gender transformation


The gorgeous redhead sat typing at her desk, amazed that her long, red fingernails didn’t get in the way of her ability to fly across the keyboard.

“I guess it’s true,” thought Jamie, “you really can adapt to anything!”

She laughed out loud at the thought. Recently, her ability to adapt had met larger challenges than typing with the long fingernails her mistress insisted on.

“Olsen, get in here!” bellowed Daily Planet editor Perry White.

“Coming Chief,” said Jamie, as she walked as quickly as her tight pencil skirt would allow. Her ample breasts bounced as she moved, barely supported by her brassiere, as the short steps required by her skirt and 5″ stiletto heels caused her bottom to sway in the delightful figure eight savored by the male staff members.

“I wish Lois would let me wear pants once in awhile,” thought Jamie.

Pants – even if they did have the zipper in the back – would have been a welcome relief, but were forbidden by Jamie’s mistress, Lois Lane. Lois was putting Jamie through a crash course in femininity, for reasons we shall soon see. For the foreseeable future,

Jamie would never wear anything except dresses, skirts, heels and full makeup.

“…and don’t call me Chief,” yelled Perry. “Here, type this and upload it to Lane and Kent. I can’t have my two best reporters digging into Lexcorp’s latest scam without background info!”

“Sure, Chief,” said Jamie.

“Great Caesar’s Ghost! Don’t call me Chief!”

“Sorry, Chief.”

“Out!” yelled Perry, as he began berating the delivery boy from the deli who had committed the crime of bringing tuna on rye instead of pastrami.

Clicking away on her stilettos, Jamie wiggled back to her desk. She wished some of the men in the office would be more discreet when they gawked at her. Not that she could blame them – Lois made her dress in a way that screamed “woman!”

Back at her desk, Jamie rummaged through her cavernous handbag for her lipstick (Lois insisted on fresh makeup at all times).

Inside, she spotted a tampon and thought, “My period is coming around again already? I just had the damn thing!”

She also spotted her Superman signal watch. As she lifted it out of her bag, she saw how huge it was – it would never fit her dainty wrist. She would have to ask Superman for an appropriately feminine version, she thought to herself, as she thought about the series of events that had rendered her unable to wear the watch.

CHAPTER I The Fortress of Solitude

“This is incredible,” gasped Jimmy Olsen, as he walked through the intergalactic zoo that Superman maintained at his Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic.

At Jimmy’s side hovered a remote mobile unit of KARA (Kryptonian Advanced Retrieval Array), the Fortress of Solitude’s central computer. “Kal El apologizes for having to leave you here at the Fortress, and has asked me to make your unplanned stay as enjoyable as possible. He suggested that a tour of the zoo would be entertaining.”

“Entertaining is not the word,” said Jimmy. “These alien species are amazing!”

The Man of Steel had recently put a major dent in Intergang, the organized crime operation that ran the underworld in Metropolis. Jimmy’s skill as a photographer and his ability to go undercover in drag had helped Superman gather invaluable evidence against several drug lords and pimps. To show his appreciation, Superman had brought Jimmy to the Fortress of Solitude for what was to have been an overnight visit.

“Superman, this is amazing!”

Jimmy and Superman stood at the bottom of a huge wall of ice. The face of the wall was embedded with hundreds of video monitors, each displaying a feed from one of the numerous Kryptonian-design satellites Superman had placed in orbit around Earth. The satellites monitored world-wide communications and forwarded alerts regarding situations that might require the Man of Steel’s attention.

“Thanks, Jimmy. This communication center keeps me informed about breaking situations all over the world. Sometimes, the hardest part of my job is deciding which situation takes priority. Even I can’t be everywhere at once!”

As Jimmy’s tour was about to continue, the communications center began sounding alarms.

“Excuse me, Jimmy,” said Superman. “Information on something important must be coming in”

Superman left the ground and hovered in mid air before the huge bank of monitors.

“Great Scott!,” he gasped as the screens began filling with images of worldwide devastation, chaos and overwhelmed local authorities. All over the world, natural disasters were unfolding. Earthquakes. Volcanoes. Tsunamis. Mudslides, floods, and forest fires. All seemed to be occurring everywhere at once.

Returning to the ground, Superman said, “I was afraid of something like this. We are in a unique astronomical situation. Today, all of the planets in our solar system are aligned in a straight line in reference to the sun – which itself has been going crazy with sunspot activity. KARA has been predicting the possibility of natural disasters due the alignment’s effect on Earth’s gravitational field. It looks as though her predictions were accurate. Jimmy, I have to go.”

“Of course, Superman. Jeepers, it looks as though the Mayans may have been onto something!”

“I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back. It might be a few days. Things are a real mess out there.”

“Don’t worry about me Superman. Please go. People need you!”

“Thanks. KARA will provide whatever you need while you’re here. I’ll be back ASAP!”

With that, the Man of Tomorrow took to the skies and rocketed towards the west coast of the United States, where the shifting of the San Andreas Fault had collapsed the Golden Gate Bridge.

“Well Mr. Olsen,” said the mobile KARA unit hovering at his side, “would you like to continue your tour of the Fortress?”

“The journalist in me wants to stay glued to these monitors – but there isn’t much I can do while I’m stuck up here in the Arctic. Besides, how often do you get a chance to tour a zoo filled with alien species?”


The tiny starship that carried the infant Kal El to Earth had on board what can best be described as a mainframe super computer named KARA (Kryptonian Advanced Retrieval Array). In keeping with Kryptonian tradition, KARA was referred to in the feminine, and spoke in a very natural sounding female voice. She was another example of Krypton’s crystal based technology. Storing data on beams of light, KARA had almost infinite storage capacity and speed of light data retrieval. Virtually the sum total of Kryptonian science, history and culture were contained within her storage. As the years rolled on, KARA became part assistant, part valet, part concierge and a companion to Superman.

Part of KARA’s programming was the creation of the Fortress of Solitude, intended to be both a refuge and a resource for the Last Son of Krypton. The Fortress of Solitude was an amazing sight. Crystal spires reached several stories into the sky – all hidden from prying eyes and spy satellites by a Kryptonian cloaking field. Throughout the Fortress, Kara had deployed numerous mobile droids that served as extensions of herself. It was one such mobile unit that hovered along side Jimmy as he toured the Fortress’ zoo.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying the tour, Mr. Olsen. Kal El will be pleased to know your stay, although unplanned, was to your liking,” said KARA.

