gay anal

Part of the ‘Butt Monkey’ series of stories by Robert Furlong


Pulling out of the car park after meeting Cameron, I couldn’t help but marvel at how much nerve he must have. Imagine going back to a stranger’s flat and rimming him while his mates looked on! The idea of doing something like that myself was more than a little titillating and could form the basis of many a fantasy, but I doubted I would ever have the confidence to actually do it.

Having said that, the way I had approached Cameron and arranged to meet up with him for a drink was well outside of my usual comfort zone. Indeed, what I had done in the park and at the adult learning centre a couple of days earlier was something which, just a few months ago, I would probably have found so alien to my normal behaviour that it would have been difficult to even contemplate. So perhaps, now that the idea had been planted, I might one day develop enough courage to go ahead and act on a more daring impulse.

As I began the drive home along Rockingham Road, I thought about what Cameron had said about how much sexual activity goes on between men in the military. In my early twenties, I had briefly considered joining the forces — most probably the army — because at that time they were running a national drive to recruit graduates in engineering, the degree which I had just attained. I’d always been deterred for the most corporal of reasons: I had, by then, an extremely high sex drive and I’d worried that I wouldn’t have any outlet for the at least twice-daily relief that my swollen balls demanded. The thought of spending so many years cooped up in barracks with only male company was seriously off-putting: the prospect of having to make do with just my right hand for pleasure was not even worth considering.

I could now see, and the irony was not lost on me, that the very thing that had put me off joining the forces should instead have proven to be one of its main attractions. It had not occurred to me back then that all of us men together would have had equally insistent sex drives and that we all conveniently come with holes of roughly the right size which can be put to use as a practical outlet for those urges. Far from spending my life in enforced celibacy, I’d have probably enjoyed a fairly regular and pleasantly varied sex life in the quiet of the barracks after lights-out once I’d located a group of like-minded men who shared both my need for regular release and my taste for the male rear.

It struck me as bitterly amusing that I might have had more sex through joining the army than I’d had through my chosen course of getting married to Linda. I was confident I could have wangled a nightly hook-up with one or other like-minded soldier — we’d have quickly spotted each other in the cramped confines of the barracks — and I’d have no doubt come to enjoy taking turns with other men for mutual gratification. Thinking about it, I was fairly sure that I could have managed to fit in an early morning pre-shower session with those among my fellow-squaddies who, like me, found themselves waking before dawn with their erections standing to attention in their army-issue undershorts.

I wondered whether, extrapolating from what Cameron had said, such encounters between men for the sake of allowing a regular and healthy sexual release were now seen as acceptable — perhaps even desirable — within the forces. I rather liked the idea of tacit goings-on after lights-out, the men coupling up in their bunks, soundlessly helping one another to perform that last of the day’s duties. The thought of quietly mounting another man in the darkness, our bodies gently working together in the knowledge that other men around us were discreetly pairing up together for the same reason, was extremely appealing. It gave the activity a fraternal quality: a late night brotherhood of men whose lithe sweaty bodies would come together for a few short minutes of unspoken union. The close, confined air of the barracks would be thicken at first with the base, malodorous whiff of so many men’s quiet penetration of their brothers and comrades, and then, at length, by the more acrid, sharper bite of semen as so many pairs of balls were gratefully disburdened.

Such a bracingly masculine and loveless form of sex would have taken some getting used to, granted, but would gradually, in time, have acquired its own unique appeal. It would allow the discharge of a necessary bodily function, but would also be an intense and erotic moment of togetherness, the gentle rhythm of male coupling each night serving to unify us as a team and solidify the bonds of camaraderie between us.

Even if such encounters were still conducted in secrecy, like the discreet late night meetings of men described by Guy on the oil rig, such a low-key approach would bring its own attractions by introducing a sense of danger and taboo which I have always found exciting.

Having a regular and reliable means of release was something I’d only briefly enjoyed when I was married and it was strange to think that in the forces I might have had a more fulfilling sex life. I would have missed having a relationship with a woman, of that much I was sure, and my interest in my fellow soldiers would have been purely directed towards achieving mutual satisfaction at the exclusion of anything more meaningful. However, it occurred to me that whatever little companionship I had enjoyed with Linda was now long-gone and her departure had left me with the worst of all worlds: for the last few years I’d had neither the sex nor anything more emotionally-significant in my life.

I had Jake, though, and that was important.

As I sat and waited at some traffic lights, listening to my indicator clicking and watching it light up the sign to Foxton with a pulsing yellow rhythm, I realised I now had two evenings to look forward to between now and Christmas. First, there was my second date with Debbie, which I hoped might bring with it at least a snog and perhaps a mutual grope now that we’d got over the initial necessarily awkward meeting. Second, there was the prospect of a get-together with another bloke — the word ‘date’ didn’t sound at all appropriate in this case — which Cameron was going to set up for me. With my male-to-male encounter, I rather assumed there’d be a sexual element to the evening: in fact, if the night bring with it at least one climax I’d consider it a complete flop.

Now there’s double standards for you.

As I pulled away from the junction, I thought about what it would be like to kiss a woman after such a long spell of enforced abstinence. It would feel wonderfully intimate to touch my lips against hers; to feel her hesitantly yield to accept the tip of my tongue into her mouth and to feel her warm breath and the scent of her perfume so close to my face. I’d press close to her as my mouth worked against hers and might reach into her blouse to gently caress one of her breasts. Some women would enjoy that and groan their approval; some might even reach down and fondle the fly area of my trousers. I guessed Debbie would be more reticent and I’d have to take it carefully. Nevertheless, while we kissed, I’d get near enough for her to feel my bulge swelling against her so that she could be in no doubt of my eventual intent.

Turning into my estate, I thought about how it would be to be with a man for the first time. I pictured us going back to his place which, for some reason, I visualised as a cramped bedsit with a shoddily made bed. Having no idea who Cameron was planning to fix me up with, I imagined my colleague Matt Strickson naked, standing upright on the sheets of his unmade bed with me squatting behind him, also naked and with my face nuzzling between his ripe, round buttocks.

My lips would be clamped to his cheeks, my tongue exploring his hairy crack and his hot, sticky hole, while his hand was grabbing the back of my head urging me further towards his buried trophy. He’d bend low to grind his arse into my hungry mouth and would reach down, through his own legs, to grab my cock and wank me off with a rough, fast rhythm as I rimmed him.

Then he’d squat down in front of me and I’d slide myself into him, one arm gripping his shoulders and the other around his belly. We’d fuck like that, my knees around his hairy thighs and our balls dangling low as we squatted one behind the other on his dishevelled bed. I’d reach down and grab his cock and wank him as I fucked him, the two of us working up a rhythm against each other. With my other arm, I’d hold him close, feeling my chest rubbing up and down his back as we grunted and panted together; smelling the fusty whiff from his soiled sheets being joined by the more animalistic stink of our sweating buggery.

I pulled up in front of our house and switched off my lights.

It was difficult to know which prospect excited me more: a long, passionate kiss with Debbie including — I hoped — my first touch of a woman’s breasts for way too long; or a night of rimming and sodomy with some guy I might hardly know. They both had their own appeals; were both arousing in such different ways.

As I got out of the car, I felt the envelope full of the articles and clippings which Cameron had given me digging into me through my jacket pocket and decided not to take them back into the house. Instead, I stuffed them into the glove compartment of the car. They’d be safest in there until I could find somewhere discreet to bin them.

Having done that, I locked the car and let myself into the house. The hallway was in darkness but the distant deep throb of a baseline told me that Jake was in his room.

I poured myself a glass of wine from the fridge and grabbed a cold slice of pizza, a leftover from a couple of nights earlier. Tipple, our old ginger cat, started meowing around my feet so I filled his bowl. Then I went upstairs to see Jake.

He was at his desk doing some work for college with the music playing from his iPhone through his speakers. A familiar smell and a ball of scrunched up tissues in his bin betrayed how he’d taken advantage of my late return.

I touched his shoulder, startling him, and he asked if his music was too loud.

“No. I’m just saying ‘hi’.”

“Oh right, yeah. Hi,” he said, turning back to whatever it was he was doing.

“Have you eaten?”

“I had some toast.”

“Do you want anything else?”

“I’m good.”

He knew that expression bugged me but I let it go. I left him to whatever it was he was doing, and switched on the computer in our box room. While I was waiting for it to boot up, I ate the slice of cold pizza and took a few sips from the wine.

I was both nervous and excited that the prospect of having sex with a man — full, unhurried and unpaid for sex — was soon to become a reality. I could hardly believe it was about to happen.

The idea of penetrating a man from behind in the classically ‘gay’ sexual position was very attractive and the image of Matt Strickson and me squatting together on his grubby bed, our balls slapping against each other as my hips worked against his buttocks, came back to me. I thought about how it would feel if our positions were reversed: if I was the guy in front, feeling Matt’s — or whoever’s — cock driving in and out of me and having his hand beating at my erection as his stubble chafed the back of my neck. That would have its own appeal too, I was sure, and the prospect of following Cameron’s suggestion that we would take turns on each other — something that wasn’t possible with a woman — held a particular allure.

I liked the idea of having sex with guy at his place: the fact that we would be doing it on the bed he shared with his girlfriend or wife presented, for some reason, a tremendous turn-on. The two of us men would be enjoying furtive, forbidden sex together on a bed more used to the delicate bouquet of the sensual and vaginal. We’d be rutting together, revelling in defiling the feminine sensuality of the place with the strong, unashamed odours of our rough, male-on-male buggery, making the bedsprings shriek in ways it never had, and coating the already sex-smeared sheets with our own, more expressive stains.

As the Windows desktop loaded up on the screen, I realised, however, that it was far more likely that I’d have to bring my ‘companion’ (is there a better word for such a person?) home with me as my place would make a more obvious venue for our get-together if he was involved with a woman. The thought of having sex with another man on the bed I’d shared with my wife was similarly pleasing, though for rather different reasons, and I realised how gratifying it would be to watch the two of us wanking, rimming and mounting each other through the mirrored wardrobe doors which ran the length of the room.

Taking another drink from my wine, I reminded myself that I was going to have to get Jake to stay with his mother that night, or else force him to have a sleepover with one of his mates. He’d know exactly what I was up to — he was eighteen, after all — and would probably be intrigued by the prospect of listening in to the sounds that two men make when they get together for sex.

He’d already proven, with his undisguised interest at the sounds that Guy and I had made during our clumsy hook-up in the hotel, that he was fascinated by the idea of men being sexual together. I wouldn’t put it past him to creep along the corridor and lurk outside my bedroom door while we were in there, just to hear what his dad and his new-found friend were doing together.

I really didn’t want to have to feel conscious at the sounds we were making together for the sake of my son; to worry about every creak of the bedframe and to feel inhibited about what we did together for fear of making too much noise. It was embarrassing enough that he’d heard me masturbating that night a few weeks ago: how worse it would be to know that he was listening to the rhythm of his father being buggered for the first time.

Although it was unlikely, I could imagine Jake’s curiosity driving him to peer through the keyhole of my room. The possibility was certainly real enough for me to end up spending more time feeling concerned about what he might see than enjoying what we were doing. How would he feel to see his dad naked and aroused with another man? Sucking another man’s cock? Licking another man’s bum? Would it surprise him to see me beating myself off in my excitement as I did so? Would he be disgusted to see me anally penetrating a man? Would he be shocked to see his own father bending down to be similarly mounted by a member of his own gender?

No — he’d have to be out of the house. There were no two ways about it.

As I glanced through the work e-mails which had come in since I’d left the office to meet Cameron, I mused that if I were to bring a woman home with me, I’d have no such qualms about Jake being in the house. I’d ask him to keep a low profile, of course, but the thought of him being aware that his dad was having sex in the next bedroom would not be an issue for me.

Perhaps, in time, I might come to accept Jake’s presence in the house when I brought men back too, but not right now. Certainly not the first time.

I could envisage a time when I might bring Debbie, or any other woman, home with me one evening for a meal, and have her stay over with me, and then the next evening having a guy around for a few beers and extending the same invitation to him. Slow, gentle lovemaking one night; rough, sweaty butt-fucking the next. Different needs; different ways of satisfying them.

I could actually see that happening as a realistic possibility, and I liked the idea.

To my surprise, as I was looking through my e-mails, a message came in from Cameron. He must have sent it just moments earlier.

“Nice to meet up with you tonight, Rob. Lots of good stuff to talk about. Been doing a bit of research about one of your misgivings. Google ‘Andrew Marter’ if you’re interested. Looking forward to the Xmas party. It will be a very good night! Best, Cameron.”

As he’d sent the message through the work e-mail system, its contents were deliberately vague, but his meaning was clear enough to me.

I typed the name ‘Andrew Marter’ into Google and looked down the list of results. Most of the most prominent links were to Facebook and LinkedIn pages and those below cited references to the author of several erudite papers on management techniques. At first I wondered if Cameron actually intended me to read through those — perhaps his e-mail really was of a purely professional nature — but on the second page I spotted a blog entitled, “For Men Like Me”.

The author was from Southampton and appeared, from the picture on the front page of the site, to be a slim, bespectacled man who was married with three daughters. He had the look of an accountant or a solicitor; a fairly nondescript kind of guy who you wouldn’t glance twice at if you passed him on the street. He’d discovered that he had a taste for rimming on a business trip with a long-time friend about a decade earlier (details weren’t forthcoming) and had set up an internet group for others of a similar persuasion, of which there seemed to be many.

I read through some of his posts and chuckled at the tone of his language which seemed inappropriately formal, as though his interest in rimming, or ‘anilingus’ as he insisted on calling it, was of a purely academic nature. Perhaps he liked to think of it that way: as if he was doing some kind of high-brow research or studying a largely abstract branch of science.

I quickly found the post which I assumed Cameron was trying to direct me to in which Marter described how a guy might overcome his worries about meeting another male with a sexual motive for the very first time.

“The choice of one’s anilingual companion is of paramount importance in affording a successful and fulfilling sexual experience,” he wrote in his typically scholarly style. “One needs to choose someone who is sufficiently close and trusted as to facilitate unembarrassed intimacy, or otherwise it may be preferable to locate a complete stranger via the internet or other means.”

Well, I couldn’t argue with that.

“Bear in mind that you and your chosen companion are likely to be naked together, that you will be sexually aroused in each other’s presence and that you will experience contact of the most intense and deeply personal nature with each other’s bodies. If you are choosing a friend with whom to share such an experience, you must ask yourself whether your friendship is strong enough to survive such an intimate encounter and how you will relate to one another afterward.”

As Jake was always quick to point out, I didn’t really have many guys who I could call ‘friends’, so the point didn’t seem to apply to me. I played squash with Steve once a week and sometimes met up with Adam for a drink, but there was no way I’d suggest anything like this to either of them.

“That is not to say that what you are contemplating doing together is necessarily of a homosexual nature,” the blog went on. “While it is no doubt true that some anilingual encounters between men might occasionally develop along homosexual lines, the vast majority have no homosexual elements to them whatsoever and remain primarily a means for both men to achieve sexual gratification using each other’s bodies as mere facilitators in that process.

“As such, you may want to consider at an early stage whether you wish to expose your penises to one another when you are sexually excited. Many men — myself included — find this to be unacceptable and therefore wear jockstraps when engaged in anilingual intercourse. Such garments, which are available in standard sports shops and have no sexual connotations in themselves, allow you full access to each other’s anuses without requiring your erections to be bared.”

I found that idea quite laughable: it seemed ridiculously prim to insist on hiding your cocks inside jockstraps during rimming. I’d be the first to have reservations about exposing my genitals to someone, but it would be a suggestion of almost Victorian absurdity to suggest that two men could have sex together without exposing themselves to one another.

Our cocks would have to be bared — that was essential, I realised. I didn’t particularly find the idea of another man’s cock attractive — as far as men went, I definitely acknowledged myself to be an arse-guy — but if I was to have sex with a guy, I wanted to see that he was aroused and enjoying what we were doing together. There was something appealing — amusing, almost — about climaxing with another man; shooting squirt after squirt of our semen over each other, the two of us ending up covered in the stuff.

In any case, it seemed I was a step or two ahead of this guy in terms of how far I wanted to pursue my interest in other men. Marter’s blog assiduously avoided any reference to anal penetration other than with the tongue: I was now keen to push something significantly bigger up there. The jockstrap idea really was a non-starter.

“My own recommendation,” I read on, “is to choose a partner with whom you are sufficiently well-acquainted for the two of you to recognise in one another your shared interest, but someone who is not within your most immediate circle of friends to avoid the risk of awkwardness afterwards. The physical attractiveness of your chosen companion is largely irrelevant because anilingual sex works on the level of the physical and the bodily, although that is not to say that matters of cleanliness and hygiene should not be factors which inform your decision.”

I skimmed down the text and found Marter’s suggestions about how to rim a guy for the first time.

“Have your companion bend over in front you and apply your face to his rear: your nose and mouth level with the lower part of his intergluteal cleft.”

I figured that meant his butt-crack.

“Do not be alarmed by any abhorrence you feel towards what you are doing: be assured that anilingus is a perfectly natural activity for one man to perform on another. Any repugnance that you experience at this stage is a purely mental construct: the effect of years of negative social conditioning which has taught us that the backside of a person, especially someone of the same gender, is a ‘disgusting’ and ‘offensive’ area.

“Disregard such negative thoughts and press your face between your companion’s buttocks. Take a moment to inhale his unique scent and, if you are able, extend your tongue towards his anus.

“You will probably find at this point that you will begin to feel sexually excited and that your penis will aggrandise considerably. This is a normal reaction to the act of anilingus: male anal glands secrete a pheromone called androstadienone which acts as a sexual stimulant, the effect of which is most potent when perceived by other men.”

I wondered if that was true. It certainly sounded plausible.

“Most men,” Marter continued, “find themselves so intensely aroused by anilingus with another male that they are compelled to lick their companion’s rear with an almost uncontrolled excitement. I suggest that you partake fully in this activity before retiring to the bathroom or another private place to stimulate yourself to completion.”

I had to laugh at this guy: this stuff was hilarious. Imagine being comfortable enough around another guy to sniff and lick his butt, and then have to excuse yourself to go and beat off in privacy. Maybe he felt that if you and your mate’s cocks came out, that made the activity somehow more ‘gay’; I don’t know.

“However you feel after you have discharged your excitement,” the blog went on, “be considerate towards your companion, and allow him to experience the same pleasure using your body as you did using his. Bend forwards as he kneels behind you, and allow him to tentatively –”

Jake’s bedroom door abruptly swung open behind me and I clicked to close the webpage before he could see it.

“I’m going to get a Sprite,” he called in to me. “D’you want anything?”

“You could top my wine up since you’re going that way.”

He nodded and grabbed my glass.

“I’m going to phone Dan,” he said. “I’m having trouble with this assignment.”

“Okay,” I said. “Give me two minutes, though. I’m checking my e-mails.”

He threw me an exasperated look.

“Come on, dad. You can be online and make a call at the same time. We’ve had broadband for like five years.”

“Oh yeah,” I said lamely. “I knew that really.”

Sometimes Jake must think I’ve just arrived from the Palaeozoic.

He went off to fill up my glass and I got on with checking through my work e-mails. I didn’t feel like reopening the ‘anilingus’ website as it wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t already know.

After Jake had brought me up a fresh drink and was on the phone to his friend downstairs, I took a look at a few photo galleries showing anal sex between men. Purely for research purposes, you understand.

Receiving another man anally certainly looked like an activity which I might grow to enjoy, though undoubtedly it would take some practice and I would probably need time to become familiar with how it felt. In the photos, the men who were being penetrated were almost always erect and in some cases would intriguingly reach orgasm just by having their arses stimulated by the back and forth pumping of another man’s organ.

I scanned through quite a few websites, enjoying looking at men of all ages, shapes and sizes having sex together. I was impressed by the sheer variety of possible techniques and positions, as well as the way in which widely different combinations of men were apparently drawn to have sex together.

Here were two young men, almost Jake’s age — young, attractive and largely hairless — smiling together as they enjoyed face-to-face anal sex on a bed. The guy doing the fucking revealed a lovely pink arsehole when he was photographed from behind, and I started to grow hard at the thought of licking his tightly puckered ring as his long, thin cock pumped away at his eager friend’s butt.

I moved on to two older men fucking in an alleyway — one behind the other with their trousers around their ankles. They were hairy and muscular and, from the snarling urgency of their faces, their sex seemed to be borne more from mutual desperation than the more passionate lovemaking of the younger guys. The man being fucked had a rock-hard erection — large and thick, like mine — with a fat pair of bollocks hanging between his legs. Apart from how hairy he was, he could be me, standing there having my arse shafted by another man’s cock while I bent forwards with my hands on my knees. The next picture showed him gripping his cock and ejaculating as the man behind him grabbed him tightly by the hips and winced in pleasure as his own orgasm was discharged into his bowels.

I found two muscle studs in their early twenties, doing it doggy-style on the floor next to a Jacuzzi. I rubbed myself through my trousers when I realised they were taking turns on each other: the fucked becoming the fucker, each guy’s arsehole gaping open from being pumped by his friend as his own cock got to work between the firm, round cheeks in front of him.

And then there were the off-beat combinations: two newly-married men, consummating their bond still elegantly dressed, a cock poking through one guy’s fly and the seat of the other guy’s formal trousers yanked down. Or even more interesting than that, a younger guy pleasuring himself inside the dimpled, sagging arse of a grey-haired older guy. A cutesy student-type, clean-cut and a bit nerdish, roughly pounding his impressively large cock in and out of a very eager skinhead’s hairy buttocks.

So many possibilities; each one seeming more captivating than the last.

I found a movie showing two sailors together having sex in what looked like an engine room. One was lying flat with his back supported by a large, metal pipe, while the other was between his open legs, thrusting himself in and out of his well-worked hole. The setting was hackneyed and the men clearly cosmetically well-muscled, but what caught my attention was when the guy doing the fucking leaned forward between the legs he was holding onto and planted an energetic kiss on the mouth of his partner.

The camera zoomed in on their faces showing their lips working against each other, both men striving to dominate, as their bodies pounded back and forth. Ordinarily, I would have clicked to close the movie and switched over to something else, but after what Cameron had said about kissing helping to establish intimacy between men, I decided to watch them for a few moments.

There was something unaccountably interesting about seeing two men kissing, I had to concede. The way these guys were doing it didn’t seem ‘gay’ in the slightest: they were using their mouths quite aggressively on one another, their tongues fighting together as each man struggled to penetrate the other’s mouth. Spit was spattering across their faces as their lips vied for control, and when they did momentarily pull back from one another, their teeth flashed in a snarl before they plunged back in for more.

I realised I would never dream of kissing a woman like this; would never in a million years expect her to try and kiss me in this way. And that made it all the more fascinating.

Their kissing was not just ‘intimate’, as Cameron had said; it was vigorously strenuous and fuelled by their pure, greedy passion for one another. These guys were revelling in their same-sex union, ravenous to enjoy their combined celebration of male sexuality, and using their mouths against each other as they fucked served only to heighten their excitement for their own kind.

The guy who was being fucked, for all he had assumed a submissive role to receive his partner’s pounding cock, was easily the more dominant of the pair with his mouth. He grabbed his friend’s head and held it steady above him with both hands as he ate at his mouth with his spit-soaked lips. His tongue all but mirrored the other man’s cock: driving deep into the face above with strong, forceful thrusts.

Hearing Jake in conversation on the phone downstairs, I undid my trousers and released my own oversized cock from my sweaty boxer shorts. It felt good to give it some air in its inflamed state and it slowly hardened and lengthened, arching upwards from the front of my trousers, as if grateful for its freedom. I pulled my foreskin right back to expose the taut, purple helmet of my glans, sniffing appreciatively at the sharp, androcentric scent of my own sex which wafted up from it.

God, it felt so good to free myself from my trousers. I’d had so many erections that evening in the pub hearing about Cameron’s experiences, it felt like I’d been repeatedly strangling my organ with the hemlines of my underwear.

In the movie, the camera switched positions to show a close-up of their homosexual version of face-to-face intercourse. The top guy’s cock ploughed wildly in and out into the gaping pink hole between splayed legs, while the bottom guy’s cock throbbed impatiently against its owner’s stomach and oozed a puddle of sticky precum onto his abs.

My cock thickened further as it seemed to peruse the screen in front of it, peering with its slit-eye at the images of what one of its brothers was getting up to between another man’s legs; a pleasure which it soon might be enjoying for itself. I smiled down at it, wondering if it would throb so eagerly when another of its brothers was doing the same thing between my legs.

I rather thought it would.

I pulled my balls out from my underwear and let them hang down, cooling themselves, over the front of my trousers. They felt like they’d been overcooked as they’d slowly swelled to the size of apricots with the constant trickle of my collecting semen. Now, free from the cramped, muggy heat between my legs, I let them swing low, heavy and hairy and enjoying the fresh air of the room.

Now that my genitals were released, I opened my legs wider to allow them to breathe as I watched the men enjoying their anal intimacy together on screen. Once Jake was finished on the phone, and was clattering up the stairs in his usual inelegant way, I’d have plenty of time to stash myself away and zip up my fly.

On the screen, the cock was hammering in and out of the guy’s arse with a fast, mechanical rhythm. The man doing the fucking grabbed his partner by the shoulders and pulled him more deeply onto his organ as he pounded his hips back and forth.

My hand squeezed my own cock, enjoying its warm thickness in my palm, and made small, gently tweaking movements on its hard stem as I watched them.

The guy lying down grinned up at his partner — which I liked — and then grabbed his own cock and flaunted it to his friend as if to show off how aroused he was by the feel of his rectum being so forcefully ravaged. The guy doing the fucking looked down at it and laughed: an amused and affectionate laugh which seemed to say, “I told you you’d get off on it, you dirty fuck! I knew you’d love taking it up your arse!”

He grabbed the guy’s cock and wanked it roughly with the same rapid speed that his hips were bucking back and forth. The guy looked up at him and laughed back. His lips mouthed, “Fuckin’ yeah!”

I began masturbating myself more quickly, making longer strokes up and down my shaft so that my foreskin eased back and forth across the shiny, engorged head. I listened out for Jake — yes, he was still on the phone downstairs — and wondered if I could sneak a quick climax into my hanky in the time it would take him to come back up to his room. If I could catch my semen as soon as I started ejaculating, I might be able to conceal its strong smell from Jake; a civility which he had evidently been unable to extend to me earlier in the evening.

The camera focussed in on their fucking again, showing one guy’s cock working the anus while the other guy’s cock was worked by the hand.

Imagine if that was my virgin arse which another man was thrusting in and out of, I thought, and my much thicker and larger cock which he was roughly wanking as he did so. My organ swelled in anticipation of the idea now that I knew such a prospect was a reality, once Cameron had arranged it. As I masturbated myself, taken with the idea that it was me being fucked on the screen of the computer, I watched as a dribble of clear lubricant oozed from the slit on the head of my cock and was quickly dispersed across the shiny helmet by the sweeping back and forth of my foreskin.

I paused to take a long sniff of my erection, further exciting myself with the sharp, acetic waft from its sweaty shaft, and the fuller, more complex odour from the sweaty pubic hair at its base and on my large, ripe balls.

I yanked my trousers and shorts down around the tops of my thighs and thrust my free hand between my legs, intent on fingering myself as I masturbated to aid my imagination in applying the action on screen to myself. Quickly finding my hot, slimy hole through the coarse tangle of hair in my arse-crack, I pushed the tip of my middle finger in through my constricted ring and found, to my surprise, that the passage inside was moist enough for me finger myself without the need for spit.

I really had been getting sweaty down there sitting in the pub with Cameron!

A few strokes of my finger in and out brought a familiar whiff up to my nose from between my legs and I realised it wasn’t just sweat that was making my arse slippery enough to lubricate my finger. The rich, pungent smell from my gently fingered hole had its usual effect on me and I started wanking myself more quickly, squatting down to open my arse up further so that I could finger myself more deeply.

On the computer monitor, the men pulled away from one another and the guy who had been fucked turned around, opened his legs as wide as they would go and bent over the large pipe. The other guy positioned himself behind him, grabbed him by the chest and worked his long, slick erection in between his buttocks. After a few tentative thrusts during which the guy bending over grinned up at his companion and gave him the thumbs-up, their fucking restarted in earnest. The men worked with each other’s rhythms, arse pushing back against thwacking hips, as they pleasured themselves in the most decadently homosexual of all the positions they could have chosen.

I so desperately wanted to be the man being penetrated, revelling in bending over to expose my arse so crudely, and delighting in having another man behind me, slamming himself in and out of my gaping hole with such wanton abandon.

I slipped a second finger into myself and, on finding my pleasure intensified, managed a third. My arse took up a wet slurping sound as I pounded it with my three fingers together and I squatted lower and opened my legs wider to try and simulate as much as I could the extent to which another man’s cock would fuck me.

The crude, deliciously anal, smell was growing stronger with the increasing assault on my arse and I inhaled it in deep gasps as my hand fired up to full speed sweeping up and down the length of my straining erection. My balls, heavy and plump, were dancing between my legs, making alternating slapping sounds against my thighs and my hand with the rhythm of my masturbation.

I saw myself as the man bending over the pipe, looking up at my companion as he buggered me from behind. I imagined the two of us grinning at each other; implicitly acknowledging how much we were both enjoying the crude, unrefined aroma of male sex. My hand sped up faster between my legs, the rough thrusting of my fingers in and out of my slippery passage giving me the merest taste of the sensation I so strongly craved. The smell of our sex would grow stronger the longer he fucked me; the smell of my arse yielding to another man’s cock; the smell of me being roughly sodomised.

Without warning, white jets of semen erupted from my cock, the first thick splash of it hitting my chin, while my other hand was still deep inside my arse, three fingers sloppily slurping in and out of my spasming hole.

At that moment, a voice behind me said, “Dad… oh… Jesus!”

Before I could turn around — before I could even think of some implausible way of trying to explain — Jake ended the call he was partway through: “Dan… I gotta go. Something just… er… came up…”

He hung up the phone as glutinous gobs of my seed continued to spurt from my organ, soaking the front of my shirt. To add to my confusion and intense embarrassment, I was unable to stop pounding at my length. As Jake gaped at me and I peered back at him in shock, my fist continued to sweep up and down my cum-erupting cock, intent on prolonging my climax in blissful oblivion to the predicament its owner had suddenly found himself him.

“For God’s sake dad!”

I stared over at him, horrified; half-squatting in front of him with one hand involuntarily pounding at my climaxing shaft, making my balls thump up and down as Jake looked on, and the other still between my legs with my fingers deep up my clenching arse. Could this get any worse?

As my orgasm waned, I managed to reassert control over my forearm and overcame the urge to continue masturbating in front of my son. Instead, I used it to try and catch some of the semen I was still squirting, keeping the other well out of sight.

Jake threw me a forced grin, I suppose to try and reassure me that we’re both guys and we all get caught out at some time, and said, flatly, “I’ll get you some tissues.”

He disappeared momentarily and I pulled my fingers out of my backside with an abrupt fart which I hoped Jake hadn’t heard. I tried to catch as much of the flow from my cock as I could by cupping the head with both hands. I didn’t want to reach into my pocket with either of my dirty hands, one of which bore the crude evidence of what I’d been doing between my legs, as I’d hoped to get a couple more days wear from these trousers.

Chapter 02: The Wrong Club Aftermath

I grabbed at Keon’s arm, and he pulled me closer. Sliding his hand down into the back of my pants, he grabbed an ass-cheek and said, “Let’s get this ass home so I can clean you up!”

Guess that means that I wasn’t going back to my place after all…To tell the truth, I could barely stand up. My legs felt like jelly, so I had to lean on Keon to keep from falling down.

When we stepped out into the open air, I felt the full effect of all the drugs we had been doing hit me, all at once. I thought that I was blissfully out of it before, but in the fresh air I started to swoon. The lights seemed brighter than usual and all had a hazy glow, as if my glasses had fogged. Not that it mattered, since it was hard enough for me to even remain standing.

Keon helped to steady me with his hand on my ass, but I could sense that his mind was starting to ‘wander’ as well. He was rubbing in small circles, working his thumb against my hole as he used his other hand to adjust the expanding cock in his pants.

Neither of us cared that we were out on a public street. It was too late for much traffic, but I don’t think that it would have mattered if the streets were packed.

His big thumb rubbed all over my hole as he hugged me to him. It felt phenomenal, and I couldn’t help but push back every time his finger found its mark. My ass was leaking the cum that Jay had left inside me, coating the fingertip with lube. On the fourth or fifth pass, Keon’s thumb popped right in, and he pushed it all the way inside me, eliciting a moan with the sudden intrusion.

I treated his thumb like a little cock, and started humping back into his hand, hungry for more. He took the hint, and started kneading my ass with his palm as he continued to fuck my ass with that thumb. I was amazed at how deep it went, and could only focus on the indescribable feelings as it moved inside me. We weren’t even walking anymore…I just ran my hands everywhere I could reach on his body as he practically lifted me off the ground with his powerful grip.

We must have been making quite a scene, because the horn of a passing car shocked me to consciousness, and I blushed at their catcalls as it drove past. Keon gave me a quick kiss, and started pushing me in the right direction. With his thumb still working wonders, it was only his hand and our momentum that was keeping me moving. I was so blissed out that I couldn’t see even if I’d been able to keep my eyes open. It wasn’t just the lights…I just found it so hard to concentrate on anything more than the physical pleasure I was experiencing. I hoped it would never stop.

Keon kept up the fingering of my asshole all the way back to his place. I think that it was a couple of blocks, but it was a complete blur. He shifted his hand to push me up the stairs to his place.

At the door, Keon turned me toward him, sliding out his thumb as he kissed me hard. My back was pressed against the door, and it was the only thing holding me up as I surrendered to the kiss. In my heightened state, it felt like his kiss was passing through my whole body…That his questing tongue could reach deep inside me while I teased and licked it with my own.

We just stood at the front door, key already in the lock, making out like high school kids. Our hands were all over each other as we continued to kiss passionately. He found my hole again, and this time slid two fingers inside me. He was moving them an inch at a time, slowly spreading me. I could feel Jay’s cum continue to run out around his fingers. It made me wonder just how much he shot up inside me…

Keon’s fingers had me moaning around his invading tongue, and I thrust back to get more inside me. At this point, I was running on pure lust. My hands roaming everywhere they could reach, as if they had a mind of their own. I couldn’t focus on anything beyond the physical sensations, and it was overwhelming.

I almost passed out from the sheer ecstasy, but Keon must have sensed it, because his hands left my body for long enough to finish opening the door and guide us both inside.

Keon started tearing at my clothes before the door had slammed shut. I figured out what he was doing, and helped his getting me completely naked. As he took off his shirt, I wrapped myself around his naked torso, feeling the heat of his skin, and explored using my lips and tongue. He was moaning uncontrollably as he writhed under my attentions.

