gap year

Jess had looked forward to her trip for a long time. Ever since she had heard about the opportunity at a gap year fair she had had her heart set on it. She was currently being driven down the badly maintained track to the tribe’s village and both her excitement and nerves were building.

The tribe that Jess would be living with had little contact with the outside world, and so had preserved many of their strange customs and traditions. Jess knew little about them, but was aware that at the end of her month there the annual coming of age ceremony would be taking place. She knew that this ceremony was participated in by all of those who had turned eighteen during the past twelve months and was intended to help them find a spouse. Having turned eighteen earlier that year she was fascinated to witness the ceremony.

Soon they arrived on the outskirts of the village, and the vehicle drew to a stop. The driver stepped out of the vehicle and unloaded her bags. Jess stepped out too, wondering what she was to do next, how to introduce herself. As she stood there staring in the direction of the village, the driver jumped back in the vehicle and drove off.

Jess picked up her bags and started to walk tentatively towards the outskirts of the village. It consisted of relatively crude huts, built in a circle around a central open area. Nobody seemed to be around. The village seemed almost abandoned. She wondered what had happened, and various terrible prospects filled her mind.

She walked into the central area and looked around. Suddenly she got the shock of her life. A group of completely naked men of varying ages leapt out from their concealment all around her and started to race towards her. Jess was terrified. What were they going to do to her?

As they approached, suddenly they broke into what appeared to be a dance, all moving in time to some non-existent music. She stared in shock at the display. This seemed to be some kind of welcoming party, but what a strange party it was. Not a single man in the group (which seemed to consist of men ranging from about her age right up to much older men) was wearing a stitch of clothing.

Jess had never even seen a naked man in real life before. She had attended a girl’s school back at home, and came from a protective family. She’d never even had a boyfriend. It was such a strange sight to see so many naked men all at once. Jess stole a glance at a few of their penises, which they were making no attempt to hide. She wondered if they would mind, but thought that if this was the way they normally walked around, it probably would not bother them. Jess found a few of the younger men quite attractive, and decided that it might be an even more enjoyable month than she had previously expected if the men walked around naked.

Then a thought struck her. She looked down at her own body, concealed in her western clothes, and looked back at the naked men. She knew so little about this tribe and their customs. Would she be expected to spend the month naked too? The thought horrified her.

Soon her confusion was increased further as another group of villagers came dancing out to join the other men. It was a mixture of younger boys and girls, mostly in their teens she would have guessed, and they were all fully dressed in brightly coloured clothing. She breathed a small sigh of relief at the revelation that not everyone in the village walked around naked.

Finally a group of women, ranging like the original men from around her age to much older, came out and started dancing. They too were naked and made no attempt to hide their own bodies. Unlike the men, however, they had elaborate paintings all over their body: symbols and pictures that meant nothing to Jess but which must signify something to the tribe.

Now the whole area was full of dancing villagers — the younger amongst them fully dressed in traditional tribal robes, the older completely naked and seemingly not remotely embarrassed. Finally a small group of villagers started to play traditional instruments, and the air was full of the sound of the tribe’s traditional music, mixed with the singing of the tribespeople. Jess’ nerves were starting to give way now to fascination at this strange but enthusiastic greeting.

Eventually the music and singing died down and one of the women stepped forward to greet Jess. She was a very attractive girl who looked to be around Jess’ age, and to Jess’ relief was wrapped in the tribe’s traditional robes, not naked like her older peers.

“Hello and welcome,” she said to Jess, smiling and giving a little bow of her head.

Jess was a little uncertain as to how to respond, but bowed her head back slightly and thanked the woman.

“My name is Sigma and I will be looking after you during your stay in the village,” the woman explained in good but heavily accented English.

“I’m Jess,” responded Jess. “I’m so pleased to be here in your village. That was a great welcome.”

Sigma turned to the other villagers and said something in their native tongue. A chant went up from around the group.

“They are chanting their pleasure that you enjoyed it,” Sigma translated.

Sigma introduced Jess to some of the other tribe members, both those who were senior within the tribe and those who were Sigma’s friends and family. Jess discovered that many of the older tribespeople could not speak any English, but some of the younger ones, including Sigma, had been taught English during a short lived government programme a few years earlier.


Over the next few days Jess learnt many things about the tribe. The tribe members did not usually walk around naked. Normally they would wear rather dull coloured but intricately patterned robes. It was only on major ceremonial occasions that they would vary from this normal dress. On the most special of occasions those who had not yet come of age would wear the brightly coloured robes, whereas those who had would wear nothing at all.

Sigma explained the reason for this somewhat strange behaviour. Many years ago the village had suffered a run of awful events, and the tribespeople had become convinced that they must have offended the spirits. At the time, nudity was highly frowned on within the tribe, and to be naked in public was considered a thing of great shame. It was reserved for those who had committed some major crime against the tribe — they would be stripped of their clothes and then cast out of the village.

The villagers however were desperate to bring their run of ill luck to an end, and eventually decided that the only way to appease the spirits would be for all of them to dance completely naked around the village, to demonstrate their shame at having wronged the spirits. Almost immediately after this first ceremony, the tribe’s luck had changed, and everyone became convinced that they had been forgiven by the spirits.

Now it had become tradition to disrobe for any major ceremonial event, to demonstrate their shame for any wrong they may have done previously, and to avoid the spirits becoming offended again. Only those who had not come of age yet were excluded from this obligation, because no tribesperson was deemed to have responsibility for the actions of the tribe until they had been through the coming of age ceremony.

