gay novella

As hard as I had tried not to I must have fell asleep eventually, because all of a sudden I found myself getting of the bed to accept the tray of breakfast that was being pushed through the hatch.

I took the tray, went back to the bed and stared at the food before me. A couple of pieces of lukewarm toast, a bowl of soggy cornflakes and a warm mug of coffee was what constituted breakfast and, although it looked terrible, I was that hungry that I devoured everything in less than five minutes.

As I picked up the tray to take back to the hatch the bowl fell to the floor, and then was when I first saw the note that had been hidden under it. Picking the paper up I unfolded it and stared at the words before me.


Screwing the piece of paper up I went to drop it into the small toilet but, just as I was about to let go, I changed my mind. Thinking before I acted, for once, I realized that this note could help get me out of solitary, and maybe even the prison, before I was due to be released and all I needed to do was get it to someone on the outside who could take it to the authorities.

Taking the note back over to the bed I smoothed it out as best as I could, before slipping it under my mattress. As soon as I got out of solitary, and was allowed to send letters, I would send the note to my ex, he would know just who to take it to.

For the first time since being put in solitary I allowed myself the briefest of smiles and banged on the hatch.

“What the fuck are you banging for?” someone said from the other side of the door, eventually.

“Finished that muck you call breakfast,” I replied. “Thought you might want the plate, bowl and cup back.”

The hatch was opened angrily and, as I held the tray near to it, I saw the first face since being locked in the cell, I just hoped he wasn’t the owner of one of the cocks that I had been made to suck the night before. Judging by what bit of his face I saw he looked like he didn’t take too much pride in his appearance, his face was unshaven, his teeth yellow and cracked and as or his hair, well that looked like it hadn’t seen a brush or a comb in years.

Instantly I began to feel physically sick and hurried towards the small toilet, as the guard burst out laughing.

“Wished I had been on duty last night,” he called through the hatch. “Sounds like the guards that were here had a very good night.”

“Fuck off cunt,” I shouted towards the door, relieved that at least he hadn’t been there.

“That’s no way to talk to anyone is it boy?” the guard shouted. “Maybe I should open this door and teach you a fucking lesson.”

“I reckon that maybe you fucking should to,” I called back, my temper starting to get the better of me.

I heard the keys jangling, and one inserted into the lock and prepared myself for when the door open but, before the door swung open, the guard started to laugh loudly.

“Do you think I’m as fucking stupid as you?” he called through the door. “No I think I will bide my time and wait until later.”

With that the key was removed from the door, and the guard walked away howling with laughter, leaving me alone yet again and I spun around and let fly with my fist against the wall, wincing in pain as I connected. Looking at my fist I saw it blackening rapidly as blood seeped from the grazes on my knuckles, and I cursed under my breath.

I knew I shouldn’t let my temper get the better of me, that is what led me to The Quarry in the first place after all, but I just couldn’t get the niggling feeling that something more was going on here than just rehabilitation.

Blood dripped from my knuckles to the floor and I tried to clench my fist but the pain that tore through my hand was unbearable. Using my good hand I pulled my vest top over my head, wet it in the basin and wrapped it around my fist, hoping the cold dampness would bring out the full swelling rapidly.

With nothing else to do I sat back on the bed and reached for the not under the mattress. After reading through it a few times I slipped it into the sole of my shoe, and then banged on the cell door.

“What’s all the fucking noise?” A guard said when he finally arrived.

“I need to see a doctor,” I replied. “I think I’ve broke my hand.”

“And how the fuck did you manage that?”

“I fell and landed on it,” I lied.

“Step away from the door and I’ll have a look.”

I stepped back as I heard the keys slotted into the lock. Slowly the guard pushed the door open, presumably to make sure I had stepped back like he had ordered me to, and entered.

“Let’s have a fucking look then,” he barked.

Slowly I unclenched my fist and held it out. Without warning the guard grabbed my wrist, causing me to yelp out in pain, before bending to look at it closely. It would have been so easy for me to bring my knee up, into the guard’s face, if I wasn’t in excruciating agony.

“Looks fucking broken,” the guard said. “Guess that means a trip to the doc.”

The guard took his radio from his belt and called another guard to come and take me, shutting me back in the cell to wait for their arrival.

By the time the other guard arrived half an hour had passed and the throbbing in my hand was getting more and more unbearable, but eventually I was led through the prison and into the doctor’s office.

“What have we got here?” The doctor asked, looking at me extremely swollen hand.

“Reckons he fell on it while he was in solitary.”

“Okay leave him with me,” the doctor told the guard. “I’ll call when we’re finished.”

As soon as the guard had left the doctor turned back to me, and smiled.

“Okay now tell me how you really did it,” the doc asked.

“Punched the wall,” I replied.

“Why on earth did you do that?”

“Because since I have been in solitary all the guards think it’s their right to stick their dicks into the cell for me to suck them off,” I said my anger rising again.

“And have you been?”

“Only because I fear for my safety down there yes.”

“Okay well let’s get you x-rayed first,” The doc said. “Then we can decide what steps to take.”

Putting my arm carefully in a sling the doctor led me through a couple of rooms before we arrived at the x-ray department, well I say department in reality it was one small room with an x-ray machine. After the radiographer took a number of pictures, from different angles, I was told to wait outside until the films were ready, and once they were I headed back with the doctor.

Sitting behind his desk the doctor held up each of the images before putting them down and looking at me.

“Well it is definitely broken,” he said. “So I think I shall get it casted and then have you on the hospital wing or a couple of days.”

“Well at least I’ll be away from those sex starved solitary guards,” I said trying my best to make a joke out of the situation.

“True and if I didn’t know better I would say that’s exactly why you did it,” the doc said. “To get out of doing your time in solitary.”

“Well I shouldn’t have been there in the first place,” I said. “And wouldn’t have been if the quarry boss had any balls of his own.”

“What do you mean?” the doctor asked sounding intrigued.

“Oh nothing it doesn’t matter,” I replied, not wanting to say too much.

“Your choice but maybe I could help,” the doc said.

“I doubt it,” I said. “Besides I don’t know how much I can trust you either.”

The doctor looked at me and said nothing, instead he just encased my hand and lower arm in plaster, and then led me to the hospital wing.

“I’ll be back later to see how you are,” he said before walking away.

As he went, leaving my lying in a freshly made bed, I started to wonder if I could trust him or I he would just be like all the other members of staff. Not letting it bother me too much I lay back, enjoying the softness, and cleanliness, of the bed.

Looking around at all the empty beds, there were seven of them, I couldn’t believe that there was no-one else on the ward but assumed they probably tried to get prisoners in and out as quickly as possible.

Eventually I began to drift of but as I did a shadow loomed over me and I opened my eyes to come face to face with the doctor again.

“How’s the hand feeling?” He asked.

“Not too bad I guess,” I replied.

“Good that’s probably down to the painkillers at the minute,” he said. “Wait until they wear off then see.”

“Okay I will do.”

The doctor started to walk away before turning sharply on his heels and coming back over to me.

“I’m afraid the governor is a bit concerned about you being on an open ward,” the doctor said. “He would prefer you to be in one of the side rooms.”

“So move me then,” I said.

“I just had to make sure you weren’t going to kick off,” the doctor said. “The governor will be around to see you in a while.”

“What for?” I asked.

“Just too make sure you are okay,”

Not bothering to answer I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and stood up.

“Let’s go then,” I said.

The doctor led me to the end of the ward and opened one of the side doors.

“You’ll be here for a couple of days then taken back to solitary,” he said.

“Whatever,” I replied the doctor’s voice beginning to get on my nerves, even though I found myself starting to get attracted to his good looks.

At first I didn’t really pay much attention to him, thinking that I would hardly see him, but the more he was around the more I started to notice just how handsome he really was. His neatly cut dark hair, chiseled features, slim but well packaged body and his genuine niceness to me started to have an effect and I began to wonder if, just maybe, he would be the one person that I could trust in this prison full of sexual degenerates.

As I continued to stare at him my cock started to stiffen rapidly inside my trousers, and I just wanted him to leave the room so I could masturbate while thinking of all the things I would like to do to him. The thing was that as I stared he must have noticed because, without me realizing it, he silently closed the door behind him.

“What are you thinking about Julez? He asked snapping my out of my thoughts.

“Oh nothing really,” I lied.

“Come on Julez there is no need to be shy,” he said. “I saw the way you were staring at me.”

“What sorry I never meant to,” I said the hardness in my trousers almost unbearable.

“It’s okay Julez,” he whispered taking a step forward. “I understand exactly.”

“Understand what,” I said the need to wank growing stronger by the second.

“Understand that being locked up can get frustrating.”

He took another step closer, and I felt his breath on my face, which really didn’t help my raging hard on at all. I closed my eyes hoping, but not expecting, something was about to happen, but when it did it still caught me by surprise.

The doctor’s breath got closer and I felt his hot lips brush against my cheek lightly, before his hand went behind my neck and he pulled our mouths together and forcefully pushed his tongue into my mouth. Relaxing against his touch I allowed my tongue to snake past his and into his mouth, gripping the back of his neck like he was mine.

We continued to kiss passionately and as we did his hand gripped my hard cock through my trousers, and began to massage me slowly.

Gasping into his mouth as he fondled my cock expertly, I let my hand run down his back and gripped his tight ass in my hand as I heard, and felt, my zip being lowered slowly. The doctor slipped his hand into my trousers, and boxers, and wrapped his fingers around my thick, hard shaft before pulling his lips away.

“Fuck Julez your cock feels amazing,” he said releasing it from the confines of my clothes.

Slowly he began to stroke my hardness, more than once almost bringing me to climax, before he looked down and dropped to his knees. Gently holding my aching cock in his hand he slowly flicked his tongue over my swollen, purple head, sending shivers of ecstasy through my body, before he slowly took my whole length in his mouth.

As he sucked me slowly, and I held his head, the doctor massaged my balls, occasionally stopping sucking to take them in his mouth. The way he was gicing me head was similar to the last lover I had had, not a doctor in prison and, after sucking all the thug guards, it felt really good to be the one receiving, and receiving from such an expert cock sucker.

Taking his mouth from my cock the doctor looked up at me, and smiled seductively, before returning to my cock, only this time slipping his hand between my legs and beginning to stroke the crack of my ass. I gasped and gripped his head tighter as I felt his finger work its way in between my cheek and start probing my tight hole, sending me almost over the edge.

“Oh fuck yes,” I gasped. “Please don’t stop doing that.”

Letting one hand drop from his head I placed it between my legs, on top off his, and kept it there as he slowly slipped his middle finger gently into my willing hole, and began probing and massaging until he reached my g-spot. As soon as his finger brushed over it I couldn’t control myself any longer and, with a loud groan, began to cum. As jet after jet of my thick, white, milky liquid erupted from the end of my cock into his mouth the doctor continued to stroke my prostrate all the time swallowing as fast as he could.

It wasn’t until I was completely drained, and my legs felt like jelly, did the doctor let my cock fall from his mouth and look up at me. The smile on his face showed how much he had enjoyed swallowing my seed and I suddenly felt desperate to see his cock, and feel it inside my loosened hole.

“Fuck doc that was great,” I gasped. “Guess it’s my turn.”

“Not if you don’t want to,” he answered surprising me. “And my name’s Matt you can’t keep calling me doc.”

“Okay Matt,” I said. “And believe me I really want to.”

Matt looked at me, a look that wasn’t pure lust and smiled yet again.

“Okay Julez I you are sure.”

“I’m sure,” I replied. “Sit on the bed for me.”

Matt did as I asked and this time it was my turn on my knees. Lowering myself, careful not to bang my hand, I undid Matt’s zip and released his cock. Gasping as I saw it for the first time I wrapped my good hand around his thick eight inch shaft and began to stroke him slowly, never taking my eyes from the swollen purple head.

As I continued to stroke Matt’s cock slowly he sat on the bed moaning softly, obviously enjoying the feeling of being wanked gently, and as soon as I spied the first drop of pre-cum seep from the slit in his cock I lowered my head.

Running my tongue up the full length of his shaft, and over the pre-cum covered head, I felt my own cock hardening again quickly. As soon as I flicked my tongue over the pre-cum Matt moaned and begged me to suck his cock.

“Please Julez suck me, make me cum,” he whispered breathlessly.

I looked up at him as I continued to stroke his cock and smiled.

“I’ll suck it Matt but not until you cum,” I said.

“Why not Julez?” he asked looking slightly confused.

“Because I need your cock in my ass that’s why,” I said as I lowered my mouth around his shaft, eager to get it wet enough to slide easily into my ass.

I sucked him quickly, stroking my cock as I did so, until I had finally reached the point where I had to let him fuck me. I let his cock fall from my mouth and stood up slowly.

“Fuck me Matt I need you in me right now,” I gasped still stroking my cock.

“Are you sure Julez?” Matt asked.

“Just fuck me Matt,” I said climbing onto the bed and pushing my ass back.

Matt moved behind me, and slipped his trousers down, before gripping his cock and moving forward. I gasped as I felt the wetness of his cock against my ass and reached behind myself, with my good hand, and pulled my cheeks apart.

“Do it Matt,” I almost screamed. “Fuck me and fuck me hard.”

Without saying a word Matt pushed his thick eight inched straight into my ass, causing me to wince a little, and he began to thrust back and forth slowly.

“Oh fuck Matt that feels so fucking good,” I gasped and pushed my ass back onto his cock.

Matt’s thrusting became quicker and more urgent as he got closer and closer to his ejaculation, and I felt him tense his body after only a couple more minutes.

“Fuck Matt that’s it,” I gasped breathlessly. “Give it to me give me everything you’ve got.”

With one final, hard, thrust Matt buried his cock as deep into my ass as he could and I felt it twitch violently, before he gasped.

“Oh fuck Julez I’m Cumming.”

“Yes Matt fill my ass with your thick cum,” I almost begged as he continued to pound into my ass furiously.

“Yes yes yes!” I screamed out, relieved that no-one could hear us.

Eventually though Matt’s thrusts slowed to a standstill and, surprising me, he ran his hand up my back slowly.

“Fuck Julez that was fucking amazing,” Matt said breathlessly. “I can’t believe we just did that.

“Neither can I Matt,” I gasped back before collapsing onto my stomach Matt’s cock still in my ass.

“That’s the first time I have ever fucked an inmate,” Matt said.

“Do you expect me to believe that?” I said looking over my shoulder at his sweat covered face.

“I know you probably won’t but it is true,” Matt said. “There’s something about you that I really like.”

“Well you are fucking handsome yourself,” I said.

“Look now will you trust me?” Matt asked.

“I really want to,” I said. “I need someone I can confide in.”

“So why don’t you?”

“Because how do I know that you won’t just go to the governor and tell him anything I say.”

“That bastard you’ve got to be kidding,” Matt said. “I fucking hate how he runs this place, and how he treats you cons but daren’t speak out for fear of losing my job, and I really need the money.”

Rolling onto my back causing his soft cock to fall out of my ass, along with some of his seed, I looked into his eyes and could see that he was serious about the governor.

“Tell me more about your hatred for the governor,” I said. “And why you need the money so bad.”

“Can I trust you Julez?” Matt asked. “After all you still don’t know whether to trust me.”

“If we can help each other then yes you can trust me,” I said. “But cross me and you will find out just why I got put in here in the first place.”

“Okay Julez it’s a deal.”

(Finally the wait is over! I apologize for the months of disappointment, but I wanted to make this extra special – and I tend to ramble for pages on end, sorry! – and now I have accomplished that task! OC 4 is here to stay, and I hope it lives up to your expectations! As always, I love comments, questions, and interesting tidbits so express yourself~ Thank you so much for the feedback for the previous chapters as well, they convinced me to keep writing when I feared I was wasting my time.

PS, just to note, no matter how much unprotected sex these two lovey dovey idiots have, this is a fantastical relationship where the omniscient master of the universe, i.e., me, has deemed them both clean and healthy adult males. This is not the case in the real world―safe sex is important so use those love gloves!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Marshall’s phone went off at exactly five-thirty am, beeping obnoxiously on Kyle’s dresser. Marshall moaned unhappily and snuggled closer to Kyle’s chest. He curled against Kyle’s warmth before his eyes flew wide and he tensed. It took a second to remember where he was, but when everything from the night before settled in, he relaxed back into Kyle’s arms. It felt odd, scooting closer when before he would have run screaming. Odd, but good. He liked the smooth, firm skin and the hint of muscle beneath his touch, and especially Kyle’s warm hands tightening around him, compressing his chest.

“Marshall what the fuck is that sound?” Came the sound of a groggy, very pissed off Kyle. Marshall was smart enough not to laugh, and tried to pull away. Kyle held on and dug in his nails.

“It’s my alarm. I have to get into the office early to finish the work we ditched out on yesterday.”He croaked, clearing his throat at the dry scratch building up. I promised the boss I would deliver our work on his desk by eight am.”Kyle groaned loudly and cracked open an eyelid.

“Why in the hell would you do that?” He grumbled, sitting up slowly. Marshall pushed him back down and Kyle retaliated, shoving his hand away and fixing Marshall with a glare. Marshall, fearing his life, raised his hands in defeat and sat up, scooting out of the way.

“You don’t have to do anything, don’t worry. I’ve got it.”He explained, trying to placate Kyle – obviously not a morning person – who looked as though he was fighting to keep from throttling him. Kyle raised an eyebrow and ran a hand through his completely insane bedhead.

“How’d you pull that off? And for that matter, why didn’t I get a call about taking off early?”Kyle asked, sticking his feet over the edge of the bed and standing up. If you don’t shut off that damn alarm I’m going to throw your phone out the window.”Marshall rolled his eyes and hopped out of bed to deal with the offending phone.

“I saw that.”Kyle growled. Marshall resisted commenting and continued on the original question.

“I told him you got food poisoning and that I had to drive you home. He seemed to believe it, but he probably didn’t really care.”Marshall shrugged. “He said we have to be there today, though, or you better find a doctor’s note, fast.”Kyle ignored him and headed into the bathroom for his morning piss, not pausing to close the door.

After last night, apparently boundaries were over. Speaking of which…he felt some unusual discomfort in awkward places, and the realization of it made him blush―and other, less appropriate reactions.

“Just go back to bed, I’ve got it.”Marshall called, rooting around for his pants. He sighed. He had to stop back home to grab fresh clothes, otherwise their colleagues might get curious about his outfit.

“I don’t need you to do my homework for me like I’m incapable of doing my own job.”Kyle called, but Marshall didn’t hear irritation in his voice, just honesty. That surprised him; he’d expected much more of a fight.

“I’m not trying to baby you, fuck. I’m just going into the office to get everything done. Besides, you did most of the work yesterday anyway.

“I’m going with you. Get over it.”Kyle announced, strolling out of the bathroom and heading toward the closet. Marshall winced, already regretting telling Kyle exactly what he was doing.

“I―uh…”He stammered, worrying his lip.

“What now?”Kyle sounded exasperated now as he bent over to dig for underwear. Marshall blushed and tried not to stare. Too much.

“Well…I won’t, uh, be able to concentrate with you, you know, there.”He finished lamely. Kyle turned around and snorted loudly, crossing his arms and leaning back on his dresser.

“Oh, I see. Do I get you all riled up?”Kyle teased, strolling over buck naked and rubbing up against him. Marshall swallowed the moan and stepped back, glaring.

“Yes. You do. Now can I go before you end up ruining my already dirty clothes?”He grumbled. Kyle laughed.

“Don’t you mean before you ruin them? I’m not the one rock hard and leaking.”Kyle pointed at the growing wet spot and Marshall groaned loudly, turning away as he hid the red heat creeping up his neck.

“Shut up. I’ll see you…later.”Marshall headed quickly to the door, accompanied by Kyle’s raucous laughter.

Halfway to the door Marshall cursed.

“What’s wrong now?”Kyle called.

Why? Fuck, why didn’t I just drive over here? Marshall slumped against the wall near the door, taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly. He’s never going to let me get my work done now.

“Hello, earth to Marshall. Did you forget how to find the front door?”Kyle asked, stepping into the hallway and waving his hand in front of Marshall’s face. I’d assumed you’ve been here enough to figure that out all by yourself.

“It’s not that.”Marshall griped, cracking open his eyes to glare at Kyle, who grinned.

“Don’t be embarrassed now, it happens to us all. Just go straight. The door’s hard to miss, it’s one with a deadbolt on it.

“No, jackass. I forgot I took a cab to get here.”Kyle blinked, processing the information. His lips stretched taut and he burst out laughing, gesturing toward the bedroom as he held his chest.

“Let me get dressed and we’ll carpool.”He slipped back into the dim room, and Marshall sighed.

“You don’t have to do that. Really, I can just call a cab.”He tried, but he knew Kyle wouldn’t let him off the hook that easy.

“They take too long. I’m driving you.”Apparently that was that. Marshall resigned himself to an unproductive morning and followed.

Why was it that Kyle constantly bent over in the nude, displaying such a view for poor Marshall, who wasn’t sure if he should be drooling or covering his eyes. He had to admit, the former sounded much more satisfying. Then a flash of gray caught Marshall’s eye.

“You mentioned you had more tattoos. I still haven’t gotten a good look at them, you know.”Marshall stepped closer, reaching his hand out. Unfortunately Kyle heard him coming and turned, looking over his shoulder as he pulled up his slacks.

“I may have. Too bad you scheduled us to work almost four hours early.”

“Without pay.”Marshall added with irritation.”And I didn’t schedule you, ‘re just too damn stubborn to let me handle it.”Kyle grinned and shucked on a white button up, donning a navy blue tie. Too soon, Kyle was fully dressed and ushering Marshall out the door.

“We have to stop at my place.” Marshall sighed dejectedly. Kyle beamed.

“Ooh, taking me home huh? Damn, I forgot my toothbrush.”Marshall really didn’t want Kyle to see his place. Not because he had doubts “no, he gave up denial ” but because his apartment was shit compared to Kyle’s pristine two bedroom-with-a-pool not so humble abode.

Like he needed more reasons to feel inadequate.

Of course the drive home took no time at all. Kyle wasn’t an imbecile paying forty bucks for a cab to scan every street, and Marshall was giving him detailed directions.

He’d know exactly how to get to Marshall’s to surprise him at all hours. Marshall couldn’t tell if the shivering was from anticipation or fear.

“This is where you live?”Marshall regarded the dingy apartment building with distaste and a hint of shame, so he went for sarcastic douche.

“No, I live in a building the next town over. This is a rouse so you can’t follow me home tonight.”Kyle smacked his shoulder. Yes, this is Crapsville.”He looked over at Kyle with near nonexistent hope.

“Any chance you’ll wait here while I get ready?

“And miss my chance to see where you live? I think not.”Kyle parked at a meter and hopped out to feed the machine.

Of course not. Gotta go with whatever will torment me the most as usual. Marshall trudged away from the car, only sort of hoping Kyle would be too busy to follow behind. No such luck. Kyle looped an arm through Marshall’s from behind and sidled up to him, bumping their hips.

Okay, where to?” He beamed. Seriously, how was he so damn excited? Am I really this giddy to see Kyle’s place? Marshall wondered. when I first arrived at Kyle’s house, I was terrified. Then again, his house is like a mini mansion.

“Elevator. Unless you like walking up seven flights of stairs.” Kyle tapped his chin.

“Mm, nah. Maybe next time. We’ve got work to do.”Marshall resisted the urge to correct e”to I” He’d begun to learn when Kyle decided something, no amount of arguing would change his mind.

At least the elevator ride wasn’t painful, though Marshall blushed as he thought about the last time they had shared an elevator ride. From Kyle’s grin Marshall figured he wasn’t the only one reminiscing.

Thankfully six in the morning meant none of Marshall’s neighbors were up to heckle Marshall’s bringing a man home. Kyle would probably preen at the attention and jump into Marshall’s arms demanding he be carried over the threshold like a newly wedded bride. Marshall grinned at the thought as he unlocked the door.

“What are you so chipper about?”Kyle asked, pressing his lips to Marshall’s ear. Marshall shuddered, missing the keyhole and scratching the wooden door.

“Just thinking.”Marshall dodged.

“About?”Kyle prompted. “With a smile that big it’s got to be a juicy little tidbit.”Marshall succeeded in opening the front door and ducked inside, not responding. Some thoughts were too dangerous to share with Kyle. Either he’d be offended or he’d love the idea and decide to rouse all the neighbors to make it happen right then and there. Both options were terrifying.

Unfortunately, distracting Kyle with his shitty apartment wasn’t much better. He halted just inside the door, cringing. At least it wasn’t messy. The ugly green couch and pathetic 18″ television looked like the meager pickings of the world’s worst garage sale. The tacky three-legged coffee table completed the crappy, barely furnished living room. He didn’t want to even think about the threadbare kitchen.

“Uh…you can…hang out here I guess.”Marshall babbled. Shit, why did Kyle have to come upstairs? Why did his place have to look so pathetic?

Marshall nearly jumped out of his skin when Kyle laid a hand on his shoulder.

“You’re not going to give me a tour of your bedroom? How very rude of you.” Marshall didn’t comment. He reached up to touch Kyle’s hand with light, slightly trembling fingers. He led the way to the bedroom, sucking in a nervous breath when he released Kyle’s hand and pulled away from his touch, heading toward the closet.

“Make yourself at home, if that’s even possible.”He called, muttering the last part only to himself. He heard the springs of the mattress squeal and rolled his eyes, smile turning up at the edges of his mouth. Of course Kyle’s attention focused on the bed.

“I’m digging this bed. Though the frame could use a little more handholds. I’m sure with a bit of rope we can fix that.”Marshall laughed.

“I’m glad you’re turning my bed into a bondage lover’s wet dream, but I’m pretty sure your bed is plenty prepared. Let’s leave my poor bed as it is, shall we?”He called, tossing his rumpled shirt and hunting down the least-wrinkled, work appropriate shirt he could find. He really needed to do some laundry…or at least buy an iron.

“It never hurts to plan ahead.”Kyle replied. The bed yowled again and Marshall turned to see Kyle approaching.

“Put that down.”Kyle ordered, stepping into the tiny closet, with virtually no breathing room between them. Marshall bit his lip.

“Kyle, just give me a minute to get ready.”He mumbled, suddenly losing interest in his shitty apartment and the impending workload of the day. Kyle raised an eyebrow and pulled the shirt from Marshall’s pliable hands. Marshall’s mouth went dry and he licked his lips.

“That’s what I’m trying to help with. You need to look professional you know. Now get out of the closet and let me work.”Kyle grinned and Marshall gulped apprehensively.

Why did he always turn to putty at Kyle’s confident smile?

* * *

Kyle was enjoying Marshall’s plight a little too much.

“Nope, nevermind. Try the gold one again.”Kyle dictated. Emphasis on dick.

“Are you kidding? It looks ridiculous.” Marshall glared. Kyle shrugged and folded his arms across his chest.


“Come on, Kyle. I’m not wearing that.”Marshall threw the stupid gold tie to the ground. “The only reason I own it is because my Nana is blind and decided I needed new ties for work.”Kyle’s eyes lit up.

“Do I have to withhold sex over a tie?”He asked, cocking an eyebrow.”Besides, think of how happy it would make your Nana. Maybe we’ll send her a picture of you wearing it, I bet it’ll make her year.

“Did I mention she’s blind? She won’t be able to see it.”But Kyle’s guilt trip was working on him. Marshall decided he’d go visit her sometime that weekend. Staring at the ugly tie, he bit his lip. I’m only considering it for Nana, swore. Not because of sex. He sighed.

Okay, so it’s kind of about the sex. But mostly about Nana!

“Fine. I’ll wear the damn thing.”Marshall picked up the poor, abused tie, refusing to look up at Kyle. “For Nana.”He added unnecessarily.

“Uh huh.” Damn that Kyle. Must he always be so patronizing? Marshall didn’t reply, instead he popped the collar of his shirt and slipped the gold tie around his neck. As he tightened the slip of cloth he imagined he was donning a noose.

Why the hell did he turn into a corporate monkey again? Oh yeah, because he didn’t have any skills.

Kyle suddenly appeared in front of him, straightening the tie and buttoning up his suit jacket. Marshall had the perfect view of those hazel eyes, green flecks glinting, almost hidden in the dark brown depths of Kyle’s irises. Maybe he didn’t need to resign himself to the gallows just yet.

“Ready Marshall?”Marshall shook his head, blinking up into Kyle’s amused gaze.

“I was ready before.”He complained. I tied it just fine, you’re just anal.”Kyle’s lips twitched.

“I’m going to let that one go. You make mocking so easy it’s not even fun anymore.”Kyle’s hand tightened around his lapel and he leaned in close.”Back to my original point. Do you consider my ability to straighten ties sexy?”Marshall’s eyebrows furrowed.

“No, and your assumption that you’re some kind of sex god during every banal activity you perform isn’t as alluring as you think it is.”Kyle chuckled.

“I wasn’t looking for an ego boost, idiot.”He patted Marshall’s shoulder and stepped back. Your dick was jabbing my leg the entire time I was fixing your tie.”Marshall blanched, dropping his hands to cover his groin which was, indeed, hard as a rock.

“Dammit!”He groaned, turning away. What was with Kyle and his innate ability to turn Marshall into a horny teenager? Kyle laughed and grabbed Marshall’s arm, dragging him around until their eyes met.

“Would you calm down? I don’t care how many times you pop a boner on my leg. I take it as a compliment.”Kyle winked. I know my rugged good looks are hard to resist.”Marshall rolled his eyes, but a smile grew on his face.

“You’re so full of yourself. What makes you think I was getting excited for you?”Marshall questioned. “Maybe I was thinking about something else.”Kyle shook his head, badly hiding a smirk.

“Oh really. Pray tell, what were you thinking about?”Clearly Marshall should have thought his plan out a little better. His mouth opened but no words came out. He’d been thinking about Kyle’s eyes, but he couldn’t say that, not without being teased for acting like a girl. His face lit up, neck flushed red.

“Well, not you that’s for sure.”He muttered, unable to think up an excuse. “Whatever, let’s go or we’re not going to have time to get our work done.”Marshall stepped around Kyle and snagged his shoes, sitting on the edge of the bed to pull them on.

“You know what, you’re right. That tie looks ridiculous. Shall I grab the green one instead?”Marshall shot Kyle a glare and went to work lacing his dress shoes up.

“Too damn bad, I’m already wearing this one.”He snapped, standing. “We’ve got too much to do rather than look for the ugliest tie to irritate me with.”He flicked the light off and exited the bedroom, grabbing his keys and waiting by the front door.

“Hurry up.”He called. Kyle followed behind slowly, standing just inside the apartment.

“You really want to work that badly?”Kyle asked.

“No, but I don’t want to get fired either.”He replied. Kyle tilted his head and pursed his lips.

“Why don’t you find a better job? You’re not exactly sticking around for the pay, we make jack shit.”Marshall shrugged.

“It’s a job and I need the money. And I don’t exactly have useful skills. Or a degree. At least I make more than a waiter.”He responded. Marshall waved his hand, ushering Kyle out. Now will you hurry it up?”Kyle threw up his hands in surrender and stepped over the threshold. Marshall quickly locked up and they headed to the elevator.

“I don’t know how you stand working there. I despised it on day one.”Kyle exclaimed conversationally. Their shoulders brushed together and Marshall shivered visibly.

“It’s not so bad. A bit tedious, but I’m good at my job and that’s enough for me. Crappy apartment and all.”Kyle smiled wistfully.

“The only thing I’ll miss is groping you in the break room.”Kyle teased.

“You don’t grope me enough outside of work?”Marshall replied dryly. “Hey, you mentioned putting in your two weeks. When did you do that?” Marshall asked. The elevator dinged and they headed for the door of the lobby.

“Yeah, technically it was a month notice. I gave my resignation offer that first night together, I just asked to stick around until after our project ended. I thought it would be a bit immature to quit and leave you scrambling to get things done.

“So you quit because of…”Marshall winced at the realization. Kyle nudged his shoulder.

“It was more than that. The purpose of this job was to get into character. With you around I no longer focused on my act. Once I lost focus, this job was only wasting my time. Even if you had begged for more, I would have quit.”Kyle explained.

“Shit, I hope I didn’t screw everything up for you too much.”Marshall apologized, though Kyle brushed off his words with a flip of his fingers.

“I accomplished the experiment, if a little earlier than anticipated. Didn’t I just say I would have quit either way?”Kyle reached down to lace their fingers together. “Stop freaking. I consider you my unexpected bonus for being such an amazing actor.”Kyle winked.

“Ever humble, aren’t you?”Marshall quipped.

“Always.”Kyle laughed. Marshall followed Kyle to his car and got in without comment. He didn’t feel like taking his own car, sue him.

Driving to work wasn’t as painful as he’d expected. Sure, he already had doubts about what he’d done the night before, but by that point he couldn’t deny reality any longer. Kyle’s hand on his leg kind of made that point clear. Then again, so did Marshall’s hand on top of Kyle’s lacing their fingers together.

He was gay. For Kyle. Very, very, gay. And apparently a bottom. He did not like remembering Kyle explaining the term last night, with an obnoxiously smug grin, that Marshall was now his bitch. Marshall knew he was just joking to torment him, but that was besides the point.

He really wanted Kyle. And…he hadn’t thought about the situation fully until now. Were they dating? A casual fling? A quick fuck? Dammit, already the questions were blotting out all thought. He really hoped Kyle could concentrate better, since he’d most likely be no help whatsoever…

“Marshall, wake up.”Kyle’s voice startled him, and Marshall tightened his hand on Kyle’s, eyes searching around frantically. “Relax, I was just going to tell you we’re here.”Kyle gave him a smile and disappeared out the door.

When he started tapping on the window impatiently, Marshall decided Kyle was never allowed to carpool with him again. Marshall huffed and opened the door, and they made their way through the building toward their usual suite.

The trip didn’t take long, but having Kyle beside him made everything more tense, even the accidental brush of their fingers sent spikes of cold down his spine, reminding him just where he spent the night, and exactly what he’d rather be doing compared to working. Of course, Kyle liked to remind him constantly.

He’d reverted to introverted freak through the hallway, ducking his head and hiding behind Marshall’s shoulder, even though there wasn’t a single other person in the building. And he certainly just had to grope Marshall’s ass as he stepped into the suite.

“Dammit Kyle! Just one day. One day without you violating me would be nice.”Marshall commented. Kyle tipped up his chin and grinned. You are such an attention whore, I swear.”Marshall smirked, slipping into the seat on the far corner.

Kyle failed at suppressing a grin, pulling up a seat dangerously close to Marshall as he did.

“Fuck off and hand me my briefcase.”Kyle demanded in that tone he used when he wanted to get his way. Marshall fought a grin himself and silently pushed it over. He enjoyed the view he got of Kyle stretching forward to grab his property, and blushed when Kyle caught him in the act.

“Take your fill now, we’ve got work to do.”Kyle grinned and went straight to work. Marshall stared for a second longer before clicking his own briefcase open and digging out the enormous stack of papers he had to rush through.

Out of nowhere he felt Kyle’s hand graze up his thigh. He jumped and let out a faintly girlish yelp. Kyle chuckled.

“Hey! Keep your hands off me, how the hell am I supposed to do my work if you’re molesting me all the time?”He glared. Kyle squeezed his leg roughly before letting go and going back to work.

But every once in a while Kyle would do it again, and after the fourth squeeze Marshall realized Kyle was trying to keep him aroused. He huffed loudly and scooted his chair away. Kyle rolled his eyes.

“Geez, and here I was trying to make your work more enjoyable.”Marshall ignored the comment and went back to reading the same sentence a sixth time. Today was going to be damn impossible to get through.

* * *

“Fuck, there’s no way we’re finishing all of this in two hours.’ Marshall groaned, staring at the daunting stack. Kyle waved his hand dismissively.

“We’ll get it done.”Kyle responded, unperturbed by Marshall’s outburst or the never ending stack of paperwork. Already Kyle was on his third file.

“How the hell do you work so quickly?”Marshall wondered aloud. Kyle smirked.

“I don’t stop to ask a thousand questions. Or stare at you incessantly, for that matter.”Marshall looked away.

Fair point. He admitted to himself, though he wouldn’t dare say so out loud. Marshall distracted himself by going back to work. Unfortunately every time he looked up Kyle was grinning broadly at him. Somehow Kyle’s stack dwindled twice as fast as Marshall’s, and when they had no more than half an hour left, Kyle had finished the stack and started on Marshall’s half.

With Kyle’s help they managed to finish with five minutes to spare.

“Thanks.”Marshall begrudgingly admitted. Kyle had the gall to take a bow.

“Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week.”Kyle joked.

“Oh shut up.”Marshall chuckled. I guess we better get started on today’s work.”Marshall sighed, though Kyle stood up abruptly, placing his hand on Marshall’s arm.

“No, I think we deserve a coffee break. Come on.”Marshall groaned.

“Kyle, we have enough to do without wasting more time.”Marshall complained.

“It’ll be fine. Besides, I’m dying of thirst.”Kyle pulled him harder and Marshall stood with a good bout of negative commentary. Kyle opened the door and ushered Marshall out, following behind. When Marshall reached the break room he was glad, he actually was starving. And coffee sounded pretty damn good too, stale or otherwise.

“Want me to pour you a cup?”Marshall asked over his shoulder, grabbing a pair of mugs.

“Um, y-yes pl-please.”The weak response had Marshall turning on his heel.

“Kyle would you stop–” Marshall came up short as he caught sight of Aaron, who instantly engulfed him in a hug.

“It’s been forever Marsh! Still yelling at poor Kyle I see.” Marshall groaned inwardly. Aaron finally released him and turned to look at Kyle.

“I hope he’s not making too much of an ass of himself.”Kyle’s face flared red and he backed up against the wall.

“N-n-no, he-he’s b-b-b–”Kyle winced and ducked his eyes, shrinking in on himself. Aaron laughed.

“Relax, kid. Marshall is all bark, no bite.”Aaron slapped Kyle’s arm roughly and Kyle gasped. Marshall’s eyes narrowed.

“Aaron, do you need anything in particular? We have work to do, you know.”Marshall gestured toward Kyle, who cringed against the door again and turned away. Aaron frowned, eyebrows furrowing as he stared at Marshall.

“Just wanted to catch up. Maybe another time.”He shrugged. I’ll give you a call. See you, Ky. Try not to hurt yourself.”Aaron shoved him lightly on the arm and Marshall gritted his teeth, resisting the urge to yell. Marshall reached over to grab Kyle’s hand, squeezing it. Kyle raised an eyebrow.

You know I’m not really intimidated by that tool, right?” Kyle asked. Marshall dropped his eyes and let Kyle go.

“I know.”He grunted, heading back to the coffee pot. He poured two cups, appetite lost, and turned on his heel.

“Let’s go.”He grumped. Kyle squeezed his ass as he walked away and Marshall yelped, jumping in surprise. Luckily he didn’t slop coffee down himself, though he was close. Kyle had gone back to pathetic nerd by the time Marshall turned around, but Marshall was sure he heard Kyle chuckle.

Damn him. Every time. He has to grope me every time we’re at work!

* * *

The day went by slow, much too slow for Marshall’s taste. Of course, Kyle made it particularly excruciating by not only working more than twice as fast, but also hindering Marshall every couple of minutes with violations and double entendres(Marshall could never figure out if Kyle meant them or not). How he possibly kept his erection the entire day could be explained by Kyle’s mere presence.

And oh goodie, Kyle was also driving Marshall home. In reality, he liked having Kyle around. But that didn’t necessarily mean Kyle needed to know that.

“So, back to my place?”Kyle asked out of the blue as they drove down the rain-saturated asphalt. Marshall’s head whipped around. I know how much you enjoyed it last night.”Kyle winked, turning his attention back to the road. Marshall’s mouth opened but he couldn’t utter a word, though his mind screamed ‘Yes, yes, dear god yes!’ stamped out his thoughts and squeezed his eyes shut, looking away.

“I―I don’t have clothes for tomorrow.”He mumbled. He didn’t want to look completely , though with his cock hard as a rock against his leg, keeping his head seemed pointless. Kyle laughed.

“I was just kidding. You really are easily flustered.”Marshall tried not to look disappointed. He kept his eyes on the streets they drove through. Surprisingly, they were already halfway to Marshall’s.

Marshall realized Kyle hadn’t planned to bring him home no matter what he’d replied with. That bothered him, much to his chagrin. The rest of the drive passed in silence, and soon Kyle pulled up to the apartment building.

“See you tomorrow.”Kyle patted his leg and waited expectantly. Marshall hesitated, hand on the door handle.

“Want to come up for a bit?”Marshall asked. He instantly regretted the offer.

Stupid, so stupid! He just teased me about coming over, he obviously doesn’t want to deal with me any longer. Marshall berated himself silently. He tensed, preparing for rejection. From a man. God, what is wrong with me? I need to stop acting like such a damn girl!

“Sure.” Kyle’s response shocked Marshall into silence. “I assumed you wanted a bit of time to yourself.” Marshall shook his head.

“No, I mean…I, I don’t know, enjoy your company. Or whatever.”Marshall waved his hands in exasperation. Kyle smirked but said nothing about Marshall’s word malfunction.

“I guess I better park somewhere. Don’t want to get towed.”Marshall nodded and kept his eyes averted.

Shit, how am I supposed to entertain him now? My place is shit and I don’t even have booze! Marshall continued to mentally kick himself all the way up the elevator to the door, and the long tense moment when Marshall dropped the keys at the door and Kyle picked them up, opening the door himself.

“Where do you want these?”Kyle shook the key chain before Marshall’s face. Marshall mutely pointed toward the kitchen counter. He turned his back to lock up, taking a steadying breath.

“Are you going to wear those clothes all night?”Kyle asked, making Marshall jump and turn around, panicked.

“What?”Marshall yelped, clearing his throat when his voice cracked like a prepubescent teen.

“Your work clothes? They can’t be comfortable.”Kyle clarified.”Aren’t you going to put on something less corporate monkey?”Kyle’s eyebrow shot up at Marshall’s look of understanding. His quirked lip felt patronizing, and Marshall fought a blush under Kyle’s gaze.

“Oh,”Marshall breathed, I though you meant―yeah, be right back.”Marshall took off for the bedroom, pretending he didn’t hear Kyle’s laughter as he closed the door.

Marshall collapsed against the door, taking another deep, shaky breath. What was he thinking? Kyle was sitting on his crappy couch in his crappy apartment expecting Marshall to be engaging and interesting. How the hell was he going to pull that off?

Not by hiding out in the bedroom like a coward, he reminded himself with disgust. He quickly unbuttoned his jacket and shirt, tossing the fabric toward the laundry basket in the corner and worked to unbuckle his belt as he headed to the closet.

Marshall refused to fret over clothes like a girl, so he threw on the first t-shirt he could find, which turned out to be an awful, tattered Tony the Tiger shirt he’d won five years ago with a frayed hem and a torn neckline. He cringed and considered pulling it off, but refused, reminding himself that he wasn’t trying to dress up for Kyle. A pair of faded, low-slung jeans completed his broke-ass loser grunge look.

Marshall finally braved the living room, where Kyle relaxed on the couch with his feet up, jacket hung neatly on the edge of the coffee table, white button up halfway undone and sleeves loosely rolled up to his elbows. The tie was tossed over the jacket and Marshall gulped as he stared at Kyle’s smooth chest peeking from beneath the clean white shirt.

How the hell does he look so god damned perfect all the time? Marshall gaped. Kyle looked up at him with that lazy grin.

Marshall couldn’t remember what he was going to say or do. He just stared, blinking slowly. Kyle raised an eyebrow.

“I see you’ve made yourself comfortable.”He quipped. Marshall found his tongue “stuck to the roof of his dry mouth.

“You too.”Witless but at least not speechless.

“I figured you’d approve of the casual look.”Marshall scoffed, rolling his eyes.

“Oh yes, please grace me with your perfectly toned pecs.”Kyle laughed and sat up, and Marshall struggled not to stare.

“Are you going to join me or what?”Kyle asked, scooting over and patting the worn green cushion.