When I got to his nipples, he pulled me tighter into his embrace. His powerful arms felt like they could crush me, but I was loving it! I let out a soft moan to let him know as I continued to nuzzle.

The extra vibration must have been too much, because he grabbed my head in his hand and pulled my mouth to his for another deep kiss. His tongue penetrated my mouth like his cock had earlier. It felt powerful as he started to really thrust into my mouth with it. I just massaged his invading tongue with my own, and continued to moan into his mouth. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by this huge man having his way with me. I sucked on his tongue as his other hand snaked down my body…cupping my ass cheek, and rubbing my slippery hole with his thumb.

I leaned back onto his thumb, and he took the hint, sinking it deep inside me. I moaned around his tongue as he massaged me with that big digit. It felt like a small cock with a mind of its own, seeking the most sensitive points inside me.

There was so much cum inside my ass that I didn’t even notice when he swapped his thumb for two fingers, but I sure did when he started spreading me wider. I knew what he wanted, and so did I. I moaned around his tongue as he continued to devour me. I couldn’t concentrate on anything beyond the pleasure he was giving me…from both ends. The drug haze had me so blissed out that I could only press myself into his embrace, trying to pull him closer.

Pressed against him, I could feel his cock against my leg…It was hard, but hanging across my thigh. I reached down and grabbed the shaft, feeling the heat of it. I slid my hand towards his balls, and cupped them…rolling them around in my hand as Keon moaned into my mouth.

He suddenly broke our embrace, and dragged me deeper into his house. I half-registered the obviously feminine decor in the master bedroom as we went straight into a bathroom. I felt a brief pang of jealousy, as I wondered who Keon’s woman might be.

I didn’t dwell long, because we entered an opulent bathroom, and as Keon stopped to turn on the six shower-heads of the giant bath, he told me that it was time to get us all cleaned up. I took that as a hint, and dropped straight to my knees on the plush bath mat, pulling his cock to my mouth, and sucking the head into my mouth. There was a huge drop of precum that had been seeping since we had walked in, and I greedily drank it down.

Keon groaned and fell back against the wall, grabbing my head in both hands. He slipped my mouth off of his cock, claiming that he needed to breathe, so I just started licking it all over. I licked my way down the underside, and rested it against my face as I buried my mouth in his balls.

I was driving Keon crazy, and I could tell that he couldn’t decide whether or not to stop me. I wanted to taste more. I wanted him to cum in my mouth again. I don’t know where these urges were coming from, but I knew that tonight wouldn’t be the last time I sucked that cock. It was gorgeous, and throbbing against my face as I licked and stroked it.

The room was starting to steam, so I slid my way back up Keon’s body…dragging my tongue along his torso as I rose. I couldn’t stop stroking that hot cock, as he led me into the shower by pulling me along.

The pulse of the shower was a whole new world of pleasure. My skin felt like it was alive for the first time…Tingling all over, as the water hammered from all directions, I felt like I was the recipient of a thousand simultaneous massages. It was like a tropical storm of driving warm spray. I could only stand there with my eyes closed, taking in the overload of physical stimulation.

Suddenly, I felt another stream against my body. My eyes fluttered open to see Keon directing his semi-hard cock at my torso and crotch…a stream of piss flowing hard against me. I don’t know what came over me, but I grabbed the squirting cock, and directed it toward my mouth. The taste of his cum had made me curious enough to dive for whatever was coming out. I let it splash over my face, and then pointed it at my cock as I stood back up to face him. The stream tapered as his cock started to throb under my attention.

Keon was obviously turned on by my little show, because he grabbed me by the ass, and pulled me into another deep kiss. I just kept stroking his cock, and submitted totally to his embrace.

He told me there would be plenty of time for me to play after we finished cleaning up. What he was really telling me was that I was turning him on way too much. The feeling was more than mutual.

I let him soap me all over, which felt AMAZING with those big hands scrubbing every inch of my skin. I leaned harder against his hands whenever he’d touch a particularly sensitive part. He was better than I at resisting temptation, and brushed aside my efforts as he made sure to get me all lathered up.

I tried to do the same for him. Feeling his slippery body as I soaped him up was driving me insane. I reached around him, to scrub his back, and pressed my soapy body against his. I started sliding up and down, enjoying the sudsy sensations, and soon lost myself. I was cleaning the same part of his back for what seemed like hours as I ground myself against him. Feeling his soapy cock rubbing against my own had me harder than ever, and I humped up against it.

He laughed at my enthusiasm, and steadied me for a quick kiss. I sought out his tongue, but he was teasing me, pulling just out of my reach. I jumped up, and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling myself up to his face. His laughter quickly stopped as he gave in to my kiss. This time, it was me driving my tongue into his mouth. He wrapped me in his arms, kissing me back. It was the first time I had become the aggressor, but I just couldn’t help myself. I had never felt anything like it, and wanted to make sure that I savored every facet.

He directed us under the spray, and rinsed us off as we continued to make out. I stayed wrapped around him, as he angled us where he needed to wash away the last of the suds.

Once he was done, he let me down gently, and grabbed a bottle of lotion from a shelf. He spun me around, and squirted a huge glob into his hand…He smeared it across my back, and started to rub it in with both hands. It felt so good that I couldn’t do anything more than lean into his powerful touch.

I closed my eyes as I felt his hands move down to my ass, continuing to spread the lotion as he went. Of course, he couldn’t resist spreading more inside my ass, and soon he was pushing both thumbs inside me, feeding in as much of the lotion as he could. I arched my back, and let out a low moan to let him know I enjoyed what he was doing.

He moved one hand around to my cock, making me realize how hard and throbbing I was at the moment. I had completely forgotten about my own hard on as he was working his marvelous hands all over my body. He started to stroke it at the same time as he started stroking his cock along my ass. His cock must have been covered by the same lotion, because it slid so easily along my crack. Before I realized it, we had a good rhythm going with my humping against his sliding cock as he stroked my own cock in time.

Each time the head brushed against my hole, I felt a little rush, and humped back a little harder. Keon must have taken the hint, because he stopped the sliding, and started to push the head directly against my hole.

Between his earlier finger loosening and the lotion, it wasn’t long before I felt the head stretching into my outer anal ring. Keon was gentle, but firm, as he pulled me against the bulbous cockhead. I was scared, but so incredibly turned on, that I knew that there was no question in what was left of my mind. I wanted it…More than that, I needed that huge cock inside me!

I arched my back to signal him on, and leaned harder against his cockhead. He grabbed my ass with both hands, taking a cheek in each hand and spreading them as far as he could as he pulled me backwards. I felt it pop in, and quickly jump a few inches deep inside me. I made a high pitched squeal, and then a deeper moan, as I felt my asshole adjust to this sudden invasion.

When he felt me relax a bit, he told me to push my ass out to try to let him in. I did as I was told, and felt the next couple of inches slide in easier, making me feel even more full than when Jay had fucked me earlier. Luckily, the lotion had done its job, and despite its thickness, I felt his cock sliding in with almost no resistance.

With only six or so inches inside me, he grabbed my face with his hand and turned me half around so that he could kiss me as his cock throbbed in my hole. I leaned back as far as I could, keeping my back arched to make it easier to handle the monster moving inside me.

Keon leaned down and slid his hands down my thighs, almost doubling us over, but when he got to my knees, he grabbed them from behind and lifted me as he straightened himself up. Before I knew what was happening, he was standing with me in the air, supported only by his hands under my knees and his cock in my ass. He used my weight to slide me down that enormous fuckstick, lifting me slightly, and then dropping me down further onto his cock each time. I couldn’t believe it, but he was filling me deeper than I had even thought possible.

He turned us slightly, and told me to open my eyes. When I did, I could see somebody thrashing his ass wildly on the top half of what was obviously a huge black cock. His cock waved obscenely in front of him, as he jumped all over the larger man’s penis. It was hypnotic, and took me a few moments to realize that it was me. Looking down, I saw that I had a long way to go on my journey down Keon’s giant tool.

I was drawn into the show that I was putting on for both of us in the mirror as I writhed against him. It turned me on even more to watch his cock as I slowly fit more and more inside me. I writhed and squirmed, feeling it fill me deeper. His groans, and the hot breath against the back of my neck urging me on.

I was determined to get it all, but with a few inches to go, I found myself unable to sink further. That didn’t stop me from grinding all over that hot cock as I arched myself against Keon, allowing him to kiss and suck on my exposed neck, which was driving me wild. I reached down, grabbed the base of his cock, and used it to stir it in slow circles deep inside me as he raised used my legs to continue to slide me up and down. I was his fuck puppet, powerless in his grasp.

Keon was getting a little carried away too, and found it hard to support us both. He kneeled down, and set me on my knees in front of him on the padded bath mat. Moving his hands back up to my hips, he used this new position to start giving me a proper fucking.

At first, it was slow but powerful strokes, each one driving a little deeper than the last. I could feel him back at the point I couldn’t get past on my own, but then felt it yield as he continued past my natural resistance. My moans silenced and my mouth formed a solid O as I could feel him filling me so deeply. I wanted to scream out, but couldn’t make a sound as his it pushed even deeper. I thought it would be painful, but it was as if he was pushing me to a new level of pleasure.

Soon, I could feel his balls pressing against my own as he ground his crotch into my ass. I felt like I could pass out from the combined pressure and pleasure of that amazing piece of meat that filled me so completely. It was well over a foot of cock, and I could feel my insides rearranging to accommodate his girthy length.

Once completely inside, he leaned over my back and started kissing my neck again. I leaned my head up against his, and tried to watch him in the mirror. He smiled at my effort and gave a little pulse of his cock, letting it move inside me.

He asked if I was ready, but didn’t even wait for an answer as he started to slide his cock slowly out of my abused ass. Once the head got to the rim, he slammed it back in all the way, making me cry out. He slid it out a little quicker, and slammed it in just as hard, eliciting another deep moan. Quickening the pace of his withdrawal, he kept up his furious assault on my formerly virgin asshole.

It brought me back to reality for a moment to realize that I was eagerly bucking back on over a foot of solid black cock, helping this gorgeous man fill me with his hot meat. Only a few hours ago, I hadn’t ever even thought of kissing a man, but now I couldn’t get enough of whatever this man wanted to do to me. I was his for the taking, and would have told him so, if I could manage anything more than a grunt as he continued to drive his cock inside me.

I soon lost myself completely to the sensation of that giant cock sliding in and out of my now well-used ass. He had obviously added a little more lube, or my ass was even looser than I had thought, because now I couldn’t even feel the pressure of his expanding me…Just the insane pleasure his cock was giving me. No woman had ever made me feel this way, and I knew that none could. I had found myself on the end of this monster cock, and there would be no turning back.

I went wild, shaking my head as I moaned and thrashed all over that cock. Feeling it batter my insides until I thought that I couldn’t take it anymore. I could feel Keon expanding a bit more, as his cock throbbed even harder inside me.

He told me he was going to cum, and asked if I wanted it inside me…I found my voice enough to let him know just how much I wanted him to fill me up with his cum.

He needed no further encouragement, and started to pick up the pace, slamming into my ass so hard that it echoed off the walls. I was blissed out, and moaning incoherently as I squeezed my ass around his invading cock. I wanted to squeeze the cum right out of him.

It must have worked, because with a mighty wail, Keon began to unleash his torrent inside me. I could feel it shooting deep inside, splashing and filling me up.

That was all it took to push me over the edge, and without touching myself, I started to have the biggest orgasm of my life. My first spurt felt almost as powerful as Keon’s as I saw it shoot past my face…He continued to pound my ass as he filled me up, his pace becoming erratic as he tried to control himself. My orgasmic spasms couldn’t have been helping with that as they continued to milk his cock inside me.

I felt it continue to jerk inside me, as his orgasm dribbled to a stop. My efforts to grip him inside me, only served to push him out quicker. I gave a disappointed sigh as I felt his cock slip free and slide down against me. Trying to keep as much of his cum inside me as possible, I tightened as much as I could…But my ass wasn’t as tight as it was earlier, because now I couldn’t stop it entirely from dribbling out.

Keon leaned over and kissed me, driving his cock against me as he pulled us both up until we were kneeling back to front. His softening cock, dripping more cum, slid across my ass, almost making me wish he’d slide it back inside. I humped against him as he turned my face towards his for a kiss.

We were still on the floor, me half twisted, as we made out and groped each other, when I became aware of a slow clapping that brought me back out of my sexual haze.

I looked up to see a luscious brunette, leaning against the doorway, obviously having enjoyed our performance. I don’t know when she got there, or how much she saw, but her face was flush, and she was hiding a sizable bulge in her tight, figure-fitting dress.

My neighbor across the street asked me to help him move some dirt to his backyard, which he had delivered and dumped in his driveway. It was a hot Saturday afternoon and, being the good neighbor, I walked across the street to tell him that I would give him a hand. My wife was going out of town to her cousin’s house to spend the night and do some shopping. I thought I would have the weekend to myself to watch porn and jackoff, but I still had plenty of time for that.

My neighbor was a cop, 6 feet two inches tall; age 48 same as me; very hairy with muscles that will take your breath away. I took my five foot six inch self-home to put on some shorts, work boots, and a tank top then went back across the street. We hauled dirt for about 3 hours, in 95 degree weather. Frigin sweating like a pig, no pun intended.

We finally finished about 3pm. Dave thanked me for all the work. He said he ordered a pizza, and would could grab a couple of ice cold beers and relax in the hot tub. Dave had a nice big jetted hot tub with a large closed in gazebo in his backyard, which he made totally private. That sounded like a plan, so I told him I would go back to my house, grab a towel, and change into a bathing suit.

Just then the doorbell rang and the pizza was already here. Dave paid for the pizza and told me the pizza would get cold if I went home to change. He told me to go in the spare room and grab a suit from the top drawer of the dresser while he set things up in the spa room.

Rather than walk across a hot black street I decided the quickest way to that spa, and a cold beer, was to take Dave up on his offer. I went into the bedroom and pulled off my sweaty dirty clothes. When I opened the drawer I was a little surprised to find various sized speedos, but they were all white. I guess he had them there for guests. I thought, ‘What a nice host.’

I looked through the suits for my size. The closest size I could find was a 30 inch waist, a bit small for me. I grabbed the suite and slipped it on. It was snug and did not leave much to the imagination. I looked down and was thankful that I shave my cock and balls so the hair is not poking out the sides. I grabbed a towel and went out to the spa.

Dave had cold beers and the pizza waiting. As he passed by me he said, “I’m going to make a quick change into my suit, go ahead and grab a slice of pizza and a beer, and jump in the spa.”

I downed half the beer, grabbed a slice of pizza, a plastic plate, and stepped into the hot bubbly water. I hung over the edge and ate the first slice. Even though the gazebo was like a sauna from the hot spa water, it felt very relaxing.

Dave came back wearing a pair of white speedos as well. Except his suit was more of a pouch in the front, that was losing the battle to hold back his very full package; it was high cut on the sides exposing his hairy thighs and ass cheeks. His chest was matted in a nice tuft of reddish brown hair with large nipples jutting out, at least a half inch, through his dense forest of chest hair. I thought I was a hairy guy until I saw Dave.

I love rough nipple play and my wife has worked my nipples so that they are always sensitive and sticking out about a half inch as well. My thoughts raced through my mind, ‘he must like his nipples worked over just like me.’

I finished my slice of pizza and Dave asked if I wanted another. I stood up out of the water to hand Dave my plate, when I realized that a white suite turns transparent when it gets wet, so I quickly dropped back down in the water and submerged myself to hide my see through suit.

Dave put another slice of pizza on my plate and handed it to me, along with a fresh cold beer. As Dave joined me in the water he turned his back to me to balance himself down the steps and that is when I noticed that his suit was more like a g string and his ass cheeks were fully exposed. I followed the string of his swim suit from around his waist down through his ass crack. His suit disappeared into the crevice of his ass, and a tuft of thick reddish brown hair covered the string completely.

We took the last few bites of our pizza and tossed our plates to the side table. Dave got up to get us another beer. Dave’s suit also became very see through. As he stood up, his cock was right in front of me and very visible as his wet suit clung to his cock.

To avoid staring, I laid my head back to enjoy the heat. I was getting hard sitting next to this hairy god like guy. My emotions were running wild. I have never looked at a guy like this before, yet here I am married and checking out this guy. I can feel my heart racing in my chest.

I know I like being submissive in bed with my wife, letting her take the lead in sex. I love when she rides my cock, pulling hard on my nipples, until I shoot into her. Then she turns around and sits on my face and tells me to, “Clean up your mess, you cum sucker. Make sure you lick every drop of your hot gooey cum out of my pussy. I want to see cum on your face when you’re through.”

That kind of talk usually gets me horny for the next round of sex. I love the taste of my own cum and I have wondered what another guys cum would taste like. My head was spinning from the beer and thinking about sex with my wife.

I watched Dave’s ass the entire time he was out getting the beer. He would bend over to grab the beers from the cooler, or pick up a dropped napkin, his ass was fully exposed for my viewing pleasure. Was he putting on a show for me?

I was so hard my cock was poking out the top of the suit. Thank goodness for the bubbles to hide my hardon. Dave came back in the tub, but instead of sliding into the water he just sat on the side and dangled his feet. His cock was getting hard and his balls were squeezing out the sides of his suit. Not that the suit was hiding anything, it was totally transparent. My breathing was getting shorter and the beer was making my head lighter.

We talked about stupid stuff until Dave brought up sex. He said he had some porn and that he usually sits out here and watches it on the TV he had in the corner. I hadn’t even notice it before. This gazebo had everything, a bar with a couple of stools, a ledge that wrapped around three sides of the spa, fogged out windows to let the light in, and now a TV with surround sound speakers in every corner. He asked if I wanted to watch some. I figured that that was my plan anyway this weekend, so I said “Sure.”

Dave grabbed the remote off of the counter and turned it on. The first seen was a man and women in a living room watching porn. Standard porn movie plot, get horny watching porn then they get naked and down to business. Dave sat on the edge of the spa rubbing his cock. I was doing the same, but kept hidden under the water. I kept stealing glances at Dave and his cock.

I was knocked from my trance when the doorbell rang on the TV, the couple that was now doing it doggy style in front of their TV had to stop to answer their door. The guy tried to hide behind the door to answer it, it turned out to be a UPS driver with a “package”, the driver said he needed to get a signature.

The woman came to the door and asked the driver in. Of course the driver came in seeing that the woman was naked. She ushered him in and pulled his pants down revealing some nice hairy legs and a nice limp cock that she immediately started sucking.

Dave reached over and grabbed a couple of fresh cold beers before he slipped back into the water, taking the seat right next to me. I didn’t think much about that since the seats were facing directly at the TV. I had to down the last third of my beer to accept the new bottle from him.

Dave put his beer in one of the built in cup holders, then he put his hand around my back and easily guided me off the seat and pulled me in front of him. With my back facing him he continued to guide me in between his legs, “Your muscles look so tight from all the work today, let me rub some of that tension out of you as a big thank you for all your help.”

As he was talking to me my body drifted through the water and I felt his strong hands start to knead my neck and shoulders. My head was in a cloud, the beers were hitting me hard and fast. His hands felt so damn relaxing. Who doesn’t love a good massage?

My body was all tingly feeling. My breathing was heavy. My cock was so hard it felt like it was stretched to the max. My head was cloudy, I couldn’t seem to focus. I could hear the sucking and slurping sounds coming from the TV. Why couldn’t I focus?

I felt Dave moving behind me, getting in a better position to continue my massage. First he stopped massaging with his left hand, he moved his body behind me, and then I felt his hand return to giving me my massage. He repeated the process with his right hand. My head was getting heavy, I felt like it would roll off my shoulders.

My head was in a daze. The heat, dehydration, the hot water, the steam, the beer, it made sense that I felt like this, I guess? Here I am a married guy, nearly naked, getting a massage from another guy that is also nearly naked, watching porn, and enjoying it. What is going on?

Dave’s soothing voice relaxed me more as he softly spoke into my ear, “Just let it happen. Let the feelings go. Enjoy the warm water, my hands massaging the aches and pains of your muscles. It feels good doesn’t it? You don’t want to leave do you?”

I could feel his breath against my ear and the roughness of his day long beard scratching against my shoulder as he spoke to me. I felt so secure in this man’s hands. I felt, more than heard, myself answer, “It feels so good, please don’t stop. I am not going anywhere.”

Dave’s hands moved down my back, his big furry legs coming around and wrapping around my torso. Somehow I didn’t feel pinned, I felt a more comfort feeling. Instinctively, my hands went to his legs and stroked them a couple of times. What was I doing?

Dave moaned in my ear, “That feels good. You like feeling my legs around you don’t you Tony? You’re nice and relaxed now.” I felt hypnotized. The hair on his legs felt good against me and I let my head fall back resting on his shoulder. I sat there enjoying the touching and comfort in his arms.

I looked up at the screen and the husband had crawled over to the UPS man and started to suck his cock with his wife. Dave let a moan and expressed, “Oh ya suck it, that is so hot. You like the movie Tony?”

I responded breathlessly as I told him, “Ya this is really hot.”

Dave leaned into me, pressing his furry chest against my back, his hands glided along my sides and I felt his thumbs slide into my suit. His warm, soft, lips pressed against my ear, “Oh you like what you’re watching? You like to watch a guy sucking another guy’s cock?”

My head was spinning in lust and beer as I just kind of nodded a ‘yes’ as I was trying to focus.

With that David, gently lifted my ass off the bench seat and slid my suit down to my knees. He then used his foot to grab my suit and pull it down and off of me. The water and bubbles from the jets flowed over my hard cock and balls adding to my massage.

“There doesn’t that feel better? Just relax and enjoy the massage and movie.” Dave reached across my chest and lightly started to rub my right nipple, slowly doing circles around the hardening nub. I pushed myself back against

Dave’s chest and I let out a moan, or more like a whimper, of pleasure.

Dave leaned into me and started talking softly in my ear again, “Mmmm, you like your titties played with don’t you baby?” My nipples are so hot wired that once my nipples are played with my wife knows I will say and do anything she wants, seems like Dave picked up on that as well.

“Look how nice and hard your titties get when I play with them. Mmmmm. Oh ya baby you like that don’t you? You want me to play with your titties? You want me to play with you like the guy on the TV don’t you?” I looked up to see the UPS guy getting rimmed by the husband as the wife was sitting on his face. I gave another little boy whimper and my hand moved to Dave’s leg to give him a squeeze of assurance.

My head was spinning, I wanted to be touched. I wanted to shoot my cum. I wanted to please Dave. I’m married and I was letting myself be seduced by a man. I didn’t want it to stop. I didn’t do anything to stop it. I wanted to be seduced like a girl on her first date. My hands were rubbing up and down his furry legs as I continued to watch the movie.

“That feels nice. I like when you touch me, do my hairy legs turn you on boy?” He started to pull on my nipple a little bit and I lifted my ass up off the seat, pressing my back harder against Dave. I could help but to moan in ecstasy. Dave took advantage of that and put his hand under my ass, resting a finger against the tight opening to my boy pussy.

When he released the pressure on my nipple I came back down feeling his finger pressing firmly in the crack of my ass. “Feels good doesn’t it boy? You want to be my little boy and play with me, is that what you like?”

Flashes of seeing my dad naked as he walked out of the shower to get dressed, his big hairy body and giant cock swaying from side to side was my first time I saw a naked man. Here I was in the arms of a naked hairy man. I wanted to be his little boy and him my daddy.

I nodded yes, my nipples were giving me away and I just wanted to be touched by him. Dave used the hand under my ass to lift me in the water, at the same time he pushed his finger in my boy pussy, just a little bit, as he was turning me towards him. He lowered me onto his lap. The water made me feel like a little boy being lifted by his daddy.

I came to rest just above his naked cock, feeling his hardon pressing against my cock. When he did all that moving around during the massage, that’s when he must have taken off his suit. I wrapped my arms around Dave’s neck. He pulled me into him so that he could suck on my nipples. I felt his mustache against my chest and his lips suck in my nipple.

I started whimpering and moaning like a bitch in heat. Dave seemed to know what I liked and started to gently bite my nipple. Dave pull on my nipple with his teeth and stretched it out a couple of inches. “Oh ya that’s it bite my tits hard daddy, work them hard please oh please.” Oh god I started getting into this, my mind was somewhere else.

I leaned back and started to grind my boy pussy against his hard cock. I wiggled and moved until I could feel the head poking against my hole. My wife fingered me a few times and I really loved the feeling. I think she didn’t like the fact that I enjoyed it so much so she doesn’t do it anymore. But now I wanted more than just a finger.

Dave continued to swirl his tongue around my hard nipple. His teeth clamped down into my skin as he sucked my tit in his mouth. My hands were behind his head, running my fingers through his hair. When I felt his teeth sink into my flesh, I grabbed onto his head and pushed it to my chest. My ass was gyrating against Dave’s hard cock.

My body was on sexual overload. My head could no longer make decisions. I only drank three beers I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I could not control myself, I wanted sex. I wanted sex from Dave. A MAN. I wanted to feel him inside me. I wanted him to make love to me. No, not make love. I wanted raw rough animal sex.

Dave pulled off of my nipple and pulled me to him. I hugged him tight. I felt his warm mouth against my ear, “Oh yes Tony. You are so hot baby. You want this bad don’t you? You want more, you want me to fuck you don’t you?”

I was rubbing my hands all over his back and head, feeling his strength and power over me. I felt my cock flex and press into Dave’s stomach.

My nipples were on fire from the chewing they just went through. I wanted more. Dave’s cock head was demanding entrance to my tight hole.

Yes I wanted him. “Yes,” was my only response.

“Tell me to make love to you. Tell me what you want. Tell me you want to feel my cock in you.

Let it go. Tell me your desires.” Dave whispered in my ear as he continued to lick and suck on my earlobe.

“God yes Dave. Please fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside me. I want to feel you shoot hot cum inside me. I want to taste your cock. Please, oh please, fuck me.” I lost any will to fight him off. I wanted to be this man’s fuck toy.

Dave pinched both my nipples hard. They were already sensitive from the great chewing session they both endured. David sent me to a new height of pain and pleasure as he grabbed my hard red nubs and rolled them around between his fingers and thumbs. He gave them a slight tug, pinched them tight, and then gave them a hard twist. I screamed out in pain and ecstasy, “UUGGGHHHH, YES! THAT FEELS SO GOOD. HARDER, PLEASE PINCH THEM HARDER.”

David looked into my eyes, “You’re mine baby. I am going to take my big dick and fuck your tight little boy pussy and you’re going to love it. I am going to stretch your pussy with my cock until I fill that tight ass of yours with man cum. That’s what you want, to be fucked by a man’s cock?”

“Yes, yes, fuck me Dave. I need it so bad. Fuck me, stretch my pussy open. Shoot your hot cum inside me.” I was begging to be fucked by this man’s cock.

Dave lifted us out of the water and he sat on the edge of the spa. He spread his legs open and I slipped back in the water until my face was even with his cock. “Suck it boy. Taste your first cock. Lick the head that will be pushing into that tight hole of yours.”

My first close up look at a cock. Not just any cock, but the one that is also going to fuck me for the first time. His cock was bigger and thicker than mine. I grabbed onto the shaft, my fingers could barely make it around the thick shaft. I could use both hands to grab onto the shaft it was so long.

His head flared out beyond the thickness of his shaft. It was pinker than his white shaft. The shaft had bulging veins protruding along its length. There was a clear drop of precum seeping out at the tip. He had a thick bush, of the same reddish brown hair, at the base of his shaft.

His balls hung really low, probably from the hot water of the spa. His balls were totally shaved smooth, and each of them just a little smaller than a golf ball. I was mesmerized staring at this big cock, until I felt the pressure on the back of my head pulling me closer to his cock.

Just before Dave’s cock pressed into my face, my mouth opened up wide and my tongue flicked out like a snake as I licked the tip of his cock. His precum was smooth and slick as I used my tongue to smear it all over his cock head.

Dave sucked in a breath through his gritted teeth, “PHWWW! Ya baby that’s it lick that head.

You’re my little cock sucker now. That’s it suck that man cock. You like having a cock in your mouth don’t you Tony? You need a real man to show you what good hot sex is. Ya, that’s it lick my shaft up and down.”

I pushed my tongue against his spongy cock head. I could smell and taste the cleanliness of the chlorine from the spa. I concentrated more on the feel of his cock. My mouth opened up as wide as possible, trying to avoid rubbing my teeth against his cock head. I could hear Dave calling me a cock sucker and urging me to suck his cock. I wanted to please my man.

I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, exploring every inch and vein along its length. His cock head was hot and soft. It continued to drip clear cum. I licked it up like a cat does with a saucer of milk. I could finally taste his cum, sweet, not at all bitter like I expected. I jacked his cock a couple of times milking his cock for more cum.

Dave grabbed my head and pulled me off his cockhead and pushed me down to his balls, “That feels so good, but I don’t want to cum yet. Lick my balls. Feel how full they are, they are going to really fill you up.”

When Joe and I met, it was fun. Especially the getting to know each other, first as friends and then later as lovers.

All went good at first. We spent some joyous times together and had lots of fun. It seemed like a voyage of discovery with lots of for-play added. Out intimate wanting and things that turned each of us on the most began to set in, until we pretty well knew how to pleasure each other.

I have always been more on the feminine side I would say. For me to have another guy inside me was my aim and I longed for the opportunity to arise.

I never did have the urge to fuck a woman or a guy because my gentiles have always been small and I have always thought I should really have been a woman.

But I have never thought about changing my sex or anything like that. It wouldn’t be the same you see. I discovered when I met Joe my true sexuality when, physically and emotionally I was drawn to a member of my own sex.

But when Joe and I first indulged I was crucially embarrassed about my small gentiles and it took me quite a while to relax and let him see me.

I guess the gentle persuasive touch of his wandering hands slowly coaxed me and I felt something there, even although it was a half mast effort I began to enjoy his passion sucking. That was nice and although I knew I couldn’t have got stiff enough to do anything I was so relieved when he confided, he was happy the way things were.

He said there was something very sensual about seeing me in skin tight brush jeans looking like a woman because of the absence of any noticeable maleness there.

He said he rather liked that. It was good to have a guy he could love that resembled a girl so much and when he started to fondle my rear the way he did, I was all his.

“You look divine in jeans” he said and I started to realise just how sexual that could be, and how much I was stimulated by his touch, both by hand and the feel of his nose and mouth sniffing and licking into the crotch of my jeans.

He loved that. He loved me to bend over on all fours and enjoy me that way. He would even simulate the fucking which was nice, the feel of his wonderful masculinity probing me there.

He made me want to be all ass for him and I knew eventually where it was leading.

And I wanted that. It was a first experience for us both to make it with another guy so the newness of it all was so very thrilling.

“I think it is time to take these right off he said after a couple of times he’d reached a climax into my jeans. Before that we’d just been sucking and wanking each other. I was able to reach a climax even though I could not raise a proper erection and that was always nice and very stimulating. It took a time though compared with the speed Joe delivered his cream into my hand but he was patient and seemed happy enough to suck my ass as he continued. That was divine too, when he first introduced me to the utter joy of tongue probing.

I never ever thought that could have got me going in such a passionate extravagance. It was beautiful. I was so revved up and he knew it. With one hand tending to my cock and balls his other was stretching my ass so wide apart it felt like it would split. He enjoyed nudging and slapping each cheek at a time. Then there would be some more sniffing and tasting. He seemed he could just not get enough of my scent. He said the taste was good too.

I was so looking forward to that very first fuck when I could feel the length and quality of that well sucked and tended cock plunge into me.

When sucking and licking him up, watching the way it grew so big as I spent lots of time teasing and stretching it back. He soon came always and I had soon got the knack of waiting for the spurt, imagining it was spurting into me at full throttle, deep into my ass.

But although I craved for it he did not seem to want to. Either that or I was relieving him too soon and he was happy to go along with that. Because by the time I had given him a real good spoiling he was exhausted, except just to lick me up. He said that was soothing afterwards and I had a great tasting ass. I began to wander why it was, was it pride or something, did he think somehow he was too good to just go for it and fuck me?

I intended to find out .Because I knew I could not go on like this. I wanted his cock inside me. I was no longer prepared just to suck and wank and let him full my mouth with his spunk. To let him take movies of his doing that so he could watch later.

“I want to Alex, I really do. You have a very fuckable ass but I always cum too soon, and have lost the urge by the time we have enjoyed each other in every other way..

I did not know if to suspend certain features just to get him to keep that erection and not reach a premature ejaculation all the time or try something else I had read about online.

The trouble was I was a much to blame, for when I really got going with Joe I was like a proverbial animal. We were both like that and enjoyed each other to the full.

But with one exception, That veritable probe into my being, so that I could feel the quality of his fuck inside me.

But even then I was thinking; what if he cums just after he’d got inside me and left me in the lurch. What then? It would spoil everything and maybe our r relationship too.

There had to be another way

I found it.

It is a new Japanese product that fits and squeezed the girth of a penis. It is made of a synthetic rubber expands and releases in such a way that it still maintains extremity but does not allow ejaculation. I bought one online, they come in different sizes to fit the need and various colours too. I spoke to Joe about it and said would he like to try, then he’d have no problem with making our a really full intimate experience.

It was fun trying it. I did all sorts of things to stimulate him and what it said on the package was true, he didn’t cum and managed to hold that so wonderful and beautiful erection I adored so very much.

“Fuck me now” I asked eagerly..

“I reckon I could go for that. we’d better grease you up a bit then Alex.”

“I have thought of that, Joe. The same people who reduced the ‘magic ring’ also make a very sensual lubrication which supposed to make it very gratifying. Shell we try it?”

He was eager to try and had lost any pride or whatever about fucking me.

I was so beside myself at the thought of his fuck at last.

It was heavenly preparing him and watching him grow, feeling it grow also in my mouth before I lubricated him, smoothing it all over his seven and a half inch length of pure unadulterated cock. My cock.

I told him that!

“If you are going to fuck me I want you exclusively” I said.

“I love it when you are bossy” he said.

“So what do I get for it?” I asked.

“Try this for size” he said and lurched forward that supreme cock of his I adored so much.

I gave it some more slow sucking for good measure.

I loved to feel the pulse in my mouth and taste it’s sheer earthiness and feel it’s pungency.

I balled him a bit and then lavished some more lubrication after having completed fitting the correct sized ring around his girth.

“I think I am ready now, Alex”

“How would you like to do it” I asked hoping he would do it the doggy way. I lavished the idea of bending on all fours and being all ass for his pleasure.

Hole too of course.

He was happy with the doggy style and I got myself in position.

“A bit higher” he said so I planted some cushions beneath my knees and branched myself further upwards so I my ass was level with his cock.

