gay incest

Having learned how to properly eat a hot ass, I practiced every chance I got. My Uncle would start things off by inserting a butt plug into me and then I would start sucking his nipples then move down and lick his shaft and balls. He especially liked it when I spent a long time sucking and licking his balls. Pretty soon he would be nice and hard and I would lick his shaft slowly and tongue just the head of his cock. After teasing his cock head for a few minutes, I would start to slowly take more of his cock into my mouth, eventually taking it all the way in. I would deepthroat him slowly for six or seven times before licking down his shaft again and suck his balls some more.

By this time he would be good and ready for my tongue to work down below his balls and lightly lick up and down his crack. Usually he liked to be on his back with his feet up while I spread his ass cheeks and would begin to seriously tongue his hole. I liked the way he would moan as I licked him hard then press a finger into his ass. He really liked it when i would open his ass with my fingers then force my tongue inside. I would tongue fuck is ass for as long as he wanted me to.

After a while he would lower his legs and I would engulf his cock again and begin sucking him in earnest. Sometimes he would let me suck him at my own pace and sometimes he would hold my head between his hands and pump his cock in and out of my mouth. Either way, he would end up shooting his hot thick load into my mouth. Of course, I always swallowed and milked his cock for every drop!

Pretty soon, my Uncle introduced a medium sized plug and he would take out the small one and work the medium one inside me. Sometimes he would press it in then pull it out several times in a row then leave it in as my ass became used to it. He also liked to take it out after a while and insert several fingers into my ass and would finger fuck my ass. I loved the feeling of his fingers and the plug inside me, filling me up.

One day, we were on his bed and I had already swallowed his tasty load a little while ago. He pulled out the medium plug and I felt him pour some lubricant on my ass and began to insert first one then two fingers into my ass. I spread my legs to give him better access and we just laid there with my head on his lap as he began to finger fuck my ass slowly and deeply. His fingers felt so good as they slid in and out of my tight ass.

I began to lick his cock again as it began to get hard. He kept fucking my ass deep with his fingers as I sucked on his rapidly growing cock. Pretty soon he told me to get on my hands and knees as he moved behind me. Hi fingers kept up their slow fucking and I began to rock forward as his fingers slid out and back as his fingers slid in. I knew he was finally going to fuck me and I couldn’t wait to feel his cock inside me!

I was so excited when his fingers slid out and I felt him shifting positions behind me. I rested my head on the mattress and reached back with both hands to spread my ass wide for him. I felt his cock head touch my hole and I jumped in anticipation! He slowly pressed forward as I relaxed my ass and felt a cock press into my ass for the first time! The feeling was incredible! Yes, I had inserted butt plugs plenty of times but the feeling of my first real cock was euphoric.

He slowly pressed forward and I felt his cock head press pass my sphincter. He stopped for a minute and let my ass get used to a real cock. Since I was already prepped from the medium plug, it only hurt a little and it wasn’t long before he began to press deeper inside me. He pushed in a little then stopped for a minute and pushed in a little more. He kept this up until he was about halfway inside then began to pull out a little bit then push in a little deeper each time. I was moaning in ecstasy as he finally pushed all the way inside me.

I felt both of his hands on my waist as he began to fuck me. He pulled almost all the way out and then pressed all the way in again several times. He continued to fuck me slowly but deeply in long, slow thrusts and I began to push my ass down on his cock as he thrusted forward. He kept this up for what seemed a long time, but was probably about ten to fifteen minutes before I could hear his breathing begin to get more ragged. He shifted his hands to my shoulders and began to thrust more strongly as he fucked my tight, eager ass, pulling me onto his cock with each thrust.

At some point I shot my load onto the bed as he began to fuck my ass harder and was really thrusting hard. I knew he close to cumming and I couldn’t wait to feel his hot cock shoot his load inside me! With a final hard thrust as he pulled me hard on his cock, I could feel his cock swell and begin to shoot his cum deep inside me. My Uncle grunted as his balls emptied and I swear I could feel every spurt of his hot cum shoot. His cock jerked with every spurt and I squeezed my ass to milk his cock. He collapsed onto my back, driving me flat on my stomach. We lay like that for a several minutes until his cock started to deflate. He pulled out and we laid next to each other while we caught our breath.

I was finally no longer a virgin and told my Uncle that I was eager to learn every way to please a cock and was anxious to try every position. He laughed and told me he was happy to help…

It was a quiet Saturday night and Mark and Jay were watching old western movies while waiting for their parents to return from their vacation. The television had barely any volume, but the twins had both seen the movie several times to remember it word for word. They hadn’t spent much time together, considering the fact that they practically grew up separately. Mark was the football captain and was one of the ”popular” kids at his school, whereas Jay was far more reserved; he attended an all boys college. Since Jay had been around guys most of his life, he had experienced some sexual interaction with fellow students. However, it was more of a state of confusion and he swore he would never touch another man in such a manner. Mark, on the other hand, has had sex with almost all of the cheer leading squad; after all, he was the star at his school. Now, they have both graduated high school and they were spending the night at their mother’s house before leaving for college.

“Should I make some popcorn?” Mark asked, his eyes shifted from the screen to his twin brother’s dimly lit face. Jay, nearly asleep by now, encouraged him to make popcorn and asked him to take out the beer that their parents had hidden the fridge in the garage. Mark smirked. He was a heavy drinker and he loved to party, but Jay usually preferred to be sober. He felt flattered to share such a special moment with his brother.

Mark removed the blanket from his half naked body and made his way to the kitchen to get the popcorn. Jay watched Mark’s slender and toned body as he walked away. He felt a little insecure, even though he wasn’t fat, he was definitely not as in shape as Mark was. Out of curiosity, Jay flipped through the channels. It was nearly two in the morning and he doubted there would be any decent shows on. He stopped at a channel that showed a very tall, handsome man with gorgeous, compelling eyes. The music in the background was soothing, so he left it on this channel as he gently rested before Mark came back with a huge bowl of freshly popped popcorn and a few cans of beer.

“What are you watching now?” Mark asked, slightly relieved to not have to sit through that boring western movie again. He’d seen it many times, but he knew it was one of his brother’s favorites so he didn’t mind. He looked up at the screen to find that it seemed to be a gay porno. Slightly amused, he said “Wow, Jay, I didn’t know you were into this kind of stuff.”

Jay opened his eyes slightly and concentrated on the television screen. What the hell? He was confused until he saw a frontal view of the handsome man he saw earlier. Ah, no wonder he was so handsome… Still, he felt embarrassed to choose such a sexual program to watch while he was spending the night at Mark’s house. “Oh, sorry. I wasn’t aware that it was a porno, it’s just that the music was nice and that guy looks so intriguing…” He reached for the remote, “here, I can change it back to the movie we were watching…”

“No.” Mark said with a quiet voice. “This is fine, after all, the music is nice.” He smiled at Jay and offered him some more popcorn as he slipped under the covers with his twin brother. Jay laughed a bit at his brother’s odd request. He sat almost upright in order to eat the popcorn and his attention was brought back to the television. Mark handed him a beer and they both drank until the bottles were nearly empty.

The two brothers watched as the incredibly handsome man from before was passionately kissing shorter attractive blond male. The scene was slightly uncomfortable for the brothers, but that just made them even more intrigued in what would happen next. In the program, the handsome man mounted the blond and began to rub his nipples as he tenderly kissed him. After a few minutes, Jay had a slight erection that he was embarrassed of, so he slipped under the covers in order to hide his hard cock. He glimpsed at his brother, who was equally interested in the progression of the show. It seemed that the handsome man was removing the blond’s clothing skillfully, with one hand to unbutton his shirt without breaking the kiss. As the scene progress, the moans were growing as they prepared for the insertion. Mark panicked a bit, “Uh… Maybe this isn’t appropriate after all.” He said as he reached for the remote to turn off the television. The popcorn was already finished so he set aside the bowl and slipped under the covers.