“That is the understatement of the century,” replied Jimmy as he and the hovering KARA unit at his side toured the Fortress’ zoo of alien species.

“What can you tell me about this species? They look like a cross between lions and deer.”

“Ah, yes, the Orions,” replied KARA. “Kal El is particularly interested in these animals. They were named Orions after the constellation in which their home planet is located. “Kal El brought this group of Orions to his zoo in order to study their social structure and reproduction.”

“It looks as though the large one is in charge,” said Jimmy.

“That is correct, Mr. Olsen. The large Orion is the herd’s “king,” the sole male. All other members of the herd are female – his harem, if you will. As it happens, the old king is approaching the end of his reign. He is dying of old age. “

“All Orion begin life with both male and female genetic code. This species’ survival strategy is to designate one male per herd. Once the male has been selected, that Orion’s male characteristics become dominant and the animal actually morphs into a male, complete with the mane of hair and the antlers that you see. All other members of the herd become female. As a result, each heard has one seed carrier and several incubation units – which means the herd has many offspring. In the case of the Orions, survival of the species is insured through pure numbers. No matter how many calves are lost to disease or predators, there are so many young that the herd survives”

“What happens if something happens to the male?” asked Jimmy.

“If the herd’s male is incapacitated or dies, a signal is transmitted to the reset of the herd. A new king is selected from among the rest of the herd and that animal morphs from female to male.”

KARA continued, “Discovering how that signal is transmitted is the reason for Kal El’s interest in thes species. The signal that goes out to the members of the herd is like nothing so much as a biological wireless network. That this signal triggers actual physical changes in the members of the herd is what has captured Kal El’s interest.”

“Why?” asked Jimmy.

“The “wireless signal” and its ability to trigger physical change are very reminiscent of Kryptonian technology. When the infant Kal El was sent to Earth from the doomed planet Krypton, the starship carrying him did not immediately land on the surface of his adopted planet. Instead, the ship orbited earth for several months before selecting a landing site.”

“During that time I monitored communications on earth. I concluded that the United States was the most stable political and economic structure on the planet and that males are the dominant gender in human society.”

“Having made these determinations, I activated the ship’s morphic adaptation unit, converting the infant Kal El into a Caucasian male human.”

Jimmy was stunned. “What do you mean, ‘Converting’ him into a male human? What was he beforehand?”

“Mr. Olson, please think about it. What are the odds that another species on a planet light years from earth would evolve in exactly the way human beings did? It’s impossible!”

“Kryptonians were definitely humanoid. They were similar to humans – one head, two arms, two legs, etc, but very different in appearance. They were taller, thinner, had larger heads, solid black eyes and grayish skin.”

“The morphic adaptation unit on the infant Kal El’s ship converted him into a form that I determined would increase his chances for survival. If I had determined that some other part of the world or a different culture would have done so, he might have emerged from his gestation pod looking African, Asian or as a female.”

“As it is, Kal El actually is what he appears to be – a human male. The changes made to his genetic code make him so. The critical difference is that his body’s cells retain enough of their Kryptonian heritage so that they convert sunlight differently from the cells of native humans.”

“Where 100% human beings have bodies that convert sunlight into vitamin D, Kal El’s body converts that solar energy into the powers that make him Superman.”

“Which brings me to the answer to your question – why is Superman so interested in this species?”

“It is all well and good for Superman to stop a bank robbery or prevent a jet airliner from crashing, but long-term it would be much more significant for mankind if disease and hunger could be eradicated. Therefore, for quite some time, Kal El has been trying to find a way to apply Kryptonian cell-morphing technology to species native to this planet. If the same biological process that allows Kal El to convert sunlight into super powers could be applied to corn or wheat, those strains of grain would be hardy enough to flourish in the desert or above the Arctic Circle. Think of the effect such grain wuld have on world hunger!”

“Similarly, cancer is thought to be caused by damage to a cell’s DNA, causing abnormal cell growth. If Kal El can find a way to apply Kryptonian cell-morphing to abnormal cell growth in human beings, he will have cured cancer!”

“It’s unfortunate Kal El was called away at this particular time. As I mentioned, the Orion herd’s sole male is about to die of old age. A new king will be selected. It is critical that data on this process be gathered as part of Superman’s ongoing research.”

At that moment, KARA’s central command center began broadcasting alarms to all of her mobile units.

“Excuse me, Mr. Olsen – an important message is coming through – abnormal seismic activity has been detected here in the Arctic.”

It began as a low rumble and grew stronger with each passing second. Soon the ground beneath Jimmy’s feet seemed to turn to liquid as the fortress was convulsed by one of the huge earthquakes occurring world-wide.

As Jimmy tumbled into a huge fissure that had opened in the cavern floor, he was sure he was going to die. He very well may have, if not for KARA. The mobile unit hovering near Jimmy ejected a cable that wrapped around his ankle and retracted, pulling him to safety.

“Good Lord,” gasped a shaken Jimmy. “I owe you my life. Thank you!”

“You are very welcome Mr. Olsen. Suffice to say, Kal El would not have been pleased had I let anything happen to you.”

Jimmy rubbed his ankle where KARA’s tentacle had caught him. “Looks as though I got cut while you were pulling me to the surface. A small price to pay!”

“Mr. Olsen, KARA central is advising me that the Fortress has sustained massive damage. Fortunately, we were in the zoo when the earthquake hit. Kal El designed incredibly strong protection for this area, precisely in case of a natural disaster. If some of these alien species were introduced into Earth’s ecosystem it would create an environmental nightmare. To prevent any escapes, reinforced walls closed around the zoo during the earthquake. So, we are safe – but trapped until such time as we are freed, which I am sure Superman will do as soon as he returns.”

“It looks as though some of the cages and fences in the zoo were damaged…I see Orions outside their compound,” said Jimmy.

“Please don’t worry, Mr. Olson. The Orion are quite gentle. Unfortunately, if looks as though the shock of the earthquake was too much for the herd’s elderly king…he has died.”

“Mr. Olsen, you must excuse me. With the king having died, a female will now morph into a male. This is precisely the process Kal El wants to record. I must gather as much information about the transformation process as I can with my on board sensors.”

“Don’t mind me,” replied Jimmy. “Go do your job. I’ll just park myself on this rock until Superman gets us out of here!”

“Great,” thought Jimmy to himself. “Superman is helping thousands of people. KARA is conducting important research. Mr. Kent and Ms. Lane are sure to be covering this disaster. I’m sitting on a rock inside a buried zoo. I hope I get to do something important someday!”

