain white bra that kind of flattened her boobs, and long underpants that looked like bloomers. When she took off the bra and her breasts swung free, they were nice and round and about the same size as mine. She had really small areolas; those and her nipples were dark brown.

When she took off her pants, her pubic hair was gone too. “You have a really beautiful body, too. I see you shave your pussy also.”

“It’s against my religion to have any body hair. But I didn’t shave mine, it was plucked.”

“Holy shit, that must have really hurt.” I forget what sect she is. There are as many different branches of Muslims as there are Protestants. Some have pubic hair, some don’t. She slipped into bed beside me and I pulled the top sheet over us. It was a hot night and we didn’t need any more covers.

After we had been lying there awhile, I noticed that Aliyah was breathing heavily. Her nipples made two bumps on the satin sheets, like they were hard or something. I thought I could see her hand moving between her legs because the sheets clung tightly to our bodies. I was sure she was masturbating.

I reached over toward her and slipped my hand under hers and felt her sopping wet pussy. She looked at me and gasped. “Let me touch yours, and you touch mine,” I whispered to her.

I spread my legs apart as her hand tentatively reached between them. I started to rub the shaft of her clit, through the hood, and she did the same to mine.

“Oh, that feels so good. I’ve never had anyone else touch me,” she said hoarsely.

I couldn’t believe how big it felt under my fingers. I dipped my finger into her vagina, scooped up some of her juice, and spread it over the head to lubricate it. It must have stuck out an inch. I could feel the bulbous glans and I rolled it between my fingers.

Aliyah’s hips began to move. Faster. And faster, as I continued to work her clit, and she kept rubbing mine.

“Yes, yes, yes, OH YES,” she shouted as she came, flooding my hand. I came right then, too. It was really nice.

We lay side by side, breathing hard and looking into each other’s eyes. I don’t remember who moved first, but all of a sudden we were kissing. Her lips were so soft and supple. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and she met it with hers.

“I’ve never kissed anyone before.”

“I know you would rather kiss David, but does it bother you that I’m a girl?”

“No. Kissing is wonderful,” Aliyah said, pulling my face closer.

I pulled the top sheet off of us, so I could look at her body. Her nipples were really sticking out, and I took one in my mouth and started to suck on it. I took turns, sucking on one and then the other. She started to moan, and had another orgasm. Then she sucked on mine, and I came, too.

I kissed my way down her body, until I got to that place between her legs. I kissed her puffy outer lips, and ran my tongue up and down the slit between them. She lifted her knees up and moved them apart.

When I spread her lips apart, I could see everything inside. Her inner lips were dark and kind of crinkled, but when I pulled them apart, everything was pink inside. Wow, her clit was really big compared to mine.

I ran my tongue all over her folds, then took each lip into my mouth and sucked on them. With the tip, I ran circles all around her clit, then sucked it into my mouth and tongued it some more. She came again and I swallowed her juices and licked her clean.

“I want to taste you now,” she said, and moved down between my legs.

Her mouth felt wonderful on my pussy and I was so hot, I came almost instantly. She waited for me to calm down a little bit and then started again. Her shiny black hair was fanned out over my pale skin.

After I came again, she lifted her head and ran her tongue up my body and over my tits. Round and round each nipple, then up over my throat and into my mouth. As I sucked on her tongue, she moved her leg between mine.

We ground our pussies against each other’s thighs and held each other tight as both our bodies spasmed in a huge orgasm. We held each other and kissed gently, her black hair tangled with my blonde locks.

We listened to some Beatles CDs and talked about boys. I had been going out with Ron Johnson. “I really want to make love with Ron, but I’m taking it slow. I’m going to let him feel me up next time we go out.”

“Through your clothes or bare tits?”

“I don’t know yet. I’d like to see his cock, too.”

“I’d give anything to see a real cock, not just a picture or a video. I want to feel one, to suck on one, to have one in my pussy, but that can never happen, at least not until I marry.”

“You don’t have to be married to have sex.”

“I do. I have to be a virgin on my wedding night.”

“How would anyone know?”

“My father would know. He checks my vagina all the time to make sure my cherry is still there. A girl in my mosque was killed by her brothers when they found out she had sex. They said it dishonored their family.”

“Your father checks your cunt? That’s outrageous. How does he do that?”

“One of my brothers spreads me open and my father looks in with a flashlight. Both my father and my father-in-law will check me on my wedding day.”

“Would David’s father do that if you two got married?”

“I can never marry David. I have been promised to some boy, who is the son of someone my father knows. I’ve never even met him. I want to be with David so bad, it hurts all over. I can’t even date him or be seen anywhere in public with him.” I held her in my arms until her sobs subsided. She really wanted to see and touch a cock.

“Maybe you could get Nathan to show you his penis; he did that for me. I’ll ask him.”

In the morning, Aliya looked at her clothes sadly. I knew she didn’t want to put them on again. I got her one of my bras and some panties. They were white lace and they looked beautiful against her olive skin.

Her breasts looked really great in the half-bra, lifting them up and showing the rounded tops and lots of cleavage. She had a great ass, and the thong showed off both cheeks. She checked herself out in the mirror and sighed, “I wish I could wear these all the time.”

“You can wear them while you’re here.” I got her a pair of my pretty pink shorts and a low cut crop top. She looked really sexy.

Colleen and Nathan did a double-take when they saw her. Her shiny black hair hung down past her waist. They had only seen her in the hijab. “Wow Aliyah, you look beautiful; I hardly recognized you,” Colleen said.

I told them Aliyah’s tale of woe, about her forced virginity, and how frustrated she was sexually. “Nathan, she’d really like to see a live penis; we were wondering if you would show her yours?”

“You’re going to turn into a real weenie-wagger,” Colleen laughed at him. Nathan’s eyes were narrowed and he had a Cheshire cat grin on his face.

We all trooped up to the bedroom. Colleen really liked watching Nathan with another woman. “Okay,” she said, “Let’s give him some inspiration. Everybody get naked.”

We stripped down and watched in fascination as Nathan’s cock began to grow hard, as he looked at three beautiful naked women surrounding him. Aliyah couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

She knelt down on the bed and examined his penis from all angles. His large balls lay between his legs. He couldn’t take his eyes off her firm hanging breasts, and the black hair that hung down, surrounding them.

“You can touch it,” Colleen said. Aliyah gently skimmed her fingers up his shaft, then around the rim of his head.

“Wrap your hand around it.”

“Oh, it’s soft and hard at the same time. And so hot.” She took her hand off his cock and gently cradled his balls in her hand, feeling each one individually. “May I lick your penis?” She visualized what she had seen in porn flicks.

“Let’s all lick it. He’ll be in horndog heaven with three tongues on his cock.” I got on one side of it, Colleen got on the other, and Aliyah was between his legs. We licked up his shaft and our tongues met when they skimmed over his crown, and we kissed each other right around the head of his cock.

“Let’s let Aliyah suck him off, she’s the virgin in the blow job department.” She eagerly took him into her mouth, and we could tell by the look on his face, that she was doing a great job with her tongue.

