It was a hot summer’s day and Joanne, a 19 year old brunette with blue eyes , was sunbathing out in her back garden. She loved to get into her skimpy little bikini on and flaunt her sexy size 10 teen body. Half way through the afternoon she decided to take her bikini top off so she didn’t have any white bits! Much appreciated by Tom her 40 year old neighbour who was staring at Joanne from his window while slowly stroking his rock hard 7″ cock. After a little while Tom decided to pull his trousers up and tuck his rock solid cock away to go and do some ‘work’ in his garden, really an excuse to go and get a closer peek of Joanne’s pert little titties.

Whilst pottering around in the garden, Tom kept staring over at Joanne. After a short time, Joanne noticed out of her sunglasses that she was being watched so she began to rub her pussy through her skimpy little bikini panties. This got Tom super turned on. Joanne then took her hand and pushed the side of her bikini panties away and slid one, then two fingers into her wet pussy.

A few minutes passed and then Joanne’s 19 year old boyfriend Rob came outside and seen her fingering her tight little pussy. The sight of her naked body and her fingers in her pussy got Rob instantly hard. He went over to Joanne and began to kiss her. Joanne then took her fingers out her pussy and put them up to Rob’s mouth. He took her fingers in his mouth and sucked her juices from them before sliding down her bikini panties and throwing them away.

Rob got down and began rubbing Joanne’s clit with his fingers before gentle sliding two fingers into her now dripping wet pussy. He then slid his fingers out and got his tongue ready to start lapping up Joanne’s pussy juices. The both of them were so hot and horny they didn’t even notice Tom over the fence jacking off his cock whilst watching them. Rob just continued to lick and finger Joanne’s tight teen pussy oblivious to anyone else around them.

After a while Rob got up and placed his hard 8″ cock to Joanne’s mouth. She took the tip of it in her mouth and began sucking on Rob’s cock. Gradually he pushed more and more into Joanne’s mouth until his whole 8 inches were inside. After a few minutes Joanne took his cock from her mouth and panted for him to fuck her.

Rob didn’t need telling twice, he got up and placed his cock near Joanne’s pussy entrance. First he slid it up and down her wet pussy lips, and rubbing over her clit until she was begging him to put his cock inside her pussy.

He slid his cock into her pussy and began fucking her as hard as he could. Both teens so horny and caught up in the moment they hadn’t noticed their neighbour had left and returned with his video camera and had started filming the two of them having sex in the garden!

Every now and again Rob would slide his cock out of Joanne’s pussy and rub it up and down her clit. She loved this feeling! Rob would then start pumping her pussy again. When Joanne was near to climaxing she started panting to Rob,

“Fuck me harder, please, I’m so horny, I want you to cum deep inside my pussy, please fuck me harder Rob, I’m just about to cum.”

Rob kept pumping his cock deep inside Joanne and soon her whole body began to shake as her orgasm swept over. Rob kept pumping in and out and Joanne’s whole body continued to shake as Rob began to pump his load deep inside her tight little pussy.

As they began to come down after their orgasm, Joanne noticed Tom the neighbour had his video camera out and had left his side of the fence and was now in their garden videoing them with no obstructions. Joanne had forgotten all about him watching her earlier on in the afternoon! Joanne began to shout at him and when Rob realised what the problem was he got up and went to hit Tom.

However, Tom quickly advised him he would be making a big mistake if he touched him as the video would get put online for the whole world to see if the two teens didn’t do as they were told. Tom used this video as a great opportunity to blackmail the two teens into fulfilling his desires.


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