gay cowboy

There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.


Tanner and Randy had gotten to know Tanner’s uncle and his husband quite well after they helped Tanner come out to his parents. Not only had that brought the family back together, the reunion had given Randy and Tanner another, more established couple, to talk to when questions arose. It wasn’t that the boys were having trouble, or that Rob and Ian were the epitome of normalcy, but it was still good to see another couple who had already been through the same thing. Their new friendship with each other helped a few times when questions had come up. Oddly enough they had bonded with their opposites. Tanner got along great with Ian, and Randy seemed to prefer Rob’s company. It wasn’t that they didn’t all get along — they did — but they seemed to split up in those pairs.

The new found closeness also translated from a loose invitation to the older couples’ wedding, to a place in the wedding party and plane tickets to get them to Seattle. The rest of Tanner’s family had been invited too, but they hadn’t been able to get away from the ranch for that many days. Tanner also thought his parent’s didn’t want their reunion with his uncle to be at the wedding. They probably needed to have a serious talk, and a wedding wasn’t the right place. But they had sent gifts with Tanner for the wedding couple. Tanner refocused on the bowtie Randy had helped him tie, as he tried to get it to sit more comfortably on his neck.

Tanner shifted uncomfortably in his tux. The layers of starched clothing wasn’t so much the problem as the nervousness at being in his uncle’s wedding. Randy had gotten off lucky – he was an usher – but Rob and Ian asked Tanner to be one of Rob’s groomsmen. The whole logistics of the thing were humorous: two grooms, each with five groomsmen, who weren’t all male. The arrangements were enough to confuse anyone although the other people in the wedding party took the unusual arrangement in stride.

“They’re a bitch, aren’t they!”

Tanner turned to see Ian’s niece, Rene, who was also dressed in a tuxedo. A tux was fitting, considering she was one of Ian’s groomsmen. She was dressed as a counterpoint to Tanner in a white tux with black shirt and cufflinks. At some point during all the planning the couple had decided one groom and all his wedding party would wear white, and the other all black. Tanner agreed the color choices made it easy to tell who went with whom.

“It’s not as bad as the cummerbund, though. I don’t care what Randy says, they feel like a girdle,” said Tanner with a chuckle as he tugged at the uncomfortable piece of clothing.

“Come on you two. It’s time for the groomsmen to file in,” said Ian.

Tanner and Rene moved, knowing where they should be, since Ian had been drilling everyone all week on the processional, which Tanner had to admit, wasn’t the worst idea ever. It wasn’t like there was anything like a traditional gay marriage. So a lot of decisions had to be made. But the couple had agreed on the details long before the event and it was just a matter of teaching everyone else what they wanted.

The twin lines of groomsmen walked lock step down the church aisle. The sanctuary of the Episcopal Church was awash in fresh flowers and origami cranes that Ian asked each guest make and add to the decorations. Ian’s father was Welsh, but his mother had survived the Japanese internment camps and so they were a tribute to her. As the wedding party made their way down the aisle and split to each side, the piano solo ended and quiet descended on the church.

The day had dawned into a rare sunny late fall event for the Puget Sound area, and the weak yellow light was piercing the sanctuary with a kaleidoscope of colors from the stained-glass windows. After the setting had reached a respectful silence, the first notes of the bridal chorus began and the couple stepped into place with Ian’s diminutive mother standing between them. As they walked slowly down the aisle, Tanner had to admit they made a handsome couple. Rob looked a lot like Tanner, his reddish tinted hair was thick and wavy, his beard carefully shaped and trimmed, looking extremely handsome in his black tux. Ian was equally stunning in a white tux that contrasted artistically with his blue-black hair, his Japanese heritage framing his face in an indefinably exotic feel.

Between the two beaming men was their escort, Ian’s mother. A full head shorter than either of them, she easily was the focal point of the procession. She was wearing what was obviously a custom-made kimono, white with a black-on-black embroidered obi. As the first cords of the bridal chorus drifted from the pipe organ, the three began walking down the aisle, preceded by the flower girl throwing tiny black and white origami cranes, symbols of loyalty, honor and peace, down the aisle. The couple had chosen two ring bearers, twin boys from a couple they were friends with, and the tow-headed twins each held a pillow with a ring securely attached.

It was immediately evident Ian’s mother was guiding both men. The trio beamed and nodded at friends and family as they went down the aisle. The day seemed particularly preordained for perfection. The couple had actually been together for well over a decade, but laws had changed to allow them to marry. The mix of light and pattern seemed to be a celebration from on high for an event that shouldn’t have been the struggle it had. By the time they reached the end of the aisle and both leaned down as if synchronized to gently kiss Ian’s mother, there were handkerchiefs aplenty out drying eyes.

Their eyes locked as Ian’s mother settled into her seat on the first pew. Rob intertwined his fingers with Ian’s, lifted his hand and kissed it with tender love before walking the remaining few feet to stand before the minister, hands still tightly clasped. With a dignified and meaningful cadence, vows were exchanged. The room glowed from within when the ceremony was concluding and the couple leaned in to exchange kisses. As their lips separated and they turned to the crowd, a thunderous cheer met them. The audience stood and continued their cheers, and with the addition of a few wolf whistles the pair retreated down the aisle feeling blessed.


“Good lord! You people do understand we’ve been living in the same house for years, so we can only use so many gravy boats,” said Rob with a laugh as he held up the latest gift he had opened.

He let out a low grunt as an elbow was shoved into his ribs. “What my husband meant was it’s a lovely and thoughtful gift,” said Ian with a smile. The crowd around them broke into laughter, knowing the multiple gravy boats were a running joke between many couples.

The pair opened the multitude of gifts, including some simple presents from Tanner’s parents. But Rob came to a silent stop when a large, plain box was placed on his lap. His eyes locked on the gift tag for several long minutes.

Ian nudged his arm. “Open it, what’s going on?”

Rob looked at Ian with an indecipherable expression on his face. “It’s from my mother.”

“I thought she died years ago,” said Ian.

“She did,” said Rob. He looked at Tanner who was sitting to one side with Randy. “You brought this?”

“Yeah, Dad said there is a note inside explaining everything.” Tanner shrugged.

Rob tried to open the gift, but his hands shook too badly to accomplish it. After a second failed attempt, Ian reached over, gently took the package from Rob and sat it on his lap. He began to slowly open the package after getting a confirmation nod from Rob. The box opened to reveal its contents.

The couple’s eyes met, and Ian reached in and pulled out the folded letter on top. Ian read through the note and then handed the aged paper to Rob. He read through the note in the growing silence around them, tears rolling down his cheeks. After trying to speak with abortive results, he handed the note back to Ian.

Ian read through the note again and cleared his throat. “The note is from Rob’s mother. If it’s okay with Rob, I’ll read what it says.” Ian glanced at Rob, who nodded. Ian cleared his throat and began reading.

“My dear baby boy,

This quilt is for you on the day of your wedding. If you have it in your hands, I didn’t live to see the wonderful day of your marriage. I wish you and your husband love and happiness for the rest of your life. The quilt is made from bits of your clothes as you grew up. I hope it brings you good memories of times we spent together.

I hope you can forgive your mother for being too weak to stand up to your father the way you did. You were always strong. But my weakness lost my baby to me and I don’t know if you can ever forgive me. I know I’ve never been able to forgive myself.

Your mother and God are proud of you on your wedding day. Never doubt that.

All my love,


Ian carefully folded the letter and handed it back to Rob. Leaning over he kissed his husband tenderly and then wiped away the tears. Rob cleared his throat and gave Ian a weak smile. “Well, that was unexpected. I guess we have a handmade quilt.”

The pair pulled the blanket from the box, unfolding the huge piece of art across their laps to reveal the double wedding ring pattern. They fingered the cloth, studying the artistically presented handiwork. A warm, gentle chuckle came from Rob. “It’s from shirts I had over the years. These are from years and years of saved material.”

The pair touched the individual pieces, each a small reminder of Rob’s childhood and adolescence, with fond recollections of time spent with his mother. He glared at Ian when he began to laugh. “What?”

“Deep purple paisley? And they thought you were straight?”

Rob smiled and gently smacked his husband on the shoulder. “Hey! It was very in style in the early 80′s. I looked fabulous!”

“Baby, that was never really in style, but I’m sure you looked fabulous.”

A gentle laughter spread through the crowd as the wedding party relaxed again. Ian began unwrapping the last of the gifts as Rob folded the quilt, giving the precious gift a loving pat before going back to their day.


A pair of arms wrapped around Tanner’s waist, and he twisted to find himself face to face with Randy. He leaned in for a much-needed kiss, then smiled and touched his boyfriend’s face.

“It was a great wedding. I think the gift from your grandmother was the best thing,” said Randy.

“Yeah, I think they really loved it too. The wedding was great though. Too bad it took fifteen years before they could have it.”

“I don’t want to wait that long, I want us to get married soon,” said Randy.

A slight smile came across Tanner’s face. “Are you proposing to me Randall Warfield Preston the fourth?”

Randy smiled and kissed Tanner. “Yes, Tanner William Carson. I want you to marry me.”

“Where’s the ring? I may be easy but I ain’t cheap,” said Tanner with a chuckle, his emotions mixed about the intimate moment they had shared.

“I’m on it!” said Randy with a smile. “And when I have the ring, we’re setting a date!”


“Hey sexy, wanna get lucky?”

Tanner shivered at the familiar husky voice, the scent of Randy curling through his nostrils. The reception was beginning to wind down and as the party continued, Tanner escaped to a quiet corner and had been watching. He turned and ran his hands over Randy’s chest. Pulling Randy against him, he started nibbling on his ear. When he got a low groan, he released his ear and whispered. “You’re fucking hot in a tux.”

Randy groaned as Tanner’s hand grabbed his crotch and squeezed. His tongue traced along the edge of Randy’s jaw, pressing hard against his lips. As they continued to make out, their youthful bodies responded and began grinding against each other. Randy broke the kiss, and scanned the area to see who might be watching them. Relieved no one caught them, he pulled on Tanner, directing him to a coatroom he noticed earlier. Randy scanned the room again, and then opened the door and yanked Tanner inside.

In the dimly lit room, Randy turned to Tanner, taking him in his arms. “Hello, sexy. What did you want now?”

Tanner smiled and kissed Randy hard, Tanner’s tongue battering against his teeth for entrance. He gladly parted his lips, and Tanner immediately rammed his tongue inside. No less aggressive in his assault he grabbed Tanner’s ass and squeezed hard. After several minutes of frantic kisses, Tanner broke their embrace and moved backward.

“I want your cock. You’re so fuck’n hot in your tux and I’m going to suck you dry!” Tanner slowly kneeled in front of his man.

Tanner’s hands gripped his package, Randy’s cock quickly filling and stretching down his leg. Tanner’s mouth descended on his hard cock and sighed. But a second later Randy’s eyes flew open; he grabbed Tanner’s head and pulled him off his crotch. Looking down into his questioning face with a grin Randy whispered, “Oh no. I don’t want it to look like I pissed my pants.”

Without a word Tanner pulled down the zipper and opened Randy’s pants. Tanner’s fingers probed the opening, finding the fly in his underwear and fishing out his hard cock. His dick popped loose and Randy sighed when Tanner’s tongue travel along its length. He let out a low moan as the jolts of pleasure shot through his body until Tanner let the cock pop from his mouth and reached up and smacked Randy’s ass.

“Quiet. There are people in the ballroom, you know!” said Tanner.

Randy nodded, trying to be quiet. “Okay, yeah. Just hurry up, before someone needs a coat from in here.”

Randy watched Tanner run the sleeve of his tux over his wet mouth, Randy’s hard cock waved between them protruding virulently from the fly of Randy’s black pants. For once Randy felt good looking, he thought the tux was a perfect fit and showed his body off to its maximum. The glistening hard column of flesh protruding from his zipper made the entire scene just nasty enough to make Randy’s body begin to throb.

He watched as Tanner wrapped his fist around his cock, sliding the head of his cock into his mouth and swirling his tongue around its rim. Randy almost let out another loud moan, but strangled it back. Without conscious thought he took Tanner’s head in his hands and started pumping into his hot mouth. It didn’t take many thrusts until the tingle in the root of his cock signaled the eminence of his orgasm.

His fingers dug into Tanner’s scalp as the first surge of semen flood out. Randy pinned Tanner’s head against his pelvis as he exploded with days of built up cum. Randy watched and was turned on by the struggle Tanner had swallowing the entire load. After a few delicious moments of climax, Randy dropped back to the present and remembered they were in a coat closet at Tanner’s uncle’s wedding, and really didn’t want to become part of another infamous wedding story.

A tremor raced through Randy’s body as Tanner released his cock and began licking the last traces of cum. He tilted Tanner’s face toward him and wiped the dribble of semen from the corner of his mouth, sucking the cream from his finger. He watched with rapt attention as Tanner dug his cock out and pounded hard and fast. He continued to touch Tanner with careful tenderness as his partner raced toward climax. The handsome man under his fingertips shuddered as his orgasm began.

Randy dropped and plunged his face between Tanner’s spread legs and wrapped his lips around Tanner’s cock just as he fired his first volley. Randy’s hands gripped Tanner’s hips tightly as volley after volley filled his mouth. Randy swallowed quickly, relishing the hot bittersweet load. After a handful of convulsive jets, Randy nursed the rest of Tanner’s erotic release from him. Randy pulled Tanner to him and gave him a kiss.

“When you two are done let us know, some people need their coats.”

Randy and Tanner looked at each other in a panic at the sound of Ian’s voice, horrified they’d been busted.


Even weeks later, Tanner still turned red each time he thought about them getting caught at Ron and Ian’s wedding. Fortunately, the older couple had found their horny closet escapades more humorous than offensive, and said the whole thing sounded like something they might have done when they were younger. Adding to Tanner’s discomfort, Randy had started thinking them being caught was funny too. Fortunately, he didn’t think it was humorous enough to share the story with everyone.

As the end of the semester crept closer, and the winter holidays approached, Tanner had been struggling about what to get Randy for Christmas. He wanted something personal, but he didn’t have much cash. As they became more comfortable with each other, they had started adding a little variety to their sex life, but Tanner didn’t think he was comfortable yet with anything too far out there. The sex slave gift he’d given Randy for his 21st birthday was as far as he could go. Besides, sex toys weren’t cheap either.

As Tanner thought about gift options, he drifted into contemplation of how different their holiday was going to be this season. First, they were spending the entire time together. That alone was going to be wonderful, but adding the fact Tanner’s uncle and his husband were coming to visit Tanner’s parents for the first time in 20 years, the season was going to be special. Tanner had kept in touch with his uncle since their first phone conversation last summer and he knew Rob eagerly anticipated the visit. And Tanner was flying back to Maryland with Randy to meet his dad. All in all, the holiday was going to be packed with festivities and reunions. Realizing none of this wool gathering was helping him come up with ideas, he started searching for suggestions on the Internet. Following a random set of links, Tanner stumbled upon an idea that met all his criteria, and more. A broad smile blossomed across his face as he started to make of list of the things he would need.


