gay nonconsent

It had been a good two months since our last mud wrestle and Andy and I were keen to get together again. We had chatted constantly during this period. Keeping in touch and throwing ideas around for various other types of erotic messy wrestling.

Everything from oil, custard, desserts, puddings, cake, baked beans, and the list seemed endless.

As for the type of wrestling, there was one on Andy’s mind and we kept coming back to it.

“What about a muddy rape match?” he blurted out one day.

It took me a few minutes to answer as my imagination took over.

We thrashed out some guidelines and rules and went about our usual arrangements.

“No audience this time?” I asked almost hoping.

“As this is our first time at this kind of match maybe we should wait until next time” he replied.

I agreed.

This was new to us and probably best done in private on this occasion.

The basic idea of this match was to use your opponent to make yourself come first. It would be completely consensual with an element of role play but still had to force yourself upon your opponent. You could use any part of your opponent’s body to bring yourself to orgasm including the previously forbidden anal sex. This was new territory for us and mainly due to safety reasons that were addressed early on.

I excitedly purchased a new pair of speedos to ruin and eagerly awaited our next meeting.

After waiting what seemed like an eternity I set off on my 2 hour journey.

Someone must’ve known I was eager to get to my destination and decided to queue the traffic up in front of me. I arrived thirty minutes late go Andy opening the door in a black bath robe his hair still wet from his shower.

We had the usual coffee and chit chat before reiterating the guidelines for the match.

We were both ready to go and I made my way upstairs to the shower. After the quickest shower of my life I pulled on my new speedos and made my way downstairs.

I entered the living room and stored my clothes as Andy got up and dropped his bath robe to reveal his trademark white speedos that were bulging with cock.

¨Are you ready?” Andy said as he purposely but gently squeezed at the gorgeous bulge he was sporting.

“More than ever” I teased and stroked at my own speedos.

Andy smiled and once again led me through the kitchen to the backdoor. The air was cooler outside and the floor wet with rain. As we entered the garage the air was warmer. Andy closed the garage door behind us and I was greeted with a familiar sight.

Our wrestling pit was the same inflatable pool with the airbeds underneath. A thick layer of grey clay covered the inside. A few feet away from the back corners were two blow air heaters responsible for taking the coolness from the air.

I stood looking into the pit and felt my cock starting to harden.

My arms were suddenly pinned to my sides as Andy wrapped his arms around me from behind. One hand went around my stomach but the other delved straight into my speedos. My body tensed as my balls were fondled and my cock grew in his hand. This was our pre-match foreplay we started in our last match.

From here on it was the match we had discussed.

My right hand slipped behind me and slid between my ass and Andy’s bulge that he had been pressing against me. I blindly ease my hand into his speedos to find his stiffening muscle. I slowly pulled the waistband down until his heavy manhood popped out of its covering. I then took great pleasure in slowly stroking it.

My own cock was pulled from the tight material and set free. We continued for a few minutes stroking each other’s now erect and eager shafts.

I was turned around hypnotically as Andy sank to his knees taking my speedos with him. Before they could reach my ankles my cock was engulfed in Andy’s warm wet mouth.

“You cheating bastard!” I exhaled in a loud whisper.

I couldn’t help but enjoy his mouth on me for a few moments. He let my cock fall from his mouth and stood up. I pounced on his speedos dropping them to the floor and quickly followed them going down on my knees.

I wasted no time wrapping my lips around his cock easing my mouth up and down the soft skin that covered this rock hard muscle.

“Payback!” I thought as I savored every inch that slid in and out of my mouth.

I pulled away and stood up satisfied that I had given as well as I got. As I got to my feet things changed from sensual to forceful as Andy reached forward grabbing my ass, pulling me to him and thrusting his cock against mine. I quickly did the same forcing myself on him.

I had forgotten how strong he could be. We both staggered on the spot, dangerously close to the inflatable side of the mud pit grunting and groaning and humping the others cock with our own.

“I’m going to use every possible body part to cum on you” I told him between the grunting.

“Your ass is going to be mine!” he informed me in typical trash talk style.