Jess started to engage in many of the traditional day-to-day activities of the tribe, from going to collect water at the nearby lake to preparing the food to helping in making the elaborately decorated robes all the tribespeople wore. She was delighted to be gifted her own set of robes, which made her blend in slightly better than she had when she had been wearing her Western clothes.

Jess found the tribespeople extremely friendly. They rarely saw outsiders in their village, and so this fair skinned girl was very exciting and exotic to them. Jess was by any account a very attractive girl, a beautiful brunette with a great figure. She proved especially popular with the menfolk of the village. Being a traditionally shy girl who normally dressed down and made little of her looks, Jess had never had the amount of male attention that might have been expected for a girl of her looks when back at home. But here she was the centre of attention, and, after some initial reticence, she started to love her new found role.

She became especially close to one of the boys, Theta. He was the same age as Jess and was preparing to take part in the coming of age ceremony at the end of the month. Like Jess, he was a little shy, but he was a very attractive boy. He had a reputation in the village as being one of the best hunters, something which Jess would not normally have looked for in a boy, but which she could understand the attraction of in a village that was hundreds of miles from the nearest supermarket.

After a few weeks, Sigma told Jess she needed a word with her. Whilst she was pleased Jess was settling into the tribe so well, she had some concerns. Firstly, Jess had become a very popular girl amongst the young men in the village, and there had been mumblings amongst them about the amount of time she was spending with Theta. Whilst Jess might be leaving at the end of the month, Theta would be staying, and it would not be good for him to become unpopular due to the amount of time he was spending with Jess.

Secondly, it was not the done thing in the village for any girl and boy to spend too much time with each other prior to coming of age. They were supposed to socialise with everyone, so that they could get the best idea of who would make the best spouse for them. The older tribespeople particularly were concerned about their breach of custom, and concerned that Theta was not socialising with the other girls in the village to try to find himself a future wife.

Thirdly, Sigma was worried that Theta may be developing the expectation that Jess would become his future wife, and would stay in the village with him. He would be bitterly disappointed when she left the village, and Sigma felt it was unfair for Jess to lead him on, no matter how unintentionally, especially at this important time in his life.

Jess was very disappointed to hear this, but understood. She didn’t want to cause any trouble for the tribe, especially for Theta, of whom she was very fond. Over the next few weeks she did her best to spend more time with the other tribespeople, and to only see Theta occasionally. Theta seemed slightly confused and hurt by her apparent rejection, but she hoped that it would be for the best in the long term.


The day of the coming of age ceremony finally arrived. There had been a great anticipation around the village prior to the ceremony, especially amongst those who would be participating in the ceremony. It was an extremely important event for them — not only the day on which they would come of age and be able to take a full part in village life, but also the day when they were supposed to find a future spouse.

Jess had met all of the people who were to participate in the ceremony. There were four girls, Sigma amongst them, and five boys, including Theta. The imbalance added an extra degree of nerves for the male participants, as one of them was certain to end up without a partner. Not only did this mean a lonely time at the ceremony, but, given there was little opportunity to socialise outside of the village, it meant an uncertain future. There were two single girls in the village who had come of age in the past few years and not been able to find a spouse, but none of the boys were at all keen on the prospect of marrying either of them.

The ceremony started after lunch. All the female members of the tribe gathered on one side of the central circle, with the four girls who would be taking part in the ceremony at the front, and the males gathered at the other side in similar fashion. Jess was sitting close to the front, dressed in her own brightly coloured ceremonial robes that she had made with Sigma’s help over the past few weeks. Jess was rather pleased to see that none of the tribespeople were naked for this ceremony, as she would have again felt rather embarrassed.

Just prior to the commencement of the ceremony, Sigma turned to Jess.

“The first part of the ceremony will be traditional dancing with the boys,” she whispered. “I’m sure no one would mind if you took part too. After all, otherwise one of the boys will be left without a partner.”

At first Jess resisted and declined the offer. She didn’t want to invade their special ceremony, and anyway, apart from helping Sigma practice her dancing for the ceremony, she had little knowledge of how to perform the dance. However, Sigma insisted, and eventually Jess gave in. She had after all spent the last year looking forward to this ceremony. It would be the only chance in her life to take part in it. Why not?

The music struck up, and the girls, Jess included, danced into the middle of the circle, as did the boys from the other side. Each girl partnered up with one of the boys, Jess taking care not to partner up with Theta, lest she be taken to be giving him any signals.

The dancing continued for quite some time, the girls and boys regularly swapping partners. During a short break, Sigma explained to Jess that dancing was a very important part of tribal life, and that traditionally this part of the ceremony was designed to help participants test potential partner’s dancing ability, to help them make their final decision as to why they wished to spend the rest of their life with.

Jess laughed a little.

“Surely you’re not going to change your mind about your future husband based solely on how he dances?” she smiled.

Sigma looked serious for a second.

“The dances are each representative of different things. One is representative of hunting ability, another of fertility, and so on. We are supposed to be able to tell how good the boy is at these things by the way they dance.”

Jess’ smile fell a little. She hoped she hadn’t offended Sigma.

Then Sigma chuckled a little.

“Of course most of us don’t really believe that any more. It’s just ceremony. No, I decided which boy I wanted years ago.”