Randy and Tanner were wedged tight in their make-out chair, both of them enjoying their time together. The pair relaxed for their last night in the apartment before they began their epic trip for the winter holiday. Tanner had finished his finals a few days earlier, and had been putting together a great last dinner for the two of them. Randy had come home early, happy with how his tests went and began helping with the meal too. They’d soon sat down to a great dinner Tanner had obviously splurged to buy, although Randy suspected the steaks were pilfered from the family freezer at the ranch. Everything was delicious, and they had a great time talking while they cleaned up afterwards.

Before long they settled into the chair together, but Tanner knew Randy was barely keeping his urge to open their gifts under control. He’d been on the same page in the book he was reading since they’d wedged themselves into the chair. Tanner was delighting in his eagerness, knowing he would break sometime soon.

“Ahh, you know it’s the last night for us in the apartment,” said Randy without meeting Tanner’s eyes.

Tanner hid his smile, slowly closing the magazine in his hand and let it drop to the floor. “Oh, I guess it is.”

“So, I guess tonight we open our gifts to each other.”

“Yeah. Yeah I guess we should,” said Tanner as a smile covered his face.

“Well, Damn. Let’s open them!” said Randy, losing any semblance of patience.

Tanner rolled out of the chair with enthusiasm. Grabbing the two presents from under their tiny tree. he handed Randy his gift, and then jiggled his own present. The weight and noise made by the box suddenly had Tanner questioning his homemade gift. But it was too late now for him to make any changes. He hoped Randy would know the present was from the heart.

There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.


Tanner strolled into the room, his hands shoved in his pockets as he surveyed the small crowd. He saw a few familiar faces, but many new ones too. A typical Gay-Straight Alliance meeting with its unpredictable mix. He always surveyed these crowds with some humor at the myth that gay people stick out. Maybe his gaydar was broken, but Tanner had never been confident enough to guess sexual orientation. Students who attended the meetings spanned the typical college spectrum. Even the casual observer could identify the standard college cliques. Tanner then saw one of the officers of the group making a beeline toward him.

“Oh, Tanner! I’m so glad you’re here. We have a full-blown crisis, honey.”

Tanner smiled at the pocket-sized young man in front of him. Jarred was not one of the people whose orientation he couldn’t determine.

“What’s up, Jarred? I’m happy to help if I can,” said Tanner.

“Jessica didn’t come back! She didn’t tell anyone she wasn’t either. Now, no president!”

“Who’s vice president? Can’t they do it?”

“Oh sweetie! No one wants the job. I know you’re busy, but the club really needs your help.”

“Well it has to be voted on—”

Jarred spun around and yelled, “He’ll do it! Who’s in favor?”

Tanner gave a sheepish look in response to the roar of agreement from the membership. “I guess I’m your president for this year then.”

Jarred smiled as Tanner walked over to talk with the rest of the officers. He’d wanted to get into those form-fitting Wranglers ever since he’d first laid eyes on Tanner, now he had an entire year of meetings, events and parties to worm his way into Tanner’s circle of friends. From there it was a short jump to seducing the rugged man and putting another notch on his bedpost. Jarred knew Tanner had a jock boyfriend, but he had a few tricks up his sleeve to get him out of the picture. His body tingled at the thought of that big country boy pounding his ass.


Randy looked up and smiled as he walked through the door. He pushed away from his desk and wrapped Tanner in a warm hug.

“Well, aren’t you being all cuddly tonight,” said Tanner as he snuggled in Randy’s arms.

“Just glad to see you, that’s all. How was your meeting?”

Tanner started laughing. “Guess who’s president?”

Randy leaned his face against Tanner’s neck and inhaled softly. “Who, Babe?”

“Yours truly!”

Randy touched his lips to Tanner’s jaw, his lips trailed over Tanner’s in a soft kiss before the two of them separated. “That’s amazing, Babe. Congratulations! Just watch that little sneak Jarred.”

Tanner found it difficult to concentrate as Randy’s hands slid under his shirt, the tips of his fingers gliding over his chest. Tanner enjoyed the sensations, his mind racing to more physical considerations, but he realized they needed to talk. He grabbed Randy’s wrists.

“What’s wrong with Jarred?”

“He has a crush on you, and I don’t share,” said Randy.

“You’re crazy! Jarred doesn’t like me, not that way. Besides, he’s a full-blown hairless twink for god’s sake. Why would I want to be with him?” said Tanner.

Randy pulled his hands away and let them drop to his sides. “Whatever, but I’m just telling you, he has the hots for you. I know you don’t believe me, but keep an eye on him.” Randy gave Tanner a faint smile. “You don’t want to deal with a jealous jock, do you?”

Tanner pressed himself against Randy, his fingers trailing over the handsome man in front of him. He grinned as he looked at Randy. “Don’t worry about the little twink. You’re all I want.”

Tanner unbuttoned the top of Randy’s shirt, loving the small swirl of hair nestled at the top of his chest. He traced his finger through it and enjoyed the texture of Randy under his touch. His hand slid down, starting to open the next button when Randy’s hand closed around his. He looked up and met Randy’s eyes.

“I know what you’re doing,” said Randy.

“What’s that, Babe?” said Tanner, beaming innocence.

“You’re trying to distract me.”

“And is it working?”

Randy snickered. “Yeah, it is.”

“Good,” said Tanner. Lowering his lips, he kissed the hollow at the base of Randy’s neck. He eased open each button, exposing more and more muscular torso. Once Randy’s chest was exposed, Tanner pushed his fingers upward with careful attention to each length of skin under their tips. He used his thumbs to trace lazy circles around Randy’s nipples, gliding around his prominent areolas and flicking his nails over the hardened nubs. He pushed Randy’s arm up, exposed the damp hair, and buried his face in it, inhaling deeply. Tanner’s senses were overwhelmed by the pheromones exuded.

He extended his tongue, tasting the musky flavor. Tanner paused and let the sensation curl through his system, melding the two of them. Tanner slid his hands around Randy’s neck and pulled them together so their lips pressed hard against each other. Tanner was lost in the moment, his body responded to Randy as adrenaline surged through his body.

“How was that, Baby? Are you distracted?” said Tanner.

Randy smiled, “Distracted from what?”


Tanner started back toward Randy, when a sharp rapping came from their door.

“Tanner? Randy? You home?”

Tanner recognized Jo’s voice and jumped away. Pausing for a moment to straighten his clothes, he glanced back at Randy and smiled when he saw a pillow strategically located on his crotch. He paused to catch his breath at the door, and then pulled it open.

Jo stood in the doorway, tears rolling down her face. She sniffled, her face contorted into a vision of misery. Tanner had not seen much of his sister since she had started at the university. But at this moment, he searched for signs of what had happened as a new freshet of tears cascaded down her cheeks.

Tanner took his sister by the arm, guiding her into the apartment. He watched Randy climb off the couch, all thoughts of passion dissipated.

They seated her at the table, handed her a box of tissues, and let her cry it out while they tried to comfort her. With a great sob, Jo came to a point where she could talk.

“He was cheating on me! That bastard was cheating on me with some blonde with big boobs.”

“Who? David?”

“Yes! Dear old Davey from home. He was in the union food court, and I saw him kiss her!”

Tanner breathed a sigh of relief. He wasn’t dismissing her pain, but no one had died, no one was bleeding. Almost anything else could be fixed.

He and Randy spent the rest of the evening talking with Jo. They hadn’t had much time to spend together since she’d started at the university, and Tanner was feeling guilty that he hadn’t made more of an effort. Tanner vaguely remembered David, but they were enough younger that neither he nor Jo were inside Tanner’s close group. Still, he and Randy knew guys, and tried to point out other ways the scene could be viewed, and Jo should talk with David. With a little humor, they also pointed out that there were plenty of eligible men on campus. In small steps, Jo let the boys’ calm her.

Randy looked at Tanner, a quick nod indicating his agreement with the unspoken question. Tanner rubbed his hand against his sister’s back and then patted her gently.

“Stay here tonight. You can sleep on the couch,” said Tanner.

Jo wiped her nose with the sleeve of her shirt. “It’s not covered with boy stuff is it?”

Tanner chuckled softly, “You just wiped snot on your sleeve, and you’re worried what might be on our couch?”


“Hurry up, the party starts in a few minutes,” yelled Tanner from the bathroom.

“No one shows up on time, don’t you know the cool code?” said Randy with a chuckle.

The young couple had managed to find balance in their lives, even if it had taken them until mid-semester. Jarred had invited Tanner to a Halloween party, and Tanner had insisted that Randy was also included. The couple was too broke to buy costumes, so they had improvised. The obvious choice was to dress as cowboys, and tell everyone they were Ennis and Jack from Brokeback Mountain. Since they were similar sizes, the boys raided most of what they needed from Tanner’s closet. The rest of the regalia Jo brought from home— including some of Tanner’s dad’s things that were a good fit for Randy’s muscular body.

They had put together a serviceable cowboy look, and Tanner assured Randy it was much more authentic than what anyone else would be wearing. He grinned as he pointed out their felt hats were even decorated with authentic sweat stains, earned doing real work. Randy had to chuckle since they had both commented on the trust fund babies that seemed to populate campus.

Randy was pulling on a pair of well-worn boots courtesy of Tanner’s dad, when Tanner walked out of the bathroom and snapped his fingers. “Come on! I can’t leave without my Ennis!”

Randy looked up with a smirk. “Yeah, you might want to remember that Jack was killed at the end of that movie.”

“Crap, maybe we should go as something else. I don’t know how I feel about dressing like a tragic couple.”

“Oh good god! It was fiction. Chill!”

Tanner wandered around the room and analyzed his choice of costumes until Randy grabbed his shoulders and lunged in for a soul-shattering kiss.

“There, you’ve now had your Brokeback Mountain moment. Stop your damn worrying.”

Randy grinned as Tanner rocked back in shock, then a shy smile spread across his face. With a firm nod, he threaded the western belt through his jeans, fastened the dinner-plate-sized buckle, and was ready to go.

They chatted about the party on the way to Jarred’s house — a three-bedroom monstrosity his parents had bought for him while he was in school. Add the fact that he drove a bright yellow Jaguar, and there was little doubt that Jarred was one of the silver-spoon crowd. Randy had disliked him from the first time they met, but for no other reason than the lecherous way he looked at Tanner. He had recognized the look; Randy had seen it on some of his fellow lacrosse players when they were after a woman. It meant they would stop at nothing to get into her pants, and Randy saw no reason to believe Jarred didn’t fall into the same category.

The whole new rich flaunting their money thing didn’t endear him with Randy either. Jarred acted as if he had never worked a day in his life, and had no ambition to start now. Add to that the bitchy, gay boy act, and it was close to intolerable for Randy to be in the same room with Jarred.

They parked in front of the house and walked together to the front door. By this point, Randy wanted to mark Tanner as his own, but he didn’t think Tanner would appreciate having his boots pissed on. Besides, Jarred might like it. Tanner knocked on the door while Randy pasted on his best fake smile, knowing that Jarred never intended for him to come to the party.

The door flew open, and Jarred stood in the doorway in a skin-tight, Green Lantern outfit. The costume contoured to each and every part of his body, leaving nothing to the imagination — made evident when Randy noted Jarred was circumcised. He caught Jarred scanning Tanner’s hard body, and flashed an unrepentant smirk when he realized Randy had seen him.

“Hello Tanner! I’m so glad you could make it. What a fabulous costume! The hot cowboy is so in this year. Honey, you make it look real too.”

“Thanks Jarred, just something we threw together,” said Tanner. Randy listened while he was introduced, and nodded in acknowledgment, the smile on his face never making it to his eyes. He felt the chill of Jarred’s look.

“Oh yes, we’ve met,” said Jarred. “Please, come in. Both of you.”

As the pair walked into the fastidious house, a barking ball of orange fur flew at them, circling their feet and yipping fiercely. The dog stopped in front of Randy and barked ferociously.

“Oh Princess, leave the big old stinky man alone. I’m sure he didn’t mean to not bathe,” said Jarred with a sneer on his face.

Randy gave Jarred a blank look and squatted down to the level of the diminutive dog. Extending his hand, he gave the dog time to sniff his fingers. When he felt it’s tiny tongue flick against them, Randy reached over, ran his fingers through the long hair and scratched behind its ears. The dog almost purred with contentment and lay on it’s back so Randy could scratch his stomach. He smiled at Jarred.

“Nice pooch,” said Randy.

Jarred turned with a huff and disappeared into the room. Randy gave the tiny dog a last scratch and then moved through the crowd with Tanner. As the night wore on, and with Jarred’s marked absence, Randy began to relax and enjoy the party. He moved from group to group as Tanner visited with his friends. Randy was sitting with some teammates when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Aren’t you Tanner’s boyfriend?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Ah, you might want to check on him. I think he’s plastered.”

“Tanner doesn’t drink…” said Randy with a furrowed brow.

“Does he know what Jello shots are?”

“Where is he?” asked Randy in a biting tone.

“The game room,” said the kid, pointing toward the basement.

Randy stormed down the stairs, not certain who he was more furious with, Tanner or whoever gave him the shots. How stupid can one person be? Once Randy hit the game room, it was obvious where Tanner was and who was behind this. Randy stormed across the room to where Tanner was standing on the pool table, dry humping Jarred. His cowboy yells almost drown out Jarred’s moans, almost. Randy could not miss the thick bulge of Tanner’s cock running across the front of his jeans. The pair was the chief entertainment of the room, catcalls and wolf whistles raining down on them.

His first instinct was to walk off, leave Tanner with the hairless wonder. But before he let his anger drive the decision, Randy realized he had to at least give Tanner a chance for redemption, even if Randy couldn’t imagine a scenario where he would forgive Tanner. Regardless, this spectacle had to stop.

“Tanner. Tanner!” yelled Randy.

Tanner slowed and turned in Randy’s direction, an idiotic grin plastered on his face. “How’d ya get down there Randy? I was just fuck’n the shit outta ya!”

“Tanner, you’re drunk. We need to go.”

“Can’t be drunk. Ain’t had noth’n except water.”

“What about the Jello shots?”

“Oh hell, them’s not booze, Jarred said so! They’re like dessert or something.”

Randy reached up and yanked on his boyfriend. Tanner stumbled, tried to regain his balance, but toppled from the table. Caught as he fell, he was hoisted over Randy’s shoulder. They started for the door, but before Randy had taken more than a few steps, he turned and met Jarred’s look of loathing. He flipped him off and then walked out of the room with Tanner over his shoulder.

Once they exited the house, Randy carried Tanner rather than try to help him walk. He wanted away before the tenuous control he had over his anger snapped, and he went back inside and beat Jarred. Tanner was going to have plenty to answer for too, but Randy could only focus on them one at a time. Right now he just felt hollow where normally there was a warmth that Tanner existed in. He helped Tanner up the stairs to their apartment and leaned him against the door as he unlocked it. When the door swung open, Tanner lurched through the opening. Randy let out a long sigh, grabbed Tanner’s arm and guided him to the bed.

With no warning, Tanner looked at Randy and started projectile vomiting. The first wave covered Randy, a second heave hit Tanner and marked a round of purging that lasted for several minutes. By the time he finished, they were both drenched in the wretched smelling puke.

Tanner looked at Randy and started to whine. “Oh god, I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I feel so bad—”

Randy cut him off. “I don’t want to hear it. If you didn’t smell so bad, I’d leave you on the floor and maybe you’d learn a lesson. But you reek. Keep being pitiful though and I swear I will make you sleep on the rug.”