On the word “mine” he pushed hard against me surprising me. The force of it caused me to stumble slightly but the pit was closer than i had anticipated. My foot caught the inflatable side in an attempt to correct my balance. Instead i fell, pulling Andy with me and we tumbled over the edge into the soft grey muck

Our bodies separated in the fall and we hit the mud with a slight splat spraying globs of clay in most directions. After sliding and sinking slightly into the soft bottom we immediately got to our knees and bear hugged as if nothing had happened. Our cocks seemed to have a life of their own as they squirmed and slid together with a good coating of clay.

This match was a little more intense and slightly rougher and I loved it. There seemed more purpose as we rolled around in the soft slippery body lubricant. We were hot, hard, horny, smothered in mud and wrestling each other in an attempt to force fuck each other anyway we saw fit, and we were going for it.

We rolled around almost frantically, locked together, neither one of us wanting to be the first to be forced into whatever sex act the other had in mind.

I attempted to make the first move releasing my arms from around Andy’s body.

I managed to get on his back as he lay face down but I slipped off and rolled on to my front after he raised up on his hands and knees. Within a second he was straddling my back and I was pinned under his weight as he slid up my back and sat almost across my shoulders.

I felt his cock on the back of my neck just before his hand forced my face down into the clay. I felt my face engulfed by the soft grey mud and rose up almost immediately spitting clay and virtually blinded. Then I was attacked from behind again. This time Andy was slapping the back of my head with his cock. As I spat clay and my arms flailed in front of me he dumped handfuls of clay on my head and rubbed his cock in my thick slop matted hair

My legs kick and thrashed trying to break his balance and send him sliding off me but i was well pinned.

My face was suddenly thrust into the clay again. As my head lifted I felt the relief of his body sliding back down the length of mine. As I gasped and spat clay again and before i could move my ankles were gripped. My legs were forced together by his and his feet pushed down on my ass.

His cock quickly broke through between the soles of my feet and my lower legs were being pumped against their will. My feet forced into pleasuring his dick. His feet slid around on my ass cheeks trying to anchor me in position as I tried to push myself up and away. I felt paralyzed from the waist as I struggled. My arms slipped and I fell back down into the mud. Whether on purpose or by accident (I have my suspicions) his foot slid into my ass crack.

His foot proceeded to slide easily up and down, pushing against my hole and teasing it.

It seemed relentless. I was being abused and teased at the same time. I can’t say I wasn’t enjoying it and in any other situation I would have taken it all day but it wasn’t why I was here. He had started strongly and I was being toyed with. I managed to wipe my eyes just before something pressed hard against my asshole.

His big toe was pushing and probing at my hole. With the slippery clay it wouldn’t take much to push through into my ass.

I clawed at the clay to pull myself away but the grip around my ankles tightened.

It couldn’t happen this soon in the match surely. I scrambled and struggled grunting loudly as my body fought the possible invasion.

It happened so quickly. His toe breached my anus and my throat let out an involuntary yelp. My hands clenched into fists as i had no choice but to take it. He began pumping my ass. I could do nothing but flounder and writhe in the mud as he performed this strange sex act on me.

I knew he had a foot fetish but I hadn’t considered this.

I felt so horny in that position and situation but I needed to act. For all I knew he could’ve shot his load all over my feet there and then. His toe slipped out of my ass and I had to get out of his hold. I twisted my body round and pulled my legs away. His cock slid out from between my feet and he let go of my ankles. I slid away to a corner to gather myself and wipe more clay from my eyes and nose. Andy was smiling at me from across the pit.

“That’s just a taster. My cock will be next.” he boasted.

“We’ll see.” was all I could offer at that point.

A couple of deep breaths later and we met in the center of the pit, again locking into an ass squeezing bear hug. This time I slid my fingers into his crack and rubbed his anus. He pulled away and I fell on top of him quickly straddling his stomach and sliding up his chest. I grabbed his wrists and held has arms down while leaning forward.

At this point I lowered my hips and thrust my cock in his face. I made sure his face got a good covering of clay before I pinned his arm under my right leg to give me a free hand.