With a little manipulation we got there.

and at last I was served with the most delightful feeling of ecstasy inside me. I felt the stretch as he pushed.

He stopped when it had entered a bit and asked if it was okay to continue.

“Just fuck me!” I bawled out.

“Right, you asked for it” he returned grasping my hips like nobody’s business to get a good hold for his thrusting which soon went deep up inside me.

I held my breath as I felt it stretch me deep inside.

It hurt a little at first. They say it always does first time.

He stopped a while but that was fun anyway, we felt each other throb as he was wedged there inside.

Then when he started again the pain had gone and already it felt it belonged there.

I heard the squelching noise as he p0lunged and relaxed.

The feeling of being fucked was absolutely fantastic.

We were going it for what seemed an eternity.

Then he yelled; “I must cum, I feel I am bursting Alex!” I turned and leant on my side to release the ring from that throbbing cock I could just not wait to get back up inside me again, My whole being was wanting that so very much and I was ready to cum with him as soon as he got back into me, minus the ring.

“Tell you what Alex” Joe grunted. “Let’s try it with you perched over my lap in a sitting position.” And we did.

And it was heaven

Now he could let himself go completely and soon we were both well replenished and gratified after that first fuck.

Now that we had got the knack there would be plenty more to cum.

There was a subtle knock of the door; Nicholas scanned his eyes across the room once more. Everything seemed to be in order, he thought. Let us see what we shall see.

The door opened, revealing his trusted servant, bodyguard, fixer and partner in business, Wells. The man had an imposing figure, tall, square-shouldered, very large hands and equally large feet. He had an inscrutable face that could be both subservient and superior, often at the same time, certainly not a man to be taken lightly and one that had extricated Nicholas from more than one violent situation.

Behind his imposing frame stood a medium, slight man of about fifty. His near shoulder-length hair was fully greying at the sides and his side-whiskers had long gone to a near white. He was of medium height, very slim and although he carried himself well for his age, filling his space with an assurance that very probably came from his newly privileged position of acquired wealth, he was also somewhat hesitant. A new opportunity in which to spend his money had no doubt raised itself, which is why he had come knocking at my door thought Nicholas. Still, he was definitely new to wealth and therefore new to the more unusual luxuries that money could buy.

The younger man smiled warmly and beckoned his visitor to enter.

“Please sir, do come in, and take a seat. You found the place alright I see.”

“Yes” the older man hesitated a little, not quite sure where he should sit.

Wells locked eyes with Nicholas. The glint of amusement was unmistakeable. They had discussed the arrival of this particular new client and had come to the conclusion that money would, potentially, not be a limited commodity as far as the visitor was concerned. Although there was always the possibility that a new client would bolt before being ensnared, by actually physically coming face to face with Nicholas, most of the procurement had already been done. Nevertheless, Wells did feel that it would perhaps be advisable if Nicholas were to put on a particularly good display of his wares, so to speak.

Wells stiffly nodded to both Nicholas and his visitor and left the room, quietly closing the door behind him.

Nicholas gave another broad smile and offered one of the overly large, thick-armed casual chairs scattered around the room, one that had its back to the large window, but gave a position in which the light was framed well. Nicholas, who in many respects was a perfectionist, had no intention of allowing shadow to ruin any performance.

The older man sighed as he sat in the large, though comfortable chair. He placed a large crystal topped cane which he had been carrying, between his open thighs, leaned on it with both hands and surveyed the much younger man in front of him. Nicholas did not sit, but instead leaned casually against the mantle of the unlit fireplace.

“You have come far sir?” asked Nicholas casually.

“Far enough” was the minimal reply.

“Perhaps you would like a smoke, something to drink even.”

The older man shook his head. “I need nothing at the moment.” He stopped and then seeming to remember his manners, added briefly “but I thank you.”

Nicholas smiled again. He paused for a moment, noticing the decided shake of the older man’s hands as they held firmly on to his cane. “Am I right in believing that I was recommended by a mutual acquaintance?”

“Yes, Sir Mot..”

“No names are necessary here sir.” Nicholas exclaimed quickly. He smiled disarmingly at the nervous seated individual. “My clients are, shall we say, a group of men of individual needs and requirements. Names can sometimes complicate matters,” he smiled again “If you know what I mean.”

The older man moved his lower jaw, his focus lost in a thought. Nicholas waited patiently, he was in no hurry.

“Yes, I see.” The seated man eventually replied. “It is as well to be cautious, considering…” He raised his eyes and glanced furtively at Nicholas, “the object and nature of our needs and requirements.” He smiled briefly.

Nicholas waited patiently while the older man tried to work around his own reasoning as to why he had travelled miles into the countryside in order to visit a young man he had never met before. Both men were of course well aware as to why they were in this place and at this point in time. Lust, no matter how furtively hidden, was present across the face of the visitor, from his burning eyes, to his flaring nostrils, from his motion of constantly wetting his dry lips to the repeated up and down journey of his adam’s apple. The man was nervous and Nicholas was to allow for that nervousness, but that he had come for him specifically, that he wanted him, of that he was certain.

“You seem,” said the nervous visitor “to be in a somewhat isolated position for a man of so few years. As a young man do you not miss the temptations of the city?” Nicholas shrugged. “I personally prefer a more rural setting. City life has its diversions of course, but…”


Nicholas smiled knowingly. “The country retreat to me has become that, a retreat. Somewhere where I can entertain with impunity, allow discretion to be the common factor. No one bothers me here and my client list is full and regular. It is perhaps inconvenient in some respects for those travelling to me, but I think you might agree, it is very much worth it.”

Nicholas made sure that the seated man was aware that his gaze had travelled to his visitors by now swelling manhood. He gave a knowing, almost companionable smile. We men of the world know what it is to be men with desires and needs, it implied. The visitor moved his thin behind around the plush seat, not so much in embarrassment, but in acknowledgement of the younger man’s gaze.

“Anyway” he continued. We know why you have travelled here, what you are expecting, so shall we make a start perhaps?”

The seated man nodded vigorously.

“Firstly, the delicate matter of money. Everything, as I am sure that you are aware, has its price.” With this Nicholas, who had already removed his jacket, rested his arms briefly on the mantel his back to the room, thus giving the older man a clear view of the younger man’s buttocks.

The visitor caught his breath as he was meant to. Although Nicholas was well aware of, and had been told on numerous occasions, that the firm rounded cheeks of his behind were a near divine inspiration, this from a bishop and who would know better than he? He never took anything for granted, which was why he had all of his trousers specifically made at a choice tailors in town. The fabric was so finely woven that it hugged his body leaving little to the imagination, and without underwear, which he never wore, imagination certainly ran riot.

Nicholas turned to face his visitor, allowing the light to outline the path of his own engorged member, he received another gasp, so much so that the older man nearly lost the grip of his crystal-topped cane. He trembled in anticipation, but tried to maintain the conversation in at least a modicum of civility.

‘Yes of course, money. A terrible commodity for gentlemen to discuss in polite company, but a necessity that often needs discussion nonetheless.’

Nicholas sighed dramatically, but said nothing.

‘I am told that you have personally found some very innovative and rewarding masculine diversions for both yourself as a young man, and for some of your wealthy clients.”

Nicholas smiled boldly. “All my clients are wealthy sir. As to masculine diversions,” he shrugged, “money allows for innovations. The higher the figure discussed the more can be rewarded to that individual.”

Nicholas waited a short moment while the potential of his last sentence bled into the consciousness, and wallet, of his visitor.

“You wish to become a client of mine perhaps, sir?”

“Perhaps.” Was the only reply.

Nicholas smiled evenly and openly. “Perhaps?”

“I don’t spend my money foolishly sir. I need to see where it is going,” he licked his lips in a decidedly lascivious way, “and on what.”

“Very well.” It was only to be expected, thought Nicholas with an inward sigh. Parting any of this new money from its owners is so hard nowadays. They are becoming decidedly cautious, certainly more miserly in many quarters, and even in some cases belligerent. What has become of the magnanimity of sharing ones beneficence he wondered?

Nicholas looked at the face of his visitor. The eyes were narrowed and the lips were pursed. Even though nervous, somewhat uncomfortable, and decidedly aroused, the man was still determined to get the best he could for his money. You may well need to put your back into it today Nicholas, he told himself. Looking at the stance of the man, he thought it might even be literal.

“Tell me your requirements and I will give you a non-negotiable price. From there we will both benefit from the transaction, immediately if you wish.”

“Will we not be disturbed?” asked the man, pensively looking from the door to the very wide and public window.

My outdoor ground staff are near non-existent and my indoor staff have been hand-picked for discretion.” Nicholas bent down so that his face was practically touching the seated man and added lustily, “Believe me sir, we will not be disturbed.”

Nicholas retreated, raised his arms, gave an athletic twirl so that the older man saw all planes of his body, and said, “Shall we begin?”

The man licked his lips hungrily. “How much to see the merchandise?”

No prevarication there thought Nicholas; therefore, there shall be none on my part also.

“Fifty pounds.”

“Fifty? Just to see?” the older man was visibly stunned.

“My dear sir, I am not a street whore that found good. I am a gentleman with a gentleman’s material needs. I am also,” he said with a certain amount of smugness, “the very best that you can buy for your money. I am diverse, unshockable, and willing to please in all matters. Place fifty pounds on the table beside you and we can begin.”

There was a moment of hesitation on the part of the visitor. However, one more glance at Nicholas and obviously convinced, the older man counted out the notes and placed them folded on to the table. Nicholas left them where they were. He had a policy of never counting money whether old or new, in front of clients, it tended to destroy the carefully built illusion of gentlemanly trust.

He smiled warmly at the visitor. “Very well, let us begin. He carefully removed his expensively embroidered waistcoat, laying it over the arm of the seat opposite the older man. He slowly removed his cravat, revealing the hollow of his neck. He placed the cravat with the waistcoat and continued. Undoing a few buttons of his shirt, he stopped and asked

“Would you like to help me unbutton?”

The man shook his head. “No. I want to watch you. That is what I enjoy.”

Nicholas continued to unbutton his shirt. He slipped it over his shoulders and let it hang at his waist revealing a taught smooth, hairless chest. His beautifully curved and flawless breast muscles ending in the small pink orbs of his nipples fascinated the seated man. Looking down he noticed the equally flawless stomach, just enough muscle to make it interesting, but not too much for the older man to feel he was inspecting an oxen or some other such beast of burden. No, this was a man, a young man of leisure certainly; he doubted whether any of those smooth, slick undulating muscles being shown to him had ever seen a day’s hard labour. However, he had not come all this way to spend serious money on a common worker. He had come for sophistication, to join the upper set in their pursuits, to be included. After all, was that not what money was for? More importantly, as he watched the beautiful man in front of him slowly undress; he was also aware that he had come in order to revel in the youth of the man, to smell his life.

Nicholas pulled off his shirt and was about to place it with the other discarded clothes when the man stopped him.

“May I have your shirt?”

“Of course” smiled Nicholas, throwing the shirt to the waiting man. The visitor picked it up reverently, sliding his hands through the expensive fabric. He then buried his face in the garment and took a deep breath.

“Wonderful” he exclaimed. “I love the smell of men. So vital, so distinct. You,” he offered, “smell exceptionally well.”

Nicholas smiled warmly but said nothing. He busied himself with the next phase of undress.

“My dear sir, will you perhaps help with the removal of my boots.”

The seated man looked up, buried the younger man’s shirt possessively behind him, and waited in anticipation. Nicholas raised one of his booted feet and placed it within the man’s lap. He stroked the boot heal to and fro, sliding along the man’s by now rampant member. The visitor in turn took Nicholas leather boot in both hands, spread his thighs, and helped to rub it vigorously along his lap. He sighed contentedly, but remembering his task pulled at the boot, which easily came off. The same was repeated on the other foot leaving Nicholas with little left to divulge costume-wise, other than his tight trousers. He purposely turned his back on the man showing him a full view of his behind. He undid the few buttons at the front and proceeded to slowly slide the fabric across narrow hips and over his beautifully pert cheeks. Here he stopped for a moment in order for the older man to fully appreciate his behind.

“May I take a closer look?” he whispered.

Nicholas looked over his shoulder and saw the man hesitantly edging his thin long-fingered hands towards the young man’s out of reach firm, and well-rounded cheeks.

“Yes you may” encouraged Nicholas.

“So beautifully formed” he exclaimed as his eyes travelled intently over Nicholas behind. “So firm, so taught, like stone. You are like a beautifully formed statue my young sir.”

Both hands of the older man suddenly grabbed a handful of each cheek. “May I see in between?”

Nicholas moved far enough away for the man to lose his grip on his behind, the disappointment was palpable.

“You may see dear sir, but unfortunately the money you have so far donated does not give you the luxury of touch.”

The older man while still holding out the hands that had just so recently felt firm muscled cheeks looked wistfully at the folded notes on the table beside him. “Yes of course, more money.”

He winced at the amount he had already handed over, realising that he was beginning to lose control over the situation, more alarmingly still he was losing, control over his wallet.

Nicholas considered the situation. It would be as well to perhaps offer a small incentive before more money was added to the small pile on the table. Therefore, he agreed to allow the man one small moment of touch, his to choose.

With that agreement in place, the seated man got Nicholas to turn his back on him allowing him the full display of masculine buttocks. The man was in ecstasy. The thought that his money could buy such beauty, if only for a short while, would have seemed impossible even only a handful of years ago.

Nicholas clenched and then relaxed his cheek muscles, producing a small gasp from the older seated man and a small smile of satisfaction from the standing younger. Without further ado, the visitor placed both thumbs into the deep crevice that divided the young man’s behind and separated the cheeks. He let out an exclamation. It was beautiful. Not at all like the puckered and stained holes that he had always been used to. This was an entirely different category of man, a man of class, of distinction. He took note of the details as if he were an antiquarian studying an ancient and precious artefact. The entry was small, but by no means inaccessible. It was completely hairless which he thought could not be natural. It was a subtle soft pink in colour, and was more reminiscent of a star, particularly as it winked at him now and again, due to the muscle contractions of the young man. This wonder of nature, thought the seated man, had more the appearance of an entryway to pleasure than that of a forbidden and dirty secret place. Still, it was, as far as he was concerned, the deepest and most animalistic secret place of any man, including himself. It was a rutting place, a place of release for a man such as himself. His cock began to leak at the thought. The most beautiful part of this young man, and there was so much of his beauty to admire, was hidden between these cheeks. He needed to possess this little star shaped entryway most desperately, no matter what the cost. To reiterate his desire he placed his nose against the small, but perfectly formed hole and took in a deep breath. The same masculine smell as the shirt, but so more immediate and intense.

Nicholas started to pull away and so the man reluctantly let go of those two perfect cheeks, allowing the small pink starburst to be buried again within the cleft that was such a feature of the extraordinary young man’s behind. Nicholas meanwhile had returned to face his visitor. He was very nearly naked, he had only one last asset to show, one that was always remarked upon by his numerous and diverse clients. He had waited until he had become fully hardened, luckily an easy task. He lowered the front of his trousers, allowing them to slide to his knees and then to pool at his feet. He stepped out of them, set his feet firmly apart, placed his hands on his hips, and waited for a reaction from the older man sitting in front of him.

The reaction was almost instantaneous, with a gasp, the seated man barely let out a whisper, but Nicholas had heard. It was his job to seek out desire and to fulfil it. “How much to touch?” was the whisper.

Nicholas smiled. He wrapped his hand around his throbbing member, pointing it directly at his visitor, the end glistening with the perception of moments to come. “How much?” he enquired.

“Yes” came the irritated reply. “I need to touch; it is no longer enough to look.” He swallowed slowly and ended “It is more than a sane man can bear.”

“Well in that case” said Nicholas as he allowed a few drops of his glistening liquid to slowly descend to the floor, “I suggest an extra fifty should secure more in the way of touching.” He smiled lasciviously at the older man as he moved his hand to the base of his member and started to massage his balls.

“At least” he added taking his other hand, gently sliding his fingers across the distended and glistening purple head of his pulsing cock, before placing them between his lips and sucking, “to start with.”

The older man fumbled desperately with his bank notes, counting out double the amount. “How far will one hundred get me?”

This was it thought Nicholas, time to begin raking in the notes. “A hundred will get you some of this,” he said gesturing with his magnificently rampant cock. “At least to taste.”

“Come here quickly” gestured the visitor.

Nicholas walked slowly towards the seated man, his cock bobbing up and down as he moved. He placed himself squarely in front of the seated man and waited for the next move.

The man drew in a stuttered breath, reached out a hand, and gently touched Nicholas pulsing cock.

“It is so beautiful,” he murmured, running his fingers up and down the pale shaft. He stroked for a moment or two, as if mesmerised, then added “strong, like a man should be, but…somehow fragile, fleeting. It always surprises me.”

Nicholas had certainly not taken his visitor to be a connoisseur, but then who knows what passes through a man’s mind when he sees his heart’s desire, particularly when that desire is a hard cock, he mused to himself.

Nicholas’ guest explored the cock standing hard before him. It was long thick and smooth. It was thick enough so that he could just about manage to wrap his fist around it, and long enough to be impressive. The shaft was pale and smooth, with few of the hard pulsing veins that you found on some cocks, he mused. The balls were on the small side and held tightly to the root of the cock. They did not hang low so he had a more or less uninterrupted view of the path towards the young man’s hole, buried between his hard rear cheeks. There was no hair; balls, cock and rear were smooth as a new-born. It did not particularly surprise him. He had come across clean-shaven men in his travels, just another fetish to intrigue and titillate. He pulled the shaft down so that the naked cockhead stood before his face. Flawless. Nicholas had pulled back his foreskin to reveal to his visitor the large dark pink head of his cock. It glistened with pre-cum which the older man collected with his thumb. Placing the digit in his mouth, he sighed as he swilled it around his mouth before swallowing. It was as if he had just been served a small expensive delicacy from the Continent.

Summary: A straight drunk guy submits to his roommate…twice.

Note 1: This is a Christmas 2012 Contest Story.

Note 2: Thanks to Mab7991 for editing this story.


College life was pretty crazy. Between classes, basketball (I was on a basketball scholarship) and chicks I was swamped. The hardest part was balancing the three. Because I an academically strong, I took a heavy class load (I was not on the road to the NBA…I was just using basketball to get my education for free), I was starting on the basketball team as a freshman (a rarity) and I had a few co-ed’s who were usually more than eager to suck or fuck me.

I am not being arrogant, but I am decent looking, a good guy, funny, easy going and decently equipped.

I had never considered having sex with a guy, even after years of hanging with naked guys in the shower, until one fateful weekend during first term finals. The week was intense with finals and practice and it had been almost two weeks since either Matt, my roommate, or I had got our canes polished.

It was Friday night, the day after the last first term finals when everything changed.

My roommate Matt and I decided to celebrate the end of mid-terms with a night at the pub for food, beer, and chicks, the night before we were both heading home for the holidays. By the end of the night, we had agreed that two out of three wasn’t bad. Neither of us had been able to score with the ladies so we called it a night and returned to our dorm room drunk and horny.

Matt complained, “Shit, I can’t believe I struck out with that redhead, I was so sure I was going to get in her pants.”

“Well, you had a pretty creative pick-up line,” I quipped, laughing.

“I know,” Matt shrugged, “Hey baby, do you want a piece of my candy cane, was pretty witty I thought.”

“And festive,” I added.

“Exactly,” Matt complained, grabbing a beer from the fridge. “How could I possible strike out with a line that good?”

“That’s nothing,” I sighed, “Cara with a C, as she stressed three times during our painful conversation about her family, squeezed my cock teasingly before telling me her boyfriend just walked in.”

“Ok, Ok your luck was worse than mine you win,” Matt laughed, as he pulled out his rather impressive collection of porn.

The munchies kicking in, I realized after looking into our empty fridge that all we had to eat was candy canes, I chuckled at the irony after the failed candy cane pick up line. I grabbed one and put the long end in my mouth as I walked back to the living room where a fake big breasted, fake blonde bounced on a big cock on the TV screen. Her just as fake moans echoed in surround sound as Matt already had his cock out.

We often stroked to porn when we both struck out with the ladies, not in a gay way, but rather just a simple confidence in our sexuality kind of way. We both had similar six inch cocks and neither of us was shy or ashamed to masturbate, as long as porn was playing. It was weird the first time I walked in after a date and saw Matt stroking his cock to porn, but as time progressed, we started watching porn together after strike out days and eventually I got comfortable enough to yank it myself with him in the room. We never touched each other, always sitting at opposite end s of the couch, but we would both shoot our loads to poorly directed porn with little or no real story line.

I laughed, sucking on my candy cane, “Usually, you watch a scene or two before pulling your dick out.”

Matt looked at me and shrugged, “It has been a while.”

I continued sucking the candy cane and Matt stared at me. “What?” I asked.

“Nothing,” he said, his face going red as he returned to watching porn. The big breasted slut was really screaming her fake orgasm so over the top it was ludicrous.

I joked, “Shit, I wish I could get a chick to scream like that.”

“Make a porn movie and you can,” Matt retorted, really beating his meat now.

“If I drop out of school that may be a viable alternative,” I joked, the candy cane in my mouth, as I sat down on the other end of the couch opposite Matt chair.

“Shit dude, I must be drunker than I thought,” Matt said, shaking his head.

“How so?” I asked.

“I can’t seem to shoot my wad,” he answered, quitting the self-abuse.

“You need a good blow job,” I suggested.

“Isn’t that the truth,” Matt sighed, looking at me in a way that was unusual for him.

“What?” I asked, the candy came in my mouth, not yet realizing the obvious accidental implication.

“Nothing,” he repeated again.

“Seriously, only chicks say nothing is wrong,” I countered.

“Fine, watching you suck that candy cane got me thinking weird shit,” my straight roommate admitted.

“Fuck off,” I joked, taking the candy cane and imitated giving it a slow blow job. I swirled my tongue around the top of the cane like I was teasing a cock head.

“Shit dude, you look like a natural cocksucker,” my drunk friend assessed, laughing.

Drunk myself, I tried to be absurd as I sucked the thin but long candy cane like it was a cock.

Matt watched me bob back and forth on the cane and slowly his laughter stopped and he stared at me intently.

I still had not even remotely considered sucking his cock at that moment, but was just having a bit of stupid fun at his expense. A minute later, I stood up and walked over to him and said trying to sound flirty and sexy like a chick, “Am I turning you on big boy.”

Matt grabbed his cock and began fist pumping again. I don’t know what suddenly came over me at that exact moment, but I suddenly wanted to help him, to taste his candy cane. I had seen him stroke his cock many times, seem him shoot his goo up in the air many times and even saw him get blow jobs from a couple chicks, but I had never once thought of him sexually. I had never even once considered sucking a cock. Yet, suddenly my mouth watered with a hunger that was undeniable and unexplainable.

Silently, I fell to my knees in front of him and his eyes went wide with surprise. Neither of us said a word. Our eyes met and a silent agreement was made: I was going to suck his cock and he was going to be ok with it.

I felt my hand replace his and I took my candy cane out of my mouth and placed it on a nearby table.

I would like to say there was some hesitation or that Matt somehow forced me to do what I was about to do, but that would be a lie. I would also like to say that it was because I was so hammered, but that wasn’t true either, I wasn’t sober, but I wasn’t plastered either.

I opened my mouth, leaned forward and took his stiff six inches in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how natural his cock felt in my mouth. It wasn’t grouse, it felt natural, and I didn’t feel that I was secretly gay.

Replicating what I liked when I had my cock sucked; I started by swirling my tongue around my friend’s mushroom top, wanting him to enjoy this as much as I was.

“Oh shit,” he moaned, which somehow helped give me a new confidence that I was indeed pleasing him.

A minute of concentrated teasing of his cock head and I began to slowly moving up and down his stiff rod, as I got used to having his cock in my mouth. The task was strange and yet at the same time enthralling.

Again he grunted, “Aaaah, Jon, your mouth feels so good on my cock.”

The words would have seemed absurd fifteen minutes ago, yet know the compliment made me even more eager to give him a first class blow job.

I continued bobbing up and down until all six inches of his cock filled my mouth. The more of his cock that I took in my mouth the more excited I got myself, my own candy cane ready for action. Like everything else I did, I wanted to be good at it, to succeed at my goal. My goal now was to deep throat my roommates cock until he came.

His moans of pleasure intensified my eagerness to get my roommate off, sucking his cock becoming as natural as beating myself off to porn. In the background, the guy grunted “I’m coming, slut,” and seconds later Matt warned, “I’m going to come soon, baby.”

The word ‘baby’ seemed so out of place between two guys yet so right considering I had a mouthful of cock. I decided then I was going to swallow Matt’s cum. I hated when chicks wouldn’t swallow and decided even though I didn’t want to taste his cum, that seemed making me more gay than sucking a cock, I kept sucking, wanting to get him off and yet curious to taste his cum.

“Shit, you are going to swallow my cum?” Matt grunted grunted. Seconds later I felt his hot cum hit the back of my throat. I gagged slightly, surprised at the volume of cum filling my mouth. I continued milking his cock, albeit slower, wanting to please him, to be a good cocksucker. The taste was surprisingly tasty after getting past the odd texture.

Finally, Matt pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked down at me. My own cock was begging to be paid attention to, but my thoughts were ‘oh shit, now what?’

Matt grinned, “Apparently my pick up line didn’t fail after all.”

I laughed, “I guess not.”

“I can’t believe how good a blow job you gave me.”

I shrugged, standing up, “I guess it helps that I have the same equipment.”

He laughed back looking at the obvious tent in my pants. “I see you are hard too.”

I shrugged and joked quoting his line, “Hey baby, do you want a piece of my candy cane?”

Suddenly the laughter stopped. Matt hesitated briefly before dropping to his knees. He fished my cock out of my pants, his hands trembling slightly, as he said, “I can’t believe I am doing this.”

“Me either,” I moaned as his hand wrapped around my desperate cock.

Then his lips were around my cock head. Like me, he focused on my swollen mushroom top first as I again moaned, “Oh shit Matt.”

My own horniness already revved up from my first time sucking cock I knew I wouldn’t last long. Replicating what I did to him, he began slowly bobbing back and forth.

“That feels so good, Matt,” I groaned.

He moaned on my cock as he continued to slowly take more and more of my cock in his mouth.

I closed my eyes and just allowed Matt’s mouth to bring me to euphoria. Although he had never sucked cock before, it was easily the best blow job I had ever had. Maybe it was the taboo gay act that enhanced the pleasure or maybe it was just that being a guy Matt knew what made a blow job great. Soon Matt had taken all my cock in his mouth and once he was comfortable with a mouthful of cock, he began to bob back and forth hungrily.

The sudden shift of pace had my balls boiling and I gave him a courtesy warning like he did me, “I’m close, Matt.”

Like me, thankfully, he didn’t slow down and instead moved his hand behind me and surprised me by slipping a finger in my ass. I gasped out of shock as a pleasure unlike anything I had ever felt before, an intensity that brought chills throughout my body, exploded through me as I came in his mouth instantly. He continued bobbing, impressively swallowing all my cum without really slowing down, his finger wiggling in my ass.

I couldn’t believe how good the double stimulation could felt, but I suddenly couldn’t believe the thought that popped into my head. ‘What would a cock feel like in my ass?’

Spent, Matt slipped his finger from my ass and allowed my still hard cock out of his mouth and he fell back on the couch. “Holy shit,” he said, his eyes showing he couldn’t believe what he had just done.

“Holy shit indeed,” I replied, complimenting him, “Shit Matt, that was the best blow job I have ever had.”

“But I am not gay,” he said, defending his manhood, as if I had questioned it.

“Neither am I,” I said, although I noticed his cock still stiff and begging attention. “But that was too good to not do again.”

He laughed, “Well, it was a different way to solve the munchies.”

“And the finger in the ass, well that was a surprise,” I said.

“Crystal did that to me a few weeks ago and it was the best feeling ever,” Matt explained.

“Well, it was a surprisingly good pleasure,” I said.

“You liked that did you,” Matt smiled.

“It was amazing,” I admitted.

“You want my cock in your ass, don’t you?” Matt smugly smiled.

I didn’t reply. On the one hand, my ass felt empty since his finger left it and my curiosity of what a cock would feel like in me was suddenly very intriguing. On the other hand, this took things to a whole new level and enhanced the concept of being gay.

Matt stood up and said, “Kneel on the couch, Jon.”

“I don’t know,” I hesitated.

“I do, Jon. It is obvious you want my cock in your ass. Now get on all fours on the couch,” Matt ordered, a sudden shift in tone.

It was as if he was reading my mind. I did want it, I suddenly craved it, but I didn’t want to make it look obvious. I slowly moved to the couch and got in position.

Matt grabbed the lube he had nearby for jerking off and generously coated his cock. He asked, “Do you want my candy cane, baby.”

Again the term ‘baby’ made the gay act more intimate. I replied, as I felt his hands on my hips and his cock touching my ass, “Yes, but please go slow.”

“Sure thing,” he smiled, rubbing his cock up and down between my ass cheeks.

I don’t know if he was teasing me or preparing me, but I moaned all the same with anticipation.

“Ohhh,” he purred, “Does my baby want to get ass-fucked?”

“Yes, Matt, fuck me,” I begged, the need to feel his cock in me taking over.

Slowly, I felt his cock enter me. The pain at first was dull, but not the intensity I anticipated.

Matt grunted, “Fuck, Jon, your ass is so fucking tight.”

I quipped, “Well it is my first candy cane.”

Matt laughed back as he slowly pushed deeper in me. I gripped the couch as the pain increased slightly; all the while, the pleasure of being filled counteracted the pain. My cock was a stiff missile wishing it had someplace to go into.

“Fuuuck, Matt, your cock is tearing me apart,” I whimpered.

“You love it, don’t you Jon,” Matt grunted as I felt his body crash into mine. I had taken all his cock in my ass.

“Shit Matt, I can’t believe how good it feels,” I said through clenched teeth as I let the pain simmer.

“Tell me baby, tell me how much you love my cock in your ass,” Matt ordered.

The pain fading, I admitted the truth, “I love it Matt. My ass was made for your big cock.”

We both had crossed over the line of straightness, as Matt began fucking my ass harder, causing a sudden pleasure that I cannot put into words. I whimpered like a school girl, “Oh god Matt, don’t stop Matt, keep fucking me.”

“Fucking what?” he asked.

“My ass Matt, fuck my ass hard,” I begged.

My ass soon became accustomed to his size; the pain was now gone and only an increasing pleasure remained. Matt’s body continued to slam into me. “I love your ass, baby,” Matt grunted.

“I love your cock in my ass, baby,” I replied, meaning it.

For a few more minutes, I am not sure how many, Matt took my anal cherry as he ravished my ass thoroughly and I loved every second of it.

Finally Matt grunted, “I’m going to come baby.”

Suddenly wanting to taste his cum again, I begged, suddenly craving his cum, “Can I taste you again?”

“On your knees, cocksucker,” he ordered.

The term ‘cocksucker’ surprised me, but I quickly got off the couch and took his cock back in my mouth, ignoring where it just had been. Matt was close to coming , as he grabbed my head and fucked my face recklessly. I could feel and hear his balls hitting my chin, it sounded so nasty and yet so hot. Seconds later, I swallowed his second load of the evening. I again swallowed all of it, although with his hands holding my head I really had no other option.

“You are a natural cocksucker, Jon,” Matt said, smiling down at me.

Taking his cock out of my mouth I heard myself say, “I will be for you.”

“That you will be,” Matt said, again collapsing on the couch.

Standing up, my ass felt empty now and my cock was ready to explode.

Matt asked, “Did you really like getting ass fucked, Jon.”

Now facing him and not filled with his cock the question seemed more intimidating than intimate.

I looked away and said, “Yes.”

“Good, because I hope to be able o fuck you whenever I don’t get any from the ladies,” Matt announced, sounding more confident, in charge like he was when he was with a woman. “You would like that wouldn’t you, Jon?”

I nodded, embarrassed that my answer was yes.

“I am serious, Jon. I plan to shoot a load in your mouth every morning,” he said, slowly building on our changing roommate relationship.

My cock flinched at the idea, one that was both exciting and humiliating.

“You like the idea,” he assessed, wrapping his hand around my cock.

“You will be my live-in cocksucker?” he asked, slowly moving his hand up and down my cock.

I nodded.

“Say it, Jon,” he ordered, “Tell me you want to be my cocksucker.”

My face went red as I realized this drunken spur of the moment event was turning into something long term. Yet, I answered, “I want to be your cocksucker.”

“And I can fuck your ass whenever I want too?” he added.

“Yes,” I whimpered, my balls boiling as he stroked my cock.

“Come for me, baby,” he demanded.

The intimacy after the name calling was the final push I needed; I wanted to be both his baby and his cocksucker and I groaned, “I’m going to come, baby.”

“Good boy,” he complimented, pumping my cock vigorously until I started spraying my cum in the air and onto the floor.

He kept pumping until I was done coming before saying, “Well, to think it all started with a candy cane.”

I laughed, “Shit, I guess that was what started it.”

“And now you love candy canes,” Matt quipped as he walked to the kitchen.

“Well, I am not sure about all candy canes, but I will take your candy cane whenever it is offered.”

“Shit man,” he said, turning back to me, “I think I may have turned you into a complete queer.”

I winced at the word, yet even as he turned back to me and his semi-hard cock was before my eyes I could feel a hunger in my mouth and ass. Instead of denying my craving, I asked, “You think you can get it up one more time, baby?”

He chuckled, “Well like a candy cane, I am always hard.”

“And I will be your perfect Christmas gift,” I countered, “the one that keeps giving and giving.”

“Actually, I think I will be doing the giving,” he smiled, walking back to me, his cock already rising.

I opened my mouth and he slid his candy cane in and began bobbing…for me Christmas was coming early and often.

The End.

I phoned Chas but before I could explain my concerns he sidetracked me about another event on Friday night coming up. I had not known there was even an event on that night but Chas explained it was a special night where the Hosts hand-picked the performers and one of the freaks had pulled out so I was suggested as a replacement. There would also be no cages and I would be expected to serve guests food and drinks like a waiter.

It sounded kind of scary, “But Chas then they will be able to touch me and I will see their faces?”

“Yes my boy, but there will only be around 100 people at the most there, and they are mostly self-controlled. I suspect some will grope you no doubt but your minder’s will be watching closely and step in if things get out of hand. I have done this event for four years now and have never had a problem so far. Besides the night comes with a nice fee of $2000 for your trouble. But no tips just a flat fee,” Chas said cheerfully.

“So they don’t mind me seeing their faces?”

“You are bound by a confidentiality agreement son, so you can’t tell anyone about who you see there. So what do you say, are you up for it?”

“OK I am game I suppose. Count me in,” I said.

“Good lad, now what is on your mind?” Chas asked.