Jimmy noticed that the rock on which he was sitting was now surrounded by Orion does, all milling about nervously.

Suddenly, two of the does began ritual combat to determine which would be morphed into the herd’s new king.

The animals bit, kicked, scratched, pummeled and mauled one another until one was too exhausted to continue and fell to the ground, dead.

The victorious doe sounded an otherworldly victory bellow and lay down. The future king was surrounded by the rest of the herd, all of whom began licking every inch of their new king’s body. Their alien tongues secreted an enzyme that caused a cocoon to form around the victor. She would remain encased in the cocoon for several weeks while her body went through its chrysalis – a process similar to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The animal would emerge as king and proceed to impregnate the other members of the herd, insuring survival for another season.

“What an incredible thing to witness,” thought Jimmy, as the doe who’s head he had been scratching turned her head and began to lick his hand.

CHAPTER III The Recovery Room

As Jimmy’s eyes fluttered open, he felt disorientated. Try as he might, he could not remember where he was. All he could see was a plain white ceiling. He tried to get up and discovered he could not. He was restrained by straps at his ankles, thighs, waist, shoulders and wrists. He couldn’t see them because his head was also held firmly in place by the strap across his forehead.

Jimmy tried to get up again and let out a groan that sounded strange to his ears.

Jimmy heard what he recognized as KARA’s voice coming over a loud speaker.

“Alert! The patient is trying to articulate!”

The sound of a pneumatic door opening was soon followed by Jimmy looking up into the faces of Superman and Lois Lane.

“Welcome back, Jimmy,” said the Man of Steel. “You gave us quite a scare!”

“Wh – What happened? Were am I? Why can’t I get up?”

“Sorry Jimmy. You were restrained for your protection. I’ll have you out of the restraints in just a minute.”

“What happened? Where am I?” repeated Jimmy.

“Patience, Jimmy,” said Lois. “Everything is fine and we will explain everything.”

“What’s wrong with my voice?” asked a frightened Jimmy. “I sound different!”

“As Lois said, everything is fine,” said Superman. “Jimmy, you’ve been out of commission for weeks – ever since the earthquake hit the Fortress.

Jimmy was growing very anxious and asked urgently, “What happened?”

The Man of Steel continued, “The earthquake that hit the Fortress reduced it to rubble. All that survived was the reinforced zoo. Thank goodness that’s where you were! You’ll recall you were isolated with the Orion herd, just as the process of selecting a new king was initiated. I don’t know yet exactly how it happened, but you were effected by the same gender morphing process as the doe who became the new king.”

“Let me jump in, Superman,” said Lois Lane in her usual direct fashion.

“Look, Jimmy, the zoo was self contained by reinforced walls and immersed in a gender morphing energy. Even though he was not physically present, Superman must have left some sort of energy fingerprint in the area. It looks as though the Orion process identified Superman as the alpha male (which is hardly surprising). You were the only other member of the human species present. It seemed obvious to the Orions that you were intended to be one of his does. So, they made you one. You’re a girl.”

“WHAT?” yelled Jimmy, but as soon as he heard “his” voice again, he knew it was true.

Superman said, “Now Jimmy, I know this is a shock. It would be for anybody. Everything is going to be OK. Try to relax while I get you out of those restraints.”

Once the restraints were loosened and he could sit up, the first thing Jimmy noticed was the weight of the substantial pair of breasts that now resided on “his” chest.

As she brought a mirror, Lois said, “Now Jimmy, remember – you’ve been in a hospital – you don’t look like a glamour girl!”

As Superman moved Jimmy into a wheelchair the freighted former lad took the mirror from Lois. “He” was stunned. Looking back out of the mirror was a cute girl who looked like a combination of some of Jimmy’s female relatives.

“What happens now?” asked Jimmy. “Can I change back?”

“KARA is working on that very question,” said Superman. “I have made it her number one priority. For now though, we don’t know the answer. There has to be some reason a human being was affected by the biological process of an alien species. When the Fortress was destroyed, something was combined with the Orion’s energy field that affected you in the same as the new Orion king – a change in gender occurred.”

“You mean, I’m stuck as a girl?” cried Jimmy. “What am I supposed to do now?

“Why you’ll live,” said Lois. “Just like over half the human race that goes through life as a female.”

Lois continued, “We have a plan in place to help you adapt to your new life. KARA has created an entire back story and credentials for Jamie Olsen, which, by the way, is now your name, MS. Olson.”

“You are going to live with me in order to learn how to live as a woman. When I think you’re ready, you will begin work as Perry White’s executive assistant, an arrangement Superman has already taken care of.”

“In a very real sense, Jimmy Olsen died during that earthquake, as did millions of other people all around the world on that horrible day. Think how lucky you are. You’re not only alive, you’re young and healthy! Not to mention really cute. You’ve always enjoyed going undercover in drag. Now you can do it forever!”

“Yes, Ms. Lane,” said Jamie, automatically slipping into the same subordinate relationship with Lois that Jimmy had always had.

“Superman is going to return us to Metropolis as soon as you’re able to move around on your own. Cheer up Jamie, this is going to be fun!”

“Yes Ms. Lane,” said Jamie again, as she opened her robe to stare at her huge breasts.

“I’m going to leave you two alone,” said Superman. “Unfortunately, there is still a lot of clean up to be done after D-Day2, and I’m needed.”

“D-Day2″ (as in “Disaster Day) was the name coined by the press for the day the earth convulsed. The death and destruction all over the world was so extensive that even Superman had been taxed to his limits rescuing victims, delivering supplies and clearing rubble.

The moment the earthquake that destroyed the Fortress of Solitude had ended, KARA began rebuilding. The process was like watching crystals replicate before one’s eyes. Before long, crystal spires again reached into the Arctic sky.

KARA created a medical unit to care for Jimmy while he was encased in his Orion cocoon. Superman was of course kept informed. The Man of Steel was not happy about what had happened to his friend but had no way of reversing the process – nor could he justify returning to the Arctic to help one person when millions of natural disaster victims needed Superman. For now, Jimmy was alive and safe. That was more than many others could say. It would have to be enough for now.

It was almost a month before Superman was able to return to the now-rebuilt Fortress. By that time, Jimmy, now completely female, had emerged from his cocoon. It was just a matter of time before “he” regained consciousness. KARA was able to advise Superman when Jamie’s vital signs indicated he would soon wake up and Superman streaked northward, carrying Lois Lane wrapped in his cape.

