Chrystal was a chestnut beauty, rough-talking but literate, far enough along the wild side there was a potential for danger, to others as to herself. I was always drawn to that artistic absolute, which rides the sharp-tooth river, as a protector and a friend who would travel a ways and share a plate.

Chrystal had the eyes of a fawn, and something of its fragility. She was fond of guns. She liked to shoot. She had a .357, a 30.06, and a sixteen gage, and she liked to shoot them all.

She was hot. The light from her eyes rendered capable men her helpless slaves, following her around like a litter of devoted puppies.

She could cuss like a sailor. Fuck was her favorite word in the English language, and she was fond of using it.

I had to follow her, there was no choice in the matter. She led me into the dark, where we acted out our passions. Her body so ripe and sensual. She was a hellcat with a hunger for cock. She embraced me with her hands, her mouth, and her cunt.

I tasted her pussy and found it a tonic for the gods. Fucking her was an ecstatic rite of embracing the feminine.

We came like lost wolves, howling in the night. Chrystal was riding on top, shouting, “I’m gonna fuck you, you fucker.”

After I came she slid up my chest and held my head while rubbing her pussy in my face.

“You made the mess, you clean it up.”

I ate her pussy, the ripe rich fruit of passion. She moaned as I gave her a thorough tongue bath.

Her doorbell rang. “That is my roommate Angela, and her boyfriend Brad; they’re cool.”

She went to the door to let them in, pulling a robe on, but leaving it open. I quickly threw on my pants and followed her into the living room.

Angela was a flawless blonde, with skin like creamery butter. She was taller than Chrystal and had somewhat larger breasts. She smiled at her roommate and me standing in front of the couch.

Brad followed her in. He was big, bald and black. It was clear he knew Chrystal well.

Chrystal made introductions.

“Maybe I should have called,” Angela said.

“No, we’re ready for a little party.”

“Then we got whatchu need to party with.” Brad smiled brightly at us both.

I wasn’t quite sure what was happening. Chrystal made no great effort to keep covered. And while Brad enjoyed the view, both he and Angela were comfortable with it.

“Break it out.”

In the living room, aside from the TV, there was a couch with an end table, and a chair. Chrystal ushered me and Brad to the couch, where she sat between us. Angela sat in the easy chair. “It’s some good shit.”

Brad pulled a joint out of his pocket. “A few hits of this will put you in a real happy place.”

He lit the joint and passed it to Chrystal. Chrystal toked and passed it along to me. It was some skunky weed. The joint made it around the room three times and we were all wasted.

“Like I said,” Angela repeated, “sorry we interrupted.”

“Who said you interrupted?”

Chrystal turned to me. “You don’t mind if they join us, do you?”

Angela looked inviting, sitting across from me. Brad chuckled.

“Not at all.”

Chrystal began stroking the inside of Brad’s thigh with one hand, the inside of my thigh with the other. Our cocks quickly grew hard under her skillful ministrations.

Angela stripped while we watched. She had her eyes on Chrystal. Once she was naked she leaned over Chrystal and kissed her. She pushed Chrystal’s robe open and hugged their naked bodies together.

They stuck their tongues out and tongued each other. By impulse I leaned in from the side to share the kiss. Brad leaned in from the other side. The girls parted and left us rubbing tongues.

We parted, both of us laughing. The girls smiled at each other and laughed at us. Angela stroked Chrystal’s body.

My cock was hard and confined; I pulled it out. Chrystal had her hands busy with Angela. Those girls were into each other, and it was a pleasure to see.

Brad and I stroked our cocks while we watched the girls making out. Angela slid her hand between Chrystal’s legs. I got up as Chrystal parted her legs.

I wanted to get my pants off. As I pulled them off, I slipped and landed on Brad. He handled my cock as he helped me stand.

As I stood, he sat up.

“Lemme help you with those.” He helped me take off my pants and boxer shorts. He petted my cock as he did so.

Angela slid down and began to eat Chrystal’s pussy. I had a good view. That girl could eat pussy.

Brad stood up to take off his pants. I sat down to give him room, in the spot where he was sitting. I was very stoned.

Chrystal kissed me as Angela ate her pussy. She stroked Brad as he stood before us. Chrystal smiled at me, then leaned out to suck on Brad’s cock.

Brad had a big, hot cock. I had to admire it. Chrystal kissed me, then went back to sucking Brad. She kissed me again. I could taste Brad’s precum on her tongue. It made me hot.

As Chrystal kissed me, she grabbed Brad’s cock and pulled it closer. The next thing I knew, I had Brad’s cock in my mouth. It was delicious.

Chrystal had a hard time getting his dick away from me. She and Angela laughed as they watched me sucking Brad.

“Now we’re gonna have some fuckin’ fun.”

Chrystal sucked my cock, watching me suck Brad. Angela was demonstrating her talent for eating pussy. Chrystal sat up and fondled her breasts with a moan. She smiled at me and then leaned over the arm of the chair to open a drawer on the end table. There she had a bottle of KY jelly.

She spread some gel on her breast, massaging it in. When she was done, she still had some gel left, so she applied it to my cock. Pouring more gel into her hand, she massaged my balls and the taint meat leading to my asshole. As I sucked Brad, Chrystal stroked my asshole and gently inserted a well-oiled finger.

Angela left off eating Chrystal. She parted my butt checks so she sould watch Chrystal finger fuck my asshole. Angela pulled on my cock a few times while she watched.

“Brad, check this out,” she called her boyfriend.

Brad pulled his huge cock out of my mouth. I savored the precum and then swallowed. Brad’s cock was already well-lubed. You could get a lot of precum out of that dick before he ever shot a load.

Brad stepped back. Angela held my cheeks apart so Brad could watch Chrystal drive her index finger into my asshole to the third knuckle and twirl it around.

Angela took the lube from Chrystal and applied it to Brad’s cock. I reached over and stroked Chrystal’s wet pussy. Chrystal rolled on her back, offering me her pussy and ass. I stuck my cock in her pussy and fucked her.

I had to stop when Angela grabbed my butt cheeks again and held them apart. Brad stepped close and slid his long, lubed rod into my asshole.

The three of us were on our knees on the floor. I was fucking Chrystal and Brad was fucking me. Angela watched us a moment. Then she crawled between our legs and licked Chrystal’s pussy.

I drew my cock out of Chrystal’s pussy and jammed it up her ass. She groaned as I did so.

The three of us fucked for a while as Angela ate Chrystal’s pussy and played with our balls. Angela reached up and drew my cock out of Chrystal’s ass. She sucked it clean, and then moved down to Brad. Chrystal and I held each other and watched her suck on Brad’s big black cock.

Chrystal whispered to me, “This one’s for you.”

Angela held out Brad’s cock for me and I took it in my mouth. The precum was really flowing. Chrystal had a taste, and then passed his cock back to me.

Angela watched as we worked his cock over with our mouths. It was mostly me. Chrystal licked his shaft and played with his nuts. Every now and then she would take a suck on his cock, priming him for me so to speak.

Angela looked up at Brad and saw he was ready.

“You want this load?” she asked me.

I nodded hungrily, working the underside of his glans with the tip of my tongue as I sucked.

“You got it,” Brad groaned.

Chrystal felt his balls jump and watched my face as Brad shot his load over my tongue, filling my mouth with his potent nectar.

I sat back and held his cum in my mouth, swimming my tongue through it.

“Don’t swallow,” Chrystal told me.

She kissed me, using her tongue to ladle cum over my tongue. She ensured I got the most out of it.

Then she laid back and spread her legs, saying, “Come on and fuck me.”

I slid my cock into her. Angela joined us in our French kiss, getting a taste of the cum I still held in my mouth. She reached her hand down to finger Chrystal’s clit as I fucked her.

The girls 69ed with Angela on top and began eating each other. I went from Chrystal’s pussy to her asshole, fucking one and then the other and going back again. Really, I had three holes to stick it in, as Angela’s mouth was always available.

Brad grew hard quickly watching. He took a position at the other end of the 69, where Chrystal ate Angela’s pussy and offered her mouth to him when he was not fucking one of Angela’s offered holes.

We fucked until everyone was cumming. Christal’s cunt was oozing with pussy juice and dripping with cum, as Angela’s was from Brad.

Brad and I switched places. I helped Chrystal lick all Brad’s cum out of Anjela’s pussy, as Brad and Anjela did with Chrystal. We all ate pussy until the girls were screaming with pleasure. Then the four of us joined in a group kiss. The taste of seed was ripe on us all.

And now the day is as the night to me. Each has its own flavor, and its own hidden splendor, neither to be refused.

It was my first year of university. Never had I lived away from home, and now I’m in a residence building surrounded by people my age with the same interests. I was in heaven.

Every week that went by seemed to facilitate the transition. Everyone was getting along, I had found my groove academically and the parties were great.

It was the night of November 29th that would change my life forever though. We were all partying in our friend Jack’s room. One by one, people started going to bed and passing out. Eventually it was just Jack and I.

At that point, he told me to stand up. Confused I got to my feet. That’s when Jack started grabbing my ass.

“God I’ve wanted this fat ass for so long. Good little queer like you needs to have that ass pounded regularly”.

Thinking this was some sort of weird joke, I start laughing. After all, I’m as straight as can be.

But when Jack told me to take my pants off and get on my knees, I shoved him away.

“Dude, what the fuck are you doing??” I exclaimed.

“Oh come on Alex, we both know you’re a good little bottom bitch for real men to use at their will. Now just suck my dick and get it ready for your ass.”

That’s when I turn and head for the door.

Before I get there though, Jack grabs me from behind and covers my mouth with his hand.

“Don’t play coy with me bitch. If you don’t know that you’re gay yet, you will by the end of tonight.”

He proceeds to force me onto his bed, cuff my hands together, strip me naked and thrust a ball gag into my mouth. Then he locked his door and walked back towards with me with a devilish grin on his face.

After rubbing an obscene amount of lube in my ass crack and on his cock, he bent my legs back towards my head and squeezed his dick into my ass. The pain was unreal. In and out it went and the smile on his face got bigger.

“That’s it bitch, take that fat cock. Learn to enjoy it faggot, because I’m not stopping until I’m satisfied with the fucking you’ve taken.”

As the night progressed and Jack kept pummeling my ass with his cock, the pain subsided. Jack didn’t care though, his cock was still rock-hard and he was loving the control he had over me.

To be honest, I was starting to as well. I had never seen myself as a submissive, but letting go of control and being forced to fulfill the desires of someone else was beginning to grow on me.

It seemed like with every thrust of Jack’s cock was becoming more and more enjoyable.

By the time I felt Jack’s cum in my ass, I had realized that maybe he was right. Maybe I was made to be a submissive fag. That my big, fat, round ass was made to pleasure other mens’ cocks.

At around 6 the next morning, Jack kicked me out of his room so we wouldn’t be seen by anyone else on the floor.

That day, all I could think about was Jack and his 7-inch rod. The domination was taking over my mind. I was sitting in class, my cock rock hard. I couldn’t take it. I just wanted to be tied up then and there, have Jack walk into the class, bend me over one of the tables and rip me open again.

I didn’t completely understand it. I mean, it’s not everyday that one actually enjoys being raped. No matter, I knew I had to tell Jack. To admit that he was right, apologize and accept punishment.

So that’s exactly what I did.

That night after dinner, I knocked on Jack’s door, my heart pounding. I was nervous and excited at the same time.

“Look who it is” Jack said as he opened up.

“Before you threaten rat me out for last night, understand I’ve got pictures of the whole thing, and I will claim it was consensual and that you’re just a sexual freak with kinky desires.”

“It’s not that Jack” I responded. “Can I come in?”

Jack smiled, walked to his bed, sat down and waved me in.

I walked over to him, staring straight at the ground. When I reached him, I took a deep breath, dropped to my knees and stared up at him.

“What is this?” Jack wondered aloud.

Without a word, I slowly undo his pants and pull out his cock. All the while maintaining eye contact. In my own way, I was about to show him he was right. I was gay. And not just a bottom faggot. HIS bottom faggot.

To be continued…

3.01 The Entertainment Room:

3.02 Dianne, Jessie, First Lesbian Mating:

3.03 Jessie, Dianne, Fisting, Bed:

3.04 Ethan and Daniel:

3.05 Adrian, Susan, The mating:

3.01 The Entertainment Room:

They entered the basement and Susan said,

“Tonight’s entertainment is centered around our guests, Dianne and Daniel. Tomorrow night, the Beach House’s hosts and benefactors will join us. From this point on, no clothes are permitted. Dianne and Jessie you can use changing room #1. Daniel and Ethan you can use changing room #2. Adrian and I will use changing room #3.”

Dianne and Susan smiled when they saw Daniel and Ethan walk out of their changing room. The swaying ‘packages’ between their thighs were even more prominent with their five foot bodily frames.

Dianne sensed a nervousness in son and mentioned it to Dianne.

“Relax and remember how you felt the first time. Ethan is very good at this and knows Daniel is a virgin.”

Dianne whispered,

“But I wasn’t in front of an audience.”

Susan and Adrian sat on the end of sectional that had the laptop sitting on the end table. She raised the platform, lowered the monitors from the ceiling and turned off the lights except for those over platform. A whirring sound was heard and the bed rose up onto the platform.

Susan typed something into the Laptop and pictures of Dianne and Jessie were shown on all the monitors.

3.02 Dianne, Jessie, First Lesbian Mating:

Jessie smiled and helped a slightly nervous Dianne on to her feet. She led Dianne to the bed on the platform. The monitors now showed different close up views of Jessie and Dianne standing by the bed. Their mutual arousals from the changing room hadn’t diminished.

Jessie moved forward and put her hands on Dianne’s hips and gently pulled her closer.

Dianne’s hands reached out and she softly squeezed both of Jessie’s breasts and her fingers played with Jessie’s already erect nipples. Her breathing quickened and she leaned inward toward the flushed face that was adorning her body.

Jessie slowly moved her mouth close to Dianne’s. Their slightly parted lips came together and Jessie ran her tongue between them. Dianne opened her mouth and Jessie’s tongue slipped inward.

Dianne moaned softly and her body trembled with her first kiss from another woman. The tongues touched and then slowly they began dancing and playing with each other. Dianne’s moan became louder and she pressed closer to Jessie, her breasts and nipples feeling the exquisite touches of those from another female.

Jessie broke the kiss and looked into Dianne’s panting face. Her eyes were closed and her breathing came in quick pants.

Jessie caught the scent of Dianne’s arousal and reached down and palmed Dianne’s enflamed labia. For the first time, Dianne felt another woman touching her sex and her hips jerked into Jessie’s massaging hand as a wave of pleasure washed across her loins.

Dianne broke the kiss gasping,

“Ohhhhh .. Jessie ..”

Dianne whispered,

“I want to explore your body, I want to find out what another woman’s body feels like.”

Jessie smiled knowingly and nodded.

Daniel looked at his mother and Jessie. One part of his mind told him that he shouldn’t be watching this but the other part of his mind was filling him with excitement and anticipation. His stiff penis twitched knowing that his mother was about to become a lesbian.

Jessie sat down on the edge of the bed and had her lay back on it with her feet resting on the floor. Jessie looked up into Dianne’s face and slowly spread her bent knees apart. As her thighs parted, so did the folds of her labia and Dianne gasped softly when she saw Jessie’s sexual treasures unfolding before her eyes.

Jessie held out her arms to her virginal lover.

Dianne moved between Jessie’s spread thighs and leaned over her body. Her hands reached out and cupped Jessie’s firm breasts and began massaging and kneading them and her fingers caressed and fondled the bullet-like nipples.

Jessie sighed at the exquisite touches.

Dianne’s head slowly lowered and her mouth neared Jessie’s right breast. Jessie felt a warm, moist breath bathe her nipple just as Dianne’s suckling mouth and lips descended on the erect rubbery tip.

A small gasp escaped Jessie’s lips and she pushed her breast upwards into Dianne’s loving mouth. At the same time Dianne massaged her other hand downward over Jessie’s flat abdomen. Jessie knew where it was headed and spread her thighs further apart. She lifted her feet up onto the edge of the bed so Dianne would have complete access to her raised and open sex.

Dianne’s hand now moved its way over Jessie’s hairless mound and molded itself to her labia and began to massage the flared folds. Jessie gasped at the contact and pushed her sex into Dianne’s loving hand.

While Dianne’s mouth assaulted both nipples, her fingers slipped between the flared folds and traced Jessie’s slick, pink furrow from rigid clitoris to clasping inner lips. Jessie’s mind was being flooded with incredible sensations. Her swelling sex now wanted Dianne’s full attention. Her breasts ached with arousal and her suckled bullet-like nipples pushed deeper into Dianne’s wonderful mouth.

Dianne’s finger slipped onto Jessie’s engorged, rigid clitoris. Her slick finger began swirling and manipulating the extended organ of joy.

Jessie wailed in joy and ground her sex excitedly against the loving finger. Again that loving finger slipped downward between the flared folds and began an ecstatic tracing of Jessie’s inner lips. At the same time, Dianne slowly slipped down over Jessie’s aroused body onto her knees between her spread thighs. With her finger still caressing the clasping opening, her suckling mouth neared Jessie’s throbbing clitoris. Jessie felt Dianne’s warm breath bathe her sex, her breathing came in deep gasps and pants in anticipation. Dianne’s tongue slipped out from her open mouth and curled around the rigid organ.

She arched upward off the bed and her hands grasped Dianne’s head, pulling the sucking mouth further onto her erect clitoris. Only Dianne’s firm grip on her hip prevented Jessie’s twisting body from breaking the sexual contact. While Dianne’s loving tongue suckled and caressed Jessie’s clitoris, Dianne nudged two fingers into Jessie’s eager entrance and slipped inward, twisting and turning.

Jessie threw her head back and wailed, her hips ground her excited sex and onto the discovering mouth and stroking fingers. Jessie gasped and panted, her hips bucked and thrust as Dianne pushed her body into a sexual frenzy. Dianne slipped a third finger into Jessie’s clenching vaginal sheath, her strokes were deep, fast then slow, always twisting and always turning.

“Oh .. Dianne .. Yes .. Yes ..”

While her mouth drove Jessie’s clitoris insane with ecstasy, Dianne’s fingers began searching within Jessie’s spasming vagina. She felt Jessie’s vaginal muscles clench around her fingers and then heard a deep gasp as circling tips searched for and found the sensitive tissues of Jessie’s exploding ‘G’ spot.

Using the soft tips of her slick fingers, Dianne began to press and knead the hyper exited area. A forth finger joined in on the plundering of Jessie’s seething passage. The twisting fingers stroked inward and withdrew to spark the ‘sweet’ spot again and again. Ecstatic lightning bolts of joy shot throughout Jessie’s sexual being. Her body bucked and thrashed as her hips arched and ground her raging sex onto Dianne’s suckling mouth and lunging fingers. Her frothy juices were oozed out past the loving fingers as her vaginal muscles clenched and spasmed.

Jessie squealed as her first orgasm was unleashed.

Dianne skillfully played the rhythm of Jessie’s orgasmic spasms like a symphony conductor. Suddenly the orgasmic pulses of Jessie’s clitoris and vagina came in sync and Jessie’s body exploded with her second orgasm. Her hands fisted tightly, her toes curled. Her legs shot out in a wide ‘V’, kicking frantically in the air. Her body arched and froze as her orgasmic wail echoed around the room.

Jessie lay on the bed gasping for air as she came down from her orgasmic high. Dianne’s twisting fingers were still within Jessie’s spasming vagina and she moaned as delicious aftershocks rippled across her body. Dianne removed her fingers with a loud slurping sound and Jessie moaned as the wonderful fingers slipped out her body.

Dianne leaned over Jessie’s still trembling body and they wrapped their arms tightly around each other.

Dianne whispered in Jessie’s ear,

“I love touching and making love to another woman”

Jessie looked into Dianne’s eyes and said,

“The best is yet to come.”

Dianne lowered her head and they kissed deeply and passionately.

3.03 Jessie, Dianne, Fisting, Bed:

Jessie stood up and looked at Dianne as she lay on the bed.

“Now it is my turn. Center yourself on the bed and shuffle forward until your labia is just protruding over the edge of the bed.”

Dianne quickly did so, wondering what Jessie was going to do to her.

Jessie knelt down in front of Dianne’s closed legs and picked up the bottle of massaging oil. Dianne’s breathing quickened when she saw Jessie pour a liberal amount of oil onto her hands. She closed her eyes when she felt the slick hands began to gently massage the top of her thighs. Slowly Jessie’s hands moved downward onto her inner thighs and the touches moved from knees to almost touching her labia and then back to her knees. The slick fingers were always pressing, always massaging the soft skin of Dianne’s trembling inner thighs. A soft moaned escaped Dianne’s mouth each time the probing finger tips approached her swelling sex.

Finally, Jessie saw what she was waiting for, Dianne’s thighs slowly began to part. This time the tips of her fingers lovingly traced the outer edges of Dianne’s labia folds, deeper sigh was heard and the thighs spread wider apart. As they did the folds flared open and Jessie now saw Dianne’s sexual treasures spreading open like the wings of a butterfly.

Jessie’s hands formed themselves around Dianne’s labia with a soft massaging motion and she smiled when she felt Dianne’s hips jerk and then quick panting sounds were heard. Jessie slipped a finger between the folds and began to deliciously explore the wet furrow. She traced around the sensitive inner lips and then upward toward the hardening organ that was peeking out of its protective hood. Dianne’s hips jerked as a slick finger tip pressed and swirled onto the thickening clitoral hood. The exploring fingers slipped downward and renewed their caressing of the Dianne’s sensitive vaginal opening. She repeated the loving cycle again and again until and she heard whimpers of pleasure and felt Dianne’s hips began to move in sync with her fingers.

Jessie saw the hard pink tip of Dianne’s organ of joy and her slick finger pressed onto it with an ecstatic swirling motion. Dianne squealed, her hips jerked and a long moan escaped her mouth as her clitoris leaped outward.

Jessie reached down and pulled Dianne’s feet up onto the edge of bed and her hands spread Dianne’s thighs wide apart. Dianne’s sex flared open and her rigid, pink clitoris stood out like a bright pink beacon. Jessie leaned inward and Dianne felt Jessie’s warm, moist breath bathe her labia. Suddenly, the most ecstatic sensation gripped her loins as Jessie’s mouth and tongue suckled their over her engorged organ of joy. Dianne’s hands shot downward and grasped Jessie’s head as jolts of joy exploded across her enflamed sex.

While Jessie’s lips and tongue suckled on Dianne’s exploding clitoris, Jessie nudged two fingers inward past the excited inner lips. They twisted and turned as they slithered past Dianne’s excited inner lips. Another finger joined in on the delicious exploration of Dianne’s clasping vagina and Jessie’s mouth intensified its ecstatic sucking actions of Dianne’s rigid organ. Dianne’s body was nearing the peak of its arousal. Her erect nipples felt as though they were going to explode, her vaginal muscles clenched around the stroking fingers and her clitoris was sending jolts of joy cascading throughout her body.

Dianne felt the long twisting fingers circle around the lining of her vagina as though they was looking for something. It wasn’t long before Jessie’s finger tips found the rough, bean shaped area of Dianne’s ‘G’ spot and began to massage and caress the hyper sensitive tissues. Dianne squealed with joy at the ecstatic contact, her body bucked upward and her vaginal muscles clenched around the stroking fingers of joy.

Jessie withdrew her loving mouth and fingers and Dianne lay back gasping and panting with her hands still gripping the sheet tightly. Jessie sat back on her knees and smiled up into Dianne’s aroused and flushed face. Dianne saw Jessie pick up the bottle of massaging oil and her eyes opened wide and she saw Jessie pour a liberal amount of the slick lubricant onto her right hand and wrist. Jessie smiled and held up her slick hand so Dianne could see it.

Dianne’s mind was screaming,

‘NO .. NO .. NO’

but her body was screaming,

‘YES .. YES .. YES’

Jessie looked over Dianne’s body and smiled at her as she slowly slipped the tips of her grouped fingers between the swollen folds and pressed them against the eager opening. Jessie then nudged them inward twisting and turning. Dianne felt a great pressure as her vagina stretched and then unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the hand and wrist slipped inward. Slowly Jessie’s hand slipped further inward and Dianne gurgled as the wrist, hand and fingers were soon twisting ecstatically within her enflamed vaginal passage.

“Oh God .. Oh God ..”

Dianne’s hips ground hungrily as spasms of joy raced throughout her sex. She thrust upward and wailed as she impaled herself deeply onto Jessie’s lower forearm. Jessie’s wiggling fingers massaged and danced all along the length of Dianne’s spasming cavern causing Dianne to lift her head and squeal in joy.

Jessie waited a few seconds and then withdrew her wrist and squirmed it back inward. Dianne had never experienced such ecstatic sensations. Jessie now varied her thrusts from fast to slow, all in and all out, part way in and part way out causing Dianne’s excited vaginal muscles to ecstatically spasm and clench. Jolts of joy shot to her dazed mind and her breath came in deep gasps and pants. Her thick vaginal juices spurted out past the lunging wrist and her hips and breasts thrust wildly into the air. Jessie stroked forward burying her wiggling fingers, hand and wrist deeply into Dianne’s sexual being. Incoherent sounds of raw pleasure echoed around the room as Jessie’s lower arm burrowed into Dianne’s enraged sex again and again. Jessie leaned inward and her lips and tongue began sucking on Dianne’s straining clitoris. Dianne’s body bucked upward and jerked wildly as all the ecstatic sensations began merging into each other.

Jessie started her final series of masterful strokes. Dianne’s mind could no longer control her bodies actions. She lay there and let the orgasmic pressure cooker build to the exploding point. Jessie’s arm again slithered deeply into Dianne’s stretched and clenching vaginal sheath. Loud slurping sound were heard as her vaginal fluids gushed out past the stretched folds and flowed down her thighs, drenching the sheet. Her hands clenched into fists and her toes curled up tightly as small orgasmic waves rippled up and down her body from her head to her toes. They built up higher and higher as Jessie lunged relentlessly into the depths of her enflamed womanhood. Her body shook and rippled with pure sexual joy, bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced around her eyes her body unleashed all consuming orgasm.

Dianne’s body was so saturated with orgasmic ecstasy that it was unable absorb any more orgasmic sensations and she lost consciousness. Dianne slumped down onto the bed. Her body continued to buck and jerk as her internal orgasms continued. Slowly the contortions of her body ebbed and she regained consciousness, moaning as intense aftershocks rippled throughout her body.

Jessie smiled at Dianne’s satisfied and fulfilled face. A loud suctioning sound was heard as she slowly withdrew her hand, wrist and lower forearm from Dianne’s clasping vagina.

Torrents of vaginal fluids gushed out past the gaping entrance as it slowly returned to normal. Jessie leaned over Dianne’s body. Their arms wrapped around each other and they kissed as only lovers can kiss.

Susan helped them both up from the bed and told her guests there would be a short break while Jessie and Dianne showered.

3.04 Ethan, Daniel, The Mating:

Susan put a bottle of personal lubricant on the foot of the bed. In a few minutes Dianne and Jessie returned and Susan nodded at Ethan. Both Dianne and Susan saw the nervous look that was filling Daniel’s face.

Ethan whispered in Daniel’s ear,

“It’s Ok Daniel, everyone is nervous the first time.”

Ethan took Daniel’s hand and led him onto the platform toward the bed. When they reached the foot of the bed Ethan turn Daniel so he was facing his mother and the audience. His nervousness intensified, knowing that all eyes were now focused on his nakedness. Daniel began having second thoughts when he saw Ethan’s swaying balls and stirring penis.

‘Why couldn’t they be alone somewhere .. not here, not in front of his mother.’

Daniel closed his eyes when he saw Ethan’s hands reaching out toward him and then felt one hand lifting his balls and the other slipping under penis, cradling it with light squeezes. A small gasp escaped Daniel’s mouth and he shifted his hips in a half-hearted attempt to stop Ethan’s touches. As the persistent hands worked on his genitals, Ethan leaned inward and his lips closed over Daniel’s right nipple with a delicious suckling action. The tongue swirled around the rising bud and Daniel winced as the sensations from his stirring penis radiated upward into his stiffening nipple.

He opened his eyes and looked at the monitor and saw Ethan’s left hand wrapped around his half erect penis and the right hand massaging his balls. He saw and felt Ethan’s mouth kissing its way over to his left nipple and his body stiffened in a futile effort to stop the sensations that were building within him.

Ethan’s fingers closed around the thickening gland of his penis with an exquisite swirling action and Daniel gasped as his penis grew to full erection and his stiff nipples tingled as Ethan’s massaging hand glided up and down his aroused member. In a reflexive action, his hips jerked outward and his chest pushed his excited nipples into the devouring, suckling mouth.

Ethan lifted his head and put his hands on Daniel’s shoulders. He looked into Ethan’s face and slowly brought his lips in close to Daniel’s lips. Daniel felt their lips touch and he tightened them as Ethan began to slide his tongue back and forth over them. Ethan’s hands left Daniel’s shoulders and reacquired his erection and heavy testicles. Daniel couldn’t suppress a moan and Ethan’s tongue slipped between the parting lips. His heart began beating faster when he felt Ethan’s tongue touch his tongue and begin to deliciously play with it. The sensations in his erection and nipples were intensifying and Ethan’s kiss was giving him feelings that he had never felt before. In a few seconds a dazed and bewildered Daniel returned the kiss and soon a low moan was heard as the tongues danced and played with each other.

Ethan broke the kiss and Daniel’s breath came in quick pants. Dianne smiled when she saw the flushed and aroused look on her son’s face. Daniel felt Ethan reach out and palm the sensitive underside of his erection with an exquisite pressing and swirling action. He closed his eyes as his hips jerked his straining hardness against the hand and another moan heard.

Ethan stopped and stepped back a inches. Dianne’s eyes opened wide when she the glistening glands of both erection within an inch of touching each other. Ethan snuggled in closer to Daniel and a louder moan was heard as their erections touched and throbbed against each other. An excited Daniel couldn’t believe the sensations that the two erections were giving him and his hips began slow up and down movements as gasps of pleasure escapes his mouth. Ethan stepped back, breaking the connection when he felt Daniel was becoming too excited.

Ethan knelt down in front of Daniel and reached out and rested his hands on the soft skin of his inner thighs and watched Daniel’s straining erection twitch and jerk. The hands began to slowly massage the their way upward, his right cupped and lifted Daniels balls and the left hand grasped his straining hardness. It glided up and down the thick tube of hard flesh with a gentle squeezing action and smiled when he saw the drooling drops of precum ooze from the engorged gland. Daniel moaned and shifted his hips, grinding his enflamed member and churning testicles into Ethan’s manipulating hands.

Ethan’s hands moved to Daniel’s thighs and pushed his legs further apart. He then picked up the bottle of personal lubricant, pouring some of the slick onto the fingers of his right hand. His left hand lifted Daniel’s testicles while his lubed hand moved between the spread cheeks of Daniel’s buttocks. The slick fingers made contact with Daniel’s anal lips and began caressing the tingling opening. His mind and body were being flooded with sensations that he had never felt before and he began pushing his excited anus onto Ethan’s exploring fingers.

Suddenly Daniel reached out and grabbed Ethan’s shoulders as a series of tremors rippled across his loins. A long moan was heard and his hardness jerked in the air as his ‘womanhood’ formed. His legs instinctively spread further apart and his moans became louder as hidden desires rose up to the surface. Ethan smiled when he felt Daniel pushing against his tracing fingers and looked at the oozing erection twitching in front of his face. Ethan slowly slipped a single finger inward and Daniel squealed excitedly as new and pleasurable sensations gripped his loins. His hips ground against the twisting finger and his erection jumped and jerked. A second and third finger wiggled their way inward and Daniel gurgled with joy.

With his fingers still embedded in Daniel’s rectal sheath, Ethan stand up and leaned into Daniel’s body. Daniel saw Ethan’s face nearing his face and their lips touched. All the sensations from his nipples, erection, testicles and anus were melding together and Daniel quickly parted his lips, allowing Ethan’s tongue to slip into his mouth. His heart beat faster as the tongues played with each other, filling his mind with incredible feelings of being kissed by a male for the first time.

Ethan’s left hand left Daniel’s churning balls and moved upward onto his hard manhood and the palm of his hand slipped over the glistening gland, swirling the slick precum over the ecstatic crown. Daniel moaned deeply into Ethan’s mouth as the kiss became more passionate and urgent.

Daniel broke the kiss gasping and panting.

Ethan flexed his fingers within Daniel’s spasming sheath and Daniel’s straining hardness throbbed between the two abdomens. Dianne looked in awe at her son’s twisting and shifting body as Ethan applied his magic. She saw Ethan lowering himself back onto his knees in front of Daniel and watched as his open mouth came nearer and nearer to head of her son’s twitching manhood.

Daniel felt a wonderful, warm, moist breath of air bathe his tingling gland and then squealed with joy as the sucking mouth descended onto the head of his straining erection. Ethan’s lips and mouth suckled their way down to the circumcision ring as the tongue swirled around the highly excited gland.

Ethan’s mouth and throat started a slow descent onto Daniel’s excited penis. He raised up a bit and tilted his head, allowing the thick head to glide deeper into his clenching throat. Daniel gurgled as Ethan’s warm throat muscles kissed and squeezed his pulsing hardness as it was sucked into the depths of his throat. With a torturous twisting motion, Ethan lifted his head and Daniel’s throbbing erection was slowly pulled outward. When the agitated gland reach Ethan’s mouth, he closed his cheeks around it with a forceful suctioning action.

Daniel felt Ethan’s finger tips began circling the walls of his rectal passage as if were searching for something .. and then they found it .. his prostate. His mind became saturated with sensations that he had never felt before and he arched forward and upward, burying his manhood deep into Ethan’s throat. Ethan’s fingers began a slow, soft massaging action over the excited mound and within 30 seconds small explosions of ecstasy ricocheted throughout Daniel’s body. His preseminal fluids spurted out of the open slit on the head of his erection and Ethan feasted on his gushing nectar. Daniel’s body began shaking with internal orgasms and he desperately flexed his engorged hardness in a frantic attempt to ejaculate.

His orgasmicly denied body was finally allowed to unleash its reservoirs of ejaculant. Daniel’s first stream of thick semen entered the base of erection and shot up his screaming erection. The churning liquid of joy reached the straining head and swirled around engorged gland. It then exploded into Ethan’s eager and receptive mouth.

Ethan feasted on Daniel’s gushing nectar and increased his exquisite milking actions. Daniel’s hips arched upward again and Ethan almost gagged as every inch of Daniel’s seven and half inch erection lunged into his throat. Daniel hands grasped Ethan’s head tightly as his hips hunched downward, grinding his rear passage onto the Ethan’s stroking fingers. Daniel’s rectal sheath began deep clenches and ecstatic spasms as his rectal orgasm was unleashed. Another huge stream of thick semen pulsed up his raging erection and again, Ethan feasted on the spewing gushes of thick semen.

Daniel’s mind was now saturated with the multiple waves of orgasmic joy that were exploding across his loins. He was pushed into sensory overload and his body lost consciousness, slumping down in front of Ethan who held him close to his body. His still spurting penis slip out of Ethan’s throat and mouth. With a long moan Daniel regained consciousness. He felt Ethan’s still buried fingers, flexing gently within his frothy rectum and his left hand massaging his slick softening penis. Ethan slowly and teasingly withdrew his fingers from Daniel’s anus with an audible slurping sound and Daniel moaned as the fingers slipped out of his body.

Ethan saw Susan and Dianne approaching them, carrying a basin of warm water, sponges and a towel. Susan knelt down in front of Ethan and cleaned the drools of semen from his face. When she finished, Ethan groaned when she patted the hardness between his thighs. Dianne knelt down in front of her son. A dazed Daniel watched his mother dip a sponge into the warm water and begin washing and cleaning his penis, testicles and anal area.

Her knowing hand used the soft sponge to swirl, squeeze and caress her son’s slick penis and Daniel cooed and mewed as his mother rejuvenated his arousal. His penis quickly stirred and grew erect and a warm rush flooded his testicles as they were ‘refilled’. His ‘womanhood’ remained in its formed state and Daniel moaned as ripples of pleasure continued to flood his rectal sheath and anal lips.

They helped Ethan and Daniel up onto their feet. Susan put two pillows on the bed, and after putting the basin, sponges and towels back on the counter, she and Dianne returned to the sectional.

Ethan said,

“Daniel, I want you to get up onto the bed.”

Daniel did so and Ethan placed a pillow under his head and then had Daniel lift up a bit while he placed the other, thicker pillow, under his hips. He then told Daniel to bend his legs and bring his feet back toward the sides of the pillow. Daniel’s raised and exposed anal area was clearly visible to everyone, along with swaying testicles and engorged manhood.

Daniel looked leaned up a little and a sense of excitement filled his mind when he saw Ethan climbing onto the bed and shuffle forward with his straining hardness leading the way toward his bent and spread thighs. Daniel sighed as Ethan’s hands massaged and kneaded the soft skin of his inner thighs and a thrill swept through his loins when he saw Ethan’s intense stare at the opening to his ‘womanhood’.

Ethan moved closer toward the apex of Daniel’s thighs and restarted his massaging of Daniel’s inner thighs. He teased him by coming close to but not touching his anal area, balls or erection. Daniel closed his eyes, savoring the wonderful sensations and moaned softly as he shifted his hips trying to get Ethan’s exploring hands to move onto his swelling sex.

Ethan leaned up and over Daniel’s body and their erections and nipples rubbed and pressed each other. Ethan brought his mouth down to Daniel’s mouth and their lips met. Both their eager tongues sought out each other’s tongues and they kissed deeply and passionately. Ethan brought both hands to Daniel’s enhanced nipples and his soft finger tips began caressing and teasing the erect buds.

Daniel moaned into Ethan’s mouth.

Ethan lifted his head and started to plant light suckling kisses along Daniel’s cheeks and neck and down to his shoulders. His loving lips trekked further down toward Daniel’s right areola. Daniel groaned as they neared his erect nipple and then his suckling mouth and lips descended onto the engorged nipple and Daniel gasped, thrusting his chest upward into Ethan’s suckling mouth.

Ethan alternated his assault on Daniel’s areolas and nipples. While his mouth, lips and tongue suckled and caressed one areola, his hands massage and kneaded the other. Daniel moaned and panted as his arousal soared. He ground his hips causing his oozing erection to slip and bump against Ethan’s throbbing member.

Ethan massaged his hands downward and placed them on Daniel’s inner thighs, close to but not touching the swollen anal lips. Ethan’s mouth left Daniel’s nipple and started to explore its way downward over Daniel’s abdomen. Daniel’s erection slid along Ethan’s cheek, leaving a trail of slick precum as it suckled its way toward the base of Daniel’s erection. Daniel grabbed Ethan’s head and held his breath in anticipation.

Ethan started a string of wet suckling kisses up the sensitive underside of Daniel’s massive erection. It throbbed and jumped as the lips suckled their way upward toward the thick, tingling head. A loud gasp was heard and his clutching hands tried to speed Ethan’s teasing mouth to go faster but Ethan deliberately went agonizingly slow.

Ethan finally reached the ring around the bottom of the thick gland and swirled his wet tongue around it and then began and ecstatic lapping all around the hyper-sensitive flesh. Daniel arched up in ecstasy, his erection jumped and jerked and his precum spurted outward and Ethan eagerly feasted on the drooling nectar.

Ethan’s right hand reached down and palmed Daniel’s eager entrance. He teasingly pressed and swirled his fingers in delicious circles and Daniel threw his head back and moaning and gasping. Ethan’s slick fingers started an exquisite tracing of Daniel’s swollen anal lips. Daniel bucked and thrashed in response to Ethan’s hands and mouth. His jerking erection felt as though it was going to explode and his anal opening and rectal sheath clenched and spasmed.

Once again, Daniel felt those wonderful fingers twisting into his rectal sheath. The enhanced nerve endings threw Daniel into a sexual frenzy. The fingers reached his spasming prostate and began an ecstatic massaging of the excited tissues. Daniel groaned deep in his throat as Ethan’s fingers began a deep stroking action deep into clenching sheath.

Ethan suddenly withdrew and Daniel moaned in agony.

“Nooooooooooooo ..”

Ethan raised up and rested his slick erection lengthways between the cheeks of Daniel’s spread buttocks. Daniel immediately started a frantic sawing motion with his hips. He gurgled as the long, thick shaft slipped ecstatically across his swollen anal entrance and over Daniel’s enflamed erection. Ethan looked down at Daniel and saw his glazed, aroused eyes, pleading for him to do something .. anything.

Ethan smiled down at Daniel and whispered,

“Guide me into your ‘womanhood’.”

Daniel reached between their bodies and grasped the engorged thickness of Ethan’s erection. He could feel the slickness of Ethan’s preseminal fluids that had drooled from the engorged head. Daniel guided the thick gland so it lay between the spread cheeks of his buttocks. While holding onto the treasured hardness, Daniel instinctively pushed his hips upward and outward allowing the head of Ethan’s erection to nestle into anal lips. He felt the lips of his enflamed entrance being pushed open. The elastic opening teasingly resisted for a moment and then suddenly they popped open and slipped joyously around the cherished head of Ethan’s magnificent erection. Ethan shut his eyes and gasped in ecstasy at the incredible sensations as the head of his erection slipped inward, into Daniel’s eager and welcoming rectal sheath.

With one determined thrust, Daniel lunged up onto Ethan’s thick, straining hardness and a hiss of joy was heard as he impaled his ‘womanhood’ on Ethan’s seven and half inch manhood. With one thrust, Daniel lost his rectal virginity.

Daniel ground his hips in frantic circles as his sheath ecstatically stretched around Ethan’s hard, flexing member. His rectal muscles expanded and started a clenching and milking action which caused a surprised gasp to escape Ethan’s open mouth. Ethan flexed gently, expanding his hardness deep inside Daniel, but still not moving his body.

Daniel couldn’t believe the feelings that his rectal sheath was giving him.

“Oh Ethan .. I feel sooooo full ..”

Ethan waited a moment, flexed again, watching Daniel’s face light up with joy. Slowly and tantalizingly Ethan withdrew halfway and then slowly pushed back inward. Again he moved forward, again and again, setting a slow teasing rhythm to his strokes. Ethan smiled as Daniel’s mewling and gurgling sounds rolled unabashedly from his lips.

Daniel’s enflamed erection jumped, jerked and bucked as his enhanced rectal walls unleashed it jolts of ecstasy. His precum was spewing from his engorged twitching head and pooling onto his abdomen. His erection and anal sheath now came into sync and the ecstatic sensations doubled in intensity. His mind was now totally centered on the incredible waves of pleasure that were washing across his loins.

