gender reassignment

Next morning saw a repetition of the previous morning with having to please Joanna orally. Morning sex was something that she had never gone for before, but now she was ceaseless in needing the pleasure and my servitude to her.

Unfortunately with the kids and work, the nail varnish had to come off my fingers and the boobs had to be released. However Jo insisted that I now wore panties and hose to work and she chose some neat Triumph black briefs that we had bought. She reminded me that I had to explore with the company opportunities for becoming more home based and to book the relevant appointments with line and Human Relations.

Things moved pretty fast on all accounts and I now step forward two months in Joanna (Jo’s) and my (Matt now Mattie)’s history.

My company was more than accommodating and welcomed an opportunity to move me into a ‘from home project consultancy’ capacity as it helped them with some line issues. I received a very healthy check for redundancy and a contract to enable me to establish myself as a contractor, and I was in the midst of taking the necessary holiday leave and statutory break to distant myself tax wise. This gave me the time for the family and to help Joanna ease back into her corporate advertising role, something her company was also thrilled to have in getting more of her time for them. Essentially, she worked in the office, or was on travel 3 to 4 days a week, and the rest of the time she worked from home. The study became essentially her office, and also a necessity for her considering that she now took on the day-to-day financial role of the family.

Not withstanding my payoff, we were financially in a far stronger position as Joanna was commanding a very good salary. We decided to push our bedroom into one of the old outhouses to give us more room, a new bathroom and to incorporate a private playroom cum second bedroom there. We had applied already for planning permission which was t prove easy to get as there was little outside modifications, other than windows.

The kids were thrilled with our changes and were getting use to their dad dropping them off and picking them up from school and in doing the errands. We white-lied a little too them that this was something Mum and Dad had been planning for a while.

Apart from the children and all that they entailed, my life was that of a housewife with the cooking, cleaning and laundry to perform, plus some time for my painting and also for beautifying myself; this included a daily ritual of ensuring my body was depilated and an enema or two, as well as two close cut, barber-razor, shaving of my ‘beard’. I was actually enjoying my more mundane role in life and was far happier. This probably showed through to the family and relatives.

Joanna had introduced me to her salons, and my presence for their wax treatments, manicures and other treatments, wasn’t considered out of the ordinary; well overtly it wasn’t. The one thing I didn’t have to tackle was the garden. Neither of us did this and we had an excellent girl, Louise, come in for this. Louise had her own gardening service business so that was a big time saver for us.

Our sex life continued on unabated and never slowed down; Joanna was wanting frequent oral servitude to her as the bare minimum. We were snatching any opportunities we had, coupled with fuller transformation sessions when the kids were out of the house. Joanna really relished her role as the dominant male-oriented one of the two of us and I just didn’t believe how far I had been allowed to come as her boy gurl, and very much as her wife.

Things were changing pretty fast and Joanna was relishing her dominant role, fixing up appointments and in stocking us up to be as true as we could in our roles.

She gave me a generous budget for clothing and day-to-day underwear and consumables, and then a beautification budget on top. She had promised that she would look after my ‘evening’ sexier wear, lingerie etc. Really these were items that she wanted to see me in and to tease her. Her taste was, very much, to see me wearing corsets, basques and playsuits complete with the requisite stockings, coupled with nice matching briefs. So my smalls drawers had really expanded rapidly as I was buying the daily essentials from Wacoal and Chantelle in particular, and she was adding in Rigby & Peller, La Senza, Aubdade, Fleur, Cosabella and niche designer such as Tallulah and Rosy.

In fact, with everything going on, we swapped our dressing room closets over. In doing this, I came back in one day to find that she had completely removed all my male underwear and associated items like swimsuits and sports wear.

“I hope that you are ok with this, Mattie, as it really is part of your transition and I want you wearing panties now 24-7 and no excuses for wearing any male underwear; male underwear or similar styles in female panties, well that is now my domain.”

