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After making out in the elevator for a few more seconds, we groped our way to the room. She had obviously already checked us in earlier in the day. Her overnight bag was already in the room and right next to it was my suitcase. How strange, I thought.

“I had Ben pack a bag for you.” Ben was my roommate and apparently was in on the plan. This must have been why he was giving me such a hard time when I was getting ready.

Even before the door closed, I grabbed Kimmie and pulled her to me, kissing her passionately. My hands wandered around her perfect body, ending up on the zipper. I yanked it down and almost instantly the dress slid down to the floor.

In front of me stood a sinful beauty, dressed in exquisite lingerie. Attached to the nude stockings with pink tops were pink garter straps that were part of a lacy pink merrywiddow. The incredible outfit looked “painted on” her voluptuous body. The garter straps framed a perfectly shaved pussy whose lips were already slightly pink from all the foreplay. Her golden tresses spilled over the tits that were spilling out the top of the bustier.

Kimmie took me by the hand and led me over to the bed. She let go, laid down on the bed and scooted up until her head was on the pillows. Her hand instinctively moved to her pussy and she was slowly fingering herself.

“I’ve been waiting for this all night, stud. My pussy is absolutely dripping wet in anticipation. I can’t wait to feel your cock slide into my tight little cunt.”

With that she spread her legs open and continued to finger-fuck herself. I took that as an obvious sign to get undressed and join her.

She continued, “I’ve wanted this ever since our first date. All I could imagine during dinner was getting under the table, pulling your dick out and gagging myself on it. I didn’t want to come off too strong, though, so I had to settle for going back to the house and letting Jasmine fuck me with a dildo.”

Jasmine was her roommate and I cringed in pleasure at the thought of the two blondes naked and banging each other. Jasmine didn’t have a boyfriend, but Kimmie had already mentioned earlier in the evening that Jasmine was in the hotel fucking her date. In one of her alcohol-induced comments, Kimmie revealed that Jasmine loved anal and my mind quickly flashed to the thought of her getting her ass reamed out reverse cowgirl in the room next door.

By this point I was naked and moved onto the bed beside her.

“Well look at you. I’m still all dressed and here you are completely naked. Want me to catch up?” she asked rhetorically, knowing my weakness for lingerie.

“No, not quite yet.” I said. “I’ve been anticipating seeing you in this outfit all week and I want to make sure I get to enjoy the real thing.”

With that, she pushed my back onto the bed, got onto her knees and engulfed my dick into her warm mouth. It was easily the best blow job of my life, wet and nasty. Kimmie repeatedly pulled it out until just the head was in her mouth and then slapped it against her tongue, the tip of my dick banging against her pink tongue stud.

“If you’re not careful,” I said, “this is going to be over very soon.”

She winked at me and replied “don’t you worry about that. I plan on doing things to you that’ll make sure this goes on well into the night.”

With that she thrust herself back down on my dick, deepthroating it with ease. I wondered how many pornos Kimmie had studied to learn how to give this amazing of a blow job. She began to massage my balls and slid a finger back onto my perineum.”

“Oh god, I’m going to cum!” I shouted.

She lifted herself off of my cock and said, “do it…do it, come in my fucking mouth. Fill it up with your come. I want to swallow the entire load.” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of her 19-year old mouth.

Her hands were furiously stroking my cock and, as she placed her lips perfectly around the head of my dick, I began to spew what felt like the largest load I’d ever produced. Kimmie kept stroking and sucking. When she had what must have been a gallon of cum in her mouth, she looked up at me, smiled, and then swallowed the entire thing. My dick jumped again at the sight and a bit more come spilled out the top. Kimmie leaned over and took the head back into her mouth and sucked the last bit of come out.

I thought I was going to pass out.

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