She blushed a little then subtly gestured to one of the boys on the other side of the circle, who was laughing and joking with a tribal elder. His name was Chi, and Jess could see what Sigma saw in him. He was very funny and a perfect gentleman. He wasn’t at all bad looking, either. There was also a rumour amongst the girls that he had been bitten on the penis by a venomous snake many years ago, and this had caused it still today to be swelled to a most impressive size. Size, it appeared, did matter to the girls in the village. It was a genuinely held belief that those with larger penises were more fertile and better lovers. Given that those who had not come of age yet would never be naked in public within the village however, nobody had any idea as to whether Chi’s penis really was as impressively sized as was believed, and Jess thought it rather farfetched.

The dancing went on for hours. At times they were joined by the other villagers, and Jess was by now very much enjoying the ceremony. Her initial inhibitions were lost. She felt very much one of the tribe and was really glad that she had not just sat out as a spectator.

Later in the afternoon the dancing finally ended and it was time for a series of trials for the villagers who were coming of age to prove themselves ready to be admitted into adulthood. The trials for the boys were of a very physical nature — catching a wild boar that was let loose in the village, an archery demonstration, even running over hot coals. The girls, in accordance with their traditional roles, were expected to show demonstrations of their needlework and to cook a meal for the entire village. Again, Jess was invited to join in, and, though her needlework was nothing compared to the standard of the other girls, the villagers were most impressed by how quickly she had learnt. She was delighted when all the villagers declared the meal cooked to be the best they had ever tasted at a coming of age ceremony.

As the light started to fade, the day entered its final section. Sigma explained that each of the villagers who were coming of age would step forward to be declared an adult by a tribal elder. They would then be expected to remove their robes and stand there naked in front of the entire village. Sigma explained that although as children they were immune from any responsibility for wrongdoing by the tribe, all adults had to accept responsibility for any wrong done by any member of the tribe, and the disrobing was a symbolic representation of their acceptance of this responsibility, and their shame for any wrongdoing the tribe had committed in the past.

“Are you… are you nervous about that?” Jess asked, very surprised at the revelation.

Sigma blushed.

“Of course,” she said. “We are a very private people normally — that’s why we always wear these robes which show very little of our bodies or even their shape. It is most embarrassing for us to be naked in public, and this is even worse that the big ceremonies like you witnessed when you arrived. Almost everyone else will be dressed — it will only be the new adults who will be naked, and it will be our very first time revealing our bodies.”

Jess felt bad for Sigma and the others, and was very glad that she would not have to undress in front of the rest of the tribe.

First it was the turn of the boys to be inducted into adulthood. The first boy stepped forward and bowed his head slightly before the great tribal elder who was stood in the centre of the circle. The elder recited a long chant, which Sigma whispered was welcoming the boy to adulthood and explaining his rights and responsibilities. The boy chanted back, accepting the welcome and agreeing to do his best for the tribe and to abide by its laws and customs. Then the elder made a gesture by pulling on his own robes.

The boy looked around at the entire group assembled nervously, then, as quickly as he could, removed the robes and dropped them on the ground. A chant went up from the entire tribe, welcoming him to adulthood. He looked rather embarrassed at his nudity and all the attention, but did his best to smile.

Jess looked at his body, especially his crotch. A feeling of excitement welled up inside her. She had only once before seen naked men, on her first day in the village, and then she had been rather too nervous to enjoy the sight much. Now she was determined to enjoy the five naked bodies, the five exposed cocks that would be presented in front of her. She was especially looking forward to seeing Theta naked, although she also couldn’t wait to find out in the rumours about Chi’s penis were true.

The first boy went back to the edge of the circle, and another of the boys approached the centre. Again, he went through the same process. However, upon him removing his robes Jess noticed almost immediately that he had a partial erection. Jess found the sight of an erect penis even more exciting that the flaccid penises she had already seen, and could feel her own body starting to respond to the sexually exciting nature of the events. She looked at Sigma, wondering if she was feeling the same, but Sigma was just staring into space, seemingly more concerned about her own exposure to the group.

Next up was Chi, and that did get Sigma’s attention. Jess wished that the chanting wasn’t nearly so long, and her excitement grew as the moment of exposure grew closer. Finally, after only a second’s pause to take a deep breath, Chi removed his robes. Whilst she still doubted that a snake bite was the reason, Jess had to admit that Chi did indeed have a penis of a most impressive length, even in its largely flaccid state. Jess tore her eyes away from his cock for a moment to look at Sigma, who’s eyes were clearly fixed on a very specific part of his body. Sigma had a wide smile on her face.

Chi looked over at the girls, and his eyes seemed to focus on Sigma. Sigma did not notice as her eyes were still focussed on his crotch. Jess nudged Sigma a little, and Sigma looked at her, seemingly annoyed to be distracted. Jess gestured with her head towards Chi, and Sigma looked over. Upon seeing that Chi was looking at her, Sigma blushed and looked away. Finally Chi returned to his place, but Jess noticed that his penis seemed to have grown a little since she first saw it. She really hoped for Sigma that Chi was hoping to be with her by the end of the day.

Theta was last of the boys, so Jess had to wait for one more boy to be inducted into adulthood before she got to see Theta approach the centre. He looked very nervous — Jess knew that he did not like to be the centre of attention. Though Jess did not understand what was being chanted, she had by now got a good impression of what it should sound like, and it was clear that Theta kept tripping over his words. Every so often he would glance over at her, and she would give him an encouraging smile. Finally the time to disrobe came. He stood there for ages, tugging at his robe but not removing it. Some disquiet started to arise around the circle. Finally he glanced over at Jess. Jess herself was starting to get frustrated at the wait to see him naked, but tried to give him another encouraging smile.