Ethan’s body went into automatic and he began deep thrusting into Daniel’s clenching, wet ‘womanhood’. Daniel matched his thrusts and the room echoed with their moans and wails of ecstasy. Rippling spasms of joy began deep within Daniel’s sex and seeped relentlessly through the raw nerve ends of his flesh. The sensations rippled outward past his stretched anal lips, into his straining erection and up to the tips of his erect, bullet-like nipples.

He ground his hips in tight circles against Ethan’s thrusting manhood, his rectal sheath stretching ecstatically with its rhythmic pistoning. Daniel gasped and gurgled as his body became detached from his surroundings. Nothing mattered to him except the orgasmic waves that were flowing from his enraged passage. His jerking erection was drooling copious amounts of precum and his abdomen glistened in the light. The wet sucking sounds could be heard as Ethan thrust urgently into Daniel’s milking passage.

Suddenly Ethan lunged sharply inward, burying himself deep inside Daniel’s spasming ‘womanhood’ causing Daniel’s arch upward from the bed, bucking wildly as his first rectal orgasm exploded across his body.

Ethan withdrew his deeply imbedded manhood until just his enraged gland rested inside Daniel. Then he thrust forcefully forward throwing Daniel into a sexual frenzy. Ethan began long hard strokes into the steaming passage that was now wet and slippery from Daniel’s thick rectal juices, withdrawing the swollen head until just the tip remained inside the slick opening and then thrusting forward with his hips.

Daniel was wailing with incoherent sounds.

He reached out and grasped Ethan’s hips and pulled him deeply inward and thrust his hips up hard to skewer himself impossibly deep on Ethan’s driving thickness. Daniel’s body began to match Ethan’s pounding lunges with his own rhythmic thrashings. Ethan could feel his raging erection jump and throb. The sensitive gland twitched with a sense of urgency as Daniel’s muscles clenched and milked his enflamed member.

Ethan’s whole body went on hold as his hot thick load of semen entered the base of his erection. It surged its way up his quivering shaft and seem to stall and play with the most sensitive of male glands, the crown of his penis. It thickened and pulsed as the liquid joy played with its head and then exploded out the wide open slit.

Daniel felt the incredible force of Ethan’s eruptions spew into his enflamed rectal sheath causing it to ecstatically balloon from the gushing liquid pressure of Ethan’s ejaculation. His back arched and froze as his body started its second climatic orgasm. Daniel could feel the delicious liquid jettisoning into his writhing and spasming sex. His legs kicked outward in a wide ‘V’, cycling frantically in the air over the bed. Ethan’s incredible erection continued to gush and spurt its ejaculant, the thick liquid of joy continued to gush from its head, filling Daniel’s seething ‘womanhood’ and foaming out of the contracting and puckering anal lips.

Daniel’s eyes opened wide as a different ecstatic sensation gripped his loins. His raging erection jumped, jerked wildly as his liquid joy surged up his enraged organ, swirling deliciously around his hyper-excited gland and jettison past the puckering slit drenching his entire upper body with massive pools of his thick semen.

The combined rectal and erectile orgasms were too much for Daniel’s mind and he went into an orgasmic shutdown and lost consciousness, his body continued orgasming and ejaculating.

Ethan collapsed across Daniel’s body, feeling Daniel’s insides still gushing forth around his jumping hardness. Daniel recovered moaning and gasping and wrapped his arms and legs tightly around Ethan as his body shook with deep aftershocks. Their abdomens deliciously squished and slurped together in Daniel’s warm pools of semen.

Ethan lay still for a moment to recover his strength and then slowly pulled himself off of Daniel. His deflating penis slipping slowly out of Daniel’s still spasming rectum with a wet, slurping sound.

Daniel moaned as the wonderful fullness left his body.

Ethan let it lay, still drooling, on Daniel’s abdomen. It mixed with Daniel’s semen and soon strings of their essence dripped down Daniel’s sides and thighs.

Daniel moved his abdomen in slow sensuous circles rubbing their deflating penises between their bodies. Both enjoyed the feel of the slick tubes of flesh as they squished through the pools of thick semen. Daniel moaned at the sensations and they smiled at each other.

Each held the other tightly as they came down from their orgasmic highs.

A sigh escaped Daniel’s mouth as his ‘womanhood’ returned to its normal state.

A happy Dianne watched as Ethan helped her son off of the bed and they walked to shower. While they were showering, Dianne helped Susan change out the sheet and pillows on the bed. Susan put a bottle of massaging oil on and bed, it was her turn next and her clitoris was already tingling with anticipation.

3.05 Adrian, Susan, The mating:

I didn’t know what to do about David. He was my best friend and after years of teasing me, he had opened up a pandora’s box of getting me to crossdress. Now I’m supposed to go as his date, as Angelina Jolie, but the host of the party, Ben, a real gentleman, wants me too. I wish I could be Ben’s date, but I don’t know how to escape from David’s grip.

“Allison, I’m here!” It was David knocking at the door. “Open up you little slut!”

“Shhh David, not so loud! I don’t need the neighbors hearing!”

“What are you doing dressed as a guy?”

“David, it’s 2pm. The party is not for hours. I’m just hanging out.”

“not anymore. Go get ready. You’re coming as my date and I’ll sit here all day watching college football if I have to.” David doesn’t leave anything up to chances.

“Why did you bring a suitcase?”

“You’ll see Aly. Go put on your little makeup in the bathroom.” I rolled my eyes. I was partially upset that he just ruined whatever rest of a guyish Saturday afternoon that I had in store for myself. On the other hand if someone is telling me to go put on some makeup, they certainly don’t have to ask me twice.

As I started putting on foundation, I heard David rolling his suitcase into my bedroom. I walked in to take a look and he threw all my button down shirts and dress pants into his empty suitcase.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m making sure you don’t run off with Ben.”

“Excuse me?”

“Well Allison if you ever want to make it to your day job as Alex again then you’re going to have to have to play by my rules. Alex’s clothes will be safe with me.” I gasped and did not like this one bit. “Don’t even try grabbing the suitcase. I’m much stronger than you. Now go paint your dainty little finger nails a nice red color and think about how you’re going to pleasure your man later. I own you now Allison.” I started getting hard in my shorts and knew I had to change into my panties. I was just worried whether this would be my last time I ever wore boxer shorts.

I went back into the bathroom to put on my makeup and a tear started rolling down my eye. I loved dressing and all, but I don’t know where David is going with all this. I love dressing as a girl but I want to have the choice to pick out a guy for myself. It sounded like David was still busy packing more of my guy stuff away.

“what are you doing out there”

“just replacing Alex’s underwear with Allison’s new panties. All your Alex clothes is now in my suitcase.”

“David you’re such a prick!” I said this as I’m applying my eye liner and wearing a bra and panties.

“haha I know!!”

“Go sit on the couch!”

I heard him wheel the heavy sounding suitcase back to the living room. While David was making himself at home eating popcorn and watching the game, I got myself all glammed up. I made my eye liner dramatic as Daphne taught me and I applied eye shadow and lipstick and lip gloss. I applied lipstick far past my lips to give the illusion of Angelina’s volume.

My heels were 4 inches high and patent. My dress was long and black. My wig was long and dark dark brown. My silicon enhances underneath my bra made me feel so feminine. I snapped a selfie of myself and sent it to Daphne. “thanks for being my BFF. xo”

I came out and strutted as I approached David on the living room couch. “Wow your lips really look like Angelina’s.”

“Thanks”. I blushed.

“I can’t even believe you used to be sad pathetic Alex and now you’re hot as hell.”

He got up from the couch and embraced me with both of his big arms. His right hand cupped my feminine little ass and his left hand tucked some of my hair behind my ear and he began missing me. I felt magical.

For a couple minutes the making out was hot.

“get on your knees and open my zipper.”

I willingly did and through his boxers poked out his raging hot penis. I started sucking it.

“Oooh that feels so good!”

I started licking fastly the bottom sensitive part of his cock and he looked to be in ecstasy. He was getting harder and harder and I was licking his pre-cum when suddenly he stopped.

“halftime is over. Game is resuming. Sit back up here.”

“I was a little devastated. He suddenly was ignoring me for the game. As I sat next to him I noticed I was so hard from what had just transpired and desperately wanted to jerk myself off.

Unfortunately my cock was buried under my long dress and control top pantyhose, so I couldn’t even get to it if I tried.

Regardless, I started stroking the area as I was so horny thinking about having David’s cock in my mouth.

“Na ah ah Allison, as he waved no with his finger. I don’t want you making any mess in your outfit.”

We just sat there and every so often he’d look back at me. It was clear, though I enjoyed crossdressing, that this was all about David and that he was trying to morph me into his cd slave.

In the meantime he didn’t even kiss me. He just placed his hand on my pantyhose-clad legs and felt them up every so often. “you haven’t painted your nails!”

I got up to go search for my press on nails.

“No Allison you need to paint your actual nails. Show me some commitment.”

I guess I had no choice. I sighed and sat down.

But the intoxicating fumes of the nail polish made me feel a lot better about everything. I’m glad I have David as a friend. He literally spotted in me my inner girl before I saw it in myself.

After the game, David got ready in his tux as Brad. “ok, game’s over lets get going. Touch up your make up. I can’t wait till we win first prize!”

We left in David’s car and he put his full suitcase in his trunk.

We got to the party. The music was thumping. Jay Z was playing. The house was filled with twenty-something party goers.

David immediately knew a lot of people and was introducing me “and this is my significant other Angelina.”

One friend exclaimed “Oh David, you always get the prettiest girls!”

I just stood there graciously and smiling while David chatted with all his friends. A couple of them I knew as Alex, but none of them recognized me all dressed up

Then I saw Daphne and walked toward her.

She screamed, “hey girl! Ben’s been asking for you!”

“But what do I do about David?”

“Who cares about David!”

She grabbed my hand and brought me to Ben.

As I approached him, with his sapphire blue eyes, I forgot how gentlemanly he was. His hair was parted, gelled and had a 1950s pompodoire. He looked so dapper in a cream colored blazer and black Bowtie. He was clearly going for a 1950s look.

“hello Lady”

“hey Ben”

“you look stunning tonight”

“and you look so handsome as always”

“can we have this dance”

“of course”

He immediately went to the DJ and had the Rihanna song stopped. The entire party stopped what they were doing, and after three seconds, the music changed to Frank Sinatra’s “The Way you Look Tonight”.

The whole crowd parted ways and made a large circle around us as Ben and I danced romantically. He had one arm behind my back and one hand holding my hand and holding him in tight.

A minute into the song he began to kiss me sensuously, with everyone watching. I was afraid to see if David was watching.

Suddenly the music was halted. David grabbed the microphone and said “ladies and gentleman, Ben is dancing and kissing with a dude.” he then speedily walked over to me and yanked off my wig. I felt so humiliated.

The silence felt like it lasted 10 minutes as everyone gasped.

Then Ben, grabbed the wig from David’s hand put it back in place of my head and took the mike.

“Well, she’s hot anyway!!”

the crowd cheered and he cupped my face in his two hands and started kissing me. “I knew all along babe”

The music returned to thumping pop and R&B, and after a couple more minutes of dancing he whispered in my ear “hey, let’s get out of here.”

we took my hand and led me upstairs and into his bedroom. He lit two candles and put on a slow jazz song on his Mac and started kissing me. “you do look beautiful and I want to treat you like the lady you deserve to be treated as.”

I kissed him and kissed him. He moaned whenever I kissed him beneath his neck. I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down. His cock was long and hard and I started to suck on it for a couple minutes.

Wait I want to pleasure you too. I want to fuck you slow and sensuously so you enjoy it. He pulled my dress off, grabbed some scissors and cut a whole in my pantyhose. He then laid me on my back, took out a condom and put it on and then bathed it in tons of lube. The lube got everywhere! I got so excited in anticipation. He stood in front of me while I laid on my back and looked me in the eye, took my pantyhose clad legs over his shoulders and entered his cock within me. For a second it hurt, but all that lube made it feel so nice.

Are you comfortable?

Yeah, keep going.

He slowly started to penetrate back and forth. It felt great, my cock was so hard. I could see that Ben noticed it and he put his hand inside my pantyhose and gave it 2 or 3 strokes.

“my my, looks like you’re enjoying this as much as I do.”

He kept pounding me and it felt incredible.

“Allison, I’m getting close!” So was I.

“you’re going to be my girlfriend, right?” He asked as he was pushing faster.

“you’re going to get dressed up for me and love me and were going to love each other right? He was pounding even faster.


“Good girl, Allison!” and then he came.

“Oh fuck yeah! You take it so well Allison and you’re so pleasant. We’re going to have a lot of fun together.”

I was so hard I reached into my pantyhose and panties and stroked myself a couple times.

“Good girl, I want to see you cum!” I immediately came endlessly.

It felt so good. We both lied down on Ben’s bed and he held me all night long. I was still in my bra, panties and pantyhose and it felt so right.

The next morning I woke up to a picture text from David. “Say goodbye to Alex!”. The pic showed his suitcase having been thrown in the river.

Then Ben came up from behind, wrapped me in his arms, kissed me on my cheek and said “what’s up dear?”

Even though David had just thrown out any remnant of my clothes as Alex, I felt so good and knew that things would be all right.

He put a firm hand on my back and bent me over the counter sink and he spread my legs open and took me from behind.

What I had thought would be only a one time thing had turned into an almost daily fuck, except it was Michael doing all the fucking.

He grabbed my waist as his cock slid in an out of my hole (which was no longer virgin tight thanks to him) I bucked my hips to his motion and my balls which hung beautifully in the summer heat bounced on the counter as his slapped against my ass.

My parents had walked in on us when Michael was deep inside of me on the couch, the very first time he first fucked me. Not expecting to be having sex, I hadn’t paid proper attention to the time and should have known they’d be back.

After seeing me giving my ass to my best friend, my parents both respectively left the room to let us compose ourselves. As turned on as I had been, I was scared now. And worried. I jumped up and put my clothes on in a panic.

“Hey” Michael said, he grabbed my shoulders with his muscular arms “don’t panic, it’ll be okay” he hugged me against his naked body. Me only having my shirt on.”I’ll talk to them.” He slapped my ass and put on his clothes and calmly walked out to where my parents were.

I was too scared to follow but I listened to him talk. “Mr and Mrs Peters I am so sorry for what you just saw me doing to your son” he said.

“I just want you to know it was all my doing and Franky was just being a good friend by letting me do things no friend should never as of another friend.”

I didn’t hear my parents reply for a long while until my mother said “thank you for your honesty Michael.” And he left. They began to come inside. I had to hide! I couldn’t face them.

I ran to my room and pretended to sleep. Soon my door opened. “Franky?” It was my mom thank god. “Franky you have nothing to be embarrassed about.”

I looked up at her. “I can’t believe you saw me doing that. I can’t believe I did it!”

“Franky are you… Gay?”

“No!” That was the second time I’d been asked that today.

“Sweety then why did you let him do that with you?”

“I don’t know mom. He asked okay?”

“And you said yes?”

“At first all he wanted was to touch my breasts. I told you I wanted to get them removed.”

“The doctor said you can make that decision once you’re twenty one, and besides if you wouldn’t be so insecure, I think they’re a beautiful part of you. You don’t think they look bad on me do you?”

“… No, but yours are fully developed and you’re meant to have them. Besides you can wear a bra so they look nicer. My nipples always show through my shirts.”

“Well you’re welcome to use my bras if you’d like”

“Mom, I don’t want to look even more like a girl.”

“I’m just saying, it’s your choice. If you an Michael are going to keep-” “No mom. It’s not going to happen again!”

Boy was I wrong. No matter how I tried to prevent it, Michael always turned any situation where we were alone together into a hook up. I was turned on feeling his dick deep inside of me and began to jack off into the sink, as I had many times in the past imagining this exact situation (though not with Michael).

It was true I wasn’t really attracted to him, he was muscled from head to toe with definition like no man I’d ever seen, yet slim. But he wasn’t my type. For one, my type was women: dark haired dainty women. but if i had to go gay, my type was Jose, the beautiful dark skinned guy of my dreams. Not this white muscled boy plunging his cock in and out of my furry bubble butt.

But as much as I thought that, I did enjoy the sex. Michaels many and current girlfriends must have taught him much about the art if sex. His meaty head stroking my prostate and my hand moving up and down my own smooth dick made me cum like never before. A huge wad hit the mirror covering the face of my reflection in white dripping goo.

The rest of my cum emptied into the sink, and thank god! What spurted out was bad enough but then what seemed like a white flood rushed out over my hand. It would have been a pain to clean!

My ass tensed up around his six inch cock as I orgasmed and he kept fucking me as hard as ever. He was outlasting me so much these days, it always hurt more after I came.

I licked the cum off the mirror, and waited for him to finish. It was a long time. All I could think was how badly I needed to stop this. To do that I would need to stop being alone with him. Finally he pushed my head up against the mirror.

“You read bitch?” He whispered hotly in my ear. He had to whisper to not wake his sleeping parents. I nodded. I was very ready for this to end.

He tensed and squirted, tensed and squirted. Moaning as he did, wen he finally pulled out i felt an amazing feeling of relief: the greatest part of anal sex, leaving you to want even more.

“Fuck man” he said “I can’t get enough of your ass! One of these days you should shave that thing for me.”

“Are you kidding!? I’m so hairy shaving is a bitch and it grows back so fast” I asked.

“Just your ass!”

“That’s the worst part, I sit on that.” Even though I protested, I now felt insecure as though I should shave it.

“Alright fine whatever” he groaned. We both went back to his room an fell asleep like nothing had happened.

The next day Michael asked if he could come over to “hang out”. I lied and told him Sean was coming over, and he accepted. I couldn’t have Michael over to my house! After they caught is fucking I’d been lying to them about who’s house I’d been staying at.

I decided I might as well see what Sean was up to. I called him and as always he was eager to hang out, especially having just recently broken up with his long term girlfriend.

“Hey Frank” he said when he came over. I found myself checking him out for the first time. He was taller than Michael or I with nicely muscled arms and chest, not ripped like Michael.

“Hey Sean! Come in!” I could even see his soft cock hanging in his soccer shorts.

It was nice to have a real friend over again not just Michael who wanted only my ass and tits.

We sat around and talked as usual, Sean was really upset about being single now. My parents were out drinking at some party, when they came home I think they were glad to see me with a different friend and to see is clothed and my ass cock free.

After they went to bed, Sean wanted to show me a funny movie on YouTube. I got out my computer and it started up to the login box. Sean waited as I put in my password. When I finally did, flesh popped up on my screen to my horror. I saw a guy on his knees getting another guys cock rubbed all around his lips before finally taking it in his mouth.

“Oops” I said clicking the x on the screen. Ever since Michael fucked me id watched nothing but gay porn, and i now remembered putting my computer into hibernate the last time. without closing!? how stupid can I be? It seemed like forever before it finally disappeared.

“Oh” he said. He laughed nervously then, but I handed him the computer and he proceeded to show me the video like nothing had happened.

Eventually the conversation drifted back to his ex.

I listened to his woes and finally when he was leaving he turned to me and said “thanks for listening, you’ve always been the best friend I had.”

I was flattered. “Hey, anytime. Thanks for being cool about what happened with the computer today. I know you’re going through a rough patch. If there’s anything I can do to help you through it let me know.”

“Anything?” He asked, raising his eyes up an down jokingly.

I thought about it, I’d been Michaels personal fuck bitch the last two weeks, I don’t see why I couldn’t help a nicer guy like Sean out. “Anything.” I said firmly.

“Well the hardest part about not having a girlfriend anymore is not having someone to..” He glanced over at my computer. “Are you into that stuff that was on your computer?”

I was on my knees before I could answer him, unbuttoning his pants. “I can be your new girlfriend for a while.”

He smiled nervously. “Have you done this before?”

“Yes. Only recently.”

“With who?”


“What really?” He asked as I licked his shaft. “Oh” he moaned. I took off my shirt. “Oh man and you even have tits.”

“Yeah.” I remembered. “You can feel them if you’d like. That’s what Michael does.”

He pinched my nipples and a put my lips around his cock head and sucked the tip. His dick grew in my mouth until I was sucking a beautiful seven incher! “That feels great” he told me. “Only… Do you think you could dress like one?”

I popped him out of my mouth. “Like one what?”I asked curiously.

“Like a girl.”

“Uhm I dunno. I’ve never Crossdressed before.” I remembered my moms offer about the bras. “Hold on Ill be right back.”

I quietly slipped into my parents bedroom. They were both asleep, snoring loudly. It’s a wonder they could sleep. I slipped over to my mothers underwear drawer and pulled it open. It made a noise and I froze. But they were both still snoring. I felt around until I found a Lacey pair of panties and a bra. I quickly shut the door and left.

When I got back out to the living room, Sean was waiting naked and still extremely hard. I showed him the underwear, I saw now that the bra was red while the panties were black. Oops.

“Put them on!” He said excitedly.

I slipped the panties on, the fabric felt great against my cock and it grew harder than ever. You could see every detail through the panties.

The bra I had more difficulty with. “Could you?”

Sean came up behind me and fastened the bra for me.

“I look silly” I said, looking at my reflection in the mirror with Sean standing naked behind me. Indeed I was too hairy for lingerie. My breasts looked good with the lift from the bra. Much bigger than I had thought they were.

Sean began to kiss my neck.”you look beautiful” he said. “Just need a shave.” He held my bra covered breasts. I could feel his naked dick rub up and down my crack through my mothers panties. “Those paties feel so great he said”

I had to admit they did feel nice on my own cock. I began to stroke myself through them, at first I was careful not to stretch them, but it felt too good for me to care and I started hacking off vigorously with the fabric stretching out like a condom.

Sean had his thumbs inside my bra now, massaging my nipples. That felt so good. I let out a soft moan.

The panties felt tight on me, being stretched by my cock on on end while simultaneously Sean’s penis was pushing it tighter and tighter between my round bubble-butt cheeks until I could feel him pushing against my hole.

I felt my hole loosen out of habit thanks to Michael. I was ready to be fucked, and apparently Sean was ready to fuck me, he pulled the panty to the side, exposing my right butt cheek which he grabbed firmly and squeezed as he pulled it apart from the other one.

I bent over the kitchen counter in front of me; happy to do a friend a favor. I knew after all Sean hadn’t been getting any since the break up, and that has to be a rough transition.

But he wasn’t being rough with me. He entered me so slowly it made me shake. When he was finally all the was in me he waited again and slowly pulled out. I shuddered again.

He slowly began to pick up the pace, still making me shake with anticipation and sending shivers down my spine as he kissed his way up my neck.

I turned my head to kiss him and his lips met mine. I closed my eyes as we made out while he gently fucked me, but when I opened them I saw a figure down my hallway.

Oh no! Had my mom woke up and seen me in her clothes!? And having sex–with a guy–again!?

I began to panic. I’m sure Sean just thought I was enjoying him. I didn’t want to stop him, I just hoped my mother didn’t tell dad.

But wait. It wasn’t like mom to stand and watch. She would have left in embarrassment by now.

I kissed Sean again to sneak another peak, and I saw the figures hand moving. Back and forth on his dick. My fathers thick long dick!

Holy shit my dad was watching me get fucked in moms underwear, and enjoying it!

Somehow that made me extra hot. I started to masturbate myself like my father was. The panties felt amazing. They were growing dark around the tip of my cock where pre cum was seeping out.

Suddenly Sean spun me around. I was leaned with my back against the counter, he lifted my legs and fucked my through my half removed panties.

Oh god I loved this. Now turned around, I had a clear view of my father and his dick. We made eye contact. I smiled. Then suddenly Sean was kissing me again. And his pace became quicker and quicker.

I moaned loudly, no longer worried about anyone hearing. I moaned every time he entered me. I might cum from anal alone!

But then suddenly Sean came. Spasm after spasm I felt his cock jerk inside me. I had always cum first, I was surprised!

Sean dismounted me and kissed his way down my body. Past my bra, and stomach until he reached my fully erect cock.

Through my panties he licked the shaft: up and down up and down and then letting his tongue dance on my cock head. He slipped a finger up my ass and bent it gently to tickle my insides.

I was gone. So was my father, it was awesome. We came simultaneously: his all over the hallway, and mine fountained out through my mothers panties. I could see the white cum clearly leaking out of the black fabric.

Oh god. How will I clean these!? I asked myself, but Sean was one step ahead of me. He licked all of the cum up. Scooping it with his tongue and then gulping as he swallowed and smiled up at me.

He was definitely my new best friend.

Chapter 4: Carter and Aiden take things to new heights.

DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of fiction. All characters involved are eighteen years of age or older. This series includes sex between brothers. Do not continue reading if you do not approve of incestuous relationships. Again, this work is fiction.

Thanks for the great feedback on the first three chapters! Don’t worry this one isn’t the end. I’m an amateur writer so it feels great to know that you guys actually like my stuff. I’m planning to continue this series for a few more chapters as well as write another series which I will reveal pretty soon.


We quickly got up and headed downstairs to see our parents taking off their coats by the front door. I called out, “Oh sorry mom. Carter and I were- uhhh.” I swear that I couldn’t think of any excuse for the life of me.

Carter interjected, “Aiden and I were just listening to some music upstairs and I guess it was pretty loud.”

I sighed as my mom nodded, adding “Oh okay. Glad to see that you boys were together.”

Carter nudged me and I mouthed a “Thank you” to him as we followed our parents into the kitchen. Wanting to change the subject, I asked, “So, how’s grandma doing?”

Our dad responded, “She’s doing well, just needs to slow down a bit. But she’s okay.”

I replied, “That’s good to hear. Do you guys want me to cook you some breakfast? You must be hungry.”

Mom stood up to pour herself a glass of milk, “Oh no, honey, we ate already. We actually only stopped by to pack some clothes.”

Dad swooped in to explain, “See we’re heading back to grandmas and we’ll be staying with her for the weekend to make sure she’s okay. We already called up a caretaker to look after her from now on, but she’s not expected to come in until Monday.” Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Carter giving me a devious smile. I gently shook my head, knowing his intentions. Dad jokingly instructed, “So Carter, that means you’re going to have to look after your little brother here for the weekend.”

Carter sat down at the table next to me and obliged, “Yes sir.” He then put his hand on my thigh, slowly feeling around my jeans. “I’ll take good care of little Aiden here.” I kept a smile on my face and tried to play nonchalant as my brother was feeling me up.

Mom added, “You know Aiden, just because you’re 18 now doesn’t mean you can go all crazy and wild. I’m sure Carter here will keep you in check.”

I laughed on the inside, knowing that Carter would have the exact opposite. Suddenly my mind started to race at the fact that Carter and I would have the weekend to ourselves. I gulped, not knowing if I was eager or scared.

I finally snapped out of my trance once the front door closed after kissing my parents goodbye. I turned around after closing the door and nearly jumped as I saw Carter standing behind me with a devious grin on his face.

He walked closer to me and kissed my neck, “It’s you and me for the next two days.” Slowly, I could feel my body ease up. Carter had found that sweet spot on my neck that just made me melt as I felt his soft lips on my skin. He came up to my face and we were nearly nose to nose. I could feel his breath on my face as we exchanged looks; mine, a look of innocence, while his was a look of lust. I broke the looks and dove right into his lips, nearly causing him to fall over. He kissed me back while slowly placing his hands on my hips, gripping my sides. We slowly walked to the living room couch without breaking our touch. He sat down on the couch and I followed, straddling his lap. As my hands explored his tight body, I could feel my dick stir inside my shots; it was feeling that I had accepted and embraced. I was on top of him and as I kissed his sweet lips, I wanted more.

I gasped out, “Carter. I want your cock.”

As I gave him a sharp look of desire, he moaned back, “You don’t know how sexy you sound right now.” I pulled his shirt off his body, and slowly licked down the middle, kissing each of his abs as I slid down. There I was, on my knees with my face practically glued to my brother’s unbuttoned jeans. I unbuttoned them, slowly realizing my actions and started to slide them off. I could see it right in front of me, teasing me. The outline of his cock was clear as day behind those tight grey boxers. My mouth started to water was I pulled them off, exposing him.

I commented on the erect dick in front of me, “I guess Mom chose to have us both circumcised.”

He laughed at the realization and replied, “The more for you to play with.” His cock twitched as I gently grabbed it by the base, allowing the tips of my fingers to feel him. It was incredible; it fit perfectly in my hand and I swear that I could feel it growing, the more I touched him. Knowing there was no turning back; I gently placed my wet lips around his head and softly sucked. The taste was indescribable. I pushed him in further, allowing more of his length inside my wet mouth. His dick slid along my tongue and I could hear his moan with every inch I let in. I had no idea what I was doing, so I just did what felt right and I did what I knew Carter would enjoy. I guess it was working.


It was one of those moments where you keep trying to wake yourself up from that dream, because you know that it’s too good to be true. But as I saw my little brother on his knees with my cock in his hungry mouth, I knew it was indeed too good to be true, but somehow it was real. Aiden was, in every aspect, everything I wanted. And to see him sucking me like he wanted it too only made the situation hotter than it actually was. I swear that I was about to cum at any minute and I knew that I didn’t want to stop there.

As I pulled Aiden’s mouth off my cock, I knew that he didn’t want to let go. He even held onto my foreskin with his strong lips. He looked at me, “Was I doing something wrong?”

I rubbed my hands on his cheeks, “Dear God no, you’re…you’re great. I’m just not ready to cum yet.” As he took one final lick of my cock, I continued, “Let me taste you.”

He stood up and I leaned forward, entranced by his bulge piercing out of his shorts. I look up at him and gave him a smile, then pulled down his gym shorts. I leaned in, kissing his stomach and then finally licked along the base of his gorgeous cock. As my tongue explored, I could finally taste this specimen of man that I had waited so many years, and God did he taste so good. I looked up and saw Aiden biting his bottom lip, a sign that he enjoyed my movements. Taking him by surprise, I stuffed his dick in my mouth and took it as deep as I could. He let out a loud moan as I attempted to deep throat his meat.

He spoke, “Goddamn. A warning would have been nice!”

I choked up on his dick, “I just couldn’t help myself.”

And I really couldn’t. I was taking his dick as if it were the last time I was ever going to be with him. Every now and then I would look up and see him staring at me while running his fingers through my short hair. I still wasn’t able to take it all in; but boy was I determined to try. Aiden was four years younger than me but his cock was almost as big as mine.

After minutes of sucking, I stopped up and looked up at my brother who had his eyes closed. I stood up, kissing his torso in the process. Our lips found each other and we kissed, gripping our bodies against each other. I mentioned, “Wow. This is the first time we’ve been naked in front of each other since we were kids.”

He firmly gripped my ass cheek, “And boy have things changed since then.”

I kissed him, “Aiden. I really want to take this further. Are you willing to take this upstairs? With me?”

He kissed back and exclaimed, “Carter, I’ll go anywhere with you.”


I held Carter’s hand in mine as we walked up the stairs into my room. He sat back on my bed and I couldn’t get over the fact that this was actually happening. As Aiden got comfortable on my childhood bed, I followed, getting on top of him and kissing him. He grabbed my face and started to kiss around my neck before turning me over. I laughed as I was now trapped by him; vulnerable to his desires. He stopped his motions and looked at me straight in the eyes, “Aiden, please let me make love to you.”

I kissed him gently on the cheek, “I’m ready.”

A boyish grin was painted on his face as he moved down. He slowly lifted my legs up, exposing my ass for the world to see. I let go of my inhibitions, spreading my legs as far as they would go. Carter had propped me up so that I was basically doing a headstand. He looked down on me with his devious smile.

Kissing around my round ass, he explained, “I’m going to rim first, getting your ass ready for my cock. Just breathe and tell me if you want me to stop.”

I looked back, “I trust you big brother.”

Slowly, I could feel his tongue trace along my ass, not getting too deep just yet. I watched him as he buried his face in my ass and I could feel his tongue licking around my hole. I let out a soft moan from the feeling of being licked down there. His mouth was warm and I could feel his spit dripping inside me. He moved his tongue back and forth as if he were licking it clean. I felt every movement of his tongue and it tickled, causing my breathing to rise. I then saw him raise his hand, and in slow motion, lick his fingers so sexually. I knew what was next and grew anxious, having never stuck anything up there before.

Seeing my anxiety, he gave me a calming look and assured, “Aiden. I’m going to finger you for a little, just relax and open up for me.”

I nodded as he slowly inserted his well-lubed finger into my virgin hole. I let out a deep breath as I felt it inside me. When I nodded a second time, he inserted a second finger in and started to pull them in and out. Having taken it slow, I was getting used to the motions and had started to feel the pleasure of his fingers inside me. When Carter saw that my hole was opening up, he tried to reach over to his nightstand.

Knowing what he was reaching for, I grabbed his wrist and spoke, “No condoms.” He looked at me with a concerned look as I continued, “You’re my brother. I want you to fuck me like you’re supposed to. I want to feel you and just you.”

He gave a simple, “Okay” as he went back to my ass. He knelt and I saw him slowly cover his cock with his own spit. He stroked it, making sure every inch of it was well lubed. He then looked down at my ass, kissing it for the last time, then positioned himself next to it. I watched as he slowly started to insert his long dick into my tight ass. I let out deep breaths as I felt my ass being stuffed. At first I felt a stinging pain which then subsided as I relaxed and allowed him in. I could feel my anal walls pressing against his cock and I could feel every single ridge on his dick. Soon, he was all the way in and I looked up at him with a lustful grin on my face. He leaned in and kissed me, keeping his dick firmly in my ass.

I kissed him a last time and pleaded, “Carter, start slow.”

Then broke the kiss and leaned back, slowly pulling his dick out. Inch by inch, I could feel the same motions as when he was first inserting himself all over again. He stopped just before he pulled all the way out and pushed back in, this time a little faster. The spit inside my ass provided great friction between us as he cock slide in without resistance. I breathed harder, feeling him inside me and knowing that things were going to speed up real soon.

Carter looked over at me and while catching his breath, spoke, “Fuck Aiden. This just feels so amazing. It feels so right.”

I ran my fingers along the short and soft hair on his chest, “Carter…Please don’t stop. You can fuck me harder now.” Carter flashed a grin then started to thrust into me with more force. I could feel my breathing speed up as his thrusts did. My legs were over his shoulders, pointed towards the ceiling fan that was not keeping us cool. The warmth between my me and my brother was not going to tone down anytime soon.

I had reached that point where I couldn’t feel any pain. I was opening up to him as he fucked me harder and harder with every stroke. Carter had been in his own world; he was fucking me as if we’d been doing this for years. I took it all in, breathing heavily and holding onto the bed sheets as my brother railed into me.

My eyes rolled back as I exclaimed, “Yes! Fuck me harder, big brother!”

Without stopping his motions, Carter caressed my chest and responded, “Take it all in, little bro. You don’t know good this feels.”

I laughed back, “Oh, but I do.”

If my moans and exclamations weren’t signs that I was enjoying myself, then my fully hard cock was a dead giveaway. Strands of pre-cum gushed out of the tip of my cock as Carter was fucking me. I knew that I wouldn’t last that long. Carter was leaning into me, kissing my lips as I caressed his muscular back. As I ran my hands along my brother’s toned body, I knew that I was close. It was something I didn’t expect and couldn’t comprehend; Carter was fucking me so expertly that I could feel the cum rushing through me, just wanting release. I held him close, massaging his tongue with mine. I let out a load moan as I felt streams of cum blast out of my aching cock, hitting Carter’s hot body and dripping onto me. I breathed so hard that I felt like I was going to collapse. My ass clenched as I came, giving Carter a feeling that would only make him last a few more seconds. I could feel the warm pressed against my abs and sticking to Carters. I kissed him harder, knowing that he too was going to shoot. Merely seconds after my glorious cum shot, I felt Carter tense up. His breathing had increased so much that he was practically panting as he made his last thrusts into me.

He held me closer as he yelled out, “Aiden! I’m cumming!” And soon, pools of cum erupted inside of me, blasting all over my de-virginized hole. The feeling of warm cum inside of me was almost enough to make me want to cum again. Carter made his final thrusts inside me before pulling out and collapsing on top of me. We passionately kissed as he rolled to his side, looking at me. I swear that the way he looked at me just made me feel like I was perfect in every way. And I wanted him to know that he was perfect to me. I clenched my ass, trying to keep his cum inside me as long as I could.

He looked at me with loving eyes and spoke, “Aiden. I love you.”

I held him tight and reciprocated, “Carter, I love you too.”

He continued, “God, that was so amazing. It was just perfect: feeling you, being close to you, taking all of this to new heights…It makes all the years of waiting worth every second.”

I kissed his cheek and replied, “It was perfect and it will continue to be perfect. We can have this all the time now, just you and me. We can make up for all the time you’ve waited and I’ve ignored it. We’ll make this happen.”

He interrupted, “And no one will have to know. This will be something between us because this bond, what I feel, it’s between us. We’ll keep this to ourselves, brother to brother.”

I gazed at his deep blue eyes and repeated the words that made my heart swell, “Brother to brother.”

Summary: Couple live out bisexual fantasies with dominant BLACK teens.

Note 1: This story is dedicated to TheOriginalAnonymous who suggested the idea and was a sounding board as this lengthy tale developed.

Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991, LeAnn and TheOriginalAnonymous for their editing.

Note 3: EROTIC MOVIE SCENES WATCHED ARE IN BOLD ITALICS; flashbacks and dreams are just in italics.

WARNING: Although this is in the INTERRACIAL category, there is a fair amount of gay sex (white coach submitting to his 18-year-old star black basketball player) and lesbian sex (coach’s outgoing sexually aggressive white girlfriend submitting to an 18-year-old black cheerleader and twin sister to the black basketball player) in the story. Yet, the story really is about a young couple’s journey into interracial submission but in a loving, supportive way. That said, if gay sex, lesbian sex, interracial submission and nasty language offend you, please don’t read any further.

In conclusion, the heart of the story is a very, very, very unorthodox love story…just with a lot of gay, lesbian and interracial sex.

I hope you enjoy…JASMINE

Couple’s Bi-sexual DARK Desires

1. A BIG Surprise

It’s funny how you never really see things coming until they hit you right in the face.

My life was about as normal as possible. I am thirty-two, still in great physical shape, and a basketball coach at one of the top ten high school basketball programs in Texas. I have a younger girlfriend who keeps me on my toes and in great shape from all the sex. She is a nymphomaniac and very adventurous. My first sexual encounter in public, my first blow job while driving, and my first time having anal sex have all been with Ashley.

It wasn’t like I didn’t have lots of experience before Ashley, I was a basketball star in high school dating the prettiest cheerleader and getting plenty of sex with her. I had a scholarship to a college where I dated many hot coeds and since becoming a teacher I had bedded quite a few women before I met Ashley. I am gifted with a solid thick seven-inch cock that has impressed many of the ladies I have been with throughout the years. That said, even after an active sex life, being with Ashley made me realize that I had lived a rather vanilla sex life. I just assumed the girls in porn existed only in porn. Then I met Ashley.

I still remember our first meeting. We met at a bar, I was there with some buddies to watch the NCAA basketball playoffs, while she was there at a bachelorette party for a sorority sister of hers. She was nearing the end of her courses for a nursing degree at the time and was just finishing her residency. Her white pantyhose caught my eye, nylons being a weakness of mine. She quickly discovered this, and subsequently wore thigh high stockings for me on all our dates. She even surprised me one time on the carnival, showing me that she was going commando on the Tunnel of Love ride before riding me to a mutually enjoyable climax.

Besides being a sexual savant, she also loves basketball, understands the rules (rare for a woman in my experience), loves eighties pop music, is an avid reader and loves kids movies (although we eventually agreed to disagree on best animated film of all time: she is adamant it is Toy Story (which is a great choice), but I am just as adamant it is the rarely seen but equally brilliant Meet the Robinsons).

As I was saying, you never really know at the time when a seed has been planted. For our one year anniversary, Ashley insisted that instead of going out, we would spend the night indoors. She also insisted that we only buy each other one present and it must be a sex present. I, of course, wasn’t convinced that she was serious, so I bought her some very nice jewelry (I long ago learned diamonds are a girl’s best friend), but also bought her a slutty school girl outfit complete with plaid skirt and knee high stockings…another fantasy of mine (teaching high school seniors is often torture when some of the girls come to class dressed in tight sweaters, short skirts or, on rare occasion, wearing pantyhose. It hasn’t helped that I am still a pretty good looking guy, if I do say so myself and have had my fair share of pretty students imply that they were more than willing to cross the inappropriate line between teacher and student…thankfully I have been able to resist the temptation).

I came home from work with flowers (flowers being a necessity for any sort of anniversary) and was surprised to see my beautiful blonde girlfriend in a tiny apron, beige thigh highs, and nothing else. She asked seductively, “Are you hungry?”

I stammered, “F-f-famished.”

“Good, I have your favourite,” she smiled, lifting up her apron to reveal her trimmed, ready to eat, pussy.

I love eating pussy. Some guys think it is disgusting, but to me it is just the gentlemanly thing to do. If I expected a blow job, I should be willing to give as well as receive.

Over time, I have gotten very good at it and, although most women loved my big cock, they loved my expert tongue even more. I loved to tease, get them revved up until they begged for release, or as in Ashley’s case, she usually grabbed my head and fucked herself to orgasm on my face. Ashley looked prim, proper and sweet in public, but behind closed doors when her libido was running, which was almost always, she transformed into a powerful, insatiable nympho.

I moved to her and kissed her passionately. Breaking the kiss, I began to lower myself to her sweet nectar but she stopped me. “All in good time, my love. I really did make you your favourite meal.”

We ate, my cock on constant alert, as we talked about basketball and this Friday’s division championship game (a win and we would be going to the state championships in two weeks), about her crazy morning at the hospital (that included a women having quintuplets and a child swallowing a hot wheels car) and about our upcoming trip to Europe for Easter break.

Once dinner was done and we polished off the first bottle of wine, Ashley asked, “So what did you get me?”

I smiled, “Actually I got you two presents.”

“You cheated,” she said, slapping me, her breast almost falling out of her thin apron.

“I just wanted to show you how much you really mean to me,” I answered, handing her the small box.

“You shouldn’t have,” she said, her eyes betraying how pleased she was that I had ignored her present perimeters.

“Yes I should’ve, you deserve to be treated like the perfection you are,” I replied, realizing just how corny I sounded as soon as I heard my words aloud.

“Perfection am I?” She laughed, as she began opening the box.

“I teach math and coach basketball, flowery odes of love are not really my forte,” I countered, defending myself.

“That is why I fell for you, Adam, your caveman romance,” she quipped, opening the box. After a pause, as she stared at it, she said, “It-it-it is beautiful.”