“No.”Marshall shook his head. He covered his amusement at Kyle’s confused expression and held out his hand.

“Come on. We’re going.”Kyle reached for his hand and Marshall pulled him to his feet.

“We just got here, what could we possibly have to do?”Marshall ignored him and led him out the door, pausing only to grab his keys and lock up.

“This isn’t very hospitable of you, inviting me upstairs and not even letting me get to first base.” Kyle mock complained, slinging his arm around Marshall’s waist, who scoffed loudly at the comment.

“Forcing you to hang around my shitty apartment isn’t very hospitable.”They stepped into the elevator and Marshall pushed the button absentmindedly. He looked over at Kyle, looking so sexily disheveled with his hair raked back from his face, and gulped.

Just do it. He ordered himself. He leaned forward and kissed Kyle gingerly, a soft peck of the lips. When he pulled back he turned his face away.

“There. First base, happy?”Marshall retorted. Kyle responded by grabbing Marshall’s face and capturing his parted lips with a very forward tongue. Marshall’s hands instinctively rushed to Kyle’s hair, tangling in the mass of loose curls and dragging his lips impossibly closer.

The elevator chimed and an angry sounding woman coughed loudly. Blushing fiercely, Marshall pulled away and met the stare of a terrifying matron and two dewy-eyed kids.

“Sorry.”Marshall apologized. He towed Kyle behind him as he escaped the elevator for the lobby. The woman harrumphed at their departure.

Kyle squeezed their fingers together and tugged, demanding Marshall’s attention as they disappeared through the entrance door.

“Why are you apologizing?”Marshall licked his lips and looked away, toward the sidewalk.

“She seemed upset, and we were making a scene. I do recall you fondling something pretty inappropriate for underage viewers.”Kyle snorted.

“And? We’re grown men exercising our right to heavy petting in empty elevators.”Kyle jabbed him in the ribs.

“Alright. I’ll stop apologizing for your very unconventional ability to scar little children.

“Ha ha. Very funny. You started it that time.”Marshall had no snappy comeback prepared for that slice of truth. Marshall brusquely gripped Kyle’s hand and dragged him down the street rather than commenting.

“Marshall where are you dragging me off to?”Kyle demanded.

“For a walk, unless the uppity actor has a problem with using his legs.”

“Does this walk have a particular destination?”Kyle sped up, gripping Marshall’s hand tight, and walking beside him instead of being towed behind.

“Yeah.”Marshall responded curtly.


“Well what?”

“Fuck Marshall, just answer the damn question.”Kyle snapped.

“I thought you liked surprises.”Marshall grinned.

“This isn’t a surprise, it’s an arduous trek in the drizzling rain with a psychotic man taking the lead.”Marshall laughed and slowed as they approached their destination.

“You’re a bit of an anal nut-bag aren’t you?”Marshall looked at Kyle with a wicked grin.”And a bit hypocritical, coming from the seemingly schizophrenic actor boy.”Kyle laughed quietly.

“Touche.”Kyle sighed. “Fine, you’re not a complete psycho. Now where are we going?”Marshall pointed to the dingy building in front of them.

“Since I don’t have booze of my own, I figured you might enjoy a drink, and maybe get to know each other a little better since we’re…”He motioned between them, unsure how to describe it.

“Gay lovers? Butt buddies? Fuck friends?”Kyle supplied. Marshall cringed and slapped his free hand over Kyle’s mouth, who subsequently opened his mouth and slobbered everywhere.

“Fuck!”Marshall yelled. “Very mature.”He grumbled.

“I try.”Kyle smirked. Now, shall we?”

Finding a decent spot in the grubby bar proved surprisingly easy. Marshall picked out a corner booth and plopped down, and a lovely blonde appeared to take their order. She was quick, and thankfully didn’t stare at them like a freak show. Not that they were but…well, Marshall still didn’t know what to do with himself every time Kyle grabbed his hand and sat in his lap in public. He wasn’t even sure what Kyle wanted from him for that matter.

Marshall played with his ice water and glanced over at Kyle.

“Hey Kyle?” Marshall coughed to clear his throat. Kyle looked up from his lager with interest.

“How much of this is fake?”He asked. Kyle raised an eyebrow. “The act at work.”He elucidated. Kyle shrugged, leaning back in his chair.

“Most of it.”Kyle replied. He lifted the glasses from his face and slipped them into a case from his pocket. “These, for instance. Just a prop. The stutter, obviously.

“Your friendship with Clara?”Marshall prompted. He had wondered since that day in the cafe just how honest Kyle was with her. Kyle paused, swirling the bottle in his grip.

“That’s complicated.”He responded vaguely.

“How much does she know?”He tried again, nonchalantly sipping his water as he watched Kyle over the rim of the glass.

“Nothing.”Kyle’s one word answer surprised Marshall. He’d assumed she knew something, the way she spoke to him seemed more like close friends than a random girl at work.

“Are you really even her friend? Did it bother you at all making her cry the way you did or was she just a pawn in your game?”Kyle’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Of course I care. Do you honestly think I’m such an awful person that I’d disregard her feelings so easily?”

“Then why continue lying to her?”He pushed. “Why not tell her the truth.”Kyle turned away, glaring at the empty bar, and exhaled sharply. Marshall said nothing further and soon Kyle’s eyes closed and he stopped choking the neck of the beer bottle, setting it down blindly onto the table.

“And admit everything about me is a lie?”He asked quietly.”Besides, my last day isn’t for another week. I can’t keep slipping up.”He took a long drought of liquor and rolled his shoulders.

“It’s better for everyone if I just cut ties and get out of her life.

“She really cares about you.”Marshall muttered, reaching over to take Kyle’s hand. Kyle flipped his hand over, palm up, and laced their fingers together, rubbing Marshall’s wrist with his thumb.

“I know. That’s why I can’t tell her. It’ll only make things worse.”Marshall wasn’t convinced, no matter how much Kyle seemed to be.

“I’m sure she’ll understand.”Kyle laughed mirthlessly, shaking his head and looking away, toward the nearest window to his right.

“Yeah, right.”Hearing such honest words in such a resigned tone surprised Marshall. He really did have feelings for Clara “platonic ones, otherwise Marshall sure as hell wouldn’t be advocating their continued relationship.

“You never know until you try.”Marshall pointed out, though he knew it was virtually useless.

“I think it’s time for a subject change.”Kyle turned back to Marshall and fixed him with his steely gaze. Marshall sighed, but there was nothing he could do to change Kyle’s mind.

“Fine. Can I keep asking questions?”He tried. Kyle continued to stare for another moment before he relented.

“Alright. But nothing about Clara, got it?”Marshall nodded, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. Marshall bit his lip, considering. What to ask, what to ask…Marshall’s eyes drifted down, studying Kyle(and ignoring Kyle’s bemused look and the quirked eyebrow meaning there were either dirty things running through his mind…or dangerous things) before finding himself fixating on Kyle’s hands.

“Is there a reason you always hide those?”Marshall pointed at Kyle’s covered wrists, where the red tattoos lay waiting. Kyle’s silence and proceeding blank stare made Marshall smirk. Looks like Kyle wasn’t the only one with the ability to render people speechless.

Then again, all Kyle had to do was take off his clothes.

“You mean my tattoos?”He lifted a wrist and held it palm up, staring at the slight red edging his sleeve. His eyes flicked to Marshall. “That’s what you want to ask me about?

“You said anything not involving Clara. Your tattoos are interesting, but confusing too.”Marshall tentatively reached out, pausing and looking up at Kyle nervously before gripping his arm with loose fingers, pushing up the sleeve. He traced the red curves and black paths with a faint smile.

“They’re amazing. But you’re always covering them up. At work, when we grab food…”He looked up to find Kyle’s gaze again.”Are you embarrassed by them, or do you just not like them?

“None of the above.”Kyle tossed his head, throwing the hair falling into his eyes over his shoulder, and turned his hand to take Marshall’s. “They didn’t fit the character of computer geek. I hid them to disappear and become someone else. The nerdy, four-eyed, stuttering Kyle doesn’t have tattoos, would be terrified of them.”He tipped his head, eyes losing focus as he thought.

“Do you always create characters of yourself when you’re working on a production?”Marshall questioned, squeezing Kyle’s hand.

“Usually, though this is the first time I’ve tried something so extensive to keep in character. This play isn’t all that huge, so I figured I could explore the character and make my own quirks without ruining the entire play “or getting replaced for someone with less of a brain and more of a ‘monkey see monkey do’ attitude.”Kyle shrugged, pulling back his hand. Marshall hesitated before pulling back himself, resting his hands uselessly on his lap. There they fidgeted, rubbing, scratching, flexing. When did he get so needy that he craved Kyle’s touch?

“What else have you played?”Marshall couldn’t stop the flow of questions. Finally, a peek into the inner workings of the mysterious actor boy-slash-boyfriend!

“Hmm. I did a stint with Chicago, more of a backup dancer and an understudy than anything. Roger in Rent, though it wasn’t the huge Broadway spectacle, and I had to bleach my hair blond “and I do not look all that great blond “and a few other plays here and there.”Kyle shrugged. “Too many were either silent parts or cookie-cutter bad guy parts. I’ve lived through too many death scenes to count.”Kyle smiled wryly. “Roger was my first real character, less trigger happy, more relate-able.”Kyle’s eyes dimmed, and he stared toward the window, thoughts swirling so fast Marshall could almost see him sifting through his life in quick glimpses.

“As much as I loved the big production and the infamy, the praise…I wanted a character more outside the box, one that really felt like I was doing something more than posing and glaring. I guess that’s why this project was such a big deal. If I can make it here, if I can become a character completely unlike myself seamlessly…maybe I have more of a future in this than pirouettes in the background.”Marshall wanted to reach out again, but resisted. Kyle had always been so confident, so put together. Always in control. After the big career reveal, Marshall couldn’t even imagine how Kyle found the ability to play his shy persona, much less take on the personality full time.

Unfortunately, the problem with actors was they made it difficult to know what’s real and what’s fiction. Should Marshall try to comfort or reassure him? Would he just grin back cheekily and roll his eyes, saying no shit Sherlock? Or would he break down and cry?

Who was Kyle, really, and would Marshall ever know the truth?

“How am I supposed to know who you are when you can’t seem to find yourself through all the characters?”Marshall asked aloud, not really thinking until Kyle’s eyes clouded over and he turned away.

“I never said I didn’t know who I am.”His jaw tightened and Marshall could see the tension in the lines of his face. Marshall sighed. Damn, he really did need to learn to think before he spoke.

“How could I tell if you do or don’t? You’re an actor for Christ’s sake. All you do is hide behind a mask.”Marshall needed to stop speaking. Immediately.

“I already told you, I’m not hiding. I’m not fake, it’s just a character.”Kyle’s voice dropped, carefully controlled and revealing nothing, but Marshall could still see the tension in his shoulders, and the way his neck flexed from his clenched teeth.

“Then why are you falling into that stupid emotionless thing you do?”Marshall demanded, suddenly angry at the return of the blank mask. “Do you really think I can trust you when you can just turn everything off at the blink of an eye? All the time you change, like the flip of a switch, and you’re someone else. Which Kyle am I dating? Who am I going to bed with practically every night?”Marshall’s face heated at the admission in such a public place, and so loud, but he ignored the feeling and fixated on Kyle’s face, his blank mask.

The mask it seemed he never took off. Kyle glared at him, but his face was still tightly controlled, eyes the only part of him revealing the conflicting thoughts inside.

“If you can’t handle all of me, then don’t try being with just one side.”He pushed his chair back roughly and stood. “They may be characters but that doesn’t mean they’re not still a part of me in some way.”

“I don’t care about the different characters, or any of that shit. I just don’t understand why you shut me out when things become difficult.”Marshall stood with him, closing the distance by circling the table and grabbing Kyle’s arm. Kyle started to resist, pulling, but it was a weak effort with no real force behind it.

“I’m not…”Kyle sighed, dropping all pretense of escaping and turning to face Marshall. If I were shutting you out I wouldn’t be here.”He stared seriously into Marshall’s eyes, who didn’t know what to say or how to act. He hadn’t expected to broach another hot spot. And all this from an offhanded comment about tattoos.

“Do you always go for every touchy subject or is your mouth just so disconnected from your brain you can’t comprehend the stupidity of your questions?”Kyle asked. Instead of arguing or pushing again, Marshall laughed quietly, letting Kyle go. He sighed and sank back into his chair. He wasn’t looking for a fight. He hadn’t been trying, and he really did to get his mouth a filter.

“Can we just assume it’s the ladder and forget the entire conversation?”Marshall asked, gesturing for Kyle to sit down and hoping he actually acquiesced. After a few moments’ hesitation, Kyle did end up sitting. He shook his head, mouth upturned in a humorless smile.

“How about we make a rule that you’re no longer allowed to ask questions and I’m no longer allowed to listen to you babble?”Marshall rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, that’s not a biased deal, not at all.”He scoffed, small smile stretching his lips. I’ll try for easier subjects next time.

“Like the weather and stock trades?”Kyle supplied. Marshall kicked his shin under the table.

“No, asshole, like when’s the opening show, or do I need to bring roses or lilies to give you as a bouquet?”This time Kyle kicked him back, but he laughed in amusement.

“Lilies are for funerals, so avoid those. And don’t get those shitty cheap roses at Walmart, get them from a real florist. They’ll last longer.”Marshall smiled and leaned forward, grabbing Kyle’s neck and pulling him in for a kiss. Kyle allowed it for only a second before pulling back and smacking Marshall’s hand away.

“Only I get to start public affections, and besides that was much too pg. We should go for groping or public indecency.”Marshall laughed outright and caught Kyle’s hand, holding it firm. At least Kyle didn’t pull away.

“You mentioned earlier…”Marshall started. Kyle sighed and tried to let go. Marshall tightened his hold.

“What did I mention earlier?”He asked, voice laced with irritation. Marshall ignored the tone and smirked.

“You dance?”His eyes lit up and the smile widened. “Like…ballerina, Swan Lake dancing?”Marshall couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought of Kyle in a blush colored leotard. Kyle’s face lightened considerably and he dug his nails into Marshall’s palm.

“Yes I dance, no I’m not a ballerina, and it takes a lot more work than you’re implying.”He retorted smartly.

“Oh really? Do you have to bring your own tutu or do they supply a one size fits all stock there?”Kyle smacked his hand and pulled away, folding his arms across his chest, but his face still shone with amusement.

“I don’t wear tutus, I wear sweats. Stop imagining me in skirts or I’ll put you in one.”He smirked. “Keep mocking me and I’ll have to teach you a lesson.”

“Oh, I’m so scared.”Marshall winked, hoping he would get punished.

Preferably in the bedroom.

Kyle’s expression promised retribution, and Marshall’s heart crashed against his sternum. Who knew he’d get so nervous and excited by a single look?

“I swear, I’ve never met a man so eager to be abused.”Kyle grinned, sipping his liquor with lidded eyes. It’s like you actually want to see how far I’ll go.”Kyle muttered around the bottle, and Marshall dropped his eyes to the table, swirling the ice in his glass with shaking hands.

“Maybe I do.”He replied quietly. And his words rang true. After their kinky spank fest, Kyle had yet to really get to the physical part of their relationship “or whatever the hell their tryst was considered. In fact, the most they ended up doing was some inappropriate groping in the elevators and some heavy make-out sessions in Kyle’s car before being dropped off.

Marshall had never felt so built up with need, and that was coming from a man who went through most of college without more than two hook-ups and one three month long relationship. Not that he made it out with a degree, mind you. Rather, he dropped out Junior year after changing majors six times and wasting a good fifty grand on school tuition.

Partially the reason behind his lack of money―and lack of higher paying career offers.

Kyle didn’t speak, merely watched him, eyes searching Marshall’s. Marshall, for his part, blushed every time he looked up, hoping Kyle’s attention would be somewhere else and always finding himself the center of attention.

“Wh-whatever. Nevermind.”Marshall waved offhandedly and looked for the waitress, attempting to flag her down. Maybe an impartial party could change the subject―but could he really afford twelve dollar nachos just for the distraction?

“Marshall.”He looked back at Kyle instinctively, and instantly regretted it. Kyle looked serious, which wasn’t a usual look, and that automatically put Marshall on edge. I don’t understand you sometimes.”He sighed, setting the beer down and folding his hands on the edge of the table.

“You come at me with this ‘holy shit I can’t do this gay thing’ for weeks, and now you’re asking me to throw down all my kink on the table for you to see?”He asked, nibbling his lip. “Do you actually want this or are you trying to be tough and pretend you don’t care what I do because you’re a ‘man’?”He asked, eyes never leaving Marshall’s, who gulped audibly and felt thankful for the dim lighting covering his reddened face.

“It’s not―I’m not pretending, I just…”Marshall sighed and gripped his knees hard enough to draw blood, digging in his nails to avoid hitting things―or trying to drag Kyle onto the table for a way too public make-out scene. I don’t know what this is. I don’t know what you expect from me, either.”Both legs quickly grew numb from his death grip, but he couldn’t let go without feeling as if he was letting go of his sanity too.

“I don’t know how to act. I told you before, I’ve never been―interested in a man, and I meant it. But more than that it’s not like I’ve been hooking up every weekend with random chicks either. I didn’t do relationships before all of this started, and hell, I’m not even sure if this is what dating looks like.”He raked his hands through his hair, unable to feel his thighs other than the painful pinpricks of blood rushing back to his veins, before quickly returning his nails into the crescent-shaped indents in his thighs. “So forgive me if I sound stupid but I have no fucking clue what I should do next, if I’m supposed to put out after our first date “not that this is a date, you know what I mean.”Marshall groaned.

“I give up. Just tell me what I’m supposed to do here. Please, I’m completely at a loss.”Marshall pleaded, eyes locked with Kyle’s and trying not to flinch away from that damned blank mask, which just had to make its appearance again at any sign of meaningful conversation.

“You expect me to walk you through a gay relationship―in the middle of a shit bar with at least a dozen patrons loitering around us?”Kyle asked, surprising Marshall―especially with the still very intact expression of carefully controlled emotions on his face. He leaned forward, hands still folded over themselves on the bare, unvarnished table beneath. You can barely hold my hand in front of Clara without panicking and trying to pull away.”

Marshall groaned and thumped his hands onto the table, no longer able to keep them clenched to his jeans. “What the hell do you expect me to do Kyle? I can’t help it. I avoided an actual relationship with a woman for this exact reason.” He glared, snatching up his water and gulping just to give his mouth something to do rather than spout out dangerous comments. Kyle exhaled slowly, his knuckles tight with tension though the rest of his form looked particularly indifferent.

“I don’t expect anything from you, and that’s the problem.”Kyle admitted. “This isn’t easy for me either. I don’t like having to walk around with a paranoid homophobic prick glaring at everyone that walks within fifty feet of us.

“I’m trying!”Marshall half rose in his seat. He took a sharp breath and slowly sat, trying to ignore the stares of confusion around them thanks to his particularly loud outburst. I’m trying to do this, dammit. But every time I really try you slam up a wall or you stare at me like I’m an idiot.

“You are an idiot.”Kyle pointed out, and Marshall flipped him off with a grunt.

“Clever.”Marshall snapped. “This is exactly my point. I want to try, but you have to throw me a bone, dammit. I don’t expect you to take my hand and show me the world, but giving me a break once in a while would be appreciated.”

“Give you a break? Like ignoring the fact that you want me to stay in the closet with you? Or welcoming you into my home even when you’re twitching and searching the walls for chains and torture devices?”Kyle growled back, sloshing his lager in his haste to shove it out of the way. I give you break after break; I have yet to punch you in the face for insulting me every time I turn around.

“I keep telling you I’m trying. So I’m nervous in the bedroom, I just tried to show you I was willing to give anything you’ve got a shot.”He retorted. Kyle tensed, and Marshall gulped, assuming he hit another damn sensitive spot. Did he need a filter or did Kyle need to see a therapist about mood swings?

“You’d do anything just to prove you’re ‘trying’.”Kyle stated matter-of-factly, rather than in the form of a question. But Marshall nodded anyway, jaw tight with tension and head tilted just enough that he didn’t have to look Kyle directly in the eye. “So if I said let’s go back to your place and I’ll show you my kinky surprises you’d just automatically agree and follow me out.

Marshall pointedly stood up. After a second’s hesitation, obvious in the nervous flick in his eyes as he looked at Kyle and the room, he held out his hand. Kyle stared at the outstretched appendage for a full thirty seconds, unblinking, before sighing in resignation and taking it. His grip felt firm and his hands, surprisingly gentle on occasion, held on and twisted their fingers together, squeezing.

“Fine. But the second you insult me or pull away I walk.”Kyle grunted. Marshall glared.

“Seriously, after all this you want to walk away because I’m a bit skittish in the sack? If that were true for everyone I’d still be a virgin.”Marshall muttered in exasperation, rolling his eyes. Kyle snorted loudly.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you still are.”Marshall dug his nails into Kyle’s hand and practically dragged him out the door of the seedy bar, though he knew Kyle allowed it because damn he was one strong fucker. He led the way with a sure gait, though his heart thumped apprehensively and he was breathing much heavier than the short walk should have instigated. Kyle, as always, handled uncertain situations with silence and a steady, narrow stare straight ahead, without a single word to make him feel better.

As they stopped at a main street waiting for the light to change, Marshall stepped closer to Kyle and ducked his head, twisting Kyle’s hand closer in his palm and pressing it against his side. Kyle looked up with a question in his eyes and Marshall shrugged, nodding his head toward the gaggle of University students gabbing and tittering like a bunch of noisy pigeons begging for crumbs.

The group hardly noticed them, but Marshall didn’t care if they didn’t have the center of attention. He wanted to prove to Kyle – to himself – that he was more than just a pathetic man unable to grow a pair and do what he’d been craving for hours. He leaned over and kissed Kyle firmly on the lips, his own mouth still a bit unyielding from nervousness, though he tried to ignore it as he breathed in the scent of alcohol and coconut shampoo, and the slight scratching on his chin where their faces touched and Kyle’s less than perfectly manicured facial fur started to prickle. Marshall smirked into the kiss, parting his lips slowly. Had Kyle been so busy rushing to Marshall’s house to be the carpooling king that he’d started to put off important things like personal hygiene and shaving?

How interesting.

Marshall’s lips morphed around Kyle’s, and his free hand found the small of Kyle’s back, pulling him in for a deeper kiss. Kyle sighed and pulled back, looking up at him with amusement and a hint of smugness.

“We missed the red light, idiot.”Marshall grinned when he looked up and saw the students halfway down the block.

“So? I was enjoying myself.”Marshall’s mouth widened and he crushed his lips to Kyle’s again, pulling him closer with a hand to his neck. Kyle smacked his side and pulled away, though his other hand was still wound tight with Marshall’s.

“Come on moron, we’ll have more privacy and time at your place. Let’s go before we miss the light again.”He towed Marshall behind him and they raced across the street, though they had plenty of time to cross. By the time they made it to Marshall’s apartment building, they were both breathless and grinning, though he never would have admitted he was more breathless from excitement than exhaustion. Just before they opened the door, Kyle pulled on their entwined hands and cocked his head.

“Oh and Marshall?”He asked, turning to look at his very impatient lover, who merely gruffed a weird man-sound in reply. “Who said this wasn’t a date?”Marshall blinked.

“Well…”He paused, biting his lip and considering.

“Because I do recall you asking me to come with you, and I consider that a very informal invitation.”Kyle smirked.”By the way, next time if you don’t bring me to a fancy restaurant and buy me flowers I’ll kick your ass for being a cheap date.”Marshall laughed.

“Oh really? So you’re the bitch in the relationship? Does that mean I get to be on top?”Marshall winked. Kyle punched him “lightly ” and they headed through the front door.

“Yeah, that’s never going to happen. You can’t resist being my bitch, Honeybuns.“Kyle laughed, and Marshall joined him, for once not searching everywhere for witnesses to their tightly wound hands or their very close proximity. Not to mention their swollen lips.

“You know,”Marshall started when the elevator opened “thankfully vacant of any older matrons and underage ears, “If you keep using that nickname I won’t be able to resist retaliating with Schnookums.”He grinned and scrambled back to avoid Kyle’s murderous hands.

“Stop saying that!”Kyle growled, stalking him into a corner and pinning Marshall’s hands to the elevator walls. Marshall didn’t fight, just gnawed his lip and watched Kyle with apprehensive eyes―and an unsurprising lump of arousal in his trousers.

“What? It’s a meaningful nickname. It means I care doesn’t it?”Marshall faked a grin, though he knew Kyle saw right through it.”Besides, Honeybuns is just as bad.

“No it’s not, at least Honeybuns compliments your assets. Schnookums is just to piss me off.”Marshall couldn’t argue that point, and didn’t even try as he surrendered to Kyle’s frustration and―was that an arising pronouncement of manhood demanding his attention? Marshall gulped, suddenly dying for the stupid elevator door to open on their floor.

Their floor. Didn’t Marshall mean his floor? He shook his head slowly, dropping his eyes to Kyle’s lips, traveling to his neck.

“Maybe I like you riled up.”He muttered under his breath, knowing Kyle could hear his every word perfectly whilst standing not two inches away.

“You are insane. Here I thought it was just me being paranoid, but you really are insane.”Kyle breathed, still unable to unlatch his claws from Marshall’s palms. The elevator dinged and the door slid open. Momentarily distracted, Marshall slipped from Kyle’s grip and dashed to the door. Kyle followed a split second later, pinning him to the wall two feet from the door. He bore down, face inches from Marshall’s and crushing himself into Marshall completely.

“Stop begging me to hurt you, or I will.”He growled, their lips barely touching as he spoke. Marshall lifted his chin to get closer but Kyle pulled back. I mean it. If you keep this up…I can’t promise I’ll be able to stop myself if you freak out on me, and I won’t apologize for not holding back either.”

Marshall blatantly stared back in determination, eyes alight with need. “Kyle even if you tried to walk away I’d chase you down and drag you back, I don’t give a damn how much stronger you are thanks to your girly pirouettes.” He punctuated the last few words with a rough kiss, ignoring the brutal grip of Kyle’s hands on his skin as he did. “Just because I might get nervous doesn’t mean I want you to stop.” Marshall caught Kyle’s widened eyes once more.

“Whatever happens, I don’t want you to stop. So shut the fuck up and get to my apartment so I can rip off your clothes and you can do to me whatever you please.”His chin tipped higher, this time in retaliation to Kyle’s unspoken argument. It was painfully clear Kyle didn’t believe him, no matter what he said about trusting Kyle “but that merely meant Marshall had to convince him, and there are plenty of creative ways to get Kyle to understand, right?

Marshall didn’t expect an answer, so he dutifully maneuvered his fingers around Kyle’s and pushed. Surprisingly, Kyle didn’t force him back into the wall. Inch by painful inch, Marshall stepped away from the rough stucco digging into his shoulder-blades, though he didn’t relinquish even the slightest amount of closeness between them.

“Kyle. Believe what you want, but I want this, and if I have to throw you over my shoulder kicking and screaming and go all neanderthal on your ass, I will.”With that he tightened his own hold on Kyle’s tensed hands and dragged him to the door, barely pausing to dig his keys from his pocket and unlock the door. At least this time he had the grace not to drop the key-chain in his nervousness.

As soon as the door opened wide, Marshall made a beeline for the bedroom. Only Kyle had the presence of mind to lock the front door before following along. When they reached the bedroom, Marshall immediately turned and latched his hand into a fistful of Kyle’s shirt, tugging at the buttons quickly and efficiently until he could shove the offending fabric away from Kyle’s smooth, pale skin. Marshall released Kyle’s fingers and ran his hands over Kyle’s torso, starting from his collar bones to trace down to his hip bones, and right back up. They delved behind his shoulders and onto his back, lightly running blunt nails over the exposed skin and the tightly wound muscle beneath. Kyle had yet to move, and there wasn’t a visible motion indicating he even breathed.

Marshall was determined to prove he wanted Kyle in every sense of the word. He didn’t even hesitate when he dropped to his knees and plucked at the belt holding the whisper thin slacks to Kyle’s well built thighs. He didn’t pause to unbutton or unzip, he just dragged the fabric down Kyle’s slim hips and pushed them and the boxers beneath to the ground. From his position, he looked up at Kyle with burning eyes. Without looking away, his hand slipped from Kyle’s knee to the base of his erection, gripping it firmly and pulling it closer. As his breath whispered across the tip, breezing over the slit and bringing forth a dollop of precum, Kyle leaned down to catch his chin.

“Don’t.”He groaned, and Marshall licked his lips at the sight of Kyle so breathless, so close to losing control. Marshall had never seen the man do so much as piss without it being on a strict schedule, and yet with Marshall poised to devour, he looked completely at a loss, and his eyes screamed with an overwhelming need he couldn’t reign in to save his life.

“Why not?”He asked, making sure to lean closer even as Kyle tried to push him away. Thankfully, the angle was all wrong for Kyle to shove him away, and he wasn’t really trying, anyway.

“I don’t need your pity. And I sure as hell don’t need you to blow me just to prove a point.”Kyle rasped, trying to step back. He only succeeded in cornering himself against the bed and nearly toppling backward. Marshall dug his nails deep into Kyle’s thigh, and his hand wrapped very possessively around Kyle’s manhood squeezed in retaliation.

“Fuck you.”He punctuated. Kyle’s eyebrows tightened together. I’m not doing this out of fucking pity. Do you really think if I didn’t want your dick this close to my face I would be on my knees for you?”He demanded. Marshall pulled Kyle closer with his vice grip on the shaft and Kyle stifled a sound caught between a moan and a whimper.

“What do you not understand? I want you, Kyle. I want to taste you, I want you inside me, and I want to wake up to you in my bed every fucking morning.”He growled. Now shut the hell up and let me suck your damn cock or I swear I’ll squeeze you until you collapse, do you understand me?”Kyle balked, but had no time to respond. Marshall didn’t hesitate for a second; his mouth descended on the head of Kyle’s cock and sucked hard, lapping in wide circles over the surprisingly yielding flesh. He could feel Kyle’s body tighten and looked back up to his face, tipped back in a silent scream. Both hands fell to his sides, as if Kyle could no longer find the energy to hold them up.

Marshall would have smirked if his mouth wasn’t full. With eyes locked on Kyle’s expression, he pushed further forward, lapping at the underside of Kyle’s dick as he sucked another inch into his mouth. Licking everywhere, he let the cock nearly slip from his lips, sucking on the very tip and burrowing his tongue into the slit before gripping Kyle’s ass with his unoccupied hand to push the hot slab of meat deeper into his lips. He made sure his tongue licked at every millimeter of skin, twisting his head slightly to each side at every bob, and when he had nearly half of Kyle’s thick cock in his mouth, he felt the head press against his throat.

Only panicking for a split second, Marshall pulled back. Kyle moaned harshly through his tightly clenched teeth and a hand reached down to grip Marshall’s hair, tangling tight into the tendrils and holding him there. But Marshall refused to be told what to do, even silently, and dug his nails into Kyle’s ass, forcing him closer and allowing the head to press against his throat again. After a half breath, he swallowed―and quickly pulled back, sputtering. The grip in his hair tightened and a keening sound emanated from Kyle’s lips, dragging him off roughly, though Marshall managed to suck one last time, licking over the slit to catch the tangy droplets already gathering.

“Dammit, Marshall.”Kyle groaned, heaving and pushing Marshall away, who quickly leaned forward for another taste. The fingers in his hair felt like an iron grip as they held him away. “Stop that already.”He breathed, raking his free hand through his damp ringlets.

“I don’t want to. Can’t you–”Marshall started.

“Shut up, and let me speak.”Kyle collapsed on the bed behind him and scooted further onto the mattress, to keep Marshall’s face a safe distance away. The hand in his hair moved to cover his eyes, and Kyle sighed. I have no idea what you’re trying to prove. I never asked you to blow me, I never even asked you to take me to the bedroom. Hell, Marshall, I didn’t think I’d ever live through this situation in a thousand years.”

“I don’t care that you didn’t ask me. It’s my choice, and I am going to do as I please, damn you.”Marshall growled.”Again, another fucking wall. Will you ever let me in?”He demanded, standing and folding his arms across his chest.

“There is no wall.”Kyle snapped, leaning up on his elbows, careful to keep his knees pulled up and close together, deterring any wayward hands.

“Bullshit.”Marshall retorted, glaring pointedly at Kyle’s legs and hidden arousal. Kyle huffed angrily and sat all the way up, grabbing Marshall by the shirt and practically throwing him onto the bed. He quickly climbed on top of Marshall and tore at the shirt beneath his hands, popping a few buttons in his haste.

“You want in?”Kyle demanded, dragging his nails down Marshall’s chest to the waist of his jeans. A breathless yes,”escaped Marshall’s lips as he rose his hips to meet Kyle’s naked skin and hands, which tore off the jeans as quickly as they had the shirt, though with a few less tears. Marshall’s hands lay slack beside him, and his eyes closed, finally breathing in relief. To be touched by Kyle, to touch him, that’s all Marshall wanted. He’d ached for weeks, needing the closeness again. Intimate gropings in dark hallways weren’t satisfying. He needed to feel Kyle again; his chest had been tightly constricted since the last time they lay naked together, but it loosened at Kyle’s hands digging into his boxers and ripping them from his legs.

Kyle closed the distance between them and pressed himself flush against Marshall, lining their cocks up against each other and pausing. Marshall’s hands flew to Kyle’s neck and wrapped tightly around it, pulling Kyle closer.

“Please.”Marshall whispered when Kyle resisted, hovering inches above Marshall’s lips. Air ghosted across Marshall’s face as Kyle exhaled slowly, and Marshall tightened his hold, trying to bring their lips together.

“Marshall…”Kyle breathed, and Marshall dug his nails into tender skin, causing Kyle to hiss and squeeze his eyes closed. Pressing his advantage, Marshall bucked upward into Kyle’s groin and groaned when their cocks rubbed together, tip to shaft, and slipped apart. He whined and dug his nails in again, tipping his chin up and parting his lips.

With his eyelids tightly squeezed together, heart racing, and breath caught in his throat, Marshall melted at the soft touch of Kyle’s lips to his. Marshall’s entire body gave way to Kyle’s touch, the heat rolling off of them in waves. Marshall pressed upward and kissed Kyle hard, lips parted and tongue forcing its way in, delving for Kyle’s evasive tongue. They both moaned when their bodies shuddered, and Kyle wiggled his hand between them, capturing both cocks and squeezing them together.

In seconds his fingers were slick with precum from each formidably leaking erection, and the smooth, tight glide of their cocks together had them gasping. Marshall jolted with every thrust, and Kyle bucked against him, grinding downward as his hand stroked faster, twisting at the base of their cocks and tightening almost painfully around their cock heads. Kyle pulled away first to utter a nearly inaudible moan, and Marshall’s head fell back as his own vocals joined in, quickly overtaking Kyle’s tightly controlled sounds. The feeling was unbelievable, and his dick felt so sensitive, enslaved by Kyle’s hand and willing to do anything for more friction. As if reading Marshall’s mind, Kyle’s fingers rolled over their shafts and twisted upward, picking up speed as their uncontrollable moans filled the room.

“F-fuck, I―ah, I can’t–”Marshall whined, cut off by Kyle’s forceful lips. He moaned into Kyle’s open mouth and let go, hands sliding down Kyle’s neck to grip his hips and drag him downward. Kyle swallowed the moan as Marshall shuddered, cock pulsing with his heartbeat, and the orgasm reached its peak. Cum spurted in huge globs, covering the hand still wrapped tightly around them and making their stomachs sticky and wet with more than just sweat. Kyle released Marshall’s mouth and dropped his face into Marshall’s neck, biting deep into the tender skin as Marshall felt warm loads of cum joining his own and pooling on his stomach and chest.

They exploded for nearly a minute together, Marshall gasping as his heart rate attempted to slow, the last drops of cum leaking from the tip and mingling with Kyle’s, who shot another two loads before finally collapsing onto Marshall, breathing ragged and body completely limp. Together they lay unmoving, and Marshall wouldn’t have been able to form a complete sentence, or even a single syllable as he closed his eyes and sucked in breath after satisfied breath.

Marshall had had sex before, a number of times. He’d been with a few women, but no one had ever, ever caused him so much pleasure, so much unbelievable sensation, without so much of an inch of penetration―into any orifice. And all Marshall could think was finally, over and over. Slowly, his hands began to trace Kyle’s shoulder blades, dipping down his spine and splaying over his lower back. Marshall traced unidentifiable patterns into Kyle’s skin as he stared at his closed eyelids.

For the first time in a very long time, Marshall was happy. Elated, in fact. And satisfied. He could feel nothing but warmth in his chest, on his chest, and against his already deflating manhood. His arms formed a loose circle around Kyle’s waist and he sighed contentedly, pressing his cheek against Kyle’s. Time no longer felt as if it were passing. They merely existed, and Marshall was nearly unconscious when he heard a soft sound against his ear.

“What?”He whispered, groggy, and throat dry and scratching with effort.

“Why?”Kyle asked again, voice soft and almost unrecognizable.

“Why did I cum? I thought you’d be arrogantly lording it over my head.”Which I wouldn’t have minded, thought to himself, but didn’t voice aloud.

“You know what I mean.”Kyle griped, and Marshall’s chest rumbled with silent laughter.

“Because I wanted to. Because feeling you against me–”He blushed, thankful Kyle couldn’t see him. Kyle leaned up on his elbows, staring down at Marshall with blatant confusion.

“The first time I touched you, you ran away. You practically screamed rape in my face and spat on me.”Kyle wasn’t one for subtlety, and Marshall groaned, rolling his eyes. “Seriously. Why are you doing this?”Marshall leaned up on his own elbows, rucking their chests against each other “and he made a mental note to shower after their little ‘talk’.

“I’m guessing my previous answer was inadequate.”He grumbled, looking up at Kyle with a resigned expression. “Let me try another approach.”He sat up and Kyle backed away, kneeling over him until Marshall gently pushed him into a sitting position across from him on the bed.

“Ever since that first night, I’ve been dreaming about you. Fantasizing.”He didn’t drop his eyes from Kyle, though he really, really wanted to.”After our kink fest, the fantasizing completely took over every waking thought. All I could think about was to get you close again.”He shrugged helplessly. “When you touch me, I just―can’t seem to do anything but beg for more. I can’t say I ever imagined I’d turn gay and want to suck cock, but that doesn’t mean turning you on and hearing you moan doesn’t make me hard. I want you. All of you.”His blush covered his face and neck and he bit his lip before continuing.

“You still don’t believe me.”He stated rhetorically. At a glance he could tell Kyle’s disbelief hadn’t lessened, not even a bit. “Kyle, ever since that first night I’ve jerked off remembering your hands on me, in me even. I haven’t thought about anyone but you, do you understand? I don’t know how this happened, but it’s not going away.”He gripped Kyle’s shoulders. I’m interested. Hell, more than interested. Obsessed, maybe. Delirious with desire. Aching for–”He was cut off by a hand to his chest and warm lips enveloping his own. Their tongues met as lips parted and mouths widened, and Marshall forgot whatever he was saying in favor of Kyle and his tongue, his hand stroking his chest and grazing over a nipple, their knees brushing against each other as they scrambled closer together.

As abruptly as it came, the kiss ended and Marshall was left wanting all over again.

“You’re right, I don’t believe you. But I figured shutting you up before you go on another hour long lecture was in my best interest.”Kyle smirked, tongue flicking over his lower lip. You know, you kept gabbing on and on about my sadistic games, yet that was probably the most vanilla sex I’ve ever had.”He laughed lightly when Marshall glared and tried to shove him away.

“What? You wanted me to pull out all the stops and all I get is a blowjob for all my trouble?”He rolled out of the way when Marshall threw a pillow at his face. I have to tell you, this has gone down nothing like my real sessions would.”He stilled, and Marshall crouched on the covers, searching for any sign of attack.

“But come over tomorrow. If you’re brave enough, I’ll show you what I can really do.”Kyle’s expression didn’t seem to change, but Marshall knew there was something different there. But he finally managed to reign in his tongue. Sort of. Instead of replying, he pulled Kyle closer and lay back on the bed, kissing him softly. His hand cupped Kyle’s cheek and Kyle wound his own arm over Marshall’s shoulders.

“Fine. But no cuffs.”Marshall replied between kisses, and as Kyle’s laughter died away they closed their eyes, allowing sleep to overtake them, sticky flesh and all.

* * *

“If Clara really matters to you, why won’t you at least invite her to the opening performance?” Marshall tried, unsuccessfully, explaining to Kyle yet again. He placed an arm on Kyle’s shoulder, redirecting him toward their shared office space rather than their old cubicles – the one Marshall had to return to in two days.

Finally the dreaded, yet welcome, day had arrived. Marshall’s chest had been tightly restrained with tension for weeks, knowing it was coming.

Kyle’s last day.

Two measly days away. Kyle said he was relieved, being trapped in his character for weeks on end, but Marshall felt differently. Would things still be the same, sharing coffee and bagels over boring paperwork, taking lunch together downstairs – with Kyle’s continued facade drowning out all normalcy from their lives? Clara had grown increasingly quiet as well. She knew there was more to his departure than meets the eye, but she was smart enough not to confront Kyle again – after that last fiasco, who could blame her?

Yet Kyle avoided all topics of conversation that revolved around revealing the truth.

“We’ve talked about this enough Marshall. If you don’t back off I’ll rescind your ticket, so let it go.”Kyle growled, shoving off Marshall’s hand and stalking toward the office. Marshall rolled his eyes, catching the door before it slammed shut.

“You do realize I can just go purchase my own ticket, right?

“At a hundred-forty a pop?”Kyle retorted. Marshall turned his head and glowered at the white-washed walls.

“Low blow asshole.”He threw his briefcase to the table and prized it open, practically dumping out half the paperwork in one motion.

“You’re the one that keeps bringing up baggage. Drop it and so will I.” Marshall ground his teeth but didn’t comment. Kyle was always the man to use weaknesses against others. He was good at that. In fact, his personal motto must have been the best defense is a good offense.

His football coach would be so proud. Marshall thought, looking over at Kyle’s tawny frame. Even though he wore his fake glasses, he still had the look of a lion on the hunt, the determination glinting in his eyes, the way they flickered with knowledge behind the thick glass. Marshall gulped, for entirely different reasons, and dropped his eyes.

Damn. How does he always do this to me? Even when he’s not speaking he manages to change the topic to sexual tension. Prick.

Marshall tossed the papers around and fidgeted in his seat, ignoring how busy Kyle had gotten and how completely pointless their entire conversation was.

By lunchtime the tension dissipated, and Kyle grinned as they slipped from the suite.

“What’s that terrifying smile for?”Marshall jabbed Kyle’s ribs and resisted the urge to grab his hand. They were at work, he had to remember. He’d yet to come out to the rest of the building.

“Did we just have our first fight?”Kyle teased, obviously joking “sometimes it seemed all they did was argue and grope each other. The hallway was mercifully empty, otherwise Kyle would already be in that annoying perpetually shivering chihuahua routine Marshall despised yet lo―enjoyed to varying degrees.

“Oh, Schnookums, can you ever forgive me?” Marshall put a hand to his chest and pouted, rapidly blinking his eyes. Kyle punched him roughly, running a hand through his hair and shaking his head. The messy loose curls danced about his face, catching in the confines of his glasses. Marshall licked his lips.

“No more of that Schnookums shit, you know how I feel about–” Instantly Kyle drew into himself, hands quivering and lip caught between his teeth. He dropped his eyes and held his sides with both arms, nearly hiding in Marshall’s shadow.

Marshall turned to find Aaron and a few work buddies planted at one of the lunch tables, and Clara waving them over with an ecstatic grin. Kyle blushed nervously and waved a shaking hand, turning his head away from the masses. Marshall withheld a chuckle.

“Your best friend is looking for you. Seems she saved us seats.”Marshall grabbed Kyle’s wrist and pulled him over. Anything to piss Kyle off put Marshall in a fantastic mood.

