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Author’s Note: Shepard looks like a blond Gillian Anderson circa late X-Files seasons, so smoking hot ;) I have no idea how we pick Garrus up in Mass Effect 3, this is just an imagining. The section with Mordin came after some fan feedback. I just hope I did him justice!

Pairing: Garrus Vakarian and Alice Shepard

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Cumshot, Handcuffs


“I think you’ll find that I said ‘I’d like to see you try.’ I wasn’t suggesting you actually do it Garrus,” Shepard whined as her Turian lover, Garrus Vakarian, held her hands above her head and managed to slap his Omni-tool cuffs on her hands locking her to the bed’s head. “I’ll see you go to the brig for this Vakarian.” She muttered under her breath as he worked his way down her toned, fit body and parted her legs, with a small application of force, not enough to hurt her but enough to make her get with the program.

“I’ll tell Jacob shall I? I’m sure he’d love to hear about what you got up to.” He smiled at her and kissed her on her tummy. Flicking his tongue against her navel, he grinned as she shuddered at the touch.

“I’m sure he would too. Now let me out of these God damned things while I still like you.” She looked down at him, smiling, not pissed off but getting into the game.

“Not until you answer my questions Shepard.” Garrus’ tone changed now, stern like he was conducting an interview.

“Fuck you pig.” Shepard exclaimed, looking up at her lover, beaming with pride.

“Not acceptable at all.” With that, Garrus’ right hand ran down to her vagina and let his middle talon hover over her sensitive lips.

“Oh what? You’re going to tease me.”

Garrus looked up at her, and simply shook his head, almost like a disappointed parent.

Since their last encounter before finishing off the Collectors, Garrus and Shepard suffered a… Mishap.


Garrus scooped the Commander up in his manly arms, he walked out to the elevator and pressed the button for deck two. He was in two states of mind. One, at least no one will see them. Two, they won’t see them because they’re all missing.

‘Good job Garrus.’ He thought to himself. ‘Bring down the tone of the evening.’

When the doors opened, he peered out of the elevator, to the left and then to the right. Nope. Joker was still in the cockpit and Operative Lawson must be busy brown nosing to The Illusive Man. Darting out of the elevator and to the right of the C.I.C, Garrus pressed on through to the Science lab.

Mordin Solus, Salarian Savant, and the professor who had protected them from the collector’s seeker swarms, was tucked away under his desk searching for something.

“Perhaps an air grenade? No, too flammable. Or inflammable. Forget which. Doesn’t matter.” Peering up, he saw that Garrus was standing there with the Commander, her head to one side, eyes peering into her own head and her tongue hanging out.


He exclaimed, walking over to the two.

“Garrus. What happened!?” He exclaimed, peering into Shepard’s cold, unconscious eyes.

“Ah… Well…” Garrus never was very good with sexual things and this was one of those moments.

“Shepard decided to ignore Cerberus. Airborne toxin? Put in place by Illusive Man? Guarantee work with Cerberus to continue? No, all would be feeling effects due to Normandy’s filter system. Perhaps something in the food supply? Tainted?”

Mordin’s mouth was working a mile a minute and was shushed by Garrus shaking his head.

“Me and Shepard were… Ah… Intimate?” He said, his voice raising at the end like it was a question.

Mordin nodded and then it sunk in. He looked up at Garrus, appalled.

“Told you to use creams, antihistamines! Offered you leaflets on pleasure zones and spots to avoid chafing! Warned Shepard as well. Thought’d she listen. *Sniff* Disappointed. Will have to take her to the infirmary.”

Garrus nodded and walked through the door as Mordin followed, scooping up various vials and sprays.

“What are those for?” He asked, as the two walked into the elevator.

“For reattaching Shepard’s skin tissue.”

“What?!” Garrus exclaimed, looking down at the smaller member of the team.

“Am curious to see the effects of Human-Turian relations. Will perform some surgery to see the effects internally.”

“Not at all Mordin! You’re just getting the Commander back on her feet understood?”

“Yes Garrus. Will fix Shepard in no time.”

As the two walked out of the elevator and crossed the gap to the infirmary, they saw Kasumi, Jacob and Zaeed all sitting at one of the tables playing cards.

“Shep?” Kasumi exclaimed, standing up and looking at the unconscious commander.