I explained to him about finding out how the BMW jerk was the same guy who threatened me at the swinger’s night and how it was freaking me out a bit. But he didn’t seem to think the problem was as bad as what I did. When someone threatens your life as Daniel Connors did that night for something so stupid as the size of my dick, then you can’t help but feel a bit scared about it.

“Don’t sweat it my boy. Your not the first performer to be threatened in this manner. He never seen your face so how would he recognise you? Besides the man was completely off his face that night, so I suspect it was just the booze talking.” Chas said trying to reassure me.

“So what do I do if this weirdo approaches me again?”

“Call me straight away. I have connections who can deal with this man, no problems. My clients don’t like it when one of their own shit in their nest, so to speak.”

“I guess they wouldn’t like it if their activities received any untoward publicity,” I said sarcastically.

“No they value their privacy just as much as what you do, my boy. But you know how the rags like a scandal, so just call me and I will sort it out.”

I suppose he was right. I couldn’t care less myself about the privacy of these rich and famous people, but I cared about mine. If it made the papers then my life as a micropenis man who performs in a freak show would go national, probably global. Not such great advertisement for a future lawyer looking to work in some big law firm once he have passed the bar exam, I thought.

I decided to let it be for now, as it was possible that I would never hear from this creep again. My life was otherwise going OK for a change. I was making some sweet coin as a freak and I had even gotten myself a boyfriend. Not bad for a weeks work I must say. The weekend was coming and I had two gigs now with Zorko, so another nice paycheck coming next week.


Friday night arrived and I was taken to another swinger’s party held in a huge mansion in the rich part of town. But given that I suspected that Chas charged a lot of money to his customers for his performers to attend this was hardly surprising. Only the very rich could afford it to hire Zorko’s Curiosities. There was only ten of us ‘invited’ to this event and thankfully that included Paul and Sam and not the grumpy Cardassian.

I sat again nervously in the changing rooms provided next to Paul and Sam who were also selected for the event. This time we weren’t segregated into our sexes and it felt kind of strange getting in the buff with five women also. Of the guys there was me (micropenis), Paul (Huge Penis), Sam (Two Penises), Brad (Elephantiasis of the Testicles), and Guy (a midget with a very large cock). The females included Jan (huge breasts with a bra size of 102ZZZ), Emily (the very hairy woman and she was covered all over like she had fur), Brenda (an attractive hermaphrodite), Helen (who had four breasts), and at last Josie the four-legged two vagina woman.

I had been doing some research (which just means I googled it) and found out that she had a rare condition called dipygus, meaning that she had two separate pelvises side by side from the waist down, as a result of her body axis splitting as it developed. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman to look at being a bit on the plain side but the sight of her weird body was compelling. For a moment I understood the morbid fascination the guests had in looking at us.

Paul suddenly whispered in my ear, “It’s not polite to stare.”

I was startled out of my reverie and turned to him and said in a hushed voice, “But I am just amazed by it, and by her strength to willingly suffer the comments of these fools for it.”

Paul, to my horror, yelled across the room, “Hey Josie, looks like you have a new fan here.”

The plain faced brown-haired woman looked up at him and smiled, “Oh? Who’s that then Paul?”

“Young Red here!” he said elbowing me and making me blush.

Then to my uttermost surprise she stood and walked over to us and as I blubbered a bit trying to apologise for Paul and myself she stood in front of me looking down at me wrapped in her cape. “So Red, I hear you have a smaller dick than Eric?” she asked.

“Umm yeah so I am told,” I said feeling my face burn bright.

“I’ll tell you what. You show me your tiny cock and I will show you my… deformity. Deal?”

I swallowed nervously and agreed, so she opened her cape to reveal the most amazing sight I had ever seen. Another set of child like legs hung in the middle of her pelvis down below her knees and they moved to. In between each normal leg and small leg was a vagina giving her two female organs. I stared at it like a prepubescent kid looking at his first nudie magazine he found stashed in his dad’s shed. But I realised that having two pelvises side by side meant that each pelvis had one large normal leg (the outside one) and one small spindly leg (the inside leg) with a vagina in the middle. The human body is just amazing.

“Umm do they both work….your err vagina’s I mean…” I asked her feeling embarrassed.

But to my astonishment she smiled, and I realised she was getting off exhibiting her strange body. “I can have sex in either of them but I can only get pregnant from one of them.” she said with a sweet smile.

“Wow you are amazing, Josie,” I gushed.

“Alright then your turn,” she said expectantly looking down at my groin.

I opened my cape where I was sitting as she would see it better if I was sitting back compared to if I was standing. I spread my legs out and my hard little cock stood up trying to be noticed. Josie bent over and looked closely at it, so close I could feel her hot breath on my cock; and then stood up with a smile on her face. “Damn Red that is the smallest dick I have ever seen,” she blurted and then giggled.

I smiled, “Yeah so everyone keeps telling me.”

She suddenly looked slightly embarrassed, “Sorry Red, I didn’t mean to sound like… a guest. I mean it’s such a cute little thing.”

“Don’t sweat it Josie. For some reason a small cock on a grown man brings out something in people. But thanks for letting me look at your dipygus, I will never forget it.”

“Oh you know the term for it? How cute. I like you Red you seem like a good guy.” then she swung around and walked back to her seat. Her cape flowing in motion as she sashayed across the room back to where her bag was.

Josies brazen exhibition of her body made me have to adjust my thinking about the freaks I was working with. They don’t just do this for the money or cashing in on their DNA as Trevor put it. No on a certain level everyone got off on the public exhibitionism and possibly the humiliation of it too. Maybe it came from having to hide it in all other aspects of their lives. To try to act or look normal, so they can blend into the crowd. But here at the performances they could step out of that, and show it off. They could be free.

They… maybe I mean me too. I could relate to that completely. Here I was free even if it meant I was heckled by morons. Somehow I felt free.

“You have a real way with the ladies,” Paul said looking at me with a grin. “Are you sure you’re gay?”

I laughed, “Every time I see your dick I know for sure I am gay.”

“Sorry Red I just don’t swing that way. A gay guy once told me that looking at my cock made him feel like a kid in a candy store with no money.”

“Well I wouldn’t go that far. But I agree the best thing about huge dick guys is looking at them. Being fucked by them can very painful though, and you risk internal injuries of course. For sex partners I always prefer average dick guys, no offence.”

Paul laughed, “Story of my life mate.”

Paul and I had something in common and we both knew it. His super large dick scared off as many people as my super small one. In a world where size supposedly mattered the truth was only a certain size mattered, and if you were outside this (regardless of which end of the spectrum) then you were looked upon as a freak. Sexual partners cut and run, or laughed, or gushed in amazement but still ran away as fast as they could. It was lonely having a small dick but it was also lonely having a very large dick.

Just as I had spent lonely nights wishing I had a normal sized dick, I realised at that point that Paul would have done the same. Sam came in and sat on the other side of me having just been to the toilet to relieve himself. “Hey Sam do you piss out of both dick’s?” Paul asked with that shit stirring grin of his.

“No only out of one, but I can cum out of both,” Sam replied like it was nothing but I laughed.

“This truly is the weirdest job in the world,” I said feeling right at home with these people.

“Are you going to leave the gimp mask off tonight?” Sam asked.

“No, some of these people may be my future employers so its best they don’t see my face I think.” I replied.

“Such a waste, a good bloke like you becoming a lawyer,” Paul remarked.

“Well my career as a porn star just never quite took off for some reason?” I laughed and so did they.


So we all were taken to the serving hatch where kitchen staff prepared the trays for us to carry around. Luckily the kitchen staff were familiar with these events so they were used to seeing people in the nude, and seeing Zorko’s freaks it seemed. None of them really stared that much at us as they had a job to do as well.

The party crowd was building and so I was given a tray of canapés and Hors d’oeuvre’s to carry out for the guests. My cock was rock hard as usual but I felt a new sense of dread because I didn’t have the protection of the cage tonight. Trevor had told me I must be doing well for Chas to agree for me to be at this event as he had thought I would be given more cage experiences before this.

The first thing that shocked me upon entering the party area was how I recognised a lot of the people present. There were prominent businessmen, bankers, lawyers, media celebrities, sportsmen and women, fashion models and politicians. One man I seen I recognised as the cities Chief of Police and there were a couple of High Court Judges present too. But my reverie and celebrity spotting was soon brought back down to earth by the haughty and snobbish comments that began rolling in.

“Oh looks they’re serving cocktail weiners this year…”

“Oh it’s adorable…”

“Don’t point your squirter at me, it might go off…”

“I love this weird shit Zorko finds…”

“Oh I agree. I wonder where ol’ Chas digs up these freaks of nature…”

“Boy, I say boy? I mean I call you boy because your penis reminds me of one…”

“Nothing like a light snack before the main meal eh…”

“It reminds me of pigs in a blanket (laughs)…”

“Oh I seen this one last week isn’t it incredible. So teeny tiny…”

“Margaret, I do believe your clit is bigger than that…”

“Little pussy dick…”

“Even his testes are small…”

“I’d love to taste it…”

“John darling, he makes you look like a right stud…”

“Oh look canapés up here and a chipolata down there…”

“I like his creamy fat body…”

“Nice manboobs…”

“If it lost weight it might get a bigger dick…”

“Look at that ass! It is beautiful…”

“It’s like I can’t look away from it. So fascinating and so frightening…”

“I’d never feel that inside me…”

“This reminds me, Natasha was saying last week her husband has a small cock and she has taken to keeping it locked in one of those chastity cages! Now she makes him wear panties and women’s clothes, while she brings home guys with big dick’s to fuck while he watches. Isn’t that just hilarious…”

“No good for fucking, but cute to look at…”

There seemed to be less heckling at this event, even though the guests certainly looked me over and no doubt said things about me when I left. But the worst part was being groped constantly and it’s hard to hold a tray of food while horny people are feeling you up. Chas had told me these people would be self-controlled but from the amount of groping going on I wasn’t seeing that whatsoever.

They pinched my ass and nipples and felt me up all over. Several people tried to slide their fingers inside my rectum and the one that succeeded then sucked on his finger to taste me. One plump woman in her fifties jerked me off every time I came near her and so I began to avoid her if I could. The so-called minder’s Chas had told me about were nowhere to be seen.

As I walked around I could see I wasn’t alone in being manhandled by the guests. All the other performers were getting touched up and I seen it often like Jan (the 102ZZZ sized breasts) was constantly being touched and some even licked and sucked her nipples. All of the women (including Josie the four-legged woman) were getting fingered in their pussies and tasted like I was. What astounded me was that they all just stood there and took it until the guests got tired of doing whatever they were doing and then they moved on.

In fact it appeared like they were taking pleasure in it!

I seen Sam ejaculate from being jerked off by a pretty red-headed woman whom I recognised as a well-known sportswoman, and she licked his cum of her hand like a greedy pig. I mean this woman is the darling of female sports in my country, and in the media she acts like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. If they could only see her now!

Paul was getting it too being jerked off and even sucked on. Quite a number of times I was made to stand beside Paul so the comparison of dick’s could be done to the utter amusement of those standing around. Paul would look at me and roll his eyes as we were made to pose together. They even had Paul put the end of his dick against mine which I have to confess I did enjoy myself.

Back in the serving area I bumped into Sam again so I complained bitterly to him about the event, “Jesus I am getting sick of being assaulted out there! So when do you think the minder’s will step in?”

Sam smiled knowingly, “When the guests try to fuck us. Up until then anything goes.”

“Chas never said it would be this bad,” I sighed.

“He wanted you here because his client wanted you. So he told you what you needed to know to get you to agree to it. Don’t be naive about the kind of man Chas is,” Sam said lifting a tray of glasses filled with Champagne and returned to the party area.

I picked up my tray of snacks and as I walked out Karen appeared in front of me looking serious. “How is it going out there?” she asked.

“I am not enjoying it to be honest. I feel like I am being raped,” I said angrily.

“Those were the terms of the event you agreed to? So what’s your problem?” it was more an accusation than a question.

“This event violates my contract of employment and you know it,” I returned.

“I told Chas it was too soon for you, but he was positive you’d rise to the occasion like you have so far. This event is a ‘sideline’ and so your contract doesn’t come into it. Your fee tonight is cash in hand if you hadn’t realised.”

No I hadn’t known that as Chas had definitely left out a few pertinent details about the event and it made me feel angry. This event was not an official Zorko’s Curiosity freak show so the rules were relaxed. Money was exchanged under the table and the performers had to allow the guests to touch, fondle, finger, pinch, lick, jerk off, and feel up each performer as much as they liked. They were just not allowed to have sex with a performer.

Karen then said, “Do you want to leave? You have done enough to keep your fee but if you are feeling violated by the guests maybe it would be better for you to stop now?”

I could sense that Karen was more concerned that I might do something violent and stupid in retaliation to the guests antics, rather any real actual concern for my person. No it was concern for Zorko’s business that was here first priority and so I said, “No that’s OK. I just would have liked Chas to have been a bit more upfront with me about it. Then I would have been mentally better prepared for it. But if the others can stick it out then so can I.”

Karen gave me a false smile, “OK well if you change your mind come back here and find me.” Then she turned and was gone so I walked out to the party again with a sigh of expectation and surrender.

The clincher of the night happened not long after this conversation when an attractive blonde haired woman I knew as the wife of the big shot Lawyer Michael Redcliffe, asked me to help her carry some extra chairs into the party area and then managed to get me alone in some empty room. Before I could say “What’s going on here?” she was down on her knees sucking me off.

Now I was stunned because Michael Redcliffe, who just happened to own a very large law firm in my city, is a man I admired and hoped one day I could work for. But here I was with his wife who was sucking my cock so I could suddenly see my future employment prospects vanishing into the air.

She looked up at me, “Oh you naughty little man, I have been waiting to hear from you all week?”

“Hear from me?” I was confused.

“I left you my card last week and you haven’t replied,” she looked hurt then swallowed me whole again in her mouth.

I pushed her off me, “Sorry Mrs Redcliffe but I am gay and besides you may get me fired.”

She laughed and stood up and started lifting her dress up, I began to protest but to my complete surprise she was packing something large in her silky panties. She pulled her panties to one side to show me it was in fact a semi-hard dick that looked like it would be a good 8 inches when fully erect. “You’re a tranny?” I said in shock.

“I prefer the term shemale,” she said with a haughty look on her face.

“But I would never have even guessed? I mean you look completely like a woman?”

“Yes baby, that’s the point,” she chided and then was back on her knees again. “Now where were we?” she said and her mouth was back on my cock.

“Look I will get fired I am not allowed…”

“Oh hush now child, I am not going to tell am I and you are not violating your gayness by being with me.”

So she sucked my small cock running her lips up and down the shaft while her tongue swirled around the head of my cock lapping all the juices that flowed out of it. Her head was bobbing gently up and down as she rubbed her soft ruby-red lips all over my cock and a moan escaped me as I stood there feeling her expert ministrations. One of her hands squeezed my balls while the other rested around my waist on my ass cheeks giving it a squeeze and then a slap.

Then I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed it all down like a complete wanton slut. Once she finished she wiped her mouth with a handkerchief and stood with a smile on her face. She handed me her handkerchief and I wiped my cock and balls with it while she pulled a compact out of her handbag and redid her make-up.

“Thank you that was a delicious treat. Now don’t be rude and call me next week,” she said and then to my surprise just turned and left the room.

I dropped her soiled handkerchief in a nearby bin and waited for a few minutes before following her back to the party where she ignored me for the rest of the evening. Imagine one of the biggest Lawyers in the city parading around his pretty young wife to all the gala A List events and she was actually a shemale?

I think I had actually read an article about her once in one of the woman’s magazines where she was extolling the glory of being a modern woman and facing all the challenges that such a life had. If they only knew the real Mrs Redcliffe. Everyone here must know about it if she participates in the sexual activities that occur later in the evening. Maybe this was another way these elites snubbed their noses at us. A little joke they laughed about how we worshipped Joanne Redcliffe for being the epitome of the modern woman, when in fact she was a man.

I grabbed my tray and walked back to the serving bar to replace it with a full one. Back into the party and once again I was groped all over the place by guests now getting drunker and probably higher. The comments had slowed to a near stop as the novelty of seeing me was now over, and most of the guests didn’t acknowledge my presence apart from feeling me up. I allowed them this time to do a lot more things and found my ass suddenly became popular as fingers slid up there. I was jerked off several times and shot a few small loads which guests collected on their Hors d’oeuvre’s and promptly ate like I was some rare delicacy.

The night was what one may call a total eye opener.


By about 1am there was hardly anyone in the party area so Karen came looking for us to tell us to go back and change the night was over for us. As I was dressing in my street clothes Sam came and sat beside me and said, “I seen you with Mrs Redcliffe tonight, you naughty dog.”

I looked guilty, “Yeah so what?”

“Did she add you to her bucket list?” Sam smirked and I blushed. “Don’t worry we have all been there. I am surprised you let her do it being a gay man?”

“Oh don’t you know her secret then?” I said feeling like a wicked gossip all of a sudden.

“What secret?” Sam suddenly looked worried.

I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “She is in fact a tranny. She is packing a large cock under that frock.”

I laughed and Sam went very pale all of a sudden. “No, she couldn’t be? I mean she looks totally like a woman?” Sam was mystified to discover he got a blow job off a Tranny.

“That’s the point,” I said repeating what Mrs Redcliffe said to me.

Then Sam shrugged and said, “Oh well, nothing I can do about it now I guess. She could get a job with us if she ever gets divorced from that hot-shot husband of hers. I mean to look so much like a woman and have a cock, that’s weird shit right there.”

“Coming from you that’s a compliment,” I joked and he laughed.

Steve came in and started handing out envelopes to everyone and when I got mine I found it to contain my fee in cash and some business cards with messages written on them. I removed the cards and then stashed the envelope deep inside my bag. I noticed one card had ‘Don’t be a rude boy again!’ written on it signed by Joanne Redcliffe with her cell number. Sam seen me looking at it and commented, “Seems like she isn’t finished with you yet?”

“Do you think I should call her? I mean I do kinda have a boyfriend at the moment?”

“Then no, if your guy means anything to you then don’t risk it. These people are nasty fucker’s let’s face it,” Sam advised.

“You didn’t think they were too nasty when they were playing with your dick’s tonight eh?” I teased.

“That’s the fringe benefits of the job Red. Didn’t Chas tell you that?” Sam laughed.

“I thought the fringe benefits were these cards?”

“Most of us throw them away because who wants to get mixed up with them. But if you liked tonight then there are other events that can be even more fun than this,” Sam winked.

“Fuck me what have I got myself into here?” I sighed.

“Hey if you only want to work the cages then that’s fine. Chas wont stop you, but the cage gigs aren’t as regular as you think. This is where the money is and besides we all do these because it’s fun. I got off so many times tonight it isn’t funny. It is kinky I know but what’s life without a little variety eh?” Sam said as he dressed.

“Funny how the ‘well-to-do’ act all perfect in public while looking down on all the battler’s, and then are complete perverts in private,” I sighed.

“Lucky for us, more like it,” Sam said then he walked off to talk to Steve.


The event on Saturday had us back in the cages which I was relieved about. It was a strange night though as we were in some art gallery along with some other human performers not working for Zorko. You have seen the ones I mean doing busking in the streets like the human statues that move suddenly and shock you. There were jugglers, fire eaters, contortionists and body builders with big muscly bodies. None of these other performers worked nude of course but I am sure the overall display would have been quite a sight.

I still wore my mask and had decided that I would wear it all the time because I don’t want the guests seeing who I was. Some of these people may be future employers so it was in my best interest to keep my identity secret. I realised into the performance that I had been put next to Paul and so the obvious comparison comments were flying thick and fast. I don’t think this was an accident as Karen probably noted from last night how the guests loved it when we were side by side. Tonight was no exception as the two most extreme versions of the male penis brought gasps of wonder from the patrons.

“I can’t believe just how different in size they are….”

“Which would you prefer to fuck?” a male voice asked. “Neither!” a female voice responded…

“Someone get me a magnifying glass…”

“That huge cock looks so awesome but I am positive it would hurt like hell to fuck it…”

“Oooooo I seen tiny ones like that on the internet. It’s kinda cute….”

“Woah! Get a load of that dick it’s fucking gianormous…”

“Man looking at that big dick makes me feel like I am the small dick guy in the next cage…”

“(laughing) It must be real embarrassing to have a dick that small…”

“OMG! This is the weirdest shit I have ever seen! Look at Mr puny dick here…”

“This is a cuckolds dream come true…”

“I don’t blame the small dick man for wearing a mask…”

“That’s the biggest and smallest dick’s I have ever seen…”

“One guy would get a job in porn, the other would get an article in a medical journal…”

The night went like this for the 6 hours we stood there parading our nakedness, the comments were coming thick and fast like they always do but I have to admit I kind of tuned out after a while. I found myself thinking about Joanne Redcliffe and wondering why she would want to meet me. She was certainly the most exotic creature I have seen apart from Josie. But I didn’t have any sexual desire for Josie, like I was developing for the very attractive Mrs Redcliffe. But something about my encounter with Joanne Redcliffe burned in my mind and I found myself thinking about what might happen if I called her.

The night ended and I made about $1200 in tips so I was happy and we all were taken home safe and sound.


Under my contract I was not allowed to contact guests without first running it by Chas, so I was on the phone again to him and explained what I was feeling about Joanne Redcliffe.

“I advise against it, my boy. Beside you are gay aren’t you? I mean why would you be interested in her?” he said in fatherly tone.

“I can assure you that being with her will not compromise my gayness and I suspect you know this,” I said annoyed he was treating me like I was stupid.

There was a pause on the line.

Then Chas said, “Fair enough I suppose, but I don’t want to know how you could possibly know that about her. But son you’re new to this game and she’s like a veteran. She will chew you up and spit you out before you even realise what’s going on. I can’t stop you from seeing her but I don’t think you should.”

“It can’t hurt to just talk to her can it?”

“Then she will see you unmasked and know who you are. That may be her intention in meeting you, to be the first one to find out the identity of the micro-man. You have to think it through if you want to keep your identity secret from them.”

“Do you think she only wants to see me to find out who I am?”

“Of course she does. Oh she may have other plans for you but that one would be upper most I suspect,” Chas sounded worried.

“I see I suppose I never thought of that.”

“Look son, just because she gave you a blow job doesn’t mean she is in love with you.”

I gasped, “But how…”

“I am not a success at this business without knowing what goes on. I know those type of swinger events are difficult because the guests are allowed to touch you and do certain things with you.”

“Which you failed to explain to me when I agreed to do it,” I accused.

“But look how you rose to the moment yet again. My clients are fast becoming big fans of you Red and so you will be in demand. But start having liaisons outside of the events and that will change. Once they know you that well, the novelty will wear off and you will become as popular as Carl. Keep the mystery alive and we can milk this for a long time.”

“I understand but in the end it is my decision and it has nothing to do with you. You’re contract clause has no validity in law,” I replied.

“Let me make one thing clear, if your liaisons outside of the events start to have a negative impact on the reputation of my business, you will be fired. So tread carefully if you want to continue to work in my show, which I think you do. I will not hesitate to fire any performer to protect the good name of this business.”

I don’t know why but I asked, “Did you fire Eric? When he was framed for being a kiddy fidler by your clients?”

“What has that got to do with you? Really Red you can try a man’s patience sometimes!” and with that he hung up on me.

So my answer was obvious. Chas did fire Eric because he will be ruthless to protect the reputation of his business. That was good to know, but it made me wonder if Chas felt guilty about it after Eric killed himself. Being fired would have contributed to Eric’s depression that’s for sure. I could only imagine what it would feel like to lose absolutely everything like Eric did. It must really suck to be honest and part of me could empathise with him for ending it all. Something about Eric’s story intrigued me because like me, he was a micropenis man.

Later that day I found myself in the library doing some research for a term paper, but I started looking up the reference sections for the microfiche files that contained copies of old newspapers. Eric’s story had grasped hold of my imagination so I found some references to Eric and then looked up the articles on the microfiche and there he was.

There was a picture of him taken outside the courts trying to shield his face from the prying media. He was fatter than me like others had told me and maybe in his 30′s, but the look on his face was pure terror. My heart broke for him as I know that only something really bad would make one of Zorko’s freaks react like that. Working the cages toughened you up and even after only a few weeks of it I felt much more resilient in myself towards negative people. Eric was a seasoned performer so for him to look so frightened really hit me hard.

The heading read ‘Convicted Paedophile Suicides’ and my heart raced as I read through the article. It didn’t mention that he was one of Zorko’s performers, or much about his court case. ‘Police had discovered an extensive child pornography library at the deceased man’s home after an anonymous tip-off,’ it read coldly. Poor Eric.

I found some articles about his court case but the man he had supposedly ‘falsely accused’ as a paedophile was not mentioned in the articles. That seemed strange to me since it was an important factor in the case. Eric accused a rich businessman of being a pedo, then some planting of evidence in Eric’s home, suddenly an anonymous tip-off, and the blame shifts onto him. It was very neat. Too neat. Maybe this mystery businessman had enough connections to keep his name out of the papers. Connections made at exclusive swinger’s parties no doubt.

I walked out of the library as I felt the need for fresh air all of a sudden and I remembered Jill telling me that Trevor was a close friend to Eric so I decided to give him a call. After I explained what I was after, mostly the name of the ‘rich businessman’ that had framed Eric I really sensed Trevor’s reluctance.

“Look it’s all in the past Red. I don’t really understand why this is important to you?” he said nervously.

“I guess because Eric was a performer like me. I just don’t want to make the same mistakes he did I suppose?”

“So why will knowing the name of the asshole that framed Eric help you?”

“Because if he was attracted to Eric and that was how it all begun, then he may feel the same way towards me and before I know it I am in the same shit,” I pleaded.

“I don’t know…”

“Please Trev. Just between us,” I was really putting it on.

“OK but this stays between us. Well I never met the guy, and his name was suppressed at the trial to protect his reputation. But I heard Eric call him Danny. That’s all I know,” Trevor sounded sad.

My heart leapt and my stomach sank at the same time. The man who had framed Eric was Daniel Connors, aka The BMW Jerk, aka Danny who wanted to slit my throat. Danny who had his own real crimes covered by his powerful connections, and I had seen them: lawyers, High Court Judges, and even the Chief of Police. I felt a chill run down my spine remembering how Chas had so casually said his clients would sort it.

“Trev, what did Eric accuse this Danny of doing?”

“The same shit they framed him with I am afraid to say. Eric told me this Danny guy was part of a group of men that were all A list types who did awful shit to kids. I begged him not to do anything rash but he felt it was too big to just bury under the rug, so to speak.”

“But why did he go to the cops if he didn’t have proof? I mean he left himself open to being discredited?”

“That’s the thing. Eric said he had proof and he gave it to the cops but somehow it was ‘lost’ by them. Then they denied they had ever seen any so-called proof from Eric.”

“Oh shit! (The face of the Chief of Police flashed in my mind fingering Josie’s two pussies and laughing last Friday night). Did Eric keep a copy of his proof?”

“I don’t know, but if he did then it would be better to leave it be. These people don’t fuck around Red, they will destroy you if you threaten them. Look I don’t want to talk about it anymore it gives me the willies.”

“OK I understand. Thanks Trev, what you have told me has been very illuminating. I am glad at least Eric had one true friend in the world in his darkest hour. I am so sorry for your loss.”

“I wasn’t such a great friend as you think. But what happened to him really shouldn’t happen to any person. He was victimised and trodden on until he felt his own life wasn’t worth living anymore. Look Red the best way to avoid what he went through is just keep away from them outside the performances. That’s all it takes. Don’t get involved in this Eric stuff as I’d hate to see another good guy end up like him.”

“Yeah I know but I get curious about things and well…”

“Curiosity killed the cat, Red. Anyway I gotta go. Talk to you later. Bye.” and he hung up.


“You mean they framed him and he then killed himself?” Lee was horrified as I had been telling him about Eric.

“Yeah I mean what nasty fucker’s they are eh?”

“Suddenly I don’t like you doing that freak show stuff. Maybe you should quit and concentrate on entertaining me only,” Lee said with a wry smile but I knew he was serious too.

I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him deeply for a good minute. “What was that for?” he asked with a smile.

“For being the sweetest man I have ever known,” I replied.

“So you will quit it?”

“No. As Trev said if I keep my nose clean then I can stay out of their sordid shit.”

“Yeah, but you want to call that tranny and meet her don’t you?” Lee accused.

“How did you…”

“I seen the way you look at that card. What has she got that I haven’t?” Lee sounded a bit hurt.

“I don’t know why but I just feel such curiosity about her. I mean most Trannies I have met still look like men to me. Don’t get me wrong I love a good drag queen as they are the funniest people I know. But this one…I have never seen anything like it?”

“Strange coming from a freak show performer? Surely Zorko has a tranny or two in his stables?” Lee was surprised.

“He has a hermaphrodite named Brenda, but no Trannies. But they did tell me once there were performers who had left the scene, so who knows? You haven’t tortured any at the salon in the past?”

Lee laughed, “No, but I have only been working there for a few years now. I will ask the others maybe they will know?”

“Oh that would be great,” I said leaning in to kiss him again but he grabbed me close and our tongues began to dance with each other in an ever-increasing intensity.

He rolled over on top of me while he frantically began pulling his clothes off and I joined in pulling my T-shirt off breaking with him briefly to get it over my head. Lee pulled his pants down and his stiff 6 inch cock sprung out already excited about the prospect of fucking me hard. Then he pulled down my shorts exposing my small hard dick which he promptly put in his mouth and was sucking on it like no tomorrow.

“Oh fuck I love your cock!” he moaned as he came up for air.

“It loves you too,” I replied and he grinned at me and went down on me again.

I placed my hand on his head and stoked it while I could feel him slide two fingers inside my ass searching for my prostrate. When he touched it I felt like electric shocks ran through my body and I nearly came but Lee had pulled away in time. “You horny little man. You just love me playing with your gspot eh?” he groaned lustfully.

“Ohhh baby you do it so well…it’s like a gift,” I replied.

He went to work massaging my prostate with his finger bringing me close to cumming then backing off, only to repeat the process again. The edging had me so horny I was going out of my mind and practically screamed, “Stop your torture and just fuck me baby! I want to feel your cock inside me!”

He pulled out his fingers and I rolled over and assumed the position and before long I felt his cock pushing up against my anus. I moaned deeply as he pushed his dick inside me slowly until his balls were against my taint. “Oh fuck you are so tight in there. I love it,” he moaned leaning over me.

He then began to slowly grind against me and I felt his thick cock slide in and out of my ass causing that yummy friction around my anus and tingling in my balls. Lee reached under me and was pinching my nipples which just further heightened the pleasure and as his tempo increased I felt my ass stretch for him so I began to clench down on his cock which elicited more moans of pleasure from my Asian lover.

“Ohhh God I wanna fuck the shit outta you!” Lee panted in my ear.

“Do it, make me yours,” I replied as my body rocked back and forth to his motion.

I began to push back as he thrust inside me as well as clenching on his cock. He moaned loudly as his pace fastened and my cock was rock hard with precum dribbling off it. Lee had his strong hands squeezing my shoulders as he leant over me, his head moving wildly about making his longish hair float in the air as his pleasure grew. I could hear a soft squishing like noise as he continually drove his thick cock in and out of me like a jack hammer.

Although Tarkan had studied classical Ottoman music, he had never made music his career. His eventual degree was in environmental science and management, and his agency, Bir Dünya, which oversaw development in ecologically sensitive areas in Turkey, kept him busy.

Every day after work though, Tarkan went for a long run on the nearby beach as he loved to keep in shape, and running on sand provided optimum strengthening of his leg muscles.

The large beach close to home had a beautiful view at the sea, allowing people to see the islands and the sailing boats from Kalamış Marina. With its seemingly never-ending seashore decorated with beach umbrellas and beach-goers partaking in water-sports of all kinds, this beach was Tarkan and his girlfriend Ayse’s favorite, always making them feel miles away from the city.

Today however, with Ayse being out of town visiting her relatives in Bursa, Tarkan decided to go to another beach, and drove all the way to Poyrazköy, a typical fishing village located on the Asian side of Istanbul, and also one of the closest settlements to the Black Sea.

He went up on a narrow, windy road heading towards the Anatolian Lighthouse, then headed down towards the Bosphorus shore, turned left without turning into the village and reached the Poyrazköy beach. This beach was quiet, and for those who believed a day at the beach should be relaxing.

Tarkan parked his SUV and then immediately started running. He had hardly started though, when suddenly he stopped right in his tracks. He had just seen a young man standing in the shallow waves with his back facing him, and his beautiful firm round butt bulging above a pair of plaid swimming boxers.

Tarkan let out a low whistle as his eyes popped wide: never had he seen a butt as wonderful as this before. “Oooff! What an ass!” he murmured in awe.

He ran up to the man to inspect the small wonder up closer. Just then he turned around to face Tarkan. Tarkan’s jaw dropped at once: never had he seen a face as gorgeous and beautiful as this before.

His eyes were a beautiful bright blue. His face was exceptionally handsome, just like his lean tanned body, and he had shoulder length dark hair.

“Vaay,” Tarkan breathed again, the butt he had just seen momentarily forgotten. “Your eyes… You have… really beautiful eyes….”

“Thank you,” the man smiled.

“Tarkan extended his hand to him. “I’m Tarkan!”

“I’m Tomy…” Tomy shook Tarkan’s hand.

“Tomy… You are… really… gorgeous….”

Tomy smiled as he studied the equally handsome man with emerald green eyes in front of him. He could not deny it — Tarkan was exceptionally handsome too. Like him, Tarkan had long hair, although a little bit shorter. “Thank you, Tarkan. You are not bad yourself…”

Tarkan preened. “Really?”

Tomy nodded.

“But… how did you get THAT… ass?” Tarkan breathed again in awe, pointing again at Tomy’s butt. “Any special exercises you’re doing?”

Tomy shrugged his shoulders and laughed. “Good genes, I guess.”

“Really?” Tarkan giggled. “May I… May I feel it?”

“If you really want to,” Tomy laughed again.

Tarkan instantly grabbed a handful of Tomy’s firm round butt, giving it a little squeeze. “Vaaay,” he breathed again in awe.

Tomy laughed again and motioned for Tarkan to turn around, inspecting his butt now in return. He gave it a little pinch and rub. “Nothing wrong with your ass either, Tarkan…”

Tarkan giggled. “So apart from being hot and sexy, what do you do for a living, Tomy?”

“I’m a singer! Why don’t you come and listen to me tonight?”

The food and drink options at The Dalia Beach Café provided enough options to satisfy any palate. It had also been thought out with care and attention and was prepared with regional products – the feta cheese coming from Ezine, and the honey coming from Fethiye. The fish menu was the perfect way to end Tarkan’s day.