The new silence was almost alarming. Jay was still incredibly turned on by the hot gay sex that was on T.V. He wanted to relieve himself, but he was afraid to admit that he was turned on by gay porn stars. He turned around on the bed and faced Mark, who was stiffly facing the other direction. He studied the smooth, strong back of his brother’s perfect body. Jay wanted to touch him. No, I shouldn’t be thinking these dirty thoughts… He shuffled around a bit because he felt uncomfortable. He slipped one of his hands into his boxers. Jay was surprised by his large seven inch erection, and he needed to relieve himself elsewhere… But where? The bathroom doesn’t have a lock on it, but it seemed dark enough on the balcony. Besides, Mark was probably too drunk to get up anyhow. In this situation, the balcony seemed to be the safest bet. He quietly removed the covers, revealing a large and stiff erection poking at the cloth on his plaid boxers. Thank God Mark was facing the other way, or he might have noticed. He made his way across the room and quietly opened the door to the balcony. Ahh, this fresh air feels really nice… He sat against the door, with his bare back against the cold glass door. He looked around at the quiet neighborhood. Surely, no one would notice me, it’s too dark for them to see anything anyway. His right hand went straight down to his hard shaft and smooth, round balls. He didn’t bother removing his boxers because he was too horny to bear it. His other hand went to his lips, he licked him gently and his hand slowly trailed down to his left nipple. In a matter of seconds, both of his nipples were erect and he could feel the precum leaking from the tip of his penis head. Mmmmm… He pleasured himself by stroking his hard cock and rubbing his aching nipples. But, he was so horny, he needed more pleasure. He put his left hand in his mouth again and brought to next to his anus. He slowly stuck one finger in. Ahhhh… He moaned as he slowly fucked himself with his finger, he hasn’t felt this much pleasure in a long time.

His moans became louder and louder as he reached his climax. He had slipped in another finger in his asshole as he stroked himself harder and played with his balls. Fuck! I’m going to cum! He released a bunch of white, thick cum from his penis, his hands were soaked from his juices. Jay licked his fingers clean and opened the door. To his surprise, his brother was watching him through the glass doors. Apparently, he hadn’t fallen asleep yet. Crap! Did he see everything? Jay blushed as he stood at the doorway. Mark’s jaw dropped, he was nearly crying as he witnessed such a sight… “What the hell? Are you gay?” He asked, almost repulsed.

Jay choked on his following words, “No. I-I was…. I was just…” He couldn’t adequately think of an excuse to jerk off to gay porn. The moonlight shown in the room, his eyes were immediately directed towards his brother’s hard cock. “Wait, you couldn’t possibly be turned on….”

Mark retorted, “Hell no! I have all the bitches I need.” He turned away from Jay and started making his way back to the bed. Jay shut the door and grabbed Mark from behind. His limp cock rubbed against his brother’s hard ass.

“Wait,” he said, “just wait a minute…” Maybe it was the alcohol taking over as he rubbed his brother’s nipples. Jay nibbled on his brother’s ear slightly and reached his hand near his brother’s hipbone. Mark tensed up.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Mark shouted as he thrashed his brother’s arms away. He stared desperately at his brother’s sad eyes. Even though he just came, Jay was getting hard again by the sight of his brother’s hot body. Jay smirked at Mark.

“Come on… I know you want me too, I can see your erection.” He said in a seductive voice as his eyes trailed down to the large bulge in Mark’s boxers. “Here, I’ll take care of it for you… Don’t worry.” Jay knelt down before his brother and started to remove his boxers. Mark’s incredible 8 inch cock jumped out, begging to be sucked. Wow… It’s larger than I imagined… Jay smiled at the large, thick penis as he licked the tip. He could taste the salty, sweaty precum that was dripping already.

“Hey, noooo, stop it! This is wrong, I’m straight, man!” Mark screamed, however his body was reacting otherwise. His cock was so stiff that it hurt him. His hand went straight to Jay’s head that was bobbing on his hard cock. Ahhhh, this feels so fucking good. Jay looked up at him and began to give him a hand-job as he made his way up to Mark’s lips. He kissed him softly and tenderly as he jerked off his brother. Jay’s cock was hard again as it was rubbing against his twin brother’s thighs.

Mark, who has given up by now, returned the kiss. He held his brother’s body in his hands as he quivered by his brother’s amazing handjob. Damn, this feels so good. He must have some experience… Mark’s moaning grew louder, but Jay stopped stroking his throbbing cock. “Come on, now… You couldn’t possibly think I would let you come so easily.” He said with a wink, he pushed his brother onto the bed and demanded that he didn’t move or touch himself. Jay left the room to find some sex toys.

Mark’s body was practically on fire now. Shit, why did he just leave like that? Fuck! I really need to cum, I feel like I’m going to explode. But he didn’t touch himself, he waited on the bed with his legs spread wide open, the cold air had a chilling effect on his cock. Jay returned with some sort of cock constraining contraption and a vibrator. “Wait, no! What the hell is that?” Mark asked as he cringed and shut his legs.

Jay frowned, “why would you do that? It was such a lovely sight…” He placed the his hand on his brother’s knees and gently revealed the throbbing cock. “Oh, what a lovely sight,” he said as he went and kissed the tip. Mark moaned with pleasure. “Here, I have a gift for you.” Jay got the contraption and wrapped the contraption around his brother’s hard cock. “This will make you last longer…” Mark struggled because he needed to cum already, but this device wouldn’t allow it! He begged Jay to take it off and let him cum. “Not so fast, I haven’t gotten you ready yet.”

Jay gently rubbed his brother’s balls and reached for the vibrator. Mmmm, what a tight asshole. He placed his head near Mark’s entrance and started flicking his tongue across his hole. “Ahhh, fuck!” Mark moaned because he never felt such pleasure in his ass before. Jay’s tongue reached deeper and deeper into his brother’s butt hole. One of his hands were playing with Mark’s constrained cock and the other was pinching Mark’s erect nipples.

“There, that should be wet enough,” Jay said as he reached for the vibrator, which fit perfectly in his brother’s asshole. He turned the vibrator on and rubbed it against Mark’s aching rosebud. Tingles ran through Mark’s body like electricity running up his body.

“Please, let me cum first!” Mark said, his breaths were more quick now. His aching cock was ready to release his hot cum all over his twin brother. “Fuck!” The vibrator was entering his hole.

“Calm down, you’re too tense.” Jay said to soothe his victim. Jay slowly began to penetrate his brother with the vibrator. It was only around one or two inches in, but Mark was already screaming with pain and pleasure. “C’mon… It’s not even half way in yet, what are you afraid of?”

“Well fuck! I’m sorry!” Mark shouted, “I never had anything put up my ass before!” His face was flustered with his embarrassing remark, but it only encouraged Jay because he stuck the dildo in deeper in his ass. Jay slowly stroked his own hard cock as he watched the vibrator penetrate his brother’s virgin asshole. “Shit! I need to cum, take this shit off!” Mark said, he had tried but the device was too complex for him to remove by himself. Jay snickered.

“A little bit more, just bear with it.” He stuck the full length of the dildo into his brother’s ass. Mark’s back arched as he let out the loudest moan. Before he could curse his brother out, Jay kissed his lips. His hand left his cock and began to release the constraining device. Jay abandoned his brother’s lips and took the full length of his brother’s cock in his mouth.

Mark convulsed and came into his brothers warm mouth. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” he shouted, the vibrator was penetrating him faster and harder than before. I’m cumming! Fuuuuck! Mark’s body twitched as he released the thick load into his twin’s heavenly mouth. Jay licked his lips and swallowed the strangely salty cum from his brother’s penis. He licked it clean before he took out the dildo that was filled with his brother’s anal juices.

