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He calls me ahead of time.

“Hey, you’re at home, then?”

“Yeah. Do you need something?”

“There is something I want you to do for me.”

I grin. “And what would that be?”

“Well, I am sitting here over at O’Malley’s with two guys from work. Two hard up guys from work, who are talking about how much they need to get laid…”

I continue to grin, knowing where he is headed. “Bring them over.”

“You sure?”

“You know I’m sure.”

I hear him chuckle. “God you are a fucking whore, and I love it. We will be there in about thirty minutes, wear something…interesting.”

I hang up. His co-workers. Normally not what we do, but there is a first time for everything. I glance around my apartment. Like always, it is clean enough, but I run the vacuum anyway, put some Jack, coke and glasses on the breakfast bar, and a bucket of ice. Music, he can pick that if he wants it. Then I head upstairs to get ready.

Enema and douche first, then a quick shower. I’m already shaved, no need to worry about that now…

I wonder what they will be like? Has he told them about me? When he is “chillin’ around the water-cooler” is the subject of conversation sports, stocks, or his fucking slut girlfriend who likes to take it up the ass?

Does it even matter?

Not really.

I get out of the shower and start to dry myself off. I comb my hair, then thinking about it, pull it back. It stays out of the way for sucking cock this way, and gives whomever something to hold on to. I apply some eyeliner, some shadow, nothing else is needed…

But what to wear?

I could stay naked, but both he and I prefer for me to have something on…something that can be ripped, or pulled, torn off and discarded or left hanging or shoved aside on my body. I grin, thinking about the sheer amount of clothing I have gone through since we got together. It has been worth the expense.

I select a short skirt, black, and a flimsy red camisole-top, nothing under either and red stiletto heels. He likes sky high fuck me heels.

Then I head downstairs, fix myself a drink, and wait for the horny men to arrive.

A short time later, there is a knock at my door. I set down my drink and open it. He is there, a smirk on his face. He moves inside, hooking an arm around my waist as he does so, pulling me along with him. He kisses me, long and deep, his tongue running over mine, a hand sliding down over my ass to give it a squeeze. Then he moves away slightly, hand still on my cheek, and gestures toward the two other suited men who have entered.

“This is Jack,” he points to the one on the left, “and this is Kyle.”

I wave and greet them with an enticing smile. “Hello, boys.”

He grins. “Grab a drink, guys.”

They move hesitantly to do so, eyes still flicking between me and him and the floor. They feel awkward, ill at ease and it causes me to smile a bit. He grins and runs a hand up my body, under my camisole to squeeze my tit. “I told them about you.” He whispers. Then he is kissing me again.

They have their drinks, standing near the breakfast bar. He moves his mouth away from mine and tells them to sit, get comfortable, continuing to idly molest me while he does so. “This is Mia, by the way, but you can call her…well, whatever you want.”

He moves away from me to sit in an armchair, and I move to get him a drink. I make it, then bring it to him, bending enough to show the others that beneath my skirt, I am bare. He thanks me and smiles, sipping his drink, then he wraps a hand around my ponytail.

I kneel in front of him immediately, hands moving to loosen his belt and pull down his pants. He moves his hips enough to allow me to slide them down and pull out his cock. He is mostly hard already. I position myself the way I know he would prefer, arms draped over his legs, on my knees, legs spread, and I take him into my mouth. I cannot see the others, but I know they are watching. I start sucking him slowly at first, working him with my tongue, lips and hand, circling the head of his cock with my tongue, then sliding up and down.

He sighs happily, and I hear him set his drink down, then both his hands are on the back of my head, moving to shove me up and down on his cock, hard and fast. He is not gagging me yet, but he is fucking my mouth at a pretty good pace, the wet, messy noises I am making are the only sound in the room. “God you suck a good cock, whore.” He sighs. “You should show Jack and Kyle how talented you are, slut.”

He moves his hands away from me and I glance at them. “Do you want me to suck you?”