“God, I get so HOT watching him,” Colleen gasped. I reached between her legs and slipped two fingers into her wet pussy. She did the same to me, and we finger-fucked each other until we both came. We could see that Aliyah’s pussy was soaking wet, too, because there was juice running down her leg, but we couldn’t finger her for fear we’d break her cherry.

Her head was bobbing up and down on Nathan’s cock and her hand was stroking him like mad. We could tell he was about to come, because we could see his balls draw up. He shouted a warning to Aliyah, but she kept her mouth tight around him and he filled her mouth with his semen.

She spit some of it back into her hand, and swallowed the rest. She put her fingers into the puddle in her palm and stirred it around, playing with it like a kid with a new toy. Actually, she treated his penis like her favorite toy.

“Now, we need to get Aliyah to come,” Nathan said. Colleen and I thought she needed a man to eat her pussy, so while Nathan worked on her with his lips and tongue, we each took a nipple in our mouth, and suckled on her.

“Oh, oh OH!” she cried, as her hips rose up and she had a shuddering orgasm. We let her rest for a minute and started again and she came two more times.

We thought she’d like to watch us fuck, even if she couldn’t do it herself, so Colleen and I kneeled down side-by-side and Nathan alternated between us, slipping his cock into one cunt and then the other. Aliyah was transfixed. After he came, she sucked our juices off his now flaccid cock.

“I don’t know how to thank you,” she said, and gave us all a deep soul kiss.

When we were alone in bed together, Aliyah said, “That was wonderful but I really wish I could do that with David.”

“You could invite David to come over here. You could be with him that way.”

“That would be wonderful; could we really do that?”

“We’ll try for next weekend.”

My brother will be here in 12 days. May 10

I had a date with Ron tonight. I had decided that I wanted to go farther with him than I had before. Aliyah had gotten me all hot and bothered with the night we spent together, and I really wanted to do more stuff with a boy. All we had done so far is make-out. If he’d try to feel my boob, I always pushed his hand away.

I really like kissing a lot, but he has a few quirks about it. Like, it’s okay if he puts his tongue in my mouth, which, don’t get me wrong, I like, but when I put my tongue in his mouth, he pulls away.

Anyway, tonight we were making out, and I took his hand and put in on my breast, outside my shirt. He rubbed it for a minute or so, then reached right underneath the shirt and started feeling me over my bra.

Well, I really wanted him to touch my bare skin anyway, so I pulled up my top and unhooked my bra. His eyes looked like they were going to bug right out of his head when he looked at them. “Wow, nice rack,” he said. I guess that was a compliment?

He grabbed them with both hands and started squeezing them almost like he was kneading a loaf of bread. “Be more gentle, please. Kiss them. Suck my nipples.”

I guess he didn’t hear me, because he abandoned my boobs and unbuttoned my shorts. He shoved his hand under my panties, then stuck his finger right into my vagina. I wasn’t even wet yet, and it hurt. He sawed his finger in and out of me for a while.

Just as I was going to take his hand and direct it toward my clit, he pulled it out of my panties and started undoing the fly on his jeans. He pulled out his penis. It was really small compared to Nathan’s, which was the only other one I had ever seen.

He took my hand and put it on his cock. My hand covered all of his shaft and most of the head. I stroked it maybe three or four times, and he went “UHH,” and shot his stuff all over the front of me. Then he zipped up his pants and drove me right home.

I was really disappointed, but then I thought, oh well, this is only the first time; it’ll be better the next time we go out.

When I crawled into bed, I ran my hands all over my breasts, pulling and tweaking my nipples, then I frigged my clit until I got to come, too. May 11

Ron and I went out again tonight. This time we didn’t go to the movies or for a pizza or anything; he just drove straight to the lake where all the kids go to park. I wanted to talk to him, to tell him what I liked, but I didn’t get the chance.

He started kissing me and jammed his tongue in my mouth so I couldn’t even talk. Before I knew it he had my shirt pulled up, my bra undone, and he was manhandling my boobs again.

“Shake them for me,” he said, so I rotated my shoulders back and forth, and he watched my boobs jiggle and bounce. “Wow, that is so hot!”

He didn’t even try to get into my pants; he just undid his and took his cock out. He pulled my head down toward his lap. “Suck it, baby,” he said. I took it into my mouth, and as soon as I ran my tongue around his head, he came. He surprised the shit out of me, and I swallowed it down in one gulp. He put his cock back in his pants and drove me home again. He wouldn’t kiss me after he came in my mouth. May 12

Ron is coming over to my house tonight. I hope messing around with him will be better if we can do it in a bed and take our time. I want to show him what I like that will let me come, too. So far it’s been all about him.

I lit candles all around my room, and put on a Dave Brubeck CD that I borrowed from Nathan’s collection. I had a nice bottle of red wine, and two glasses. I had already opened the wine to let it breathe, like you’re supposed to. I’m not at all sophisticated when it comes to wine, because spirits were forbidden in my church.

When Ron came into the house, I put my arms around him and gave him a deep kiss. He started groping me right away, right there in the entrance hall. I took his hand and led him upstairs to my room.

I guess he didn’t like Dave Brubeck. “Got any rap?” he asked. I didn’t have any, so he dug around in the stack of CD’s and pulled out a Bruce Springsteen album. I like Springsteen, but “Born to Run” isn’t very romantic, but I put it on for him anyway.

I poured a two glasses of wine and handed him one. “I don’t like wine. Got any beer?” I went down to the refrigerator and got two bottles of Dos Equis, because he might like more than one.

He looked disdainfully at the bottle I handed him. “This is spic beer. Got any Bud?” When I told him we didn’t, he shrugged and pulled the cap off the bottle. Good thing I brought two, because he chugged the first one right down.

“Hi! Remember me?”

Aurora had been scrubbing display benches; her hair a mess, dirt on her face, the scruffiest of clothes. Her back ached and the light rain kept her swiping at her face with a damp towel. But when she heard the voice she instantly flashed back to the brunette on the boat, and Phil pounding into her ass.

She had almost forgotten the girl on the other boat – almost. Those brown eyes staring into hers as Phil pounded into her; they were an integral part of that experience. She would have looked for the woman – but had no name, no idea where to look.

“I’ve been looking for you since that day on the boat. My god that was hot!”

“You never told me your name.”

“It’s Brie.”

“You mean like the cheese?”

She sighed; “yes, like the cheese. I am so tired of that joke.”

“I’m sorry, that just popped out. Well, it could have been worse … you might have been named Gouda!”

“Oh! (…) I never thought of it that way. I’ve been looking for you – well actually I’d given up – when I saw your name on the sign and I took the chance and stopped. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Honestly, if I’d known where to look, I would have come to you.”

“Then it’s a good thing I found you, huh?”

“Yes it is. Look, I have to finish this up. It’s a dirty job, but fortunately I only do it twice a year. Then we came go upstairs and talk. Why don’t you look through the nursery for the next fifteen minutes or so?


Stepping into her apartment Aurora kicked off her rubber boots and hung her raincoat next to the door.

“There’s wine in that cabinet, the opener in the drawer above it; why don’t you open a Pinot while I get a shower.”

