Chapter 7 – Get Over It

In the Perseus arm of the Milky Way Galaxy is a Globular Cluster known as M13. A huge gathering of thousands of stars, one hundred light years wide.

Hidden within, amongst its’ blazing bright light, was the secret base of the Resistance. The base consisted of a mass of different Star Ships joined together in a jagged spherical shape, its’ outer surface constantly changing as ships came and went.

Its’ occupants had nicknamed the makeshift Space Station Sunnydale.

A Drummond Cargo Hauler, buried within, had been fitted out as a gym. It housed a holo-shed which incorporated Alien Technology, making it one of the most advanced in the galaxy.

Streek was in the gym, flat on her back on a weight bench, dressed in her black gi that Makita made her, straining as she lifted a barbell up over her large breasts. Bernie appeared over her. “Hey there! Need someone to spot you?”

“No, I was doing fine on my own. …ngh!”

“Well, I was getting tired of drinking on my own, I might as well work out with you.”

“If you want. …ngh!”

“I thought you’d be in the holo-shed.”

“They’re using it to …ngh, train some recruits.”

Streek brought the bar down again and grit her teeth as her face tensed up as she struggled to lift it again.

“Here, I’ll get that.” said Bernie, going to grab the bar.

“No!, I got it! …Nnnnnaagh!” Streek groaned and strained as she slowly lifted the heavy barbell up, when her arms straightened again, Bernie helped her put it back onto the rack.

Streek sat up again, sweat ran down her red face, she rubbed her sore arms. “I gotta get stronger,” she said. “That’s only fifty kilos. I wasn’t that strong when I was a man, now I’m a girl I’m even weaker.”

Bernie looked at her, “Right, you’re weaker, that’s why you had your male copy running scared.”

Streek didn’t say anything to that.

“They had you chained up Streek, It wouldn’t have mattered how strong you were.”

“I know that.” said Streek, her expression darkening.

“Move over girl, I wanna go, will you spot me?”

“If you want.”

Bernie laid down on the bench and lifted the barbell then started pressing, she didn’t seem to have any trouble with the weight.

“Have you ever done that before?” asked Streek.

“Back at the Academy, not by choice.”

“Why did you leave?”

“Are you kidding? I fuckin’ hated it. …nngh, I could see it in my Dads eyes too, he hated being a Fed. Bunch of Ass-holes!”

“Yeah, Ass-holes.” said Streek.

Ben reached a point where she had the barbell down and was straining to lift it too. “Gnnh …Nnnngaah …Spot!”

Streek grabbed the bar and helped her to lift it up to the rack again. “See Streek, nothing wrong with getting a little help now and then. Even Rocky Balboa got help from Apollo Creed to defeat Clubber Lang.”

Streek walked off to a nearby punching bag and started throwing some fast punches. The strong blows knocked the hanging bag around. Bernie went over and held it as Streek laid into it.

“This sucks!” said Streek as she struck out. “We should be out there, looking for that damn Pod!”

“I’m with you there, but the Doc doesn’t even want to talk to me. Why doesn’t he just get over it, so we can get on with it?”

Streek did a hard roundhouse kick, knocking Bernie back a step. “I’ve got half a mind to take the Avatari out there myself.”

Bernie looked around the bag at her, “Do you want to?”

“Bernie …look there’s Makita.”

The white plated android was walking through the gym toward them. As she approached, Bernie said, “There she is, our droid in shining armour. How are you Mak?”

“I am functioning well, thank you Bernadette. Doctor Arnott and General Bolton request the presence of both of you aboard the Angelina.” she said in her monotone androgynous voice.

“Now they want to talk. It’s about time.” said Streek.

“Yeah, they better be telling us we’re moving out again. Come on Streek, we don’t wanna keep them waiting.”

Streek was all sweaty and still wearing her black gi, Bernie was wearing a maroon track-suit. They didn’t shower or get changed and just followed the android out of the gym.

“Hey Makita, there’s something I wanted to ask you.” said Streek as they walked along. “When you entered the Resolve to come and rescue us, were you scared at all? …y’know that you’d be destroyed?”

“I do not feel scared. I do not feel any human emotions …sometimes that makes me sad.”

Streek and Bernie looked at each other. “Was that a joke?” asked Bernie.

“Yes, I have observed the use of humour, with some people, and in some situations, it is appreciated.”

“Ha ha!, ‘sometimes that makes me sad’, good one Mak!” laughed Bernie.

“I prefer you talking like this.” said Streek. “The other ways the Doc had you talking made you sound stupid.”

“Yes.” said Makita.

Bernie looked her over. “If you can learn to crack a joke, then perhaps you can develop your own personality, rather than those fake ones the Doc has been programming into you.”

“I was not designed to develop my own personality. It serves no purpose.”

“Yeah, you were built by the Federation, they hate individual personalities, I know.” said Bernie. “But you should work on that personality thing Mak, crack more jokes, swear if things don’t go your way, and if you get sick of people ordering you around, tell them where to go.”

“Where is that?” asked Makita.

“You’ll work it out. I’ll have a word to the Doc about it.”

“I will take that under consideration.”

“Just as long as you don’t call me slut, or honey, or dude. I want you to call me Streek.”

“You got it, …Dudette!”

They boarded the Angelina and Makita lead them to General Boltons’ office. Doctor Arnott was there standing in a corner and the General was sitting behind his clean and ordered semi-circular desk.

They could see a couple of 3D holo-pics on his desk, one was of Mia and Zac, the other was of a beautiful red-headed woman, Streek assumed it was Angelina, his dead wife.

“General, Doctor.” said Bernie in way of greeting.

“Hello girls, please take a seat.” said General Bolton gesturing to the chairs in front of his desk. “Thank you Makita, that will be all.”

Makita nodded and left the room. Bernie and Streek sat down. “Sorry about our attire General.” said Streek. “…We were working out.”

“That’s fine,” said the General, regarding them with his intense eyes. “I wanted to tell you both that we’re sorry.”

“Oh?” said Bernie.

“You have a background of freighting cargo through systems. We drew you into our highly dangerous world of covert operations against an extremely powerful, ruthless enemy. We assumed that implanting a few experience sets would make you ready for this dangerous mission. I see now that it was a bad call, you were almost killed, and went through a terrible ordeal.”

“Hold on a minute!” said Bernie, “…You’re making it sound like we were in over our heads and screwed up big time. I think we both handled ourselves well on New Heidi. We found our Sires quickly and stayed under the Feds’ radar, and I got us the Intel we were after. We had no way of knowing the Pirates would show up like they did, if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have been captured.”

“If you had not wilfully chosen to disobey a clear and direct order from your Commanding Officer, you wouldn’t have been captured. That’s what this is about Anders.”