Mark laid there breathing hard. Holy crap, that was the best orgasm ever! He noticed that his brother’s cock was erect again and he changed places with his brother. Mark began to suck off Jay. Jay’s head felt like it was spinning with the ecstasy of having his cock sucked by his hot twin brother. It was probably Mark’s first time giving a blow job, but it felt fucking awesome.

Mark’s head bobbed on Jay’s cock and he removed it from his lips to wet his fingers that he stuck in his brother’s ass hole. “Well, it seems you’re ready to be penetrated too.” He said as he fucked his brother with his fingers. Jay was going crazy, Mark’s tongue was flicking the top of his cock every time he took it out to lick Jay’s balls. He pleasured Jay with his mouth and fingers, until he reached for the dildo to penetrate into his brother.

“Wait!” Jay said, but Mark convinced him that it was revenge. “No… I don’t want the vibrator. Give me your cock…” Jay’s eyes darted towards his brother’s slightly hard cock. He had just came, but it seemed like he was ready to cum again. Jay wanted his brother’s cock though, so he began to suck his brother’s cock in a 69 position. He sucked and licked his brother’s cock until he was hard again.

“Ahh, fuck, I’m ready now.” Mark declared as he threw Jay onto his back and spread his legs open. He had a full view of Jay’s perfect, smooth, shaved cock. It was throbbing because he hasn’t came since he was on the balcony. Mark handed the device to Jay and demanded that he put it on himself because he didn’t know how to. “C’mon, bro, I did it… You have to do it too!” Jay laughed at his brother’s request, but he was always turned on by bondage, so he put the device on himself.

“Shit, haha, this is so fucking tight on me.” Jay said as his cock felt like it was being juiced. Mark had positioned his erect penis at his brother’s entrance. He pushed its length in as he thrusted into his brother’s small body. Jay groaned, “holy crap, you’re fucking huge.” Mark winked as he grabbed his brother’s back and carried him so he was sitting on top of him. He was moaning into Jay’s mouth as he pulled him in for another kiss. His cock was throbbing as it was being squeezed by Jay’s tight asshole.

Jay’s hips started moving on his own. His brother’s lips tasted like beer and popcorn, but it was somewhat salty from the precum on his cock. Mark fucked his brother hard and wildly until they heard the front door open. “Crap! Mom’s home!” Mark said in an alarmed whisper. Without removing his cock from his brother’s hole, he laid down on top of him and put the covers back on. He fucked him slowly now. Jay was trying to contain his moans, but he was so close to reaching his orgasm. “Fuuuck, I’m cumming again!” Mark said as he thrust his full length in his brother’s asshole. His cock throbbed as it released a warm liquid into his brother’s asshole. He could feel it dripping out of his asshole as he removed him relieved penis. Mark rubbed the tip of his cock against the moist hole.

“Ahhh, fuck, I need to take this damn device off.” Jay said as he frantically removed the device under the cover. As soon as it came off, he came automatically. He orgasmed hard against his brother, who was now spooning him. The inside of the covers were wet with their juices and Jay’s asshole was still dripping with his brother’s cum.

The footsteps were approaching their door. The doorknob turned and their mom peaked her head through the door. “Oh, my sweet angels… They’re already sleeping.” She said and shut the door again.

Mark’s hand rubbed Jay’s tight ass. “Fuck, you felt really good…” He admitted as he kissed the back of his brother’s neck.

Jay smiled and turned around and made out with his brother. They exchanged kisses until they finally fell asleep in each other’s arms.

He has a heavy, penetrating look that is laid bare, turned inside out, exposing all the feelings and thoughts. From him you have nowhere to go. Akio took a deep breath into burning lungs, trying to calm the approaching nausea, but just felt a wave with a bang. Breathing convulsively, the young man stood up, clutching his hands under the table on his knees and tried to calm down. Aching shoulder, abdomen, chest, ribs. Ached and ached the entire body. He wanted to shrink into a ball and forget about everything, but for him it was an impermissible luxury. You cannot have guests noticed the weakness of His younger brother, you cannot embarrass Him.

Akio slowly looked up at his brother. So cold, firm, confident. In his twenty six he was head of the Supreme Division. Around him is always loyal pack of dogs who lick his hands, idolize him, and when he is in danger, bite to death alive anyone who infringes on the safety of their owner. He established a strict discipline, and no one can disobey him, because everyone knows – he is the force that suppresses all that somehow interferes with his progress. Even now, when everyone is sitting at the banquet table, no one can relax in his presence. No one, not even His own little brother. And Akio hated Kido for it.

Eyes met his older brother; Akio hurriedly looked away and put the napkin to the side. His head was buzzing from the surging of blood to the temples, would lie in bed and just close your eyelids sticking together and yet still have tomorrow to go to class. But the lad knew that tomorrow and the next day he’s not going anywhere. Akio went to the most ordinary institution for students. To visit it, the guy tried to persuade his brother for several weeks, until finally he begged his blessing. Actually, Kido never showed cruelty to him, do not hit, do not swear, do not punish. All the attention his older brother came down to an approving nod or a pair of cool phrases. No warmth or tenderness, as if Kido did not know about such feelings. During this Akio hated his brother even more. He always wanted to somehow he revealed his feelings – let it shout, even blow. But no, Kido always remained calm and cold, even icy.

Kido looked at his younger brother. He was not like him: he was fragile, with delicate, milky-white skin, which he got from his mother, with huge blue eyes and black hair. The boy was sitting in a chair, pale and tired, he looked like a frightened rabbit. As loyal Mickey reported Kido, Akio was in such a state for a third day. The man knew that his brother did not like such gatherings, but had no choice, especially since Akio was Zion. The same Zion Kido killed nearly a month ago, the high brown-eyed girl with short hair and beautiful pale lips. The victory over Zion is a victory over all the clan. Kido closed his eyes.

When the banquet was over, Akio was unexpectedly called into the office of his older brother. The young man had been there a couple of times: first, when Kido told him that their father was dead, and the second when he tried to escape from the guards who followed him on the orders of his elder brother. The two times were not connected to anything good, and therefore the third time will not be nice as well.

The young man tapped his knuckles on the heavy wooden door and winced in pain. Behind the door sounded familiar deep voice, allowing Akio to cross the threshold, and he hesitantly went inside. Kido was sitting in a high chair next to a desk. His yellow-gray eyes slid over skinny face Akio and stopped on his broken lips.

- What is it?

- Uh, it’s … I recently got into a fight … okay…

- And hands? Why are they bandaged?

- Well, I got into a fight …

- All right. Then why do not you go to school?

- I… I … – Akio gasped, feeling the smarting at every movement of the ribs. – I feel a little unwell …

- All right. You can go, – Kido turned over to the table and leaned over the folder of papers.

- Ki … – Akio reached out his hand, but stopped short and lowered his hand.

The guy was shaking in front of him treacherously tears. But I had to control myself. Not now. Akio bit his lip and turned around and walked out. Mickey looked sympathetically at him, shook his head and smiled at him encouragingly.

- He has a bad mood today, so do not worry, Petite Bonbon.

- Yes, I know – Akio walked down the hall to the padded feet. – For me it is always not in the mood.

- It’s not like that. You know …

- He is the head of the Supreme Division, and he has a lot of work. – Akio smiled sadly, adjusting the bandages on his fingers.

- You know, tomorrow you can go with Theo in an amusement park on the carousel. Want one? I’ll ask Kido. To classes you’re still not going, – Mickey opened the door Akio, passing it forward.

- No, thank you. But you can take time off from his brother for tomorrow? I want to go somewhere. To Ms. Dee Mei’s. Just please do not tell him.

- To Ms. Dee Mei’s? Hmmm … never heard about her before. But, in any case, my Petite Bonbon, I cannot go with you, you know – a man slapped Akio soft hair and pulled out of his jacket pocket, chocolate candy in golden-red wrapper. – Here you go. Do not worry. Tomorrow you will take Theo wherever you want, but I will not say anything Kido. I promise.