Jack nods immediately, working to undo his pants. Kyle looks vaguely like a deer caught in the headlights. The thought causes me to smile. I am sure back at the bar he was talking a tough game about how much he would love to nail an easy bitch…now…

I move to Jack, and he is hard. I lick his cock first, long and slow, trailing my tongue up over it, running it around the head, then back down. Then I take him into my mouth, deep, until my nose is pressed to his flesh. “Oh fuck…” he mutters. I begin working him faster, sliding up and down his length, using my lips and tongue to work him fully. He lets me do the work, obviously thinking I am taking him deep enough with no help. After a few moments, I pull up off him, leaving both my lips and his cock wet with my saliva. I glance at Kyle.

“Do you want a turn?”

He is hard, I can see that much, and he nods nervously. I move over to him, crawling across Jack to do it, and help him with his pants. I pull him out and start sucking him as well.

“Her cunt is right there, Jack, use it if you want.” He says, and a second later Jack is moving me, sliding me off him. I move with him, keeping Kyle’s cock in my mouth, sucking him slow, taking him deep into me. I hear Jack snapping on a rubber, then he is behind my, pushing my skirt up around my waist and putting his hands on my hips. He hesitates.

“Fuck her.” He says. “Trust me, the little slut does not mind.”

Then he is sliding into me, and I am wet and ready for it. He starts pumping me slow and deep, easily pushing into my cunt. I give him a little moan from around Kyle’s cock, and he starts fucking me harder, faster.

“Good,” he says, “she likes it hard. Trust me, I bang the fuck out of her nightly, she loves it.”

Jack starts fucking me harder, driving deep into me, grinding his cock deep into my cunt and causing me to moan. I pull off Kyle’s cock long enough to say “Oh yeah, fuck me harder, I want you to fucking hammer me!” Then I am sucking again, hungrier now, the feel of Jack slamming into me making me more eager, more aggressive.

“Oh god…” Kyle mumbles as I continue to suck him, working him with my mouth, taking him into my throat. “Where the hell did you learn to do this?”

“She’s a fucking whore,” He offers, “it’s an acquired skill. Isn’t that right, slut?”

I nod around my mouthful of cock. He snickers. “You want to see something really crazy?”

“What?” Jack pants, still fucking me from behind.

“You’ll have to stop fucking her for a minute.”

He gives me a few more hard thrusts, then slides out.

“Hey slut?” He says, “can you stop sucking Kyle’s dick for a minute?”

I do. “Yes?”

“You should show them what a total whore you are…go get that thing I bought you.”

I nod and get up. As I move to walk past him, he stops me long enough to pull off my shirt, showing off my tits. As I head to my room to get it, I hear him saying “this is fucking incredible…”

I return a moment later, his latest present for me in hand. It is a large, rubber cock, slightly larger in width than a soda can. I hand it to him. “Bend over, slut.”

I do, and he is sliding it into me, stretching me wide and causing me to moan. “Shit.” I hear Jack say as he starts sliding it in and out of me.

“She is a total gape slut.” He offers. “You could stick your cock back in her with this in there and it would not hurt her.”

“Can I?” He asks.

“Yes.” I nod, panting slowly as he continues to fuck me with the toy.

I feel him moving away from me, the toy still jammed up my cunt, and Jack taking his place. He shifts the toy around inside me, pulling the protruding end down, then he is sliding his cock into me too. “Oh fuckkk,’ I groan, loving the feel of it, the sensation of being so filled, so stretched… “that’s it…”

“God you are a disgusting whore.” He sighs, sipping his drink and moving to stick his cock in my face. “Suck my dick, already.”

I take him into my mouth again, and he starts pumping against me, slamming himself down into my throat, sure and steady, while Jack works me from behind, shoving himself into me and along side the toy. “I’m going to cum.” He announces suddenly.

Before he can tell Jack where to do it, he pulls out of my cunt and sprays all over my back. He snickers. “She likes it on her face better, man. Isn’t that right, you nasty cunt?” I nod, still sucking. He pulls out and takes his cock in his hand, jerking it slowly.

“Let’s see that stretched out pussy now, bitch.”

I sit down and spread my legs, pulling my cunt open. Both he and Jack take a moment to marvel at it, then he turns to Kyle. “You want to fuck her?”