“Ky-ky!”Clara cooed, hopping from her seat and wrapping her arms around Kyle’s throat, who coughed and tried weakly to pry her off. Marshall grabbed her gently by the forearms and directed her attention to the bench, where he pulled Kyle down to sit with them.

“I missed you dear. Oh, I’m going to hate not seeing you every day!”She practically purred, wrapping herself around his arm and holding tight. Kyle aimed a glare at Marshall before trying to escape her slutty clutches.

“Why don’t you lay off the whiny little nerd and come cuddle with me, Clara? He seems a bit too skittish around you, I doubt he’ll know what to do with a woman’s attentions, much less yours.”Aaron’s condescending voice boomed, filling the lunch room with caustic laughter. The others joined in even as Clara smacked Aaron’s arm.

“Be nice.”She chastised, though she returned her attention to the brute’s tanned biceps. “There’s plenty of me to go around.

“So we heard.”One of the others muttered under their breath. Clara flushed bright red but smiled, turning toward Kyle.

“Do you have any plans for your last day?”She inquired, blinking away the red in her eyes. Kyle’s jaw clenched and from his position a few inches away, Marshall could feel Kyle’s anger. But what came out was nothing short of pure wonder.

“N-n-no, of c-course n-not. I was j-j-just–”Kyle dropped his head and rubbed his neck with a hand, though only Marshall noticed the tinge of irritation in his words. N-nothing sp-special.”He tried again, voice barely above a whisper.

“Sweetie you need a going away party.”Clara announced gleefully. Kyle shook his head, a look of horror spreading across his face, and Marshall couldn’t tell if it was sincere or fake.

But hell, if Marshall wasn’t amused then he had no sense of humor. Though he stifled the laughter he couldn’t help the elation in his face, and unfortunately Kyle spotted it. His eyes narrowed imperceptibly though his eyes stayed on Clara.

“N-no, th-that’s okay, you d-don’t have to…”Kyle mumbled, eyes pleading. Clara would hear none of it.

“Oh, don’t be silly Kyle! We have to do something spectacular, otherwise I’ll feel so very sad. I want to give you something to remember your time here.

“I don’t th-think I’ll e-ever forget th-this place.”He replied, and his lips nearly quirked upward as he caught Marshall’s gaze with intensity.

“Come on Kyle, let her celebrate with you one last time, since you’re not in–”Marshall coughed, trying to cover the groan of pain when Kyle’s fingernails dug into his thigh. “What I meant to say was how about we celebrate at the bar we all first got together? That’s a good a place as any.”Kyle’s nails dug in deeper, but Marshall ignored him, focusing on Clara’s shriek of delight.

“That’s perfect! What a wonderful idea. I’ll reserve a table, bring cake…”She trailed off, grinning happily. “Tonight, nine o’clock. You better be there Kyle, I might not get to see you after you leave.”She pouted so prettily, lip quivering slightly with its subtle shimmer of gloss and large, watery eyes intensified by the thin stroke of dark eyeliner. Kyle sighed and nodded, keeping his eyes firmly on the table. Marshall patted his arm.

“You sit, it’s my turn to buy lunch. I’m sure Clara will keep you company. Oh, and his favorite color this month is yellow.”He grinned and took off without letting Kyle respond.

Sure, he’d be punished soon enough, but that was part of the fun.

* * *

“Marshall, damn you, now I have to deal with her incessant yammering and touchy feely crap all night. You know she gets worse the more liquor she drinks.”Kyle yelled from the closet, where he was spending an inordinate amount of time dressing, though he kept saying he didn’t want to go out.

Then why waste his time looking for something decent to wear, not that he didn’t have a thousand well tailored suits and cashmere sweaters, while Marshall stood in the only pair of nice jeans he owned and a plain long-sleeved gray shirt. Marshall really needed a new wardrobe.

“Kyle, if you don’t hurry your ass up we’re going to be late to your going away party.”Marshall reminded him.”And I gave her the idea because she’s going to miss you and you refuse to keep in touch. She deserves at least one night with you before you put her out of your mind forever.

“You know that’s not–”Kyle started, poking his head from the bedroom and frowning.

“Yeah, yeah. I remember, I just don’t agree with your ridiculous logic.”Marshall grumped, but even through his complaining and irritation with Kyle’s choices, Marshall was still warmed by the sight of Kyle’s eyes rolling and the way his hair fell to one side as Kyle shook his head.

“The point is get dressed and let’s go, prima donna. Fuck, if I knew you’d be such a girl about finding the perfect outfit I would have gone to help Clara set up instead.

“Oh you know you like staring at me in such a state of undress.”Kyle winked, ducking back into the room and shuffling around. Marshall grunted vaguely, glad Kyle couldn’t see his face heating up.”And what do you mean ‘setting up’?

“Nevermind. I don’t want to overwhelm your pretty little head, go back to picking out the perfect party dress.

“First, fuck off.”Kyle replied, to which Marshall laughed. “Second, explain already. What do you mean set up?”He reiterated unnecessarily.

“If you weren’t wasting time you’d already know.”Marshall smirked. Maybe curiosity would urge Kyle to choose a little quicker. Preferably, right at that second.

Kyle stomped from the room, glaring at Marshall in irritation. However, Marshall’s eyes were more focused on his fantastically dressed boyfriend―okay, so the wasted time wasn’t so wasted after all. Kyle was dressed in tight, low slung dark blue jeans and a forest green cashmere sweater that brought out the emerald shards in his hazel eyes. Marshall tried not to stare. Emphasis on tried.

“Close your mouth, you’re getting drool all over the carpet.”Kyle smirked, folding his arms across his chest. Marshall attempted to glare at Kyle(after closing his mouth of course) but found himself distracted by the soft, loose curls hanging in Kyle’s eyes. He reached up to tug a curl between his fingers, pushing it behind Kyle’s ear. Kyle himself had an eyebrow raised and continued to stare at Marshall’s antics silently. Marshall’s fingers drifted past the slight curl and trailed down the soft curls nearly reaching Kyle’s shoulders.

“Didn’t you say something about us being late?”Kyle’s lip quirked. Not that I’m not enjoying the attention.”Marshall cleared his throat and turned away, heading purposefully for the door.

“Yeah, thanks to your need to try on every pair of panties to make sure it matched your lipstick. Let’s go already.”Marshall ignored Kyle’s laughter and trudged down the porch steps, tapping his foot impatiently next to Kyle’s vehicle.

Kyle didn’t speak as he got into the car and started it up, but he didn’t need to. The amused grin said more than Marshall wanted to hear. However, as they sped toward Barney’s, the hole in the wall bar they all got together for the first time all those weeks ago, Kyle became significantly more tense.

Marshall was tempted to say something to make him feel better but nothing came to mind, and Kyle’s caustic remarks turned him off to speaking out. When they finally managed to park on the side of the halfway-to-condemned building, Kyle spoke up.

“We’ll stay for an hour.”At last, words. Just depressing ones. Kyle looked over, reaching out to grip Marshall’s hand firmly. I mean it.”Marshall turned his palm up and squeezed right back.

“Kyle, there’s more to life than your own selfish needs. Now shut the fuck up about ruining Clara’s night. You’re going to get hammered and I’m going to drive your drunk ass home.”Marshall’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

“You can’t be serious.”Kyle’s eyebrow arched severely, questioning.

“Hand me the keys.”Marshall stuck out his free hand and glared meaningfully at Kyle until he sighed.

“You’re a pain in the ass.”he grumbled, dumping the keys into Marshall’s hand. Marshall smiled and tucked them into his pocket.

“I learned it all from you.”He winked.

“Remind me to revoke the next lesson plan.”Marshall chuckled and hopped out, careful to lock the doors with the little button on the key chain. Before they could head inside Kyle grabbed his wrists and tucked Marshall against the wall of the building, kissing him roughly and crushing him against the wall, holding his hands to the freezing cement forcefully.

When he pulled away, Kyle smirked with swollen lips and released him, rubbing his pulse points as he did. Marshall sputtered breathlessly and shook his head, still rucked up against the wall.

“I figured I’d steal a kiss before we head inside to the party of lies.”Kyle patted Marshall’s cheek and turned on his heel.

There was only a subtle hint of pain in Kyle’s eyes. Funny, Marshall knew he was a phenomenal actor…why would he slip up?

Unless he managed to trust Marshall with sincerity. Was Kyle speaking openly to him instead of hiding behind a thousand different masks? Shit. Marshall numbly followed Kyle into the bar, heading toward the table in the back, where the supposed party awaited. The table Marshall had sent Kyle crying to the bathroom from. Had that really happened? Almost two months ago Marshall’s biggest fear was having to sit next to Kyle in the booth. Marshall smiled at the memory.

“Get that look off your face, you hate me remember?”Kyle nudged his arm.

“I never actually hated you.”Marshall countered. I just didn’t trust myself around you.

“No wonder why.”Kyle smirked. Marshall elbowed him roughly.

“After that elevator scene how could you blame me?”Marshall pointed out.

“Which one?”Kyle’s smile turned salacious. Marshall fought the blush and was thankful for the dim lighting of the bar.

“The first one, asshole. You know, when you ordered me to pick up your files then kicked them out of my hands?”Marshall’s voice dropped to a whisper, and Kyle nodded, expression surprisingly gentle yet burning with lust at the same time.

And who said women were the only ones with complicated emotions?

“How could I forget such a first meeting?”He asked just as quietly “they approached Aaron, Clara, and a few more people whose names Marshall wasn’t exactly certain of. “That was the first time I ever broke character, but you were so easily entranced–”Kyle’s reverie ended when Clara yelped and threw herself at him, babbling much too fast and high pitched for Marshall to follow.

Clara dragged a very uncomfortable Kyle to the foray with Marshall following behind, a bemused laugh drifting softly from his lips.

Above the table, a hand-crafted sign reading, “We’ll miss you Kyle!” in big, swooping gold glitter had been hung. Kyle shot a glare back at Marshall before disappearing into his facade, ducking his head and clutching his chest tight. Clara’s arms wrapped possessively around his waist but he had the decency not to push her off. Aaron tromped to Marshall’s side, grinning.

“Feels like years since we last saw each other.”Aaron clapped Marshall on the arm. Marshall sighed inwardly and smiled with no real joy. His eyes watched Kyle’s tense, quivering shoulders intently.

“You haven’t returned my phone calls, what gives?”Aaron questioned, though he was too stupid to figure out why. I’m avoiding you, can’t you take a fucking hint? But instead of causing a ruckus, Marshall shrugged.

“Been busy.”He responded vaguely. Not much time to go out drinking every night.”Aaron laughed as if Marshall made a great joke. Fucking imbecile.

“And here I thought you replaced me with that nerd boy over there.”Aaron’s laugh grated on Marshall’s eardrums, and he resisted the urge to punch Aaron square in the jaw.

“He’s my partner. For the project.”Marshall reminded him.”And I didn’t think you liked him all that much, what are you doing here?”

“I like him more than you do.”Aaron grinned, causing Marshall to wince in embarrassment.”But I’m here for Clara. She’s been giving me the runaround for weeks and I figured with her all torn up by that loser leaving, she’ll be easy pickings.”If Marshall didn’t get away from Aaron quickly that rich prick would be paying thousands in hospital bills.

“She’s not here to fu–”Clara turned and called Marshall over, urging him with a wave of her arm. Kyle sent him a pleading look.

“You know what? I’m going to give Kyle my attention tonight. At least, I’ll try to keep Clara from smothering him. Why don’t you get a drink and take a seat?”Marshall walked off without another word, hands clenched into fists and jaw tight with frustration. Kyle looked grateful as Marshall approached, and Marshall took a slow breath, trying to ease his irritation.

“Clara dear, how about you and I grab some refreshments?”He offered, holding out his hand to her. She giggled and whispered something into Kyle’s ear. He flushed bright red, eyes growing wide. Clara released him with a kiss on his cheek and took Marshall’s hand. Marshall hugged her gently, giving Kyle a wink over his shoulder. Before he turned away he could have sworn he saw Kyle breathe a sigh of relief.

“The banner looks great, Clara.”Marshall praised when they broke apart. She smiled warmly, though her eyes were slightly tinted with pink, and they glittered with moisture.

“Thanks. I spent all day on it.”Marshall couldn’t remember when his disgust became affection, but he was glad for it. Clara was more than she appeared.

Then again, so was Kyle. And me. Marshall watched the floor, deep in thought, as they walked. My best friends knows absolutely nothing about me, my boyfriend is a secret, and I keep finding out how insanely obsessed I’ve become with a man I used to be terrified of.

When did I become so complex?

“Are you going to miss him?” Clara asked. Marshall regarded her teary expression.

“I’m going to miss the mid-morning groping.”Marshall grinned. Stunned to laughter, Clara gripped Marshall’s arm to steady herself.

“Yeah, I’m going to miss him. But I’m also going to spend as much time with him as physically possible.”Clara looked away.

“Kyle’s been avoiding me.”She admitted quietly. “He didn’t even want to be here tonight. I don’t think I’ll see him again once he leaves.”Marshall bit his lip, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

“Clara…”Marshall sighed.

“It’s okay, I know he doesn’t like me all that much.”She dabbed at her eyes surreptitiously.

“No, that’s not it.”Marshall stopped and turned Clara to face him, gripping her shoulders. “He cares about you, I swear.”He took a deep breath. Kyle would forgive him.


“He’s afraid you’ll hate him. He’s…hiding something, and he thinks when you find out that you’ll hate him.“Clara shook her head, disbelieving.

“I could never hate Kyle.”She exclaimed. Marshall smiled gently.

“Look, if Kyle really means that much to you, I’ll risk his wrath to show you he cares. Even if it pisses him off at first. Marshall pulled her closer, dropping his voice as if Kyle was behind them, eavesdropping. “There’s this…something you have to see. A month from now, something huge is going to happen for him. I know he’ll want you there, even if he’s too nervous to ask you.”She watched him with her brows furrowed, lips puckered in thought.

“If it’s going to make him mad at you, you don’t have to do this. I don’t want to upset him.”She looked away. Marshall shook his head.

“You’re not going to upset him, I’m going to upset him. But he deserves it for being an idiot. I’m doing this for both of you.”Clara didn’t look fully convinced but she didn’t argue. “Just make sure you don’t tell him about any of this, not until he sees you that night.”Clara nodded seriously and Marshall smiled at her determination.

“Now let’s get some liquor and get my boyfriend trashed.”Clara laughed and nodded, twining her arm with Marshall’s and tugging him toward the bar-top, ordering up a pitcher and a round of shots to be delivered to their table.

Marshall, coerced into carrying most of the drinks thanks to his ‘manly’ physique, struggled to balance the Tequila shots in one hand and the pitcher of Blue Moon in the other. Thankfully the table wasn’t far, though he did have to avoid Aaron’s grabbing hands trying to steal up all the liquor. Glaring with undisguised animosity, Marshall sloshed the alcohol away and veered right, toward Kyle hunched over the table under the banner.

“T-took you long en-enough.”Kyle muttered under his breath, making sure to keep Clara out of earshot. Marshall set the three shots down and looked pointedly at them. When Kyle didn’t respond, Marshall dropped into the bench beside him, scooting them closer.

“Drink up. I told you we’re not leaving for a while, and not until you’re fully sloshed. Now bottom’s up.”He pushed the shots again and Kyle groaned, but took the first shot surprisingly well. Not even a wince to follow his chaser-free alcohol burn.

“There, happy?”Kyle demanded, and Marshall didn’t respond, just stared at the two leftover shots. Another groan, and Kyle took both in each hand and downed the shots one right after the other.

“I never knew you were such a heavy drinker.”Clara giggled, plopping down in the seat across from them. Kyle froze visibly, eyes wide like deer in headlights, and nearly dropped the glasses to the ground in his haste to get them out of his grasp.

“Don’t tease Clara.”Marshall smiled, covering, and reached out to take the glasses from Kyle’s shaking grip. “I told him he can’t come home until he’s properly drunk. He knows he doesn’t have a choice, right Schn–“Kyle lurched into motion, nearly knocking over the full pitcher and hitting a small box on the table, tossing it over the edge.

“So-s-sorry,”Kyle whimpered, grabbing a handful of napkins and mopping up the spilled beer. His face bloomed with red colors, the blush unfolding down his neck and certainly to his chest. Someday he’s gotta teach me how he blushes on command, he thought in admiration. “I w-w-was ju-just–”Clara took his hands and squeezed them.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. It’s okay to be a little nervous. I know you don’t really like people, and well, these people don’t really know you.”Clara bit her lip, and Marshall wasn’t sure if it was Clara’s hands or Kyle’s that were shaking. “I just wanted to make today special for you.”Kyle stared at her, unblinking, and then sighed, and his tensed shoulders drooped.

“Th-thank y-you.”Kyle whispered, squeezing her fingers and dropping his eyes. “Fo-for the pa-par-party.”He pulled his hands away and twisted them in his lap. Marshall only looked from Kyle’s face for a split second, but he saw Clara fighting tears and holding her chest with white-knuckled fingers.

“I’m going to miss you.”Clara choked out, somehow keeping her hands to herself as she tried not to leak down her cheeks and ruin her makeup.

“I’m going t-to m-m-miss you t-too.”Kyle looked away, and it took everything Marshall had in him not to pull Kyle into his arms and hold him until the pain faded from his eyes. Instead, he opted for the more subtle option.

“Hey now, this is a night to celebrate our friendship. And to give Kyle a goodbye he won’t soon forget.”He patted Kyle’s knee and tried not to flinch when Kyle jolted in surprise, eyes flashing in alarm. Marshall looked away and threw that hand into the air, waving the server laden with shots over.”Both of you drink.”He smiled, and pulled out four shots, two for each.

“What about you?”Clara questioned, eying the clear liquid.

“Designated driver. Besides, this night is for you two. Let me instigate alcohol consumption and play the polite sober boy.”He winked, and Clara giggled lightly, tossing her first shot back and shivering. Her mouth opened as she gasped and her eyelids squeezed together.

“G-got it.”She coughed out the words, and Marshall laughed, turning to Kyle and waiting expectantly. He’d expected the more frustrated of expressions Kyle could create, but instead he found a pensive Kyle looking back at him. He didn’t need to be urged, however. He lifted the shot to his lips and swallowed, downing it and taking a ragged breath. Four shots must not have been easy to stifle without a good cleanser to drown out the raging fire in his esophagus.

“To Kyle.”Clara smiled warmly and raised her shot. Kyle picked up his and, with shaking fingers, toasted.

“To ha-happy memories.”Kyle hiccuped and they downed their drinks with fluid motions, slamming the glasses down and pushing them aside. Another round of shots appeared even before Clara could finish her second shot, and Marshall bit his lip to keep from chuckling as she stared at the daunting row of tequila. Kyle glared over every new shot and soon his eyes began to gloss over just a tad, and his face screwed up every time he choked down the fiery alcohol. When Kyle looked as if he’d cry if he had to force another shot down his throat, Marshall finally allowed him to pause.

“I don’t…don’t need to be drunk.”He grumbled. I am perfectly cap-capable of retaining my―wits.”Kyle coughed rather than stuttered. Marshall couldn’t help but want to grab more tequila; he might never again see Kyle so vulnerable.

“Too late.” Marshall replied, pushing a tall chilled mug of beer toward him. “Not your night, not your choice.” Clara furrowed her brows in confusion but didn’t ask. Finally, she was getting smarter.

“But…” Kyle complained, leaning on his elbow and attempting to look threatening. Marshall made a stern face right back and shifted his eyes toward the beer, narrowing them and making a point to stare at Kyle until he moved. Sighing, Kyle took a slow sip.

“Better?” Kyle demanded, keeping his fingers wrapped around the glass. Marshall grinned, nodding.

“Much better. Keep drinking.” Kyle continued to glower, but dutifully drank up. When the liquor sloshed half empty in the mug, Kyle bumped Marshall’s shoulder.

“Wh-why d’you want me dr-runk?” He hiccuped, leaning against Marshall’s arm and nursing his beer. I don’t e-even like to drink all that much.” Marshall patted Kyle’s knee discretely under the table, eyes flashing around the room to make sure Aaron and the other assholes were busy talking about golf or some other stupid pastime.

“Because you’ve been too damn uptight these past few weeks.” Marshall muttered under his breath, trying not to lean into Kyle’s warm skin and sink into the comforting feeling. Public, Marshall. You’re still in public, he thought to himself, glad he hadn’t had any alcohol. Lowered inhibitions weren’t necessary just then.

“That’s all?” Kyle asked, looking up at him. Marshall’s throat clogged up and he had to smack his jaw closed with the palm of his hand. Kyle’s glistening eyes, lips parted and wet with the condensation from the glass, and his hair rumpled from constant tugging, was the damn hottest thing Marshall had ever seen. He looked so delicate and bashful, and he even had the nerve to lick his lips; was he trying to get mauled in the middle of the bar? Marshall gulped painfully a few times and closed his eyes, turning his head and scooting away just an inch or two until Kyle’s heat stopped burning into his skin.

“That and I figured a drunk Kyle would be less likely to brood and make Clara upset.” Marshall replied tartly, and Kyle dropped his head to Marshall’s shoulder, sighing and closing his eyes. Dammit, how was Marshall supposed to shove him off without coming off like a total ass? Though snuggling in and demanding a steamy make-out session was no more viable.

“I don’t wanna make Clara sad. Too–” Kyle hiccuped again, grabbing Marshall’s arm to keep from falling over. “Too much crying already.” He mumbled. A whimper barely covered by a cough caught Marshall’s attention. He looked across the table, realizing he’d completely forgotten Clara’s presence. She’d stopped at five shots, it seemed, and the others sat in a row on the table. Her eyes were wet and she was biting her lip, but she struggled to tamp it down, her efforts visible even to Marshall’s usually emotionally blind senses. Marshall pressed his hands to Kyle’s sides and scooted him against the wall. The confused, hurt look on Kyle’s face had Marshall flinching but he stood up and motioned for Clara to take his seat.

“Clara dear, would you keep Kyle company while I go wash up and grab us some water to drink?” He asked, and Kyle’s eyes stopped making that awful puppy dog stare. Clara nodded without speaking and settled into the bench. Kyle quickly found his perch leaning on her shoulder, squirming to get comfortable.

“Alright, I’ll be back very soon you two.” Marshall shot a mock glare at Clara. “No funny business.” He softened the joke with a smile and a wink, and she giggled, sounding much more like her flirtatious self.

“I can’t promise anything!” Marshall meandered off, giving the two of them a little time to talk and relax. He knew Kyle didn’t want to give up his friendship with Clara, but the damn moron was too stubborn to just give in and admit the truth. Marshall had hoped the liquor would help but it seemed Kyle only got sleepy. At least he wasn’t complaining at the top of his lungs and screaming abuse for being chained to the bench all night.

Gotta take your wins when you get them, especially in Kyle’s case, Marshall thought to himself. He took a little more time than strictly necessary to grab water and a plate of cheese fries – maybe carbs would wake Kyle up, who knew – and when he returned, the two were in similar positions. Except Clara clutched her ribcage and Kyle was sitting up straighter and glaring daggers at Aaron in the previously unoccupied bench.

“Come on, Clara. Let’s blow this party and head back to my place.”Marshall could hear the slimy sound of Aaron’s voice even from that distance and struggled not to gag. “You don’t need to waste your time with that freak anyway, he’s leaving you.” Marshall arrived just in time to see Kyle open his mouth to verbally abuse Aaron, his hand already up and poised to punch.

“How about you put your libido to rest for once?” Marshall ground out, slamming the plate onto the table and effectively cutting Kyle off. “I don’t recall inviting you into our conversation, but as you can see they’re saying goodbye. So fuck off for a while and go hit on that bimbo waitress instead.” Marshall pointed over his shoulder, since Aaron would bone anything with a beating heart and a skirt for ‘easy access’, toward the rest of the bar. Aaron stared up at Marshall for a moment, surprised, then burst out laughing.

“You always knew how to make a joke.” Aaron chuckled. Fucking moron, rolled his eyes. “But don’t try to cock-block, I have plans for this evening that aren’t going to be interrupted.” Marshall’s jaw set.

“You know what? I don’t care what the hell your plans are. Clara’s busy, and you’re wasting our time.” Marshall snapped. He gripped Aaron’s arm and physically dragged him from the seat, though it worked more because of Aaron’s shock and compliance rather than his own strength. “In fact, come on you two. We’ll take this food to go.”Marshall shoved Aaron from the table and reached out to take Clara’s hand, who wrapped her fingers gratefully around his and stood. Kyle tried standing, stumbling a bit, and managed to right himself at just the last minute. “Help yourself to the shots, Aaron. We won’t be needing them.”

And enjoy getting stuck with the bill you smarmy sociopath, Marshall grinned inwardly. It was a good thing he spent a good amount of time at the bar saying ‘under Aaron Garter’s tab, thanks doll‘. Served him right for making an ass of himself. Aaron stared as they walked away, and Marshall quickly grabbed a to go container to take their fries, though he doubted now they’d ever be eaten.

By the time they made it out of the bar and into the parking lot, Clara was shivering and Kyle had successfully wrapped his arm possessively around Marshall’s arm. Marshall turned toward Clara, face apologetic. She carried her lovely banner and Marshall gently took it from her grasp.

“I’m sorry about that ass hat ruining your party.” Marshall’s eyes narrowed at the memory. I can drop you off at your place if you’d like, I don’t want you drinking and driving.” She nodded and climbed into the back of Kyle’s vehicle. Marshall made sure to set Kyle in an adjacent position in the backseat before buckling himself up and starting the car. Clara gave succinct directions and soon she was waving goodbye from her front yard, after laying a light kiss on Kyle’s cheek and saying she hoped to see him again. The tone in her voice indicated she doubted that would happen any time soon. Poor Clara, Marshall hated seeing her upset over a matter that should have never become a problem.

As Marshall pulled back onto the highway, Kyle climbed into the front seat…using Marshall’s crotch as leverage.

“Kyle what the hell? Vehicle in motion means staying buckled and not flying through the windshield.” Marshall growled, veering slightly to the right after jerking in surprise and nearly scraping a minivan passing by.

“Ss fine,” Kyle reassured him with a slur, buckling up. “Didn’t wanna be alone.” He mumbled, snuggling into the seat and reaching out blindly for Marshall’s hand.

Well, Marshall assumed Kyle groped around for his hand, but that’s certainly not what he found.

“K-Kyle! I’m driving, get your fingers out of there.” Marshall yelped, trying to pry Kyle’s hand from his zipper. The probing fingers ignored him but thankfully Kyle seemed too drunk to figure out how to unbutton the jeans. Instead, he contented himself by petting Marshall’s quickly growing erection through the fabric.

“Shhh,” He mumbled through barely parted lips, eyes peeking through slitted lids.

“I will not be quiet until your hands–ahh, fu –Kyle stop it!” Marshall couldn’t take his hand off the wheel without flying off the road and his other hand was unsuccessful at fixing his problem. Thankfully their exit had arrived and he swerved sharply into the lane, pulling to a stop at the light. Using both hands, he managed to tear Kyle’s hand from his dick and put it back in Kyle’s lap―which did not help, because Kyle was sporting a massive hunk of meat of his own and seemed perfectly content to pull it out to play.

“Will you keep your damn hands out of everyone’s pants until we get home?” Marshall cried, trying not to drool at the sight of his boyfriend jutting proudly from his zipper and leaking profusely. A horn beeped behind him and Marshall struggled to keep his attention on the road as he turned toward Kyle’s cul-de-sac and practically floored it. Why was he so impatient to get home?

Kyle moaned breathlessly like a two dollar whore and Marshall nearly ruined his boxers. Yeah. Now he remembered why. His eyes kept flicking over to Kyle’s hands, slowly slinking up and down the shaft and spending an inordinate amount of time just underneath the head, twisting and tugging. Marshall licked his lips and stared back at the road. Just two more streets. Almost there.

Another moan elicited from Kyle’s mouth and Marshall reached out to grab Kyle’s hands, trying to slow them. Instead, Kyle pulled his hands away and Marshall got a handful of hard dick noticeably slick from attention. He stifled his own moan and pulled his hand away abruptly. Kyle complained loudly with a whine at the back of his throat and went back to touching himself. Marshall blew out a frustrated breath and smacked Kyle’s arm.

“Wait five damn minutes and we’ll be home. You can’t very well hang your cock out for the entire neighborhood to see.”He snapped. Kyle turned his head in a liquid motion and his lips curved in a smile.

“Why not? I bet they’d enjoy the show.” He replied, the ‘s’ coming out with more of a sssss than it required. His sultry eyes took in Marshall’s tightened groin and grinned wider. “You seem to.”

“Quiet, you. It’s not my fault you’re so blitzed you can’t keep your hands off your dick.” Marshall snapped(though truth be told, Marshall was indeed the culprit for Kyle’s overly drunken follies), glad it was too dark to see his blush. He couldn’t help being completely and utterly turned on by Kyle’s skilled hands and the way his mouth kept opening to cry out in arousal. The fact that they hadn’t driven headfirst into someone’s house from his lack of attention was quite impressive.

“Why?” Kyle asked, hands slowing and circling the base of his shaft, pausing there and squeezing. “Don’t you like it?” His mouth twisted into a frown and his eyes filled with something unfocused and dark. Marshall growled in frustration.

“Fuck, of course I like it. Look at you, if I wasn’t busy driving I’d already be on top of you!” ground out. “The problem is we’re in the car and I can’t touch you until I get you inside. Now stop touching yourself before I splooge all over my damn boxers and you make a mess all over your car.” Marshall ignored the pleased look that crossed Kyle’s face, as well as the way Kyle put even more effort into touching himself and making little whimpering sounds. Son of a bitch, he’s going to kill us both.

Thank the fucking lord, Marshall was pulling up to Kyle’s house and slamming the car into park before they’d even stopped moving. He unbuckled and turned in his seat to grab Kyle by the throat and drag him into a fierce kiss.

Kyle’s sticky hands left his dick to tangle in Marshall’s hair, and Marshall moaned at the sensation. He parted Kyle’s lips and devoured his mouth with reckless abandon, only pulling back when his vision grew dark and his oxygen-deprived brain threatened to knock him out. Licking his lips and pressing his forehead against Kyle’s, Marshall breathed hard and kept his eyes closed. If he saw that look of desire in Kyle’s face, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from making a scene right there in the car.

They had a perfectly good bed fifty feet away, if they managed to make it.

“Kyle,”He breathed, a ragged sound from his tight throat. He didn’t know what to say, only that he needed to feel Kyle against him. Naked. With a lot of sweat and cum. His hands fumbled with Kyle’s cock, pressing it back into his pants and zipping up with shaking hands. He reached up to cup Kyle’s cheek and kissed him again, no less shaky. “Come on.” He whispered, leaning back into his seat and climbing out of the car. Kyle fell out of the passenger door and Marshall had to scoop him up from the ground, legs quivering and all. Marshall kept his hands tight around Kyle’s frame, cradling Kyle close to his chest. Kyle wound an arm around Marshall’s neck and kept kissing his jaw, trailing a wet tongue down his throat and over his Adam’s apple. He gulped, causing Kyle to laugh and chase the movement with his tongue.

“D-door,”He gasped, “Open the door Kyle.”He prompted, glad to distract Kyle if even for a moment. Kyle shook his head, sucking at Marshall’s collarbone. “Before I die of this torture.”He grunted, and Kyle’s laugh rumbled through his chest.

“I can’t,” Kyle giggled, petting Marshall’s jaw, “you have the keys.” He mouthed against Marshall’s skin, licking a wet trail up his neck. Marshall wanted to smack himself across the face. Moron! Of course he had the keys, he drove them both home. Fumbling in his pocket, Marshall barely managed to open the door before Kyle drove his teeth into Marshall’s neck and nearly dropped him to his knees. He slammed the door shut and barely had the presence of mind to lock up, tamping down the moan and sprinting toward the bedroom, managing to jostle Kyle’s teeth in his neck and send jolts of pleasure down his spine.

“Fuck!” Marshall shouted, pinning Kyle to the wall and bracing himself to keep from passing out at the searing sensation, teeth causing a pleasure-pain Marshall never believed could be so mind-blowing―and all without touching his dick.”At least let me get to the bedroom.”He growled, clutching Kyle with such a grip a lesser man probably would have passed out.

” Wait till we get home, wait till we get to bed,” Kyle mimicked, words slurred and glossing over the soft consonants, “no more excuses.” Kyle grumbled into Marshall’s neck, licking the deep bite marks in his throat. “You want the bed move your ass, cuz I like it here against the wall.” Kyle laughed drunkenly and sucked at the mark, making Marshall cross-eyed with need. He barreled down the hallway and kicked open the door, tossing Kyle onto the bed and straddling his knees. Kyle smiled up at Marshall and tweaked his nipples through his shirt before pooling his arms up around his head. Marshall growled and tore Kyle’s shirt off with quick, jolting movements, dipping down to capture Kyle’s lower lip in his teeth and tugging. Kyle’s nails dug into his scalp, holding him there and attacking his mouth with as much vigor as Marshall had, if a little more sloppy in the execution.

“Careful Marshall, or I’ll start to think you actually want me.”Kyle mumbled against Marshall’s lips, licking at his mouth. Marshall sat up and glared at Kyle with the full force of his very sober, very horny gaze.

“Shut the fuck up Kyle.” Marshall snapped. “If I didn’t want you I wouldn’t be ravaging you while completely sober on your bed. I wouldn’t be unbuttoning your pants and tearing them off to get to your dick.” He made his point by doing exactly that, scooting his hips up just enough to strip Kyle of his jeans and boxers before settling on top of Kyle’s legs and dragging his nails down Kyle’s chest. “My mouth wouldn’t be watering at the sight of your hard cock.” He glared at Kyle and leaned down to bite Kyle’s chest hard, right above the nipple. Kyle arched into his teeth and moaned, nails leaving welts in Marshall’s neck. Marshall bit lower, on Kyle’s stomach, and then his hip, leaving a trail of bite marks in his wake.

“Marshall…” Kyle whispered, feeling Marshall’s breath hot against his groin. Marshall’s eyes flicked up to catch Kyle’s gaze, which stared down at him with too much emotion to comprehend. I don’t…”He mumbled, wiggling his hips and struggling weakly. Marshall didn’t let him finish the statement. Before he could draw a breath, Marshall was on Kyle’s dick, paying special attention to the underside of the head, remembering how Kyle had whimpered in the car at such a simple touch. He pressed the flat of his tongue into the velvet skin, swirling circles and sucking lightly.

Kyle’s gasp and consequent moan sent heat burning through Marshall’s body and straight to his own dick, making his jeans too tight and painful to tolerate. But he didn’t care, he was too busy dining on the most beautiful, delicious man he’d ever seen. He didn’t think about previous reservations, or how he used to blanch at the idea of sucking cock unless it was a slutty blonde around his dick, and sucked Kyle further into his mouth, letting the head brush against the back of his throat.

“Don’t,” Kyle keened loudly, bucking his hips even as he begged for Marshall to stop, and Marshall gagged, slipping back and lapping at the slit. Kyle bucked again, and Marshall held his hips down with tight fingers, thumb nails digging crescents into his thighs. Slower this time, he sucked Kyle down until he felt the tip at his throat, and after taking a deep breath through his nose, he swallowed hard, coughing at the sudden invasion, barely able to hold it down for a second before dragging himself off, but when felt his entire body tighten at the sounds emanating from Kyle’s mouth he didn’t care about needing to breathe. If he hadn’t held down Kyle’s hips, Kyle would have throat fucked poor Marshall’s inexperienced mouth until he passed out. Tasting the slick wetness dripping down his throat, Marshall almost imagined that was worth trying out.

He licked at the tip, down the shaft, and to the base with slow strokes until Kyle’s entire cock was slick with his saliva. Kyle’s hand had wound into Marshall’s hair again – something told him Kyle had a hair pulling fetish – and pulled Marshall closer to his dick. Marshall responded enthusiastically, sucking hard and taking him straight to the back of his throat, swallowing repeatedly and coughing, having to start over. He’d be more frustrated if he couldn’t feel Kyle shuddering and writhing beneath him. Kyle moaned and bucked, and this time Marshall didn’t hold him down. He still choked at the sudden movements, but he did his best to swallow and breath at alternate moments, sloppily dripping down his chin as he devoured his prize.

“Marshall, don’t―stop, I-I’m gonna,” Kyle’s head tipped back and Marshall felt Kyle’s cock pulsing in his mouth. He quickly pulled back until the tip rested on his tongue – he already practically skewered himself during his attempt at the deep-throating process, he didn’t need to die of cum shots – and sucked, using his hand to stroke Kyle into a frenzy. With a cry, Kyle’s hips slammed wildly and hot liquid poured into Marshall’s mouth. He tried swallowing quickly – damn did guys always release so much cum at once? – and felt cum trickling down as it slipped past his lips. Kyle collapsed after a full minute of orgasm, chest heaving, body slick with a sheen of sweat. Marshall suckled the last shot of cum and used the tip of his tongue to lap it up.

Finally satisfied, Marshall sat up and licked his lips, settling himself on Kyle’s hips and leaning down. He wanted a kiss, but turned his head, embarrassed of his less than pristine mouth. Kyle lay listless, eyes closed, and his hand slipped from Marshall’s hair to his neck, massaging lightly with the tips of his fingers. He sighed quietly and wriggled under Marshall’s weight. Marshall pressed flush against him and tucked his chin into the crook of Kyle’s neck, breathing in slowly. His hands found purchase, one on Kyle’s thigh and the other on his chest between them, and Kyle’s skin was scorching, nearly enough to overheat both of them.

“Mmm, Marshall?” Kyle mumbled, rubbing his cheek against Marshall’s hair. Marshall grunted a response, too comfortable to sit up and talk. Kyle’s chest shook with his slow intake of air. “Why are you still dressed?”He asked, pressing a hand under Marshall’s shirt and into his lower back. Marshall shrugged, rubbing his sizable erection into Kyle’s stomach. Kyle dug his nails into the skin and Marshall groaned, shifting closer to Kyle and lifting his head reluctantly.

“Sleep is a lost art to you isn’t it?”Marshall asked, exasperated, and Kyle responded by licking the forgotten trail of cum on his chin. Marshall blushed as Kyle grinned languidly, dragging his nails lightly up Marshall’s back, just deep enough to leave faint pink welts.

“You know…”Kyle started, biting his lip. Marshall stared at Kyle’s mouth, licking his own lips and leaning down for a kiss. Before he could realize what happened, Kyle had thrown Marshall onto his back and rocked their hips together, grinding into Marshall and making him gasp. “I said I want you naked.” He slurred, dropping his head and grazing his teeth over the sore mark. Marshall moaned and Kyle bit down lightly, slipping his hands under Marshall’s shirt once more and pulling it up. When it reached his chest, he released Marshall’s neck and pulled the shirt over his head, tossing it quickly and sucking the unblemished expanse of skin on the opposite side of Marshall’s neck.

“When you told Aaron to fuck off, I wanted to drag you onto the table and fuck you right there.”He whispered against Marshall’s neck, and Marshall whimpered, pulling Kyle closer. It was so sexy, the way you tried to defend us.”He sucked harder, leaning back to increase the pressure. Marshall’s breath whooshed from his lungs and he couldn’t gather the strength to breathe again. He felt Kyle fumbling with his zipper, plucking the button from its hole with ease and releasing his cock to the tepid air. Marshall bit down on his lip hard enough to draw blood as Kyle wrapped his long, delicate fingers around the shaft and stroked upward slowly, dragging Marshall upward when he tugged.

“The way you stared at me, how warm your skin got just from looking at me,”Kyle continued, using his free hand to shove Marshall’s pants off his hips and onto the foot of the bed, where it and his boxers lay forgotten. You come undone with a single look. I wonder what you’d do if I went all out?”He wondered aloud, and his hand tightened on Marshall’s cock, squeezing and pumping faster, tossing in a slow twist every few strokes. His free hand found Marshall’s balls and rolled them gently in those soft hands, and the feeling sent Marshall hurtling toward orgasm.

Kyle released Marshall’s cock just as Marshall felt his balls tighten and he cried out with need, arching up and searching for that delicious friction. Those hands traced up Marshall’s chest, spreading out and rubbing each plane of muscle and every inch of skin. When they reached Marshall’s already tight nipples, Kyle rubbed his thumbs over the nubs, and Marshall managed to moan out Kyle’s name, the first word he was able to speak in quite some time.

“You had your turn, now it’s mine.”Kyle responded without pause, kissing down Marshall’s throat to capture a nipple. He bit down and angled his head back, and Marshall’s cries could be heard throughout the entire house. Kyle’s hands found Marshall’s cock, long strands of precum trailing down the shaft and soaking Kyle’s fingers. He rubbed a thumb into the slit of Marshall’s cock and spread slickness across the head, until he glistened. Marshall kept rocking his hips in time with the touch, bucking upward and letting out an endless slew of curses.

Kyle curled his tongue around the nipple and swirled in tight circles, moving to the other nipple and flicking it back and forth, teeth dug in and surrounding the sensitive nub. Marshall clutched Kyle’s shoulders, holding on as if releasing Kyle for even a second would cause the pleasure to evaporate forever.

“Fuck, Kyle,”Marshall moaned, catching his hands under Kyle’s chin and dragging him upward. “Don’t stop. Don’t fucking stop or I swear…”Marshall’s threat died as he crushed his mouth to Kyle’s, their tongues clashing and stroking, their lips parting only long enough to suck in a sharp breath before descending for another scorching kiss. Kyle picked up speed, hand flying up and down Marshall’s shaft and dripping with precum, his fingers curled around the head of Marshall’s cock and slammed downward until he squeezed the base, and Marshall’s breathless moans barely escaped his parted lips.

“Did you know you mumble my name when you sleep?”Kyle asked, tracing Marshall’s full lips with his tongue. You sound so desperate, ‘Kyle, oh Kyle,’ “he mimicked, high pitched and full of desire. Marshall blushed fiercely, neck burning with a combination of need and embarrassment. “Sometimes I even answer by touching your cock, I love the way you spread your legs for me and beg for more.”He whispered, latching his teeth on Marshall’s earlobe.

“Spread your legs like a good boy, Marshall.”Kyle ordered, and Marshall obeyed without question. He needed his release, he wanted to feel Kyle against him as exploded, splashing them both with cum. He opened his eyes, desperate to see Kyle’s face, the way his eyes burned with lust every time he took control. He wasn’t disappointed. Kyle’s lips curved into a wicked grin, wet with a touch of red from extensive face sucking. Marshall never thought he’d be so completely turned on at the mercy of another man, but one look at Kyle’s expression had his cock weeping and aching, begging to be dominated.

“Just like that,”Kyle praised, switching hands so his left circled Marshall’s dick and his right slipped between Marshall’s legs. Fingers probed his ass, still slick, and slid in to the first knuckle. Marshall’s mouth split open in a silent scream and his entire body shuddered, his whole being focused on the sudden fire, of being stretched without warning. No more than a few seconds passed and Kyle’s fingers thrust in deeper, sliding out slow and pressing in firmly without pause. Without realizing it, Marshall had stopped crying out in pain and started humping against Kyle’s fingers. The motions caused his cock to slide faster through Kyle’s grip, and Marshall spent every ounce of energy making sure that double-ended sensation never stopped. Mouth still wide and whimpering, Marshall tipped his chin up in search of Kyle.

An answering set of lips met his and Marshall tangled both hands in silky curls and dragged Kyle even closer, silently demanding more. Kyle didn’t hesitate, sucking Marshall’s tongue into his mouth and massaging it with his own, turning his head to deepen the kiss. Fingers thrust faster into Marshall’s ass and curled, and Marshall moaned hard into Kyle’s mouth. Kyle squeezed his cock harder and pumped even faster than before, twisting at every downward stroke and rolling his thumb over the tip at each pass. He spread his fingers and Marshall’s balls tightened painfully, held off for far too long.