The hot water felt good on sore muscles and cold fingers and toes. Even as she shampooed her hair she wondered about Brie and her search. “What’s with her? She’s good looking, mmm; I wonder what she tastes like … Really? Where did that come from? You haven’t been interested in a woman since college. But she is cute, isn’t she?”

Aurora felt a slight breeze on her damp back. “Hi! Would you like a back scrub?” She turned to see a naked woman standing in her shower door. Taller, but with small breasts that came to sharp points – nipples already looking dark and hard. She had narrow waist and shapely hips. Between her thighs a small landing strip led to barely visible lips.

Aurora glanced up at Brie’s face; the brown eyes held a look of uncertainty, and she chewed on a lower lip while she waited for an answer. Aurora held out her arms; “I’d love having my back scrubbed, but I’d like a hug first.”

A large smile spread across Brie’s face as she stepped into the welcoming embrace. “I … I wasn’t sure, you know, if I should come in here.”

Aurora pulled her face down the few inches needed and kissed her gently on soft lips. “Oh yes, you definitely should have come in.”

The women pressed together; hands roaming in exploration while lips tasted lips. They would pull apart just enough to look into the other’s eyes, and then return to the pleasure of exploring a new lover.

Eventually they did engage in a bit of scrubbing, but mostly they just caressed each other to a high state of excitement, until Aurora could take no more. “The bed – let’s go to my bed.”

Quickly drying each other (and just giving their hair a quick rub); Aurora led her new lover by the hand. Throwing back the covers and laying back; she beckoned Brie with open arms.

Stretching over her, hip to hip, breast to breast, lip to lip they learned each other’s ways. Soon, however, Aurora rolled them over, and as she kissed her way down Brie’s throat to her tits and beyond she asked; “So, what happened after you guys moved away from us?”

“Oh … that’s so nice, umm, don’t stop.” (Aurora was stretching the tits by sucking firmly as she drew her head back.) “After we left you we went over to Blake Island for the night. There weren’t any other boats around so we shed the little we were wearing and got down to business. You know, we were going to fuck anyway, but after watching you take that huge thing we were as hot as I’ve ever been. I was there with Ron – his dad has a car dealership and that was daddy’s boat, the other couple was Michele and Jeremy. “

By now Aurora was nibbling at the entrance of Brie’s puss; licking and lightly biting, causing her lover to twist and turn, her hands clenching sheet.

“Oh God! (…) Oh, Michele just pushed Jeremy on his back, grabbed his cock and just dropped on it. I could hear her breath going out with a whoosh. He grabbed her hips and she was just bouncing up and down. Ron grabbed me, spun me around and he had me on my knees and pumped into me. Damn that cock felt good! After watching you … let’s just say cock was all I was thinking about. I took everything Ron had and in minutes I felt him coming. He slumped over me, breathing hard, and then dropped to the seat next to me. But I wanted more! I looked over at Michele and Jeremy; she was just climbing off his lap and he was just laid back, his cock limp. Damn! I wanted more -oh, oh do that more! Michele looked at me – she had the same hungry look I felt. We met in the middle of the boat, kissed once or twice and dropped right into a sixty-nine. The mixture of her spicy juice and Jeremy’s salty sperm was great. I ate every bit I could find. I can guarantee she was searching for everything I had too. I probably came twice more with her.”

Aurora’s fingers and tongue echoed what she was hearing, and her efforts drove Brie into a series of quivering spasms.

After a short break, they traded places, with Brie exploring Aurora’s mature breasts; enjoying their color and fullness, suckling on her hard nipples. Moving down, she spent some time swirling tongue into navel; eliciting giggles. Soon she was at her target; a moist, pink vagina. She cooed at the small blonde tuft, and then blew gently; sending a shiver through Aurora.

While Brie was happily licking at Aurora’s soaking pussy, the bedside phone rang. With a slight groan she answered: “This had better be important!”

“Ah … Aurora? Are you ok? This is Phil. Frank and I thought we’d come over, maybe play a bit.”

“Um … that’s nice, maybe that’s a good idea.” She pressed Brie’s face harder against her pussy. “Yes that’s definitely a good idea. Why don’t you guys pick up pizza and come over. I may have a surprise for you. No wait, I’ll call an order to Min’s, we’ll have Thai. I think that will be more appropriate. “

Hanging up the phone, she looked down at the tousled head happily delving into her core; “Brie dear, would you like some company? That was Phil; he and Frank are coming over in a little while. I think you’ll like them.”

“If you mean ‘do I want to try Phil’s cock?’ yes I do. But who’s Frank? Are you fucking two guys?”

“Two are fucking me. Let’s take a break, I have to call in an order – you do like Thai, don’t you?”


“Man, look at the size of this order! Is she planning on an army?

“Phil, if this goes the way it looks, we’re going to need all that, and maybe more. She doesn’t share details of what you guys do, but if it’s anything like what we’ve done – it’s going to be a very long, very fun night.”


“Come in!” They heard Aurora call. “I’m in the bedroom.”

Oh yes, she was in the bedroom alright, and a slim brunette was on her knees between Aurora’s clasping legs; a beautiful ass highlighted by the dripping pussy and winking ass hole in the center. “Guys; I want you to meet Brie. Phil, you remember her; she’s the girl from that other boat.”

“Nope, don’t recognize her. But then I only saw her from the waist up.”

Aurora held Brie in place. “Honey, you remember Phil? Well next to him is Frank, and while you keep doin’ what you’re doin’ one of them is going to explore your sweet pussy. Ok?”

Brie vigorously nodded her head; sending additional spasms through the clitoris under her tongue.

Men’s clothing flew in all directions and Frank knelt behind the sweet ass. His hands gently massaged the soft skin; thumbs pressing into ass and pussy, drawing juices to the surface and then spreading them over the outer lips. The aroused scents of the two women saturated the room; a heady aroma that hardened already firm cocks.

Phil fed his large, hard cock to Aurora’s lips; teasing the head from side to side, then up under her nose where she inhaled the man-scent deeply. Back to her lips it went, but this time slowly pushing in – forcing her welcoming lips open; her tongue swirling over and under the head. Phil groaned at the sensations, moving deeper into the hot, welcoming, chamber.

At the other end of the pile, Frank had his nose right up to the dripping slit; inhaling the sweet/spicy aroma of Brie’s hot box. His tongue drove in; digging as deep as he could, sucking juices from a flowing fountain. Then his faced moved up searching for the other hot hole. His pointed tongue probed forward again and the surprising sensation drove Brie harder into the pussy before her.

The room was saturated with the sweet sexual smell of aroused women and the moans and groans of very busy mouths.

In minutes Frank was so aroused that he couldn’t wait any longer. Rising behind Brie, his cock hard as steel; he quickly placed his cock at the open, dripping slit and pushed in; not stopping until he was braced against her ass. Holding himself still, he could feel the pussy walls clenching and unclenching around him. Breathing deeply, he inched back until only the head was encased and then pushed back in. His pace picked up; his hips rocking, his hands grasping her hips. Every drive forward pushed her harder against Aurora’s pussy, every drive sent shock waves through Aurora’s body, and every drive forced her further onto Phil’s massive cock.

Looking at each other, the men nodded and drove into the women as hard and fast as they could. Within seconds both were coming and there was cum spewing and juices flowing. Even when they had finished; everyone froze in place, relishing the sensual afterglow.