“Ok, Randy,” mumbled Tanner.

He shook his head and stripped Tanner. For once the sight of Tanner’s naked body caused no stirrings for Randy. He was angry, hurt and had no feelings of desire. He walked him to their shower and then let him collapse inside it. He turned on the water, and let it rain down on Tanner’s moaning form while he stripped off his own drenched clothing, glad his costume had been old-and-worn garments. Ruining good clothes would have been more than he could deal with right now.

Randy snatched up both sets of clothing, deposited them in a plastic bag that he set outside the apartment. Tomorrow he would decide if they were salvageable, or just needed to be tossed. Once the bags of clothing were gone, Randy sprayed the room with air freshener, trying to kill the putrid stench. Satisfied that he’d done all he could, he went back into the bathroom to deal with Tanner.

He found Tanner curled in the bottom of the shower, having puked again from the looks of things. In spite of everything, Randy couldn’t help but feel guilty when he saw his boyfriend shivering, and realized that he had only turned on the cold water. He adjusted the controls to a comfortable temperature and lifted Tanner against the shower wall as he stepped inside. He washed them both; scrubbing the vomit off their bodies, but knew alcohol was going to seep from Tanner’s pores all night. After numerous washings, Randy decided he’d done as much as possible, and turned off the water.

Hands flying, Randy toweled them off and helped Tanner to bed. He wasn’t going to try and wrestle underwear onto the drunken cowboy. He just hoped that Tanner was through hurling. He lay beside Tanner, not willing to snuggle against him, the hurt and betrayal overwhelmed him. He wrestled with the situation and his choices into the predawn hours before dropping into an exhausted and fitful sleep.


“Oh god,” moaned Tanner, waking Randy. “God, my head. Oh shit, I feel awful.”

“You should. Do you remember last night?”

“I remember the party, and Jarred giving me some kind of candy. But not much after that,” said Tanner slowly.

“It wasn’t candy, it was Jello shots. You can’t be so backwoods that you don’t know what Jello shots are!” yelled Randy.

Tanner grabbed his head. “Don’t yell, please. Of course I know what Jello shots are. He said it was candy, and they were coated with sugar. Oh hell, he played me.”

“Yeah, well. Do you remember fucking him in the middle of the crowd in his basement?”

Tanner looked at him with growing horror. “No. No! I dreamed I was screwing you. But. Oh god, Randy, Please tell me you’re joking.”

“Nope, afraid not. You were on the pool table banging his butt. Seemed to be having a good time too,” said Randy with a wooden look.

“I swear to God, I don’t remember doing it. I would never have sex with Jarred, not even if we were not together. He’s, he’s, oh fuck he is such a little prima donna twink,” said Tanner almost in tears.

“Well you weren’t actually fucking him, you still had on your jeans, mostly,” said Randy, letting his boyfriend off the hook, at least a little.

“Oh god, Randy. I’m so sorry! I can’t believe I did that. I swear, I thought it was you.”

“I think you liked the attention, and the chance to be with someone else. You’re still curious,” said Randy, his arms folded across his chest.

“Please, Baby. Please tell me you forgive me,” begged Tanner.

“Oh no, it’s not going down like that. You beg for forgiveness, I say things are fine, and you’re off the hook. No fuck’n way. I’m pissed. You fucked up. I’m not sure what you can do to fix this.”

Tanner sat on the bed, his head felt as if it were filled with a thousand angry monkeys banging snare drums, and his stomach roiling from the abuse he’d dealt it the night before. He understood Randy was beyond angry. This wasn’t a lover’s spat. He’d messed up, badly.

Tanner realized Randy was cooking breakfast. Wrapping the sheet around his body, he stumbled to the stove. Tanner reached out to touch Randy’s shoulder, but was rebuffed.

“No, you aren’t going to pet me and fix it either. You can sleep in the chair for now too,” said Randy.

Tanner stood in a stupor, never remembering a time when people hadn’t given him forgiveness when he’d asked for it. He needed his stomach to stop trying to turn itself inside out, and the pain to leave his head. Before another thought could be formed, Tanner realized a cloud of odor surrounded him. His body rebelled at the added insult, and Tanner began to gag.

“Oh god, what’s that smell?”

“Oh, I thought some nice sunny-side-up eggs, a little cabbage hash, scrapple with lots of liver and chocolate milk would be good for breakfast.”

Tanner slapped his hand across his mouth, gagging non-stop at the horrid combination of foods. Randy flipped the conglomeration in the skillet, sending fresh waves of odors through the room and Tanner racing for the bathroom. A vindictive smile grew on Randy’s lips as he heard dry heaves. He turned off the fire and started scraping the eggs and burnt spam into the trash. He realized what he had just done was petty, but he was too hurt to care. He also realized with a smirk that sometime later he would need to explain about scrapple.


Tanner shuffled to the apartment, not sure if he could take another night of Randy’s cold shoulder. It had been a week since the party, and communication from Randy was in monosyllables. He’d thought about calling his uncle, or even his mom, but it did not seem like a good solution. As his dragging feet touched the first step, he heard a familiar voice.

“Hi Tanner. Are you enjoying this fine weather we’re having?”

Tanner glanced around and spotted Jenny in a sunny part of her flowerbeds. “Hi Jenny. Yeah, I guess the weather is fine.”

Jenny rocked back on her heels and pushed back the wide-brimmed hat she wore when working outside. After pausing for a few moments, she motioned Tanner over. “Come help an old woman. I’m planting tulips, and I need a strapping young man to help me.”

Tanner sighed but sat his backpack on the stairs and shuffled over. He dreaded the conversation actually; she always seemed to know when he and Randy had trouble. Admittedly, she usually was helpful, but Tanner just wanted it all to go away. He wasn’t in the mood to rehash it again. He’d been doing that enough on his own. But he knew he could not escape without hurting her feeling, so he gritted his teeth and moved to help.

Tanner was relieved when the conversation was light and casual, focused on what new perennials Jenny wanted to put out next spring, and which needed divided. Tanner nodded, grunting agreement when needed, but mostly listening to the old woman prattle.

Later Tanner would never be able to identify what changed and made him want to ask Jenny for advice. Maybe it was the warm sun, the rich earth or some magic unique to her. Regardless of the reason, Tanner found himself sitting beside Jenny and telling her the whole story, leaving no details out. He laid the blame out as he saw it, and hoped that she could see some way to get him out of this mess. He was tired of Randy being angry with him, he was tired of sleeping by himself, but most of all he ached for his best friend — and the accompanying comfort and guidance. Tanner soon realized that this time, sharing his burden with Jenny was not going to be enough. After he finished, Jenny laid down her tools, and slipped off her garden gloves as she thought about what Tanner had just shared. She looked at Tanner with a peculiar smile on her face.

“Humans get in the damnedest predicaments don’t they?”

Tanner looked at her with his mouth hanging open, not knowing what to take from that statement. Finally, he found his voice and couldn’t help but chuckle. “Yes, ma’am. We sure can. And I’ll be darned if I know what to do this time.”

“Yes sir. Like I always say, adulthood sucks!”

Tanner chuckled again; uncertain of why these nonsensical statements were making him laugh. “Yes ma’am. Adulthood does suck. It was easier when my mom could fix everything.”

Jenny nodded and looked contemplative. “And what would the fine Mrs. Carson have done.”

Tanner thought for a minute and considered the question. “She woulda said it was my fault, no one held me down and made me eat them things.”

“Hmm, yeah. That’s probably true. But I’m thinking twasn’t all your fault neither.”

Tanner nodded, “Yes, she’d say part of the blame was Jarred’s, for several things.”

“Yup, yup. Your momma’d be right. Seems to me, you need to get everyone in the same room and get Randy the whole truth, which I don’t think he’s got yet.”

“Randy’d kill Jarred!” said Tanner.

Jenny grinned, “Nah, maybe toss ‘em around a bit. But not kill ‘em outright.”

Tanner looked at her in shock, and then couldn’t keep from laughing. As he thought about it, he realized Randy’s information was limited to what he’d seen, and Tanner’s foggy recollections. They needed to make a trip to see Jarred.

“Yes, you’re right,” said Tanner as the pieces began to fit in place. He wasn’t sure how to do it yet, but he needed Jarred and Randy together, and talking. He jumped up and started to race to their apartment, excited for the first time in a week. Suddenly, he realized that Jenny had asked him to help. Tanner spun and ran back to Jenny.

“Sorry, I told you I would help…”

Jenny turned and waved him off with a smile. “Child, go take care of your husband. You got them adult things to deal with right now. There’re always more bulbs you can help me with.”

Tanner grinned, stooped down and kissed her on the cheek. “Thanks Jenny! You’re the best!”

Jenny chuckled and waved him off. She turned back to her planting, still laughing as she dug the next hole. “Damn straight I’m the best. Don’t you forget it either, young man.”


Randy twisted in his seat, disbelief written across his face. His emotions raged as he turned on Tanner.

“You must be fuck’n kidding me! You tricked me into going with you to Jarred’s! You son of a bitch!”

“Randy, give me 10 minutes. If you’re still pissed, then I’ll take you back home.”

Randy shot Tanner a look that spoke volumes. “You don’t have enough time in the world to make me like this little shit.”

“Come on. Do this for me. Please.”

Randy turned and almost kicked the door open as he exited the pickup. He stepped onto the sidewalk and followed Tanner to the door. Randy got his first surprise when one of his friends from the lacrosse team answered the door.

“Mack? What’re you doing here?” said Randy with a bite.

Mack nodded, his lips a grim line. “Tanner asked for my help. I’ve been… waiting with Jarred.”

Randy looked over at Tanner and wondered what he had up his sleeve. They followed Mack into the living room. Randy saw Jarred’s head spin toward them and he started screaming at them.

“Undo these fucking cuffs you worthless rednecks! You don’t know who you’re messing with! The police will be here in minutes when I get to the phone, and all you slack-holed piss ants will be in jail. I’ll have your nuts as a trophy to—”

Mack leaned in with an evil look on his face. “And what will the cops think when we all tell ‘em you were giving alcohol to minors, and then taking advantage of them when they’re wasted?”

Jarred’s mouth opened and closed a few times, then slumped against the chair. He tried to cross his arms over his thin chest, but hit the end of the cuffs. He glared at Randy.

Tanner turned to Mack and lifted an eyebrow. “Cuffs? I just asked you to make sure he was here.”

Mack shrugged and grinned at Tanner. “They’re his. But don’t ask why he brought them out. Ok, you forced it out of me, I guess Sir Jarred has a bit of a bondage fetish.”

Jarred turned from the trio, and Tanner could have sworn he heard, “Only with certain guys.”

Tanner let out a deep breath and motioned for everyone to take a seat. He sat in front of Jarred and stared at him until their eyes met. After a few heartbeats Jarred dropped his gaze, unable to look at Tanner. The silence was beginning to loom when Tanner started.

“I need you to tell Randy what happened at your party.”

Jarred’s head flipped up, and he glared at Tanner. Jarred turned to Randy with a malicious look and said, “Your boyfriend got slutty drunk and begged for a real piece of ass.”

Tanner started to respond, but Mack beat him to it. “That’s a fucking lie. You were the one making sure Tanner had a handful of Jello shots the whole fuck’n night.”

“Damn goodie two-shoes fairy. Fine. Poor Tanner was abused by me, I carried him to the pool table and begged him to dry fuck me.”

Randy’s entire body trembled in fury as he walked over to Jarred. He leaned down and grabbed the slight man’s chin so they were face to face. “That’s strike two. You get one more time, if you screw up again Mack’s going to let you go, and you and I are going to corner off. You got it?”

Jarred watched Randy back away, his body shaking. Turning to the others, Jarred pursed his lips. “Fine. Yes, I’ve been trying to get in cowboy Bob’s pants ever since he joined GSA. So yes, I made sure the Jello shots looked like jelly candies, and gave him enough to tranquilize an elephant.” He shot Randy a look of pure hatred. “He still wanted you, you dumb fucking jock. But after another handful of Jello shots I told him I was you… and he believed me.” He shot Randy another hateful look. “Apparently, you’re a fucking hot catcher.”

Tanner moved forward, furious at Jarred’s dig, but Randy caught his arm. “Not worth it,” muttered Randy. He turned toward Jarred. “What else?”

“That’s it, big boy. It was about to get interesting when you showed up and screwed up the fun.” He turned to Mack. “Happy now?”

Mack looked at Randy and Tanner. Randy nodded. “I think we’re done. You can let him go.”

He motioned Tanner toward the door. As they were headed out of the room, he heard Mack tell Jarred. “You know, these cuffs might be fun…” and Jarred let out a giggle.

Tanner and Randy climbed into the pickup, and Tanner started toward their apartment. After a few blocks, Randy turned to Tanner. “It was partly your fault.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“I tried to tell you about him.”

“Yes, you did.”

“This can never happen again,” said Randy.

“No. But there will be other things, and it’s not fair to just leave me twisting in the wind either. Jenny helped me this time, but this whole relationship thing is still pretty new to me.”

“Yeah, I know. But it just pissed me off so bad,” Randy took a deep breath. “No, it scared the shit out of me. You could have your choice of men, and I don’t understand why you chose me.”

“Because I love you, dumbass,” said Tanner with a smile.

Randy smiled for the first time in a long while, and leaned over the console and kissed Tanner on the cheek. He relaxed against the seat while Tanner drove away from Jarred’s house. After a few minutes, he turned to Tanner.

“You know, you did promise to take me out for a meal.”

Tanner looked at him with a grin. “Oh is that so? And where did I say I was taking you?”

“I believe you said Louie’s.”

“Hmm, I think that might work,” said Tanner with a smile.


Tanner rolled over and whispered in Randy’s ear, “Happy birthday, handsome.”

Randy opened one eye and stretched. “Morning.”

“It’s your birthday. You’re all legal and everything.”

“Ummm, yeah I am.” Randy reached out and took Tanner in his arms, pulled him close and nibbled at his neck.

“I think I have everything I want for my birthday.”

Tanner wiggled free, turned to the nightstand, yanked out an envelope and handed it to Randy.

“I have you some real presents too. But this one you need this morning.”

Randy pulled out the card and read it. He looked at Tanner with lifted eyebrows. “Really? You sure?”

Tanner kissed his man hard and then released him. “Yes, I’m sure.”

Randy smiled and turned the card so Tanner could see his own writing. “Sex slave? Really?”

Tanner chuckled, a pink glow coming to his face. “Yeah, I wanna be your sex slave today.”

“And you want to give me your virginity?”


“That’s great, but…”

Tanner chuckled, “It’ll be great, Babe. And we’ll always remember it.”

“Yeah, people remember the Hindenburg too.”

“Well, if you don’t want to,” said Tanner with a frown.

Randy turned and grabbed Tanner by the crotch. “Say bitch, you’re going to remember today forever, and you will be walking funny tomorrow.”

Tanner groaned and pressed his crotch against Randy’s hand, his eyes fluttering. He almost fell forward when he was released. He watched as Randy hurried to the bathroom and returned with lube and his smallest butt plug. He sat beside Tanner, showed him the plug and smiled. “I want you to wear this all day, slave. It’ll keep you nice and hard.”

“Put it in, Babe. I want you to put it in me,” said Tanner with a slight quiver in his voice.