Still focussed on her, he finally removed his robes and let them fall to the floor. Jess was rather embarrassed to admire his body when he was watching her, and kept focussed on his face, as much as she wanted to look down.

It was Sigma’s turn to nudge Jess now.

“You can look down — I’m sure he won’t mind,” she whispered.

Jess let her desires get the better of her reticence, and looked down his body. He was clearly very strong and fit, and his penis was nothing to be ashamed of either. There was something particularly exciting about seeing Theta’s private parts. She wasn’t only physically attracted to him, but she really liked his personality too. In different circumstances, had she not been leaving the tribe, he would have been a perfect boyfriend. Seeing this boy she felt very attracted to both physically and emotionally naked was thrilling.

She realised now that she hadn’t touched herself since she arrived in the village. She was used to having a room to herself at home and could play with herself in private whenever she wanted. But here all the huts consisted of one room shared with the whole family, so she hadn’t had any privacy. She could feel her private parts begging to be touched and pleasured, and was glad that in a few days she would be leaving the village and be able to relive all this excitement in the privacy of her own room.

Finally Theta retired back to his side of the circle, and it was the girls’ turn to go through the ceremonial induction to adulthood. Again each walked up in turn, exchanged chants with the elder, and then nervously dropped their robes. Soon there were three naked girls — no, they had come of age now, they were women now — sitting close to Sigma and Jess, clearly fighting the urge to cover up their bodies.

Finally it was Sigma’s turn. She looked at Jess for encouragement, and Jess smiled back. She felt a little bad that she was able to sit there and just watch while the other girls had to go through the embarrassment of the very public strip, but knew that this was a long held tradition that everyone in the village had to endure once in their life.

Sigma chanted loudly and confidently, and at the conclusion removed her robes. Sigma was so private that even though she had spent much of the last month with Jess, and they had shared a room and bathed together in the local lake, Jess had still never seen her naked. The revealing of her body showed that it matched her face in terms of attractiveness: she was slim and well proportioned. Jess had noticed both at the initial welcoming event and today that all the women in the village appeared to have large breasts, but Sigma had the largest chest she had seen whilst she had been in the village. It was normally concealed by her robes, and Jess was sure it would be a big plus on her side if any of the boys were still undecided as to which girl to select.

Jess looked over at Chi, who clearly had his eyes very much fixed upon her naked body, and saw that his penis seemed to be very much more erect than before. Finally Sigma came to sit back down, and as she approached Jess noticed another interesting feature about her body. Unlike the other girls, whose pubic hair was natural and very thick, Sigma’s crotch was entirely bare. Sigma blushed when Jess pointed this out, and explained that she had once heard Chi say that he did not find body hair on girls attractive in the least.

The elder in the centre of the circle seemed to be waiting for something, and all eyes were now turned on Jess. For a second she wondered why, then she realised. They were expecting her to participate in the ceremony too.

She started to shake her head violently and started to protest to Sigma, but Sigma dismissed her complaints.

“Come on Jess,” she said, nicely but firmly. “We’ve all done it. We all found it incredibly embarrassing, but we all did it. It’s a once in a lifetime event, for you as much as for us. You’ll regret it if you don’t do it.”

Jess continued to protest, but her protests started to weaken. She had been made to feel so much a part of the tribe over the last month, and to exclude herself now from their most important ceremony seemed rather rude.

“But… I don’t know what to chant!” she protested.

Sigma reassured her that the elder would help her.

Nervously Jess walked towards the elder. An anticipatory silence fell around the village.

Jess remembered how to begin, and gave a little bow of her head to the elder. The elder broke his stern expression for a moment to give her an encouraging smile. He then began his chanting.

After the chant had come to an end Jess stood there wondering what to do next. She tried to remember what the others had chanted. She remembered how the beginning went and started, rather nervously. The elder smiled encouragingly again. As she started to waiver, the elder whispered the correct words to her, and she was able to carry on. Finally her chant was done. The elder tugged on his robes.

This was the moment Jess had been dreading. She looked over at the male contingent, and the five naked men who had endured the ceremony before her. She looked back at the females, and the village’s newest four women, all completely naked also. Jess had always been very insecure about her body. She had always been very flat chested growing up, and although to her relief her breasts had filled out a little in recent years, they were still on the smaller side, and were dwarfed by those of the tribal women. She never even normally wore particularly revealing clothes, but now she was facing being completely naked in front of the whole village, ranging from friends to those she didn’t know at all.

She took a deep breath and dropped her robes, exposing her body completely. A chant went up from around the circle, seemingly even louder and more enthusiastic that it had been for any of the previous participants. All eyes were on her exposed body. It was a novelty to the tribe, her fair skin. Her chest was a particular source of interest, both because of its size and proportions. The tribal women all had large nipples and areolas, whereas Jess’ were small and tight. Hundreds of pairs of eyes were exploring her body all over, from head to foot. The pairs of eyes she saw focussed on her crotch were particularly embarrassing. She had never expected anyone other than a boyfriend to see her down there.

Just as she was forbidden by tribal custom from hiding her body, so were the men who had already been disrobed. Their still exposed crotches gave away their excitement at seeing this spectacle. Every single one of them now had an erection. Jess was incredibly flattered at this sight. Her insecurities about her body melted away. She couldn’t believe that she was here, thousands of miles from home, standing completely naked in front of the entire village.