The first to go was Brie – slowly toppling to her side; her cheek dragging across Aurora’s thigh, Frank’s softening prick pulling out with a small sucking sound. He sat back on his heels; looking down at Aurora’s gaping cunt – wide open and clasping in the last of her orgasmic bliss.

In a daze he tilted forward, his lips kissing her pussy tenderly and his tongue taking one pass over her clit.

She quivered once again and held his head in place for a moment, then gently pushing him away.

Phil sat back; his cock leaving a stream of spunk along her cheek, matching the sperm dripping from the sides of her mouth.


They sat on a blanket in the living room, forming a rough circle, but in such a way as they could enjoy the view between the others’ legs. Still warm Thai was passed around – samples being offered by the women with chop sticks – the men relying on forks. Everyone was laughing at reactions to new flavors, and at the same time ogling tits, pussys and cocks. While the men weren’t turned on by each other, they did acknowledge each other’s physique. But when it came to the women, well … they had three other bodies to be turned on to.

As the eating slowed the conversation turned sexier, comments more suggestive. Brie reached into Phil’s lap; grasping his flaccid cock. “I can’t believe you took all of this … in the ass, yet. I don’t know if my poor little pussy can take that much.”

“Well, my little sweet pussy, the only way you’ll know is trying. But don’t worry; he’s a very considerate lover. You’ve got to go for it. Frank honey,” She said turning; “you don’t mind what I said, do you?”

“No. You guys enjoy Paul Bunyan over there, and when you want smooth lovin’ I’ll be here.”

“Mmm, you’re so understanding. There’s some lube on the table; I want you in my ass while she gets her first taste of Mr. Bunyan.”

The women settled to their tasks: Aurora stretched out on her stomach while Frank lovingly applied lubrication to her back door; his fingers pushing and twisting, starting at one then moving up to two, then three. Soon she was writhing under his efforts and finally drew her knees in, lifting her butt. He crouched behind her – his cock straining for its target.

As he pressed to her star, it opened in invitation, begging to be filled. Once he’d pushed all the way in, they looked over at the other couple. Brie had been busy also. She’d pushed Phil onto his back, and then knelt next to him, her hand still grasping his growing member. In fascination she watched it grow; filling her hand until the fingers and thumb were separated a good inch. Mesmerized, she bent; her lips just touching the head in the smallest of kisses. A little firmer, a little deeper, she kissed again and then with a small groan she opened her mouth and slowly engulfed him. When the head bumped her throat she stopped and taking a deep breath began pumping the cock into her mouth. Soon saliva was flowing around the massive meat.

Phil tugged her hips around and dug fingers into her juicy quim. In only minutes she was ready, and rose off the cock inhaling deeply. She swung over his hips, and with one hand on his chest and the other leading the massive organ to her core. When she felt the head spreading her pussy lips she paused, and then lowered herself, pausing every inch or so; her eyes getting larger with every movement. When she’d taken all she could, she was surprised to realize her butt was resting on his thighs. She looked over at Aurora. “My God! It’s all in me! I want to move, but do I dare? Aurora! What do I do now?”

“Darlin’ there’s an old saying – ‘Use it or lose it.’ You know what to do. And when you’re done – come to me and we’ll clean each other up.”

Bending her head almost to Phil’s chest, her hands digging into his skin; her hips began rising and falling. Just an inch or so at first, a short break between rises. Soon the pace quickened, the movements became longer, her juices flowing around the man meat and dripping off his balls.

Aurora had been holding her breath, her eyes locked-willing Brie into motion. She began to match the younger woman, keeping pace; almost as if experiencing Phil’s log through Brie. Soon both women were pounding onto their enclosed members; pussy and ass clasping and sliding, juices pooling under them. At one point Brie froze; her head thrown back, a guttural howl rising from her cunt and through her throat. Aurora froze with her, not breathing, waiting for the animalistic orgasm rising from the younger woman.

With a shudder Brie came back, looking down at Phil she hoarsely whispered; “No more. I can’t go any farther. Let me sleep.” And she slid off his steel rod.

“Frank, come with me. I’m going to help Phil and I want you in my ass again.” She crawled to her other lover; climbed onto his lap and drove onto the rigid meat at her gate. Leaning forward she kissed Phil deeply, and then looked over her shoulder as Frank greased his rod.

Aurora kissed Phil again, then said; “Grab my ass, pull me open. Frank’s going in. I want both of you, and I want you now.” The other cock lined up and using her own over flow as lube, Frank pressed pass her sphincter with a pop.

Phil felt the other cock through the thin wall as it pushed all the way in. Aurora took a breath, readjusted her position a little and then ordered: “Fuck me boys. I’m yours. Fuck me ’til I can’t talk. Fuck me, c’mon … more, more … oh god, oh god … yes…

One pushing up, the other down, the men took her at her word; pounding cocks into her willing holes. Pussy and ass clenching the ravishing rods, Aurora’s eyes rolled back and drool loosely dripped from her lips. Only after the men had cum, hot spray jetting into her; only then did she stop. All strength gone from her limbs, Aurora collapsed onto Phil’s chest.

Breathing heavily, Phil held her to him as Frank pulled out and stretched out beside them.

Aurora felt a tongue lapping at her butt hole and then moving down to her pussy. A nose brushed against her as the mouth licked at Phil’s softening cock. Looking over her shoulder, all she could see was long brunette hair. Until Brie looked up; “That was so fucking hot.”


Ch 4 – The Pond

Sasquatch gets wet – in more ways than one

NC<18 – No characters under the age of 18 are depicted in this story.

This is a copyrighted original work of erotic fiction. All rights reserved.

I gradually awoke to the sound of birds singing and the light hitting my closed lids. I was laying on my side and as I opened my eyes, they gradually focused on the two faces staring me from just over the edge of the mattress.

“Betty, why is there a man sleeping in your bed?” asked the blond while peeking around the corner of the teddy-bear she was holding.

“I don’t know, Bobbi Jo,” said the auburn haired cutie next to her, “but Mommy and Daddy will be home any minute now, and they’ll know what to do about the bad old man. They might call the sheriff. Or Daddy might just get that big old gun of his and make him ‘disappear’.”

I groaned and said, “Vey funny, ladies. I may be a little old, but I remember the fantastic sex we had yesterday afternoon and last night perfectly well. Don’t try playing that ‘innocent young girls’ act on me again. We all know perfectly well you two are full-grown women.”

“EEEEeeeewwwww. We don’t know what you’re talking about, mister.” Then all three of our heads turned toward the window at the sound of tire crunching on gravel.

They both jumped up then and then ran out the bedroom door with the blond yelling, “Mommy, Daddy! There’s a strange man in Betty’s bed! He seems to think he had sex with us, but we swear we didn’t! We know not to let strange men touch us in those places!”

I covered my eyes with my hand as I groaned at the lameness of their antics. As if I would fall for that again! Then my hand slid down my face to cover my open mouth in shock as I realized that the view of them going out the door was anything but adult! The blond (Bobbi Jo?) had been wearing full-length footed pajamas and was carrying a teddy-bear the size of her torso. The auburn-haired one (Betty?) was wearing a little pink short set with cartoon horses on them. She was dragging a stuffed rabbit the length of her legs behind her as she left.