Randy slapped Tanner’s butt cheek, his cock stiffening at the sight of the red hand print, and Tanner’s sigh of pleasure.

“Spread those ass cheeks for me,” said Randy. He watched as Tanner obeyed, panting as he pried his cheeks apart to give Randy a good view. His asshole twitched and pulsed with desire as he waited to be used. Randy squirted cool lube over Tanner’s pucker and smeared it with his finger. Tanner gasped as Randy’s thick finger slid into his gut. Tanner was surprised when he felt nothing but pleasure as the sensations mounted. After a few minutes of slow fingering, Randy added a second finger and opened Tanner further. Once Tanner was thrashing under his careful prodding, Randy let his fingers slip out. Picking up the plug, he coated it with lube and then pressed its tip against Tanner’s distended hole.

Tanner groaned as the sensations of carnal need washed over him. Randy watched as his ass stretched, taking the butt plug slowly. He knew the sensations were building; Tanner writhed as the toy slid inside him. As the sensations built, Tanner pressed backward, wanting to be filled. When the plug snapped into place, Tanner let out a muffled gasp.

“Oh fuck! Damn, that feels good,” said Tanner through the blissful haze.

Randy picked up a t-shirt from the floor and used it to clean Tanner. With a final slap on Tanner’s ass, he released his sexy lover.

“There you go. That should last you all day. If it gets dry, lube it up again.”

Tanner rolled over, the plug moving inside him and causing him to gasp. “Yeah, I have a lab this afternoon too, I’ll take it out for that.”

Randy grasped Tanner’s chin and grinned at him. “Oh no, slave. You wear the plug to class, and I want details of what happens.”

“No fucking way!” squealed Tanner.

Randy reached down and pushed in the base of the plug, eliciting a groan from Tanner.

“Way dude, or you don’t get dicked tonight.”

“Fuck!” said Tanner, as jolts of pleasure coursed through him when the plug moved inside his ass.


Tanner was trying to focus on the meal he was making for the two of them, but most of his attention was on his ass and the plug that had teased him all day. His underwear had been soaked with precum by the time he walked home. He was certain Randy would enjoy the stories he had to share. At this point, he was wearing just a baggy pair of shorts, and his semi-erect cock was tenting it out nicely. As he put the first dishes on the table, he heard a key slide into the lock. Turning, Tanner was ecstatic to see Randy coming through the door.

He watched over his shoulder as Randy dropped his books by the door. Tanner kept his back to his lover as Randy walked over and wrapped his arms around him.

“How was your day, baby?” asked Randy.

“You mean other than sporting this all day?” said Tanner as he turned, his cock tenting his boxers.

Randy seemed shocked. “You actually wore it all day? Even to class?”

“Yeah, that was the whole idea with being your sex slave, I do exactly what you say,” said Tanner in frustration.

“Oh my god! I thought you’d take it out and ignore me.”

Tanner started laughing. “Oh no, I was a very good little slave. I wore it through the whole two-hour lab. And the TA asked me if I needed to go to the infirmary. She thought I looked a little flushed. And… one of the Goth boys winked at me. For some reason, I think he knew I had it in and might have had in something similar.”

By the time Tanner finished his recount, Randy was collapsed onto the table in laughter. Frustrated and horny, Tanner walked up and started humping against Randy.

“Come on, Giggles. I have dinner ready, and you better like it, or lie really well.”

“I’m sure it’ll be delicious.”

The two sat down and dug into the food. Both of them were hungry and eager to start the after-dinner fun. They chatted all through the meal, the grin never leaving Randy’s face. Once they had downed the last morsel of food, Tanner dropped the dishes in the sink for later. Randy sat in his chair, propped back on two legs, and watched as Tanner cleaned up. He smiled at the sight of Tanner’s dick that had not softened during the whole meal. Tanner tossed the dishcloth into the sink and walked to Randy.

“Is my master ready to take my cherry?”

“Tanner, I want your first time to be special. Something you’ll always remember,” said Randy chewing on his lip.

Tanner chuckled and kissed Randy hard. “Like yours was, with rocks digging into your back?”

Randy looked at Tanner with love written across his face. “It was with you, it was wonderful, and I guarantee I’ll never forget it.”

“Exactly,” said Tanner. “And besides, this plug has me so horny that Jarred is starting to look good!”

Randy let out a soft growl. “Best not to mention that little asshole.”

Tanner pulled Randy close and kissed him with heat while Randy shoved down his shorts. Tanner stepped out of his clothes and let Randy push him toward the bathroom.

“You go take out your little friend and clean up. I’ll get things ready out here.”

Tanner grinned and headed for the bathroom while Randy turned and sat on the bed. Moving to the edge, he kicked off his shoes and then threw off the last of his clothes. He heard water running in the bathroom, and hurried to get the room into a more romantic atmosphere. By the time Tanner emerged, Randy was reclining on the bed naked, his semi-hard cock snaking across his thigh, the room lit by a handful of candles.

Randy watched as Tanner walked across the room and crawled onto the bed between his spread legs. Tanner pressed his face under Randy’s nuts and inhale deeply. The action alone was enough to cause blood to pour into Randy’s cock until it was steel hard and dripping precum. He uttered a low moan of pleasure as Tanner sucked his nuts into his mouth and slathered them with spit until Randy’s scrotum dripped saliva.

He watched Tanner move higher, his hot breath circling Randy’s cock just before he plunged his head downward, impaling his mouth on Randy’s manhood. With a sigh, Randy relaxed against the bed, his fingers splayed across his own chest, tantalizing his nipples as waves of pleasure surged through his body. Just as the waves began to crest, Tanner released Randy’s cock and lay across his bare chest. Tanner kissed down Randy’s neck as his hand roamed over the perfectly furred chest.

“So Master, what do you want your slave to do now?”

Randy let out a low growl, surprising even himself that the master/slave game was turning him on more than he would have imagined. Grabbing Tanner’s head, Randy’s tongue ravaged his mouth, forcing its way over and over into his receptive cavity. He felt Tanner humping against him, seeking release. Randy lifted him away and locked eyes with his lover.

Kyle walked slowly through the scorching heat, determined to get a little down time during his first leave since being assigned to this base. But as he had discovered, August in southwestern Oklahoma was a far cry from his central Wisconsin suburban background. The heat was relentless, each day fused to the next with highs over 100 degrees.

But Kyle hadn’t joined the Army for the normal reasons of duty and honor, although he believed in those ideas. He’d joined hoping the Army would cure him, to make him into a man instead of a fag who liked guys. For as long as he could remember he’d been drawn to guys, and as he got older he realized that it wasn’t normal to be attracted to someone of the same sex. After puberty, the pull had become almost unbearable. In high school he’d resisted the urges, dated girls and had actually gotten a reputation as a player since he never dated a girl very long.

Having escaped high school with his secret intact, he’d hoped that college would be the time he’d leave these unnatural feeling behind. But his roommate had been on the college lacrosse team and was well over six feet tall with rippling muscles. The sight of Clint walking around the room naked on a daily basis left Kyle in a near constant state of arousal. After one particular drunken episode, Kyle woke to the dim memories of sucking a cock, and the faint taste of cum. In a panic, Kyle had left school and enlisted. He’d told his parents that he needed some time before college, but Kyle had hoped the military would cure him.

But it had only gotten worse. Surrounded with hot young guys on a daily basis was only making Kyle into a walking erection. Some of the guys had even started teasing him about needing a woman so his morning wood didn’t last until nightfall. He was hoping a little time away from the barracks would help. Kyle desperately needed something to change.

Pausing to look for the hallmark blue door of the bar, he spotted it through the simmering heat only a block or so away. He quickened his pace and was soon grabbing the scorching hot handle and yanking the door open. Kyle stepped into the inky blackness and let the door shut behind him. Pausing to let his eyes adjust to the dim light, Kyle enjoyed the chill of refrigerated air across his sweat-drenched skin. As he’d hoped, the bar was largely deserted on a hot Saturday afternoon. The only other person in the room was a damn cowboy listlessly knocking around the balls on one of the pool tables.

The sight of the cowboy just served to make his already bad mood deteriorate. It hadn’t taken Kyle long after arriving in Oklahoma to realize he intensely disliked the locals. They were all backward southern rednecks so far as he was concerned, and he really didn’t want to get to know any of them. A few had tried to strike up a conversation with him, but he had cut them off quickly, making it clear that he wasn’t anyone’s buddy, son, friend, dude, or any other homey expression, all of which he hated. He didn’t want friendly, he didn’t want homey. Regardless of what anyone else might feel, Kyle didn’t find the quaint country folk persona at all appealing.

Kyle walked to the bar and ordered a beer. Raising the glass to his lips, he drained half of it without stopping, it’s icy content going a long way to improving his disposition. After only a few minutes, he had emptied his first glass and motioned to the bartender for a second. Leaving money on the bar, Kyle walked over and watched the cowboy while savoring his second beer. As he watched, he realized this guy was about the same age as himself, which lessened his distaste some. Lining up his last shot, the cowboy finished his game, glanced up to Kyle and nodded.

“Hey, interested in a game?”

“Sure, why not. Name’s Kyle.”

“Ian. Pleased to me ya, Kyle,” came the reply, “What’s your pleasure?”


Ian smiled and handed Kyle the rack, “Rack ‘em, dude.”

Kyle quickly setup the game. As they played, Kyle was surprised to find that he was relaxing in Ian’s company. Afternoon melted into evening with a few more people wandering into the bar. Kyle was actually enjoying the companionship with Ian, the evening slid past as they played game after game. At some point in the evening, Kyle had started ordering tequila shots for the two of them, but he drank the lion’s share of the liquor. Eventually the bartender cut him off, much to his distain.

“Fuckers!” slurred Kyle, “They cud jess give’m my fuck’n drink.”

“It’s ok, Kyle. It’s probably time for us to both head home,” said Ian.

“Fuck. Whatever. Base’s close, I walked.”

“You sure you don’t need a ride?” asked Ian.

“Soldiers don’t get rides!” Kyle said, and then giggled. “Oops, that wasn’t a manly laugh was it.” He stammered out.

Ian chuckled at the drunken soldier, wondering if he should let Kyle walk back. Looking up, he saw Kyle stumbling toward the door. Quickly he put away their cues and raced after him. Kyle barely made it through the doorway before he had to catch himself on the door frame to keep from falling face first onto the concrete sidewalk. Ian chuckled as he took Kyle by the arm to steady him.

“Easy there. I’m not sure you can walk a few feet, much less a few miles. Come on, you can crash on my couch tonight and I’ll drive you back to the base tomorrow.”

“I kin walk . . .” Kyle said with a slur.

“Come on, Private. Let’s get you to bed before you pass out,” said Ian. With that, Ian wedged his shoulder under Kyle’s armpit, then brought his arm around Ian’s shoulders. Almost carrying Kyle, he managed to get the very inebriated man to his pickup. Yanking open the door, Ian shoved Kyle into the seat and buckled him in for the ride home. Ian had a vague worry that he might have taken on more than he could deal with, but he couldn’t leave Kyle to fend for himself as drunk as he was.


The trip to his house ended quickly as Ian’s mind kept wandering to the man passed out beside him. Pulling into the gravel driveway of the small house provided as part of his job as ranch hand, he soon found himself struggling to get the passenger into his tiny home. After he lowered Kyle to the couch, he rummaged through his closet and found an extra pillow and sheet. Laying the bedding beside the couch, Ian looked down at the hunky soldier, trying to decide if he should leave him dressed, or try to make him more comfortable. Ian wasn’t sure what the morning fallout might be, but if he didn’t Kyle was going to spend the night sleeping in clothes soaked with sweat and spilled beer. The decision finally became a practical matter; if he stripped Kyle he would only have to wash the sheet, not end up trying to get stink of stale beer out of his couch. Ian had learned to be very frugal with his limited money ever since his parents had thrown him out.

With the decision made, Ian moved quickly get it done. He started by slipping off Kyle’s shoes and socks, to be enveloped in the strong scent of a man. As the pheromones drifted through his system, Ian could feel his cock begin to swell and stiffen. Unbuttoning Kyle’s shirt, Ian was having an almost overwhelming need to run his hands over the hard body leaning against him. Finally getting the shirt off Kyle’s body, Ian let him slump to against the cushion and stepped back to regain self-control. Looking down he realized this hot army boy was even more handsome than he’d originally thought. Even in the dim light coming from the small kitchen light, he couldn’t help but marvel at the deep olive skin and the wonderful fan of hair covering Kyle’s chest.

Mesmerized, Ian reached down and almost touched the man sprawled across his couch. He desperately wanted to let his fingers slide through Kyle’s hair chest. But Ian’s integrity refused to allow him to betray someone’s trust that way, even if the other person would never know. As he struggled with himself, Kyle suddenly moaned softly and shifted his body across the couch. The movement brought Ian back to reality and he was shocked that he’d even considered what would amount to molestation of the unconscious soldier.

With his morals back firmly in place, Ian quickly unbuttoned Kyle’s pants and slid them off. He carefully laid them across the back of a chair with the shirt that he picked up off the floor. Ian paused again to look at the real life wet dream lying on his couch. The firm chest and its light coating of hair, the flat stomach and a dense treasure trail that plunged from his navel to disappear into his boxers. Ian could feel his now rock hard cock flex in his jeans as he stared. Realizing he needed to leave the living room before he did something he would regret later, Ian covered Kyle with the sheet and walked quickly to the bedroom.

Once he was behind the closed bedroom door, he stripped to his white briefs and looked down at the raging cock jutting from his crotch. The growing wet spot was clear evidence that the hot guy passed out in the next room was having a strong influence on him. Reaching over to the nightstand, Ian turned off the last light in the house, plunging it into darkness. The night filled room allowed Ian to relax. Spreading his legs, Ian moaned softly as his hand played across the fabric trapping his cock and balls. Closing his eyes, he began to fantasize about the hot soldier in the next room.

Ian had long ago recognized his attraction for men, but because of a combination of factors, he was still a virgin. At his small town Oklahoma high school, life was miserable for those people who were even suspected of being gay, and Ian had worked hard to not to be suspected. His total sexual experience thus far was a mutual grope session with his best friend. But that had only happened once, and they had never talked about it. Kyle looked to be a few years older than Ian, and while Ian was sure he was straight, he couldn’t help but fantasize about being with Kyle. Ian pushed his briefs down to his thighs and then coated the palm of his hand with spit. He wrapped his dripping hand around his now throbbing cock and imagined it was Kyle’s hot mouth. Ian closed his eyes, imagining the scene with the smoking hot soldier looking up at him with his mouth filled with Ian’s granite hard cock. The thought of his cock stuffed in the handsome man’s mouth was enough to elicit a rumbling moan from Ian.

As the fantasy progressed, Ian reached lower, fondling his nuts as he vividly envisioned his first oral sex with this relative stranger. Gripping his cock tightly, Ian pulled his fingers upward, stripping its accumulated precum. Rubbing his hand over the glistening secretion, he quickly smeared it over his dick, covering it completely. Gripping the head of his cock tightly, Ian rotated his hand around his cockhead, imaging Kyle’s tongue swirling around its rim. The sensation flooded Ian’s system with jolts of lust, the thought of the hot man sleeping just feet away firing the passion even harder.

“Oh fuck, Kyle. Shit yeah! Suck it, lick my big cock,” whispered Ian.

