Abel Kalitz considered his new appointment a distinctive honor. As the first Ambassador of the Federation of West Asia to the Dekerin Domains, he hoped to get the tall, hairless, orange-skinned humanoid extraterrestrials to establish permanent diplomatic ties with his country, one of 12 nations still in existence on Earth. The FWA already had 2 lunar colonies, but still wanted to expand its reach.

Kalitz found himself amused every time that he read old sci-fi novels that had assumed that the planet would have a world government by the time it made first contact with alien species. Every expectation had been confounded. Strangely, the planetary conditions on most worlds required similar traits to survive as did Earth’s. There were only slight variations.

One example of this was the vastness of the single ocean on Dekeris. It covered 87% of the surface of the planet. Some tectonic and seismic differences prevented the formation of more than one habitable continent, with the other one being too hot to populate. The average temperature of what the natives called Yinaria (place of suffering) was 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the northern continent, Yimurda (place of habitation), the temperature varied from 30 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to 100 degrees in summer. It was a rainy, stormy, well forested world. However, many of the trees were leveled to allow for farmland.

The consequence of this concentration was that the civilization was more homogenous and united. In fact, it was politically unified and had been for the past 600 years. Unfortunately, the stability of the world came at a high price: a lack of freedom. There was no democracy, as such, on Dekeris. It was an oligarchy of 39 “magnates” who governed through a council and an assembly of 128 lesser notables or “peers”.

This system allowed all titled aristocrats some say in the governance of their planet. However, everyone else was left out of the world government. A limited political franchise existed for cities, of which there were 20 major ones, all patronized by baronial charters. Nevertheless, the real power was wielded by the Lords of the ruling Council.

The Council was formed after a successful uprising against the last monarch to rule Dekeris, some 400 years ago. The Lords had needed to replace the old system with something stable, so a new ruler could not emerge from the chaos of another feudal war. Eventually, urban pressures and peasant revolts had forced the introduction of some social reforms, but only as little as the magnates and peers could tolerate.

Serfdom was abolished and the cities were granted charters, but these included a system of craft and merchant guilds that still controlled the towns. Peasants still worked the same lands as before, only they were now obliged to pay rents and taxes in money instead of kind (produce). They could now be tried instead of summarily executed. The trials were officiated by judges appointed by the Lords, without juries, but there was some form of due process. Townspeople were tried by magistrates appointed by the Guild of Lawyers. Having gotten an appointment to confer with Lord Parlas yi-Rolunum, head of the Council of Magnates, Ambassador Kalitz had to wait in the aristocrat’s study for him. It was a rather ostentatious chamber compared to most rooms in the head of state’s residence. There were maroon and navy blue walls. Apparently, dark and rich colors were preferred on Dekeris, though black, dark brown, and dark green were more common.

A thin attendant entered the room at that point and announced, “Hail, His Most Excellent Lordship, Lord Parlas yi-Rolunum, head of the Council of Magnates of the Dekerin Domains. Rise and salute our Lord, for he hath granted thee an audience.”

“I rise and salute His Lordship, thanking him for the kindness and courtesy of his audience. May he rule firmly, bravely, justly, and severely throughout his domain, worthy of the deeds of his ancestors, deserving of the accolades of posterity. May he be free from weakness and corruption. May his name survive throughout the ages and his line continue for eternity,” Kalitz formally spoke the protocol required of a suppliant in a Lord’s presence.

“We permit you to approach us with the most solemn deference. We accept your credentials as worthy of an emissary of a ruler. May you thrive inasmuch as you harm us not. May you prove deserving of such honors as you have been given. May you speak truth rather than falsehood. Welcome, servant and agent of your ruler. We now give you a place for your dwelling and the comforts of such a place. Be satisfied with your provisions and your lodgings. Let the retainers take you hence to your shelter. You are dismissed from our presence for this day,” Lord Parlas declared ritually.

When he finished, his retainers indeed led Ambassador Kalitz to his residence. It was a small, but comfortable with one rather notable feature: 2 bald-headed maids. They wore short, brown skirts and dark green blouses. They were also barefoot. At the risk of sounding like a bigot, he really DID have trouble telling them apart. Were they twins? Despite the lack of hair on their heads, they were actually quite attractive, with blue-yellow eyes and curvaceous bodies.

“Are you pleased, Master?” the one to the left eventually asked.

“Pleased with what, miss?” he responded.

“Us, Master. We are your maids, lent to your service by our Lord, the head of the Council of Magnates. As we are in your charge, but you are not a Lord, you are our Master instead. We shall serve you in whatever manner you please, Master. Are you pleased with us?” she inquired.

“Very pleased. I’m just glad that I’m not married anymore. Otherwise, it might create an incident and all for that ungrateful bitch. Pardon my French. I take it that you are required to provide me with pleasure. Am I right?” he answered, realizing what the maid had meant by “whatever manner”.

“Naturally. Our bodies exist for service to our Lord and any man to whom he may lend us. We are but humble maids in His Lordship’s household. We are not allowed to deny any man our bodies when we are commanded to serve that man. My sister and I are peasants and not Master’s equals. If he should deign to enjoy our bodies, we would be honored. We are forbidden to marry for precisely that reason,” the 2nd one spoke at last.

“So, you ARE twins! I thought as much,” the Ambassador exclaimed.