- Thank you, Mickey – Akio took the gift, and the man slowly closed the door.

Standing a moment, he leaned against the cold surface of the door and heard the muffled sobs and quiet weeping. Mickey did not know that the younger brother of his boss is not crying of hurt, but of pain, terrible, unbearable pain that tore the little body.

- This is a great gift, really. Ha-ha-ha!

- No more jokes like that! I want to give him something meaningful, not this Surinamese Pipa, especially because it’s so disgusting. Ugh … Horrible!

- Ha-ha-ha! Petite Bonbon, and what do you want to give?

- I do not know. Maybe cigars? He loves smoking.

- No, it’s a bad choice. In that year he was given thirty of these tricks. Heh-heh!

- What’s so funny?

- And maybe, after all Pipa?

- Oh, come … Ha-ha-ha!

The right hand the head of division and still very young boy found the right gift with difficulty, coming to a consensus that Kido needs such a gift that it both surprises him, and there will not be an “analogy”.

The twenty-ninth of March – is a feast for all the members of the Supreme Division. As always, beautiful, tall and forbidding, Kido was sitting at the head of the festively laid table at the most expensive restaurant of the city. His cold eyes lazily slid by members of feasting and stopped for a moment at the place where his younger brother was to sit. Nothing appears on his calm face, but an impatient gesture he beckoned to Mickey and said something to him. He nodded his head in reply, and disappeared from the sight. Kido, after casting upon him a hard gaze, looked around at the faces of people who are genuinely smiling and happy, furtively admiring the beauty of their host.

Finally, it was evening, and in the midst of the holiday music suddenly stopped. Everything froze for a moment, not knowing how to react to the changes. Laughter died down and the room became tense. But then at the very end of the hall heard light footsteps, and at the center of the U-shaped table Akio came out. Tension immediately vanished. All met him with excited exclamations, who bowed his head to Kido as a welcoming gesture.

- Happy birthday, Kido! – A young man walked a few steps back and held out his hand.

From his palms slowly flowed blue-silver water which began to take shape in the form of thin, spiral wound tubes. Stretching, they began to fill the space in front of Akio, growing as whimsical patterns. Smiling, the boy blew on one of them, and the curl was covered with snow white frost, infecting the rest of soft ice falling down.

- This is my gift to you, brother!

Akio bowed his head and exhaled. He was still hurt, but a gift would be worthwhile, and the guy bent down slightly. From his back began to grow clear water flowing wings of white ice. Stretching, they were covered with feathers and light grew bigger and bigger. From a distance, they now seemed like a real, flesh-and-blood. Only here the real wings could be so huge, beautiful and shimmering in different colors from turquoise to blue. The young man jumped up and gently floated in the air. His back arched, arms stretched out to the side, and suddenly his whole body pierced the thin one and a half meters long needle. People gasped and held their breath. Akio, smiling all the same kind, infant smile, looked at his brother and slamming wings closed them like a cocoon turning into ice. After a moment, the wings flew at such small pieces that, when applied to participants of the celebrations, they became shallow cool dust.

- Happy Birthday – Akio landed on the floor and looked uncertainly at his older brother.

It’s nothing. No feelings. No anger, no joy, no condemnation or approval. Brother’s eyes were still cold and impenetrable. Akio bitterly plump pink lips stretched into a smile and quickly left the room. Fleeing, he did not hear any screams of admiring spectators, no thunder of applause or a quiet “thank you, Akio” of his older brother. He ran away from the restaurant on the street, where it was already spring-like warmth and fragrant.

At the threshold, closing the heavy door, Akio plunged into darkness. Then someone hit him on the head, and the boy slowly slid into strong hands. Falling into a swoon, he heard a voice in the distance Mickey asked him to return to Kido. It smelled of cherry blossoms, rain and acquaintances expensive perfume. He came back again in hell.

- Here, look what I found in his backpack – Mickey handed Kido a disc. – The entire cover was in dried blood, and on one side was written “A good big brother.”

- Put, – Kido was holding a glass of strong whiskey.

In the shadows of the office his beautiful manly face seemed quite unperturbed.

- Now – Mickey put the disc, turned on the TV, pressing the button “Play”, again departed for the seat of the boss.

Then appeared a face of a young man, brown-eyed, with regular, delicate features and a charming smile. He smiled cheerfully.

- Hey, Kido, or should I say the head of the Supreme Division, or the boss, or what I like the most, big brother! – Man waved.

There are light interference, but the image quickly returned to normal.

- My name is Constantine. I am a brother of a girl you killed. Do you remember? You have to remember it, because we were twins.

- That girl … Zion … – Mickey whispered.

- And today, I want you to have fun. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Look here, Kido, – Konstantin pointed to the side, and the camera slowly turned in the right direction.

Image slightly rippled, but the picture has gradually increased, and soon Kido was able to clearly see a fragile figure hung by the small, coal-black wings. – Mmm … Well, do you recognize him? Oh, yes! It’s your adorable little brother – Akio. Ha … He’s beautiful, is not he?

The man took the camera in their hands and loudly ordered:

- Take it off!

There was interference, and the image become still. Apparently Constantine pressed the pause. After a couple of seconds the video continued. On the screen appeared a table on which lay on his stomach, writhing Akio.

- Look here, look good, Kido – caring older brother – a man’s voice clearly differed among the rest of the noise. – You know, Kido, they say if Sion lose the wings, he can never grow them again. Funny, is not it? Hmmm … I want to see if it is right in your brother. Get started!

- God … – Mickey grabbed the back of the leather chair and clenched his teeth so tight that there was a creak. – What are they doing?

On the screen two burly guys pinned Akio to a metal table, which was filled with a dark red liquid. The third is sawing fragile bones of one wing. Akio shouted in pain, his eyes welled with tears, and he wept bitterly, brittle fingers clutching the edge of the table. Blood burst out with new force from the cut veins, and man, strained, with the force pulled the remains of the wing. Something snapped, the young man arched and cried even harder, from broken lips flowed crimson trickle. Image darkened again for a few seconds, and after another moment, the picture changed. Crawling in a corner, whimpering, Akio clutched to his chest torn wings. He was no longer crying. The tears had dried on smeared with blood, just whitened face.

- Is not it true, he is still handsome, but Kido? Look – a thin finger pointed to the fragile, thin back, where two large gaping wounds oozing blood. – Hmmm … I do not know what to do with such beauty. Although wait, I thought of something very, very funny. But for a start, the senior brother, I want to show you this. You should be proud Akio.

Constantine yanked the guy on his feet, showing terrible, deep cuts on his collarbone.

- See this? Every time he would not obey me, I’ve done it here so memorable incision. But that’s not all. Akio, be a good boy, pull your arms out – man nudged the boy, and he obediently, still clutching the wings, the camera showed the palm of his hand, the inside of which was carved into the meat. – Well, like it? You brought him up so, is not it? If it’s not for your iron discipline, now would not have all this, but … Enough talk, get down to business. Bring it to me!

Akio was picked up, like a feather, and casted on a dark blue carpet.

- Your brother is a miracle Kido. Do not you think? I’m sure you always wanted this delicious ass, – Konstantin put his fingers on his buttocks, leaned over and gently bit his delicate skin. – In your dreams you’ve seen it like this, as it is now: a bare, beautiful, helpless, right?

The man threw his head back and laughed leaping. Then he pulled out the black wings of the hands of young men and threw them into a corner.

- Before I start having fun, I would like to warn you. I’ll bring your brother tomorrow to the threshold of the Western Hospital. As far as I know, at this time you’ll be in another city. If you do not come, you will not see your brother again. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, dear brother! Now, let’s start the fun!