What the fuck is going on? I thought. I frantically began to search my memories of the day and night before. I could have sworn they said they were… SHIT!! Did I just have sex with two little girls? What the FUCK was I thinking? No. There’s NO WAY I would have done something like that! I don’t care HOW delirious I might have been from the heat or anything else!

That’s when I heard a truck door slam – HARD!

As if that had been the starter’s pistol at a race, my body lurched into motion. I dressed as quickly as I could. I tore out of that room, down the stairs, across the living room and out the screen door onto the porch, trying to think of something to say, and froze on the top step.

Two women wearing denim overalls and boots were talking to the tow-truck operator outside the closed door of the roll-back tow-truck.

“Here he is now,” said Bobbi Jo as she looked over her shoulder at me. “Mister, this gentleman is here to pick up your car and take it get fixed.”

“Ummm, yeah, I, uh, I guess,” I stammered as I dropped to my ass on the top step. What the fuck WAS going on?

“Go ahead.” I already knew where it was supposed to be taken and the guy obviously knew what he was doing.

I sat and watched as he loaded my car and chained it down. He walked over to me, held out a clipboard and a pen and pointed to an “X”. “Sign here, sir.”

I scribbled my signature and handed the clipboard back. He walked over, climbed in and drove straight out of the driveway and out onto the two-lane blacktop.

“WAIT! I’m supposed to get a ride! My clothes! My samples…”

I heard them laughing then and turned to find the two of them standing at the end of the porch, holding on to each other, apparently to keep themselves from falling down they were laughing so hard.

“You were right,” said Bobbi Jo. “He is hilarious when things get a little out of control!”

They eventually stopped laughing and came over to sit on either side of me on the steps, laying their heads on opposite shoulders. They put their inside arms around my back. Betty looked up at me and said, “Locational humor again? Sorry, we thought it was funny.”

“Yeah. Ha. Ha. Ha,” I grumbled.

We sat there for a few minutes as I was still trying to wrap my head around everything that had happened. Then Bobbi Jo yelled, “Breakfast!” and jumped up to run inside.

Betty stood and helped me to my feet like I was an old man or something. Though I have to admit I felt like I needed it at the time.

She held my hand as we walked inside and into the kitchen where she led me to one of the chairs at the table. The same one she had planted me in yesterday afternoon, I realized.

I slumped into it and Betty said with a sly smile, “Boy! You sure like you had a HARD night last night. Or something.”

“That, little girl, was a mean trick to pull on an old man.”

“We said we were sorry. And you are NOT an old man. When we finally did wear you out this morning we realized it was almost five already and we were both more wound up than tired, we just decided to get on with our day.”

“What did you have to do to get started so early?” I asked.

“Just the normal. Start making a couple loaves of bread; milk the cows; gather eggs; feed the pigs, chickens and cows; put dinner in the smoker…

“You slept through the guy calling to let you know he was on the way, and didn’t even wake up when he pulled in and honked the horn the first time. We talked to him. He seemed to know what might be the problem and said that if he was right, he could have the car ready for you to pick up tomorrow morning.

“I had been telling Bobbi Jo about how gullible you were yesterday and we decided to have a little fun.

“So we asked the guy if he could give us a half-hour. We unloaded your car into the back room by the kitchen and then we decided to go ahead and prank you and got into those costumes. You probably remember the rest.”

Bobbi Jo said, “Come and get it!” and we walked over to the stove. What a spread. Eggs, home fries, ham steaks, fresh bread and a clay crock of what had to be real, fresh butter.

We talked as we ate breakfast and they told me they had a few Guernsey dairy cows, some Rhode Island Red chickens and a few pigs. We talked about those and the crops they planted – a pretty varied lot. Corn, alfalfa, hay, barley, and they had a small orchard with a few of each kind of fruit trees and then vegetable, fruit and herb gardens. Seemed like a fairly self-sufficient place.

After breakfast, they decided to give me a tour since I had been more interested in the farm than they had expected.

We walked through the barn and out the back. As I looked past the chicken coop I started laughing. They both looked at me like I was goofy, then looked to see what I was looking at. After a minute or two, they both got it and laughed along with me. “Oh yeah. Brown chickens. Brown cows. I think what’s-his-name wrote a song about you guys. And after what we did last night, that is the perfect musical accompaniment!” I said.

We walked out through the fields until the path we were on passed through a circular line of trees. Inside the ring was a fairly decently-sized pond surrounded by lush grass and with a little sand beach in one spot. I asked if it was a stock tank and Bobbi Jo said, “No, we use a high-tech windmill to run the pump to water the animals and provide for the house. Betty’s Mom and Dad planted the trees around the pond a long time ago, just to keep the animals out. Seems they had a thing for skinny-dipping. Wish I’d have been able to meet them.”

That seemed to spark something in Betty and she slipped the shoulder-straps of her overalls off and shucked them down her legs. T-shirt and no underwear. She caught me looking and said, “Oops. I was in such a hurry to get dressed between pranking you and dealing with the tow-truck guy I forgot to put them on.”

I sat down to untie my shoes. Then, of course, Betty had to bend at the waist to untie her boots, giving me a very inviting view of her cute little ass and pussy. I also got a really nice view of her face as she looked past her legs to make sure I was watching her.

Bobbi Jo cleared her throat and I thought she might have gotten jealous of the way I was staring at Betty. Then she cleared her throat again and when I turned to see whether she was mad at me I found myself face to face with her own pretty cunt.

I’m not sure how she did it, but she grabbed the back of my head, pulled my face into her pussy and rolled onto her back, dragging my whole body with her. As soon as her back hit the ground her legs splayed open and I wasted no time.

“You BITCH!!” I heard from behind me as Betty saw what Bobbi Jo had done. “I wanted him first!”

Bobbi Jo laughed and said, “Well nanny nanny boo boo to you. You got him first yesterday. Shit, if I hadn’t finished the afternoon milking and come to see what you were doing, you might not have shared him at all!”

I started to slowly lick up the sides of Bobbi Jo’s lips, startled at but kind of liking the taste of her sweat. Seems fresh clean sweat is a lot better than stale sweat. Or a woman’s sweat is sweeter than the way I stink when I sweat. Or something. Never mind. Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Me taking long licks up her dripping slit. I slipped the tip of my tongue in between her outer lips and her inner lips and licked along the edges, making an “O” as I alternated sides for a few minutes, first clockwise then counter-clockwise, then flattened my tongue and began to lick her from taint to clit, making sure to maintain an even rhythm, at least right at first. It didn’t take long at all before she started rocking her hips downward as I licked upward. I adjusted my own pace to hers as we both gradually sped up.

At some point I looked up to see if she was enjoying what I was doing and I couldn’t see her face. Not because she had it tilted back in passion or anything. Betty had knelt with her knees on either side of Bobbi Jo’s head, planted her elbows on the ground and used her hands and forefingers to press first Bobbi Jo’s boobs and then her nipples together. That pushed them close enough together that Betty was able to lick both of those big nipples at the same time.