Again she started to get aroused by the experience, but hoped that nobody could tell. She subconsciously clenched her legs together tightly, determined that nobody would notice her increasing moistness between them. Sexual excitement had always been something private for her before, something that happened when she lay on her bed, pyjama bottoms round her ankles, playing with herself and fantasising. She had never before been in such a sexually charged environment, never had such a problem keeping her sexual feelings under control in public.

She retreated back to the group on women, and Sigma gave her a hug and congratulated her.

“You are now a woman,” she told her.

It was strange, but she really did feel like one. She really did feel different, like some invisible barrier had been passed. She could fully understand how this ceremony prepared the village boys and girls for adulthood and marriage. Before today she hadn’t felt like she would be ready for either a long term relationship or sex for a long time, but now she almost wished that she was one of the other women, looking forward to starting a lifetime relationship with one of the men on the other side of the circle. If only she was staying, maybe her friendship with Theta could have become something more.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a nudge from Sigma. Something was happening. The five men had now lined up on the other side of the circle, each sporting a full erection.

“This is a symbol of their fertility,” whispered Sigma. “They prove that they can get an erection to prove that they will be suitable for marriage and fathering children.”

There was a sense of expectation throughout the crowd.

“This is the point where we go and select our future husband,” Sigma whispered, her voice trembling with nerves. “We approach our desired man and take hold of his… thing and start to massage it. If the man wishes to marry us, he will allow us to continue, and will attempt to…”

She struggled for the word.

“Finish — you know?” she asked.

Jess nodded mutely, her excitement growing as the overtly sexual nature of the event’s climax was explained.

“If he finishes, that proves that he is able to… you know… perform his duties as a husband for that woman, and the two will be betrothed. If he can’t, the two can never be together.”

“And — what if he doesn’t want the woman? What if he wants a different one?” Jess asked.

“Then he has to stop the woman touching him straight away — he must remove her hand,” Sigma explained. “That’s the sign that he is not prepared to marry her.”

“And if two women want the same man…?” Jess asked.

“Then it is a matter of who can grab him first!” exclaimed Sigma. “You will see quite a race when we are told we can go!”

One of the elders approached and said something in the native language. Almost immediately the four women stood and raced over to the men. There was a fair amount of pushing and shoving, but Jess was delighted to see Sigma get hold of Chi’s giant cock. Her hand started pumping it furiously — she was clearly determined to make him cum before he could change his mind.

Two of the other woman looked disappointed at their failure to grab hold of the most coveted asset, but they both quickly found another man to pleasure. The fourth woman had no hesitation in approaching one of the remaining men, and he seemed delighted to have been selected by her. None of the men made any attempt to resist the pleasuring of their penises by the women. Jess realised that they would all be terrified of being left as the one without a partner by the end of the night.

That indignity fell to Theta. As four naked woman pumped away at four throbbing cocks he stood there on his own, looking entirely dejected, his erect cock already starting to shrink as the disappointment set in. Jess felt incredibly bad for the man who had become her best friend within the village. She couldn’t understand why he had been left out. If it had been her choice, if she had been one of the tribal women, she would have been racing towards him as quickly as she could.

Suddenly, without giving herself chance for a second thought, that is exactly what she did. She stood and raced across the circle towards Theta, grabbing his cock in her hand. The other women broke off from their own work for a few seconds to witness with surprise this unusual turn of events. The expression on Theta’s face turned from crushing disappointment to a massive smile. Jess would worry tomorrow about the implications of this rash decision — right now, there was only one thing on her mind.

Soon a cheer went up from around the group. Chi had orgasmed and his cum and shot directly onto Sigma’s huge breasts. Both Chi and Sigma had a look of considerable satisfaction and happiness on their faces — Jess knew that this was much more than just a hand job — they were now betrothed; they would now spend the rest of their lives as husband and wife. It made her pause for a second — she knew that in pleasuring Theta she was causing a massive problem for herself tomorrow, but she didn’t care. She would worry about that then.

His cock became fully erect again almost immediately after she started massaging it, and soon she could see his pre-cum glistening on the head. She had never seen a man orgasm before — she hadn’t even seen Chi orgasm as she had been so focussed on Theta’s cock at the time. She so much wanted to see him orgasm now, as soon as possible. She could feel herself getting increasingly wet between her legs and hoped that he would be returning the favour later.

Two more men reached climax, but Jess hardly noticed. She was focussed on one man only. She could hear him moaning in satisfaction, saying words in his native language of which she could guess the meaning. She continued to massage his shaft, desperately hoping she was doing the right thing. Then it happened. A shot of cum flew out of the tip and onto her body, landing on her stomach. She hoped there was more. She wanted to be covered in it. She knelt down a little and aimed him squarely at her breasts. She was rewarded with another spurt, which hit her left nipple as accurately as he had hit the centre of the target with his arrow earlier during the archery.

She squeezed every last drop onto her body, then looked up at him. She had never seen a man so happy. She had never been so happy either.

One final orgasm from the man standing next to Theta brought the ceremony to an end. Every woman had found her man, and every man had proved himself worthy of being a husband. Four new couples had been created.

Sigma approached Jess hurriedly, breasts still covered in her new fiancé’s semen. She took Jess away from the group.

“What are you doing?” she asked, seeming to be quite angry.