A trio was playing slow music and Tarkan now sprawled on his chair and took in the surroundings. His eyes lingered and caught the attention of several beautiful women. He was sure that this was the place Tomy had told him about, however, Tomy was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly the spotlight lit the stage to reveal an announcer. A band struck up a slow, soulful tune, full of deep, plodding bass and haunting guitar. It was pleasing to Tarkan’s ears, and after a few seconds came the most incredible and beautiful voice he had ever had the privilege to hear.

The voice sounded angelic, yet Tarkan smiled knowingly: this voice belonged to Tomy. He poured a glass of wine, and then looked up and gasped in awe as a vision of beauty sauntered onto the stage: Tomy.

Dressed in white pants and a tight figure hugging black tank top, this wondrous vision had Tarkan now in the palm of his hand. He watched spellbound for about half an hour and then Tomy announced that he was going to get a drink and come back in five minutes for the second part of his act. Tarkan jumped to his feet and elatedly applauded, and Tomy smiled as he headed towards him.

“Thank you for coming, Tarkan.”

Tarkan rewarded him with a dazzling smile. “P… please, Tomy,” he half stammered, “Let me get you a drink?”

Tomy agreed and followed Tarkan to the bar. He then also told Tarkan that he was new in the country, and from Greece, and was only now starting to enjoy the wonderful Istanbul.

He took a sip from his drink. “Thank you again, for coming tonight, Tarkan,” he then said before walking back to the waiting band onstage.

Tarkan quickly took up his seat again in full expectation of another set of sweet and sultry songs, and again he was mesmerized – and above all, completely turned on. In his opinion, this was what dreams were made of.

Soon Tomy announced that the next song was to be his last and set off on one of the most sexual songs Tarkan had ever heard. It brought the whole place alive more than any of his other songs.

Tarkan felt as though the song was sung just for him as Tomy danced over towards his table. Tomy sang of need and desire, of the body’s yearnings for release and the withering of the soul if not exposed to passion and lust.

The audience went wild at the end and all stood, cheering and clapping. Tomy bowed and thanked them all, then moved away, and – what seemed like a casual afterthought — turned again and swiftly moved to Tarkan.

“May I have your number, please, Tomy?” Tarkan begged. “I’m not a singer, but I CAN sing… People who heard me say I sing well! So I thought, you and I… should do a duo sometime?”

Tomy agreed and gave Tarkan his phone number.

“Why don’t you come over to my place tonight, angel?” Tarkan invited.

“Thanks, but I can’t,” Tomy sighed. “My girlfriend is waiting for me. She’s only here tonight still before going back to Greece tomorrow…”

Tarkan was naked on his lonely bed, watching the full moon through the window lighting the night sky and the mighty dark ocean stretched out before him. There on the beach earlier and in the pub tonight had he been smitten with Tomy at once, feeling as though he had known him for many years.

He closed his eyes and the next moment he ran his hands across his stomach, let them drift upwards, caressing the skin over his ribs and up to his hairy chest. He ran the flat of his fingers over his nipples, feeling it hardening.

He then moved his palms back downwards, back across his ribs, stomach, hips, and lower; reaching his lower stomach and stroking down the strip of hair.

This felt really good: he imagined it to be Tomy’s hands.

He stroked his palm lower and could feel his most sensitive parts aching to be touched. As much as he wanted to ease this ache though, he now enjoyed the chase and build up – he bypassed his crotch and ran his palms over his thighs.

Finally he slipped his hand between his thighs, and started slowly rubbing and stroking himself, then going faster and faster.

Opening his eyes again, he now looked down over his body: if at all possible his nipples stood out even harder now. He continued with what his hand were doing — imagining it to be Tomy’s hand – and before long he could see his stomach muscles tense.

Suddenly his whole body shook and he wanted to scream out in ecstasy. He bit his lip to keep from crying out as the intense feeling of pleasure engulfed him. His eyes were closed again, and as the shakes of his orgasm started to roll over him, he finally let out a long sigh until all the air had left his lungs, and the soft glow of complete relaxation spread through his body. More than anything else, Tarkan really wanted to be with Tomy.

Tarkan was wearing his red T-shirt with the words “Wine me, Dine me, 69 me,” printed on the front with a pair of jeans and black high top sneakers. It was the following evening and he had invited Tomy over for dinner at his place.

“Hello, angel! Follow me,” he invited after he had opened the door for Tomy.

Tarkan’s kitchen was a culmination of scents: warm citrus, sweet basil and tangy garlic.

He opened a bottle of Coke, took two glasses and moved with Tomy to the living room, where they sat loosely next to one another on the couch.

Tarkan gazed into the beautiful blue eyes and his hands then moved to Tomy’s face, gently brushing away his hair. He then leaned over and softly kissed him on the lips. “I know you’re not gay, Tomy… but please… let me make you happy?” Tarkan asked.

Tomy nodded and smiled. Tarkan was simply amazing. Tarkan was simply gorgeous.

Tarkan stood up and nodded toward the bedroom. Soon he walked Tomy to the bed. Tomy lay down on it and Tarkan stretched out over him, pulling them both into the centre of the bed. Tomy’s slender toned body was now between Tarkan’s legs.

Their lips met again and Tarkan was purring and moaning against Tomy’s mouth as Tomy answered his kiss. After a while he had to pull back and catch his breath before looking down at Tomy again, smiling.

He then reached for Tomy’s jeans, had them unbuckled and pulled down to his feet along with his boxers in a second. Tomy pulled his T-shirt over his head, and Tarkan was also naked in moments.

Their lean bodies seemed to fit together perfectly and their full plump lips met again in another scorching kiss.

“I’m sorry,” Tarkan suddenly gasped and stood up. “What am I doing?”

“Baby, there is nothing to be sorry for!” Tomy gasped. “I really love it that you got so excited!”

Tarkan shook his head, bemused. The next moment he rolled his body against Tomy’s again and planted soft kisses around his neck.

Then, Tarkan gazed deep into Tomy’s beautiful blue eyes. No words were spoken now: none were needed.

Tarkan’s thumbs were now massaging at the most sensitive parts of Tomy’s body, his face now at his crotch.

Then, Tomy felt Tarkan’s mouth between his legs. He threw his head back and closed his eyes, moaning as Tarkan was licking and sucking him. He wrapped his hands around Tarkan’s head and grabbed his bottom lip with his teeth. Tarkan was sucking him faster and faster now, driving him over the edge.

Late one evening later that week, after a singing performance, Tomy had just crawled into his bed when his phone suddenly rang. “Hello?” he answered.

“I miss you…”

The sound of Tarkan’s voice sent his heart racing and his head spinning at once.

“Let me in, please Tomy?” Tarkan asked.


“I’m just outside your door.”

Tomy put down his phone and stared at it for a moment. Clad in only a tiny pair of black boxer shorts, and almost as if in a trance, he then felt his body move toward the entrance, his anticipation growing with each eager step taking him closer to Tarkan.

Tomy unlocked the door and opened it to allow Tarkan in.

“I cannot get you out of my mind and it drives me crazy, Tomy!” Tarkan exclained.

Tomy gently brushed some strands of Tarkan’s hair away from his face and met his gaze once again: confident and intense as always. He looked into the beautiful shade of green drawing him once more, and now smiled sweetly in anticipation.

Tarkan moved behind Tomy and turned him to face the long mirror on the opposite wall. He sighed and rested his chin on Tomy’s shoulder, running his hands round his slender waist and tenderly caressing him all over, feeling his skin soft and smooth under his fingertips.

All the while Tomy was quiet and looked through the mirror to gaze back into Tarkan’s eyes. Tarkan sighed. “I know this is hard for both of us… we both have girlfriends… but I really don’t want to be without you, Tomy…”

Tomy watched Tarkan crawl beside him on the bed. Tarkan looked like a tiger, getting ready to pounce – and pounced he did. He straddled Tomy and held him tight against him as he kissed him again. He knew he was driving Tomy wild as he felt him smile through the kiss.

Tarkan’s hands were soon at Tomy’s crotch, his voice soft and gentle in his ears, and his breath on his skin. He slipped one finger, and then another, and then the rest underneath the waistband of Tomy’s boxers. Further he reached into Tomy’s crotch, and passed his fingers around the fleshy appendage that now strained against the boxers that imprisoned it. Tarkan’s fingers met as he encircled it completely.

His full plump lips were parted slightly, and moist from Tomy’s mouth only moments before. “I adore you, Tomy,” Tarkan murmured.

They made turns to penetrate one another then, and they were driven higher, together. Finally the throbbing pleasure ceased and they descended back to earth, collapsing with their sweaty entwined bodies together.

A tear trickled down Tarkan’s cheek and Tomy tenderly brushed it away. When Tarkan opened his eyes again, Tomy saw nothing but pure love in Tarkan’s eyes.

Tarkan kissed Tomy softly and held him tight. They were safe and warm within one another’s embrace. Satisfied they both drifted off to sleep and knew no more.

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I took the mail from the box and opened my front door. I stood at the kitchen island and sorted the days mail into keepers and junk when I came across an envelope with a reply deadline date in the bottom left corner. I didn’t recognize the return name or address.

Opening the envelope, I was surprised, it was an invitation to attend my Twenty Year High School Reunion. How could it be possible that was twenty years ago?. I had no intention of attending and I tossed it into the junk mail and was about to put the stack in the trash when I thought about Danny. I put the reunion notice aside on the counter, tossed the rest in the trash and went to change out of my work clothes. Freed from my suit and tie, getting barefoot and into gym shorts and a tee shirt made me sigh with relief. I headed to the kitchen and made my evening cocktail of CC and water. I picked up the reunion notice and went to sit on the deck in the late afternoon sun. It was an beautiful, balmy May afternoon in middle Tennessee.

I’m Thomas James Clarke, TJ to just about everyone but my Mother who always calls me Thomas unless she’s giving me one of her frequent lectures then it’s Thomas James Clarke as she preaches on the evils of still being a single man and 38 years old. I’m divorced, live alone and I work for a small local College here in Nashville. I have not worked anywhere else, I was hired right out of college and have been the Assistant to the President for 15 years this September. My gift of gab and a knack for finding donors and getting them to open their checkbooks has kept me in the good graces of my boss. I am a good worker and often I’m asked to fill in for my boss at various functions when he has schedule conflicts.

I read the reunion notice again and reflected on life since High School. Graduation had been in June and I started my college classes in mid September at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. At age 22 I married my college girlfriend the week after we graduated. By the time I was 25 we had two children; that was the beginning of the end I would decide later. With two kids in diapers our sex life was over. I always thought we could get back to the way we were before kids but it just didn’t happen. Janey, my wife, and I gradually drifted apart and after eight years we divorced. We’ve remained best friends and I bought a house close enough to her and the kids that I could “be there” for the kids and for her when she needed me to pick them up or keep them overnight.

When I was 32 I finally admitted to my self that I was gay, not bi-sexual as I had tried to convince myself since the divorce. Janey was the only woman I had ever had sexual relations with, all others had been with men. To be fair, ‘all others’ totaled up to five men in the past six years.

Growing up my best friend was always Danny Drennan. We lived in Louisville, Kentucky and we first met in kindergarten. We remained best buddies through Grammar and High Schools, we were seldom apart for more than twelve hours. Sometime near puberty I knew that I loved Danny. It wasn’t just a crush, I knew that what I felt for him was what I was supposed to feel for a girl. I never let Danny know of my feelings fearing that he would never speak to me again. I knew that would be the worst that could happen for me, I needed to be with him even as just friends.

We had to separate when it came time to enter college. Danny went to Lexington and the University of Kentucky. We made promises to keep in touch but early into my first year at UVA my family moved to Ohio and Danny and I didn’t get to see each other gain. We did manage to keep in touch by letter and the occasional phone call. After college we kept in touch for a while but after our second child we lost touch. Since the divorce I had tried telephone and computer searches trying to locate Dan without any luck. The thought that he might be at the reunion convinced me to fill our the reunion form and mail it off with my check.

If we could reconnect it would be so great to have my friend back in my life. I was never as close with anyone as I was with Danny. Not even Janey. I wrote the reunion date in my Day Planner and on the calendar in the kitchen. I have a drawer full of electronic gadgets that were gifts to keep track of things like this but I just don’t get it. I still write real letters in longhand, my Mom had insisted that personal letters, notes and cards should never be typed; also I have an old fashioned land line telephone at home. My concessions to the electronic age were a basic cell phone with pre-paid minutes and no contract and my desktop computer.

I phoned Janey and told her the dates that I would be away and where I was going. She was constantly trying to get me out of the house and meeting new people. A couple of years back I had to insist that she stop trying to set me up with dates. She always had a friend or acquaintance that knew a gay man and she automatically thought any two gay men would just click automatically. I asked her once it she ‘clicked’ with every man she went out on a date with.

“don’t be silly TJ, of course not. There has to be a chemistry to really like someone.” She said.

“Then why do you think it would be different with two gay men Janey, chemistry is the key with us too.”

She just stared at me like I was from another planet, not comprehending at all what I meant.

Janey was thrilled that I was going to the reunion.

“TJ, maybe you’ll meet up with Danny there. You’ve always talked about how you miss him being your friend. Yes, you have to go. Danny back in your life is exactly what you need now TJ.”

There are times that Janey surprises the dickens out of me. This was one of those times. She knows me so well. She advised me to go shopping for a new outfit.

“For heaven’s sake TJ, don’t wear one of your boring business suits. Go get something nice that you wouldn’t wear to work. I know you’re going to be the best looking guy there so look the part TJ.”

Looking at my wardrobe confirmed Janey’s opinion about what I should wear so I went to the my favorite Men’s shop in Green Hills to shop for clothes I wouldn’t wear to work. I did want to look my best just in case Dan was there. With the help of a male assistant, who I thought was too obvious in his attention to me, I selected tan slacks that fit me very nicely, the assistant kept talking about how well they “displayed my assets”. I chose a matching tan silk crew neck pullover, a navy Armani Sport Jacket with a Cordovan belt and Cordovan Italian slippers. I was very pleased with the outfit.

In High School I was very thin and tall. I ran on the track team and won a few Cross Country events. I still hold a couple of Kentucky State High School Track records. Once I was away at college, I had matured and built up my body in the weight room. Since the divorce I joined a Health club in Green Hills a couple of miles from my home in Hillsboro Village and I still got to the gym regularly. I was certain that no one would know me by sight at the reunion.

I took the day off the Friday before the reunion and drove to Louisville and checked into my hotel around four P.M. The reunion would be held in the ballroom of this hotel and I wouldn’t have to be concerned about drinking and driving.

Tonight was free, no events planned so I read the complimentary newspaper in my room, went down to the restaurant for dinner then back to my room to watch a movie. Saturday morning I drove to my old neighborhood and stopped to look at the house where I grew up. danny’s house was two doors down from ours. So many memories flooded my mind as I sat in the car looking at those houses. I sat there at least ten minutes, maybe more before starting the car and driving to our High School. I stopped by Kaelin’s for a Cheeseburger then spent the afternoon at Churchill Downs watching the horse races. I left at five p.m. $50 poorer than when I had arrived.

Back at my hotel I had a turn at the dinner buffet table and then went to my room to get myself ready to go down to the ballroom for the festivities. The thought crossed my mind that if no one I knew showed up I could drop into the hotel bar and check out the action there.

After a shave and shower I took my time getting dressed being sure that each item of my clothing was just right. I put on my jacket and turned to check myself in the mirror. I had to smile, Janey was right. This outfit was perfect for this night. I looked darned good for a thirty eight year old father of two teenagers. I had a spring in my step as I made my way toward the ballroom.

I signed in and found my name tag and was looking at the yearbook on the table by the guest register. I went to Danny’s picture first and seeing his smile made me laugh as memories of us as kids flooded my mind. I flipped back a few pages and when I came to my picture I groaned aloud, feeling sorry for that poor thin waif staring blankly at me. I heard a female laugh next to me…

“You wouldn’t believe how many of us make that sound when we look at our pictures back then. Glad you could make it. Let me see if I can pick you out” she said.

When I turned to face her I could see that she didn’t have a clue who I could possibly be. She gave me a long appraising look and smiled seductively as she scanned the yearbook then back to me a few times. I had recognized her almost immediately, she was Jennifer Jansen, one of our cheerleaders, a four year class beauty and she was probably the nicest girl in the whole school. Everyone liked Jenny.

“Jenny, wow, you’re more beautiful now than you were at 18. I’m…”

She cut me off…”don’t tell me, I want to see if I can pick you out.”

Looking at the yearbook, then back to my face she had a puzzled look.

“you’re not on this page.” she said. I laughed.

“I wish, but I’m there alright. Look at the last names starting with C.”

“mmm, no…I don’t see you here.” I pointed to the picture of the poor thin waif with the blank stare.

“Thomas J. Clarke, that’s me, TJ.”

“NO! It can’t be, you’re so hand…”

She stopped mid sentence before she said I was ‘so handsome’ now.

“Well, I must say that you certainly have matured well TJ, yes , quite well indeed, what a change. I remember you, the track teams star runner, you won a lot of races in track and a couple of State Championships. You were very smart too, yes, the President of the Beta Club Junior and Senior years. I was in Beta Club too, but only one year, not four like you. I seem to remember that you went out of state to college, Virginia I think. So where are you now? wife, kids?”

“Gee you have a great memory Jen, yes I graduated from UVA and now I’m in Nashville, two great kids, a Son 17, a Daughter 15, the wife and I divorced eight years ago.”

“been there and done that honey, enough said.” she chuckled.

She stepped back and gave me the once over again, head to toe and back down to my belt level then back to my eyes, she smiled and she was different. She had shifted into her ‘man hunter’ mode.

“Hon, I need to check on some things, none of the classmates that said they would help out are here yet. We’ll have talk more later, okay. Don’t you leave without talking with me I want to be sure we get reacquainted tonight. Don’t you forget me, you hear.

The change in her was obvious as she switched effortlessly from hostess to seductress and flirted shamelessly with me. She left giving me a look that promised a more intimate talk than I was willing to undertake.

I made my way to the bar and ordered a drink. I was sipping my drink and had turned on the bar stool to face toward the entrance and watched the door as classmates began arriving. Surprisingly I knew many of the guys at first sight and a few of the ladies too.

As I raised my glass I saw a tall good looking man enter that I didn’t recognize. I didn’t remember any classmate that good looking. I was studying him trying to place him as he talked with others at the registration table and found his name tag. When I saw him laughing with another classmate a chill shot through me. It’s him! It’s Danny! That smile and the crinkly eyes when he laughed gave him away.

I turned back to the bar and set my drink down, my hands were trembling and my heart was racing. It’s Danny! He’s here! Forcing my self to calm down, I took a big gulp of my drink, and searched him out in the mirror behind the bar. Certain it was him, I looked myself over and made sure my name tag was turned face down. I wanted to see if he would know me.

I slowly walked toward him, as I approached, he caught my eye and we nodded but I could tell he was trying to figure out who I could be. When I reached him I stuck out my hand and said…

“Hello…aren’t you Danny Drennan?”

“Yes, that’s me, but I’m sorry I can’t seem to place you…”

I smiled and started to tell him when he yelled… “OHMIGOD!…TJ!… IS THAT YOU?

Grinning ear to ear I nodded as he grabbed me into a bear hug. I felt so many emotions as he hugged me to him. I had dreamed of this meeting so many times. Since my ‘coming out’ Danny was my main source of sexual release and I conjured up jack off fantasies of us together constantly. I still loved him, much more now as a grow man than I did as a kid before. I just wanted to be near him, any way that he would accept. I missed the way he made me feel. With Danny I always had a feeling of well being, good times, and things being as they should be. Things were right when we were together. I dreamed of us being lovers but I would gladly, happily settle for being his good friend again.

“TJ, I can’t believe this…it’s really you!. You may not believe this, but you are why I’m here tonight, I was hoping that you would be here. I’ve missed ‘us’ TJ. For years after we went off to college, when anything big happened in my life I wanted to tell TJ. It is so great to find you again. Okay, right now, let’s promise that we will never ever loose touch with each other again.”

“I promise Danny. I don’t want to lose you again either. I’ve missed my friend”

He stepped back and gave me the once over almost like Jenny Jansen had done.

“Damn TJ! Who knew that skinny kid I knew would turn out looking like this. I never dreamed that you would be such a stud! Look at you. Wow.”

“Right back at you Danny. I hope you brought a big stick because you’re going to be beating these ladies off you all night. I didn’t know who you were until I saw you laugh. Your eyes and that smile gave you away.”

“I know, when you were walking this way and we nodded I couldn’t figure out who that handsome man could be, as we were shaking hands you smiled and then I knew. Your smile and your eyes.”

“Let’s get a drink…are you here with your wife?” he asked

I held up my left hand, bare of any jewelry.

“We divorced, eight years ago. We’re still close friends and live near each other for the kids sake, a Son, Callum 17 and a daughter, Suzannah 15, and you?”

He laughed. “almost identical to you, divorced five years, son, Connor 17, and daughter Malin, 15. This is great TJ, just us, no women to keep us from talking about old times, it’s just us tonight. I can’t believe it. TJ and Danny, together again after all these years.”

We sat at the bar or a nearby table most of the night catching up with each other’s lives. I noticed that every so often a line of ladies would discretely pass by us, giving us the once over and ‘come hither’ looks. We were polite, but we laughed when they left. After a couple of hours the sexy looks, became glares of resentment. Danny and I just kept talking and drinking.

There was a short informal program, a couple of classmates spoke about the ‘good old days’ to much laughter. It dawned on me that those who talked most about the good old days were the jocks and girls that were the beautiful and popular kids back then. Now, in most cases, their teen good looks had been replaced by receding hair or no hair, too many extra pounds and lots of booze. There were exceptions, like Jenny Jansen, but generally the ‘in crowd” from our High School days had taken a beating over the past 20 years, looks wise. Dan and I had been late bloomers and were now hitting our peak in career and in our physical appearance.

Dan commented several times on how different I look and he kept feeling my biceps, he seemed truly amazed at how I had transformed from being bean pole thin to this ripped body I had now. My Senior year I was 5’11″ tall and weighed 117 pounds with my pockets full. Today I’m still 5’11 but I weigh 155 pounds and have nice muscles, a mildly defined six pack on my stomach but I’m not crazy ripped like body builders get. I was pleased with myself that I had kept myself decent looking. With Dan, it was hard to tell under his suit but he was still 6’4″ and about 165 or so, his stomach was flat and his waist small and trim. I looked when I could at the fly of his suit pants but it stayed maddeningly flat, giving no clue to his package. It was just as well, having my friend back was enough for me.

We heard a last call from the bar and noticed that most of the crowd was gone. We walked to the hotel bar and saw that several of the tables were occupied by our classmates. One table seated those ladies that kept walking by us at the reunion. Dan and I continued talking and drinking. After fifteen years there was a lot to catch up on but I believe both of us could have sat there and not said a word, just enjoying being with the other again.

I told Dan about my job at the college and how I liked the work. I found out he was an executive with General Motors and was assigned to the Corvette Plant in Bowling Green, Ky., only 60 miles from Nashville. I kidded him…

“I’ll bet you drive a red Corvette convertible, right.”

“Not red, it’s silver with saddle tan interior.”

“What do you drive TJ?”

“Just an old Ford. Remember, I’m divorced and work for a small college.”

We spent a long time talking about our kids and exes, I gathered up my courage and told Dan that I am gay and had finally admitted it five years ago. I also told him that I was in love with him back when we were in school, and had been for as long as I could remember.

” TJ. I’m really surprised, I never had a clue that you felt that way about me, I’m flattered now. You do know that it doesn’t't matter at all as far as our friendship goes. Now since we’ve reunited, I can’t imagine anything that could stop us from being best friends the rest of our days. Geez, TJ the way you look, I bet the guys line up for a date with you.”

I laughed. “Dan in the six years I’ve been actively gay I’ve had five dates. I average less than one a year.”

“Wow TJ, I was sure you would have a partner, you must like playing the field then, huh?”

“No, it’s not that Danny, there would sure be more than 5 guys if I played the field. No, I don’t have a partner either. There was only one guy who I’ve ever wanted as my partner, but that just wasn’t't to be.”

“What happened TJ?” “Dan, I’d rather not talk about it, okay. Maybe I’ll tell you someday.”

When Dan got up to go to the restroom he stumbled and reeled, I led him to the restroom and after he relieved himself I took him by the arm and we left to go to our rooms. I asked his room number and he was just across the hall from my room. I first opened Dan’s door and then mine, I thought he had gone into his room but when I opened my door Danny walked in and fell on my bed.

“Danny, your room is across the hall.”

“mmm sleepy. Let’s go to bed” Dan said.

“Dan, your bed is across the hall, okay.”

“Nope…your on your bed, I’m on your bed, ‘okay.”

I stepped into the bathroom to take a leak and Dan was snoring when I came back. I slipped his shoes off and put his legs on the bed, and left him there, dressed except for his shoes. I stepped across the hall and closed his room door. Back in my room I Kicked off my shoes, I laid down on top of the covers too. The bed was king size so Dan was on one side and I had lots of room on the other. I turned out the lamp and closed my eyes. In a few minutes I heard…

“psssst. TJ”

“yes Dan.”

“you asleep?”

“yes Danny, I’m asleep, I can’t hear you.”

“TJ, YOU AWAKE?” he yelled.

“yes Dan, I’m awake.”

“loved you too TJ”

“what did you say Danny?”

“loved you too, then.”

“Loved who when, Danny?”

“gotta get up”

“are you sick Danny?”

“nope, gotta get up…gotta get sober”

“Danny, just lie still and go to sleep, you’ll be okay in the morning, go to sleep.”

“gotta get sober and tell you, got get a cold shower and tell.”

“Dan you’ll be sober in the morning, go to sleep.” Danny rolled and fell out of bed to the floor. He was almost upright when I got to his side and he was determined to take a cold shower and sober up.

Finally I just let him do what he wanted. I lay back, closed my eyes and replayed tonight in my head. I was dozing and daydreaming about us as grown ups getting together with our kids, when I heard the water shut off.

In a few minutes Dan walked out of the bath with a towel around his waist. I gasped when I saw his body. His perfectly formed chest was a forest of dark hair, thickest between his pectorals and his treasure trail split him down the middle. The towel around his hips was not flat like his fly had been all night. It seemed to be growing as I tried to look anywhere but there. Dan had a second towel and was drying his dark hair.

“whew..sorry I got drunk there TJ. I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“no big deal Dan, it’s alright.”

“TJ, there’s more I need to tell you. I should have earlier, I wish I had earlier. But before I tell you can I ask you a question?”

“Danny, you can ask me anything, just like before, anything.”

“I had this feeling earlier when we were talking but I just don’t know…uh..if I’m right or not…I could be so far off base here…but I have to know…it’s really very important. If I’m wrong, I’m so sorry, but I have to know…earlier you said there was only one guy you wanted as your partner…I know you said you didn’t want to talk about it…but it’s killing me here not knowing. TJ when you said that, by any chance were you talking about me?”

OH NO, NO, NO… He knows, what am I going to do, what do I say to him. I hung my head and just sat there, I looked at my feet, I couldn’t face him. “TJ, please tell me, I need to know…was it me?” I started crying, sobs wracking my body my shoulders shaking as I nodded my head yes. I feared that he couldn’t accept it, would be through with me. We had just found each other and I’m driving him away again.

Dan stepped closer and raised my head by my chin. “did you nod yes, TJ. Was it me you wanted as a partner”

The tears were streaming, I nodded again.

“Oh thank God!…TJ, …it’s okay…it’s okay”

Dan held me close and stroked my neck and back.

“don’t cry, we’re okay…TJ..we’re okay. Back when we were kids, I was in love with you too. It scared the dickens out of me. But just like you, I kept it all inside and soldiered on like it wasn’t ‘t there, just like you did. The wife and kids, the divorce, all the same as you. And listen TJ, after the divorce, just like you, I knew I was gay too. I’ve only been with three men.

I want a life partner too. The slim chance that we would meet again tonight is why I’m here. I’ve searched for you for five years now. TJ…is there any chance at all that we can be together, maybe even as partners. You’ve always been the one I wanted to make love to. Can you and I make a new beginning together, I really do love you, always have.

There. I’ve said it now. That’s why I got so drunk, hoping it was me, but not wanting to know if it was someone else. I knew I had to sober up and tell you the truth about me, about how much I love you and want us to be together.”

I pulled back from his hug and looked into his eyes, not believing what I thought I heard. As I started to speak he said… “yes TJ, I said I was gay. Yes, I said I loved you, back then and right now; and yes, I asked if I could be your life partner, your lover and friend.”

I sat there staring at him in disbelief until I finally let his words sink into understanding. I hugged him tighter to me and said…

“yes, yes! Can this really be happening, do you really mean it Danny? Hold me Dan, I may float away. I never ever believed this would ever happen. I’ve dreamed it a thousand times, and wished for it a million more.”

Dan put a hand on the back of my neck and pulled me into our first kiss. When our tongues met I felt fireworks exploding in my brain, my body trembled, Dan leaned forward pushing me back onto the bed, never breaking contact with our lips and tongues. Our bodies were pressed together and I felt his hardness under the towel. I’m sure he felt the same in my slacks. When we broke the kiss, gasping for air, Dan held my face in his hands…

“TJ, my handsome TJ. You’ve just made me the happiest man alive.”

One hand was loosening my belt and unbuttoning my slacks, he pulled me up by the back of my neck again and started another kiss as he tugged my pullover shirt from my slacks and off over my head. He stood and tugged my slacks and shorts off and I lay naked before him, my cock standing tall and proud at it’s almost eight inch length. Dan was taking in my body with his eyes…

“Oh migod, TJ, you are perfect, that body, you’re so beautiful.”

As he stepped closer I tugged at his towel and watched as it slid to the floor. I sucked in air when I saw his hairy naked body, hard, muscled and trim. He had to be a gym rat too and that cock! He was longer and bigger in circumference than mine. My dream man, my Danny in the flesh, looking down at me with his cock hard as stone.

I took Dan’s hand and pulled him to me. He lay with half his body atop mine and we kissed and rubbed our bodies against each other and we made out like we were horny teenagers. He was kissing me and gently tugging at my chest hair, his fingers found a nipple and pinched hard. That was all it took for me, I ejaculated semen all over both of us without either of us touching my cock.

“Ooooohhhhhh Danny. See what you do to me! Gee, I’ve never done that without touching myself or being touched before. My nipples must be hard wired directly to my cock. I never knew that.”

There was very little sleeping that night for either of us. We had lots of short naps and more sex in one night than I have had in my lifetime. Every where we touched was a new place to kiss, horny teens would have had a hard time keeping up with us old guys this night. The morning sun peeped around the edges of the drapes and lit the room dimly. We rolled together face to face and kissed, our bodies touching from our lips to our toes. Every so often I had to pull back and just look at him to make sure it was Danny. My Danny here with me, naked and setting my body on fire with his touch and kisses.

We were both hungry, the last few hours sexual exploits had depleted our reserves. Dan grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet and into the shower. Never missing a chance to put our naked bodies against each other, Danny hugged me to him as he stood behind me. He took the soap and began washing my front taking time to touch every inch of my body he could reach from his position behind me.

Finished with that side I turned to face him and hugged against him tightly as he gently washed my back side. Now that we faced each other, I was able to kiss his neck and ears while he washed me. When he was washing my hair I fondled his hard cock and testicles, I feared that this was another dream and that I would wake, alone and in a heavy sweat as I had so many times over the years. Finished and rinsed he kissed me lightly and said…

“Food! We have to eat TJ…come on babe…let’s go eat.”

Dan wanted to go to a great little Mom & Pop place that his Dad had frequented regularly. We were walking to the car when Dan shouted…

“OH Wow! TJ! Would you look at that Mustang! Man that’s sharp. It looks so much better than the ones they make now, it even looks better that it did when it was new!”

He was gawking at a 1967 Mustang convertible. It had been restored and updated with a load of modern conveniences. It was Dark metallic gray with a tan top, custom Foose chrome wheels with Saddle Tan interior and a chrome mesh grille. I watched him as he gently let one hand glide along a fender.

“Your supposed to be a Corvette guy wont you get tortured by your co-workers or something for liking a Ford.”

“This one is special, it’s so beautiful.” Dan replied.

“I smiled at him and tossed a set of keys to him. Your driving since you know where we are going. Dan, you do want to drive this car don’t you?”

“What…you mean…TJ!…This is your car! WOW…but you said you drove an old ford.”

“Well, it’s sixteen years older than we are…That is old, Danny!”

He hit the remote unlock and opened the doors. When that 302 CI motor roared to life, Dan’s eyes were big and he was grinning from ear to ear when he looked over to me…

“Let’s drop the top TJ”

He unlatched the top and touched the button as I got the boot cover from the trunk. Soon we were cruising and causing quite a stir as gawkers honked and gave the car thumbs up. Dan got a kick out of charging away from the traffic lights and listening to the roar of the exhaust. The car has been updated with disc brakes, 3 point seat belts, power steering and new modern suspension components to allow for modern tires.

We pulled up in front of the restaurant and as we put up the top a crowd gathered at the window looking at the car. Once we were seated and had placed our order we were back to marveling at our luck of finding each other again. Dan was telling me how he was going to ravage my body when we got back to the hotel.

“I’m going to fuck that perfect ass of yours TJ”

as he said this a waitress with a coffee pot walked by us and ran into a table and nearly fell to the floor. She looked back at Dan, her eyes wide and mouth agape. He looked to her and said… “we’re newly weds, I just can’t help it. Look at him, he’s a freaking stud of a man!”

I kicked his shin under the table as the waitress blushed to bright red and scurried off to the kitchen. As we were leaving I noticed that the waitress was whispering with another woman and they were looking at us. Dan saw them too, he smiled at them and said…

“you girls are checking out his butt aren’t you!”

they turned and rushed off.

Once outside we were both laughing but I had to say something…

“You have always gotten me in to “situations,” embarrassing me. You haven’t changed a bit, bold as brass and willing to do just about anything. You are incorrigible Dan, just bad to the bone!”

“You always did love it when I acted up and I can tell by that grin you’re wearing that you still like it TJ.”

We were really back, we were Danny and TJ again. I noticed what I have come to call my ‘Danny feeling’, it’s just this happy, good times, being with the greatest guy in the world feeling that I’ve only ever felt when I was with him. This felt so good. I haven’t been this happy since my kids were born. Dan looked over and saw the look on my face…

“What’s with the silly grin TJ?”

“You, that’s what. Just being with you lifts me up, makes me happy and makes me do this silly grin.”

“I know, I call it my TJ feeling.” Dan replied.

I looked at him in disbelief…

“you have a TJ feeling? How weird. I call it my Danny feeling, always have. seems like we kept more secrets than we realized back then.”

He started the car and I said…

“Damn…I don’t want to go home today, I just want to stay here with you.”