Joanna continued,

“If you need to see the doctor or there’s a risk that men friends may see you, well then you have to choose panties that are plain in design and asexual. There’s plenty out there if you look. And really, you ought to slowly make them all realise that you are embracing your powerful femme side.”

For my fitness activities, therefore, I had to go out and buy female running shorts and tops.

Joanna had gone right through her old clothing from when she was much larger to help recover storage space for us. A lot of it had gone out to charity, however I inherited a number of her sweaters and blouses in particular, and some nice panties. These I enjoyed wearing, knowing that she too had been in them at some point.

From her own angle, and she didn’t mention this overtly that she was going to, she stopped wearing skirts, dresses and moved over to pants and roll neck sweaters, shirts and plain tops. From a lingerie perspective, she went for very plain bras that were heavily Lycra-based to try and flatten her breasts, as well as simply styled full brief panties in white or black. These had to be totally with no frills or lace. Then there were the male thongs and jockstraps that she had quickly loved to wear.

Her nightwear was nothing other than classic male jams with draw-strings, whereas I had a mix of nighties from her old collection, ones bought by us and female jammies, especially from Eberjay. My jammies fell into my purchase domain and were worn at night or first thing in the morning when the kids were in the house. Nothing was really said on that front.

The kids did pick up on some changes though, such as Joanna’s clothing. Two of the major step-changes had been performed the previous weekend and these had elicited response from them.

Firstly, Joanna had her hair restyled to a much shorter cut, still female but with a hint of boyishness to it. That got approval and they noted that my hair was a little longer and thicker now. This was only natural with the salon treatments I had been having. Nothing much more said on that front.

Secondly, on one of those visits out to the salon, Joanne had arranged that I should go on and get my ears pierced. So, with some trepidation, I had it done, and was now sporting two simple gold studs as the puncturing healed. That got comments but was focused more on who else at school fathers had them and why two, not one, to which I had responded that I had never liked the concept of just wearing one in the same ear all the time.

A third more subtle change was that Joanna had held to her promise of her jewellery. She now only wore her wedding ring and a family signet ring. She had kept back her engagement ring and a couple of other pieces but others we had taken to the jeweller together for sizing and then modification.

The jeweller had looked at us somewhat startled when Joanna said that “These are for Mattie here”, but he agreed to make the necessary adaption and did a pretty quick turnaround on adding the resizing. The principal ring I had to wear was Joanna’s eternity ring which was a band of five diamonds on platinum and that I wore as my engagement ring and, from then on, I wore it most of the time. A single solitaire was also adapted and that I wore on my left pinkie. And I had a number of bangles and bracelets adjusted too, as well as her gold charm bracelet.

So, an enormous amount of change had occurred in the two months since we went, together, down this different route; we were a lot happier in ourselves and our balance and roles in life at large. Things, however, were going to up a level in the days about to come.

It was my birthday in May and it fell on a Friday. The day was spent as normal. Joanna woke first as she was wont to do and immediately took her pyjama bottoms off and climbed on top of me to queen me and be sated with my tongue. Following this, I got up, put my robe over my cream jammies, teeth and a first shave, and went and awoke the kids. Then it was downstairs to make them breakfast and coffee for us. Joanna was working from home that day, so she went through to the study dressed in her men’s pyjamas and her male silk robe and quickly went through any overnight e-mails. We all assembled in the kitchen and there were cards and Happy Birthdays.

Breakfast over, Joanna went back to her study, I cleaned up and got a laundry load going. I went and changed for taking the kids to school. I chose a pair of pale light blue track-suit bottoms, a blue top and one of Joanne’s old sweaters.

The frenetic last minute dash for the kids took place and then I took them to school in the 4×4. And back to the house. Joanna stopped work and came through to give me a kiss on getting back.

“Mattie, why don’t you go and do your daily preparation and I will finish off my work here. I am going to suggest we go out to lunch even though we are out later with the children and, as you know, we have a long weekend away together tomorrow as your real birthday present from me. I want you dressed all female today and I’ll choose something for you to wear, and then we will get back here and down-tone you before the kids need picking up.”

“Ok honey, that sounds like a good plan.”