Constantine gave the camera to someone else and bent over Akio. Ordering him to get on all fours, he smiled and dropped to his knees.

- Be a good boy, show your brother what you can do! – Man undid the belt of his trousers and grabbed Akio by the hair.

Next Kido did not watch. He turned away, finishing his whiskey, heard the screams and moans of pain, his younger brother, as he choked with tears, and then incoherently whispered: “… Kido … Kido … Take me away … take away … Kido… “.

Mickey shaking hands pulled the cord out of the socket and fell to the floor.

The air in the room noticeably thickened, separating into thick layers that the ceiling became denser, like condensed milk. Kido bent. The black pupil of his eyes wass instantly replaced the yellow iris, and the eye was completely impenetrable. The skin became rapidly lose color and become crisp white of deathly pale, and started to heat up, showing bizarre black patterns throughout the body. Of the half-open mouth flowed streams of fiery red, which, dripping on the floor, burning through and corrode the tile a few inches deep. Wall cabinet pitifully cracked. Paper lying in front of Kido one by one began to smolder and then ignite. The heat became unbearable. The liquid in the glass boiled and evaporated rapidly. Then with a loud squeak glass cracked, and pieces of glass, flew to the sides.

- Kido! Enough is enough! Stop it! You’re going to kill us! – Mickey pulled the master’s shoulder and cried with anguish. – Please! It is enough!

Kido awoke. Panting, he wiped his hand and looked forward.

- Why did not you tell me?

- We’ll find him, Kido! I now give the order … Now … – Mickey struggled to his feet and leaned against the wall.

Wet with sweat shirt uncomfortably stuck to the back and shoulder blades, knees trembled. For the first time Mickey saw his master in such a state. He glanced at Kido. He was still sitting, staring into space.

- How many days had passed since his disappearance? – His master’s voice, as usual, smooth and deep, brought a man out of his stupor and forced him to buck up.

- Today is the second day.

- Find him. Immediately – Kido waved releasing Mickey, and when the door closed, he exhaled.

The office was quiet. Quiet so that he could hear the steady beating of his heart and the blood pulsing in his temples. Suddenly the phone rang.

- Elder brother? Good day! This is Constantine. Now I know you personally. And, frankly, I’m glad this one. You know, my plans changed and I decided not to kill your brother. Hello! Can you hear me? Helloooo!

- I hear you – Kido lit a cigarette, took a deep drag.

- Great, but I really thought … Well it’s not the matter what I thought there. – Konstantin laughed uncomfortably. – Your brother … I am sure that you want to pick him up. And I, as an honest and honorable man, I’ll give you this opportunity today. You come alone, without escort and security. And the weapons, by the way, they are also useless. I will send the coordinates at the end of our conversation with you. Cool, huh? I have …

- Let me talk to him – cut him Kido.

- Hmmm … Do not want to talk to me, Mr. older brother? Well, okay, but not for long! – Man sat down next to a trembling little body, took the boy’s chin and whispered in his ear. – Come on, Akio, your brother wants to talk to you!

- Akio! – Heard a familiar voice, the young man flinched, his eyes with deep black spots around blinked, and in the corners of their accumulated scalding tears. – Akio, can you hear me?

- Y-yes, – his own voice would not obey him, and from the throat out a raucous sounds. – Kido … Kido, ta-take-me … please. I. .. I cannot … more.

Akio could not stand, sobbing. Became hysterical. Constantine had to smile and took the phone from his ear.

- Ay-ay-ay! Again, he is crying because of you, Kido. He’s so sweet, just lovely … Hello! Hello! Hell, hung up! – Man sat in a chair, pulled the boy’s hair, making him crawl to him. – You have such beautiful hair, so soft. Come to me!

Constantine slightly pulled a strand, and Akio obediently climbed onto his lap. The man grunted, his fingers caressing the fine, almost transparent skin of the boy’s shoulders.

- Your wounds on your back almost healed, and also on the collarbone. You’re a good doctor, Ms. Di Mei, right? – His hands slightly pinched pink nipple, and then his greedy lips sucked them, licking with a wet tongue. – You’re so delicious. Why do you smell like flowers? Hm? It such a turn-on! Even after the smell of blood I feel it so clearly.

Constantine enthusiastically slid his hands over the naked body of Akio, who, like a rag doll, without a single movement obediently sitting on his lap. The young man was sick, disgusted and ashamed. Disgust, like a poison, was eating him alive. Thoughts bitten and stung, not letting him rest, and at times it seemed that he was going mad. All he could do now – it’s waiting. He could not resist. Attempts to resist were suppressed at once. The young man remained only an opportunity to make their skin as a cold, so Constantine did not want to touch it. But it did not help as if he had not noticed the ice trends emanating from Akio.

- Open your mouth – Constantine lifted the boy’s slender chin, looking into his dark blue, almost black eyes.

Akio complied and opened his mouth. He did not resist, even when authoritative tongue of the man broke into his mouth, and his hands pressed the young man so close to his chest, that it became difficult to breathe. Constantine breathed excitedly and slightly removed Akio from himself.

- Exit all! Hurry!

When the loyal guards tightly shut the door, Constantine picked almost weightless Akio in his arms and laid him on the bed. Straightening up, he began to examine it. He had never seen such a wonderful creature: a graceful curve, plump lips, small nose, almond-shaped big eyes, slender body with long straight legs. Cruelty in the heart of Constantine died down a bit, retreating under the impression of unearthly beauty, but still he wanted to crush, bite and squeeze young body in a vice.

The man removed the hair from his white face and kissed him on the forehead, then on the cheek and went down to his ear, bit the soft lobe a little and whispered, his hot lips touching the sensitive skin:

- Your brother has ever done this to you? I’m sure not. Although, believe me, he many, many times wanted to do this to you. I’ll prove it to you.

A young man under Constantine faintly startled and lowered his eyelashes. Fine track of hot tears stung his cheek and fell down on the sheet. He smiled even wider and licked the face of the victim’s salty moisture. Then he sank a little lower, running his tongue along the scars on thin collarbone, then even lower to the darkening nipples. Seeing Akio little arched, Constantine fairly chuckled and slightly tightened his lips, pink nipples began to harden.

- You are very sensitive and delicate. It’s good. You see, having sex with a man can bring joy, too. Before that, I just raped you, and it certainly did not bring you nothing but pain. But now look at you. Even if you yourself do not want, your body is involuntarily responding to my touch, – Konstantin stroked flat belly of the boy, falling to the hips in a circular motion.

The young man paused, cursed and exhaled

- I do not want it any more.

He started to tremble. Tears appeared again in his tired eyes and heavy spasm twisted in his gut. He wanted to cry, to curl up in a ball and that he no longer touched and did not hit. The whole body was raw and sore, new wounds opened, staining the sheet dark stains of blood. Of all the senses were only indifference and hope that, like an ember warmed leftovers in good faith. Akio continued to believe that big brother will come and be sure to save it. Now it was unimportant how cold Kido’s eyes will be, if only they looked back at him, giving him full protection.

Akio has recovered from a sharp jolt in the side. Raising his head, he again saw Constantine, who has wrapped himself in a light silk robe. He was not his brother. He did not come. Akio grabbed the sheet and squeezed it in his fist, hiding his face in the pillow. Out of desperation, he wanted to scream, but his throat throbbing painfully pushed out a pathetic wheezing. He lost his voice yesterday when he was raped by two guards of Constantine.

- Do you know how much time has passed? – Constantine noticed that the guy woke up and sat there, stroked his wrist, almost black from bruising. – Three days. Three full days, and your brother has not come. He left you or died in my traps.

