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Bit of a departure from my usual genre of fic writing this. Mainly written for my gf who’s crazy about this movie and figured the traffic cops and Harry’s boss Lt Briggs (Hal Holbrook) were just crying out for slash fics. So here you go, basically some hot guy-on-guy action. If you enjoyed, please consider reviewing.

Summary: Lieutenant Briggs gives Officer Davis a little one-to-one training…

San Francisco 1972.

Not much remained of Carmine Ricca. The mobster’s head had been virtually blown to pieces by several bullets, along with his associates.

Inspector Harry Callahan and his new partner Earlington “Early” Smith surveyed the crime scene. Callahan was controversial within the department and knew it. His superior, Lieutenant Neil Briggs viewed him as a reckless man and loose cannon ever since his handling of the Scorpio case. The dislike was mutual. Briggs was everything Harry wasn’t – a strictly by-the-book guy who prided himself on never having taken his gun out of its holster. However Briggs had other reasons for disliking Callahan. Time would tell how much of a threat the rogue inspector would pose to his plans…

Harry and Smith climbed into the car and the two officers drove off into the city. As they were cruising through the streets Lieutenant Briggs’ voice crackled over the radio, Smith took the call only to receive orders for them to return to headquarters immediately. Harry gritted his teeth as he spun the car around and headed up the hills towards the station.

“I know you hate Briggs, Harry.” Smith said, recognising the expression. “But he’s been working his butt off for the last forty-eight hours trying to get to the bottom of these shootings.”

“Yeah by taking me off homicide!” Harry sneered cutting off his partner’s sentence. “That’s the thing with Briggs. He acts like a hard man behind that desk of his, but when he’s out on the street where the job really is, he’s as cowardly as an elderly housewife. Don’t be fooled by a man like him. He’s an asshole.”

There wasn’t even a friendly welcome when the two men arrived at the police headquarters. Harry kept his stiff posture as he marched into his superior’s office. Briggs deliberately took his time as finished signing his reports. He then looked up at Harry and displayed a sarcastic smile on his face, the one look that Harry hated the most.

“Take a seat, Callahan.” He said, pointing to the chairs. “Well what do we have here? Another police bill. This one involves three wrecked police cars, damage to property and a destroyed water main. This was during the Arlington case. Am I correct?”

“Yeah that’s right.” Harry replied. “And for your information. That man did the damage not me. Only you wouldn’t know because you weren’t there like you never are.”

“Maybe, but I’m the one who has to gather the money for the payments!” Briggs started. “Now I’ve just had the Mayor on the line. He’s getting pissed off with your one man army act now. I don’t know how much longer the department can put up with this. This city is on the verge of some of the worst criminal violence in its history.”

“Then you shouldn’t have fired those good officers, West and Norris.” Harry said. “I know it was because of the pay checks but as I recall, you’re too tight to even pay them!”

The mention of their named clearly touched a nerve with the lieutenant. “That has nothing to do with it.” Briggs replied, his eyes narrowing. “Callahan, I’m not suspending you for one reason and that is because, you’ve done a good job on the recent burglary busts, but I am giving you once last chance on homicide before I bust your ass down to personnel again.”

“Marvelous.” Harry muttered as he left the office. “Oh and sir, it wouldn’t help you to actually get off your butt and get out there. No wonder you’re divorced.”

He smirked as he closed the door behind him. “Asshole.”

Lieutenant Briggs slammed his fist on table. Callahan was evidently going to remain a thorn in his side for some time. He posed the biggest threat to his Magnum Force project. He relaxed a little. For now at least, the latest mission had been successfully completed. Briggs smiled to himself. Carmine Ricca’s assassination had been carried out expertly.

Briggs was a tall, slim man, in his mid-forties, averagely handsome with steely-blue eyes and greying hair. His smart and somewhat dull exterior masked a man with a relentless burning need and lust. He was the man behind the Magnum Force project – his own secret “death squad” of rookie traffic cops, who on his orders were dispatching all of San Francisco’s most notorious criminals with frightening efficiency. Ricca was just the tip of the iceberg and there were many more “missions” – as Briggs labelled the executions, to come. Next on the list was J.J Wilson, a well-known pimp and another piece of filth the city wouldn’t miss.

Briggs smiled as he recalled what Callahan had said about West and Norris. Their firing had nothing to do with their paychecks, but rather their refusal to join the Magnum Force…and perform “other” tasks for Briggs. Such a shame. Both men had been good-looking and had shown great potential in the department. Alas, they’d threatened to blow the cover of the whole project and Briggs wasn’t going to let that happen. No way. So he’d had the two cops booted out of the SFPD so fast their asses hadn’t touched the floor, cooked up a story about them being transferred to another department out of the city. At least that was the official story. In truth, West and Norris had been swiftly dispatched by Sweet, one of the Magnum Force squad.

There was a knock on the door. Briggs raised an eyebrow. “Come in.”

The door opened and Officer John Davis entered the office.

Lieutenant Briggs smiled. “Congratulations on a job well done,” he said, referring to Ricca. “You carried out the assignment flawlessly.

“Thankyou sir,” the rookie officer replied.

Briggs purred under his breath, his eyes savouring the young cop – the blonde hair, chiselled features, and immediately felt his cock harden.

Goddammit, goddammit. Shit, shit, fucking shit…can’t wait.

“Do you require something else of me sir?” Davis enquired.

“Close those goddamn blinds,” Briggs replied, and the officer did as instructed. Briggs rose from his chair and walked over to the door and locked it. He smiled at Davis.

“You please me greatly,” he said, moving close and running his hand down the officer’s cheek. Davis didn’t flinch. Such meetings with his superior were a regular occurrence for him, Sweet and Astrachan, the other members of Magnum Force.

“I am glad sir.”

Lieutenant Briggs put his hand over Davis’, and leaned in to kiss the officer’s cheek. Davis didn’t turn his head away. He placed his hand gently on Briggs’ cheek, whispered: “You missed, sir.” He kissed him carefully on the lips.

Briggs pulled back a little and smiled. “So I did.” He nibbed Davis’ lower lip gently, still smiling. “You’re awfully cute, when you blush like that”, he teased a little, pushing the younger cop on his back on the desk.

Davis looked up at his superior, still blushing. Briggs pressed against his crotch, finding him erect and it was his turn to blush.

The friction made him let out a little moan in his throat.

“I need to get out of these clothes”, Briggs exclaimed, loosening his tie. “And you too.” He took a firm hold of the other’s shirt and started tugging it upward.

Davis lifted his arms and got his uniform off quickly. Briggs’ blue eyes never left Davis’ face as he unbuttoned his shirt and with a little manoeuvring it landed on the floor. He leaned down and kissed Davis’ collarbone softly, making his way to the smooth chest and teasing his pert nipples. The rookie cop moaned quietly and Briggs looked up at him, eyes burning with desire.

He kissed Davis hard this time, tongue battling, hands savagely pulling at his trousers as he pressed him against the desk.

Briggs twisted him around, shoving Davis harder against the desk; kissing, touching, wanting. His hand travelled lower, and he hastily unbuttoned and pulled down the rookie’s trousers and underwear, to catch hold of his erection, smoothing precum along its length as he started to stroke.

Davis gasped and his head arched back as the lieutenant’s knowing hand squeezed and caressed, pulling him towards climax, whilst his mouth traced a pattern along his jaw line.

“S-sir,” Davis gasped, grabbing at Briggs’ hand. “You need-”

“I need you.” Briggs groaned against his neck. “I’m still training you…let me finish that training.”

He silenced Davis’ objections with his mouth as his hand kept stroking, feeling him writhe and moan beneath him. Suddenly Davis felt the lieutenant’s chest push against his back. He moaned as Briggs’ cock moved up against the small of his back before he moved it further down; the wide, blunt head pressed in between his cheeks, against his entrance, and then Briggs thrust in, hard.

Davis grunted, full, as his superior leant down harder, pushing in deeper… Davis thrust back against him, still pressed to the desk and tense. He squeezed his eyes shut even before Briggs hit the spot inside him cry out. Fuck, Lieutenant Briggs was cold, composed, and brutal, his large cock was slamming into his ass faster as Davis gripped the desk so tight his fingernails turned white. It hurt like hell but it Christ, it felt amazing at the same time… He squeezed his eyes shut tighter as he came, his cum spraying across the desk and some of it across the case file folders strewn across it. Moments later, Briggs cried out as he came, filling his young officer’s ass with his seed.

Briggs pulled out, breathing heavily. “That completes your training for today,” he gasped, wiping the sweat from his brow. As he put his trousers back on he turned to Davis. “I trust that you’ll complete your next mission as instructed?”

“Yes sir,” David panted as he tried to compose himself.

“Good boy,” added Briggs with a smirk. “You learn quickly.”

“What about Callahan? Pretty sure he smells a rat.”

“Don’t concern yourself with Callahan,” Briggs replied, dressing quickly. He opened the lower drawer of his desk and smiled at the small explosive device inside. “I’ll personally see that he gets what’s coming to him…”

To be continued…

The moonlight shone through the window. It cut my comforter in two. One half was light. One half was dark. I stared at the contrast for a while. I considered closing the blinds but that wasn’t what was keeping me awake. He was.

He didn’t snore. He didn’t listen to his stereo or TV too loud. He didn’t leave messes all over the house. He was by all standards a good roommate. He was almost perfect and yet not. He was supremely intelligent and driven but unemployed due to a layoff. He was funny and charismatic one minute then shy and reserved the next. He pulled me in with his warmth but could send me retreating with one cold look.

I knew he was straight. I listened to every appraising story of the women that had passed through his life. The signs were there, yet I had a nagging suspicion that I might not be one hundred percent correct that my roommate liked women and not men. The more I thought about his sexuality, the more I realized I didn’t trust my instincts about him because my desire was clouding my judgment. My feelings caused me to put my body on a collision course with his when we navigated around our cramped kitchen. These feelings made my hands twitch with an eagerness to touch him. Every night when I went to bed all I was left with were these feelings flooding my body, swelling and washing over me. I floated on a sea of lust for my roommate. My cock stiffened. I gripped it in my hand, gave it a squeeze and wished I could know for sure.