Marshall let go, and the orgasm that rocked his entire being kept his body quivering, taut with ecstasy. He rode each wave of pleasure, thrusting with abandon. He felt liquid heat spread across his stomach and smack into his neck, and he clenched around Kyle’s fingers, sending shock waves of pleasure straight up his spine. Every breath he was able to suck in rushed out in a shout.

“Kyle,”He moaned, arching into his lover and clinging to Kyle’s neck for dear life. “Fuck, Kyle, ah,”He heaved, body shaking with tremors, and felt his cock’s pulsing, the unbearable sensitivity, and he pushed at Kyle’s fingers, who kindly let him go. He shook out a tightly withheld breath and the tension in his arms released, settling around Kyle’s waist. Kyle kissed him softly, stroking his hands up Marshall’s sides and sliding into his hair.

“You’re too good at that.”Marshall muttered under his breath once he managed to calm his heartbeat and keep from passing out. “There should be laws against people with hands like yours.”Kyle didn’t speak, just curled closer, and Marshall adjusted so he could finagle the covers over them, already chilled from the air conditioner blowing on their sweat-slick skin.

“I hope it goes without saying I’m spending the night.”Marshall added to the one sided conversation, and Kyle snorted, which faded into a yawn.

“Mhm.” Kyle sighed and Marshall closed his eyes, letting the rise and fall of Kyle’s back lull him into unconsciousness.

* * *

Something wasn’t right. The sheets were too cold. There was a distinct lack of warmth on his chest. Peeking out from sleep-addled eyes, Marshall confirmed his suspicion.

Kyle was already gone.

Marshall rolled over and stared blearily at the clock. Six o’ two. He had a few hours before work. Probably enough time to shower and head home for his clothes. He sat up, rubbing his rumpled bed head, and looked around for his phone. Instead, he found a slip of paper.

Had errands to run. Feel free to take the car.


Staring at the note didn’t make the words easier to understand. He left his car? ground the palm of his hand into the slight stubble on his chin. What the hell? I could have taken a cab.

Confused and quite seriously bothered, Marshall climbed out of bed naked – blushing only a little at the thought of sleeping naked next to Kyle all night – and headed to the shower, where he scrubbed away last night’s messy climax and filled his hair with coconut shampoo and conditioner.

Marshall tried not to think about who else smelled so delicious. By the time he got out of the shower, dressed in his mussed clothes, and grabbed a cup of coffee from the pot left to simmer, he still had forty-five minutes to make it to work. A sense of disappointment filled him. Marshall was going to work alone for the first time in months. He wouldn’t get to spend the day being inappropriately groped and mocked. He wouldn’t watch Kyle fly through paperwork while he barely managed to finish half the amount of work. No uncomfortable lunch with Clara.

No Kyle.

Disturbed by his sudden dependence, Marshall shook off his awkward feelings as he drove home to get ready, though he did have a nice distraction when he discovered cold cheese fries on the passenger seat – how they got there, he couldn’t even recall – and had a moment lost in thought, remembering how Kyle had moaned so freely, widened his legs just a little more as he brushed his fingers up and down his cock―Marshall smacked himself in the face and focused once again on getting home. He’d always been a horny bastard, but this was bordering on pathological.

Getting back to his own place felt bittersweet. Sure, he’d spent many nights at his own humble abode while with Kyle, but he’d also spent just as many curled in Kyle’s bed. Home started to feel less and less like home, and that was a weird thought. Even getting dressed in his own room felt lonely, without Kyle mucking about demanding Marshall wear this shirt with that tie, or complaining that his couch was too lumpy. Oddly sullen, Marshall drove himself to work in Kyle’s car – he refused to admit he was doing it because he wanted to be closer to Kyle, he wasn’t that desperate – where he arrived early and returned to his ugly, dusty cubicle, after a short detour to his suite shared with Kyle, which sat empty and forlorn without their presence. Is every day going to feel so…weird?

Spending the day alone in front of the computer didn’t feel like a refreshing change of pace, but Marshall continued to brush the discomfort off, though he shuddered every time he got near the elevators, and riding them caused a deep red blush to grow across his neck and face no matter how many times he tried tamping his memories down. The day dragged on, but eventually lunch rolled around, which meant Clara time. Marshall almost didn’t mind the slutty company. Almost.

“Do you miss him?”Clara demanded as Marshall apprehensively took a seat across from her at the table. “Have you talked to him? Do you think I should call, or would that be presumptuous of me?”

“Woah,”Marshall threw his hands up in surrender and reached out for his sandwich. “I saw him last night, so no I don’t miss him yet. I’m sure he’d love to hear from you, though he may sound funny on the phone, and no I haven’t talked to him yet this morning.” The last line came out more bitter than he’d expected. He wasn’t really upset, just frustrated with himself.

“You really don’t think he’ll mind if I call?” Clara asked cautiously, her salad untouched and diet soda fizzing away its carbonation in the can. Marshall sighed, patting her hand.

“I’m sure he’d love it.” Marshall replied, though truth be told he wasn’t sure at all. Kyle was a damn enigma, and he always made the most illogical choices for no reason other than he felt like it. Predicting how he’d react to Clara’s call could range from turning off his phone or answering it blubbering how much he misses her and demanding she stop by for dinner. Okay, so the latter was a bit of a stretch, but it got his point across.

“Tell me, how has your day been?” Besides lonely without Kyle? Marshall added silently, though he figured she’d still find a way to mention Kyle in the conversation.

“Just fine. Quiet.”She shrugged helplessly. “I can’t help thinking how much seeing Kyle around the office made it a more bearable place to work.”Her eyes cut to one of the other, more populated tables, where a number of their coworkers including Aaron sat. Marshall deliberately didn’t comment. He knew if he opened his mouth, a lot of slanderous insults would spill out and he’d have a burning urge to stand up and sock Aaron right in his obnoxious mouth.

“We’ll have to live with it, Kyle isn’t coming back.” Marshall replied abruptly, then resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the sound of Clara covering up a cry. Geez, were all women so emotional? Okay, maybe she had a fair reason to be upset, but Marshall had no damn idea how to help her, so seeing her cry did nothing but make him feel like shit.

“I just mean we all have to adjust. I don’t get to see him every day at work either, but I still have to do my job.” He pointed out, and Clara nodded weakly. Marshall placed his hand on hers. “In Promise.” This time Clara’s face brightened with relief.

“So he really acts?”Clara asked, digging into her salad with small forkfuls. “He just seems so…afraid of people staring at him.” Marshall shrugged, trying to dodge the question without it being obvious.

“Yeah, well…I don’t know much about it either, but I do know he’s pretty great.” Marshall smirked ruefully. “Better than you could even imagine.” They ate the rest of their meal in silence, thankfully uninterrupted by the moron of the sixth floor.

Marshall should have known better than to hope it could last all day. Around four, with only an hour left before he got to clock out and get a hold of Kyle, Aaron sauntered over and sat down with all the self entitlement of a king.

“Marsh! I haven’t seen you around here in quite some time. Too busy with what’s his face to talk to your best friend, huh?”Aaron jabbed him in the ribs and Marshall ground his teeth.

“You know how it is.” He replied vaguely. Aaron laughed and leaned back in the chair, kicking his feet up on Marshall’s paper shredder.

“You know, we should really get together and hang out tonight. I’ve been dying to go check out this new bar…” Aaron waggled his eyebrows. “The waitresses, well let’s just say ‘exotic dancer’ is the polite way to put it.” Marshall gagged inwardly at Aaron’s crude visual.

“Sorry. Busy.” Marshall retorted sharply, stabbing the keys with more force than necessary.

“Aw, come on. How long has it been since we went out for a beer?” Aaron demanded, leaning on his elbows and getting much too close to Marshall’s personal space.

Not long enough, Marshall thought viciously.

“Look, I’m sorry but it’s not going to happen.” Marshall replied. He didn’t even offer to reschedule, since he had no interest in dealing with such a pompous ass in a topless bar. Marshall wasn’t sure what qualified as ‘cheating’ since he currently had that whole gay thing going on–and he seriously doubted that was going to end any time soon, but he figured watching naked dancers of any gender raised quite a few eyebrows. Not that he’d been considering it, though he was curious to know if all women lost their appeal when compared to Kyle’s “O”face. Actually, come to think of it Marshall couldn’t think of a hotter sight than Kyle quivering on the bed with his legs splayed out, tossing his head and pleading. Unless he counted Kyle on top of him, looking down with that smug grin, grinding into Marshall with deliberate slowness and–

Marshall shifted in his seat, unable to adjust without catching Aaron’s eye. He scooted closer to the desk and pretended the hard lump in his pants was nothing more than his phone. He should really give Kyle a call…

“Fine, you’re busy tonight. But next time, I won’t take no for an answer.” Aaron’s arrogant voice startled Marshall, and he jumped at the slap to his shoulder.

“Whatever.” Marshall grunted under his breath, glad to see Aaron ambling off to pretend to do work at his own desk. Only fifty-four more minutes…

* * *

Getting into Kyle’s car caused every tensed muscle in Marshall’s shoulders to uncoil. He sighed and buckled up slowly, hands ghosting across the wheel as he started up the car. He plucked his cellphone from his jeans and dialed Kyle’s number, switching to speaker. A good dozen rings, and then a soft voice responded.

“Yeah?” Funny, usually Kyle answered with something more along the lines of ‘You lookin’ for a good time Honeybuns?’ or something equally as obnoxious.

“It’s me,” Marshall responded redundantly. Kyle had caller ID, just like every other cell on the planet. “You busy?”

“Why?” Kyle’s glib answers started grating on Marshall’s nerves. What was up with him? Maybe he actually was busy.

“Well, you did hand over your car this morning. You do want it back, don’t you?”He asked. “Which, by the way, I could have taken a cab.” Marshall tapped on the wheel, unsure about whether or not he should start driving back.

“I was being polite.” Kyle retorted, and Marshall scoffed.

“You don’t act polite, you like rubbing things in and making me as uncomfortable as possible.” Marshall grinned, tucking his cheek against the crappy device. “So are you busy or do you want me to drop it off later?

“Look, just leave the keys under the mat, it’s not that difficult to figure out.” Marshall sighed.

“Whatever.” Kyle wasn’t usually so snippy. Sure, he could be an ass but he was never so standoffish as to act like Marshall’s simple phone call was such a bother. “Look, I’ll be there in ten. Take your damn keys, I’ll just catch a cab home.” Kyle mumbled something Marshall distinctly ignored over the phone, and Marshall hung up before he opened his mouth and made matters worse.

The drive took longer than expected. At least, Marshall’s sour mood made time tick by slower than usual. Frustration burned in the back of his throat. Every time he got comfortable, Kyle suddenly shifted into someone else, as unpredictable and unorthodox as when Kyle molested him in the elevator―daily, for that matter. Just once, could Kyle react like a normal person instead of a bipolar nutcase?

Pulling into the usual space astride the white picket fence, stomach a lead stone in his gut, Marshall parked; trepidation mounted ever higher until even breathing became a life-endangering obstacle. Hesitation weighed his heavy steps, and Marshall felt as if he was walking to his own execution.

Before he even reached the patio steps, the door creaked open and Kyle stood blocking the entrance, face set into its usual stony mask. Somehow that was more of a relief than seeing Kyle beaming with a basket of cookies cradled in the crook of his arm – but not by much.

“Well?” The indifferent tone Kyle adopted helped to unclench Marshall’s constricting chest as well. Marshall knew how to deal with this version of Kyle, even if it boded ill. Which, judging by his expression…

“Well what?” Marshall retorted. “Or is that your mannerless way of saying ‘please, come in lover and enjoy my titillating conversation’?” Kyle’s jaw twitched and Marshall crossed his arms over his chest in a silent challenge. Kyle stood his ground for an agonizing thirty seconds before finally sighing and stepping aside.

“Why thank you kind sir.” Marshall drawled scathingly, voice sweet but sickeningly false.

“My keys?” Short and clipped. Infuriating. Marshall threw them with an aim toward Kyle’s face, who caught them with ease and dropped them on the counter splitting the open kitchen from the living room. They clattered and slid across the surface from the force of Kyle’s hand and Marshall winced.

“Do I dare ask what’s up your ass today?” Marshall commented after his ricocheting heart slowed to a reasonable thunder in his chest. “Or is the answer even less appealing than your attitude?” If possible, Kyles jaw tightened further, though how his face didn’t ache from the tension was beyond Marshall. The slow inhale screamed murder to all and the viciously curled fingers tucked into Kyle’s hand had Marshall rethinking his approach.

They stood, unmoving and silent. Apprehension had long since paled to outright terror, and the only thing keeping Marshall glued to the carpet was the even more frightening knowledge that if he ran now he could never come back.

“Kyle,” Marshall started, mouth opening and blurting out unnecessary words without his permission. Kyle cutting him off felt like a double edged sword.

“Shut up.” Kyle growled under his breath, the quiet tone more terrifying than a shout. “Who the hell do you think you are, forcing yourself into my home and into my life as if you have the right? Whatever the hell this is to you, it’s nothing to me. Meaningless. Worthless.” Each word hit like the ripping of a knife through flesh. “You are nothing more than a way to pass the time, now get out of my sight before I throw you out.”

Marshall stared, frozen. No breath escaped him―muscles didn’t so much as tense. The only thing still moving was the deadly speed of his heart pumping frantically and his thoughts in a whirlwind of emotions with fear at the forefront, tearing gash after bloody gash into Marshall’s flimsy, fleeting bubble of hope. An ennui of incomprehension, shock, and above all a brutal, vehement lashing of disbelief.

“Fuck off.” The words dripped from his being, visceral as molasses and coating everything in the vicinity with a near tangible tension. Kyle was not the type of man to be ordered around or insulted. Doing both could easily sign your death sentence. And yet there Marshall stood, trembling, eyes taut and fixated on Kyle.

“Stop trying to feed me bullshit you yourself don’t even buy.” Marshall stepped close and gripped Kyle’s jaw with quivering fingers. Surprise colored Kyle’s face and his lips parted in argument, a rare honest reaction rather than a facade or a game. But Marshall still wasn’t having it.

“”No.” Marshall roughly snapped Kyle’s mouth closed with the force of his nails under Kyle’s chin. “No more bullshit. I’m done listening. Who the hell am I? Who the hell are you? My Kyle would never throw a tantrum.” Kyle tried to speak again but Marshall dug his nails in deeper and went on, ignoring Kyle’s protestations completely.

“Who are you trying to fool? Because if you wanted to scare me off you vastly underestimated my level of masochism.” He smiled grimly, the expression only serving to tighten his already narrowed eyes.

“If I didn’t want to be here I wouldn’t be, and if you didn’t want me here you wouldn’t have let me in.” Softening his hold and sliding his free hand to Kyle’s hip, Marshall sighed. The anger leaked from him in waves.

“Now, tell me what’s actually bothering you.” It took a while for irritation(and on anyone else’s face what would have been considered grudging respect) to overtake shock, but once it shifted, Kyle straightened and calmly captured each of Marshall’s wrists and tugged. It wasn’t nearly enough to get Marshall to let go, but he still had a firm grip.

“I believe I told you to get out. Why don’t you ever listen?” He questioned without preamble. He pulled again, curling his fingers around Marshall’s wrists. “Would you calm down? You’re acting like a child, clinging to me like I’m some sort of prized stuffed animal.” Marshall didn’t move. With visible exaggeration Kyle pointedly looked away, shook his head, and smirked.

“If I promise not to throw you out the doo–” The rest of the promise was lost to Marshall’s suffocating arms choking off Kyle’s ability to breathe by winding his arms around Kyle’s neck and refusing to let go.

“Don’t…fucking do that.” A barely escaped whisper slid from tight lips. “Ever, dammit. Just―fucking never.” Marshall’s eyes burned and he refused to open them in fear of tears finding their way down his cheeks.

“Wha–” Kyle gasped, tearing at Marshall’s vice grip. Abashed, Marshall let up. A little. Kyle sucked in heavy breaths through newly-opened air passages and very slowly wound his own arms around Marshall’s hips.

“And here I thought you were so confident you didn’t believe my bullshit.” Kyle chuckled, repeating Marshall’s earlier words. A breathless sound escaped Marshall’s lips.

“Blind fear tends to deafen reason.” Marshal admitted. “I was―nevermind.” he feigned amusement, though the only thing he felt was relief. Kyle slid a hand to Marshall’s hair and twined in the unruly tresses. He pulled sharply and Marshall gasped. To his relief, a smile greeted his shot nerves.

“You what?” Kyle prodded. “Speak up, you were so chatty earlier.” Marshall glared weakly, but Kyle’s grin just broadened.

“Scared okay? I was terrified you meant it, moron.” A dark blush blossomed across his face and Marshall winced. “And what the hell was that for anyway? You were acting like an ass,” he redirected. Kyle ignored the jab in favor of tugging harder. “Speak up, jackass. You’ve got explaining to do yourself.” Kyle attempted to shrug off Marshall’s arms but to no avail. Granted, he wasn’t really trying.

“It doesn’t matter, forget it.” Kyle replied tersely, but Marshall was overly empowered by his ‘tough love’ speech. And how often was he going to get Kyle on the defensive like this? He might even get some answers.

“Try again.” Marshall squeezed, dragging Kyle closer until they were more at eye-level. It’s not often I see Kyle so emotional, Marshall was just dying to find out the big secret.

“I mean it, just stop it.” Kyle snapped.

“You tear apart my every action but I can’t ask you to tell me what’s wrong?” Marshall tangled his fingers in Kyle’s hair and stroked the soft tendrils, the loose curls getting mussed under his ministrations. “I’ll let it go, don’t get your panties in a bunch.” He leaned back and lifted his chin, grazing his lips over Kyle’s. Then he thought better of it and lapped at Kyle’s mouth instead, tugging those lovely lips between his teeth and biting down. Marshall could feel Kyle’s mouth grow taut in a smile, rucked up against his own mouth.

“I need that you know.” Kyle mumbled around Marshall’s teeth. Hands stroked themselves into the top of Marshall’s jeans and grazed the skin. A moan escaped Marshall’s lips and he gasped, releasing Kyle unexpectedly. Marshall shyly raised his eyes up to look at Kyle’s expression, the hungry gaze burning and barely hidden beneath amusement.

“Stop looking at me like that.” Marshall grumbled, blushing under Kyle’s intense gaze.

“Why?” Kyle smirked. Marshall gulped and ducked his eyes, unsure of how to answer. Kyle laughed, as was his nature. “Come on, don’t hide.”

“Oh shut up, you ass.” Marshall retorted, no real heat behind his words.

“And now you’re obsessing about my ass. You’re so predictable.” Any reply Marshall thought to throw out was lost to the warm grip on his very hard, very appreciative dick.

“Predictable,” Kyle reiterated, smug.

“How’s this for predictable?” Marshall wrenched Kyle’s hand from his aching bulge and physically dragged Kyle to the back bedroom. With lust coursing through his veins, adrenaline slithering beneath his skin and driving his actions, Marshall quickly stripped down and took Kyle’s pants in hand, sliding them down over those slim hips and tossing them to the floor. Kyle leaned back on his elbows, one eyebrow cocked and silently daring him to try something. That or they asked ‘what the hell are you doing horndog?’

Either way.

Marshall licked his lips, pausing to enjoy the view. Skin like alabaster with cut muscles to die for, Kyle was the epitome of Greek God chiseled into flesh―though he was exceedingly more endowed than the Grecian statues he so resembled. Kyle stood proud, jutting up from between his legs and glistening enticingly. Marshall slid his fingers up Kyle’s thighs, brushing his thumbs at the sensitive inner thigh of each leg as he followed the movements with his mouth. First with light kisses, then sharp nips to the flesh, Marshall mouthed his way from knee to groin with surprising intensity.

Only a few short months ago he would have horked at the idea of putting his mouth within fifteen yards of a man’s dick, and here he was rolling his hips in excitement and lapping at bare skin like ambrosia, drinking in the intimacy with every ounce of delight he had. Kyle didn’t say anything, nor did he respond physically to the touch. No soft moans or encouragements – unless you counted the subtle pulsing of a particularly delicious looking appendage a few inches from Marshall’s face. That hard, arced member held all of Marshall’s focus. His nails dug into Kyle’s thighs as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to the very tip, rubbing the gathering precum onto his lips as he parted them to slide the head onto his tongue and suck lightly.

Marshall groaned happily and rose higher on his knees, engulfing another inch and slipping his tongue across the shaft. He twisted his head and lapped at Kyle’s cock with enthusiasm, each sloppy sound in rhythm with his delighted moans. His own cock dribbled down his leg and begged to be touched, but Marshall couldn’t pull his attention away from Kyle for even a moment.

Both hands scraped over Kyle’s hips and down to the swell of his ass, dragging his nails across the smooth skin as he pulled Kyle closer to his mouth. He bobbed and swiveled with reckless abandon, taking more and more with each pass. As the tip of Kyle’s cock rucked against the back of his throat, Kyle moved. One hand curled in Marshall’s hair, pulling at the curled edges on the nape of his neck and forcing Marshall backward. With the other he cupped Marshall’s jaw, wiping a trail of saliva from his chin.

“I don’t believe I gave you permission to choke yourself on my dick.” Kyle fought a grin, eyes glinting. Only the telltale sheen of perspiration over his brow and the wet, hard cock between his legs implied Kyle had found any of Marshall’s mouthy ministrations arousing. Marshall scoffed and blew out a short breath over the exposed tip of Kyle’s dick, causing Kyle to suck in a breath of his own―and that reaction intrigued Marshall. Other than the one drunken Kyle night they spent together, Kyle almost never got off. He rarely even let Marshall touch him some days, and instead distracted the idiot with a few wily fingers.

“Who says I give a damn about asking permission?” Marshall breathed, incensed by Kyle’s break in routine. Kyle never made sounds, not ‘throes of passion’ sounds; only orders, groans of approval and on occasion a few grunts of satisfaction from giving a really good paddling. Paying no heed to the painful tearing at his scalp, Marshall leaned forward and licked from the shaft to the tip, managing to suck the head in with a pop before being dragged off all over again.

“Disobey again and I’ll be forced to punish you.” Kyle replied, speaking through his teeth. Marshall stared up at Kyle with his tongue grazing over his wet, reddened lips. Punishments be damned, Kyle just reacted again. Nothing was going to stop Marshall from pushing until he found his prize.

“I fucking dare you.” Marshall replied, pricking his nails into Kyle’s ass and physically dragging him toward the edge of the bed. He went down so fast he felt the crack of his jaw as it pried open to accomplish the task. Suckling hard, cheeks hollowed, Marshall laved over the slit and teased the hole with his tongue. His lips curled firmly around Kyle’s cock and slid up and down quickly, wetting his cock further and further down. Marshall stroked his tongue over the slick shaft and moved his hands until they scraped over Kyle’s hips, leaving red marks behind until his right hand wrapped around the base of Kyle’s cock and his left cupped smooth balls, rolling and massaging them.

Kyle hadn’t released Marshall’s hair but his free hand had left deep lines in Marshall’s shoulder. Kyle breathed heavily and his panting filled the room, clashing with wet sucking sounds from between his legs, and every muscle from the neck down tensed. With visible effort, Kyle pushed himself further back on the bed and tore Marshall off. Roughly raking his hair from his forehead, sweat glistening on the curve of his clavicle, Kyle took Marshall with both hands and pulled him onto the bed, throwing him onto his back and pinning him with his knees and white-knuckled hands.

“What did I say Marshall?” He asked quietly, leaning close but just far enough that Marshall couldn’t lean up for a kiss. Marshall didn’t respond; instead he stared up at Kyle with yearning eyes and a mouth still parted and wet from the blowjob.

“What did I say?” Kyle punctuated his words with an increasingly sharp prick of his thumbnails in the hollow of Marshall’s neck. Marshall yelped and squeezed his eyes shut. “Answer me.”

“You said something about punishment.” Marshall muttered. “I don’t know, I usually tune you out when you’re acting like a priss.” His words ended in a shout as his hips arched up, spine twisting with the movement. Kyle embedded his teeth in Marshall’s neck, just to the right of his Adam’s apple, and from the brutal hold it didn’t seem as if he’d let go any time soon.

“Fuck!” Marshall swore. “The fuck you do that for?” He griped, struggling against the bite and only succeeding in tearing his skin. His hands roved uselessly over Kyle’s sides and his legs couldn’t move thanks to the full weight of Kyle’s lower extremities.

“Stop asking for punishment moron.” Kyle ground out after releasing Marshall and surveying the dark splotch on Marshall’s throat. “Apologize.”

“Excuse me?” Marshall gaped, eyes wide with disbelief.

“Apologize. Grovel. Then maybe I’ll let you up.” Kyle sunk his teeth into the same mark and Marshall cried out.

“For wanting to blow you?” Marshall demanded, leaving welts in Kyle’s skin. “I’m not apologizing for that asshole,” he tried arguing again and Kyle bit down harder. “Fuck, stop that.” His pleading was weak and his arms wound around Kyle’s waist, hands linking together and holding on.

“Why are you so stubborn?” Kyle complained, licking languidly at the forming bruise like a bored cat. “And such an idiot?” He sighed, outlining the bruise with his lips and sucking. Marshall moaned hard and shook under Kyle.

“Not…apolo…gizing.” Marshall groaned again. Kyle pulled away to grin down at Marshall, clearly more amused than his tone let on.

“Will you ever shut the hell up?” Kyle asked rhetorically. Marshall tried to reply and only managed to whimper as Kyle picked another spot on his throat, high this time and just below the jaw, and sunk his teeth into the sensitive skin. Marshall’s instinctive twist away made him cry out harder―Kyle not only didn’t let go, but clinched his teeth closer together.

“Fucking―vampire freak.” Marshall gasped out. A rumbling vibration at his neck made Marshall’s teeth clatter from the sensation, and Kyle’s answering laughter had Marshall breathing in relief and disappointment. Sitting up, Kyle licked the fresh mark and dropped his hips into Marshall’s.

“I figured out why you can’t get your mouth off my dick.” Kyle announced, rolling his hips and making Marshall whimper with need. “It’s the only thing that’ll shut you up.” Marshall didn’t reply and didn’t even try. Speaking was beyond his ability to comprehend, not with that slide of flesh against flesh and the tingle of Kyle’s marks at his throat. He was pulsing and red and so damn close to cumming he was surprised he hadn’t splattered all over Kyle by now. His breath came in ragged gasps and his hands clutched each other so tight they creaked when pried apart, but Marshall didn’t notice anything but the ache building up, that promise of sweet, sweet release.

“You and your trigger dick need to calm down before you ruin my sheets. Again.” Kyle chided, lifting his hips and moving until he sat on Marshall’s legs instead of balls-to-tip like before. Marshall’s piteous sounds and air humping put a smile on Kyle’s face and he leaned down for a firm kiss.

They crushed together, noses bonking into each other as Marshall twisted and lifted his head to get closer, his tongue seeking Kyle’s and fighting Kyle’s lips with urgency. Kyle chuckled again, wrapping his hand around Marshall’s neck and pulling him close. He stroked the firm flesh of Marshall’s throat and traced the bruises-to-be with reverence, Marshall’s answering moans more than satisfying.

“You may be a stubborn idiot, but you’re so delightful to play with.” Kyle breathed, drawing his tongue over Marshall’s lower lip. “You really are the cumslut I pegged you for that first night.” Marshall laughed weakly.

“As if you’re surprised.” He mumbled. His eyes were no more than slits, satisfied and wanton all in the same expression. Kyle hmmm-ed in response, petting Marshall’s jaw thoughtfully.

“Good point.” With that he bent down and captured Marshall’s lips all over again, moving to graze his dick over Marshall’s and tease the dripping hardness with firm strokes. Marshall’s moan clashed with Kyle’s tongue and he fought to contain himself. Clinging to Kyle with fingers scrabbling over bare flesh and legs writhing as they attempted to latch onto something, anything at all, Marshall did everything he could to avoid saturating Kyle’s stomach with loads of sweet release.

“You’re, ahh, killing me,” Marshall whimpered between kisses, flinching at Kyle’s attention to his new teethmarks and secretly liking the jolt of pain they awarded him. “So – fucking hell, Kyle – so close,” he whispered a warning, lower lip caught between his teeth as sharp exhales flared his nostrils.

Kyle merely made a sound of smug satisfaction – though how he accomplished that with no more than a grunt and a rock of his hips, Marshall would never know – and released Marshall’s hip to grasp their cocks, wrapping his long fingers around their aching hardness. Stroke after stroke of liquid heat and unimaginable sensation. A sharp twist at the upward stroke and a dig of nails to his backside at every drop to the base of their cocks. Even Kyle couldn’t withhold a quiet moan, though he covered it up with a rough kiss.

“You, no–don’t–dammit, would you ju–stop that,” Marshall rambled. But instead of fighting or trying to push Kyle’s fingers away, he rose with every stroke and bucked against Kyle’s grip, demanding silently for more. Kyle, as intuitive as he was(and not a complete moron who ever would take Marshall’s words as truth) ignored any and all calls to cease and desist but rather moved faster, grinding against Marshall and devouring Marshall’s lips so he didn’t have to listen to any more complaints or demands. Kyle’s free hand, previously curled against Marshall’s neck, slid down the expanse of Marshall’s chest and grazed his nails over the pale skin, urging sounds of delight from between Marshall’s teeth.

Marshall could handle only so much stimulation much less by Kyle himself. With his wayward antics and firm grip, Kyle brought Marshall to the edge and pushed him over with no remorse. Crying out and shuddering, Marshall held onto Kyle and rode wave after wave of sensation. Heat poured through him, its focal point the tip of his spewing cock. Kyle kept his mouth crushed against Marshall’s capturing all the moans and whimpers of need as he gently milked Marshall of wet spurts of cum. Their bodies, having lay flush together from toe to shoulder, were slick with Marshall’s load as Kyle pressed his face into Marshall’s neck, the heat of his breath barely felt when up against heated skin and slick torsos sliding together.

It took a few minutes before Marshall remembered how to think other than fuck that was hot, why can’t we do this every night, why am I still squished underneath him? For a tiny guy he’s heavy as hell, dammit I just want to touch him but I don’t think I can move my arms, when am I going to remember how to speak? Shit my mouth is so dry I can’t believe I haven’t passed out from dehydration, I should really his inner monologue continued as his mouth quivered, open but unable to piece together words.

It wasn’t simply that Marshall didn’t know how to speak; more that he had no idea what to say. Sure he could admit to being completely flabbergasted every time Kyle so much as looked at him with interest, but after such a dedicated amount of attention on his now overly-sensitive and deflating dick stringing together coherent sentences that didn’t involve ‘Thanks pal how about I do you next?’ seemed on par with flying to the moon sans a spaceship or eating pork-free bacon and enjoying it(which was possible to be fair, but it was also a very horrifying taste – no offense to the vegheads and vegans out there – thanks to its lacking the greasy pig fat that gave it such a good flavor). Instead he lay there beneath Kyle and began to stroke the trail of spine from shoulder to tailbone.

Kyle knew him better than anyone else on this earth. He knew the touches were Marshall’s way of saying he could barely breathe without wanting Kyle more than life itself. Kyle knew that the heavy breathing, the expulsion of cum until they were both sticky, and the fact that Marshall had avoided eye contact meant he thoroughly enjoyed their time together.

But most of all he knew with utmost certainty how head over heels in love with Kyle Marshall was. Or at least, he should. Where Kyle was a book as thick as a volume of the encyclopedia with indecipherable text, Marshall was a pop-up book with bold rhymes and clear-cut characters. If Kyle had ever doubted for a second how much Marshall needed him to exist, one look at that goofy, delirious face of his put that fear to rest.

Marshall sighed happily and lay his cheek on Kyle’s hair, nuzzling the curls and closing his eyes. Kyle didn’t speak either, but that wasn’t unexpected. More than likely they’d lie silent until sleep overcame them and in the morning they would never discuss their fight or subsequent make-up sex ever again.

They may have been idiot men in love with each other, but expressing emotions were still far beyond what they could deal with.


Time passed. Marshall didn’t count the days, but hours quickly disappeared into weeks and before he realized it, the big day was upon them. Kyle’s opening night was three days away and Marshall had been banned from his house until then – presumably so he could work on the last tricky lines in peace, which Marshall usually ruined with needy kisses and loud whining until Kyle “took pity on him”(aka got ticked off by all the less than subtle dick jokes) and busied his mouth for a couple hours.

Lying in his own bed, Marshall realized with irritation how incredibly uncomfortable his lumpy mattress seemed. Wide springs, a worn set of sheets riddled with holes, and an abused pillow no longer the shape of a fluffy rectangle but a crushed pea were few causes of his many frustrations. He shifted in the blankets once more with a loud sigh, glaring at the digital clock on the nightstand. 2:35 am, it kept blinking. The clock was off by an hour, as Marshall had a habit of being too damn lazy to adjust for daylight savings’ time and he’d spent the last weeks at Kyle’s house, only returning to clean out the fridge of moldy food and grab new clothes to wear.

The apartment dwellers one floor up stomped about with meaty footsteps and caused the ceiling to shake. Marshall hadn’t remembered how noisy his apartment was, either. Or the fact that his shower spit rather than bathed him in a constant heat; nor had he remembered how small the apartment was. He’d slammed his knee into the couch when going to the kitchen for a glass of water, along with half a bottle of NyQuil which he downed in gulps.

To be fair, there was nothing wrong with the reasonably cheap apartment and its shoddy, but thoroughly loved at one point or another furniture. Marshall just didn’t want to admit how much he missed Kyle’s presence. Rooms lit up when Kyle stepped inside, and he could charm a nun out of her habit if he really felt the urge. With his loose, messy curls(usually from Marshall’s incessant tugging) and dark, watchful eyes, just looking at Kyle made Marshall’s shoulders unwind and his face to relax into a smile.

Marshall rose to his elbow and punched the lumpy mattress, and the mutilated pillow, to no avail. Work again tomorrow, and Friday as well. Saturday was the Big Event, and then Marshall could return to fine linens and warm embraces. Three days seemed like a helluva long time. Part of him was bothered by the dependence, and the loneliness. He’d spent most of his life lacking a girlfriend or roommate. Other than two semesters in college and a few flings, Marshall wasn’t the type to connect to other people.

Not to say he hated company or was a bad conversationalist(though he had a streak of narcissism to say the least), but that he never found the need for others to justify his lifestyle or personality. Now that he lived and breathed by the slightest arch of Kyle’s eyebrows, going back to normalcy was more along the lines of monotony; like a dream he couldn’t wait to get out of. Not a nightmare, but certainly not pleasant.

Unable to sleep, Marshall drifted back to the last night he and Kyle went out together.

Around the four-week count-down to the Big Event, Kyle demanded they go out on date nights as frequently as possible. He even went so far as to tuck sticky notes in Marshall’s wallet before he left for work with a time and location. Not showing up was paramount to sleeping outside on the porch…with one of those god-awful chastity belts Kyle threatened him with jokingly a few weeks ago. At least…Marshall hoped it had been a joke.

Going out with his Kyle(they hadn’t yet come to a title for their relationship, or whatever it was) nearly three times a week threw his sleep schedule out of whack, but mostly it was a welcome relief and teased a level of anticipation out of Marshall he’d never felt before. Kyle constantly expected to be treated like a dainty woman on their dates, whether it was perching on his lap and giggling with a feminine lilt or using trembling fingers to grasp Marshall’s hand over the table with a deep blush building high in his sculpted cheeks. If Marshall dared talk to him with anything less than complete devotion and admiration, there were sharp nails in intimate places, usually in public. Which was both a boon and a damned curse, after the third restaurant-oriented date ending with an awkward wobble and a heated session in the back seat.

But last time Kyle let Marshall choose the destination, much to his dismay.

Marshall was not a man for choosing dates. He barely managed three square meals a day out of ramen and whatever Kyle whipped up for dinner, and he nearly had a panic attack before Kyle took pity on him and told him they could go anywhere of his choosing – except the movie theaters which Kyle deemed cliched and useless.

His first idea was the batting cages. He wasn’t a great athlete, hadn’t been in high school or college, but thought that would be a safe, no touchie zone. But then the look in Kyle’s eye when he mentioned the idea made him slam down on that route so hard he nearly passed out. Kyle, who thought this hilarious, foretold a fantasy date for them based on the cages(apparently Kyle had a fetish for cages too, thank god he didn’t have a dog or Marshall might have spent a night or two cramped in one of them!), where he’d start by begging Marshall show him how to grip a bat and ending with him taking said bat – yes, he specified bat – in very, very tight places.

Suffice it to say, they didn’t go to the cages.

Instead, Marshall surprised him with his next choice. Bowling. He, again, was no athlete or even skilled at tossing a ball down a lane(though Kyle made enough ball fondling jokes to fuel an entire bowling league) but it was a safe public place that didn’t have the teenager feel of ‘be home by nine o’clock sharp’. Actually, it did. But Kyle said he thought it was cute.

So red-faced and stammering, Marshall drove them to the nearest bowling alley. It turned out to be quite the popular spot for families and groups of kids alike, and Kyle was a decent player. He kicked Marshall’s ass without breaking a sweat.

“How are you so good at this?” Marshall complained from the sidelines as Kyle did a little hip-swish-toss, earning yet another strike. He jumped up and shot a fist in the air, twisting to grin at Marshall.

“It’s just luck, calm down.” Kyle replied with a bright grin belying his amusement. “If you want I can give you a few pointers.” The wicked gleam of his eyes turned Marshall pink.

“I’d rather lose, thanks.” He grumbled, rubbing his face with the palm of his hand, wincing when he scented the faint oil from the ball. He rose on creaking knees and ambled toward the lane, jumping only a little when Kyle patted his ass for good luck. At least, that’s what he said he was doing. With Kyle, you never really knew what he was thinking.

“Oh, come on don’t be so proud.” Kyle pestered good-naturedly, hiking a hip onto the little flat area attached to the computer. “You picked this place out, I thought you’d have some killer moves to show off.” Marshall rolled his eyes but didn’t reply, concentrating on not tossing a gutter ball―for the third time this game.

He tensed his wrist and tossed, aiming hesitantly for the central arrow. It veered just a hitch to the right but managed to take four pins with it. For a moment Marshall beamed and whooped, and though it was no feat of skill at least he finally did something.

“If you hike up your leg you’ll shoot better,” Kyle demonstrated by kicking his right foot behind him, the tip of his ugly green shoes smacking the swell of his ass. Marshall guiltily pulled his eyes away from that lovely curve of flesh and gulped before replying.

“If I do that I’ll be the one sliding down the lane face first.” He grumbled. “Besides, you just want me to do that so you can make fun of me some more.” Kyle chuckled and hopped to Marshall’s side, arms wrapped around his waist and kissing his cheek.

Kyle did that shit on purpose. Maybe not consciously, but he had a nasty habit of adding PDA to the experience every time they left the house. Unmoved by Kyle’s feigning innocence and clinging to him like a school girl, Marshall tilted his chin away and peered down at him through slit eyelids. It wasn’t that Marshall had a problem with affection or hand-holding. He didn’t even mind the kissing; in fact that may have been one of his favorite perks of outings with Kyle. But he was still unused to being a sort of gay man in public with the world watching.

Granted most of the patrons weren’t bothering with their chaste hug, but paranoia suited Marshall as easily as anger when covering up innate fears, and he couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if everyone found out he was sleeping with Kyle. Literally, most of the time. They probably wouldn’t care, save the scant few homophobes in the office. Clara already knew and cherished their whatever-ship like a third wheel siphoning affection from the sidelines. Aaron would probably have a few coarse words to say, but Marshall didn’t give a damn what he thought.

Thinking it over, there was nothing that justified Marshall’s fear of being ‘caught’. He just didn’t want it, didn’t know how to handle it. Kyle and he didn’t discuss his worries, but it was written all over his face every time he kissed Marshall or tugged his hand and received a flinch for his efforts.

Marshall didn’t want to hurt Kyle’s feelings – though honestly he was shocked the man had any easily bruised feelings in all that unfettered confidence and smug amusement – but he couldn’t control his knee-jerk reactions. No matter how prepared he tried to make himself for the casual touches and smiles, he always reacted the wrong way.

That was probably the reason Kyle felt the urge to torment him with them.

“So what if it might entertain me just a bit? Humor me anyway.” Kyle demanded with a carefully light tone and a flick of his tongue over his lower lip. Peering up at Marshall under his surprisingly full lashes, he looked so delicate and innocent Marshall’s heart skipped.

Nails tightened in Kyle’s hips as Marshall clung to him and breathed out slowly before speaking.

“I always humor you.” Kyle arched a brow at the statement. “Fine, I humor you when I won’t end up the laughing stock of wherever we are.” Marshall scrunched up his face, shaking his head a wee bit.

“Fine, you’re no fun.” Kyle pouted, pressing his cheek to Marshall’s throat and nuzzling him. Marshall worked to keep the tension from his neck. Kyle switched personalities like a schizophrenic on crack. Most of the time it was too confusing for Marshall to follow from one attitude to the next, but on dates they mostly centered around overly affectionate and exceedingly shy.

The heat of Kyle’s breath on his neck made him shiver. Sometimes Marshall’s brain was wired too closely with his lower extremities and didn’t have the capacity to think anything but ‘no don’t get hard, calm down think of awkward things like Clara trying to give you a kiss or grannies offering apple pie―dammit, Kyle’s new shampoo smells like apples this isn’t helping!’ and breathe heavily to avoid staining his jeans with spots of arousal. Sensing his interest, Kyle tucked his face closer and drew his tongue across a sensitive swath of skin, lapping at his neck and making Marshall gasp.

The first day I met him was the first day at my new high school. Oh boy, was that fun!

Here I was, popular man on campus at my old school, Sacred Heart High School which is a huge institution —one of the largest Catholic prep schools in the country. I lived in Rancho Martinez, California in the heart of Orange County, and I had the world by the tail. I was the golden boy, made in America. With a soaring six foot height, ripped body and my long, flowing blonde hair and turquoise eyes, I was a chick magnet and everyone wanted to be me.

I played wide receiver on the Knights football team that won the CIF division crown in December and was ranked tenth in the nation, one of the team’s stars with eighteen touchdowns this year alone. I also wrestled at 170 pounds on our squad, looking forward to a stellar season where I expected to be the top grappler in my weight class, and I was a sprinter in track. I could get laid just by asking a girl her name, and I was a good student one semester shy of graduating from high school and heading to a Big-10 or PAC-12 school on a full football scholarship.

On a personal basis, I had two semi-regular girlfriends. Danae was a tall brunette with a fantastic body who went to Sacred Heart with me. Kristina was at Loara High School, a tiny blonde cheerleader I met when our football teams played each other in September. Duh, they didn’t know about each other which was fine by me. I was a typical teenager who loved to Facebook and Skype, get high once in awhile, play videogames with my buds and hang out long boarding on the streets.

I lived with my mother, Lisa, stepfather, Whit, and twin half-sisters, Suzanne and Roxanne, in an exclusive subdivision of mini-mansions in the Rancho Martinez Hills. My stepdad is, like, loaded and making Mom happy seemed to be his only desire. What made Mom happy was having a big 4,500 square foot house for showing off to the neighbors and entertaining. What did not make Mom happy was me, apparently.

So there I was on that mid-January Friday which had begun in a decent enough manner. With it being a final exam day, school let out at lunch and the possibilities for the afternoon were endless. I drove home after my last test, so thrilled to be able to boast to my mother about my grades. I knew she would be there because Friday was her hospital auxiliary meeting and they always ended at 11:30.

I was excited because I was going to get that A- in the Literature class that I’d worked my ass off for all semester, meaning I would have all A’s and B’s on my report card, something she should be proud of. I had managed with an illocutionary skill that often escaped me to convince my teacher that my term paper on the differences between Classicism and Victorian Poetry deserved a higher grade than a B-, and we reached a compromise. Who’d ever thunk old Ms Haney would be so fair?