“Yes, Master. We are twin sisters assigned to the household staff of His Lordship and forbidden to be joined in wedlock to any man. We seek to please you in any way that you desire. Shall we undress?” the first sister said.

“Yes. What are your names, by the way?” he probed.

“Women do not have names. That way, we learn to accept whatever a man calls us. No woman has any rights or freedom on Dekeris. That includes the ladies of the nobility. They are usually just called ‘Lady’ by everyone. Sometimes, to distinguish them, they are addressed with their husbands’ household names in addition to that title. We are possessions, not equals,” the second girl explained as she disrobed.

When both were naked, they approached Abel and removed his clothes without any ado. It was as if such a task was understood and accepted in preparation for sexual intercourse. Apparently, it was also expected that a woman kneel before a man after she had taken off his clothing. Both sisters were on their knees in front of their temporary Master.

“Do you know to suck a man’s cock?” he asked, pointing to his manhood.

“Yes, Master. We shall suck it if you command it of us,” they replied together.

“Then I command it of you. Be careful with the teeth, though,” he ordered them.

Without even a slight appearance of shame, the girls proceeded to put the Ambassador’s dick in their mouths, licking and sucking it. Evidently, this was old hat to them. They deep-throated him better than the prostitutes of downtown Tel Aviv could have ever hoped to do for a man.

For a sabra, a man born in the Autonomous Province of Israel, the lack of social equality between the sexes was quite strange and disturbing. However, it DID have its practical benefits, as Abel discovered to his delight. The girls were doing their absolute best to satisfy his needs, with no overt worry about their own. That was a LOT more than Kalitz could have said about his ex-wife Sonia.

Having gotten him stiff, they gestured to find out if he wanted to go ahead and cum in their mouths or finish somewhere else. He pointed to their pussies, signaling that he would fuck the more outspoken one first, while she ate her sister out. He was pleased to find out that there was no embarrassment about performing a Sapphic act at the behest of a man.

Silently and efficiently, the first girl spread the second’s legs and began to suck on her clit. Obviously, there were fewer sexual taboos and inhibitions on Dekeris than there still were on parts of Earth. Incest held no disgrace and caused no scandal on this planet.

All of this inevitably excited Abel as he entered the maid’s cunt from behind. The knowledge that he could order them to lick each other as well as share him was splendid. He had been in threesomes in the past, but never one that he controlled so completely. He could tell them how to satisfy him and they would obey. There would be no confusion or awkwardness about carrying out this orgy.

As he slammed into the alien woman, Kalitz heard a growl from her mouth and her sister’s. Evidently, Dekerin women were more easily aroused by sex than most of their Terran counterparts. This seemed to make them happier and more content with their lives as well. That might well be why they don’t rebel against the men, he thought.

In any case, he continued to pound the lady roughly while she tasted her twin. When he released his first load, however, the girls switched without asking him. Clearly, they had a custom of sharing a man’s seed every time. The 2nd female vigorously bucked back at him while she cleaned his cum off the outside of her sister’s sex.

Abel spent the rest of his spunk in the other girl’s womanhood, amazed that he could avoid finishing his orgasm before she swapped with her sister. Obviously, the maids were experts at threesomes, knowing how quickly to exchange places and not to lick up the seed from inside each other’s cunts. They must not be very young if they were that experienced, he realized as he pulled his shrinking dick from the second female.

After the first woman completed cleaning her twin, she led Kalitz and her sister to the bedchamber, where they rested. While the girls slept, the Ambassador decided that he HAD to give them names. Otherwise, he’d be confused.

He remembered that one of the women had referred to accepting whatever names they were called. That implied that the Dekerin sometimes had to resolve the same problem. Yet, they did nothing long-term, which indicated a fear that names would give the females too strong a sense of self and identity. They probably believed that such an increase in self-esteem would jeopardize their highly patriarchal society.

Given what he had seen of feminine attitudes on Dekeris, he considered that an improbable threat to the social order. The peasants and merchants were far more likely to stage uprisings. Part of him hoped that it would occur soon, but the rest feared that he would be blamed for triggering it back on Earth. It would be regarded an interplanetary incident, even if it turned out well, which he doubted would happen the first time around. Based on Earth’s history, he thought a violent revolution would involve a Reign of Terror like that instigated by Robespierre and his Jacobin Club in 18th Century France. Ultimately, it would work out, but not until after much bloodshed and destruction.

Whatever the case, Abel determined to call them Prima and Secunda, Latin words that meant “first” and “second”. This would be a good way to tell them apart. Since they didn’t speak that dead language, they wouldn’t take any offense to it, either. Besides, they were maids, bound to the soil and required to obey their Masters.

This was a hard concept for a Jewish man from 22nd Century Earth to understand, but it was their life. The year 2169 had no meaning on Dekeris, at least not for the natives. He wondered what he would experience if he ever visited the neighboring planets: Macureus, Akros, and Vorindun. All had intelligent life and complex social systems, though he doubted there would be as much personal satisfaction for him on those worlds.

He realized that he needed to catch some sleep now, so that he would be ready for his next meeting with high officials of the Dekerin Domains. Setting up an embassy and working with extraterrestrial bureaucrats would be exhausting work for sure. He was just glad to have some recreation, in the form of 2 exotic servants.

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