I imagined how sexy and exciting it would be to have a roommate whose sexual appetite matched mine. I stroked my cock thinking of all the ways he could put an end to moments like this. I’d never have to stroke my own cock. He could offer his mouth to me. I’d been watching that mouth for weeks. I saw it across the room speaking into the phone, across the table devouring a sandwich and now I saw it closing around the head of my cock. The not knowing how good it would feel when he did suck me made my balls ache for release.

It made me frustrated not to have him. I closed my eyes and tried to think of someone else. All I saw was my roommate getting out of the shower with water dripping off his lean body. The curls of his pubic hair were tamed around a delicious cock.

The sound of my bedroom door opening made me bolt upright.

“You awake?” he said in a hushed voice.

“Yeah, man. What’s up?” My hands padded down the bed to ensure that my indecency was covered.

“I needed to ask you something.”

His body was a dark figure in my doorway for a moment then he crossed the threshold at which point I thought he’d stop and ask his question but he crept to my bedside. He stood where the moonlight spilled off my bed and pooled on the floor.

I was startled by the sight of him, how the moonlight made him seem to glow. My roommate was standing there in the way I’d always wanted him, strong with his chest bare and his pajama pants riding low on his narrow hips.

“I need to know…”


My body tensed when he made a move closer to the bed then proceeded to climb onto it. I scooted back. He stalked toward me, crawling on hands and knees like a hungry panther. I continued my retreat from him, out from underneath the covers, until my head bumped the headboard.

“I need to know if you want me.”

He straddled my naked body. My cock pressed into his leg in hard response to his question. I relaxed under the weight of his body but my heart continued to race as the scent and warmth of his body enveloped me. The closer his body came to mine the more my want of him won over my surprise. He stretched himself on top of me and molded into the form of my body. We were chest to chest. He wriggled out of his pajama pants.

We shifted positions in an effort to gain the best access to the other’s body. His want for me was clearly communicated in the wet line of precum he drew across my upper thigh. His bare skin on mine was a rush of ecstasy and sweet finality. He breathed life into my fantasy with his kiss while the moonlight illuminated our bodies.

Once again when Deborah arrived home she complimented her daughter on how neat the house looked.

“Thanks Mum it’s no worries I even got Lukey to help me.” She nearly slipped only just catching herself in time she almost said baby Cockslut.

“Your precious Katie what would I do without you?”

“Now you’re embarrassing me Mum.”

Before she went to bed Kathy took her new anal probe & hiding it within her robe she hurried towards Luke’s bedroom, she dropped it on his bed then slid it under his pillow. Walking into the kitchen she crooked a finger to get Luke’s attention. Standing Luke walked to his Sister under the pretext of getting something to eat.

Kathy cupped her palm over his ear & whispered.

“There’s a present under your pillow Lukey baby Cockslut. Here’s five dollars for some more K-Y use it sparingly though your Mistress isn’t made of money.”

“Thank you; Mistress Katherine Lukey baby Cockslut is very grateful.”

“That’s my good little Brother Lukey baby the fucking Cockslut.”

Did he hear his sister right did she refer to him as a good girl? It gave Luke a warm sensation in his groin as he tossed the thought over in his mind that night he dreamt of what it would be like to have his own nice big tits as well as a cock to play with.

The next afternoon on his way home from school Luke went by the chemist to get another tube of K-Y gel pedalling his bike as fast as he could Lukey baby headed for home & the ribbed probe his Mistress had ordered him to fuck on a regular basis until he was accustomed to its size.

His mother wasn’t due home until 4.30 so he hurried it gave him just under an hour if. Luke had been thinking about the ribbed probe all day several times he had to cover the bulge in his jeans he’d decided that he’d lay on his back with his ankles up beside his head, that way he’d be able to watch the ribs invade his shitter with the bonus that when he came it’ll spray in his face & he should be able to catch at least a few drops.

“I wonder what it would be like to have four five or even six cocks spit spurt & spew their wonderfully yummy sweet sticky come all over my face at the same time.” Thought Luke as he rode into the garage, propping the push bike against the wall he answered his own question. “It’d nearly be better than fucking your sister Mistress Katherine, admit it you’d absolutely fucking love it Cumslut Lukey baby wouldn’t you? You better believe it, but that it’ll never happen around here.”

Luke dropped his bag, grabbed a banana then headed for his room unbuttoning his shirt as he went. Sitting on the edge of his bed he quickly stripped out of his shoes & socks then his jeans quickly followed by his boxers he pulled the probe out from under his pillows.

Licking his lips Luke thought.

“Gee I’m a lucky little Cockslut; Mistress Katherine has left me such a beautiful big toy to play with.”

Dropping the banana beside his pillow Luke positioned himself on his knees, his butt facing the dresser mirror. Balancing on his knees Lukey squeezed the tube of lube smearing a liberal amount of K-Y gel over the first large ridge then continued to coat the next four ribs in turn until only the handle wasn’t shinning. Looking over his shoulder Luke rubbed his puckered sphincter with his greasy fingers moaning in pleasure as he slipped his index finger into his anus. Taking the probe Luke lightly tapped his asshole with its bulbous head.

“This isn’t any good how am I gonna play with my prick? Well, Cockslut Lukey, you could always shove them up your slut hole you know that you’ll absolutely love it.”

Luke slumped his shoulders & changed his grip bracing himself rubbing the head across his sphincter brought more moans from Luke’s lips. In a single action Luke pushed the probe towards his asshole while he rocked back onto the plastic invader.

“Oh yeah that’s more like it you cumloving fucking Cockslut Lukey baby.”

Putting his head to one side Luke was able to lean on his shoulder & the side of his face, freeing his other hand. This went straight to his aching cock, using all of his self control Luke only allowed himself to move his fist after several ribs had passed his sphincter. With a little perseverance Luke managed to insert all but the handle, his dick was ready to explode not wanting to waste his jism he let go of the ribbed anal probe & slowly rolled onto his side then onto his back. Luke could feel the ridged monster inside his bowel as he moved it sent more throbs of pleasure into his cock & hoped that Johnny’s big prick would do the same. Kicking his legs up over his head Luke could easily see the purple handle nestled tightly against his anus & as he’d hoped his cock was pointing directly at his face. The head was a nasty purple & his nuts were tight against his shaft, reaching out Luke slid his greasy fist along his tool, feeling his seed travelling up his cock he quickly grabbed the handle & pulled quickly drawing out three ribs as his come splattered against his chin & over the bridge of his nose.

“Ohhhhh yessssss cum on the Cockslut Ohhhhh Yessssss.”

Lukey baby squealed as his tongue darted out trying to catch the cum he continued to run five or so ridges the beads in & then out of his slutty ass, all while scooping his seed from his face towards his greedy mouth.

“Your gonna be doing this with Johnny in under 48 hours you fucking Cock Slut & what about Gavin Mistress Katherine was amused when you mentioned his name. It’s a pity that Mum will be here soon I wouldn’t mind giving self fisting a go, imagine what mum would do if she caught her precious Lukey baby dressed in sexy lingerie down on his knees with his own fist buried deep inside his ass.”

Suddenly the sight of his mother Deborah dressed in Kathy’s open cup Lycra bodysuit flashed into his mind she to had an enormous black strap-on dildo around her waist it was even bigger than his sisters. Luke rolled over onto all fours, closed his eyes & fantasized that his Mother was standing behind him roughly fucking his with her massive strap-on dildo. He imagined his mother’s huge tits pounding into his back as she drilled her lovely big strap-on cock up her baby’s slutty ass.

He continued slamming the beads against his willing slut hole until his sphincter grew dry Luke reached for the tube & smeared his shitter with more lubricant. Taking the monster probe in his right hand Luke pulled his left buttock dragging his anus open Lukey Cockslut continued the punishment of his arse hole, roughly shoving the probe deep inside his willing ass. He couldn’t get the images of his mother out of his head, leaning forward Luke tried to suck his own cock but came up several inches short, but he still managed to direct his cum at his face as another orgasm brought him back down to earth.

Luke peeled the banana to help practice his deep throating exercisers yet another delight that his sister had introduced him to. Gingerly Luke went to shower before his mother arrived home as he walked naked through the house he started to feel horny, so horny in fact that he couldn’t help himself he stopped in the hall bent over on all fours took the banana down his throat then pushed the ridged probe deep inside his tender anus. Gripping the ribbed shaft with his sphincter Lukey baby Cockslut made his way to the shower the way the rest of the probe bounced & swayed as he walked brought forth a whole new set of pleasurable sensations. Turning on the water Luke thought.

“Is there something wrong with me? What’s happening to me? Am I gay? Definitely not you were just fantasizing that your Mum was fucking you. Besides Lukey Baby, you can always say “no I won’t do that” can’t ya Cockslut.”

The following afternoon Luke continued his anal exercises then waited eagerly for his sister to get home he couldn’t wait to tell her that their mother was going to be away for the weekend. Sally had won a free weekend at a health spa & invited Deborah she’d agreed to go only if Katherine could Watch Luke.

“Luke will complain & say that he’s old enough to stay by himself but at his age you can’t trust them & Kathy hasn’t got a boyfriend at the moment” Deborah told Sally.

Luke nearly ran to Kathy’s car when she pulled into the driveway stooping down Luke stuck his head in the window kissed his sister lightly on the cheek.

“Afternoon Mistress Katherine if you can watch me this weekend then Mum’s gonna go to a health spa with Sally.”

“Oh you’d like that wouldn’t you, Cockslut?”

“Shit yeah Mistress Katherine then I could serve you for a full 48 hours. I don’t think I could think of anything better I’m getting horny just thinking of what you will do to me or have me do, or for that matter whom you will have me do.”

Deborah hoped like hell that her daughter would agree to watch her little brother, it had been weeks since her & Sally had been able to have some fun. Her kids needn’t know that the spa story was a lie they were booked into a special bed & breakfast slash farm stay Sally had found on the Internet. Hearing Kathy in her bedroom she walked to her own room & called out to her Daughter.

“Kath babe can you do your old mum a huge favour this weekend?”

Kathy walked to her Mothers bedroom.

“Luke told me about the spa mum he’s already had a whinge about being old enough. You’re lucky I’m not doing anything this weekend so we will be Okay, when will you be back Mum?”