“I made a judgement call in the field. I thought that Ben Anders and his clones would be useful to the Resistance as allies.”

“Your ‘judgement call’ put our whole operation at risk. You forced Dr. Arnott to make what was by far our boldest attack on the Federation. He disabled several Federation Cruisers, and your escape was nothing short of a bloodbath. The Federation will not take this lying down!”

“I’m sorry General, okay?! For the record, Streek was against what I did. I basically threatened her to get her to come along.”

“No, I made my choice.” said Streek.

“We know what happened. We’ve decided it would be best if the two of you didn’t go out on any more missions. You’re to stay here at the base, at least until the Cloning Pod is recovered. I will assign other operatives to work with Dr. Arnott.”

“That’s Bullshit!” cried out Streek.

“General, you can’t do this!” said Bernie. “I’ll accept whatever punishment you got, but we gotta go out there again. You know how important the Cloning Pod is to us.”

“This isn’t a matter of punishment. I think the two of you have been punished enough. It’s a matter of trust, we no longer trust you in the field.”

“Then how can we earn your trust again?”

“By doing as you’re ordered. Anders, our engineering department is always flat out repairing and modifying our fleet, they would be glad to have someone of your abilities. McKenzie, the Doctor has gifted you with extensive combat experience, you can assist Sergeant Takoshi in training our recruits.”

“Please General,” said Streek, “…we feel it now, the burning hatred for the Federation that I know you feel.” She nodded to the holo-pic of Angelina, “…You can’t ground us now, we need to be out there doing all we can.”

“I don’t need wild dogs out there looking for pay-back. I need disciplined soldiers who do what’s required of them.”

“We’ll follow orders, I promise.”

“I’ve made my decision, that’s all I have to say on the matter.”

Streek looked over at Dr. Arnott, “Is that how you feel Doc? You don’t trust us?”

“It is. I’m sorry Lisa.”

“Can you at least bring us up to date with what’s going on? With what your next move is?” said Bernie. The General and Dr. Arnott stayed quiet for a moment. “Come on, I was the one who got you the intel on this Amos Chong guy, have you found him?”

“A couple of our agents tracked him down. They were killed in action. It seems Chong is quite skilled with the weapons he sells.” said General Bolton sadly.

“We can take him down,” said Streek. “Come on, you need us to capture him.”

“No we don’t. Chong is a known associate of the Steel Sharks Pirate Faction.”

“Do you think he sold the Cloning Pod on to the Pirates?” asked Bernie.

“It seems likely. Mia and Zac have confirmed rumours that the Pirate Alliance has reformed, under the leadership of a man known as Skylar, of which we know very little. They are hunting down Xenoform Technology as well.”

Dr. Arnott walked forward and spoke up, “If the Pirates have the Cloning Pod, it’s a very dire situation indeed. They would have the means of creating a powerful army. With it they would go about seizing territory and full scale war with the Federation would be inevitable.”

“The Galaxy will bleed.” said General Bolton, “…and with Alien Technology coming into it, it’ll be a war the likes of which has never been seen. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but the human race may not even survive such a war. The Final War!”

“Do you know why the Steel Sharks attacked the Facility?” asked Bernie.

“I have a theory.” said Dr. Arnott. “I remember you mentioning a book authored by my former colleague, Dr. Gascoyne.”

“The instruction manual for the Cloning Pod?”

“Yes, I think that perhaps it wasn’t sold with the Pod. The Pirates need it to work out how to use the machine.”

“You think it was still onboard the Clubber Lang?, the Feds didn’t find it?”

“I think perhaps the Pirates thought it was still on the Clubber Lang. They planned on taking the ship and finding it, and when you disabled the main security system, they seized the opportunity.”

“I see.” said Bernie.

“That means that for the time being, they don’t know how to use the Cloning Pod.”

“And the Clubber Lang is not only going to be hunted down by the Federation, but by the Pirate Alliance as well. General, you need to let us go out there, I can find the Lang and at least we will have that book.”

“No, I told you, you’re to stay here.”

“But General, you need…”

“You’ve been given your orders, I want you to report to Lieutenant Roughen in the Engineering Section at zero seven hundred tomorrow morning, that’ll be all Anders.”

Bernie and Streek reluctantly left the Generals’ office, they were both pissed off. Doctor Arnott came out behind them, “Bernie, Lisa wait up, there’s another matter I wanted to discuss with you.”

“What’s up Doc?”

“Well, I just wanted to know how you were doing. …I know you both had a very rough time on the Resolve, I feel terrible about that, I feel somewhat responsible for you, you know.”

“You helped us get out of there before things got far worse. We’re very grateful Doc.” said Streek.

“Yes, but still it must be a terrible burden for you to bear. I wanted you to know that there is something I could do to help you out with that.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know that with the mind-write device I can load experience directly into your mind. I can also go in and remove experiences as well, things that might be hard for you to come to terms with, like sexual assault and torture.”

“You’re saying you can wipe our memories of getting raped?” said Bernie.

“Yes, I’m telling you that it’s possible, the decision is, of course, up to you. Alternatively you could talk with Makita, she’s a qualified councillor you know.”

“Of coarse she is,” said Streek. “The droid with a thousand professions.”

“Well, think about it, and discuss it with each other. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.” Doctor Arnott went back into the Generals office, leaving the girls standing there.

“Well, …do you wanna go and get a drink?” said Bernie.

“I’m going back to the gym, I need to punch something.”


That night, Streek was there again. Chained up and naked in the interrogation room. Several dark, indistinguishable figures were all around her.

She struggled against her bonds but was helpless as they kept on hurting her. Then she saw the face of one of her attackers, it was male Streek, and he was laughing at her. Then all of them were male Streek, laughing at her and continuing to hurt her.

Streek suddenly jolted up from her bed in her dark quarters, she was covered in sweat and panting. Stupid clone mind, I’m not there anymore, I escaped!

Then Streek noticed that the door to her quarters was open, there was a dark figure there in the room with her.

Streek quickly reacted, lashing out with a kick, hitting the person. She pounced from the bed, tackling them to the ground. “Aaaargh …Streek Stop! It’s me!” cried out Bernie just a Streek was about to punch her face.

“Ben?!! …Bernie!” Streek got off of her. “Drakk Bernie, what are you doing?”

“I… I just …wanted to be with you.”

“Fuck, I was about to take your head off. …I don’t want to have sex with you, okay?!”

“No, …I …just want …will you hold me?” There was something in her voice that made her sound really vulnerable.

Streek got up and got back into bed. “Yeah, come on.” she said.

Streek was laying on her side on the bed. Bernie got in and pressed her body up against her so that they were spooning. She was wearing her panties and a flimsy singlet.