Something told Clark that a woman’s touch would be helpful in this situation. Lois could be domineering, pushy and abrasive, but he hoped involving her would be beneficial to Jimmy.

“Jimmy – I mean, Jamie – please know that I am trying to find a way to reverse this. I’ll see you soon,” said Superman, as Clark thought to himself, “Man, those tits are magnificent!”

Outside the medical unit, Superman turned to Lois and said, “Lois, use Jimmy’s – I mean, Jamie’s – signal watch to let me know when you’re ready to be moved to Metropolis…and for goodness sake, be gentle – not usually your strong suite, Miss Lane!”

Lois replied, “I must be firm and demanding. In a relatively short time, Jamie is going to have to learn a whole new way of life. A whole new set of “do’s” and “don’ts. At this point, he doesn’t even know how to put a bra on.”

“Not to mention the intricacies of feminine hygiene. No man would envy him the task,” shuddered the Man of Steel.

“Out!” said Lois, pushing Superman towards the door. “We have a lot of work to do here. Go save the world. I’ll call you when we’re ready for a ride home.”

CHAPTER IV Metropolis

After they settled into life as roommates in Metropolis, Jamie quickly came to be completely under Lois’ thumb.

Lois, always brassy and bossy, was exactly what Jamie needed in order to impose order onto what felt like the chaos of Jamie’s new life. New experiences were thrown at her every day. Lois provided structure that made things manageable for the newly minted girl.

In short order, Jamie Olsen, Perry White’s new Executive Assistant, became Lois Lane’s slave.

It had begun when Superman returned the two women to Metropolis. Jamie moped around the apartment in a tee shirt and jeans for a week, refusing to leave the apartment wearing the very feminine clothes selected for her by Lois.

After a week, Lois had seen enough. “Jamie! Knock it off! You’re a woman. You must learn to live as one. Tell you what – go out, dressed as you are and see what happens.”

Jamie did so, and the experience was an eye opener. As her huge breasts bounced and jiggled beneath her tee shirt, her nipples were plainly visible. She was struck by the leers of men and the looks of disdain from women.

As she walked down the sidewalk, Jamie heard alternating versions of, “Ohhh, Baby!” and “slut!” Soon her face was as red as her flaming head of hair. A shaken Jamie returned to Lois’ apartment and admitted that she could not function in society until she learned a new way of doing things.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, you silly little bitch,” said Lois. “From now on, you are wearing what I tell you to wear, when I tell you to wear it. For now, I want you wearing nothing. Get undressed.”

Jamie hesitated, which resulted in Lois grabbing Jamie by the ear and pulling the startled girl over her lap when they reached the couch. Lois planted a few well placed swats across the plumpest part of Jamie’s bodacious backside.

“For you, this is finishing school, young lady! You do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it” said Lois as she peeled down Jamie’s jeans and underwear. “Guy’s jockey shorts?” exclaimed Lois. “What the hell did you think you were going to use the fly for? That’s it! This ends now!”

With that, Lois proceeded to redden the fanny that lay across her lap and didn’t stop until a kicking and squirming Jamie was crying very real tears. Jamie had kicked off her jeans and underwear during her spanking. When Lois let her go, the bottomless Jamie made quite a site as she jumped up and down rubbing her crimson behind.

“Knock it off, or you’re going back over my knee after you fetch my hairbrush,” said a very stern Lois. “Finish getting undressed.”

After the tearful Jamie complied, she stood naked before Lois.

“Good God, you’re a furry little critter. You need a shave, from the neck down! Come on, you’re going into the bath!”

Lois supervised Jamie’s shower and shaving, with the exception of Ms. Olsen’s fiery thatch of red pubic hair. That was something Lois had special plans for.

“Lay back and close your eyes,” commanded Lois. “I’ll let you know when you can look. This is going to be a masterpiece!”

For an hour Jamie lay there listening to the “SNIP! SNIPPITY! SNIP!” of Lois’ busy scissors, the buzz of an electric razor and the scrape of a razor blade across freshly lathered skin.

“All done,” laughed Lois. “Here take my hand, I’ll help you up. Don’t open your eyes until I say so!”

Lois led Jamie to the full length mirror in her bedroom.

“OK, open your eyes and have a look. Ta -Daa!”

Jamie saw a beautiful young woman reflected in the mirror. Her full, round breasts were so firm that both nipples actually pointed up – but still jiggled slightly with each movement. Her thin waist flared out into beautifully curved hips that were meant to bear children. Her legs were long, smooth and gorgeous, and there, resting atop those legs, was a perfect reproduction of Superman’s “S” symbol.

“Wow, your pubes look great, if I do say so myself,” said a very pleased Lois. “It’s great that you’re a fire crotch. The red hair is perfect! It’s a fairly intricate design – what with the curves of the “S” and the hairless places that look like the background. It’s going to be a pain in the ass to maintain, but that’s your job from now on. Let your “S” start to look shaggy and we will have a session with my hairbrush that you won’t soon forget!”

“Besides, I thought you’d like to pay tribute to Superman. After all, you have him to thank for the privilege of being a woman!”

So began Jamie’s immersion into the ways of femininity.

“This is nuts,” sighed Jamie the next day as she looked at the assortment of cosmetics at her vanity table. “You have to be some kind of Rembrandt just to get ready to leave the house every day!”

“No kidding,” said Lois. “Go get cleaned up and start over. You obviously need more practice.”

As she looked into the mirror, Jamie had to agree. Her face looked like a garish kabuki mask or a drag queen performing a parody of a woman. As she stood at the bathroom sink removing her latest attempt at makeup, Jamie said, “I think something is wrong. I swear, I think my boobs are getting bigger!”

Laughing, Lois said, “Oh silly! That’s just your menstrual cycle. I’d guess you have about two weeks before you experience the true

glory of being a woman. A visit from your Aunt Flo! Don’t worry – we have plenty of time. I will teach you what you need to know during her visit. One thing I can tell you is you will be amazed at how quickly twenty eight days goes by and how Auntie will always arrive at just the wrong time! You are now part of the great worldwide sisterhood and are in the rotation for life!”

“Wonderful,” sighed Jamie. “I can’t wait.”

“Don’t be upset dear. I’m just teasing. Being a woman has certain compensations, you know.We are sitting on exactly what men will do anything to get. It’s no accident that I have the most powerful being on the planet wrapped around my little finger!”

Jamie’s first period was an eye opener. As if PMS (“Putting up with Men’s Shit,” laughed Lois) didn’t put her into a bad enough mood, having to find a ladies’ room every few hours to change her tampon became a tired routine very quickly.