Everything turned to shit the moment I opened the front door and saw the twins. They had their own finals and, for the record, I had no idea how they arrived home ahead of me, but they’d texted me earlier not to wait for them. Anyway, the girls were speaking to Mom in whispered tones, and all of them turned to glare at me. Roxie looked shocked and scared, but Suzie tried to hide an evil grin of triumph behind a look of moral outrage and family embarrassment.

“Shane,” Mom demanded, “what is this nonsense your sisters have been telling me about Owen Turlock’s mom catching the two of you naked in bed together on Sunday afternoon?”

I turned beet red, and I know the look I shot my fourteen-year-old sisters, particularly Suzie, was hurt and incredulous. Like many siblings, especially those in blended homes where the present male parent spoiled his own children and not the one he didn’t spawn, we didn’t always get along. But this was a new low even for them.

“I asked you a question, young man.” My mother wasn’t known for her patience.

Okay, you know where I said above that I can get all the pussy I want? I can also get dick. I’m bisexual and a damn good equal opportunity player. Owen is this studly, gay Sacred Heart classmate, now graduated and a college freshman, whom I’ve hooked up with on occasion over the last nine months. He was getting ready to go back to Ohio State after winter break, and I was giving him his going away present… until his mother interrupted us. I barely had time to get redressed before finding myself kicked out of their house. I could hear her shouting at him from a block away.

Not that I’d said anything to my parents about Owen… or the other half-dozen guys I’ve fucked. I certainly didn’t want them to find out this way. It was none of my sisters’ damn business, and right after I got done listening to Mom scolding and threatening me with a near-certain two weeks of being grounded my hands were going to find themselves wrapped around Roxie and Suzie’s necks.

I sighed. “It’s true, Mom. I have been trying to find a way for the past year and a half to tell you…”

My acknowledgment was interrupt by his mother’s horrified scream, and then her face twisted into something ugly as she rushed at me. “Gay? You’re gay? You can’t be. I won’t tolerate it.”

I edged around the wall towards the arched doorway into the living room to stay away from her hands that now looked like they wanted to wrap themselves around my neck.

“No, Mom, I’m not gay. I’m bisexual.”

Wrong answer. If I hadn’t been afraid she was going to hit me I might have found the situation funny. In truth, this was the reason I had kept my thoughts to myself. My mom and stepdad are really big in our local church diocese and of course, anything other than straight vanilla heterosexuality is a mortal sin. Deep down, I knew my mother would go to pieces like this once she found out.

We kept circling each other while I waited for her to calm down so I could get a word in edgewise. On the other hand, maybe not saying anything else would work out better, just as long as she didn’t catch up with me. Mom went on and on over how God hated me and I was a freak, and even my sisters blanched at the words she used against her only son, until the final dictum.

“Get out,” Mom said with the quiet determination that I had often feared growing up. If the screaming was scary, this was like the voice of doom. “Get the hell out of my house and don’t come back.”

All I could do was stand there gasping with my mouth hanging open and staring at her as if her eyes were spitting fire. She can’t kick me out, I thought, I’m her son. She’s supposed to love me.

“Go pack your stuff. I will contact your father, and you better hope to god that he takes your miserable slutty ass in. Whether he does or not, you have twenty-four hours to be out of here.”

“Mom,” I began. “I only have one more semester of school. I can’t leave now. Everything I’ve worked for, all my friends…”

“I don’t give a shit!” she screamed. “I won’t have a goddamned moral degenerate living in my house, bringing shame down on this family and being a bad influence on your sisters. Get the hell out of my house.”

I started to retort that making me leave was against the law until I realized the power was all in her hands. I was already eighteen, an adult. Legally, she didn’t have to give me squat. I turned on my heel and walked to my bedroom to find a way to crowd everything I owned and a lifetime of memories into a few bags and boxes.

Just so you know how crazy this all sounds, I hadn’t seen my father for almost five years. He has visitation rights that he’s rarely used, and I don’t know whether he didn’t feel it was worth the effort to haggle over weekends and holidays with Mom or something else was afoot. What mattered most to me was that I was moving away from the place I’d called home almost my whole life and going to live with a stranger.

My disgruntled father flew down from Calberia, a small town near Santa Barbara, the next day so I could drive both of us back to live with him. Ever heard of Calberia? I’m not surprised. That’s because the place Dad calls home is a village on the coast of around twenty-nine hundred people. To do the math, that’s about three-quarters as many people that attended my old high school, and we’re talking about men, women and children here. It was the rural burg with one main street, a Pizza Hut for fast food and a really tiny high school with a few lame-ass sports teams that don’t do nothing spectacularly. I’m sure you can tell just how thrilled I was to move there. I hated Calberia with a passion before I ever stepped foot in it.

Four days later I was enrolled in Calberia Junior and Senior High School, a set of squat, ugly, yellow-stuccoed buildings in a rectangular campus that was forty years old and desperately needed to be demolished. Yeah, this stupid little postage stamp of a town isn’t even big enough to provide a separate school for its sixth, seventh and eighth graders. I was so looking forward to having immature twelve-year-olds on campus. Not!

I contemplated my future bleakly. There’s a lot that goes into applying for a university, especially when you’re a jock and hope to play college ball. For sure, Mom and Whit weren’t going to give me money for tuition, and my father couldn’t afford it. Any scholarships I was being offered were most likely secure seeing as the season was over and my grades were good. However, I was counting on advanced studies in English, Government and Math which they didn’t have here. That would suck if my only ticket out of California was in jeopardy too.

There was no wrestling squad, and I doubted track was a big attraction since their football program is 8-man ball. Thank God I was graduating in five months. I was a new student in the middle of my senior year, and the way people stared at me, you would’ve thought I was Medusa with a head full of snakes for hair instead of my long blonde locks. It was sobering to go from Mr. Popular to zero on the social scale in one fell swoop.

But then I was crossing the quad after 2nd period on, I hate to admit it, a pretty winter day, wondering what the term MLbB on my new schedule meant. I heard laughter, looked up and saw a trio of students my age. Two boys and a girl were ten yards in front of me, talking loudly and caroming off each other hard like they wanted to knock their opponents down. One of them was the most beautiful person in the world. Raven hair, a wavy black so dark it had streaks of blue in it under the sunny sky and fluttering neck-length around his ears like little wings.

He had a triangular face, wide in the forehead with a long, straight nose and pointed chin. Very pretty but not in a feminine way, and the confidant way he moved was definitely not girlish. His lips were perfectly formed over straight, white teeth you see in those dentist’s ads in the telephone book. His pale, golden eyes were unusual, like shiny marbles with long dark lashes, and they glowed next to his olive skin. He was dressed in a t-shirt from my favorite band, The Offspring, which definitely gave him points in my book and Levis skinny jeans that draped his legs as if they went on forever. All this was set into a slim, lithe frame reminding me of a dancer in the cultural programs my mom enjoyed watching on television.

Oh yeah, did I say this person was male?

He most definitely was. Gorgeously, strikingly male. Totally hot and so cute. Sparks danced around me, a warm breeze blew through my mind, and if anyone had been staring at me, I’m pretty sure they would have seen me drooling.

I was smitten. It’s on old-fashioned word, but that was the best description I could come up with.

I was all set to go up and ask this beautiful stranger what MLbB meant when some teacher walked by, correctly assuming I was new- duh, the whole school had less than seven hundred students in it, so a new student might as well wear a sign that says kick me, I don’t belong here. She asked if I needed directions and pointed me in the direction of Math Lab B… down the sidewalk to the four hundred wing and turn left. By the time I looked up Totally Hot Cutie was gone.

Fifth period after lunch—at least they have decent food in this crappy institution of education—and it was time for English with Mrs. Coates. Not Ms, Mrs. I was stopped by the teacher outside before I walked in, showed her my schedule, and she told me which desk in the classroom was free- the row closest to the door, next-to-last seat. I dumped my backpack on the floor, getting a few quizzical looks from the girl in front of me, and took in my surroundings. That’s when I saw my dream boy again. Totally Hot Cutie was perched on the other side of the room, holding court with five or six other class members, all of them talking loudly.

With less distance between us now, I could see that he was definitely only an inch or two shorter than me and very slender, but with the way he’d been jumping around earlier he probably had a really high metabolism and burned off calories fast. I had never seen hair so black as his; he didn’t give the impression of a Hispanic heritage, but maybe there was some Mediterranean blood running through his veins with that lovely olive complexion. His pretty eyes were a sparkling tawny shade, too dark to be called hazel and too light for plain old brown. They were lit as if by some inner fire that made his face come alive, or at least half of it. Totally Hot Cutie’s smile did the rest.

That smile went straight to my head. Then it went to my cock, and I was glad I was sitting where I could pull my t-shirt down and hide it. The grin was happy, like he was secure in himself and his surroundings, exactly where he wanted to be without a care in the world. I envied him, to tell the truth. I couldn’t stop staring; his grin was infectious and so brilliant it could power a small city.

His voice was deep and warm, like a soothing cup of dark hot chocolate on a cold day and the way he spoke was crisp. On some it might seem affected but it sounded natural coming out of his mouth. There were at least three conversations going on around him, and he seemed to be in the middle of all of them, effortlessly keeping track of what each participant said and responding to questions posed to him. Not only that, but he didn’t act like the students clustered around his desk were a nuisance even though a few crowded him.

I willed Totally Hot Cutie to look up and see me. I didn’t have the balls to bounce over there and introduce myself to him—hey, I knew nothing about him and sure as hell wasn’t willing to put myself out there until I did, but I’ve been told my smile is playful and inviting. I figured all I needed to do was turn on the old Shane Elliott charm. I’ve turned more than one straight boy bisexual in my past.

The bell rang, and a short, rather pudgy Asian kid came bounding through the door yelling, “Hey, Jesse, I found your music,” and waving a folder around. The one formerly known as Totally Hot Cutie and now Jesse gave him a big thumbs up and reached out to take it from him. The teacher sent a scowl in their direction.

“Kwan Park, find your seat now,” Mrs. Coates told him firmly, insisting on order that didn’t seem wise to ignore.

“Students, this is Shane Elliott,” she called out in an imposing voice, indicating me. “Do your best to make him welcome.” I received a lot of stares as attention was riveted on me, but Jesse didn’t even look up.

They were studying John Keats, the young English romantic poet from the early nineteenth century that I did a term paper on for my other school earlier in the year. I knew a lot about him and idly hoped an essay would be assigned so I could use it again but I didn’t raise my hand and volunteer information when Mrs. Coates asked for it. Best not to over-shine the first day just in case.

Various students in the class turned to me in silent examination, probably judging me by my looks and I kept my focus on the front. When the bell rang ending class I was immediately besieged by three girls who sat nearby. Katie, Jasmine and Raven introduced themselves, flirting with me, and wanted to talk my ear off about how awesome Calberia was and wasn’t it grand that I was in their high school? I didn’t offer my real opinion, and by the time I extricated myself, Jesse was gone.

School ended after 6th period, and I drove to my dad’s house. It’s a three bedroom, two bath ranch built in the mid-1980s, and just over fourteen hundred square feet, about the size of my mom and Whit’s bedroom suite. Ken, my father, is an accountant in a small business in Santa Barbara, and he and mom divorced when I was four. To listen to her, Dad was laziest SOB on the planet. He calls her a money hungry skank who wanted the finer things in life but was unwilling to lower herself and get a job and help work for them. All I know is that she latched on to Whit, and Dad is still slaving way in Calberia.

It was only three o’clock so, naturally, Dad wasn’t home yet. Hey, it could have been eight and he wouldn’t be here. My father isn’t really big on time schedules, and I guess he doesn’t think I need anyone hanging around keeping tabs on me either. If he isn’t at the office, he’s at this bar called Leroy’s in the city where he stops every night after work. Or he’s playing poker with five friends of his, including my Uncle Carl.

Or he’s with his girlfriend, Jillian Gallegos. I met her the day after I arrived and she’s nice. She’s this tiny women with a short cap of light brown hair and green eyes, but I could feel the strength radiating from her in trying to keep my father in line. She welcomed me to the area, but she made it pretty clear that she never expected to have to parent Dad’s son. Not that I want her to.

It’s kind of a weird situation to be eighteen and suddenly thrust into a world where I wasn’t wanted. I’m not saying my dad doesn’t love me, but it was obvious that his arm was severely twisted when Mom kicked me out. I think the only thing he likes about me living with him is that he doesn’t have to pay child support to her anymore. He gave me a dirty look when he found out why I was being shipped off to his house and told me that he wouldn’t put up with me fagging around any more than she did.

I spent half an hour unpacking the rest of my stuff and trying out different arrangements of my bedroom furniture. I finished the homework packet for Trigonometry and a Government assignment that wasn’t due for three days. There was nothing on the boob tube. I was so bored.

I made a fast dinner of boxed macaroni and cheese, canned peaches and leftover broccoli from last night’s meal. After eating, I cleaned up my mess which was one of the few rules my dad had set when I moved in and then flopped down on my bed. It was only seven and, feeling homesick, I decided to call some of my old friends from Rancho Martinez, starting with my best friend, Gordie.

“Hey dude,” he yelled when he answered his cell. “How’s jail?”

Gordie was the first person I’d phoned after finding out I would have to move to my dad’s and we had commiserated for over an hour. Not that I gave him the whole picture… my bi side was something I only shared on a need-to-know basis, like with the guys I planned to fuck. Definitely not with the general population at Sacred Hills High… a man needs some mystery, right?

I merely told him my mother was pissed off because I couldn’t get along with Suzie and Roxie and sent me to live with Dad. However, not one of my friends, not even Gordie who I’ve known since first grade, offered me so much as a couch to sleep on temporarily so I wouldn’t have to move.

“Dull as fuck,” I huffed angrily. “It sucks, man. The itty-bitty school up here is totally hick. Nobody wrestles, and their track team is probably lame-ass too. I am so screwed!”

“Look at the bright side,” he laughed. “You’ll be the track star, the big man on campus.”

“Har-har, so not funny,” I sneered. “I already was the big man on campus with a decent rep. I hate it here.”

“Yeah, but you only have five months before you’re out. Maybe you can come back over the summer.”

I contemplated this, knowing my life in Rancho Martinez was completely in my mom’s hands. “Maybe,” I answered in an uncertain voice. A guy could always dream, I guess.

“So is living with the other ‘rent as bad as your mom?” Gordie wisely switched subjects.

“Nah, he doesn’t give a shit. He’s, like, never home, so once I find someone to hang with up here, if that’s even possible in this hell hole, I’ll be free to do whatever I please and he won’t fucking know the difference.”

“Sweet,” he judged my situation, seeing only the positives. He didn’t have to spend all his time by himself.

“So how is the crew?” I asked, tracing my finger over the square pattern on my navy quilt.

For the first time Gordie didn’t have an immediate reply. “Uh, ah man, I hate to have to be the one to break it to you, but Danae is already going out with someone else.”

“Who?” I screeched loudly.

Danae was my girlfriend. One of them. My most regular girl, the one at Sacred Heart. I had barely been gone from Rancho Martinez for four days and, from what he was saying, it didn’t sound as if she had wasted any time finding someone to take my place. Not that I had any intention of being faithful, but I thought she’d at least have the decency to be less public about it.

“Randy Dawson,” he said in a diffident voice. “They showed up at school yesterday morning holding hands.”

“What the fuck, Gordie. That bastard!” Randy was another of my best friends, make that former friend. “How serious?”

Another pause. “According to gossip straight from Danae, you don’t want to know, Shane.”

“Fuck and double fuck,” I swore heatedly. It was bad enough that Randy couldn’t stay out of her pants, but for her to be happy about it? Damn, they were trashing my creds.

We bitched back and forth for awhile about the capriciousness of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ friendship. Then we zeroed in to encompass slutty-ass girlfriends before he changed the subject to general gossip around school and what the sports teams were doing. By the time he hung up, I was feeling sorry for myself and in a foul mood. Foul enough to call my mother and beg her to let me come home.”

“No, Shane,” she stated with finality in her voice. “You stay up in Calberia. You can’t live here.”

“Why?” I cried. “What about all that forgiveness the church preaches? It’s all fine when you’re talking about other people but you can’t even forgive your own son?”

“This isn’t about forgiveness. It’s about the way you act and the example you set for Roxie and Suzie.”

Oh my god, did she mean what she just said? “You’re afraid I’m going to turn them into lesbos, Mom? That isn’t how it works. Besides, Suzie has already slept with half the freshman basketball…”

“Watch what you say about your sisters, young man!”

Okay, I guess that was the wrong tact, seeing as she’d never believe anything negative about Whit’s darling girls, so let’s try this again and begin with an apology. “Sorry, but… What I’m trying to say is that this isn’t a choice of mine. It’s the way God made me.”

“You leave God out of this, Shane. That is a terrible thing to say.”

What the fuck! Mom is an intelligent, college-educated thirty-nine year old woman. How could she be so closed-minded and ignorant about my lifestyle? You would think she’d be willing to take the time to go online and investigate, at least for the sake of her own son.

“Mom, please don’t do this to me. I hate it here.” I begged, near tears and feeling the conversation getting away from me. “You’re messing up my entire life. Gordie says that Danae is already dating another guy. There are no AP classes up here. No sports teams. Just some stupid hicksville country school with less than a hundred seniors. What about my scholarship for college? I’m losing everything I love.”

“Well maybe you should have thought about that before you jumped into bed with Owen Turlock.”

Now I was crying. “Can’t you give me another chance? What if I promise not to… uh, do anything like that again? You know, just stick to girls.” I wasn’t sure I could live up to such a promise but it was worth a try.

Mom actually paused a moment to think. “No, Shane, this is the best solution for everyone. Stay up there with your father. I’m sure your scholarship is secure. You graduate in June and will be on your way to college in a little over six months. Then you can live however you choose and I won’t have to deal with it.”

Deal with it? It sounded as if Mom was willing to write me out of her life completely.

I flipped my cell phone closed, the desire to throw it against the wall strong, but I fought it because if I broke the damn thing, Dad probably wouldn’t pay to replace it. I stomped around the house for half an hour and finally settled for gulping down half a tumbler of Dad’s cheap rum. It burned going down and then it turned me maudlin, but at least I was able to cry it all out before I fell asleep in my clothes.


I slowly settled in to Calberia life but I was pretty lonely for awhile.

To give me something to do I approached Mom’s brother, my Uncle Carl Weatherby, who owned a sports fishing and diving enterprise, and asked if he’d hire me on. He looked like an aging hippie with flinty eyes and his graying hair tied back in a braid and he smoked a fair amount of weed. His wife, Elaine, was ten years younger than him and owned a 1960′s-70′s boutique in downtown Calberia. It fronted a supposedly legal head shop and catered to the arts and crafts crowd.

Despite his liking for herb, Carl was a conscientious boat pilot and a decent businessman, and he was well-liked by his charters. He had two identical boats which I called yachts, but he said were trawlers, tied up in the small Calberia harbor. He already had a flock of young men who were eager to crew for him and were very loyal to his business. Not that I expected special favors, but I needed a job. I hoped he would teach me all about running the boats so I could help on weekends when he took them out.

I had approached my uncle after my second day of school. He was sitting in his office that gave off the pungent scent of slightly-off skunk, and I figured my timing couldn’t have been better. Carl would be mellow.

He at first didn’t think I was serious, but I told him I had to earn some money and find something to do before I lost my mind with the tedium. He smirked at that.

“Calberia not your cup of tea after the high life of Rancho Martinez?” He didn’t look angry so I knew he was teasing and wouldn’t take offense if I was truthful.

“Seriously, Uncle Carl, what do people do up here? I mean it’s pretty and all…” Which it was, the Santa Barbara area was a lot greener than Orange County. “But it’s hard to make friends starting school in the middle of the year. And this town has absolutely nothing for entertainment except watching the grass grow.”

He pursed his lips and looked at me with wide, slightly hazy eyes. “Okay, Shane,” he said.

“Okay?” Even with him being high I expected a lot more of a fight to get a job. I guess there are a few small advantages in having his sister as my mom, nepotism and all.

As I would learn over the next couple of months the Sorsha Lynn and the Tammany Jo, named for his two daughters, were Bayliner 3388s, both thirty-three feet long, each with a spacious flybridge, wide side decks and an open, drop down aft so divers could drag themselves back into the craft with ease. They had a live bait tanks, owner-installed shelves for diving gear and each carried a small, attached dinghy. Carl did his best to teach me all the intricacies of the radar but what I was most interested in was how to work the twin 330hp diesels to make it move through the water.

So I went to work for my uncle on weekends, doing the grunt chores nobody else wanted. Hosing down the decks and getting all the fish guts washed off—Uncle Carl was strict about his ships being both clean and as sweet smelling as possible. It was my job to go to the wholesale bait markets early on Saturdays and buy the fish for the tanks and dispose of what was left at the end of the day. I was the fetch and carry boy aboard the Sorsha Lynn, helping the fisherman with small tasks like gutting their caught fish and storing it on ice until we got back to shore. I actually enjoyed my work.

As far as I could tell I was the only teenager in my neighborhood. My dad’s house was in a medium-sized tract of similar dwellings, but what had been young families buying when the community was first developed were now middle-aged empty-nest couples.

I wasn’t much better off at school; it’s true that many of my peers had settled into their cliques long before my arrival, and I was the unlucky bastard who was encroaching on them and had to break in as the new kid when none of them could pigeonhole me.

What was I? Jock in a school where I wasn’t participating in school sports? A brainiac who was afraid to show up the less grade-conscious because I didn’t want to ruffle feathers? My intermittent drinking and use of weed did not make me a stoner, and the skater crowd was a closed assembly.

As for Jesse, I soon learned he had last name to go with the first. Capps. Jesse Capps, which came from Mrs. Coates in English because she insisted on using our full names all the time as if we’d forget them without hearing them every day. But I wasn’t any closer to getting to know him, much less being his friend, because Jesse had this habit of looking right through me. I was the invisible man.

Nothing was going right for me at first. But for some reason fate finally decided to start treating me decent and be less than a fickle bitch. Rumor had it that Jesse Capps was gay; rumor being a big blonde knucklehead of a bruiser named Mark Butler.

Four days into my second week of school I was passing the quad between 3rd and 4th periods on my way to Physics when I noticed a commotion off to the side. Mark had chosen to get up in Jesse’s shit by planting himself firmly in front of him with five other muscle-bound boys just like him, all of them sneering at Jesse calling him a fag. While the boy of my dreams didn’t confirm or deny, it was obvious there was bad blood between the two of them going way back. Jesse gave them a pitying smile, turned and walked away but not before several of his friends took up in his defense. They dished it right back and started aping the bully, calling him a loser who didn’t dare confront his victims without his posse. Mark scowled, and I think he was angrier that Jesse was ignoring his taunts then the way the others were so aggressively defending him.

Truthfully, I didn’t know whether Jesse was gay or not. I had been keeping my ears open in school and listening for his name to be mentioned, but I wasn’t in a position to ask anyone about him without stirring up trouble for myself. I did overhear that he was enrolled in dance and drama, and some people would think, oh, he must be gay for sure. But just as not all male hairdressers or figure skaters are gay and not every man who designs clothing or home interiors sleeps with men, being a dancer meant nothing more than he liked to move his body to music. There was nothing in the gay stereotype that matched Jesse one bit, and the only thing I had to go on was a few taunts by some prick who might have any number of reasons to be calling Jesse out.

That night I was lying in bed, weary with anxiety. Mom had called the house while I was at school and left a message on the answering machine about some important form that my previous high school counselor had neglected to send to the admissions departments of three large universities back east. Now it was too late, and I could take them off my list of potential schools I might be attending in the fall. I was so mad I called Gordie to bitch and moan, but he didn’t have time to listen to me. Less and less it seemed like I had anyone I could count on, and seeing boys who had been my friends for years so easily forget me only two weeks after exiting Sacred Heart was sobering.

My hand found its way to my hard cock, and I began to stroke it, slowly at first, then more forcefully. Tonight was not the time to take it easy and torture myself lazily; I needed fast and firm to get off so I could relax and rest. Focus, I told myself with a hard squeeze to my dick, and I let my mind settle into a fantasy. The face I saw in my head was at first was that of Danae, my Sacred Heart ex-girlfriend but, truthfully, it was hard conjuring up her image with any emotion pleasant enough to speed along a handjob. So I tried to reflect on Owen, sweet Owen from Rancho Martinez. Then his face morphed into Jesse’s.

Imagining Jesse’s lips wrapped around my rigid staff, I gripped it with my palm, flicking fingers over my balls and around the head as tingles danced up and down my legs. I gave in to them with a deep groan, continuing to pull on my weeping erection and let the pleasure take me under. I could almost physically feel his wispy black hair tickling my thighs and soon passed the point of no return. I didn’t even try to hold off when the muscles in my abdomen began to ripple under my skin.

“Fuck,” I hissed as intense contractions overtook me and sticky cum shot out to paint my chest in streaks of pearly white that pooled in my navel and pubic hair. Eventually, my hips stilled, my breathing slowed back to normal and my eyes began to close before I hooked a towel off my bedroom floor and wiped myself down. Only then did I give in the creeping exhaustion and let myself sleep.

Another week and a half went by since my transfer in. I was determined to make friend with Jesse Capps, but he was acting odd around me. For instance, we high schoolers had many opportunities to pass each other in the halls every day because of the way the campus was laid out for the upper division students. However, he looked like he was doing his best to avoid me.

If he looked down a corridor and saw my approach in time, he started veering off. Jesse tried to be inconspicuous and pretend he wasn’t making a wide circle around me, but I could tell by the alarm in his eyes. When I greeted him before or after our lone class together he would throw me this frown as if he expected me to devour him… which I would have liked, but not in the way he imagined it. He thought I was some kind of threat and wanted nothing to do with me.

It was the middle of February, and we were studying English writers from the early-to-mid 19th century. Yeah, this is a mainstream class, not advanced like down south, so they move at a snail’s pace, and I doubted we’d get through the whole textbook by the end of the term. I could do the class work in my sleep and I wasn’t paying any mind to Mrs. Coates until I heard her say my name.

My head popped up to find her staring at me. “Shane Elliott,” she repeated sternly now that she had my full attention, “the assignment for you and Mr. Capps,” she glanced over at Jesse who was lounging at his desk, “is to compare the works of Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë.” I nodded and flicked a quick glance at Jesse but he didn’t acknowledge me at all.

The bell rang a few minutes later, and I moseyed over to his side of the room, trying to act nonchalant and hide how excited I was over being teamed up with Jesse for this project. I could scarcely believe my good fortune: a legit reason to spend time with my Totally Hot Cutie. I didn’t even object to being given female authors like the Brontës to write up. It was worth landing them instead of someone more interesting like Browning or Carroll or Lord Tennyson if it meant Jesse and me getting to know each other and becoming friends… or more. Having studied the sisters previously at Rancho Martinez and using the notes to draw from would help us get a good grade and maybe make some points with him.

Jesse visibly flinched when he looked up and saw me standing next to him and then settled into a guarded reserve. Refusing to meet my eye, he stared down at his desk, gripping the hell out of the wooden edge as a flush covered his cheeks. Shit, what was up with this dude? What could I have inadvertently done that made him act so panicky? He never let me get close enough to say one word, good or bad. It wasn’t like my rep preceded me nor did I have BO.

Well, I guess it was going to suck to be him because we were working together on this project over the next ten days whether he liked it or not. I’d be damned if I was going to get a bad grade simply because he wanted to play games and hate on me for no reason.

“We need to get together and divide up tasks for the essay,” I suggested cautiously.

He nodded and refused to lift his eyes; otherwise, he would have seen me smiling at him in a charming attempt to be friendly. I tried again.

“So when and where should we meet?”

Actually I was having a tough time getting the words out because being this close to Jesse for the first time, I could smell him. He was a definite Cool Water fan. I recognized the scent because I bought a bottle strictly on seeing the Josh Holloway ads on television. It smelled much better on him than it ever did on me, and my dick made a crazy little flop in my jeans. I sternly reminded it that I was standing in a public school room and didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of my Totally Hot Cutie, and when it wouldn’t listen I shifted my books to hide my crotch.

Jesse nodded, finally raising his head to stare straight at me as if in challenge. “How about tomorrow after 6th period in the library?”

I had anticipated going to my house where nobody was home and we would have more privacy, but I wasn’t going to insist on it. If he wanted to use the library, that was fine by me. In fact, it was probably a better idea since we’d have study materials at our disposal. Waiting the extra day would also give me a chance to find my notes and essay on the Brontës. In the meantime, we decided to each check out one of the principal books, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, by the sisters.

The next afternoon, it was fifteen minutes after the last bell, and I was sitting at a large table in the back of the library with my information and several reference books spread out in front of me. My whole body quivered with anticipation at spending time with Jesse, and it just seemed appropriate that today was Valentine’s Day. Then here he came, stomping through the library door acting angry and distracted, and that killed my good mood straightaway. He glared at me in suspicion.

“How long have you been here?” His face was dark as a thundercloud.

I shrugged not knowing why it mattered, but he didn’t look like he was in any frame of mind to be riled up so I held my tongue. “Since school let out,” I answered pleasantly. “My last class is in room two-oh-two.” I didn’t need to explain that it would take me less than a minute to walk from one location to the next.

He grumbled as if he didn’t believe me, and I tried to let it pass for now because it made no sense to pick a fight with a study partner I would have to work with for the next week plus. Despite the fact that Jesse was the cutest boy I’d ever seen and I got instantly hard just staring into his amazing latte-colored eyes or hearing his deep voice rumbling in his chest, I was beginning to think he was also one of the snobbiest kids in our grade. My assignment was to work with him on our essay, but it was going to take all my strength to remain cordial and not punch him out if he didn’t stop treating me like dog shit on his shoes.

Early on Saturday morning I went to the wholesale market and picked up fish for bait and then drove to the marina where I met my uncle and the rest of the crew preparing to take the Tammany Jo and Sorsha Lynn out for a day of fishing. As I dumped the chum in one of the tanks I cheerfully greeted the other four guys, all in their late twenties, and they responded in kind. Being the nephew of the owner has never given me any special privileges and I have paid my dues. Hard work alongside them has made me an equal, not a better.

I found Carl below in the cabin. It was an exceptionally nice salon considering what he used the boat for and had a big kitchen, known as a galley, and a dining area. There were two bedrooms, which are called berths, and one even had a queen-sized bed. The bathroom, uh… head, had a huge shower. You could comfortably live down there.

Carl smiled at me apologetically and reached into his pocket for his wallet. He drew a check from the worn leather. “Sorry I forgot your raise.”

I shrugged to indicate it wasn’t a big deal. “Um, thanks, Uncle Carl for not telling my dad about Jesse,” I said.

He hitched his eyebrow up and asked, “What was I supposed to keep such a secret?”

I started to turn red and looked down at my feet, wishing he’d just accept the gratitude without making me talk about it. “You know, that he and I…”

“Look, Shane,” he interrupted. “It’s none of my business what you do with your private life, okay? You’re a good kid, and I see you working hard here so I presume you do at school too. That’s what’s important in this world. I disagree with your mom and dad because, frankly, they don’t have the right to tell you who to love. So no, I will never discuss you and Jesse with either of your parents.”

I smiled at him, feeling a little self-consciousness over all the heart-felt encouragement. This was probably the longest string of words I’d heard Carl utter since I moved here. Then he leaned over and gave me a hug, and that turned into a big sense of awkward. Clearing our throats, we sort of pulled away from each other, causing us both to laugh. He ruffled my hair, and I went up on deck to begin my chores.

Over the next couple of weeks Jesse got three more suspicious notes, two in his school locker, one taped to his car. Each one was a little more ominous and little less vague. The last, received on the sixth of April, asked ‘How red is Ur fag blood?’ I was starting to get scared that someone was truly out to hurt Jesse but he passed it off like it wasn’t of any importance and he wasn’t intimidated. As he reminded me every time the subject came up, what the stalker wanted was the satisfaction of upsetting Jesse, and if he didn’t give into the fear the person would eventually stop.

At least he didn’t throw out any of the written threats, storing them in a zip-lock bag in the back of his school locker under a tattered hoody he kept for sudden weather changes. After the eighth one I actually considered swiping them and handing them over to the school principal; we knew each other’s locker combinations and it would have been easy enough. But Jesse had such an easy-going way about him and was good at soothing and convincing me I was over-reacting. I didn’t think we could be accused of being careless but his refusal to heed them was at least simplistic. We just wanted it to all go away.

And then there was the ongoing discussion of showing affection at school. Jesse was proud to be my lover and wanted to show me off. I wanted that too but I was still afraid. I had at last come to the conclusion that how the other students felt about me wasn’t what was significant. No, my concern was that Jesse’s name would be linked to mine in a conversation in front of a parent, and that adult would know my father and it would get back to him that I had a boyfriend. As Dad joked about at least once a week, he couldn’t stand my mother but at least she had some common sense when it came to the matter of what hole my dick should be playing in.

I tried to explain it to Jesse, and he was more patient than I deserved. Actually, my vacillation made me feel like a wimp who needed his protection. It wasn’t as if I’d lost all my self-confidence in the past three months, but I definitely was not the same happy-go-lucky guy I’d been in Rancho Martinez. I guess I could be getting more mature, but mostly I think I was scared of graduating high school and becoming an adult. Jesse was the only person I could talk about my fears to, and I wondered what he saw in me. He would grin and say it was my long blonde hair. Or that my eyes were such a unique shade of turquoise they complimented his hair, so we had to be a couple. It would pull me out of my funk, and I’d be alright for a couple of days.

By early April it came down to the wire where I couldn’t put off making a decision on which university I would attend the following year, and Jesse and I disagreed on this subject too. I told him of my plans to attend Hope Ranch Community College with him in the fall, and he said I was throwing my life away by refusing my football scholarship and staying put in Calberia.

He had followed me home after school to find Dad’s car mysteriously in the driveway, meaning we couldn’t go in, so he left his Jeep in an inconspicuous spot up the street. Now my Impala was parked behind the baseball bleachers of a nearby playground. Taking advantage of the privacy that would evaporate once the younger grades finished their classes for the day, we were making out on the wide back bench-seat. He was at first shocked by my choice.

“How can you just blow off tens of thousands of dollars like that?” he demanded in a strangled hush. “Do you know what I’d give if some school offered me that kind of money for college?”

“It isn’t blown if it means we can stay together,” I explained, planting a kiss on his neck right below the fringe of his black hair. His pink lips were all swollen and kiss-bruised. “If I was going to college far away I wouldn’t be able to concentrate anyway from missing you so much.”

“Shane, I… I don’t know what to say. Part of me is happy you love me that much, but I wish I didn’t feel that you’re making a big mistake. Playing football in college meant so much to you.”

“But that’s the beauty of it,” I urged, almost bouncing excitedly on the seat. “I’m not giving up playing football. I can join the Hope Ranch team. The major schools scout community colleges too, and in a couple of years I’ll transfer into a university as a junior. By then you’ll be graduated with an AA. I will take you with me, and you can work or act or whatever you want to do. We’ll be together, Jesse.”

He shook his head, still unconvinced. “What if your dad won’t let you stay with him for another two years? I thought you hated living there. Wasn’t the whole idea for you to get into an out-of-state college?”

“Not without you, Baby,” I pouted, wondering why he had to be so negative. It sounded like he didn’t want me around which hurt my feelings and made me feel stupid for the plans I was making for the two of us. “For now, let’s not worry about what my dad might do.”

Like always, Jesse picked up on my mood. He gave the back of my neck a gentle squeeze. “Okay,” he relented. “I guess there are options available if he kicks you out. You could rent one of the rooms that are available to college students, or you might even be able to live with your uncle or on one of his boats in the harbor… anything. I don’t want to fight about it.”

I hated fighting with Jesse, and thankfully, we didn’t do it very often. We trusted each other and stayed in contact throughout the day with little texts of support, especially if one of us had a test or an important assignment or just seemed a bit more stressed than usual. Jesse was getting the best grades of his life because I was helping him study, and he gave me the love that had been lacking to help me focus too. He didn’t allow his pals to rag on me for being a jock instead of a drama geek, and I made it plain to Mark Butler that he better keep his thoughts about Jesse to himself when I was around.

In fact, the two of us got along very well because of, or maybe in spite of, all our little idiosyncrasies. Mine was the baggage of deep emotional privation that until that night in my car, I hadn’t realized was such a big issue. It was funny in a sarcastic way, but I guess my parents really did a number on me all these years letting me think I had to earn their love and approval. Jesse would not let me feel ashamed for breaking down in front of him in mid-March. He swamped my neediness by paying attention and with praise and vows of love, and he deliberately made me feel like there were no limits to what I could accomplish with him by my side.

You know how guys are. We talk about sex a lot, especially when you have someone as hot and adorable as Jesse for a lover. Maybe it was because we were content to ease into new things without either of us pressuring the other that we were so comfortable together. We hadn’t progressed past handjobs and going down on each other because we decided to take the sex slow, but what we shared felt so right. He knew about Owen and the other guys I’d been with, understood that I’d done anal sex before, and I told him I enjoyed it. Jesse asked a lot of questions, leading me to find out that he was a virgin in that respect. He’d never been with anyone he trusted enough, and I wanted very much to have the honor. But I didn’t push him.

I discovered he was just a bit on the OCD side. Even if he didn’t regarding the stalker notes as conscientiously as I thought he should have, he was overly vigilant about safety otherwise, especially over locked doors and making sure appliances were shut off. Leaving the house with him could be an exercise in frustration as he had to be constantly assured the blow dryer was unplugged and his mother had turned off the stove hours ago. He didn’t do the counting thing or having to touch every surface when he walked by, and he wasn’t overly obsessive about germs, but I learned it was vital to bolster his memory so he could see himself taking proper precautions.

Jesse might not be an intellectual whiz, but he made up for it in common sense. He was such a pure soul who gave me strength and courage, and he was probably the least selfish person I knew. Every day I felt like I was falling more in love with him. Every night I wished for the freedom to have him sleep by my side. But we were kids with parents who didn’t know we were in love with each other, and their rules could be bent but not broken. I was just very lucky that my dad was so busy during tax season and gave me so little supervision.

In some ways the middle of April sneaked up on us along with our two-month anniversary. The fourteenth was on a Saturday and I couldn’t get time off from my job. I had secretly come up with a great idea for celebrating that would have to wait for the following Monday. Fortune smiled again because Calberia High gave us a two-week Easter vacation, meaning I could spend the whole day with him. Besides, I needed a special prop, in Jesse’s admirable terms, which I’d only have access to on Mondays. My rampant excitement clued him in that this was going to be really over-the-top so he didn’t complain.

That’s not to say we didn’t celebrate the exact date at all. On Saturday, Carl excused me with a “get out of here” and a smirk as soon as the Bayliner hit the pier, and I raced home to shower before Jesse picked me up. He paid for dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Cielito that served excellent tapas which I had never had. Eating tapas is kind of like sharing little snack-sized portions of a lot of different foods so it was definitely fun and different. What made it even better was feeding each other, and I watched his eyes darken as I sucked his fingers clean. Afterwards we went to see Cabin in the Woods, and Jesse hid his face in my shoulder almost the whole film because he doesn’t like scary movies but saw it for my sake. Dropping me off at midnight and noticing that my father wasn’t home—he had to be staying over at his girlfriend’s— we exchanged blowjobs.

Ah, but Monday. Jesse had been getting a little wound up as the date closed in, and I had this sneaky suspicion it had to do with giving up his virginity. Keeping my fingers crossed, I refused to even broach the subject of sex so I wouldn’t jinx it, but it was on both of our minds. I had this whole seduction planned but I would let him guide me. I wouldn’t tell him where we were going either; just that he needed to dress warm, and thankfully it was a pretty day with temperatures in the high 70s and barely a breeze.

As I parked in front of his house, he texted that he wasn’t quite ready to leave, suggesting I introduce myself to his mother who had been asking about the boy Jesse was spending so much time with. I was nervous when I rang the doorbell and a thin, short woman with lustrous black hair answered the door. She had Shane’s wide forehead and olive complexion and she was wearing narrow black pants with a droopy sweater over top that made her look younger than her years. She had this parental air about her and I knew this was Ms Capps.

“Hi, I’m Shane, a friend of Jesse’s.” I told her we had plans for the day and I was picking him up.

Saying he’d be good to go in a few minutes, she was both friendly and curious. “Jesse told me he has no idea where you all are heading out for today.”

My smile froze. I couldn’t think of any way to keep this a secret without making her suspicious. The last thing I wanted was for her to withdraw permission or find out this was a date. “We’re going down to the harbor,” I told her. “I work weekends for my uncle, Carl Weatherby, and want to show him around.”

Sandra Capps’ mouth turned up into a big smile that was so much like Jesse’s. “I know Carl. He went out with my older sister before he married Elaine… oh, that was so long ago.” Her look turned puzzled like she might have recognized me and was trying to put a face to a name. “Aren’t you Lisa and Ken Elliott’s son?”

It felt like old home week even though I naturally had no memory of her at all. “That’s me,” I replied politely. “Only she’s Lisa Lawson now.”

She blushed a little, and I could tell she was remembering the fifteen-year-old gossip about my parents and why their marriage fell apart. Luckily I was saved by the bounding appearance of Jesse who as usual looked scrumptious, and I turned my attention to him. It was all I could do not to lean into him and give him a kiss.

“I’m ready,” he chirped, trying for very hard to look casual and failing.

“Are you sure?” I teased. “You didn’t leave the water running, and you put the cap back on your hair gel?”

Jesse’s mother gaped at me, surprised, I’m sure, by how intimately we spoke of his OCD tendencies. I had been the one to mention them to him first. He had been embarrassed and blushed through an explanation of how he didn’t talk about them in public. I’d pointed out that I loved him anyway, and perfection was way over-rated. Revealing how I knew of his difficulty and joking about it in front of her just proved what close friends we were, but I was sure it didn’t cross any lines.

Jesse laughed. “I triple-checked, Shane, and stop being such an a…” He blushed, having almost cursed in front of Sandra and covered it up by quickly hugging her.

“Bye, Mom.” I hustled him out the door before she disclosed my secret plan for the day to him or his verbal gaffes led him into more hot water.

The bulky backpack that he toted on his shoulder seemed to be heavy. When I started to ask him what was in it he slyly put his finger to his lips and shook his head for silence.

“Running water and hair gel caps?” he goaded me skeptically once we got on the road, but he was smiling. He poked me in the ribs, and I almost swerved into another lane. “You’re an ass, Shane Elliott.

I laughed. “I couldn’t help it. I had to distract myself from kissing you.”

“Oh, then I’m glad you said it,” he answered with a mock shudder. “She was stunned as it is.”

“Your mom is nice,” I mentioned lightly. “She remembers my parents.”

He gave me a dazzling grin and leaned back against the seat rest. “I thought she would.”

Bewildered, I couldn’t understand his hesitation in telling her he was gay because she didn’t seem the type who could get angry. But as he’d already said, it wasn’t her he was afraid of upsetting, it was his grandfather.

“I told my cousin about you,” he finally admitted. “Chad wanted to know why I don’t hang out with him as much as I used to, and I said I have a boyfriend. He wants to meet you.”

“Oh?” I was instantly wary.

“It’s no big deal. He’ll threaten to kick your ass if you fuck up and hurt me.”

“Somehow that doesn’t reassure me.”

But Jesse was grinning from ear to ear. “Nah, I told him you’re cool. He’s trying to be friendly.” He lifted his heavy backpack and giggled. “I gave him money and he bought us a twelve-pack of Blue Moons.”


Jesse and I drank beer occasionally when we could get our hands on it, meaning when I felt brave enough to sneak it out of the fridge at home. We also got high every now and then, but neither of us let it be a problem. I mean, all the teenagers we knew did the same.

“I know we’re going to have fun today, whatever it is,” he hinted with a side look, but I wouldn’t let him trick me into revealing my plans.

Like I told Jesse’s mother, our destination was the marina and Carl’s boats. I had proven to my uncle over the past three months that I could navigate his trawlers, and he let me steer the Sorsha Lynn out of the harbor and up the coast all by myself one Sunday. Of all things, some rich guy from Santa Barbara hired him to take it out for his daughter’s Sweet-16 party. It was exhilarating to be given this opportunity and see Carl’s trust in me. He simply stood by ready to take the wheel in case of an emergency, and I had impressed him.