- He never … No …

Akio felt his frail reed of hope collapse, break down under the pressure of despair, the whole body squeezed, the eyes became cloudy, and he lost consciousness …

Something soft and warm touched his shoulders. A living, flesh and blood. He opened his eyes. It was quite dark, could not see anything, even his own hands. Akio rose. He did not remember how much time has passed since the last faint, and did not know that now a day and hour. But is he at home, and is the whole nightmare over, and under his hand now so familiar even beats of the heart is it Kido? Akio slightly bent down and whispered, so as not to frighten away the last hope, timidly called out:

- Kido!

The body next to him began to move, he heard a slight rustling, tapping fingers on the table, and, finally, the room lit up with a weak source of light.

- Kido? You’re still waiting for him? — it was Constantine.

Recoiling, Akio froze. How could he believe that his nightmare ended, he dared to hope that the elder brother again with him?

- Forget your brother, now you belong to me – Constantine pulled the boy to him, leaned on the top and began to cover his body with furious kisses.

His hands squeezed the young body, causing Akio moaning in pain and bite the blood chapped lips. Turning the guy on the stomach, Constantine roughly squeezed white halves of the buttocks and spread them slightly apart.

With the first powerful thrust boy howled and cried softly. Now do not make sense to hold back his tears, and now it was the only way to prove to his inflamed mind that he is still alive. Uneven rhythm, which Constantine caused, smashed the little body in the blood. The pain was dull, already familiar and inevitable.

Akio could not remember how long it lasted. He just lay there and looked ahead. And when the man turned his flick and seated him on the lap, his eyes suddenly blinded. A sharp gust of hot air came into the room, filling with the very familiar scent. The boy jerked his body.

- Kido!

Before Akio saw it as if out of nowhere came a silhouette of his brother in a split second. Coming out of the shadows, he pointed the gun at Constantine. There was a muffled pop and the man clutching the hip of the young man fell back with a cry, letting it go.

- Come here. Stand behind me – imperative, but a devastatingly cool and calm voice of Kido forced Akio to comply.

When the young man hiding behind the broad back of his brother, Kido smiled. Anyone who has seen such a smile, he knew that it meant a death sentence.

- Here we met. You played unfair, Constantine. Luring me into a trap, giving me wrong address … – Kido looked at the man wounded in the shoulder and smiled more friendly. – But now it does not matter. For my brother I’ll give you a fun, what you’ve never experienced before.

Kido caved in and out of his back slowly crawled black wings as dark growths on the folds. Shiny feathers were covered with beads of blood. Kido softly, with a slight noise of his wings waved them. The air in the bedroom cringed and became tense. Another stroke – and its flows hardened, becoming a transparent red-hot needle.

- It would not be very nice, dear, – Kido gently raised his hand, and then abruptly dropped it.

Needles with severe squeal surged forward, breaking the victim’s skin in sensitive areas. Blood sprinkled, filling the bed and the wall. Constantine shouted, twisting in agony. Small holes were burning, charring the body tissue.

- How are you? It hurts, right? Does not touch the internal organs, but it gives such a thrill … But that’s not all …

Akio could not resist. Through the protection of feathers he saw the writhing Constantine from excruciating torture, and his heart sank.

- Stop it! Kido, I beg you! For me! – Akio fell on the floor, clutching his ears not to hear the terrible screams.

Suddenly, everything stopped. Constantine stopped yelling and fainted. The bedroom was cool again. Kido calmed down. He sat down next to his younger brother and gently hugged him.

- I’m here, I came for you – he gently began to stroke his brother’s hair, warming deathly pale cheeks.

- Why? Why do not you come to me before? – Akio grabbed his shirt and shook it sobbing. – I’ve been waiting … I’ve been waiting for you! Why have not you picked me up sooner?

- Come on, honey. Do not be mad at me … – Kido faltered and stopped short, clutching his younger brother in his arms.

Thin fingers are drawn directly to his neck, and a hoarse voice whispered in his ear:

- Do you remember me?

There is a thin face, which the strange light lit up, appeared Constantine’s face …

- Akio! Akio! Wake up! — Kido was shaking his younger brother’s shoulder as long as he did not open his eyes. – You had a nightmare again?

-Yes – the young boy gasped.

His frail body was shivering; his forehead was covered with sweat. Panting, Akio buried his forehead in his brother’s neck to inhale his fragrance. The smell of his brother makes him relaxed and comfortable, washing away all the fears.

It’s been two months, and Akio still could not relive the past. Almost every night he woke up in a cold sweat, because he dreamed again and again that he is in the bedroom of Constantine, where he was being raped and beaten. Because of these nightmares Kido was sleeping with his younger brother in his bedroom in the same bed. So the boy fell asleep faster. Almost until the midnight lights were on in the room: Akio became afraid of the dark and confined spaces. But there are other, better changes: Kido has become much softer towards his younger brother, showing him affection and tenderness.

The next morning, Kido awakened by the feeling of emptiness aside him. Sitting up, he looked at his watch: five minutes past seven. Kido hastily dressed and came down the stairs and went into the kitchen, where Christian – fat, jolly French usually cooks. Sighing with relief, Kido leaned against the door frame and watched his younger brother.

Akio did not notice the presence of Kido, continued to prepare the breakfast. He was wearing a navy blue shorts, a white T-shirt with the words “yummy” and the apron is so big that if you look at the young boy in front, it seemed that there is nothing on except apron. Akio enthusiastically stirred the dough in the bowl, at the same time looking at the cookbook. His cheeks, fingers, and even his neck adorned with drops of cream, which has been prepared with special diligence and effort.

- Since when did you become a cook? – Kido broke down and began to speak.

Younger brother immediately jumped in surprise and smiled.

- I wanted to make a cake while you sleep — the boy frowned and sighed. – But if you’re awake, can you help me? It does not take much time. Just take it and stir the dough. Here you go.

Without waiting for a response of older brother, Akio handed him a bowl with yellow sticky content that was like nothing edible, and began to instruct him.

- Yes, like this! Ha-ha-ha! Look, your fingers smeared. Give me that! – Akio took his brother by the hand and brought it to his face.

His little tongue walked down the long finger of Kido, licking the dough and then took it into his mouth and sucked.

- Well! It seems that sugar is not enough. Can you add a couple of tablespoons?

- Do it yourself – somehow chokingly answered Kido, and all the time, did not look away from the actions of Akio.

Then he turned and walked away quickly, leaving a puzzled young boy with cookbook in the hand.

Locking himself in his office, Kido nervously lit a cigarette. Recently, strange changes began to occur. He began to behave more freely and less restrained with his younger brother. And although he remained the same impassive on others and did not show any emotion, at home everything became different. It is both irritated him, and brought him pleasure, especially now, when they were on vacation, leaving the work for Mickey and other faithful men.

- Kido, can I? – A weak, timid voice tore older brother of thought.

Straightening up, he removed the cigarette and threw away:

- Come on.

- I called you and you did not go down. So I decided to bring your breakfast here – Akio somehow guiltily bowed his head, smiled meekly to his brother and put the tray on the desk.

- Thank you – Kido took a cup of coffee, sipped, and trying not to wince, put it back.

Younger brother could not learn to mix proportions, so it has always turned unbearably bitter, smelling of burning manure.

- You know, today I want to go to the water – Akio went to the open window and leaned on the windowsill, watching the turquoise waves of the ocean, which was on the doorstep: it was necessary to pass only fifteen meters from the threshold of the house.

- Bring someone from security – Kido involuntarily slid down the graceful curve of the spine, appetizing ass exposed in the shorts.

Tight buttocks covered with thin material smoothly into a tight calf muscles, and then in a high instep. The left ankle was dangling gold chain with a small pendent – local trinket, Akio bought on a whim.

- Kido, do you hear me? – A young boy shook his head.

The warm salty wind hit him in the face, waving soft strands of hair, and Akio smiled happily.

- You know, I’ll go right now!

- Yes. Go – Kido turned and stared at the paper, even on vacation, he did not forget about business.

He tried to focus on papers, but his body with sadistic pleasure betrayed him.