Kyle starts slightly. “Um, can she suck my cock instead?”

He nods, “Yeah, but I am going to bang the hell out of her whore ass while she does it and she tends to loose concentration.”

I give him a grin and move to Kyle, taking him back into my mouth as he positions himself to fuck my ass. He sticks his cock into my gaping cunt a few times, getting it wet, then he starts working it up into my ass. When he is inside, he pumps in slowly a few times. “You ready for it, slut?”

I nod. He starts fucking me, hard and fast, banging my ass. “Gimmie the toy, Jack…”

I am working Kyle’s cock in my mouth, sucking him for all I am worth, and he is moaning, hard and stiff, the feel of the cock in my ass spurring me on. Then I feel him sliding the toy back into my cunt, filling up both my holes, working them, and I am cumming, pulling up off Kyle’s cock…

“Told you.” He laughs, continuing to pound both his cock and the dildo into me.

“Oh fuck me,” I shout, “fuck me, fuck me…” and Kyle is pulling on my nipples, and they are leaving me panting.

He slows his pace. “Finish off Kyle, whore, let him give you some cum on that face of yours.”

I take him back into my mouth, sucking and licking, eagerly working him in my mouth. Soon he is ready, shoving my face way from him and cumming, splashing his jizz up over my cheek and nose.

“Very good, you cock-sucking slut.” Then he is banging my ass again, hard and fast, still twisting the toy inside me and bringing me to orgasm again. He pulls out, still hard, “Let’s see that fucked out ass, bitch.”

I spread it, showing him. “What a fucking whore you are,” he sighs, tossing the toy aside. “Now back on your knees, cunt.”

I kneel again, and his cock is in my face. I open my mouth and he grabs my hair, yanking me down on him, making me gag and spit. He continues to slam into my mouth, deep and hard, until he is ready to cum, then he pulls out, grabbing my jaw and forcing my mouth to stay open, then he cums on my face and on my tongue, rubbing it all over my cheeks and lips with his cock. “Very good, whore. You can go shower now…”

When I come back, Jack and Kyle are gone. “Did you have fun?” He asks. I nod. He laughs. “Maybe you should fuck my boss and get me a damn promotion…”

We smile and I wonder if he really wants me to do it.

Anyone up for Act 4?!

I’m not sure if it was the booze, or us talking during dinner about how things had got maybe a little routine, but after my wife and I got back from our anniversary dinner and drinks, we ended up having some of the hottest sex we had had in a long time. She even broke new ground and we did something neither of us had before.

I walk in to the bathroom wearing my robe to brush my teeth and maybe jump in for a quick shower before bed, and I notice my wife’s already in there, sitting on the toilet. “Oh, sorry, didn’t see you go in.” I say and start to turn around to give her privacy.

“Don’t be silly, I’m just going pee, I’ll be done in a minute.” She replies. So I step up and start brushing my teeth. I’m brushing for a moment before I realize I haven’t heard her making any sounds. I turn to her with an inquiring glance. “I don’t know what happened,” she says, “maybe I just can’t go in front of you.”

Seeing her sitting there with her little lace panties down past her knees, legs partly open allowing me to see just a wisp of her curly landing strip; I realized her head was at exactly waist height. I grinned a little slyly and pointed this out, “Do you realize what you are at the perfect height for?”

Her eye aligned with my crotch and a knowing smile crept across her face, “Well, look at that…why don’t you bring that over here a little closer?” she said with an evil grin of her own. I stepped over to where she sat on her porcelain throne and opened my robe; she leaned forward and took my rapidly swelling cock into her awaiting mouth. Her fingers wrapped around the base of my shaft and began her slow pumping in no time at all my dick was at full staff. I held her shoulders with one hand as I lovingly stroked the back of her head and neck with the other. Her blow jobs have always been great, she has an enthusiasm rarely seen in women, but this one seems destined to be one to remember. The way she moans with her lips wrapped tight around my shaft, sends tingling vibrations though my balls. She works with nothing less than pure enthusiasm as her mouth slides up and down my cock, coating it heavily in saliva.