I had also made an impact on the girls who liked my California surfer look and insisted on giving me their cell phone numbers. I just smiled, steered and flirted, then threw the scraps of paper away when I mopped up later. Damn, why hit on girls when Jesse was all I wanted?

“What are we doing?” he asked, his head on a swivel as we made our way down the gangway to the floating pontoons where the ship was secured and he took in the different vessels around the seaport.

“We’re heading out,” I said, pointing to the harbor entrance. “Monday is the one day Uncle Carl takes off from his charters, and he said I could use the Sorsha Lynn, providing that I paid for the fuel and we’re back by nine tonight. Oh, and that I’m sober when I’m behind the wheel. She’s easy to run in clear weather, and I thought you would enjoy the privacy. I even stocked her with food for the day.”

Jesse’s eyes went wide with surprise. He practically jumped up and down in anticipation before giving me a big hug and thanking me over and over for making the day so much fun. I could tell he’d never been out on the ocean before, and I wanted to pat myself on the back for such a brilliant idea.

I had a half-hour of preparation to get the Bayliner ready to go and Jesse helped me. It made sense to do the bare minimum, seeing as how it was just him and me, so all we did was pull the shrouds and secure the deck cushions and other items Carl stored belowdecks when the boats weren’t in use. I checked the instruments while Jesse put our food away in the galley and refrigerated the beer, and soon we were ready to leave.

I took the upper helm and had Jesse sit next to me on the port side. Wind in our hair, and Jesse’s cheeks flushed charmingly, we nudged out of the slip and slowly made our way to the entrance of the harbor. Once free, I headed to a place I knew about eight nautical miles out.

“It will take us an hour and a half to get there,” I told Jesse. “But after the sun starts to set it gets really pretty. You can see all up and down the coast when it’s clear including the lights in the hills above Santa Barbara.”

There was a light breeze, and I was glad that we wore jeans and hoodies. The trip was uneventful, and Jesse sat on my lap part of the time as I piloted the craft to the exact spot I wanted to show him. It was like we had entered a magical place when we dropped anchor. Seagulls flew above us, and there would be an occasional ripple in the water from some sea animal swimming close to the surface, but except for a light chop against the hull, it was dead quiet.

We ate a simple lunch of ham sandwiches I’d made earlier and each of us had a bottle of Blue Moon. Jesse was eying me funny as he popped the last bite of crust into his mouth and washed it down with beer.

“So what do we do for the rest of the afternoon?”

I considered. “We could fish except we don’t have any bait.”

He scrunched up his nose and shook his head. “No thanks. How about drink beer and get some sun?”

“Where?” There was a foredeck that Uncle Carl allowed people to use for tanning, but it wasn’t level and I didn’t like the way it threw me off-balance. “Besides, I don’t have anything to wear.”

Jesse got a wicked gleam in his eye. I always went commando and he knew it. “We can use the long benches up on the bridge,” he replied, “and as long as nobody gets close enough to notice, why do we need clothes?” He raised his eyebrow in lewd expectation. “I brought sunscreen so your… uh, privates won’t get burned.”

I laughed ruefully at the idea of a painful burn on my cock and balls but lying in the sun sounded like a plan to me. I grabbed another beer for each of us out of the galley fridge, and we stripped off our clothes. Jesse covered our benches with beach towels so they would be more comfortable than lying on sticky vinyl.

Finally, out of chores to waste our time on, we stared at each other across the seven feet of bridge, my pale body in contrast to his olive-toned one. Our dicks were mostly soft but beginning to twitch in eagerness as Jesse and I realized the prospects. And then we were in each other’s arms, kissing and tasting and touching.

“I don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves,” I panted a fifteen minutes later as Jesse knelt between my spread legs, his mouth around my now-rigid cock. “I have this romantic scene I planned out in my head for tonight, so let’s not go overboard, okay?”

Jesse giggled, making me groan from the vibrations between his mouth and my groin. He lifted his head, and I let out another cry from the interruption in his sucking technique. “Overboard? Really, Blondie, considering where we are, your pun sucks. Besides, since when do you have to limit yourself?”

“Saying it ‘sucks’ isn’t much better,” I grinned as he got back to the business at hand. I loved the feel of his mouth on me, the way his lips made a complete seal around my staff. His tongue flicked me in all my most sensitive spots, like he could read my mind and knew instinctively what I liked. I felt my abdominal muscles tensing and tingles shooting up my spine.

Seconds later my body was thrashing about and I was spurting into his mouth and loudly screaming. “Fuck, Jesse, just like that… yes, oh fuck.”

Jesse carefully lifted himself up on the bench and lay on top of me because there was no room for us side by side. He switched into an Australian accent to tease me. “Ah, looky ‘ere mates, we ‘ave ourselves a live one, a real screamer. Be careful, ‘e might bite.”

“Bite, huh?” I blushed, loving the sight of him lucking my cum off his lips. “Do you really think this is a good time to be talking about my teeth?”

“Ah, see ‘ere? When you embarrass ‘im, ‘is face turns a bee-yoo-tiful shade of red.”

“Let’s see how loudly I can make you scream,” I taunted, flipping him effortlessly so that I was on top. “And I’ll be sure to watch the teeth, Baby.”

I swiveled my hips grinding my already-refilling penis into his erect one, the two organs nestling together in the lubrication that was leaking from his slit. He let out a whimper.

Kissing and licking, I scooted down his lithe body until I faced his groin. Sliding my tongue through the precum that had pooled while I was busy preparing him, I slipped my lips over the head of his erection and started to gently suck on it. How amazing it felt, his slender tool filling my mouth, and I enjoyed the taste of him and the silky texture against my tongue. Jesse was already moaning and thrusting when I began to bob over him, stretching my mouth wide and swallowing him down. My right hand stroked his shaft and the left pulled at his sac, and it was only a five minutes later that he let himself go.

“Feels… good. Oh my god… so good,” he wailed in ecstasy as he unloaded in my mouth.

“And no teeth,” I whispered with a kiss when I dragged myself up his frame a few minutes later to stare into his blissed-out face.

“I love you, Blondie,” he smiled.

“Love you back, Baby.”


We never got around to lying out in the sun. We went below, deciding it would be more fun to cuddle naked for once without worrying about getting caught. Except for the night I accidentally dozed off in his room, this was our first opportunity to sleep together. To save the quilt, I’d brought a top sheet from home which I spread over the queen bed in the largest berth, and Jesse and I nodded off. Holding him in my arms as our eyes closed brought me so much joy and made me feel protective and needed.

We awoke two hours later in time for an early dinner, and we dressed to ward off the incoming chill. I heated up a beef and vegetable stew called Beef Bourguignon I’d made the night before from an online French recipe that was far simpler than I originally imagined. It made a full meal and was easy to clean up too since I only had to use the microwave. Jesse kept praising my cooking, and all I could think of was how living with him once we got on with the rest of our lives would be so fulfilling. We were perfect for each other.

While Jesse collected our discarded gear from the deck I went back to the stateroom to set up our night. I have never had much of a romantic side, but I wanted to make it special for him. I had purchased a box of white votives that I placed around the room on the flat surfaces. My iPod was filled with the songs we loved, half of them by The Offspring, our favorite band, as well as other Indie tunes we enjoyed. I had hidden a single red rose in the shower and now laid it across the sheet on the bed which hid some essentials just in case we needed them. Lastly I lit the candles and, with the blinds closed against the late afternoon sun, they gave the berth a soft glow.

“Close your eyes,” I told Jesse just before I led him through the door. The strains of Mumford & Sons Sigh No More was blaring from the iPod.

Love it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free, be more like the man you were made to be. There is a design, an alignment, a cry of my heart to see, the beauty of love as it was made to be.

We stood in the doorway and I had Jesse open his eyes. The room looked magical, all soft flickering light and the scent of the rose filling the air with nostalgic charm. Jesse’s mouth opened in a perfect O as he gazed around and his breath caught.

“You did this for me?”

“Yeah, Baby, because I wanted you to know exactly how important you are to me.”

The candles were beginning to drip a little when I finally drew Jesse into the berth and stood in front of him and gave him the rose. He turned around and hugged me to him. God, he felt fantastic. His luminous eyes seemed to take up his whole face and he was radiant.

“You’re important to me too, Shane.”

I grabbed one of his hands and intertwined my fingers in his, nuzzling him softly on his neck. “Nobody has ever mattered more to me than you do. Two months together is a huge record for me because you are the first person, male or female, I even thought about committing to. This is my way of telling you that I want us to be forever. If you’ll have me.”

“Of course I’ll have you. Do you even need to ask?”

Tears came to Jesse’s eyes, and then he grinned, seemingly embarrassed to be caught crying. It made us both giggle, and he clasped the rose between his teeth and batted his lashes, making us laugh even harder. I kissed him on the cheek to show him that he didn’t need to feel uncomfortable. From my iPod, the song changed to Run by Snow Patrol.

Light up, light up, as if you have a choice, even if you cannot hear my voice I’ll be right beside you, dear.

I didn’t know what was going to happen next. Okay, I knew what I wanted to happen next, but that was totally up to Jesse. It wasn’t for me to force him in any way.

Moving away a few paces he cautiously set the rose down on the dresser giving me a happy smile over his shoulder that told me everything I needed to know about his appreciation for our date. When he stepped back and touched my jaw, he lifted a lock of my hair to trail between his fingers, and his face was calm and resolute. The message passed between us; he was ready and willing to give himself completely to me.

I leaned forward and kissed Jesse passionately, swiping my tongue into my boy’s mouth and nibbling on his bottom lip. He wound his hands deeper into my thick hair and tried to melt into my body. Moments became seconds, and seconds turned into minutes as we alternately kissed and breathed, returning for more of the sweetness of each other’s lips.

Jesse’s erection was as instantaneous as mine, but that’s what I’d come to expect from being with him. The making out and little sex games, the hands fluttering over our hot, sweaty skin to arouse us, and we were always hard, our heartbeats pounding in our rigid flesh.

Jesse reached down and unzipped my pants, wriggling his hand down inside until he touched my hard cock. I knew he was beginning to want it inside him so badly. Pumping it with his hand, he looked up at me and didn’t flinch.

“Tonight okay?” he begged. “Please? I’m nervous but I’m sure I’m ready.”

I couldn’t resist Jesse, and I felt so proud. My heart swelled listening to him plead to make love. His face was shining in joy and his latte eyes so sparkly and warm, and I knew how much he needed me to be his first. In this special evening I had planned just for him I was going to make him wholly mine, and I hoped I didn’t appear too eager.

“I’ll be gentle,” I promised. “I won’t hurt you.”

He stared at me directly. “I know. I trust you.”

With another deep kiss he began to strip off his clothes with abandon, almost tripping in the process. I had to grab his hands to still him. “Slow down or you’re going to kill yourself,” I laughed. Nevertheless, he danced on his toes in excitement, and I pulled him into me in a quick hug to calm and center him. Yanking my shirt over my head, I returned his deep gaze, locking on their raven-fringed beauty.

I couldn’t help but touch his flushed skin. His chest was bare, his nipples reacting to the chill in the air to pebble up into tiny raisin-like buds. Bending into his softly scented throat, I inhaled his Cool Water fragrance and chewed gently where his neck met his shoulder. Sucking at him, I raised the tiniest of love bites to mark him as mine.

Jesse couldn’t control his anticipation. Fumbling with my belt, he quickly unbuttoned the fly of my jeans, practically ripping out the stitching of the zipper. His pupils were blown with lust and he was shaking.

“I’m not going to disappear,” I reminded him, and his cheeks turned pink, finding it difficult to hide his enthusiasm. I was just as needy as him, anticipating tonight and the gift we were going to present to each other. All I could think was that this was my Jesse, my lover, the only one I wanted to be with like this.

We finally got our clothing removed and stood naked two feet apart and facing. Our hot, heavy dicks jutted tall and proud against our abdomens, and we were both panting in need. Like we could read each other’s thoughts, I took him by the hand and drew him closer to me. We moved as one in a hungry kiss that was all open mouths and swirling tongues and hands that grabbed at warm skin. Our cocks collided, sticky with precum that oozed out of the slits and covered us in slippery gliding pleasure.

“Oh, oh, it feels too good,” Jesse moaned in what seemed only seconds later, still grinding into me helplessly and holding on tightly to my neck, his eyes rolling back. “I don’t want to cum this way. Please Shane.”

I swiftly tilted backwards so that we lost contact, leaving me feeling lost and empty. I backed Jesse into the bed and followed him down to lie next to him. Picking up a small packet of lube I’d tucked under the sheet, I said, “Let me slick you up and get you open. There will be less discomfort if I prepare you first.”

More locking lips and writhing tongues, more hands pulling at nipples and sliding over smooth muscles. I coaxed Jesse up on his hands and knees on the mattress and then pushed his upper body to a pillow on the bed, leaving his cheeks open and his rosebud exposed. His hard cock dripped precum on the sheets.

I covered my fingers with the lube and gently touched between the globes of Jesse’s ass. My middle finger circled around the puckered pinkness, grazing it gently and watching it quiver. Jesse wanted to push backwards against the digit and groaned when I touched him again before I slid it slowly inside. Jesse’s breath caught at the quick burn followed by discomfort at something foreign filling him, but after awhile I could tell he was getting used to it by the tiny smile curving his lips. My finger began to saw in and out of him and rotate around, and I could feel him loosening up. Very soon, another finger entered him in preparation, followed by the third.

By this time, Jesse was sighing and wantonly pushing back into my hand, his head twisting from side to side. “Please, enough. Please Shane, I know this makes me sound slutty, but I’m going to lose my mind if you don’t stick your dick up there.”

Laughing, I said, “No, Jesse, you aren’t slutty, you’re delectable.” I thought a moment. “Let’s try something.”

I arranged pillows and stretched out on my back against the headboard so that I was partly reclining. I grabbed a condom off the side table which I rolled down my erection and slicked up with a good-sized squirt of more lube. Then I had Jesse on his knees straddling my lap.

“Lower yourself on me. You can decide how fast or slow to move. Go real slow at first.”

I held my cock upright, and Jesse pressed back. I could feel his bud against my tip, seeking entry. Using my shoulder to balance, he sank down a little. The head popped through the muscular rings to open his channel, bringing a sharp pain with it that was reflected on his face. Jesse immediately went still, taking his weight in his shaking thighs, and I helped hold him up with my hands under the fleshy globes until the pain went away.

“You’re so gorgeous,” I grunted. I stared into Jesse’s beautiful eyes and kissed him softly, stroking his flagging tool lying against his belly to distract him. I wanted to buck upwards and impale my lover on my cock. Never had I felt such exquisite torture as being inside him and having to hold absolutely still.

“It doesn’t burn so much now.” Jesse’s voice was full of wonder after a few minutes. “I just feel nicely filled up.” He rotated his hips to a slight change of angle.

“Take your time,” I rasped out, gritting my teeth at the sensation. My cock was swathed in the most delectable heat and softness of Jesse’s chute, and my need to thrust was rising with every second.

I felt more of my cock sliding inside him, and knowing there was only a little pinch made me smile at his awe. Lower still into a steady glide downwards until my rigid penis was buried completely inside him.

“Oh, my god, Shane,” Jesse marveled, a huge grin splitting his beautiful face. “I never imagined this could be so wonderful.”

I cupped his cheek in my hand and stared at him tenderly. “I’m so glad, Jesse.” I kissed his nose, feeling deeply loved. “As long as you’re comfortable. Are you ready to move yet?”

Jesse bit his lip with a fierce nod and began to raise and lower himself on me. I gasped at the way his channel gripped me and pulled at my dick, like lighting me up from the inside as he bobbed. Soon he had a perfect rhythm going and he wrapped his arms around my shoulders to join in a sensual kiss. His new erection was trapped between our slick bodies.

In and out of Jesse I pressed, and I never wanted it to end. I knew when my plunges started to connect with his prostate because his mouth went slack and his eyelashes fluttered. He was squeezing my shoulders harder and his hole contracted around my thick organ to send bolts of pleasure through my body. Connected by lip and groin, we groaned in concert as Jesse undulated over me.

“Shane,” he moaned in my ear. “Oh so good, Shane.”

“Yes,” I hissed back. Deftly I gathered him close to me and rolled him on his back so I could take control of my thrusting. My cock never left Jesse’s ass, and I rapidly began to drive into him in short, hard jabs that rubbed on his hot spot at every pass. I could feel the dance beginning under my skin. The rhythmic pounding of nerve endings and jumping muscles. Neither of us had much longer to go.

“I love making love to you,” I groaned, taking his cock in my hand to stroke him. “You feel so good inside.”

But it was more than that. In that moment I felt my heart breaking open in something so glorious it would have struck me blind if I was in a position to see through my sweat. It was creating the most intense feelings of purpose and beautiful belonging in me. I loved Jesse with all my heart, not only for what he could do to my body but what he did to my soul. I needed him like I needed the elements to survive.

“I’m… oh god,” Jesse cried out, and I heard it in his voice, I could feel him shifting in preparation. He was breathing in long gasps, his lungs strained for air. In one swift heartbeat his body was swept by magnificent pleasure as his cock began to pump out cum that covered our abdomens in ropes of shimmery white. He couldn’t seem to stop, and he lost himself in the throes of euphoria.

“Oh my god, holy fuck,” I groaned, watching the lust sear across Jesse’s eyes as he began to convulse and dragged me under. His hole seized around my shaft and I screamed, taken over by the strongest orgasm in my life. My hips pistoned fiercely, freely into him, and I was only aware of the hard tug on my balls and filling the condom in his tight tunnel with sperm. I crashed through barrier after barrier of rapture, crying out my completion and love into a soft, welcoming mouth when Jesse kissed me hard.

“I love you, I love you,” he was chanting as he clutched to me tightly. The mist was leaving my head, and my heart soared at the sincerity in his voice. I felt my softened cock fall out of Jesse’s ass with a plop. Carefully I raised myself up on my elbows so he wouldn’t put too much of my weight on the slimmer man. His face was a study in satisfaction and exhaustion, and I dropped my forehead to his in joy.

“I love you too, Jesse, only you,” I promised in gratitude, sweeping my tongue through the drops of sweat bathing his face. “You are all I will ever want.”

I think we fell asleep for a few minutes, because we awoke sticky with sweat and cum and the light a good deal dimmer in the cabin. Jesse grabbed up his t-shirt, the brown one he loved with the winged skeletons in red from The Offspring’s Broken Wings tour in 2009, and used it to wipe off our torsos. Removing the condom I tied it off and disposed of it. Then we cuddled for a few minutes longer before getting up and redressing. I had an extra shirt with me so I gave it to him to wear.

I received so much feedback from readers upset by the death of my main characters that I decided to write this alternate ending for those of you who wanted a live Happy Ever After for Jesse and Shane. I apologize to anyone who was shocked by my first ending, although I stand by it since tragedy is a part of our lives. This is for you and takes up where Chapter 4 ends so some of it was covered in the original Chapter 5. Enjoy.


I woke up the following morning before my alarm clock went off feeling well rested.

I shouldn’t have been surprised really. The Fine Arts Presentation ended before nine, and Jesse’s mother wanted him to go directly home. Without any opportunity to be alone, especially under the gaze of his family, all he and I could do was speak in general terms. I offered my praise for the good work he’d done on stage in his drama presentations and dances. He thanked me for showing up, and even his eyes were silent lest he give any of his feelings away. There was some lingering curiosity from our fellow-students, but neither of us was inclined to further entertain them by displaying our affection publicly. Our stares across the parking lot spoke our regret for us, and then he was gone.

My dad’s house was… no surprise… dark. It was odd being home at this time of night with nothing to do, so I used the occasion to study for my upcoming finals. We seniors had to take them early due to next week’s graduation and all the end-of-year activities. Jesse sent me a good night text, and I went to bed early enough to get a full eight hours of sleep.

So here I was, awake and thinking about Jesse’s dance from last night and wondering if it was going to change my life here in Calberia. Should I worry or be happy about it? For once I had behaved fearlessly and didn’t worry over who knew or what the other students had seen and interpreted. Also with Jesse’s family in the audience, it was as if he was announcing his intentions loud and clear, and I wished that courage could carry over so that I was able to proudly introduce him as my boyfriend to my family. But… just no.

Not for the first time I reflected how much easier my life would be if Jesse was female. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m glad he’s a man. I adore his lithe body with all its masculine parts as much as I appreciate how we can be dirty and nasty together. Two male friends who don’t have to worry about offending more sensitive ears with our jokes and bullshitting. I enjoy being with him as two men in love, but there’s no getting around the fact that if Jesse had been a girl I wouldn’t need to tiptoe around my father. And it was going to get worse before it got better.

I was in an almost impossible situation where, as my living arrangements stood now, I’d probably never be able to do anything other than hide my attraction for Jesse and skulk around to see him, all the while afraid of detection. At least Uncle Carl had added me as a full-time employee over the summer so leaving high school in a week would allow me to cram as many hours on his boats as I could get. Jesse was looking for work too, and I might even have to take on a second job to earn enough money to move out. That was the goal, but once college started in the fall, taking a full load of classes, playing football for the Hope Ranch team and working full time was going to be exhausting. Frankly, I couldn’t see how I’d manage, but in order to live openly with my boyfriend, I would have to find a way.

I arrived at school and very little seemed to have changed for Jesse and me, although we caught a few inquisitive glances. I think our classmates were waiting for us to take the first step, and that we didn’t made some of them second guess what they had witnessed at the FAP. Maybe, they rationalized, Jesse had been actually staring at one of the girls sitting behind me, not at me directly. Possibly my intense scrutiny was due to him being my best friend.

It was a quiet day… until I trotted into the parking lot after the bell rang to find Jesse leaning tensely against his Cherokee reading what looked suspiciously like another stalker note. He hadn’t even heard me approach and jumped when I put my hand out to take it from him. He listened sheepishly when I read out loud.

“Haf fun w/Ur faggot boy 4 now but Ur days are #’d.”

I felt myself go pale. Of the twelve or so threats that Jesse had received over the last four and a half months, this was the first one to ever mention me.

“He must have been at the FAP last night,” Jesse whispered in anguish. “He saw me sing to you and that’s why he’s dragging you into my problem now. I’m so sorry, Shane.”

I shook my head and resisted balling the note in my fist because all of them were evidence against this wacko asshole. “I don’t care about that, Baby. What I care about is getting this guy locked up or whatever it takes so he can’t bother you anymore.”

He didn’t answer me, and I pressed him. “Are you scared now?”

I looked into his pale brown eyes and saw it. He was frightened, but not for himself. For me. Good enough, I’d use it if he was finally willing to talk to someone in authority about the harassment.

“Let’s go see Mr. Peabody right now,” I suggested, knowing the principal was still in his office. “Get the ones out of your locker. I’ll back you up, okay?”

“I can’t today,” Jesse answered, taking the note back from me and folding it into his binder. “I promised my sister I’d come home right after school because she needs me to watch my nephew for a few hours. She has to go to Santa Barbara and buy a textbook for a summer class at the university she’s enrolled in.”

I sighed, hoping this wasn’t one of Jesse’s avoiding tactics again. “Can’t she postpone? This is important.”

Jesse paused in thought, and for a fraction of a second I actually believed he might do it. Then his face fell. “No, I don’t want to ask her to put it off. This can wait one more day.”

“Alright, but remember, you promised so we talk to him no later than tomorrow.”

He smiled, and I swear, the look he threw me was self-satisfied, like he’d once again bargained his way out of trouble. I didn’t want to snap at him and start another argument, but even scared about the threats, he wasn’t going to do anything about them unless I forced him. I was tired of it all. Mostly I was tired of being scared too.

Jesse and I had decided not to see each other that evening. Jenna, his sister, was known for changing plans at the last minute, especially if she had a willing babysitter for her son. Her errand of a few hours could magically expand into running into friends on campus and deciding to go out for dinner and a movie. As for me, it was one of the few nights when I didn’t know my father’s plans ahead of time, so he might arrive home right after work or he might spend the night with his girlfriend. Even if he hadn’t been my boyfriend, it wouldn’t be wise to have Jesse in the house alone with me should Dad bother to show up.

It was 7:30 and my mind was fully engaged in studying for a difficult 2nd period Trigonometry final I would be taking on Thursday, two days away. I had solid A’s in every subject except math where my grade was teetering between a B-/C+, and if I got a high score on the exam I might even get an A- because of the extra credit I’d slaved over for two hours after school.

My phone lit up with an incoming call, and of course it was Jesse. “Watcha doing?” he chirped.

“Cramming for my Trig final.” I stretched out the kinks in my back.

“Is your dad home?”

“Hmm, I’m not sure,” I answered, suddenly curious. I stepped into the hall and listened to silence as I made my way to the living room to look through the blinds. Except for my Impala the driveway was empty.

“No. He must be with Jillian again.” Usually if my father wasn’t home by seven he wouldn’t be here at all.

“Why don’t I come over then and keep you company? Jenna got back an hour ago and I’m bored. Besides, we haven’t had a chance to spend any time together since last Friday.”

He was right about that. I’d worked all weekend for my uncle on the Sorsha Lynn, including a longer-than-usual charter up the Pacific coastline on Saturday where we didn’t put into port until almost nine o’clock. On Sunday he’d spent the evening with his family at some relative’s birthday party, and last night was the FAP. It had been four days since we’d made love.

Still, the day had been exhausting. I was tired and needed to study. “Not tonight, Jesse.”

“Ah, come on, Blondie. Just for a little while?”

We bickered back and forth while I tried to convince him how important the test was for me and why I needed so much study time for it. When we hung up I thought that was it. Fifteen minutes later I heard a knock on the front door at the same time that my phone buzzed again.

“It’s me outside,” Jesse crowed. “Let me in.”

Groaning inwardly I got up and opened the front door to find him lounging on the porch looking smug. “Hiya, Blondie. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to see you, so here I am.”

He tried to pull me into a hug and I stood there stiffly. To tell the truth, I was irritated that he wouldn’t take me seriously. He thought he could just come over when I specifically asked him to stay home.

Jesse pouted at me in fun. “Don’t tell me you’re mad,” he said, letting his voice drop seductively. He lifted his backpack off his shoulder. “See, I brought my books too. We can cram together.”

Yeah, like that was going to work. Except for the Brontë sisters project, every time we tried to get together to study, we ended up fucking or going down on each other. It was like we couldn’t be in the same room and keep our hands off each other without a chaperone.

I brought this up. “You know what will happen, Jesse. I wish you would listen to me when I’m trying to be serious and not override my decisions. I meant what I said about my Trig grade. I have to raise it.”

“I know something else you’re good at raising,” he smirked, looking down at the bulge in his jeans.

“See?” I exclaimed in frustration, turning and marching into my bedroom. “That’s exactly what I was talking about. Thanks, Jesse, you have proven my point.”

He followed on my heels, trying to keep from giggling. “I’m just yanking your chain. But honestly, what’s the deal with your math grade? You’re just going to a community college next year. You don’t need straight A’s.”

I was going to retort that the reason I wasn’t attending a university was because of him until I realized I was the one pushing Hope Ranch, not Jesse. My mouth snapped shut. Part of what he said made sense, but I had perfectionist tendencies, and getting a good grade in Trig was a challenge to me. It was a personal goal.

I made Jesse sit on the chair in front of my computer stand while I took the bed, and for a little while we did get some work done. Presently Jesse began to act restless.

“Hmm, I was wondering if you would mind waiting to tell the principal about the notes until after we finish finals on Monday. That’s only three extra days, and we’d be done with our testing so however he chooses to handle it won’t interfere with study.”

My head shot up. Okay, here we go again. I guess I should have known better than expect him to simply cave in to my suggestion for being the right thing to do, but seriously, the way he was stringing it out terrified me. Nearly vibrating in anger, I settled for giving Jesse a black look.

“Well hell, why settle for waiting for Monday? Why not until the day we graduate? Or even better, don’t tell anyone at all? Isn’t that what you’re after? Let’s keep this a big secret, and when some ass walks up to you in the parking lot and beats the shit out of you we can pretend like it was a fucking surprise.”

“Shane, that’s not what I meant…”

“Bullshit,” I shouted. “You are so full of it, Jesse. I worry about you every single day. That some whacked out creeper is out there waiting to hurt you, and la-de-da, it’s nothing to you. Just give up some of your macho pride for a change and let someone who has experience with this kind of thing help you instead of carrying it by yourself.”

“But there is so much going on for the end of school.”

“Not tomorrow there isn’t,” I pointed out. “It’s a normal school day. You can talk to Mr. Peabody either before or after school and get it over with. Just think of how good it’s going to feel to get the weight off your back once you do.”

He nodded but he wasn’t happy. I put my book down and massaged my temples. I hated fighting with him, and with these threats, that’s all we ever did anymore.

“Come here.” I scooted over and patted the bed beside me. Yeah, this was going to lead to make-up sex. Or at least, remind-Jesse-that-I-loved-him-and-convince-him-that-I-knew-what-was-best-for-him sex.

He flew to my side and bounced, landing next to me. He kissed me softly on the lips. I kissed him gently back. Then he crushed me to him tightly, and we shoved our tongues inside open mouths to dance together.

Kissing and touching, we had each other undressed in record time. We stretched out next to each other, our bodies slithering together in joyous abandon, all the parts meshing and creating friction that aroused both of us into sweaty, panting, primitive beings. After the lapse of four days, after the stress of the notes and studying and particularly after fighting, I needed to be inside Jesse and show him he was still mine forever.

“I want to suck you,” he husked, tears in his eyes because the need was his own as well. “Please.”

I reached up and gently wiped the tears away, giving him a smile of contentment. Flattening myself on top of the sheets, I spread my legs for him.

His mouth was so wonderfully warm as his lips circled the head of my cock and his tongue lapped at me. He hollowed his cheeks to suck precum from my slit and I swore I saw stars behind my eyelids. Sliding his lips over my balls to pull on them made my groin lift off the bed in rhapsody, and when he began to bob over me, he took the tip almost into his throat before gagging. I could feel his whole mouth stretching for every millimeter of my shaft, and my tingling nuts told me that if he kept this up I was going to cum in his mouth.

“Enough,” I moaned. “It feels too damn good, Baby, and I won’t last much longer.”

Jesse and I exchanged positions, and I fetched the lube and a condom out of my drawer. Even hard and aching as I was, I took time to kiss and nibble all the sensitive parts of his body. That place on his throat just below the hollow and across his collar bones, his brown nipples that shrunk down into such cute little peaks and swirling my tongue in his belly button. He was whimpering and thrashing by the time I reached his ass.

A lubed finger found his rosebud and pushed inside. His channel gripped me in moist silkiness as I opened him up. With two digits I found his prostate and played tag with it, making Jesse moan and the lean muscles of his abdomen clench. I was turning him on with my sly little taps, and his body was humming and taut with anticipation by the time my third finger slipped in.

When Jesse was nearly to the point where the sensations were crashing into him more than he could stand, his eyes would rapidly shift back and forth under his lids and the muscles of his thighs and abdomen would tense. It wasn’t the same as orgasm, but it was a good non-verbal signal that he was tired of me teasing him and needed my dick up inside him.

He was there now, and I unrolled a condom on my erection and lubed up, shivering at my own light touch through the latex. I lifted his ankles to my shoulders and gently pushed against his bud through the muscular guardians into his tight, hot hole.

I knew exactly how long to lie still and allow him to adjust to me, and when he was ready he had a favorite way for me to seat myself. I rolled my hips into him and rotated at the same time.

“Oh god, Shane!” He dug his fingers into my shoulder and moaned once I was fully in.

“What, it doesn’t feel good?” I joked hoarsely, teasing him because I loved hearing the answer. I pushed his blue-black hair out of his sparkling latte eyes.

“Oh shit, Blondie, you know it does… it feels so damn good.”

I pulled his legs down and he wrapped them around my thighs, laying himself open for me to plunder. My hips surged forward, in and out of his velvety soft chute. I stared into his eyes, afraid to lose this contact with him and loving the expression of bliss on his face. Harder I drove into him, each jab raking his prostate as he lifted his hips to meet me. I watched shudders race through him.

I reached between our bodies and took his dick in my hand. Stroking it expertly, I watched Jesse’s eyes roll back in his head. “Oh fuck, ooh, Blondie,” he shouted, and he went off like a geyser, spraying cum all over our torsos. His ass clasped around my dick convulsively, and I rode right over the edge with him, streaming cum into the condom with a crescendo of groans, panting gasps and writhing limbs.

“Are you alright?” Jesse asked me after I tossed the condom in the trash and collapsed next to him. “It got pretty wild at the end.”

“I’m always wild around you,” I wheezed. “You drive me wild.”

He snickered. “Flattery will get you everywhere. But we are pretty good together, aren’t we!”

“Perfect is more like it. I love you Jesse.”

“I love you too, Shane.”

We cuddled and kissed, homework forgotten. As usual, I wished he could spend the night with me, knowing we could make it happen if it weren’t for curfews and parental rules. I didn’t want him to go home because I hated sleeping by myself, but all too soon the point was reached where Jesse was going to get in trouble if he stayed any longer. We redressed and I walked him out to his Jeep. We made out for a few minutes of long, sensuous goodnight kisses that would have to suffice for now, and then I headed in for bed.


By the time school started the next day I was no longer angry at Jesse for visiting me the night before. It was pointless to hold a grudge and stay mad. We also continued to pretend like his performance at the FAP was just that… an act. I really think the students were much too busy getting ready for finals and the end of the school year to bother with us, and that suited me just fine. The upcoming week was going to be stressful.

Jesse was subdued for most of the day, and I was waiting at his Jeep when he strolled across the parking lot. Before he even had a chance to greet me I spoke up. “Grab the notes and let’s go.”

With a discontented sigh he reached into his backpack and pulled out the zip-lock bag. “I already have them.”

We went to the administration office. Mr. Peabody’s secretary was tidying up her desk, looking as if she was preparing to leave. “We’d like to see the principal please,” I spoke up when Jesse didn’t.

“He’s in an important meeting,” she said, smiling as she continued to shuffle paperwork. She grabbed a notepad. “I can set up an appointment for you tomorrow if you’d like.” She pursed her lips as if trying to place us. “You’re seniors, aren’t you? How about right after your 2nd period final?”

Jesse was just about to agree when I broke in. “Look, this is really important. Can we wait until he’s done?”

“Well, I don’t know…”

Between the almost grateful look on my boyfriend’s face, thinking he’d freed himself from my influence, and the predicament of more waiting I was ready to explode. “My friend here has a whole baggie full of harassing notes that have been left in his locker and car since the beginning of the semester. Some homophobic creeper is threatening to hurt him. We can’t wait until tomorrow.”

Now the woman was paying attention. “Let me see them,” she ordered, and Jesse reluctantly withdrew the bag from his bag. She sorted through them, reading several, and her face turned pale. “Have a seat, boys.”

She picked up her telephone, pressed a button and quietly said, “Mr. Peabody, I’m sorry but I need to interrupt you. We have a situation you need to deal with immediately.”

Leaving us in the waiting area she disappeared through a door behind her. A few minutes later she emerged with the principal who also looked agitated. Several teachers stepped around him, eying us carefully before heading off in various directions. “Boys,” the administrator said, sweeping up his arm to encompass us. “Please come into my office.”

Jesse was still acting like this was a waste of his time, so when we were finally seated in front of the principal I took the lead in explaining the letters. I told him everything: how Jesse had originally suspected me because of the timing of my starting week of school coinciding with the first note and how worried I was that this wasn’t an innocent hoax. By the expression on Mr. Peabody’s face, he didn’t think so either, and presently we were joined by two County sheriff’s deputies, Officer Erickson of the near-arrest fame being one of them.

He smirked at us as he walked in, and I gulped loudly, hoping our case wouldn’t be diminished due to our prior contact. I could hear Jesse’s teeth chattering even though it wasn’t cold in the office. But Erickson, like the other officer, became deadly serious when he learned of the situation and read the notes. Shortly later we were joined by a detective who announced he was in charge of the case. So it was a case now. Thank God.

“This last message,” Erickson said, looking up at Jesse and me. “The one referring to the ‘faggot boy’; is he referring to you?” He stared at me expecting an answer even though he already knew it.

Even though my stomach clenched in anxiety, I had to face up to it. “Yes sir, Jesse’s my boy.”

They conferred. “Do you think both boys are in danger?” the detective questioned his cohorts calmly.

Oh shit. The principal had already called Jesse’s mother and she was on her way to school. The last thing I needed was for them to contact my dad too. “You can’t get my father involved,” I begged. “Focus on Jesse. They aren’t after me.”

The other cop was staring at me and I think he understood the meaning behind my words. “Okay, Shane, but if you notice anything strange or you start getting notes, you must let us know immediately.” I nodded in relief.

Of course, when Jesse’s mother arrived she was fully informed and allowed to examine the warnings in all their homophobic glory. She didn’t make one negative remark about Jesse gay and didn’t even act surprised. It was exactly as he claimed after the prom; it was like she already knew.

“I found out you were gay when you were sixteen,” she addressed Jesse, wiping a smudge of dirt off his face. “Maybe I should have told you then, but I wanted you to be ready to share it with me, not feel forced.”

“I thought you knew last month when Shane picked me up for prom and you insisted on taking our picture,” he smiled. “I was getting ready to tell you. I was worried about Grampa finding out and getting mad.”

Sandra laughed. “He knows too. You can’t hide that sort of stuff from him, Jesse. His body might not work the way it should but his mind is as sharp as a tack. And it’s okay; as you can see he isn’t angry either.”

His mother addressed me with a loving grin. “So you are Jesse’s boyfriend. Even if I didn’t know he was gay, I knew he had someone important in his life. The past four months are the happiest he’s been since he was little. I see joy every day in his eyes so I know you two love each other.”

Both Jesse and I blushed in embarrassment at her enthusiastic affirmation, and I nodded, delighted over the way his family accepted him. In fact, I was a little jealous, but now was not the time to reflect on what my parents didn’t give me that his did. I was enveloped in a big hug from her, and her eyes so much like Jesse’s told me everything. She was happy for us.

Ms Capps had explained that Jesse had talked to her in April about the notes but didn’t seem overly upset by them. She was somewhat irritated that he’d hidden the extent of the threat from her, but everyone agreed how it being out in the open made Jesse a lot safer. Hopefully less of a target too, although nobody could guarantee it yet. Another definite benefit was how the cops’ direct questions and demeanor finally impressed upon Jesse that maybe he shouldn’t have been so nonchalant over them. Whatever. I was just happy that someone would be watching out for him in the future. Maybe now they’d catch the bastard.

Three hours later we were released with a series of instructions of what to do and not to do. A cop was going to the Capps’ home to look into security, and a deputy would be swinging by on a regular basis to stake out the area in case someone was hanging around. Jesse was advised not to go anywhere without a companion, and I volunteered to take him back and forth to school. Mark Butler and his friends were going to be questioned, and of course, if he received another note he was to let someone know immediately.

Officer Erickson said for us to go about our lives as normally as possible. If one of our classmates approached us about the notes, it was fine for us to acknowledge their existence and tell a detective. Maybe one of them had information that would prove useful. Above all, he told Jesse, don’t take chances and pay attention to his surroundings.

“I told you so,” was all I said as I passed through the door. I knew that mocking him would hurt his feelings, and where was triumph in that? I followed my words with a quick kiss, knowing that the campus was empty of students and I was safe. Separating in the parking lot where a deputy waited to escort him home, I headed out in the opposite direction to eat dinner and study. We texted each other all evening.

‘I’m sorry for doubting you,’ he sent me along with a smiley face.

‘It’s okay’, I messaged back. ‘You’re safe- that’s what matters.’

Our first two finals were the following morning, and we seniors only had half a day of school. We were strolling out to my car at noon when Mark Butler put himself in our path.

“What the fuck, Capps,” he demanded. “You sent the cops after me? You really are a…”

Jesse’s normal self-normal self-confidence failed him right then and he backed up in fear. I immediately jumped in to defend him. “Jesse has been getting threatening notes in his locker and on his car. The cops asked if anyone was harassing him and your name came up. If you don’t have anything to hide…”

Mark’s mouth dropped open in shock. It was the way that he looked at the both of us, like this news was the last thing he expected. However, a second emotion quickly passed through his eyes that was inscrutable and I was immediately wary, particularly when his guard went back up in a way that reminded me of a hunted animal.

“Come on,” I told Jesse. “Let’s go.” I could feel Mark’s eyes on our backs as we walked away.

“What’s that about?” he asked, half turning around.

I grabbed his arm. “Don’t look at him,” I ordered. “Call the detective when you get home.”

We drove into Santa Barbara and got tacos for lunch before I went back with Jesse to his house. Now that he was out to his family we didn’t have to hide our relationship, and I spent the afternoon watching a DVD with him in his living room. Half an hour after I arrived his grandfather shuffled out of his bedroom.

“Hi, Grampa,” Jesse greeted him in a level tone of voice, but I could see his mouth tighten as if he expected to be scolded. “How are you feeling today?”

“Fine, Jesse-boy,” he said. The tall man gazed at me without expression. “So this is your friend.”

“This is Shane,” Jesse corrected. “He’s my best friend and my…”

“Boyfriend,” Mr. Capps smiled. “I don’t mean to be rude, but whatever you are, be proud of it, Jesse.” He stared at me again, and I saw a grin edging his mouth. “I don’t bite.”

“Boyfriend,” I confirmed, hopping up to shake his hand. He pumped mine warmly in both hands.

We talked a little while longer as Jesse’s grandfather asked me about classes and graduation. He was happy to hear I played football and would be going to the same college as Jesse. After about half an hour he looked tired and Jesse helped him back to bed.

I ended up staying for dinner, but we had another day of finals the following morning so I left at seven. As I pulled away from the Capps home a police cruiser appeared and stopped at the house. The sheriff’s office was doing its job keeping Jesse safe.

Friday was all about our second set of finals and graduation practice in the afternoon. I worked for Uncle Carl over the weekend, and Jesse and I were only able to stay in touch by cell phone, too busy to see each other. Monday was a duplicate day of Friday.

Jesse was never without me or a family member by his side except when he was in class where he wasn’t exactly alone either. Still, after five days, there had been no break on the case, but then, Jesse hadn’t received another note either.

Dad was supposed to go to Jillian’s after work on Monday night, and Jesse got permission to come over to my house after our rehearsal. I made him pasta for dinner and we talked about our graduation in three days. Classes were over for the both of us, and it was like a load off our shoulders. I couldn’t wait for Thursday when we left high school forever and celebrated with a night at Disneyland.

We were cleaning up dinner when I heard a car door slam outside. Looking through the living room window I saw my father and Jillian approach the front door. Shit!

“What do I do?” Jesse asked, a an expression of dread gracing his face.

There was no time for any deception on my part and I shrugged. Dad knew Jesse was my best friend if he remembered me mentioning his name, and I could only hope for the best.

Dad appeared startled by Jesse’s presence. I tried to play it cool. We were both fully dressed, and the Xbox and two of my video games were on the living room floor, indicating the innocuous way we’d spent our afternoon. There shouldn’t have been any trouble unless Dad chose to be an asshole.


He glared at the both of us. “Is this the boyfriend?” he demanded angrily.

My eyes flew open wide, and Jesse backed up before his wrath. Jillian glanced at the three of us uncertainly.

What. The. Hell.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said, a drop of sweat trickling down my spine.

“Don’t lie to me,” my father scoffed, taking a menacing step towards me. “I have friends in the sheriff’s substation who informed me that some kid at your high school is being harassed because he’s gay. Your name came up in the report, Shane. So I want the truth. Is this your boyfriend?”

I took a big breath and let it out slowly. There didn’t seem to be any way out of this, and my father wouldn’t believe me even if Jesse wasn’t my lover. I might as well get it out in the open.

“Yeah, he is. This is Jesse.”