Streek put her arm around her and could feel the warmth of Bernies’ body against hers’. Perhaps it was what she needed too, after her bad dream. “Thanks Streek.” Bernie said softly to her.

“That’s okay. Sorry about hitting you.”

“No, It was my fault. …I wish I was strong like you.”

“What? You’re the strong one, nothing ever phases you.”

“I wish that was true. Back …there, when I woke up and you weren’t there, I was so fuckin’ scared. And then they took me into that room and I saw those guys …raping you. I was shattered. But then you fought Streek, you fought like a fuckin’ demon and you set me free.”

“You fought too Bernie, and it was the Doc who set us free.”

There was a moment of silence between the two of them and then Bernie said, “Are you going to take the Doc up on his offer?”

“I don’t know. I just… I need to think about it.”


The two of them fell silent again. Streek could smell Bernies’ hair, hear the steady rhythm of her breathing, and feel her soft warm flesh pressed against her. Eventually she drifted off to sleep again with Bernie in her arms.

The next morning Streek headed into the large, empty cargo bay of a ship located near the gym. There were ten young men and women lined up in the middle of it wearing white gis.

Sergeant Takoshi was standing in front of them, talking, giving them an introduction to unarmed combat. Streek was wearing her own black gi. She approached the group, feeling a bit anxious.

The Sergeant stopped talking when he saw her. “You’re late recruit. What’s your name?”

“Lisa McKenzie Sir…”

“That’s Sergeant Recruit, …not Sir!”

“I’m not a recruit, General Bolton sent me here to assist you in instructing the recruits.”

Sergeant Takoshi was a square jawed Asian man in his forties, his hair was short and dark grey, he wasn’t much taller than Streek. He had the look of a tough, disciplined military man.

“Did he now?” The Sergeant looked her over, she could feel the eyes of all the recruits on her as well. “…How old are you?”

One week. “I’m twenty years old.”

“Have you instructed in CQC before?”


“Close Quarters Combat. Are you sure you’re in the right place?”

“No and yes.”

“No and yes?”

“No, I haven’t instructed before, and yes, I’m in the right place.” she heard some of the recruits snickering.

“And how long have you been practicing martial arts Miss McKenzie?”

“Uh, honestly …about four days, but…”

“Drakk! What’s Bolton doing to me?!” Most of the recruits laughed.

One of the recruits spoke up, he was a big guy who stood around six and a half feet tall, he had short brown hair, and was around twenty as well. “I have a black belt in Karate Sergeant. I’m not gunna learn anything about fighting from someone I can wipe the floor with. It’ll just be a waste of my time.”

Streek stared hard at him. He gave her a mocking smile and stared at her breasts. “Sergeant, would it be all right if I demonstrated my qualifications to this recruit?”

“Sure, I’d like to see this.” said Sergeant Takoshi smiling.

Streek stepped forward, “Come on then, what’s your name recruit?”

“Ryan Olsen. I generally don’t like beating up girls. How about I take you out on a date instead? You would like that much better.”

“I seriously doubt that.”

The other students watched in interest as the two of them faced off against each other, the man was over a foot taller and had forty kilos on her.

“I’m interested to see what you both can do.” said Sergeant Takoshi, “…Begin.”

Ryan came at her straight away, striking out with his fists and feet. Obviously he wanted to take her down quickly in front of his classmates.

Streek was dodging his blows with ease. She knew Karate backwards, his every move was so predictable. Ryan continued to lash out at her, but was only hitting air as Streek moved about.

“Raaaah!, stay still you bitch!” His attacks got more frenzied and Streek just continued to dodge every blow without striking back.

“Have we started fighting yet Ryan?” Streek teased him. The other recruits laughed. She was enjoying humiliating the big meat-head, he reminded her of the big jocks that used to pick on her when she was a wimpy boy in high-school.

Ryan came at her again, and she dodged his attacks. Then he managed to grab her by the front of her gi with both hands. Streek quickly raised her arms and knocked his arms wide apart, leaving him wide open. She gave a single quick jab to his nose. He cried out and stumbled back, clutching his face.

“Aaaagh, you bitch!, I think you broke by dose.” said Ryan as blood streamed down from his nose.

The other students were staring with great interest. Streek realised the front of her gi had come loose and part of her boobs were exposed, she quickly closed it up, blushing with embarrassment.

Ryan wiped the blood on his gi. He was furious now. He ran at her, and Streek gave a low sweeping kick that sent him crashing into the floor.

Ryan quickly got up and came at her again, once again he struck out at her with his fists and feet but only hit the air. Streek danced around him and kicked the back of his knees, sending him down to the floor again.

He got up, and was soon sent crashing to the floor again. “Oh that’s right, you did say something about wiping the floor earlier, didn’t you?” The others laughed again, making Ryan more furious.

“Fuckin’ slut!!, I’ll beat that smile off your bitch face!” He got up again and came at her, this time instead of just dodging, Streek got in close, blocking his blows. He was strong. She gave a big uppercut, sending him stumbling back. That’s for calling me a slut!

“That’s enough!” Sergeant Takoshi said loudly. “I think you’ve made your point Miss McKenzie. Four days my ass! It looks like we have another Mia Bolton.”

“Yes Sergeant.” said Streek bowing to him. The other recruits all clapped, impressed with what they saw.

“NO! We’re not finished!” said Ryan rushing up behind her. Streek quickly twisted her body and then threw him over her shoulder, sending him crashing to the ground once again. Sergeant Takoshi stood over him.

“I said that was enough Olsen. I think you would have fared better if you had kept a cool head. Now go and see the infirmary about your nose.”

Ryan got up again and stormed out of the cargo bay, clutching his broken nose. Streek looked around, the other recruits seemed to be looking at her with more respect now, she liked it.

Sergeant Takoshi regarded her coolly, then turned back to his students. “Now where was I before all that?”

A black haired male student spoke up, “I think you were telling us why this stuff is important Sergeant.”

“Right. You all know about Xenoform Technology. It’s a game changer. It’s likely you will one day come up against an enemy who is using it, and you may not truly know what they are capable of. Maybe they will be capable of rendering your weapons useless.”

“I’ve seen that first hand,” added Streek. “I had to fight my way out of a Federation Cruiser where every single electronic system was disabled.”

“That was you?” said Sergeant Takoshi looking at her. “Everyone in the Resistance is talking about it.” Streek nodded and the Sergeant turned back to his students.

“So, when your weapons are disabled, all you have to rely on are your fighting skills. You need to train to be a better fighter than your enemy, because one day, your life might depend on it.”

“…We’re going to start with the basic punches, kicks and blocks, nothing too advanced. Can you manage that Miss McKenzie?”


Sergeant Takoshi continued to lecture them for a little while. They split off into two groups to practice the CQC techniques. The Sergeant had given Streek the four girls to train. Streek made a point of remembering their names; Jennifer, Kira, Levana and Toni.