“As are you,” I added, meaning it. Her crystal blue eyes, glowing red cheeks, adorable dimples and sultry sweet lips created the most beautiful woman I had ever known.

She took the promise ring out of the box and put it on her finger. “Wow!”

“So you like it?” I asked relieved. “It took me forever to choose the right one.”

“It is perfect,” she smiled radiantly. After a long, tender kiss, she said, “I really did only get you one sex present.”

“That’s okay, all I really need is you,” I answered, meaning it. I didn’t need presents, I just needed her love.

Grabbing my hand, she led me to the living room. “I didn’t bother wrapping it,” she explained, letting my hand go and going over to my blu ray player.

“Before we start, you still have to unwrap your other present,” I pointed out.

“Give me, give me,” she said, reaching for the package behind my back.

“I don’t know,” I teased, moving the package out of her reach, her firm small breasts crashing into me.

Demonstrating impressive flexibility, she swung around me and with lightning speed grabbed the box from me. She opened it and smiled, “You dirty, dirty man. You want me to dress up like some slutty little twelfth grader for you to fuck.”

Her tone was playful and I loved it when she talked dirty. “Better you in a school girl outfit then some actual slutty eighteen-year-old, and trust me there are lots to choose from.”

“I bet there are,” she smirked playfully before kissing me hard. Breaking the kiss a minute later, she gave my stiff cock a firm squeeze through my pants and said with naughty promise, “I’ll be back in five, Teach.”

I watched her leave, my mind envisioning all the things I wanted her to do in my schoolgirl fantasy. Even though I had envisioned it in my head exactly what she would look like in the sexy outfit, nothing prepared me for what she actually looked like, especially since she had completed the image by putting her hair in pigtails.

“Holy shit,” I elegantly complimented, my inner Neanderthal coming out in full force.

“Oh, you really do know how to flatter a girl,” she teased, turning around to show me the outfit from behind.

“I can officially die and go to heaven now,” I quipped back.

“Oh honey, you haven’t seen anything yet,” she purred, sauntering over to the blu ray player and putting a disc in. I stared at her legs in the sheer white knee-high nylon stockings; her pink painted toenails looking tantalizing and the pigtails driving me crazy. “Are you ready for your present, Mr. Jarvis?”

Hearing her address me as Mr. Jarvis, as my students do only enhanced the fantasy as I stammered, “y-y-yes, Ms. Grisham.”

She pressed play and walked over to me slowly, with such a deliberate strut that I felt like I was the prey and she the hunter. She reached me and said, “When I saw this I instantly knew it was perfect for you.”

On the screen, the movie started, it was a porno, called Teaching Teacher. I gasped, just as she sat beside me on the sofa, “You bought me porn.”

“I did,” she nodded, moving her mouth to my ear. “Do you like?”

“V-v-very much,” I stammered, distracted by her hot breath on my ear and the beginning of the movie.

She tugged on my ear, before whispering, “I am going to make every fantasy you ever imagined come true, Mr. Jarvis.”

My hand went to her leg, but she snapped her fingers and I stopped; I had learned to obey her commands. As I moved my hand away obediently, I really would do anything for this woman, she said, “First, the movie.”

She sat back, put her hand in mine, and we began watching the movie as if it were Sleepless in Seattle or some other romantic comedy and not a porno called Teaching Teacher.

The scene started with a teacher at his desk grading papers at home. His wife, dressed in a fuck me skirt, stockings and boots, and leading a handsome black man, who we later learned was her boss, came into his home office and made idle chit chat with her husband. The boss’s hand was clearly on the wife’s ass and as he was looking at the husband, he put his hands on the pretty redhead’s shoulders and wordlessly pushed her onto her knees. The husband gasped as his wife wordlessly unbuckled the black man’s belt, pulled down his trousers, tugged down his underwear, and released a black python of a cock.

The massive cock slapped her in the face and the camera zoomed in on the stunned husband’s face as he watched his wife open wide and take the nine-inch cock in her mouth. The camera panned back and forth between the wife, who was clearly not sucking the big cock for the first time and her husband, frozen in awe.

She bobbed greedily on the black dick before, finally, she took the huge cock out of her mouth. Shockingly, she then started trying to convince her husband to come join her in worshipping the black gentleman’s perfect cock. The husband feebly protested, even though he was clearly in awe of both his wife’s actions and the huge cock he couldn’t take his eyes off of.

Reluctantly, after more sweet talk from his wife, the teacher walked over and joined his beautiful wife on his knees. He stared at the cock for an eternity before finally, after yet more encouragement from his wife, took it in his hand, barely wrapping his hand around the monstrous cock. His eyes went wide at its hardness and he slowly, tentatively opened his mouth and leaned forward. Being porn, after a few seconds of slow sucking, the teacher began to get into it and his wife held his hands behind his back as he really went to town.

I glimpsed over to Ashley whose mouth was watering and her hand had slid under her plaid skirt. My own cock was ridiculously hard and wanting some attention. I had never seen a guy suck another guy and much to my surprise it didn’t gross me out like I thought it would.

Seeing me look at her, she looked at my crotch and assessed correctly, “Does Mr. Jarvis want to come out to play?”

“Desperately,” I answered, as she reached over and fished my cock out of my pants. She gently stroked it as she returned her gaze to the gay oral sex scene currently playing on the screen.

The teacher was hungrily bobbing up and down while his wife shifted from soft encouragement to more taunting language. “You love that black cock deep down your throat, don’t you?”

The husband moaned, oddly encouraged and turned on by the sudden shift to ridicule.

She rattled a litany of humiliating words at her husband as he pleasured the big black cock for her: “You love that chocolate stick, don’t you, Cocksucker?” and “You were made to be on your knees,” and “I can’t wait to see that big cock up your ass, my little cock lover.”

I personally had never considered another man of any race sexually, but somehow the odd thought of being on my knees sucking that huge erection undeniably popped into my head.

The black man grunted as he started coming, and he pulled out his cock, shooting rope after rope of cum onto the white teacher. Cum coated his hair, forehead, nose, mouth and chin. The teacher didn’t hesitate as he took the pulsing cock back in his mouth to retrieve any lingering cum.

“Fuck that is hot,” Ashley moaned, her one hand stroking my cock, while the other tended to her pussy; her plaid skirt was hiked up enough to reveal she went commando under her school girl uniform.

“What is?” I asked, wanting clarity, “the big black cock the size of Texas or the man on man sex?”

“Both?” She moaned.

“Gay sex turns you on?” I asked, yet another revelation into the kinky side of her.

“Of course,” she shrugged. “You like watching two chicks go at it, don’t you?”

“It is every man’s fantasy,” I joked.

“Well, for girls watching two guys go at it is equally hot,” she explained.

“I have never heard that before,” I responded, as the teacher’s wife was now sucking the black man’s cock again as her husband ate her out.

“It’s true, at least for me anyways,” she shrugged, leaning over and taking my cock in her mouth.

After bobbing up and down on my cock for a couple of minutes, she snapped her fingers and ordered, controlling the action as always, “Get undressed, Mr. Jarvis.”

I stood up and obliged my eager student.

Ashley slid onto the floor and looked up and asked, “What can I do to earn an ‘A’, Mr. Jarvis?”

“Deep throating me, Ms. Grisham would be a good start,” I answered, once I was completely naked, my seven-inch cock now completely at attention and staring her directly in her face.

“Mmmmmm, Mr. Jarvis, what a big cock you have,” she purred, extending her tongue and licking my cock head.

“And what pretty cocksucking lips you have, Ms. Grisham,” I countered.

“The better to please you with,” she smiled as she took my cock back in her mouth and went to work on one of her earth-shattering, pleasure-inducing, knee-buckling blow jobs. I don’t know how she did it, but unlike every other girl who had wrapped their lips around my cock, she created a watery sensation that was similar to fucking a pussy using both her tongue and lips. She could easily take all seven inches of me in her mouth without gagging or missing a beat.

My first load of the evening began boiling after only a couple of minutes of her deep throat sauna and as my breathing began to pick up, my own warning sign to Ashley that I was close to coming, I felt her hands squeeze my ass and was stunned when she slid a finger without warning deep up my ass.

The sensation was dual: a slight burn overwhelmed by an instant orgasm as she triggered my prostate. I grunted, “What the…shiiiiiit,” as I filled her mouth with my cum.

As usual, she didn’t lose a beat as she expertly swallowed every last drop of cum. As she took my cock out of her mouth once my load was fully retrieved, she asked innocently, her finger still lodged in my ass, “Was that okay, Mr. Jarvis?”

“Amazing, Ms. Grisham,” I replied, “but usually I don’t allow my students to violate my ass.”

She shrugged, “It’s just something I learned at band camp.”

“Let me return the favour,” I smiled, pulling her off her knees and guiding her to the couch.

Staying in character, she asked all innocently, as if she wasn’t sure of my intentions, “What are you going to do to me, Mr. Jarvis?”

Dropping to my knees, between her tanned legs, I answered, “I am going to show you how a man shows a woman his gratitude.”

I leaned forward and extended my tongue to her beautiful pussy. Already slightly wet, her addicting aroma was captured perfectly in her small bouquet of hair. I allowed myself to be enveloped in the intoxicating scent as I slowly began licking her pussy. I licked slowly, intending to thoroughly enjoy pleasuring her.

After a bit of teasing, my tongue parted her pussy lips and started her on her euphoric rise to orgasmic bliss. She moaned, “That feels so good, Mr. Jarvis.”

I pleasured her pussy with paintbrush like tongue strokes until her breathing got heavier and she began getting animated, forgetting our role playing and shifting into her usual near orgasmic dominant personality. She crossed her ankles around my back, grabbed my head, and pulled me in deeper as she began grinding her pussy all over my face and cursing like a drunk sailor. “Yes, yes, lick my cunt, I’m going to fuck your face with my pussy. Oh yes, don’t fucking slow down, yes, yes, yeeeeesssss.”

She came like a gusher and when she came my face was covered with her pussy juice as it exploded out of her like a dam bursting. I hungrily swallowed as much of her sweet nectar as possible, being addicted to her pussy juices.

Finally, she let go of my head and snapped her fingers as she pointed to the TV and said, “I have got to watch this.”

Curious, why she was so excited, I got off my knees and joined Ashley, her legs still trembling from the aftershocks of the orgasm I had just given her and I looked towards the TV.

The married teacher was now on all fours licking his wife’s asshole, preparing it for the black man’s huge cock.

“Holy shit,” I gasped, looking at Ashley, “I can’t imagine anyone taking a cock that big in their ass.

Ashley smiled, responded cryptically, “It’s possible.”

I stammered, “Y-y-you have taken a cock that big in your ass?”

“You fit nicely, don’t you?” She asked in reply.

“Yes, but I’m seven inches, he’s at least eight, maybe nine. The widescreen makes such judgements hard to make,” I joked.

She shrugged, repeating, “It’s possible.”

“Nice job avoiding answering the question,” I quipped back, knowing her well enough to know she wasn’t going to give me an answer until she was good and ready. Besides being beautiful and intelligent, she was damn stubborn; unlike me (I am very laid back and more of a people pleaser…except when I coach).

“On that note, are you ready for round two?” She asked, squeezing my still very erect cock.

“It seems so,” I joked.

“You ready for a little back door fun?” She teased.

“Always,” I eagerly agreed. She didn’t let me fuck her ass often, but when she did it was pure heaven, a completely different sensation than her mouth or pussy, not better or worse, just different (you know what they say variety is the spice of life).

“I want you do to that to me,” she said, pointing to the screen.

“You want me to lick your ass?” I asked, surprised by her suggestion…this was definitely new.

“Will you, baby?” She asked, pouting her lips, which was an automatic yes as I could never say no to her, and that was doubly true when her pouty face came out.

“If you want me to,” I replied, not even pretending to show excitement about it.

Ignoring my tentative tone, she replied, “Delicious,” as she got on her knees on the couch and bent over, her perfect ass curved to showcase yet another of her hypnotizing, man controlling assets.

Although not excited by the thought of licking her ass, I moved towards her just as the wife on screen screamed, “That’s it, my bitch, eat my ass.” Hearing the words made what I was about to do more vulgar and yet oddly turned me on more. I found that every new intimacy initiated by Ashley turned me on more; I found great sexual satisfaction from obeying every crazy sexual demand Ashley threw at me and each one had always ended with a great orgasm for me. Yet this was the most extreme yet of my obedience to her sexually.

Imitating the demanding, overbearing wife in the movie, Ashley turned her head around and ordered, “Let’s go baby, eat my ass.” Her smile was playful, but her tone was deadly serious.

I pulled her ass cheeks open and admired her tight rosebud. After a brief hesitation, I leaned forward, extended my tongue, and began licking. The taste was indescribable, not tasty, but not disgusting. She instantly said, “That’s it baby, eat my ass,” her tone playful in comparison to the video playing behind us.

Once I started, it was as natural as eating pussy, as I swirled my tongue around her rosebud, teasing it as I would her pussy. Once it was very wet, I began using my tongue aggressively trying to get my tongue inside her ass, being drawn into the naughtiness of the act.

“That’s it, baby, fuck my ass with your tongue,” she moaned, seemingly getting turned on as my tongue slowly broke through her tight back door gate.

After a couple of minutes of awkward tongue fucking, she said, “Come on fuck my ass, baby.”

As usual, I obeyed, what guy wouldn’t, as I got off my knees and stood behind her.

“Wait a second,” she said, moving away. “I want to be able to watch the TV while you plow my back door.”

On the screen, the black guy was now pounding the wife’s ass doggy style, while the submissive white husband was underneath licking his wife’s pussy.

The wife on screen asked, “Do you like watching his big black cock slide in and out of your wife?”

He answered, “Yes,” while continuing to lick his wife’s pussy.

“Do you want this big black cock up your ass?” She asked, as she began bouncing back on the huge black stick, forcing her husband to watch from up close.

“W-w-what? N-no-no,” he stammered, surprised by the question.

“You already eagerly took it in your mouth, Cocksucker,” she pointed out; as she moaned from the deep ass fucking she was giving herself.

“No,” he weakly protested.

“I think you want his big black cock up your white ass,” she disagreed, reaching for and stroking his very erect cock. “Your cock is stiff just thinking of becoming a little faggot for black cock, isn’t it?”

“But, I—no,” he feebly answered, his cock evidence to the contrary.

“Say it, Faggot, say you want that big black juicy cock up your ass,” she demanded, stroking her husband’s modest cock.

The thought of a black cock being juicy should’ve been absurd, yet as I stared at the huge black rod pumping in and out of the hot wife’s ass, when I suddenly found myself agreeing completely…it was juicy. I shook my head, telling myself I wasn’t gay as I moved behind Ashley who was now on all fours on the floor watching the porno scene, seemingly as completely mesmerized as I was.

As I moved behind Ashley, I returned my gaze to the porno.

The cuckolded husband stammered, clearly completely overwhelmed by his predicament and a sudden newfound lust he never knew existed, “I-I-I want his c-c-cock.”

“Where, Faggot?” She demanded, tugging roughly on his cock.

“I-I-in my ass,” he weakly answered, clearly mortified by the words out of his mouth, even though his gaze never wandered from the huge member.

“Say it all Faggot, declare yourself a white faggot for big black cock,” she ordered, stroking his cock furiously.

“F-f-fuuuuck, make me a f-f-faggot for black c-c-cock,” he begged, his wife’s hand job clearly getting him off.

“Don’t you dare come, Faggot,” she demanded, “faggots like you only get to come when they have a cock in their ass.”

“Please,” he pleaded, clearly near orgasm.

She instantly let go of his cock as she begged her black boss, “Fill my ass with your come, baby. Then our new faggot can retrieve your cum from my ass.”

“Fuck, you are a dirty little slut,” her boss commented with a smile as he slammed his huge cock deeply into her ass.

“Stop fantasizing about his black cock and get your cock in my ass,” Ashley demanded, her tone playful, but her words nonetheless shocked me.

I was immersed in the interracial fucking, but having her accuse me of fantasizing about black cock surprised me. I shook myself mentally and positioned my cock in between her ass cheeks and was surprised when she pushed back taking my cock in her ass, just like the gal in the movie.

As Ashley began fucking herself, my curiosity got the better of me and I returned to watching the video. I had missed the black boss coming, but returned in time to see the next submissive act.

The wimp husband crawled behind his wife, cum dripping out of her ass, and began retrieving the black man’s cum.

As if the cocksucking and facial wasn’t humiliating enough, this was even worse. The act of being coerced to lick another man’s cum out of your wife’s ass has to be the ultimate humiliation.

“You like that, baby?” Ashley asked, now taking all my cock in her ass with each backwards bounce.

“Yes sexy, I fucking love it,” I answered.

“I thought you would,” she purred.

It was then I realized she meant the movie and not the feeling of her ass milking me. I stammered, in defence of my manhood, “I-I-I meant I love fucking your ass.”

“Sure you did,” she purred, somehow tightening her ass muscles making the pleasure even more intense.

“Seriously,” I protested, but she had already returned to watching the movie while she fucked me.

Letting it go for now, I returned my gaze to the television just in time to see the husband taking the big black cock that had just been in his wife’s ass, back in his mouth.

The wife said, “That’s it, Cocksucker, get that big cock nice and hard for your ass.”

The husband, to my surprise, bobbed back and forth with much more confidence and hunger than the first time.

Of course, I thought to myself, this was porn and not real life. The actor was a faggot in real life and thus naturally an eager cocksucker.

“I want you to come in my ass, baby,” Ashley grunted, her orgasm clearly imminent.

Although I had fucked her ass a few times, she had never allowed me to cum inside her back door. I stammered excitedly, “R-r-really?”

“Yes, baby, fill my ass with your cum baby just like that big black cock did her,” she answered, her breathing erratic.

Such an offer was the final push I needed as my balls boiled and I grunted a few seconds later, “I’m coming, baby.”

“Yeeeeees,” she screamed her orgasm hitting simultaneously, as my cum was going in one door while her cum flooded out the other.

I could feel her body trembling on my cock which only enhanced my own pleasure, as she leaned forward; I took control continuing to fuck her throughout her orgasm.

Finally, both of us spent I pulled out and watched my cum leaking more out of her ass. Instantly my mind went back to the porn and the husband eating the boss’s cum, yet I refrained from replicating the act.

Getting off her knees, Ashley reached for the remote and pressed pause, the black cock half way in the mouth of the white cocksucking husband. “Shit, your cum is fucking leaking right out of me.”

I joked, “Well, if I was well trained like him I would clean up that mess.”

“Is that an offer?” She smiled.

Realizing I had just put my foot in my mouth, I put it back in her hands, “You know I would do anything for you.”

“Anything?” She asked, as she grabbed my shirt and put it on the couch before sitting down, my shirt now acting as my cum catcher.

I let out a thankful sigh as she didn’t ask me to eat my own cum, something that didn’t remotely appeal to me. I answered, saying those fateful words for the first time to her or any woman actually, “Ashley, I love you and love making you happy.”

“You love me?” She asked, clearly surprised by my declaration.

“Yes, and I don’t take those words lightly,” I clarified.

“And you will do anything to make me happy?” She continued.

“Of course,” I smiled, believing my words.

“I do have a fantasy,” she teased, making me instantly curious, adding, “Something I have never seen live.”

“What would that be?” I asked, wondering what was left for us to do.

“It is really kinky,” she warned, drawing me in slowly.

“So was that porno,” I quipped, before the light bulb went on. I said, suddenly crestfallen, “Oh.”

“Oh, what,” she asked, suddenly concerned.

“You want to have sex with a black man,” I deduced. Like all men, I could easily have accepted, probably rather eagerly, if she would have wanted to have sex with a black woman, or any woman for that matter, but another guy was not something I was comfortable with.

She gasped, reaching for my shrinking cock, “God no, you are man enough for me, baby.”

A wave of relief fell over me and I asked, suddenly confused, “Then what is your fantasy?”

“Never mind,” she shook her head.

“It’s okay honey, it’s a fantasy, you can share it with me,” I comforted, dying to know what it was.

“First, what is yours?” She asked, continually stroking my cock gently.

“Since I met you I have checked off all my sexual bucket list items,” I answered.

“All?” She questioned.

Thinking like a typical man, I shrugged, “Well, I have never seen two girls in the throes of passion.”

She joked, her vulgar mouth back, “You want to see two girls dyking out?”

I blushed, “It’s every man’s fantasy.”

“I could probably make that fantasy a reality,” she teased, my cock rock hard again.

I stammered, imagining her with her best friend, Carla, “Y-y-you could?”

She shrugged, “Sure, it wouldn’t be the first time.”

“What? With who?” I asked, this new information was definitely a need to know now.

“That is for me to know and you, if you are good, to find out,” she teased, rolling her thumb over my mushroom tip.

The thought of her with another woman plastered in my head forever, I asked, “And what is your fantasy?”

“It is not much different than yours actually,” she said.

“What is it?” I asked exasperated, praying it was a lesbian orgy with a bunch of nurses in white stockings.

“Well I love watching gay sex,” she began before pausing. Finally, she blurted out, clearly wanting me to know, yet uncomfortable admitting it, “I would love to see you sucking a cock.”

Out of all the words that could have possibly come out of her mouth, none could have surprised me more than those words did. I was silent for a moment as I tried to process this rather surprising revelation. Suddenly, the video choice made sense.

She broke the silence. “It’s okay, it’s not like I expected you to do it.”

Seeing her look slightly vulnerable, I took her free hand and kissed it. “I do love you, Ashley, and I’d do anything for you, but I am not sure I am ready for that.”

She smiled, yet she couldn’t hide the disappointment in her voice, “It’s okay baby, I didn’t expect you to, as I said, it’s a fantasy I have.”

Another brief silence lingered before I joked, “Of course, if it was a big thick juicy black cock like the one you have had staring at us for the past fifteen minutes on pause I might reconsider.”

“You would suck a black cock for me?” she asked, moving back onto the floor and between my legs, her smile implying it was all playful harmless banter.

“I would devour it whole,” I joked.

“Like this?” She questioned, taking all of my cock in her mouth.

“Exactly,” I moaned, my cock in her mouth still being the best feeling in the world.

After a couple of minutes of slow teasing pleasure, she climbed onto my lap and lowered her pussy onto my cock. “What say we try doing this the old fashioned way?”

I joked, “How creative of you.”

She leaned in and kissed me passionately as she began slowly riding my cock as we began a marathon session. Unlike most of our sessions where I fucked her or she fucked me, this time we made love.

Who knows how much later, having deposited a third load in her, completing the sexual hat trick, we retired to my bedroom where we fell asleep in seconds , her in my arms.

2. An Even BIGGER Surprise

It had been a week since that crazy night and I had nearly forgotten Ashley’s fantasy when the strangest thing happened.

I was walking into the gym locker room, having forgotten my duffle bag a good two hours after our basketball division championship game, a tense, hair graying, 88-86 victory, where Troy, our team captain, drained a three pointer with four seconds left on the clock for the win.

I wasn’t expecting anyone to be in the locker room, which I had to walk past to get to my office. I assumed the whole team would be out celebrating. So I was very surprised when I heard voices. I was about to call out who was there when I heard the unmistakable voice of Troy, “That’s it slut, wrap your lips around my black meat.”

I froze. Who the hell was Troy talking to so crudely? Having played basketball in high school and college, it wasn’t uncommon for us to have some girl in the locker room sucking or fucking one of us…our booster club in college had been very, very accommodating in keeping our needs met.

Anyway, I slowly walked to the door and peeked around the corner. On her knees, sucking Troy’s cock, was Eve Rose, the minister’s daughter at the church we went to and the President of the Chastity Club. Eve was going to be the Valedictorian, she had already been accepted into a dozen Ivy League schools, was very prudish, always dressed in long sixties skirts (with pantyhose mind you…I only noticed because she often slipped her feet out of her shoes during my Advanced Pre-Calculus class allowing her pantyhose-clad toenails to tease me without her knowledge). The only thing more shocking than Ashley announcing she would like to see me suck cock was Eve on her knees actually sucking on a black cock while being verbally abused…it was unreal.

Troy talked trash on the court and apparently during sex as well as a variety of things were said while I stood frozen unable to stop the humiliation of my best student: “That’s it Cocksucker, worship my cock,” and “You white girls sure know how to please a black man,” and “I can’t wait to cum all over your face,” and “You love my nigger cock, don’t you?”

Taking his cock out of her mouth she quickly answered, “Yes Troy.”

I gasped quietly, although I was a ways away, Troy’s cock looked like it was almost ten inches long. He rubbed his cock around her lips as he said, “You can do better than that, Cocksucker.”

“Please don’t call me that,” Eve said, clearly not liking the verbal humiliation, yet the hunger in her eyes said she loved his cock in her mouth.

“But you are a cocksucker, Eve; my very own personal white cum bucket,” he said, shoving his cock back in her mouth.

To my surprise, yet again, Eve returned to bobbing up and down on the massive black erection.

Pulling his cock out, he asked again, “You love my nigger cock, don’t you Cocksucker?”

Grabbing his cock with her left hand, the white-black contrast so very enticing, my best student, my most polite and sweetest student, answered, “I love your nigger cock in my white whore mouth!”

“And my cum?” He added.

“I love your cum in my mouth,” she answered.

“How much?” He asked.

“This is my third load today,” she answered, shockingly playful.

“True, very true,” he laughed. “And you are offended by being called a cocksucker?”

“It’s just so crude,” Eve answered, slowly stroking Troy’s cock.

“But you love sucking my cock, right?”

“God, yes,” she answered and then gasped at her answer.

“And you love my cum sliding down your throat,” he continued.

“Yes,” she admitted unable to look Troy in the eye.

“Look me in the eye when you answer me Cocksucker,” Troy demanded firmly.

Eve shyly looked up, clearly embarrassed by her situation and yet not standing up for herself.

“That’s it, Cocksucker, now get back to worshipping my big snake,” he smirked, clearly revelling in the power he clearly had over her.

As I watched the shocking scene, I couldn’t help but notice the stunning contrast between Troy and the white as snow Eve. As a teacher and coach, I should have stopped the inappropriate act, yet I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was like driving by a car crash, you don’t want to look, but once you do you can’t take your eyes off it. At first it was just the stunning reality that Eve would do such a thing, but the longer I watched the more immersed I became in the voyeuristic naughtiness of it, especially Troy’s dominant treatment of her. I just couldn’t fathom Eve allowing herself to be treated with such disrespect. My cock was rock hard in my pants and I was gently rubbing myself as I watched Eve struggle to take more of Troy’s cock in her mouth.

After a couple of minutes bobbing up and down, she seemed to be taking almost all of his huge cock in her mouth. Troy continued his dominating attitude, “I bet you are already imagining this big cock taking your virginity,” and “What would your daddy say if he saw you right now?” Lastly, he asked, “Do you want my cock in your cunt, Eve?”

Her voice was desperate and yet hungry at the same time. “Please no, Troy, I made a promise to God. Please just fuck my face like last week.”

“You want me to fuck your face like last week? I don’t remember that, remind me, where were we?” He asked, his tone implying he did indeed remember and just wanted to hear her say it.

“Remember, we were…” she blushed, “…in church,” she whispered.

He chuckled, “You liked my balls bouncing off your chin, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” she nodded, swirling her tongue around the mushroom head of Troy’s cock.

“I won’t take your cunt today Eve, but it is mine, is that understood?” He asked, even though it wasn’t really a question.

“I am saving myself for marriage,” Eve said, her voice trembling and weak, clearly she didn’t want to lose her virginity, yet it was obvious she would give in to Troy when the time came.

“I respect that, Cocksucker, but a man like me has needs. I bet Beth would eagerly offer up that white cunt of hers to me,” Troy responded, literally threatening to not let her suck his cock anymore. The threat should have been ludicrous, Beth was the senior class president, her dad was the mayor and Eve strongly disliked her, and vice versa.

Eve pleaded, “Troy, please, anything but my vagina.”

“Anything?” He asked his interest piqued.

“Yes,” she said, taking Troy’s cock back in her mouth and bobbing furiously while lifting up her long skirt and moving her right hand underneath, obviously to finger her pussy.

Troy groaned, “Holy shit, Cocksucker, you almost got it all the way down that throat of yours.”

Another minute went by and Troy pulled his cock out and started pumping it as he demanded, “Tell me what you are.”

Eve her mouth open, frantically frigging herself, anticipating Troy’s cum, didn’t even hesitate as she answered, “I’m your cocksucker Troy, your personal plaything, your submissive slave and your cum bucket. Come on me stud, come all over my face, I want your cum, I need your cum, I…yeeeeeeeees.”

I watched, my mouth open I realized, as stream after stream of white goo rocketed out of Troy’s massive cock and onto the eager Eve. It hit her hair, forehead, nose and mouth and as soon as the facial was done, Eve devoured Troy’s cock attempting to retrieve every last drop of his cum, while she too seemed to be orgasming.

Troy said, smiling down at Eve, “So back to that promise of anything but your cunt. You know you have two holes down there you know.”

Eve looked up at him, her eyes huge with surprise, Troy’s cock still in her mouth.

Troy continued, “And taking a cock in your ass would keep you a virgin, wouldn’t it?”

Eve allowed the cock to slip out of her mouth. “I-I-I guess,” she stammered, realizing Troy’s intent.

“Next time we are together Eve, I am taking your ass,” he announced, again his tone clear this wasn’t a negotiation, before adding, “unless you’d rather I go offer my cock to Beth’s ass?”

“No…no…” Eve pleaded, her brain obviously trying to rationalize that taking a cock in her ass would not be real sex. “Okay,” she whimpered.

“Okay, what?” Troy asked, pulling his pants up.

“You can have my ass,” she sighed.

“What do you want me to do to your ass, Cocksucker?” Troy asked his power over her very strong.

“Fuck it,” she answered.

“With my big black cock,” he continued.

“Yes, dammit, I want you to fill my white virgin ass with your big black cock,” she snapped, clearly frustrated and yet equally turned on by her submission to him.

“Good girl,” he smiled, before adding, “get up, I need a ride home.”

I quickly left and hid in a bathroom stall until they were definitely gone. While alone, I tried to understand how Eve could allow herself to be humiliated so extremely by anyone, especially Troy. She was so sweet, so pure and yet…. I thought of my relationship with Ashley, and although nowhere near as extreme as what I just witnessed, I realized I was submissive to her in our relationship, always willing to do whatever Ashley wanted in the bedroom, always following her lead. It wasn’t the same, but I could suddenly understand Eve’s need to please, I had the same need, a compulsive desire to make Ashley happy, going way out of my comfort zone, and being rewarded with her love. Yet still…how in a million years did Eve end up as Troy’s little slut…no matter how I pondered, it there was just no rational scenario.

Confident they were gone, I quickly retrieved my bag and headed back home, my mind reeling from Eve’s submissiveness, my own realization of my submissiveness and the strange respect, not disgust, I had for the power Troy could have over another human being.

3. DARK Desires

That night, I woke up in a sweat at 3:30 in the morning from a dream that was so authentically real.

The Troy and Eve scene replayed in my head only in my dream Troy saw me watching, smiled and snapped his fingers before pointing to the ground.

I was mortified, but without hesitating, I fell to my knees and crawled over to him. He took his cock out of Eve’s mouth and offered it to me. On my knees, his cock suddenly looked juicy, appetizing, and without a second thought, my mouth opened and I leaned forward to take his big black cock in my mouth.

“First time with a cock in your mouth, Coach?” He joked, my lack of technique, occasional gagging and awkwardness clear signs it was my first time to suck a cock.

After a minute or two, where I barely got more than a third of his cock in my mouth, he pulled out and offered it back to Eve who eagerly went back to work taking over two-thirds of his lengthy member with ease. I watched in awe at how easily she bobbed back and forth on the massive rod and couldn’t help but feel jealous that it wasn’t in my mouth and that I wasn’t as good as her at sucking cock.

When Troy offered his cock a second time, I was determined to be a better cocksucker. I concentrated just on pleasing him as I began to bob back and forth, now more used to a cock in my mouth.

“That’s it, Coach, suck my cock,” he groaned, Troy’s tone his usual smug confidence.

Hearing his words of encouragement, I continued sucking his cock suddenly hungry for something I had never once craved in my whole life, cum. I wanted to taste it, to feel the texture in my mouth to be the one to get him off.

Just as I thought I was pleasing him better, he pulled out and again offered his cock to Eve. My lust for his cock was obvious, as I watched his black member disappear and reappear as Eve seemed equally determined to get Troy’s load.

“Shit, you both want my cum, don’t you?” He grunted, amused at having not one, but two eager white cocksuckers.

I was too ashamed to admit such a thing and continued waiting my turn, praying I would get another chance to try and get him off.

He pulled out again, offered his cock and said, “Finish me off, Coach Cocksucker.”

I opened my mouth to take his cock in once again when I woke up.

My body was sweaty and my cock rock hard. I shook my head to wake up and realized it had just been a dream. However, as I returned my head to my pillow, I couldn’t get Troy’s cock out of my head.


All weekend Ashley worked double shifts, now a first year nurse; she got all the worst shifts, so I spent the weekend alone. After watching hours of video of other teams we might be facing during the playoffs for the state championship, the schedule wouldn’t be released until Monday, I was exhausted. Yet, I still couldn’t get Eve sucking off Troy out of my head. I replayed it in my head over and over, mystified by both Eve’s obedience and Troy’s dominance.

Frustrated and horny, I found myself turning on the video Ashley had bought me which was still in the player.

Curious where the porno went next, I skipped the husband getting ass fucked and started on the next scene.

The teacher was behind his desk, assisting two of his students. They were the only three in the classroom apparently staying after school for extra help. One looked like your typical All-American, tall and fair-skinned, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was even wearing a dress shirt, sleeves rolled up to his forearms, shirt half-tucked in to his khakis. The other looked more bookish, like the Hollywood concept of a nerd. His dark hair was artfully mussed; he had on glasses, jeans, and a graphic t-shirt. While the All-American was standing beside the teacher’s desk, the nerd was sitting at a desk writing his paper.

A group of black students entered the room, all wearing letterman jackets. The teacher looked up from the paper he had been reading, “I’ll be with you all in a minute, I’m working on Jason and Kyle’s essays right now.”

“Oh, we’re not here about schoolwork,” a good looking black kid said, “I just need to find out if my uncle was telling the truth.”

The teacher asked, clearly annoyed by this student’s attitude, “And what would that be?”

“He told me you love big black cock,” he announced in front of the two very good, white, students.

The teacher’s head snapped up, looking at the black student with surprise and shame, a guilt that couldn’t be hidden as his face went white as a ghost and he squeaked, “Um…ex-ex-excuse me?”

“Well, is it true?” The leader of the group asked as he snapped his fingers and one of the other black students went to close and lock the door.

“T-t-that is ludicrous,” the teacher stammered, trying not to look guilty even though his facial expression and his stammering implied otherwise.

“I-i-is that so,” the leader mocked back. “My uncle tells me you sucked his cock in front of your wife, ate her cunt while he fucked her ass and then squealed like a little girlie-girl when he took your back door.”

The teacher said nothing his bright red cheeks answering for him.

The leader, confident the teacher was going to be the cocksucking bitch his uncle promised he would be, dropped his pants, unleashing a nine-plus-inch cock, hard and ready. “Well, Teach, you want some dark meat? Come and get it.”

The teacher weakly protested, “Please, just go,” even as he stared at the big black cock,

“This is a onetime offer, Cocksucker?” The black teen smugly offered, holding his cock.

After a moment, the teacher looked at his students, eyes pleading for them to forgive him as he whispered, “I am so sorry.” He couldn’t control himself as he crawled to the offered cock and without a word took it in his mouth. The other students circled around him, fingers undoing belts, each one putting their impressive black cocks out on display for the teacher. He went from one cock to the next, greedily sucking all of them, using his mouth and hands to please as many as he could at once.

I had never purposely watched gay sex, actually the first time was with Ashley last week, yet I couldn’t take my eyes off the action as the white teacher eagerly pleased all the big black teen cocks. The camera zoomed in on the teacher’s face, and almost the entire rest of the screen was filled with black cock. I gasped; the sight of so many black cocks stirring something within me, and within my pants. I couldn’t believe how depraved this film was; did Ashley have any idea? Why had Ashley chosen this film to buy me? Why was it turning me on? I should have stopped the video, not wanting to be turned on by such sexual depravity, yet I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen.

On screen, the leader’s big cock waving freely, he looked at the two bewildered white students watching and said, “See something you like, white bitches? You can help yourself too.”

The All-American stammered, “T-t-that is sick.”

The leader chuckled, “Pretend all you want. I have seen the hunger of a straight white boy in denial before and you, my preppy little faggot-to-be are, definitely in denial. You keep trying not to look, but you’re mesmerized by my cock. Your mouth is watering with anticipation, the cock in your pants is probably rock hard…it is only a matter of time before you join your cocksucking teacher on your knees.”

The All-American didn’t say anything as the leader of the group smugly walked over to him.

Reaching the bewildered white boy, the black leader put his hands on the white boy’s shoulders and gently, wordlessly, guided him to his knees. The All-American didn’t give any resistance, looking both dazed and hungry.

“Go ahead, take it in your hands white boy,” the leader offered.

The All-American obeyed, his eyes wide as he grabbed the hard black cock.

“Stroke it,” the leader ordered.

Again the All-American obeyed mindlessly, clearly completely mesmerized by the massive black cock currently in his hands.

The camera panned to the nerdy white student who was watching the scene, clearly overwhelmed by what was occurring in front of the likely virgin. He was staring at his fellow student who when the camera panned back to him was now stroking two black cocks.

The teacher, meanwhile, had a cock in his mouth and one in each hand as he tried to multitask, his hunger apparent. A variety of ridiculing things were said to the teacher by the black teens including: “You were born for this, Teach,” and “You’re right where you belong, Mr. Hamilton on your knees,” and “Shit, Mr. Hamilton, you’re one hungry cock-loving faggot,” and “You are quite the cocksucker, Teach,” and “I bet he would look good getting double-teamed.”

Any humiliation the teacher had at being a BBC slut in front of his two white students was gone as he moaned at the words being said to him as he bobbed back and forth on one of the big black cocks.

The leader ordered the All-American, pointing to the black guy beside him, “Go ahead, suck on Matt’s cock.”

It seemed that was all the encouragement that was needed to have him switch from hand jobs to blow jobs as he leaned forward and took a big black cock in his mouth.

“Good boy,” the leader purred, encouraging the virgin cocksucker, before turning to the last remaining white boy. “Join your friend on your knees,”

The nerd shook his head unconvincingly as he stared at the leader’s massive cock.

“Darnell, go help the white boy decide,” the leader ordered.

The boy with the smallest cock (smallest being relative, he was still about 7 inches) kicked his pants off over his shoes, and walked over to the desk to stand directly in front of the dazed and confused nerd. Darnell’s cock was level with the nerd’s mouth, and he just stood there, waiting expectantly. Time seemed to stand still as the nerd’s face gave away both his hunger and his fear. Darnell purred, “Go ahead, I can see the desire in your eyes.”

The nerd looked at his teacher who was now completely naked and having his ass fingered all the while he continued sucking cock; he looked at his fellow classmate who was now bobbing back and forth hungrily from one big black cock to another. Finally, the nerd gave in as he began licking the cock before him as if he were in a desert and had just been given a popsicle. He covered every inch of the long shaft and soon Darnell’s cock was gleaming with saliva.

“Take it in your mouth,” Darnell ordered.

“It won’t fit,” the nerd replied, his hand now stroking Darnell’s cock as he licked the big mushroom head.

“Let’s see how much you can fit, then we’ll work on the rest,” Darnell suggested softly, knowing to be gentle when first breaking in a new white cocksucker.

“Okay,” the nerd agreed taking a deep breath. He leaned forward, opened his mouth and took the stiff black cock between his lips.

After a few slow, tentative back and forth bobs, the nerd’s hunger grew and he began sucking with more confidence, slowly taking more and more of the stiff missile in his mouth. Another black cock joined Darnell and the nerd began stroking it with his hand as he continued slobbering over Darnell’s cock. Each student now had two juicy black cocks to play with, while the teacher had two of his own.

As I watched, I couldn’t believe how hard I was and I quickly paused the movie as I rushed upstairs to grab my rarely used (rarely since I met Ashley, abused regularly before then) fleshlight, the best masturbation toy ever.

As soon as I was back in front of the television, I pressed play again as I got undressed and really lathered my cock with lube (critical to enjoy the fleshlight properly). Once lubed well I began slowly masturbating myself with the well-made fuck-toy.

On the TV, the teacher was now bent over his desk, bobbing back and forth over an eight plus inch cock while the leader moved behind him and without any warning slammed his cock inside the teacher’s ass.

“Holy fuuuuck,” the teacher screamed the sudden burn in his ass obvious.

“You like that Mr. Hamilton?” The leader asked.

“Fuck yes,” the teacher answered, returning his attention to the cock in front of him.

The teacher tried to attend to the cock in front of him properly while being fucked, but occasionally opened his mouth and the cock slipped out, not being able to concentrate on giving a proper blowjob while he got fucked.

Meanwhile, the two eighteen year old white students had fallen completely into their role of cock hungry faggots as they each bobbed with enthusiasm on the cocks in front of them.

A litany of insults echoed through the classroom as the gay orgy commenced: “That’s it white boy, you are a natural cocksucker,” or “Let’s see you letter in cocksucking, Faggot,” or “Teacher loves it up his ass,” or “Good, Faggot, you love black cock don’t you?”

The All-American moaned at the question as he took almost all the big cock in his mouth, bobbing like a porn star slut.

The nerd meanwhile, was more methodical, as he slowly took the majority of the black cock in his mouth.

The scene of three white cocksuckers sucking cock after cock went on for nearly another fifteen minutes as I stroked my own cock slowly not wanting to burst until the scene itself climaxed.

It was then the facial explosions started. Each of the three white cocksuckers was coated with a large dose of cum all over their face and as soon as the first big cock finished spewing its white cream, the next black cock was shoved into their submissive white mouths.

The All-American’s head was grabbed as the next black student pumped his cock in and out of the rookie cocksucker’s mouth and his eyes watered as he desperately tried not to gag.

Meanwhile, the teacher was groaning like a bitch in heat as the leader slammed his cock hard up the teacher’s ass, each forward thrust making the desk move slightly forward. The teacher gave up trying to suck the cock in front of him as he just held on for dear life.

The scene turned to the nerd who was sucking the large balls of the last remaining black student in front of him as the black boy pumped his eight-inch cock.

Simultaneously, a second load of cum coated the All-American and the nerd as each black teen exploded onto the white cocksuckers’ face.

The leader of the group grunted, “I’m going to come in your ass Mr. Hamilton.”

