gay d/s

The Craigslist title was almost too good to be true. Two Dom Tops. Not only that, but they lived less than five miles away from me! I had never answered a Craigslist add before, but I answered this one and I am glad I did.

Living in a small, rural community does not bode well for someone craving male-to-male sex. Evidently, it does not bode well for two buys living together that are both tops. John and Jake had met a few months earlier and after moving to this small town, they were the only game in town for each other. However, they were both craving something the other was reluctant to give, so they advertised on Craigslist. When I answered their ad, they quickly asked to meet at a neutral location on a Saturday afternoon to see if we were compatible. I met them at a local city park, and after some small talk and nervous banter, they asked if I would like to come back to their place. I quickly agreed.

I followed in my car to an old two-story house outside of the small town. It was isolated, well kept, and had a beautiful view of the bay from their hilltop view. John had rented the house from a local realty a few months earlier. He worked at the County Courthouse in the records room and Jake was looking for work. John was 40, tall, dark, and handsome at 6’2″ and about 220. Jake was also about 40, only about 5’6″ and could not have weighed more than 130 pounds. You would have thought that with Jake’s effeminate voice, he would have been the bitch, but his size was nothing more than a decoy for a true stud. At that time, I was 50, 6’0″, 220 pounds, bearish, with 6.5″ cut inches with a slight twist to the left. It had been about 8 years since I had any male-to-male contact.

When we arrived at the house, both men made me comfortable, treating me courteously and assuring me that all they wanted was a pleasurable time for all concerned. I was seated between them on the couch and we were all drinking merlot from a local winery. Before I made it through the first sip, John kissed me hard on the mouth and while we made out Jake disappeared. John was an expert in taking it slow and finding out what made me tick. His hands caressed my neck, my side, and my tummy before ever squeezing my hard package through my Levi’s. I was enjoying the royal treatment. Jake rejoined us after going to get some necessary supplies such as lube and towels. They stripped me slowly, and once John got his strong hands on my ass cheeks, I knew that I was going to love what was in store. That was when I interrupted… “Your ad says you are both Dom Tops.” I said.

“We are,” replied Jake, “But we don’t want to scare you away so we figured we would make love to you. What would you like?”

” I would like to give you guys exactly what you are craving. I have experienced being a submissive fucktoy for two men before, and loved it.” I shyly said.

With that, Jake took me by the hand and John picked up my clothes. I was led upstairs in the old farmhouse to a large room, which was probably the main bedroom upstairs back in the day. However, in the room was only a twin-sized bed with a beautiful wrought iron headboard, a couple of chairs, and an ottoman. The ottoman seemed out of place, but I found out later why it was there.

“Welcome to our playroom,” said John, “You are the first guest we have had up here, and we hope that you have as good a time as we are going to have.” While he was talking, Jake was placing fleece-liked leather cuffs on my wrists. Each cuff had a D-ring. “Are you nervous?” asked John.

“No,” I smiled

“Are you up for an all-nighter?” Jake asked.

“I am up for anything you guys wish to do, with the exception of killing me or leaving permanent marks.” I said.

Both men laughed and smiled, comforting me and assuring me that they wanted to make it good for me too. It was at that point that I was told to sit on the ottoman. John slowly disrobed. He was muscular, with thick matted black hair on his chest. After kicking off his shoes, he slid his pants down. His semi-erect cock was slightly bigger than normal. He stroked it to hardness standing in front of me. When I reached for it, Jake quickly pulled my hands behind my back and clipped the D-rings together. John rubbed his swollen, purplish cockhead against my lips and I willingly opened my mouth and tongued slow, clockwise circles around the ridge of the head. After a few seconds, he lovingly cupped the back of my head and pushed deep into my mouth. I did not gag and he was pleased at this. “I think we have a cocksucker!” exclaimed John.

“Good,” said Jake, “Let me have a spin.”

John pulled out of my mouth and I saw Jake nude for the first time. For a man of small stature he was given at least one gift by nature. His swollen cock was not proportional to his body. It was thicker than Johns, and at least three inches longer. Being totally shaved made it look even more huge. Jake laid me down on my back so my head was over the edge of the ottoman. He inserted his cock into my mouth and slowly rocked forward. I took him in to about the base of his circumcision scar before he stopped and pulled out slightly. I worked on him with my tongue. While this was going on, John knelt down between my legs and hoisted them over his shoulder. He played with my balls while he worked a lubed finger into my ass.

