Tony enjoyed working in his firm of solicitors. Now 26, he had been a partner for 4 years and he enjoyed his work, as much as some of it was pretty mundane. Sorting house sales and divorce settlements wasn’t the most exciting work, but it was lucrative and his company was thriving, and dealing with Joe Public was always interesting. The six partners worked well together, each bringing their own skills and specialities to the work they did, and to be honest it was an income generating machine, and annual bonuses were good. The income and bonuses allowed Tony to live in a nice flat, and although he had had a number of girlfriends, was living on his own at the moment. It allowed him to keep his flat as he wanted.

As well as the six partners, the company employed a number of legal assistants, as well as general office staff, mostly female, attractive, ranging in age from 19 to 40-ish. It was not that Tony was in a relationship or had ever taken any of them to bed – young, bubbly, attractive women always make a working environment good to be in if the office was managed well.

The office was managed well by Juliette. Juliette was in her early thirties, and was what many called a classy lady. She was tall and slim with brown shoulder length hair. She came from “a good family,” she had the right mix of formality and warmth, she dressed very smartly and classically – normally skirt and white blouse. Juliette was widely respected but many thought of her as slightly aloof. She was reserved. People felt they didn’t know her, and had little sense of what she did after work. Some even wondered if she were married – she was a private person who kept her out of work life to herself. Those who knew her better knew she still lived with her parents, or at least in a flat that was part of her parents’ large home.

Tony got on well with Juliette. She appreciated his professionalism tempered by generosity. He appreciated her support. On a level they enjoyed each others’ company, although Tony never felt they chatted at any depth. Often they would spend lunches together, or as a group in the staff room, and as easily and warmly as the conversation flowed, it never developed to any depth or real seriousness.

For Tony there was one further thought he constantly had about her, a thought he would never share with anyone – he thought she had a fantastic ass. She was slim and tall, but it was round, shapely, not too large. Whenever she was walking away from him he couldn’t help watching it move through her skirt. He knew there would never be any more than that……………..


Juliette loved her work, and enjoyed the people she worked with. She particularly enjoyed Tony’s company, who would chat with her on her terms, never delving into her privacy, allowing her to share what she wanted and no more. She enjoyed being in charge of the office, and enjoyed working with all the staff there. Juliette had worked at the solicitor’s for 12 years since leaving college.

Juliette was comfortable. She had her flat attached to her parents home, and had made it very comfortable for herself. But it was always for herself. Somehow she felt she was untouchable. She’d had a number of boyfriends, but they seemed not to last – they were frightened of her poise and strength. Everything was easy and comfortable, and everything was totally empty. If only they would see past her reserve, and see what her mind really thought. Or perhaps saw what she watched on the internet. Or the stories she enjoyed. Or the dreams she had.

Juliette was a woman who was in charge of the office and in control of her life. Just sometimes she dreamt that someone else was in control – in complete control of her…………. And then she wondered about the people she knew. Maybe now, for the first time, there was someone she could put in control. He was nice, caring, warm, strong, and would know how to treat her. Treat her as she wanted. She dreamt week after week, month after month……. And she was wasn’t stupid – she knew he liked looking at her bottom………. Perhaps it was a time to put her plan into action, and see where it went. It had taken weeks to build up the courage, and now it was time….


Friday morning. Tony had turned on his computer, and turned to the Turner file. He double clicked on the icon on his desktop to open the folder which would have copies of all the letters, scans of pictures and plans, copies of the reports. The searches were almost complete – he was ready to give the okay to the sale – he had until the end of the next week. It was a good project for his company – a thirty million pound purchase, with his company getting a percentage of the price for processing the sale for the purchasers.

The file was empty.

Everything had disappeared. Luckily there was a back-up, but there was something wrong – these files should not disappear. No-one should be able to get at the files except those with passwords. No-one should be able to get on his computer without a password. No-one should use his computer. Should not touch his computer. For minutes he wondered who might be able to access the files. And his computer. There was probably only one person who could access both, outside of his partners, only one person who also had access to his office.

Tony called Juliette in to his office. He explained what had happened. Could she explain?


It had been a great risk, playing with Tony’s computer. And now time for some great acting, and lots of sobbing.

“I’m really sorry Tony, can I explain?” She sobbed heavily, but found it hard to make it real and produce tears. Tony nodded.