“What the hell have you done to Shepard?” Zaeed asked, standing up and fishing out a knife. That was the most curious thing about this mission and the calm of knowing you could die with the very next mission. It affected everyone differently. With Zaeed it turned him into an over protective man-mother of Shepard.

“Just calm down Zaeed…” Garrus said, a calming tone in his voice.

“Garrus and Shepard simply were involved in Human-Turian relations.” Mordin said, a beaming smile on his face like that would calm the situation down.

“They what?!” Jacob said, a big grin on his face.

“Mordin…” Garrus said, looking at the Salarian doctor.


Garrus placed his right hand on Shepard’s left knee and gently traced along the inside. The point in the talon left a trail but not one that was too painful. There was a white line serving as a scratch mark, he watched her with great curiosity. Observing how her body reacted to his teasing, her hips would rise whenever he got closer to her vagina but whenever he withdrew she seemed to thrust it at him.

“Please…” Her voice was weak but Garrus picked up on it. Raising his eyes up past her breasts and locking his eyes with her green eyes.

“What was that Commander?”

“Please… Garrus…” Her breathing was much more spaced out as she submitted to him.

“Please Garrus? You’re more than welcome to after I’ve had my fun.”

“No… Please get me off…”

“Has it come to that? Begging me?”

“Yesssss…” Shepard purred as the handsome Turian went back to work on her lower regions. His talons danced their way along her legs and up to her vagina. He looked at the pink area on her delicate body with great intrigue. When they were first intimate together, he had only stolen quick glances at it. He was aware that they got wet with sexual arousal and also served as a release, similar to how he ejaculated. When he pressed his middle talon against her lips, he grinned as she shivered.

He loved her. While he wouldn’t admit it out loud, they both knew and they were going to live together, fight together and quite possibly die together if they didn’t stop the Reapers. Ignoring the threat of impending doom, Garrus moved his head closer to her pussy and smelt her sweet nectar.

It was an unusual sensation for him. He never really experienced anything like that with Turians. He watched as her hips rolled in place, like she was trying to pull him in closer. Testing the waters, he opened his mouth and delivered a swift stroke of his large, broad tongue.

Shepard’s eyes shut tightly as his tongue made contact with her cunt. It was strange, his tongue was easily a lot wider than her vagina but it seemed to neatly fit inside her. Maybe he did use those pamphlets? She started to wonder but soon his hands were on her breasts and delivering a sharp dosage of painful pleasure.

Garrus had indeed been using Mordin’s pleasure pamphlets much to his chagrin. Pushing his tongue inside her delicate folds, Garrus lightly moved it in and out, almost like he was fucking her with it. Moving his large hands over her tits, he put his smooth palms on her breasts before squeezing the flesh lightly.

Sliding his tongue in and out, Garrus looked up to see Shepard’s body sweating. A good sign. She wasn’t moaning in pain or asking him to stop, another good sign. He watched her with great intrigue as she writhed around in sheer bliss. Her arms were tugging against the holographic tool restraining them to the head of the bed.

Soon, her legs were moving in closer on him, trying to trap him where she wanted him. Looking to the side, Garrus caught on and took hold of the powerful limbs. Wrapping his hands around them, he held them in place on his shoulders. When her body seemed to stop writhing, she groaned aloud and then flooded his mouth with a powerful liquid. This was a good sign, Garrus smiled and took most of the liquid on his face while getting some in his mouth.

Knowing she didn’t need to pee, Shepard was more than happy to squirt over his face. After all, he deserved it. She was the Commander of this vessel and he was restraining her like that? Unacceptable. She was going to see him dumped at the next space port… Tomorrow… Probably…

After she settled down on the bed, sweat staining the sheets, Garrus got up onto his knees and let her legs fall down on opposite sides of him. Almost on instinct, she hooked them around his smooth waist and tugged him closer to her.

“Fuck me…” She sighed, content with how their evening had been so far.

“With pleasure… Alice…” That seemed so strange to him. After all, he had known her as Shepard for what seemed like forever and now they were on first names basis? Shaking his head of the thoughts, Garrus took hold of his member and rubbed it against her soft, wet folds.