“The same as all of you,” Jess smiled back, unsure as to why Sigma was so angry.

“But you are now betrothed to Theta, you know that?!” exclaimed Sigma. “How do you think he will feel when you leave the village in a few days time?”

“He… he understands,” said Jess, a little uncertain now.

“No he doesn’t!” replied Sigma. “He thinks you are to be his wife! Everyone does!”

Jess was a little downcast by this revelation, but was in no mood to have her bubble burst now.

“So what happens next in the ceremony?” she asked, trying to avoid the main issue.

“That’s it, it’s over,” said Sigma, still clearly angry. “Each couple will be given a new hut by the elders, and now we retire to them with our new fiancé’s to… you know… celebrate.”

“You mean… have full sex?” Jess asked.

“Yes,” blushed Sigma.

“Do… do Theta and I get a hut?” asked Jess, hopefully.

“Yes!” exclaimed Sigma, angry again, “because everyone thinks you are betrothed!”

Jess wasn’t worried about anything else now. She would sort everything out in the morning. Right now, it was time for her and Theta to retire to their hut.


Before Sigma could raise any further objection, Jess walked away, back to Theta. He looked to be in shock at the strange turn of events, but on seeing her his face broke out into a wide smile. His smile was one of her favourite features. He always seemed to smile when he saw her. She made him happy, she knew that, everyone knew that.

Instinctively she threw her arms around him, pressing her naked body against his, pressing her lips to his. In the moment their lips touched she remembered that this was the first time they had kissed. She hardly knew what to do, so little experience did she have even of this, but her instincts took over. She kissed him with all her passion, blocking out the crowds around them, knowing it was only him and her in the world.

It was Theta who broke the kiss. She looked at him, slightly indignantly, wondering why he had ended their shared pleasure, a moment she had wanted to continue forever. Theta took her hand and started to lead her through the crowd, which divided to let them pass. Jess looked from side to side and saw that all eyes were on them. They were engulfed in hundreds of whispers from all around. She looked behind her and saw Sigma staring at her, stony faced, so annoyed that she was even ignoring her own prize.

As they broke free from the crowd Theta started to pick up pace, so that they were almost running through the village. As they left the central circle the light from the burning torches faded and they were enshrouded in darkness. Soon she couldn’t make out even the ground at her feet, but she let Theta lead, knowing that she would be safe for as long as she held on to him.

Theta was taking her away from the part of the village she knew, the part she had lived in up to now, and into a part of the village she did not even know existed. Most of the huts they passed were empty, their inhabitants obviously still at the ceremony, still talking about the white girl who had betrothed herself to one of their number.

Finally Jess saw a pinprick of light in the distance. They were now running, heading towards the light as fast as their legs would carry them. As they approached, Sigma could see that the light was coming from two torches outside one of the huts.

The hut was different to all the rest. It had been elaborately decorated all over with pictures of men hunting improbably sized wild creatures. She knew that this was Theta’s hut, the place where the expert hunter could bring home his prey.

Outside was a trough full of water, and as they reached it, Theta stopped.

“There is a tradition that we follow when we bring our future spouse home for the first time,” Theta explained.

“To symbolise our purity and virginity we wash each other clean with the water before we enter our new hut.”

Theta bent down and dipped his hand in the water. He brought it towards her, and rubbed it over her stomach, wiping off the dried cum, the physical reminder of what had happened a short time before. The cold water made Jess jump a little, and for the first time she realised that there was a late evening chill in the air. The coldness reminded her of their nakedness.

What a strange situation she found herself in. This shy girl from England who had never even been touched before, about to lose her virginity thousands of miles from home to a boy she had never even been on so much as a date with, in a strange tribal ritual that she knew nothing of.

She felt Theta’s hands on her again, now on her bare breasts, gently massaging the cold water into them. She looked at him, his face lit up with the happiest expression she had ever seen on it. He focussed diligently on his task, leaving not an inch of her upper body unwashed. His caressing of her was clumsy and inexpert, his inexperience obvious, but his love and care for her obvious. He was clearly not just enjoying touching a pair of breasts, he was enjoying the fact that they were her breasts.

Next he moved on to her legs, washing each thoroughly, clearly enjoying the sensation of touching her bare skin. Her body started to acclimatise to the temperature of the water, the gentle breeze beginning to feel soothing against her bare skin. The touch of his rugged hands reminded her of his skill at hunting, and she remembered how safe she had felt running into the unknown in his company.

Jess started to relax again, and started to enjoy her ceremonial washing. By now she knew that only one part of her body remained to be washed, and she was starting to look forward to it.

Having taken an age to wash her feet, Theta looked up at her and blushed. He knelt there silent, looking like he was looking for the right words for his next request. Jess understood. She positioned herself so that her legs were apart, giving Theta access to that last forbidden part of her body.

Theta’s smile grew even wider. He washed his hands thoroughly in the trough, then dipped them in one final time to cover them in water. He placed his right hand between her legs, touching her where she had never been touched before. The coldness of the water against her private parts made her jump a little, and Theta stopped, a concerned look crossing his face.

“Do you not want me touching you there?” he asked.

Jess thought for a second. This was her last chance to stop things before they went too far. Then again, had they not already gone too far?

“Yes… yes,” she giggled, “it was just cold, that’s all.”

She looked him straight in the eyes.

“I’d love you to touch me there,” she said.