“Yeeees, full my ass with your cum,” the teacher begged eagerly, as he gripped the desk.

The All-American without a word crawled to the cock in front of the teacher and took it in his mouth.

“Why aren’t you an eager little so called straight boy,” the surprised black stud smirked at how quickly the white boys had been converted.

The All-American moaned on the big juicy cock as he bobbed back and forth, his hair and face coated with cum was somehow one of the sexiest, dirtiest things I had ever seen.

“Here it comes, Faggot,” the leader grunted as he filled the teacher’s ass with his cum.

“Fuuuuuck, yeeees,” the teacher moaned, his own much smaller cock spewing cum as he came without even having his cock touched.

“Holy shit, Mr. Hamilton, I have fucked a lot of white faggots like you, but none have ever come just from being ass reamed,” he laughed, as he pulled out.

The teacher remained slumped over the desk, drained and humiliated.

The leader snapped to the nerd sitting at the desk and ordered, his tone firm and implying this was not negotiable, “Come retrieve my cum, Faggot.”

The nerd’s eyes went big, but he got up and moved to the leader’s massive gleaming rod.

The leader laughed, “I meant go clean teacher’s ass.”

The nerd’s eyes went even bigger and he stammered, “Y-y-you are not serious?”

“Now,” the leader demanded, staring down at the nerd.

The nerd reluctantly moved behind the desk and to the teacher’s ass, cum already leaking out.

“Get it all, Faggot,” the leader ordered, as he pulled up his pants.

Meanwhile, a third load coated the face of the All-American, his face now completely covered in cum.

The black teens all pulled up their pants as the nerd’s face was buried in the teacher’s ass.

The leader pulled out his phone and took a few pictures of his new white cocksuckers. As the dominant black students left, he smiled, “I’ll be in touch.”

I was pumping my cock furiously, the fleshlight now pleasuring me almost as good as a real pussy, I closed my eyes and images of big juicy black cocks being sucked filled my internal widescreen. I imagined it was me being forced into sexual submission to black cock, being forced to obey and suck cock after cock. The taboo images had my balls boiling and I camelike a racehorse filling the fleshlight with an excessive amount of cum.

After I was spent, the fleshlight still on my cock, I wondered what exactly it was in the movie that turned me on? Was it the submission? Was it the powerful domination of the leader? Was it their huge black cocks? Suddenly, the thought of making Ashley’s fantasy come true wasn’t as ridiculous as it first seemed. I wasn’t gay and the idea of taking a cock in my ass was not even remotely open for discussion, yet the idea of sucking a cock, a big juicy black cock, suddenly had my cock aching.

Shutting the video off, I texted Ashley and asked if she would be at church tomorrow. She said she would and that she had the whole day off tomorrow and I was hers for the day.

As I cleaned up and prepared for bed, I wondered what church would be like with Eve in the choir and her oblivious father preaching about who knows what. The thought amused me as I hit the sheets crashing in mere seconds.

4. Yet Another BIG Surprise

I picked Ashley up at her apartment for church and told her the whole Troy and Eve story as I drove us to the church. Once I was done, she said, “You’re bullshitting me.”

“I’m one hundred percent telling you the truth,” I countered, putting up my hand and adding, “scout’s honor.”

“I can’t fucking believe it. She is such a prim and proper girl, although Troy doesn’t surprise me,” she said.

She knew Eve from church and Troy from watching many of the school’s basketball games.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Well, Troy is commanding on the court and comes from an upper class family of entitlement, in many ways he is flipping traditional racism on its head,” Ashley said, going all Freudian on me.

“How so?” I asked, curious as I continued driving.

“Racism has been around for centuries, white over black, now that equality is in vogue, the kids of entitled black families want to show their power, and dominating a white girl from another family of privilege would be a power trip, don’t you think?”

“I suppose so, but nothing is that black and white,” I retorted.

“Pun intended,” she laughed, “but it is that simple. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“Now you’re quoting Shakespeare on me?” I teased.

“So now what?” She asked.

“I have no idea,” I answered, realizing I really had no idea how I would face Eve or Troy when the time came.

“I can’t deny it, the idea of them is kind if a turn on,” Ashley said, as I pulled into the parking lot.

“I was too stunned to even begin to think of it that way,” I lied.

“Sure, sure,” she purred, giving my cock, semi-erect in my trousers, a squeeze.

After adjusting my cock, I got out of the car, took Ashley’s hand in mine and headed into church.

As fate would have it, Eve was walking out from a side office directly towards us. Her face was ruby red and she was avoiding eye contact until Ashley, being Ashley, stopped her.

“Good morning, Eve,” Ashley greeted, stepping in front of her.

Eve looked up, her face literally glistening, specs of white goo in her hair, perhaps another may have dismissed it as sweat, but I knew better. Eve stammered, “G-g-good morning, Ms. Grisham, Mr. Jarvis.”

“You look rather flushed,” Ashley said, noticing what I had noticed.

“I am not feeling well, I was just going to the washroom,” Eve explained, her face so red with embarrassment I thought she might pass out.

“Well don’t let us stop you,” Ashley said, before adding, “By the way, Eve you have something on your blouse.”

“Oh God,” she gasped and hurried away from us and down the hallway.

“That was very mean, Ashley,” I said with a smirk.

“And you loved it,” she said, squeezing my hand.

I thought the most bizarre thing to ever happen to me was Ashley saying she wanted to see me sucking a cock, but that was topped when I accidentally caught Eve sucking off Troy in the boy’s locker room. Yet that too was outdone when Rhianna, Troy’s sister, walked out of the same room from which Eve had just scurried. The realization hit me that the glistening on Eve’s face was Rhianna’s pussy juice. Before I could say a word, my head spinning with another stunning development in the secret life of Eve Rose, Rhianna walked towards us.

“No way,” Ashley said, as she came to the same realization as me, that the shine on Eve’s face was Rhianna’s pussy juice.

“I thought that was cum,” I whispered, the sticky white goo in her hair was surely cum.

“Hi, Coach, Ma’am,” Rhianna greeted, her usual well-mannered self. Like her brother, she is a vocal leader. A co-captain cheerleader she has large breasts and a J-Lo bubble butt, she is easily one of the most attractive students at our school.

“Hello, Rhianna,” I greeted.

“Please, call me Ashley, my mother is Ma’am,” Ashley said, hating any inferences that she is old…which at twenty-six she isn’t.

“Of course,” Rhianna smiled.

“Your look flushed,” Ashley pointed out, stirring the pot, trying to confirm our hypothesis.

“I was just showing Eve a few things,” she answered, not realizing that, knowing what we knew, we didn’t miss her innuendo.

Ashley, sly as a fox, quipped back, “Yes, I’m sure she drained you.”

I had to hold in a laugh at Ashley’s rather blunt response.

Rhianna, still unaware we suspected Eve had just ate her out, replied, “It’s very rewarding to show someone their place on a team.”

I couldn’t resist. “That’s very generous of you, Rhianna.”

Rhianna shrugged, looking directly at Ashley as she said it, “As head cheerleader, it’s my privilege to instruct.”

Ashley’s face went red as Rhianna implied something that we were not supposed to catch, but clearly did. Ashley stammered just a bit, “I-um,” before looking at me with her mischievous smile as she recovered relatively gracefully, “I-um-don’t think I’ve seen you in action before. I’d love to correct that oversight.”

Rhianna was taken aback at that, now unsure if we got her double entendres. She, too, recovered quickly, “I’m not sure you would approve of my methods they are a bit…unorthodox and I wouldn’t want to offend your sensibilities.”

Ashley, really into it now, answered, “Oh, you would be surprised; I am VERY open-minded and IMPOSSIBLE to offend.”

My cock got hard as the eighteen year old black beauty in her tight fitting blue dress and beige pantyhose (thigh highs maybe if she was just serviced by Eve) was trading sexual innuendo barbs with my girlfriend, who had just recently implied that she has had at least one, assumedly more than one, lesbian encounters in the past.

“Well maybe we can chat more about this, another time Ashley?” Rhianna offered.

“I look forward to it,” Ashley replied, not backing down.

“Until then,” Rhianna smiled, turned to me her smile seemingly amused, “Enjoy the service, Coach.”

“You too,” I barely got out, my lower head doing all my thinking.

As soon as Rhianna walked away, another surprise hit us as Troy too sauntered out of the same office Eve had left earlier and he walked towards us.

“Well, that explains everything, doesn’t it?” Ashley said, just before Troy reached us.

“Hi, Coach,” he said, oblivious to our knowledge, of what had been going on in that office, even as the image of his cock in Eve’s mouth popped into my head.

“Did you go out and celebrate Friday’s victory,” I asked.

“Not really,” he shrugged, “we haven’t really won anything yet.”

“I like that attitude, Troy,” I said, his winning focus similar to mine when I was a player.

“You didn’t do anything to celebrate your victory,” Ashley asked, digging for information.

“Nothing out of the ordinary,” he shrugged.

Ashley glanced down subtly at the unmistakable bulge in Troy’s pants before replying, “Well we expect big things from you, Troy, big, big things.”

Troy, flirting back, quipped, “I never disappoint.”

Breaking the growingly awkward conversation, Troy’s big cock refusing to leave my head, I said, “See you at practice tomorrow.”

“Of course,” he nodded, before adding, “It’s always a pleasure Ms. Grisham.”

“I’m not an old woman, Troy, please call me Ashley,” my girlfriend said.

“Sure thing, Ashley,” he smiled, as he left.

As soon as he was out of ear shot I said, “He was flirting with you.”

“He is quite the player,” Ashley quipped back, implying the double meaning of the term player.

“That he is?” I replied as we walked into the house of worship.

I watched Eve in the choir, the image of her hungrily bobbing on Troy’s big black cock refusing to leave my head, I listened to her father preach about resisting temptation, the irony obvious to him as his Eve had submitted to Troy’s temptation unconditionally. I glimpsed across the church to Troy listening intently with his family, a slightly smug smile on his face throughout the sermon. Obviously not listening, sitting beside Troy was Rhianna who kept glancing over our way, as if sizing up her next prey…my girlfriend.

I began to wonder if Ashley was turned on by Rhianna’s flirting or if she knew she was being checked out all service; I also wondered if she was right about her philosophy on Troy’s dominant personality; his father is a big contributor to the church and a very prominent surgeon; his mother is also a doctor, albeit part time, a very influential person in the community, a member of our school’s PTA and the leader of the basketball booster’s club. The Brown’s also have three more children: away at college out east was the eldest Latisha (whom I had only met once), at community college in town is the oldest brother Jamal (another great basketball player, playing and getting a degree in film) and DeDreana is the youngest in tenth grade (also a basketball player, playing on the girl’s junior varsity team).

The more I thought about it, the stranger I found the whole Eve and Troy thing was; if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would have never believed it…but I had seen it and I couldn’t get it out of my head.

After the service, Ashley and I were chatting with fellow parishioners, many giving congratulations for our big win on Friday and wishing me luck on our state finals tournament. When Mr. Brown walked over, his beautiful wife’s arm wrapped around his, and said, “Well done, Coach, you really got the boys playing to a whole higher level of team work.”

“Thanks,” I shrugged, “they really have begun to gel as a team. Of course, your boy has been pretty instrumental in our journey to the state championship tournament.”

“He works hard, but he has definitely needed a coach who could push him and not take any of his guff?” Mr. Brown remarked.

“He has been a complete team player,” I responded, which was true. Troy was without a doubt the best player on our team, but he was also a natural leader, understanding how to best involve his teammates to maximize the team’s chances to be successful. Not many players grasped it as well as he did, at any age.

“Well, keep it up, Coach,” Mr. Brown said, patting my back, “Let’s get that darn trophy here after all these years.”

“That is the goal,” I agreed.

Once gone, Ashley pulled me towards the exit, “Do you think Troy gets his dominance from Andre?”

“Like father, like son,” I joked, seeing many similarities between father and son.

“I don’t know, I can’t fathom Vanessa being submissive like Eve,” Ashley said, a naughty smile crossing her face.

“Is that Troy’s mother’s name? Yeah, she doesn’t seem the docile type.” I laughed as we reached the fresh air of a spring day. “But I also didn’t think I would see Troy face fucking Eve either, or Eve with pussy juice on her face…in church” I added, intentionally being crude.

“Touché,” Ashley laughed, before adding, “Which for the record had my cunt burning throughout the service. I wouldn’t mind a good face-fucking myself.”

“I think that could be arranged,” I offered, as we reached the car.

Ashley stopped and looked around.

I asked, “What are you looking for?”

“I’m serious, seeing cunt juice on Eve’s face, cum in her hair and hearing of her being dominated by Troy has had me unable to think straight. I almost burst out laughing when the minister talked about resisting the snake of temptation,” Ashley answered, grabbed my hand and led me across the street to a Chinese restaurant.

Unable to resist, I quipped, “Yes, she devoured the tempting black snake whole.”

“You never told me, how big is his tempting snake?” Ashley asked, as we reached the restaurant.

“Near ten inches I think, maybe longer,” I answered.

“Fuck off,” she said, stopping and looking at me, her expression one of disbelief.

“I was a ways away, but it looked like a tree stump,” I joked, realizing I had seen him naked many times in the dressing room and shower, but never really paid any attention to his cock size.

“Fuck that makes it even hotter,” Ashley said, a hunger in her eyes that she often got when she was super horny (which thankfully was often). “Let’s go.”

“What are you planning?” I asked.

“I’m taking you into the bathroom and let you fuck my face,” she answered, casually as if the answer was obvious.

“Here?” I asked.

“Better than in the church parking lot,” she quipped, tugging my arm and leading me into the restaurant.

Once inside, we were seated by a pretty Asian teenager. Ashley was literally vibrating as she waited to order, her foot under the table was between my legs rubbing my crotch. “Once we order, I am going to the bathroom; I will text you if no one else is in there. As soon as I do, get your ass in the bathroom.”

“Okay,” I agreed, turned on by her insatiable hunger and nervous about going into a woman’s bathroom, although the restaurant was almost completely empty. I massaged her stocking-clad foot (I loved that she always wore nylons for me), until the waitress came and took our order.

As soon as she left, Ashley stood up and disappeared into the bathroom without a word.

Seconds later the text came. “NOW!!!”

Without thinking, I quickly stood up and headed to the bathrooms. I stopped at the ladies’ room door, looked to make sure no one was around, and entered the forbidden area.

Ashley was waiting just inside the door; she grabbed me and tugged me into the corner stall. She fished my cock out of my pants without taking them down at all and deep-throated my seven-inch cock instantly.

Looking down and watching her bob back and forth so eagerly was an incredible turn-on that I couldn’t help but wonder how I had been so fortunate to meet this perfect woman. Standing up, she said, “Sorry, baby, I was just going to blow you, but I need it bad.”

She put a foot on the toilet seat, lifted up her sundress (a very convenient dress for a quickie), up over her ass, tugged aside her pink thong, and said, “Shove that big snake of yours in me.”

I laughed at the reference to the earlier sermon, as I obliged her request, moving behind her and filling her pussy.

“Fuck me hard, pound my cunt, baby,” she demanded, her right hand on the wall, her left going to her pussy.

I slammed into her hard, knowing there were times like these when the sex was raw, carnal, and we were just two lustful beings bringing undeniable pleasure to each other.

Both of us already being horny for the same reason, it didn’t take long before Ashley was panting, her fingers rapidly stimulating her clit, as she moaned, “Fuck I love your big cock deep in me, baby.”

After seeing the porn and plethora of ridiculously huge black cocks, it was good to hear from the love of my life that my seven inches were enough for her. I moaned back, “and I love your tight pussy, sexy.”

“Faster,” she demanded, now moving her ass backwards to meet my forward thrusts.

Seconds later, she screamed, “Fuuuuuck,” as her orgasm quaked through her and onto my cock.

Hunger still in her eyes, she turned around, dropped to her knees and devoured my cock once again, even as her orgasm still rumbled through her. After a few seconds of deep throating me, she slapped my ass, her intent clear, I began aggressively fucking her face.

My balls bouncing off her chin, my cock fucking her face my orgasm began bubbling instantly. Like the last time, her mouth was wrapped around my cock, her hand slithered to my ass crack and this time I wasn’t surprised when her finger penetrated my back door. Unlike last time when she had just pushed her finger in, this time she pumped her finger in and out of my ass. All of which triggered my orgasm shooting my load inside her mouth as I fucked both her mouth and her finger. I couldn’t believe how her finger in my ass enhanced the pleasure and got me off with an even more ferocious intensity than usual.

Her mouth was still wrapped around my cock when we heard the door open to the bathroom and heard two voices.

She moved away as I quickly shuffled myself to stand on the toilet. Ashley followed sitting down on the toilet even as my cock lingered above her, a drop of my cum landing in her hair.

“Mom, I am supposed to meet up with Jasmine, Carol and Tasia at the mall,” a young girl’s voice said.

The other voice replied, “Honey, a quick bite to eat with your family will not kill you.” The voice seemed familiar and yet I couldn’t place it.

“And if it does,” the first voice said, sighing.

“Then Troy gets your college money,” the older voice said.

My eyes went wide as I realized it was Mrs. Brown and her daughter, Rhianna, in the bathroom.

Ashley, turned around and smiled, before another drop of my cum fell and landed on her forehead. She mouthed, “You fucker.”

I mouthed back, “Now what?”

“We wait,” she mouthed back, stretching up and taking my cock in her mouth.

Thankfully, Mrs. Brown and Rhianna were just freshening up and left quickly as my slutty girlfriend enjoyed my clear discomfort.

Taking my cock out of her mouth, she said, “I will go check and text you when the coast is clear.”

“Thanks,” I stammered, climbing off the toilet and quickly putting my cock away.

She left and a few seconds later texted me, “Someone is coming.”

I quickly locked the stall door and sat on top of the toilet praying the woman wasn’t going to try my stall. Thankfully, she didn’t, instead taking the stall next to me.

I quickly texted Ashley asking if the coast was clear and when the yes came, I quickly hurried out of the stall and bathroom before I crossed the hallway to the men’s room where I discovered Mr. Brown at one of the two urinals.

Desperate to pee, which often followed an orgasm, I moved to the urinal beside him and joked, “Are you stalking me?”

He laughed, “I was here first, so you must be stalking me.”

“Touché,” I chuckled, as I begin urinating. I don’t know why: curiosity I suppose, but I couldn’t resist glancing down and checking out Mr. Brown’s cock. It was a quick glimpse, but enough to:

A. See that he too was well hung even when not in a state of arousal.

B. To be caught by Mr. Brown.

He didn’t say anything, but the slightest of a smirk, gave away that he may have noticed my interest in his package. He zipped up a moment later and went to wash his hands.

“Have a great day, Coach,” he said, a moment later as I stayed at the urinal even though I was long done peeing.

“You too,” I answered shakily as I put my cock, growing again despite my recent relief, back in my trousers.

Ashley texted me asking if I was out of my predicament just as I finished washing my hands. I returned to the table where she was chatting with Mrs. Brown and Rhianna.

When I joined them, I gasped to myself, my cum was still on Ashley’s forehead, not glaringly obvious, but definitely noticeable if one was paying attention.

After a brief moment more of generic chit-chat, the Brown’s left and I said, clearly stressed, “You still have some cum on your forehead.”

Not fazed, she moved her finger to her forehead, scooped the small leftover remnants of cum, and put it in her mouth.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I cursed, horrified by what the Brown’s might think. Double horrified by being caught checking out Mr. Brown’s cock at the urinal.

“I doubt they knew it was cum, baby,” she smiled, sucking her finger clean.

“What if they did?” I asked, still stressed out.

“Then they officially know that a teacher has had sex,” she said brushing aside my concerns.

“How can you be so laissez-faire?” I asked, refusing to look over at the Brown’s table.

“I can’t change it, so it is what it is,” she answered, her casual attitude usually sexy, but now a bit frustrating.

“To make matters worse, I think Mr. Brown thinks I was checking out his cock,” I confessed, my anxiety really getting the best if me.

“He what? Why?” Ashley asked, clearly curious.

“Because I was,” I admitted. “I couldn’t help it. I went to the urinal to pee like I always do after sex,”

“I meant to ask, what is it about you and peeing after sex,” she interrupted.

“Don’t all men?” I asked, just assuming.

“God, no, most just fall asleep,” she answered, laughing softly.

“Well, I like to be different,” I joked.

“That you are,” she smiled. “Seriously, who gets turned on by pantyhose?”

“All men,” I answered, defensively.

“Trust me, I have dated a lot of men and you are the first that gets turned on by them. Most obsess over my tits or ass,” she countered.

“I like your tits and ass too,” I countered.

“Anyways, you are a twisted man and that is why I love you,” she smiled back.

“You love me,” I asked, knowing full well she hadn’t declared her love when I did.

“Of course, silly,” she smiled sweetly, before her expression shifted to coy. “On another note, is Mr. Brown hung?”

“Ashley,” I gasped, surprised by her shift from her first declaration of love to the size of a black cock.

“I’m curious, just like you were, obviously,” she smiled, her foot again going to my crotch.

My face went red at the truth of her words as I admitted, “Like father, like son, it seems.”

“Hmmm, does that mean your dad is big too,” she teased.

Realizing we were in play mode, I quipped, “Well, you know your body is based on your mom’s DNA.”

“Yes, you already know what I will look like in twenty years,” she continued, her foot putting extra pressure on my awkwardly positioned and trying to grow cock.

“I will definitely take that,” I answered.

“You better,” she countered.

Our food arrived and we shifted our conversation to calmer topics like her ridiculous work schedule which would not allow for her to spend much time with me over the next week. I pointed out I would be pretty busy myself with getting prepared for the state championship and grading math tests that I had due this week.

Once done eating, our desert in front of us but both of us needing time for our lunch to settle, Ashley glanced over to the Browns before turning to me and saying, “I can’t believe Rhianna was flirting with me like that.”

“You loved it,” I quipped back, knowing she did.

“Well, it is the purest sign of flattery,” she shrugged.

“What is?” I asked.

“Being hit on by someone of the same sex. No different for men. When a gay guy hits on you that is the ultimate compliment,” she explained.

“How so?” I asked, curious by yet another strange sexual philosophy of my oversexed girlfriend.

“Isn’t it obvious? Gay men have better taste in men than women do,” she said, as if that explained everything.

“I am not remotely following this,” I replied.

“Well most women are so jaded by past betrayals by men that they lower their standards, while gay men have great taste in clothing and men,” she clarified.

“So what you are saying is that you settled for me based on your harsh past and that since I have never been hit on by a gay guy I am not a good catch?” I countered, playing devil’s advocate to her bizarre philosophy.

“First off, I am not settling. You are sexy, we have similar interests, your dad is hot so you will be too in twenty years, you have a super tongue and a nice big cock,” she replied, splattering me with ego-boosting compliments.

“Those are all tough to argue with,” I agreed.

“Plus, Nate thinks you are hot,” she added.

“Gay nurse Nate?” I asked, although he was the only Nate I knew.

“The one and only,” she confirmed. “That night we met Nate and I were both checking you out. Of course, I won.”

“What did he say about me?” I asked and then realized how ludicrous the question was.

“Why do you want to know?” she asked playfully.

“I’m just considering all my options,” I countered with a smile.

She laughed as she added, “Well, speaking of things Nate said, he tells me no one gives head better than another man.”

“Well, we will just have to take his word for it,” I replied, trying to push aside the curiosity tickling at the back of my mind; I wasn’t gay, there was no way I was wondering if I could please Troy more than Eve could.

“If you are ever curious,” she answered, then laughed at the double-meaning of curious in the context referred.

“Good to know,” I laughed, “in case you quit sucking cock after the I do’s.”

Silence suddenly filled the room as we both realized what I had just said.

Thankfully, it was Rhianna who broke the sudden tension as she passed our table on her way to the washroom. “Hmmmm, that looks good enough to eat whole.”

My eyes went wide, but Ashley not missing a beat, retorted, “So I have been told.”

Rhianna was already walking away, her bubble butt ass swaying enticingly. Ashley leaned forward, “Do you think I should follow her in there and let her eat me whole?”

“You wouldn’t,” I gasped, my cock springing immediately to life at the thought of Ashley with another woman, especially someone as delicious as Rhianna.

“Just tell me to do it,” she said, her expression one of total sincerity. If I said go for it I was positive she would have did exactly what she said she would do.

“If she wasn’t one of my students,” I said, briefly being the one in charge, “I would have you and her in a sixty-nine.”

“You would?” She smiled.

“Absolutely,” I nodded, playing along with her naughty innuendo.

She fed me a bite of the dessert and took one herself, allowing yet another naughty implication linger between us, my cock ready to burst through my pants like the Hulk.

The dessert was almost done when Rhianna sauntered past us again. Ashley said as she passed, “Isn’t my dessert delicious, honey?”

Rhianna stopped to look at me and waited to hear my response. Forgetting she was a student, my cock head again controlling my real head, I answered. “It is by far the best dessert I have ever had and I have had a lot.”

Rhianna smiled, putting another seed of naughtiness in the air, “Well, I will have to try some… one day very, very soon.”

Again, she left before Ashley could counter leaving yet another naughty innuendo lingering between us.

Ashley asked, leaning in, “You wanted to know if I have been with another woman, right?”

“Is that a trick question?” I asked, knowing in past relationships when something is too good to be true, it usually is (although Ashley had dispelled all my relationship theories so far).

“Nope, do you really want to hear about my naughty lesbian past?” She asked, sucking on her straw innocently, yet it wasn’t innocent to me. Also, her foot which had returned to the floor throughout our meal was back against my crotch teasing me.

“If you want to tell me,” I answered safely.

She moved her foot away and stood up, “If you want to know all about my sordid past and learn another one of my fantasies, you better follow me right fucking now, I am so horny I could go ride her face right here in the restaurant in front of her parents.”

I briefly entertained that thought before tossing two twenties on the table for the twenty-six dollar bill and following her out like a puppy following a bone, giving a quick wave to the Browns as we left.

Once in the car, I asked, “Where to?”

“My place,” she answered.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I agreed, pulling out of the parking lot my cock hard with anticipation and my mind filled with curiosity.

5. Ashley’s DARK Lesbian Desires

Once back at her place, she asked, “Do you ever watch Internet porn, baby?”

“Isn’t that the only reason people go on the internet?” I answered without answering the question.

“Nice evasive answer,” Ashley noticed.

“Well, I watched a lot more before I met you,” I answered, which was true.

“How sweet,” Ashley smiled, before surprising me again. “I have subscriptions to a couple websites,” she admitted, opening her laptop.

“You do?” I asked, surprised that a woman would pay for Internet porn, it seemed like such a guy thing.

“Yep. After a long day at work I often need to unwind with a glass of wine, one of my toys and a little Internet porn,” she revealed.

“How many toys do you have?” I asked.

“More than a few less than a plethora,” she vaguely answered.

“Well that narrows it down completely,” I joked.

“I like to be an enigma,” she smiled, clicking onto a website.

“That you are,” I agreed, an enigma being the best word to describe her.

“Turn on the television,” she instructed.

“Sure,” I obeyed, reaching for the remote.

Once the screen was on, I realized that her computer was hooked up to her TV and the website she had up was all interracial lesbian porn.

“Wow,” I said, staring at the screen unable to formulate a complete thought.

“So this website has a variety of hot lesbian submission scenes,” Ashley explained, scrolling over a few brief pictures with summaries. “There is a student making her teacher her submissive play thing, that one is pretty hot I will download it for you, for the rare time you are home alone and need something to get you off.”

“Thanks,” I said, only vaguely knowing what I was saying thanks for. I was so overwhelmed by the different scenes of black and white girls, although these were all tasteful and appropriate pictures. I wasn’t surprised Ashley watched porn, I was surprised she paid for porn.

She continued, “Oh this one is hot too, a girl gets pulled over for speeding and ends up paying the fine with her face.”

I joked, “Cheaper than the ticket.”

“And a lot more fun,” Ashley volleyed back.

“Oh this one was crazy. Three prisoners overpower two guards and completely dominate them,” Ashley said, as if she was reviewing a book.

“That turns you on?” I asked, not imagining her being taken.

“Fuck yeah,” Ashley said, “just the thought of it has my cunt leaking. If we didn’t know her parents I would have followed that dyke right into the bathroom and fucked her senseless.”

“You would not,” I protested.

“In a heartbeat,” she countered. “Fantasy number two is me having sex with a black woman.”

“That one is a lot hotter than the first one,” I said, the thought of her in a sixty-nine with another girl, Rhianna of course popping into my head, was super hot.

“I don’t think so,” she shrugged, “they are both hot, just different.”

“Night and day different,” I added.

“I don’t know, more night and dusk,” she said, scrolling to another page of videos. “This one has the hottest black girl ever and she is even wearing stockings for you.”

I read the summary: Carol (the maid) is sick of the demeaning way her white boss treats her and decides to turn the tables on her, making the white boss the maid.

“Oh, oh, here it is,” she said, clicking on a chapter called Nursed to Sin. “Take a seat, baby, it’s time for a little bit of lesbian submission.”

I asked, “Are all the videos black women dominating white women?”

“Yep,” she replied matter-of-factly, sitting beside me and watching the scene start.

Another puzzle piece to the enigma that was Ashley. She was pretty aggressive with me in the bedroom, but would she be submissive to a woman? A black woman? Rhianna? Again, Ashley had my head spinning as I began watching porn for the third time in a week.

The scene started with a pretty blonde nurse, in her thirties I would guess, walking into a hospital room of a black teenager lying on the bed. “About fucking time,” the pretty black girl snapped.

“Excuse me,” the blonde nurse stammered, surprised by the patient’s rudeness.

“I have been waiting for twenty fucking minutes,” the black girl roared.

“Sorry, Ma’am,” the nurse responded, used to pacifying unhappy patients. “It is shift change and they must have missed you.”

“Ma’am, I like that,” the black girl smirked.

“What can I do for you?” The nurse asked her tone usually effective at calming most verbal storms.

“Massage my feet,” the young black girl replied.

“Pardon?” The nurse asked surprised by the request.

“Massage my fucking feet?” the black girl repeated.

“Sorry, Ma’am, we don’t do that,” the nurse replied, surprisingly keeping her cool.

“It wasn’t a fucking request,” the black teen patient snapped. “Now get your ass over here and massage my feet.”

The nurse seemed bewildered by the treatment, but decided it was better to appease the irate irrational patient before she caused an even bigger commotion. She walked to her and took the black girl’s right foot in her hands.

“Good girl,” the black teen complimented, the smile on her face implying she had nefarious intentions for the older, pretty nurse.

The nurse’s cheeks went red but she continued the servant like task.

I glanced at Ashley who was staring at the television completely intoxicated by the scene that was unfolding. Was it one of her fantasies to be seduced by a patient, a black patient?

I returned my gaze to the movie and noticed the nurse had changed feet.

Ashley flipped her stocking-clad feet onto my lap, and I instinctively took her foot in my hands and began massaging.

“Suck my toes,” the patient instructed the nurse.

“I really need to check on my other patients,” the nurse replied somewhat flustered by the request.

“Fine,” the patient replied, “but I expect you back here during your break. Is that understood?”

The question was in a tone that was clear it wasn’t a question but an expectation.

“I will try,” the nurse replied.

“If you don’t come and get your break time snack, I will come and find you and trust me you don’t want that,” the teen threatened.

“Yes, ma’am,” the nurse said.

“When is your break?” The teen asked.

“It’s at eleven,” The nurse answered.

“See, you then,” the teen stated.

“Yes, ma’am,” The nurse nodded in response, clearly desperate to get out of the room.

The nurse walked out and once the door was closed, she leaned herself against the wall her face flushed, her body reacting to the submissive task she had just done.

“Hot, hey?” Ashley asked, raising her other foot to my lips.

“It’s very interesting,” I answered which was the truth, my mind spinning with the unspoken implications of showing me this particular video.

“That’s a very politically correct response,” she smiled, bending her one leg so her foot landed right on my very stiff cock. “Interesting, very interesting,” she smiled as she turned her head back to the television and I took her nylon-clad toes in my mouth.

On screen, the white nurse was clearly rattled by her brief time with the blunt teenager. At her break, she walked to the door and paused.

“Get in here,” the voice came from inside the door.

The nurse paused a couple more seconds before pushing the door open and entering.

“My toes,” the teen instructed, as if two hours hadn’t transpired since their last conversation.

The nurse didn’t move closer to the patient as she explained, although her tone showed her weakness, “Ma’am, please, this is inappropriate.”

“Taking care of your patient’s needs is inappropriate?” The teen asked, innocently.

“Yes, no,” the flustered nurse replied, clearly overwhelmed and unaccustomed to the strong personality of the black teen.

“Come here,” the teen ordered.

The nurse tentatively moved towards the bed her nervousness obvious with each step.

The teen lifted up the blanket covering her to reveal she was naked and really stacked.

My eyes went big at just how perfect her body was and I hadn’t even gotten a good look at her ass.

The nurse stopped and stammered, “W-w-what are you doing?”

“Getting your snack ready,” the black girl responded, her hand going to her cunt.

“I-I-I-can’t,” the nurse stammered, even as she stared between the legs of the teen goddess, the girl’s completely shaved pussy staring back at her.

“You can and you will,” the teen responded, before adding, “Now get your ass over here and get to licking my cunt.”

“But….” The nurse began but was cut off.

“It is obvious you want to, your mouth is literally watering,” the black seductress assessed.

“No-I-….” The white nurse was cut off again, this time harshly.

“Get over here now and pleasure your black mistress,” the teen ordered.

The nurse, bewildered and scared to disobey the black patient, obeyed the order as she moved between the legs of the teenager.

“Good girl,” the teen said, her tone instantly softening.

The camera angle changed and it was a close up of the nurse just as she extended her tongue and leaned forward.

Glancing at Ashley, even as I continued massaging her foot with my hand as I pleasured her toes, when I noticed her right hand had moved to her pussy.

Ashley was transfixed by the happenings on screen, clearly drawn into the white-black submission. I was dying to ask her if she had ever been with a black woman, the thought of her being submissive hard to fathom.

Back onscreen, the older nurse was licking slowly, clearly unsure how to please another woman. The teen said, “Is this your first time eating cunt, my pet?”

The nurse’s already red cheeks turned a darker shade of red from the humiliation as she answered, softly, “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Don’t worry, they say practice makes perfect,” the black teen smiled as she reached for the back of the nurse’s head pulling it deeper into her pink perfection.

“Honey, come lick me,” Ashley moaned, her eyes never leaving the scene onscreen, as she opened her legs for me.

Although I was enjoying the nurse submission, I repositioned myself between her legs on the couch and went to work pleasing her. Ashley’s cunt was sopping wet already and her intoxicating scent swarmed over my senses.

Although I couldn’t see the movie, I could hear it, as the scene progressed, the black teen’s aggressive verbal domination steadily increasing.

I heard her say, “I think I will have to take you back to my sorority and let you learn how to please a sista,” and “Such a good white slave,” and “I can’t wait to fuck that white box of yours,” and “Or maybe I will plug that white ass of yours.”

While I heard all the cock stiffening dirty talk, I eagerly licked Ashley whose moans were louder than usual and when the black girl said, “You love nigger pussy, don’t you?” Ashley grabbed my head and came all over my face as she screamed, “Fuuuuuuuuck yes.”

I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or speaking for the nurse in the movie, but either way my face was coated with Ashley’s sticky wetness, my mind spinning with another naughty quirk of hers.

Finally, Ashley let go of my head as I sat up and said, “You were extra wet today.”

“I have been dripping since Rhianna flirted with me,” she admitted.

“Is that so?” I teased, my hand massaging her leg.

“Fuck yes,” Ashley said, adding, “As I said, it is another fantasy of mine to be seduced and taken by a woman of colour.”

“That doesn’t seem like you,” I pointed out.

“I told you, I’m an enigma,” she shrugged.

“So what if Rhianna hits on you again?” I asked, my cock creating a tent in my pants.

“Would you let me get fucked by her?” Ashley asked, her tone playful, blurring the intent. Was she serious?

“Could I watch?” I asked.

“If she lets you,” Ashley smiled, shifting her body around so it was her turn to please me.

She released my cock from its fabric prison and said, “Watch the rest of the scene and imagine the patient is Rhianna and the nurse moi.”

“Aaaah,” I moaned as she engulfed my cock whole and I returned to watching the television.

The scene had shifted since I last watched. Somehow, the black patient had gotten herself a strap-on and was fucking the nurse from behind. The nurse, bent over the bed, her skirt up, pantyhose torn, was being fucked hard and her moans displaying just how much she was enjoying it.

“Do you like my cock in that cunt of yours,” the black Domme asked.

“Yeeeees,” the nurse whimpered.

“And you will be a good white slave for me?” the teen asked, slamming into the nurse so hard the bed moved.

“Yeeees,” the horny nurse answered, her breathing getting increasingly erratic.

“Beg to be my white slave,” the black goddess demanded, suddenly stopping with the plastic cock still deep inside the nurse.

The nurse was desperate to come, the fucking clearly stopping just before her climax was reached, she didn’t hesitate as she answered, “Yes, Mistress, please can I be your white slave?”

“Is that all you got?” the black Mistress asked, her finger moving to the nurses’ back door.

“Whaaaaat?” The nurse screamed, as a finger penetrated her ass without warning.

“Good white slaves have three holes for their Mistress to use,” the teen Mistress explained as she began slowly pumping her finger in and out of her new slave’s ass. “Shit you are tight, haven’t you ever taken anything up your ass before?”

“Nooooo,” the nurse answered, clearly in pain from the back door violation.

“Well, we better change that,” the teen said, as she, with some work, slid a second finger inside.

“Oh myyyyy God,” the nurse screamed in pain, loud enough that if this were a real hospital they would have visitors.

“Enjoying the movie?” Ashley asked, taking my cock out of her mouth.

“It’s pretty hot,” I admitted, looking down at her.

“Just imagine how hot it would be live,” Ashley smiled, before returning to pleasuring my cock. She was sucking ever so slowly, making sure to allow me to watch the whole movie scene before allowing me to blow my top.

The idea of watching her with another woman was amazing, the thought it could be an eighteen-year-old student of mine: surreal, hot and scary, but mostly hot. Just the thought of seeing Rhianna’s gravity defying breasts bared (I had seen them up close many cock-stiffing times) had my balls beginning to bubble.

Returning to the video just in time, I heard the nurse beg, “Please I will do anything, just please don’t fuck my ass.”

“You will come to my sorority and please every one of my sista’s?” the black teen asked, rubbing her cock between the nurse’s white ass cheeks.

“Yes,” the nurse agreed, clearly willing to do anything to avoid being sodomized.

“And you will never disobey your chocolate Mistress,” the teen asked, the smile on her face giving away her true intent…she was going to fuck the nurse’s ass no matter what the nurse said.

“Yes, Mistress, I will be your white slave, your obedient pet,” the nurse replied.

“Beg for it in your ass,” the teen Mistress ordered, lube magically in reach of her hand as she generously lubed her cock.

“No, please,” the nurse pleaded.


“Do as you’re told, slut,” the teen ordered, as she finished lubricating her cock.

Defeated, the nurse stammered, “P-p-please.”

“Please, what, slave?” the teen questioned, pouring lube between the white ass cheeks of the nurse.

“Please fuck my ass,” the nurse responded weakly.

“Please fuck my ass, what?” the Mistress questioned, pushing the nurse further into the depths of submission, as she placed the cock back between the ass cheeks of the pretty, disheveled nurse.

“Please fuck my ass, Mistress, my ebony goddess,” the nurse answered, even adding a hot extra part.

“As you wish, you fucking cheap ass slut,” the teen responded, piling on more and more humiliation to the submissive, bewildered nurse.

“Ooooooooh myyyyyyyy,” the nurse screamed, as the strap-on cock began breaking through her back door.

“Oh my indeed,” the teen chuckled as the plastic cock slowly disappeared between the white ass cheeks of the nurse.

A close up of the nurse showed the sheer mixture of pain and pleasure that was coursing through her body as she got her ass reamed.

The scene was incredibly hot, just as the thought of Ashley with Rhianna or another woman, as was also the slow burn Ashley was doing on my cock with her mouth and I knew my eruption was imminent.

“You like being an ass slave?” the teen Mistress asked, a couple of minutes later, as she began to really fuck the nurse, her body slamming into the nurse’s ass making the bed move with each forward thrust.

“Yeeeeees,” the nurse whimpered her orgasm on the rise.

“Come for me, ass slut, come like the slutty white whore you were born to be,” the teen continued her verbal abuse.

“Oh God, oh God,” the nurse moaned, so close to euphoria.

Not even realizing I was doing it, I grabbed Ashley’s head and began fucking her mouth with my cock, bucking my ass up and shoving it deep in her mouth. The slurping sounds echoed through the room as I watched the final submission on screen.

“Fuuuuuuuck,” the nurse screamed, as her orgasm cascaded through her.

“Coming from getting fucked in the ass, shit, you really are a fucking whore,” the teen belittled, as she pulled out, walked around the bed and shoved the cock into the nurse’s mouth.

“Fuuuuuuuuck,” I repeated, as I shot my load into Ashley’s mouth, suddenly realizing what I was doing and I let go of her head. Thankfully, she took over bobbing up and down as I continued spewing my seed in her mouth.

After a few seconds, she sat up and said, as if nothing had happened, “Oh watch this.”

I returned my eyes to the television and away from Ashley to see an older black nurse walk in.

The white nurse tried to move away but was held in place by her teen Mistress.

“You did it, Janet,” the black nurse said, as she pulled off her skirt.

“Yes, Mother, and she is all yours,” the teen smiled, as she roughly grabbed the white submissive and tossed her onto the bed.

“I didn’t think she was doable,” the mom said, climbing onto the bed, straddling the dazed white nurse’s face.

“They are all doable,” the daughter responded. “No white slut has ever been able to refuse.”

As the mom smothered her white co-worker’s face, she laughed, “Like mother, like daughter.”

“Fucking gets me off every time,” Ashley said, before adding, “apparently you too.”

“Sorry, I got carried away,” I apologized.

“No worries, it was kind of hot for you to just take control and use me like your little slut,” Ashley smiled, reaching over and giving my semi-erect cock a firm how-are-you-doing squeeze.

Joking, I answered, “Well you are my little slut.”

“Your slut plans to flirt like hell with Rhianna the next chance she gets,” she promised.

“Flirt away,” I replied, the reality of the lesbian act way more fantasy than potential actuality.

We spent the rest of the day together going for a walk and enjoying a nice dinner before parting, without talking about sex again. Before I left, we had a quickie in her kitchen, and agreed that with our hectic week (basketball playoffs to focus on for me and with the hospital short staffed, Ashley would be working double shifts all week) that we probably wouldn’t see each other for a few days.