“I know TJ, I know…but it’s only an hours drive. When we get back to the hotel, lets check out and you follow me to my place in Bowling Green. That way you’ll know how to get to my place and we can make love again before we have to be part again. I have a feeling I’ll be in Nashville in a day or two.”

“you always have a plan, Danny. That sounds good.”

We covered the ninety five miles in about 80 minutes and Dan had me pull my car into the garage beside his. He was standing waiting for me to get out of the car and when I did he hugged me into a soul searing kiss. I was still afraid of waking from a glorious dream. Fifteen years of wishing, hoping and dreaming of the time we could be together and it was now! There was just no describing how I felt.

Once inside, Dan gave me the tour, kitchen, family room then his bedroom. The tour ended there as he pulled me to him and gently started undressing me, I did the same to him and in a moment we stood facing each other naked. We both reached to hug the other to us at the same time, I was lost in the delicious feeling of his hairy body against mine.

We lay on the bed lips locked together, bodies writhing to get closer together. This euphoric high I was experiencing kept getting better and better. We each took turns exploring the others body with hands, lips and tongues.

Dan turned me face down on the bed and continued exploring with his hands and lips. He started at at my neck and shoulders, his furry body lying on my back made me wiggle beneath him trying to get more of him touching me. His hands and lips were every where as he slowly worked his way down my body. Raising up on his arms he bent his neck and traced his tongue down mine spine from my neck to the valley where my butt swelled in to round hard mounds. He lightly kissed and licked my cheeks as he continued on to the back of my legs. I felt his hair tickling my backside as he continued exploring my body with his lips and tongue, he didn’t stop until his lips had kissed all ten of my toes.

My entire body tingled and throbbed. I had never been so aroused in my life. Danny slowly kissed his was back up my body. He stopped and buried his nose in my crotch inhaling the man scent there. He moved his face and nuzzled his nose into my testicles, his tongue lapping each one as my hard cock brushed against his cheek and face. He kissed his way up and back down the length of my hardness, his tongue flicking out to gather the pearl of pre-cum at my slit. Finally he lay face to face with me, staring into my eyes. All of his emotions showed there. I saw his love for me, his joy that we could be together like this. It all showed in those beautiful eyes.

At last I spoke…

“Danny I want you to make love to me, I want you inside me Dan. Please Dan…I’m ready…I’ve always wanted you to do this…get inside me, make love to me…I need to see your handsome face as you make love to me. I need to kiss you, hold you…I need you deep inside me. I want your seed in me Dan…oh Danny…do it…make me yours…do it know you’ve wanted to.”

Our orgasms were more than anything either of us had ever known. We were physically drained of every bit of energy, emotionally we were fulfilled as never before. We never knew that sex could feel like what we had just felt. That was so much more than sex…the emotional orgasm was what made the earth move for us. The love and emotions of fifteen unfulfilled years pushed us to feelings that words just could not convey. Looking into his eyes I knew he felt what I did. It showed there for both of us.

It was after Nine p.m. when I finally left Dan’s to drive back to Nashville. I really didn’t want to leave him but I knew we’d be together again in two days. I was so darned happy to have reunited with him I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

After taking the day off on Friday I had a lot of calls to return and by quitting time I had everything up to date. The phone was ringing as I unlocked the door at home. I rushed in and answered and it was Callum, my son calling to say Hi and ask if he could come over. I chuckled and said sure he could come over, knowing he either wanted a favor or money and most likely it would be both. I asked to speak with his Mom and he gave the phone to her.

“TJ how was your trip, was the reunion any fun?” Janey asked.

“Oh Janey, it was the best time, I’m so glad I went.”

“I knew it!…you saw Danny didn’t you! How did it go, where is he, who did he marry…?’

“WHOA!!! stop with all the questions…you ought to come over with Cal, by the way do you know what he wants?”

“yes I do, Suze and I will come with him. See you in a few?”

“Wait…what does he want…” she hung up laughing.

I wonder what this is all about I thought. I rushed to change clothes and was mixing a drink when Cal charged in the front door.


“In the kitchen Cal”

My seventeen year old son was nearly a foot taller than me and had grown into a more good looking and handsome combination of his Mom and myself. With the three of us together it was obvious that he was our son. He was playing baseball and basketball in high school and was tall and lean muscled’ He had started dating this year too. He rushed up to me and gave me a bear hug.

“Hiya Pops! Have fun on your trip” he asked as he stuck his head into the fridge looking for a snack.

“Yeah, I really had a good time. Probably nothing in there to eat, there’s chips in the pantry,”

Cal turned and looked at me and a funny look came over his face.

“What’s with the look, Cal?”

“It’s you, Pops…somethings different about you…”

“I’m your same old Dad, Cal.”

“I dunno’ there just something different. You look great, I mean better that usual, maybe happier, I dunno what it is but I like it.”

Just then his Mom and Sister came in, Suze jumping into my arms and Janey kissing my cheek.

“This must be something big for all of you to pile on here. What’s up Cal?”

“Dad just don’t say no until you hear me out, please. Okay”

I think that I figured out what this is about. Cal wants to use my car for something, I’ve always told him no when he wanted to use it and only let him drive it with me in the car. Aha!…His Prom is coming up! I’ll bet that’s what this is about. I looked over to his Mom and she was trying her best not to laugh out loud.

Beating him to the punch I asked.

“Son, I was thinking as I drove back from my trip. Isn’t your Junior Prom coming up soon?”

I could see him deflate, all the nerve he had worked up to ask to use the car just went out of him as he said…

“yes sir.”

“Well, I was thinking that maybe you might like to drive the Mustang that night. Do you think that you can be responsible enough to drive it within the limits I’ve all ways held you to when we were out together.”

Cal was clearly stunned and very excited.

“Jeez, Dad, yes…how did you know that’s what I was going to ask? I know Mom didn’t rat on me. But thank you, I promise to take good care of the Stang, you know that I love that car just as much as you do Dad. Sean and I were planning to double, is that okay, it’ll just be the four of us. I hope you and Mom know that neither Sean nor I drink or do any sort of drugs. I know you and Mom worry about that but really guys, we’re smarter than that. Besides, we’re tested for drugs in Baseball and Basketball at school. We’re cool kids Dad, really. I promise we’ll be home by two a.m. okay.”

“Two A.M.! are you crazy! One a.m. at the very latest Cal. After you are 18 maybe you can stay out till 2 on prom night but not it my car.”

I could see his Mom agreed with me.

“Okay, you win…but it was worth a try. Then is it okay to double with Sean and his date? I’ll get her name and phone number for you and Mom, my date too. Thanks Dad, I promise you wont regret it. I’ll take good care of the car. Wow…I can’t believe you agreed before I even asked. I knew you there was something different about you.”

Janey was smiling and told the kids she needed to talk with me and they went to the TV room. She started for the patio and asked me to follow. When we got there she turned to me and said…

“Okay TJ, spill it. What happened at the reunion…I see what Cal saw, there’s a definite change in you. What’s happened.”

I couldn’t stop the smile spreading across my face. Just before I started to speak Janie gasped!

“It’s Danny isn’t it…ohmigod…he’s gay too! You two got together at last…I’m right aren’t I, I know it…You and Danny! Oh TJ that’s so wonderful!

I stood there open mouthed. I can’t believe the powers this woman possesses sometimes. It’s uncanny how she can sense things. Finally I spoke…

“I guess you know where we went and what we ate for breakfast too. How can you do that Janey? Yes you are right on all counts. We spent the last two nights together and he’ll be here one night this week. He lives in Bowling Green, only an hour away.”

She rushed to hug me…”I’m so glad to hear this. I want you to be happy TJ and I know he’s the man who can do it for you. This is perfect. When are you going to tell Cal and Suze, they’re going to be as happy as I am about it.”

“I may wait a while with them and see how this goes.”

“Okay, I understand but don’t worry about them, they will be as excited for you as I am. And I want to meet him when he comes here.”

We went back into the house and Suze had her head in the fridge this time. She came out with a carton of juice in her hand. I walked up behind her and hugged her to me.

“hey baby girl, what’s going on with you?”

“Oh Dad! it’s you with the big news, when are you going to tell us who has you so happy now?”

Again, I’m standing there with my mouth hanging open.

“oh migod…you have you Mom’s powers!

I looked to Janey who just shrugged…

“TJ it’s nothing special, it just that you men are so transparent. Everything you do shows on your face.”

“CAL…help, they’re ganging up on me.”

Cal wandered in from the TV room “hey you guys stop picking on Dad, don’t get him in a bad mood!”

“Okay kids here’s what’s up. Your old man here, met up with his childhood friend at the reunion over the weekend. His name is Dan, he’s my age, divorced and has a son and daughter the same ages as you two. He’s coming to visit one night this week and we’ll all go to dinner, okay.”

Both kids hugged me, Cal whispered “good for you Pops, I’m really glad you found someone who makes you happy again.” That choked me up a bit. I have wondered about Cal. He’s always been accepting of the fact that his Dad is gay, it has never bothered him, nor his sister either for that matter but it’s the males that usually have the most problems with it. Will I be as accepting as Cal is if he comes to me as tells me he is gay? I sure hope I can be.

I saw that Suze was whispering something to her Mom and Janey flushed a little. I just looked her in the eye and gave her the raised eyebrow question.

“well, I didn’t want to spoil your news but I have some of my own. Saturday night Jerry asked me to marry him and I said yes.”

I hugged her to me. “Wow, both of us on the same night! That’s amazing! You know how happy I am for you and Jerry. He’s a great guy. Have you set the date yet?”

“No but it will have to be when school is out”

I asked “Why when school is out, Cal and Suze can bunk here and go to school, you don’t have to wait that long because of them. Janey this is all about you and Jerry. Suze, Cal and I will adjust our schedules so you and Jerry can do whatever you want when you want. Right guys.”

Both of them told her yes. We would all do what we could to help them.

“Janey got a little choked up and thanked us saying she would talk with Jerry. He’s on your side, he wants us to elope right now. Thank you TJ, it means a lot to me that you and Jerry like each other so well and that we’re still great friends and the parents of these two here. We all are so very lucky.”

“eeew…enough, we don’t want to hear that mushy stuff Mom,” Cal wailed. “When are we gonna eat guys?” he added.

“I’m hungry too Cal, anyone for the cafeteria at the mall in Green Hills, my treat tonight.” I said.

Three voices sounded as one when that all said yes. I tossed the keys to Cal…

“get the Stang out of the garage Cal…very carefully.”

Cal already had the top down and booted as Suze and I took the back seat and Cal and his Mom up front. We all had a great meal and enjoyed each other immensely. I took a lot of questions from the kids about Dan and when they would get to meet him. All in all we had a great night together as a family. As we were leaving the restaurant the kids ran ahead to the car and Janey held back with me. As we walked she hooked her arm in mine and said…

“thanks for tonight. We’re very lucky we can be like we are TJ and I love you for it. We’ve done a good job with those two out there, they’re both great kids.”

“yeah we’re lucky alright and as for those two, it’s all their mother’s doing that they turned out so well. She’s a great Mom and a great friend too.” Janey just squeezed my arm and laid her head on my shoulder and smiled up at me.

When I got home after dropping Janey and the kids off the phone was ringing as I opened the door. It was Dan and I got the ‘Danny feeling’ again just hearing his voice. We both had similar evenings and his kids had visited with him. The situation with his ex-wife was hostile though and they rarely talked.

He asked if it would be okay for him to come down on Wednesday afternoon and of course I readily agreed. I told him that Janey and the kids all wanted to meet him and We’d all go to dinner if that was okay with him, he agreed and was eager to meet them. I was wishing he was here in my bed tonight. We talked for almost an hour before hanging up.

After our conversation I got on the internet and Googled Western Ky. University in Bowling Green, just curious and a thought had been in my head since hearing of Janey’s engagement. I was thinking of moving to Bowling Green. Cal would be off to college in a little over a year and he had no interest in going to Belmont where I worked now even with the free pass I have for my children’s education.

I found that WKU was wrapping up a three year capital campaign and setting goals and strategies for their future. Since fund raising was my forte I decided to send a resume off and see if there was any interest from them. I didn’t mention this to Dan or my family but I did alert my boss that I had sent off the resume and why, only saying that I had met someone there and was serious about a relationship with this person.

Finally Wednesday afternoon came around, I left work at 4 p.m. and was pacing the floor at home when the phone rung. I gave Dan directions and met him at the end of my street where it met Hillsboro Pike. I was so anxious I could hardly wait until we were inside the house and then we were all over each other, hugging, kissing and just holding the other. Finally I took Dan’s hand and led him on a tour of my house ending in front of my bed. We grinned at each other and we were both naked in seconds and falling onto the bed.

Being only our third time together we were still frantic in our love making. It was urgent and demanding yet satisfying and it calmed two horny middle aged men down to a slow boil. As we lay there limbs entwined in the after glow of fantastic sex I heard the front door slam and Cal was calling out for me.

“Hey Pops..where are you!”

“Damn, I forgot to lock the door… I’ll see what he wants. Get dressed and come meet my son Dan. This has never happened before. I can’t wait to see how embarrassed he gets when he figures it out.”

“Hi Cal, I’m in my bedroom, be out in a sec.”

I called out as I pulled on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. Cal was coming down the hall as I stepped out of my bedroom.

“Hey Pops, whatcha doing?” Cal asked.

I had to laugh “Just gross old man stuff but thank goodness I was through when you came in. What’s up with you son.?”

“Just wanting to get out of the house. Suze is over at her friends house and Jerry’s there with Mom and I felt like I was in their way.” he said.

I had turned him around and we were headed toward the kitchen when the bedroom door opened and Danny came out. Cal looked back and went white as a sheet.

“Oh…uh..gee…er Dad…I’m so sorry…I didn’t…kn…”

“Cal…it’s okay, you didn’t interrupt anything. It’s my fault, I forgot to lock the door.”

“Dan, come here…Dan this is my son, Callum, Cal this is Dan Drennan. Dan and I met in kindergarten and were best friends until we parted to go to separate colleges. We met again after fifteen years apart last Saturday at our reunion. Dan lives in Bowling Green and works for GM at the Corvette plant there.”

As they shook hands, Cal seemed both embarrassed and awestruck, not himself at all. He did manage to engage in polite conversation but when Dan went to the restroom Cal’s questions came at me rapid fire.

“Dad…he’s the guy? He’s the one your so happy about? Way to go Dad! He’s a stud! A very good looking dude, you know… for an older guy. He looks like a model you see in magazines. Mom’s gonna be jealous…Jerry’s no where near as good looking as Dan.”

I had to laugh, I had never seen Cal get so flustered at meeting someone and the bit about his Mom being jealous was too funny. Of course it isn’t everyday you accidentally meet your Dad’s new boyfriend by barging in on them as they had just finished having sex.

By the time that Dan returned Cal had recovered sufficiently to start questioning him about the Corvette plant. While they were talking the phone rang and it was Janey, checking up on Cal since he just disappeared from the house. I told her he was talking to Dan which got her started and I had to convince her to wait until tonight when we all went to dinner before she met him. She was coming over right now if I had permitted it.

After Janey’s call I hung back and just watched Dan and Cal talking. Cal was back to being himself and was really into talking with Dan about the Plant and the Corvette. I saw them both stand and Dan looked back at me… “we’re going out for Cal to look at my car, be right back.” he said. I took the opportunity to rush back to my room and put on some Jeans and a pull over. Looking in the mirror I saw my unkempt hair and laughed, Cal had to know we had been having sex just by looking at me.

I was in the kitchen making a pot of coffee when I heard Cal and Dan come in and Janey and Suze were with them. Janey was carrying a big bowl of tossed salad and announced that she thought we ought to order in and just stay here for dinner and get to know Danny. As she made her way to the fridge with the food she brought she quietly said to me…

“you never told me Danny was such a hunk TJ, I mean like…WOW!”

“he wasn’t like that fifteen years ago, I didn’t recognize him until I saw him laugh, his eyes and smile gave him away. He didn’t know me either, we’re both a lot different that we were in High School. But I agree with you…WOW!”

I started to introduce them but Janey said…”we did that outside TJ while Cal was drooling over the Corvette.”

I noticed that Danny was now talking with Suze and evidently getting along fine as she was smiling and laughing with him. Thinking about dinner I called in a take out order at Ireland’s for steak and biscuits with fries. I called Cal over and asked him to go down to Ireland’s and pick up our take out order, he readily agreed at the chance to drive my car. I asked him to take his sister with him and he made a face then smiled and said sure. They really got along well for their ages.

With just Dan, Janey and myself there now Janey started her questions for Danny, asking everything she could think of from his ex-wife, the kids, his job and finally his feelings for me. I started to protest but he stopped me.

“It’s okay TJ, I love being able to talking about you and I there’s no one at home for me to talk about you with.”

In the end he had convinced her that he was the one and only man for me and she ended up hugging and kissing him on the cheek. And giving her official approval of him. She went to the powder room and Dan came to me and wrapped me in his arms and kissed me long and deeply. We broke the kiss and I lay my head on his chest just enjoying being held by him when Janey appeared.

I looked up, embarrassed, it has never been my intention to flaunt or let any of my family see me show any overt affection to a man. I know I was blushing, I could feel the heat in my face. She was surprised, I saw that in her face, but she shook it off and smiled at us…

“you two sure make a good looking couple. I’m really glad you found each other.” She said.”

Danny held out one arm, inviting her into a 3-way hug, she joined and hugged us both then we broke away. It was just a moment but it meant the world to me to have her acceptance of Dan and I as a couple.

During dinner Jerry called Janey on her cell and she got him to join us and we all had a good time laughing, talking and just enjoying each others company. Later after every one was gone and Dan and I were on the sofa, my back against his chest, his arm around me and he said..

“I am completely blown away by the way your family has welcomed me into their lives. It truly warms my heart TJ. I only wish that you would get the same treatment from my family but I know that it isn’t going to happen. My kids have just begun speaking to me again.

I’ve found out that Mary Ann, my ex, has been telling the kids awful things about me that were not true. That I was cheating on her with both men and women and wasn’t sending her money for their support. We had it out on the phone one night and I told her that I would set the kids straight about her lies and show them the canceled checks I sent that she cashed each and every month. I think it scared her because she apologized to the kids and and told them that she told those lies just to get back at me.”

“uh oh…it’s already after nine, I need to be heading back I have meetings at eight in the morning, I don’t want to leave but I have to. Are you coming up this weekend? ” Dan asked. “oh yes, I’ll be there Friday evening. It’s just two days but it’s so long to wait to be with you.” Reluctantly we got up from the sofa and Danny collected his things and after some serious making out I was standing on my porch waving goodbye.

Late Thursday afternoon I had a phone message to call the Presidents Office at WKU. I told our assistant that I’d be on a private phone call and closed my office door. I called the number and was told that President Ransdell was on the phone and would call me back. I gave my cell number in addition to the office number. In about five minutes the call back came, but it was President Ransdell’s assistant on the line asking when I could come for an interview. I told her that I was planning to be there over the weekend and I could stay over and be available on Monday. She asked me to hold a moment and was soon back on the line asking if one p.m. would be a good time for me and I agreed that it would.

When I got home that night I read everything I could find about the school and the current capitalization campaign. At work on Friday I told my boss that I had the interview and he said he had talked with President Ransdell and he wished me well but hoped that I would change my mind. I had the car packed and left from work at 4:00 Friday afternoon and was waiting in the driveway when Dan got home. We both drove into the garage and when the door closed we were locked in a kiss. As Dan led me to his bedroom I wondered how two middle aged guys like us could stay so horny. Danny soon had my mind on more urgent things and we made love again, this time was slower less frantic, more about giving and receiving pleasure that the need to ejaculate.

As we lay entwined I heard and felt Danny long contented sigh. I looked up at him…

“I know babe, trust me I’m working on it”

“what are you talking about TJ?”

“Well, it was that long sigh you just gave. You were thinking how we should be like this always and not be apart, right?”

“Some of Janey’s powers have been transferred to you I guess. Yes that’s exactly what I was thinking.”

“Dan I need to tell you something. When I got home after the reunion weekend I looked up WKU on the internet. I liked what I saw and sent off a resume.”

“No! You really did that TJ?”

“Yes and there’s more. I have an interview with President Ransdell at one p.m. on Monday. But before I go I need to know if it’s alright with you. I want us to be together and with Janey remarrying it’s the perfect time for me to make a move. Cal will be in college after next year and If I get the job he’ll be here at WKU, then Suze two years after. As an employee my kids will have free tuition.”

“Oh migod, TJ, what great news! Of course I want you here. We can stay here or get another place. It doesn’t matter where we live as long as we’re together.”

“Tomorrow I want you to drive me over to the campus and I’ll explore some and take some pictures. I don’t think it will be too hard to get Cal excited about coming here to school. Janey may not like it but she’ll have Suze and Jerry to keep her mind occupied.”

We got up and took a long leisurely shower, each still fascinated by the feel of the others naked body. After the shower I looked in the fridge for something to fix for our dinner and found little that would make a good meal so we headed out to the market to find our dinner. As we were going in Danny said to me…

“Okay TJ, this place is off limits unless I’m with you.”

“Why Danny, it’s just a grocery market.”

“Ah…how little you know. This is the best pick up place in the whole town. I’ve been cruised and propositioned more here than anywhere I’ve ever been, by both men and women and it doesn’t seem to matter if they’re married or not.”

“well if it’s off limits to me, then it is to you too!. We’ll only come here together, okay.”

As we shopped I saw what Danny meant. Women and men were openly flirting with us. I was reading the nutrition info on a label, Dan was only a few feet away when a guy walked up and was trying to start a conversation. Just as I started to tell him I was taken Dan walked up and said…

” Hello Charles, I see you’ve met my partner. TJ this is Charles Moore, a Professor at WKU, Charles this is Thomas Clarke. TJ to friends, he and I have been friends since we were five years old. We were reunited last week.

Charles coolly offered his congratulations and turned and walked away. TJ and I both laughed and I told him that he hadn’t seen the last of Charles, he is very persistent.

“I’ve turned him down countless times and most of them right here in this market. He’s always here. I bet he has the best stocked pantry in town. Oh my…he’ll be after you all the time if you go to work at WKU!”

We finished our shopping and went home to cook dinner. In a little less than an hour we sat down to a dinner of Chicken Piccata with Fettuccine, steamed vegetables and Moscato wine. Danny was very impressed with my culinary skills. After dinner and the clean up we spent a leisurely night, watched a little TV, made out like teen ages, and when we got to bed the fireworks started. Our love making was slow and sensual this time. Taking foreplay to new levels for me, my entire body was buzzing by the time Dan put his cock into me.

The emotional part of our love making is so intense that I have trouble understanding why since I had never experienced such intense feelings ever before. I finally just accepted that it was just another ‘Danny feeling’ since it has only happened this past week. It was there that first night but I just attributed it to the years of pent up lust we had for each other. That overshadowed everything that night.

“I want to try something different tonight Danny, I want to sit on your big cock. I want to ride it with you on your back and me sitting on that big boner of yours. I never dreamed that I would like being fucked so much, but when you get that cock inside me it short circuits my brain. It’s all I can think about…getting in all in me…getting you in me. We’re like one person then, joined together in the most perfect love I have ever known.”

“Yes TJ, I know. this past week has shown me how perfect our love can be. Who knew we would ever have such feelings. Who knew intercourse could be so awesome? You do know that soon I’m going to want you inside of me. I want to feel the way you do when your eyes roll back and the pleasure comes over you. I feel fantastic when we cum but I get jealous seeing how you get lost in that pleasure when my cock is grinding into you.” I need that too.”

I can’t put words to the feeling that I was experiencing in my ass. Wonderful gets it started but that isn’t enough. I had to cum, this feeling in my ass demanded it. I took my cock in hand and furiously masturbated in time with his cock pistoning in me. Now the feelings in my ass were spreading to my cock and balls too. This was too much…too good…the tingle started deep in my balls and I felt it rise, pushed by the semen rushing up and out of my hard as stone cock. Dan was gasping for breath as he joined me as we reached our orgasm together.

We lay still holding each other, trying to fill our lungs with enough air that breathing would once again be an unconscious act. Slowly our heart rates and breathing eased to where we were comfortable just lying there completely spent, wrapped together by arms and legs entwined, in awe that we could create such earth moving sexual feelings. Was it possible to get better each time? Could two old guys like us survive this intense orgasmic pleasure that left us breathless and spent. Mummy. I guess all we can do is to keep testing these limits to find the answer. But oh man, what a way to go!

For once we slept through until morning. Too spent to wake and have another session before morning came. Waking with Dan spooned to my back, one arm cradling me to his chest was the most wonderful feeling. His naked body pressed to mine, fitting against him like I was made to be there, gave me the most contented feeling I have ever experienced. This is where I belong, with this man. Danny stirred in his sleep and stretched his body. I turned in his arms and faced him, nestling my face in the crook of his neck and shoulder, one leg was over his and my knee resting on his hip, my lips kissing against his neck. We woke at eight fifteen. Dan went to make coffee while I ducked into the shower.

When I came into the kitchen Dan went to take his shower, kissing me good morning as he passed. I got a skillet, eggs and cream, I diced a Roma tomato, green onions and some green chillies and whipped up a spicy omelet with toast and set his plate at the table just as Danny returned from his shower. We sat and ate, our bare feet touching and rubbing under the table, and for the first time it felt like we were really together as partners. “This is a great way to start the day TJ. This just feels so natural, like we’ve always done this. I don’t ever remember feeling so satisfied or maybe it’s contentment. I love being with you. You’re cooking skills amaze me. I didn’t have a clue that a breakfast like this was in the fridge. You sir, are a very good cook. Just another reason that I have to keep you with me I guess. Are you ready to get dressed and drive over to the campus?”

“Sure thing, Danny let me rinse these dishes and get them in the dishwasher.”

“Whoa TJ. If you cook I’ll clean up, okay…it’s only fair. Go get your little butt into those sexy 501′s of yours while I load up the washer.”

I had my back turned to the doorway as Dan came into the bedroom. I was buttoning up a white button down dress shirt. I had on the 501′s, the shirt with the cuffs turned uo a couple of folds to mid forearm, no belt, no socks and cordovan Weejuns. I heard a groan from Dan and I turned my head looking over my shoulder.

“What is it babe?”

“Oh Fuck! YOU! Jeez TJ, You’re body is the reason they made those jeans. You are so damn hot I’ll have to beat of the guys and gals off that are gonna be after you. Holy fuck you’re so sexy. Look at the woody you’ve given me already babe!

I’m not sure if WKU is ready for a staff member looking like this and driving that car of yours. You’re sure gonna draw a crowd today I bet. Turn around TJ, let me see it all.”

I turned and smiled at him. “This looks okay then babe?”

“Aww shit, you’re killing me here TJ. That face,That package in fron, and that butt in back will be the end of me. No one will ever believe you are 38 years old in that outfit. I’m going to need something to hide the hard on I’ll have all fucking day just being with you . Damn Tommy, you’re looking so fine.”

I stepped over to him and kissed him…

“you did it again Danny…I love it when you get excited and call me Tommy. You don’t even realized you’ve said it, it’s makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over when you do that.. I love you too big guy.”

Dan wore chinos with a red Polo pullover and loafers that gave me a woodie just looking at him. Red looked good on him with his rich dark brown hair. The pants were just tight enough to accentuate his assets and I glanced at the two of us in the mirror and smiled and winked at him

“we both look years younger Danny. Must be all this protein we’ve been swallowing”

I stopped Dan as he opened the door to the garage and kissed him long and hard.

“There now, don’t you forget, you belong with me Dan Drennan, now and forever.”

He smiled and hugged me..

“yeah…I surely do belong with you, always have, and I always will” he whispered in my ear.

I popped the trunk open and gave Dan the keys to the Stang. I pulled the boot cover out and closed the trunk lid as Dan unlatched the top and lowered it. I put the boot cover on, got in the car, put on my Ray-Bans and we roared out of the garage and down the street. Dan waved as several of his startled neighbors looked up when they heard the rumble of that 302 CID V-8.

As we drove to the WKU campus we were getting thumbs up from just about every guy we saw and women were blatantly flirting with us. Once we were on campus and traveling at a slower speed, students would wave and yell out as we passed by. When we stopped to look at one of the ball fields, a crowd of male students gathered gawking at the Mustang and asking questions right and left. I noticed a couple of these young guys who were checking out Dan and I instead of the car. Dan must have noticed them too because he stood closer to me, our sides almost touching. He put an arm across my shoulders once and leaned into me, making sure that those interested knew that we were together.

As we moved on to other parts of the campus we were besieged by guys interested in the car every time we parked it to explore. With my gift for gab, I was chatting with them like we had all known each other for some time. One even asked when we would graduate. I could see the wheels turning in his mind, doing the math when I told him that it had been nearly sixteen years since we graduated from college. His mouth gaped open in surprise when he had totaled up our ages.

As the morning wore on I learned the location of the Administration building and where I should park and had a general idea of how the campus was laid out. I would study it more tonight and tomorrow. We left campus about eleven o’clock and Dan drove me out to the Corvette plant and back to the market for more groceries and then home. Hmmm… his house was already home. After putting the food away I explored the house some, the blinds in the TV room were always closed and when I opened the door to the back yard I was taken by surprise. There was a large patio area and then a nice sized swimming pool surrounded by a very nicely landscaped and fenced in yard. I had left the door open in my surprise and I heard Danny coming out.

“Dan! I never knew this was here. I Can hardly wait to jump in that pool and once my kids see it they be wanting to move in. It’s so beautiful out here Danny.”

“Yeah, I’ve spent a lot of hours out here. This was my release after the divorce. All that was here was the pool and patio. I’ve done all the landscaping, added the garden beds and the fence in the five years since my divorce. It may suffer now though, all my energy is spent in the bedroom since we’ve been together. But what the hell, we can always hire a gardener!”

I sat down and Danny pulled up a chair to sit close beside me and took my hand. We sat there quietly, neither talking, just enjoying the yard, the weather and each other and holding hands to be physically connected. It was a need we had, after being apart for so long and now intimately involved yet not together full the time, we just had to be touching each other. Maybe it was our way to insure this was real, not a dream, like so many times before, that we are really finally together.

It was already past mid afternoon and I asked Dan what time he normally ate since I was planning a very nice meal for us. He settled on eight for weekends and seven during the week. He began asking what we were having for dinner and each time I told him it would be a surprise.

Not much has changed as yet with our sex life. Mostly there’s still a frantic urgency to our love making, a desperate need for the other that only time will ease; born no doubt from the endless years of yearning for each other. One interesting development is that we both have developed a preference for being the bottom for the other, sexually. Just a minor thing and not a problem as each of us just wants to give great pleasure to the other.

Danny leaned to me and kissed my neck just below my ear sending a shiver through my body. Looking into my eyes as a sly smile spread across his handsome face, he rose pulling me up with our clasped hands and without a word between us led me to his bed. At first we lay there fully clothed, cuddling and kissing but as we knew it would, our passion took control and we were naked and writhing together in a matter of a few seconds. Dan started his kisses on my stomach, his tongue tracing my slightly defined six pack abdominal muscles there. Moving quickly he buried his face in my groin, filling his lungs with my scent, lapping at the places where legs joined the groin and sending me into spasms of pleasure as his mouth and tongue devoured my crotch. One hand grabbed my testicles, pulling down hard, the other hand grasped my rigid cock at the base and sucked it into the depths of his throat. Loud moans came from me, his rough hold of my testicles, stretching and pulling , hurt so good. The strange and erotic mix of pleasure and pain to that most sensitive and defining part of the male anatomy somehow adds to the act of man to man sex. His throat muscles worked furiously at massaging my cock inside him and had me thrashing about on the bed, calling out to him, urging him to make love to me.

Danny was different this time, he was insistent, he would have me as he wanted to have me. I had no say in what he was doing . My job was to lie there and let him have his way, which I did gladly, I also enjoyed it beyond reason. I loved the way he just took me. It seemed like only seconds from the time he sank my cock into his mouth until I was spraying his gullet with my semen. I came hard and long, filling him with my seed. I pulled him up in to my arms and held him tightly to me. It was raw, sensual and very erotic. There just weren’t any words for us, to say, we knew, it was in every look and action we made. It was still daylight when I woke and started loving on Danny’s wonderful body. Sucking an biting lightly at his nipples while pulling and stretching his testicles with one hand. Dan stretched his body and moaned as he felt the pressure as I pulled hard on his sac. His cock was standing tall, seeing it hard and erect made me want to sit on it again and grind it hard in me. But no, this was for Danny, it was as much for me as it was for him although I craved his sex. He was my drug, my addiction. I need his semen in my body.

Turning to the 69 position so I could get all of his long thick cock in me, I sucked on the corona drawing all the pre-cum from it I could. I sucked his length deep into my throat, my muscles massaging his length making him moan and writhe. He began calling my name as his body tensed and his hips arched up to drive his cock deeper into me. In his rapture he even called me Tommy, he hasn’t done that since the second grade, I was sure he didn’t even knew he said it and somehow that warmed my heart. Slowly his orgasm subsided, and again we lay wrapped together and silent. We were complete, everything as it should be.

How fast we become addicted to the pleasures of the flesh. The smell and feel of Danny’s skin against mine was now a physical need. I had to have him. The days spent without him since our reunion weekend have been the longest I can remember. We’ve had the miracle of reuniting and now we only need one more, the job at WKU or any job, to put us together as we need to be. If it’s not that job, then it will be another. We will be together, that part is certain. The only questions are when and how.

I was in the shower when Dan woke, he joined me there and we washed each other, kissed, rubbed, clung to each other and generally put every inch of our bodies into contact with some part of the others body. Finished, we dried each other and I went to the kitchen and told him to stay out of it until I told him he could come in.

After about 45 minutes I had our dinner ready, the dining table set, the wine cooling in a bucket beside the table and I called him to come and eat. I set his plate in front of him and he broke into a great smile. Dinner was Fillet Mignon with Lobster tails and drawn butter, a baked potato and a small salad with almond croissants. It was delicious and sated our appetites after our strenuous sexual workout. Dan cleaned up the dishes and I went to change into shorts and a tee shirt. We would lie together on the sofa as we watched the Saturday Night Movie.

About two a.m. I woke and we were still on the sofa. I stood and pulled a very tired as sleepy Dan to his feet and guided him to our bed. All tucked in and Danny spooned to my back we were sleeping in a matter of minutes.

This time we didn’t wake until 7:30 a.m. I slipped from Danny’s hold on me and went to the kitchen and made coffee, Danny stumbled in as the coffee was finishing up. He walked straight to me at the sink and put his arms around me and kissed my neck again.

“Here you are…I woke without you in bed and my first thought was it was all a dream, then I smelled the coffee and knew you were here. It scared me TJ, thinking it was all a dream again.”