He dipped his hand in the water again, then turned to look at her, seemingly unsure of what to do. Theta seemed to be taking an age to pluck up the courage, and frustration started to well up inside her. She had had to go through the sexually charged coming of age ceremony without any opportunity to pleasure herself, and now she really needed an opportunity to release her pent up desires.

Finally Theta reached out and placed his hand between her legs, and this time she didn’t jump. She had always worried about what her first time with a boy would be like, her first time being touched, but this just felt right. He started to rub up and down her lips, but frustratingly never reached quite high enough to touch her clit. With her own hand, she gently manoeuvred his hand upwards, and was rewarded immediately as her sensitive clit responded to his touch.

Then he stopped. Frustration immediately welled up inside her again. After a month without being able to play with herself, after all the events of the day, she didn’t want to wait any longer.

“You have to wash me,” Theta explained. “Then we can go inside.”

He blushed slightly at the thought of what was to happen next. Jess giggled at their shared inexperience. She was glad that it was his first time too. She knew that it would be as special for him as it would be for her.

Jess dipped her own hands in the trough and then started to run them over Theta’s muscular upper body. Her own body was telling her to get this over as soon as possible so that she could enter the hut and get back to being touched, but a small part of her brain told her to make it last, to enjoy every second of the experience. Whatever happened tomorrow, today would be one of the most special days of her life.

She ran her hands all over his chest, all over his handsome face, up and down his strong arms and legs. She was amazed that none of the other girls in the village had chosen him, but their loss was her gain. She took in every detail of his naked body, appraising it in a way she had never viewed a male body before. Jess had always been a girl who thought personality mattered more than looks, but her body was telling her that looks could be a very nice bonus.

Finally there was only one part of his body remaining to be washed. Jess wet her hands in the trough once more, and fixed her eyes on his penis. It was starting to grow again; not yet fully erect, but certainly starting to prepare itself for its upcoming task.

Jess thought back to earlier in the central circle when she had touched him for the first time. It had all happened so quickly she had hardly had an opportunity to think about it. She was determined to concentrate more closely this time. Taking hold of his manhood she slowly pulled back the foreskin, taking in every detail with willing eyes. His penis responded to her touch, growing once again towards that impressive size.

She looked up at Theta. There was no need for words in any language. A mutual understanding formed between them, and both headed together into the hut.

Jess looked around the hut, lit by a single flickering lantern. Theta had already moved his things into the hut, but there was a large empty space. She understood instantly what it was for. It was her space. Theta could not have known which girl would choose him, and could not even have hoped that the English girl would choose to participate so fully in the ceremony. This was their home now.

And there it was, in the middle of the hut — their bed. Like the bed she had been sleeping on for the past month, it was a simple affair: little more than a mattress stuffed with straw. Jess looked at Theta, wondering what happened next, hoping that he would take control and make the first move.

Theta moved close to her, looking straight in her eyes.

“I may never have been further than the next village,” Theta told her, softly, “but I know that you must be the most beautiful girl in the world.”

He wrapped his arms around her, and their lips met in a passionate kiss. He manoeuvred her slowly and gently towards the rudimentary mattress, their naked bodies pressed tight together.

They collapsed onto the mattress together, Theta on top, taking control. They continued to kiss, but now their hands explored each other’s bodies. Jess felt her breathing quicken, and could feel her whole body growing more sensitive to his touch. She could feel her girl parts between her legs once again begging for stimulation.

Theta parted his lips from hers and moved them down onto her neck, running a line of kisses down her body. As he reached her breasts, he paused for a second to contemplate them.

“You have perfect…”

He searched for the right word, but clearly intimate body parts had not been part of his English course.

“Boobs,” Jess supplied.

“You have perfect boobs,” Theta smiled.

Jess blushed slightly.

“Thanks,” she said, somewhat shyly.

Theta planted a kiss on each of her nipples, which gave Jess a feeling of pleasure much more intense than she had expected.

“More,” she said.

Theta kissed her left nipple again, then slowly started to run his tongue around it. The feeling was amazing, and was enhanced by the view; her strong hunter fiancé tenderly running his tongue around her nipple, all in the flickering light of the lantern. Outside she heard the call of some exotic bird. This was all like some kind of fantasy, but the sensations emanating from her nipple told her it was real.

Theta moved on down her body, building her anticipation. Finally, just as he was about to reach the important bit, he stopped.

“Is it OK if I kiss your…”

Again he tailed off, his otherwise excellent English language skills deserting him.

Jess giggled. She’d never discussed “down there” with even her closest friends. She didn’t really know what she wanted him to call it.

“I call it my va-jay-jay,” she said, giggling nervously again.

“Is it OK if I kiss your va-jay-jay?” he asked, smiling reassuringly at her.

She nodded.

She watched as he pressed his lips against her clit, the feeling sending a tingle of pleasure through her already aroused body. He planted another kiss, a longer kiss this time, slightly lower down. He looked up as her. In the flickering light she could see that he had some of her juices on his lips.

Although she could have let him kiss her there forever, she wanted his big strong arms around her again. She gently beckoned him to come back up her body, and he did so, kissing her all the way up, on her tummy, on her breasts, on her neck, and finally once again on her lips. He wrapped himself around her, holding her tight.

Jess could feel her heart racing in excitement and anticipation at what was coming next. Their bodies were pressed close together, and she could feel his erect cock pressing against her body, its tip moistened by his pre-cum. She had never felt so close to a boy — no, they had come of age: he was a man now, and she a woman — as she did now.