“Oooooh! A tight one!” John said giddily.

“You go first and stretch him out for me.” Jake said.

With that, Jake pulled out of my mouth and John bent me over the ottoman. Jake unhooked my D-rings and hooked them to cables looped around the feet of the ottoman. My knees were comfortably on the floor, my turgid cock was pinned against the leather ottoman, and my arms were stretched tight along the sides of the small piece of furniture, which was to serve as my fuck-stool.

John had only stretched me with one finger. I prayed that he lubed himself before entering. Jake grasped my hair gently and raised my head so he could make eye contact as John entered. John ran his swollen head through my crack, teasing me, making me anticipate. Then he grasped his cock and pressed firmly against my tight opening. I gasped when the head stretched me out enough to pop in. Jake smiled as he watched my face, “its turning red, John,” Jake said, referring to my face.

“He is so fucking tight. You are going to love this.” John said as he pushed deep inside me.

John set up a steady pace. Jake held my head up and I closed my eyes to concentrate. Jake slapped my face, “Open your eyes, little girl. I want to watch the look in your eyes as John fucks you.” There was coldness to his voice, and I obediently opened my eyes and stared at the bridge of his nose. I dared not make eye contact.

The pain shooting through my anal opening had subsided and now I was feeling pleasure from the assault of John’s thrusts. Music was playing and John was fucking me to the tempo. I found out later that John and Jake both had music of their choosing to fuck by. John liked soft rock. Jake liked classical. I always thought of Blue Bayou as a slow song, but when it came on it was obvious that it was John’s finishing song. I took a deep breath as he ravaged me to the song, deeply stroking with full strokes. He made it almost halfway through the song before shuddering and groaning. He came deep inside of me and collapsed on top of me.

Jake unhooked my cuffs from the feet of the ottoman and led me to the bathroom. He ordered me to empty myself of John’s cum. I was a little self-conscious as he watched me, but I knew better than to say anything. I cleaned myself off with tissue, then Jake handed me a wet washcloth to thoroughly do the job. John walked in and handed Jake something. John grasped my hair and pulled me roughly over, bent at the waist, and I felt something cold pressing into my ass. Jake inserted two ice cubes inside of me and ordered me to hold them inside.

I was led back out to the bedroom where I was placed on my back on the twin bed. My wrists were attached to the headboard and my throbbing cock was coated with pre-cum. Jake sat at the edge of the bed and pinched my nipples roughly. When my cock jumped, he said,”You like that, don’t you?”

I nodded my head yes, as he lowered his mouth to my swollen left nipple and began chewing on it. He stroked my cock and it took me only about 10 seconds to cum. Jake looked at me with displeasure, “You are going to pay for that.” Jake said.

John quickly climbed on top of me facing down, pressing his ass crack against my face. I began to lick obediently, rimming him as he raised my legs and held them in place under his arms. I was now fully exposed to Jake. My cock and balls were helpless, and I did my best to hold in the water from the melted ice cubes. I felt a sharp pain on my ass and heard a loud “pop.” Jake was spanking my helpless ass with a leather strap. Carefully placed blows made me jerk under John’s strong frame, but my head was trapped between his calves as my tongue continued its work. Jake was an expert with the strap. His blows landed on my ass in virtually the same place every time. Left cheek… right cheek… left cheek.. right cheek… Then it happened. I could not help it. All of a sudden, some of the water ran out of my stretched and violated ass on to the bed linens.

John got up off me. Jake knelt between my thighs and hoisted my ankles over his shoulders. He looked into my eyes as he rubbed his unlubed cockhead against my sore anal opening, “NO” I cried, “Please, you can fuck me all night long if you want, but please lube me up first.”

” Can we do anything we want, all night long?” John asked. I nodded my head yes. Anything to avoid having Jake tear my ass with that huge knobbed shaft.

“Okay… get the camera,” said Jake, “I want a permanent record of this.”

While Jake stretched me out with two, then three lubed fingers, John set up the tripod about 10 feet from the left foot of the bed.

“Put on my music…” said Jake. As John went for the player, Jake rubbed his lubed fingers across, then in to my mouth. I sucked on them submissively as he guided himself in to my awaiting ass.

