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April and I spent a lot of time with Darnell. Our love of his black cock made us closer in a lot of ways. She’d spend a night with him alone and so would I and sometimes, April and I only played with each other and when she sucked me, she did so with more vigor than she had before. I attributed this to her becoming more sexually driven and found that her desire for sex often rivaled my own.

Several months had past since we shared Darnell’s cock that first time and we had grown quite comfortable with having Darnell around when we went out. Sometimes it was just a dinner at a greasy spoon but there were times when we would make a bit of a date of it. Though we never showed how intimate we truly were with him in public. April and I had grown quite fond of Darnell, our feelings for him surpassing that of a “fuck buddy” and I had twice heard her tell him she loved him and figured that she did it more often when they were alone. I loved him too and had myself told him so in private, fearing that April might become jealous of him if I did admit my feelings for him in front of her.

Now, I would never have a relationship with Darnell such as the one I had with April but I was beginning to understand that there were such a variety of relationships that it wasn’t important to define it as it were.

Unfortunately, Darnell had been feeling a bit… awkward.

April and I learned this when the three of us were returning from a rock show. Darnell had become unusually quiet and on the ride home he began to discuss just how awkward he was feeling.

“You know, you two don’t always have to take me with you to places,” he said. His demeanor was that of a saddened person.

“We like hanging out with you,” I said.

“I like hanging out with you guys too but sometimes I feel like a third wheel,” Darnell revealed.

The revelation was a bit shocking.

“I’m sorry,” I said apologetically.

“Don’t be sorry. We have fun but… when we’re out it’s Darnell and the cute white couple.” Darnell said.

I had always felt that we were inclusive but I realized that he was wanting to have intimate companionship outside of the bedroom.

“Do you want to take April on a date by yourself?” I asked. April shot me a bit of a worried look as she drove.

“No… I don’t know what I want,” he said, frustrated.

“He wants a girlfriend of his own,” April suggested.

Darnell looked at me and nodded, “I think I do.”

“That chick at the show was flirting with you, why didn’t you flirt back?” I asked, rather surprised that Darnell didn’t at least get the girl’s number.

He sighed. “Because the moment she finds out that I like sucking my friend’s dick, she’s gonna hit bricks. I don’t need that.”

“You want what April and I have,” I said.

“Exactly,” he admitted.

When we reached Darnell’s apartment parking lot, we weren’t sure if he was in a playful mood so April pulled up in front of his building and stopped the car.

“Do you want us to come up?” she asked.

Darnell didn’t hesitate. “Of course.”

April pulled the car into a free spot and soon we were in Darnell’s living room. The door hadn’t been shut a minute before I was rubbing his cock through his pants. April was more interested in finding out what kind of girl Darnell wanted.

“Do you want a girl my age?” she asked.

“I don’t care about her age,” he answered as I rubbed his hardening cock. “As long as she’s cool with what we have.”

“That’s a tall order,” April said as I unzipped Darnell’s pants.

“Speaking of tall order I joked, as I pulled his boner out.

April began rubbing his balls while I licked his cock head, teasing the hole. I had practiced deep throating Darnell and took the chance to stuff his cock deep into my throat. It swelled and I gagged but I held it.

“Have you tried a dating site,” April asked.

“No way,” Darnell said, “I’ve heard horror stories.”

“There are websites set up for bisexual people to find others that are into the bisexual lifestyle,” April said. I began to wonder how she knew this but then decided that Darnell’s cock deserved my attention.

She got up and went to his computer and began questioning him further while I sucked his cock. How old was he? How many sexual partners had he had? How big was his cock? What type of woman he liked? How wild did he like his sex? The questions were far more in depth than the average site. At one point, she had me back away and hold his cock up so she could take a photograph of it and scan it into the computer.

I gagged and slurped on Darnell for probably forty five minutes before she was done. I knew she was done because she straddled him and took his cock from me and slid it up her once tight and now well fucked pussy. I sucked on Darnell’s balls while she rode him, occasionally pulling his cock from her to taste it.

She repositioned herself so that she was facing Darnell and I rimmed her for a moment before mounting her and stuffing my cock deep into her ass. She let out a moan before she kissed Darnell deeply and I could feel his cock thrusting deep into her, his balls rubbing against mine.

I pulled out every so often so that I could admire the view of Darnell penetrating her. His cock was long and thin but the head was massive and every time he pulled out, her wetness came with it. I begged him to cum deep inside her pussy and after several minutes of deep thrusting, his cock shot a large load deep inside her. When April stood up, I cleaned Darnell and the slurped his cum from her pussy while Darnell began sucking my cock.