Ian let his hand trail lower, using his finger to tease his pulsing hole. Pressing his finger tight against his puckered ass, he reveled in the stimulation of a major erogenous zone for him. As he stroked his work roughened finger against his hole, his cock belched up stream after stream of precum until his crotch was wet with the viscous secretion. Ian ran his finger through the pool of clear discharge, coating it with the precum. Quickly shifting his dripping finger against his pulsing hole, he pressed inward feeling his gut slowly relax as his finger slid deeper and deeper. Once it was completely buried, Ian let out a moan at the sensations flooding his body. Slowly pumping his finger in and out, he again was engulfed in his fantasy, imagining Kyle pushing his thick cock inside him. In the past when Ian had found his sweet spot, it usually started a full body orgasm that left him gasping for breath. This time he was better able to control himself, his body shaking as he gently stroked over his prostate.

Eventually ready for more, Ian’s let his finger slide, and then stuck two fingers in his mouth. Licking and sucking on them, he again drifted into a world where Kyle was his lover. He could almost feel the soft skin over the steel hard cock as he imagined Kyle’s cock slipping over his lips. The fantasy continued for several minutes before Ian released his wet fingers with a popping sound. Dropping his hand to his butt, Ian again pressed them into his gut, sucking in a breath as his ass stretched to accommodate the thicker intruder. Soon his finger thrusts were becoming more and more urgent, while his free hand gripped and squeezed his hard cock. Ian felt himself plunge into an orgasm as his entire body began to shake.

Cum shot from his cock, leaving a trail of white across his chest. Ian’s muscles locked as he tried to keep from screaming with the release. His body trembled as his orgasm rolled on and on. Distantly Ian was amazed at the ferocity of his climax, but finally he was able to relax. As he squeezed the last drops of cum from his softening cock, he looked down and smiled at his coated chest. Dropping his fingers to slide through the thick cum coating, he sadly smiled toward the living room in the acknowledgment that this attraction could never be more than his imagination.


“What the fuck! Where am I! Where are my goddamn clothes!” shouted Kyle.

“Good morning to you too,” said Ian with a groan as he walked from his bedroom trying to wipe the sleep from his eyes. “You’re at my house and your clothes are beside the couch. You were too drunk to walk back to base last night.”

Kyle kicked off the sheet, and immediately tried to cover his morning wood that was pushing his boxers obscenely from his crotch. Turning his ass to Ian, he grabbed his pants and started yanking them over his legs. Once they were fastened, he quickly pulled on his shirt, then the socks.

Ian yawned and stretched; his jack-off session late last night seemed to have satiated his cock since it was behaving well this morning. He had enjoyed the sight of Kyle’s round tight ass and was a little sad when he sat down to finish dressing. Ian watched for a few more minutes while Kyle seemed frantic to get out of his tiny home.

“If you’ll wait a minute I can fix some breakfast for us,” said Ian with another yawn.

“I don’t want no fucking redneck cooking for me, ever,” spouted off Kyle. Realizing he might not want to insult this stranger just yet, he added, “No offense . . .”

Ian’s eyes narrowed to slits as he watched the solder finish dressing before he responded, “Oh fuck no, that’s not offensive at all. Next time I’ll just let you pass out in the damn alley and see what you have left in the morning, if you wake up the next morning,” said Ian blisteringly.

Kyle paused, looked at Ian and then pulled out his wallet to see if he still had his money. When he looked back up, he found the younger man’s face was deep red with fury.

“You must be fuck’n kidding me! You think I robbed you? You asshole!”

Kyle stopped, started to apologize, and then decided there was no need. He knew he would never see Ian again, so what difference did it make if they left on good terms or not. Pulling on the last of his clothes, Kyle looked around the couch to make sure he had everything and then glanced back at Ian.

“Thanks,” said Kyle. Turning, he walked out the door, and froze on the porch. Surrounding this little oasis was mile after mile of rolling prairie. There wasn’t even another house that Kyle could see. He turned back to Ian with desperation etched across his face. He wasn’t even sure which direction he was from the base.

“Wha’s wrong buddy? Ya’ll can’t git back inter town er sumton?” drawled Ian with a nearly indecipherable accent.

“Hey look. I’m sorry. I’m just not looking to make friends. I already told you I appreciated you bringing me back. Now can you take me to town?”

“Let the backward redneck have his breakfast, then we’ll see how I feel about helping your rude Yankee ass,” said Ian with more than a little venom.

Ian disappeared into his bedroom and quickly came back pulling on a t-shirt. He brought eggs and bacon out of the fridge and without another look at Kyle started looking through his pantry for ideas. Smiling to himself, Ian decided it might be a good morning for some made-from-scratch biscuits, or maybe French toast. Hell, maybe he’d just fix both. He suddenly had a tremendous appetite.


Weeks later the memory of Kyle remained sharp in Ian’s memory. Once the anger at his rudeness began to lessen, he realized there was an attraction he didn’t quite understand. When he arose each morning before dawn to begin his work on the ranch, he thought of the night with Kyle sprawled across his couch. Even when he was building new fence through the miserable August afternoon, thoughts of Kyle drifted through his mind. He wasn’t quite sure why this particular soldier had stuck with him so tenaciously, but he was constantly daydreaming about his hot young stranger. Ian thought the feelings and memories would fade, but they only seemed to intensify. Even a hot Saturday afternoon trip into town for supplies was no exception. As he was dwelling on Kyle yet again, he caught the sight of a soldier walking down the side of the rural highway. Slowing, Ian pulled beside the slowly walking figure and rolled down his window.

“Need a ride?”

Ian was shocked when Kyle looked up at him. But it was no less than the surprise etched across Kyle’s face when he realized that he knew the driver.

“Nah, I’m fine. It’s only a few more miles,” said Kyle.

“It’s 15 miles and it’s already 90. If you wanna walk that’s fine. No skin off my nose.”

Kyle paused, looking down the road to see the heat already creating a shimmer over the asphalt. As he felt another drop of sweat slowly roll down his backbone, he decided his stubborn pride could rest for today.

“Yeah, ok. I wouldn’t mind a ride. I just need to get back to the base,” said Kyle.

“Well I have a couple of errands to run. I can drop you off wherever once I’m done,” replied Ian.

“That’s fine. I don’t actually have to be back until Sunday night,” said Kyle, who quickly jumped into the truck. As the pickup rolled down the largely deserted rural highway, the two of them began to talk with each other and soon discovered they had a few things in common, a few favorite dishes and a love of Mexican food to name a few.

Ian stopped at a drive-in for lunch and the two of them shared stories of growing up. Kyle described being the only child of upper middle class conservative parents. Ian talked about growing up on his family’s farm. Ian shared his memories of a childhood spent outdoors, working with animals, and Kyle could tell it was a life Ian loved. But Ian also noticed that Kyle only talked about memories of childhood, nothing past adolescence. Finishing the last of their burgers, Ian turned and said, “I’m done with the errands. Where did you want me to drop you off at?”

Kyle paused to consider, finally breaking the long silence he said, “Actually, I was enjoying just hang’n with you. Do ya want to go back to your house and chill for a while?”

Ian looked at Kyle with suspicion in his eyes, not certain he could trust his intuition about Kyle again. But something inside told him to give Kyle a second chance. If nothing else, he rationalized, more time with Kyle would give him more material for his fantasies. Deciding to take a chance, Ian turned to Kyle and nodded.

“Sure, but my AC isn’t working too well so it’s kinda hot,” said Ian.

“Is the beer cold?” asked Kyle.

“Yeah,” said Ian with a laugh.


As soon as they walked into the house, Ian started stripping. Within minutes he was walking around in nothing but a tight pair of white briefs. He turned on the arthritic window unit that slowly coughed into service and started blowing cooler air into the room. Ian flipped on the television and turned to see that Kyle hadn’t moved.

“Get comfortable if ya want. It’ll take Bertha some time to cool this place off,” said Ian as he retrieved two ice-cold beers from the refrigerator.

Kyle reached up and took one of the bottles. “Nah, I’m good for now. What’s on the boobtube?”

Ian chuckled and started flipping channels. He eventually stopped on a hunting channel and settled back to watch them stalking deer through the deep snow, one of many things he had never experienced. But Kyle seemed interested, so they settled in to watch.

Several beers later they were both feeling very relaxed. Ian reach down and scratched his nuts and watched a bead of sweat slowly roll down Kyle’s cheek.

“Aren’t you fuck’n burning up? I already told ya you could ditch the clothes,” said Ian with a laugh.

Kyle looked over, shrugged and started stripping. He quickly took off his shirt and threw it over his chair. Ian licked his lips as he glanced at Kyle’s broad muscular chest, with its perfect dusting of hair. His half-dollar sized nipples were distended from the heat and added to the overall effect that was causing Ian’s cock to stiffen. Not wanting to throw a boner in front of Kyle, he turned back to the TV in time to see them gutting a buck. As he watched the final scenes of the show, he drained the last drops of beer from his bottle. Ian walked to the kitchen to retrieve another longneck for each of them and saw that Kyle had stripped to his boxers. Then Ian smiled as he realized Kyle had his hand inside his boxers, scratching himself. Coming back through, he handed Kyle one of the beers.

“Cooler now?” asked Ian.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” replied Kyle with a sigh, taking a gulp from the cold bottle.

Ian sat back down, but the show in his living room was far more interesting than the one on his television. Kyle’s hand was inside his boxers more than not and Ian was enjoying what he was seeing. As Kyle slowly stroked his cock it was pressed against the thin fabric. Ian could clearly see his foreskin sliding up and down the stiff shaft.

“Damn, I need to get off. I’m so fuck’n horny right now,” said Kyle.

“Fuck yeah. I know how you feel. I’m horny as a three spotted goat myself,” said Ian with a sigh.

“You got some porn we could watch? I really need to unload,” said Kyle.

Ian moved to his stash of porn and rifled through it for a bi movie. He popped it in the player and moved back, this time sitting beside Kyle. They quietly watched the first scene as the two actors kissed passionately as the girl the scene opened with slowly disappeared. As the action progressed, Ian glanced over to see Kyle almost panting as he watched one of the actors first rim the other, and then slowly slide his huge cock deep inside the other man’s ass.

The movie soon had Kyle hard and throbbing. As the action on the screen progressed, his barriers to accepting himself thinned until they were almost non-existent. He hesitantly looked at Ian, suddenly feeling the need to be honest with someone about his emotions, and instinctively knowing Ian was a good choice.

“Hey Ian, I need to tell you something,” said Kyle almost in a whisper.

Ian turned from the video and looked at Kyle, “Yeah? Something wrong?”

“No, yes, maybe, hell I don’t know,” said Kyle in exasperation.

Ian chuckled and grinned at Kyle, “Whatever it is, it can’t be that bad. Just spit it out.”

“I think you’re sexy,” said Kyle, whose face was immediately filled with a look of sheer panic. “I’ll go, I’m sure you don’t want some fag to stay in your house. I left college and joined the Army to cure it, but I really think you’re hot as fuck. Sorry, I know you’re straight, I should just go.”

Ian grabbed Kyle’s arm as he stood to leave, stopping his exit. “It’s ok, Kyle. I think your fucking hot too, but I thought you were straight. Come sit down. Just relax. If we are both in the mood, maybe we can have a little fun tonight. But I’ll warn you, watching porn is about as much experience as I have,” said Ian.

With a mutual smile, the pair settled next to each other with their eyes glued to the video. As the second scene progressed, Ian felt Kyle’s hand slide into his lap and gently squeeze his package. Ian sighed with pleasure; afraid Kyle would stop if he said anything. Soon he had fished out Ian’s cock and was stroking it in rhythm to the action on the screen. Ian valiantly tried to think of anything other than what Kyle was doing to keep from exploding. Finally he reached down and stopped Kyle’s hand, but left it in place.

“Dude, I’m about to nut. I need a little break,” said Ian between gasps for air.

Kyle leaned back against the couch and put his arms behind his head. Smiling at Ian, he nodded to his tented boxers.

“How about a little help for me then. I haven’t gotten off in a week and my nuts are full.”

“Oh yeah? Maybe I can help you out then,” said Ian with a smirk. He reached over and slipped his hand into the fly of Kyle’s boxers. As his fingers slipped past the soft cotton, he found a dense, wiry bush that was soaked with precum. Trailing his fingers through the dense pubic hair, he reached Kyle’s hard cock and wrapped his fingers around it. Slowly he slid his fingers up and down as he teased its entire length. Kyle was pressed into the couch as Ian playfully worked his fingers over Kyle’s cock, sliding his finger inside the long foreskin and teased the head. Kyle let out a low moan and started thrusting into Ian’s hand.

“Oh yeah. That’s it. Jerk my cock,” said Kyle through a deep groan.

Ian pulled Kyle’s cock out his fly. Taking it loosely in his hand, he smeared precum over its surface until it was covered with the wet secretion. Ian released Kyle’s cock and watched the foreskin slither back over its head until only a small circle of glans was showing. Ian watched as another blob of clear cock honey belched out of Kyle’s dick. Wrapping his hand back around it, he slowly pulled the foreskin down, watching with fascination as it unfurled to reveal steel hard cock.

Kyle watched him and chuckled, “Never saw an uncut one before?”

“No,” replied Ian, “Everyone here is cut. I don’t think they’d let you outta the hospital with the wrapper still in place.”

“Yeah, for some reason my parents didn’t have me circumcised. It wasn’t really a topic I wanted to ask them a lot about though,” said Kyle with a chuckle.

“Does it feel. . . different?” asked Ian.

Kyle laughed, “Don’t really know, I don’t know how anything else feels.”

“Yeah, I guess that was kinda a stupid question,” said Ian quietly.

“Yeah, whatever. You were a little busy doing something that I was enjoying just a minute ago,” said Kyle with a lifted eyebrow.

“Oh yeah,” said Ian with a grin.

He immediately went back to his careful teasing as Kyle’s moans of appreciation escalated. Ian leaned down, took Kyle’s nipple in his mouth and flicked his tongue over it until it was a hard little nub that protruded above the short hair on his chest. Moving to the other nipple, he soon had it in a similar state. The sound emanating from Kyle had long ago escalated to unintelligible gibberish as his climax built. Lifting his head, Ian started to kiss Kyle gently on the lips.

Kyle’s eyes flew open, with a disconcerted wild look in them. “I don’t kiss dudes. I’m not into it,” said Kyle in a clipped tone.

“Oh,” said Ian unable to keep the disappointment from his voice. “Ok, that’s fine.”

Ian tried to start again, but Kyle’s announcement had thrown him. Deciding it was time to finish him off, he started jerking faster on Kyle’s hard cock. Ian did notice that Kyle hadn’t softened at all, in spite of the denial. Soon he was again enjoying the sex and he could tell Kyle was getting close. Ian, still fascinated by the peek-a-boo action of Kyle’s cock as he jerked him, missed the obvious beginning signs of his orgasm until the first shot jetted from his cock and left a stripe of hot cum across Ian’s chest. He looked up to see Kyle’s mouth close tightly as his body convulsed through the climax.

By the time Kyle finished, they were both covered with cum. Kyle’s eyes fluttered opened and he sucked in, filling his lungs with air.

“Oh god. I needed that so bad. Fuck, I feel amazing,” said Kyle with a smile.