I made sure I didn’t hold back. I slapped his face with my cock splattering clay in all directions. I pushed my cock against his lips but he wouldn’t take it. Instead, turning his head to the side and spitting clay. His face returned to my cock spitting at it as i rubbed and teased his face with it again. He heaved and tried to muscle his way out but i held him down.

“Take my cock you bastard.” I demanded.

“No fucking….” his sentence ended abruptly as my cock found its target.

It sank into his mouth. He tried to shake his head and his muffled protests were almost drowned out by squelching clay. I removed my cock and he spat clay and gasped for air before i forced it back in.

He had no choice but to suck on my throbbing manhood. I pulled his head on to me, moving his mouth deeper and with more rhythm.

“Yeah suck it bitch!” I taunted while I started to move my hips back and forth fucking his mouth.

Again my cock slipped from his mouth and he gasped for air. His body heaved as he tried to remove me from my position of power but I wasn’t finished seeking revenge for the anal toe job id received minutes before.

I forced my cock back into his mouth to gorgeous squelching sucking sounds and started abusing his mouth again.

I was enjoying the feeling of power before it went wrong.

His arm slid between my legs from under my pin and his fingers were quickly sliding around my ass crack teasing my hole. Almost without warning his finger slid into me.

I lost my advantage and slipped off both his body and his finger back into the mud.

Once again we were back to the bear hug, neither releasing our grip on the other as we rolled around the pit.

Eventually the clay got the better of both of us and we slid apart briefly. However it was enough for me to climb in top of his back as he lay face down. In my speed to straddle him I had mounted him facing his ass and legs.

Within seconds I managed to slip my hand into his clay smothered butt. He bucked and struggled while I teased his hole with my slippery fingertip. His struggling and writhing excited me. His legs kicked and slid about in the clay in front of me. With a gentle push my finger slid into his clay lubricated hole. For a moment his legs stopped, rigid. His body stopped fighting.

I eased my finger in and out of his tight hole and the movement started again. He thrashed about beneath me grunting and groaning.

“No!” he gasped but with every objection my finger fucked him slightly deeper.

His legs parted and his knees bent in an attempt to throw me off by lifting himself but I stayed firm on his lower back. My finger had slipped from his ass from all the movement but I saw an opportunity and grabbed his ankles that were up in front of me.

I pulled his legs back, pulling his feet to my cock. I slid forward slightly but had to yield my pin to slide my cock between his soles. I forced his feet to wank my cock but it was short-lived.

His movement sent me flying forward towards one of the drooping corners.

I rolled over lying on my back as Andy slithered on top of me. My arms were pushed aside and pinned under his knees.

A fair amount of clay had gathered in that corner and it was already up to my ears when my head lay back. The weight of both our bodies in the corner was pushing down on the inflatable underneath and clay was oozing into and pooling in the corner.

The situation wasn’t helped by Andy scooping clay in to the corner effectively covering my ears and rising up to my face. His cock was quickly rubbed around my face. I tried to move my head but I held by a combination of clay and the pit corner.

It went dark as Andy leant forward and I could feel the end of his cock pushing against my lips. He pushed it again trying to force it in. This time I had to submit to his shaft. It slid between my lips and filled my mouth. He pulled out and I spat the clay I had taken from his cock but it barely left my mouth and landed on my chin before his cock was pushed in again.

My mouth was filled again and again as he fucked it hard, churning up the clay that threatened to engulf my face. I had to raise my head, almost gagging on his large meat. In another match I would have been sucking him hard waiting for his cum to fill my mouth but today I didn’t want to encourage his climax.

After what seemed like forever he pulled out of my mouth and i saw an opportunity to lift up and push him off balance.

He fell to the side and we both took a moment to compose ourselves before we continued.

We knelt in opposing corners, stroking our hard cocks teasing each other. I was ready to go for the win. My cock was ready and wanted to share its load.

Once again we slid across the pit towards each other and tussled until we were both rolling around the pit in a slippery mass of arms and legs.