As she kissed me goodbye, she handed me a USB flash drive and said, “A couple scenes I think you may like.”

“Thanks, you are turning me into a dirty old man,” I joked.

“My dirty old man,” she corrected, kissing me again. Breaking the kiss, she said sweetly, “I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too, angel,” I returned, before heading home feeling completely satisfied in every possible way.

6. Another BIG Surprise

Monday was the most awkward teaching day of my life. It was tough to teach with Eve in class, knowing what I did. She, oblivious to my knowledge, was her usual eager to please in class self. She asked questions, answered them, and took notes. Yet, I couldn’t look her in the eye, although I did stare more than usual at her painted toes in her nylons as she slipped her foot in and out of her shoe all during class like a hypnotist’s watch.

It was like a couple of years ago. We had a new Chemistry teacher on staff who was easily the hottest woman I had ever met. She had green hypnotic eyes, long black as night hair, a body that begged to be fucked and she always, even on casual Fridays, wore pantyhose. I had been flirting with her casually when Matt, a fellow colleague, said, “She is a fucking nympho.”

I quipped back, Matt a well-known bullshitter, “As if you would know.”

“I’m serious, she dated my brother’s roommate back in college,” he countered.

“So?” I shrugged.

“She loves it up the ass,” he informed me.

“Fuck off,” I said.

“Seriously, I am not bullshitting you,” he said.

Whether it was true or not, every time I looked at her, from that moment on all I could think of was ‘she loved it up the ass’. Thankfully, she was transferred to another school the next year ending my obsessive thoughts of her liking it up her ass.

After school, practice was just as awkward. Troy was his usual commanding self making it even harder to forget about his power over Eve and the bizarre dream I had. I forced myself to put it out of my mind and focused on the task at hand, getting prepared for the state championships that began on Friday.

However, after practice the awkwardness came back in spades. I had seen my players naked in the locker room a million times but this time was different. I couldn’t help but check out the size of my players. It wasn’t like I wanted to drop to my knees and suck their cocks, but I was suddenly very curious… I was in awe of many of the black cocks. There were big ones and smaller ones, none bigger than Troy; there were thin ones and thick ones; there were circumcised ones and uncircumcised ones.

The next couple of days flew by as I taught and prepared for the championships by watching hours of video once I got home. Life settled back into a familiar routine until Wednesday evening when I had to stay late for a budget meeting for next year with the school board and the boosters club.

Once the meeting was over, I went to my office to grab a couple more disks of games, when I walked in on Troy again…although this time it wasn’t Eve…nor was it a girl! On his knees was Eric, Troy pumping his cock in and out of Eric’s mouth, literally getting his face fucked by Troy. Eric is the team’s starting small forward, the son of our mayor and nicest kid I had ever had the privilege to teach…he like me, white. He was a good rebounder, strong defender, great passer, and the team’s glue guy both on and off the court. He keeps things loose, always quick with a joke and able to make a motivational speech when needed. Definitely not gay and definitely not one I would expect to submit to Troy…yet nothing any more should have surprised me.

The action had obviously been going on awhile, as Troy was really bucking his hips, his cock pumping in and out of Eric’s mouth; somehow he was taking it all without gagging. It was literally an unbelievable scene out of a porno, where the straight white guy is actually an amazing cocksucker. Yet, there it was happening right before my eyes.

Troy, talking trash like he did on the court, said, “Shit Eric, you have gotten really good at this. You are a natural born cocksucker.”

Obviously Eric couldn’t respond as his mouth was full of cock, but he looked up at Troy with worshipful eyes; my own cock was suddenly rising in my pants against my will.

Close to orgasm, Troy grunted, “Here it comes faggot, swallow every last drop princess.”

I watched in awe yet again as Troy came in someone’s mouth, this time a guy. I couldn’t help it: I imagined myself on my knees in Eric’s place, picturing Troy feeding his cock to me. I watched a moment more as Troy continued to pump his cum into Eric’s mouth; I stumbled forward and briefly into view of the two boys before I slunk away.

I was still in ear shot when Troy said, “This weekend you will be my personal cum bucket, is that clear, cocksucker?”

I didn’t hear Eric’s answer as I went to the door. Thinking I should probably do something to let Troy know that he could be caught, I opened the door and slammed it shut loud enough they were bound to know they had company. I then walked back up the hallway slowly whistling to give the boys time to cover up their secret rendezvous. I walked in and Troy was grabbing his bag from the locker, while Eric was nowhere to be seen.

“Troy,” I said, acting surprised, “you scared the shi–crap out of me.”

“Sorry, Coach, just spending some extra time on the court,” he lied, his smile smug as if he knew a secret I didn’t.

“You’re welcome to use the court anytime, but you should probably let me know so no one gives you a hard time,” I said.

Troy laughed and said, his innuendo obvious because I knew what he was really doing, “Oh, I usually am the one giving someone a HARD time.”

I don’t know why I said it, nor could I believe the words out of my mouth, as I replied, “Everyone needs to be given a HARD time once in a while.”

Troy laughed, before adding, “I can’t imagine many people have given you a HARD time too often.

“Not enough,” I answered, and my face burned as I realized what I had said, hoping the innuendo hadn’t been too obvious. “Anyways, get home, I need you rested and focused for Friday.”

“See ya Coach,” Troy nodded, as he walked past me and out the door.

I took a breath and went to my office shaking my head at the realization I had just been trading sexual innuendos with a student. ‘Damn you Ashley,’ I cursed to myself; I had never once considered a man sexually before her anniversary present, but since then I had watched gay porn, dreamt of sucking cock, checked out Dr. Brown’s cock in the bathroom, got hard watching Troy get sucked off and imagined myself briefly on my knees replacing Eric.

Did I want to suck cock? After briefly considering it, I was confident I didn’t. The thought had been placed in my head by Ashley and thoughts, even ones you don’t agree with, take awhile to fade.

I grabbed the disks and headed out. I noticed movement in the bathroom, assumedly Eric, and decided to let him have what little dignity he had left by ignoring it and heading out.

Once home, I went to pop a DVD into the player and saw the porn DVD on top of the player. Before I knew it, I had popped it in the player instead of the game film and was sitting on my couch watching scene three.

The teacher was back at his desk, when he was paged to the office. He sighed, put his pen down and headed to the office.

Once at the office, the secretary, a very pretty blonde who was smiling knowingly said, “Principal Eagleson will see you now.”

“Thanks, Carrie,” the teacher answered, his tone implying he didn’t know what was about to happen, even though since it was porn it was already obvious to me.

Once in the room, a large, well-built, bald black man was sitting at his desk. “Take a seat, James.”

“Yes, sir,” James obeyed.

“Did you know that I used to play professional football?” The principal asked.

“Of course,” the teacher nodded.

“Do you know what I miss most about it?” Principal Eagleson asked.

“The camaraderie?” James offered.

“That is one way to put it,” the built black man chuckled. After a brief pause, “Do you remember the Walton situation?”

“Yes,” the teacher nodded, confused by the sudden change of topic.

“Well after he was wrongly accused of hitting on a student, we put cameras in every classroom in the school to protect both our teachers and our students,” Principal Eagleson said.

The teacher’s eyes went wide as he obviously realized the implication of the principal’s words.

“What’s the problem James? The thought of you, a big black cock in your mouth, captured on video have you speechless?” The principal chuckled.

“Please, sir,” the teacher replied.

“Please what, Cocksucker?” The principal asked, standing up from his chair.

“I was forced,” the teacher weakly protested, not meeting the principal’s eyes.

“That is not what the video seemed to show,” the principal replied a slight smile crossing his face as he stood over the white teacher.

“Y-y-you don’t understand,” the teacher stammered.

“Oh, I think I understand very well,” the principal countered, as he unzipped his pants; at this point the teacher lowered his gaze as the principal continued explaining, “You see, I didn’t finish my earlier thought about what I missed about my professional football days. Oh sure I loved the game, the rush of winning, but I also really loved the fringe benefits like having so many eager white cocksuckers who were always around to deposit a load in.”

“Groupies?” the teacher asked tentatively.

“All my white teammates… ALL of them.” The reply made James swallow uneasily.

I gasped at the revelation of the principal and how large his black cock was, at least ten inches, when he unleashed it from his trousers. As I had mentioned before, I had never seriously considered another man before, and definitely never considered a cock beautiful or juicy, but as I stared at his big black snake, I discovered that both of these descriptions were true: it was big, black, beautiful and juicy…even though such a description…juicy…seemed absurd, no other word properly described the image in my head. I wanted to taste it….

The teacher’s eyes went big as he stared at the massive cock in front of him almost poking him in the eye.

“Get sucking, Cocksucker,” the principal ordered.

“Sir, please I don’t thi…” The teacher’s weak plea was silenced when his mouth was filled by black cock.

As if a light switch was turned on the minute black meat filled his mouth, the teacher began bobbing back and forth ignoring where he was or who it was he was sucking.

“That’s it Cocksucker. I think we will be adding this to your current duties,” the principal smugly commented.

The teacher continued taking more of the massive black snake in his mouth.

I pulled out my cock band began stroking my iron stiff cock as I returned my eyes to the screen.

“I want it all in that cocksucking mouth of yours,” the principal ordered as about seven inches continued to disappear in the teacher’s mouth.

I couldn’t fathom all that fitting in anyone’s mouth when my mind automatically went to images of Troy’s cock when both Eve and Eric were eagerly bobbing on it, it being very similar in size to the one onscreen right now.

As I slowly stroked myself, I remembered the scene in the locker room earlier, only this time it was me on my knees sucking Troy’s cock. I bobbed slowly up and down the huge black muscle, hungry to take more in my mouth. Simultaneously, I pumped my cock as I imagined being a good cocksucker.

I was brought back to reality when I heard the principal in the movie ask, “Does my cocksucker want my cock in his ass?”

My eyes went wide as I realized I had been fantasizing about Troy and serving his cock. I returned my gaze to the TV as I continued stroking my rock hard cock.

The principal, after a couple of minutes of having his cock sucked, pulled his cock out and ordered, “Pull your pants down and bend over my desk.”

“Please let me just suck you,” the teacher pleaded, although he was already unbuttoning his pants, clenching his ass cheeks in anticipation.

“It wasn’t a request. Do as you’re fucking told, Faggot,” the principal snapped, roughly pulling him out of the chair by her hair.

A fear in the teacher’s eyes was clear, as he fumbled with his belt, pulled down his pants and underwear and bent over the desk.

“Ever had a cock this big up your ass?” The principal asked.

“No sir,” the teacher answered nervously.

“Do you want me to fuck your ass?” The principal questioned as he sauntered over to the bent over white teacher,

“I’d rather just suck you,” he answered.

“You seemed to like getting your ass reamed by your students,” the principal pointed out as he put his cock between the teacher’s ass cheeks.

“He made me,” the teacher weakly defended.

“Well I won’t make you,” the principal laughed, as his cock was placed at the teacher’s back door. “I will just leave my cock here and let you decide what you want.”

A close up of the teacher’s face showed his conflicting emotions: doing what was socially acceptable vs. doing what his body so obviously wanted. After a few seconds, the teacher whimpered, defeated, “Please fuck me, Sir.”

“Pardon?” The principal asked smiling.

The teacher repeated his plea, “Please fuck my ass, Sir.”

“You’re sure?” the principal smiled, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “I would never want to make you do something you didn’t want to do.”

“Yes, sir, fuck my ass with your big cock,” the teacher begged, moving his ass back trying to take it in him.

“That wasn’t so hard now was it?” The principal chuckled as he pushed forward and filled the teacher’s ass in one hard forward thrust.

“Ooooooh Gooooood,” the teacher screamed, the principal’s cock clearly stretching his ass apart.

I began pumping furiously and in seconds cum shot out like a cannon into the air and then back down on me. As my loins pulsed with pleasure, I shook my head at just how turned on I got from watching gay interracial sex. I also couldn’t believe that Troy had popped in my subconscious yet again.

I got up and shut the porno off just as the teacher begged to have his ass filled with cum. Oddly, the thought of what it would feel like to have my ass filled with cum popped into my head. I shook the thought out of my head and went to work on the game video for the upcoming weekend, anything to get me focused on what I should be doing.

That night I woke up again in a cold sweat from a dream so vividly real, it felt as if it had really happened.

I was on my knees again head eagerly bobbing back and forth, licking and sucking on his cock as Troy talked trash to me:”That’s it, Coach suck my big cock,” and “You look good with a mouthful of black cock,” and “Coach, if I knew you were such an eager cocksucker we could have had way more fun on our road trips,” and finally “You have been drooling over my black cock all season, haven’t you, Coach?”

“Do you love my cock, Coach?” Troy asked, pulling his cock out of my mouth.

“Yes…” I admitted, reaching for it with my hand.

“How much do you love it, Coach?”Troy asked, as he moved the head of his cock around my lips.

I woke up shooting cum all over myself, the continual vision of Troy’s cock and me on my knees overwhelming me.

Frustrated, I cleaned myself up, determined to keep this just a dirty twisted fantasy. I was not gay or bi-sexual and I had the perfect girlfriend…although I smirked to myself as I realized that if I told her my fantasy she would probably tell me to go for it…as long as she could watch.

Thankfully, I fell asleep eventually and didn’t have any further relapses into gay fantasy.

7. Giving into my DARK Desires

I arranged for a substitute teacher Thursday so I could finish up all the game planning for Friday’s two games as well as scouting our potential finals opponent on the assumption we won both our games Friday…which I was confident we would. The finals tournament had six teams in two pools of three with the winner of each pool advancing to the final Saturday evening at six.

I also had the players given the afternoon off from classes, so we could head out a day early and get well-rested before our eleven o’clock tip off Friday. We would also play again that evening.

I was so busy I didn’t even have any time to even text Ashley, who promised she would drive up Saturday morning if we won our two games Friday.

The bus ride was loud and crazy, like bus rides always are, especially when the cheerleaders are on the bus as well. I worked with the other coaches on game planning and once we arrived at the dorms, where we were staying; we had a two-hour team meeting before sending the boys to their rooms around nine with a firm eleven o’clock curfew.

After a couple more hours of game planning, I am compulsive, I did my curfew checks. The boys each had their own dorm room as we found that they would be less likely to stay up horsing around than if they were sharing rooms; the small roster size of a basketball team made this feasible. The football team, for instance, would never be able to do that.

I knocked on Troy’s room, five minutes after curfew, and I was surprised to have Eric, his face red, open the door. He stammered, “S-s-sorry, Coach, I was just going back to my room.”

He was clearly embarrassed and I was pretty sure that Troy had been letting him suck his big black cock.

I looked at Troy on his bed and said, “You and Eric discussing strategy for tomorrow?”

“Nah, we were just talking and he was giving me a massage.”

“A massage?” I questioned, surprised by his answer.

Troy answered, his next sentence dripping with innuendo, “Eric knows he can’t play professionally; he wants to be a personal trainer. Besides, I had some stiffness I needed taking care of.”

I could feel the heat in my cheeks at Troy’s words. I replied, trying to hide my knowledge as well as the tent in my pants, “Well, don’t break curfew.”

“Sure thing Coach,” Troy shrugged.

The thought of his hard black cock popped into my head. I paused as I tried to compose myself.

“Is there something wrong, Coach?” Troy asked.

“Just tired,” I lied, “too many hours watching film and working on a game plan.”

“Well, get some sleep, Coach. Tomorrow is going to be a long, hard day,” Troy said. Although unbelievable, to me he seemed to stress both the words long and hard.

I stammered, the thought of me on my knees now playing in my head like a movie on loop, “Y-y-you too. I need my captain ready to go tomorrow.”

“I am always ready to go, Coach,” Troy retorted, again me reading his words and the hidden meaning in between the words.

Desperate to get out of his room, I mumbled something as I left before he could say anything else that had me thinking thoughts I shouldn’t be having.


We won our first game handily, 88-64 and now could relax a bit before our evening game.

As we were watching two teams in the other pool, including the first ranked Wolverines, Rhianna sat down beside me, much to my surprise.

“Hi coach,” she said, in her cheerleading outfit, her legs glistening in her pantyhose.

“Hi, Rhianna,” I smiled, acknowledging her before returning my attention to the game. Watching a team live was better for scouting than video at least that is what I found.

“Where is Ashley?” Rhianna asked, I noticed she didn’t refer to her as Ms. Grisham like she had in the past.

“Working,” I answered, barely paying attention to the question.

“Oh, I was hoping she would be here,” she replied.

Without thinking, barely processing her words because I was so focused on the court action, I replied, “She will be coming up tomorrow morning if we make the finals.”

“Delicious,” Rhianna said, before adding, “Thanks, Coach.”

“No problem,” I answered, before realizing as she began walking away that our brief conversation was rather unorthodox. I looked her way and she was chatting with her brother and I just shook my head assuming I was again reading too much into the conversation, as I probably had with Troy also.

I watched the rest of the game, confident I had found a couple ways to exploit the Wolverines should we meet them in the state championships tomorrow. They too won their opener easily 91-53.

The afternoon flew by and other than a half hour meeting with the players before our early dinner, I remained focused on the game at hand.

We won again, this one a lot closer, 80-78, Troy setting up the winning points with a great pass. My stress level was through the roof as we blew a 76-70 lead with just over a minute left. Thankfully, we pulled it out and my emotions instantly shifted from pulling my hair out to pumping my fist in the air in jubilation.

After giving a speech to the team about perseverance, I sent them back to the dorms while I watched the final game of the other draw as the Wolverines battled it out with the also undefeated Buckeyes. Like our game, this one was closer but the Wolverines pulled away in the last few minutes winning 88-77.

Emotionally drained, I headed back to the dorms. I went directly to Troy’s room to tell him who we were playing in the final and to briefly talk strategy.

I knocked on his door and was startled by Troy saying clearly perturbed, “You’re late.”

I took that as a strange invitation and entered to see Troy clearly having just finished showering standing there in only a towel.

“Late for what?” I joked.

Troy was clearly surprised by my appearance; I wondered if he was expecting Eric again. Troy grabbed his phone and quickly hit a few buttons, presumably texting someone.

“Eric was supposed to come and relieve my stiffness again,” Troy said, a slight bulge in his towel apparent.

“I won’t be long,” I said. “We are playing the Wolverines.”

“I know,” he answered, “I checked online.”

“So we are going to have to double team that Walker kid,” I said.

“I have never double teamed someone before,” Troy replied. My head instantly went sexual even though the comment was obviously about basketball. He was the one often double teamed.

“I think that if we neutralize him, our other players are stronger and we can win by playing a perfect team game,” I explained.

Right when I finished speaking, Troy’s towel dropped to the floor and Troy didn’t even try to cover himself up. Although I had seen his cock from afar and in action, seeing it so close, especially after all I now knew, from three feet away was something completely different. It was semi-erect and seemed to be calling my name. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as I flashed to Ashley’s fantasy, plus my own strange dreams of late and wondered to myself if maybe I didn’t want the same thing she did.

My cock grew rapidly in my trousers as I couldn’t tear my gaze from his semi-erect cock. I stared at it in open admiration, and I looked for way too long; I just stared, slack-jawed, as I was completely captivated by my player’s enormous cock.

“Coach, are you here to deal with my stiffness?” Troy asked, taking his cock in his hands.

Troy’s words broke through my mental fog. My jaw hung open as I stared in wonder. I looked up and stammered, “W-w-what?”

“You can’t take your eyes off it, can you, Coach?” Troy asked, smiling as it grew in his hands.

I shook my head weakly, desperate to stay in control as my body betrayed me, my eyes looking down again, his cock like a magnet to my eyes.

“Yeah, I figured as much,” Troy said with a smile, before adding, “You seemed pretty in awe when you were watching Eric blow me.”

I looked at him in shock, feeling myself rapidly losing control of this situation. My cock stiffened in my pants uncomfortably. He smirked at me. I couldn’t meet his gaze so I locked away from him; my attention returned to his massive, throbbing erection. I was losing control of the situation completely; his easy dominance further heightened my arousal. Again I barely got out, “Y-y-you saw me?”

“I did and you seemed pretty intense as you watched,” Troy said, his cock now a missile ready to launch, as I took many furtive glances at his beautiful member, completely unable to stop myself, my eyes unable to resist quick peeks, hopefully subtle glances, at his irresistable cock.

“I couldn’t believe it,” I weakly got out.

“What? That Eric is a cocksucker?” Troy asked, clearly confident with swearing in front of me now.

“I didn’t know Eric was gay,” I said.

Troy chuckled, “He’s not. He’s just white and all white boys bend for black cock.”

“Excuse me?” I questioned him, even though I seemed to be proof that his words were true.

“Eric is, like all white boys, naturally inclined to want to please black cock,” Troy explained, as if it was obvious.

“I don’t….” I began.

I was interrupted by Troy asking, “What is it about white boys begging to be cocksuckers for nigger cock?”

“Watch your language,” I scolded, trying with every ounce of my brain to keep in control. I was the adult, the coach.

Troy chuckled, “Coach we both know what you want right now. That’s to assist me with my stiffness.”

I didn’t speak…I didn’t move.

“On your knees, Coach,” he ordered.

“Troy, please…,” I protested, finally finding my voice. My protest was undermined however, as I nodded in reply, my mouth watering as I stared at his big black cock, and his hand slowly pumping it.”

“Coach, we don’t have a lot of time. I texted Eric not to stop by for now, but curfew is in forty-five minutes,” Troy pointed out. “If you aren’t interested, I will just text Eric to come and deal with my stiffness, he has actually became very good at it.”

My head was clouded with flashes of Ashley’s approval and my own growing fascination and curiosity, juxtaposed with doing what was morally right. I didn’t say anything as Troy moved to me and put his hands on my shoulders. My eyes pleaded for mercy, even as my mouth watered.

Troy firmly guided me down to my knees, my weak resistance shattered as my body allowed the guidance to occur.

I was staring at his black cock just a couple of inches from my mouth. I was in a complete daze unable to think straight with Troy’s big juicy cock just a couple of inches away from me.

Troy finally spoke. “Go ahead Coach, we both know you want to.”

I hesitated. This was the moment of no return. If I stood up now, I could still maintain the coach-student relationship, yet my body, my mouth, my hunger were thinking otherwise. I could hear Ashley in my head saying, ‘Go ahead baby, suck his big black cock for me’. The line between straight and gay, between teacher and student, was impossible to see and I crossed it nonetheless when I leaned forward, opened my mouth and took his big, almost fully erect, black cock into my mouth.

I couldn’t believe the feeling of it in my mouth, both soft and hard at the same time, an oxymoron that I couldn’t explain, I only had three or four inches in my mouth and was in awe as I felt it stiffen becoming harder, longer…it was like magic. Just the thought that I was making it happen somehow turned me on even more. There was also no taste, other than the slightest hint of soap. I wondered if his cock would taste different in my mouth after a game, his sweat mixed in. Thinking such thoughts was absurd, yet all I could think about at the time was pleasing him. His cock now completely erect, ten inches of long, hard, delicious black cock in front of me, I moved back and focused on just his wide cock head.

“That’s it, Coach, take your time,” Troy groaned softly, just his mushroom top in my mouth. Even after all the recent fantasies and porn, the real thing was so much different than I had imagined it. It didn’t feel gay, or straight, or bisexual, it just seemed natural to be on my knees, his cock in my mouth as I slowly began to worship his massive black cock.

I reflected on how Ashley pleased me with her mouth and I tried to replicate her blow jobs starting to swirl my tongue around his mushroom top.

“That’s it, Coach,” Troy encouraged after a minute or two of concentrated teasing of his cock head.

Slowly, I began to take a bit of his cock in my mouth and was surprised by the heat coming from it. I was also surprised by how natural a cock felt in my mouth. My mind went blank with my only focus on pleasing the mammoth cock currently in my mouth. I had no delusions of taking it all like in the porno movies, but I was determined to do the best I could.

Over a third easily gliding in and out of my mouth, Troy finally spoke, reminding me who I was sucking, “That’s it, Coach, keep taking more of my big nigger cock.”

The term ‘nigger’, so racist, so taboo in society, and yet seemed so extra stimulating to my stiff cock, begging for release as I continued bobbing back and forth on Troy’s.

“Is this your first cock, Coach?” Troy asked.

I moaned on his cock in response, my lips spread wide around his cock, a feeling that seemed both surreal and yet so right.

He repeated the question. “Answer me Coach. Is this your first cock?”

Taking his cock out of my mouth, my hand continuing to stroke his massive meat, I looked up, a sudden humiliation washing over me, as reality of my inappropriate act seemed more real when looking up at him, I answered, “Yes.”

“Do you like sucking my cock, Coach?” Troy asked, pumping his cock halfway in my mouth and then pulling back out.

“Yes,” I admitted, wanting his cock back in my mouth.

“Do you want to swallow my cum or feel it sprayed all over your face?” he asked, again pumping his cock in and out of my mouth quickly.

The rapid movement of his cock in my mouth caused so much arousal and stimulation that I could not concentrate on his question! I had to calm myself and focus on thinking. The thought of my face coated in cum was even more humiliating in my mind and I was curious to taste his cum, having only tasted mine when on occasion Ashley slid some in my mouth after she had taken mine in her mouth. “Both,” I answered, keeping my words to a minimum, allowing my submission to him to be unconditional.

“You understand you are my cocksucker now,” Troy explained, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth fast, each forward thrust going a little deeper than the time before. After a dozen strokes, he pulled out, my saliva dripping off the head of his firm shiny cock.

“Yes,” I whispered, knowing I would do this again in a heartbeat, my craving to have cock in my mouth undeniable.

“And you also know that Rhianna plans to take your girlfriend,” Troy added, before holding my head and beginning to fuck my face with his beautiful cock. The act should have been humiliating, yet I just focused on not gagging as at least eight inches of his dark chocolate filled my mouth. “Shit, for a first timer you are a pretty natural cocksucker, Coach.”

I was surprised by the bluntness of his announcement of Rhianna’s plans, as he pulled out of my mouth again, I asked, “How does she know Ashley will give in?”

“The same way I knew you would,” Troy shrugged. “You have a look of hunger in your eyes, the same yearning your pretty little girlfriend had when talking to Rhianna on Sunday.” He returned his cock back to my mouth before adding, “Plus no white girl can resist Rhianna. Just like no white boy or man can resist falling to their knees and slobbering over my black cock, no matter how straight they think they are it just seems to be one of the laws of sexual submission.”

The idea that this was about race and that no white man could resist his black cock was an obnoxious philosophy yet there I was, straight, white and on my knees sucking his cock, just like Eric had a couple days ago and assumedly yesterday and who knows how many other times.

Troy continued, “I should stress that no white girl can resist my black cobra either, as soon as I unleash this thing the white chicks are ready to drop their facade of propriety as they fight over who can fall to their knees the quickest.”

I imagined Eve, the sweet innocent daughter of the minister, bobbing up and down the other weekend, and agreeing to take it up her ass and pondered who else had been on their knees worshipping this perfect cock.

As if reading my mind, he instructed, “Your turn again, Cocksucker.”

Being called a ‘cocksucker’ hit me with another jolt of shame and yet only seemed to enhance my eagerness to please, absurd, irritating, but true.

As I began bobbing again, thankful to be in control and not being face fucked, Troy continued, “No white slut has ever refused my cock. You already know about Eve.”

I stopped surprised he knew I knew.

Troy chuckled, “of course, I know. I was surprised and briefly worried when I saw you watching, but when you didn’t stop us or freak out, I figured I would test you by letting you catch me using Eric. Get sucking, Cocksucker.”

I obeyed, realizing just how much I had been played by my player.

“My first white slut was actually Mrs. Marshall,” Troy revealed, implying that our married, no-nonsense vice-principal, had sucked his cock.

I didn’t respond since I had a mouthful of cock as Troy continued to list people I knew that had apparently fell under the spell of his dark magic wand.

“After I had my first taste of power over a submissive white woman I was addicted. The excitement of seducing a white woman or girl was thrilling and seeing them on their knees begging to suck my cock became an obsession, every one a challenge,” Troy continued. “You wouldn’t know all the white sluts who have begged to suck me or to fuck them but you would know a few like Mrs. Rose, Kimberly Atkins, Jessie Amberson, Ms. Waters and Ms. Walker just a couple of weeks ago.”

My head spun with the names he listed. Mrs. Rose, of course, is Eve’s mother and the minister’s wife, a woman that seemed to brim with propriety; Kimberly Atkins is likely to be the prom queen and is dating the quarterback and all that other high school stereotypical jazz; Jessie Amberson is a chubby senior in charge of our school council; Ms. Waters is the cheerleading coach, just twenty-five and an ex-Dallas Cowboys cheerleader (and in the room next to me); lastly, Mrs. Walker is the new English teacher from Canada who had moved here after a bad break-up with her husband and if I were single, I would have been all over her (especially because she wore nylons every day).

“Eric was only the second guy to beg to blow me, the first being at basketball camp this past summer,” Troy continued, before adding, “I’m not gay or anything, but a mouth is a mouth and an ass is an ass.”

My eyes went big at his last words a lingering hint of his future intentions. It was one thing to suck his big juicy cock, it felt so good and natural in my mouth, and it was a completely different matter to take a cock in my ass. I couldn’t explain it but sucking a cock didn’t feel gay to me, I was drawn in almost against my will by the sheer majesty of Troy’s glorious black cock, yet allowing him to sodomize me seemed pretty gay.

I had no idea how long I had been bobbing back and forth, taking eight inches of his cock in my mouth, not trying to do more, when Troy finally spoke again. “Fuck Coach, you really are a natural cocksucker. Sucking me so slow and casual like that, you love it in your mouth don’t you?”

I moaned in agreement, again admitting the obvious.

“It’s time to receive your reward, Cocksucker,” Troy announced, adding, “now bob back and forth like a eager little cocksucker, show me how much you want my cum.”

I didn’t hesitate as I shifted into high gear, bobbing back and forth furiously, my obedience a bit embarrassing.

“Good boy,” Troy moaned, at my fast-paced assault on his cock.

I craved his cum, I wanted to make him cum, I wanted to feel his cock twitch in my mouth as he spurted his white goo down my throat.

Suddenly, he pulled out and before I could even react, Troy ordered, “Open up, Coach.”

Again my obedience was without hesitation as I opened wide, on my knees, waiting for his cum. Troy pumped his cock and the first rope went high and into my hair and onto my forehead, the second rope followed hitting me directly on my nose and lips, while the third rope shot into my mouth and onto my chin. Again without thinking, I leaned forward and took his cock back in my mouth, hungry to retrieve every last drop. I milked his cock like a cheap slut, the taste of his cum more addicting than I could have impossibly imagined. He gave me an appetizer, but I hungered for a full meal.

“Shit, Coach, if I had known how big a cocksucker you were, I would have been filling you up daily,” Troy chuckled as he pulled away from me.

My face went red with shame at the obvious humiliation of his words. The cum on my face just adding another level of shame to my complete submission to him.

He reached for his phone and I went to cover my face.

“Don’t you dare, Cocksucker,” Troy warned his tone surprisingly firm. “This isn’t for blackmail, I don’t need to resort to such things to shoot my load down someone’s throat. No this is for memory; I keep a facial pic of my first time with every cocksucker.”

“Please don’t,” I protested.

“Look up at me or you will never get this cock again,” Troy threatened.

The thought of never having him in my mouth, never getting a full load of his sweet seed, was impossible to imagine so I obeyed his demand looking up at his phone.

“I thought so,” Troy said, snapping the picture. “No one has been able to resist coming back for seconds and you, Coach, have been the most eager I have ever had.”

Again shame filled me as I sat on my knees, my face covered with his cum.

Troy looked on the floor and pointed, “There is a bit on the floor if you are still hungry.”

Yet again without hesitation, my humility no longer relevant, I bent down and licked his cum off the dorm room floor, ignoring the thought of what else might have been on that floor.

When I sat back up, his cum taste lingering in my mouth, I was staring at Troy’s still completely erect cock.

Troy shrugged, “What can I say, I’m eighteen, I usually shoot four or five loads a day. Most ending up on someone’s face or in someone’s mouth, I hate to waste it.”

I stared at his black cock, the thought of there being another load in his balls for me, had my mouth again watering.

“You can have seconds if you want, Coach Cocksucker,” Troy offered, watching me amused from his dominant position standing before me.

Again, my mind thinking with only my hunger to please, I leaned forward and took his cock back into my mouth. I returned to slow back and forth movements until Troy ordered, “Suck my balls, coach.”

My lips wrapped around his cock like a suction cup, I moved slowly back until there was a loud pop as his cock head escaped my lips.

“Shit,” Troy groaned, “you are better and more eager than most of my white bitches.”

Before I had time to stop myself, I quipped back, “I aim to please.”

Troy chuckled back, “As do I.”

I used my tongue and slithered slowly down his long pulsing shaft, before reaching his balls. I paused briefly unsure where to start, before opening my mouth and taking his black bag in my mouth as I searched, and quickly found, one of his balls. I sucked on it awkwardly for a few seconds, before retrieving the other one and replicating the odd attention.

Returning back to his monster cock, I again slid my tongue up his cock as if I were licking the biggest, most delicious Popsicle ever. Once back to his mushroom top, I swirled my tongue around savouring the opportunity to worship Troy’s perfect cock.

Long and hard, I briefly wondered what it would feel like in my ass, but just as quickly I pushed that thought out realizing just how thick he was.

I again took his stiff missile in my mouth and returned to slow bobbing, in no hurry to get him off, revelling in the majesty of his hypnotic black cock.

As I continued back and forth bobs, Troy brought Ashley up again. “So is your girlfriend going to succumb as easily to Rhianna as you did to me?”

His cock left my mouth as I answered, not wanting to give him any insider information about Ashley’s weakness for black women, “I don’t know.”

As he tapped my nose with his rock hard cock, he said, “I think you do. If you want my cock regularly I expect you to be completely obedient.”

I sighed. Was I willing to sell out Ashley to be allowed to suck a student’s cock? A couple weeks ago such a question would have been absurd, yet there I was on my knees, staring at the black missile directly in front of me considering exactly that. As I pondered my answer, I was confident that Ashley would not be angry I revealed such personal information.

“Answer me, Cocksucker, or I will get Eric in here to finish what you started,” Troy demanded with a threat.

“She wouldn’t put up much resistance,” I revealed, his stiff rod all I could focus on. I wanted it, no I needed it, back in my mouth.

“Is she bi?” He asked.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“Delicious,” Troy said, the smile on his face already thinking about future plans.

Deciding I should make it clear that he would never get her, at least I hoped she wouldn’t succumb to him, although I was hoping she would succumb to his sister, I explained, “Ashley and I have agreed that same sex play isn’t cheating.”

“Really?” Troy said, sliding his cock back into my waiting mouth. “So you can suck cock, or get sucked by another guy or take it up your ass or fuck another guy’s ass and it isn’t cheating?”

He pulled his cock out so I could answer.

“We have never talked about whether I could have a man suck me off or if I could f-f-fuck another guy,” I explained.

“Shit,” Troy laughed, “This is even more interesting than I could have imagined.”

He filled my mouth again with his juicy member as he continued, “So she has given you permission to suck another guy?”

Again, pulling out so I could speak.

“Kind of, it is one if her fantasies,” I admitted, realizing instantly the mistake I had just made, accidentally setting up a lot of potential situations.

“Hmmmmm,” he smiled, “Does she know about your hunger to suck me off?”

“No,” I answered, “but she knows I saw you with Eve.”

“Interesting,” Troy said.

“And she saw you and your sister leave the room at church after Eve,” I added.

“That was crazy, watching Eve’s first time with a girl while at church was pretty hot,” Troy said.

The thought of him watching his sister be pleasured by Eve was strange.

Noticing my quizzical expression, he laughed, “I didn’t join in. Sis and I just like to share sluts sometimes.”

He shoved his cock back in my mouth and began fucking my face again, this time rougher and deeper, having me choke on occasion as it reached new depths in my mouth. “So Ms. Grisham wants to watch you suck cock?”

I moaned on his cock in response when he didn’t give me the opportunity to speak.

“And you want to make her fantasy come true?” Troy asked.

Again I moaned in the affirmative.

“That can be arranged,” Troy promised, his tone implying he already had a plan in mind.

He continued fucking my face as he asked, “So, Ashley is allowed to munch cunt and it isn’t cheating?”

Again I moaned in agreement.

“But taking my cock in her white cunt would be cheating?” Troy continued.

All I could do was moan in reply as I focused on not gagging as he shoved his cock so deep into my mouth I could feel his balls hit my chin.

“Fuck, I love your mouth, Coach,” Troy grunted, as he continued fucking my face, his hands in my hair keeping me immobilized and completely at his mercy, tears rolling down my eyes as I gagged on occasion. He promised, “A mouth I plan to use often.”

I worried briefly about keeping this humiliating submission a secret, yet I knew I would be back on my knees in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. Although I didn’t remotely want to be sucked off by a guy and I didn’t have the remotest interest in fucking a guy, since I already had the perfect woman to please me with her mouth, pussy and ass, yet sucking black cock was irresistible to me.

There was no more talking as Troy continued to assault my mouth, his breathing getting heavier, until I heard a grunt and a second later I felt a spray of cum hit the back of my throat. I eagerly swallowed his cum as shot after shot spurted into my mouth and down my throat. His full load in my mouth, unlike the small taste I got during the facial, fulfilled my hunger, the taste unlike anything I had ever tasted. A mixture of salty sweet and a lingering tang that was inexplicable had me wanting more, even after every last drop had been shot from his cannon.

Pulling out, Troy asked, “Did you enjoy becoming my cocksucker, coach?”

“Yes,” I admitted, my shame fading rapidly; rather than quenching my appetite for my student’s impressive cock, my hunger had only grown.

“And you want more?” Troy asked, already knowing the answer.

“YES,” I replied without hesitating, my urgency scaring me a bit.

“You know I plan to take your ass, Coach,” Troy said, as if it had already been decided.

“I don’t know,” I hesitated, the thought intriguing, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to cross that line so soon after my first submission.

“Next time, I take your ass, coach,” Troy stated, his tone brooking no argument.

“Can I just suck you again?” I pleaded, hardly believing the words as they left my mouth.

“Oh, you will,” Troy promised.

“I am not ready for… that,” I said, turned on by the thought of submitting to him so completely, but not ready to admit it, even to myself.

As Troy grabbed some sweats and pulled them up, his finally shrinking cock disappearing from view. “It is a natural progression, Coach. First white men dream of sucking black cock, then you become the cocksucker you so desperately longed to be, then, inevitably, you eagerly submit your ass. You won’t be able to deny your hunger for black cock, ass slut.”

The term ‘ass slut,’ for some reason, was even a bigger slap in the face to my manhood and pride than the plethora of times he had called me cocksucker. My cock tightened.

I didn’t answer, suddenly feeling vulnerable, his dried cum weighing heavily on my face.

“Tell ya what, Coach,” Troy said, as he fell onto his bed. “If we win tomorrow, I get your ass next weekend; if we lose I will let you decide when I fuck your white ass.”

A potential out available, where seconds earlier I was beginning to feel hopeless, I quickly took the olive branch of hope. “Ok, but only if we win.”

“Ok, what?” Troy asked, I realized instantly he wanted me to say it, suddenly feeling like I was in my own porn movie.

I let out the slightest hint of a sigh as I answered as he wanted me to, realizing I was exactly like the teacher in the porn movie Ashley had bought me that was responsible for my descent into gay submission, “If we win, my ass is yours.”

“Coach, you really have a way with incentives,” Troy laughed as he grabbed his phone. He added, “Although I wouldn’t use that in your per-game speech tomorrow.”

I laughed back, finally getting off my very weary knees, “Agreed.”

“By the way Coach,” Troy said, surprising me one more time. “Did you know Ashley got here just after our victory today?”

My face went pale. “She wasn’t coming until tomorrow.”

“Oh, I imagine she has been coming for awhile,” Troy smirked, his implication obvious.

I stammered, praying it wasn’t another player, “W-w-who is she with?”

“All I know for sure that sis was showing her to your room a good hour before you arrived here to begin your time as my cocksucker,” Troy revealed.

My mind shifted from worry, to curiosity, as I asked, “You are serious?”

“Why would I lie?” Troy shrugged.

I left Troy’s room and quickly went to the communal bathroom where I washed my face and wet my hair. Seconds later, Coach Johnson walked in and saw me.

“Did you check on the players yet?” He asked.

“Not yet, been working on strategy for tomorrow,” I answered.

“Well, I’ll go enforce curfew and let them know who we’re playing, if they don’t already know. You get some sleep, we need you fresh tomorrow so you will be at your best,” he said.

“Thanks,” I replied and headed to my dorm room.

Unlocking my door, I walked in and was staring at Ashley, tied to my bed spread eagle wearing stockings, her legs wide open, a toy buzzing in her pussy and a butt plug in her ass.

“Clooooose the door, baby?” she moaned.

Realizing anyone walking by could see her spread-eagled in this very compromising position, I quickly closed the door, locked it and returned my gaze to her bound on the bed.

“Are you going to come get me off or what? That devious bitch Rhianna has had me on the brink for over an hour,” Ashley revealed.

My cock, rock hard and ready to burst after hours of neglect, plus the sight of my bound girlfriend was fucking hot, I got naked in Superman like speed, pulled the plug out of her ass and slid right in.

“Fuck, you nasty bastard,” Ashley moaned, as my cock slid into her tight ass.

“And you fucking love it,” I countered, pounding her ass hard, trying to prove my manhood after what I had done and what I had just promised to do if we won tomorrow.

“Harder, baby,” Ashley begged, clearly frustrated from the teasing.

I slammed into her ass, making the toy in her cunt go deeper, as we both were desperate to release an orgasm that had been held in check for too long.

It took a minute at most, to feel my balls boiling, Ashley was also near orgasm, and as I shot my load in her ass, she came too, gushing so hard the toy in her cunt popped out of her. A couple more pumps to finish my release, and I pulled out and buried my face in her still trembling cunt. Her taste so different than Troy’s, was equally addicting as I lapped up her cunt juice like a man lost in the desert for days who suddenly finds water.

Eventually, her orgasm subsided and she weakly asked, “Would you mind untying me?”

I smiled, my face shiny with her pussy juice, “I don’t know, you look pretty hot like that.”

“I always look hot,” she quipped back.

“Touché,” I agreed, as I began untying her legs. “So I have a story to tell.”

“So do I,” Ashley replied.

8. Ashley Gives into Her DARK Desires

Ashley, still naked, sat up on the edge of the bed and I told her what had happened with Troy.

As expected, she was not only ok with it, but ecstatic. She said, all giddy, “So he expects you to do it again?”

“He called me his new cocksucker,” I answered, oddly not remotely humiliated by the words when talking to her.