When he was all the way in, John put a cd in the player. When he hit play, I recognized the tune immediately. Ravel’s Bolero. Jake fucked me to the easy tempo of the music and it felt heavenly. His large cock slid easily in and out of me. I made sure to look in his eyes while he fucked me. I saw the joy on his face. As the music got louder, his thrusts got firmer, but went the same tempo. When the percussion fired up toward the end, Jake went in double-time to the music and exploded deep inside me. He held himself inside me for what seemed like minutes, until he went soft and his cock popped out of me.

John undid my shackles and removed the cuffs. They led me to the bathroom where we took a long, hot shower.

For the remainder of the evening we went down to their bedroom. I was in between them, being held, being loved, as the video feedback played of our adventure together. After we watched the video, it became apparent from my swollen cock that I was in need of some attention. John gave me the best blowjob I ever had, and when Jake chewed on my nipples, I shot into John’s mouth. John kissed me and gave me my load, which I greedily swallowed. We fell asleep.

On Sunday morning, John awakened me. He was spooning with me, and his hard cock was wedged between my cheeks. I obediently lifted my right cheek to give him access. He lubed himself and eased in to me. He made love to me so deliciously that I came with his cock inside me. Before I left that day, Jake made love to me too. He was an expert cocks-man.

I was invited back the next weekend, and we had many adventures over the next few months. I was a willing participant in all their ideas, and I got to experience orgasms that were more than satisfying! After my initial trip to see John and Jake, I became their weekly fucktoy. One Saturday afternoon in particular stands out in my memory, so I would like to share that day with you.

They greeted me together, but Jake had to go to town and would not be back until later that night, leaving me alone with John for the afternoon. I had no qualms with that, as John had a way of knowing what made me tick. As Jake got into the car to leave, he mentioned to John that he wanted me in one piece when he got back. That made me tingle with anticipation.

John brought me in to the house and was very talkative and friendly. “I have something special planned for you today, but only if you are open to it?” He said in an almost too gleeful manner.

“I would love for you to surprise me.” I said, wanting to play along with him and let him lead the way.

“Good,” he replied. And with that, we walked into the bathroom together.

John asked me to disrobe for him. Once I was completely naked, he placed the familiar fleece lined leather cuffs around my wrists and pinned them together behind my back. He then placed a ball-gag in my mouth and cinched it tightly behind my head. He then guided me to straddle the towel he had previously laid on the edge of the tub. I obediently lay across the towel, one foot in the tub, one foot on the floor.

“I have a special concoction I am going to clean you out with today,” he said as he began to prepare his cleansing equipment. I had douched at home in anticipation, and lubed myself just in case things got crazy fast, but was quiet as I knew he wanted to do this for me. He lubed the long, thin nozzle attached to the enema hose, then gently guided it inside me, holding it deeply in place as he let the clamp go. The warm liquid slowly filled me. He slowly fucked me with the nozzle and chuckled as my cock grew and was pinned between me and the towel.

“It is my own special cleansing brew, Alan. One quart water, one cup white wine, and ½ cup of baby oil.” The liquid filled me, and I tried to tell him that I was full, but there was no stopping him. I took the entire contents of the bag, and before I could even think about letting any out he quickly pushed a lubed anal plug inside of me. I was not prepared for the sudden assault on my opening and I groaned in pain for several seconds after the plug found its home.

John lifted me up and held me close to him as he told me what was going to happen next. “I am going to remove the gag now, but you will not say a single word. Understood?” he said. I nodded. He untied the gag and the drool-soaked toy was placed in the sink. At that point, John sat down on the edge of the tub and began stroking my rock hard shaft. “As soon as you cum, I will allow you to expel.”

John slowly stroked me with one hand and played with my balls with the other, cupping them, kneading them, tugging them. The mixture inside me was causing my stomach to cramp, but I fought against the feeling of the pain and tried my hardest to cum so I could get rid of the liquid trapped inside me. I closed my eyes and fantasized about my first time being fucked in a bathhouse and I came. I came so hard I got dizzy and fell back against the sink cabinet. John unclipped my cuffs and told me to empty myself, and then come to his room.

I quickly sat on the toilet and pulled the plug from inside of me. The water rushed quickly out of me. I waited for a minute to make sure I was empty, and am glad I did, for another gushing came out. It must have been suspended in my colon. I cleaned myself and made the walk to John’s room. He was waiting for me, still fully clothed. He placed a spreader bar around my ankles, which kept my feet about 3 feet apart. He then guided me to lay face first on the bed and to grasp the headboard and not let go.

