gender switch

This story involves some gender bending, so if you are uncomfortable with that move along, this is not your cup of tea…

The following story is based on the results of a DNA reshaping nano-robotic technology designed in China for making perfect workers, soldiers and prostitutes. The mob just bought some of the prostitute nano cocktails on the black market.

In short it can transform any human into a nubile sexpot, in addition to the outward body changes, there are sinister changes to the recipients body and brain’s physiology. The revised body is much more sensitive to sexual stimulation especially in the area of the mouth and a the modified woman’s, er, eh backside. So much so that a rough session of deep throat or a hard ass pounding can send them into a spiral of multiple orgasms, just as a juicy session of getting eaten out will drive a normal woman over the edge.

In addition to the increased sensations, the sense of smell is much more responsive to male pheromones which causes a breakdown in inhibitions in the frontal lobe as well as a building attraction to the male. In short, the hornier a guy is for her, the hornier she will become and will have less control of turning him down.

The third modification is the brains response to MSP or the major sperm protein, when exposed to a dose of a MSP which is present in a man’s cum, a changeling’s brain will release a heavy dose of dopamine. The layman’s explanation: if you cum in or on one of these bitches, they will feel like they are on a beach in Tahiti and that everything in the world is just right, but a couple of days later they will feel depressed and agitated and crave a shot of goo.

It’s a sinister trifecta designed by the Chinese to make sure even dominant males who were administered the process would behave like willing whores. The final modification is that the first man’s semen which the changling comes in contact with will trigger a “loyalty response” something like love, but more like ownership — making for a perfectly loyal whore. This is where our story begins…


A few months ago Matt was on top of the world, every bet he made was a win. Of course, things started to crumble and he started to amass a debt he could not pay off – on a double or nothing bet on the Patriots, who lost against all odds, in Superbowl XLVI he found himself in debt to the bookies for a million dollars. He was in deep shit and he knew it.

He felt the target on his head everywhere he went, the paranoia was eating away at him. When the goons caught up with him he almost felt a sense of relief, his run was over.

“Are you going to kill me?” Matt asked.

“No, the boss wants to see you to work something out.” One of them gruffly answered as he motioned to the limousine that had just pulled up. He felt like a lamb on it’s way to the slaughterhouse as he walked to the limo and climbed in alone.

“Good Morning Matt.” The boss said to him, his mouth was dry and he felt like he was going to shit his pants. “Calm the fuck down, I ain’t gonna hurt or kill you. You think your the first schmuck to get into me for a lot of bread? If I kill you, you aren’t worth shit — I want my money. Capiche?” He said as he opened up the small bar in the limo and pulled out two cans of beer he opened one and passed it to Matt. Unknown to Matt, the beer he was about to drink had been doped with a dose of gender-bending nanites.

“Y-yes sir…” He stammered, trying to keep cool.

“Drink up, you’re all tense. It’s gonna be alright – your going to work off your debt kid. See, we’ve come into something new and you’re going to try it out for us.”

Matt took a long drink almost draining half the can, his dry mouth and screwed up nerves could use a cold one right now. His mind worked up images of having to kill people, mule drugs or all kinds of other dangerous activities.

“What kind of work are we talking about?” Matt meekly asked.

The boss bellowed a belly laugh, “Well, we ain’t gonna have you off-ing people, if that’s what your worried about – you’re a total pussy! You got no poker face, so we can’t have you doing anything sneaky… Tell me Matt, what do you think you can bring to the organization?”

Matt took another drink, he felt strange tingling all over his body and thought a drink might help stave off the anxiety. “Well I went to school for accounting, I could be helpful with the books and stuff.” The tingling continued and was turning into a full on fever — he finished his beer. Then he confessed, “I feel really funny, I think I’m have a panic attack or something.” He felt the tingling grow from a passing feeling to a nagging pins and needles feeling and his body became numb, his vision went white as sweat poured from him.