“You’re a doll Kate, Sally will be here in an hour to pick me up & I’ll be back at about nine on Sunday night.”

Leaving her mother to pack Kathy went in search of Lukey baby he was watching TV she crept up behind him & whispered to him. “You’re in luck Lukey baby Cockslut Mistress Katherine has you for the whole weekend. Mum is leaving soon when she does you will run my bath then after you have attended to my needs you can dress in your lingerie & Mum’s shoes then we will talk about this weekend, in the mean time you can make me a cheese omelette. I don’t suppose that you’ll have any trouble in getting Johnny big dick over here tonight will you Cockslut”

Luke jumped to his feet dashing towards the kitchen he tried in vain to hide the growing bulge in his jeans.

“I’ve already talked to him & he said to give him a call when I’m alone.

“Pervert” Kathy called after him.

Luke busied himself in the kitchen then carried his mother’s bags to her car. Waving his Mother good bye he turned to the house & saw his sister coming down the steps.

“Open the garage Lukey baby” Kathy called as she stepped off the last step. Luke ran to the door & stood by as Kathy drove her small compact inside Luke stepped in pulling the door closed behind him, he held the car door for his sister as she stepped out.

“I’ve changed my mind about how we are going to seduce Johnny big dick Lukey baby Cockslut.

“Seeing the disappointment on her brother’s face Kathy quickly added “don’t worry Lukey baby your gonna get plenty of his cock.”

This brought a broad smile to Luke’s face.

“Now get inside & run your Mistress’s bath Cockslut.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine straight away.”

After checking the water temp Kathy stood with her arms out & gestured to Luke that he was to strip her Luke enjoyed this & he had ample opportunity to ogle his Sisters huge tits & even brushed her stiff brown teats as he removed her sexy black lace bra, after unclipping her suspenders Luke rolled each of Kathy’s stockings down then placed them carefully on the chair beside her bra. Kathy steadied herself with an arm on Luke’s shoulder as she stepped out of her lace G-string. For the next half hour Luke pampered his older sister first shaving her underarms then her legs, as he washed the razor Kathy said.

“You can shave your Mistress’s cunt & make sure you do a good job around my asshole Lukey baby Cockslut cause your tongue is gonna be very very busy down there later this weekend. Your Mistress likes her Cum slut’s rimming technique & if I’m gonna take Johnny’s cock up there then you’re going to slick me your Mistress for him.”

Luke dried his sister then followed her into her room. Kathy had already laid out her outfit for the night it consisted of a backless zip fronted hot pink trimmed in black Lycra bodysuit, a four inch wide black latex suspender belt that had six separate straps, black latex stockings & gloves an elastic belt with a large gold clasp. Kathy stood with her legs slightly apart.

“My bodysuit first Cockslut”

Luke held it as she stepped into each leg then he smoothed it up over her sexy body he inhaled her heady aroma as he stood & held the straps for Kathy. Slipping her arms into the straps Kathy adjusted the thin material over her massive melons before zipping the bodysuit half way she made sure that plenty of her ample cleavage was still on show. Then once she had made sure the tiny crotch was comfortable she ordered Lukey baby to put the elastic belt around her waist accenting her slim form. Kathy sat on the edge of her bed & directed her little Brother to put her stockings on she knew that it was going to be quite a job. Tossing him some baby powder Kathy said.

“Put some down each leg it will make it easier.”

Following her instructions it still took twenty minutes before they were both ready to be attached to the dangling clips Luke was very excited his cock was rock hard & bounced against his leg as he helped her into the skin tight latex. While he was busy Kathy had put on her gloves & picked up her riding crop.

“Do you want your Mistress to hit that pathetic tool with her crop? Cause if you keep on rubbing it on me I’ll fucking let you have it you useless fucking Cockslut”

“Ohhhhh no Mistress Katherine I’m sorry it wont happen again.”

“You’d better concentrate on loosing that hard on then my little Cockslut; otherwise I’ll thrash your worthless nuts with my crop until their black & blue. Now get over here Cockslut & brush your Mistress’s hair 200 strokes should do it, and then pull it into two ponytails. This took another ten minutes before Kathy was satisfied ,she stood up walked to her dresser, looking in the closet door mirror Kathy admired her reflection she thought “it’s a pity Jade or Helen couldn’t be here for me to play with as well.” Kathy took her black silk robe throwing it around her shoulders she retrieved a white shopping bag from the top drawer she tossed it at Luke.

“Well done Cockslut now go & get yourself ready you can wear these.”

Opening the bag Luke saw that his Sister had been shopping especially for him, inside was a pair of nearly black stay-up stockings, a ½ cup bra, a two inch wide suspender, & a G-string all matching, what’s more in his favorite colour a real slutty red. Luke took the bra slipped his arms into the straps then as he clipped it up he found that Kathy had done as she’d promised because it fit perfectly, there was no bulge in the cups they stretched across his hairless chest barely covering his nipples. Quickly Luke slipped the suspender around his waist sat down so he could put his stay-up stockings on. Standing Lukey bent over to smooth the nylon up his legs turning to his Sister he smiled up at her.

“Wow Mistress Katherine they fit perfectly I hope Johnny thinks I’m as sexy as I do, even if I say it myself.”

“So you think your sexy do you Cockslut?”

“Yes Mistress Katherine I hope so.”

“Well I could make you even sexier if you want Lukey baby Cockslut. Is that what you want Mistress Katherine to do? If it is then tell her.”

“I’ll do any thing you say Mistress Katherine, & yes I want to be as sexy as possible for you & for Johnny big dick. I want to make it impossible for him to resist the urge to fuck my slutty bum.”

“Anything Cockslut?”

“Yes Mistress absolutely anything.”

“That’s my good little girl Lukey baby. Have you ever thought about cross dressing other than just wearing lingerie that is, eh Cockslut Lukey baby? When he takes your virginity I’m sure Johnny big dick would appreciate you wearing some sexy lingerie or a cute negligee.”

“Since you made me shave off all of my body hair & wear stockings I have to admit that it’s crossed my mind on more than one occasion Mistress Katherine. Last night I dreamt of having tits as well as a cock is that weird or what?”

“No it’s not weird especially for a kinky little fucker like you Cockslut Do you think Johnny would like to see you dressed up as a little slut Lukey baby?”

“He’s never been put off buy photographs of cross dressers on the net Mistress Katherine if he feels anything I’d say it would be excitement, because he gets squirmy whenever TV’s are being dominated. Can’t I just fuck him first please Mistress Katherine?”

“Okay I was just thinking of how we could make it almost impossible for Johnny big dick to turn down a chance of fucking his best mate’s ass, that’s all.”

“I didn’t say that I wouldn’t do it Mistress Katherine, it’s just that you’ve made me so horny for Johnny’s long fat prick that I don’t think I could hold out while you helped me get crossed over.”

“He’d be the one that would have to hold out Lukey baby. Don’t you trust your Mistress, Cockslut?”

“Of course I trust you, Mistress Katherine what do you want me to do just say it.”

“Put your track suit back on you can wear what’s underneath for Johnny’s benefit.”

They sat in her bedroom & Kathy explained how she expected him to act as well as what to say when Johnny arrived. Kathy gathered up her new laptop the wireless pickup & her trusty camcorder then headed for her Mum’s walk-in closet. It only took Kathy a few minutes to set everything up & between her & Luke they had the web cam set up & working perfectly just as quick. Fifteen minutes later she shooed him out telling him to ring Johnny & get him over here in ten minutes.

Luke went to the telephone dialled Johnny’s number & waited for an answer.

“Hey hey.”

“Hi Johnny big dick what’s happening dude”

“Not much Lukey, has your bitch of a Sister gone out yet?”

“That’s what I’m ringing you for she’s just left do you want to come over & keep me company? We can get on the net if you want.”

“Didn’t you say that your computer was fucked?”

“Yeah but we can use Kathy’s laptop she’ll never know.”

“Okay then I’ll be there in five Lukey baby. Do you want me to get some brews or what Cockslut?”

“If you like but you don’t really need them big Johnny I like doing you.”

Hanging up Luke hoped that he hadn’t gone too far & he wondered what Johnny was thinking at that moment. He needn’t have worried because Johnny was doing back flips.

“His sexy little cum lover didn’t bat an eyelid when I called him Cockslut has he finally admitted to the feelings he has for my big prick hopefully he’ll suck me off without the beers so we can do it several times before Kathy gets home, gee I’d love to fuck her too.”

Five minutes later when Johnny knocked at the door Luke was waiting for him in the lounge, Luke looked up the steps that led to the bedrooms making sure Kathy wasn’t in sight. Opening the door he was greeted by Johnny is his usual manner.

“Hi there Lukey how they hanging?”

Luke had been wracking his brain for a witty reply & finally he’d come up with one, just thinking about it made his dick hard & throbbing in his tight G-string.

“Their loose, full of juice, & ready for Johnny big Dick’s use.”

Following Luke up the steps towards his room Johnny asked “what do you mean by that last bit Lukey baby?”

Luke stopped him outside his Mother’s door & said loudly enough that Kathy would hear him.

“Come on Johnny you should know that I don’t get that drunk after four beers, I enjoy sucking on your beautiful big tool the more that you encourage me by calling me Lukey baby Cockslut or your Cumslut turns me on so much, besides you keep coming back so you must like having me do you, or is it that you enjoy sucking me, cause I think you’re really good at it.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier Lukey baby Cockslut we’ve wasted so much time, when do you expect your Sister home? The bitch almost caught us at it the other night I would’ve died of embarrassment.”

“She’ll be home later I’m not sure when.”

Stepping into Luke’s bedroom Johnny made a bee line for the desk grabbing the bigger more comfortable chair he sat down while Luke plugged in the laptop.

“Switch it on Johnny big dick I’ll go get us a couple of cokes.”

Luke didn’t rush he wanted to give Johnny plenty of time to watch the whole slide show before he went back to his room. When he did he saw that Johnny was just turning on the computer.

“What are you just getting around to switching it on Johnny big dick?”

“I’m rebooting it, have you seen the screen saver she’s got running of you, Luke, it’s so fucking hot I can hardly believe it?”

Luke turned towards the hidden web cam & winked at his sister then smiling he said.