“Wow, I’m glad that’s finally over,” said Jamie, the day her vagina stopped leaking like a sieve.

“It’s over for this month,” laughed Lois. “Aunt Flo will be back before you know it. Here’s a calendar. Count twenty eight days and plan accordingly!”

Jamie was forbidden to leave the apartment unless she was in full makeup and wearing a dress or skirt (pants of any sort were out of the question) and full makeup. Having never worn anything other than shirts and pants as Jimmy, Jamie found her new wardrobe to be a huge adjustment.

A bra did not feel like a tee shirt. Some days Jamie could not wait to get home from work and pull off her bra, letting the girls bounce free after being lifted and separated all day. It still seemed unusual to see legs that used to wear pants now emerge smoothly shaven from the bottom of a skirt. The tug of her garter belt (pantyhose were also forbidden) felt very different from a pair of boxer shorts. Open toed heels displayed bright red polish on her toenails – not exactly the way Jimmy’s wingtips used to look.

Learning to walk in high heels was a major undertaking. Most days her feet wound up killing her.

“Good!” laughed Lois. “Welcome to the club! As a man, you didn’t care whether the girls you were ogling were comfortable – you just liked the view! Welcome to the other side of the coin. From now on you catch instead of pitch!”

Speaking of Jamie’s toes, it also took getting used to not being able to see them when she looked down. Instead Jamie found herself peering into the ample cleavage created by a pair of very large breasts.

Those large breasts also gave Jamie a very different center of gravity from what Jimmy was used to. Jamie learned very quickly that she could not move in the same way Jimmy had. Those breasts, her tiny waist and her big bottom, when perched atop high heels, meant that Jamie walked like a girl – as if she had a choice.

Jimmy’s friends would sometimes tease him by asking how he managed to hold his pants up “with no ass!”

Jamie would never hear a question like that. No one ever had to wonder how Jamie held her skirts up. Baby had back, and then some!

Another change that took some getting used to was the lack of pockets. Out of habit, Jamie’s hand would reach for the wallet in Jimmy’s back pocket only to discover that neither was there. When she felt the smooth, uninterrupted curve of her ample derriere, Jamie would remember that her wallet has now in her purse, along with many items that never found their way into Jimmy Olsen’s pants pockets.

As she would walk down the street, Jamie was still occasionally surprised by her reflection. After over twenty years of seeing the reflection of a young man, it was still sometimes disconcerting to see a busty young red head reflected in shop windows.

The small steps she was forced to take by her heels and tight skirt caused Jamie’s very round bottom to move in a delightful figure 8 that generated many a whistle, leer and comment as she went through her day.

Jamie was very pretty, which meant passers-by were constantly scanning her from head to toe. She was constantly surrounded by a symphony of cat calls, wolf whistles and car horns as she clicked down the sidewalk on her heels. Women scrutinized every inch of her appearance, critiquing the vey pretty picture Jamie presented. Lois was an excellent teacher.

Of course, Jamie was constantly hit on by guys, and was still learning how to handle men’s’ advances.

Her mistress did not let Jamie date. “You’re not ready,” said Lois. “Men are lying sacks of shit, and turning you over to them would be like leading a lamb to slaughter. You are still a virgin in more ways than one. Let’s keep you that way for awhile. It’s best for everyone involved. Besides, what you do if you got pregnant?”

Jamie gulped. Her years as Jimmy had not prepared her to deal with such a possibility. With all that had been thrown at Jamie over the past few months, somehow it had not occurred to the new girl that her fully functional female plumbing meant more than the inconvenience of dealing with Aunt Flo’s visits or having to wait on an incredibly long line for the ladies room at Metropolis stadium (Jamie was just as big a baseball fan as Jimmy had been). What made the line even worse was watching guys breeze in and out of the mens room – which had no line – in just a few minutes. “Lucky bastards don’t know how good they’ve got it!” she thought to herself.

As time moved on, Jamie learned that sexual response was also a whole new experience. Visual cues were still a trigger, but now that she owned her own, bouncing breasts and the wiggle in a girl’s walk no longer caused the warm glow of sexual excitement. Suffice to say, she began to understand what Lois saw in Superman’s piercing blue eyes, strong jaw and broad shoulders.

When sexual arousal did occur, it too felt different. When Jimmy saw something he liked, all the blood in his body seemed to rush toward one spot, resulting in a stiffening in his pants. For Jamie, the feeling wasn’t as localized…she felt a delicious tingle all over her body, and that stiffening was now replaced by wet panties and SNIFF…yes, the unmistakable smell of an aroused woman. No wonder Lois had spent so much time lecturing on the finer points of the enema bag’s douche nozzle!

Early in their time together Lois announced to Jamie, “You are going to get practice by giving me a manicure and a pedicure. After that, you will assist during my bath and brush out my hair. If I’m going to be your teacher in the ways of womanhood, I at least want a pedicure out of the deal!”

Lois wanted more than that. It wasn’t long before Jamie was schooled in the lesbian arts. A household routine developed. As soon as she got home from the Daily Planet, Jamie would strip naked and prepare a martini for Lois. She was instructed to always leave the front door unlocked, so Lois could just breeze into the apartment when she got home. Jamie was also under explicit orders to be kneeling with her head down waiting for her mistress to arrive home. Most important, Jamie had to position herself so that when Lois opened the apartment door, the naked, kneeling girl holding the drink on a serving tray was in full view as the door opened.

Jamie was seen in her required position several times by other tenants who just happened to be in the right position as Lois opened the apartment door. Some would gasp in shock. Others would say something along the lines of, “Good show!” Lois would look over her shoulder and give her shocked neighbor a wink as she closed the door.

Jamie knew from the looks she would get in the lobby and laundry room that she was a subject of discussion in the building. One forward soul sent her cleaning lady to Lois’ door with a note asking if Jamie was available for sessions. With a smile to Jamie, Lois said she would think about it once her little slave girl was sufficiently trained.

Once in the apartment, Lois would take her martini from the tray, pat Jamie on the head and say, “Good girl. Come along.”

Jamie would follow on all fours as her mistress settled into the couch. Taking each of Lois feet into her hands, Jamie would begin her nightly foot worship, slowly working towards Lois’ crotch. Their sessions usually ended with and hour of cunnilingus in the 69 position.