My father moved in my direction and I saw him raise his fist as if he was going to strike me. “Ken,” Jillian screeched, lunging at him desperately and grabbing his hand. “Don’t you dare hit Shane. Use our head and think about the repercussions.”

He struggled against her for a few minutes before giving up. “Repercussions?” he jeered. “Okay, try this, Shane. As of tomorrow you find a new place to live.”

Embarrassed at being scolded in front of Jesse and distressed over being kicked out… again… by a parent, I bristled and I could feel how close I was to losing my cool. “Oh, that’s just great. I graduate in three days and you’re kicking me out with no place to go. What the hell is wrong with you people?”

Dad pulled against Jillian’s restraining grip, and she flashed me a look that said I was pushing it to engage my father in an argument. She didn’t agree with him but they had been together long enough for her to recognize the warning signs of a full-blown temper tantrum.

“Wrong with us?” Dad glared at me as if I’d grown a second head. “What the hell is wrong with you? How many times have I told you not to fuck around like this in my house?”

“Fuck around?” I asked, heedless of his anger, keeping my anger cloaked in a deadly calm tone. “All we’re doing is eating dinner and playing video games.”

“Don’t be stupid. You know perfectly well what I mean. Do you honestly think I don’t know what goes on here when I’m not home? You and your cocksucking boyfriend…”

Jillian gasped, and Jesse’s eyes went wide as he began to tremble. I took two steps sideways to place myself between them. If Dad got a notion to start hitting again I didn’t want Jesse to bear the brunt of his anger.

“Jesus, Dad,” I shouted. “I’m bi. That’s all. I’m not sick, I’m not perverted, and I didn’t do anything to make myself this way. So what if I’m in love with Jesse. We aren’t hurting anybody. Why do you have act so ignorant? You and Mom both.”

“Why you…” He tried to interrupt, but I refused to let him say anything. My breathing was coming out in harsh gasps, and I could feel my eyes begin to water. My voice was squeaking several octaves higher than I normally spoke, but I was on a roll.

All the pain, loneliness and despair over being dumped in Calberia with nobody in my corner that I had been holding inside of me for way too long needed release. And then to be treated as if I should worship my father and deny myself the love that Jesse was willing to give me was absurd. I was already getting kicked out of the house, so I had nothing to lose.

“Loving Jesse isn’t a crime any more than being bisexual means I’m a monster, so why does everyone hate on us so much? I’m committed to him and he’s the only one I’ve been with since I moved here.” I grabbed his hand, and I saw my father’s eyes bulge. “He loves me which is more than I can say about you and Mom. He is the kindest, most loving person I have ever met.”

“Well, you can take your boy-loving, faggoty ass out of here, do you understand?” Dad raged. “Grab whatever you need for tonight and leave the rest of your stuff. You can collect it later. Just get out.”

“Ken, don’t,” Jillian warned, but he wasn’t listening. In tears I dragged Jesse back to my bedroom to pack up a few items I knew I’d need over the next couple of days.

“Are you alright,” he asked, hugging me tenderly while I cried on his shoulder.

“Yeah,” I sniffed. I wrapped my arms around him and let go for a few minutes, allowing my tears to rid myself of every fucking thing my father had said and done to me over the past half a year.

Time was wasting. I raised my head to smile at Jesse tentatively and dried my eyes. He was worth every single drop of water, and we were going to be together. That was what mattered, and I didn’t have to hide anymore. I could live my life in the daylight and be proud to be Jesse’s boyfriend. Fuck my dad!

Ten minutes later I was ready to go. I passed Dad and Jillian, and her arms were crossed over her chest angrily. My father was doing everything possible to ignore her resentment. I didn’t even give him more than a glance as we rushed by, slamming the front door behind us. Part of me was even glad to leave. This house had never been a home. Not a real one.

“Oh my god,” Jesse breathed as soon as we rushed to my Chevy. “What are you going to do now?”

“I have no fucking idea,” I muttered, wiping my face. “I guess the first thing is to get you home.”

We drove across town with Jesse on his cell phone. I was in a daze and not paying much attention to him. We were turning on to his street when he spoke to me next.

“Mom says you can sleep on the living room couch for tonight,” he chirped. “Tomorrow we’ll figure out something else.”

I sighed, grateful for at least a temporary bed. Tomorrow I’d go see my uncle and see if he had any ideas.

It was fully dark when we pulled up to Jesse’s house and black as pitch in his front yard. Jesse sprang from my car before it even came to a complete stop, and I heard movement from nearby. Thoroughly unnerved already because of my father’s behavior, I turned off the ignition just as I became aware of a second person outside my vehicle.

“Hi, Jesse,” a garbled voice said from the passenger side. I screwed up my eyes to try to see the speaker but there wasn’t enough light.

“Mitchell,” Jesse drawled in surprise. “What are you doing here?”

As I reached for the door handle everything that Jesse had told me about this stranger coalesced in my mind. Mitchell Butler was Mark’s older brother who had enjoyed tormenting my boyfriend last year before he graduated. What the hell was he doing in Jesse’s front yard in the middle of the night?

“Delivering a message in person since you’re too stupid to take the ones I wrote seriously.”

The ones he wrote. The messages Mitchell wrote. With instant clarity I realized that Mitchell was the penman of Jesse’s threatening letters. I spilled out of my car as fast as I could move, nearly tripping on the uneven dirt driveway in my haste to protect my boy.

“Get away from him,” I shouted wildly. “Leave Jesse alone.”

For some strange reason, Mitchell was not paying attention to the fact that my car had to have a driver. Like Jesse had been transported home by some kind of space-age auto-navigation device. At the sound of my voice he pivoted, stunned into suspension and giving us precious seconds.

At the same time my cry had been heard and alerted the occupants of the house because the front door of the house crashed open. There stood Jesse’s mother bathed in the light of the living room accompanied by a stocky young man a couple of years older than us. He pushed past her, slamming his body against the screen door on a dead run towards us.

Jesse took a longer time to digest the meaning behind Mitchell’s threat, but at last it dawned on him that his safety was at stake and he moved back a few paces from the older boy just in time. I was already on their side of the Chevy about four yards away when I saw the flash of a knife in Mitchell’s hand.

“Run Jesse,” I yelled, and he bolted around me.

It was just enough to distract Mitchell. Less than a second later, the sturdy person from the house tackled him, taking him to the ground easily. Caught off guard, he dropped the knife and I kicked it away before I leapt on him too. In rage, my fists gave way and I pummeled him thoroughly, all the pent up anxiety of five months of terror behind them.

“Whoa, Superman,” the other man cautioned with a grin, capturing my hands. “I think you got him.”

I looked down and Mitchell was out cold. Already my adrenaline rush was dissipating; my knuckles had blood on them and were beginning to ache. Shit, I didn’t care, not if this was the maniac who had been threatening Jesse all this time, not if the ordeal was finally over.

As we sat on Mitchell and kept watch to make sure he didn’t threaten Jesse, Ms Capps’ telephone call connected her with the 911 operator. We were told a sheriff’s car would be dispatched right away. It was only a matter of minutes when a cruiser pulled up to investigate, and in the meantime I discovered the man who had valiantly thrown himself into protecting my boyfriend was his cousin, Chad.

So that was how Jesse’s stalker ended up getting arrested. Mitchell had some mental illness and drug use in his background, and he had been fixated on the younger boy all through high school. Upon graduation, he could no longer directly monitor what happened at school on a day-to-day basis, but he received enough information from his brother, Mark, who didn’t take kindly to Jesse’s vow to himself to stop letting people push him around.

Author’s note: I hope you readers are enjoying the story so far. I’m sorry about the language in the the previous part but that’s how Russel is. It is a yaoi story so things will start to pick up. I try to write as much as I can for each chapter, I promise to add more to to my writings or write more frequently. Thank you so much for reading and please enjoy!

All characters are 18 or older.


When they arrived home, Saki was red with anger. “Your teacher called and said you got in a fight.” “Seiji was only trying to protect me, Saki.” Tenshi spoke up. Saki’s expression changed when she saw the red mark on his face. She told them to sit at the table and they would have an early dinner. Saki made some chicken soup for them and sent them to bed afterwards.

Seiji couldn’t sleep he laid in bed thinking. Thinking about Tenshi, why would someone beat him up like that, maybe it was Akira’s doing. He sighed heavily, staring at the ceiling his thoughts wondered. He wondered if Tenshi liked him, loved how cute he looked when he blushed. Seiji knew he should make Tenshi his. His inner wolf growled in agreement, and again he thought of Tenshi’s body and how his soft skin would feel against his own. He looked down and saw a tent was forming in his boxers. He frowned, it wasn’t the first time its happened since he found the pale teen.

A soft knock came from the door, Seiji quickly rolled onto his side facing the door. “C-come in.” He tried to calm his voice and his hard on.

The door opens slowing, and Seiji could see that it was his boy dressed in blue pajamas with stars on the pants. “Can I lay with you? I couldn’t sleep.” Seiji smiled, this could only be a dream he thought but scooted back to make room for Tenshi. The white haired teen slid under the covers and laid on his back. Seiji was almost overwhelmed by his sweet scent, he prayed that Tenshi didn’t feel his erection that was very close to him. “Thank you for saving me from Russel.” Tenshi said softly.

Seiji looked up at the boy’s face, “Its alright I couldn’t let him do that to you.”

Tenshi nodded, slight blush crept across his face. “I was thinking… About the kiss…” He hesitated a bit. Seiji watched the boy, his wolf ears straining to hear what Tenshi had to say. “I-I liked it. I like you Seiji.”

His inner wolf howled in joy over Tenshi’s confession. Seiji smiled, pushing himself on his arm he looked down at Tenshi. He bent down and looked into those bright blue eyes through the darkness and whispered. “I love you Tenshi.” He leaned down and captured his boy’s lips with his own. He could hear Tenshi’s heart beat quicken.

Tenshi blushed surprised that, Seiji loved him back and was now kissing him. He put his arm on the bigger teen’s shoulder and kissed him back. The kiss felt good Tenshi thought, a small moan escaped his lips. He pulled away from Seiji, blushing brightly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make that noise.” He saw that Seiji only smiled and softly stroked his face.

“Don’t be. It was cute and sexy.” Seiji growled and leaned in and slid his tongue in his mouth. Tenshi tried to copy what Seiji was doing. He could feel something hard poking his leg, and Seiji’s hands pulling his light blue shirt up.

Seiji moved his lips down Tenshi’s neck and softly nipped at the skin between his neck and shoulder. His wolf wanted to mark the boy as his but Seiji ignored him, this was about making Tenshi feel good. His moved his mouth to Tenshi’s chest and licked and nipped at the skin there. He could hear Tenshi’s little moans of pleasure.

Tenshi loved what Seiji was doing but he felt things were moving too fast. He petted Seiji’s thick black hair and rubbed his pointed ears. “Seiji.. I don’t think I’m ready for this..” Tenshi could see his disappointment in his eyes but he went back and kissed his lips once more.

“I’m sorry pup. I’d never hurt you, you know that.” He hugged him. “When ever you’re ready…”

Tenshi smiled, “Ok.” and kissed Seiji’s cheek. He snuggled against the bigger teen’s chest and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning was a weekend, so no school but there was work to be done on the farm, Seiji thought as he awoke. He smiled happy to see the smaller teen still asleep beside him. Seiji noticed that his hard on was straining against his boxers. He groaned quietly and rolled away from Tenshi. Maybe it was because of the close contact or Tenshi himself, he did smell amazing Seiji thought to himself. His cock twitched and he groaned softly. Hearing that Tenshi was still sound asleep, Seiji grabbed his dick and stroke it.

Tenshi slowly woke up to see Seiji’s back to him. He carefully sat up and looked over Seiji. “What you doing?” He asked curious to why Seiji was stroking himself like that.

The wolf boy froze and looked at him, his cheeks flushed red. He mumbled, “Sorry. I had to. It wouldn’t go away…” He looked ashamed. Tenshi felt his cheeks go red too as he saw Seiji’s member. It was much bigger than his own, and it looked more like a wolf’s but that was understandable.

Tenshi reached over hesitantly and rubbed the tapered head of his crush’s dick. Seiji let out a low moan and moved onto his back. He continued to stroke the bigger teen’s hard member with both hands. Drops of white liquid formed at the tip and he licked it, he remembered hearing that it was called come. It tasted bittersweet. He felt Seiji’s hand on the back of head, holding his white hair tightly in his fist and pushing his head down. Tenshi opened his mouth to say something but was muffled with the wolf boy’s cock down his slender throat. Tenshi pulled his mouth up and down on the cock in his mouth and throat, he started to like this and the taste of his lover.

Seiji growled softly, he never felt this good before. Tenshi seemed to naturally take to him. Before he could warn Tenshi he came in his mouth. Seiji was embarrassed but surprised that the angel swallowed his load. He pulled his boxers back up and gave the boy a smile. “I’m sorry about that. Are you ok?”

Tenshi smiled and shook his head, “I’m ok. I just wanted you to feel better.” He blushed running his slender fingers through his white hair.

Seiji smiled and kissed his head, “Thank you.”

As the week passed by quickly, Seiji and Tenshi were happy together and after another late night session, Seiji was feeling great. Not even the students could mess up his good mood. He walked through out the school with Tenshi around his arm. Now that they were dating it felt like a great burden was off his shoulders.

In homeroom with Mrs. Inoue announced that The Full Moon festival would be in two days and there would be no classes today. Tenshi was confused by this he looked to Seiji, “What kind of festival is it?” He blushed embarrassed that he still didn’t know a lot.

Seiji gave him a smile. “Well its a holiday here in Hell’s Keep. Where we all celebrate together under the full moon. There’s all kinds of games, food and a fireworks show, every race contributes. Saki always makes something great to serve at the festival.” His wolf tail wagged happily. “And because of the full moon we can show who we really are. Like I’m part werewolf so I might look more-”

“Like a wolf?” Seiji gave Tenshi a smile. “So I can show my wings that night?”

“Yes, but stay close to me, I don’t want some demon to snatch you up.” There was a ton of seriousness in Seiji’s voice but he gave a reassuring smile. “Want to go into town tomorrow with Alex and me? We were gonna check out somethings at the mall.” Tenshi smiled and nodded his head. “That’s my pup.” Seiji gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

Tenshi blushed, “Why do you call me “pup”?

Seiji shrugged his shoulders, “Just a nickname. Do you not like it?” He made a pouty face.

He shook his head, “No, I like it. Don’t be sad Seiji.”

“Good.” Seiji gave a big smile, his canines showing. He leaned over to Tenshi and kissed his soft white hair, whispering, “I love you, pup.”

On Saturday, Tenshi dressed casually. Today Seiji’s friend Alex and his girlfriend were coming to pick them up to go to a place called the mall. Seiji had explained it was a big shopping center the center of Hell’s Keep. Tenshi didn’t care much for the name of the town but shopping sounded pretty neat.

Giving himself a last look in the mirror he fixed the curled ends of his snowy hair and straightened his collar on his white polo shirt. He hoped Seiji would like how he looked. He left the house and found Seiji at the edge of the property. Without saying anything Tenshi rubbed his boyfriend’s wolfy ears, which made his growl happily and wag his tail. Tenshi giggled as Seiji wrapped his arms around his slender waist. He blushed feeling Seiji’s excitement against his belly. “You smell great pup” there was hint of a growl in his voice.

Before he could respond, a big black truck drove up by them. Alex came out of the drivers side and a girl came from the passenger’s. She had a slender body with curves in the right places and a golden tan. Straight brownish blonde hair covered her head. Interesting enough her nose was pink and cat like, with rounded cat ears on her head and a long golden and spotted tail. She smiled and gave Seiji a hug and then one to Tenshi.”I’m Kat a serval. And you must be Tenshi.” She smiled to him.

“How have you been, Kat?” Seiji asked, with his hands in his jean pockets.

Tenshi watched her smile and walk back to Alex and rubbed against him with her body and tail. “Sorry but this full moon coming is driving me crazy, you know?” Tenshi looked at Seiji confused as to what she meant.

Seiji sighed. “The full moon affects everyone differently. In most cases whether you want to or not” he paused “it messes with your hormones.”

Alex wrapped a large arm around Kat and she nuzzled his chest. “I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough Tenshi.” He smiled. “Come on let’s go.” They all climbed into the truck and sped off to the mall.

The town of Hell’s Keep has its own system. in the center stood a castle-like building where the town’s lord and other officials lived and conducted business. Around there other important buildings and businesses. Further out were the shops and the schools. On the outer edges of town was where the farmers and smaller shops stayed. Hell’s Keep is surrounded by a dark heavily wooded forest, the lord and officials said that beyond the forest is dangerous and for their safety stay out of the forest at all times.

The group arrived at a large brick building they exited the truck and went inside. Tenshi was in awe, there were so many shops and people inside. Kat grabbed his hand, “Let’s go and find some stuff to buy!” She winked to Seiji and Alex and dragged him away. H felt a little panicked that Seiji wasn’t coming with but Kat seemed nice.

She brought him to a clothing store full of colorful items and accessories. Kat immediately started handing him things to try on and buy. He noticed that she was taller but had an eye for fashion. “So is this for us to wear to the festival tomorrow?”

She laughed, “No, these are just clothes for you. You know, to develop your wardrobe.” She grinned and dragged him to a different store. “By tradition, we buy are stuff from here.”

The shop was small and dark on the outside, a sign had gold runes written on it that Tenshi couldn’t decipher. Under the runes on the window was silvery picture of two thin moons facing away from a full moon in between them. Inside the store was huge, it was very different from the other shops, Tenshi thought. It was full of swords, jewelry, and all kinds of strange items.

An old woman sat behind the counter, her aged face was framed with white hair and the rest pulled back into a tight bun. She wore a black cloak with ragged edges and held a ancient-looking walking stick in her right hand.

She looked up at them and smiled with her eyes closed, “Welcome. Let get you what you need.” And with that she lead them further into the store. She stopped in front of rack of clothes and pulled out a short gold sleeveless dress decorated with light spots like Kat’s, the woman gave the dress to Kat.

Kat purred, “Thank you! Now we need something for Tenshi here.” Tenshi felt nervous, this woman was a witch of some sort. The witch took them to a different part of the store humming something to herself. “I haven’t seen many angels here.” The witch said, looking through her stock. “A pretty boy like you is rare indeed. Where are you from?”

Tenshi hesitated a bit, “I don’t know ma’am. I can’t remember anything besides the past month…”

She nodded. “Here we go!” She exclaimed. She laid out a light blue kimono with a feather and bird design on it, in his arms. The witch looked into Tenshi’s blue eyes with her grey ones, “The past is behind you, look to the future but never forget the present.” Tenshi was surprised to hear this and that the old woman was blind. He only nodded and paid her for the clothes. Kat and him said their goodbyes to her and went back to find Seiji and Alex, with arms full of their purchases.

Mean while, Seiji and Alex went to their usual hangout at the arcade. At one of the game machines, Seiji put in a coin and started to move his yellow character through a maze gathering smaller yellow dots and dodging the colorful ghosts.

Alex rested his arm on top of the machine. “So you and Tenshi haven’t done anything yet have you?” He said bluntly, looking down at Seiji who still was playing the game.

“We’ve messed around. But that’s none of your business.” Seiji sounded harsher than he meant, but what he did with his Tenshi was none of Alex’s business.

“Don’t growl at me wolf. You know what I meant, he doesn’t have your scent on him. Other demons will think he’s fair game.” He looked his best friend. “I’m just looking out for you.”

Seiji sighed turning his back to the game and crossed his arms. “Have thought about marking him as my mate. But what if…”

“He doesn’t survive the process.” Alex finished Seiji’s sentence for him.

“Yeah..” Seiji nodded, his tail twitched nervously. “It will be hard but I’d like to wait until he’s ready for that. But sex, I don’t know what should I do?”

Alex smiled, “Just do what feels natural. Our girl and angel are here.”

Seiji turned to see Kat and Tenshi standing outside the arcade entrance with a lot of bags. Seiji jogged up took the bags from them. “Got everything you needed?”

Tenshi grinned, “Yes. Kat helped a lot.” Seiji bent down and gave him a kiss above his blue eyes, which caused Tenshi to blush but he kissed Seiji’s cheek in return.

“Come on boys let’s go eat something, shopping always works up an apatite.” Kat said dramatically fanning herself.

“Sounds good, there’s a cafe not far from here.” Alex said, wrapping his muscular arm around Kat and led the way.

Tenshi had fun with his new friends at the cafe. They laughed and told stories and ate great food. He smiled happily as they left to go back to the truck. He saw a tall dark haired man in a black suit walk out of a building ahead of them and walk towards them. Seiji grabbed and pulled Tenshi against his side, his ears and tail in a hostile position and a growl rumbled in his chest. Tenshi tried to push away from Seiji’s tight grip but it did nothing, he could only watch as the man stood in front of them. He had short dark hair with black rimmed glasses and cold silver eyes, he looked familiar, Tenshi thought.

“Hello, brother.” The man said unemotionally, looking at Seiji.

Seiji’s body tensed up with his eyes narrowed, “Hi Isaac.”

Isaac look over the small group. “How’s Saki?”

“She’s doing well as always, without you.” Seiji snapped.

“I see.” he turned his cold eyes on Tenshi. He felt fearful of this man. “An angel among us demons.” Seiji growled holding Tenshi tighter against him. I’ll be seeing all of you at the festival.” Isaac walked away toward the castle.

Seiji growled and pulled Tenshi back to the truck. Tenshi guessed that there was still some unfinished business with Isaac.

Randy pulled the blankets and sheet over his head, wrapping his pillow tight around his face and ears, as he tried to escape the ghastly sounds and stench of his roommate’s latest alcoholic binge. Randy’s roommate was making him reconsider his decision to come to Oklahoma. He’d picked the school due in part to the fact that he’d been awarded several small scholarships, but truthfully the main reason was the chance to play college lacrosse. Lacrosse had been the one stable thing in his life, his parents having divorced when he was young. He’d lived with his mom until he was in seventh grade and he became too much for her to handle, at least that was the story she told his dad.

Actually it had been her last futile attempt at revenge for the failed marriage that was as much her fault as his dad’s. Randy always suspected that she’d married his dad because she thought the Preston name still meant old money in Maryland. Unfortunately for her, the name was about all the family had left, having sold off bits and pieces of the home place over the years. His dad had been forced to sell off most of the remaining property to pay the divorce settlement. So now the Preston fortune consisted of 15 acres and an old tenant house where his dad lived.

Randy and his dad made a little extra money by boarding a few horses for wealthy newcomers in the area. Randy always felt bad for the horses, who were there mainly to give their owners the chance to work into dinner conversation that they owned a steeplechase horse, but most of them never rode their horses. Randy had taken it on himself to make sure they all got the best of care, including frequent rides. The extra attention showed, which didn’t hurt their business at all.

Randy was brought back to the horrendous current situation by a final gag from the bathroom and the sound of the toilet flushing. He watched as Steve staggered into the room and toward his part of the room. Randy was glad their beds were as far apart as possible, because he could smell the booze oozing out of Steve’s pores from across the room. Ramming his shins into the metal bed frame, Steve muttered an oath and fell into his bed. Randy hoped he had passed out, but soon discovered luck wasn’t on his side tonight.

“Oh god, I’m dyin’. Shit, I don’t know what’s wrong. Damn, Randy. I feel like shit,” said Steve.

Randy punched the button on his phone, only to find out it was just after 3am. Furious, he turned on his roommate, “It’s fuck’n three in the morning, you asshole! You’re fuck’n drunk again is what’s wrong! Goddamn it, you lush!”

Steve moaned and rolled to his side, puking onto the floor just before passing out. Randy covered his face with the pillow to keep from gagging. This time he knew he had to find a solution to Steve.


“He just puked on the floor and left it? Dude! You gotta do something.”

“I know! No sleep last night, and I had a test today! I gotta find somewhere else to live. That damn Steve is kill’n me!” said Randy with some heat.

Tanner was sitting quietly in the commons area, clearly hearing the conversation going on a few chairs away. He knew the two guys casually, enough to warrant a nod and a smile when they passed each other. Tanner thought both of them were on one of the college athletic teams, but he wasn’t sure which one. The taller guy, Randy, he knew a little better. They’d arrived a few hours before everyone else during move-in day and had chatted a little bit. Tanner knew he was from back east somewhere, but he didn’t seem to have the typical Yankee attitude.

From what he heard of the conversation, Randy’s roommate was a nightmare. He could sympathize with roommate trouble since his roommate, Josiah, might be a close race with Randy’s for worst in the dorm. First, Josiah was what could only be classified as ultra-religious, and worse, his interpretation of the bible was so draconian that he had already been banned from all university organizations for racist and sexist remarks.

But unlike Randy, Tanner had found out a week or so ago that his luck was improving, Josiah was leaving the university to go to a small Christian school in Georgia. Personally Tanner wasn’t sure if any place was conservative enough for Josiah, but he didn’t really care so long as he didn’t have to endure his narrow-minded bigotry. His dad had always told him that if you couldn’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Tanner didn’t talk much about Josiah.

Tanner had been a little bummed to ended up here anyway, not because there was anything wrong with the university, but it wasn’t State. Tanner wanted to be a veterinarian, and State had the only vet school in the state. But he needed to stay closer to home so he could help his parents and sister when they needed it, so he was taking his pre-vet classes here. He’d hoped to make some friends, but Tanner also needed to be cautious about who he let into his life. He was gay, and he’d realized it a number of years ago, but he hadn’t shared that information with anyone. His family wasn’t extremely religious, but they were conservative. His dad almost had a stroke each time a Democrat became President, and when he’d went home after the first few weeks with a soul patch his dad had told him to go wash the dirt off his lip, so he wasn’t sure how the news that his only son was gay would be received. Someday Tanner would tell them, but he wasn’t ready right now. Tanner was brought out of his introspection by the sound of his name.

“Hey. Tanner. Didn’t crazy religious boy leave the university? You have that room to yourself?”

Tanner turned in the chair and looked back at the two young men, “What?”

“Your roommate, the religious nut, he left?”

“Yup, left for that church school in Georgia. I’m not sorry either. He was making me crazy with all his bible thumping,” said Tanner.

“Well you otta let Randy move in! He could dump his alkie roomie, and you don’t get housing sticking you with another weirdo.”

Tanner looked at Randy and smiled warmly, but inside he was concerned. This guy was sex on two legs. Josiah had been easy to deal with in that way, Tanner would sooner hump a cow than make-out with Josiah. But Randy, well he was a very different matter. And even if the athlete wasn’t straight, he was way out of Tanner’s league.

Randy locked eyes with Tanner and wanted to melt. He’d seen him at least once a day on the floor, and made a point to speak to him. Randy’s experience with other guys was limited to a lacrosse teammate back in Maryland. They’d gotten buzzed one night while they were in high school and had messed around. It had freaked both of them out at first, but they’d decided so long as they kept it to themselves, it was fine. So they’d had a few other fuck buddy moments before he’d moved to Oklahoma. But other than Blake, no one knew. Certainly no one here, he didn’t want to jeopardize his spot on the team by being out.

In Randy’s opinion, Tanner was any gay boys wet dream of a cowboy. He had an amazing bubble butt that was always wrapped in tight Wranglers and his body was lean and muscular with a great tan from being outside. Tanner’s dark brown eyes and long dark lashes were just a few of the highlights of the young man. But Randy was sure he wouldn’t even make Tanner’s top 10 list of potential boyfriends. He’d taken too many lacrosse sticks across the face for him to be noticed by someone as good looking as Tanner. But he could still enjoy the scenery, and Tanner was amazing scenery.

“Hello! Earth to Randy, earth to Tanner!”

Both men jumped. Realizing what happened, they smiled sheepishly.

“Ah, sure. Sounds good. I guess we need to tell the RA, but I can help you move tonight,” said Tanner.

“Oh dude! I so owe you! Sure, we can move me after practice tonight. Man, no more puking roommate!”

Both guys chuckled, looking forward to a new, but perhaps trying, friendship.


Tanner dropped the last of Randy’s stuff on his side of the room. He was having some second thoughts about his impulsive agreement to take Randy as a roommate. Not because of anything Randy was doing on purpose, just that he was so incredibly sexy. Tanner didn’t know how life would be if he had to hang around their room with a constant erection due to Randy and his smoking hot good looks. But once he was able to get his mind off Randy’s body, he realized he was starting to enjoy a pleasant camaraderie with the blond.

Even though it was October, the typically unpredictable Oklahoma weather had decided to revert back to summer heat, and both of them were soaked with sweat. Moving out of the way when Randy came through the door with his arms full, Tanner pulled his t-shirt off and tossed it into his laundry. Walking over, he closed their door then collapsed on his bed and watched as Randy began putting away some of his stuff. Tanner rolled to his stomach, reached down to the dorm fridge beside his bed and popped it open. Reaching in, he pulled out an icy pop. He looked up at Randy, “Hey Randy, you wanna Coke?”

“Sure!” said Randy. He plopped on the bed and lifted his shirt to wipe the sweat off his face, giving Tanner a nice view of his lightly furred stomach. Tanner enjoyed the muscular view as long as he thought it was safe, looking away just in time. As he tried to recover his slightly ruffled composure, he realized he hadn’t gotten Randy the drink. Reaching back in, he grabbed a bottle and tossed it to Randy.

“This is root beer,” said Randy with a puzzled look on his face.


“You asked me if I wanted a Coke.”

Tanner thought a second, then started chuckling, “Coke is southern Oklahoman for pop. Sorry, I should get you an Okie dictionary if we’re gonna live together.”

Randy opened the bottle and chuckled, “Might not be a bad idea.”


Tanner was lying on his bed reading through the assignment for tomorrow’s class, when the door opened and Randy walked in with a bulging equipment bag in one hand, and his stick in the other. Tossing his equipment inside his closet, he collapsed across his bed.

“Damn, I’m exhausted. The coach was trying to kill us today. My ass is dragging,” said Randy as he exhaled loudly.

Tanner closed his book and sat up, only to realize he had been studying for hours and it was long past their normal time for supper. The two young men had gotten into the habit of eating together and now it was a ritual of their friendship. In spite of the happenstance way they had become roommates, they had discovered they had a lot in common. Much more than either had suspected.

Tanner stretched his cramped muscles, working out the kinks from the hours he had sat studying, unaware he was creating an erotic show for Randy. The fact that they both enjoyed wearing as little as possible when they were in the room gave Randy frequent opportunities to admire Tanner’s muscular body. As the basketball shorts Tanner was wearing slid down to show the top of his pubic hair, Randy got to admire his work-toned chest and flat stomach with its faint abdominal lines and light dusting of hair. The whole package was a potent aphrodisiac for Randy.

The bulge in Tanner’s shorts looked good too, reminding Randy of mornings when Tanner had thought he was asleep and had dashed to the bathroom with his cock jutting out from his crotch, obscenely stretching the cotton midway briefs to their limit. Those early morning displays had also given Randy another piece of information, Tanner was definitely cut, the ridge of his plum-sized cockhead left no doubt in Randy’s mind. Unfortunately for Randy the display in front of him only lasted a few seconds longer before Tanner dropped his arms back to his sides and grinned at him.

“Come on, drag ass, get the stink washed off so we can go to campus corner. I want to splurge and have an Okie Monster,” said Tanner with a grin.

Randy smiled back at his roommate, ripped off his shirt and tossed it at Tanner, “You love my stink, I know it fuck’n turns you on, you perv. And those damn Okie Monsters are going to make you fat if you don’t quit eating ‘em.”

“No I’m not, ’cause you keep dragging me to the gym. Between all the damn running and your ‘kick my ass’ workout routines there’s no way I’ll gain weight. Besides, Okie Monsters are delicious, like a Frito Chili Pie on steroids!” said Tanner with a chuckle. “Now, get your ass showered ’cause I’m starving!”

Randy grinned and flipped Tanner off, stripped down to his compression shorts and walked into the bathroom. Tanner watched him with a smile, his eyes locked on Randy’s tight bubble butt. He loved Randy’s muscular ass and gawked at it every time he got the chance. It was a sensual show for Tanner each time Randy took a step, he’d never seen a butt flex like Randy’s did when he took a step. Just watching him walk had Tanner flushing with sexual arousal. And the compression shorts just made the show even more tantalizing. Tanner could see the outline of Randy’s soft cock each time, giving Tanner fresh jackoff material. But nothing compared to those few times Randy had thought he was asleep and had made a rush for the bathroom with his morning hardon leading the way. Those times he saw Randy’s hard cock straining against the confines of his compression shorts had Tanner grabbing his own cock in response. Randy was so sexy, Tanner didn’t understand why there were not a harem of girls hanging all over him. When he’d broached the subject, Randy told him that school and lacrosse came first, they were his focus.

Tanner frowned a little as the erotic show ended when Randy closed the bathroom door. With a lusty grin, he picked up the sweat soaked shirt Randy had thrown at him and pressed it against his face. Inhaling deeply, Tanner’s cock stiffened when Randy’s sweaty, masculine scent curled through his nose. Taking deep breaths through the pheromone laced cloth; Tanner was soon groping his achingly hard cock through his shorts. With each inhalation, he plunged deeper and deeper in the fantasy of sex with stunningly handsome Randy. His mind drifted to sensations that he could only imagined as the scent of his dream man wafted through the air. Suddenly, he noticed the shower was off and he heard footsteps in the bathroom.

Tanner frantically threw the shirt back to the floor and launched himself into his bed, hoping he could hide his rampant erection. The door opened as he landed, with Randy picking up the conversation as if it had never stopped.

“I’m telling you, that shit is not good for you. The cheese and chili alone will clog up your arteries and you’ll croak off before you’re 30. I’ll pick you out something at least kind of healthy. There’s other stuff on the menu besides the junk that you like,” said Randy as he walked into the room.

“No! I don’t like that crap. You know how I feel about veggies, especially that damn kale that you love. It’s all nasty, and you’re never going to convince me otherwise,” said Tanner as he crawled off his bed, snagged a relatively clean shirt from the floor and pulled it on.

Tanner lost the thread of the conversation when Randy dropped his towel and turned his bare ass to Tanner as he rifled through his dresser for clean underwear. Distantly, Tanner knew Randy was still going on and on about him needing to eat better, but Tanner couldn’t have told anyone what was said. He was fixated on Randy’s thick defined legs and the fur that swirled up them and then spread across his ass. When he reached in to grab a pair from the back of the drawer, Tanner caught the distinctive pink flash of Randy’s hole. But the vision was obliterated when Randy stood up and pulled on a pair of dark red briefs, then turned to Tanner.

“What’s wrong, dude. You look stoned,” said Randy with a grin.

Tanner quickly tried to recover, “That’s bullshit, dude, and you know it. You’re the stoner!” teased Tanner.

“Yeah, right. With my luck I’d get caught in one of the NCAA’s random piss tests and would be out on my ear.”

“They’d let you off the hook just because you look so good,” said Tanner with a smile.

Randy pulled on his pants and quickly yanked a clean hoodie over his head. Laughing as his head started through, he stopped with his head half way through the hoodie opening and turned to Tanner with a goofy look on his face. “Yeah, I’m fuck’n hot. Look at me, I’m an uncut penis!”

Tanner cracked up as his roomie started making fish-lips with the hoodie still only half way down his head.

“You goof! Come on, I’m starved,” said Tanner as he grabbed his jacket and headed out the door.

Randy chuckled as he grabbed his phone, wallet and keys, shoving them into his pockets. He frowned slightly as he noticed his sweaty jersey was on the other side of the room from where he threw it at Tanner, but the thought disappeared when he heard Tanner yelling from down the hall for him to move his ass. Randy took off at a sprint and quickly caught up with his roommate, continuing the verbal harangue about healthy eating as Tanner rolled his eyes.


It was only a few days before the beginning of the spring semester, but Randy had been on campus almost a week already. The lacrosse coaches had called them back early to practice in preparation for the season, which started in a month. The intense two-a-day schedule had shredded Randy’s thighs for the first several days, but now they were only slightly sore. The first few days of practice had left Randy so exhausted that he was asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow, but those days were behind him, now he was bored.

If he were completely honest with himself, he missed Tanner. The handsome cowboy made Randy’s cock stiff every time he thought about him. This time when his memory started the blood pumping, Randy let the fantasy continue, imagining what it would be like to date Tanner. He fantasized them attending college sporting events, concerts, quiet dinners out, and raucous dinners in. His mind put them in all the situations heterosexual couples experience, but as his cock stiffened, he naturally drifted into what would be the intimate side of their relationship.

Randy’s hand drifted down his chest as he imagined waking up curled against Tanner, their bare skin touching along the length of their bodies. Randy closed his eyes and let his finger tips caress his hard nipples as he imagined their soft good morning kiss as they woke. Randy visualized the intimate details of the encounter, their gentle kiss progressing to a hard passion-filled prelude. He slipped his hand inside his shorts and started foundling his low hanging nuts. The fantasy faded to faint impressions as the immediacy of Randy’s self-exploration overrode everything else.

Randy looked up, checking that the door was locked, then slipped off his shorts and sprawled naked across his bed. With his thick legs spread wide, Randy let his hand drift between them, sliding through the dense hair between his legs. Randy gripped his aching cock hard, groping himself as his fingers rubbed against his perineum.

Soon his hands were darting from one part of his body to another as Randy lost himself in the wonderful sensations. Randy liked the feel of his hand traveling over his lightly haired chest, and then dipping into the dense hair surrounding his ample cock and low hanging nuts. Lifting one hand to his lips, he sucked on a finger, coating it with spit. Letting it drop back between his legs, he let the saliva-coated finger rub against his hole. Randy had discovered this forbidden delight years ago, but had never shared the knowledge with anyone.

Randy slowly slipped the wet finger into his ass, his fantasy rocketing forward as he imagined Tanner fucking his butt. His thick, blunt finger bumped against his prostate and Randy let out a soft moan. As his finger slid out, his ass gripped it tightly, sending vibrations of lust shimmering through him.

But quickly he hit a rhythm that caused his body to shake with ecstasy. With his finger wedged deep inside his gut, Randy was pounding his throbbing cock. The wet sound of his precum-coated cock ramming through his fist created an erotic symphony that ran through Randy’s system.

“Oh, oh, oh fuck!” moaned Randy as his orgasm began. The first belch of cream instantly created a pool of cum that mingled with his pubic hair, each shot after served to cover his pelvis with a thick coat of marbled white cream. Randy tensed and released with each spasm of his body, his cum flowing from his twitching cock like white lava. At last, with a final toe curling crescendo, Randy’s climax ended.

He collapsed onto bed, his lower body covered with a mass of jizz. Unwittingly his fingers trailed through the pools as they liquefied and began running across his body. With his eyes closed and his breathing still rapid, Randy lifted his semen covered fingers to his lips and cleaned each one of his seed, wishing as he did that it was Tanner’s cock he was cleaning of cum.

Eventually the January cold crept into the room, reminding Randy that he was lying nude and covered with spunk. With a smile, he grabbed a towel he’d dropped beside the bed after an earlier shower and wiped the thickest pools from his body. Tossing the used towel into his pile of dirty clothes, he pushed himself off the bed and slowly made his way to the shower.

As he kicked the bathroom door shut, he smiled to himself and wished again that he could share this part of his life with Tanner.


Marc was walking rapidly back to his dorm. He hadn’t intended to be out as late as he was, but he’d been in the library working on a paper. His girlfriend had texted to check on him a few minutes ago, and made him realize how late it was. He’d left the library with the paper consuming his focus, but now he had started walking faster, having an uncomfortable feeling that some guys were following him. In spite of his increased speed, it felt like they were keeping up with him. Suddenly, they were gone, and he breathed a sigh of relief, just before he rounded a corner and was grabbed. Struggling silently, Marc realized there were three men, two holding him and a third who was standing menacingly in front of him.

“You damn fag! Fuck’n queer!” said one, quickly followed by a punch to Marc’s midsection.

“Oh god!” gasped out Marc. “I’m not gay. Come on guys, Please leave me alone,” said Marc between spasms of pain from his stomach. Suddenly Marc felt the hands holding him tighten.

“Come on! Let me go!” screamed Marc.

Without a word, Marc suddenly felt another punch sink into his stomach. His body curled as he tried to protect himself, hanging from his pinned arms. Eventually, he was just trying to survive the beating he was getting as punch after punch rained on his body. Suddenly released, he fell on the grass, writhing and gasping in pain. Dimly aware of one attacker drawing his foot back, Marc tried to escape the kick, but his damaged body wouldn’t respond. He felt the boot drive into his side, and the sickening snap as ribs broke.

Marc lay on the lawn, gasping for air with a trickle of blood leaking from the side of his mouth. The attacker grabbed him by the hair, pulled his head back and spit in his face. “Fuckin perverts, this’ll teach you fuckin’ fags to fuckin’ stay away from real men.” Marc saw a huge fist draw back, then punch him in the face, which was his last conscious thought for quite some time.


Both men’s phones started buzzing at the same time, marking the arrival of new text messages. Tanner looked at Randy as he grabbed his phone and they both started reading. It was a message from the university announcing that an undergraduate had been attacked on campus and was hospitalized in fair condition. The message went on to say that the assault was being investigated as a hate crime. Tanner quickly scanned the rest of the message for details, but it was the typical appeal for any witnesses to come forward and what steps the university was doing to keep everyone safe.

Tanner looked up just in time to see Randy’s grim face as he finished. Randy looked up with a frown on his face.

“What the fuck? I thought this was a safe campus. I hope the guy’s alright,” said Tanner.

“I know. But what’re we gonna do? I don’t know about you but I’d like to go out and give the bastards a taste of their own medicine,” said Randy through gritted teeth.

As they were trying to absorb it all, Tanner’s remembered that his phone had buzzed again while he was reading. As he pulled up the new text, Randy’s email chimed. They both read through the messages. With a deep sigh Tanner said, “Someone thinks jocks beat up a gay guy.”

“One of the guys on the team just got confronted by a bunch of students outside the student union. They thought jocks were responsible too.”

“Oh shit . . .” said Tanner with a sigh.

The rest of the day was a flurry of messages flying across campus as blame and accusation became the communication style of the day. Allegations against student athletes expanded in spite of an appeal from the campus gay community for calm. The widespread blame of student athletes, in spite of many calls to wait for the facts to be given, infuriated Randy. Eventually the uproar became so tumultuous that another communication was issued by the university asking for calm while police conducted their investigation.

As the afternoon wore on, Randy and Tanner became more and more upset. Just when both of them were ready to burst from frustration, buzzes and chimes filled the room, marking the arrival of more incoming communication. Glancing over, Randy began to read, as did Tanner.

“Student Government is calling a rally. The guy is apparently still in the hospital and they want to have a candlelight vigil,” said Randy.

Confirming that his text was the same information, Tanner hesitated for a few minutes, then announced, “I’m going. It’s important to show him support.”

“Hell yes we’re going!” said Randy. Then Tanner heard Randy mutter to himself, “If I knew who the fuckers were, I’d give ‘em a taste of my stick.”

Tanner was slightly surprised that Randy was so adamant about going to the rally. He’d somehow expected some athletic homophobia from his roommate, but he was actually relieved to find out he was wrong. Tanner guessed that most of Randy’s reaction was due to the fact that the student athletes were being blamed, but he was still pleased with his reaction. Turning, he grabbed a hoodie and headed toward the door. He glanced over his shoulder to see Randy following him closely with jacket in hand.

The pair raced across campus toward the quad. When they rounded the final corner, they were surprised to see a huge crowd milling around on the lawn. Sticking close to each other, the pair moved through the masses of people, talking with friends and acknowledging acquaintances as they went. What they found was a common anger, a shared disgust and an overarching demand for justice.

Randy was surprised to run into several of his lacrosse team members, who all seemed just as incensed as he was. Tanner stood at Randy’s elbow and nodded agreement as each of them expressed their anger over the attack and distress that athletes would be blamed, because none of them could believe any of their teammates would do anything so horrible. There was a part of Randy that was feeling hopeful as he ran into teammate after teammate who were showing their support of the gay student.