“No, I haven’t seen it why what’s so special about it anyway?”

“It’s the way that you smile while that big plastic dildo splits your asshole, it’s just so fucking hot I got hard when I saw it & you said that I couldn’t fuck you there cause it would hurt too much. That big titter chick that’s fucking you, who’s that Lukey baby Cockslut?”

“Glad you like the screen saver my Mistress did it especially to show you how eager her little Cockslut is to take your lovely tool Johnny big dick. That’s Mistress Katherine giving me the strap-on do you think she’s sexy?”

“Fuck yeah her tits are gigantic she’s so hot, god Lukey baby all this talk is getting me horny.”

Reaching out Luke settled his palm over John’s rapidly hardening tool, gently rocking his hand Luke asked.

“Can the cumloving Lukey baby Cockslut fix this for you, Johnny big dick?”

Johnny undid his jeans shuffled forward allowing them to gather at his feet.

“Yes, please Lukey baby Cockslut, suck Johnny’s big dick. I want you to eat my cum you fucking little Cockslut. Where did you meet your Mistress Lukey baby Cockslut?”

Not answering Luke dropped to his knees lifting Johnny’s feet he helped him out of his jeans. Turning the chair so that they were side on to the web cam Luke pushed Johnny’s knees apart then placing an elbow on each of John’s thighs Luke used both hands to grasp the base of Johnny’s big pulsating cock. Flattening of his tongue he used it to lap his way from the base up towards his fat knob slowly pumping his fists as he went pushing himself up a little further he opened his mouth & forced Johnny’s big purple knob inside.

Luke’s cheeks puffed in & out as he sucked on his friend’s fat tool his tongue swathing the head while he tried to push more of Johnny’s enormous dick down his throat. Allowing the head to pop from his sucking mouth Luke cupped his mouth & sucked his way along the side of Johnny’s dick using one hand to fondle his friend’s heavy nut sack while the other was busy pumping away at the base of Johnny’s shaft. Luke made his way up one side then after a quick suck on the knob it was down the other side.

Repositioning himself Lukey baby grasped Johnny’s hard prick with both hands & leaning forward he began licking Johnny’s heavy nuts sack. Once they were nice & slick with his saliva Luke took each one into his warm wet mouth gently sucking, slowly increasing the pressure until Johnny moaned or groaned. Then it was back to Johnny’s other hairy ball all the while Luke’s hands were pumping up then down Johnny’s long shaft.

“Agh fuck Lukey baby Cockslut you’ve learnt some new tricks I like the way you suck on my nuts, but please go back to my cock. Suck Johnny’s big prick for him Lukey baby, your nothing but a cumloving Cockslut whore.”

Licking his way up the shaft Luke pulled Johnny’s tool back down towards his open mouth, stuffing as much as he could inside Luke was able to take several inches beyond the huge purple knob before he gagged & pulled back slightly. Fisting his friends cock faster Luke concentrated on sucking Johnny’s fat cock head, he tried to force his tongue down Johnny’s snake hole & swelled with pride as Johnny moaned loudly.

Luke sucked on that knob like there was something he was trying to get out & he knew just what that was. If Johnny hadn’t wanked all day then Lukey could expect an enormous load of creamy white cum, this time though he wanted to swallow the whole lot, he’d never been able too before, but this time he was determined & ready for it. Taking short breaths through his nose Luke sucked & sucked on Johnny’s dick willing him to blow his sticky load down his waiting throat.

“Oh fuck yeah Lukey baby Cockslut you’re a real good cock sucker, I’m gonna come soon.”

Pulling his mouth from Johnny’s large cock Lukey replied.

“That’s this cumloving whore’s job besides Johnny big dick your cock is so beautiful that I adore sucking it & Mistress Katherine has ordered that I’ll suck you off wherever or whenever you want me to, if your Mum goes out give me a call & I’ll be there on my knees in a flash. Your cum is like a drug to me the more I have of it, all the more a want it.”

“Then get back to your job Lukey baby Cockslut suck Johnny’s big dick till he shoots in your slutty mouth.”

Luke already had his mates cock in his wet mouth & was busy tonguing the head before Johnny had finished talking, he bobbed up & down never letting the head from his lips sucking as hard as he could with all that cock in there. Tickling Johnny’s balls Luke noticed that they had been sucked up & were nice & tight, from his own experience he knew that Johnny’s orgasm was imminent. Luke gripped Johnny’s cock a touch harder feeling the hard flesh pulsate under his fingers, increasing his fisting speed he held just the head of Johnny’s tool with his lips. Feeling his friends cock beginning to jerk Lukey baby still wasn’t quite prepared for the first thick salty stream of semen that hit his tongue splashed against the back of his throat, almost gagging he didn’t have long to think because another just as large followed straight away. Lukey’s cheeks billowed out as he greedily swallowed his first massive mouthful of cum for the night, Johnny usually wanted to see it all over his face he liked that too but it was a bitch to get off.

Breathing through his nose Lukey waited for his mouth to fill again. Johnny’s fat cock jumped as his cum spurted strongly into Luke’s mouth another four times before Luke pulled back slightly looked up at Johnny, smiled then & swallowed his second mouthful before returning for more of Johnny’s seed.

Seeing her little brother was enjoying the remains of Johnny’s hot load she crept down the hall & went to the kitchen switching on the light she dropped a fork in the sink calling out, “hey Lukey where are you? You better be here.”

“Oh fuck it’s your sister; I thought that she wasn’t going to be until home tonight. What the hell are we gonna do Luke.”

“Don’t freak out Johnny I’ll go & see what she’s back for, I was just starting to enjoy myself & there’s loads more I want to try Johnny big dick anyway she probably came home to have a shower & get changed. She said she was doing that at the health club, but you know what women are like. If she’s staying home I’ll come straight back & you can sneak out when she’s in her room, but if I’m any longer it’ll mean that she’s going out again. Just stay here with the door shut if you don’t come out or make a noise she’ll never know that you’re here. Watch the screen saver & keep that beautiful dick ready for action Johnny big dick I won’t be long.”

Closing the door Luke rushed towards the kitchen where he knew his Mistress was waiting.

“Nice show Lukey baby Cockslut, get that fucking track suit off you should know better.”

“Sorry I do know better & it won’t happen again it’s just that I’m so excited Mistress Katherine.”

“Good now sit. You’re sure that he doesn’t suspect anything?”

“Not a thing Mistress Katherine, he in my room hiding, this should be fun.”

Taking the chair she offered Luke sat patiently as his Sister quickly applied a layer of foundation then she pencilled in his eyebrows then directing him to look up then down she expertly applied black eyeliner. Holding him by the chin Kathy brushed a light bronze gold eye shadow over his lower lids then a thin line of dark gold above that & finally a light gold feathering out on top. Again Kathy made him look up as she applied black lash lengthening mascara, picking up her favorite blusher pack she brushed some across each cheek bone.

“You make quite a cute girl Lukey baby, but from now on Cockslut whenever you’re dressed up in make-up & a wig your name is Linda, Linda Cockslut I hope Johnny big dick appreciates the trouble I’ve gone to on his behalf? I suppose that you want slutty red lips Linda Cockslut? ”

“Yes, please Mistress Katherine the more of a slut I look like the better.”

“Good I’m glad to hear you want to look like a slut because I bought these for you the other day when I was at the sex shop.”

From behind her back she produced the pair of C-cup fake boobs Kathy pushed each one into Luke’s half cup bra then adjusted the straps & cups making sure that his new rosy pink nipples were on view.

Kathy then moused his hair brushing it back until she was satisfied, she took one of her Mothers red shoulder length wigs, she put it onto his head & was astonished at how good of a match it was for him & thought that she’d have to try out her Mums other wigs & hair extensions on sexy Linda Cockslut tomorrow when they had more time. Applying his makeup only took ten minutes & when she was finished Kathy reached for the pile of clothes she’d retrieved from her Mums closet. There was a pleated sports skirt & a frilly white blouse along with her Mum’s dark blue three inch heels.

“Tuck that little dick of yours away I don’t want to see it you kinky slut, you’re supposed to be a girl now Linda Cockslut.”

Luke pulled his G-string to one side pulled his tool down in between his legs pushed his trapped balls into his body then adjusted the gusset over his now girlish mound. Straightening he put his hands on his hips smiling at Kathy.

“That’s better Cockslut, now come here so Mistress Katherine can dress you.”

Luke stood there as Kathy wrapped the short skirt around his waist, giving him the ruffled blouse she said.

“We’ll have to get you a few sexy corsets & waist clinchers so you have a more girlish figure, now Linda Cockslut let Mistress Katherine hear your sweetest sluttish voice.”

“Hi there my name is Linda Cockslut I’m Mistress Megan’s cumloving cocksucking whore.”

“Again Cockslut but raise the pitch & lower the volume a touch & a lot sexier this time, remember you’re supposed to be a sexy fourteen year old girl now not a cunt crazed guy anymore.”

“Hi there my name is Linda Cockslut I’m Mistress Megan’s cumloving cocksucking whore can I suck your cock or your partner’s pussy.”

Helping him button the blouse Kathy could clearly see the out line of the half-cup bra & just a hint of the fake boobs with their large pointy pink nipples. Kathy thought to herself gee my little brother makes quite a sexy girl I’m gonna really enjoy watching him have his tight ass fucked off by Johnny’s big dick.

“Okay Linda now that you look so fuck able you can put Mum’s pumps on & we’ll put phase two of my little plan into operation.”

Slipping the shoes on Luke followed his sister towards the stairs stopping outside her Mother’s door Kathy turned to Luke & kissed him deeply her wet tongue first probed his mouth then danced over his tongue causing cock to harden instantly.

“Good luck Linda Cockslut here’s some condoms I’ll see you soon, just remember that I want to be able to see all the action on my web cam, & leave your door open so I can get the pair of you on my camcorder”

“Of course Mistress Katherine I want to make it impossible for Johnny to back away from becoming one of your sex slaves, I’m certain that he’ll love it just like me.”

Kathy closed the door dropped her robe on the bed & quickly stepped into her black latex mini skirt then grabbing her camcorder she went to her computer to watch Johnny’s reaction when Linda walked in.

