Back at the ranch Vicky’s mother, Sandra, held the squirming Mrs Forsyth-Collins over the dolls-house that she’d earlier procured from one of the store cupboards. They were in her vast wall-in wardrobe, which had racks of expensive shoes and rows and rows of designer clothes. Lifting the swing-hinged roof, Sandra looked down to see Mr Forsyth-Collins had been so traumatised by his ordeal he still hadn’t dressed and was cowering under the bed in the master bedroom.

‘You’ve got a little visitor to see you, my dildo,’ Sandra sniggered, tugging him out of his hiding place by his feet.

‘Darling!’ he squeaked upon seeing his wife clasped in the giantess’s hand.

‘What have they done to us?’ shrieked the tiny woman.

‘There’s plenty of time for you both to chat later,’ Sandra chuckled, closing the roof and entering her bedroom with the terrified female neighbour.

Diving onto her huge bed, Sandra quickly undressed one-handed, leaving the clothes discarded beside the bed. Then she held up the wriggling midget and carefully took off the woman’s clothes, stripping her until she was naked and looking extremely vulnerable.

‘I’m not sure you’re going to like what I’m about to do to you,’ Sandra laughed, lying on her side and leaning back to press Mrs Forsyth-Collins’ head close to her bare bottom.

The hysterical tiny woman screamed as loudly as she could, all the while pleading with the giantess to let her go.

‘No way,’ Sandra breathed, dabbing a small amount of lubricating baby oil over her captive’s upper half of the body.

‘Now, I want you to stiffen your body,’ Sandra told her. ‘Of if you don’t I’ll squeeze the life out of you.’

As if to reinforce her threat she grasped Mrs Forsyth-Collins hard and held the grip until her victim was going crimson from the asphyxiation.

‘Are you going to do as you’re told?’ Sandra asked, grinning.

As the tiny woman got her breath back she nodded as if she knew there was no other choice.

Sandra gently pressed Mrs Forsyth-Collins’ head against her anus, while her captive stiffened her body in the giant woman’s clasp. Slowly, as Sandra pushed the victim’s head harder against her anal muscle, the anus slackened to allow entry. Then Vicky’s mother pressed her human butt plug further into her anal passage, gently thrusting and retracting it but still ensuring the head never left the confines of her anus.

As soon as her victim’s head entered deeper into her anal canal Sandra’s pleasure intensified and she let out involuntary gasps. Methodically, she worked the small human dildo in and around her rectum, pushing her sex toy in as deep as she could so that just the tiny feet protruded.

Wave after wave of libidinous ecstasy coursed through Sandra’s body, making her completely helpless. All her nerve-endings became electrified with blissful pleasure as her anal slave struggled to survive within the confines of the walls of her anal canal. The captured tiny woman was virtually mummified by her captor’s oppressive anus, starving her of much needed oxygen.

Sandra could do absolutely nothing but lie there and wallow in her victim’s humiliating subjugation. Her eyes rolled back into the lids as yet another orgasm swept right through her while the tiny body deep inside her bottom wrestled to escape from her human prison.

The same noises emanated from the back of Sandra’s throat that had occurred earlier when she’d used the tiny man as a sex toy. This was absolute bliss and in a way she’d never experienced sex as satisfying as using another human being to extract so much pleasure by using them this way.

Gradually Vicky’s mother’s senses returned back from utter paradise as Mrs Forsyth-Collins managed to wrest her way out by backing out of the giantess’s posterior bit by bit.

‘Wow,’ Sandra breathed, extricating the rest of the exhausted minute female by carefully pulling the tiny body. ‘That was even better than when I used your husband.’

The traumatised midget sobbed up as Sandra gleefully held her up in front of her.

That was beautiful my little dildo,’ she said to her huskily. ‘From now on you’re going to be seeing a lot more of the inside of my body.’ Throwing back her head her laugh was full of self-satisfaction. ‘And from different directions too.’

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