As the months rolled on Lois and Jamie were well settled into their routine. Lois, always very bossy to begin with, was very happy to have a slave and Jamie was happy to be that slave. Jamie enjoyed knowing that if she didn’t obey the many rules established by Lois she would wind up standing in the corner with a very red bottom. She enjoyed having her mouth washed out with soap for using language that Jimmy used to use, and felt deliciously humiliated when her mistress would ground her after an infraction. Jamie enjoyed being told what she had to wear and when and where she was allowed to go.

In short, Jamie needed order imposed on the intimidating unknown of her new life, and Miss Bossy Pants, Lois Lane, was happy to be the boss.

One day, after Lois and Jamie had been together many months, the phone at Lois’ desk rang.

“City desk, Lois Lane.”

“Hello, LoLa. It’s been a while.”

“Hello, Mistress,” whispered Lois.

“A little bird told me you were having a grand old time lording it over Jimmy – I mean, Jamie (I still can’t get used to that).”

“This wouldn’t by any chance be a big blue bird with a red “S” on its chest, would it?” asked Lois.

“Doesn’t matter. I think you need to regain a bit of balance. The very thought – that poor girl waiting with your drink every night!”

“It’s good for her,” whispered Lois. “She needs structure, and she enjoys it!”

“True – but you enjoy it too. Too much, sometimes. It’s time to restore some of your equilibrium. You must have about five year’s worth of unused sick and vacation time. Take a week off and get your ass down here!”

“But Mistress,” protested Lois, “I’m busy and Jamie needs me!”

“Jamie is ready to fly solo. You however, need me. Let me rephrase this in a way you are sure to understand: Giddyap!”

CHAPTER V The Kent Farm

The naked pony girl struggled to pull her passenger’s cart up the hill. She had been baked a golden brown by days spent naked in the sun and was covered with a sheen of perspiration. Her back, bottom and legs looked beautiful as her muscles flexed, tendons stretched and sinew strained in effort.

“Giddyap!” yelled the pony’s mistress, Ma Kent. A few flicks of Martha’s whip across the pony girl’s already striped backside lent further motivation to the slave girl’s sweaty efforts.

“Whoa,” said Martha as the pony pulled up to a shade tree. Martha dismounted the cart and strode up to her slave, who was attached to the cart by an elaborate harness constructed (as was the cart) by Jonathan, Pa Kent.

“Here, LoLa, have some water,” said Martha as she squeezed a spray of water from her bottle over the pony’s lips, which were wrapped around a bridle.

Martha stood back to have a look at her slave, LoLa (the name was a contraction of Lois Lane). LoLa had been kept naked since she arrived at the farm almost two weeks ago, so her very dark tan was all over indeed. Not a stitch of clothing had been present to create any tan lines. LoLa was covered by a thick layer of sweat, having trotted several miles in the summer heat. In each of her pierced nipples was dangling bell that made a delightful sound as she toiled. The waist cincher that secured LoLa to the cart’s poles dove downward into two straps that travelled between her legs and framed the area that had formely been adorned with pubic hair. The straps were attached to the piercings in LoLa’s labia, holding her most intimate area widely open. LoLa’s mistress noted with satisfaction the flies walking across the glistening pink slit thus revealed.

“I’ll bet she wishes she could use that tail to flick the flies away,” laughed Martha to herself.

“That tail” was magnificent. It perfectly matched the hair on LoLa’s head – which was gathered into a topknot emerging from the top of her head harness, complete with bridle and blinders. The hair of her tail matched the hair on LoLa’s head because both were her own hair. Lois Lane had been under strict orders for some time to save all the hair cut from her head during styling. It seemed like a strange request, but Lois was a very good tipper, so no questions were asked by the styling salon’s staff.

The saved hair had been woven by Pa Kent into a tail that was securely anchored in LoLa’s backside. As the tail emerged from between her cheeks, it curved upwards to the small of her back, from which point the tail cascaded down beautifully across her bottom. Martha loved the way LoLa’s tail looked as it swished back and forth across her cheeks during runs. It became something of a game for Martha to time the flicks of her riding whip to smack LoLa’s bottom in the instants the tail moved out of the way.

“This has been a fun visit dear,” said Martha. You look bronzed, toned and magnificent after all the sun and exercise you’ve been getting. I think it’s fair to say you are feeling humbler than when you arrived.”

“Uhnhh,” replied LoLa, unable to speak because the ingenious design of her bit kept her tounge immobilized. If Jonathan Kent hadn’t been a farmer, he would have had a great career as a mechanical engineer.

“I’m so glad you agree,” laughed Martha.

“Tomorrow is the last day of your vacation. I think something special is in order – something you can reflect upon when you’re sitting behind your desk at the Daily Planet, giving poor Clark or Jamie a hard time.”

Martha reached into the bag she carried. “Tomorrow, you and I are taking a little trip to the woodshed,” she said smiling, as she showed LoLa Jonathan’s razor strop.

LoLa’s eyes widened at the sight of the formidable piece of leather.

“You have a beautiful backside, dear. Pictures of it bent over and pointing towards the ceiling as it glows bright red would be a very nice addition to, don’t you think?”

“As a matter of fact, I am planning to expand LoLa’s web site to include farm animal themed picture galleries. In addition to your new spanking gallery, you’re going to be a sow. We’re going to shave your head so you can be all pink and shiny when you wear your little piggy nose and short, curly piggy tail. Jonathan is building you a pig pen so you can root about in the mud while eating your slop from a trough. The pictures are going to be great. Say, wasn’t Jimmy a photographer? I’m sure Jamie remembers how to work a camera! We’ll have to get her involved. This is going to be great! I may have to raise the monthly rate for subscriptions to the website!”

“Someday, when you’re pregnant and lactating, we’ll also create a cow gallery!”

“Speaking of being pregnant, you would do well to remember that none of us are getting any younger. You might want to start thinking about marriage. Please consider Clark. He adores you, and you might find that some of his hidden qualities are absolutely super!”

“Well, let’s head back to the barn so Jonathan can hose you down. I want a very fast pace. By the time we get there, I want you so slick with sweat that you’ll look like I dipped you into a vat of baby oil. Now, giddyap!” With a flick of her whip, Martha signaled LoLa to begin her fast trot.

Clark Kent had introduced Lois to his mother years ago, soon after he began working at The Daily Planet. The two women had developed their own relationship, independent of the relationship each had with Clark. Martha and Lois soon found themselves in a mutually satisfying Mistress\slave relationship. Their pony play and other games around the farm were a turn on for them both and were essential to the Type-A Lois maintaining balance and mental health – not to mentioned the orgasms she experienced while being humiliated were tremendous. Like so many strong personalities, she experience sexual gratification as a sub.