I loved his mouth.

We fucked off and on for a couple of hours before April and I left, both of us satisfied by our black lover.

For the next week, Darnell and I didn’t get a chance to hang out. I had long shifts because of holidays. April visited with him most every night and when she came home, we were both too tired to play around with each other.

Sunday rolled around and we got a call from Darnell. He’d gotten a couple responses from the dating site but wanted our input.

When we arrived, he had the site open and was clicking through several profiles.

Three caught his eye. Two of them were women around April’s age. Their profiles displayed their eagerness to have black men but they hadn’t mentioned anything about bisexual men. The third however, was an older black woman who wanted to play with an open minded man or men. Her pictures caught Darnell’s eye because she was pierced in several places and he had never seen such piercings in person.

“Should I chance the young chicks or go for the woman that seems like she knows what she likes?” he asked us. He was so happy.

April and I both agreed on the older black woman and Darnell sent a response.

Now, this was late Sunday. Most everyone is getting ready for bed because of work on Monday so Darnell wasn’t expecting a response for a couple days. To his delight though, Cleo, which was what she called herself on the site, was not just up but was on and she responded back with a simple “when? Where?”

Within an hour, there was a knock at Darnell’s door. April and I agreed to only stay long enough to meet Cleo before we would excuse ourselves. When she entered, we were all surprised. She was shapely and her hair was long except for one side that was buzzed short. She wore colored contacts and was dressed moderately for the season.

“Hello!” Cleo said delightfully.

“Hey,” Darnell said in return.

When she stepped in she took a look at April and I and smiled. He lip and nostril was pierced and the sparkled.

“Hi,” I said, rather shyly. I couldn’t help but think that I had seen a close up shot of her pierced vagina.

“Cleo, these are my friends, April and Thurston,” Darnell said, introducing us.

“Were y’all busy? I hope I wasn’t interrupting! I was just glad to find someone close and well…. it’s be a minute since I’ve been out,” she said. It was apparent that she was excited.

“Nah,” April said, “We were just getting ready to head out.”

Cleo made a sad face and said, “Well, it was nice meeting you two.”

“You too,” I said as April and I headed out the door. I smiled at Darnell and he gave me the look that he was excited. I was happy for him.

A few hours later, we got a call from Darnell. He wanted us to come by. April and I were almost about to go to bed but we knew it had to be something special for Darnell to have called us.

When we arrived, Darnell was naked and his cock was dangling and wet from sex. He ushered us into the other room where Cleo was waiting, fully naked.

“When I read that Darnell was bi I thought he was on the DL, I didn’t realize you two knew he was bi and that he’d fucked you both or I would have begged you to stay,” she admitted. “I’ve always wanted to watch a white boy take a BBC.”

April seemed less shocked than I was and she began undoing my pants.

Cleo came over and helped April undress me before helping April get out of her clothes. I watched Darnell stroked as he watched us and soon I felt Cleo’s hands on me. I looked at April to see if she minded but she was guiding Cleo’s hands around my ass. “He can take BBC better than I can,” she said to Cleo.

Cleo’s tits were a bit bigger than April’s and they were pierced. I leaned down and put one of the nipples in my mouth and Cleo let out a moan. The two guided me over to Darnell and I wasted no time stuffing his cock deep into my trained throat. Cleo watched excitedly and I happened to catch April’s hands exploring Cleo.

I pulled Darnell’s cock from my throat and offered it up to Cleo who took over voraciously then passed it to April. Darnell knew we were all his bitches for the night.

The slurping sounds were loud and they aroused me and soon I could feel Cleo’s hands touching my erection.

“I never fucked a white boy,” she said while April sucked on Darnell. “I can’t believe you guys live in this city!” She seemed rather elated to have found us.

She played with my foreskin while April and I took turns sucking on Darnell. His precum tasted so sweet. He knew how much I loved it and April fingered him so he produced more than average. I slurped all I could from his cock, relishing the flavor.

I turned to April and kissed her, letting Darnell’s sweetness pass to her then I got on all fours and lifted my ass in the air. Cleo and Darnell took turn rimming me while April sucked on Darnell’s pole. Cleo’s fingers invaded me and she massaged me deep. I imagined that she’d done it before by how well she knew how to rub my insides.