With a smooth stroke, Garrus invaded Shepard. She groaned in appreciation, the new gel they were using certainly helped as it seemed to double her pleasure. Her eyelids flickered with pleasure, eventually settling on being closed as the handsome Turian invaded her.


“Is there a problem Garrus?” Mordin asked, unaware of the social faux-pas of what he had just done.

“No… No problem at all.” He sighed, as Mordin walked into Doctor Chakwas’ infirmary. Motioning to the empty bed, where the good Dr had slept after drinking some Serrice ice brandy with the now unconscious Commander.

Motioning to the large empty, comfy bed the Salarian savant pulled up a computer monitor and placed it next to the bed. The monitor was on a desk with wheels and attached to it, was lots of heavy duty needles and syringes. It would look imposing to anyone who was about to go through treatment with it. Fortunately, this particular patient wasn’t even awake, let alone aware she would be going through it.

Garrus lay Shepard down on the medical bay bed and watched as Mordin went to work attaching various tubes and needles. As she was dressed in the medical uniform, attire typical for a biotic adept like she was, Mordin had to roll up the sleeves of the attire. Tossing her gloves to one side, the Salarian picked up one of the needles and carefully attached it to a tube. He pressed it against her right fore-arm and it snapped off at the point.

Crooking an eyebrow, Jacob watched and then laughed, understanding what had happened.

“It’s the skin weave. Makes her skin extra durable, but also improves her melee attack.”

There was a collective ‘Ohhhh’ noise in the room as everyone understood what had happened. The computer now flashed up on-screen with Shepard’s vital signs and Mordin went over to check on them. On the other side of the bed, there was a computer panel that Kasumi looked at, intently. Walking up to it, she bent over ever so slightly at the waist and looked at the screen. Tilting her head to one side, she couldn’t quite work out what the hell it was. As she was investigating, a green light flicked on underneath the monitor.

“Mordin, this light just came on. Should I press it?” She asked, looking at the Professor.

Mordin looked up from his work and shook his head vehemently.

“No! Do not press that button, will cause molecules in room to unmolecule. *Sniff* Disgusting.”

“So… You two did the ol’ Batarian bounce eh? The Salarian shuffle… You gave her a… A… Uh… Elcorgasm?” Kasumi said, nudging the now rather glum Turian in what human’s would refer to as ribs.

“How very eloquent Miss Goto. It’s perfectly natural for two people to have sexual relations.”

“Yeah, but you two aren’t exactly the same. It’s like one of those vids you see on the extranet! ‘She’s a beautiful, powerful biotic adept with a rich military history! He’s a stern, uptight Turian who’s now disgustingly disfigured…’” Kasumi didn’t get to finish the line as Garrus glared at her.

“Besides, I bet Mordin will be able to get some sort of Pulitzer out of this! Right Mordin! ‘Salarian scientist solves Human-Turian conundrum!’ You’ll write to us once you’re famous won’t you?”

“I had sex with a Turian once… Beautiful thing she was. Big eyes with a hint of… An emerald green I think? We met on Omega, hit it off, went back to my place and… Well, I was the only one to make it out alive that day.”

Zaeed chimed in from the back of the room, he had an almost wistful smile on his face, standing over Jacob’s right shoulder. The room fell silent and looked at the mercenary, with a look of ‘Do all of his stories end like that?’ on their faces.

“What about those Asari though? Am I right or what?” Jacob added, the party started to squabble, when Mordin spoke up.

“Have solved the problem! Will need an hour to repair Shepard’s tissue, no problem at all.” As he dived into work, his speech pattern raised at the end, almost like a question but it was just how he typically spoke.

Everyone left, except for Garrus who pulled up a chair and sat down next to the Commander.

“Garrus?” Mordin asked, looking over his shoulder at the Turian.

“I just want to make sure she’s OK…” He said, his voice trailing off as Mordin nodded and let out a silent ‘Ah’.

He hadn’t been around many… Well, any Human-Turian relationships but he knew what love looked like. It was a lot like the picture in front of him. Mordin smiled at the pretty mental picture before the moment pass and he set about going back to work.


Shepard’s strong, powerful legs wrapped around Garrus’ hips as he invaded her wet folds. His long member stroked the inside of her pussy making the Commander of the Normandy groan.