The boss sat across from him, smiling in anticipation of the changes taking place in front of him. He saw the young man writhing as his body changed from that of a young slightly overweight man to a trim beautiful woman. First his bone structure changed, becoming smaller and more delicate and then the hair sprouted a blond crown and grew out to shoulder length. His face changed, the eyes elongated and the cheek-bones became high and pronounced — the face was taking on asian features. The asian attributes were off set by pale blue eyes and her golden hair. The body was covered in oversized clothes, even so, anyone could tell a nubile form lay underneath them.

During the transformation Matt saw nothing and felt nothing but painful numbness in the form of pins and needles all over his body. He did hear his own moans which changed from low guttural groans to higher pitched moans. The prickling subsided to a slight tingling and was going away as his vision returned the first thing he saw was feminine hands and blond hair hanging into his field of vision, he then felt he had breasts and his first reaction was to check his dick.

“Ahh! What the fuck did you do to me? I’m a woman” He looked at the powder-puff of ginger pubes where his manly junk used to be. He looked at the boss with terrified, pleading eyes.

The boss pulled out a handgun and pointed it squarely into Matt’s new face, “I wouldn’t kill you before, people would look for you. Now nobody knows who YOU are. If I were you I would co-operate or you’ll end up dead. OK?”

“Y-yes, I get it. B-but what happened? How’d you do this to me?”

“Don’t worry about it and don’t say anything to anyone or we’ll kill you — just do everything your told and we’ll change you back when you’ve paid off your debt. Start by taking off those clothes and putting this on.” He pulled a box out from under the seat and passed it to his captive. “From now on, we’ll call you Tamara. That’s your name.”

She opened the box and saw a sexy embroidered set of bra and panties laying on top of a pink sweat-suit. She looked up at the boss who was still aiming a gun at her.


She had no choice but it was the last thing she wanted to do, she didn’t want to see her new body and was afraid of what would happen when she was naked; however, she didn’t have the option. She grabbed the bottom of the men’s t-shirt that was three sizes to big for her, with the same gusto it takes to jump into ice cold water, she quickly pulled it over her head. She felt the shirt catch the bottoms of her new heavy breasts and it caused them to plop down one at a time within a second of each other — the sensation was alien as was the sight. Matt’s brain tried to grapple with what it was seeing. Two perfect tits, on the large side, sat above a pinched waist, flawless lightly tanned skin framed her pink pencil eraser nipples.

“Come here, let me see those…” He reached across the limo and his hands cupped the weight of the breasts, then gave them a squeeze and rubbed the nipples with his thumbs. This betrayed Matt’s brain with a jolt of sensuous pleasure which escaped Tamara’s mouth as a tickled “Ohh” and a giggle.

“Go on, let me see the rest.” The boss commanded.

Matt’s mind still reeled inside of this new body and the new sensation that he just felt from his breast, the changeling knelt down to take off the oversized pants, they were so big they fell off themselves. Matt’s mind jerked his new body back into his seat which allowed the pants to fall off completely.

“Not bad, honey.” He still held the gun but the boss was looking at his captive in a different way, like a hungry wolf. The boss’s new trophy sat totally nude and tied in a knot, crossing her legs tightly and leaning forward to cover her nipples. Trying to hide it not only from the leering eyes, but from her own mind which was trying to wrap itself around the situation. “Why don’t you put on the underwear I got you, maybe you’ll feel more comfortable?” He beckoned her with his gun.

Not like I have any options…

She lifted up the bra, it was pink with black embroidery and white lace, quite a piece of work. The tag read 32D, she put her arms through the straps and fumbled with the clasp behind her back.

“Lemme help” shifted herself to his side of the limo, on the other side of the same seat. She felt his rough hands secure the clasp, the bra lifted her boobs together and gave her bubbly cleavage. “Never put one of those ON before.” Gruffed the boss.

“A new one for both of us.” she said as she reached for the panties, but the boss arm restrained her from behind as the guns barrel rested on her jawbone. He pulled her into his lap, she sat bare-assed on his lap.

“Please don’t hurt me!” She uttered. She felt the boss’s hot mouth kiss her neck which filled her body with lust and her mind with disgust.

To be continued…

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