As he hovered unseen in the clouds, Clark took in the scene with his telescopic vision and super hearing.

“Thanks for the plug, Ma,” he thought to himself. Clark would have loved to have a romantic relationship with Lois, but was concerned that such a relationship might not be fair to her. KARA had advised Superman a long time ago that he would be unable to father children with a human being. Could he ask Lois to enter into such a relationship?

That was question to be considered at a different time. For now, Clark was happy that LoLa had enjoyed her vacation\therapy on his parents’ farm. LoLa’s session with his mother meant that Lois would be a bit mellower that usual when she got back to work at the Daily Planet, “At least for a day or two,” he laughed to himself as he flew away.

Chapter VI Back to The Fortress

“Nice to see you again, Ms. Olsen,” said KARA.

“Oh, so now it’s ‘Ms. Olsen’, is it?” laughed Jamie. “Yes, I suppose it is.”

“Perhaps not for long, Miss. Thank you for allowing Superman to bring you back to the Fortress of Solitude. I would like to conduct some tests that I think may bear helpful results.”

Superman had brought Jamie to the Fortress, but as usual was immediately called away by an emergency. Something about pirates off the coast of Africa attacking a cruise ship.

“I am more than glad to help,” said Jamie. “Being forced to live as a woman has turned out to be a wonderful gift. A chance to experience life on both sides of the gender divide. Now I’ve been both Yin and Yang, and it’s been great. Womanhood has much to recommend it, but I think that my destiny is to be male. After all, that was my original gender assignment. Something tells me I should stick with it.”

“Very understandable, Miss. Many people would not agree with your decision to return to being male, but your choice is perfectly valid and a matter of personal taste. Male and female are different sides of the human coin. Completely equal, but completely different. Each is worthless without the other.”

“When do we begin testing?” asked Jamie.

“Immediately,” replied Kara, as Jamie’s behind was stuck by a needle.

“Ouch!” yelled Jamie as she rubbed her behind where the needle had injected her. “Hey, give a guy\girl a little warning! Your bedside manner needs work!”

“I’m sorry Ms. Olsen. I have injected you with a sedative to help you relax. Some of the tests I am about to perform can be invasive. I do not want you to be uncomfortable.”

Jamie began to feel drowsy and soon felt as though she was in a waking dream. Several of KARA’s mobile units hovered around her. Two took Jamie by the arms and guided her to an examination table as others proceeded to remove her clothing.

In her semi conscious state, Jamie wasn’t sure what she was seeing and feeling. She felt as though numerous tentacles, similar to the one that had saved Jimmy’s life, had emerged out of nowhere were wrapping around her naked body. It seemed as though the tentacles had lifted her up off of the table and held her aloft. The tentacles around her thighs, knees and ankles held her legs open as wide as possible as she was suspended in mid air.

Jamie heard again the sound of a pneumatic door sliding open. Floating into the room came what looked like a shiny, metallic, curved saddle that positioned itself directly beneath Jamie’s gaping labia. From the center of the smooth metallic surface a huge phallus shape emerged. Slowly, but relentlessly, Jamie was impaled. Up and down, up and down, the tentacles moved as she was repeatedly penetrated by self-lubricating and vibrating protrusion. Separate protrusions emerged from the floating saddle for the purpose of providing direct stimulation to Jamie’s clitoris, anus and nipples. It was almost as though her body was sending out telemetry that let the device know exactly what was needed to stimulate her to the point of explosive orgasm.

It was inevitable. The perfectly targeted ministrations of KARA’s device produced and earth shattering orgasm that left Jamie crying and covered in a sheen of perspiration. At the peak moment of her climax, Jamie felt hot liquid being pumped into her by her metallic lover.

Sweaty, exhausted and barely conscious, Jamie was gently lifted off of the huge phallus and placed back onto the examination table. Another dose of sedative was administered. Jamie would sleep soundly as she was cleaned and dressed. KARA immediately began pouring over the data she had gathered.

Weeks later, Superman, Lois and Jamie sat around a conference table in one of the Fortress’ labs.

“Great Scott!” exclaimed The Man of Steel as hundreds of pages of research flashed by on a computer terminal at a speed only he could read. “KARA, you’ve done it!

“Thank you, Kal El. In the many months since Mr. Olsen became Ms. Olsen, I have been able to identify the process by which Jimmy was effected by the Orion herd’s gender morphing process.”

“According to what I see here,” said Superman as he continued to scroll through data, “the Orion morphic field combined with what looks like Red Kryptonite radiation. The combination of the two energies created a morphic field that was able to effect a human being.”

“That is correct,” replied KARA. “Many times Red Kryptonite has caused physical changes to your Kryptonian physiology, Kal El. The unique combination of these two energy sources created a morphic adaptation field compatible with human physiology. I am confident I can recreate the conditions that existed in the moments after the earthquake that destroyed the Fortress.”

“That’s wonderful,” replied Superman. “I wonder, though, how the Red Kryponite found its way into the zoo. For obvious reasons I had all Kryptonite samples stored very securely. How was the radiation leaked? I’m concerned. Still, our immediate project is to return Jamie to life as Jimmy!”

“I hate to see you go back to the other team, Jamie”, said Lois. “God knows why you would want to, but it’s your choice!”

“Thanks, Miss Lane, but as I explained once to KARA, being a woman has been a great experience – I wish all men could try it – but I think I was meant to stand when I pee! That, and I hate getting my period!”

” Hey, come to think of it,” Jamie thought to herself, “I’m late. Oh well, I guess it won’t matter soon.”

“KARA, what’s our next step?” asked Superman.

“Ms. Olsen must not become male,” replied KARA.

“What?!” exclaimed Superman, Lois and Jamie at the same time.

“Test results indicated that Jamie’s physiology, having been morphed once before, is malleable enough to allow her womb to carry your child, Kal El.”

“What?!” repeated Superman, Lois and Jamie.

“Kal El, the morphic adaptation process that made you for the most part a human male, resulted in your body having a human life expectancy despite your ability to store solar energy and release it as super powers. To date, you have aged normally for a human and will continue to do so.”

“You are now in your mid thirties. Data indicates your maximum power level is now 95% of what is was while you were in your twenties. Your body’s ability to convert sunlight into super powers will become less efficient as you age. Computer models indicate that by the time you are in your nineties, you will be a healthy and robust individual, but you powers will, for the most part, have faded away. Flight will go first, followed by invulnerability, strength and speed.