“I’m sorry Tony, but my computer at home wasn’t working last night, and I wanted to order some flowers for my mother’s birthday. Came here last night late and tired. Went on your computer – the office ones were shut down, and there is a log kept on what sites are accessed. Ordered the flowers, but I was tired and clicked on the wrong thing, and it all went. I didn’t know what to do, just hoped you had a back up.” Juliette spoke through sobs, grateful for the drama course she had followed at college alongside her major.

Tony looked serious. “This is a sackable offence. Using computers for personal ordering. Accessing the computer of a partner. Placing company security at risk. This could be the end of your career here.”

Juliette sobbed loudly again. “Please, Tony, I’ll do anything, I don’t want to lose the job, I love it here. Please, anything.” Juliette looked at Tony coyly from under her eyebrows, trying to convey what anything would mean.

Tony paused, looking at her hard and long. “Anything, absolutely anything?” He had spoken very quietly. Juliette nodded. Tony’s mind was clearly whirring and processing. Then he spoke quietly. “If you really mean anything, then be at my flat for 2.00pm tomorrow. It’s Saturday tomorrow. Don’t be late.”

With that Tony had dismissed Juliette. She left his office, her heart pumping, half smiling with excitement, half filled with apprehension. She had organised it to this point and it had worked. But from 2.00pm on the Saturday it would be out of her hands. Out of her control. Whatever Tony chose. She was fairly certain he wouldn’t hurt her. But control would no longer be hers. Her mind whirred as she wondered what would happen to her, although no-one would have realised anything was different. Outside she was still poised, classy and reserved, working effectively for the company. She just hoped Tony would be kinky, but not horrible. She didn’t think he would be……………


After Juliette had left his office, Tony couldn’t believe his luck. She had been caught, and now she was his. He had watched her ass as she had left his office, and had spent hours imagining what he might do to her. All of his fantasies were coming true. Of course he wouldn’t hurt her, but maybe he could make all his dreams of her come true.

All Saturday morning Tony had prepared, and sorted out what he thought he might need. His heart pounded stronger and stronger as he imagined what would happen, knowing he was confident to carry off his dreams. And he liked Juliette – he hoped she would enjoy her time as well. His heart leapt when the door bell rang, leaping almost as high as Tony himself as he headed for the door. Juliette looked stunning. She wore a flowery top and simple white skirt. It was obvious she was even more nervous than Tony, but her poise never left her. Tony invited her in, offered a cold drink and a seat in his lounge. They chatted for a few minutes about nothing – the weather, families – the sort of chat that hides nervousness. At last after a pause Tony knew he had to make the first step. “You still want to go through with this?” he asked quietly.

He watched Juliette go bright red, but nod very softly. Tony spoke again gently: “You don’t need to say anything, just do what I tell you. Everything I tell you. Stand up.”

Juliette stood up, twirled after Tony had indicated with his finger, then stood facing him. “Remove your top.” Juliette paused at the order, then slowly began to lift her top over her head. “And your skirt.” Again Juliette paused before reaching behind, undoing her skirt and letting it fall to the ground.

Tony gazed at her as she stood in simple white lacy bra and panties. Again he got her to twirl around so he could see her, see the wonderful ass he had dreamed of owning. She was even more stunning than he thought. “Now your bra.” Tony watched as her breasts came free of her bra. They were small, round, with perfect sweet brown nipples atop each. He gazed at her breasts, as Juliette stared straight ahead of her. Still her poise didn’t leave her, as Tony surveyed her body.

“Now panties.” Tony spoke quietly, controlling his own nerves. He watched as she removed her panties. He stared at her, looking her up and down. Looking from her face, to her breasts, to her trimmed bush – kept neat, as he knew it would be. But he wanted to saviour in full the part he had been dreaming of most. He ordered her to turn around.