He took a baby wipe and ran it through my crevasse, twisting it and making sure my anal opening was nice and clean. “I wanted to do this to you since the first time we met, Alan, but I didn’t want Jake to know I do this,” he whispered. He then spread my cheeks and ran his tongue playfully against my puckered hole. I groaned in pleasure and shock as he lovingly rimmed me for what seemed like hours.

I said, “That feels soooooo good.” I had totally forgotten that John had ordered me not to speak.

“You little whore,” John said, you little fucking whore… I told you not to speak!” He quickly left the room and I lay there terrified. He came back with the ball-gag and put it back on. “I gave you a chance. I was being nice to you and you had to ruin it,” he said as he hooked the D-rings from my wrist restraints to their respective clips on my spreader bar. I was now bent over painfully with my shoulders bracing me against the bed, my feet on the floor (and my head almost on the floor as well).

The blood rushed to my head, and the effects of the white wine being felt as well, dizzying me as I heard him pull his belt out of the belt loops. There was no counting, there was no game going on here. For the next 30 seconds or so he beat my ass with his belt. My muffled grunts and cries came to no avail. John beat my ass for disobedience. Then he suddenly stopped. What happened next was very much of a blur.

John had thrown a blanket over my doubled-over body and carried me outside. When the blanket was removed, I knew where he had taken me… the barn. John unlocked my wrists from the spreader bar and pinned them together behind my back. He placed the blanket over a hay bale and roughly pushed me face down on the bale in a kneeling position. John unbuttoned his 501′s and slid them down to his knees before quickly mounting me. He pushed in to me with only the remnants of the lube from the nozzle and from his tongue. His thick cock burned as it entered, but the baby oil on the inside of me coated his cock. He jackhammered quickly in and out of me, and then set up a slower but powerful pace. He pushed in completely on each stroke, and withdrew almost completely before slamming home again. My muffled groans and cries echoed in the barn as he kept slamming in, pressing me against the bale. The striping my ass had taken was felt on every thrust, and my cries just egged him on. In no less than three minutes, since he pushed me down on the bale he unloaded deep inside of me, collapsing on top of me.

John got up and left me there in that exposed condition, trembling, exhausted, and somewhat chilly. About an hour later, Jake arrived. I was relieved. I thought Jake would untie me and let me clean up. On the contrary,

Jake said, “Looks like you were a bad boy. Looks like John had to punish you for something.” Right then, John appeared in the doorway of the barn.

“He was being a little whore, and not following directions,” John said. “I needed to show the little slut who was boss.”

” I can see from the welts on his ass and the cum trail down his thigh just how much you must have shown him,” Jake said as he knelt down behind me. He used the edge of the blanket to wipe John’s seed away from my stretched rosebud, then he spit directly on to the little pink ring. “I think I will fuck him just like this,” he said as he slid down his pants to reveal that monster cock of his. I closed my eyes for the pain I was anticipating, as Jake’s cock was almost as thick as my wrist and at least nine inches. I gasped as he pushed his head slowly in to me. He knowingly eased off a little, pulling back and letting me stretch to accommodate his girth. He then took baby strokes. Each stroke let him in a little deeper, and the baby oil inside me was enough to coat him. In about a minute, he was taking long, slow strokes and filling me with a pressure I had not felt in a long time. On one long stroke, Jake pushed some air out of me. I had never had this happen to me before, having air pushed out of me and the loud farting noise that accompanied.

“What the fuck…” Jake said as he pulled out of me. He looked at his cock to make sure it was clean, and then pushed inside me again. Again, the rush of air was pushed out of me, making a long, loud sound. This time, Jake stayed inside. My velvet glove almost served as a vacuum in conjunction with his cock. I now felt the pressure when he withdrew, and felt comfortably full when he pushed inside me deep. Jake fucked me slowly. He reached down and kneaded my ass cheeks as he fucked me. The stinging reminder of the whipping I had took suddenly brought my cock to life. I moaned with pleasure as Jake fed me his cock, inch by inch. Jake pulled my chest up off the hay bale and held me tightly to his chest as he fucked me. It was almost too much for me to handle, as his massive cock pressed down firmly against my prostate on each stroke. I nearly lost consciousness from the intensity. Jake held himself deep inside me and gave me the courtesy of a reach-around. I exploded all over the blanket in seconds. Jake lowered me back down and fucked my limp body for several minutes before he came deep inside me.

A story of a discovery about myself that occurred once one a camping trip.