“You were awesome!” said Kira, a young and pretty, tanned brunette. “That Ryan is a jerk, I’m glad you put him in his place.”

“Yeah, how did you keep dodging him like that?” said Jennifer, a taller blonde.

“You just gotta watch your opponent carefully,” said Streek. “He was broadcasting his moves and being way too predictable. Now come on, let’s get into a basic fighting stance, raise your forearms so that they’re protecting your head…”

After they had practiced for a while, Ryan came back into the cargo bay. He had a white plaster in the middle of his face. Streek saw the Sergeant talking to him.

Soon Ryan came over to where Streek and the girls were. “Sensei,” he said to her, looking at the floor. “I apologise for being disrespectful earlier.”

“…Okay,” said Streek. “I’m sorry for breaking your nose. Do you want to join the lesson Ryan?”

“Yes, …thank you.”

Ryan joined them, and followed Streeks’ instructions without saying much else. Eventually the lesson was over and Sergeant Takoshi dismissed the students.

“Tomorrow we will be in the holo-shed. I want to test the abilities of each of you, be prepared for a few bumps and bruises.”

The recruits left the cargo bay and Sergeant Takoshi turned to Streek. “Well Miss McKenzie, you seemed to do okay for your first time instructing, you know what you’re talking about at any rate.”

“Thank you Sergeant.”

“And the students were impressed with your little display at the start.”

“But not you?”

“You seemed intent on showing off and wasting time, I want to know if you’re able to kill your enemies quickly and without hesitation.”

“I can. I’ve killed Federation men.”

Sergeant Takoshi smiled, “That’s right, the Federation Cruiser. Then you’re Okay by me. Where are you from?”


“Oh, a Darion girl, you know most of the Resistance members come from outer-rim planets. I’m from Shoulken.”

“I’m a citizen of the Galaxy. I’ve travelled a lot, never been to Shoulken though.”

“No real reason why you should, it’s just an insignificant, lightly populated world, out on the Cygnus arm.”

“You’re another Veteran of the Civil War right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. I’ve been serving under General Bolton for some time. Knocked back plenty of offers of promotion to officer, I’m a working man. After we lost the war, I helped pick up the pieces and form this ragtag group.”

“…What’s your discipline?, It was hard to tell from your fight earlier, I would guess Jeet-Kune-Do, but there was also a bit of Judo and Boxing.”

“Yeah those.”

“You’re trained in all three styles?”

“Actually, I’m a master of sixty-four different fighting styles.”

Sergeant Takoshi looked at her in disbelief, “You’re kidding!”

“Sergeant, there’s something you should know about me; I’m a clone.”

“A clone? …like Doctor Arnott?”

“Yeah, like him. I really have only been doing Kung-Fu for four days. My Prowess doesn’t come from years of hard work and dedication. I just had it all downloaded into my brain. I feel like a bit of a fraud.”

“I see, that’s really quite amazing. How many of you are there?”

“How many of me?”

“How many clones, in the Resistance?”

“Oh, there’s me, and the Doc, and my friend Bernie, she just started out in the Engineering Section.”

“Well I’m glad to have you here assisting me Miss McKenzie, but next time don’t be late.”


That night, Bernie and Streek had dinner with Dr. Arnott aboard the Avatari. The Doctor had been quite busy, and they hadn’t seen much of him.

“Do you like the meal girls?” Dr. Arnott asked.

“iss good.” said Bernie with a mouthful of the Risotto.

“Yeah, I like it.” said Streek.

“Yes, Makita is also a good cook, of course. I couldn’t even cook a piece of toast right.”

“I’m the same,” said Streek. “But Bernie’s pretty good at cooking.”

Bernie swallowed her mouthful of food, “Yeah, well, when you’re travelling between the stars you’ve got a lot of time to kill. I got sick of all the bland premades. I like spicy meals, …this stuff is good too.”

“You gotta love that android,” said Streek. “One day she’s making you a pair of pants, the next she’s in Commando mode, saving your ass, and then the next day she’s making you a nice meal.”

“Indeed, I don’t know where I’d be without Makita. Oddly enough, she made a joke about my height today.”

“She’s just trying out her sense of humour Doc, let her run with it.” said Bernie.

“Could she join us?” asked Streek.

“She doesn’t need to eat.” said Dr. Arnott.

“I know, but she could come and talk with us.”

“hmm, you can invite her to join us if you want.”

“Hey Mak!” Streek called out.

Makita came into the room. “How can I be of assistance Streek?”

“Would you like to join us?”

“For what purpose?”

“Uh, …social interaction.”

“I see. Yes I will join you.” Makita sat down at the table with perfect posture. Her head turned, and she looked at Streek with her white, emotionless face.

Streek noticed that her grey eyes blinked now and then. The blinking probably had no purpose other than to imitate human faces. “So, how was your day?” asked Streek.

“Is there anything in particular about my activities within the previous twenty four hour cycle that you wish to know about?”

“Uh, …no. Just generally.”

“Generally, my day has been productive. I have accomplished many tasks.”

“Hey, that’s great. I’m happy for you.”

“How was your day?” asked Makita.

“Not bad, I made some new friends. Always better than making new enemies. Do you consider me to be your friend Mak?”

“Doctor Arnott has instructed me to aid you where I can.”

“Yeah, but would you care if I just dropped dead?”

“Your death would be unfortunate.”

“Great! We’re friends then, the robot and the clone.”

Dr. Arnott seem interested and amused by the conversation, “How did the Unarmed Combat training go this morning Lisa?”

“Pretty good. I’m a natural teacher. You should have seen me teaching some knuckle-head a lesson.” Bernie chuckled.

“And how about you Bernadette?”

“They’re a good bunch of grease-jockeys down there in the Engineering Section. I got along with them just fine, and some of the upgrades and ships they had me working on were really cool. It would suit me to a T, except…”

“except what?” asked Dr. Arnott.

“Except I can’t shake the feeling that I shouldn’t be there, I should be out looking for the damn Pod.”

“Yeah me too.” said Streek.

“We have had that discussion. You’ve made your position very clear on this, and so have the General and I.”

“You’re making the wrong call. Things are on a knife edge right now, you should be using good resources like me and Streek.”

“We are. The General has made his decision, let’s not talk of it any more.”

There was a moment of silence as they ate their dinner. Finally Streek broke the silence. “Have you heard anything from Mia and Zac?”

“You missing her?” said Bernie.

“I’m worried about them.”

“They’re fine, they reported in this morning.” said Dr. Arnott. “They’re heading back with another Pirate prisoner.”

“Oh?, who have they got this time?”

“Someone high up in the Piranha Faction, hopefully he can provide some valuable intel.”