It was everything he thought it would be. Her ass was round, shapely, perfect. Each cheek smooth, soft, divided by a crack which suggested wonderful hidden delights for the person who would explore further………

“Follow me,” Tony ordered, and led her to his bedroom. He had removed his duvet, but left his pillows in the middle of the bed. “Lie over those,” her ordered gently, and watched as Juliette climbed onto the bed, and lay face down, her stomach over the pillows, raising her ass in the air. He carefully took the silk scarves he had collected earlier, looped one around Juliette’s left wrist and tied it to the head of the bed. At first Juliette had pulled her hand away, but after Tony assured her it wouldn’t hurt, she allowed him to tie her to the bed. He tied her right hand. Her two ankles, so she was spread wide over the pillows. Tony looked her over again. Nothing was hidden – he could see her pussy, her rose hole, puckered tight, both pushed up by the pillows into his eyeline. He looked at her for two or three minutes, before stepping to the bed……


Juliette lay on the bed, calmly. There had been times when she had been frightened, as when he tied the first scarf, but her mind had told her – she had the trust him. It had been odd undressing for him. At first she had been embarrassed. She had wanted to run away. Again her mind had told her there would never be another opportunity like this, and she had to stay. She had liked the way Tony had looked at her. She was flattered by the way he had looked at her breasts. She had felt herself tingling when he had stared hard and long at her pubic hair, and then her bottom. Then the bedroom, lying on the pillows – she had done it all almost mechanically. And now it was obvious her pussy was showing, that he could see her most intimate parts. And somehow she didn’t mind. She waited, excited, frightened, wondering what would happen next.

Juliette felt it at first imperceptibly. It gave her goose bumps. She was so naive – she had just thought of her pussy being there for him, but there was something even more private, where she had felt it. She felt his tongue very softly caress her asshole. She tensed, the embarrassment of what he was doing to her most private place of all. She felt his tongue gently begin to caress her asshole. Then softly along the join of her bottom towards her waist, then back again, flicking, then gently caressing everywhere. She felt him push his tongue into her hole, then move it around. It was so wrong. It was so hot. It was embarrassing. It was so exciting.

Juliette felt his tongue caressing between her asshole and her pussy, then running over her pussy, before returning to her asshole. She knew she was already wet, and knew he knew.

It seemed like ages her caressed her with his tongue, getting her more and more excited. His tongue flicked her clit, probed her pussy, caressed her asshole. It felt so good. Then there was paused. The tongue was gone. He wasn’t touching her. Almost instinctively she begged him “Please don’t stop, please.”

Then she felt the bed move again – Tony was climbing onto it. Then she suddenly realised where he was going. She felt it against her asshole. She tensed, she pulled on the scarves holding her to the bed. She squirmed to escape, but there was no escape. Suddenly she screamed out loud – it hurt, it was so tight……..


Tony had enjoyed caressing her, but now was the moment he had dreamt of. He thrust his cock three quarters into her asshole. He knew she hadn’t expected it, and she screamed as he took her, as he possessed the most intimate hole of all. He let her quieten, relax, then pulled gently out, the lubrication he had applied making it easy enough. He pushed back in, thrusting an extra inch. Again she had tensed when he pushed into her but this time didn’t cry out. Another trust and his entire cock was embedded in her ass.

She was so tight, it felt so good. She was holding tightly to the headboard, tense, pushing against his cock. Tony held his cock in her until she relaxed a little. He whispered to her to relax, and she should enjoy it. Surprisingly she did relax, although her hole was gripping him tightly – and wonderfully. Tony lay on her back, put his right hand around her and let his fingers find her clit, and begin to caress. Tony hadn’t moved his cock, but let his fingers excite her, until he felt her squirm under him. AS he did he gently eased his cock out about an inch and eased it back in to her ass.

And he heard her. Quietly. “Yes, please………” He continued to caress her clit, and softly slid his cock in and out a little a couple of times, feeling her responding to his thrusts. He heard her moan in pleasure.

Tony spoke softly into her ear. “When you are ready honey, just tell me to fuck your asshole. Tell me I make your cunt wet. Tell me you want to feel my cock spurting my cum into you. Tell me you want to cum.”

For a few moments Tony moved his cock in and out gently, tickling her clit with his fingers. Then suddenly without warning, he heard her cry out. “Fuck me. Please fuck me hard. Fuck my ass. Shoot up me.” Juliette’s body was suddenly writhing, all poise gone. Arousal had suddenly destroyed her ability to control anything. He was fucking hard, his fingers playing her clit in rhythm to his cock pounding her. She was screaming “Harder, fuck me harder…….”