It had been a great weekend camping with two friends. We had hiked miles into a relatively secluded section of National Forest and camped beside a beautiful little trout stream. There had been plenty of fishing, sitting around the campfire telling stories, and of course all of the sex that any of us could want. Ted, Chuck (or C.K. as he preferred to be called), and I have known each other since before high school. Somewhere along the line we all discovered that we liked boys as well as girls, and later found out that we weren’t the only one in the world who felt that way, and this discovery added another and deeper dimension to our friendship.

Ted and C.K. are both fairly dominant in both their gay and hetero activities, while I tend to be very submissive. This works out well because for example they get off on tying and torturing me while I get off on them doing it.

It was early afternoon when the experience I’m going to tell you about began. The day had begun as do most of the days on any trip we take; I had sucked both C.K. and Ted’s early morning wood until they had shot their first load of the day. After a leisurely breakfast it was out fishing for our lunch. It took a few hours to catch enough for a decent meal so it was near lunch time by the time they were cleaned, a fire built, and the fish fried. They were delicious with just a little salt and pepper, and devoured with fresh berries and a few apples from a tree about a half mile away, plus cold clear water from the stream. After the few minutes of cleanup the simple meal required the three of us relaxed.

It’s usually about this time that the real fun for the day begins, and I knew that the wheels were turning in both the heads of both other men. Pretty soon C.K. gave me a kick and said simply “Strip”. I hastily slid out of my shorts and tee shirt and from experience knew to kneel in front of the men. No sooner was I kneeling than I was commanded to get up and fetch the spare tent pegs, mallet, and some cord.

When I returned to my masters with the required items I was pushed down onto the sand and staked out spread eagled with one stake at each hand and foot, one attached to the collar they had locked on me as soon as we left the city, and one ominously between my legs in line with my now fully erect cock. After unhooking my collar from it’s stake C.K. knelt over my chest and grabbing my hair pulled my mouth onto his dick. I again licked and sucked his manhood until his rapid breathing told me he was about to cum. As he began shooting he pushed my head back off his cock and let his hot jism spray my face. As soon as he was through, and had used my mouth to clean himself he got up and was replaced by Ted. While Ted was using my face as a fuck hole C.K. fashioned a noose out of another piece of cord. Before Ted finished he had snugged the noose around my ball sack and used a bungee cord to hook it to the stake between my legs, pulling my balls out tightly and making my cock even harder and me more desperate to climax.

Ted soon finished and sprayed another load onto my dripping face. As he got up he bent down and “twanged” the bungee cord, stretching my balls even more and violently shaking them side-to-side as the cord vibrated. Both men returned to the shade and relaxed, watching me and doubtless thinking of what to do next.

Events took an unexpected but exciting turn at this point when a couple of other hikers came out of the woods about 20 feet upstream of us. They were a man and a woman, both about our age (mid 20′s) and both were in shape and attractive. After a word between themselves they turned and joined C.K. and Ted in the shade.

After a few words that I couldn’t hear the girl came and stood over me looking at me completely dispassionately. After a few moments she slid out of her shorts and settled herself onto my cock alternately lifting herself until only the head remained in her wet pussy and then grinding herself all the way down until I thought the extra weight would actually pull my balls off. This went on for a minute as she obviously got more and more excited. Before I could cum she stood up, looked at her partner, and said simply “Fuck me.” Quickly he slid out of his shorts and pushing her up against a tree buried his cock into her pussy. They fumbled each other’s shirts off as he thrust into her, and soon I could see his seed running down the inside of her thighs as he pistoned her twat.

As soon as he pulled out she returned and squatted over my head, commanding me to clean his cum out of her. I eagerly lapped up his spunk along with her juices, cleaning her hairless pussy thoroughly.

She stood over me once again, and slowly lit a cigarette. As she smoked she looked thoughtfully at me. She squatted beside me, and as she smoked she pinched and twisted my nipples, watching my reaction to the pleasure / pain she caused. Then without warning she leaned over me and touched the glowing end of her cigarette to the head of my cock. I yelled in surprise and pain as the agony seared thru me along with an entirely unexpected rush of pleasure and release, and I don’t know who was more surprised when the first huge gob of cum shot out of my dick and hit her squarely in the face! I continued to shoot wad after wad despite the pain and had what was probably the strongest orgasm of my life as I lay there spread eagled beside the stream with an angry red welt growing on the end of my dick.

The five of us played more that afternoon and evening, and my mouth and ass were used and abused wonderfully, but nothing compared to the climax I had just experienced.

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