He lay across the couch for several long minutes before he looked and saw that Ian’s cock was still hard as a rock. With an almost sweet smile, Kyle ran his hands through the cum pooled on his belly, grabbed Ian’s cock and immediately started pounding it. Startled at first, Ian quickly lost himself in the hand job. The sloppy wet sounds of cum around his cock added to the pleasure. And unlike Kyle, Ian was anything but quiet.

“Fuck yeah!” yelled Ian, “Jerk that cock. Stroke my fuck’n fat cock!”

Ian’s body fucked Kyle’s hands, eagerly seeking release. His climax was elusive as Kyle would hit a sweet spot, Ian would almost explode, then Kyle would shift his hands and the sensation would escape. Finally the long minutes of build up brought him to an awaited release. His hips thrust wildly as his cock exploded. It sprayed in a long watery stream, hitting Kyle on the side of his face. Smiling at Ian’s response, Kyle continued to pound his cock. Eventually the ropes of cum stopped jetting from his cock and with a final sigh, Ian collapsed against the couch.

“Damn! I never thought you were going to hit the sweet spot long enough,” said Ian.

“Nah, it was good though wasn’t it?” asked Kyle.

Ian ran his hand through the hair on Kyle’s chest and smiled. “Yeah, it was good and damn I came hard.”

“See! Then it was worth the wait wasn’t it?” said Kyle with a smile.

Ian smiled and let out a soft sigh. “Yeah, it was well worth the wait.” Ian relaxed for a few more minutes, his fingers idly playing over his cum soaked chest. Eventually the feeling of warm cum sliding off him motivated him to move. He slowly walked into the bathroom and cleaned himself off with a wet cloth. Cleaning it carefully, he brought the cloth into the living room and dropped it on Kyle’s chest. Kyle quickly cleaned himself and then walked back into the bathroom. Tossing the wet cloth into the tub, he lifted his half hard cock and started pissing. Ian walked behind him and watched the thick yellow stream arch into the toilet. After watching for a few seconds, he fished his own cock out of his briefs and joined Kyle in emptying his bladder.

Kyle shook off the last drops from his penis and then let his boxers drop to the floor, walking out into the living room with his plump cock swinging between his legs. Sauntering to the fridge, he bent over to retrieve another beer, giving Ian a great view of the curly hair lining his ass crack. Standing up, Kyle twisted the top off his beer. Leaning against the counter, he smiled at Ian and then lifted the bottle and guzzled half of it in a matter of seconds.

“That was good, really good. Definitely took the edge off. That was about the biggest load I’ve ever shot,” said Kyle with a smile.

“The only thing I’ve done before was some mutual groping, so this was amazing. I came so hard that my body was shaking,” agreed Ian.

“So, now what’d we do?” asked Kyle.

“You mean besides eat barbeque and shoot rats?” asked Ian with a smile.

“Well, barbeque I like . . .”

“I’m kidding. But if we want to eat, we do need to go out to the garden and get some stuff, or we’re just going to be eating fried hamburger,” said Ian with a smile.

Kyle fidgeted for a few moments. This was starting to feel uncomfortably familiar. He didn’t want or need any ties, especially not a queer backward country boy from hell-on-earth Oklahoma. But seeing they had just finished an amazing mutual hand-job, Kyle decided he at least owed the kid a few hours of his time.

“Sure, sounds great. Let’s get going ’cause I’m starved!”

Ian chuckled and grabbed a pair of cutoff jeans, tucking himself in and managing to get them zipped, adding a pair of flip-flops to complete the look. He grabbed the bucket he used to harvest vegetables and headed for the door.

“Hey!” said Kyle, “What about me? You got some spare shorts?”

“Sure,” replied Ian, “Let me grab you a pair.”

Ian loped back into his room and grabbed a second pair of shorts, tossing them to Kyle. He stood and watched Kyle struggle to get into his shorts, enjoying the show. Kyle was roughly the same size as Ian, but months in the Army had left Kyle with more muscles, which also meant his ass filled out the jeans amazingly well. But it also translated into Kyle struggling to get all of his equipment in the cutoff jeans without catching anything in the zipper. Finally after several minutes, Kyle managed to close his zipper and they headed out the door.

As soon as they stepped outside, the blazing midday sun scorched down on their bare shoulders. Kyle followed Ian around the tiny house. As soon as they turned the corner, Kyle saw what seemed to him to be an enormous garden. Kyle watched as Ian waded into a mass of low growing leaves and bent down. Looking over curiously, Kyle saw that Ian was picking cucumbers, quickly filling his bucket. After a few minutes, Ian looked up and motioned to Kyle.

“Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna to help?” asked Ian with a raised eyebrow.

Kyle stuttered for a minute, trying to figure out how to answer, finally he blurted out. “I don’t know how, we never had a garden.”

Ian stood up, disbelief written across his face. He walked over and grabbed Kyle’s hand and pulled him into the garden. They made their way to what looked like a waist high hedge. Ian pulled back the leaves and quickly explained to Kyle how to harvest black-eyed peas. Ian stood and watched until he was satisfied that Kyle knew what he was doing, and then moved to another area of the garden.

The burning sun didn’t encourage procrastination, but in spite of the scorching heat Kyle and Ian began to relax with each other as they worked side-by-side. As their time together stretched on, Kyle had to admit he was enjoying Ian’s company. As they came to the far side of the cultivated area, he saw row after row of head high plants with huge flowers. Ian walked over to the side of the garden, opened an old mailbox and pulled out a couple of pairs of gloves. He handed one of the pairs to Kyle along with a small knife.

Kyle looked down at the pink gloves with daisies around the wrists and started laughing. “There’s no fuck’n way I’m wearing these? These’re girlie gloves!”

“Suit yourself,” said Ian as he pulled on a similar pair in lime green and orange, “Okra has spines on it that will eat up your hands. The gloves were on sale, I don’t make a whole lot working here . . .” Ian ducked his head and started down the row slicing off the small pods as he moved quickly down the row. Kyle watched for a second, then tossed the gloves to the ground, moving to the next row of plants and started harvesting okra.

Working together, they quickly harvested the last of the garden produce. Ian pulled off his gloves and turned for Kyle’s. Seeing he had tossed them to the ground, he stomped back down the row and grabbed them. Walking back, he slapped them against his leg, cleaning off the clinging red dirt. Ian stopped in front of Kyle with a scowl on his face, “Like I said, I don’t have much money. Everything has to be taken care of, or I don’t have it. You may come from money, but I don’t”

Kyle started to retort that his family was not rich, but he paused to think about it. His parents always had a new car. Even he and his siblings had been given nice vehicles when they were old enough to drive. Vacations may not have been trips to Europe, but they were still nice and now that Kyle thought about it, probably not cheap. As he thought about Ian’s statement, he began to notice an itch coming from his hands, but was determined not to give Ian another reason to think he was an ignorant city boy.

So without a word about his slightly burning hands, he quietly followed Ian back into the house. Closing the door, he followed Ian and stepped beside him to help put together the meal. He watched what Ian did and replicated it, or occasionally Ian would give him a silent demonstration. Kyle was a quick learner and they soon had okra and squash frying together in a skillet, cucumbers soaking in vinegar and meat sizzling on the griddle.

When his help was no longer needed, Kyle leaned against the tiny spot of counter and watched Ian. In his cutoffs and bare chest, Kyle had to admit that Ian was a nice looking guy. It still bothered him that he was finding another man attractive, having denied those feelings his entire life. But it appeared his stint in the military had not changed the fact that he was attracted to other guys. He was still struggling with it. He didn’t want to be different; he didn’t want to be the outsider. But as Kyle watched the sun coming through the window highlight the short hairs on Ian’s chest, and he recalled their earlier session, he knew. It had felt right, for both of them. But Kyle was certain of one thing. Whatever it was that made him happy, he was going to pursue it. He didn’t want to end up bitter and angry like his parents were behind their façade of success.

Ian jarred him from his introspection by handing him the plates, along with a silent admonishment to handle them with more care than he’d given the gloves. With a smile of acknowledgment, Kyle quickly set the small table and then moved over the food that was ready. As he was setting the last one in place, Ian brought out a hot iron skillet of sweet cornbread from the oven, and fished a bowl of cold butter from the fridge, setting both on the counter where they could easily reach it.

Kyle started eating tentatively, thinking this was going to be a meal to be endured, but that was about it. But as he ate, he found each bite was seasoned and cooked to perfection and the freshness of the vegetables were beyond comparison with anything he’d experienced in the past. Digging in with gusto, Kyle quickly cleaned his plate and was sorely tempted to lick it to get the last morsels. But having finished everything on his plate, Kyle looked around for more.

Ian smiled and cut generous wedges from the skillet of cornbread, splitting each one and filling it with thick pats of butter. Giving them a few seconds to melt into the cornbread, Ian opened each one on a separate plate, drizzling them with a thick stream of honey. Handing one of the plates to Kyle, Ian dug into his piece and a look of sheer joy infused his face as he enjoyed one of this favorite sweet treats. Kyle watched for a few seconds, then cut off a generous mouthful with his fork and slipped it onto his tongue. The clover honey and soft grainy cornbread, infused with the generous portions of butter, were wonderful. Finishing a second helping of cornbread and honey, Kyle leaned back into his seat and sighed,

“Damn, that was good. I can’t remember the last time I ate anything that good,” said Kyle.

“Farm supper, that’s what my Mom always called it. I think that was her code for ‘poor people food’,” said Ian with a melancholy look.

“Well, farm supper is damn good. Even if I am in god forsaken Oklahoma,” replied Kyle.

They sat and chatted amicably. The surface information was soon spent, and there were several long moments of uncomfortable silence. Finally Ian looked up and locked eyes with Kyle.

“Why’d you join the Army?” said Ian.

Kyle sat quietly, contemplating his answer. His initial reaction was to lie. He didn’t owe Ian anything, and his personal life wasn’t any of Ian’s business. But with a silent sigh, Kyle acknowledged that Ian did at least deserve an honest answer.

“To become a man, that’s why I joined,” said Kyle softly.

“So you wanted to grow up?” said Ian.

“No, I wanted to not like guys any more . . .” said Kyle with an almost wistful tone to his voice.

“Not like . . . as in what we did this morning,” said Ian.

“Yeah, like that.”

“So this morning was a mistake for you?”

“No . . . but I’m not sure what it means. I can’t love a guy,” said Kyle.

“Why not?”

“Because it’s a sin.”

“Says who?”

“Everyone! Everyone knows only pervs like other guys,” said Kyle emphatically.

“I’m not a perv.”

Kyle looked up with a very conflicted look on his face. He nodded in acknowledgment of the truth in Ian’s statement.

“I can’t go back home. I told them I was gay and they said I had to leave, that I’d give it to my brother,” said Ian softly. “But it’s not like it’s contagious, you can’t catch it.” He turned and locked eyes with Kyle, ” . . . anymore than you can cure it.”

The silence stretched out for many long minutes. With a slightly sad look on his face, Ian stood up and started clearing the table. Not sure what else to do, Kyle quickly moved to help him and was soon standing side-by-side with Ian, helping wash up. Space was limited in the tiny kitchen, so each item had a specific place, which meant Ian spent a lot of time directing Kyle on where to put each piece. Finally the last utensil was washed and put away and the two moved to the couch and watched TV.

As the evening wore on the earlier conversation receded and their bodies began to move closer together. Kyle unconsciously put his arm around Ian’s shoulders, and Ian leaned in, craving the emotional connection, even if it was a transitory one. But the closeness evolved into gentle touches, which almost left Ian breathless. His hidden vulnerabilities surfaced as his self-reliant shell slowly cracked from the warm touch of the man beside him. His body responded in kind and his cock stiffened, again ready for action.

Ian also explored Kyle’s body. The hard muscles of his torso glided under Ian’s inquisitive fingers. Both men’s breath quickened as their emotions built in tiered cascades. As his fingers grazed the edge of Kyle’s shorts, Ian let out a soft moan.

“Suck me, please suck me. I really want to feel my cock in your hot mouth,” said Kyle through a groan.

Ian looked up to see the desire on Kyle’s face and was lost in the moment. Running to the bedroom, he returned with a hand filled with condoms. Dropping them on the couch, Ian knelt between Kyle’s legs. He ran his hands over the strongly muscled thighs, luxuriating in the texture of hair that covered them. Gently he cupped Kyle’s bulging package and then reached forward to slowly lower his zipper. The trouser snake trapped inside rapidly uncoiled and was soon sticking obscenely above Kyle’s torso, filaments of precum trailing from its reddened tip.

Ian mechanically opened the wrapper and then unrolled it down the rock hard cock in front of him. Pressing his lips against the underside of Kyle cock, Ian rammed his tongue hard against Kyle’s glans and then started lashing it back and forth across Kyle’s cockhead. Kyle’s mouth parted in a silent scream, his body locked at the sensuous performance. Ian wrapped his hand around the base of Kyle’s engorged cock and pulled it toward him as his tongue danced down its length. The slight smell of dried cum and sweat wafted to Ian’s nose as he smelled and tasted the pungent aroma of the man under him.

Moving lower, Ian tugged down the cutoff shorts and let them slide off Kyle’s legs. Pressing Kyle’s legs upward and pulling him lower on the couch Ian moved lower, lifting Kyle’s balls and lapped his tongue under them. With his face firmly planted in Kyle’s crotch, Ian eagerly tongued over his nuts and then his perineum. Kyle was twisting wildly on the couch, his hands grasping the cushions tightly as he thrashed back and forth, all without making a sound.

The dark curls of hair that lined Kyle’s crack beckoned to Ian, his tongue dipping lower and lower with each pass, until he could see Kyle’s pulsing hole in the dark thatch of hair. Wondering if he was going to ruin the fun, but unable to resist, Ian ran his hot tongue over Kyle hole. His first pass resulted in a low rumbling groan as Kyle opened his legs wider, obviously wanting more.

Ian dove in, licking and devouring the object of his desire. With his face pressed hard against Kyle butt, he was submerged in the textures and smells of a man who filled him with lust. Kyle’s wordless, but passionate response to his oral skills somehow were more of a turn-on for Ian than if he had been receiving. His tonguing continued as he aggressively ate Kyle’s hole. After a while everything else ceased in the world for Ian other than the two masculine hills of muscle his face was buried between. Pulling back, Ian smiled to see the results of his work, an engorged hole that was deep red and pulsing. He glanced to Kyle’s face and saw the cute soldier had closed his eyes and was panting softly from the overload of sensations.

Ian decided to go for broke and dove back in again, this time his stiffened tongue pierced Kyle’s butt, driving it’s stiffened shape into him. Plunging it in time and again, Ian ate Kyle’s ass like it was prime rib. The new sensations had Kyle flailing on the couch, involuntary jerks overcoming his body. Pushing his legs higher, Ian became an insatiable sex demon. Every trick he’d ever heard, or saw on porn, he tried on Kyle. The combination resulted in Kyle’s reduction to a mass of nerve endings that were pulsing with the same signal of amazing sex.

Pushing the boundaries slightly further, Ian raked his finger over Kyle’s hole while flicking his tongue back and forth with hummingbird fast flashes. This was the finally straw for Kyle’s over-taxed system and his orgasm began.