Juliette felt her body disobeying her. She was never out of control. She never let her arousal and excitement take over her. But everything he did, everything he said increased the pitch of her arousal. It should have hurt – his cock in her bottom, but it was too exciting. She couldn’t stop herself. She had never screamed obscenities like this. Her body had never wanted sex so much, never wanted using by a man so much. Every corner of her body tingled with excitement as her ass was pounded. Any pain was hidden by the arousal. Her plan had been worth it after all, she thought in a moment of clarity.

But only a short moment of clarity – she wailed long and hard as her body shuddered, as the orgasm swept through her, seemingly endless, but then leaving her moaning and mewing into the mattress. She knew Tony had cum as well, she had felt his body shaking on her, she knew he had pumped his cum deep into her. He had taken her ass. Owned her ass. Owned her.

She felt Tony removing his cock from her ass, almost wanting it to stay there for ever. In a moment he was sat on the side of the bed, panting, as was she. They remained silent for several moments until they had got their breath back.

And it seemed bizarre when Tony spoke for the first time after. “Do you want a coke?”


Tony left Juliette tied to the bed and fetched a couple of bottles of coke. He had taken them back, untied Juliette from the bed, and let her sit up to drink. He saw her squirm and knew she was feeling his cum seeping out of her asshole, and perhaps also feeling it hurt from being stretched and abused. Her face only suggested fulfilment. As she sat drinking slowly from the bottle Tony reached out and caressed her breast, letting his fingers play on the soft flesh, then gently roll the nipple around in his fingers. As he did Tony chatted.

Tony told Juliette he was going to fuck her properly in a few minutes, that he was going to put his cock in her pussy, and this time they would be face to face so they could kiss, and see each other as they fucked. He continued to chat – He had an idea. He had always wanted to share his darkest thoughts with someone, anyone. All those dark fantasies he had hidden for so long. Most of which he never wanted to do for real. Yet here he could tell her. He didn’t know why, but he knew she had her dark thoughts, her dark fantasies as well, and he had discovered that perverted side of her she had hidden under her poise for so long. And a corner of him even thought – now he had probed her darkest thoughts, and she would know his, maybe they could make some of them happen………..

Tony almost perfunctorily told her what he was going to do, now he had stoked up the courage to open his fantasies to her. “I thought I would tell you my deepest darkest fantasies. That okay?”

Juliette nodded, not knowing what Tony meant, but something inside her had leapt with excitement.

Tony told her how he wanted to see Juliette seduce Becky, the innocent eighteen year old office Junior from work from work. And how he dreamt of having a mother and daughter side by side in his bed. Or two sisters. And take a woman while her husband watched. Each time he introduced a new kink he told her how he would like to do it……… None of them included hurting people, all of them included the other person enjoying it, in the end, which Juliette appreciated. But he had a truly kinky mind, she decided…..

As Tony talked, his fingers had left Juliette’s breast and had slowly moved down her body, and was now between her legs, caressing her clit, disappearing into her pussy, pinching the lips of her cunt. Juliette’s pussy was wet. At last he could last no more his cock had become rigidly hard again – he gently pulled Juliette down the bed, rolled onto top of her, between her legs, and in one thrust, pushed his cock deep into her wet, warm, welcoming pussy.

They kissed, their bodies thrust in rhythm with each other. Suddenly they were both moaning, juddering as Tony pumped his cum deep into her cunt, has her pussy milked every last drop from him as she moaned in pleasure.


After the second time he had taken her, they had eaten together, and chatted through the evening. Juliette had been changed. The reserve was broken. The prudishness (she knew now it was the right word for it) gone. All those things Tony talked about – every one had made her more excited. She was still shy, and it was later as they were again locked together, his cock in her pussy, that she talked. She’d never thought of another woman, but Becky might be good. And why not bring her mother to his bed, and let him fuck her in front of her father. And he could take her sister. And between them they could think of lots more perversion, and kinkiness and fun…… As they were sliding together harder and harder Tony had asked her: “So you are willing to bury your face between your mother’s legs, in her cunt, tasting her, caressing her………”

“Good evening, monsieur. My name is Eloise, and I will be serving you tonight.”

The delicate features of the prostitute were flushed and slightly fearful, but her eyes remained dull, as if she had been broken in one too many times. She was clothed in a worn corset, with silk ribbon crisscrossing up its scarlet front insinuating its own untying. The skirt dangled dangerously below her hips exposing her flat stomach, and ended below her thigh-line with loose strings of damaged lace tickling her knees.