“I never expected to live forever,” said Superman. “What does this have to do with Jimmy…I mean, Jamie?”

“Ms. Olsen is pregnant with your child. During the last round of testing she was artificially inseminated with the samples of your genetic code I had on file.”

“WHAT!?” yelled Superman as Lois glowered and Jamie sat stunned, now that she knew why her period was late.

“It is necessary, Kal EL. “The native population of this planet are savages. A protector, a champion of justice, will always be needed as a counter balance to the dark side of the human soul. That’s why I injected Mr. Olsen with Red Kryptonite isotopes when rescuing him during the earthquake. I had to create a womb that can carry Kryptonian embryos to term”

“Ms. Olsen is going to give birth to Superman II – unless she insists on becoming male, which will kill the contents of her womb.”

“GOD DAMN IT!” yelled Lois, back to being her bossy self. “Superman, this bucket of bolts has been conducting experiments on a human being. It’s completely unacceptable!”

“KARA!” yelled a very angry Superman. “Scientific research without regard to ethics is treason to science. You and I are going to have a long talk about your job performance. I’m beginning to detect a callous attitude similar to Brainiac’s. I will not tolerate it!

“Excuse me,” said Jamie. “KARA, now I know why my ankle was bleeding after you pulled me out of that crevice during the earthquake. That’s where you injected me with the Red Kryptonite. I am very angry that you purposely messed with my life for the sake of your experiments. I hope Superman can straighten you out before you turn into some kind of evil mad scientist!”

“At this point, though, I have to deal with what has been done. Now I have to be concerned about a life other that just my own. Whether this child is carried to term is my decision.”

“Tell me, is there anything to prevent me from changing back into a man after Superman II is born?”

“No, Ms. Olsen, “replied KARA.

“In that case, I will have this baby. I don’t like the way this was handled any more than you do, Superman, but KARA is right…the world needs a Superman.”

“How do you know this will be a Super – Man?” asked Lois. “I think it would be great if the most powerful being on the planet was a woman. We might end up with a few less wars!”

“KAEA do not tell us the child’s gender,” ordered a still angry Man of Steel. “We got to this point due to some very high tech equipment, but I think we’d like to proceed from here in the old fashioned way.”

“Agreed!” said Lois and Jamie.

“As you wish, Kal El,” said KARA.

“Now what?” asked Jamie. I can’t say I’m looking forward to waddling around in maternity clothes, but this is certainly something most men don’t get to experience!”

“Jamie, I have a suggestion,” said Superman. “Resign your position at The Daily Planet. Let me move you in with a farm couple I know in Kansas – Clark Kent’s parents. After you give birth, the Kents would be happy to raise the child. If we want this child to be raised with the moral guidance that will make him or her weild their super powers in a good way, you can’t do better than the Kents! It’s a win-win situation. The Kents have experience raising extraordinary children, and you will be freed so you can return to being Jimmy.”

“No more sophisticated city glamour girl for you Jamie,” laughed Lois as she patted Jamie’s tummy. You’re going to be barefoot and pregnant down on the farm!”

“By the way,” asked Lois, “Do you like horses?”

CHAPTER VII Back On The Farm

“Whoa!” said Jamie, pulling up on LoLa’s reigns.

The pony came to a stop underneath a tree. Glad for the shade, the winded pony panted. As she chewed on a piece of straw, the hugely pregnant Jamie struggled to heave herself out of the pony cart and waddled over to LoLa to give her some water.

Jamie’s months on the farm had erased any trace of the urbane sophisticate who wore Versace and Dolce and Cabana. She wore a wide brimmed straw hat and a pair of Pa Kent’s old bib overalls. She wore no shirt, so her huge, milk filled breasts jiggled and occasionally popped into view from behind the overall’s bib. The pants legs had been cut off so high that Pa’s old jeans were now very short Daisy Dukes. Jamie’s bottom spilled out on either side of the strip of denim that disappeared into the cleft between her round, plump cheeks. To complete the down home look, Jamie wore no shoes. She was indeed a barefoot and pregnant country girl.

When she had first arrived to live on the farm, Ma Kent taken away every piece of Jamie’s luggage, including all of her identification, credit cards, money, and every stitch of clothing including those she had arrived in. Pa took all of Jamie’s things to a remote storage facility somewhere in Smallville…Jamie had no idea where.

“You will be naked 100% of the time, until I say otherwise,” announced Martha. “You are also grounded. You are restricted to the farm, but something tells me you won’t be going into town while naked anyway.”

“Why naked, Ma?” asked Clark during a visit.

“Son, I know how to handle these city girls who think they are oh-so-smart,” said Martha. “Taking away their sophisticated trappings and making them totally dependent is the fastest way to teach them humility and obedience. Besides, Jamie likes being bossed around. Lois was right about that. She did need a few trips to the wood shed early on, but she’s fine now. She’s happy, healthy, and like a free spirited wood nymph as she spends her days frolicking about in the nude, soaking up sun and eating healthy.

Jamie was embarrassed to have to attend Lois and Clark’s engagement party in the nude, but did not have a choice in the matter.

She blushed furiously as Lois patted her growing tummy and laughed, “Wow, you certainly are going for the fully immersive female experience. Your “S” symbol is looking pretty nasty, but I forgive you…I guess it’s hard to maneuver with this big belly.”

One day soon afterward, as Jamie emerged from a pond after skinny dipping (what other type of swimming could a permanently naked girl do?). Superman floated down out of the sky.

“Hello Jamie. It’s good to see you’re getting on so well. You’re certainly making progress on your pregnancy. Look at the size of that tummy! Your belly button has popped!” he laughed.

“Hello Superman,” Jamie said as she blushed and looked down. “I’m sorry I can’t cover up. I’m not allowed to have any clothes.”

“You look great, like a big beautiful ripe piece of fruit. It would be a shame to cover you up.”

Superman was very comfortable around nudity. As a matter of fact, on Krypton, tradition called for brides to attend their wedding ceremony and reception in the nude. Lois and Clark were being married in a civil ceremony, but Superman insisted on also holding a traditional Kryptonian ceremony that would be held in the Fortress. When the day came, Lois would be quite nude and completely depilated – including her head – so she would look every inch the traditional Kryptonian bride as she stood before what was sure to be hundreds of guests.

Superman continued, “I wanted to visit just to say thanks again for carrying this baby to term…what you’re doing is a very selfless thing and it is very much appreciated.”

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