“Fuck that is hot,” Ashley said, clearly drawn into my sexual submission.

“And I agreed to let him fuck my ass if we win tomorrow,” I added, wanting to impress my sexually deviant girlfriend.

“No way,” Ashley gasped, a devious smile on her face.

“Yep, next weekend,” I revealed, answering such a major decision so casually, the admitting my submission to her turning me on. I loved making her happy. “But I can’t say I am ready for that.”

“I can help,” Ashley offered.

“How?” I asked.

“We will save that for when we get back home,” she said, before asking, “Aren’t you curious how I ended up bound to your bed with toys in my cunt and ass?”

“Not really,” I shrugged, “I just assumed it was another present for me.”

“Well you sure took it as a present, fucker,” Ashley quipped, playfully hitting me. Such language from her always turning me on.

“So did you go to the DARK side too?” I asked, although I assumed I already knew the answer.

“Why yes, the pull was too strong to resist,” Ashley teased back.

“Rhianna?” I queried.

“She was relentless,” Ashley replied.

“And you fought with all your might,” I teased.

“Well….” She smiled.

“Tell me what happened,” I requested, dying to know what happened between her and Rhianna, I wanted every detail.

Ashley smiled and then recounted her seduction by Rhianna and how she ended up eagle-spread in my room.

So I thought I would surprise you by coming a day early. But when I got here you were nowhere to be found. I got a key for your room and was heading here when I bumped into Rhianna.

“Ashley, Coach said you wouldn’t be here until tomorrow,” Rhianna greeted me, still in her cheerleader’s outfit, and her sing-song voice.

“I wanted to surprise him,” I told her, as I checked her out slyly.

“That you will,” she answered, her tone ominous, as she added, checking out my outfit, which was classy but sexy, “I see you dress to tease.”

I blushed at her words, already feeling a dampness in my cunt.

“Or are you dressed to please,” she added, her voice shifting to flirtatious.

Being coy, I retorted back, “A little bit of both.”

“Delicious,” she smiled back.

I quipped, opening the door wide open for what was to follow, “So I have been told,”

A glimmer of knowing was in her eyes when she said, “Let me help you to coach’s room.”

She took my suitcase and led me to your room. Walking behind her, I couldn’t help but notice her legs and how they shined in her pantyhose.

“Key,” she requested, opening her hand.

I handed her the key already wondering if this was going to be more than just harmless flirting.

Once in your room, she sat the suitcase aside and said, “Were you a cheerleader in high school, Ashley?”

“No,” I admitted, “more of a nerd.”

“Really? That is very intriguing,” she replied.

“Why is that?” I asked her.

“Well, I have learned that the shy nerds at my school most often have the most ferocious sexual appetites,” she revealed.

I went red in the cheeks, remembering how insecure I was in high school and how I dreamed of sex constantly, but ended up becoming very close friends with my brush, until I found a dildo in sister’s closet one day.

“I can’t imagine you as shy or a nerd,” I interrupted.

“I came out of my shell in college,” Ashley shrugged. “Pledging a sorority was very interesting, but that is a story for another day.”

“Sorry, please continue,” I replied, although her sorority stories were definitely something I was going to inquire about at a later time.

Remembering how in high school many of my fantasies had been of the popular girls, the cheerleaders and so forth, I stammered, “I-I-is that so?”

“From my experience,” she shrugged. “They are also the most eager to please.”

“They are usually very determined,” I countered, playing along.

“That they are,” she smiled back, before adding, her tone firm, “Don’t go anywhere, I will be right back.”

I responded, saluting her, “Yes, ma’am,” my tone playful but also hinting at obedience.

“Ma’am, I like that,” she said, as she left me alone to think about what was in store. At the time, I wondered if you would be ok with it if I had sex with one of your students. I was confident you would be ok with me having sex with another girl based on our earlier conversations and you knew I had flirted with Rhianna, but flirting, fantasy and reality are often very different things.”

“That is what I thought too,” I admitted, the memories of sucking Troy’s cock flashing back into my head.

“Luckily, we are like two peas in a pod it seems, both submitting to black beauty at the same time,” Ashley said.

“I guess we did, didn’t we,” I realized.

“Yep it seems that while you were busy enjoying Troy’s black cock, I was tasting his sister,” she said, her crudeness a turn on. The way she could look sweet and innocent one minute then hot and slutty the next was an amazing turn on.

“That makes it sound so bad,” I replied.

“We were both very bad,” she pointed out.

“True,” I agreed as she continued her story.

So she came back a few minutes later, enough time for the ups and downs of excitement versus fear to rise and fall a few times, excitement not surprisingly winning the brief internal battle.

“You’re still dressed,” Rhianna said as she closed the door, a duffle bag in her hand.

Feigning innocence, I responded, “Of course, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Let’s quit this charade if propriety, Ashley. I know you want me,” she said, confidence oozing out of her, which only enhanced my eagerness to submit to her.

That said, I love playing the game, and I countered, “What makes you say that?”

“The hunger in your eyes last Sunday, the need in your voice when we spoke and the obvious reality that all white women crave sexual submission to black women, especially younger black women,” she answered, her black-white philosophy intriguing.

“That seems rather extreme,” I countered.

“Knees! Now!” she ordered, her tone form, authoritative.

The playfulness over, I suddenly realized my predicament. As you know my fantasy has been to submit to a black woman and I was now living the fantasy I had long yearned for. Yet crossing the line between fantasy and reality, especially considering she is your student, had me hesitating obeying her order, even as my body begged to give in, causing a gush of my cunt juice to leak into my panties.

As if sensing my trepidation, she pushed me further, somehow knowing exactly what I wanted, “Let’s not pretend anymore, Ashley. You are white and a natural submissive for black pussy. I am black and naturally a Domme for white cunt lickers like you, my pet, are destined to follow the natural order of the social sexual hierarchy.”

Her logic was bizarre and yet seemed completely logical as I got pulled into her web, my knees suddenly weak and struggling to hold me up, my panties soaked from the situation and my desire to cross the invisible line of her so-called social sexual hierarchy. She put her hands on my shoulders and when she pushed down my knees gave way and I felt myself dropping to the floor.

“Good girl,” Rhianna purred as she looked down at me.

I didn’t respond, even as my body warmed at her praise.

“Have you ever served a black Mistress before, my pet?” Rhianna asked, as she moved to the bed and sat on the edge.

The words ‘Mistress’ and ‘my pet’ both had my head clouding even more as I was drawn into her world of black and white. “No,” I admitted, as I without instruction crawled to her feet.

“No, what?” She questioned, as she lifted her foot up to me. I assumed I was supposed to take off her shoes, yet another subservient task. I, of course, didn’t hesitate in obeying her unspoken expectations.

As I untied her shoe, submerging deeper into submission, and trying to impress her as I became the willing submissive, I answered, with more detail and proper respect, “No, Mistress, I have never served an ebony goddess.”

“Ebony goddess, that is a new one,” she laughed softly, as I took off her first shoe. “The sock too,” she ordered.

I quickly pulled off the slouch sock she was wearing over her pantyhose and Rhianna changed feet putting her other foot in my hand. I took off her other shoe and sock then and waited for further instruction with a strange mixture of excitement and trepidation.

She put her pantyhose covered foot to my mouth and said, “Suck your Mistress’s toes.”

I have sucked my own toes through my nylons many times and I loved the feeling of it, but being the one doing it to another woman was very degrading, which not surprisingly triggered another leakage from my cunt. I was really thankful that I chose to wear panties.

I took her foot in my hands, the nylon surprisingly soft, and began massaging her foot, drawn to the feel. I mean I love the feel of silk nylons on my legs and I know the impact it has on you, but I had never felt another woman’s leg or foot in nylon. I was like a kid in a candy store as I became fascinated by her nylons.

“Do you have a nylon fetish, my pet?” She asked.

“Adam loves me wearing them and I love the way they make my legs look and feel,” I answered, as I continued rubbing her legs, moving my hand up her calf. “But I have never felt them on another woman.”

“Obviously you like the feel,” she quipped, as she lifted her toes to my mouth. “Now obey your ebony Mistress.”

“Sorry, Mistress,” I apologized, as I opened my mouth and took her pinky toe into my mouth. The taste was a mixture of sweat and nylon, not really pleasant, yet the submissiveness of it somehow turned me on.

“I have been in these pantyhose, socks and shoes all day,” she explained, pointing out to me how disgusting my act of submission really was, as I shifted to her second toe.

I continued the toe pleasure, sucking each toe into my mouth individually, each time another unpleasant taste filling my mouth.

Once the first foot was done, she offered me her other foot and I replicated the submissive act.

Finally done, she asked rather bluntly, “You have eaten cunt before?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I admitted, looking up, trying to get a glimpse between her slightly opened legs.

“Nigger, cunt?” She asked, even though she already knew the answer, the taboo word coming out of her mouth surprising me.

I answered, implying my hunger, “No, this will be my first time.”

“First time what?” She questioned, opening her legs slightly.

“This will be my first time licking nigger pussy,” I answered, the word ‘nigger’ still very awkward to say.

She opened her legs further and ordered, “Kiss every inch of me, slave.”

Another derogatory term, another attempt at distinguishing a clear hierarchy of power between her and me, and another gush of cunt juice left me. I used my hands to caress her nylon legs while I kissed gently every inch of her foot, ankle, calf, and thigh. Time stood still as I plastered her leg with butterfly kisses until I reached her cunt, much to my surprise a pantie-less cunt, her pussy lips framed perfectly by the silky sheer nylon.

“Like what you see, my pet?” Rhianna asked.

“God, yes,” I answered, salivating at the mouth.

“Funny, that’s what Eve said in church last Sunday,” Rhianna quipped back, before instructing, “The other leg too.”

I reluctantly moved away from her pussy, so close to me yet out of reach, her scent lingering like a magnet to my senses. I again replicated the attention to her other leg, kissing, licking and nibbling on every inch of her pantyhose clad leg. Finally back at her foot, she said, “Stand up, my pet.”

My knees a bit sore, I was thankful for the reprieve.

Once standing up, she ordered, “Get undressed.”

A simple order, especially since I already had crossed the line, and I am quite confident with my body, yet getting naked in front of her was a bit scary. Yet, I obeyed, unbuttoning my blouse first and then unzipping my skirt, revealing I was wearing thigh high stockings.

“Stockings, not pantyhose, you really are full of surprises, my pet,” she commented.

“I try,” I shrugged, now in only bra, panties, thigh highs and heels.

I began to take the thigh highs off but she said, “No, leave those on. But let’s get rid of the bra and panties.”

My hands trembled lightly as I unfastened my bra and allowed my breasts to be assessed by her.

“34b?” She asked.

“Good guess,” I nodded, impressed.

“I am a connoisseur of tits,” she shrugged, as she pulled her sweater over her head, her massive breasts barely held in check by her white sports bra. Seeing me stare bewildered at her voluptuous black breasts, she asked, “You like, don’t you slut!”

Another new derogatory name, another gush in my panties, as I answered, “No, I love.”

“Good girl,” she purred, as she pointed to my panties.

I slowly slid them down trying not to get my wetness on my legs, my panties sopping wet.

“Pass them here,” she ordered.

My face went redder, if possible, as I warned, “They are a bit wet.”

“Now!” She said, her tone so firm and unwavering.

I handed her my panties.

“Holy shit, your cunt leaks like Niagara Falls,” she said, before asking, “Is all this wetness because of me?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I blushed.

“Do you want to see my tits?” She asked brazenly.

“Yes, please,” I eagerly replied, I imagined I looked like one of those cartoon characters where their tongues are outside their mouth salivating.

“Beg,” she ordered.

“Please Mistress, let your white slave see what real tits look like,” I answered, willing to use derogatory words in reference to myself.

Content with my answer, she took off her bra and allowed her breasts the freedom they were begging for. Her nipples were long and stiff, her areolas a dark sexy contrast to the rest of her breasts, which were stunningly firm. I was simply in awe, as if I was Indiana Jones and staring at the Holy Grail. I wanted to cup them in my hands, to squeeze them, to bury my face in them and yet I waited further instructions.

“Go ahead, my pet, feel what real tits feel like,” she offered, clearly a shot at my much smaller tits.

I didn’t hesitate, my mind went into auto pilot, as I moved to her and cupped her heavy, dark flesh in my hands. They were firm and yet moved with such ease as I lifted them up captivated like I had just got a new present.

“Suck them, big breast lover,” she ordered.

I leaned forward, her erect nipples hard like diamonds as I took her right one in my mouth.

“Mmmmm, that’s it white girl,” she purred, reminding me of the interracial piece in case I had forgot…of course I hadn’t.

I swirled my tongue around her nipple as I would the head of a cock, constantly teasing, before putting my lips firmly on her breast and sucking it as if I was a newborn.

“That’s it, slut, suck you’re Mistress`s tits,” Rhianna moaned, making a chill go up my spine knowing I was turning her on.

I moved to her other breast and replicated the slow tease before I moved my tongue between her massive tits and began slowly slithering down.

“Hungry for nigger pussy are we?” she asked teasingly.

“Famished,” I replied, reaching her pussy framed so perfectly in her silk pantyhose. Surprising her, I think, as I sucked her clit through the sheer nylon.

“Oh you dirty little slut,” she moaned, as I tasted her sweetness through the nylon, which was exponentially better than her toes earlier.

I continued sucking her clit until she moved her hands to her crotch and ripped an opening for easier access to her black perfection.

“Let’s give you some direct access my hungry little slut,” she purred, her fingers rubbing her pussy right before my eyes, opening her pussy lips for me.

I didn’t need to be told twice, as I leaned forward, extended my tongue and began licking directly from the source. I have eaten pussy before, many, many times before, but her taste was unlike anything I had ever tasted: sweet, tangy and exotic. I started slowly, enjoying her taste and scent as I explored her pussy with my tongue.

“That’s it cunt-licker, take your time getting accustomed to my cunt, you will be in this exact position many times after today,” she promised, which sent yet another gush of juice out of me and down my legs, as I imagined doing this in front of you.

“That I look forward to,” I responded, my cock again stiff and raring to go.

“So I see,” Ashley smiled, looking directly at my erect member. “Are you getting turned on hearing about me getting made into a lesbian submissive?” She smiled, as she reached for my cock.

“Is that bad?” I joked, as she began stroking me.

“No worse than how wet my cunt got pleasing her or how much it turned me on to hear you tell me how you became a cocksucker,” she smiled.

“But only for black cock,” I pointed out.

“And only for black cunt,” she countered. “So back to my story.”

I licked, probed, and sucked her cunt, not missing an inch of her pussy; addicted to her taste in moments and craving to receive the full gush of her cunt.

As I swirled my tongue around her clit, she moaned, “That’s it white bitch, worship your Mistress’s pussy.”

“You are my goddess,” I replied, playing on her words.

“And you my servant,” she replied, as she grabbed my hair and pulled me deeper into her oasis of wetness.

Taking that as a sign, I began a more aggressive approach on her cunt. I licked up and down, parting her cunt lips and getting directly to the source. Eventually, her breathing began to increase; I sucked her chit between my lips and was rewarded by her talking dirty to me. “Fuck yes, you dirty little nigger cunt eater, suck my clit.”

Sensing her orgasm was on the rise, and knowing how to find a g-spot, I slid two fingers easily into her wetness. After a few seconds of exploring, I found her g-spot and tapped on it continuously. As expected, her orgasm came like a tidal wave crashing onto shore, or more literally on my face, as she too is a flooder.

My face was coated with her cum, her taste stronger and enticing as I hungrily swallowed every trace of her cunt juice.

Her orgasm finally peaked, she then pushed my head away, “You really are an eager little cunt licker, aren’t you?”

My face shiny with her cunt juice, I answered, “For you, yes Mistress.”

“Get on the bed on your back, slut,” Rhianna ordered.

I obeyed, my pussy on fire, anticipating her returning the favour.

She pulled pantyhose from the bag she had brought and used them to tie my wrists to the bed. Then smirked, “I am going to help you add to your surprise for coach.”

I watched suddenly nervous at the helplessness I was feeling as she bound me.

She then did the same thing to my legs, binding my ankles as well.

Once bound, she pulled out the toys and asked, “I assume you let coach fuck that white ass of yours.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I admitted, seeing the two toys and getting excited at the thought of bring double fucked by her.

“I wish I could give you the hard fucking you need, but I have a meeting with another white submissiveness slut, Coach Carter. Actually I am already late, so I am going to have to continue you’re slave training another day,” she explained as she turned on the vibrator and shoved it in my hot cunt.

“Aaaaah,” I moaned, the constant vibrations bringing instant pleasure.

She put some lube on the butt plug and rubbed the medium sized toy at my rosebud before pushing forward, my ass easily taking her toy. She laughed, “I guess I could have used the large plug, but Coach Carter has been wearing it all day.”

“Ooooooh myyyyy,” I whimpered both at the revelation about Coach Carter and the sensations of the vibrations inside me.

“Until next time,” she said, leaning in and kissing me. I eagerly opened my mouth and kissed her back.

Breaking the kiss, she promised, “Next time I will fuck you, my slut.”

“Yes, Mistress, I look forward to it,” I replied, the buzzing driving me nuts but not enough to get me off.

“Smile,” she said, her phone in her hands.

“Please no,” I begged, of course I couldn’t even attempt to cover up bring bound and all.

“Like you have a choice,” she laughed, snapping a picture.

Resigned to my fate, I smiled, praying that this picture would not be used against me one day.

“Don’t worry, slut. These are just for me,” she reassured me as she put her phone away. When she reached the door, she stopped and said, “I will come retrieve the toys another day.”

“Kkkkkk,” I moaned. Then she left and the two toys teased me relentlessly until you came in forty-five minutes later.

Her story done, Ashley took my cock into her mouth and bobbed back and forth furiously. “Good to know you still like cock,” I joked.

“Happy you like cock too,” she quipped back, as she pushed me into my back and straddled my cock.

As I filled her cunt, she moaned, “So now what?”

“You ride me,” I answered, as I watched her small but firm tits bounce as she did exactly that.

“No, you shit. What about Troy and Rhianna?” She asked, as she slid her cunt up and down on my cock.

“It is out of our control,” I answered, before adding, “I told Troy that you would be ok with me with another guy and I would be ok with you and another girl, but….”

“But not me with a guy or you with a girl,” she finished for me.

“Exactly,” I nodded.

“Good, we are on the same wave length. You are all the man I need, baby.”

“And you are everything I need in a woman,” I replied.

She leaned down and kissed me passionately, my cock deep in her.

“I love you,” she said, looking into my eyes.

“I love you too,” I replied.

“I can’t believe how fucked up we are,” she smiled playfully as she moved back down and continued riding my cock.

I shrugged, “I was normal before I met you.”

“I know, it took a while to fix you,” she smirked.

“I didn’t know I was broken,” I joked back.

“Shut up and fuck me,” she demanded, as she got off and onto her hands and knees.

Moving behind her, I positioned my cock at her back door and slid it in.

“You dirty fucker,” she moaned as my cock disappeared into her ass.

“I am what you made me,” I chuckled, as I began pumping my cock in and out of her tight ass.

“Touché,” she half laughed, half moaned, as I slammed into her ass for a long, passionate fuck session.


The next evening, we won the championship game, rather handily 88-69, with Troy scoring 39 points and being named tournament MVP.

We celebrated as a team on the long bus ride home, Troy giving no hints to the power he had over me.

Once we arrived home, just after midnight, all of us exhausted, but still glowing in the aftermath of our school’s first state basketball championship. Troy, once most of the players had left to other parties, shook my hand and said firmly, “I guess you owe me something, Coach.”

“I guess I do?” I answered, not backing away from my earlier commitment.

“Next Saturday evening, the parents are gone to the lake and I have the house all to myself,” he said.

“What about Jamal and DeDreana,” I asked.

“They will be going with them,” Troy confirmed.

“And Rhianna?” I asked.

“Oh, she will be there too, as will her new pet,” Troy added, confirming he knew of Ashley’s submission to his sister. “I understand she wants to watch.”

“Yes, she does,” I admitted, realizing that Ashley would get to watch me submit to black cock soon.

“Well, you should always give your girl what she wants, shouldn’t you?” Troy asked.

“I suppose I should,” I agreed, my head spinning with the thought of Ashley seeing me be used by Troy.

“By the way, if I were you I would prepare that white ass for me,” Troy said smugly, “I am told I can really be an ass-full.”

“I imagine you will be, especially in my virgin ass,” I said, whispering the last few words, even though no one else was close to hear. I suddenly needed him to understand I was ready and willing for him to use me again and again.

“You want my cock right now, don’t you, Cocksucker?” He asked, sensing my hunger.

My face went red as I realized the moment he asked me that I indeed did. “I wouldn’t resist if you ordered your cocksucker to please you.”

“Let’s go to your office,” he ordered.

“Meet you there in five,” I agreed, glancing at the bus driver who was waiting for me to do a final bus check. “I need to finish with the bus bullshit.”

“Don’t be late, Cocksucker,” Troy ordered. “I need a quick blow and go, I am pretty tired.”

“Five minutes, max,” I said, my mouth watering, eager to be filled by his cock again.


Five minutes later, I was on my knees, in my office, as Troy unleashed his sleeping giant for me.

It was completely flaccid, but still it was huge; the thought that it would one day soon be in my ass was surreal, although not as much as realizing that the thought of getting ass fucked was turning me on. I took it in my mouth, wanting to feel it grow inside me. I bobbed slowly, coaxing him to arousal. At first, his cock was soft and slightly squishy, a strange but true descriptor, but as I sucked his cock it became harder and harder, until it was eventually stiff as steel in my mouth.

My own cock was equally hard, as I began bobbing back and forth on his. Troy was silent for a long time as I sucked his black missile until he said, “Take it all Coach, a good cocksucker can deep throat.”

I had a solid eight inches going in and out of my mouth, an unbelievable amount considering my lack of experience, but had not tried to go further. It was alarming how much I wanted to be a good cocksucker for my student; it was all I could think of as I took more of his stiff meat in my mouth.

“That’s it Coach; you’re a welcome addition to my cocksucker harem,” he groaned, as a ninth inch filled my mouth.

The thought of being just one of many of his cocksuckers annoyed me, I wanted every load of his cum, having already become addicted to serving him. Wanting to be the best of his cocksuckers, I continued taking more of his beautiful rod until my nose was buried in his pubic hair.

“Shit Coach, you are one obedient, eager cocksucking bitch. You sure you haven’t done this before?” He taunted me, as I fit all of his cock in my mouth. He laughed, “You don’t have to answer that.”

Happy to have achieved the impossible, I went to work on his cock, bobbing back and forth like a hungry slut. I craved his cum, I craved his approval, I craved his cock.

A couple of minutes of deep throating and I heard the magical words I had been dying to hear. “Here it comes, slut,” he grunted, as his cum was sprayed down my throat. I swallowed the first spray, but did my best to catch the rest in my mouth. I wanted to savour it, to feel its texture.

Once done, he pulled out and said, “Tomorrow at church. Left wing bathroom at 10:30.”

I nodded, even as fear filled my mind, my mouth still full of his cum.

“Is my cum still in your mouth?” He asked, surprised.

I again nodded, the texture like heavy yogurt, but salty. I swished it in my mouth as if it was fine wine.

“Coach you are the gayest straight cocksucker I know,” he laughed, pulling his pants up.

“Only for you,” I said, my mouth still full of cum.

“Well, I always have a load to shoot Coach,” he smiled as he began to leave. “Again, I highly recommend you prep your ass for me.”

“Yes, Master,” I agreed, finally swallowing the last of his addictive seed.

As I got off my knees, my phone vibrated. I checked the message. It was Ashley. ‘Get your ass home, Cocksucker.’

I chuckled at her gall to call me cocksucker even as Troy’s aftertaste lingered in my mouth.

I replied: ‘On my way, rug-muncher.’

That night, I fucked Ashley hard, coming in her cunt after plugging her ass for awhile. Ashley told me that she too was supposed to meet Rhianna in the bathroom at church at 10:30.

It was obvious…this was only the beginning.

9. Worshipping the DARK Side

The next morning, Ashley and I both were somewhat anxious about our 10:30 secret rendezvous with Rhianna and Troy respectively. 10:30 was half way through the service and a few minutes into when Reverend Rose usually began his sermon. It was probably the safest time to meet and not be caught but it still caused a lot of trepidation because:

A. It was still at church

B. We still could be easily caught

C. My career was on the line, as was Ashley’s

D. Did I mention it was at church?

Yet, none of those very glaring concerns would have stopped either of us from sinning. We had crossed to the DARK side and like Darth Vader there was no turning back.

Holding hands, during the first part of the service, we didn’t see our Master or Mistress until the service started, sitting with their family, as we watched the clock slowly tick towards ground zero. At 10:25, Ashley gave my hand a meaningful squeeze and excused herself. I glanced over and saw that both Rhianna and Troy were no longer with their family.

I waited a couple more minutes, somehow feeling that everyone around was watching me and knew of my sinful intentions. At 10:28, I left my seat and headed towards my secret rendezvous with my 18-year-old student, my 18-year-old player and my eighteen-year-old black Master.

Arriving at the door, I glanced to make sure no one was watching, still subconsciously sensing that I was being watched, even though I knew that that was ridiculous, nobody could sense, just by looking at me, my depraved thoughts and intent, before I walked towards the washroom.

Arriving at the door of the bathroom, I glanced to make sure no one was watching, my subconscious still sensing I was being watched, before I walked into the room.

Troy was at the sink and he wordlessly pointed to the end open stall.

I rushed to it, and he followed me in and closed the door.

“Sit, Cocksucker,” Troy ordered.

I obeyed.

He surprised me as he straddled the toilet seat, unbuckled his pants, allowed them to drop to his feet and released his cock for me.

It was directly in my face, semi-erect, and slightly shiny.

Noticing my slight look of confusion, he explained, “You get a special treat today, cocksucker. I drilled Eve’s cunt before the service started, in her dad’s office, so you will probably taste her cunt on my cock.”

Somehow this seemed like cheating. I wasn’t fucking Eve, nor was I going down on her, yet I was definitely going to taste her. Yet, as his cock dangled in my face, the technicalities of cheating faded as my mouth watered.

I opened my mouth to take in his juicy irresistible black cock when he ordered, “We are in a place of worship cocksucker, say a prayer of thanks first before eating.”

The smug smile on his face was so cocky that usually I would be sure to wipe it right off his face in any other context, yet in my current position of submissive cocksucker all I could do was obey.

The words out of my mouth were so humiliating, so ludicrous and yet somehow turned me on even more. “Thank you, Lord, for creating this wonderful black cock. For creating both black and white and for being patient as society comes to understand who the Masters are and who the slaves are.”

Troy said, “You may show your appreciation, Cocksucker.”

I opened my mouth and took his semi-erect snake in. I sucked him slowly and deeply, causing his cock to grow inside me, a sensation of power I had already grown to love. Knowing I was making his cock hard made my own cock hard. I swirled my tongue around his thick mushroom top and created extra saliva to enhance the pleasure I was giving him, as Ashley often did to me when she was taking her time blowing me. Although not strong, I could taste Eve’s pussy juice on his cock, which somehow made the submission even dirtier, more submissive.

Suddenly I heard the bathroom door open and I froze, my eyes going big. It was then I realized why he was standing on the edge of the toilet seat so only one pair of legs could be seen.

Paralyzed by fear, I didn’t move, but Troy seemed even more amused by suddenly having an unknown audience. He began slowly moving his cock in and out of my mouth. I focused on not making the slobbery sucking noises as over half his cock slid in and out of my mouth.

The only sound in the bathroom was someone peeing at the urinal. Thankfully, after a minute or so, the man washed his hands and left, oblivious to the act of submission happening only a few feet from where he was.

As soon as the door closed, Troy chuckled, “You looked worried Cocksucker.”

His cock pumping in and out of my mouth, there was nothing I could say.

Troy explained, “Just so you know, I love making my cocksuckers take risks, it adds to the thrill.”

Thinking of him with Eve and with Eric, I guess that was rather obvious in retrospect. I pondered, as more of his cock filled my mouth, how far was he willing to go? I was not sure I could resist his demands even if I wanted to, the feeling of submission to him was so erotically fulfilling I had no control over my will. Yet I didn’t want to lose my job or have this secret revealed to anyone. I still saw myself as straight, although once he took my ass that would be harder to sell.

As if sensing my worry, Troy added, “Don’t worry Coach, I will keep your cocksucking secret safe as long as you obey like a good boy.”

He pumped his cock hard in and out of my mouth, my focus now only on not gagging on his massive cock as he fucked my mouth ruthlessly for his pleasure. Suddenly, he pulled out and seconds later my face was covered with cum as he gave me a full facial.

Craving his cum, as soon as he was finished, I took his cock back in my mouth, although I couldn’t resist licking my lips, feeling his stickiness everywhere on my face.

He laughed quipping, “I think I’ve created a cocksucking monster.”

Realizing how ridiculous I must have looked, I allowed his cock to slide out of my mouth, his stickiness everywhere on my face.

“You are not allowed to wash your face until you get home,” he instructed, as my eyes went wide.

“But you can use your fingers to get most of it,” he added.

Permission granted, I began scooping his cum from my face and putting it in my mouth like a cheap whore. The act was so submissive, so wrong, yet felt so right and I wanted more… I was truly frightened by my insatiable hunger for his cock, and his cum.

As he got off the toilet and quickly pulled up his pants, he said, “See you in class…Coach.”

He opened the stall door and left it open as he walked out of the bathroom. I continued getting his addictive white stuff off my face and into my mouth, the taste so much less satisfying this way then directly from the source. Finally, all the big gobs retrieved, I went to the mirror and looked at my face. I scooped up a smaller gob under my eye and two tiny specs on my forehead, but otherwise no one could tell I had just received a facial of cum. That said, my face was red and if someone looked close enough the sticky residue may be noticed. I sighed and didn’t leave the bathroom until another man entered a couple of minutes later.

I avoided eye contact with anyone and returned to my seat in the pews, shame suddenly cascading through me at both the reality of how badly I had just sinned, where I had just sinned, and with whom I had sinned. I felt overwhelmed with the unnerving feeling that everybody in the congregation could see cum all over my face, even though they couldn’t.

I was surprised Ashley wasn’t back yet as I glanced over at Troy who looked over and smiled at me.

A couple of minutes later, just as the sermon was ending, Ashley returned sitting down beside me, her face ruby red and a clear shine, obviously pussy juice, on her face. It wasn’t obvious to anyone who didn’t know what she had just been doing, but it was obvious to me.

She took my hand and squeezed it hard, a rare display of her insecurity. I squeezed it back twice and whispered in her ear, “It isn’t obvious.”

She looked at me and her mouth dropped open. She whispered back, “You have something white on your collar.”

“Oh God,” I gasped, realizing I had been so preoccupied with my face I never looked for any droppings elsewhere.

Slyly, she moved her hand to the incriminating evidence and scooped it up with her finger. I expected her to move it to her mouth, I don’t know why, but instead she moved her hand underneath the pew seats.

She took my hand again, a smile on her face that allowed me to relax too. We were both completely out of our elements of control and yet were both getting off on the submission as well as the threat of being caught.

I was barely listening when the minister said my name. Looking up with a deer in headlights look, I stared at the minister.

He repeated, “Come on up here, Adam Carter and you too Troy Brown.”

I looked at Ashley in panic mode, but she just nodded slightly, implying I looked respectable and not coated in teenage cum, before I stood up and walked to the front of the congregation.

I watched Troy walk smugly towards Minister Rose and me.

I was on one side, Troy on the other as Minister Rose said all excited, “And we couldn’t finish the service today without taking a moment to recognize Adam and Troy who returned home last night with our first state championships in boys’ basketball ever.”

The large congregation clapped rambunctiously.

“Coach would you like to say a few words?” Minister Rose asked. I had long learned that this question was rhetorical. I was to speak and be sure to give God credit for our good fortune.

Every pair of eyes in the church were staring at me causing a rush of anxiety at the reality that my face was still sticky with Troy’s cum. Was my discomfort obvious? Could they see through my athletic exterior and see the true submissive me? Could they see the cum still on my face? The fear of being caught was way more stressful now than when I was in the bathroom being face-fucked by Troy. I felt completely naked in front of the congregation, all my sins on display. I took a deep breath, took the microphone and said, “Sometimes all the stars line up perfectly, and for this team that happened. Through hard work, determination and the grace of God, we were able to bring the championship here.”

“Amen,” Minister Rose bellowed out.

A chorus of “Amen” echoed through the church in response.

I saw Eve, with her mother, and couldn’t help but smirk at the reality that they, like me, were cocksucker’s for Troy’s cock.

“And what about you, my son?” The minister asked Troy.

“Well, Coach was an inspirational leader for the team and found a way to make our diverse group into one team. But his dedication and unwavering loyalty and willingness to go that extra mile for us was what took us over the top,” Troy answered, before adding, “Of course, Coach also led through worship.”

My face went red and I glanced at Ashley who couldn’t help but smile at the true intent of his words.

“Any last words, Coach,” Minister Rose asked.

I don’t know why I said it, but the words came out of my mouth anyway, “Well it was definitely a LONG, HARD journey and I came to learn lots about myself and the power of being on my KNEES and worshipping the great wonder of God.”

“Hallelujah,” Minister Rose said, and the whole congregation followed. I glanced again at Ashley who was barely holding in her laughter at the irony of what the congregation was really celebrating.

Once the service was done, “I ended up face to face with Troy’s dad, Mr. Brown. He began, “Way to go, Coach.”

“Thanks,” I said, assuming he meant yesterday’s state victory and not deep-throating his son’s cock, which was, in my opinion, just as impressive as winning the championship.

“We are all very impressed with how you managed the team and got the most out of them,” Troy’s dad said.

“It was great working with your son,” I replied. “He has really come into his own.”

“We would love to have you over one day this week,” Mr. Brown surprised me.

I stammered, fearful of being at their house with Troy, and with Rhianna, causing me anxiety, “U-u-um, sure.” I didn’t want to agree, but what was I going to say, ‘Sorry, I don’t want to because I am scared you will find out that I am just one of your son’s personal cocksuckers and my girlfriend is your daughter’s submissive as well?’

Mrs. Brown then corrected him, “It will have to be the week after, we’re heading to the cabin on Wednesday.”

Mr. Brown nodded, “Right. Ok, the week after. How about Tuesday? Do we have anything going on next Tuesday?” He looked at his wife.

She checked her phone. “No, we’re free.”

“Not anymore,” Mr. Brown said, “We will make it a team celebration. Coach please invite the rest of your coaches and Troy will make sure the team all knows.”

“Sure,” I agreed, suddenly relived as I assumed I was pretty safe with that many people there.

Ashley squeezed my hand as we said our goodbyes and after a few more congratulatory words from other members of the church, we returned to the car where Ashley burst out laughing. “Long and hard?” She asked.

“Well it was,” I replied smiling.

“I need something long and hard too,” she smiled back, before adding, “Home, James.”

My cock hard, I drove as fast as possible while generally following the laws of the road.

Once at her place, we devoured each other. She pushed me against the wall and shoved her tongue in my mouth. I returned with my tongue to join hers as we explored every inch of each other’s mouths while she unbuttoned my shirt and I just allowed my hands to roam.

Breaking the kiss, her urgency was apparent, as she fell to her knees and fished my cock out from my trousers. “Tell me about your trip to the bathroom,” she said, before taking my cock in her mouth.

As she hungrily bobbed back and forth, I retold the story of being face-fucked in the bathroom and the facial I received. She moaned a couple of times, clearly turned on by my submission to black cock, as she deep-throated me.

“I’m getting close,” I warned, always the gentleman.

Her hand went to my ass and I wasn’t surprised when her finger penetrated me, although this time she pumped her finger in and out, instantly triggering an orgasm as I shot my cum down Ashley’s throat. I pondered what it would feel like to have a real cock in my ass; the erotic sensation of her finger fucking my ass was thrilling, would Troy’s thick cock be even more pleasurable? Yet, the idea of Troy’s mammoth snake still scared the shit out of me (pun intended).

Getting off her knees, she grabbed my hand, led me to her bedroom, a place we seldom ever actually fucked, and lifted up her skirt and offered me her perfect pussy pie. “Do you want to hear about my bathroom adventure?”

“Is your pussy perfect?” I asked as an answer.

“Why yes it is,” she smiled, falling onto her bed as her hand slowly rubbed her engorged clit. “Can you lick and listen?”

“I am not much of a multi-tasker, but this is one I think I can handle,” I smiled, as I crawled between her legs and began licking her already very wet pussy.

“So when I got to the bathroom there was a sign that said closed for cleaning which relaxed me a bit as the fear of getting caught, usually a turn-on, wasn’t as exciting while at church. Yet, I couldn’t deny obeying Rhianna’s order had my cunt wet and there was no way I wasn’t going to meet her in the bathroom sign or no sign. Anyway, I got in the bathroom, and Rhianna was there, sitting on the counter.

“Hi, slut,” Rhianna smiled.

“Hi, Mistress,” I replied.

“Hungry?” She asked, opening her legs.

“Famished,” I answered, walking to her.

“This unfortunately, needs to be a dine and go,” Rhianna smiled, adding, “Otherwise mom will come looking for me.”

“Understood,” I nodded, as I dropped to me knees, not even thinking about getting caught my hunger to taste her overriding any fear, I went between her legs and directly to her cunt.

As I licked, she moaned, “You are such an eager white girl.”

I took her clit in my mouth in response.

I licked, probed and sucked her cunt, desperate to make her cum, to taste her fountain of juice again. “Shit, slut, you have a wicked little tongue.”

I smiled at the compliment all the while continuing to lick.

A minute later, she moaned “Are you ready to be baptized as a nigger pussy slave?”

The words so nasty and so hot, I mumbled, “God, yes” my pussy leaking at the thought of being her slave.

Knowing she was close, I sucked on her swollen clit even as I swirled my tongue around it. Her legs stiffened, she grabbed my head and my face was flooded with my sexual submission baptism. I eagerly lapped her cum as if it was holy water.

Once her orgasm subsided, she asked, letting go of my head, “Does my slut accept the terms of her white slave baptism?”

I looked up, eager to agree, yet worried at the full breadth of such an admission. I stammered slightly, “W-w-what does it entail?”

She smiled down at me and answered, “Complete obedience to all black women.”

“All?” I asked, wanting this to remain a secret.

“Yes, through your baptism you accept that you are a white slave to all black pussy, no matter how young or old?” She reiterated, before adding, “Of legal age of course.”

“Oh,” I said, my trepidation obvious.

“Don’t worry, nigger lover,” she smiled, “I won’t be sharing you with every black girl in town, you just have to accept that you crave submission to black cunt and you can’t resist, like all white women, the chance to serve and obey black women.”

When she put it that way it just made sense, as absurd as that is to say, and I agreed, “I accept by baptism to be a slave to all black Mistresses.”

“Unconditionally?” She asked, her eyebrow raised.

“Without hesitation,” I agreed.

“Good girl,” she purred, before adding, “Now crawl to the last stall. It is time to test your vow.”

My face went red and my eyes big as my body trembled with insecurity.

“Go now, my slut,” she ordered, firmly.

“Yes, Mistress,” I agreed, getting onto all fours as I began crawling to the stall noticing there was someone sitting on the toilet seat.

I paused briefly, the reality of my predicament becoming crystal clear, before I crossed yet another invisible line and entered the stall.

“Slave Ashley meet my aunt, Big Rosie from Boston,” Rhianna introduced.

My face burned as I looked at a large black woman, sitting on the toilet, her legs already spread wide.

She smiled, “Well hello, nigger lover, come in here, and get your treat slut.”

If a redder shade was possible, I went it, as I obeyed this complete stranger’s order and crawled between her legs, her scent the strongest of any pussy I have ever tasted. Yet, it drew me in, the musky sweetness short circuiting my brain and turning me into the pleasure slave I`ve become.

Rhianna called out, “I am told Aunt Rosie has the best tasting cunt of any women.”

My tongue extended, I got my first taste of the large woman’s pussy and it was like drinking the Champagne of champions. The taste was indescribable; tangy and sweet, I was in awe of her perfection. No longer caring about anything other than bathing in the pure sexual submission, intoxicating scent and addictive taste, I began licking like a woman who has finally found her true calling.

Rosie laughed, “You like my nectar, white girl?”

I replied, so drawn in by her scent, her taste, “I never want to leave from this position.”

Her laugh echoed around me, loud and rambunctious, “You really got a live one this time, Rhianna.”

“I know, she is a great addition to my harem of white slaves,” Rhianna said, nervous at being just another notch on the wall. I don’t like competition, unless I win of course, thus I wanted to be her best slave, her first choice to please her.

“She is very eager,” Big Rosie moaned, my tongue beginning to have an impact on her.

“That she is,” Rhianna concurred, her voice louder now, assumedly right behind me watching me eat her aunt’s cunt.

“I may have to bring her to Boston for a weekend and bring her to Le Chateau Club,” Rosie said, talking about me as if I wasn’t there.

“Not unless you take me like you promised,” Rhianna countered.

“Well, why don’t you have your new slut prove her worth by driving you up to see your auntie for a weekend?” Big Rosie suggested.

Rhianna sounding suddenly like the eighteen year old she was and not the sophisticated Domme seductress replied all giddy, “Really Aunt Rosie, are you serious?”

“You’re eighteen, legally an adult, so it is time you saw how lesbians really play,” Big Rosie said, simultaneously putting her hand through my hair, the intimate act turning me on even more.

“When?” Rhianna asked.

“How about as soon as school is done? It can be your graduation present from me. A shopping excursion in the day, a nice supper and then a night cap at Le Chateau Club,” Rosie offered.

“You are the best aunt ever,” Rhianna giggled, bumping into my shoulder as she gave her aunt a hug.

“So true,” Big Rosie agreed. “Now get back to the service before your mother comes looking for you.”

Rhianna agreed, “Good call, I have been gone longer than planned.”

I felt a slap on my ass as Rhianna said, “You and I are going on a road trip my pet.”

The idea had my cunt gushing and my head spinning, the thought I could eat from this delicacy again making my decision a no brainer. “I can’t wait, Mistress.”

“I bet you can’t,” Rhianna replied, lifting up my skirt and sliding two fingers inside my wanton cunt. “Shit slut, you are soaked.”

I moaned into Rosie’s cunt as my orgasm began building instantly.

Unfortunately, she pulled out just as quickly and said, “White girls don’t come during worship.”

“Of course,” I agreed, disappointed.

“And don’t you dare wash your face after you finish servicing Aunt Rosie,” Rhianna ordered.

“Yes, Mistress,” I again agreed without hesitation, even though the consequence was potentially quite alarming.