Hands and fingers were everywhere. From slapping my cock to pulling his finger from my ass I was in danger of being overrun but I was giving as good as I got.

Then I saw my chance. I rolled him onto his front and quickly slipped on to his back. My cock took its place between his legs. I leant hard on his back to prevent him moving as my own legs separated his. He began to heave and grunt especially when my hand guided the tip of my cock between his ass cheeks. I was almost there. The end my shaft pushed against his hole and started to enter him but with a huge buck I was thrown forward sliding over his head and landing face down in clay.

I barely had chance to realize what had happened when i felt his weight on my back. I was pushed down heavily in the clay, my arms flailing in front of me struggling for grip.

Then I felt his cock roughly pressed against my ass. It seemed to guide itself and pressed hard against my hole.


It wouldn’t take much to slide it into me.

“No, no!”

I struggled and writhed under his weight. My face almost held in the clay.

His cock pushed through and slid into me with ease.

I gasped and clenched as he quickly started to move in and out. I grunted with every push.

I was being fucked in mud.

It certainly brought conflicting thoughts. I wanted to win but it felt so fucking good. My thoughts were interrupted by my face being pushed into the clay.

My head was released to hear Andy taunting me.

“Told you id fuck you, my little mud slut.”

“Fuck you” I replied spitting clay.

My face was immediately pushed down into the clay again as his cock continued to pump my ass relentlessly.

How was I going to get out of this one? Did I want to get out? At any moment I expected him to orgasm and claim victory.

His cock continued to invade my ass turning me on beyond anything id experienced.

I was weakening badly and fighting thoughts of giving in and letting him have his win.

His cock vacated my hole and I had a brief moment of relief. My body was pulled over so i was laying with my back on his front.

I was almost too dazed and weak to stop him reaching down and sliding his cock into me again. . I felt like a bug lying on its back unable to move or right itself. He held me tight across the chest and continued to assault my ass. My legs were well spread and my arms felt useless. Was I now just a humiliated fuck toy? Part of me wished our audience was here, that would’ve been hot. Part of me was glad they weren’t.

His hand snaked round me and his fingers wrapped around my cock, stroking it and teasing me with a gentle wank.

His other hand was sliding up and down my body, holding my throat, smearing clay over my face, sliding his fingers into my mouth while his cock claimed my ass.

Would this now be the finishing move? How much more could he give before filling my ass with his load?

I was close to giving in. I wanted to cum. I wanted him to cum and put an end to this amazing sexual torture.

The concentration was lost and I found myself slipping off his body and my impalement back into the mud. His disappointment was as obvious as mine and half-heartedly rolled to get up. It took everything to slide on top of his back. His resistance was weak and took effort. As quickly as I could I guided my cock to its target and pushed.

My cock slipped into his ass into his ass without much effort and I enjoyed the faint clay muffled objections.

I thrust and fucked him. His tight ass teasing cum from my cock much like his hand had last time wrestled. It felt good and it wouldn’t be long until it was my victory.

“Oh yeah!” I teased.

“I’m going to cum in your ass!” I taunted as I fucked him faster.

“No please!” he whimpered but my hand was quick to push his face down into the clay.

He came up and gasped air shaking his head.

I fucked him faster, my orgasm imminent.

His body found strength and started to struggle beneath me. I wanted him to struggle but I kept him impaled on my cock.

Could he feel how close I was?

“Please no!” he pleaded but that was it. My cock unleashed its load into his ass as i shoved his face down into the mud again. I could barely hear his clay muffled disapproval as it felt like the tip of my cock had exploded. My orgasm ripped through and tensed every inch of me. When I was happy I had unloaded enough into his ass I pulled out and slumped to the side laying spent in the mud.

Andy lay motionless in the clay, beaten and fucked. One word was uttered from his mucky face.


I smiled.

There would be no forfeit in this match but after a rest I compensated Andy by giving him a muddy wank after I noticed his cock refused to go down. It was the least I could do. I sucked his cock in the mud thinking what would be next. What mess? How many people? I was sucking quicker and harder the more bizarre things I thought of. He came quickly, shooting his load over my face.

He was very grateful.

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