Then she did something I’ve never seen anyone else do, before or since. She made eye contact with me, pressed her lips together in the middle of her mouth and wrapped the open parts on the outside of her little mouth around each of those nipples and sucked them in.

Apparently she was able to keep up both suction and tongue action, because Bobbi Jo was moaning almost constantly and had wrapped her long tan arms around Betty’s chest. I’d like to think I had something to do with it too.

As Bobbi Jo’s moans got louder and the rocking of her hips got faster, I continued to match her pace until her moans began to change to groans. When I figured the time was right, I stopped at the top of my lick, sucked her clit into my mouth, planted my chin in the middle of her puss and began to hum. I guessed she liked that, ‘cuz her thighs clamped around my head like she was trying to crack a walnut and her ass began to bounce up and down on the ground as she came.

Luckily I had been able to tilt my head back a little so I could still take air in through my nose and I just kept humming until she finally relaxed. Well, collapsed actually. She finally let go of my head and Betty’s little torso and her arms and legs fell limply to the ground.

Betty stood up and walked through the grass over to me. Holding out her hand she led me up and over to a tree. At some point it had split into two trunks from the same root structure, but one of the trunks had been cut down. The way it was done made it possible to sit on the one stump and use the other as a backrest. She guided me to a seat, then turned and sat on my lap.

At least at first it was my lap. Then she slid her back up my chest, reached between her legs and positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her quim. She slowly began to slide up and down my chest using our combined sweat as a lubricant as she began to take more and more of my cock into her little body.

I reached around her and palmed her breasts, able to squeeze them lightly all around using just my palms. I gradually eased my palms back a bit to where I could get her stiff little nipples pinched between the first knuckles of the middle two fingers of each hand. I started lifting and lowering those cute little tits to match her rhythm. She began to slide further and further up the shaft of my cock with each energetic bounce and I was afraid she was going to pull up so far my cock would slip out the front of her dripping pussy.

Boy was I wrong!!

She pulled up a little too far (by accident or on purpose? Don’t know, don’t care) and when she slammed herself down, she stayed settled on my lap. She reached up with her right hand and drew my face down to hers, met my open mouth with hers and began to kiss me more passionately than she had in the short time we’d been together. I thought she was trying to suck the soul out of my body she was kissing me so voraciously.

She slowly began to slide up and down again as she continued to kiss me like that.

A minute or two later, Bobbi Jo crawled over to us and knelt with her head on Betty’s thigh. She reached out and began stroking Betty’s cunt with the backs of her fingers, then suddenly knelt fully upright. I thought maybe she had found a nest of red ants or something because she started, well, it wasn’t twitching, it wasn’t shivering, it could only be called quivering or vibrating with excitement. She grabbed my legs behind the knees and pulled my ass forward a little (dragging my back down the tree bark a little, thank you very much for that).

I was about to give her a hard time about that when she knelt lower down, got her face really close to Betty’s crotch, looked up at the two of us and said, “I can’t believe you’ve got his entire cock up your ass!”

Then she was quiet, as she was busy licking Betty’s sweet lips, matching Betty’s downward slide with her lifting tongue. Then she wasn’t quiet as she used the trick she had learned from me and began humming on Betty’s hard little clit.

That was enough to push Betty over the edge into orgasm, and the way her ass clenched on the base of my cock was enough send me over the edge into mine as well.

I couldn’t help myself. I hoped I wasn’t hurting Betty as I began to flex my thighs and use my hands on her little tits to lift her up my cock, then slam her down as I basically milked myself dry.

Turns out I wasn’t hurting her at all as I realized she had pulled forward from my chest, put her left hand on my left knee and was waving her right arm around in the air and yelling, “Ride him, fucking cowgirl!!”

She finally collapsed back onto my chest, reached up and gently caressed the side of my face with a sigh of contentment.

“Mister, you sure are something else,” Bobbi Jo said. “I’ve been trying to get her to try something bigger than my finger up her tight little ass for months and she always said she ‘didn’t think anything bigger would fit’. Now you’ve been here less than 24 hours and she’s bouncing her ass up and down your cock like it’s a fucking pogo stick or something.”

Betty leaned to one side, lifted her leg straight up over my head and spun around with my cock still buried up her ass, then knelt on the stump to kiss me.

After a few minutes, she said, “Carry me down to the pond?”

I managed to get to my feet and, with my arms supporting her ass and her arms wrapped around my legs, I kind of waddled down to the sandy beach and then into the water. I eventually got soft and slipped out of her. We cuddled and kissed some more, then I realized Bobbi Jo hadn’t joined us.

Looking around, I saw her laying in the grass watching us with a wistful look.

“Hey, Bobbi Jo!” I called, “C’mon in, the water’s fine!”

She shyly shook her head. I leaned into Betty’s ear and asked what that was all about. “Jealous, I think,” she said.

The light clicked on in the back of my head.

I walked up out of the water and over to where she was laying and stood over her, dripping water on her bare skin.

“Hey, c’mon. Join us!”

She shook her head again.

“OK. Let’s try it this way. Get your ass in the water. NOW!!”

She shook her head.

I looked over at Betty and she winked and mouthed a word at me. Gotcha.

“Well, if you won’t cooperate, ya big sasquatch, bitch, I’ll have to drag you there against your will.”

She looked up at me and said, “You don’t have the hair on your ass or the balls to drag me into that water!”

“Wrong, bitch!” I snarled. “You have no fucking idea who you’re dealing with!” I dropped to a knee, grabbed her in just the right places and did a kind of a somersault/flip move over top of her and when I came back up I had her over my shoulders. I carried her down to the water. Thankfully she didn’t do a bunch of kicking or struggling ‘cuz I’m not sure if my knees or back could have taken it. She wasn’t overweight by any stretch of the imagination, but she was still a good-sized chunk of woman.

I managed to make it till I was chest-deep in the water, then ducked my head and flipped her up and over and into the water.

She went under, and before I could get fully stood back up, she erupted out of the water and slammed into me, wrapping her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and began to repeat the kind of kisses Betty had been giving me a few minutes ago.

“You have no idea how much hornier you just made me by doing that, mister.”

She left off kissing me, swung her head around, licked the outside of my ear, then stuck the tip of her tongue in my ear. She pulled it out and said, “Oh, fuck! You have no idea how long it’s been since anyone has held me in their arms like this, let alone manhandled me the way you just did. I know it’s not PC or anything, but there are times I just want a man to take charge of me, tell me what to do, to just give all control of myself to him…

“Betty tries, but it’s all psychological or scarves and stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it, but to just be handled like that is such a fucking turn-on.”

Bobbi Jo paused and just hugged me for a minute or two, then pulled back and said, “You know, I never thought about it, but I think it has to do with me having gotten my growth starting early.

“Everybody starting looking at me and expecting one of four things. They expected me to be brave to the point of being like a guy, expected me to be the kid who would naturally take charge of the others, expected me to play all the ‘tall’ sports, you know, volleyball, basketball?

“I put up a front of being brave, took charge when everybody expected me to and played all those sports because it was expected of me.”

She was quiet for a while as I walked her around the pond in the deeper water and ran my hands over as much of her body as I could reach, so after a bit I said, “Four.”