“Are you still holding Naeme?” asked Streek.

“Yes, he’s still a prisoner. You have some history with him, don’t you?”

“You’ve viewed my memories, you should know.”

“Yes, though I haven’t viewed every small detail of your life. I know that memory has had a profound impact on you. Have you given any thought to what I proposed earlier.”

“Yeah, I’ve thought about it a lot. …It’s Thursday night, one week and one day ago this morning, I was created. I was created with twenty years worth of memories in my head, and had a load of other experience loaded in there as well. The experiences I had during the week are mine, even if some of it was really fucked up. I don’t want to go wiping out parts of me, even if they are painful memories, I’ll just learn to deal with it. So thanks for trying to help Doc, but I’ll pass.”

“Okay, that is your decision Lisa. Do you feel the same way Bernadette?”

Bernie looked down at her plate and stirred the Risotto around with her fork. “Yeah, I guess. What she said is the same for me too. We’re in this together.” Streek looked over at her and smiled.

“I have arranged some nice accommodation for you in the womens’ quarters on the Kotor II, I’m sure you will like it.” said Dr. Arnott.

Bernie and Streek looked at him, surprised. “New quarters?” said Streek.

“Yes, you can’t stay aboard the Avatari, we are departing tomorrow morning. Our top stealth craft is needed for Recognisance in Pirate territory, with the objective of discovering the location of the Xenoform Cloning Pod.”

“Take us with you Doc.” pleaded Bernie.

“Bernadette, how many times must I say it, that’s not going to happen.”

“You said you wanted to help us,” said Streek. “Getting out there again will help us, not wiping our memories.”

“I’m sorry girls. Not this time.”

“If you don’t want me aboard the Avatari, that’s fine,” said Bernie. “But tell General Bolton that I can find Ben Anders and the Clubber Lang. I think like him, I’ve got the same mind. If the Pirates find him first and recover that book, they can start using the Cloning Pod. All I need is to borrow a small craft, there’s a few that are suitable in the engineering section.”

“You are persistent aren’t you?” said Dr. Arnott, “…I will tell General Bolton what you said, but it’s up to him.”

“You and Mak aren’t going out there alone are you?” asked Streek.

“Why not, we were operating alone when we met you.”

“Mia told me I had to watch out for you.”

“That’s not your responsibility Lisa. I’ll be fine.”

“I will watch over the Doctor, as always,” said Makita. “I will do everything I can to ensure no harm comes to him.”

“Good luck to both of you then.” said Streek miserably.

Later that night, Streek slept in her quarters in the Avatari for what would probably be the last time in a while. Bernie slept beside her in her bed again.

Streek thought that it was going to be pretty awkward when they were both guys again, after they had cuddled and slept together and had sex back on New Heidi.

She worried that they wouldn’t be able to recover the Cloning Pod, then they would be stuck in these female bodies for the rest of their lives. She would learn to live with it, but she really wanted her old body back more than anything.

She found herself thinking about Captain Clevens. She didn’t know how many people she had killed on the Resolve and at the Impound Facility in Rodfern. Clevens’ face was the one she saw.

It was a powerful thing to hate someone so much you want to kill them, and then to do it. Even though he was dead she was still filled with hatred and anger toward him. She felt that it had changed her, she was a killer now.

These thoughts kept Streek awake well into the night. She could hear Bernies’ soft breathing next to her and feel the warmth of her body. Part of her wanted to blame her for everything that happened, another part was just glad that she was here with her. Eventually she managed to drift off to sleep.

The next morning, Bernie and Streek said their goodbyes to Dr. Arnott and Makita. “Take care out there Doc.” said Streek, bending down and giving him a hug.

“I will, you two take care of yourselves as well.”

“Stay out of trouble Mak.” said Bernie.

“Not possible, considering the company I keep.” said the android.

“Did you talk to the General about my proposal Doc?”

“Yes, I’m sorry Bernie, he’s not giving you clearance to leave the base yet.”

“Drakk it!” said Bernie in frustration.

They stood there and watched the Avatari lift off and fly out through the atmospheric shields and disappear into the bright light. Both girls’ hearts sunk as it left without them.

They were standing in the huge docking bay with all their possessions, which wasn’t much. They each had a bag with a couple of changes of clothes, their TABs and their Champion Ruby laser hand-guns, souvenirs from the Resolve.

“Do you still want to steal a ship and get out there again Streek?” said Bernie.

“What? I never said I wanted to do that. Don’t do anything stupid Bernie. These people took us in when we had nowhere else to go, and I want to be part of their fight against the Federation.”

“Yeah, but we should be out there, why can’t they see that?”

“Just sit tight okay. The General will come around.”

“I hope so, but the longer we wait, the harder it will be.”

“Oh Shit!, I gotta be at the holo-shed. Sergeant Takoshi will be shitty with me if I’m late again. I’ll see ya later Bern.”

“Yeah, See ya. I suppose I better front up to work as well, I was due there an hour ago.”

Streek ran to the gym, quickly got changed into her black gi and then arrived in the holo-shed just as the recruits were arriving.

Sergeant Takoshi had them fighting a blue ninja holobot, of steadily increasing difficulty, to see where they were at.

Streeks’ girls did fairly well, particularly Kira and Levana. Ryan was told he couldn’t fight with his broken nose, and he wasn’t very happy about it, but he continued to be respectful toward Streek.

After the students were dismissed, Sergeant Takoshi wanted to test Streek out with his most difficult holo-sim exercise. Luckily he ran his exercise with the safeties enabled. It took a few attempts, but Streek beat it, and the Sergeant seemed impressed.


Later that day, Streek had showered and changed and was heading to her new accommodation. Bernie approached her as she was waiting for the turbo lift.

“Hey girlfriend, how was your day?” said Bernie.

“I got shot in the head.”

“One of those days, eh?”

“What do you have there?” asked Streek, looking at a small white case Bernie was carrying.

“It’s a surprise.”

“I hate surprises.”

“Well, there’s good surprises, and there’s bad surprises.”

“So which one is that?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“I hate you.”

They took the turbo lift down to the ‘Kotor II’, a Star Ship that had been fitted out as the womens’ quarters. When they arrived onboard Streek saw Kira standing in the hallway, she was pressing something against her face. She saw Streek and came over to them.

“Hi Miss McKenzie, do you live here too?”

“We’re just moving in, this is my friend Bernie. Bernie this is one of my students, Kira.”

“Hi, nice to meet you.” said Kira.

“Your pretty,” said Bernie. “Do you like girls?”


“Bernie!” scolded Streek. “She’s just fucking with you Kira.”

“Oh, …I’m not as pretty as I was.” She moved her hands away from her face showing them a big bruise on her cheek. She showed them a dark rock in her hand. “Cold-rock, supposed to help the swelling go down.”