“Well, Cockslut this is it, your finally gonna get to fuck Johnny big dick”

Luke thought as he took a big breath & reached for his bedroom door. Johnny was so engrossed with the computer screen that he didn’t hear Luke walk in he hadn’t put his jeans back on & absentmindedly Johnny stroked his semi hard tool. Leaving the door open Luke stood behind Johnny & after making sure he’d be seen in the web cam & said in his practiced slutty voice.

“Hi Johnny big dick my name is Linda Cockslut I’m Lukey baby’s twin sister. Lukey Cockslut told me how much you wanted to fuck his ass but he wants you to fuck me with your beautiful big cock instead? Is that all right with you Johnny big dick?”

Johnny knew it was Lukey he had recognized his mate’s voice right away even though it was pitched a lot higher but decided to play along because his younger friend looked so hot & horny dressed up as a chick, he’d always like looking at TVs on the net & had often fantasized of fucking one. Although his rapidly hardening prick was a dead give away to just how turned on he felt by the thought.

“Who helped you, Lukey baby? You’re gorgeous & so sexy of course Johnny big dick wants to fuck Cockslut’s hot butt. I’ve wanted to fuck that sweet ass of yours for so long now that, well… Just take a look at my dick Lukey Cockslut it wants your shitter. Where’s your Sister.”

“Call me Linda, she was only home to pick up a few things Johnny. Can you take your shirt off for me I want to see you naked my big hunky toy-boy.”

Johnny quickly stripped of his T-shirt dropping it on top of his jeans.

“What’s that under your skirt you horny slut? Nice tits Linda how about you show me more?”

Linda spun around flipping up her skirt showing Johnny her white butt cheeks framed with red suspenders & a matching G-string. Johnny was slowly running his half closed fist along his cock as he watched Linda’s display.

“Fuck Linda you’re getting me so fucking hot how about you strip for me so that I can get a better look at that sexy red lingerie you have on?”

“Kinky boy Okay I’ll do a nice slow strip just for you.”

Luke slowly unbuttoned his blouse starting with the sleeves then each button down the front until only two remained. Whenever Linda bent forward Johnny could clearly see her half cup bra & the pink nipples. Linda draped her blouse over the back of the free chair then slowly & teasingly she unzipped the sports skirt when she dropped it on the chair & stood with her legs slightly apart Johnny gasped.

“Wow Linda you can’t see any sign of that little prick of yours. I can see that you’ve shaved your legs, where else is nice & smooth?”

“Well, since you’re so interested Johnny big dick everywhere from my ear lobes down.”

“You’re kidding Linda even your crotch?”

“My Mistress said that since I’m her girlie little Cockslut then I should be clean shaven or better still fully waxed. Even my anus is baby smooth ready for that lovely big tool of yours Johnny. First can you do Linda a big favour & suck her pathetic little dick, I’ll greedily suck all my cum from your mouth if you do.”

“Of course my sexy girl I’ll do that for you come over here & let Johnny big dick suck your little clitty.”

Johnny was really getting into this sexy scene he’d even began referring to himself as Johnny big dick. Little did Luke know, but Johnny had been dreaming of doing just this ever since he’d first seen him the day they moved in. Hooking his fingers into the waistband of his G-string Linda pulled the flimsy material down to his knees. Closing his legs the G-string dropped around his ankles, stepping out of it Linda moved closer to Johnny. His small cock was rapidly hardening to its full length of seven inches. Johnny sat forward in his chair & looking up into his friend’s eyes said.

“I’m gonna love sucking your beautiful smooth clitty Linda Cockslut.”

Johnny put a hand around Linda’s waist pulling him closer then used his other one to guide Linda’s cock towards his mouth. Johnny wanted to bring his mate off as quickly as he could, he had two reasons. Firstly he fantasized about going down on a cross dressed slut & secondly he couldn’t wait to fuck his little friends tight asshole, driving more of his friends tool down his gagging throat his big prick was tapping at his thigh every time he bobbed his head at Linda’s groin.

Luke looked over his shoulder & saw that his sister had come out of his Mother’s room & was in the dark hallway pointing her camcorder at him & Johnny. Kathy put a finger to her lips to signal Linda not to give away her presence. Linda placed his hands on his hips & started to pump his dick at Johnny’s sucking mouth, the knowledge that his sister was videoing this made him so horny that he was ready to come in only a minute or two.

“Get ready Johnny big dick Linda Cock slut’s clitty is gonna shoot. Make sure you save some of your sweet jism for me I’m such a Cumloving whore.”

Johnny moaned loudly as he took yet another inch of Linda’s dick down his throat. Gripping his own dick in one hand & Linda’s in the other Johnny pulled their dicks in unison his fists were a blur pulling back for a breath he made sure Linda’s clitty was directed at his mouth.

“Sexy Linda do you want to lick your cum off my face or do you want to use your tongue to scoop it out of my mouth?”

“Oh dearest Johnny big dick from your mouth definitely from your mouth please.”

Johnny smiled closed his eyes & dipped his head taking Linda’s clit into his mouth. Linda’s clit was just a nice mouthful for Johnny he held it in his mouth with his lips just behind the head. Turning his head Luke could only just see his sister standing in the gloomy hallway, Luke smiled then winked at the camera. Sucking like there was no tomorrow Johnny flattened his tongue & slowly lapped at the fat pulsating knob in his mouth.

Luke screamed.

“Agh Ohhhhh fuck yeah Johnny big dick I’m gonna cummm Agh yeah take that Johnny big dick, suck Lindy’s clitty.”

His knees nearly buckled as his jism spewed into hi friend’s waiting mouth each time his hips bucked another sticky rope of cum squirted at Johnny’s tonsils. After seven or eight smaller dribbles Johnny sucked the last few drops from Linda’s wilting tool, straightening up he grabbed his friend by the shoulders leant him back slightly.

Pursing his lips Johnny slowly let Lukey’s cum drip from his mouth towards Linda’s sexy red lips after the initial glob Johnny moved forward opened his mouth slightly. Linda did the same & they kissed slowly Lukey explored Johnny’s mouth with his tongue hunting down every single drop of his cum he could. Johnny gently sucked Luke’s tongue this shocked him & he pulled back causing the sensations to increase in intensity, it felt like he was being tugged inside out via his tongue. Then Johnny’s hot wet tongue was inside Linda’s mouth exploring the insides of his lips, his teeth but mostly it sparred with his own slippery tongue. As they parted Lukey baby panted half from excitement & half from being breathless.

“Yummy that was tasty Johnny big dick I see your gorgeous prick is still nice & hard, if Linda the little Cockslut whore bends over will you fuck her slutty ass doggie style with your huge fuckstick?”

“You silly fucking whore of course I’ll fuck you in fact I intend on fucking your brains out, I’ll screw your ass off & when I’ve finished with you, Linda Cockslut you’ll be fucked stupid.”

“Ohhhhh yes please Johnny big dick fuck Linda’s slutty hole I need a real cock in there there’s some condoms over here somewhere. Luke leant over Johnny as he rummaged around on the desk for a few seconds Johnny couldn’t help himself he caressed his mate’s naked buns, Luke straightened unwrapping one of the extra large ribbed condom. Putting it in his mouth he leant forward pushing his lips over Johnny’s dick as he did the condom slowly unrolled down over his fat knob, pulling away Luke baby looked up at Johnny slowly stroking his tool as he rolled the rubber the rest of the way down Johnny’s prick saying.

“Johnny big dick I’m gonna absolutely adore fucking my way down your beautiful big monster prick. Even though this condom only goes ¾’s of the way down your stiff shaft I don’t mind if you can get all of your cock up there. You won’t hurt me so don’t worry about thrusting to hard cause Linda Cockslut loves it hard & fast Mistress Katherine has taught me to take it & now the harder & the faster the better this little Cockslut just adores anal sex.

“Okay then Linda Cockslut as soon as you get that slutty ass over the back of the chair just like in those photos Johnny big dick will give you a good fucking with a real cock that you won’t soon forget.”

Luke looked past Johnny’s shoulder & saw Kathy give him the thumbs up sign. Turning Luke leant over the chair swung around slightly smiling as he looked over his shoulder at Johnny he waved a tube of lubricant in the air. Johnny grabbed the tube of gel & started to squeeze the contents out all over his dick, after greasing up his ample cock Johnny wiped the excess off all over Linda’s spread cheeks.

Using his thumb Johnny massaged Linda’s anus in slow deliberate circles bringing moans of pleasure from Linda’s throat. Luke concentrated herd, willing his sphincter to relax suddenly Johnny’s thumb slid inside his mate’s anus, hooking his thumb in he pulled downwards gradually he felt Linda’s shitter go limp. Linda turned back so she was again facing the web cam looking straight at it she let out a loud moan & with a wink said.

“Come on then Johnny big dick my nice smooth virgin butt is ready & waiting for your rampant cock, fuck my pussy Johnny big dick, fuck Linda Cock slut’s man cunt for her with your gorgeous big fuckstick.”

“You’ve got it Linda, my kinky little cumloving Cockslut, I’m gonna give you my fat cock up your shitter you Cockslut whore.”

Stepping behind Lukey baby, Johnny leant forward pulling Lukey baby’s cheeks apart & poking his tongue out he tentatively lapped at Linda’s shaven sphincter. After seeing it done on porno films he thought that it was the right thing to do, Johnny was surprised at how slippery Linda’s anus became after a few swipes of his tongue brought moans & groans from Lukey baby, straightening he emptied the rest of the lube at the top of his mate’s anus. Bending his knees he lowered himself using one hand to steady his huge tool he positioned the head of his dick against Linda Cock slut’s slippery asshole. He put his other hand on his mate’s shoulder to steady himself & started to push against Linda’s puckered anus. Even with all the practice Lukey baby had been doing he still found it painful as Johnny’s enormous cock head pushed past his sphincter, but kept on smiling at the cam & was relived that it stopped as Johnny’s prick drove deeper. Slowly Johnny pushed himself into his friends butt.

“Agh fuck your so tight Linda Cockslut nice & tight, oh yeah you fucking whore take my big dick up your slutty hole. Aghhhh fuck Cockslut I’m fucking your sweet ass Linda Cockslut & it’s better than I ever imagined it could be. Baby you’re so fucking tight is it hurting you Linda?”