I went and did some small chores and got the laundry ready for ironing; we had a woman in the village who did that task at a very good price and far better than we ever could achieve. Also, I ensured that the kids rooms were clean and tidy.

With all this out of the way, I went to the bathroom and prepared my enema, just in case Joanna wanted to take me. With the right equipment in the bathroom now, it was a fairly quick task. While I was waiting for my flush to take place, I had a second close shave and ran a bubble bath. Then having got the flushing out of the way, I climbed into the bath and soaked myself before inspecting my legs and mons for any stubble. The fact that I was now having regular wax treatments helped minimise the need to use shaving or creams.

I lay there soaking in the bath in my shower cap and my mind turned to the extension design and fine-tuning of the storage area to ensure we had plenty of room and efficient use of space. Joanna had suggested two large closets for us, with mine effectively doubling current capacity and, then, we would have a third double-closet onto the new bedroom/private lounge/’playroom’ with the back part of it available for our increasing sex toy collection, and the front of it acting as camouflage by carrying our general storage. Work was beginning to progress on the outer conversion for the additional room.

I got out of the bath, dried off and made-up; no nail varnish, other than a plain coating. I went into the bedroom and there, laid out on the bed, was a new cream lacy bra, a bikini pair of panties, and tan pantyhose. Along with the lingerie was a caramel coloured blouse, a floral pattern beige and grey ‘swishy’ skirt and a bolero style jacket.

Shoes were a caramel court style pair. My jewellery was also laid out, the two rings, my necklace with its gold tag, “I am Joanna’s girl” and the gold charm bracelet. Joanna had also left a present there for me with a note, “Open First.”

Inside the present, I found two heavy gold chains both with tags “I am Jo’s;” the smaller one was for my ankle, she had specified my left ankle, and the larger one was a waist band. Their design was essentially four long gold links with a heavy ring on the four ‘quadrants’ and hinted at bondage.

I dressed and went to find Jo. She was already dressed in a tailored suit with a striped grey and white shirt on, no tie, black brogues. No make up, no jewellery other than a black strapped watch and her hair with its boyish cut. Even though her face was still feminine, she did have this petite young man image. We must have made quite a couple, even though our clothing and demeanour was quite elegant.

We locked the house up and got in the car. Jo drove and we headed off and ended up driving to Great Milton and the Manoir aux Quatres Saison. What a nice treat and the service was impeccable. Lunch chatter was very informal and general. Towards the end of the meal, Jo passed me two envelopes.

“Open them; they are the second part of your birthday present from me. Happy Birthday, Mattie.”

The first one was a voucher that she had made — “Twelve voice pitch lessons with Iona Harbing in Greater Missenden.” Jo commented, “Well Mattie, I hope that you agree that we should get you to learn to pitch your voice that much higher.”

“Yes, I do agree as it would much more easy to be out and about and not be so sotto voce or having to rely on you. Thank you, my love”

“Now the second envelope, Mattie.” Jo was much more twitchy about this one, I noticed.

I opened the envelope slowly, watching her. I pulled out the card and turned it over; it was a mini letter from her to me and I read,

“Dear Mattie,

First of all, I love you so much more as Mattie than Matt; I love you so much for all the changes in our lives and I think you will agree how much happier we both are. I enjoy being with you as Mattie, I enjoy and thank you for your loving care of me and the children and I far, far, more enjoy the romance and sex between us and the learning and development process there,

It is absolutely amazing how far we have come in three months since the day we sat down and talked about my suspicions of you. I thank you for your trust and patience and I am so grateful it has happened, not only for us and the family, but personally as you have let me increase my confidence and find out and understand more about my own sexuality.

There is so much more I/we have to discover both in terms of scenarios, play and people; you know my general fantasies and wants in this and I am sure you will be always involved and considerate to them, as you naturally, are so supportive. I too know most of yours. However, thank you for your honesty and trust with me. Whatever develops in the months and years to come, I love you and thank God for you as my partner and as my wife, Mattie.