“I prefer to use nanobots.” said Bernie.

“How do you think I went today Miss McKenzie? I kept my guard up like you showed us.”

“You did quite well Kira. Sergeant Takoshi thinks so too, he told me.”

Kira smiled at her, it was a beautiful smile. “Just moving in eh? can I show you two around? I’d love to.”

“Yeah, that’ll be good, thanks Kira.”

Kira showed them around the Kotor II, there was a large communal bathroom, a mess with several tables and chairs set up and kitchen facilities, a recreation room with a pool table and large holo-vid table, a bio-dome where there were many different plants growing and even a dome for smoking.

Streek was assigned room twenty two and Bernie was opposite her in room twenty three. The quarters were nice enough, fairly roomy with a large bed and storage space and a small ensuite with a toilet, sink and shower.

The girls had a premade for dinner in the mess, then they both settled into their quarters. Streek was reading up on the Pirate Alliance on her TAB.

It was the great charismatic leader, Nexius Cley, who brought the Pirate factions together. Apparently it was a tremendous feat to form the Alliance, since the Pirate factions had been waring with each other for centuries.

The Alliance had supposedly been destroyed when the Federation retaliated for the raid on the Denascus facility, and Nexius Cley was killed. Now she had been told that the Pirate Alliance had reformed, under the leadership of this Skylar person. She couldn’t find any information on him at all. They have my Cloning Pod!

The Steel Sharks were the largest and most powerful Pirate faction. There were also the Krakens, Piranhas, Stingrays, Killer Crocs, Tiger Sharks, Stonefish and Ill-Tempered Sea Bass. There were also scores of smaller sub-factions.

Streek was interrupted from her reading by a chiming at the door. She got up and opened it, and Bernie was standing there. Her light blonde hair was hanging loosely down her back, and she had a goofy smile on her face as she looked Streek over with her glassy blue eyes. She was holding a half empty bottle of Bourbon and the white case from earlier.

“Hey there Streeky, you’re lookin’ pretty hot tonight, you know that?”

“How much have you had to drink?” asked Streek.

Bernie looked at her bottle, “Almost enough.” She tipped it up and took another swig. Then she held it out, offering it to Streek.

Streek took the bottle and swallowed down some of the strong liquor. Bernie walked past her into her quarters. “Why don’t you come in.” said Streek.

“Nice room,” said Bernie. “It’s just like my room. What were you doing?”

“Just reading.”

“Boring. Bet you’ve been dying to find out what my surprise is.”


“Ha! Well, I know you’ve been missing your dick, so I got you something.” She put the case on Streeks’ bed and opened it up. Streek saw the pink phallic object inside.

“A dildo,” she said with disgust. “…I don’t want it.”

“Not just a dildo. This is a Cyber-neural Strapon. A very expensive sex toy.” She got a thick white band from the case. “See, you put this around your noggin and it transmits into your brain. You feel what the dildo feels, y’know like you’ve got a dick. It can even make you cum, apparently.”

“Really?” said Streek, looking it over. She didn’t quite know what to make of it. “Where did you get it?”

“I got a friend in the ES, Belinda, nice lady. I was talking with her about you…”

“You were talking about me?”

“Yeah, that’s what us chicks do, we talk about people. Anyway, she lent this to me.”

“Is that what chicks do? Lend out their sex toys?”

“Yeah, why not? Well, I kinda promised to let her use it on me.”

Streek just shook her head. Bernie had done this to try and cheer her up, it was nice to know that she cared. “Look Bernie, I appreciate the gesture and all, but I haven’t had much of a libido lately.”

“Yeah, our last sexual experience was …horrible. That’s why we should have some good sex, it’ll help us get past it, y’know?”

“I don’t know…” said Streek hesitantly.

“Oh really?” Bernie clumsily unzipped her jumpsuit and pulled it down around her waist. Streek watched as she pulled her bra down and jiggled her large breasts. “You would pass this up?”

Streek shook her head and smiled. She did find Bernie quite attractive, particularly her big boobs. She would have been really lucky to get a girl like this when she was a guy.

Bernie approached her and tenderly held her around her waist. Streek could smell the alcohol on her breath as she came in and planted a couple of small kisses on her lips. Then she kissed more forcefully, wrapping her lips around Streeks’ and then their tongues rubbed against each other.

Streek was amazed how quickly her libido was returning to her. Warm, fuzzy feeling came to her as they kissed. Bernies’ large breasts were pressed against hers’ and she could feel her hands rubbing against her ass. Her heart started beating faster and she suddenly felt hot and flushed.

Bernie eventually pulled back, and they both got their breath back. “I think we both need to just forget all the shit and have some fun.”

Streek reached forward and grabbed Bernies’ bare breasts and gave them a squeeze. She enjoyed the feeling of the soft warm flesh in her hands. “They are a nice pair of tits.” she said.

Bernie gave her a big smile, “I know!”

Streek brushed aside Bernies’ fair hair and looked into her beautiful blue eyes again. “You do make a pretty girl.”

“I know that too.”

Streek leant forward and started kissing her neck. Bernie giggled as her hands rubbed up Streeks’ back. Her hands made their way back to Streeks’ breasts and gave them a playful squeeze. Streek was enjoying her touch. The hands moved to the zipper of her jumpsuit.

Slowly she started unzipping the jumpsuit while Streek continued to kiss her neck. Bernie pulled down the olive green jumpsuit and Streek dropped her arms, letting it slide down, revealing her white bra.

Bernie reached around and undid the strap. “Hey, I’m gettin’ pretty good at this.” She pulled the bra away and tossed it behind her.

Streeks’ skin was very pale and soft and clear. It was new skin, which had completely grown back recently. Bernies’ skin was the same.

Bernie reached down and got a handful of Streeks’ boobs and lifted them. “You haven’t got a bad pair yourself, Hooty.” She bent down and started kissing them. Streek let out a soft moan as Bernie sealed her lips around her nipple and gently sucked. Waves of excitement flooded through her body and her pussy tingled as it got moist.

Bernie continued to kiss, suck and grope at Streeks’ breasts, and it felt really good. She rubbed her hand through Bernies’ soft blonde hair.

Bernie started working her way up again, slowly kissing her way up Streeks’ breasts. Streek let out a pleasurable sigh as she kissed her neck. Then Bernie found her lips and they were both pashing again. Waves of pleasure washed through Streek, and she felt herself getting even wetter.

Bernie pulled away and looked into Streeks’ dark brown eyes. “Are you in the mood now?” she asked. Streek nodded and then came forward and kissed her again.

When they stopped again, Bernie nodded to the case on the bed, “Go on, put it on.”