Lukey baby was in heaven & there was no way he would say or do anything to stop Johnny from plundering his virgin ass.

“No way Johnny big dick I told you I’m a butt slut & my Mistress has opened me for you so please fuck my slutty asshole Johnny big dick please fuck me harder big boy, I’m just a worthless cumloving Cockslut, harder big dick harder big dick fuckkkk meeeeeeee.”

Johnny grabbed Linda’s hips & started thrusting his meaty pick into his friends willing anus, managing to drive more than ¾’s of his huge tool deep into Linda’s bowel on his second stroke. Lukey was now grateful that his Mistress had insisted that he went through such a rigorous anal training schedule because Johnny was now slamming his cock at Lukey’s butt pulling him further back onto his big tool every time.

From her vantage spot Kathy was capturing everything, between her camcorder & the web cam hidden on the shelves there wasn’t anywhere in her Brother’s bedroom that couldn’t be clearly seen. Kathy zoomed in on her littler brother’s stretched anus, the sight of Johnny’s shiny pole stretching her sibling’s asshole made her pussy drip even more. Steadying herself against the wall Kathy began stroking her dripping pussy she’d loved watching guys go at it together it was a big turn-on for her, pulling back a touch she had Johnny’s white butt cheeks his hard shaft & swinging balls as well as her brothers smiling face all in focus. Her fingers flashed across her clit flicking against her hard nub, watching through the viewfinder the close-up action of her little brother being speared by Johnny’s fantastic tool made her jealous. Pushing three fingers deep up her sodden gash Kathy exploded with another one of those orgasms she only had every few years, they only happened when she was completely & utterly turned on which didn’t seem to happen very often.

By now Linda’s anus was swallowing Johnny’s entire length with each down stroke Johnny’s nuts bounced against Linda’s bringing groans from both of them Lukey continued to look directly at the web cam & everything that he said was directed at it.

“Fuck me faster now Johnny. Agh fuck me harder Johnny, fuck Ohhhhh yeah shove your huge prick up my slutty asshole, and can you pull out before you’re ready to cum big boy? This kinky little whore would like you to shoot your load all over her back. Will you spray your sticky load on Linda’s butt cheeks & up over her back? Eh Johnny will you jism up this little Cockslut’s back?”

“If that’s what Linda Cockslut the cumloving whore wants then. Who am I to deny you that pleasure Cutie?”

Doubling his efforts Johnny speared his cock at Linda’s willing anus driving eight to ten inches deep inside his friend’s bowels on every stroke. Johnny hardly moved his own hips as he roughly pulled Lukey baby back onto his enormous dick grunting each time with the force of his exertions. Lukey baby Cockslut was tossing his hair from side to side grunting & groaning in time to Johnny big Dick’s insatiable pounding. Driving himself down against his mate’s beautiful big cock he couldn’t believe how good it felt to have Johnny’s enormous tool ploughing in then out of his anus Luke’s own tool bounced against his belly each time Johnny’s prick roughly pushed into him.

“Ohhhhh yeah fuck me big dick fuck me fuck me fuck me FUCK ME JOHNNY BIG DICK! FUCK LUKEY BABY’S SWEET ASSHOLE! Aghhhh Ohhhhh Aghhhh give me your fat cock Johnny big dick… Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me… Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuckkkk meeeeeeee.”

Johnny pulled his throbbing cock from Linda’s warm anus quickly ripping off the ribbed condom then pushing Linda’s butt cheeks together he started to slide his huge dick along the slippery crack that was formed.

“Johnny big Dick’s gonna cum all over Cockslut’s ass I’m gonna shoot my jism all over your sexy ass cheeks Linda Cockslut Johnny big Dick’s gonna spray sexy Linda’s ass crack.”

Looking over his shoulder Luke smiled towards his Sister then watched as Johnny continued fucking his soft butt cheeks Johnny’s cock head coming into view each time he thrust forward.

“Get ready Lukey Baby here it comes Linda Cockslut here comes Johnny big Dick’s sticky load I hope your ready Cockslut.”

“Ohhhhh yes please, give it to me big dick shoot on Linda’s butt Johnny big dick.”

Johnny’s cum splattered up across both ass cheeks & down on to Lukey’s lower back most of it gathered in the small of Linda’s back slowly running there from either side of his butt cheeks. Kathy zoomed in to catch every drop her nipples were rock hard as it was ejected from Johnny’s huge dick & again her pussy was running like a tap she hadn’t been this wet for ages. Having her little Brother become her willing sex slave was definitely the best moved she’d ever made Johnny used his softening tool to rub his cum into Linda’s smooth soft skin.

“Wow Linda that was fucking incredible you’re the best.”

Panning down Kathy was just in time to catch the last few ropes of cum squirting from Lukey baby’s bobbing tool into his cupped palm. Spent Johnny turned to the other chair slumping down into it he watched as Linda Cockslut turned towards him showing him his drenched his cupped palms.

“Thank you for bringing me off Johnny big dick this little whore just adores cum, yummy yum yours mine anyone’s will do yum.”

“Wow Linda that was fantastic why oh why did we wait so long I take it that you liked it as much as I did.”

“Probably even more Johnny big dick I’ve been anticipating it for days. Do you think that you could get it up nice hard again for another special fuck?”

“Well, Linda Cockslut that definitely was a special fuck in my book, but yeah I think I could get it up for you why just what do you have in mind?”

Grabbing one of his discarded T-shirts Lukey wiped Johnny’s cum off his back after sniffing it Luke tossed it aside he dropped to his knees.

“You don’t mind if I clean you up do you, I’ll suck your cock to help you nice & hard again if you like Johnny big dick?”

“Not at all Linda Cockslut feel free, whenever you feel the urge for a taste, come & see Johnny big dick I’d never knock you back because you’re such a good little cocksucker of a Cockslut. Besides I’d like to screw your hot ass again.”

Licking his way along the shaft Lukey baby could taste Johnny’s creamy come & now wished his Mistress had let him eat that load as well, but as she’d said she wanted to have film of Johnny big dick coming all over her Cockslut’s ass. Who was he to go against his Mistress’s wishes he knew that she would be walking in soon. He was right because at that very moment Kathy walked in carrying the camcorder up to her eye the zipper on her bodysuit was undone showing nearly all of her whopping tits & the outlines of her long stiff nipples were poking out nearly an inch on either side of the open zipper.

“What the fuck?”

Johnny went bright red as he blushed with embarrassment trying to pushing Luke away he moved to stand

“How long have you been there Kathy? I’m sorry it won’t this happen again, just don’t say anything please.”

But as she spoke Kathy’s voice made him freeze.

“Ha, ha, ha, calm down Johnny big dick just like my other slave Linda Cockslut you can call me Mistress Katherine. Otherwise everyone in this whole shitty little one horse town will see this tape, & before you think about getting your grimy hands on it let Mistress Katherine show you her little secret.”

Kathy walked towards them then leaning over Linda her huge boobs strained at the thin Lycra bodysuit she pushed aside the books concealing the web cam, as Kathy straightened she pushed Lukey baby Cockslut’s face down towards Johnny’s shiny knob.

“That is connected to my computer at work & everything you’ve done here tonight has been recorded on my hard drive along with the tape I took the other night when you pair of kinky fuckers played your cocksucking games. Now if you want Linda Cockslut to be your very own personal cocksucker to have at your beck & call, day or night you must become my submissive do you accept Johnny big dick?” The question was just a formality because Katherine knew that they were both putty in her hands her specially developed computer virus made sure of that.

“You won’t want to fuck me with the strap-on you did Linda with will you, Mistress?”

“That’s MISTRESS KATHERINE! You dumb fucker you’re to call me Mistress Katherine. If you ever cross me in any way & I decide that you’re in need of a good arse reaming then you won’t have any say in weather I do your asshole with one of my vibrators a dildo or I might even let Linda Cockslut fuck you with a cactus. You’d better watch out Johnny big dick because my little Cockslut is quite fond of vegetables.”

Lukey baby blushed brightly as his sister talked as if he wasn’t even there just like Lukey, Johnny was I latent submissive although he had a little more experience he’d never been arse fucked & was definitely shit scared to try. When he was Luke’s age his older brother Rick who’s now in the navy would sit on his chest naked & not move until Johnny had given in & started to lick his older brother’s hard prick. Rick would sit astride Johnny’s chest, holding his younger brother’s arms down by his sides with all his weight allowed him to thrust himself at Johnny’s mouth. Every time this would end up with Johnny getting covered in jism his brother would let him up & say.

“Just think what your friends would say if they found out how good a cocksucker you are.”

Johnny couldn’t take his eyes off Kathy she was so hot in her skimpy latex outfit her fat nipples were standing out he was sure he could see part of her dark aureoles on show & he was sure that he’d smelt her pussy as she’d leant over to show him the web cam.

“Well, Johnny big dick what’s it gonna be? Are you going to be Katherine’s latest conquest?”

This situation brought back the memories of being helpless under his brother, he’d liked it then & thought what the hell this could be fun just go with it after all she can’t make you do anything you don’t want to.

“Of course Mistress Katherine who wouldn’t take the chance to serve a sexual bombshell like you Mistress Katherine?”

Using her dominatrix name somehow relaxed him.

“Good your special fuck is your Mistress. LINDA COCK SLUT! Who told you to stop sucking Johnny big Dick’s cock? Hurry up you useless Cockslut your Mistress is waiting for her newest fuck toy. Johnny big Dick since your Mistress likes a nice long steady fuck you better have plenty of stamina. Your Mistress’s pussy & her ass will only be available after you’ve come a minimum of twice, then & only then you’ll be allowed to screw your Mistress, I don’t want you shooting off early.”

“Yes, Mistress Katherine your wish is my command I’ll try my best”

“Mistress Megan’s first command Johnny is, answer all my questions ruefully.”

“Yes, Mistress Katherine ask away.”

“What helped you to make up your mind more, was it the thought of having Linda Cockslut on call to suck your cock, or was it having the chance of living out your fantasy of finally getting to play with these big beauties. Nice tits or what? Eh Johnny big dick what do ya think of these big babies?”

Kathy leant towards him jiggling her boobs as she did, pushing her tits together from either side she looked up at Johnny.