By the time they had worked their way to the steps of the administration building, it seemed to Randy that at least half the team was in the crowd. It was a relief that so many of his teammates were supporting the student. He wasn’t foolish enough to think it was 100%; there were assholes in every group. But even if some of his teammates were homophobes, they all knew better than to mouth off or do anything on campus.

The pair stood quietly with what seemed to be thousands of other students listening to the president of the university as he announced that three men had been arrested in conjunction with the attack, and none of them were students. The cheer at that announcement was almost as gratifying as the earth shattering response he got when he told the crowd that the student was improving and expected to make a full recovery. The president also indicated the attack was still being investigated as a hate crime because of what was believed to be the attackers intent. He continued on with a general appeal for calm and inclusion on campus. There were a few other brief comments from various administrators, as well as an emphatic commitment to an increased police presence. After the last of the speakers, candles began to magically appear and soon the quad was glowing.

As the crowd began to thin, a girl from one of Randy’s classes walked by, and he suddenly remembered that she was a reporter for the school paper. “Hey! Tina,” called Randy.

The girl turned and walked over to the pair, “Hey Randy, what’s up?”

“Do you know anything about the guy who was attacked?”

“Actually his girlfriend is my roommate. I took her to the hospital last night. He looks awful, has two black eyes and some cracked ribs. But like they said, the doctors think he’ll be fine given some time. But those asshole townies gave him a pretty good beating. Apparently they thought he was gay just because he was small, thin and dressed nice. Damn homophobic hicks.”

“Thanks Tina, that’s great to hear,” said Randy with a smile. Randy met Tanner’s look and knew they were thinking the same thing. Everyone had been willing to blame the jocks, and now everyone from the area were being marked as brutal, homophobic rednecks. It was a sobering realization for the two freshmen. In a heartbeat the connection between the two had vanished and without another word needing to be shared between them, they made their way through the crowd with extinguished candles in hand.

When they arrived in their room, Tanner silently took Randy’s candle and laid it with his on a vacant shelf. Almost reverently to preserve the feeling of the vigil, they pulled out their schoolwork and began to work while their minds tried to reconcile everything that had happened.


Several days had passed since the attack, and Randy had been watching for news about the student. He had been surprised at the continual support the victim had gotten, and perhaps even more surprised to find such a high level of support for the victim and condemnation of the attackers among his teammates. For Randy this was especially poignant given that everyone had thought the victim was gay. He actually had begun to think about coming out to a few people as a result. But he wasn’t sure about the reaction, and he certainly wasn’t sure how Tanner would react.

It was one thing to support gay rights, it was quite another to be sleeping in the same room with a gay guy. Randy couldn’t help but think it would freak out most men. He was still contemplating the choices and possible repercussions when he heard Tanner slide his key in the door.

Tanner walked in with a smile on his face. “I ran into your friend from class. What’s her name? Tanya?”

“You mean Tina? From the rally?” asked Randy.

“Yeah! Tina. Anyway, the guy was released from the hospital today. Apparently everything’s going to be fine. They thought he might have some eye damage from the punch to the face, but it tested out fine.”

Randy let out a sigh of relief, “Thank God. I’m so glad he’s going to be ok.”

“Yeah, I thought you might want to know. You old softy,” Tanner said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, whatever. But I’m starved. Let me take a whizz, then we can grab something. I’m thinking the new Indian place, I’d love some decent curry,” said Randy.

“Curry? Ick,” started Tanner.

“Yes, a good Lamb Vindaloo and other shit you wouldn’t normally touch, but you will tonight or I’ll put my stick up your ass!”

“Oww, I’m so afraid of the badass lacrosse player,” teased Tanner.

“Yeah, you better be. Or stick, Tanner’s ass, hello!” said Randy with a laugh.

Tanner leaned back in his bed, and thought about the past week, and how supportive Randy had been of the poor guy, even when he thought the victim was gay. Tanner was surprised, by the whole campus actually. But he didn’t think he was ready to come out to one of the biggest studs he’d ever seen. He wasn’t sure Randy was ready for that little bombshell, not anytime soon anyway.


Randy and Tanner only grew closer as the semester slipped past. They became inseparable and by the time finals rolled around, they could almost finish each other’s sentences. Randy suddenly looked over at Tanner.

“We should move in together,” said Randy.

Tanner chuckled, “We already live together, dude.”

“No, no,” said Randy, waving his hand. “I mean we should get an apartment for next year. We get along better than most roommates, hell, better than most couples I know. I think it would be great.”

Tanner contemplated this for a moment, recognizing that he had developed a serious crush on Randy over the past semester, but he decided living in an apartment couldn’t make it any worse. Besides, he wasn’t sure he could handle not living with Randy.

“Sure, that sounds amazing. We can start looking after finals week. You have some time before you go back to Maryland, don’t you? I have to go back home for a few days to help out, but afterwards I can come back to help look,” said Tanner.

“Yeah, I’ve got a week break,” said Randy. A smile broke out on his face, “Hey! I could come home with you to the farm and help out. Then we could come back and apartment shop! Whatda ya think?”

Tanner grinned at Randy, “First, it’s a ranch, not a farm you illiterate Yankee. We ain’t no sod busters!” Tanner chuckled and continued, “No, that sounds great. We can get the calves worked faster with another guy. We can search for apartments online, then once we’ve narrowed it down, drive back to look at them.”

“Outstanding!” said Randy, excited about getting to spend an entire week with Tanner and his family. They sat chatting about the break until Tanner held up his hands.

“Ok, ok. If we don’t do well on these tests it won’t matter, because our families will kill us. Back to the books.”

“Damnit! You’re right. Gotta study,” agreed Randy.

With that declaration both men refocus on their schoolwork and the impending finals.


Randy wasn’t sure what he had thought “the ranch” was going to be, but several thousand acres of rugged hills and small mountains covered with native grasses that grew to the horses shoulder in places wasn’t it. The open spacious countryside was a wonderful mix of native prairie and almost impenetrable timber. Tanner had always talked about his home being in the Arbuckle Mountains, but Randy had equated it to someone from Illinois talking about their ski runs to someone from Colorado, quaint but not really the same thing. These were certainly no Colorado Rockies, but they were challenging in their own way. Randy could see why Tanner said very few people had the fortitude to exist here before modern conveniences came into the area. For Randy, somehow the rugged terrain forged a connection that he wouldn’t have thought was possible before experiencing it.

He also found out rather quickly that his hours of riding the trails around his dad’s place in Maryland had not prepared him for working cattle from horseback, fortunately he had picked it up fairly quickly. His horse lurched up another steep, brush-covered hillside in search of cattle, while Randy recalled his trip so far. The last few days had been spent scouring the ranch for cattle, and this was the final, and worst, section of the ranch. Fortunately Tanner’s Dad had a pair of Blue Heeler’s and they were eager to force their square muscular bodies into the heavy brush. Without them, Randy knew this would have taken three times as long.

Tanner waved and caught Randy’s attention, signally that he was circling the current thicket and would meet him on the uphill side. As the young cowboy rode away, Randy couldn’t help but sigh at his growing feelings for Tanner. His grace on horseback was amazing, and the fact that Randy found him drop dead gorgeous didn’t hurt either. More important to Randy, he enjoyed being around Tanner. Randy found that he could talk with Tanner about anything, and pretty much had. Except for the fact that Randy was gay, that was the one topic that he just hadn’t been able to bring himself to tackle, he couldn’t face the thought of losing the best friend he’d ever had.

Hearing one of the dog’s begin to bark, Randy snapped back to the task at hand and watched for any cattle that might erupt from the short trees.

Tanner heard Digger’s ‘hurry, I found a rat’ bark and sighed in frustration. He agreed that the dogs were a help, but he wished his dad would spend more time training them. They were useful; Tanner was willing to admit that, he just thought they had a lot more potential. Catching a last glimpse of Randy before the trees cut off his line of sight, he had to smile. Randy had charmed Tanner’s family completely. They had not been happy when they’d found out that Tanner’s east coast roommate was coming to the ranch. Their experiences with Easterners were not very positive. They always seemed to think if you were more than an hours drive from New York City or Washington, or even worse if you hadn’t at least been to one of those cities, then you were a backward hick.

Tanner thought his family was going to be proven right when Randy introduced himself as Randall Warfield Preston VI, but was relieved when he quickly smiled and followed up by saying that no one actually called him that and if they yelled for Randall, he probably wouldn’t know who the heck they wanted. That bit of innocent humor had gotten Randy quite a chuckle from Tanner’s family, and it hadn’t taken much more to work his way into their hearts.

Randy had worked hard to help wherever he could, and his vibrant personality, combined with a strong work ethic, had quickly finished winning them over. Tanner could tell that he had struggled with the horses at first, but Randy had stuck with it and soon was riding the pastures like he’d been doing it his whole life. That kind of dogged determination was the sort of thing that had allowed Tanner’s family to survive in ranching for several generations, so they appreciated it in Randy.

As for Tanner, the incredibly handsome lacrosse player was all he could think about. He was becoming completely and obsessively enamored with Randy. It didn’t help that with any opportunity, Randy would strip off his shirt. The combinations of his rock hard chest and muscular torso were enough that Tanner walked around in a near constant state of arousal.

Tanner scolded himself when he almost let a cow and her baby slip past. He needed to focus on what he was doing or not only was it going to take forever, someone would get hurt. They didn’t have time for delays this afternoon since they were getting a load of alfalfa hay for the horses, and it had to be stored in the barn in case they had a spring thunderstorm roll in. Tanner’s horse jumped as yet another cow tried to make an escape. Tanner scolded himself again, gritted his teeth, focused on the task at hand, and almost immediately horse and rider were again working in harmony.


Randy ran the back of his leather glove over his face and wiped off some of the sweat dripping from him. He and Tanner had been trying to put the last load of hay into storage before being hit by the thunderstorm that had been bubbling up in the west for the last hour. The impending storm had also created a hot, steamy May afternoon and Randy’s clothes were soaked with sweat. Glancing over as he carried another bale into the barn, he saw Tanner was in a similar condition, but the sweat running down his back and lightly haired chest, made him all the more desirable to Randy.

There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in this story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.


The final weeks of their semester had been eventful for both men. Randy’s lacrosse team was on a winning streak, and Tanner’s classes were going well. He had decided to attend the gay-straight alliance meetings on campus and discovered they were not the meat market he’d feared, giving him the chance to get to know some of the other LGBT students on campus. With all the activities they were involved in Randy surprised Tanner when he walked in grinning like a mad man, holding a lacrosse stick.

“What’re you doing?” asked Tanner.

“One of the guys on the team got a new stick for his birthday. He gave me the old one so you and I could play around together.”

“With me? Shit Randy, you know I don’t know anything about lacrosse!”

“It’s easy! I’ll show you how to hold the stick, and we can toss the ball back and forth a few times.”

“I don’t know. I’ve never even played baseball,” said Tanner in near panic, afraid he was going to look like an idiot.

“It’s nothing like baseball. Come on, let’s try it.”

Tanner let out a sigh of resignation. “Ok, but don’t be pissed if I don’t get it.”

“You’ll pick it up. Don’t worry.”

Tanner shrugged his shoulders and followed Randy down the stairs. They spotted Fred and Jenny drinking iced tea on their patio as they raced down the stairs. Randy waved and sprinted over to the couple. He carried on an animated conversation that lasted mere seconds and then hurried back to Tanner.

“Fred said we could practice in the backyard.”

The boys moved to the middle of the yard and Randy rapidly went through some basics, then ran a few feet off and lifted his stick. “Here, I’ll lob one into you.”

With each ball missed or dropped the frustration level grew for both Tanner and Randy. Randy was trying to explain a game he understood on an instinctual level, and Tanner was becoming more and more frustrated with each mistake. It was obvious that they were not having a good time when Fred appeared at Tanner’s side.

“Maybe I can help a bit. I played a little lacrosse when I was a youngster,” said Fred.

The relief was evident on both Tanner and Randy’s faces. Tanner smiled at Fred as he stepped closer and began to make suggestions. First he positioned one of Tanner’s hands on the end of the stick, and the other midway up, pointing out that it would be easier to catch the ball by choking up on the throat of the stick. He then showed Tanner to hold the stick vertically in front of him. He nodded at Randy, who lobed a ball to Tanner — and it flew into the pocket.

“Holy crap! I actually caught it!” squealed Tanner.

Fred chuckled and helped position Tanner’s hands for the toss back, then stepped back to watch. The first ball was far too short, but after a few more adjustments and tosses, Tanner was getting the ball to Randy on almost every throw. The pair spent the next hour practicing, with Fred helping. Eventually though Jenny gathered up their tea glasses, waved to the players and motioned Fred to come with her. Fred walked over to help, holding the door open as they moved inside. Jenny sat the glasses in the sink and turned to Fred with a conspiratorial look.

“You could have told the boys you were the captain of the Cornell lacrosse team,” said Jenny with a chuckle.

“Could have, but wouldn’t do any good, nope not any. ‘Sides, that’s ancient history, I’m an old fart, lacrosse is a game for young men.”

Jenny walked behind her husband and kissed his cheek. “Come on you old leprechaun, it’s time for bed.”


The last weeks of the semester flew by for both boys. Randy had done more research into what he needed to do to transfer to State and had found that while his grades were not as high as Tanner’s, he was still well above the entrance requirements. Randy had sent for the admission packet, and fortunately for his concentration it arrived after he’d finished his last final. Excited to have the actual application, Randy had it spread across the table and was studying it as he ate lunch. Engrossed in reading through the application, he wasn’t aware of Tanner climbing the stairs until the click of the door announced his arrival. Popping the last bite of sandwich into his mouth, Randy turned to greet Tanner as he walked into the apartment.

He watched as Tanner dropped his backpack to the floor and pivoted toward him, giving Randy a shy smile. “Don’t look so innocent, I know you’re curious, and yes finals went fine. I think I have A’s in all my classes, although the botany class is on the edge. Not that I understand what a large animal vet needs with botany.”

“Poisonous plants?” said Randy.

“Oh shut up, you big ole’ slut! I didn’t want logic, I wanted sympathy!” said Tanner with a chuckle.

Randy looked over at Tanner and ground his ass against the chair, letting out an exaggerated moan, “You haven’t been very sympathetic to scratching my itch.”

Tanner yanked the farm cap off his head and tossed it at Randy with a laugh, “I know you aren’t complaining. I know you’re smarter than that!”

Randy broke out in laughter, “Nope, not bitching at all. Just say’n that anytime . . .” Randy wiggled his eyebrows at Tanner.

“Oh hell, I’ve created a monster that’s addicted to sex!” said Tanner with a laugh. “But I’m afraid I have bad news in that area, I have to go home next week to help put up the first cutting of hay. But I can come back and help you get ready to leave.”

“I’ll just go with you. I like your parents,” said Randy.

Tanner breathed out a sigh of relief. “I’d like that, but you know . . .”

“I know, I know. No hankie pankie while we’re at your parent’s house. But you know that means I’ll be extra horny by the time we come back,” said Randy with a cartoon leer.

“I think I can take care of that,” said Tanner with a chuckle. “But I’m suppose to be there tomorrow, so we need to get packed. We’ll be there most of the week.”

“No problem,” said Randy as Tanner turned to lay out what he needed. After a few minutes, he realized that Randy was standing in the middle of the apartment looking at him with a single piece of cloth in his hand.

“What the hell is that?”

“My clothes for the week!” said Randy. As he watched Randy open the fragment of material, Tanner realized it was one of the jockstraps that looked like a pair of briefs with the ass cut out. He suddenly remembered he’d mentioned to Randy that he thought they were hot, and now Randy was holding a fire engine red pair.

“Oh crap, you can’t—”

Randy broke down laughing and tossed the jock to the bed. Walking over he wrapped his arms around Tanner and pulled them together, giving him a passionate kiss.

“Oh . . . you are so easy.”

Tanner chuckled and kissed Randy back. “Probably, but get busy and pack!”


Tanner wiped his arm across his face, clearing the flood of sweat for a few seconds. He couldn’t believe his easy week of hauling hay with Randy had turned into an endurance trek through hell. It was one of those May weeks that are a harbinger of the summer to be, which translated into spending the last few 100 degree plus days throwing 60-pound bales into an oven-like hay barn.

Standing for a few minutes on the bale wagon, he watched Randy working at the other end of the bed as they stacked bales. The heat had driven them to shed their shirts hours ago, and Tanner had a fantastic view of his boyfriend as the fierce sun glistened off his muscular torso. He drifted in speculation as he tried to think of a way for them to get some time together, and he was still mulling over ideas when a bale fell from the lift and plowed into his side, almost throwing him off the wagon.

“Pay attention, Tanner!” yelled Jo.

He glared at the back of his sister’s head, knowing she was laughing at his expense. He also glowered in the direction of the ranch house, and his father. He sometimes wished they had the latest equipment. It would make life so much easier. Deep down he understood that part of the reason his family had managed to not just survive, but thrive, was a history of making the most out of whatever they had. Still it was frustrating to see the ranch next-door finish in half the time because they had new machinery. But as his dad had pointed out numerous times, the owner of that ranch was a doctor, the ranch just a hobby, so they didn’t need to make money.

When a second bale rammed into Tanner, he heard laughter coming from both Jo and Randy. Without acknowledging either of them, he refocused on the work at hand, throwing bales high onto the stack. After tossing several bales, he calmed down, knowing that if it had happened to Randy or Jo he would have laughed too. They were nearly finished anyway, and it would be after sundown before any more hay could be baled.

After the last bale was loaded, Jo drove them to the hay barn. The wagon wasn’t moving fast, but it was still enough for a light breeze that caused the scent of Randy’s sweaty body to surround Tanner as they stood side by side. Tanner looked at his lover and smiled, again enjoying the sight of his bare torso decorated with scattered pieces of hay. The vision of Randy’s chest fueled an intricate fantasy, until they lurched to a stop. Concentrating on the job at hand, the three of them soon had the last bale stored.

Exhausted and over-heated, the two young men walked to the house and washed up, using the garden hose to wash the dirt and hay from their torsos. The additional cooling effect of the cold well water was a welcome benefit. After wiping water from their skin, they hurried to Tanner’s room, found clean t-shirts and were tugging them on as they raced to the table. They sat down just as Tanner’s mom began putting the meal on the table.

“This looks delicious, Mrs. Carson,” said Randy as he started shoveling food onto his plate.

“Please Randy, just call me Mary,” she said, “Besides, I always heard hunger was the best spice for any dish.”

Randy chuckled, piling his plate high with barbecued ribs and salad fresh from the family garden. Jo and Tanner’s father were not too far behind. The small group dug into the deliciously prepared food. Reducing what had looked like an enormous amount of food to a few odds and ends. Tanner drained his glass of ice tea and then turned to his father.

“Dad, do you need us for anything this afternoon? I thought I’d take Randy over to Turner Falls, and we could swim.”

Mark Carson shook his head, “No, I don’t need you. It’s going to be too dry to put up hay. But Turner Falls is just a wore-out tourist trap, why go there?”

“It was fun when I was a kid, it just seemed like it would be a good place to cool off.”

“No, you’re thinking of Sulphur Springs. It’s a national park now. Ya’ll should go there.” Mark chuckled, “That water’ll cool your jets.”

Randy gave Tanner a questioning look. Tanner explained, “It’s fed by a huge spring, and the water really cold.”

“That sounds good to me!” said Randy with a smile.

“Ok then, let’s head to Sulphur,” said Tanner.

“Hey, I wanna go!” said Jo. Tanner’s mother piped up too, “I wouldn’t mind tagging along either. I could pickup a few things in town.”

Tanner sighed inwardly, his plans for some alone time with Randy squashed. A swim in the bracingly cold water would still be a good thing though, so the trip wasn’t a total bust.

The three younger travelers rushed to change to their swimsuits while Mary made a list of things she needed in town. The resulting trip was fun, even if it wasn’t exactly what Tanner had envisioned. He’d talked Randy into diving into the swimming hole first, giving he and Jo uproarious entertainment. They laughed at his cold-water induced scream until they were gasping for air.

An afternoon of swimming had left them ready to finish the work as darkness, and cooler hours, descended on them. By the time the last bale of hay was in the barn, they were all too tired for anything other than falling into bed. This was their last day on the ranch, tomorrow it was back to the university where the pair would pack Randy’s pickup for his drive to Maryland.


Randy and Tanner barely contained themselves as they made the trip back to their apartment. They had both been flirting with the other, and as a result they arrived desperately in need of release. Grabbing their bags, they burst through the apartment door and tossed them into the corner. The instant the door shut behind them, Randy had Tanner pinned against the wall, kissing him hard. The week of abstinence had left them both horny as only men in their sexual peak can be. Tanner’s aggression was no less as he grabbed Randy’s ass and squeezed it tight in his work-strengthened hands. The slick fabric of Randy’s basketball shorts shifted under Tanner’s hands revealing that Randy was not wearing anything under them. He groaned at the discovery and ripped the shorts off his handsome lovers body.

Without a pause, Randy peeled off Tanner’s shirt and launched it randomly into the air. His focus was on his handsome boyfriend, and nothing else. Dropping to his knees, Randy grabbed Tanner’s denim covered ass, leaned in and pressed his face against his crotch. The smell of Tanner and sweat was overwhelming. Randy loved the scent of his man; it seemed to supercharge his system, making his already hard cock throb with anticipation. Randy began chewing on the bulge that snaked across the front of Tanner’s jeans, feeling his levels of passion ratchet up as the tube of flesh shifted under his assault.

Lifting his face, Randy unbuttoned the jeans in front of him and slid down the zipper. To Randy’s surprise, and pleasure, he could see Tanner’s wiry bush as it peeked from the opening. Grinning he looked up at Tanner.


Tanner leaned down and kissed Randy and then stood with his hips pressed slightly toward Randy. “Yeah commando. You aren’t the only one who’s horny as hell after the last week.”

“Hell yes!”

Randy yanked down Tanner’s jeans, freeing his cock from the confines of the denim. Taking it in his hand, Randy started teasing it with long strokes, his hand twisting each time he reached the head. In short order, he had Tanner groaning with abandon. Knowing this wasn’t where he wanted this to end, he let his hand drift off his lover’s throbbing cock. Standing, he kissed Tanner hard, and then carried him to their bed. Randy was enjoying the moment as he carried Tanner’s nude body to their bed. A wave of sexual electricity surged through him, his body suddenly weakening. Randy chuckled when he almost immediately realized that the source of his kryptonite was Tanner teasing his nipples.

“You almost got dropped,” said Randy, panting heavily.

Tanner gave a lusty chuckle, “I’d have survived.”

Randy grinned and tossed Tanner onto the bed. Reaching down he ripped off Tanner’s boots, pressing each one against his face and breathing in the intoxicating scent. He paused to enjoy the sight of his muscular boyfriend, the reddish undertones of his chestnut hair catching the sunlight, creating a golden aura. A broad expanse of hair spread across his pectoral muscles, narrowing to only a few inches wide before plunging down his stomach. From there it spread around his navel before coalescing in a dark treasure trail that dove downward. The amble hair covering his legs joined it at his groin to create a masculine nest for his rock hard cock, with its crimson, plum head. Randy knew Tanner was the most handsome man he’d ever seen.

“Hello! Are you going to sketch me or something? Earth to Randy,” said Tanner with a smirk.

A broad grin exploded across Randy’s face. He stripped quickly, jumping on the bed beside Tanner, and wrapped his arms around his lover. Their lips pressed together as their hands explored and tantalized, letting the ardor of the moment drive their lovemaking. Their bare skin rubbed together, igniting jolts of lust across their systems. A clear coating covered their rigid cocks as precum dribbled from their piss slits. The fever pitch of their frottage was bringing them closer and closer to their much-needed release.

Pulling back, Randy panted, his cock drooling a steady stream, marking his heightened state of lust. Recognizing how close his orgasm was, he desperately tried to slow his race to a pinnacle. Looking at Tanner, who seemed to be equally close, Randy smiled and caressed his face.

“I want you inside me. I want your week’s worth of jizz filling my ass.”

“Oh shit. Yeah, that sounds fucking hot,” said Tanner, his speech slurred with desire.

Randy stretched across the bed, grabbing the bottle of lube they kept on the nightstand, and handed it to Tanner. “Get me ready, baby. I’m so fucking horny I’d let you just dry fuck me, but I think that might make the next couple of days of driving pretty miserable.”

“On your belly, boy!” said Tanner with a chuckle.

Randy pushed up the bed, twisting as he came down to offer his bubble butt like a gourmet dinner. Tanner grabbed a couple of pillows and shoved them under Randy’s pelvis, lifting his ass until it was deliciously protruding. Tanner reached over and started to dribble lube down Randy’s ass crack, but stopped. Sticking the bottle in Randy’s hand, he jumped off the bed and raced to the bathroom. In a heartbeat, he was back carrying two large towels. Kneeling behind Randy he slapped his lover’s ass and then pushed him forward.

“Raise up a second.”

Randy followed instructions without question, his hard cock overwhelming any desire for discussion he might have had. He felt the terry cloth slide under him, covering the pillow. He gave Tanner a questioning look and got a smirk in return.

“There’s going to be a lot of juice down there pretty soon, and I don’t want a cum soaked pillow,” said Tanner with a chuckle.

Randy started laughing, wiggled his ass in the air and enjoyed the feeling of the towel under his aching cock. His laughter became a groan as he felt a well-lubed finger invade his hole. Tanner smiled at Randy’s response, slipped the finger of his other hand into his butt alongside the first and started stretching Randy’s ass. Tanner’s fingers slid through the saturated hair, teasing Randy unmercifully as he plunged his fingers inside his man’s hot ass.

Randy was soon gasping for air as Tanner rammed both fingers inside his lover. Randy’s body was a tangle of taut nerves that Tanner was playing like a harp. Seeing that Randy was more than ready, Tanner grabbed his hips in a vice-like grip with his fingers. Tanner let his rigid cock rub up and down Randy’s dripping ass crack. Soon he was pushing his cockhead into Randy’s pucker with each pass, Randy’s body flushed with sexual excitement as Tanner extended the foreplay. Randy looked back with a storm of passion showing across his face.

“Fuck. Me,” Randy gasped out.

Tanner pressed forward, shoving his cock deep inside Randy with one long push, his lust overwhelming any concerns he had for his lover. As he reached bottom he paused, then began to gyrate his hips, pressing hard against Randy’s bubble butt. With a sudden change of tactic, Tanner pulled almost out, and then shoved his raging cock hard into Randy’s receptive ass. His passion overwhelmed everything else as he used his cock as a pile driver, fucking Randy with abandon. Soon the room was awash in the sound of slapping flesh and grunting men as the two of them rushed to meet the cravings that had built over the past week. With his fingers griping Randy’s hips, Tanner unleashed his needs. His lovemaking shifted to meet their animalistic desires. Tanner felt his balls tighten against his shaft, his nipples hard and aching, as he rushed toward a mind-blowing culmination.

Randy’s ass locked around Tanner’s cock, his body wracked with his orgasm. As he forced his way back through the wall of muscle, the sounds of his man’s pleasure were the final straw, forcing Tanner over the edge and into his own climax.

Burying himself deep in Randy, the ropes of cum exploded from his throbbing cock. Tanner’s week worth of seed filled Randy’s ass, flooding him with youthful cream. Their bodies locked together as wave after wave of desire washed over them. Their needs crested, long moments passing before it began to recede.

The two of them collapsed onto the bed, panting from the intensity of their lovemaking. Tanner kissed the back of Randy’s neck, enjoying the slightly salty taste of his lover as he rested on top of him. Randy rolled until the pair were face to face, and kissed Tanner with gentle care.

“That, my wonderful lover, was mind blowing,” said Randy as he drifted back to earth.

“Oh shit, I love fucking you. It’s always incredible!” said Tanner with a sideways grin.

Randy reached down between them, causing Tanner to gasp when he squeezed his still plump cock. Milking it with teasing strokes, he could feel the blood return to the growing organ.

“Ready for round two?” asked Randy, grinding his ass against the bed at the thoughts of Tanner again inside him.

Tanner leaned forward and raked his teeth down Randy neck and then kissed him passionately. “Hell yes I’m ready!”


Tanner was feeling more than a little lovelorn as he stared at the handsome face on the screen in front of him. They had been Skyping each other for the past two months, and he was getting tired of it. He desperately wanted to hold Randy in his arms and kiss him passionately. By now he wanted to take Randy, pin him on the floor and take his ass. Afterwards, they could cuddle and hold each other, once he’d worked out some of his sexual aggression. The scene he was looking at on the computer screen didn’t help his growing frustration at all.

Randy had got up from his desk and was rummaging through a box beside his bed. Somehow he’d managed to have his ass in the air facing Tanner, and his shorts had slid down to reveal that he wasn’t wearing underwear. The top of his tight, furry ass was staring Tanner in the face. He swallowed hard, and then cleared his throat. Randy twisted around with a questioning look.

“Nice ass, babe. Been work’n out?”

Randy chuckled and shook his butt toward Tanner. “Actually I have, glad you noticed,” said Randy with a smirk.

Tanner licked his lips as he watched Randy’s shorts slide lower with each movement. Just as he thought he was going to get a free shot, Randy pulled them up. Randy shot him a smile as he turned back to the camera and dropped into his chair with a grunt.

“So, did you get the package I sent you?” said Randy.

“Oh! Yeah, I forgot. It came today,” said Tanner, and then he chuckled. “I don’t think you needed to mark it as sample exams to keep everyone from opening it.”

Randy laughed and winked at Tanner. “Oh, I think the thought of holding an exam makes most people break out in hives.”

“You want me to open it?” said Tanner with one eyebrow lifted.

“Yeah, but close your door first,” said Randy with a smirk.

Tanner gave his lover a questioning look, and then closed his door. As he settled back into the chair he shook the small box, knowing this had to be some sex toy Randy had found.

“Well open it, dork!” said Randy with a chuckle.

Tanner pulled out his pocketknife and began cutting open the package, even though Randy let out a dramatic groan when he saw the knife come out. In spite of Randy’s fear that he would agonize over opening the package, with a few flicks of his wrist Tanner had it laying open in front of him. He gave Randy a condescending look and then stared at the content of the box.

“You’re a perv, you know that don’t you?” said Tanner with a chuckle.

“Me! Who’s the one with the obsession over my ass?”

Tanner reached in and pulled out a plastic bubble pack and showed it to Randy. “Purple? You had to send a purple dildo?”

Randy started cracking up, holding his stomach while a multitude of emotions flicked across Tanner’s face. After a few moments, he reached back and pulled out its identical twin.

“I thought it might be fun to play with them. It’ll be hot to see you dicking yourself with it,” said Randy with a smirk.

“You’re crazy! What if my mom had opened this damn thing?”

“Calm down, I didn’t put a return address. You had plausible deniability.”

Tanner began to laugh. “Fancy term for someone holding a purple dick!”

“Speaking of, whatcha think?”

Tanner chuckled and shook his head at his lover. “You’re crazy, my parents come in here all the time. I don’t want to be ass toward a computer screen with a purple dildo up my butt!”

“Ok, ok, not tonight. So when are you going to have some alone time? I really want to play with these together.” Randy winked at Tanner. “Mine is still in virgin condition.”

Tanner rolled his eyes as his lips twitched with a smile. Looking back at his lover he began, “Not in the next few days, I think next week they’re taking Jo shopping for clothes at the outlet mall in Texas. So they’ll be gone all afternoon.”

“Ok, then it’s a date. Next week. Just let me know when you find out for sure.”

“Ok,” said Tanner, starting to become a little concerned about the whole thing. But he decided it might be fun to try, and no one would know. He hid the toy in his room and hurried back to his conversation with Randy, who kept playing with his dildo until Tanner forced him to put it up. Afterward, they spent their typical handful of hours talking about everything happening in their lives until the late hour forced them to say their goodnights. Once they cut their connections, they went to bed missing each other deeply and knowing they didn’t want any more summers apart.


“What’re you doing?” said Jo.

“Sorry. I’m zoning I guess. Sorry,” said Tanner.

“You gotta pull it together, big brother. I know you miss Randy, but Mom and Dad aren’t stupid, they are going to recognize the puppy dog face.”

“I know, I know. It’s just been a long summer. I really miss him.”

Jo stepped closer and paused as she tried to decide how to ask. After they stood for an uncomfortably long time without speaking, she shook her head and let out a sigh. “There’s just no other way to ask, so . . . when are you going to tell the rents?”

Tanner chuckled for a moment and then nodded in acknowledgment of his sister’s serious question. “After Randy comes back. He wants to be with me.”

“You’re going to do it together? Wow, that could make for some spectacular fireworks,” said Jo. Her face twisted as she considered Tanner’s answer. “Have you thought about calling Uncle Rob?”

“I did. I have. Yeah, I thought about it. I don’t know. He might not even know we are alive.”

“It’s worth a try. See what Randy thinks. Maybe Rob can tell you what happened with him. Give you some idea how Dad will act when you tell him.”

“Yeah, ok. I’ll talk to Randy and see what he says,” said Tanner in resignation.


As the phone began to ring Tanner screwed up his courage. He and Randy had discussed the idea of calling his uncle and seeing if he had any suggestions that would help his coming out. Neither of them wanted to open old wounds for Rob, but hoped he might be of some help. They’d agreed it could go badly, but hoped that it wouldn’t. It had taken a lot of effort to find his uncle’s phone number, they had thought he lived in Seattle but it was actually Lynnwood. But they did locate it and now events were set into motion. Tanner listened to the phone ring a fifth time, and started to hang up, when he heard someone answer the phone.

“Hello,” said a deep voice.

“Yes, could I speak with Robert Carson?”

“Who is this?”

“His nephew . . .”

There was silence on the other end of the phone for several heart wrenching moments. Tanner was starting to fidget when he heard, “Hang on, let me get him.”

Tanner sat on the floor, his legs too weak to hold him. What had he been thinking? He’d never met this man, whom his family had disowned almost a quarter century ago. There was no way this conversation could go well, he was sure his uncle would blast him for what had been done. Tanner started to panic and was about to hang up when he heard a vaguely familiar voice.

“Hello? Tanner?”

Tanner swallow hard, and nodded, then realized that his uncle couldn’t see him. “Yes, it’s Tanner.”

“Is everything ok? Are your mom and dad alright?”

“Yes, sir. Everyone’s okay.”

There was a long awkward pause. Tanner swallowed hard, realizing it was up to him.

“Uncle Rob, I have a problem, and I was hoping you could help.”

Tanner could hear the trepidation in Rob’s voice when he spoke. “Ok, what’s up, Tanner. It must be serious, or you wouldn’t be calling me. I seem to remember your grandfather referring to me as Satan’s spawn.”

“Yes, sir. I know I probably shouldn’t be bothering you. Maybe this was a mistake. I’ll let you go.” Then he heard another voice on the line and realized it was the person who’d answered the phone.

“Rob, shut up and don’t hassle the boy. It’s important, or he wouldn’t have called.”

Rob chuckled for the first time. “Get off the extension, Ian.”

“Nope! I’ve been telling you for years to give your brother another chance. Our wedding is coming soon, and I think this might be your chance. So I’ll just be a good little boy and listen.”

“Asshole,” growled Rob.

“Yup, that’s the only way to get through your thick Okie skull.”

Tanner heard a long sigh, and felt much better with his uncle’s partner on his side.

“What do you need, Tanner? Sorry, Ian’s right. I have a lot of baggage about my family, and none of it’s your fault. You were in diapers the last time I saw you.”

“Yes, sir. Well here’s the deal. I’m gay, and my boyfriend and I are in love. I’m going to tell my parents as soon as Randy comes back from summer break. But we thought you might have some suggestions,” said Tanner quickly.

His disclosure was met with utter silence. The seconds ticked by, until Tanner heard Ian begin to laugh. Soon he heard the phone hit the floor, but you could still hear his raucous laughter. After a few seconds, Tanner heard, “Hang on Tanner. My husband’s apparently lost it.”

Soon Rob was back, and there was a relaxed note to his voice. “Tanner, I’m flattered that you called. As you can tell from Ian’s response, this wasn’t something I’d ever expected. So tell me about your boyfriend, and maybe I can help you avoid the debacle that was my coming out to your grandparents.”

Tanner took a deep breath and plunged into his story. He started with their meeting in the dorms, their mutual coming out to each other and how after a while they had fallen in love. He shared the highlights of their life together for the past two years and then told about the camping trip and how he had come to realize that he needed to live his life, and it might be without his dad.

“Well, first I don’t think Mark’s nearly as freaky about religion as Dad was, so that will help you. But let me get Ian back on the phone, he teaches psychology at the university. He might have some good ideas too.”

Tanner spent the next hour enjoying a helpful conversation with his uncles. They both shared parts of their lives together, and by the time they said their good byes, Tanner had a lot of suggestions to help with his coming out, and an invitation for he and Randy to attend their wedding in late fall.


“Yes, that’s what he said. And yes, I’m sure you’re invited to the wedding too,” said Tanner as he told Randy about the talk with his uncle. He had spend the last few days thinking about the suggestions they’d gotten, and had decided most of them were good ideas, not all, but most. He and Randy had been talking about it since they’d started Skyping that evening and he thought they had covered just about everything.

Randy had noticed from the time Tanner appeared on his screen that he was not wearing his typical t-shirt, jeans and boots, but was in a sleeveless shirt and a loose pair of gym shorts. The combination made him look like any gay boy’s wet dream so far as Randy was concerned, and he hoped it meant they were going to play. Randy hadn’t masturbated since last week hoping they’d share some cyber-sex while Tanner’s family was out shopping.

Tanner caught Randy’s eye and grinned at him with a certain amount of deviltry in his gaze. Randy chuckled and blew a kiss at his lover and then waited. Tanner reached under his bed and pulled out a box. Knocking off the lid, he pulled out the small purple dildo that Randy had sent him.

“Woohoo! Fun night for us!” said Randy with enthusiasm.

Tanner chuckled and waved the small toy in Randy’s direction. “So whatda you think, lover. You want to watch me with this thing?”

“Oh hell yes! Show me what you can do, babe!”

Tanner had been planning all week, thinking how to make it as erotic as possible. He’d seen his share of gay porn on-line, some of it awful, but he’d got some ideas. He thought Randy might like the whole jock look so he’d bought the shirt and shorts, both as revealing as possible. He started to move, getting into his role as seducer. Taking the dildo, he ran it over his lips, his tongue flicking out onto it. He ran his hands under his shirt and started rubbing his nipples, letting out a low moan as he let the tip of the dildo slip into his mouth.

“Oh fuck, babe. You look so damn hot!” said Randy surrendering himself to the scene before him.

Tanner pulled off the shirt, letting it slide to the floor as he ran the wet plastic cock over his hard nipples. His gasps and whimpers filled the air as he surrendered himself to the spectacle he was creating. He locked eyes with Randy, seeing that he was sitting frozen in place watching Tanner.

“Take off your shirt, baby. I want to see your hot chest. Play with your nipples for me.”

Randy obeyed; pulling his shirt over his head then running his hands over his bare chest. He watched as Tanner started squeezing his hard cock through his shorts. Randy began to pant from the building desire. Tanner slid his hand into the top of his shorts and began stroking his cock. He had let out a sigh as his hand first touched it, and then he started stroking as he watched his boyfriend.

“Strip for me, baby. I want to see that hard ass of yours,” said Tanner.

Randy smiled and stood, the camera overwhelmed by his crotch. Tanner watched, licking his lips as he watched Randy’s strong hands unbutton his cargo shorts, and then slide them off. Tanner chuckled as Randy’s cock flexed against his compression shorts, the bulge of his cock dominating the view. Randy stroked his fingertips down it a few times, the wet spot marking his cockhead growing in size. After a few minutes, Randy’s hands slid up again, peeling his shorts off and freeing his hard cock. He sat back on the bed, his legs spread while he fondled his balls and cock.

“Your turn, babe. Show me that fat cock of yours,” said Randy.

Tanner smiled and followed Randy’s example, standing so his crotch filled the view. Reaching up he began pulling down his shorts, revealing more and denser hair as his pubes came into view. Once he reached the base of his cock, he swayed for a few seconds, letting his cock jump inside his shorts. Then Tanner hooked his fingers around his shorts and yanked them down. His cock flew out, almost hitting the screen as it arched upward. Tanner moved backward, stroking his cock as he watched Randy.

Randy grabbed the bottle of lube he had tossed on the bed before they started tonight. Squeezing out a large glob, he reached down and smeared it over his crack, covering himself with lube. Tanner moaned with lust as he watched Randy sink two fingers into his ass and start fucking himself.

“Damn! That’s so fuck’n hot!” said Tanner breathlessly.

“Show me, babe. I wanna see you finger that tight hole.” Randy said with a moan.

Tanner slathered lube over his ass, rubbing his finger over his wet pucker until his breath was coming in gasps. Need possessed him as he slid one finger deep inside his ass. As it disappeared in his gut, he looked at Randy with a lusty smile.

“Is that what you wanted to see? You wanna fuck my cowboy ass?”

Randy had slid in a third finger, moving faster as he fucked his ass. “God yes, you’re so fucking hot. Finger that virgin hole for me, babe. I’m gonna pound that fucking ass.”

Tanner slipped in a second finger, gasping as his hole stretched wider, a lance of pain shooting through him. With care he worked in more lube, and soon had two fingers buried deep in his gut. His cock was aching and hard, precum belching out with each thrust. He locked eyes with Randy, seeing his lover’s flushed body as he drilled his ass with his thick fingers. Tanner touched the tip of his cock, pulling off strings of precum as he eased his fingers into himself.

Randy could feel his balls tight against his shaft, knowing he couldn’t take much more without losing his load. He snatched up the purple toy and covered it with gel. He grinned and pulled his legs up, rubbed the dildo over his hole, and then rammed it deep into his gut. As the last of the rubber dick slid inside him, Randy felt it scrape over his prostate and his body shuddered.

“Fuck! That feels so good. Fuck, Tanner. Do it, put it in.”

Tanner licked his lips, his ass opening and the pain diminished. Deciding he was loose enough for the small toy, he let his fingers slide out and then slathered a thick coat of lube over the plastic. Rolling to his side, Tanner pulled his top leg against his chest, teasing his hole as he worked to insert the toy. He eased it in, pushing deeper with each thrust, his inner gateway slowly, ever so slowly, letting the intruder through. After a few moments of resistance, Tanner felt the head slide through, and he gasped at the surge of pain.

“Breath babe, push out a little. It’ll pass in a minute,” said Randy in a gentle voice, already working the toy in and out of his own ass as he watched his future husband pleasure himself.

The pain subsided for Tanner, and he pushed in further. The sensations were indescribable, the small plastic dick slipping deeper inside him. He paused frequently, giving himself time to adjust until he could feel its base press against his ass cheeks. His ass pulsed, clamping around the shaft, sending jolts through him as the pleasure began to build. He looked at the screen, watching as Randy fucked himself with the toy, his body trembling and shaking with building passion as they moved closer to climax.

“Damn, you look so fuck’n hot,” said Randy, starting to pound his ass with the toy.

Tanner became lost in the feelings, and the sight of Randy fucking himself hard. He grabbed his dripping cock and started pounding it while he rammed the purple intruder over and over into his gut. The feelings of orgasm overwhelmed him as ropes of cum started shooting from his cock, the first jets hitting him in the face and then a fountain of cum covering his torso. With a final gasp, he collapsed against his bed, the toy trapped inside him by the massive contractions of his body. Panting, he looked at the screen in time to see Randy’s cock explode, pouring cum over his hairy stomach.

The rooms were filled with gasps for air as both men drifted. The pair basked in the wonderful feelings, which also served to underscore their need to be together. Randy ran his hands over his chest, smearing the load of cum. He snapped out of his daze in time to see the dildo slither from Tanner’s butt and hit the floor.

“You look kinda hot and slutty, babe,” said Randy with a chuckle. Reaching down he pulled the dildo from his ass, enjoying the sensation as it popped out. Looked back he saw that Tanner was chuckling.