Darnell got behind her and stuffed his cock into her pussy and she let out a moan that told me that she too was in love with his cock. I could have spent the entire evening just watching him fuck April and Cleo with his lovely cock but I was lucky because Darnell had fallen in love with my ass.

Before too long, Cleo spoke up. “I wanna see that dick destroy his white ass.

Darnell obliged and pulled his cock from her and mounted me. She got underneath for a better view and soon, I could feel the thick head of his cock penetrate me.

“Dayum!” Cleo said, “I think his ass was built for black dick!”

“It was,” I admitted as his length entered me completely. My cock dripped and Cleo rubbed it.

“The first time I watched them fuck I couldn’t believe how much Thurston could take,” April admitted.

“Girl you should be talking less and eating my pussy more,” Cleo said in a joking yet demanding way.

I looked back and watched April bury her face between Cleo’s legs, forcing myself back into Darnell harder and harder.

“Oh Darnell!” I moaned and his hands gripped me tighter.

“I’m taking care of you,” he said.

“You fucking are,” I admitted.

“Damn you’re a freaky white boy!” Cleo said. “I love it.”

Cleo’s mouth took in my cock and her lips sealed tight around its base and she began to suck hard. I was panting heavily and each thrust from Darnell forced more and more precum into Cleo’s insatiable throat. Her tongue piercing massaged my glands and tease my pee hole.

Darnell swelled inside me and he unloaded his cum in several jets, filling up my ass. I felt like such a gratified whore.

As he pulled out, Cleo cleaned him off then she rimmed me while I watched April eat her pussy.

I thought about how much we’d done in those few months. April and I had gone from having rather vanilla sex to being the vanilla in a fudge ripple of lust.

I hoped that Cleo would stick around. I hoped that maybe Cleo and I could play alone sometimes because she was so freaky. I hoped that that would be the way our life was from that point on.

Things change though.

This is a true story of my first bi experience.

It was the spring of 2010, I was living at the time with one of my best friends. I was 26 and he was 25.

My room mate “Matt” was about 6’3″ kinda dark and muscular. I am 5’9″ light and thinner. I have always considered myself straight and had never been with a guy, however I did often check out gay and tranny porn. I never really found myself attracted to Matt, until this incident.

Matt was dating a girl named Lindsay at the time.

She was 23, very cute, small about 5’2 maybe 100 pounds with dark brown hair and very small breasts.

Lindsay would often have a few drinks then start flirting, usually with me. I never really took her seriously until that Friday night.

I had went out to a few bars that night, my girlfriend at the time, was visiting her parents out of state, so I was flying solo. I got home around 11pm and I saw Lindsay’s car in the drive.

I went inside, as usual the house was dark and Matt’s bedroom door was closed (his room was across the hall from mine) I knew when the door was closed, they were having sex.

I went in my room, closed the door and stripped down to my boxer briefs and a t shirt, turned on the TV and got into bed.

About 10 min later my door slowly opened. It was Lindsay. She was wearing one of Matt’s t shirts and nothing else. That got my attention. But I figured she was just playing with me again.

She hopped on the bed and asked me what I did all night and what bars I went to. She seemed a little nervous and more direct touching my leg through the sheet. I thought at first Matt fell asleep and she wanted to play around (which would have been ok with me) but then she grabbed my arm and said,

“Come with me.” Tugging me.

I got out of bed and she lead me across the hall to Matt’s room.

It was dark except for the TV which had a porn DVD playing. Matt was laying on the bed with just the sheet over his lap.

“Whats up dude?” He said to me.

“Play with us.” Lindsay said, before I could say anything. I asked Matt if it was ok. He said,

“I told her to go get you.”

She took off the shirt and my heart was racing. I wondered if I was dreaming.

She pulled the sheet off Matt. For the first time I saw his cock. It was very big I could see pretty well from the bright TV in the room. He was about 7″ and he had just a little hair at the base. Seeing them both naked was very.very hot.

Lindsay got between his legs and started sucking him. I took off my undies and shirt and got closer to her, never having done this I wasn’t sure what to do. when I got closer she kind of looked back at me and lifted her butt up, I thought, well here I go and I leaned down and licked her pussy from behind.

It tasted amazing. Her sweat and juice mixed together. I got hard immediately and started to stroke my cock a little. After a few minutes of tasting her she stops sucking him and looks back at me. She patted the bed next to him and said.

“Here, sit here.” She motioned.

I thought she meant next to him, so she could suck me too. When I started to sit next to him she said,

“No, put your head here.” She patted the bed right next to his lap, opposite her.