“Agh that’s a hard one Mistress Katherine, both I suppose mostly it was you, every time I see Kathy… Ah you I get a raging hard on. I can’t help myself I have to go home & wank I have to admit that I’ve been having hundreds & hundreds of fantasies about fucking you.”

“Have you ever fucked a woman Johnny?”

“No, Mistress Katherine, but I’ve had lots of oral it seems that as soon as a girl finds out that I’m hung then they just have to suck me it’s like there’s some sort of club, the I’ve sucked Johnny big dick club.”

“I’m a proud member of that club Mistress Katherine.”

Linda Cockslut chimed in then went back to licking on Johnny’s fat cock head. Kathy put the camcorder down & climbed onto the spare chair her big melons pushed against the back as she leant over it. Hooking both legs up through the arms Kathy’s sodden pussy was peeking out from under her latex skirt the G-string gusset of her bodysuit rode up into her meaty gash. Pushing her hips back her sex was right on the edge of the chair Kathy reached around & pulled the material from her wet cunt. Looking over her shoulder she saw Johnny’s eyes were glued to her pussy Kathy decided to give him a little show. Using a finger on either side of her swollen gash Kathy slowly pulled the smooth lips apart exposing her inner folds. Kathy hadn’t wanted or needed someone’s cock so bad for years she could smell herself as she played with her wet lips.

“Put a condom on him Linda he looks as ready as he’ll ever be.”

Luke pulled away from Johnny’s dick with a loud slurping sound reached for one of the ribbed condoms & quickly rolling it down his friend’s fuckstick.

“Come on Johnny big dick come & fuck your Mistress’s swollen pussy with that lovely big baseball bat of a cock. Your Mistress’s cunt is so slippery she’s ready for a hot hard fuck.”

“Yes, Mistress Katherine I’m ready.”

Johnny pushed Luke aside stood behind his Mistress positioning his huge dick to the entrance of her pussy, Johnny slowly rocked his hips slightly gently rubbing his cock head against her hairless slippery cunt lips.

“Okay Johnny big dick give it to me slowly at first my pussy will have to get use to your thickness your Mistress isn’t a cock slut like Linda.”

“Yes Mistress Katherine I’ll take it easy.”

Johnny bent his knees & slowly slid forward gradually his cock disappeared into his Kathy’s soaking cunt. This was a thousand times better than he’d ever imagined it would be the warm velvety smoothness of Kathy’s pussy as it accepted his manhood had his mind doing back flips. Kathy managed to take al but the last one & a half inch before she felt the massive head brush against the entrance of her womb.

“Agh yeah that’s the way slowly start to pump your fuckstick in & out Johnny big dick.”

Johnny grasped hold of Kathy’s hips slowly he pushed his cock in until he felt resistance then he drew back a touch faster. Only to change directions & drive down again impaling his Mistress on his huge tool every time that he hit bottom Kathy gasped then moaned a long slow moan as his dick slid backwards inside her. Sitting up Kathy arched her back slightly pushing her big jugs out she pushed the Lycra aside freeing her tits.

“Put that camcorder down & get around here Linda my nipples need some attention.”

“Yes, Mistress Katherine I was just getting Johnny’s big cock fucking your sweet pussy.”

Luke went to his Sister her large brown nipples were standing out proud & as hard as rocks. Lowering himself towards them he greedily sucked one into his mouth swirling his tongue around its hardness as he sucked, then it was on to the other. Lukey didn’t leave his older Sister’s other nipple alone he twisted it in between his thumb & forefinger while greedily tonguing its partner. Letting his Kate’s nipple drop from his sucking mouth Lukey baby pushed his Mistress’s tits together forcing both nipples to touch, this time when he dipped his head to take them he was able to suck both at once.

“Fuck yeah Linda Cockslut that’s it suck your Mistress’s tits for her. Don’t you dare stop Johnny big dick, fuck Mistress Megan’s cunt with your lovely fat prick.”

Slowly Johnny built up speed & soon he was giving Mistress Katherine lengthy full blooded strokes of his dick. Lukey baby Cockslut was greedily sucking on her nipples the force of Johnny’s fucking was getting so intense at times he was having trouble keeping them in his mouth.

“Bite Mistress’s nipples Linda Cockslut, bite my titties hard you fucking useless Cockslut. Agh yeah that’s it Linda suck & bite Mistress’s nipples.”

Johnny’s cock was a blur as he roughly ploughed into his Mistress & the way she talked had him horny as hell.

“Fuck Mistress Katherine your pussy is so wet my cock is sliding in & out so easily your so wet Mistress this is much better than Linda’s ass by far.”

“Just shut the fuck up & drive that gorgeous dick of yours up my fuck chute Johnny big dick. Dick me big boy, fuck your Mistress. If my cunt’s better than Linda’s ass, fuck me harder than you fucked her. Bite my nipples harder Linda Baby your Mistress enjoys a little pain & you will too once you experience it in the right way & setting.”

Johnny was amazed that he’d lasted so long before coming, but now he felt all the tell tale signs like his nuts tightening & his cock head was beginning to tingle so his orgasm wasn’t far off. Wanting to empty his balls inside or at the very least all over Mistress Katherine Johnny said.

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“What the fuck were you thinking? Were you even thinking at all?”

Robyn slapped Thomas across the face hard, a bright red hand-print forming immediately.

“You think I’m stupid? You think I didn’t see you grab the babysitter’s ass as you walked down the drive?”

She grabbed his zipper pulling down, extracted his cock from his pants.

“You want to try and explain how her lipstick is all over your cock!”

“This is going to be a long night,” Thomas thought. “How am I going to get out of this?”

She slapped him again jolting him out of his stupor. “You know, I don’t want to hear your simpering excuses. I’m going to make you pay, and pay big, you son of a bitch!”

Robyn stormed from the room.

“Boy did I really fuck this up,” he thought.

Tracy was a hot eighteen year old college student that they used for babysitting. She had flirted continuously with Thomas since she started sitting for them. It was the third time that she had babysat.


He had driven her home like he always did. As he drove, she had reached over to him and taken his cock out before he had even realized what was going on. She had his cock in her mouth, sucking like a hooker, his brain short-circuited. All he could do was moan as she went to town on his dick. He hadn’t even tried to stop her. He stopped in front of her house, where she slid his erection down her throat, constricting her muscles, till he came with a gush. She swallowed all his cum, licking her lips, then she smiled at him. Kissing the tip of his cock, she tucked him in for the night. She said nothing as she got out, then she leaned back in and said in the softest, sexiest voice, “Thank you, Tom.”

Well, that was the beginning, she had him wrapped around her little finger from then on. He tried to come up with excuses to go out, just so he could drive her home afterwards. Of course she was gorgeous, tall, lean, perky breasts, and had long blonde hair. She wore short jean shorts that crept into her crack, showing the outline of her pussy lips and the curve of her ass. On top, usually just a tee, no bra, her nipples teasing the cotton for all to see. Just thinking of her now made him hard.

Thomas went to the liquor cabinet, pulling out the Scotch. He filled half the glass, then poured Drambuie to fill to the top. He sipped the Rusty Nail. What the hell was he going to do? This was not just going to blow over, this was life-changing. His life, Robyn’s life, Tracy’s life. He went to the garage to get a sleeping bag, there was no way he was going to risk Robyn’s fury any more today.


Thomas got up early and went to work, before he had to face Robyn again. He hated conflict — his friends had said he was pussy whipped. He probably was, he liked to please women, especially the ones that favored him with sexual attention. He was submissive even though he never thought of himself that way. The day was long and tedious, as he couldn’t stop thinking about what would happen when he got home.

He stopped at a local bar before going home, sure Robyn would not be holding dinner for him. He ate at the bar, sipping a Rusty Nail, trying to keep his mind focused on the TV sports in front of him rather than think of Robyn’s rage.


He slipped in the door quietly hoping not to draw unwanted attention. He no sooner had he closed the door than Robyn was standing right behind him.

“Get upstairs and strip, I want you naked, kneeling on the floor, NOW!”

He didn’t know why he did as he was told, just that the consequence of not doing it would be far worse then what she had planned. He stripped naked and kneeled, head bowed, in the bedroom.

Robyn entered the room. Thomas looked up, his jaw hit the floor. The black leather bustier was cinched tight, pulling in her waist, accentuating her hips and ample bosom. Her turgid nipples peaked over the top of the leather cups. Her long legs were encased in black silk stockings, the kind with the seam in back. On her feet, black six inch stilettos, with a wide leather strap around each ankle. In her hand she held a leather riding crop, the type that jockeys used to spur their horses on faster.

The snap of the riding crop on the head of his penis made him jump, and elicited a shriek from his lips.

“Sit up straight, and shut your mouth. This is going to be your payment for the deeds you have done.”

She snapped a pair of stainless steel cuffs on his wrists. They had no chain but rather were hinged in the center. She pulled a bar from the bag at her feet, with leather straps at each end, and fastened them to his ankles, locking them in place with two small padlocks. The bar kept his legs spread about three feet apart. She snapped a clip from the bar to the handcuffs, binding him in the kneeling position.

Robyn flicked the end of the riding crop across his nipple, making him cry out again.

“Shut the fuck up, you baby, I’m going to gag you. I don’t want to listen to your sniveling.”

She reached between his legs and squeezed his balls. As he opened his mouth to scream again, she stuffed the gag into his mouth, tightening the strap behind his head. The rubber gag was shaped like the head of a penis, two inches long, an inch and a half in diameter. She grabbed the end of the gag, wiggling it.

“Suck on that for awhile.”

Snapping his nipple again with the crop, she watched his cock twitch.

“You like this you fucking pervert? We will see if you still like it soon.”

She took a leather strap from her bag, wrapping it round the base of his cock behind his balls. Two other straps wrapped around each his balls, his balls were separated and held tight. The strap captured the blood in his penis making him swell to twice his normal size, and made him twice as sensitive. She slapped his testicle with the crop. Thomas tried to scream but all the came out around the gag was a groan. She hit the head of his over-sensitive penis with the crop, making it twitch, growing larger, redder, and yet more sensitive. She cruelly stroked the head of his cock with the crop, the light touch causing copious amounts of precum to ooze from the tip.