Streek reluctantly pulled herself away from Bernie and went and picked up the dildo. It was around seven inches long and was the shape of an erect penis. It had a smooth shaft and round head. It was a bright pink colour and felt rubbery. It had a few grey straps attached to the base.

“This is silly,” said Streek. “Do you even know how to put it on?”

“We’ll work it out.”

Bernie bent down and got hold of the band of Streeks’ white panties and pulled them down. Streek stepped out of them and then Bernie ran her fingers along her groin, brushing at the prickly stubble where her pubic hair was growing back.

Streek quietly moaned as she felt sparks of pleasure as Bernie softly rubbed her pussy lips. Bernie grabbed the toy and pressed it against the soft skin on Streeks’ groin. The soft base seemed to mould into her body.

Streek let out a gasp as she felt it softly press around her clit. Once she was used to it, it felt nice. Bernie moved Streeks’ hand to it, so that she held it there, and then she went about securing the straps around her hips and thighs.

The dildo jutted out in front of her. Streek looked down at it, it was a little bigger than her penis used to be. Its’ bright pink colour made it look a little ridiculous.

Bernie got hold of the headband and put it over Streeks’ head, brushing aside the white streak on her fringe. “Looks like we’re good to go. Are you excited Streek?”

“I suppose.”

“We just need to turn it on here.” Bernie reached to the head band and thumbed the switch. “Do you feel anything?”


Bernie reached down and grabbed the dildo. “YEEEEAAAGHHH!!!” Streek screamed out and jumped back. “FUCK!” She ripped the head band off and threw it to the ground.

“What’s wrong?” said Bernie.

“It fuckin’ hurt!” said Streek. “Fuck this!” She tried to take the toy off again.

Bernie stopped her, “No wait, it’s just not calibrated to your brain. We just need to turn the sensitivity down a bit.” She picked the head band up and adjusted a dial on it. Then she put it back on Streeks’ head.

Streek flinched as she went to grab the dildo again. Bernie got hold of the shaft. “Do you feel that?”

“Yeah, …kinda.”

Bernie adjusted the dial again, and then rubbed her hand along it. “Ooh, that’s strange.” said Streek. “…Yeah, I can feel that.”

“What about this?” said Bernie. She got down onto her knees and looked up at Streek with a sly smile on her face. She took the fat head into her mouth and closed her lips around the shaft. She began sucking and stroking the shaft with her hand.

“hmmmmmmm.” Streek hummed softly. It was like the dildo was part of her body, she could feel the wetness and the sucking sensation and the hand rubbing along the shaft.

Soon Bernie stopped and looked up at her. “So? How is it?”

“It’s not the same, …don’t stop though.” Bernie smiled at her and then took the pink dildo in her mouth again. She stroked it and bobbed her head back and forth sucking. Streek enjoyed the pleasure transmitted into her mind from the headband. It was kind of like having a cock again.

Bernie stopped again and looked up at her. “Sit down on the bed Stud.” Streek sat down and then Bernie got down in front of her again. She put her big boobs around the dildo and squeezed them together around it. “Do you like that?”

“Ah, Yeah, that’s good.” Streek was enjoying the sight of Bernies’ big tits wrapped around the pink dildo as much as the feeling. Bernie bobbed her head down and took the tip into her mouth again and continued sucking.

Bernies’ blue eyes looked up at her, and Streek smiled down at her. After a little while, Bernie stood up and pulled her wet panties down.

Streek got more exited looking at her bald pussy. She leant forward and grabbed her hips. Bernie let out an “Ooh” as she started moving her tongue along the wet slit.

Streek pulled back again, “You’re really wet.”

“Yeah, I am. Can we fuck now?”

Streek smiled up at her, “Oh yeah!”

“It’s just …this hymen regrowth thing really sucks!”

“Yeah, it does. You don’t need to do it if you don’t want to.” said Streek. Bernie pushed her back onto the bed, then she got on top, straddling her.

Bernie looked into her eyes again. “I do want to. I’ll just do this at my own pace.” She leant down and planted another kiss on Streeks’ lips.

Bernie pushed herself back up again. Streek looked at her large pale boobs and then moved her attention down to her bald, glistening pussy. The sight made her excited and her own pussy tingled and got wetter.

Bernie moved back, so that she was over the pink dildo poking up from Streeks’ groin. She got hold of it and slowly lowered herself down onto it. She bit her bottom lip as it entered her and pushed through her hymen. Streek moaned with the intense sensation of the tight pussy.

Bernie slowly came down so that the dildo was wedged up all the way inside her. She tilted her head back and breathed heavily. “Are you okay Bern?” asked Streek.

Bernie looked down at her and smiled, “Yeah, that was the hard part.” Streek could feel the warmth, wetness and tightness around the dildo, and the sight of Bernies’ naked curvaceous body on top of her was exciting.

Slowly Bernie started moving up and down, and the sensation Streek was getting from the cyber-neural strapon was fantastic.

It was a strange feeling as she felt her pussy tingling wildly and the sensation of the artificial cock. She reached up and grabbed Bernies’ big boobs and groped and squeezed them as Bernie rode on top of her.

Bernie was softly moaning as she pumped her hips up and down on the dildo. Her juices were running down the pink shaft. She had a smile on her face as she looked down at Streek.

After several minutes of riding the dildo, she got up off it, and it popped out of her hot, wet pussy. Her slit was all rosy and soaking wet, Streek just wanted to bury her face in it again. “Why should I do all the work? You get on top Streek.”

Streek nodded at her and got up off the bed. Bernie laid down on her back and spread her legs for her. She smiled a Streek invitingly. Streek moved on top of her and pushed the dildo back into her hot pussy.

Bernie moaned as Streek pumped her ass up and down. Streeks’ large tits were bouncing around as she fucked her. She bent down and groped Bernies’ boobs and sucked on her hard nipples. Streeks’ pussy was dripping wet now, and she could feel the pleasure building.

Bernie reached up and groped Streeks’ tits. She was moaning loudly as Streek pumped the dildo into her tight cunt.

Streek was reaching her peak, she threw her head back and moaned as she climaxed. It was a female orgasm she was experiencing. Her pussy throbbed wildly and she felt the intense pleasure. She slumped down on top of Bernie, kissing her on the neck and lips, and Bernie lustily kissed her back.

“Don’t you dare stop now!” said Bernie, “I’m getting close too.” Streek smiled at her and lifted herself up and continued thrusting the dildo into her. Bernie threw her head back and moaned loudly.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me hard, that’s so good!” She cried out in ecstasy as she climaxed. She was hot and flushed and breathing heavily. Streek bent down and kissed her again.

“Do you still hate surprises?” asked Bernie softly.