“Get back to worshipping what you really idolize, white girl,” Big Rosie demanded, pulling my head deeper into her wetness.

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, realizing I just called Big Rosie Mistress.

“Mistress, am I?” She questioned. “I like that. You understand your place don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I agreed without hesitation. I continued licking her cunt until I felt her hand on the back of my head and seconds later I was coated with a second gush of cum. If Rhianna’s cum was delicious, Big Rosie’s was the cum of the gods, which seemed appropriate since we were in church.

I lapped up all her pussy cum, never wanting the Champaign of pussy perfection to stop leaking out of her cunt. Sadly, all good things come to an end and Rosie pushed me away. “You are insatiable,” Big Rosie smiled down at me.

“For black pussy, I am,” I agreed, looking up at her, my face feeling sticky with her and Rhianna’s cum.

Rosie stood up and said, “You may want to wash your face, you look like you’ve just been well-fucked.”

“I wish,” I quipped, my pussy dying to get the attention it craved.

“I bet you do,” Rosie smirked, walking past me and out of the washroom.

Dazed slightly, realizing I was alone in a bathroom on my knees, I got up, stretched my legs, and went to the sink. My face had an undeniable glen from the abundance of cum that coated my face. I pulled my phone out and took a picture of my face for you before cleaning up to hide my secret submission to the congregation.

I was about to wash my face when I recalled Rhianna’s earlier order not to and instead just tried to wipe away the glean.

The whole time she told the story, I licked her slowly, my cock growing rock hard as I listened to her naughty submission.

Her story done, she put her hands in my hair and drew me deeper into her, the wordless gesture telling me it was time to get her off. I began flicking her clit, causing quick convulsions to her body.

“Faster, baby, I need to come so fucking bad,” she moaned, her desperation clear in her tone.

Copying her naughty move she had been doing to me, I licked faster and slid a finger into her ass.

“You fucker,” she moaned. “Finger my cunt too, baby. Finger-fuck both my slut holes you bastard.”

Hearing such derogatory words from her turned me on and I sucked her clit between my lips and began shaking my head back and forth, as I pumped a finger in and out of her cunt and another in her ass.

Her orgasm shook the bed as she screamed, “Oh God, oh, oh, fuuuuuuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck.”

Her legs wrapped around my head as her cunt trembled on my face, her cum flowed out and into my open mouth.

Eventually, she let go and just lay there weak and exhausted, her face aglow with the aftermath of euphoria.

I crawled out from between her legs and looked into her eyes. “We’re getting ourselves in pretty deep.”

“Speaking of deep, get that big cock of yours in me,” she smiled, ignoring the discussion of our obvious situation.

Quoting Big Rosie, whom I didn’t meet, although I did recall seeing a large black woman sitting with the Browns, “You are insatiable.”

“Only to black pussy and you,” she smirked back.

“Don’t you mean me and black pussy?” I asked.

“Don’t you quibble about semantics, just get your cock in me now,” she demanded.

“Which hole?” I asked.

“I’m feeling pretty dirty right now,” she smiled, rolling onto her side. “Fill my ass with your cock, baby.”

Rolling beside her, I cradled her into my arms, as I slid my cock into her extra tight back door.

“I love you, baby,” she moaned, as my cock filled her ass.

“I love you more,” I countered, as I began slowly fucking her ass.

“Semantics, Cocksucker,” she retorted, the intimate moment over as quickly as it started.

“Takes one, to know one,” I quipped back, as I cupped her breast for leverage as I shifted from slow strokes, to deep hard thrusts into her ass.

I fucked her ass hard for an eternity, just enjoying the closeness of our bodies together as both of us had thoughts of our black submission. Eventually, we both came a second time as I filled her ass with cum and she flooded a second time staining the sheets.

My cock still in her ass, but slowly shrinking, Ashley asked, “So are you going to give Troy your ass?”

“I don’t think I have a choice,” I replied.

“Do you want help preparing yourself for him?” She asked.

“How?” I asked.

“I have a few butt plugs in my toy chest,” she smiled, turning around, my cock slipping out of her ass.

“What else is in your toy chest?” I asked, as I looked into her eyes.

“That is for me to know and you to find out,” she smiled back, flicking my nose.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked, my ass clenching just at the thought of a butt plug.

“Do you trust me?” She asked.

“Of course,” I said.

“Wait here,” she smiled, getting off the bed and going to the closet.

A moment later she returned with five, yes five, black butt plugs of different sizes.

“Oh my,” I said, especially when I saw the biggest one.

“Lube,” she said out loud, returning to her closet. It was then I realized she was planning to start this now.

When she returned the second time, she ordered, “Stand up and bend over.”

“Last time I heard that was at the doctor,” I joked, trying to get myself comfortable.

“This is exactly the same, but it won’t be leaving you,” she smiled, as she generously lubed a rather small butt plug.

I bent over and closed my eyes not wanting to watch myself being sodomized by a toy.

I felt her cold sticky hands on my ass. Ashley said, “This may stung a bit at first, but you will get used to it fast.”

“If you say so,” I replied, not convinced she was right.

“Would I lie to you?” She said, her tone sing-song happy.

“I hope not,” I replied, as I felt her pull my ass cheeks apart.

“You have such a cute little rosebud,” she exclaimed.

The compliment seemed so bizarre, as did what I felt next…her tongue. “Let’s loosen that ass up baby,” she purred, as she began licking my ass.

The feeling was unlike anything I had experienced before. It made my cock grow rapidly.

After a couple of minutes of ass licking, she asked, “You ready, baby?”

“As ready as I will ever be,” I replied, feeling my ass tense up.

“Relax, baby,” she suggested, as I felt lube being poured on my ass. “I am going to finger you first. Get your ass nice and ready.”

“Kkkkk,” I whimpered, as her finger easily slipped inside my ass.

“Good boy,” she complimented, rubbing my back with her free hand even as she began slowly finger fucking me.

It didn’t hurt or burn and oddly as she fingered me, I wanted more. I didn’t want to admit it though, as shame cascaded through me for enjoying being finger-fucked. She noticed, though, as I started rocking back, causing her finger to penetrate me deeper. “Such an eager asshole,” she commented, causing my face to turn red.

My cock again stiff as a rock, she finally pulled her finger out and announced, “I think you are ready for butt plug one.”

I clenched my teeth, expecting a searing pain, but was surprised when she pushed it in and all I got was a small burn, although it was wider than her finger.

“You are to keep this in your ass until I replace it tomorrow for you with butt plug two,” Ashley commanded as she gave my ass a firm slap.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Training your ass will take time and walking around with one in your ass will speed up the process,” she explained, before adding, as she got off the bed, “We don’t have a lot of time before your Master plans to take your ass whether you are ready or not.”

Hearing her refer to Troy as my master sounded odd, even though it was appropriate after all we had been through.

Soon, I was dressed, and Ashley had me walking around like I was on a runway. A first it was awkward, but over time I got used to it and almost forgot it was in me. We spent the afternoon like normal people, instead of deviant sexual misfits; we went for a walk, talked about the upcoming holidays and so forth. By the time I returned to my car early in the evening, I was completely accustomed to the plug in my ass…until I sat down in my vehicle and a searing pain hit me as the butt plug hit new depths in my ass. I sat in my car for a minute until the pain began to subside. I chuckled to myself as I drove home, reflecting on my odd journey from a completely straight man. One who had never once considered gay sex, to the reality that I was driving home with a butt plug in my ass as I prepared myself to be sodomized by my eighteen year old student and player…surreal, true and addictive.

10. A Double Load of the DARK Seed

Monday at school there was a big pep rally for our victory and as I spoke to the whole school there were two secrets I was hiding. One, I could still taste the load Troy shot in my mouth for lunch and two, I was wearing a second butt plug that Ashley had come by and inserted in me early this morning when she showed up at my house with the black gift.

After a rim job, she filled my ass with the plug and soon I was walking around with the second of four butt plugs in my ass. This one was wider and longer, and when I sat down it was impossible to not feel it fill me entirely. This time, instead of feeling shame, I felt disappointed that it didn’t do anything: it just sat there lodged in my ass. I couldn’t believe it, but I wanted to feel it going in and out of me; I imagined Troy’s cock doing just that all throughout the day. Ashley also said I couldn’t cum all week as part of the training; somehow agreeing to her order turned me on more; I wanted to be a faggot for black cock for her…I wanted to make her fantasy cone true…I wanted to impress her.

Tuesday was like living through the movie Groundhog Day as Ashley stopped by, inserted the third butt plug in me, one that two days ago I couldn’t fathom fitting it in my ass, yet once in I still craved more. It filled me completely, but I undeniably wanted more, I wanted to feel what it felt like to be fucked in the ass. At lunch, Troy deposited a load down my throat and asked if I had started training my ass for him. I admitted I had and he patted me on the head like I was a dog as he left me on my knees in my own office.

Wednesday completed the trilogy of my week. Ashley again stopped by, again filled my ass with a thicker and longer butt plug and at lunch, I was again treated with my daily dose of Troy’s addictive seed. My cock ached to shoot the load I was told not to, each act of submission turning me on more and more.

On Thursday, Ashley stopped by with the biggest of her butt plugs and I protested that there was no way I could take it in my ass and even if I could there was no way I could walk normally with it in me. She wouldn’t take no for an answer though and soon I was at school, teaching class with a huge butt plug in my ass. I didn’t dare sit down at school, knowing it could create a searing pain and potential yelp like I had when I sat in my car that first time. At lunch, Troy dumped his load down my throat and after three days of general blow and go, he asked, “Are you ready to give me your ass, Coach?”

“Ready may not be the right word,” I replied, even as I licked the last of his cum from his shrinking snake.

“That was the wrong answer, Cocksucker,” he said, pulling up his pants and walking out. Suddenly feeling guilty, knowing the answer should have been, ‘Yes, Master, I can’t wait to give you my ass.’ That is what I wanted, to please him and please Ashley at the same time.

After school, I paged Troy to my office wanting to apologize for my disobedience, which may seem absurd to anyone reading, but it was exactly how I felt. Unfortunately, he didn’t come. I couldn’t believe how insecure I felt, not something I was used to feeling. I got ready to go home an hour later than usual when I received a text message from Troy.

Are you ready for your punishment, Cocksucker?

I didn’t hesitate when I responded back.

Yes, Master!!!

A moment later he responded,

Go to the boys washroom at McCab’s, go to the last stall and wait. NOW!

I confirmed I would be there without even remotely thinking about what my punishment may be.

Yes, Master, I’m on my way.

I arrived at the bookstore, which was relatively dead, and went directly to the bathroom. I walked to the last stall, locked the door and sat down. I instantly noticed a hole in the wall. I was at a glory hole.

My anxiety instantly rose as I realized what Troy was expecting. I prayed that he wasn’t going to make me suck off someone else, but why else would he bring me here? Then I prayed it would at least be a black cock; white cock did nothing for me, and I didn’t know if I could do that, even for him.

Five minutes became ten, and my anxiety only increased as I waited. Suddenly, the door opened and a chill went up my spine. I worried that it may not even be Troy. Would he send me here to blow the first person who came along?

“You’re telling me there is someone in the final stall willing to blow me?” I recognized the voice instantly as that of Andrew Hood, our back up point guard.

“Yep, he’s a very eager cocksucker and just loves big black cock,” Troy explained.

“As much as Eric does?” Andrew asked. I suddenly wondered who else knew about Eric?

“Much more. This cocksucker needs black cock,” Troy promised, even as I blushed at the undeniable truth of his words.

“Well, now you got me curious,” Andrew said, as he entered the stall beside me.

“Remember the rule. You can call him names, humiliate him, but he will not speak. His identity must stay a secret, he can’t have his employer knowing he slobbers over black cock every chance he gets,” Troy continued, my face burning with both shame and acceptance.

“Man now you have me even more curious,” Andrew said, as he put his cock through the hole.

My hunger dissipated any trepidation instantly as my mouth opened and I took his smaller, but still very impressive juicy black cock in my mouth.

Andrew laughed, “No how do you do, faggot?”

Being called a faggot didn’t appeal to me, it tarnished the task somehow and questioned my manhood. I still saw myself as a man, but no longer as straight as I once was. It used to be black and white, I was as straight as an arrow, but now it was a hundred shades of grey.

I loved the sensation as his cock grew in my mouth. The feeling of power never got old, the power of pleasing a black cock with my eager mouth. It didn’t get as steel-like hard as Troy’s , but it still felt great in my mouth.

“Don’t just sit there faggot, suck my cock,” Andrew ordered.

Obeying his instructions, I began bobbing back and forth getting into a steady rhythm as I hungrily sucked his cock.

“Shit Troy, this bitch is like a vacuum,” Andrew groaned.

“He’s gotten a lot better recently. What does Coach always say, practice every time like it is game time,” Troy pointed out.

My eyes widened at that, but I continued bobbing, not reacting, even as Andrew responded, “Well this faggot definitely is in game mode.”

Eventually I got all his cock in my mouth and grew frustrated by the steel wall between us, wanting to take all of his cock in my mouth, to feel his balls slapping against my chin, eager to deep-throat another big black cock.

“Don’t move bitch, I’m going to fuck your mouth bitch,” Andrew ordered.

My lips making contact with the wall, I knelt forward as he began pumping his cock between my lips. His body hit the wall with each forward thrust and I couldn’t help but wish I could just crawl to the other side and let him face fuck me properly. Yet, I knew that Andrew was not known for keeping secrets. A couple of minutes of having my mouth fucked by another of my students and I heard his grunt and seconds later my mouth was filled with his cum. His taste had an extra salty taste to it and I swallowed it instantly, not wanting to have its odd taste lingering in my mouth.

Once done, he pulled out and said, “Thanks faggot.”

I almost replied, but caught myself in the nick of time.

Andrew said, “See you at the pool hall, Troy.”

“Give me ten,” Troy responded.

“Going to shoot a load in your faggot?” Andrew asked.

“What do you think?” Troy replied, his confident tone serving to further arouse my submissiveness.

Andrew chuckled and I heard him leave.

Troy warned, “Next time you disobey cocksucker, there won’t be any wall to protect your identity.”

“Yes, Master,” I replied, not doubting his threat.

“Want another load, Cocksucker?” Troy asked.

“Always,” I replied, giving a proper answer.

“Open up,” he ordered.

I opened the door and he walked in, put his hands on my shoulders and guided me onto my knees.

“I don’t have much time, Coach,” he said.

Like the hungry cocksucker I had become, I quickly fished his cock out of his pants and took it in my mouth. The wall gone, this blow job was more intimate and I sucked his cock hungrily, wasting no time with tease and please.

“Could you imagine if all the guys could see you now, Coach,” Troy said, his tone clearly amused at the thought.

I just kept sucking knowing there was nothing to say to that.

“Imagine getting split-roasted by Andrew and I as the best post-game victory party ever,” Troy continued.

I didn’t know for sure what split-roasted meant, but I assumed, correctly (I looked it up when I got home), that it was one cock in my mouth and one in my ass at the same time.

“I bet Ashley would love to see you get split-roasted by two big black cocks,” Troy continued, as I furiously bobbed on his cock, somehow getting even more turned on by the ludicrous suggestions he was making.

He laughed, “I bet your cock is hard thinking of being used as a gangbang fucktoy for black cock.”

He was right; my cock wanted to burst as I worked as hard as possible to get him off.

“I am joining a black fraternity in the fall down south, Coach. Maybe I will have to let you come for a visit and let you service black cock after black cock after black cock. What do you think, about that, Coach?” Troy asked, as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began pumping his cock with his fist.

I answered, horny as hell and willing to do whatever he said, “I am yours to use as you wish, Master.”

“Good answer,” he grunted, as he shoved his cock back in my mouth just in time for me to swallow his delicious load. I bobbed hungrily, retrieving every drop of his cum and savouring it like it was candy.

Once spent, he pulled out and said, “Two o’clock Saturday, Coach. You and Ashley, don’t be late.”

“Yes, Master,” I replied, looking up at him as he put his cock away. I asked, “What about tomorrow?”

“I’m going to be busy tux shopping tomorrow with the guys. Unless you want to come and entertain us with that cocksucking mouth of yours,” Troy smiled.

“If you wish, Master,” I replied, praying he wasn’t serious.

“You are finally learning Coach,” Troy said, patting my head. “You might be coachable yet.”

I laughed, as did he, as he said, “See you Saturday.”

“Yes, Master,” I nodded, not getting off my knees until he left the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror, a minute later, I wondered just how far I was willing to go to please Troy? When in the act of submission my obedience seemed to have no restrictions, yet after the fact such future acts were scary…my career and reputation at risk. Split-roasted? Being secretly used by members of my team? A whole fraternity of black cock?

What was becoming of me?

I called Ashley and said, “We need to talk.”

11. Ashley’s BIG Strap-on Surprise

Two hours later I was at Ashley’s and she could tell instantly I was stressed. I explained what just happened and all the things Troy had suggested that he may make me do one day.

Once done, Ashley joked, “I’ve created a monster.”

“This isn’t funny. My career is in jeopardy,” I replied.

“Do you want to quit?” Ashley asked softly, taking my hands in hers.

I paused. “I don’t know,” I finally answered.

“Adam, I love you and when this whole crazy thing began I never thought it would go this far. If you want to stop, I will stop too,” Ashley said, her voice so compassionate and sincere.

“I love you too, Ashley,” I replied, kissing her gently. “This has just gotten out of hand.”

“I know,” Ashley agreed. “I ate a stranger’s cunt in a church bathroom as the service was going on,”

“I sucked a student during the same service,” I countered.

“Slut,” Ashley joked.

“Whore,” I retorted.

“Cocksucker,” she volleyed back, rubbing my cock through my pants, her tone still playful but shifting to a sexual hunger. The name-calling was turning her on; it was also turning me on.

“Lesbian,” I whispered with a smile, my hands cupping her small firm breasts.

“Nigger lover,” she smiled, tugging down my pants.

“Right back at you,” I replied back.

“So, now what?” She asked. I could tell she would quit if I asked her to, but that she didn’t want me to.

“I can’t explain it, Ashley. As soon as a black cock appears in front of me, my mouth waters, my morals dissolve and my brain turns into eager pleasing mode. It’s like I can’t control myself, I must have it in my mouth, I must obey,” I explained, my cock getting hard in Ashley’s hand as I tried to explain my misgivings.

“I understand, I feel the exact same way when Rhianna’s black pussy is offered to me. My brain shifts into automatic drive but I am not the one driving,” she responded.

“That’s what scares me, the complete lack of control, the pull to submit and obey, the desire to please,” I continued.

“I understand completely,” she nodded. “I’m like a junkie, but my drug of choice is submission and black pussy, and twice as addicting.”

“Do you want to stop?” I asked.

“Do you?” She asked.

The answer was obvious…yes, yes, yes…yet the words out of my mouth was, “No.”

“Me neither,” she said, hugging me, clearly a sense of relief in my answer.

When she broke the hug, she said, “We just need to be strong together. No matter what, we have each other.”

“You really are perfect,” I smiled.

“You’re not too bad yourself,” she smiled back playfully pushing me onto the couch.

“Mother fucker,” I yelped, as the biggest of the five plugs to fill my ass reached new unchartered territory.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry,” Ashley apologized profusely as she kissed me.

“That is not where it hurts,” I smiled.

“Is that so,” she smiled, as she moved lower.

Reaching my cock she began doing her trademark slow burn blow job which was like a water treatment massage for my cock.

I enjoyed the blow job for the next twenty minutes as she made love to my cock with her mouth. She milked my cock with precision as I eventually blew my load in her mouth even as she never once increased her pace, slow and steady indeed winning the race.

Once she had finished the blow job a couple of minutes after I finished coming, she asked, her tone playful, “Is my baby all better now?”

“Actually, that isn’t where it hurt,” I smiled back.

“Really?” She said, surprised but intrigued by my intent.

“It was my ass you hurt,” I pointed out.

“You want me to kiss your ass better,” she smiled.

I shrugged.

“That seems like a good transition to the surprise I have for you?” Ashley smiled.

“Now you have me curious,” I replied.

“Good word choice,” she said, squeezing my cock before adding, “Don’t you go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”

As I waited, I realized her tone dripped with sexual promise. I waited a few minutes, more than I expected, but when she returned I gasped. She was in white thigh high stockings and was wearing a black strap-on cock.

“Do you like?” She asked, posing seductively.

“I am speechless?” I replied, even as I realized the obvious intent of her attire.

“Are you ready for the last part of your training?” She asked, walking over to me, the big plastic cock bouncing confidently with her every step.

“Do I have a choice?” I asked, trying to avoid answering the question.

“Everyone has a choice, silly,” she smiled as she reached me. “But if you are going to be ready to even attempt taking Troy’s cock in you, you better get used to the feeling of getting fucked.”

I fluttered my eyelids, “Oh you just know exactly the right words to say.”

“Get undressed,” she said, her playfulness gone.

I obeyed, the thought of getting my ass fucked by her turning me on in ways I never would have imagined just a few days ago.

“Let’s see how your ass is doing with your gaping process,” she ordered.

“There is no way anything bigger can ever fit in my ass,” I said, even though Ashley’s cock was longer than the plug, as I got onto my knees doggie style on the couch.

“You would be surprised what can fit in that tiny hole of yours,” she countered, pulling out the last butt plug and replacing it with two fingers.

“Ohhhh,” I groaned softly.

“Fuck, I know it shouldn’t, but the thought of watching you suck Troy’s cock and take his cock in your ass has my cunt dripping, baby,” Ashley said, as she wiggled her fingers inside my ass.

“Imagining you eating Rhianna’s cunt does the same for me, baby,” I whimpered, as she stretched my ass with her fingers.

“Can I fuck you, Adam?” She asked, leaning into my ear, her tone tentative, but excited.

“I-I-I-don’t know,” I stammered, distracted by the fingers in my ass and her hot sultry breath on my ear.

“I want to be your first, baby. Can I be your first?” She asked, tugging on my ear with her teeth.

The days of butt plugs in my ass and the thoughts of always wanting more in my head, I knew I wanted her to fuck me, yet as a man such words are hard to allow to escape your lips, even after everything I had already done. “Just do it,” I said, answering yes, but vaguely.

She knew enough not to make me repeat it, not to humiliate me like Troy had done, as she moved her tongue down my neck. “I will be gentle, baby. I want to do everything with you.”

Such tenderness enhanced my eagerness to make her happy and any trepidation of being ass fucked dissipated as I gave in to her unconditionally, to pleasing her however she wished. “Kkkk,” I cautiously answered.

A moment later I felt lube on my ass and a few seconds later she asked, “Ready, baby?”

“Yes,” I answered, suddenly turned on by the act of submission I was about to commit with her, I added, “Take my anal cherry.”

Noticing my shift from insecure and tentative, to eager and anticipatory, she paused, the head of her fake cock teasing my rosebud, “You want me to fuck your ass?”

She pushed in, just breaking through my defensive wall, as I answered, “Yes, baby, I want you to be the first to fuck my ass.”

Slowly she eased her cock deeper into me, widening me naturally, the last few days of butt gaping paid off, as the pain was almost non-existent, just a slight burn to remind me of the taboo act I was committing.

“Half way,” she announced, I assume to relax me, but it did the opposite. I thought she was almost all the way in and suddenly doubts reappeared. I grabbed onto the top of the couch for support as I felt the cock continue its inward exploration of my virgin back door.

“Just relax,” she reassured, her left hand caressing my back.

“Okay,” I weakly replied, the cock going officially deeper than the butt plugs had, save the time when Ashley impaled me onto the big one earlier by accident.

“Good boy,” she purred, not condescending, but soothing as she continued her slow advance.

The pain increased and yet the thrill of submission, in making Ashley happy, somehow dulled my senses and allowed a sense of euphoria to build simultaneously.

“Two-thirds in, baby,” she announced, even as I clenched my teeth.

“Ok,” I said, my voice trembling.

“I’m going to stop now, and began slowly fucking you, get you used to my cock,” Ashley said.

I just nodded in understanding, the idea of getting fucked a turn on, the reality not quite yet feeling as sensational as I had fantasized. I wasn’t in major pain, nor was I in major pleasure, I was just there, my body trying to adapt to the two conflicting sensations.

She started fucking me slowly.

The feeling was a collision of teasing pleasure, taunting burn, helplessness, and eagerness.

It felt good, but yet I wanted more.

It felt bad, but I wanted more.

I felt defenceless and completely at the mercy of the cock in my ass; yet I felt a hunger to be used, to be fucked.

I understood in one brief moment of clarity what it felt to be a man, and a woman and in this brief moment there was no longer gender, just sexual ambiguity and a slow, but undeniable building of pleasure coursing through my very being.

As she slowly sodomized me, there was no talking, just my quiet, but audible whimpers and moans, the difference between the two almost unrecognizable.

I don’t know how long she slowly moved in and out of me before she finally spoke. “I’m going to start going deeper, baby.”

“Ok,” I replied, accepting that I was completely at her whim and her black cock.

I wanted to feel the cock deeper in me.

I wanted her to fuck me faster.

I wanted to be pounded like a dirty little slut…but I couldn’t say the words.

The thoughts were endless in my mind, but releasing the thoughts verbally, I just couldn’t do.

The pain returned as the black cock, began to explore new never before reached depths and yet I kept wishing she would just slam it in me. Filling my ass full, the pain would be sharp, but it would be worth it and the pleasure that followed would surely be amazing.

Her strokes were still slow, but each forward movement continued to go deeper, driving me crazy as I wanted to be fucked, not made love to. After a few more slow deliberate strokes and I couldn’t take it anymore. I burst out, “Please, fill my ass with your cock. Fuck me and make me your ass-slut.”

My outcry was all she had been waiting for it seemed, as she immediately shifted from sweet, compassionate, and tender, into aggressive, rough, and assertive. “You want me to fill your ass, baby,” she demanded, not really asking, stopping with her cock almost out of me.

“Yes,” I whimpered, suddenly feeling empty.

Her hands squeezed my hips as she pounded me, her cock moving faster inside me, going deeper and deeper inside the seemingly never-ending abyss of my ass.

“Oh God,” I whimpered, unable to put into real words how good it felt being fucked.

“You’re worshipping now are you,” she chuckled, referring to our crazy church submission.

“You are my Goddess, baaaaaby,” I replied, gasping from the fucking.

She kept fucking me, the strokes longer and faster.

“Is it all in?” I questioned.

“Not yet,” she admitted.

“Do it,” I said, determined to feel the big cock’s full magical power inside me.

“Ok,” she agreed, “Here it comes.”

“Fuuuuck,” I screamed as she filled my ass with her cock, the pleasure-pain principal an oxymoron of tantalizing euphoria.

“You like my cock in your ass, baby?” Ashley taunted me as she began pumping my ass with hard deep thrusts, our hips slapping violently against one another.

“Yeeeeess,” I was barely able to get out, all my energy focused on the intense feeling of her cock inside me, filling me.

“Your cock is rock hard baby,” she noticed, after a couple of minutes of hard fucking later.

I moaned, my own cock feeling like it could burst at any moment, “I knooooow.”

A few more minutes of deep anal penetrations and I knew I was going to burst. The pain had long faded away and each forward stroke brought a new wave of indescribable pleasure. It was a constant tease of almost orgasmic euphoria as I could feel the constant pulses of pleasure, my cock begging for release and yet unable to cross the threshold.

Finally, desperate to come, I weakly said, “Ashley I need to come so bad.”

“Stroke yourself,” she told me as she continued to slam into me.

The idea had never occurred to me and yet as soon as she said it my left hand went directly to my stiff cock and it took three strokes from my hand for the first stream of cum to spray onto the couch. “Fuuuuck,” I grunted, from both the pleasure pulsating through my cock as well as the pleasure in my ass.

“That’s it baby, come for me,” Ashley encouraged, her cock still fucking me with reckless abandon.

I coated her couch with my cum as I shot the biggest load of my life, spray after spray exiting me.

Once done, my whole body was drained and I rolled to my left, her cock sliding out of my ass.

Ashley joked, “Look what you did to my couch.”

I pointed to my well-fucked ass, “Look what you did to my ass.”

“Wait till Saturday, a real stiff warm cock is twice as nice,” she promised, reminding me of the submission ahead.

“I can’t imagine it gets better than this,” I said, meaning it.

“Trust me, I have had a fake cock and a real cock up my ass and a real one is infinity times better,” she promised.

“Jesus, I can’t imagine,” I said, my body still twitching.

She scooped a big wad of cum from the couch and put it in her mouth. “Not as good as directly from the source, but still quite good.”

She took off the strap-on cock and straddled my face. “I think it’s time for me to get off, don’t you think?”

“I don’t know, I’m kinda tired,” I smiled.

“It wasn’t a question,” she smiled back as she lowered her very wet cunt onto my face.

An orgasm later, we were laying there both exhausted and sweaty, when she said, “So are you ready for Saturday?”

“I lot more than I was an hour ago,” I answered.

“Touché,” she smiled.

“Are you?” I asked back.

“I can’t wait to see you suck Troy’s cock,” she admitted, her eyes literally twinkling with excitement.

“I can’t wait to see you eat out Rhianna,” I countered, the thought of the white-black contrast such a turn-on.

“I can’t wait to see you take Troy’s cock up your ass,” she added.

“I can’t wait for you to get fucked in the ass by Rhianna too,” I retorted.

“We really are two sick fucks,” she smiled.

“But you are my sick fuck,” I answered back kissing her.

“And you’re mine,” she replied, as we kissed, a kiss that was tender and sweet.

“I love you, Ashley,” I said.

“I love you too, Adam,” she returned.

A few minutes later, after a long, passionate kiss, I said, “So I was thinking,”

“Are you sure that is a good idea?” She joked.

“This time I think it is,” I answered my tone serious.

“And what are you thinking?”

“I think I stained your couch,” I said.

“Profound,” she responded, clearly not expecting me to say that.

“And maybe instead of buying a new one, you could just move in with me and share mine,” I offered.

“You’re serious?” She asked, clearly surprised by where the conversation had turned.

“Deadly,” I replied. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Ashley.”

She kissed me hard before saying, very excitedly, “Let’s do it.”

Playing dumb, I asked, “Do you mean have sex again or move in together?”

As she lowered herself to the floor and took my semi-erect cock in her hand she answered, “Why both of course.”

12. DARK Fantasies Become Reality

Friday was uneventful, as I didn’t see Troy or Ashley, who had to work a double to get tomorrow off. I flip-flopped like a fish out of water the pros and cons of Saturday’s anal submission to Troy. Yet, in the end, it always came back to both how excited it made Ashley, and how good it felt being used by Troy.


Saturday I woke up early, a mixture of excitement and trepidation equally pin balling back and forth inside me.

I picked Ashley up and my cock twitched at the sight of her. She was in a green dress with mocha stockings and matching five-inch green heels. I was so proud to know that she was mine and that she would soon be living with me. I did some research on engagement rings the night before, deciding I would ask her in the near future. I wasn’t getting any younger, I had never loved anyone like I love her and I would be the luckiest man in the world if she would agree to be my bride. These thoughts were re-confirmed the second I saw her walking towards me: her radiant smile, her long hair blowing lightly in the wind, the twinkle in her eye and, of course, her legs wrapped in nylon. She was perfection and I was never going to let her not know that.

I got out of the car and opened the door for her. “You look amazing,” I complimented, once she reached me.

“Thanks, baby, you clean up pretty good yourself,” she smiled back.

“No seriously,” I said, taking her hands in mine, “you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. You are my destiny.”

She laughed softly, “Are you quoting Back to the Future to me?”

“It is my favourite movie,” I replied.

“What’s mine?” She asked.

“You had me at hello,” I responded with the famous line from her favorite movie.

She kissed me passionately. “I am surprised you didn’t choose show me the money.”

“And kill this romantic moment,” I retorted.

“Not to be a killjoy, but we really need to get going. I don’t want to be late,” she said, clearly anxious about what we were about to do.

“Good call,” I agreed, and waited until she sat down to get a nice glimpse of her legs before closing the door.

Oddly, we drove in silence, both I assume, considering the ramifications of what we were about to do. Once at Troy’s parents’ large home, we looked at each other knowing this was the last chance to turn back. Yet, we both knew we had no intention of turning back…we both wanted this, we both needed this and together we would cross another invisible line of propriety.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Yes, you?” She replied.

“Nervous,” I admitted.

“Me too,” she admitted, before adding, “but I am also really excited.”

“Me too,” I concurred.

“Let’s go,” she said, opening her door.

I did too and soon we were walking up the steps of the big house.

“Well, here goes everything,” I joked, as I pressed the doorbell.

Time stood still as we waited, hand in hand, for the door to open, for us to be let in and to continue our journey of black submission.

It was a big surprise when it was not Troy, nor Rhianna, that answered the door but their older brother Jamal, in only a pair of shorts. “Hi, Coach,” he greeted. I had coached Jamal when he was in high school before he started going to college and playing as a starter his rookie season.

“H-h-hi, Jamal,” I stammered, my surprise at being face to face with him obvious.

Jamal, looked Ashley over, before saying, “Come on in, we’ve been expecting you.”

The term ‘we’ sent a chill up my spine at who else may be included in the collective ‘we’. I glanced nervously at Ashley who didn’t seem as rattled as she squeezed my hand, a sign of reassurance, as she led me inside.

Silently we followed Jamal into the house and down the stairs into a large recreational room. Sitting on one couch was Troy, also just in shorts, while on another chair was Rhianna in a bikini that did little to cover her voluptuous breasts.

“Hi, Cocksucker,” Troy greeted, snapping his fingers and pointing to his crotch.

I froze, the greeting in front of his brother adding another level of humiliation to my long list of indiscretions.

Jamal laughed as he tugged his shorts down, sat down beside Troy, revealing another glorious, big, juicy black cock and said, “Coach if I would’ve known you were a cocksucker when I was in high school I would have trained you to be a much more obedient bitch. Now get your ass over here.”

His firmness was even more authoritative than Troy’s and I glanced at Ashley, who was watching with voyeuristic awe, before I walked over to the two brothers.

“Knees, Cocksucker,” Troy ordered, standing up, clearly trying to maintain his power over me in front of his older brother. I fell to my knees.

“Come sit with me, Ashley, let’s watch your boyfriend in action,” Rhianna offered, patting the spot beside her.

Ashley was behind me, so I couldn’t see if she obeyed, but I assumed she had. Troy tugged his shorts down too and I was staring at two massive, black, cocks both begging to be sucked. Without instruction, I took a cock in each of my hands and began slowly stroking.

Jamal ordered, “Get to work with that mouth, Cocksucker. Troy tells me you are quite talented.”

Oddly, hearing that Troy complimented my cocksucking ability made me flush with pride as I leaned forward and took Jamal’s large cock, although slightly smaller than Troy’s in length, but wider in girth, in my mouth, while continuing to slowly stroke Troy’s with my hand.

“Do you like watching your boyfriend suck cock?” I heard Rhianna ask Ashley.

“Yes,” she admitted, her tone sounding as if in awe of seeing it live, her fantasy now becoming a reality right before her eyes.

I wanted to prove my cocksucking worth to Jamal, another person knowing of my sick twisted secret no longer an issue once his big dark meat was in front of me, as I allowed his cock to grow in my mouth. I also wanted to make Ashley proud as bizarre as that sounds.

As I had with Troy several times before, I focused first on Jamal’s thick mushroom top, swirling my tongue around while beginning to create the extra saliva that would cause the whirlwind sensation.

“Now mine, Cocksucker,” Troy ordered.

I, of course, obeyed, taking Jamal’s thick meat out of my mouth and replacing it with Troy’s pulsing member. I replicated the mushroom top focus while I stroked Jamal’s cock with my hand.

“Now mine, faggot,” Jamal ordered and I began going back and forth between the two juicy black snakes. Over the next few minutes, I was in cocksucker heaven as I went back and forth between the two cocks so drawn into my cocksucking world of submission that I had forgot Ashley and Rhianna were watching the whole submissive scene.

“Shit, slut, your boyfriend is one hungry cocksucker,” I heard Rhianna remark, jolting me back to reality.

“Mmmmmm,” I vaguely heard Ashley moan in response, obviously turned on by my nasty act of submission.

This only turned me on more, my own cock begging for attention, as I began deep-throating Jamal’s thick cock.

“Fuck, you are better than all the college bitches and faggots,” Jamal grunted, surprised it seemed by my ability to deep-throat.

Troy laughed, “He loves being a cock slave for black cock, don’t you Coach?”

I moaned on Jamal’s cock in response as I continued bobbing back and forth now craving cum.

Troy grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back onto his cock as he began to face fuck me. I made a variety of sounds as I focused on not gagging on his beautiful member.

Rhianna asked, “Does he fuck your face?”

“Not like that,” Ashley answered.

“So he is a bigger cocksucking slut than you?” Rhianna questioned.

“I guess,” Ashley said, her tone implying she wasn’t sure how to answer the question.

“This was your fantasy, to see your boyfriend suck cock, wasn’t it?” Rhianna continued.

“Yes,” Ashley admitted.

“Is it all you imagined?”

“God, yes,” Ashley said, clearly turned on by watching me suck cock.

“Tell him?” Rhianna ordered.

“Shit baby, you look so hot with a big black cock in your mouth?” Ashley complimented, as I was face-fucked by Troy’s stiff iron black rod.

“Don’t call him baby, call him what he is,” Rhianna ordered.

There was a slight delay before Ashley, who obviously wasn’t sure how this fit in to our fantasy situation, said, “That’s it, Cocksucker, take all that big black cock in your mouth.”

“That’s better,” Rhianna purred. “Now go sit beside your cocksucker boyfriend to get a closer look.”

Troy ordered, as he stopped face fucking me, as he pulled his cock out of my mouth, “Let’s show your girlfriend how much you love sucking big black cock.”

I looked into Ashley’s eyes, as she knelt beside me, and saw her eagerness and support. I reached for Troy’s cock and asked Ashley, “Do you want to see me deep throat this big juicy black cock?”

Ashley knelt beside me, clearly horny as hell watching me submit to two younger black men. “Suck him, baby, take it all in your mouth, Cocksucker.” Clearly she was over her discomfort at verbally abusing me.

I leaned forward and took Troy’s cock back in my mouth while also returning to stroking Jamal’s stiff member with my free hand.

“That’s it, Cocksucker, teach your girlfriend how to worship a black cock,” Troy groaned, as I began bobbing back and forth hungrily, wanting to impress Troy, Ashley, Jamal and Rhianna.

After a couple of minutes of cocksucking, I could sense Troy was close as I deep-throated his marvellous member.

“Holy shit,” Ashley gasped, “You did it.”

A sense of pride washed over me at knowing I had wowed my very sexually aggressive and experienced girlfriend.

“Ready for my cum, slut?” Troy asked.

I moaned on his cock, craving his delicious seed.

“Here it comes,” he grunted, pulling out and surprising us both as he turned and covered her face with his cum.

Ashley’s eyes went wide and my first feeling was strangely jealousy as I wanted his cum.

“Go ahead, Cocksucker, retrieve my cum from your girlfriend’s face,” Troy smirked, clearly revelling in his power over me.

I didn’t hesitate, as I moved to Ashley and began kissing and licking her face, retrieving Troy’s sweet seed. I took my time, the act so nasty and so hot; Ashley’s eyes sparkled and her shocked look shifted to her often seen sexy and playful.

She said coyly, “Don’t miss any, Cocksucker.”

“I won’t cunt-licker?” I countered, each of us trying to turn on our audience and each other.

Once I had retrieved and savoured all of Troy’s cum, Ashley kissed me her tongue swirling in my mouth.

Suddenly, I felt my hair pulled as Jamal ordered, “Get back to your job, Cocksucker,” as he shoved his cock into my mouth.

“Cunt-licker, get your ass over here,” Rhianna demanded, as Jamal began fucking my face, a lot rougher than Troy ever had, his hands firmly holding onto my head as his balls bounced off my chin with each deep thrust.

“Yes, Mistress,” I heard Ashley reply, wanting to watch her crawl to Rhianna, to submit sexually to another black like I just had.

I was unable to move, however, as Jamal pumped his cock in and out of my mouth. I gagged a couple of times and was scolded. “Good cocksuckers don’t gag on cock, you fucking white faggot.”

I winced at the ‘faggot’ shot, but focused on not gagging anymore, which was incredibly difficult as he fucked my face so roughly.

Jamal pulled his cock out and asked, “facial or swallow, Cocksucker?”

“Swallow,” I answered, hungry for another load of cum; plus I was curious what his cum tasted like.

“Come and get it,” Jamal ordered.

I took his cock back in my mouth and bobbed back and forth like a faggot craving cum. Less than a minute later, I felt his cock pulse and his cum bullets shot into my mouth. I swallowed the first couple shots and then caught the rest allowing its heavy texture, like sweet pudding, to linger in my mouth.

Jamal pulled out and Troy said, “Want to see your dyke girlfriend eat cunt?”

“Yes, Master,” I said, dying to see Ashley between Rhianna’s dark legs.

“Turn around and crawl over,” Troy ordered, “Jamal and I need a bit of time to recover before we take your ass.”

I crawled over beside Ashley, who was already between Rhianna’s lean, ebony legs, licking away. I pondered the impending ass-fucking Troy had just promised as I enjoyed the show.

Reaching the lesbian action, I watched, in I assume the same voyeuristic awe Ashley displayed earlier, my stiff cock still begging for attention. Watching porn on television was hot, but seeing it live, especially when your girlfriend was one of the participants involved, was a whole new level of eroticism.

“Slut, your cocksucking boyfriend is watching,” Rhianna said, her hands in Ashley’s hair pulling her up.

Ashley looked at me, her face with just a slight glean, an undeniable hunger and determination in her eyes. “You like watching me eat cunt, baby?”

Encouraging her, I replied, “I fucking love it.”

Rhianna pulled Ashley back between her legs as she said, “Aren’t you two adorable? Now get back to licking me pet.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Ashley replied obediently.

“You love serving me don’t you, my pet,” Rhianna asked, gently moving her hands through Ashley’s hair.

“Yes, Mistress, I love serving you,” Ashley replied between licks.

“And you will be a good white slut to all black pussy?” Rhianna continued, the whole time her eyes were on me.

“Whatever you wish, Mistress, I am your white slave to use as you wish,” Ashley replied, as I got turned on by her submissive declarations.

“Will you seduce my mom?” Rhianna asked, a devious smile on her face, her mischievous eyes burrowing into me.

This surprised Ashley as she stammered, “Y-y-you want me to seduce your mom?”

“That would be the most amazing coup ever my slut, do you think you are up to the challenge?” Rhianna asked, pulling Ashley’s head away from her wet cunt, now perfectly framed for me to see her wet glistening cunt.