“I’m sorry babe, you were sleeping so peacefully I didn’t have the heart to wake you. By the way, you were a tiger in bed last night. I loved it, you just took me. Do you remember calling my name, you called me Tommy in the throes of your orgasm. You haven’t called me that since we were in the second grade babe. I liked it though. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy when it came to me after we had finished.”

Dan went to retrieve the Sunday paper from the driveway and we settled at the table with our coffee and the paper, under the table our feet and legs were entwined maintaining the needed physical contact. After a few minutes we took the paper and our coffee to our bed, we lay together each reading and sipping our coffee and our bodies touching somewhere. We spent hours there, dosing off, waking and kissing, just being together, taking comfort in knowing that our soul mate was beside us. There was nowhere we would rather be nor no one we would rather be with.

I spent a good deal of the afternoon on the internet learning about WKU and it’s Alumni. Callum called in the afternoon just to say hi and check on his Dad. Cal liked having everything in its place and everyone where they should be. He fretted a bit because his old man wouldn’t stay put these past ten days or so. I suspected too, that Cal was a little bit uncomfortable with Jerry being in the house so often. He never stayed the night, Janie would not do that with Cal and Suze in the house and had insisted that I not do it either.

I knew that a serious talk with both my children needed to happen soon. Perhaps after I returned on Monday night. They need to know and understand that the relationship with Dan and I was just as permanent and as committed as Janie and Jerry’s marriage would be. Dan and I just didn’t have the option of marriage.

Around four p.m. we got in the car and I drove to the WKU campus and back home, learning the route. On the way back to the house Dan’s cell rang and it was Connor, his son. I smiled to myself, Dan was doing a lot of listening and I suspected that he might be getting the call about borrowing the car. He ended the call by asking Cal to come on over and they would talk. Dan looked over to me and shook his head and I laughed.

“he wants the Corvette for prom I’ll bet.” I said. “TJ! how do you do that? that’s scary…how did you know?

“Relax Danny it comes from living with teens. No special powers here…I got the same call last week from Cal about my car. His Mom’s SUV just doesn’t excite him like this car does.”

We were in the TV room when Connor knocked and came into the kitchen. Dan called out.

“We’re in the TV room Connor.”

He seemed a bit surprised when he saw me. Dan and I stood as he introduced me to his Son. Connor was 6’1 or so and a handsome young man, he had his Dad’s smile and twinkle in his eyes. Dan reminded Connor that he had talked about me a lot over the years and Connor remembered he had. Dan related our meeting at the reunion and that I might be moving here to work at WKU soon.

I learned that Connor played Football and Baseball in High School and was working hard to improve and hone his skills in the hopes of a sports scholarship. I told him about Cal and his sister. Connor was almost a month older than Callum. I excused myself to let them talk and went to the kitchen and started thinking about our dinner. I stuck my head in the doorway of the TV room.

“excuse me guys…Connor you want to stay and eat with us, we’re having baked chicken and veggies.” He smiled and looked to his Dad not sure if he should stay or not.

“aw c’mon Connor, you know you’re hungry. It’ll give us a chance to get to know each other more.” I said.

Dan spoke up. “it would really be nice to have you eat with us Son. I really miss being with you.” Connor beamed a killer smile. “Sure I’d love to stay. I just need to let Mom know.”

Connor stepped out on the patio and called his Mom. Dan came to the kitchen and hugged me.

“Thanks for that, I miss being around them so much.”

and he sat down in one of the stools at the island.

“Is it okay if I watch you do your magic in here?”

Just then Connor came in and sat by his Dad.

“Who’s doing magic Dad?” Connor asked.

“It’s TJ, Son, he’s a great cook… we had Steak and Lobster tails last night.”

Dan rose and walked to the door leading into the garage… “Connor..come look at TJ’s car.”

They stepped into the garage and I heard …

“Oh Wow! That’s so cool Dad…how old is this car?” “it’s a 1967 Model son. That was fifty four years ago.” I opened the door and said..

“Connor, come here a sec…”

As he walked up I handed him the car keys… “you and your Dad take it for a drive…It just looks old, all the parts and pieces are new, it’s called a Resto Mod. You guys have fun and make him let you drive it too Connor. He really likes it.”

“Gee…Thanks Mr. Clarke”

“Hey…none of that …please call me TJ. Mr. Clarke is my Pop.”

“yes Sir and thank you again…I wont let Dad hot rod it too much.”

“Good for you. He needs someone to watch him. Have fun.”

As I closed the Door and heard him shout.

“Dad! he gave me the keys and said we should take a ride. He’s really cool, I like him already.”

I wondered when Connor would get it. All I was doing was getting him to be with his Dad one on one for a while. I know Danny understood what I had done. Gay man or straight man, a father loves his children and spending time with them is the greatest gift divorced Dads can ever get. It seemed to me that Connor was making an effort. He had called his Dad. Granted he wanted something but then don’t all teens want something when they call or voluntarily visit the parents.

I busied myself in the kitchen getting the chicken in the oven, making a lemon vinaigrette for the salad and making a fresh veggie stir fry. I put croissants in the warming oven, made iced tea mainly for Connor and the house was smelling good when Connor and Dan returned. Connor came in raving about the Stang and asked a zillion questions about the rebuild, who did it, how did I like it and would I ever sell it. He went on and on until Dan stopped him. I did tell him that I couldn’t sell it and live to tell about it.

“My son Callum, would murder me in my sleep. He’s laid claim to that car and can hardly wait for me to get too old to drive.”

Connor went to wash up before dinner and Danny wrapped me in a bear hug…

“you are something else TJ. Thank you. This is the most time I’ve spent alone with Connor since he was a little kid. He’s coming around too. We had a good talk and he asked about you, if you were my date. I told him yes you were but that we were a lot closer to married than we were to dating. He seemed to accept it well. He really likes you too.”

“that car is a lot more than just a ride, Danny. It brought me and my son closer too.” I told him. Danny you can never breathe a word of this to anyone. When Cal graduates college, the Stang is his graduation present. He has no idea. I have the shop that did my car looking for another one for me to be ready then. They’re going to freshen up the Stang too before he gets it.

Connor returned and his Dad went to clean up next. Connor sat at the island and told me that he and his Dad really had a good time and he thanked me. When I asked him why he was thanking me he said.

“uh..Mr. C..I mean TJ, things were really bad after my folks divorced. My Mom lied to Malin and me about Dad, trying to make us hate him. It hurt like hell when they split, My Dad is a good man and I had a hard time accepting the things my Mom told us. Like all lies it eventually caught up to her and she had to tell us the truth before Dad did. For a while it was like we didn’t have parents at all. Dad always called and finally Malin and I started talking to him on the phone and now we’re working our way back into his life. This afternoon with my Dad is the best time I’ve had with him in ages. You’re giving me my Dad back. That’s why I thank you. You’re super in my book TJ. Thanks.”

Just as he finished Danny came back and we all moved to the table and dug into our dinner. Like all growing boys Connor ate enough for three men, Dan and I sat and watched him eat half a chicken. Dan and Connor did the clean up quickly and we went to the TV room. Dan and Connor talked for over an hour about everything from school to sports then to girls. Connor did fine until the girls were brought up then he started blushing like crazy.

I sat there listening and decided I ought to give Cal a call, listening to Dan and Connor made me miss him. I excused my self and went out on the patio to place the call. Cal thought something was wrong immediately but I convinced him that Dan and Connor had just made me miss him and I just wanted to hear his voice. We talked for a few minutes about nothing in particular. Before we hung up he said…

“this was cool Dad. You can call me like this anytime. I miss you too. Are you going to move to Bowling Green to be with Dan?”

“Whoa..where did that come from Cal?”

“Suze thinks you will move there to be with him.”

“Cal I have thought about it and I’ll know more soon. But regardless all that would change IF I should move here would be the time it takes us to get together as a family. Everything else stays the same. I think you will like Dan’s Son Connor, he plays Football and Baseball , he’s a month older than you and a lot bigger too”

We rattled on for a while then we hung up. I smiled to myself. That’s a great kid I have there I thought as I went back into the house. In a few minutes Connor’s Mom called him giving him a hard time, not believing he was still here. He asked her to hold a sec and handed the phone to Dan.

“Dad please tell her I am here and have been the whole time. She thinks I’m lying to her.”

Dan took the phone…

“Hey Mary Ann, It’s Dan…Connor is here, he has been for over three hours now. You should apologize to him, he wasn’t lying to you…Whoa…just stop it..Now! You do as you please but you will drive your children away from you acting like this. I’m hanging up now, goodbye!”

“Sorry you had to hear that TJ…and Connor, I’m sorry you have to put up with her ravings, she’s lied about me so much to you and your sister she thinks everyone lies, I’m afraid she has transferred her anger to you Son. You and your sister can come here any time you feel the need. You tell Malin that tonight . I’ll call her tomorrow after your Mom has calmed down.”

Dan looked to me and I nodded my agreement.

“yes Connor, we mean it. Anytime you feel the need or just want to hang out feel free to come over. Call first if you can, but come over even if you can’t call.”

Connor stood and said he did have homework to do so he should go home. I held out my hand to shake with him and he took it but pulled me into a hug too. He whispered to me ..

“thanks for being with my Dad, you’re good for him. I’m glad you’re with him.”

Dan walked him to his car and I tried to compose myself. What Connor said when he hugged me to him choked me up and tears filled my eyes. In our first meeting Connor had approved of me being with his Dad. That was a gift from above to me. I hope he told his Dad too.

Danny came back into the house and he didn’t say a word. He just walked straight up to me and hugged me to him hard. I felt him trembling against me. “are you okay Danny?” I asked.

He just nodded his head and held me tight and I hugged him back just as tightly. Finally his hold loosened and he pushed back, tears streaking his cheeks.

“Connor just told me that he really likes you and he’s glad you’re here with me. He told me that he could see that I was happy with you and I deserved it after these past five years of misery. He thinks we’re good for each other and belong together.”

I wiped my teary eyes..

“he told me too when he hugged me.”

“Thanks to you TJ, I’ve been closer to my Son today than I have in the past five years. He and I had a great talk while we were out in the Stang. Thanks for that too. I know you did it just to get us away and alone together. I love you babe.”

We settled down after the emotion of Connor’s visit and him telling us he approved our new relationship and that he knew we belonged together. Dan found a movie and I pulled out my laptop and studied WKU some more.

“Oh Danny…I almost forgot. when I went out on the patio and called Cal he asked me if I was going to move here. His sister has decided that I will move here to be with you. I told him that I have thought about it and that I would know more soon but that if I did the only think that would change would be the time it took us to get together, that nothing else would change. I guess that the kids are more tuned in toward us parents that we thought. At first he thought something was wrong for me to call him from here. I told him about meeting Conner and how it made me miss him. When we ended the call he said it was cool to talk with me like that and that I could chat with him anytime.”

Danny returned to his movie and I decided to go to bed. I took the laptop with me and told Dan to finish his movie, I’d be on the laptop anyway. When the movie was over Dan came to the bedroom and found me asleep on top of the covers in just my boxers and with the laptop on beside me. I woke when he moved the laptop aside and pulled him onto the bed with me. We were both tired and Dan got up to take off his clothes and got right back in bed with me. He spooned to my back and held me close. I turned my head and kissed him good night.

“I love you Danny, each day you fill up my life a little more. Today, being accepted by Connor made me feel so good. He’s a great young man Danny, you did alright with him.”

“I love you too babe. I know what you mean about filling up my life everyday. I never knew how miserable I was until we met again at the reunion. We need to get to sleep babe, I’ve got work and you’ve got to dazzle Ransdell tomorrow. Call me or text me when your out, okay?”

“Night babe…yeah you’ll be my first call after the interview.”

We drifted off to la la land, both of us needing the rest, all the strenuous sexual activity and lack of sleep time had finally caught up to our thirty eight year old bodies. We slept almost nine hours. I was up at seven making Dan’s breakfast, he came into the kitchen suited up with the very corporate General Motors look about him. He held his suit coat over his shoulder and wore a starched white dress shirt with a handsome tie, his flat stomach and thirty inch waist drew the eye to his midsection and of course mine strayed lower. His fly stayed flat despite covering what I knew to be ‘impressively big equipment’ but today that was a good thing. No one else need know how well my Danny was endowed. He ate his breakfast of fruit, hot cereal with toast and black coffee and was out the door at 7:20 a.m. I sat at the island counter finishing my coffee and thinking how lucky I was to have that handsome man in my life again.

My morning flew by and suddenly I was dressed and out the door at 12:10 on my way to my interview at one p.m. I walked up to President Ransdell’s secretary at 12:55 p.m. and she told him I was here. Almost immediately his door opened and he approached with a smile and an his hand extended. We shook hands and he ushered me into his office and we sat on the sofa together.

He and President Fisher, my current employer were long time friends and he said that they had talked several times this past week concerning me. He also told me that I was highly recommended. His questions began with asking me what I knew of the WKU and that was a perfect opening for me. I started talking and rattled on for more than fifteen minutes talking about his school, the Capital Campaign and ideas I had for an ongoing contribution plan for Alumni contributions. He was impressed and said he had never interviewed anyone any better prepared.

When he asked why I wanted to be here in Bowling Green at WKU. I told him that I had recently entered into a serious and committed relationship with an old childhood friend and school mate. I knew that living an hour away would not conducive to a successful, lasting relationship and that I truly wanted this to work out.

“Very commendable Thomas. May I ask what her name is?”

I smiled. “of course Sir, his name is Daniel.”

he laughed lightly “sorry for the assumption, it makes no difference here at all. We have several same sex couples among our Faculty and Staff. What does your partner do here.?”

“Daniel is an executive with the General Motors Plant here sir.”

“Splendid, you two will fit in well here. Daniel will be invited and expected at all of our Faculty and Staff social functions throughout the year.”

“Thank you sir, that is very comforting to know.”

“Now Thomas, I would like to offer you a position with my personal staff. Your duties will be almost identical to what you have done at Belmont over the years, Your title will be Executive Assistant to the President.” He handed me a folded piece of paper. This is the annual salary that we are offering you with this new position. I know your present compensation and benefits package and ours will be the same except for the amount of salary written on this.

I took the paper but did not open it until he had finished speaking. When I opened it I saw one single dollar amount written down. It read: $114,000.00.

I was stunned, that figure was exactly twice my current salary. I looked up at him and started to speak when he said.

“I am aware that we are doubling your salary Thomas. Ours is a much larger University than Belmont, and you will be dealing with a great deal more people here than you were in Nashville. That figure is at the top of your bracket. If you need more you will have to go out and get it donated to the school. Needless to say your references and your body of work are impressive and should you decide to accept this offer we will be extremely pleased to have you on board as a member of our staff.”

“Thank you sir and yes, I accept your offer. When must I start my new duties?”

“I think a month from now would be about right.

That will give you Two weeks notice for my friend and two weeks to get moved and settled in.

Starting you off in the summer semester will ease you into your routine without the distractions of the hectic fall period of enrollment. Will that do for you.?”

“Yes sir, you are very generous and I am very happy to be working with this growing, thriving University. We have a lot of untapped potential here in my opinion. I will be eager to begin meeting new people. Thank you again sir. I can promise that you will never regret hiring me.”

The President rose and I stood and shook his hand again. He led me to his assistant’s work station and had her give me all the forms and information for new hires. Telling me to bring the completed forms in the day I start working here. We said our good byes and I told him that I am excited and eager for this new opportunity.

I’m not sure if my feet touched the pavement as I went to my car. I dug my phone out of the console and dialed Danny. He was in a meeting and I left a three word message for him: I got it! I got back to Dan’s at 2:15 p.m and Dan had not returned my call as yet. At three p,m. I heard the door open and he came rushing in, he grabbed me, lifted me off the floor and swung us around a couple of times.

“Congratulations TJ, you got the job!

Setting me down he sat at the island. “tell me everything TJ. I can hardly believe it. WE’RE TRULY TOGETHER NOW!!!”

“Well Dan, obviously I blew them away with my excellent skills and magnetic personality! One month from today I will become the Executive Assistant to the President if Western Kentucky University. Oh and by the way, to be sure that I would accept they doubled my current salary. I’ll be giving two weeks notice at work and will have two weeks to move.

“We need to go to Nashville together and go through my place and see what we want to bring here. There are some things I want to bring like art work, a couple of sentimental pieces of furniture. With the real estate marked depressed I will keep the house and get an management agent to rent it out and take care of all the landlord headaches.”

“Oh TJ this is so wonderful. Tonight we’re going to the best place in town for dinner. All I have to say is I’m with GM and I can get a good table anywhere on a moments notice”

“But Danny, I have to go back tonight, remember. A restaurant is not where I want to spend the last hours of this visit with you. We’ll order in a pizza and get naked, okay”

“I forgot you had to go back but we’ll do the dinner this weekend either here or at your place. Can you believe the events since we went to that reunion. Oh Tommy I love you so!”

He did it again…he called me Tommy…I like it…he just does it when he’s really excited. Oh wow, we really are going to live together now. Danny and TJ at last.

” Dan, when President Ransdell asked about my partner he said “may I ask her name?” I replied “yes sir, his name is Daniel.”

“He went into a speech about there being several same sex couples among the faculty and staff and when he asked where you worked and I said GM he absolutely glowed. He said you were invited with me to any and all faculty and staff social functions…Oh my…wont your friend Charles from the Market be surprised when he sees us at a faculty function.”

“Ha! I can hardly wait to see the look on his face then and you being the Executive Assistant to the President will keep him on his toes and behaving himself I hope. This just gets better and better babe.” Dan said.

“Speaking of better and better…lets get at it. I need some Danny time. Get naked Danny!”

We almost ran to the bedroom strewing clothes aside as we went. Once in bed I was all over Dan. I suppose it was the excitement of the new job and knowing that we would be together at last, had me so keyed up, I couldn’t get enough of him. My lips slid off his and down his chin to his neck, kissing and licking him. My tongue dug into the little hollow by his collarbone lapping at his sweet tasting skin. On down to chew on a nipple, harder than before, his chest arched up pressing hard against my mouth as he roared in delight. We were in a frenzy, I quickly traced my tongue down his treasure trail and in one motion grabbed his hard cock in one hand and sucked him into my throat until my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I pushed hard to get more of him down my throat, massaging his cock with my tongue and throat muscles. With his entire cock in my throat I reached for the lube on the night stand and coated my fingers and his hole, Still sucking his cock I slipped two fingers into his ass massaging his rectum as well as his cock. I turned my fingers and stroked his prostate causing him to scream loudly.

“Now TJ now…I’m ready…now please..I need”

In just a minute or two I had hit my stride, slamming hard into him filling the room with the sounds of flesh slapping on flesh along with the moans and groans of two men frantic to satisfy that never ending itch to go deeper and harder than ever before.

It never lasts long enough…soon we were both at the brink, ready to soar to new heights with our impending mutual orgasms. Our bodies and minds racing to that sweetest of moments when both of us reached the peak, that indescribable moment of release, completion, the joining of two into one. Exquisite and pure bliss attained for that one perfect moment, the perfect combination of physical and emotional satisfaction. Everything stops for us in that one moment. Nothing exists but us and that feeling. Two souls joined into one. Love.

We woke at six and showered and I fixed a quick dinner from the weekends left overs. After dinner we lay on the sofa touching, kissing, talking, planning for our life together. At eight I left to drive back to Nashville, Dan would come down on Wednesday and I would go back to him on Friday. I hardly remember the drive back to my house. Already it wasn’t my home, just my house. From now on my home was where Danny was and it would always be that way.

I parked and closed the garage doors, went out to the front porch. retrieved the mail and then to change clothes and call Janie. Suze answered and we talked for a good while then she gave the phone to her Mom. I asked her when we could talk privately and she said she would come over now. I fixed my drink of CC and water and poured her a glass of white wine. She came in the front door in less that five minutes after my call.

“What’s up…oh migod…you’re leaving us aren’t you. You’re moving!” She said.

“All these years together Janie and I still don’t have a clue how you do that. Yes you’re right as usual. A lot has happened that I wanted to talk over with you before we let the kids know. I’ve been hired as Executive Assistant to the President of Western Kentucky University. More importantly Cal and Suze can go to college there free of charge, tuition and dorm fees waived for employees and their children. I know how you will miss them when they’re off at school. I’ve missed them for eight years and I see them a lot. But I will be there at the school and at home there with Dan. I thought that the timing was right, it will help get you and Jerry off to a better start than with me just a few minutes away. Cal and Suze can come up anytime. I even trust Cal to drive up. He’s a good driver and has common sense too. Do you and Jerry plan on a big wedding…the reason I ask is that I’m here for another month. If you want to get married that quickly I can be here and keep the kids in school and feed them. Otherwise they will have to come to me in Bowling green when school is out here. No decisions now babe. That can wait for you to talk over with Jerry, I wanted you to know where we stood a.s.a.p.”

“Jerry and I have talked and we’ve decided to have a civil ceremony then a big blow out of a reception party for friends and family after the honeymoon. I think we can get that done in a month, the wedding/honeymoon part. Jerry would get married tonight if we could. So he will be all for getting it done fast.

“I almost forgot, Congratulations on the job. Did President Fisher freak out when you told him?’ “No, I told him when I sent off the resume. He wished me good luck but he hoped I would change my mind. He is good friends with President Ransdell at WKU and they talked several times this past week. President Ransdell did say he had never had such a glowing recommendation from a current employer as Dr. Fisher gave me.”

“I’m a bit intimidated by the size of WKU Janey. Over 21,000 students and we have a bit over 6,000 here at Belmont. But then again that just means more alumni to write bigger checks.”

“That’s more like TJ, that bit about being intimidated is not at all like you. You’ll dazzle them just like you’ve always done here.” Janey added.

“Gosh.., I can’t believe I forgot to tell you this. When Cal and Suze are in college, I will be able to take care of their expenses without you having to share the expense if that’s okay with you. They doubled my salary Janey, Doubled it! Also, I might as well run this by you now. When Cal graduates from College, with your consent, I would like to give him the Mustang as his graduation present. He loves that car and I know he will take care of it and not drive like a maniac in it. So what do you think?”

“Wow they’re paying you that much…that’s why you’re intimidated TJ, that salary. Sure you can pay for their college expenses and thank you very much, Not many ex husbands would make that offer, I truly appreciate you thinking of me that way TJ. I’ve already been putting money aside for that but I can use it elsewhere I’m sure. My house has a way on knowing when I save up some money and then Wham, the furnace goes out. And as for giving him the car, Cal will be over the moon. I’ll give him a couple of years of insurance on the car for my present. You know that you’re setting an impressive precedent with Suze only two years behind him.”

“Suze will be easy, she’ll want a brand new car, practical and economical if I know my girl” I said.

“I’ll make it easy for you TJ…a Miata is what she wants, today anyway.”

“Now, how about a drink to celebrate my new job!”

I handed her the glass I had poured.

“I’m not sure how I really feel about you moving away, we’ve been in each others lives for a long time now. I’ll miss you not being here. But I know that you will be truly happy again and that gladdens my heart. I do so want you to be happy TJ.”

“I know what you mean, but we can chat by phone and you and Jerry can come up to see the kids at school and stay with us. And I’ll come here for birthdays and Graduations and just to visit.”

We went out onto the back deck and sat with our drinks and talked, I managed to get her to tell of the wedding plans and honeymoon, there was a tinge of melancholy in the air between us. We were now with new partners and still the best of friends with our former spouse. We both took joy in our Son and Daughter and put their welfare at the forefront of all of our interactions together. Soon the twilight began to darken and Janey’s cell buzzed, looking at it she said it was Jerry. I got up and went back into the house to give her privacy and refresh our drinks. Janey came in saying that Jerry wanted to take her to dinner and she left to get ready. I started making a list of things I wanted to take to Dan’s.

I was surprised at the number of items I had listed when I gave it up and got ready for bed. I could finish it up tomorrow night. I crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep thinking about Danny making hot and sweaty love to me.

Just when we think that things are perfect in our lives something happens that shakes us to our core and puts us on our knees praying for God’s help. The phone call that all parents fear the most came early on a Tuesday morning. It was the Principal of Cal’s high school.

“Mr. Clarke, there’s been an accident involving your son Callum. A car ran through the crossing guard’s signs and hit Callum as he was crossing the street in front of the school. I’ve called his Mother and she is on the way to the emergency room at Vanderbilt. She asked that I call you. My sincere sympathy and prayers go out to your family. Some students here have already started a prayer vigil for Callum. I wont keep you, I know you want to get to your son. We will talk later.”

As I ran through the office to the door I shouted at our secretary..

“My Son’s been hit by a car…Vanderbilt ER.”

I was out of the office and running to Hillsboro Pike. I knew it would be faster on foot that driving and parking a car. I managed to flag a Taxi and got to the ER in less than eight minutes.

As I ran in the door I saw Janey sitting alone and with a fear in her eyes that I had never seen.

“they’re still examining him, we don’t know yet how bad he’s hurt.” she cried out between sobs. I held her close and cried with her. Somehow being together helped ease the tears and we sat down, me with arms still around her. She spoke first…

“someone driving a big SUV was talking on the phone and ran right through the crossing guard’s stop sign and whistle. The Principal told me that the police were questioning the driver when he called.”

“give me your phone Janey, I’ll call Jerry.” as she handed me her phone I saw this look on her face, like she was both grateful and couldn’t believe I was doing it all at the same time. When Jerry answered I told him what had happened and where we were. He said he’d be here soon. I looked back to Janey, who still had that look on her face.

“What! He’s almost Cal’s step Dad, he’s already part of our family. He wants to be here for you and I’ll bet he’d be hurt if we didn’t call him ASAP.”

She started to speak when the ER Doctor came to talk with us.

“Mr. & Mrs. Clarke, Cal is resting now. He has a broken left forearm and various cuts and bruises. My biggest concern is Head Trauma. We are monitoring him and there is slight swelling of the brain. He has no visible head injuries but with the impact he took it would be surprising if there were none at all. Callum told me that he jumped up when he saw that the truck was going to hit him. That act alone probably saved his legs from being broken and possibly severe internal injuries. His chances were a lot better on top of the truck instead of under it. We are monitoring him to be sure that there is no increase in the swelling of his brain. If nothing shows he may get to go home as early as tomorrow. He is a very lucky young man. A nurse will come and get you when we get him into a cubicle here in the ER.”

As we thanked him Janey and I were relieved that he wasn’t as injured as we first feared. Now we had to wait for the swelling in his brain to recede. As we sat down I felt like I was melting into a puddle, I was completed sapped of all energy and adrenalin. We sat there, holding hands and saying our private thanks when Jerry came rushing in. Janey just held her arms open, too exhausted to stand up as he hugged her to him. A nurse came to tell us we could see him, one at a time and Janey found her reserves and jumped up and rushed to see her Son. Jerry sat and offered his hand, as I shook it he said…

“thanks for calling me TJ, I really appreciate this.”

“You’re one of us now Jerry, you’re family, of course I’d call you. She needs you here just as much as me. Maybe more. Cal has a broken left forearm and cuts and bruises, but there is a slight swelling in his brain that they are monitoring closely now. The Doc said Cal told him that he jumped up when he saw the truck was going to hit him and that most likely saved his legs from being broken. I doubt that I would have thought of that.”

“me either, that’s really amazing. How did it happen?”

“Cal was crossing at the cross walk, the crossing guard had her sign up and blowing her whistle. The driver of the SUV was on the phone and just ran him down.”

Janey came back in a few minutes and I went back to see Cal. As I pulled the curtain aside I heard…

“Hiya Pops!”

What a wonderful greeting to hear. I almost lost it right then but I choked back the tears.

“Hi Son!…looks like you really dodged a big one this time. Is your arm hurting much?”

“Nah, they gave me a pain shot before they brought me here. Hey Dad…I’ll have a cast on the left arm but I’ll still be able to drive the Stang for the prom.”

I had to laugh…

“okay Cal…we’ll get in some practice for you before the dance. How did you think to jump up just before you got hit. The Doc says that probably saved you having broken legs and even internal injuries. It just amazes me that you thought to do that.”

“I saw it in some movie Dad. It just happened, I didn’t think about it. I’m really sorry, I know this really upset Mom and you.”

“Cal this wasn’t your fault in any way. There’s no reason for you to feel sorry about it.”

“I know Pops, but seeing you guys so upset tears me up inside.”

“You’re a good Son Cal and I hope that you never know the terror your Mom and I felt not knowing how badly you were hurt. For all we knew you could be dying or dead. I’ve never felt such fear and dread before. I ran from my office to Hillsboro Pike. I got a cab there. I haven’t talked to your Mom about it yet but I can imagine what her drive here was like.”

“That’s why I’m sorry Dad, to cause you that pain, I would never want you to have to feel that way. I know it wasn’t my fault but still I wish I could have kept you and Mom from feeling so scared about what happened to me.”

“That’s just one of the many things that make you such a joy to have as my Son Callum. You are truly a good person.’

“Aww Pops…I can’t help it…it’s just the way I was brought up…I have great parents. Now stop this talk about me. tell me, how are things with you and Dan?”

Just as Cal said his name my phone rang. I looked at the number and it was Danny. “It’s Dan calling!” I said to Cal

“Hey Dan…”

“TJ…I know this may sound weird…but I just had this feeling that I needed to call you…is everything alright?”

“yes, all is well…now. We had a very bad scare about an hour ago but we escaped with just one broken arm and very, very thankful that was all. Cal was hit by an SUV in the crosswalk at his school. His left arm was broken but it could have been so much worse. I’m with him and he had just asked how things were with us when the phone rang.”

“Good grief…I’m really sorry, I know you and Janey must have been out of your minds with fear there for a while. It’s really strange…I just felt that I had to call you, talk to you.”

“Somehow you knew that I needed you. I needed to hear your voice. I needed you and you called me. I think that’s pretty amazing.”

Cal signaled that he wanted to talk to Dan.

“Wait a sec Danny…”

“Hi Dan, it’s Cal…I just wanted to say hi and to thank you for making my Dad so happy. The Doc says I may get out of here tomorrow, fingers crossed. Okay, here’s Pops again…bye.”

“I’m back…we still on for tomorrow afternoon …great…oh…this joker here in the hospital tells me he can still drive a stick shift because it’s his left arm that’s broken. Still thinks he’s driving my car to the Prom. Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon. We’ll go to see this guy here if he’s at home. Bye Danny.”

“Ohmigod…Dad! You’re in love aren’t you … somehow that never connected for me before. You and Dan are in love. I’m such a dummy, that’s the difference in you…you’re in love again!”

“Way to go Sherlock! What made you put all that together Cal.”

“You Dad, if you could see your face when you talk to him! It’s so obvious, you glow when your talking with him. I want to ask…er…uh never’s not really my business no matter how curious I am.”

“It’s okay Cal…what are you curious about I’ll answer if I can?”

“okay, you asked for it…I’m curious about……you don’t have to tell me. But I really want to know…”

“er…ah…Cal…we’ll talk about this but not here okay. At my place, I’ll answer your questions, I promise.”

Cal did get discharged the next morning and we took him home to his Mom’s where she could take care of him and ‘mother him’ to distraction. While she was out of the room I told him I’d hide him if he felt the need to get away. I told Janey to call if she wanted a break and I went back to my house.

Janey called the next morning to tell me that the police had called her and the field test for alcohol on the driver that hit Cal was positive. They would charge the driver with attempted murder by vehicle. I got so mad I was fuming. A drunk and on his phone at eight a.m. ran my Son down in his school crosswalk. I was furious.

I left work early in the afternoon, too angry to concentrate. I made a drink and was pacing the floor when there was a knock on the front door. I opened it and Dan stepped in and grabbed me into a hug. In in my anger I had forgotten that he was on his way here. Five minutes with Danny eased my bad mood considerably.

The phone rang and it was Cal begging me to get Janey to let him come over to my place. “Dad you know how much I love her but I’m going crazy here, she’s obsessed with making sure I’m okay. Please help me. She didn’t sleep at all last night, she needs to rest too.”

“Okay Son, I’ll call her soon as we hang up. Hang in there Cal.” I dialed Janey’s phone and heard the exhaustion in her voice.

“Janey when did you last sleep. You’re exhausted. Listen, I’m coming over there and I’ll bring Cal and Suze here. You have to get some rest. No arguments. I’m on my way.”

I hung up and told Dan we were going over there now. We were there in three minutes and Janey was a wreck. I led her to her bedroom and had Suze undress her and we put her to bed, I had her swallow a sleeping pill, telling her it was aspirin. When she was in bed I called Jerry and told him what I had done and he said he would come right over and stay with her.

“thanks for getting her in the bed, she wouldn’t hear of it earlier today; she gets a little bossy when she’s worn out doesn’t she.” Jerry said. I laughed with him…

“you learn fast Jerry…I’m taking Cal and Suze back to my place for the me if you need me. Take good care of her Jerry.”

I knocked on Cal’s door and poked my head in… “anyone here call for the Rescue Squad?”

“Pops! That was quick…thank you, thank you…hey Dan…didn’t know you were here. Good to see you again.”

Jerry drove up while we were loading into the car and I told him about slipping her a Tylenol PM and telling her it was aspirin. He shook hands with Dan and Cal and asked Suze if she’d rather stay home, and that he might need her help with her Mom. She decided she would since she didn’t have much to do at my place. I kissed her and told her I loved her and we’d see her tomorrow.

Back at my house the three of us were in the kitchen and I made a drink for Dan and I and poured out a O,J, for Cal. We chatted a bit and then I started making dinner. Dan and Cal loved my Chicken Marsala and they cleaned up after we ate. In the TV room Cal asked for a pillow and a blanket.

“Dan, Dad…thanks for the rescue. Poor Mom was wasted. Listen you guys…I’m going to watch TV and sleep here on this sofa tonight. I know I could use the guest room but you two will have more privacy if I stay in here. You’d have a hard time getting any action out of Dad with me next door Dan.”

Dan and I both blushed. Then Dan laughed…

“Cal I may get you to talk to my Son Connor, and see if you can get him to pimp for me like you do for your Dad!”

That brought laughs from everyone.

At eight Dan and I went to my room and left Cal with the TV. We lay on my bed still fully dressed and made out like teens again. When Dan started to get up to go back home I pushed him back, jerked his zipper down and hauled out that big cock of his and buried it deep in my throat. Danny was trying to keep quiet but little moans escaped as he grabbed fistfuls of bed covers in each hand. I was a mad man, determined to have him cum before he left me. My practice on his big tool proved handy as I devoured his cock and buried it deep as my throat massaged it’s length and hardness. I held his cock steady with one hand and pulled and stretched his ball sack in the other. I felt his balls moving and knew he was about to cum. He groaned, loud even with his mouth closed, as he filled me with his semen. I nursed him until his cock was limp. He pulled me up to kiss him and reached for my fly and in minutes I was filling him with my cum. We lay together for a few minutes more and we both knew he had to get on the road. Dan ducked into the TV room to say bye to Cal and Cal stood and hugged him.