She pulled back to look at me and said, “What”

“You said there were four things people expected of you growing up, but you only mentioned three.”

“Oh, four was that some kids, and even some adults, would tease me unmercifully about my height. I finally started twisting the teasing by making fun of it in my head, especially when I felt like there was nothing I could do about it. I got such a kick out of making fun out of the teasing when no one knew I was doing it that I started to get excited when I did. Then I started getting excited just from hearing the teasing, knowing I was going to be making fun of it later. That’s why I like it when Betty calls me ‘sasquatch’, especially since I’m so much taller than she is.

I’ve had the opportunity before to share my man with a woman, but now was different. Ty and I have only been married for 1 month, but we still go at it like mad. We have great sex even though he works from 8 am til close to 7 o’clock at night. We figure that we’re doing plenty better then most newlyweds in our position.

What was unique about this one was that she was a friend of Ty’s, he’s known her since highschool. They’d also had a few interludes together that went as far as him eating her out, but nothing more. I knew she wanted him and I wanted to have the experience of touching and kissing another woman again. When she decided to take us up on our partially joking proposal of a threesome, we were both a little surprised.

She was the first visitor to our house. As we had no TV we decided to watch a DVD on the computer. It just happened to be on the floor with a mattress across from it that was covered in my black sateen sheets. We had sat down to watch the movie, my head was in my husbands lap while she sat next to him. I heard them kissing behind me and instead of being jealous like most wives would be, I felt myself getting wet. His hands have always been busy and I felt them massage my breast and crotch through my pants. I could tell from the little mewling noises that he was doing the same to her.

Trust Ty to start everything off like that. No sooner had he got done sticking his tongue down her throat that he mentioned that we weren’t honoring our new “naked rule”. She was quick to disrobe, which startled me. In the back of my head I knew that she had wanted to have sex with Ty and was perfectly willing to be with another woman to get it.

I was a little daunted by such forwardness. For all my big talk and my personal fantasies, I’m pretty shy at strange times. I watched her disrobe, though, as it called for sheer fascination. She was so much different then Angel. Her body was more full, fuller even then mine. Her skin was pale and milky and you could tell just by looking at it how smooth it was. Her hourglass figure was not as defined as mine, with just a little bit of weight, not enough for her to be unattractively large, but a little plump. Her breasts were large and heavy, the areoles showing startlingly pink against her pale flesh.

Ty had not waisted a moment in getting undressed. He was already quite erect knowing what was going to happen. He looked so dark sitting there next to her and his eyes questioned my modesty while his lips curved up in a sexual smile.

She had removed her pants by now and I stopped staring at my handsome man to look her over completely. She had sandy blonde pubic hair left natural. Her scent seemed to engulf the room. She had not had it in some time and her body was obviously in need. Her lips drooled with lubricant causing her slit to look like a little mouth.

I overcame my modesty and slowly started stripping. I always feel somewhat inadequate next to another woman. Even though she was a size larger then I, I was worried that Ty would find her more appealing. My skin, browned by the nude tanning over the summer stood in startling contrast to hers. She looked over my figure, I’m fairly proud of my 36-24-36 figure, and I could see an acknowledgment of it in her eyes. However her eyes didn’t stay on me long as she caught site of Ty’s 8 in penis.

Ty soon had his hands between both our legs, rubbing our clits in little circles. I could hear her moaning loudly as he gave her attention. Her noises only turned me on more as I watched her face and Ty’s. Never have I seen such a look of pure sexual pleasure as that man has when he has his hands in two females. His skill is amazing and it was showing on every inch of her.

I moved myself so that I was next to her. Between her gasps I asked her if she had ever kissed a woman before. She shook her head and my lips met hers. Hers were soft, softer then Angels. Her taste was sweet and her mouth giving. She was a bit shy with the kissing, as most women during their first times are. I was somewhat demanding and caused a bit of breathlessness on my part.

Ty’s head was now between her legs. His tongue stud was being pressed up against her clit while he had a finger in her snatch up to his knuckle. I moved myself lower, kissing her pale white flesh and tasting her salty sweat. Her chest was heaving as I found her right nipple. The tip was a tight little bud. I drew it into my mouth and sucked hard causing her to gasp out and arch her body. My hand massaged her other breast, pinching a little, being a little hard on her. I could tell she was near coming, by this time Ty had two fingers in her and was working fast. She gave a strangled yelp when she came and her whole body shivered with the pleasure of it.

He glanced at me and gave me a sly little smile and motioned for me to take his place between her legs. I knelt down and looked for the first time into the gaping lips of the female sex. She was different then me, I already knew that. I kept my pussy partially shaved and hers had never seen a razor. She had thick tufts of curls now saturated in her own juices. The smell was nearly overpowering and I was wondering if I could go down on her without gagging. I had wanted to eat out another woman so bad that I could put aside my discomfort and reached a finger towards her dripping snatch.

Ty had always wanted to see me between the legs of another girl and now he was giving me encouragement in the form of “Suck it in baby, make her come” , he was also playing with her tits and stroking his still erect penis. My mouth came down and I almost gagged she was so strong, but I didn’t stop. I took her wet clit in my mouth and sucked hard, making her body go rigid. I played with it and teased it with my tongue and my teeth, enjoying the movements of her body. I ran a knuckle up and down her slit for extra stimulation. I would’ve heard her breathing increase as I administered to her, but Ty had by now stuck his cock in her mouth and told her to suck it. She was doing so with some difficulty to her breathing. It turned me on more and I kept going, sucking harder and finger fucking her like I had watched my man do.

He couldn’t take much more but didn’t want to come in a mouth, he wanted pussy. My ass just happened to be up in the air, exposing me to any assault he felt inclined to. He maneuvered himself behind me and slapped my ass saying “God, you are a fucking whore, cock isn’t enough for you, is it? Eat out her cunt you little bitch” . This made me go harder at her. His words drove me on. I wanted him to fuck me, but he held off and kept telling me how dirty and what a slut I was. I was close to cuming just feeling his hands on my ass and his head at my opening. He waited til my tongue was deep her pussy before shoving his hard cock into me. It always surprises me how big he is and I could feel my inner walls stretching to fit all of him. It’s even more intense when he rams it in me like that. I came right then.

He started pounding me hard, keeping up his stream of “encouragement”. My tongue was driven deeper into her then I thought it could go. She was wailing, clutching her breasts as wave after wave of orgasm hit her. I could barely think enough to keep eating her with him mastering me. After what seemed like ages of being fucked, I felt him quicken and his body start to shudder, both she and I cried out as we felt our own most intense orgasms hit. I was blinded. My senses were obscured by the mixture of the smell and taste of sex and the intensity of my orgasm. Her pussy was pressed hard up into my mouth and she gushed into me while he was filling me up with his cum.

We all collapsed on each other then. Completely spent, we sat there and only now remember the movie. It was nearly over, but we didn’t care. We savored the last tingly sensations of our orgasms, not saying a word because our smiles spoke for themselves.

Chapter 11 – Robert

When I left that message for Andrea telling her that I had a surprise for her, I really didn’t have anything specific in mind except take her someplace nice out to dinner, pull her chair out for her, open doors for her like men do on real dates, which was something we never had before. Since I hadn’t heard from her in several days, I knew I had to do something different and more direct. I hadn’t planned on whisking her off to her bedroom, but it worked out better than I expected.