Eloise stood a petite five-foot-two. Her features were doll-like and girlish, yet underneath her excessive rouge, one could see scars on both her neck and above her breasts. She couldn’t have been old; her nubile body projected a woman in her early twenties. One could tell that she was one of the girls men liked to be rough with.

The brothel was one of those extraordinary places with red walls and red drapery. Everything was three colors- red, black, and white. There were women smoking long cigarettes in classic clothing. Someone played jazz tunes on the piano downstairs. Everything seemed to be made of silk and velvet. Even the girls.

In high class whorehouses, especially in France, one would think that only gentlemen visited. Unfortunately, perfect gentlemen in the outside world, could be real beasts in the world of the brothel. Girls were treated for injuries frequently, and often the encounters with clients seemed more like rape than intercourse. Eloise’s body language radiated fear. Her last three clients were brutal, and she was still quite sore from their visits when this man walked in.

The man was handsome, a plus for Eloise, who was used to overweight brutes. But often the most handsome ones were the roughest in bed. The man raised his eyebrows at the red interior of the room- including the heavy red drapes, the red tapestry rug that stretched from one corner of the room to the other; the red sheets on the low-to-the-ground king sized bed; and the red outfit of the prostitute.

The man didn’t like red much; he found it an agitating color. He was clothed in a beige floor-length trench coat which was unbuttoned to show his off-white collared shirt and grey slacks. He had a good face; masculine, with a square jaw, expressive eyes, and a wide, sensual mouth. His hair was neatly trimmed, and he walked in with a fedora matching the beige of his trench. It worked for him. His expression seemed somber.

He spoke to Eloise in perfect, concise French.

“My name is Laurent,” he gave her a joyless smile as he removed his coat and hung it on the hook beside the door. He set his hat neatly on top of it.

“Are you alright?” he asked the slightly shaking Eloise.

“I’m just cold,” she said, biting her lip. An obvious lie.

“Oh, well that can be easily taken care of,” he chuckled. His voice was deep and rumbled in his throat. Eloise blushed, suddenly ashamed of herself in front of this confident, handsome man. He seemed to be in his late thirties; his face had started to show some age, and rudimentary crow’s feet had formed in the corners of his eyes.

“You’re quite pretty,” Laurent noted, as he advanced toward Eloise. She tensed.

“Thank you, monsieur,” she stammered, her hand nervously reaching to entwine itself in one of her strawberry-blonde curls.

“Of course, that’s expected,” he continued, “when I asked the madam for the prettiest girl she had.”

Eloise couldn’t stop the feeling of pride that welled up within her and she smiled with slight embarrassment. Laurent towered over her and put a large hand on her shoulder.

“Eloise. Are you afraid of me?”

“No sir,” she shivered, biting her lip before rehearsing the words the madam taught her to say: “Why would I be? I want you…I want you to…fuck me.”

He chuckled in her ear. “Bad word,” he said.

He had to bend down slightly to kiss her, and when he did, she seized up, bracing herself. His arms seemed to encompass her completely, seemed to swallow her whole. His hands held her shoulders with tenderness, his lips danced with hers expertly; this was a man who knew how to seduce a woman. He felt her small tongue try to pry his mouth open but it remained shut to her surprise.

“Why are you eager for what you don’t want?”

Because I want to get it over with, she thought, but didn’t say anything.

“Have you been hurt?”

“I can’t say,” she answered warily. He shrugged and kissed her again.

“So small,” he whispered into her ear. Eloise could feel his hands on her hips; his thumbs making little circles through the corset. Heat flowed to her face in the form of a blush.

“No one has ever pleasured you have they?” his voice sounded bemused. She stared at him in shock.

“They come in here, take what they want from you and leave you unfulfilled. Poor girl.” He paused, kissed her sensually on the curve of her neckline before pulling back to continue. She missed his touch.

“Here’s a woman who has had sex a million times, yet has never been satisfied. Another thing- I’m an art collector, so you can assume that I like beautiful things,” Laurent’s eyes bore into Eloise, dominating her with his gaze. “And here,” he continued, “is a beautiful thing. Beauty should be admired, no?”

Eloise made no movement.

“Like great art, beautiful women should be worshipped and remembered and revered. Here is a beautiful woman. What should I do?”

Laurent leaned into Eloise, brought his thumb to her lips and said to her in a deep, throaty whisper.