“I want to come visit you guys and meet your Son and Daughter Dan. Pops, our family has more than doubled this month. That’s really cool.”

As Dan drove off Cal and I stood waving on the porch. When we turned to go back in Cal put his good arm over my shoulders. You ready yet to tell me when you’re going to move to Bowling Green Pops?

We sat at the island in the kitchen.

“Okay son, I guess I am. I applied for a job at WKU the college there. I’ve accepted their offer and will go to work there in a month from last Monday. You will be going to college there and so will your sister. It’s big Cal. More than 21,000 students. All the sports programs you can imagine. Your Tuition and Dorm fees are paid for. We’ll talk about your living off campus for your senior year when the time comes. And Danny and I will be there just three miles from Campus. We have a swimming pool in the back yard too.”

When I move Cal, nothing changes but the miles between us. When you get a car you can come up yourself. It’s only sixty miles. I’ve already talked with your Mom about you and Suze driving up alone. I want you to understand why I’m doing this now.”

“Pops, I know. With Mom and Jerry getting hitched and me off to college after next year it makes sense. Plus you’re in love, you gotta go be with him. I do understand and I’m so very happy for you and Dan. You two deserve some happiness for your very own.”

“Thank you Son. I love you. Cal, you can sleep in the guest room tonight. And thanks for giving us the space earlier. One day you’ll realize how much that meant for me.”

Summary: A straight white football player submits to big black roommate.

NOTE 1: This is a Nude Day 2012 contest story so please enjoy and vote. Also, the story is based on ongoing nudity that slowly weakens the straight roommate’s resolve and not actually Nude Day itself.

NOTE 2: Thanks to Estragon for copy-editing and catching a couple plot flaws in the original draft and LaRascasse for plot suggestions.


No seriously, I really did. I spent my whole life prior to college never once considering another guy. Oh sure I noticed how big a guy was or conversely how small, but that was it. I pursued and scored a few women in high school and well, while I’m not a lady killer by any stretch of the imagination, I did ok. But then came college, and then it all changed.


Bubba Smith died a couple of days ago. A heart attack at only 52…just three years older than me. I hadn’t seen him since 2000 when our football team had our 25th reunion since our college championship. Bubba went on to make the NFL after college, while I went to work on Wall Street. We both went on to have successful careers although while everyone in North America knew who Bubba Smith was, I was just another American in an overpopulated world.

Now I am not complaining. I have been married for twenty-eight years, have four kids (two boys and two girls) and I have been quite successful financially; if not rich, definitely upper middle class. We travel a lot, have a beach house in the Hamptons and my oldest is working at my firm, the second graduates college in June, the third is in her second year of college, while the youngest graduates high school this June.

Anyway, enough about my current life, this story is about my past. The year was 1981, and I was going to a college at Alabama. I was on a football scholarship as a receiver and I was roomed at camp with a fourth year linebacker who was being predicted to go in the first round of next year’s draft (which he did by the way ninth overall). He was a great guy and really down to earth at first and helped me learn the ropes at the very brutal training camp. I thought high school practices were gruelling, but in comparison to the first week of college I quickly learned just how different the next level was. They ran way faster and they hit way harder. Being a star in high school, I found the db’s didn’t go for the big hits in practice, but in college I was a nobody that had to prove himself and earn his spot and was pounded every time I had the ball come my way.

Through advice from the guy whose job it was to often crush me, I learned how to read defenses, take a hit and ice my body after. Without Bubba I likely would not have survived.

I saw Bubba naked often and him me, and it was no big deal. You play football or any other sport and you are going to see a lot of dudes’ flaccid cocks. I was quite proud of my seven inches and not remotely humbled by Bubba’s thicker and longer ten inches. It wasn’t a pissing contest. I was born with the equipment God gave me and was thankful for it.

I made the team and Bubba and I were roomed together in a two-bedroom suite. I was incredible happy as I wouldn’t have to deal with a roommate I didn’t know…I just didn’t realize how much I would get to know about Bubba.


They say you don’t really know someone until you live with them and that was definitely the case with Bubba. I learned the first night that Bubba is not a big fan of wearing clothes. He would walk to the shower with only a towel, but it was on his shoulders and not his waist. I was watching sports highlights when he came out of the shower not remotely covering up his junk. He walked over to me and asked, as he dried his hair, “Did the Dodgers win?”

I answered, “Yeah, they crushed the Giants 11-3.”

“Sweet,” Bubba said and continued the conversation, seemingly oblivious to the social conventions he was breaking, “so what are your plans tonight?”

I shrugged, “Finish unpacking, I guess.”

“Fuck that,” he replied, “the Pi Delt’s are having their back to school party and they are always legendary.”

“Sounds fun,” I replied, excited at the possibility of sorority chicks.

“If you can’t get laid there, then you have a serious problem,” he quipped, heading for his room.

I tossed back. “And dude, the towel usually goes around the waist.”

He ignored the comment and returned to his room.

The party was awesome. Although I did not get laid, I met a few really sweet and hot girls. I learned Bubba met one, and her intense moans and screams kept me awake for a good hour.

The next morning, Bubba was at the kitchen table completely naked, having a bowl of cereal. I shook my head slightly but tried to ignore it as I had breakfast.

And that was the cycle we lived for the next two weeks: I was greeted to a naked Bubba having breakfast where we chatted about everything. Ignoring he was naked, I went to my classes, I went to practice, I returned to the dorm to eat, study and relax and every night I heard the screams of some random chick being fucked by Bubba…who was clearly a super stud.


I had seen the walk of shame a couple of times, but was stunned when I was grabbing a glass of milk at 1:30 having again been awakened by the screams of a woman. I was soon face to face with Professor White, my first year Psychology Professor. I was shocked, but acted nonchalant when I greeted the clearly just fucked Professor, “Hi, Professor White.”

Her red, red cheeks from her sexual encounter instantly drained to white as she stammered, “H-h-hi, Corey.” After a pause, she said, “I am so, so, so sorry, you had to see me like this.”

Trying to console her, I said, “It is none of my business what you do outside of teaching me, Professor.”

She let out a sigh of release, and gratefully replied, “Thank you very much, Corey.”

Bubba’s voice came out of nowhere, his tone hinting at being an order, “Professor, the least you can do to make sure our boy keeps your secret to himself is a blow job, don’t you think?”

Professor’s face started to go red again.

I started to speak when Bubba threatened, “If you ever want to feel my big cock again in that tight pussy of yours, you will blow my roommate, Professor.”

The way he used the word ‘Professor’ was clearly condescending and showed where the power really lay.

I again went to speak, but was silenced by my chubby, but pretty, forty-something Professor slowly falling to her knees. There was no talking as she pulled down my boxers and took my almost fully erect cock in her hand.

“Suck it, Professor,” Bubba ordered, walking over to watch us, his semi-erect cock shiny, with I assumed the Professor’s juices, swaying freely.

The Professor briefly looked up at me as if apologizing for what she was about to do, before she took my cock in her mouth. It had been over a month since I had been laid, back at home, so feeling a warm mouth around my cock felt amazing. Her eyes closed, she bobbed up and down better than any high school girl who had ever sucked me off.

A mixture of her experienced lips and my lengthy dry spell and I was coating her mouth in less than five minutes. She didn’t slow down swallowing my entire load before allowing my cock to slip out of her mouth.

Bubby, his cock now hard as a rock, asked, “Professor, you are one hot slut. Want my big black cock one more time?”

I was staring at his cock myself fully erect and wondering how it possibly would fit in anybody.

Her face stayed red, but spoke volumes. She desperately wanted his cock again.

He asked, clearly trying to humiliate her in front of me, “Professor, I ain’t no fucking mind reader, tell me do you want my big cock again.”

Clearly mortified at the humiliating treatment, yet just as clearly wanting to be fucked again, she avoided eye contact and whispered, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” he pushed.

“Yes, I want your cock,” she admitted her face even redder than when she fell to her knees in front of me.

“Crawl back to my room, slut,” he ordered.

She flinched slightly at being called a slut, but obeyed the order without hesitation.

As she crawled, Bubba smiled and looking directly at me said confidently, “Once someone has a taste of Bubba they can never get enough.” He winked smugly and returned to his room.

A minute later, a suddenly very animated Professor White was screaming in ecstasy and blabbering very unlike a professor. “Oh God Bubba, yes, harder. Fill me with your big hard cock,” and “Yeeeees, I’m your slut, your Professor slut”.

I heard Bubba demand, “It is time for me to take your last forbidden hole.”

I moved closer to the door to eavesdrop as I was completely captivated by the power my roommate had over my Professor.

I heard her beg, “Please not there.”

Bubba threatened, “It is up to you, but if you ever want my cock in your tight cunt again you will get on all fours like the fucking whore you are and beg me to take your ass.”

My cock was erect again as I listened, like a pervert, to the violation of my Professor.

I missed some words, before I heard her moans again and realized Bubba was fucking her again. A couple of minutes later and more words from Bubba I could not catch before I heard Professor. “Oh God Bubba, take my ass, I am yours to do with as you pleeeeesse.”

I couldn’t fathom how his cock would fit in her pussy, but her ass? I heard Bubba moving and just made it to the couch before the door opened.

Bubba came out completely naked his fully erect cock standing at attention. He said, “She was really quiet when she was trying to be secretive, but now that the secret is out I insisted she let go.”

“That she is,” I replied casually, as he headed to the bathroom.

He returned with lube and joked, standing directly in front of me, his erect cock inches from my face, “This is a man’s best friend.” His swagger and demeanour was one of such confidence it seemed to me that no one ever said no to him.

“Wow,” I said, impressed at the power he had.

He looked down at his cock. “Why thank you.”

I stammered, not wanting him to think I meant his cock, “I-I-I meant anal sex, wow, I can’t believe you got her to have anal sex.”

He shrugged, grabbing his cock and swinging it just inches in front of me, “Once they have had my chocolate pleasure wand, they will do anything to have it again and again, including things they never thought they would ever do.”

I kept trying to ignore his huge erection, but it was like driving by an accident, you don’t want to look but you can’t take your eyes of it.

I quipped, “I wish I was that lucky.”

He gave me an odd knowing smile and responded, “Maybe you will get that lucky.”

Before I could respond and clarify I meant to get a hot chick to take it up the ass, he was gone. I was petrified he thought I was implying I wanted his cock.

Seconds later, a loud moan-scream echoed through the dorm as I assumed Professor White was being sodomized willingly. In case there was any doubt, the next words out of her mouth confirmed my assessment. “Fuuuuuck, Bubba, please go slow, my ass is burning.” A minute later the pleading to stop continued. “My ass is so full, please no more.” Over the next twenty minutes, a wide range of sounds and words escaped the lips of my, I thought, conservative Professor including: “Oh God, I can’t take more Bubba you are tearing me apart,” to eventually the screams of pleasure. “Oh yes, Bubba, your cock feels so good in my ass,” and eventually, “Uh-uh, fuck my ass faster, I’m going to commmmmmmme.”

Hearing my Professor orgasm from taking Bubba’s cock in her ass was too much and I rushed to my room and began stroking my cock furiously. My eyed closed, the thoughts began with the Professor begging me to fuck her ass, something no girl had been willing to do up to this point. Yet, as my balls bubbled and I was about to burst it was Bubba’s hard cock that popped into view as I shot my load all over myself.

Once I recovered, I cleaned up my mess and tried to figure out why Bubba’s cock had popped into my head.

It wasn’t like in the porn movies or in many of the stories on Literotica where the second the main character sees a big black cock their mouth begins watering and they instantly want to be a faggot, even though they have been straight their whole life. No, it wasn’t like that all, but for me the beginning of my transition to being Bubba’s personal sex slave started then.


The next day the whole time Professor White was lecturing, all I could think about was the amazing blow job she gave me last night and the fact that she had taken Bubba’s huge cock up her ass. Once class was done, she asked if she could see me in her office.

Once in her office she apologized. “I am so sorry for what you saw and what I did to you.”

I smiled genially. “Don’t apologize Professor, I am not complaining.”

She blushed, looking so innocent, such a contrast to the complete slut she was just hours ago. “He told me you would not be home, but knowing Bubba he wanted you to find out.”

“Why?” I asked, unable to fathom why Bubba would want such a thing.

Avoiding eye contact, she answered, “Bubba loves playing games.”

“How so?” I asked, still trying to wrap my head around my Professor’s submissiveness to Bubba. When she seemed unable to answer, I asked, “How did you end up…” I paused unsure how to word it.

She assisted, her tone hinting at her embarrassment, “He was in my third year Psychology tutorial class on Personality Analysis and wrote his first paper, a personal reflection on why he took this class, on how he wanted to gain more on the average person’s natural inner being to be submissive.”

“Really?” I asked, “That seems preposterous.”

“That was what I thought too. His essay was a list of sexual conquests including his Mother’s best friends, a couple of teachers, a Minster’s wife and dozens of co-eds. His conclusion is what began my descent into submission.”

“Descent into submission,” I repeated, desperately trying to take in all this information.

“Yes, I can’t explain it, but as I read his evidence, a variety of woman of all ages and races, I couldn’t help but feel like I was a part of each of these women,” she explained, her eyes giving away a vulnerability that made me feel for her. After a pause, she finished, “A couple of days later, he noticed how I couldn’t make eye contact with him, and came to my office. Ten minutes later I was under his spell.”

“His spell?” I pushed, curious to understand how such a powerful, academic woman like herself could submit so completely to someone, especially a student.

“Yes, his smug smile and confidence had me overwhelmed. He told me he knew I wanted him and ten minutes later he proved it when he fucked me on my desk.”

“It’s ok, Professor,” I tried to comfort her, my erect cock begging for action, adding, “Your secret is safe with me.”

“Thanks,” she replied, with a weak half smile.

I left her alone and returned home to yet another surprise.


Bubba was on the couch, watching Family Feud while Adam Jones, our starting quarterback, sucked his cock.

Bubba, seeing me staring at them, smiled, acting as if he wasn’t getting a blow job by a guy, “So how was class with my, I mean our, Professor Pet?”

“Fine,” I replied, not wanting to share the Professor and my conversation, although I was also unable to take my eyes off the sight in front of me.

Noticing my obvious shock, Bubba smiled, “Sorry, we didn’t make it to the bedroom. Adam was just too hungry for my cock.”

I could see Adam’s face go red, but he didn’t quit bobbing up and down on Bubba’s big hard cock. I should have left and gone to my room immediately, but I could feel my cock betraying me as it grew in my pants. Soon my massive erection in my pants had me frozen in shocked voyeuristic awe.

Bubba looked directly at me as he instructed, “Swallow it all, faggot. Be the good little cocksucker I trained you to be.”

The word ‘faggot’ jolted me back to reality as I felt as if he was talking to me and I was no faggot. I high-tailed it to my room where I closed the door and tried to put into perspective what I had just seen. Our second year quarterback, and his first year as our starter, was gay. Replayed Bubba’s words in my head ‘trained you to be.’ What the hell did he mean by that and why did he find it necessary to say it in front of me?


I heard door close and assumed that Adam was gone. I sighed as I wondered how I was going to deal with this. Bubba’s constant nakedness as well as his sex life was becoming really uncomfortable. Before I had time to formulate a game plan to talk about it, Bubba walked into my room unannounced, still completely naked. Although I tried to ignore it, I was unable to not take quick glances at his huge cock.

He began talking as if a conversation while completely naked with his roommate was normal. He apologized again for getting caught, yet the smug smile on his face implied otherwise. “Sorry, man, but Adam wanted some good luck cum.”

I shouldn’t have asked, shouldn’t have taken the bait, but I did. “Good luck cum?”

Bubba laughed big and loud like he always did as he explained, “Yeah, well Adam was my roommate last year and he became convinced swallowing my cum was good luck.”

“That is absurd,” I flippantly remarked, attempting to show I wasn’t remotely buying this absurd rationale.

“I thought so too at first,” he shrugged, “but after swallowing my load before our first game last year, he threw for three touchdowns and rushed for one more after our starter got knocked in the first quarter and Adam has been the starter ever since.”

“So you are telling me that Adam actually believes he gets good luck from…” I paused, not even sure how to word it.

“From sucking my cock,” he casually finished for me. “Yep, that is exactly what I am saying.”

“That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard,” I repeated, ignoring the raging hard-on in my pants.

“Adam is very superstitious,” Bubba explained, shrugging before adding, “plus truth be told he is just a natural cocksucker.”

“I can’t believe it, I would ever have guessed he was gay” I said.

“He isn’t gay, he is dating the Tamara,” Bubba pointed out, before adding, “He thought he was straight too when he first started rooming with me.”

Before I could respond to yet another shocking revelation and the implied innuendo he just implied he was gone.

Looking at the clock, I realized I only had half an hour before I had to be at the field. It was our home opener and although I wasn’t starting I was dressing. So I ignored the awkward situation I had been put in and focused on the game.


We won 49-6. Bubba’s theory gained some solid evidence as Adam threw six touchdown passes, the last to me in the blowout victory. We celebrated our victory like we had won the Super Bowl and I staggered to my room after two in the morning drunk as a skunk.

I walked in the room and Bubba was naked, as usual, his cock just hanging between his legs. It wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t soft either. He greeted and tossed me a football, “I thought you would want your first touchdown ball.”

In my drunken state I bobbled the ball and it fell to the ground. “Thanks,” I slurred, unable to take my eyes off his cock, my mind flashing to Adam between his legs in the exact spot just hours ago.

Bubba smiled, “It’s ok, dude.”

“W-w-what is OK?” I stammered, my eyes still glued at his now growing cock.

Bubba looking directly at me as if able to see through my straight exterior and into a hidden depth I didn’t know even existed and comforted, “It’s ok that you want to suck my cock.”

Startled by his blunt words, as his hand went to his cock as if to showcase it to me, I stammered, “I-I-I am not gay.”

He chuckled as if knowing sexual preference had nothing to do with the growing hunger I was currently feeling. “Dude, do you think I am gay?”

Based on the parade of hot women that had come in and out of our room so far it was obvious he wasn’t gay.

He added, “Do you think Adam is gay?”

Adam was dating Tamara, the head cheerleader and easily the hottest girl in the school. I answered, “I guess not,” now using all my will power to not look at his delicious looking cock.

“Wanting to suck cock doesn’t make you gay, Corey,” he explained, “it just makes you curious.”

“But you called Adam a faggot,” I pointed out.

The chuckle returned. “Well, when you are on your knees, my big black cock between your cocksucking lips you are a faggot, my faggot,” he examined, stressing the words ‘my faggot’ which should have scared me but instead had my cock bursting at the seams.

After a brief silence, Bubba suggested, “Why don’t you get naked, Corey, clearly your cock needs to be released.”

My cock, stiff as a rock but awkwardly bent in my pants, loved Bubba’s suggestion as did my inebriated mind. I nervously undressed and was soon standing naked, my seven-inch cock standing firmly at attention.

Bubba asked, “What got your cock all hard?”

I stammered, “I-I-I don’t know,” although we both knew the real reason.

Bubba chuckled harshly, yet his dominant tone and knowing attitude had me rattled. “Oh I think we both know why you are hard. You want to be Bubba’s live-in faggot, don’t you?”

I again stammered, “I-I-I….”

“Crave my cock,” he finished my sentence, before asking, “don’t you, faggot?”

Being called a faggot should have been a slap in the face, yet at this moment I wanted to be exactly what Bubba was calling me. I wanted to be his faggot. I tried to argue otherwise in my Swiss cheese brain but my desire to submit, my hunger for his cock seemed to be winning as I didn’t flee like a completely straight man would have.

I had resisted looking at his cock for a while, but I couldn’t resist any longer and my mouth dropped as he gently stroked his now fully erect missile.

“Don’t resist, Corey. You are craving my cock. Your wanting eyes, your salivating mouth and your hard cock give away any pretense otherwise,” he assessed, the evidence impossible to deny.

“But, I….” I tried to rationalize, tried one last protest against my body. Yet, even as my mind argued the many reasons I should resist, my body controlled the decision as I felt my legs moving without permission to Bubba and his hypnotic black cock. It was like I was hypnotized and being drawn against my will to the deepest depths of my subconscious. I reached Bubba and looked down at both him and his massive cock.

Assisting me past the invisible wall that separated my straight past with my inevitable homosexual submission and the beginning of a new journey, he said,. “Just let go, faggot. Just succumb to your need to please. We both know you crave my big chocolate stick.”

Again, I felt my body moving without my permission, as my legs gave out and I was suddenly on my knees, my white body between Bubba’s dark legs.

“Good faggot. Doesn’t that feel natural, like your were born to please,” he said, his voice soothing and so very logical.

My mind muddled, I babbled, “I-don’t-um….”

His rambunctious chuckle exploded out if him, clearly amused at my predicament. “Grab my cock, faggot.”

As my mind considered the demand, attempting to remind me I was not gay, I felt my left hand reach up and grab firmly Bubba’s big cock.

“Describe it for me, faggot,” he ordered, softly.

“It’s so big and hard,” I said, mesmerized by its sheer magnitude.

“Do you want to suck it, Corey?” he asked, the use of my name bringing me back to reality.

“I-I-I don’t know,” I stammered, even as my mouth watered.

Bubba, his voice commanding and yet gentle, ordered, “Go ahead, Corey, become my faggot.”

“If I do this,” I asked, the turn-on at being called faggot humiliating me, “will you stop calling me faggot?”

“Sure,” he agreed, “there are lots of other terms I can use instead like cocksucker, princess, homo, and so forth, but no matter how to label it you are a faggot.”

My face red, a horniness overwhelming me that I couldn’t explain controlling me, I leaned forward, opened my mouth and began my life as a faggot.

As soon as my lips were wrapped around Bubba’s cock I was in a whole new world. I was determined to be a good cocksucker, to make him happy and to taste his cum, something I had never even remotely considered doing.

Bubba spurred me on. “That’s it Corey, fuck, your mouth feels good wrapped around my big cock.”

Without consciously doing it I moaned, my utter submission to my roommate building. I continued to slowly attempt to get more of his massive cock in my mouth but struggled because of its girth and length. Eventually, I found a comfortable rhythm and tried to replicate what the best blow jobs of my life was like.

“Not bad for a first time faggot,” he commented a few minutes into my concentrated sucking, ignoring his promise to not call me faggot. Oddly, I feeling of great pride washed over me at the reality that I was pleasing Bubba.

A couple of minutes later, Bubba asked, “Do you want to taste my cum, faggot?”

I picked up the pace as my answer, shocked at just how eager I was to taste his cum, another thing I had never considered before today.

“I assume that is a yes, but I want to hear my new faggot say it.”

The words added to the humiliation, yet seemed a natural transition in my newfound position. I took his cock out of my mouth and admitted, “Yes Bubba, I want to taste your cum.”

I moved to put his cock back on my mouth when Bubba pulled it away and a wave of disappointment washed over me. He continued the clear separation of power between him and I. “So do you admit you are a faggot now, Corey?”

I didn’t even hesitate when I replied, desperate to return to his cock back in my mouth, “Yes, I am a faggot.”

He dangled his cock in front of me like a master would a dog a bone. “You know, a real faggot also likes to take a big cock in their man-pussy,” he smiled, surprising me.

My eyes went big, the thought of anal sex a major turn-on if I could get a hot chick to comply, but not remotely on the radar for me to be the receiving end.

Seeing my stunned reaction to his newest suggestion, he continued, “It’s a logical next step from cocksucker to complete faggot. I can read you, Corey, the idea is shocking, yet appealing too. Your ass is already tingling with the thought of such submission and your cock is probably read to burst, isn’t it!”

Still quite drunk, my mind was weak and somehow his words made complete logical sense and although I didn’t immediately feel a tingle at my ass, my cock did feel ready to launch into another orbit. I went to open my mouth to protest, yet no sound was released.

Adding the final nail to my utter gay submission he added, standing up, “Just give in Corey, become my Coraline.”

He had just turned me into a girl. As mortified as such a humiliating transition was, I was still unable to speak, the situation now getting out of control and yet exciting at the same time.

He pushed his cock back into my mouth and as he began slowly fucking my mouth but continued to talk. “In case you are curious, your secret is safe with me. Only Adam will know of your hunger for cock, since he has the same cravings I am sure you will now get. They say once you go black you can never go back to your vanilla life before, which I think you have seen by our insatiable slut of a Professor. But in case you sober up and change your mind this can be a one time you were curious thing or it can be the beginning of many more fun times. That being said, this first load of mine is a free-bee faggot. But if you want it again, you will have to be willing to offer me up your man-pussy. I need variety and even though I am confident you will become a perfect little cocksucker, I will sometimes want your ass.”

The lengthy summary of my future was both mortifying and yet in my current horny drunk state exhilarating as my desperation to taste his cum and come myself was all I could think about.

Bubba grunted, I noticed his big legs stiffen, and he announced, “Fuck you have a great cocksucking mouth faggot, you will be such a great live-in cum bucket, won’t you?”

Such humiliating terms should not have turned me on, yet it only made me more eager to please him. I bobbed even faster knowing his load was close.

“So fucking eager, faggot. Fuuuuuuuck, here it comes my cum, cocksucker.”

Finally, I was rewarded for my determined effort as I felt his warm jizz explode in the back of my mouth. His cock continued to use my mouth until his entire load had been deposited inside me. The taste was surprisingly salty and sweet and I couldn’t believe the wave of disappointment when I realized there was no more to taste, just a lingering aftertaste of what had been.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, “Goodnight cocksucker, when you are ready to become the true faggot you are let me know.”

Still on my knees I watched him walk to his room. The dirty deed done, I was mortified by my actions and what I had just voluntarily did. I grabbed my clothes and went to my room ashamed.


In bed, my raging hard-on refusing to go to sleep I replayed the events that had led to my humiliating submission. The more I recalled, the hornier I got and slowly the idea of allowing my ass to be fucked shifted from absurd never going up happen, to ridiculous why would I ever want to, to well the Professor seemed to like it, to well I had already sucked his cock, to finally obsessing about how submitting unconditionally to Bubba seemed not only like the right thing to do, but something I had to do right this second.

Still naked, my cock sticking out like a sword ready for a duel, I left my room and went to Bubba’s. I paused suddenly thinking what the fuck am I doing? Am I really going to ask Bubba to fuck my ass? This was absurd, yet as my brain pointed out all the reasons to not do this, I felt my hand make a fist and I heard the knock.

“What is it, faggot?” Bubba asked, although his knowing tone implied he knew exactly what I wanted.

“Um-I-well,” I bumbled.

“Spit it out, faggot, unlike what you did with my cum,” he quipped, another shot taken at my submission to him.

“I want you to fuck me,” I admitted, shame burning through me as I made such an absurd admission all the while a chill went up my spine at the possibility of pleasing Bubba.

“You do,” he chuckled, clearly not surprised by my admission. “Come on in.”

I nervously entered and saw he was naked on his bed his cock I had just pleased a few minutes laying languidly on its side.

“What do you want me to fuck?” he asked, his smug smile pushing me further into utter submission to him.

I hesitated. My desire to be a man and refuse being sodomized like a straight guy would, was overwhelmed by my bigger desire to submit to Bubba and be the faggot he said I was. My conscience screamed be strong, yet the words out of my mouth were, “my ass,” even though staring at his cock all I could think about was how it could ever fit in me.

He corrected me. “Don’t you mean your man-pussy. Hot woman have an ass to fuck, cocksucking faggots like you have a man-pussy.”

The levels of humiliation kept increasing, yet each time I willingly played along I fell deeper into an addiction I would never get out of. I admitted, willing to agree to anything to please him, “Yes, my man-pussy. I want you to fuck my man-pussy.”

“Come over here, Coraline,” he ordered, patting the bed with his big strong hand.

I obeyed, shyly.

“Get my cock ready for your pussy, Coraline,” he demanded.

I leaned forward and took his cock back into my mouth. My lips wrapped around his growing member felt so perfect. I was making him hard and it made me happy. Once fully erect, Bubba said, “Tell my cock how much you love him.”

The humiliation continued, but that no longer mattered, I was his and we both knew it. I took his cock out of my mouth and talked to it like it was a person. “Oh cock, I love you so do much. You are so perfect, so delicious and I am willing to do anything to please you.”

Bubba asked, “Who owns you, Coraline?”

“You do,” I admitted, knowing it was true. After one taste of his cock, everything had changed and I knew I had become the faggot he said I would. I suddenly wanted to submit to him more, to go further into my obedience to him, to give myself to him without restriction, and added, the words out of my mouth shocking me as soon as they were spoken, “Please fuck my pussy, Master.”

“Master,” he repeated, surprised. “That is a new one.”

I was so horny I wasn’t thinking straight (pardon the pun), my desire to come and please him overriding any sort of common sense or humility. “Oh please Master, take your slave’s virgin pussy.”

“Fuck,” Bubba grunted, “you really are a faggot. Go get the lube from the top of my dresser.

I rushed quickly, like an Olympic runner, to the dresser, grabbed the big container of lube and returned to the bed. Bubba took the lube and lathered his cock generously before demanding, “On all fours, Princess.”

I eagerly obeyed, ignoring the derogatory shot at being called a ‘princess’ positioning myself readily for Bubba. I felt my ass cheeks spread apart and then my ass was generously coated with lube.

A moment later, I felt Bubba’s cock between my ass cheeks. He paused and asked softly this time, “Are you sure Corey, this is what you want? There is no going back once you have had my cock. You will want it over and over.”

Using my real male name was a surprise and a reminder of who I was and what I was about to let happen. I was about to willingly allow my big, black roommate and his ten inch cock sodomize me. Yet, instead of feeling this was wrong, it seemed naturally right. I replied, giving myself completely to him, “I am yours Master, please take my pussy’s virginity.” I slowly pushed back attempting to assist Bubba in taking my virgin pussy, my virgin ass.

He ordered, “Slow down, Princess. We go too fast and I am going to rip your pussy apart and I don’t want to do that. I want his pussy to be ready for lots and lots of fucking. Now sit still, slut.”

Being called slut oddly turned me on. Being treated like a girl somehow enhanced my eagerness to be fucked. I felt Bubba’s big strong hands on my hips as his cock sat teasing my pussy entrance. “Relax, slut, daddy is about to penetrate your sweet little cunt.”

“Kkkkk,” I nervously replied, feeling his cock head at my entrance, the anticipation and fear blending into one.

Just as he began pushing forward he warned, “Relax, princess, this is going to hurt at first, but I promise you will eventually be begging me to top you.”

“Top me,” I repeated, confused.

He chuckled, “You really are an innocent little faggot. A top is the man doing the giving while the bottom is the faggot taking the receiving.”

“Ooooooh,” I whimpered, a sharp pain burning my rectum, as Bubba’s cock started its penetration of my virgin ass.

“Relax, baby,” he purred, calling me baby an odd term of intimacy after all the verbal assaults that warmed my entire being and made me even more eager to be a good girl for him.

I tried to relax, but the burning was not fading but escalating as his cock slowly penetrated me.

“Fuck your pussy is tight, Corey,” he said, again using my real name and reminding me of my masculinity being taken.

I whimpered in return, my teeth clenched as I attempted to handle the pain. Yet, even though the pain was not going away, an undeniable pleasure was building inside me. A pleasure I could not explain.

Seconds ticked by as Bubba’s cock continued to slowly go deeper inside what had been a no entry zone. The pain began to dissipate slowly as the odd pleasure began to increase. The burning sensation was there, a constant reminder of my gay submission, my new role as a bottom.

Bubba devastated me when he announced, “I’m half in, faggot.”

I gasped. Only half in? I felt so full already. There was no way I was going to be able to take much more of his massive snake.

As if reading my mind, Bubba soothed, “It’s ok Princess, I won’t bury all ten inches in your cunt tonight.”

I let out a sigh of relief as Bubba continued, “Just relax, faggot. I am going to start fucking your man-pussy now.”

I impulsively tightened my ass first and heard Bubba command, his tone showing annoyance for the first time, “Faggot, do as you are told. Relax that man-pussy.”

“S-s-sorry,” I apologized, instantly relaxing my man-pussy.

“Good girl,” he responded, his tone instantly soft again, his cock slowly moving in and out of my tight pussy. “How does my cock feel in your ass?” Bubba asked a minute later after I began to get accustomed to the reality I was being fucked.

The pain was now just a dull numbness as the pleasure began to take over. The mixture of being submissive and being fucked was giving me pleasure I had never experienced from sex. I admitted, “It feels good.”

Bubba stopped and asked, “Only good?”

I quickly corrected, wanting him to return to fucking me, “Really fucking good.”

“That’s better,” he confirmed, returning to fucking me, before adding, “I am going to slowly go deeper inside your cunt, Princess.”

I moaned, “Yes, Master, fuck me deeper and harder.”

He chuckled, his hands on my hips, “Fuck, as soon as I met you I knew you were a faggot in a straight boy’s body, but even I didn’t realize how desperately you needed this.”

As he began going faster and with each forward stroke slightly deeper, a stinging pain returned but I didn’t care. He was right. I don’t know how he knew I needed this, but it was all I could think about now, to be a good faggot; to be a good girl. I whimpered like a girl as he stretched my man-pussy with his big cock. I don’t know how long he fucked me, but it wasn’t long enough, but my stiff erection was about to burst.

Bubba ordered, “Bitch, I’m getting tired. Fuck yourself, Coraline.”

Without hesitation, I began moving my ass back onto Bubba’s cock. My first stroke back had me scream as I accidentally allowed Bubba’s cock to new realms in my ass.

He chuckled, “Does my faggot want all ten inches?”

I asked, “How much is in now?”

“Nine or so,” he revealed, seemingly impressed by how much I had taken in my virgin ass.

“Really?” I gasped, unable to fathom how nine inches had filled me. I felt full and yet craved more. I wanted all ten inches; I need all ten inches; I wanted to be the best faggot ever. I closed my eyes, gritted my teeth and grasped onto the bed with all my might to prepare myself for the inevitable sharp pain that was sure to follow. Then I began moving back and forth quickly for a few seconds before I leaned forward and then fell backwards with all my might.

“Oh myyyyyyy Godddddd,” I screamed, in a mixture of utter pleasure and pain.

Bubba impressed said, “Holy shit Corey, you are the most eager bitch ever.”

Thrilled to have taken him all, I tried to erase the pain by fucking myself like some cheap slut. I began bouncing back and forth on Bubba’s fuck stick and in only a couple of minutes of determined, hard paced bucking I had Bubba on the brink.

Suddenly Bubba pulled out, flipped me onto my back and in seconds my face was being coated with his cum. Again like some cheap slut, I opened my mouth to catch his precious seed and reactively scooped up some cum off my chest. Also instinctively, I leaned up and took Bubba’s cock that had just been in my ass back into my mouth.

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