“Ahhh, Uhh, uhh, ahhh,” Kyle almost whispered while his passion merged with lust as his body convulsed in a full body orgasm. His limbs shook and his cock discharged round after round of cum, filling the condom with viscous white fluid. With a multitude of small grunts and inarticulate groans, Kyle’s climax receded until he finally collapsed against the couch.

“Oh my god,” said Kyle in amazement, “I’ve never came so hard. I thought my nuts were going to shoot out of my dick!”

Ian chuckled and sat down beside him, leaning toward the army stud before he remembered the earlier admonishment about kissing. With a whimper, his carefully built fantasy about Kyle crashed down around him and Ian lay back with a sigh. Then, to his surprise, he felt Kyle’s trembling fingers traveling over his chest and to his crotch. While Ian breathed slowly, not wanting to startle Kyle from his exploration, he traced the outline of Ian’s cock through his shorts. Ian sighed when Kyle popped open the top button and then slid his hand into the shorts.

Ian gasped as Kyle’s thick fingers slid through the precum coated hair and found the base of his stiff cock. Stroking down its length, Kyle chuckled at the huge wet spot formed at its tip. Gently opening his zipper, Kyle pulled out Ian’s stiff member and started stroking it. Slow gentle strokes had Ian whimpering with need as his balls pulled up tight against his shaft. Unwilling to match Kyle’s silent performance, Ian muttered words of encouragement.

“Hell yes, Kyle. Damn that feels nice. Stroke my cock. I’m so fucking close, keep jerking me.”

Kyle gave Ian a feral grin and increased the speed of his hand. Soon it was a blur as it rocketed up and down Ian’s hard shaft. Ian could feel the pressure building as an orgasm raced through his body. With a final release, cum spewed from his cock. Droplets of cum coated both of them as Ian’s cock sprayed in all directions. With screams of pleasure, his body convulsed with each squirt until he sagged against the couch as the last volley left his cock. Kyle continued to play with his softening cock, seemingly fascinated with his new toy. Ian watched silently until his dick was completely flaccid and then looked back, risking a quick touch across Kyle’s jaw.

“I think we should clean up. Come on, at this point I think we can grab a shower together,” said Ian with a chuckle.

Kyle laughed in response, “Yeah, since your tongue has been in my ass, I don’t guess there are many surprises at this point.”

With a chuckle, Ian helped Kyle to his feet, and the two of them walked into the bathroom.


Kyle couldn’t get Ian out of his head. He played their day together over and over through his mind. There was no part of it he hadn’t enjoyed. But he didn’t want to be gay, there was too much baggage. Kyle mulled this over and over in his head for weeks, not sure what to do. Finally he decided that he needed to see Ian to work out some of the things that were twirling through his head.

He had the number for Ian’s house phone. Quickly dialing, he listened to a seemingly unending number of rings. With each one, Kyle’s resolve weakened. When the answering machine finally picked up, stress had reduced Kyle’s voice to a squeak.

“Hey Ian, just think’n about you. Well, you know what I mean. Just wondered if you wanted to hang out, I’m on leave for the next few days. Anyway, when you get this give me a call. Damn dude, you need a cell phone, I mea—”

The ending beep of the answering machine cut Kyle off. He started to dial again, and then stopped half way through the number sequence. As the voice informed him that his called couldn’t be completed as dialed, he got a sinking feeling that Ian might not want to see him again.

As self-doubt bloomed around him, Kyle sat in the barracks; the only sound was the din of someone listening to a local radio station. Dimly he was aware of the noise, but was largely tuning it out. But somehow there was one announcement making its way into his subconscious. As it drifted to the surface, he heard the announcer giving times and days for the local county fair. At first he dismissed it as one more hick activity in a redneck town in the middle of BF Egypt. But then he seemed to remember Ian saying something about going to the fair and he had seemed excited about it. Kyle thought he at least should go once before he dismissed it, and maybe he would be lucky and run into Ian.

He quickly showered and changed, then caught a bus to take him to the fairgrounds. Kyle stepped off the bus, and into a world he never knew existed. The midway was somewhat familiar with its rows of rides and games and the carnies hawking you to ‘play the game, everyone wins!’. The buildings of groomed livestock and all things hand made, well that gave him a window into a world that he thought was long gone.

His mother’s idea of fun with crafts was seeing how many shops she could go through in an afternoon on Michigan Avenue. But these were skills that he thought had died long ago, and for Kyle’s family, they had. But obviously there were people who still created things and for a practical purpose, not just to follow some current trend. The more he saw, the more surprised he became at his flippant disregard of this part of Americana. As he looked carefully, he began to notice the skill, and sometimes humor, embedded in many of the items.

Kyle moved from building to building, his interest increasing as he viewed more and more examples of the heartland’s art. Finally finding himself back on the midway, he was stopped by the delicious smell of funnel cakes as he walked past. He stood and watched as the vender skillfully fed the ropes of batter into the hot oil, and a few seconds later pulled out a hot filigree of soft cake. He stepped to the window and passed over his money, paying the extra for an additional avalanche of powdered sugar. Continuing his walk through the midway as he ate his treat, Kyle slowly came to realize that he was enjoying this, and it didn’t feel like hillbilly land at all, just genuine people who were celebrating what they did.

He stood watching one of the game booths, soaking up the ambiance of the fair. Just as he was licking the last of the sugar from his fingers, he spotted a familiar cowboy hat. Kyle raced toward it eagerly, wanting to talk with Ian and share some of the fair with him. As he rounded the corner, he saw Ian . . . and a friend. Ian had an arm over the other man’s shoulders and was whispering something in his ear. Watching the pair break into laughter, Kyle turned to leave. Heartbroken that he had lost his chance, he walked slowly away. Kyle heard their laughter slowly fade away as he made his way back to the bus stop. Tears never disgraced Kyle’s face, he’d learned that lesson from an early age, but to anyone seeing his face, it was obvious this young soldier had suffered a broken heart.


“Get up. You can’t keep sitting around the barracks moping. So she broke your heart, let’s go get drunk and get you laid. Things always look better when you have a woman swinging from your dick.”

Kyle looked up at his buddy, and shook his head. He was beyond caring who knew at this point. “Him.”

“Him?” came back the questioning reply.

“Yeah, him. I fucked up and now he’s with someone else,” Kyle flatly stated.

The buddy sat beside him on the bed, surprisingly supportive of Kyle. “You sure? Did you talk to the dude?”

“Nah, I saw him at the fair with someone.”

“Well, were they . . .”

“No, just walk’n around,” replied Kyle with a sigh.

Hardy laughter erupted beside Kyle. “You don’t know shit then! If they weren’t making out maybe they are just friends.”

Kyle perked up, looked around the barracks in desperation. “I need to get out to see him. But he lives in the fuck’n middle of no where.”

“Come on, I’ve got an idea.”


Kyle walked to the door, worried that he was about to make an ass of himself. His other problem, his buddy’s scheme got him here, but it didn’t get him back to the base. He knocked, somewhat hesitantly, and then stepped back. He heard the sound of boots crossing the wooden floor and then the door slowly opened. Peering in, Kyle saw Ian standing with the door in his hand.

“Hey . . .” said Kyle.

“Hey. Whatcha doing out here?”

“Well . . .” Kyle stopped, thought a minute, and then plunged ahead, “I couldn’t get you off my mind. I called and left a message, but you didn’t call me back. And then I saw you with that guy at the fair. It just tore me up. But my buddy said maybe it wasn’t what I thought it was . . . so I’m here to see how you feel about me I guess.”

Ian stood reeling, completely unprepared for this turn of events. He looked at Kyle with an open mouth, not knowing what to say. Just as Kyle was turning to leave, Ian pushed open the screen door. “Come on in, looks like we need to talk.”

As they entered into the house, it looked like Ian was about to eat. Kyle thought it was a good thing he did have the garden, because all that was on the table besides veggies, was cheap white bread, yellow mustard and bologna. He motioned Kyle to the chair and then sat down across from him. Kyle found that he couldn’t meet Ian’s stare. The silence stretched onward, until Ian cleared his throat.

“Well? What did you want to know?”

“Umm, was that guy— Do you and I— Could we— Could I get a—,” said Kyle.

Ian chuckled slightly and then looked back at Kyle with a much more sympathetic look on his face. “No, yes, yes, yes. How’s that?” said Ian.

Kyle paused for a second, trying to connect the answers with the stammered half-formed questions that he’d asked. Once he did, a bright smile broke across his face.

“So that wasn’t a new guy?” said Kyle.

“No, that was an old friend of mine from high school. He was in town for the fair and we were horsing around. Sam is straight, he already has a kid and they think another one on the way,” said Ian.

“Oh, cool,” said Kyle as he tried to absorb the information.

“So far as the other question, I’ve missed you too . . .” said Ian with a smile.

“Really? Because I wasn’t sure. You didn’t call me back.”

“Well you can be sure now. ‘Cause I missed you. My answering machine broke weeks ago so I never got your message,” said Ian. Turning he motioned to the table. “I was fix’n to eat. You hungry?”

Kyle nodded and then moved to the table beside Ian. As they sat in the small space, their shoulders bumped and their eyes met with a smile. Kyle nibbled at a few of the dishes on the table but didn’t want to eat too much of Ian’s sparse food. Eventually the conversation slowed and Ian gave him a quizzical look.

“Why aren’t you eating? Don’t you like lunch?” asked Ian with a slightly irritated look on his face.

“No, not at all. It all tastes great,” said Kyle quickly.

Ian reached over and made Kyle a sandwich, doubled the meat and then covered it all with a generous squirt of mustard. Handing the sandwich to Kyle, he sat back and watched.

Kyle went for broke, ramming a corner of the sandwich into his mouth and biting off a generous chunk. As he began to chew it, an odd look crept across his face. Ian realized it wasn’t a look of distain; it was more curiosity and caution. As he swallowed, Ian stopped him with a slight chuckle.

“If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. But don’t come in my house and not eat cause you think I’m poor, that’s bad manners, rich boy Yankee manners,” said Ian with a slight smile.

“No, it’s good. I’ve just never had baloney before, and it’s got an, odd, texture,” explained Kyle.

Ian now started laughing out loud. “They say if you knew what was in it, you’d never touch it again. So I don’t want to know what’s in it.” Kyle chuckled and took another bite, wondering how long it took to get use to baloney. Both men settled in and soon had finished most of the dishes on the table. Ian gathered up the plates and bowls and carried them to the sink. Kyle pitched in to help and soon they were standing side by side, chatting while Ian washed the dishes and Kyle dried.

In the close quarters it was inevitable that they would bump into each other. But Ian soon made a game of it and was bumping his hip into Kyle whenever he was in range. Before long both men were giggling like schoolgirls and sloshing water onto the cheap linoleum floor. Kyle slammed his hip into Ian a final time, only this time Ian didn’t have his balance. He slipped on the wet floor and his feet shot out from under him. Kyle grabbed quickly, and caught him just before he hit the floor. As their eyes met, Kyle wrapped his arms tighter around Ian and held him to his chest.

Kyle looked at the slight blonde stubble covering Ian’s deeply tanned face. Suddenly wanting to experience the rough texture, Kyle lowered his head until their lips met. Pressing his lips against Ian’s, he kissed the man in his arms deeply, feeling blistering passion flood his system as their kiss continued for several long, pleasurable minutes. Eventually they parted, both men giving an audible sigh as they did.

Ian was staring at Kyle, not certain what had just happened, nor why. He wasn’t exactly comfortable with the fast turn of events, from Kyle refusing to kiss at their last meeting, to the soul-searing kiss Ian had just received. As he thought about it, Ian realized he had gone limp in Kyle arms and was enjoying it. Kyle ran his arm down Ian’s body, and then lifted him into his arms. With Ian cradled in his arms, he slowly made his way to the bedroom where Kyle gently lay him down on the small bed.

Kyle reached up and tugged at the t-shirt until it slid over Ian’s head. He smiled at the sexy man under him and ran his fingers over Ian’s torso. His body was largely smooth, with just a small patch of blond hair in the middle of his chest, and a line of hair marching from his navel to disappear into his pants. Kyle kissed Ian again, with Ian’s head still spinning from the abrupt change in events. But his worries were overwhelmed by the amazing sensations Kyle was creating. Relaxing, Ian gasped as Kyle’s mouth covered one nipple and sucked it between his lips. The electricity shot from Ian’s nipples and infused his body. Soon his moans were gaining in volume as his system overloaded. Kyle’s tongue sent lightening strikes of craving through his body. Ian groaned and his muscles contracted as the sensations built.

As Kyle reached the top of his jeans, Ian grabbed his hands and pulled him back up. Grasping Kyle’s head tightly between his hands, Ian pulled him in for a hard kiss. Ian was far beyond any thought about what was acceptable to Kyle; he only knew what he wanted. Ramming his tongue into Kyle mouth, Ian started exploring its depths. Kyle responded in kind, their tongues warring with each other as they fought for supremacy. Ian broke the kiss and they both panted for air, trying to bring their hormone levels down from the stratosphere.

“Damn!” said Kyle, “That’s the hottest kiss I’ve ever gotten.”

“Just wait, private. We’re only getting started.”

Ian quickly slid Kyle’s shirt off, tossing it to the side. Ian’s lust had risen to the point that he was ready to take Kyle. His bites and touches were urgent and needful. By the time he reached Kyle’s pants, he had left several marks of passage across Kyle’s lightly haired chest. Ian ran his tongue over the thick treasure trail running from Kyle’s navel to disappear into his pants. Once it was soaked with saliva, Ian looked up and smiled at Kyle as he opened the first button on his pants.

Ian slowly licked at the exposed hair on Kyle’s abdomen until he had it soaked too. Repeating his actions with each button, he soon had the base of Kyle uncut cock exposed as it snaked down the leg of his pants. Ian slid off the foot of the bed and stood, grabbing Kyle pants, sliding them lower and lower until his cock was released from its fabric prison. As it arched across Kyle’s torso to hit his stomach with an audible wet sound, Ian pulled off his pants and dropped them to the floor.

Ian stood and looked down at the handsome man under him, contemplating his somewhat conflicting opinions of Kyle. Leaning forward, he took Kyle’s hard cock in his fist and slowly pushed down, forcing the foreskin to slowly retract until the deep red head was exposed. He moved beside Kyle on the bed without ever releasing his turgid cock. Kneeling beside the handsome soldier, his free hand was soon sliding over his lightly haired chest, enjoying the texture of Kyle’s body under his work-roughened hand. As his hand slid over Kyle’s nipple, he heard a low moan of satisfaction.

“Oh fuck’n A! That feels fuck’n amazing. Damn, keep doing that,” said Kyle as he groaned from the feelings of stimulation.

With a smile on his face, Ian lowered himself beside Kyle until his face was close to Kyle’s chest. Leaning in, he focused on Kyle’s hard nipple, flicking his tongue across it and sucked it into his mouth. As he slurped on Kyle’s nipple, he loved the sounds of desire that were seeping from Kyle’s mouth. Licking his way across his broad chest, Ian repeated his treatment on Kyle’s other nipple.

Time stopped for the pair as Ian worked to pleasure Kyle in every way he would conceive. Eventually he released Kyle’s steel hard cock, moved a hand to each nipple and teased them as he leaned in for a kiss. As he pressed his lips hard against Kyle’s, he could feel the moans coming from Kyle’s body. He gripped Ian’s shoulders and pushed him back, breaking the kiss. Kyle looked into Ian’s eyes and in a lust filled whisper said, “Strip, cowboy. I want to see that hot body again.”