- And maybe you, too, come with me? – Akio cocked his head to one side. — pretty please! I always wanted to ask you to teach me how to shoot a gun.

- Have I promised? – Kido put down the paper and looked at his brother.

Akio was sitting on the window sill, spreading her legs a little to the side and pulling a thin lock of black hair. His eyes were fixed on the beach.

- No, not promised. But you can … – The boy jumped down on the carpet and putting his most charming smile, said – Please!

As a result, the two brothers were on the beach together. And while Akio ran for fine red burgundy crab, security managed to establish a makeshift target with coconut for shooting.

- Akio! Come here – Kido waved his hand to the younger, and the young boy immediately appeared next to him, watching his every move. – Look. Become straight, stretch your arm and aim and shoot.

Not very clearly instructed Akio confused. His face was evident that he was a little confused.

- I probably will not be able to get there – he smiled apologetically, glancing at the through-hole in a coconut, which slowly emerged from the remnants of sweet milk.

- Not all at once. Let me help you – Kido got down on one knee behind Akio, laid his head on his shoulder and took his hand. – That’s it. Now, Aim …

Kido clung to his brother a little closer, inhaling the scent of his boyish body, which is mixed with the smell of vanilla and cinnamon. Smiling, he lightly touched his lips to the delicate skin on the neck, paused for a second and then bit a little.

Aauu! – Akio involuntarily jerked and pulled the trigger. – I’m so scared! What are you doing? Phew, do not scare me like that! Oh, look, I got not the target but the tree…

- Today was a wonderful day! – Akio climbed under the covers and stretched luxuriously. – I’m not even tired, can you imagine! Of course, because I did good, right? I’ve still got a coconut! This is so cool! Now I can be the same as you! Before, I even could not imagine that you will teach something. You always said that Zion does not need weapons because their body is the weapon. Do you remember? Heh-heh! I’m so happy. And today I caught crabs, have you seen, and they …

The young man did not finish, his eyes slowly began to close, and he fell asleep, snoring softly and clutched in his fist dark copper sleeve, which he picked up after his first successful shot.

Kido gently smiled and ruffled his hair. So small, so helpless, still delicate! The senior smiled and bowed and kissed the delicate shoulder. The boy squirmed and muttered incoherently:

- Crab, crab, – tightly pressed against his brother.

Kido tried to sleep, but sleep did not want to take him to his embrace. The older brother was lying with his eyes open and inhaled the sweet scent of the body of Akio. Such a delicate, fresh, it enveloped the consciousness of Kido, penetrating into every cell of his brain. Kido exhaled loudly. It felt good to touch Akio’s buttocks even through the fabric of his pajamas, which clung to his hips and slender back, the softness of the skin. No longer able to fight with himself, Kido just moved away from Akio and lifted his pajamas. With trembling fingers, he touched bare back and winced touching the scars that will always remind Akio of torn wings.

- They are already healed, but sometimes hurt somehow – at the touch of another’s hand Akio woke up and turned to face his brother. – Are you awake?

-No – Kido removed from his forehead a few strands of his brother and gently stroked his cheek. – I’m sorry for waking you up.

- No – Akio Kido smiled gratefully, his eyes appeared treacherous tears.

For brother had not noticed them, the young man put his arm around Kido’s neck and wrapped his legs around his torso.

- It’s so good to be with you. Now you do not look at me as cold as before and …

The boy could not finish. Kido took his chin, lifting it slightly and kissed his plump lips. Noticing that Akio froze and did not resist, the older brother licked his lips and slipped inside. Boy’s eyes widened and he breathed heavily. His older brother, his Kido, was kissing him on the lips, completely non-brotherly kiss, and the tongue of his brother fondling hot humid cavity of his mouth. What was it?

The morning came. Kido slowly woke up, moving away from a dream. Something warm on his hips and a part of his torso. Kido opened his eyes. Sucking on a lollipop, Akio was sitting on top of him.

- Already awake? – Kido stared at the way the young boy enthusiastically licking sweet candy as his sharp tongue flutters on the wet surface, and then a small mouth absorbs it into his mouth.

- Do you like it? – Akio pulled out a piece of candy. –I will give you If you want.

- Yes, – restraining himself breathed Kido, and the young boy obediently leaned forward and brushed his mouth with his lips, and then gently pushed it inside his mouth.

- Delicious? – Akio smiled faintly and shook his hips, and then again and again gently rubbed his ass on already risen member of his brother. Kido muffled a groan, and the boy smiled innocently.

- Brother, you took my candy. It’s not fair! I too want to!

Akio pouted, and made himself comfortable at his side. His small hands lay on older’s flat stomach and came down. Nimble fingers slid over the underwear, causing Kido another sigh.

- Mmm … – Akio, clapping his long lashes, with the angelic view bent over his hips and licked his firm flesh, and then collecting a drop of pre-come with his finger, sent it in his mouth. — It’s sweet.

With a single movement Akio took the head of the penis in the hot cavity of his mouth and sucked on it a little, as if tasting.

- You feel probably so uncomfortable – Akio quickly pulled the pants off and enthusiastically gulped.

Before his eyes showed off a beautiful big cock in a right shape, smooth, with a mushroom head which has already started to trickle thin streams of pre-come. Akio smiled and leaned over the cock. His tongue went through the sensitive skin of the penis, and then slide down, moving to the same large testicles. Taking in the mouth with difficulty, the boy gave a hard suck, and his fingers slid up and down with the movements of his head.

Finally, having played with the scrotum of brother, Akio took its head in his mouth and tried as deeply as possible. Small mouth allowed to enter only one third of the cock, but it was enough for Kido. He tried not to move his hips. Leaning back against the pillows and not holding back, he moaned:

- Oh, yes, baby brother! Yes!

His hands gripped the sheet with the force as Akio slid his mouth on throbbing cock. Swallowing it as deeply as possible, the young boy never stopped caressing the head with his tongue.

Suddenly, petting stopped, and Kido felt something cool on his penis, which was ready to burst from the strain. The man opened his eyes. Leaning over his hips, Akio was lubricating his cock thoroughly.

- What are you doing? – Kido was up on his elbows, his eyes were clouded, and blood pounding in his temples. – Stop it!

- I know you want it! – The boy had settled on thigh and looked into his eyes. – I want you to feel good. Please do not stop me …

Akio sat up a little and took Kido’s hand and slowly began to lick his long fingers. And when they were wet enough, the young man sent them down.

They call me Old Man Jaidev as if I don’t deserve a fucking proper name. I am a 77 year old horny bastard – that’s what my 19 year old grand-daughter, Nayika Jaidev, thinks after I managed to put my cock into her two weeks ago. That was crazy, I tell you! Well, what the hell was I thinking screwing that girl like that! That’s totally unholy!

But, truth be said, she loved it. I knew it from the look on her face after I pumped my milk into her. It was a wonderfully gracious moment.

But all this was two weeks ago. Since then I haven’t had any action. My wife is an old hag with a pretty flappy pussy that doesn’t work for me anymore. I am always on the lookout for tighter ones.

My balls have swollen to magnificent sizes – what with all the cum collected in there and I know that if I don’t empty them soon, they are sure to explode. So I got me some really badass gay porn DVDs. Don’t act surprised there now. Just because I messed up my grand-daughter earlier doesn’t mean that I can’t be bisexual.

Sweet thing is everyone’s gone over to the soccer finals today and so I am alone in the house. I undressed myself, shut all the windows and curtains (yeah, in that order) and then put on the first DVD in the pack. Two Brazilian studs appeared on screen and started blowing each other. I poured myself some oil and got my tool warmed up for a quite moment of blissful masturbation.

It was then that the doorbell rang and scared the daylights out of me. I quickly switched off the TV, put on my clothes and went to answer the motherfucker who rang the bell just when I was getting cozy to shag.