Instead of leaving after we had “come and done” like I normally did, I stayed, and we talked a great deal during the night about everything and nothing at all. We drank that bottle of wine and started on a second. I played what little I knew on the guitar for her. We sang bad songs from the ’70′s. We confessed about our first sexual experiences. She asked me about the most public place I had sex.

“In the coat room in the banquet hall where we had our engagement party,” I said.

“Oh, you and your ex?” she asked. “I didn’t know …”

“It didn’t last long,” I said. “I never thought it was worth mentioning. You?”

“Well, I’ve always wanted to do it on the roof,” she said with devilish look she had when she lowered her head and cast up eyes up at me.

Nothing else had to be said. We threw on the barest necessity of clothing, picked up a blanket and some pillows, and she practically raced me to the service stairs that led another two stories up to the roof.

It turned out we weren’t the only ones with that idea.

There was another couple who were sitting together gazing into the night sky. They looked as if they were in recovery mode. We were about to turn around until we heard the guy say, “Come over if you want.”

The guy threw on his shorts, the woman wrapped a side of the blanket over herself. Ironically, it was the same guy who took that bottle of wine off my hands to let me in. His name was Tim. He said just moved in from Charlotte about two months ago and lived a floor above Andrea. His friend’s name was Shelly, who was a hairdresser. The two of them were an attractive couple about our ages.

“Did you try that wine?” I asked him.

“It was awesome. We’d offer you some, but …” he said, waving an empty bottle.

I asked if they smoked. They both said, “Sure.”

“What is this stuff?” Tim asked as he took a hit.

“Querkle,” I said. “It’s pretty mellow stuff, it lasts a long time. Andrea says it makes her horny.”

We all laughed. We were already in this almost awkward situation of invading their private time, but considering it was obvious why we were all on the roof, it led us to some very easy conversation that was made even easier once the buzz started kicking in.

Shelly had this stare at Andrea that was absolutely distracting. It kept cutting off conversations we were trying to have.

“You have the most amazing nipples,” Shelly said to Andrea.

“Why … thank you,” Andrea said, almost sounding as if she didn’t quite know how to respond.

Shelly was right. Andrea really did have amazing nipples. They were almost always hard, and because she didn’t bother putting on a bra over her light cotton T-shirt, they were poking out like two stones out of her perfectly rounded, firm breasts.

Shelly kept her eyes on Andrea, who was sitting cross-legged in front of my lap. I knew what her next move was going to be, and I was right.

“Do you mind if I touch them?” Shelly asked.

Andrea looked at me to gauge my response. Getting together with another couple was something we only talked about once, but she seemed pretty ambivalent about it. I gave her a sideways nod as if to signal for her to do what felt comfortable.

“Sure,” she said.

Shelly let her blanket fall to the side crawled her naked body over to Andrea. My growing erection got twice as hard as soon as her fingers started toying with Andrea’s nipples over the loose fabric of her shirt. Andrea let out some silent sighs. Seeing that she wasn’t resisting, I lifted her shirt up above her breasts and Shelly really went at it, cupping Andrea’s breasts in her hands, one at a time. I picked up Andrea’s hand to show her how to gently squeeze and pinch Shelly’s surgically-enhanced tits. Guiding Andrea’s hand was hotter than if I had reached out and fondled Shelly’s tits myself. I had been with two women plenty of times, but this was the most amazing time ever. It was so unplanned, so unrehearsed, and these were both beautiful women, not just some skanky chicks who were just doing this for attention.

As soon as Andrea got the hang of playing with Shelly’s tits on her own, I played with one of Andrea’s tits while Shelly sucked on the other. Andrea uncrossed her legs, bent her knees and braced herself against my chest. Shelly took it as her cue to lean up to Andrea’s mouth and kiss her deeply. It didn’t take long for Tim to drop his drawers and stroke his sturdy, wide cock with one hand and plunge his fingers inside of Shelly with the other. From the way we were sitting, the only thing Andrea could do was reach around and alternate between grabbing my cock and my balls hard over the fabric of my shorts. I would have loved to have her hand on it without anything getting in the way, but there was no way I was going to disrupt the flow of things I was able to see from this vantage point. And I had to admit I was really impressed with Tim who was shaking his tree trunk of a dick that looked as if it could do some serious damage if it were to find its way into an asshole — Shelly’s or even mine.

Shelly released her kiss from Andrea as soon as she felt a monster of an orgasm coming on from Tim plowing between her legs with his entire hand. Andrea spun around, unfastened my shorts and went straight for my cock.

“You really want that cock, don’t you?” I asked as if it were a command.

“Shut up! I’m trying to suck you off!” Andrea said.

Damn, if those weren’t words I wanted to hear, and she said them in a way I never heard before — harsh, bold and loud.

Andrea’s juicy mouth went at my cock with a vengeance. She didn’t bother to toy and tease with my head first; she just sucked as hard as she could and jerked me off as fast as she could to the point I felt I was going to go off like a rocket before even thinking about coming. She grabbed one of my ass cheeks and clenched it, making my entire body go stiff. I growled and grunted and did everything I could not to shoot off everything that was inside of me. Part of me wanted to turn Andrea around and plow into her so I could get a better look of Tim banging into Shelly and smacking her tits and cunt around, trying to make her scream and come louder and harder than she already was. Part of me wanted Andrea’s mouth still clenched around my cock as I rocked myself as far as I could force it into her.

Andrea made that decision for me when she got up and straddled herself over my hips as I sat up with my hands propping me up from behind. With any other woman, I probably would have been more transfixed on watching Tim and Shelly go at it, but Andrea was amazing me in to many ways. Holding onto my shoulders, I could feel how she was determined to bury my cock as deeply into her as she could, which was more than fine. I couldn’t get enough of her insides that were a constant source of hot, slippery wetness, but I wanted her deeper and I wanted her faster.

“You want that cock deep inside of you, don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes!” she said. “And hard. The way only you know how.”

I got up, carried her over to the stairway enclosure, and pinned her against the wall with her legs wrapped tight around me. As soon as my aching rod stabbed back inside of her, she started screaming and coming like she never had before. She kept me constantly slick and wet. There was no shutting her off. I didn’t want to, but I felt like I was on overload.

Suddenly, I burst. I felt as if my cock was a cannon that went off and tore away at Andrea’s insides. It sounded as if I had by the way she continuously cried, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!”

I didn’t want to pull out, but I felt as if I couldn’t stand, even if my life depended on it. We collapsed onto the surface of the roof trying to catch our breath and held onto each other as if we had saved ourselves from some kind of violent force.

When the field of fury finally subsided, I finally realized that we were outside on a night that was as hot and thick as a the sweat and stickiness that we generated between us. I almost felt self-conscious about Tim and Shelly being close by, but when I looked around, they were nowhere to be seen.

Then there was that look that Andrea gave me that said she wanted me, but not in the way that was just about getting off for a good time.

The only way I knew how to respond to that look was, “Where do we go from here?”

“We’ll have to take things one day at a time,” she said.

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