“Let me worship your body.”

Eloise looked away from Laurent’s intense stare of both arousal and questioning.

“Monsieur…” she whispered, more to herself than to Laurent.

He kissed the lobe of her ear. “Let me make you come.”

Eloise’s voice was lost in her throat, but all her words were replaced by a gasp as she felt Laurent’s lips on her neck, sucking softly, as he made a trail of hot kisses down her shoulder. His lips returned to hers and she felt herself kiss him back, and mean it.

Laurent’s eyes bore into her with lust and severity, a look which made Eloise’s knees crumble just a little bit. His powerful arms pushed him against her and she could feel his hard body through the fabric of his shirt. She began to unbutton it, quickly and with expert precision. It fell to the floor. She marveled at Laurent’s toned body, his tan skin, his pert nipples.

She broke the kiss to suck on them, gazing up at him with the practiced slutty stare she had learned from the beginning. Her hand wandered to his crotch where she squeezed through his pants. He let out a quiet groan before taking her hand away.

“Don’t bother with me,” he said huskily. Eloise heard the zipper of her bodice being undone. Her body tensed in fear. She bit her lip, but released it as soon as Laurent’s expert lips started tracing the shell of her ear, his tongue flicking out causing a shiver to travel down her spine. He sucked on the lobe, playing with it with his teeth.

The bodice fell to the floor, and Eloise let out an involuntary gasp as cold air embraced her nipples, causing them to rise. Laurent’s lips left her ear and trailed hot open-mouthed kisses down her jawline, neck, collarbone, shoulders and finally, right above her shapely breasts.

“Mmm,” he said. She blushed. He kissed chastely around the outline of her breasts, licking occasionally- all avoiding the areolas and nipples. He cupped the right one in his hand, bouncing it, squeezing slightly.

Laurent traced his tongue around the areola and let his thumb flick gently and briefly over her hard nipple. She let out a stuttering sigh of pleasure as he caressed the darkened skin with his thumb and forefinger, teasing it, making Eloise’s nipple ache to be touched. He touched it briefly with his tongue, satisfied at her moan.

“Laurent,” she whimpered, as she felt the heat of his mouth, suddenly encompassing her tit, his tongue and teeth teasing the nipple. Eloise moaned as he began to suck, moving his other hand to gently caress her other breast, sometimes pinching the sensitive nipples eliciting more sounds from the prostitute.

Eloise was embarrassed as she felt herself getting wet; Laurent’s administrations causing heat to travel to the valley between her legs. A violent shiver ran through her spine as she peered into Laurent’s eyes, willing as they looked up into hers while he pleasured her tits. The prostitute felt a bead of moisture travel down her legs causing them to spasm at the touch. Laurent smirked to himself. It was time.

The girl groaned as she felt Laurent’s lips leave her breasts. She already missed his touch, but the cool air of the room on her tit made her sigh.

Laurent’s lips traveled back to her own in a hot, needy kiss. He felt his hands on her hips and she realized he was leading her to the bed. Remnants of fear trickled back into her consciousness and she tensed in his arms. He kissed her as if to silence her fears, and set her down.

His mouth latched to her neck again and her breasts and down her stomach as he kneeled at the foot of the giant bed. He slid her skirt down, exposing her sheer lacy panties. He teased her by kissing the outside of her thighs, up around her belly button, and down into the valley between her legs.

He kissed the top of her shaved pubic mound before letting his lips travel to her pussy. He licked in between her lips and sucked on them through her underwear. She moaned in anticipation, relieved when he finally pulled her panties down to her knees, marking their trail with hot kisses.

Her high pitched moans filled his ears as he began to lap at her sex, sucking on the lips and dancing his tongue along her slit. As he flicked his tongue along her clit, he heard, to his delight, a violent cry of pleasure escape her. He slowly began to suck on the bud, rolling it with his tongue and in-between his teeth. The cries that came from Eloise really were whore-like.

Loud and scandalous, but not fake- the energy with which she elicited them was quite real. He penetrated her with his forefinger, sliding it in and out at a slow and decadent pace. The moans grew louder.

“Laurent,” she pleaded, over and over again. Laurent smiled to himself.

Eloise felt something burning inside her, like she was going up stairs and that Laurent’s every motion drew her further and further to her destination. At the top of the stairs, there was bliss, and the girl felt her body convulse and her vision turn to white as she came for the very first time in her life.