To my surprise, a young boy in three-quarters and a t-shirt stood on the patio. He was dark-complexioned, almost black you could say, with a short crop of hair on his head. He was athletic though and stood towering at about 5ft 9 inches. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Rahul Jaidev, Nayika’s cousin (and my grandson) and my feast for today.

“Hello, Rahul” I managed to say.

“Oh, hi, grandfather” the boy replied hastily before asking “Is Nayika there?”

“Well, no, everyone’s out at the big game”

“Any idea when she will be back?”

“Nope, I guess you have to call her and find out”

“Ok, then, see ya!”

“Wait up young man, come in and give some company to this old man”

“Well, grandfather…”

“Come and have some tea with me, at least”

And with this I pulled him in before he could change his mind. Then I shut and locked the door after him.

I served tea and biscuits but didn’t switch on the TV. The gay porn DVD was still in the player.

We made some small talk and then I feigned a sudden cramp in my left knee. Rahul quickly put me on the couch and started pressing around my knees trying to calm the pain just like innocent South-East Asian boys do.

I pulled up my loin-cloth higher than needed so that it just stopped short of showing my scrotum. I could sense the uneasiness in the boy growing.

At 21 years of age, Rahul Jaidev was almost good-looking with a slender nose and strong hands. He had the longest legs I have seen in a guy – they looked almost feminine. Also, he was hairless – and that for me, was a major turn-on.

The heat was becoming unbearable owing to the 45 degree Celsius plus temperatures outside and I removed my shirt – already soaked from the sweat. Rahul’s taut nipples protruded from under his tight T-shirt which was now wet around the chest and armpits.

“Great T-shirt you got there man! What fabric is it?” and saying that I passed my right hand over his chest and across the right nipple, pressing on it momentarily before withdrawing my hand. The boy, it seemed, was suddenly aroused.

As his hands reached my thighs, I jumped up pretending to grab the TV remote. I did this on purpose so that my cock – now almost erect – would flap out from under my loin-cloth and come into full view. It did and Rahul’s mouth dropped.

“Yeah, oh, that’s my dick there” I laughed out trying to ease the surprise. The boy stared at my bush longer than necessary and then looked at me.

“Wow” is all he managed to say.

“Now don’t act like you never seen one, son. You must have a better wallop than me under those pants of yours” I blurted out and found myself anxious about his reply to this.

“Ah, no, grandfather, mine’s a stick compared to yours” he said, not looking at me.

“Well, that demands an inspection then” I was getting hornier as these words came out of my mouth.

The boy, stood up wordlessly and with an air of someone who has just been insulted and asked to prove himself, he unzipped and pulled down his three-quarters, before tossing it on the floor. I was happy beyond belief. Things were going exactly my way now.

The boy had an incredible torso – sexy as a Greek god with muscular thighs and a fleshy chiseled butt. But a Jockey underwear still hid his manhood from view.

His black sweaty body was ravishing and I had a strong urge to lick the glistening beads of perspiration on his midriff. I moved closer to smell him better but before I could feel him he took off his underwear, not leaving any article of clothing for me remove, which I had wanted to as part of my foreplay routine.

A majestic long black penis – cut, well over 7 inches, slim with a large meaty head – came into view. A small scrotum like two ping-pong balls suspended in a soft rubber pouch hung below.

I touched his massive cock and felt the wet skin of its shaft on my palms. It was going harder as the vessels throbbed with rushing blood and it quivered in my grip. Rahul inhaled deeply trying not to orgasm yet.

I pulled him beside me on the couch and he obediently sat down. This told me he was in for whatever I had planned for our little lovemaking routine today.

I started by caressing his pubic region – sliding my finger in the narrow area between his scrotum and thighs and going all the way down to the asshole, just stopping short of penetrating it. The boy moaned airily as the pleasure spread around his hips. I withdrew the finger and observed the grey grimy dirt that it had picked from his anal region after which, I placed it near his nose for him to take in the smell.

I had decided to play the master today and let Rahul become my slave – an act he was already performing nicely. Next, I made the boy stand with his ass facing me and then asked him to bend over. His anus came into view – a lovely little glory hole – and I licked it a few times. The taste of feces – both bitter and sweet – invaded my mouth.

I sucked my index finger, wetting it, before inserting it into his anus. He almost shrieked at this, sounding very much like a woman. As I finger-fucked his asshole with the right index finger, the left hand was busy pulling down his ball sack and shagging his cock at intervals.

As we got hornier, I took off my loin-cloth and threw it aside. The boy lay on the carpeted floor near the couch as I went over him and stopped so that my cock was suspended just above his mouth. A pillow was placed under his head so that his head was raised and his lips now almost touched my cock head. He applied some Johnson & Johnsons Baby Oil on my shaft and then proceeded to give me a handjob very much in the manner of milking a cow’s udders.

I groaned and huffed as orgasm took over. But it was getting difficult holding back my cum as soon as Rahul rimmed my cock. He seemed like a pro with all the tongue strokes that he was applying including swallowing and gagging himself too. The boy was a natural.

A moment later, I felt my balls being licked and sucked. Rahul pulled on the skin of the scrotum with his teeth, applying just enough pressure so as to make the pain pleasurable.

The sound of a car honking in the driveway brought us out of our sexual trance. I quickly jumped up and looked out at the street from behind the curtains. Thankfully, it was the neighbors driving out. I walked back to Rahul and the sight of him lying naked on the floor with a spectacular penis that stood long and erect, made me hornier still. The boy would have made an amazing bitch if he was a girl instead, I thought.

I sat down between Rahul’s spread legs and oiled my cock – slowly and erotically for him to see. I sensed the passion and longing in his eyes as I slid my hand over the pulsing shaft of my cock and before long did the same to his, at which point he began moaning louder.

After our cocks were slick enough, I placed my body over his and steadily rubbed our cocks together. The boy’s breathing picked up and at one point the orgasm was so intense that he was panting. I rubbed vigorously. The feeling of two cocks rubbing over your groin was one hell of an experience and each of us was trying to hold back from giving up our milk.

As our two bodies moved rhythmically over the other, I felt a sudden desire to kiss Rahul and put my lips to his. I could see that he was teary-eyed and almost on the verge of crying – whether this was due to pain or pleasure, I never asked him. But the sight of it was beautiful in a male-bonding sort of way.

I went for his tongue and licked it softly before biting his lower lip. I tasted candy and blood at the same time. A pint of blood trickled out of his lower lip and I licked it off as it oozed out.

Then I went for his neck, lapping and kissing as the boy moaned like a schoolgirl.

Down below, I couldn’t hold from cumming any longer and stood. I moved closer to Rahul’s mouth, who was now sitting. He began sucking my cock as I fiddled with the scrotum. A splash of hot creamy semen soon emptied into his mouth and he pulled back letting some of it spill on his penis.

As he used my cum to lubricate his cock, he gulped the rest of it before sucking me dry completely.

After that I made him sit between my thighs on the large couch with his back against my stomach. I kissed his neckline while at the same time reached for his cock between his legs. He trembled when I did that and realized that the boy’s penis was way too erogenous for him.

I moved my right hand up and down his shaft and stimulated the perfect mushroom head with my fingers. At one point, he jerked and moved between my legs and this indicated that he was about to cum too.

When he did, the cumload was huge. His jiss came out in long streaks of white that travelled as far as the couch that was on the opposite side of the one we were on. His buttocks churned into my crotch and almost crushed my cock that was still semi-hard from before.

The boy’s cum was more watery and translucent than mine and it dripped over onto my hands and the leather couch seat. I rubbed my cum-stained right hand over his chest and nipples and then put a finger to my mouth in order to taste it. It was much sweeter and less pungent than mine – the kind of taste most girls loved.

Later on, we kissed deeply for another five minutes before I got Rahul into the shower and urinated on his chest.

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