At this point I was beginning to wonder what was going to happen. I had never been that close to another guys cock before.

She sucked some more while she looked at me. I was so turned on at this point I could have shot a load just watching.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth and said,

“Your turn.” I wanna watch you two now.

I just about died, I was shocked and turned on at the same time. I looked at Matt and asked him if that was ok.

“Go for it Jay.” He said.

It was like every dirty porno I had jerked off watching was actually happening. I just thought, I have to try this.

I put my hand on it and jerked him a little then I put the head in my mouth. I remember it tasted a little like Lindsay’s lip gloss. (Which I kinda liked) His cock was big but I was surprised how easy it was to suck. It was smooth and very warm.

I was also surprised how hard I was getting while I was sucking him. It was so wrong and dirty, but so damn hot. I was loving it. I looked up at him and he was looking right at me, watching me take it in my mouth.

For awhile I was in the “zone” and could hardly tell you what Lindsay was doing. It was about he and I at that point.

Lindsay was watching from the edge of the bed, playing with her pussy. She moved kinda opposite me and straddled Matt’s leg and rubbed her pussy on it. I noticed her doing that and I really liked how erotic she looked.

I remember thinking am I really sucking his cock?

then I would hear her say,

“Do you like Jay on your cock Matt?”

I would come back to reality. After what seemed like a very long time of me sucking his cock, he began to breath heavier and thrust his hips more.

I knew he was going to cum soon and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to taste another guys load, but I was curious and very turned on.

After about 5 min Matt said

“Damn dude your gonna make me cum.”

“Shit, I’m fucking cumming for you Jay.”

Hearing those words from him almost made me cum as well.

He leaned back a little and I stroked him faster. I got a little of his cum in my mouth, but I let the rest shoot onto his stomach. I was surprised that it didn’t taste bad, and it made the event even naughtier. Part of me really wanted to lick it right off him, but I decided to hold back a little and make sure it was OK with him. Lindsay asked me if i tasted it. I said a little. she asked if it was good. I nodded and she rubbed her pussy even more. (she told me later it made her really hot)

I decided, I’ve come this far, and I leaned over and licked a little off his stomach.

“You like that huh?” she asked me.

“I guess I do.” I said

Lindsay slid off his leg and Matt got up and said he needed a drink and a shower. I felt like I needed permission to keep playing with her, but I decided not to ask. He walked out of the room and that was all the permission I thought I needed.

I told Lindsay I really wanted to fuck her and had thought about her and jerked off so many times. She kissed me and stroked my cock a little.

She opened her legs and rubbed her clit.

“Put it in me babe.”

Lindsay laid down Missionary and continued to talk dirty, as I slide my cock in her soaked pussy. I wanted to cum so bad, but I held back awhile. I was actually still a little nervous about Matt walking back in and seeing me fucking his girlfriend without him.

Lindsay was saying all the nasty shit I wanted to hear. Asking me If I liked sucking her boyfriends cock and how his cum tasted.

She was rubbing her clit like crazy while I fucked her, after a few minutes her pussy tightened around my cock when she had an orgasm.

She moaned out and her pussy got a little looser.

I knew she didn’t cum so hard because I’m such a stud, but because she liked watching me suck Matt. But that was fine with me.

She asked me how I wanted her so I could cum.

She said I couldn’t cum in her or in her mouth, because that’s only for her boyfriend.

I asked her if I could pull out, and she said,

“Yes, but make sure none gets in my pussy.”

I ended up having her lay flat on her stomach on the bed. I slide it in her pussy from behind her. She moved her legs together which made her very tight. I was so turned on and nervous still about Matt coming back, that I didn’t last long.

I pulled out and shot a huge stream of cum all over her butt.

I got some tissue from the night stand and helped her clean up. she got up, kissed me on the cheek and said how hot that was. She left the room and went to get in the shower with Matt. I took that as my time to leave, so I snagged her panties off the floor and in a moment of lust, I grabbed Matt’s underwear off the bed, for my later alone time and went back to my bedroom.

When I got back in my room I had to check those undies out. I was lucky to see that hers were nice and damp and his had a nice little bit of dry pre cum in them.

I jerked off with both of them for several weeks after, thinking about our evening together.

The next day, It was a little weird with Matt and I. But we broke the ice later talking about how hot Lindsay is and how lucky we were over beers.

We played a few more times after this, all of us and just Matt and I, but this was the first time and my absolute favorite.

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