Garrus put his left hand on the wall above the bed to steady himself, his right hand came down next to Shepard’s head on the fluffy pillow her head was resting on. He moved his face closer to the Commander and playfully bit on her bottom lip. Shepard gasped and tried to wrestle his tongue into her mouth, with Garrus being a Turian his tongue was a lot larger than the average humans because of Turians having a longer face.

He moved his face away from her making the blonde soldier groan in frustration. Garrus moved onto his knees and unwrapped her legs, he wrapped his hands around her ankles to really drive his shaft into her. The large nine inch member slowly pried her wet folds apart in the most pleasurable way possible. Garrus started to build up a steady, rapid rhythm driving five out of his nine inches in and out of her, constantly keeping at least four inches inside the writing Commander though.

Shepard pulled at the holographic handcuffs, trying to break free and ride Garrus into the end of the universe but they were holding her tight. Her eyes flicked open as she saw Garrus slide his shaft in and out of her, he looked so handsome with his dick invading her. If she was going to face the Reapers and finish them off, she’d need a release and her unofficial second in command and new lover was doing everything in his power to make sure she could.

Garrus recalled reading in a pleasure leaflet Mordin had foisted on them about a human female g-spot. It was inside the vagina and near the roof of her warm, wet juicy folds, the Turian aimed his thrusts so he would start to stroke the upside of her pussy. He felt an extra source of lubrication run over his shaft that was sliding in and out of her. Shepard’s breath had caught in her throat before she let out a low, guttural groan, her back arched and Garrus saw her toes curl up in pleasure as she came.

Shepard moaned and groaned at the action as Garrus invaded her pussy, his large cock moved around in her folds as he started to stroke her g-spot. Her eyes screwed shut tightly as the orgasm washed over her body. She writhed on the bed as Garrus constantly pounded away at her, she wanted to pull him closer to her and scream in his ear but the cuffs restrained her. Instead, she opted to just let out a low groan as the orgasm subsided.

Her warm, wet folds hugged his member tight as she came over his shaft. The warm, wet liquid ran over his nine inch member as he pushed himself in as deep as he could, making sure to get all of his dick inside her. When her eyes opened, she gave him a big grin as he slowly pulled out of her.

“Tired Vakarian?”

“Never… Commander.” He added with a casual wink at the end of his sentence. He took hold of her sexy hips. “Careful Alice.” He warned and then twisted Shepard onto her stomach so she was in a doggy style position. He lightly patted her on the backside and then swiftly entered her again.

Shepard gasped at his action, her hands were now crossed over in an ‘x’ pattern. She loved it in a doggy style position, it seemed so much more primal and dirty. Cross species relations were always a funny thing and Humans and Turians didn’t really have the best relationship after the first contact war. So to cross this particular taboo just added to the whole sordid affair.

Garrus’ groaned, he felt like he was going to cum soon and didn’t want to cum in the Commander in case his semen would make her insides boil or something equally horrible. He gripped onto Shepard’s hips but made sure that his long talons weren’t piercing her skin. He had heard Jacob explain about love bites before but with much sharper teeth than the average human Garrus feared he may just tear a chunk of her flesh off without even really trying.

Garrus’ pumps started to slow and get more shallow and erratic. He stroked Shepard’s blonde hair back behind her ear and leant down next to her. She cast a look back at him and nodded her head, they both knew what was coming next. Garrus pulled out of Shepard and pulled her onto her back. He then climbed onto her chest and slid his dick between her large breasts, he kept them together and increased his pumps. Grunting, Garrus let loose a torrent of cum that splattered against her face in a well aimed head shot.

The green substance had landed on her forehead and then some landed on the bridge of her nose before the rest pooled on her bottom jaw line. Garrus smiled at the sight of the Commander covered in his cum, he climbed off of her and grabbed one of her smaller towels for the use of the gym. He lightly dabbed at her face, getting all of the cum up off of her face. Garrus then brought up his holographic interface and switched the cuffs off. There was heavy breathing in the Captain’s quarters as they regained their composure.

“Ready for round number…” Shepard began but was cut off by Joker’s voice over the intercom.

“Commander? We’re ten minutes away from Palaven. You may want to say your goodbyes to Garrus.”

That was it. They were both aware of the fact that they would be separating for the war against the Reapers and Garrus was the first to go. He was going to see his family and get them away before the war spread there.

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