Her hand slips between her legs as her heads bobs up and down on my shaft. I see her forearm rise and lower, I know she’s rubbing herself. Getting her pussy even wetter, fingering her pink little slit until it shines with her juice. I can tell she’s getting even hotter by the way her tempo increases, and her moans fill my ears. She removes her hand from between her legs and brushes her fingers across my balls. I can feel their slickness as her fingertips reach under my sack and explore further. I moan in approval and widen my stance slightly to give her better access as her slippery finger tips find my puckered backdoor. “Oh baby,” I moan as she gently teases me with her wet fingers, “……that’s the ticket,” I whisper as she gently slides a finger up inside my dark hole. I’m panting deliriously as she reaches her first, then second knuckle, finger fucking my ass and tickling my prostate as her mouth is filled with my meat.

Her lips pop off the top from time to time with an obscene slurp. Her pink tongue slides up and down and over the sides, dropping down occasionally to engulf my heavy balls. She is working her mouth over my shaft, sucking hard on the tip, as her hand strokes my rigid length, and her finger is working it’s magic as it continues to slide in and out of me. She takes me in deep, stifling a slight gag, and holds me there as I hear another of her sexy tinkling sounds. She keeps me in her mouth as she lets as few drops of golden nectar flow from her pussy and into the water below, sounding like little golden chimes. I have never heard such an erotic sound before. The combination of her tongue dancing on my cock and that sound will forever be joined in my ears.

She disengages her mouth from my swollen prick and catches her breath. She wipes a little wetness from the corner of her eyes, “Damn, you got my eyes watering there, big boy…whew…god, look at this prick! Are you going to fuck me good with this now?” She squeezes the base hard, causing it swell to a dark purple.

I hold the back of her head in my hand and bend down to kiss her deeply on the mouth. My tongue dancing with hers, tasting the musk of my own cock on her breath. “You ready for a good, hard fuck?” I growl in her ear. She moans softly that she is. I tighten my fingers a little pulling her hair taunt between them, not quite enough to hurt her, just enough to show a little strength and power. “Are you sure?” I ask wanting to make sure she is ready to play my game.

“…use me…” is her whispered reply and I knew she was mine. Reaching back I slowly pull her fingers from my ass and pull her to her feet. I spin her around to face the counter and push her over the sink. She’s bent at the waist, her face in the mirror and her huge tits filling the sink basin. I grab an ample ass cheek in each hand and, lowering myself behind her, I spread her cheeks wide for me. My head swims as I inhale deeply and smell her crotch for the first time that night. I can smell her sweat and arousal, but now there is a new scent for me to enjoy. Her fresh wetness from her piss. I open my mouth and place my tongue against her clit, visible and erect, and begin licking upwards slowly, over every crease and fold of her pussy.

Never before have I tasted such beauty. Her pussy has always intoxicated me with it’s flavor but tonight it was so much more, the added arousal, the sweat from the long walk , but mostly there was an all together new taste: her golden pee. I smelt it before I tasted it, but when it hit my tongue, I swear I saw fireworks. Slightly bitter, and with a tang I tasted in the back of my mouth. It was warmer than her pussy cream, if that’s even possible, but had such a thin consistency; it coated my tongue in an instant.

My tongue quickly continued path up across her cunt, eager to explore all she has to offer. My tongue sinks inside when it passes over the entrance to her tunnel and I pull it out, thick with her cream, as I continue my mouths’ accent to her ass. When I reach her final tight hole, my lips encircle their prize and I dive in with gusto. I get lost rimming her sweet bung. Her tight ring of muscles contact and grab at my tongue as I slowly but firmly probe as deep as I can reach with my squirming, pink tongue.