Ashley looked at me, unsure how to answer, so I spoke for her. “Ashley will do whatever you want, Mistress Rhianna. She will turn your mom into a cunt-hungry lesbian and bring her to you if you wish.”

“Oh my,” Rhianna smiled, “your boyfriend has set the bar up pretty high my little cunt-pleaser.”

“And I will make it happen,” Ashley smiled, winking at me.

“Delicious,” Rhianna smiled.

“As are you Mistress,” Ashley smiled back, returning between her Mistress’s dark legs.

Troy said, “So does that mean you want to be on your knees for my father, Cocksucker?”

I turned to Troy almost forgetting they were here and stammered, “P-p-pardon?”

“Do you want to be a cocksucker for my father?” He repeated.

“If you want me to,” I answered, knowing those were the right words to say, but paralyzed by fear of being made to commit such an act and brief bathroom encounter with Mr. Brown popping into my head.

“Good to know,” Troy said ominously, leaving the door open to such an extreme, humiliating possibility.

“That’s it slut, suck my clit, nigger lover…slave…slut…whore…cunt-licker…white submissive,” Rhianna near an orgasm, suddenly shot a litany of derogatory names at my beautiful girlfriend, each one making my cock twitch.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Jamal said.

“Ready for round two big brother?” Troy asked.

“Indeed I am,” Jamal agreed, stroking his semi-erect cock.

“Get over here, Cocksucker,” Troy ordered, “Let’s get my cock nice and hard for that man-pussy of yours.”

“Yes, Master,” I obeyed, crawling to him just as Rhianna reached orgasm.

“Mother fuuuuucking, yeeeeeees, keeeep licking, cuuuuuunt,” Rhianna bellowed.

I reached Troy’s juicy semi-erect cock and took it in my mouth, preparing it for my own sodomy.

“You ready for your first ass-fucking, Coach?” Troy asked a couple of minutes later.

Taking his cock out of my mouth, my ass twitching with anticipation, both excited and scared, “Yes, Master, Ashley has been preparing me for you.”

“Has she?” Troy smirked. “Did you fuck him, cunt-licker?”

“I pounded his ass nice and hard for you Master?” Ashley bragged, which somehow turned me on remembering the night she took my anal virginity.

“Did he whimper like a little girl?” Troy asked, as I made his cock nice and stiff for my ass.

“At first,” Ashley admitted, then added, “but then he begged for more. He took it like a man.”

Again the words should have been humiliating, but instead just made me want Troy’s cock in me more. A couple of minutes later, Troy’s cock was iron hard and ready for action.

“Are you ready, Coach?” Troy asked.

“Yes, Master,” I answered.

“Get undressed,” Troy demanded.

I quickly got out of my clothes and returned to my knees. “Such an eager little nigger loving slave,” Jamal chuckled.

“Lets see how well your ass was prepared,” Troy said, moving behind me. “Toss me the lube, sis.”

Rhianna reached over, grabbed a bottle from the table and tossed it to her brother.

I felt the liquid on my ass cheeks and my stiff cock flinched at the thought of what was about to transpire.

“Ashley, come here,” Troy ordered.

Ashley, her face covered with pussy juice, immediately crawled over to Troy. “Yes, Master.”

I was instantly worried that Troy would make her submit to him and I wasn’t sure if Ashley could refuse such an offer…I know I couldn’t. We had agreed we would allow each other our bi-sexual needs but wouldn’t cross the line otherwise. I was petrified if she felt his cock in her mouth or in her cunt, she would be addicted and I would never be enough for her. Thankfully, Troy didn’t force her into that decision.

“I want you to spread your boyfriend’s ass cheeks open for me, Ashley,” Troy suggested.

“Ok,” Ashley agreed, crawled up beside me, and pulled my ass cheeks apart offering my ass to him.

“Do you want me to fuck your boyfriend’s ass, Ashley?” Troy asked, his lubricated cock rubbing around my rosebud.

“God, yes,” she admitted, assumedly watching his cock teasing my back door.

“Tell me what to do, baby,” Troy said.

“Slowly, slide that big black cock of yours in my boyfriend’s ass,” Ashley instructed, adding, “I want to see him take all your cock in his sexy tight ass.”

“As you wish, sexy,” Troy agreed, clearly flirting with her.

“Aaaah,” I whimpered, as his thick cock began its inward journey, spreading my ass apart more than any of the butt plugs or Ashley’s cock had. The burn was intense, but the feeling of submission was equally intense.

I tried to focus on the cock in my mouth, but the distraction of Troy’s cock slowly slithering inside me from behind was impossible to ignore.

“Fuck, your ass is tight,” Troy groaned, He grabbed my wrists and brought my hands behind my back, immobilizing me. My chest rested on the floor, thrusting my ass high in the air. I felt helpless, completely under his control; my helplessness turned me on even more.

“He has the sexiest ass in the world,” Ashley complimented, her warm hands still holding my ass cheeks apart for easier entry for Troy.

“Well I’m not sure about that, your ass is pretty fucking fine,” Troy countered, clearly already considering his next conquest. I prayed Ashley could resist the temptation of such a physical specimen, but wasn’t convinced she could.

“Mine is pretty darn tight too,” Ashley purred back, being drawn into Troy’s sexual web.

“It won’t be once I’m done with you, my pet,” Rhianna added, the thought of her fucking Ashley’s ass making my cock involuntarily flinch.

Ashley, not missing a beat, asked, “Will you fuck my ass now Mistress?”

“You really are a nasty slut, aren’t you?” Rhianna asked, standing up.

“For you I am whatever you want me to be,” Ashley answered back.

“I’ll be right back, I hadn’t planned to fuck your ass today,” Rhianna said.

Meanwhile, my ass was burning, Troy’s wide cock making my ass feel like a virgin again. Each slow inch created new sensations of burning pain and fiery lust, my body eager to feel myself getting fucked, yet my body also knowing I wasn’t yet accustomed to his mammoth dick.

I continued to make strange whimpers as the pain didn’t simmer as quickly as I had hoped.

“Let’s shut that mouth of yours, faggot,” Jamal said, as he grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head up, so that he could shove his cock in my mouth.

“I don’t think you will be able to take all my cock, Coach,” Troy said.

Ashley spoke for me, “He wants it all, Master, he wants to give himself to you completely.”

“Is that true, Coach?” Troy asked.

Jamal pulled his cock out of my mouth so I could speak. I didn’t hesitate, Ashley’s answer was definitely the truth, “Yes, Master, I want all your cock in my ass.”

“You mean your man-pussy, your cunt,” Troy corrected.

“Sorry, Master, yes I want your big black cock in my virgin cunt, I want you to fuck me like you would any of your other sluts,” I said, my lust taking over any last remnants of a moral code.

“You got it Coach,” Troy said, as in one hard forward thrust, he reached unimaginable depths inside me.

“Oh aaaaaah, Godddddddd,” I screamed, as my ass felt like it was being torn in two.

“Still want me to fuck you like my other sluts?” Troy asked amused.

“Yeeees, Master,” I whimpered, the burning sensation in my ass almost unbearable and yet I wanted to feel him begin to pump my ass. “Fuck my cunt, but please go slowly at first.”

Rhianna arrived back and ordered, “Slut, get on all fours beside your boyfriend.”

Ashley let go of my ass cheeks and moved beside me, her hands now on my back, “Yes, Mistress.”

Troy started slowly moving his cock in and out of my ass, the burn continuing, but simmering with each slow stroke, as a new pleasure began to build inside me, the sensation of being used as a fuck-toy thrilling in ways I can’t explain. Getting fucked was a completely different feeling and brought with it an entirely different euphoria than being the one doing the fucking.

“Oh yes,” Ashley moaned, her fingernails going into my back as she assumedly was joining me in having her ass filled.

Meanwhile, the cock in my mouth which had just been sitting inside me as I got used to Troy’s cock, began slowly moving between my lips. “I hope you can multi-task, faggot,” Jamal said.

I tried to concentrate on the cock in my mouth, but the slowly growing pleasure in my ass was distracting me, as were the moans from Ashley as Rhianna began fucking her ass.

“You like getting ass-fucked like your boyfriend, my pet?” Rhianna asked.

“God yes,” Ashley moaned, “My mouth, cunt and ass are yours to use as you wish Mistress.”

“What if I want to share you with my cheerleading friends?” Rhianna asked.

Ashley, her moans letting me know she was in lust mode, replied, “Share away, Mistress.”

Troy’s cock in my ass was still going slow and I suddenly wanted more. I needed to be fucked…hard and deep. Yet, I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth with Jamal’s stiff cock slowly fucking my face.

Rhianna continued testing Ashley. “So you will seduce my mom, take me to Boston, to the lesbian club as my pet slut and please all my cheerleader teammates, how about getting dp’d by my two brothers?”

My eyes again went wide as again the possibility of crossing the line we had both agreed we wouldn’t cross was questioned.

Ashley squeezed my body, a hint of her concern over what to say. Trying to help Ashley out by distracting Rhianna, I moved my head to free my mouth of Jamal’s black meat and begged, “Harder, Master, please fuck my ass harder.”

“You mean your cunt,” Troy corrected.

“Yes, Master,” I whimpered, showing him my eager submission I continued, my hunger undeniable, “Please Master, fuck my pussy, my man-cunt, my faggot ass, I am yours to use as you pleeeeeease.”

Troy’s cock slammed into me hard and he began fucking me fast and deep, my moans and whimpers sounding so feminine and yet I loved every second of it. The pain ignored because of the intense pleasure and the thrill of being fucked. I loved fucking Ashley, but the thrill of being fucked was the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced, just giving in without reservation to the pure submission of black dominant cock.

“You like that, Coach?” Troy grunted, as his body crashed into mine.

“Yeeees, I love your black cock in my white ass,” I moaned like a cheap slut.

“Harder, Mistress,” Ashley begged too, both of us hungry to be fucked as deep and hard as humanly possible in our forbidden back door.

“My body shook both side to side from Ashley’s body movements and front to back from Troy’s deep hard thrusts, my body a literal rag doll of pleasure.

The next few minutes the sounds of Ashley and myself echoed through the room as we were fucked by our dominant black Master and Mistress.

Troy breaking the few minutes of silence said, “Time for you to fuck yourself, Coach.”

“Actually time for the little fairy to get split roasted,” Jamal added.

I began bouncing back onto Troy’s cock, the thrill of suddenly being in control exciting, my ass crashing into his body. Meanwhile, Jamal placed his stiff cock in front of my face and I took it in my mouth as I began going back and forth taking all Troy’s cock in my ass and then taking all of Jamal’s cock in my mouth. I soon got into a perfect rhythm as I bounced back and forth in perfect unison.

“Can I come, Mistress?” Ashley begged, her voice trembling as she asked.

“Are you getting turned on watching your boyfriend getting it from both ends, my pet?” Rhianna asked.

“It’s soooooo fucking hot,” Ashley admitted, her hands firmly on my body.

“Come, slut, come as you fall deeper into your complete submission to me,” Rhianna demanded.

“Yeeeeesssss,” Ashley screamed, seconds later as her orgasm quaked through her body, and conversely through mine as well.

I too wanted to come, my cock stiff and hard as it had been for the entire time I was being used by Troy and Jamal.

A couple more minutes of me fucking myself on Troy’s cock had me wanting to feel Troy come in my ass, to take another of Jamal’s loads down my throat and to hopefully shoot a load myself.

“Keep milking my cock, Coach,” Troy groaned, and a few seconds later I felt the indescribable feeling of him coming in my ass, a feeling that sent trembles of intense pleasure to my cock that was beginning to hurt from lack of sexual release.

Jamal, close himself, grabbed my head and began fucking my face as Troy pulled out and I felt a gush of cum slip out of my ass and began sliding down my leg. The feeling was so submissively wrong and yet felt so right.

Suddenly, I felt Ashley move off me and seconds later I felt someone crawling underneath me, as I felt a mouth, assumedly hers, wrap around my cock. Desperation taking over, I began awkwardly fucking her mouth, making her gag while my mouth was simultaneously being fucked as well.

“Come Coach,” Troy ordered.

With the permission I had been waiting for, I shot my load into Ashley’s eager mouth just as Jamal pulled out and shot his sticky white goo all over my grimacing face, my orgasm so intense I could barely keep myself up from collapsing onto Ashley.

As soon as my orgasm was done, I rolled to my left and fell onto my back, my body exhausted from being used as a fucktoy by my two black masters…being split-roasted.

Ashley moved to me and kissed me passionately, Jamal’s cum accidentally being shared between us. The kiss was passionate and urgent a wordless message that we were both thanking each other for allowing one another the liberty to fulfill our dark secret bi-sexual desires.

“Ah isn’t that sweet,” Jamal chuckled.

Rhianna defended us. “It’s actually pretty fucking cool. A couple who have allowed each other such sexual freedom without the jealousy and petty bullshit that usually stunts relationships.”

The light in the woods had gone and the camp fire was burning out.

“We should go in.” Spencer told Randy.

Randy nodded in agreement and the boys got up off the log benches they were sitting on and went into the old wood cabin they’d rented for a week. They headed right up to the sleeping loft by the ladder.

“I fucking love camping” Randy said taking his shirt off.

“Yeah man.” Spencer answered taking his shirt off as well “This is gonna be an amazing week.”

Spencer took his short off and put them aside. He was a handsome guy, about 6′ with broad, smooth shoulders, plump pecs and tight looking bulky biceps, defined abs and a perky bubble butt on his muscular body decorated with a line of black hair up his stomach which gloriously bloomed into a layer of beautiful chest hair. By all means Spencer was a hunk, but his friend Randy was a tall guy, about 6’2″, and was a handsome, dark brown haired beast of a man. He had broad shoulders built up with muscle, big, bulky arms with dense looking bicpes. Randy also had nice big pecs that had a space between them and smooth brown nipples. He had a beautiful flat stomach with decorate ridges over his abs and slick adonis lines leading to his penis. Randy’s legs were muscular and defined under the thick layer of black hair that covered them. But Spencer had a view of Randy’s back with was smooth and hairless, like his chest, and just as massive as the rest of Randy. A the bottom of his back a layer of black hair started to thicken as it covered his plump, round ass and powerful legs.

Randy took off his short and underwear, putting in a corner before lying in the only bed in the small wood cabin.

“Dude you’re gonna sleep naked?” Spencer asked looking down at Randy’s exposed penis, a soft uncircumcised 4 and half inch member crowned by a thick coat of trimmed, black pubic hair to match the one on Randy’ head and entire lower body, although strangely enough, not his smooth upper body.

“Yeah… I sleep naked. You don’t?” Randy asked as if he Spencer was the strange one.

“Uh, no…” Spencer answered innocently.

“Well, try it out bro. It’s way more comfortable, especially on hot days.” Randy said with a hint of nervousness.

“Oh… Um…” Spencer said reflecting Randy’s nervousness with a bit more obviousness “Okay, I guess.” And Spencer slid his loose novelty boxers shorts off revealing his smooth, sleek, circumcised cock and its perfect shapes hanging 4 inches down, over a round and plump looking scrotum with a sparse covering of light brown hairs, the whole thing crowned with a well trimmed pubic area covered with a dense, but short coat of light brown pubic hair.

As Spencer’s boxer shorts came off and the two 18-year-old stared at each other’s naked bodies a sexual tension started to ride in the warm summer air. Spencer just stood there, inspecting randy, as Randy inspected him.

“I’ve never slept naked with an other guy before.” Spencer said nervously.

Randy swallowed, but didn’t say anything. Spencer stayed standing in front of the bed, which consisted of a mattress on the ground, revealing himself to Randy, who he himself was revealing his body to Spencer.

Randy gave out a nervous laugh as he felt desire built up inside him.

“Um, your dick is getting hard.” Spencer said looking down at Randy’s cock as it stared standing up.

“Um…” Randy said as his cock grew to a semi-erect 6 inches and pulsated with excitement. “It’s um, just the adrenaline. From being in the woods.”

“Yeah… Yeah, I get it.” Spencer answered still looking at Randy’s semi-erect cock floating between his legs.

“Um… What’s the deal with the skin on the end of it?” Spencer asked as he sat down on the mattress “I’m circumcised.”

“Oh, Uh. It just pulls back” Randy said pulling his foreskin back with two fingers “See.”

“Yeah… …” Spencer answered. “What’s it feel like?”

“Uh… I don’t know. Normal I guess.” Randy answered “Just like skin I guess.”

“Can I touch it?” Spencer asked carefully.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure.” Randy answered moving his hand away from his cock. Spencer reached out and put his fingers on Randy’s foreskin which had slid back over his penis. Spencer wrapped his hand around Randy’s hardening penis and pulled back to retract the foreskin.

“Wo.” Spencer said before continuing to slide his hand up and down Randy’s shaft. Then Spencer felt his own penis start to harden. “Umm…” he said pulling his hand away “It’s the adrenaline” Spencer said. His cock started growing and went all the way erect, standing strait out at 6 and half, maybe 7 inches long, beside Randy’s 8 inch member.

The two boys stayed quiet. Both of them stared at each other, drinking in the erotic beauty of each others bodies, all in an air of forbidden excitement and nervousness.

“Um… Can I feel yours?” Randy asked sliding his hand on Spencer’s thigh.

“Uh, yeah. Go ahead.” Spencer replied, as Randy wrapped his big manly hand around Spencer’s cock. Randy pushed his hand down the shaft of Spencer’s cock.

“It feels way different.” Randy said, pulling his hand back up. And as he did so Spencer couldn’t help but moan how god it felt to have Randy jack him off. Randy stopped, and looked at Spencer, who was bitting his lip out of embarrassment. So Randy sat up and flipped a leg over Spencer, straddling him on his hands and knees, face to face. They were both nervous, and Randy was breathing heavily. They knew what was coming now. Randy thrust his hips, sliding his penis across Spencer’s stomach.

“Ah…” Spencer said in a half anticipating, half pleasured expression. So, with that approval, Randy slid down and spread Spencer’s legs, getting between them with his fully erect 8 inch cock standing straight out, wet with a bead of pre-cum, ready to drip from the glistening head. As he stood on his knees between Spencer who was flat on his back with his legs spread and his cock sticking strait up, Randy felt a rush of desire. So he grabbed Spencer’s legs and pulled his friend up to him, before grabbing his cock and directing it to Spencer’s ass hole. Pulling the foreskin back, Randy stuck his wet cock between Spencer’s ass cheeks and pressed it against his hole. Spencer gave a small moan, and Randy started pushing his rock hard cock into Spencer. He felt some tension and resistance to his cock, so Randy pulled back. Spencer exhaled as the pressure on his anus stopped. But Randy put his finger against Spencer’s anus and pushed.

“Ah!” Spencer squealed as Randy’s finger pierced through. Randy started spinning his finger, loosening Spencer’s ass. Then, Randy pulled his finger out and steered his dick back to the looser hole. He pressed his cock against Spencer’s anus and pushed. This time, Randy felt Spencer’s hole stretch a bit around the head of his wet cock. Randy slammed his hands down beside Spencer and pushed hard with a groan, and his penis slid in past the head, with a bit of difficulty, and his whole shaft sunk into Spencer’s ass.

Spencer gave an other yell as Randy pushed in. But once Randy was in Spencer relaxed a bit, but was still panting, as was Randy. Then, Randy started pulling back, and sliding back in slowly. Spencer was frowning as Randy thrusted his hips. But randy kept going, and going harder and faster with every stroke. Soon a slap sounded with every hit of Randy’s pelvis against Spencer’s. The sleeping squeaked as Randy thrusted his hips back and forth, slamming them against Spencer. Randy pushed his cock through the friction of Spencer’s anus, tightly squeezed around his cock, but with Randy’s continuous thrusting, Spencer’s ass started to relax and loosen, giving Randy a much smoother and more pleasurable experience. Randy let out non-stop groans as he fucked Spencer, and Spencer let out the odd moan between the slapping of Randy against his plump bubble but and the squeaking of the sleeping loft.

“Oooohhh…” Spencer said reaching out and grabbing his cock. He moaned and started to jack himself off. Randy looked down at what Spencer was doing, still fucking him with intensity. Spencer slid his hand up and down his circumcised penis, quickly spreading the pre-cum that was leaking out of the head. Randy looked back up, getting into the zone of sort, so that he would only concentrate on what he was doing. But the exoticness of the moment wouldn’t let him go, and he was stuck giving the odd glance up and down Spencer’s sleek muscular body, whilst his shorter partner jacked himself off. And before too long, it seemed, Spencer started making different noises.

“I’m gonna cum.” Spencer said “Fuck me hard! And fast!” he insisted. So Randy picked up the pace and thrust his hips in and out of Spencer faster, and faster, with more force.

“Oh yeah!” Spencer said “Oh! Oooh! Oh! Ooooohhhhh.” Spencer was obviously getting near orgasm. “Faster! Faster!” he yelled at Randy. So Randy went as fast as he could, in a burst of strength he couldn’t keep up for long. Fortunately Spencer was at his climax before Randy’s burst ended.

Spencer yelled and, all of a sudden a jet of cum spat out of his throbbing wet cock and sprayed up into the air. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!” Spencer said as his body twisted in ecstasy. The jet of cum went pretty high, before falling back down on Spencer’s leg, leading the way for the steady pushes of cum that preceded the final flow.

Almost as soon as Spencer had sprayed his first few jets of cum, Randy started feeling himself nearing orgasm. “I think I’m gonna cum too.” he said moving his hands up to hold Spencer’s shoulders. And with that he started fucking Spencer harder.

“Cum on, AH, on me” Spencer said as Randy pounded his cock into Spencer’s ass. Randy kept going, fucking extremely hard and very fast. He let out long groans as he felt his body getting ready to cum.

“Mmmm” Randy said, pulling out of Spencer. Randy pulled his hands off Spencer’s shoulder and stood on his knees, jacking off his hard cock, pulling the foreskin back and forth. “Ah” Randy said “Aaahhh” as his penis began to throb and pulsate with anticipation. Then, he felt it run up his penis and Randy yelled.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh! Ah! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!” he screamed as his penis shot out shot after shot of cum that sprayed onto Spencer’s pecs, stomach, and even reached his chin, which made Spencer let out a small surprised sound. As Randy’s jets got less intense after the first three, simply flowing out of his cock and onto Spencer, he sat down, and fell onto his friend.

“Mhffff.” Spencer let out when Randy fell on him. Then the beefy, and heavy, randy rolled off Spencer. Both the boys were laying there, covered in cum and panting like dogs. They didn’t say a word, and before they knew it, they were asleep.

Dear readers

This is a experimental transitional piece I wrote for Martin. It has been sitting in a file for a while now. I debated whether to post it or not and make it part of the story. So here it is. Please tell me what you think.


Chapter 5

” A Spa Education”

Martin had been through a very traumatic week at the so called spa he had been taken away to. He cried himself to sleep most nights wearing only ultra feminine nighties with loads of ruffles and lace in various colors of lavender and sapphire blues, black and even a rather childish looking very short nightie in hot pink. He had been forced to wear that one in front of a couple of counselors before he went to bed for their amusement while they teased him. This was to help him to be able to ignore the snickers and embarrassing ridicule of the opinionated people who would see him in public as he fulfilled his daily duties as a lady. He was having what was left of his male identity and his outlook on the world torn away from him and reshaped.

Over the span of seven days the realization that he was going to be used and treated as a woman in a permanent relationship with the Baron slowly began to take hold. His emotional breakdown over the matter was closely monitored but was being allowed to happen.

“I don’t want a husband. I’m not a woman. Straight men don’t have husbands, they have wives. I’m a straight man. This is not normal. I’m a sexual slave and prisoner,” he had stated with determination to the counselors when he first started his sessions.

After six days at the spa Martin’s outlook was now changed. He seemed different, more docile and compliant. What he had been put through had caused him to at least verbally acknowledge his new status in life as a woman and spouse, but his soul ached to be a man again and get out of here eventually.

“Mrs. Vargos you’ve been here almost a week now. Do you feel more comfortable living as a woman now?” the counselor had asked at Martin’s last session.

“Yes,” he had said very softly.

Martin sat in a straight back chair wearing a green dress with bright floral designs. His padded D-cup bullet bra gave his male frame the illusion of a big busted woman. His feet were in a pair of green strappy 4″ heel sandals. His red toenails sparkling as he flexed his toes back and forth in a nervous gesture. His ankles were strapped to the legs of the chair.

His hands demurely folded in his lap as he looked at his red fingernails while he was being questioned.

“With what we have taught you this week, do you now feel it is better for you this way?”

“Yes,” he said meekly with his eyes cast down utterly ashamed of the words he was speaking.

“Do you like dressing as a woman Mrs. Vargos?”

“No, not really. I find it so humiliating.”

“You do agree though that your husband has the right to insist that you dress like a woman under the circumstances?” she asked him seeing how uneasy he was in the chair. He was rubbing the long nail on one of his fingers as if the bright red nail polish might somehow come off.

“I don’t know, I guess so,” he said his voice almost giving way to his desire to breakdown and cry again.

The thought of these people holding his legs apart and vigorously tapping a wooden spoon on the sides of his hanging balls for a prolonged period of time for a wrong answer was foremost in his mind now. His balls still ached from all the times they had held him down this week and done just that to him, only then to make him immediately try again.

“Even to the point of holding your husband’s desires that you be a beautiful feminized man. Regardless of the public’s opinions and reactions at seeing your feminized appearance and your own since of embarrassment while being dressed as a woman?”

She looked at him without blinking waiting for an answer. There was a noticeable pause.

Martin shook his head unable to say it. His eyes full of tears. He didn’t want this. No man should have to say yes to such a question, but a man would say yes to keep his balls from being abused again.

“It’s ok Mrs. Vargos,” she said in a sympathetic tone, “I promise you that in time the embarrassment you are feeling now while dressing as a woman will subside, and you will become comfortable in your new lifestyle.”

She looked at him sitting there with his hands in his lap holding a white lace handkerchief, his head held low.

“Look at me Mrs. Vargos,” she said requiring him to look her in the eye now.

“You will be leaving here tomorrow morning to go back home to be with your husband. You have come a long way since you arrived. Don’t you feel much better about yourself and your situation than when you arrived? she asked with a smile.

“Yes,” he said to where she could barely hear him. His groin throbbing from the last time he tried to answer these questions.

“That’s very good. You have a wonderful feminine side Mrs. Vargos and you should allow yourself to express it. We are here to assist you in that.”

Martin’s head dropped again and his shoulders shook as he sobbed using the lace handkerchief in his hand to wipe the tears as was required when he cried now.

“If you find you have any problems or questions, or need a refresher course we will be glad to assist you. The spa is here for you anytime you need it,” she said with a stern smile.

“We will bring you back Mrs. Vargos, if we need to,” she said bluntly and with a tone of finality. She lay the wooden spoon on her desk in front of him. “Do we understand each other?”

“Please don’t,” was all he said drying his eyes.

This was obviously no spa at all. Martin had been secreted away to a secluded place to coerce and force him to cooperate in his role of a woman and loving wife. A retreat where he was the only client.

Though technically Martin was to be known as a feminized man in the public eye, he was to be so feminine in his appearance and actions that it had been decided that training him as if he was to actually be a woman was the only way to approach this.

Martin sat in the room alone now. Still strapped by the ankles in the straight back chair. Reflecting on what Dorothy had talked to him about in the garden. The efforts his father and those around him had gone to, to force Dorothy to accept his place as a male wife in an arranged same sex marriage.

Dorothy had refused to concede his male identity and never accepted his place as a feminized bride. In the end he did pretend to do so to stop the blatant feminization of his body which he was being forced to endure, and so that he could exact some revenge.

Martin’s father genuinely loved Dorothy and so wanted Dorothy’s affections in return that he even agreed with Dorothy’s request to secretly have Martin’s marriage to the woman he was married to annulled with money and allegations of his infidelity. Then Martin’s father, with much reluctance and guilt, had his own son Martin placed in an arranged same sex marriage with the Baron. He knew all along Martin would soon be feminized and forced to be publicly humiliated by having to dress as a woman for the rest of his life.

They had done so many things to Martin this week without explaining why they were being done. Martin’s own imagination was scaring him. He said what they wanted to hear and pranced about in his charm classes when instructed to do so.

They had put plastic suction cups on his nipples before bed and pumped them so the flesh was pulled so far into the cup that it actually hurt. Then he was left with his hands secured behind his back till it was time to take the cups off. His nipples slowly discolored turning red and then a deep purple.

“Why are you doing this to me?” he had asked the woman while she put the 1″ diameter cups on his nipples when it all started. He was not given an answer.

“Please. These things hurt,” he whined by the third night now knowing the routine. His words were always ignored by the woman attaching the cups to his nipples. She worked purposely and methodically, ignoring Martin. She pumped the cups quickly and though Martin expressed discomfort form the suction she left him this way. She looked the suction cups over and when she was satisfied with the results she gave him a smile and left the room. Martin’s hands were always secured behind his back for these treatments so all he could do was sit their and endure it.

He looked at himself in the mirror. His nipples stretched into the cups as they were turning color again.

“My god, what are they going to do to me?”

It was late evening on the eve of Martin’s departure, with all that had happened during the week, Martin was still fixated on the deal his father and Dorothy had made that gave his life away for this new feminine life.

“Those fucking bastards,” Martin thought to himself through tears gripping the sheets with his feminine red polished fingernails digging in deep as he twisted the sheets in his hands. Martin wasn’t sure who he hated more at the moment, his father for agreeing to this initially or at Dorothy for suggesting it to his father and now seeing it through and making sure it all happened even after his father’s death.

He didn’t want to make the Vow of Chastity to his husband. It would be the ultimate humiliation, but he felt he had no choice now. He just couldn’t do this anymore. His husband was scheduled to leave on another business trip soon. A ten day trip and Martin would be left with male concubines at night. Young men with big dicks and permission to use them. Martin use to plead with these guys, but now he was just an involuntary participant who allowed them to have their way. He couldn’t stop them. He had tried many times before unsuccessfully.

Taking the Vow, Martin would be accepting one more humiliating ceremony in public as a princess and having his sexual activities openly discussed and publicly celebrated again, but the concubines would be history. It had been suggested to him by the counselors during a session that he might even be able to have his erections back eventually if he took the Vow, since his penis would be in a chastity device at all times anyway. It was only suggested, there were no guarantees. That would be totally up to the Baron, but it did make the option of taking the Vow of Chastity seem more appealing.

Martin’s eyes squinted shut now as his deep blue heavily made up eyelids closed and his face grimaced once again. He grunted in a rhythmic muted tone. He was told the Baron had been so concerned for his emotional well being while being away alone for so long that he had sent him six dozen roses and two male concubines for his last evening at the spa.

One of the well hung young men had mounted him and was now thrusting hard and deep in Martin’s tight lubricated bottom. The stretching Martin’s butt hole took to accommodate the huge cocks that entered his ass, was quite uncomfortable for Martin to say the least, but his well lubricated orifice and the muscles squeezing so tight in an involuntary support of his butt fucking was like heaven to the concubines cock.

As Martin was receiving his butt fucking the other concubine crawled up on the bed in front of Martin and forced his large erection between Martin’s trembling red lips. His head was held steady as the young man gripped Martin’s hair above his ears on each side of his head while he pumped Martin’s face brutally. Martin’s swollen lips tight around the man’s cock also providing involuntary pleasure to the second man. The concubines had been instructed that Martin liked it rough.

Each time Martin put his hand up to stop the pull of his hair and get some relief from the face fucking his hand was pushed away. Martin squealed a muffled protest when felt the man mounted behind him push hard and held him firmly. The concubine’s orgasm was an intense one.

Martin cried some more as the concubine pulled his spent erection out of his anus abruptly and lay on his back next to Martin on the bed while he was still being face fucked. The man smiled as if he had just had a wonderful experience. The man removed his condom and laid it on the nightstand next to the bed.

The face pumping halted and Martin felt such a great relief as the grip on his hair loosen. The man pulled his cock out slowly and Martin allowed it slowly leave his lips.

Through painted red swollen lips an almost despondent Martin said to himself quietly as he stayed in the doggie position with his butt high in the air.

In a confused state Martin lifted his head and mumbled to himself.

“Dorothy had female concubines. Why can’t I have female concubines. Why was he allowed to have erections and sex with women. Why didn’t he have to have sex with different men too? It’s not the same. It isn’t fair…….” he blubbered lowering his head as it was pushed down while the concubine came around the bed now to mount him from the rear.

Fair? Martin’s mind was now comparing the lives he and Dorothy were forced into for fairness? It was as if he couldn’t get to the exit of his ordeal and was giving up hope, but he needed to sit closer to the exit door. Anything that would better the life he was in now. Even being allowed to wear 4″ high heels versus 6″ high heels now would seem like a victory and an improvement in his life. Martin drifted off into uncontrollable sobs again as he awaited the concubine to mount him from behind.

Martin didn’t move from the pillows. His mind ached at the fact he couldn’t change the direction his life was tumbling in. Nobody seemed to care about his mental anguishing over all this, since the new direction in his life is where everybody felt he would be better off. The counselor had made it quite clear over his week stay that those who had control of his situation and his family felt he would be better off living as a woman. The long sessions his testicle took with the wooden spoon reinforced what his penis and balls were good for, at least as far as he was concerned. Not to mention the degrading and humiliating charm classes and social graces he participated in while nude.

If being male and having a penis was causing Martin’s anxiety in his new feminine lifestyle, then his maleness would get the attention that it deserved. He was told that the thing he should understand most about his penis was that he had one, and to get over it. A penis does not decide who one is or who one is to become or how one looks. It is just a penis.

The concubine laying on the bed rolled over to face Martin. He had a smile of satisfaction on his face, while the other one got in position to mount him from behind.

“Please, no more tonight,” Martin said in a soft cracking voice.

The concubine never said a word. He reached out an caressed Martin’s hair and gently rolled his nipple in his fingers. Martin flinched at the show of affection from this man. This was a concubine he had never met before. A man he lay eyes on for the first time less than an hour ago.

“I’m going to take the Vow of Chastity with my husband when I get back tomorrow you know,” Martin said staring off blankly waiting to be mounted again, and the man laying next to him smiled.

“He’ll like that I think,” Martin said in an emotionless resigned voice as his hips were adjusted on the pillows by the other concubine.

Martin felt his butt cheeks being spread wide apart again. He felt the head of the young mans hard cock touch the tight anal entrance.

Martin tried to envision himself as the head of the manor. Dictating the new rules he would have put in place and those that would either have to agree or be fired. In that powerful of a social setting and wealth, he would surely be able to find somebody who would take money to help him exact some kind of escape, and revenge for satisfaction.

He was only seconds into his thoughts before the concubine entered Martin aggressively, sinking his shaft full length on the first lunge.

Martin screamed at the sudden deep penetration and his red fingernails once again dug into the pillows. Though the emotional aspects of being forced to have sex with a man was still much more painful for him than the physical aspects of actually having anal sex, this penetration was more painful. The worst part of it all was when Martin had to sign the checks, with his Marcia Vargos signature that paid the concubines for their services.

Yes he would take the Vow of Chastity tomorrow just so he could end nights like tonight. He would not fight the Baron’s advances anymore. He would dress like a woman for him if that was what he had to do for now. He would resign himself to the fact that performing for the Baron would be preferable to the life he now lived and to save himself from the degradation of two men he had never seen before crawling in bed next to him and having sex with him, so he wouldn’t feel lonely and miss the Baron’s affections, but that would be tomorrow. Tonight Martin was having sex with his male concubines.

Tomorrow he would be going home. After being here for a week he knew the perimeters they had set for him and the one thing he now feared more than sex with his husband the Baron was, that his husband might decide he wanted him to have breast implants. Dorothy had forcibly received breast implants to help him be more cooperative with his husband. It would be a fine line for Martin, but he had to prevent breast implants at all cost while he quietly pursued some way of getting away from all this.

Martin put his face into he pillow as he cried louder.

“I don’t want breast,” he squealed. Martin was humped for another ten minutes vigorously before they all rested for a while. Unfortunately for Martin it would all start again later in the evening.

Outside the door, in the hallway while Martin was being entertained by the concubines, Dorothy was talking with Jessica the head counselor.

“He believes the concubines are from the Baron, right?” Dorothy said looking seriously at the woman.

“Of course he does,” she said grinning. “Don’t worry about it. He’ll take the Vow.”

There was a loud squeal from Martin from inside the room.

She looked at Dorothy. “Sounds like you picked a couple of good ones,” she said giving him a seductive look.

“Big dicks can change minds.”

Jessica looked at Dorothy’s red high heels and painted toes, then up into his eyes.

“Are we still on for the evening?”

Another squeal broke the silence.

“Yes. I’ll see you then,” Dorothy said turning and walking off. He put something in his purse as he walked away.


Constance lay in her luxurious bed propped up on satin pillows reading a cheap romance novel. People of her stature and social graces didn’t read such trashy things, but she liked them and kept it her fun little secret. Her husband was sitting in a chair at the end of the bed. The chair had a very high back and was turned against the bed so he could have some privacy and Constance wouldn’t have to watch what was happening. All she could see was the back of the chair. He was receiving a blowjob from a young whore that Constance had hired to do the deed. After all she didn’t want her husband’s nasty penis in her mouth.

It was not uncommon for some of the wealthiest of couples to use professionals for such sexual deeds. Constance always said it was a physical thing not and emotional tie or love. She had made many appointments for her husband Leo to have his dick sucked over the years.

That is when Constance received a text saying that Lady Vargos intended to ask her son to accept his Vow of Chastity.

“Leo Darling. That god awful faggot of a man that is married to my Anthony is going to ask him to accept his Vow of Chastity. I thought the little fag wanted out of this marriage.”

“I don’t know dear,” the heavy voiced man grunted as he tried to focus and enjoy the expert manipulations of the young girl as her head bobbed up and down quickly in his crotch.

To really understand this story — You need to go back and first read: Their drinking leads to my pleasure.


The feeling of John exploding into me was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I felt so full from his sheer size and then when he erupted into me, I felt like his load was never going to stop pumping into me. When he finally stopped filling me beyond full, I fell forward and out of burning desire I started kissing John full on with as much passion as I could muster. I am not sure if he realized who it was that was riding him and who he was even kissing but he returned my kisses with as much passion as he was receiving. I opened my eyes long enough to look into his eyes and all I saw besides his glassy pupils was the fire in his eyes.

The next thing that I felt was his large hands firmly grabbing my ass cheeks and squeezing them. It sent shivers up and down my spine to imagine that he enjoyed it even half as much as I did. We continued kissing as he continued squeezing my ass, when he started lifting me up by my ass cheeks, my first thought was that the fun was over and that John must have realized who was kissing him. I was sure that the shit was about to hit the fan. Only when he thrust up into me as he aggressively pulled my ass back down onto him did I realize that he was again hardening for another round. The intensity of his thrust and the feeling of being filled beyond full, broke the kiss and had me reeling and struggling to keep from passing out. I threw my head back and moaned from deep within, as he continued driving his wonderful cock into me again and again. He was now the one that was in total control. I no longer had any will other than to serve him sexually, to be his wanton slut. I swear that I could feel every single ridge and bump, every vein and valley as his magnificent cock swelled to full erection.

I had completely forgotten about his wife Satana until I heard her moan almost as loudly as myself. I looked over to find her with her pants and panties around her thighs and her fingers thrusting in and out of her beautiful shaved snatch. She must have realized what was happening and seemed to be enjoying the show. I was having a hard time concentrating on watching her show and the feeling of being used by John. Before I knew it John had turned him legs over the side of the bed and stood up with me still impaled on his amazing cock. He walked over to the end of the bed with me now bouncing myself on his cock again. When he was near Satana, he simply laid me down on the bed on my back with my legs in the air and his cock still fully impaling me. Moments later I felt the bed move and saw that Satana was now completely naked and climbing over me to straddle my face.

As she lowered her smooth glistening lips to my waiting lips and tongue I felt John quickly withdraw his cock before slamming back into me with more force than ever before. His cock reached places never touched before by anyone or anything. I was now rock hard again and was quickly on my way to another mind-blowing orgasm. It took all my power to concentrate on licking Satana’s slit as she started riding my face like I rode her husbands cock only moments before. It seemed like days had flown by, but in reality — it was merely an hour since the fun had begun. John thankfully slowed his pace and intensity as Satana increased hers. My own erection crying out for attention as it tented the pink panties of Satana’s that I was still somewhat wearing.

As soon as Satana started squirting into my mouth and all over my face, John slowly pulled out of my ass, leaving me completely empty and longing. When Satana lifted off my tongue and face, she turned over and lay next to me on the bed. John reached down and pulled me up to his lips as we once again began kissing. He placed his huge hands on my hips and turned my body around. I was now facing the bed and his beautiful naked wife, spread out wide and now waiting for more. It was at that point that I realized what they both wanted. I stepped closer and Satana grabbed the sides of the g-string panties and slipped them over the head of my erect cock and down my legs. As soon as they hit the floor — Satana reached out and took my hands and gently pulled me to her. I slipped up on the bed as she grabbed my erection and guided me to her wet waiting slit. I had hardly entered her when I felt John grab my hips from behind.

I may not be as large as John but I still heard Satana moan as my balls hit her ass. I was amazed that she was still as tight as she was considering just how large and amazing John cock is. I had very little time to enjoy the sensations of her internal muscles and her talent with them before I felt John started feeding his monster back into my overjoyed ass. It took he a few tries to bury it balls deep again. With every thrust from him I could both feel and hear the response from Satana as my entire length was now being driven into her, again and again. I kissed her with the same passion that I had been kissing John with and she showed me her approval with her many talents. In this new position, John was really able to hammer into me like I never imagined before. As John started increasing his pace and depth, I was reeling from the feeling of both John and of the wonders that Satana was capable of with her body. All too soon I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell inside Satana. If she did not want my load inside of her — it was certainly too late for that as I lost all ability to hold out. My load shot out of me in rapid-fire succession into her open cervix. Shot after shot seemingly stronger and stronger with each thrust from John hips into my ass. Satana’s moans became screams as I filled her with everything that I had in me.

John’s pace quickened to more of a blur as I was about to come down from my orgasmic high, I felt John unbelievable cock swell and throb even more as it once again was coating my insides. The remarkable feeling sent me over the top again and I could feel another orgasm of my own crashing down on me and Satana. I am not certain that my balls had anything left to give, but they were certainly trying their best. I screamed out like a bitch in heat as we all collapsed into a single heap on the bed. Normally I would not want someone as heavy as John laying on me but with his cock still embedded in my ass and my cock still inside of Satana, I was in pure heaven and wanted to be nowhere else but there at that very moment.

To be continued???