I know that we have not really discussed the following that I am going to propose but I do have some inkling from where you are in your transformation and have researched the subject extensively. What I am talking about is that we should consider advancing you a higher plane of being female and that means starting a hormone treatment course soonest so we can develop your curvature, your skin suppleness, your hair thickness, your breasts and nipples and all the other benefits that accrue.

You know me; no time like the soonest and therefore your birthday present for the weekend ahead, will kick off with an assessment visit to Dr. Curtis at his Wimpole Street clinic in London tomorrow. As we, rather you, are private patients, I have an appointment at 12 if you are in agreement with this, of course.

Lovingly yours, Jo”

I was really surprised and looked at Jo.

“Jo, thank you. I am somewhat surprised, no shocked, as we have never really discussed this in depth.”

“Well I know that you have thought about it and done some research work.”

“That is true and I have fantasized about having breasts, better curvature and in being more of a woman for you.”

“How far would you really go?”

“I don’t know, Jo, certainly that far as to hormones and maybe some cosmetic surgery. If you are asking about full assignment, yes I have to say that it has been a pure fantasy but it is probably just that.”

“Well let us see where the path leads us and you know you have my full support.”

“Jo, it is so kind of you to offer this and, of course, I would love to develop my breasts. However, are you aware of the risks and especially possibly on my sex drive as they boost me with oestregen and suppress my testerone using anti-androgens. However, there is a benefit that I become more feminine in my emotions and when I do hit the high notes, it will be more as a female, i.e., in the brain.”

“Yes, I am aware and as you know I have done my research on it and also already questioned the clinic; yes, there are such risks and we must properly manage these for you. Also there is a risk in the results as we also don’t know how big your boobs or nipples will become; they may be just buds or you may become very full, and, being selfish, hopefully you will have Cs or above.”

Joanna continued on,

“Time will tell but two benefits we should see is even softer skin than you have and, of course, the feminine impact on your brain. The one thing is that Dr Curtis will properly assess you and dose you accordingly, and also lower the risks of things like cancer.”

“You are right, Jo, and I really look forward to it, and that you are there with me.”

“Well who knows where it may lead such as some facial cosmetic surgery to highlight your cheek bones and remove totally your epiglottis, not that this is that prominent. I’m not advocating an orchiectomy, yet; though it would help your oestregen to really kick in!”

“You are digging yourself a small hole Jo!,” I said,laughing. I held her hand and continued,

“Well, yes, I do want to proceed if you are comfortable with it all. One thing though, we are going to need to tell the family in its widest sense at some point.”

Joanna responded,

“I know that is the case and we will have to consider our timing and strategy carefully, though my suspicion is that they already know that big changes are afoot and they do know we are so content, so those are big positives.”

“And, oh by the way, we will still head out of London for our weekend. It just means we will have to be sharp in our timing tomorrow, so you may wish to pack when we get home.”

We finished off lunch, having really enjoyed the exquisite food, and our coffee, and Joanna paid the bill. We chatted incessantly about the potential treatment and where it would take me, and her, over the next few months — and also the family. It would mean that I could, with total freedom, dress and live as a woman.

We got back to the cottage in good time. Jo came round and took my hand and gave me a kiss.

“Happy Birthday, we’ve got a little time before we pick the kids up. I would love you to give me one of your special oral sessions, if you would?”

“Yes, Honey, how could I deny you, especially with your lovely presents. I love the waist and ankle chains you gave me and I shall always wear them.”

“As you should, as a small reminder that you are mine”

Jo led me through to the bedroom and, having kicked off our shoes, she helped me out of my jacket, blouse and skirt. I went to help her out of her suit and shirt. Underneath, she had one of her tight black bras on and a pair of the plain briefs.

“Onto the bed with you and into your usual position”

I obeyed Jo and she climbed on and stood over me. I just loved that position of control and dominance that she commanded. She let me contemplate my short term destiny for a few minutes and then slowly lowered her black briefs, letting them fall across my nose, and gave me a close-up of her still naked pussy area.

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