I pull back and admire her wonderful ass. I have never seen it so soon after sitting on the toilet and there is still a red ring from the circular lid pressed into her fleshy ass checks. For some reason, seeing her ass still have the visible ring from the toilet seat turns me on even more and I cannot keep my face from between her legs. I notice a few errant streaks of her pee running down her thighs. I open my mouth and lick up the inside of each thigh from the knee to her sweet V in the middle, not leaving a single sweat drop behind. I focus on where her legs meet and begin devouring her pussy with abandon. Licking around her thighs, running my tongue up inside her pink folds looking for another taste of her gold. I murmur with my mouth full of her hot cunt, “It tastes so good, it tastes so sweet…more…..give me more…” She reaches under, and spreads her lips with her fingers in a wide V. I open for the treat, and she releases it to me, another spoonful of her golden nectar straight from her cunt onto my waiting tongue. I swear, as her pee hits my tongue it hits me, like a bolt of electricity, the pure wildness, my wife is pissing in my face, and I am LOVING IT! My cock had never been as hard as it was at that instant.

I pull my mouth off her and savor the taste of her warm, fresh pee. I swish it around like the fine wine it is. As I squat behind her licking her pissy pussy, I am staring right at her brown eye, right at the target for my cock. I know I’m going to fuck her ass, and at that moment I know exactly how. I swallow half of what she gave she me and spit the other half right onto her back door. Before she can fully react, I stand up and with hand on my cock and the other at her shoulder; I drive my steel-hard dick right up her asshole. The sound she makes as I violate her ass is music to my ears. Half scream, half grunt, and all moan.

She is no stranger to anal; she’s taken my dick up that ass plenty of times, though usually with more preparation and plenty of lube. This time she had no time to adjust and other than my spit and a small but of her own urine, she didn’t have the benefit of any lube to make my entrance any easier. I see her face in the mirror, and the expression I see is absolute perfection. Her eyes are squeezed tight as if she is in intense pain, but her mouth is wide open and I swear, there is a bit of a smile to it. I slowly pull my way out until just the ring of my head is inside her, and with a grunt, I thrust deep inside her again. This time her eyes pop open and I see a few tears start down her checks. I’ve got her now. I begin pumping away, taking long, hard thrusts at her butt. My heavy balls are hanging low and banging against her wet cunt lips with each thrust. The excitement of her peeing, the wildness of her blow job, and the intensity of me nearly raping her little butthole has me close to the edge. I’m doubled over her, my weight pinning her to the counter as I repeatedly ravage her puckered back side. Grunting in her ear like an animal, I’m close enough to lick the tears off her face and hear her soft whimpers as I enter her in the vilest way.

I pull back, withdrawing slowly. Removing my cock completely from her ass, letting her tight little door snap closed before drilling in again. It sounds like I’ve knocked the wind out of her as I stick my dick back up her ass. Again I pull out, and again drill deep into her bowels, her grunts and sobs are echoing off the bathroom walls, and it’s not long before her ass hole gives out. It stops trying to close when I pull out, it just stays open, a perfect gaping hole. I spit a heavy glob at it and smear it around with my cock. I see her fingers clenching the counter and her breathing quicken with the touch of my cock, expecting the worst. Her sobs become a scream when she gets it.

Another thrust, followed by another pullout and dose of spit, before long, I’m pulling out with such regularity, that her asshole is making obscene sounds as I fuck it. Each thrust of my cock forces out wet, sloppy sounding farts. That’s the final trigger for me, and with a yelp, I grip her hips tightly and jam my meat deep inside one last time. I bury my shaft to the balls as I spasm and twitch as I fill up her shit box with my load. My vision blurs as my balls contract and I feel pulse after pulse race down the length of my dick, pumping hot cum into her.

She feels me swelling inside her and knows her anal assault is over. Her breathes deep, and collapses into the sink, her knees almost giving out from the ruthless ass pounding she received. I rest on top of her, breathing heavy and deep. My dick slowly softening until it slips out of her butthole with a wet slop.

“Shower?” you breathe and turn slightly to face me.

“Oh yes. Definitely,” I pant in return.

We climb into the shower and begin to soap each other up. As she cleans off my limp dick, she asks, “So, are you finished for the night, or would you be interested in Round 2?”

“I am definitely interested in another round.” I reply as I playfully swat at her soft, round butt.

“Good, because I believe I have something special in mind for you mister.” She gives me a wicked smile and I know my evening is far from over, and is about to get even more interesting.

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