“This was a good surprise.” said Streek. She pulled the dildo out from the soaking wet hole. “It’s not like the real thing, but it’s still great. I bet you want a go with it, eh?”

“Yeah, I might be a little curious.”

Streek took it off again and helped strap it on to Bernies’ body. “You don’t have to take it Streek, I can just jerk it if you prefer.”

“I’ll give you a nice blowjob. That feels pretty damn good.” Streek put the headband on Bernie and turned it on. She wrapped her hand around the dildo. “Do you feel that?”

“Yeah, I feel it, it is kinda weird.” Streek got down and took it into her mouth. She started softly sucking and stroking the shaft. The dildo was warm and she could taste Bernies’ juices on it.

“I might just adjust the sensitivity here.” Bernie turned the dial and the let out a loud “Ooooh! …Oh god! That’s intense!” Streek stopped sucking and looked up at her. “Keep going!” said Bernie.

Streek wrapped her lips around the dildo again. She sucked it deep into her mouth and rubbed it with her tongue. She wrapped her lips tightly around the shaft as she moved her head back again.

Bernie moaned loudly as Streek sucked and stroked the dildo. She ran her fingers through Streeks’ dark brown hair. Streek reached under the strapon and started rubbing at her warm, wet slit.

Bernie moaned some more as a couple of fingers slipped inside her. Streeks’ hand quickly became wet as she finger fucked the hot pussy. Streeks’ own pussy continued to tingle wildly as her juices flowed.

It didn’t take long for Bernie to start reaching her peak. “Aaah Yeah! Take it you bitch!” cried out Bernie as her pussy throbbed wildly around Streeks’ fingers and she was rocked by a powerful orgasm.

Streek removed the dildo from her mouth and gave Bernie a smile. Bernie grabbed her head and moved down and gave her a lusty kiss on the lips. Their hearts raced as their tongues rubbed against each other.

Eventually Bernie pulled away and slumped back onto the bed, getting her breath back. Streek got up and laid on the bed next to her, she was also hot and flushed.

“I love this toy!” said Bernie. “What number was Kira in? Do you think she would like it if I gave her a late night visit with this thing? I think she would. She looks like a little fire-cracker, I bet she goes off with a bang!”

“Stay away from my students.” said Streek, turning to her.

“Why? Do you want her all to yourself? Wanna give her a few private lessons, eh?” teased Bernie.

“I think it’s you who needs to be taught a lesson!” Streek got on top of her and grabbed her. They started playfully wrestling on the bed, grappling at each other and rubbing their sweaty naked bodies against each other. The dildo poked at Streeks’ ass, making her squeal.

Bernie rolled over and got on top of Streek, and was struggling to pin her down. “You’re gunna lose again Cockroach!”

“Not this time!” Streek managed to reach up and turn the dial on the headband, and then grabbed the dildo at Bernies’ groin.

“Aaaaaagh!!” Bernie cried out and jumped back off of her and ripped the headband off. Streek quickly got on top of her and pinned her down.

“Dirty fuckin’ trick!” cried out Bernie.

“Payback!” said Streek, “I got you this time!”

“Allright, Allright, get off me bitch!” Streek got off her and Bernie sat up and laughed. She began undoing the straps of the toy. “Put this on and fuck me again. Then I reckon we will both sleep well tonight.”

Pretty soon Bernie was on her hands and knees on the bed. Streek was behind her holding onto her ass and ramming the strapon into her as her big boobs bounced about. Bernies’ loud moans could be heard down the corridor of the Star Ship.


That night Streek was having a nightmare again. She wasn’t in the Resolve this time, but in the confined space of the Apollo Creed.

She was chained up and naked, male bodies were all around her, hurting her, and she couldn’t stop it. Then she saw the rough, scarred mans’ face, laughing at her.

Streek woke with a start, she was covered in sweat. Captain Naeme, that was the man she saw. She tried not to think about it, but he was right here on the Space Station.

Bernie was breathing heavily, she was naked and cuddling up right next to her. Streek got up out of bed, being careful not to wake her. She went to the ensuite and splashed some water in her face. She looked at herself in the mirror. This is fucked up, why can’t I just get some sleep without going back there?

A notion got into her head, and she went back into the room and fumbled around, slipping on her jump-suit and boots in the dark.

Streek left her quarters, it was around quarter past two in the morning and there was no one around. Streek made her way though the twisting and turning corridors of the Space Station.

Eventually she came to the place they were using as the detention centre. As she entered the ship, she saw a male guard around her age sitting at the desk behind a counter.

She could hear lustful moaning and as she got closer she could see a holographic woman bouncing up and down, with her big tits flopping around. He was watching porn on his TAB, like Streek used to do a lot as a guy.

The man became aware of her and quickly shut the porno off and looked at her red faced.

“Uh …hi there.” he said. The young man was skinny with medium length brown hair and a goatee.

“Hi …was that Rhonda Lords?”

“Uh, …yeah, I was just passing the time y’know, long graveyard shift. um, …can I help you?”

“I want to see one of the prisoners.”

“What, now? in the middle of the night? …wait, I know you.”

“you do?”

“Mias’ friend, from that party in the holo-shed. What was your name? Stripe or something?”

“Streek. Sorry I don’t remember much from the party.”

“Yeah Streek, you and your blonde friend got pretty wasted, so did I. I’m Jacko.”

“So, can I go and see this prisoner Jacko?”

“What? Why?”

“I need to get some information for Doctor Arnott.”

“You can review the Deep Brain Scans for that, they’ll tell you all you need to know. We’ve got the files on the main system.”

“No, I want to talk to him, I have history with him.”

“Who? The Pirate?”

“Yes, the Pirate.”

“It’s gotta be cleared with General Bolton. I’m stuck with this lousy shift because I pissed off my Commanding Officer. I don’t want to get into any more trouble.”

“I don’t think the General would appreciate being disturbed at this time of the night. I told you I’m doing this for Doctor Arnott.”

“Can’t it wait then, you really should be cleared.”

“The Doctor is out on a mission, I need to do this now.”

“I’m sorry Streek, we gotta do things by the book. I don’t want to get in trouble again.”

Streek sighed, then she leant forward, giving him a good view of her large boobs. She gave him a seductive smile. “Isn’t there anything I can do to get you to change your mind?” she said to him.

“Uh …what did you have in mind?”

Streek moved around the desk to him, walking slowly and sexily. “Come here.”

Jacko stood up, smiling at her. When Streek got close she quickly slid around behind him and clamped her arm around his neck in a sleeper hold. Jacko cried out in surprise and struggled against her, but she held him securely.

“Shhh, go to sleep now. You’ve had a long shift, just close your eyes and go to sleep buddy.” Soon Jacko stopped struggling and lapsed into unconsciousness. Streek propped him back into the chair and took his key cards.

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