Robyn put down the crop, reached into her bag and pulled out a pair of clover clamps. She rubbed Thomas’s nipple softly, knowing he had very sensitive nipples. She closed the clamp on the tip of his nipple, bringing a tear to his eyes. She smirked at him.

“Does that hurt sweetheart? Good, it’s supposed to!”

She snapped the second clamp to the tip of his other nipple, laughing. She tugged the chain that connected the clamps to each other. She pulled a small rubber device, with an undulating shape, from her bag of tricks.

“Do you know what this is? It a prostate massager. Yes, I’m going to shove this up your ass.”

Robyn applied a generous amount of lube to the butt plug, and worked it into his ass. He screamed into the gag again, as it slid home. He wriggled, trying to get the pain to go away, soon it was only a warm sensation in his butt. She reached down and started the vibrator, turning the speed on high. The vibrations ripped through Thomas’s prostate, sending another generous amount of precum oozing from his dick. She slid the ooze over the head of his cock causing him to draw in a sharp breath.

The doorbell rang. “Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back,” smirked Robyn.

He heard Robyn talking to someone, the voices growing louder as they approached the bedroom. He panicked, he couldn’t have anyone see him like this. Robyn entered the room with her guest in tow.

“Thomas, this is Robert, our next door neighbor. Robert, this is Thomas, my cheating husband. Thomas has a thing for our eighteen year old babysitter. He is being punished for his indiscretion. Thomas, Robert is here to fuck me while you watch.”

Thomas moaned into the gag, his cock pulsed, the vibrations now sending sensations to the the end of his cock.

“Let’s get you undressed,” she said to Robert. “I want to see your chiseled abs.”

Robert was the picture of manliness, six foot two, two hundred and twenty pounds of solid muscle. He had a tight ass and an eight inch cock, which Robyn had in her hand stroking it to maximum hardness. She knelt down taking his cock in her mouth, sucking him hungrily, working the cock deep into her throat. She pumped his cock till he was moaning, working his fingers through her hair.

“Let’s get on the bed, I want you to fuck me now.”

She had Robert lie on his back, then she mounted him so she could look Thomas right in the eye while she fucked him. He could not take his eyes off her, riding the younger man’s cock. She was soon bouncing with wild abandon on his rod, lifting herself till just the head was in her, then slamming down hard on his belly. The squish of her pussy around his cock was the only sound, save for Thomas’s whimpering.

Robyn came with a roar, her pussy contracting on Robert’s cock made him spurt his seed into her. Robyn rolled off the bed, walking over to Thomas. She removed the gag and straddled his head.

“Lick my cunt, bitch, clean all that yummy cum out of my pussy.”

Thomas licked furiously at her cunt, hoping that she would give him relief if he did a good job. She orgasmed again forcing the rest of Robert’s cum, with her pussy juice, into his mouth. He gagged, trying to lick it all up. She held his head firmly till her orgasm subsided.

“You’ve been sucking that rubber cock for awhile now, let’s see how you do with the real thing.”

“No, I can’t … I won’t …”

Smack! Robyn slapped Thomas across the face.

“Don’t be insolent, when I say suck you will suck, and you had better do a good job. Robert, sweety, come here please.”

Robert stood before Thomas, his wilted, spent cock dangled in his face.

“Suck his cock, I won’t tell you twice,” she slapped his cock with the riding crop sending shock waves to his brain.

He took the cock between his lips sucking it all into his mouth, sucking hard till it grew, licking it. He started bobbing his head, sliding the cock in and out. Robert grabbed Thomas’s head, holding it. He slid his cock into his mouth, fucking it. Thomas’s drool coated the cock with a slick coating of saliva, making it easier to slide into his throat. The drool ran down his chin mixing with the precum on the floor. Robert’s cock swelled in his mouth, this orgasm was stronger than his first, blasting his cum down Thomas’s throat, gagging him. He had no choice but to swallow it all.

“You are a talented little cocksucker aren’t you?” grinned Robyn.

Robert dressed. Robyn kissed him passionately. “If you need your cock sucked feel free to come over, Thomas would love to suck you again. Wouldn’t you, Thomas?”

She slapped the tip of his cock with the riding crop.

“I didn’t hear you tell him how much you enjoyed sucking his cock.”

“Thank you for letting me suck your cock, if you ever need to be sucked, drop by,” whimpered Thomas.

“I’ll walk you out.”

Thomas was alone, the buzzing in his ass stimulating his prostate was driving him mad, he was on the edge, but could not crest over the other side. His cock throbbed painfully. He looked at it, bright red, veins popping out, the head was huge and felt like it might pop at any second. Robyn breezed into the room.

“Oh, Thomas, your cock is almost the same color as your face. It looks painfully erect, would you like some relief?”

He whimpered.

“What was that, I didn’t hear you. Would you like some relief?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes mistress, could I please cum?”

“That’s better.”

Robyn released the clip holding the handcuffs to the spreader bar and lifted Thomas to his feet. He almost fell again as he legs would not support him. Pulling the nipple clamps from his chest made him scream.

“You’re such a baby, shut the fuck up!” She slapped him again.

She got him over to the bed, lying him on top with his ass over the side, his cock between his belly and the duvet. Attaching a strap from the far side of the bed to the cuffs, she pulled his arms back at a ninety degree angle, forcing his face into the bed.

She removed the butt plug from his ass, it was still buzzing even though the vibrations were gone. Taking a strap-on cock from her bag, with an extension that fit snuggly in her pussy, she eased the cock head between his cheeks. He jerked as she made contact with his ass.

“What are you doing?”

“Why, I’m going to fuck you, slut!”

She slid forward, forcing the rubber cock up his ass. He grunted as his head was forced into the bed. She started pumping the cock in and out of his ass. He moaned into the bedding. As she pumped harder into him, his cock rubbed against the bedding driving him toward his climax. He moaned louder, squirming under her assault, his cock rubbing itself to orgasm. The pressure built in his cock, the straps holding it back, his balls ached, he shook with need.

He lifted his ass in the air as his cock erupted sending a stream of boiling cum into his face. His cock felt like it would split in two. She reached down and pulled the strap from his cock. He lurched as he exploded again and again, spraying his cum all over the bedspread.

She released the strap holding his arms, pulling him back off the bed. She ordered him to lick the cum off the bedspread. When he had finished, she released him from his bonds, and told him to clean the room as she went to have a bath.

Robyn soaked in her tub, relaxing in the bubbles.

“Now how can I get that slut babysitter back?”

Chapter 1: The scene

OK, let’s start this confession with the fact that I was drunk. As a 19-year-old college student following a party with unlimited beer, how could I have been otherwise?

I was slim, very fit, my blonde hair long enough to hang just over my collar, and considered handsome in a boy-band kind of way. As a distance runner, my legs and bottom were lean but muscular. My only difficulty in picking up girls was that I looked like I was a sophomore in high school instead of college.

I was spending my first summer away from home, living in an apartment complex during the university’s summer session. I had discovered that summers in a large college town were a lot of fun, as most of the students were gone and the atmosphere was more relaxed, more conducive to intermingling of kids my age with townies of all ages.

That Friday afternoon I had gone for a long run, showered, and was relaxing by the complex’s pool, supposedly reading an economics textbook. I didn’t really have any plans for the night, but was maybe going to meet a couple of friends at a bar. Instead, I met Michelle.

Michelle was a big girl, about 5’6″ and weighing in at a good 160 lbs. I guessed, my weight but five inches shorter. She was in a black one-piece bathing suit, to cover her ample belly of course, but she was friendly and she laughed easily. She chose a chaise longue next to mine and soon we were chatting and joking together like old friends. Though as runner I strongly preferred lean, athletic women – being drawn much more to asses and legs than to tits of any size – I couldn’t help but stare from behind my sunglasses at the deep cleavage between the huge, D-cup tits squeezed into the straining lycra of her swimsuit. My five-and-a-half-inch cock could get lost in there.

She lived in a different building within the complex than mine, and mentioned that her neighbor across the hall, an older man, was throwing a “thank God the divorce is final” party and that she was invited. I immediately accepted her offer to join her. Not for the chance to make a play for her or anything, but because I didn’t have anything better to do.

We agreed to meet at her place at about 9. I went back to my apartment and after dinner and a couple of warm-up beers, showed up at her apartment wearing a decent pair of khaki shorts, a short-sleeved shirt that buttoned down the front and leather boat shoes with no socks, the better to show off my runner’s legs. Along the way I passed the open door to the party apartment, and saw a jammed, noisy crowd of people clearly having a good time.

Michelle’s place was also busy, as she and her two roommates and several guys my age were already there, priming themselves with beer and vodka shots. I declined the shots, but grabbed a beer and we headed over to the main event.

It was definitely a rowdy affair. The host, Roger, was in his 40′s, and was tipsy enough to greet me like I was an old friend, shaking my hand warmly while clasping my shoulder with his left hand. He was apparently high on the fact that his troubled marriage was officially over. He had recently retired as an officer in the Navy, and as such was lean and clean, with his light brown hair cut short but not buzzed. He was about 6’1″, 190, with a ramrod-straight posture, broad shoulders and blonde chest hair curling up between the open vee of his golf shirt. He too was wearing khaki shorts, although they were longer than mine and almost reached his knees, as well as running shoes with ankle socks. We immediately got to talking about running, and I could tell by his muscular legs, covered by golden hair, that his stories about competing in marathons must be true. Alas, he said with an openly immodest grin, he would never run a really fast marathon because “my upper body is just too muscular and heavy.” Jokingly, he flexed his arm like Charles Atlas, and I laughingly went along with him and squeezed his large bicep. It certainly was large, and hard.

By around 1 a.m., the party began to thin out. Michelle and I had been circulating separately, often chatting together and dancing together a couple of times in the crowded living room, but not like we were on a date or anything. She got worried that one of her roommates was too drunk, so she helped her home and never returned. Thinking about her cleavage, I felt a twinge of regret, but in watching her large ass jiggle as she walked away, I got over it.

Over the next hour the party really cleared out. I had just poured another beer from the keg when I realized that Roger was saying good-bye to the last group of partiers, leaving only another older man, Evan, besides myself in his apartment.

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