Laurent licked her juices from his finger and kissed Eloise, who tasted them on his lips. She whispered his name in awe, scared of the reaction of her body.

“Good girl,” he said. She could hear his arousal.

“Do you want me to make love to you?” he whispered throatily in her ear, and she felt a shiver at the words.

“But you don’t love me,” she heard herself say.

“No, I don’t. But I love your body. Let me make love to it.”

She nodded, and spread her legs dutifully. Their lips met, hot and needy and she heard the clink of Laurent undoing his belt, and the whisper of pants scurrying down legs. She saw his need, saw his straining cock and looked at it, fascinated. She touched it and he sighed, before taking her hands off of it.

“Not now,” he groaned, before kissing her again, his hands moving back to her breasts, teasing them in the expert way he had before. She regarded her own arousal with amusement. Laurent caressed her sex with his hand, stroking her, pleased with the sounds she made. Once he felt her tense, he stopped, making sure she didn’t reach plateau too soon. He touched her breast with his dirty hand.

“This is how wet you are,” he crooned, rubbing the tit with her juices. The sexuality of the situation and of Laurent drew from her a keening noise. He brushed his cock up and down her slit, letting her hear the noises his motions made. She seized him when he touched her clit. He made her weak with need; she needed him like she never thought she’d need a man before. She begged him, pleaded:

“Laurent, I need it. I need it in me,” she gasped.

“How bad?”

“Bad, I need you bad. Please, fuck me.”

“You sound like a whore when you say that,” his lips were against her ear, hot breaths tickling her sensitive skin. A bead of sweat slid down the side of her face.

“I am a whore,” she said.

“You’re a whore only for me,” he growled, squeezing hard on her nipple.

“Yes! Only for you. I’m your whore,” she bit her lip as she felt an electric sensation from her clit as Laurent brushed his cock over it.

“No one else. No one else is good enough to get you this wet, good enough to make you come,” he exaggerated by letting his cock breach her entrance briefly causing a squishing noise to form from her juices. She groaned.

“From now on, I’m going to be your only client, I’m going to be the only one allowed to fuck you. You’re going to stay here, but you belong to me. I paid for you.”

Eloise let his words sink in, but not for long, her need was so bad, she lashed out for his cock. She needed it inside her.

“Laurent, I need it, I need it,” she cried as he slapped her hand away.

“Say please,” he teased.

“Please! Please Laurent, fuck me.”

“Alright,” he said, and she felt the head of his cock separate her lips as it buried itself deep inside of her. She let out a sob as she felt herself become completely filled. It was the most extraordinary fulfillment she’d ever experienced.

She felt her legs spasm as Laurent began to thrust inside of her, getting her accustomed to it, and she groaned, before he pulled out unexpectedly. She cried out at her own emptiness, but stopped when she felt him turn her over. She braced herself against the headboard of the bed. Laurent slipped himself back into her, marveling at how tight she was.

As he took her from behind, she gasped and moaned and sighed as he increased his pace until he slammed into her, kissing her down her back, whispering naughty things in her ear, grabbing her hair as he pleasured her.

His hand reached around to stroke her clit furiously, the erratic movement of his hands compared to the rhythms of his thrusts enough to send her to heaven, drive her closer to the edge until she blacked out and screamed as her orgasm crushed her with its force, her whole body shaking and convulsing.

Her juices coated his cock even more, and she had no time to recover from her orgasm for he was near his own as he thrust into her slowly, prolonging his pleasure until she gasped with surprise and excitement as he filled her with his seed, a sharp groan escaping through his lips as he emptied himself.

She heard him mutter: “Fuck,” under his breath. His semen dripped out of her once he removed himself, down her legs and onto the bed.

He licked her clean, giving her a third, if not more minor orgasm. She whimpered his name in longing as he rose from the bed and dressed himself. He kissed her tenderly and gazed at her through pleasured eyes.

“Ma Cherie,” he crooned into her ear. “I will be back tomorrow night. And the next night, and the next night. Have no fear.”

She marveled at the bill he placed in her hand and listened to him in silence as he made his way down the stairs. Eloise buried her head in one of the extravagant pillows and cried.

Laurent was downstairs signing a check for 20,000 francs.

He had bought Eloise

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