Ian wiggled off the bed and quickly stripped off his shirt and tossed it to the corner. As he reached down to take off his jeans, he heard Kyle begin to speak.

“Slower, I like watching you strip,” said Kyle with a smile.

Ian glanced over at Kyle with a shy smile. Popping open the button on his jeans, Ian tugged them down a little, exposing the top of his underwear. Without realizing it, he began to gyrate his hips as he tried to create a show for his lover. Kyle smiled as he watched Ian turn his back to him, pushing his pants down further to expose the top of his ivory white ass. His jeans descended even further, until the clothing was cupping the curve of his butt.

Ian spun slowly, more thrilled than he would dare admit when he saw Kyle slowly jacking his hard cock as he watched. Blushing lightly, the blond boy again turned his ass to Kyle and pushed his pants down. Lifting first one leg, and then the other, Ian was soon kicking his pants into the corner. Glancing back over his shoulder, he saw that Kyle was fixated on his ass as it moved slowly. Ian swayed, moving closer, hoping that Kyle would touch his butt. Putting his hands on his knees, he let Kyle catch sight of a bit of his butthole as his ass cheeks separated.

As he moved away, Ian felt a light touch travel across his ass. The finger traced just along the edge of his crack, touching the beginning of the hair coating his trench, leaving a feeling of passionate fire in its wake. With a gasp, Ian felt his cock flex, leaking out a glob of precum. Shaking slightly from the overwhelming stimulation, Ian turned to Kyle, his cock stiff and tucked against his stomach. He crawled back into the bed with lust filled eyes, pinning Kyle to the bed by his shoulders and leaning in to kiss him hard. Their mouths struggle for control as each tried to dominate the other. Finally breaking the kiss, both men fell against the bed gasping for breath.

“I wanna suck you,” said Kyle between gasps for air.

Ian quickly vaulted off the bed and raced to the bathroom. Reappearing almost immediately, he jumped back on the bed and sat beside Kyle. Opening his hand, he smiled at Kyle as he showed him the fist full of condoms. Quickly tearing one open, he took Kyle’s cock in his hand and then worked to unroll the latex down its length. Picking up the second to put on himself, Ian suddenly found himself on his back looking up at Kyle’s smiling face. Taking the still-wrapped condom from Ian’s fingers, Kyle ripped open the packet and pulled out the condom.

Taking Ian’s hard cock in his hand, Kyle jacked it slowly, coating it with its own leaking precum. Ian tensed with the touch, his body on fire as his pelvis thrust up into Kyle’s hand, his back arched, wanting more. Finally relenting his teasing, Kyle rubbed the condom over the head of Ian’s cock, and then quickly unrolled it down its length. Tilting his head lower, he ran his tongue over the head of Ian’s cock.

“Ummm, minty,” said Kyle with a smile.

Ian giggled at the comment but quickly changed position so his head was between Kyle’s legs. Gripping the latex covered dick, Ian slid his mouth onto Kyle’s cock. Working desperately to make it feel good for Kyle, he pressed the thick uncut cock into his mouth until he choked slightly.

“Easy tiger! You don’t have to choke yourself right off the bat,” said Kyle with a chuckle, which quickly shifted to a moan as Ian started swiping his tongue over the head of Kyle’s cock. Dropping his head, Kyle slipped Ian’s turgid cock between his lips, running his tongue around the head as his own dick disappeared down Ian’s throat.

Soon both of them were working feverishly to bring the other to climax. The sounds of passionate sex reverberated through the room. Ian was desperately willing himself to last longer, but the condom was the biggest help in that area, because for a man unfamiliar with giving oral sex, Kyle was driving Ian to his limits.

Unable to last any longer, Ian felt his body convulse with orgasm. Kyle’s hot mouth had proved to be too much. As shot after shot of cum raced through his body, Ian was a mass of convulsing, grasping muscle. His hips were pumping wildly into Kyle’s mouth, and when Ian heard the sounds of Kyle gagging on his cock, he was strangely pleased. Ian was overwhelmed with the sensations traveling through his body, but soon a massive convulsion wracked his body as the last shot of jizz joined the others inside the filled condom.

Ian collapsed against the bed, allowing Kyle’s cock to slip from his lips as he gasped for breath. He felt the light touch of Kyle’s fingers as they traced the faints whorls of hair on the inside of his thighs. Ian lay quietly, absorbing the feeling and trying to catalog his many conflicting emotions. Just as he was becoming introspective, he felt a hard piece of flesh bump against his cheek.

“Some of us haven’t gotten off yet,” said Kyle with a snicker in his voice.

Ian looked up at Kyle’s smiling face, reached over and guided Kyle’s cock between his lips. Slowly sliding it deep inside his throat, Ian didn’t hit a gag reflex this time. He felt oddly triumphant when he felt wiry pubic hair scratching against his lips. Holding it for a few seconds, he began pulling off until only the head was still between his lips. Working a steady rhythm, he soon heard moans of appreciation coming from Kyle.

“Oh yeah! That feels good! Damn, I’m so fuck’n close,” said Kyle.

Ian increased his speed, wanting his partner to explode. He could feel Kyle thrashing under him as the sensations built from the amazing blowjob he was getting. But Ian remembered the response Kyle had to having his ass eaten, and decided to try it again. He let some of the abundant spit trail down to his finger and then slipped it lower, teasing Kyle asshole with his wet digit.

“Fuck! No fair! Oh holy shit, that feels amazing!” screamed Kyle as Ian pushed the tip of his finger inside the soldier.

Ian sped up his assault on Kyle’s wrapped cock, his finger sinking deeper in his gut with each thrust. Soon Kyle was spit between Ian’s thick finger, and his hot mouth. The sensation drove his lust until Kyle was a mass of hungry muscle wanting more and more from the man who was bringing him such pleasure. His slight restraint slipped the rein when Ian slid his finger in deeper and clipped Kyle’s prostate.

With a loud groan, Kyle exploded. His animalistic sounds were punctuated by muscle contractions that were impressive in their magnitude. Ian lifted his face from Kyle’s trembling torso and smiled at the filled condom hanging from Kyle’s dick. Tucking his finger inside Kyle again, he rubbed across that magic spot inside of Kyle, and was rewarded with another low squeal and one last squirt of cum. Kyle’s body arched again and then settled onto the bed.

“Shit, I never came that hard before,” said Kyle softly, his arm over his eyes as he recovered.

Ian looked up and smiled slightly, “And have you done extensive testing?”

Kyle waved his hand vaguely in Ian’s direction. “Not now, before. Oh, crap. You know what I mean. You make me feel amazing.”

Ian smiled slightly at the answer and then moved off the bed to take care of his filled condom. Returning, he quickly repeated the service for Kyle, tossing both into the trash. Once he had both of them cleaned up, he crawled into the bed and spooned against a recovering Kyle, who was already becoming drowsy.

Kyle twisted slightly and kissed Ian lightly on the lips. “You are an amazing lover,” whispered Kyle.

Ian’s heart sang, and for once, just once, he allowed himself to hope that he had found someone special, someone who understood. But he only allowed himself that slight hope, no more.


With the successful rendezvous, Kyle and Ian spent every free moment together. In spite of Kyle’s earlier desire to rid himself of his feelings, they bonded on many levels. Their sex was passionate and amazing, but more importantly their feelings for each other were growing beyond just hot sex. They spent hours being a normal, although cautious, couple. Going to movies, dinner out and all the other things young couples the world over enjoyed.

Having just returned from their latest movie viewing, they were cuddled with each other on Ian’s couch. As he felt Kyle’s fingers gently trace down his back, Ian shuddered at the touch that always filled him with desire. But Kyle seemed a little distant tonight, as if he was preoccupied with something. Ian twisted in Kyle’s lap and reached up to caress his face.

“What’s up, love? You seem a million miles away tonight,” said Ian.

Kyle gave him a tender, but slightly sad, look. “Yeah, I have been trying to figure out how to tell you something all night.”

Ian sat up, moving a short distance from Kyle and looked at him with concern. “What’s up? It doesn’t sound good.”

“Well, I’ve been deployed. I just found out, but I have to leave this week. It’s just to a post in Germany, but I’ll be there for 6 months.”

“Oh,” whispered Ian, his fragile world crashing down around him.

Kyle gently cupped his chin and lifted Ian’s face so their eyes met. “We can still Skype, I’ll pay for you to have Internet if that’s what we have to do. It will be tough, but at least the Army doesn’t have don’t ask, don’t tell any more.”

Ian wrapped his arms around himself, rocking softly as he could see he was losing his one piece of hope in his meager existence. He’d thought he and Kyle could be together for the long term. He realized that was a fantasy, but he’d let himself drift into it. Suddenly he felt warm, muscular arms wrapping around him and pulling him tight. He looked up at Kyle and then angrily scrubbed the tears that had started leaking from his eyes.

“Damn allergies!” said Ian.

Kyle chuckled and then leaned in for a kiss. His first landed gently on Ian’s cheek, enjoying the slight scruff of a days worth of growth. The fine hair’s brushed against Kyle’s lips as he slid downward, finding Ian’s sensuous lips and pressing gently against them. Kyle pulled back, their lips adhering for a moment before they parted. He looked deep into Ian’s eyes.

“What can I do to make you believe me that we’ll be ok?”

“Don’t promise anything. How much time do we have? When are you leaving?” asked Ian.

“This weekend is my last leave. I’ll be shipped out next week some time,” said Kyle quietly, knowing this wasn’t what Ian would want to hear.

Ian took Kyle’s face in his hands and kissed him hard. “I want you to make love to me. I want you to make me yours. I want to do everything,” Ian paused for a moment and then continued, “I want you to fuck me. And I don’t want it with the damn wrapper either. I want to have all of you inside of me. I got tested and I’m clean. Please Kyle, I want this.”

Kyle ran his finger across Ian’s cheek and then kissed him again. “That sounds amazing, and bareback sounds even better. The Army requires us to get tests every 6 months. I just did mine and I’m clean too. But are you sure that’s what you want?”

“Yes, please. I want you in the most intimate way possible,” said Ian in a whisper.

“Well we have the rest of the weekend. Are you sure you don’t want to think about it?” said Kyle.

“I’m sure, I’ve been wanting this for a long time. I just wasn’t sure, but I am now,” said Ian.

Kyle turned silently and ran his hands over Ian’s chest. Slipping his hands under his t-shirt, Kyle ran his hands over his bare chest, loving the smooth feel of his soft skin. Sliding his hands higher, Kyle gently pushed Ian’s shirt over his head, letting it fall to the floor. Reaching down, Kyle grabbed his own shirt, ripped it off and threw it across the room. Laying Ian onto the couch, Kyle lay on top of him, their torso’s grinding against each other as Kyle leaned down and kissed him passionately.

Soon they were entwined, letting the passion take them were it would. Their touches and caresses took on a new meaning with the knowledge of their pending separation. Kyle glided his tongue deep inside Ian’s mouth, tasting and exploring with an intensity the pair had never experienced before. Kyle hands skated over Ian’s back, feeling the work-hardened muscle in the slender man’s body. Letting his lips slide down, he kissed down Ian’s neck, nestling against his shoulder and started sucking and biting, wanting to mark his man.

“Oh fuck!” said Ian with a moan, “Yes, god that feels good.”

Kyle redoubled his efforts, knowing this was going to be the last opportunity for intimacy for them for a long time. He wanted this to be an experience Ian could hold onto for the long six months of his deployment. He finally released Ian, letting his hands travel down his body, teasing his hard nipples as he kissed down his torso. The sun darkened skin felt warm and inviting as Kyle did what weeks before he would have never admitted he even desired.

Kyle moved down the couch until he was kneeling between Ian’s legs. Leaning in, he kissed Ian’s navel gently, letting his tongue circle the tiny opening. As his tongue traveled down Ian’s faint treasure trail, Kyle’s hands unbuttoned his jeans and slowly lowered the zipper. As the last of the zipper opened, Ian’s cock sprung free, raking through Kyle’s belly fur. Lying down, Kyle trapped Ian’s raging hard cock between them, teasing it as their bodies ground together. Soon their breath was coming in gasps as their passion gained in intensity.

Kyle moved off the couch and quickly dropped his pants, walking over he grabbed Ian’s hand and pulled him into a warm embrace. As their stone hard cock’s fought between them, they kissed passionately, their hands roaming over each other, touching and exploring. Kyle’s hands slid lower, letting his fingers glide into Ian’s ass and loving the sudden coarse texture of his hair filled crack.

Ian pulled back slightly and smiled at Kyle, “Yeah, I know. The one place I have hair, my ass crack.”

Kyle smacked Ian on the butt and chuckled. “I like your ass crack. How would you like your ass crack eaten?”

Ian grinned and moved to kneel on the couch, his ass spread wide as the dark blond hair swirled from around his deep red hole. Kyle watched for a few seconds as Ian shifted and settled in, knowing this was his final refuge, the final hurtle to conquer before he fully accepted his attraction to other men. It might seem like a strange barrier, but fucking another guy was the ultimate act in Kyle’s mind, proving he was gay. But deep down he knew, he loved Ian, and loved their times of intimacy. He realized he was just putting up barriers to his own happiness. But he couldn’t help it. His conservative upbringing was a difficult hurtle to clear. But he knew with Ian it wouldn’t be insurmountable; he just had to prove it to Ian.

As the thought flashed through his mind, Kyle knelt behind Ian and spread his ass cheeks wider, leaned in and inhaled. When the scent of maleness raced into his senses, he knew. He knew he was gay, he knew it was part of his DNA, there was no cure, and he didn’t want a cure. The smells and textures of the hot young man in front of him drove him hard. He buried his face in Ian’s hairy crack, digging in with tongue and lips to rim him and prepare him for tumultuous lovemaking. Losing himself, he drove his tongue inside his lover over and over again.

“Oh shit! Damn! That’s it, babe! Eat my ass!” screamed Ian.

Kyle and Ian were lost, body and soul, in the passion and desire generated from Kyle’s determined ass work. Soon Ian’s butt was flushed and pulsing with the need for sex. Kyle smiled lustfully and then spit onto Ian’s hole, pushing it inside with his finger until he was easily sliding a finger deep inside Ian. His reward was the increasing levels of moans coming from Ian’s throat.

“Lube?” asked Kyle huskily.

Ian gathered himself and turned to look at Kyle with lust filled eyes. “Bathroom. Over the sink, a squeeze bottle.”

Kyle quickly rose and sprinted to the bathroom. Ian heard a few seconds of noise and then Kyle was back, looking like a kid in the candy store. Popping open the cap, he squeezed a healthy load on two of his fingers and then reached up to press them against Ian’s hole. Ian groaned as the fingers sought entry, his back arching, his ass thrust out as his desire to be fucked eclipsed everything else. As he felt Kyle’s fingers slide inside his gut, he dropped his head against the couch, ready and willing to be Kyle’s fuck toy. As his head spun, he realized Kyle was gently thrusting in three fingers, which Ian pushed back to get deeper inside him. Soon the fingers were sliding in easily, and Ian wanted more.

“Fuck me, Kyle! Slam it in! God I need fucked, Please!” begged Ian.

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