“I’m ready,” she whispered to him.

She hoped he knew what to do, because she didn’t. She understood the theory, but now that it came to do it for real, she felt clueless.

Theta kissed her again. She closed her eyes, kissed back, lost herself in the sensation. She hardly noticed as he pushed the head of his penis against her vagina. As he started to enter her, she felt it. She had expected it to feel horrible, but it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling. Just weird.

Theta said something to her in words that she did not at first recognise. It was his own native language, the language of the tribe. Then, from somewhere in the back of her mind came a flicker of recognition.

“I love you too,” she replied.

He entered her so slowly, so gently. Any discomfort she felt was drowned out by the love she felt for him in that moment. She would let him do anything to her, do anything he asked of her.

The sensation of movement between her legs stopped, leaving her with just the feeling of being full.

“Is it all in?” she whispered. He nodded.

“It feels…” She searched for a word that described how it felt, but couldn’t find one in any language.

“It feels nice,” she said, giving up on her search.

Theta said something else to her in his language, words that she couldn’t hope to translate, but which she knew the meaning of all the same. Love was a language of its own, a language which transcended mere words. She wished that she could stay in this moment forever.

She felt him start to pull himself out of her and immediately wanted him back in again. He obliged by pushing it back in, a bit harder and faster this time. Jess took a sharp intake of breath. Theta looked concerned. Jess kissed him.

“It’s OK, baby, just a bit weird,” she said.

Theta started to gently thrust in and out, making her vagina tingle with pleasure. Slowly she began to get used to the feeling of being penetrated, and she could feel his passage become easier as her vagina moistened and stretched to make way for him. She could see the pleasure on Theta’s face, feel his growing confidence in his thrusts. She stared into his eyes, trying to communicate her total trust and submission.

Her clit ached for attention, and she wanted to rub it so much, but she wanted even more for it to receive attention from Theta.

“Baby,” she breathed, and took hold of his hand. He willingly let her guide him. She placed it in the right place, then whispered, “rub there.”

It took Theta a few seconds to coordinate both the penetration and the rubbing, and for a few seconds frustration welled up inside her as both became irregular. Part of her wanted to jump on top of him and take control, but she knew that she had to let him be the boss. She wanted her man to be in control.

With hand and cock finally coordinated, Theta gave her a feeling like she had never experienced before. This wasn’t like playing with herself in the bedroom at home, this was something completely different. His smell, the warmth of his body, the shining of his eyes, the sound of his heavy breathing and gasps of pleasure. His cock thrusting in and out, his balls hitting her body with every thrust, his fingers making her clit tingle.

With his free hand he grabbed her boob forcefully. She gasped but didn’t resist. She was his to do with as he liked. She grabbed his bum and squeezed back. She gave him a playful spank.

Suddenly she felt his cock twitch inside her, and along with the expression on his face and the moan that emitted from his beautiful lips she knew that he had had his orgasm. It felt wonderful knowing that she had given her man the ultimate pleasure, and a tingly feeling ran through her body too.

Afterwards they lay there for ages in each other’s arms, not wanting the most perfect day, the most perfect night, to ever end. The feeling of their naked bodies together felt so natural. She had enjoyed her first time more than she ever thought she would, and she knew she had Theta to thank for that. She stared into his beautiful eyes, feeling nothing but total trust and love for him.


Jess woke up to a number of unfamiliar sensations and for a minute she couldn’t tell if she was still dreaming or not. The early morning light illuminated a hut with which she was not familiar. The gentle snores emitting from close beside her convinced her that she was not yet fully awake. She could feel an arm around her. Her lovely fantasy from her last dream had clearly not quite gone away yet.

She absent mindedly ran her hand down the back of her lifelike apparition. The very real sensation that her hand returned convinced her that she was not dreaming. Last night really had happened.

Memories from the previous night came flooding back now, and she began to get aroused once more, encouraged by the thought of what her sleeping lover would do to her when he awoke.

She could feel his limp manhood pressed against her leg, and she looked forward to the moment when she would again help him to get it erect.

Suddenly she had a thought. She carefully removed his hand from around her body, doing her best not to wake him, then, as subtly as she could, she lowered herself down his body.

She started by gently kissing her way up and down his shaft, treating it for the pleasure it had given her the night before. She didn’t really know what to do next, but she started to lick along the length of his manhood, which was now starting to respond to her attention. She heard a gentle moan from above, and looked up, but could see that his eyes were still closed and he appeared to still be asleep.

She decided that she was going to have to try a bit harder to wake him up and gently took hold of his manhood. She started to massage it, remembering the pleasure that doing so had given him at the coming of age ceremony yesterday. Another appreciative sound emitted from Theta’s lips, and he now started to stir.

Jess gently allowed the tip of his growing cock to enter her mouth, gradually getting used to the new experience. She felt Theta’s arms moving round, feeling for her, brushing against her shoulders, stroking the back of her head. His affectionate touch encouraged her to let him enter her mouth further.

She let his cock slide out of her mouth and looked up at him, his eyes now open, enjoying the view. As their eyes met they both shared a giggle at Jess’ chosen method of waking her lover.

Jess decided to put on a show for her beloved and ran her tongue up his erect cock, keeping her eyes fixed on his face to witness his enjoyment. After a few more licks she let him enter her mouth again, and heard him draw in a long breath in anticipation.

She gently slid his cock in and out of her mouth, using her hand to apply pressure. She knew it would not be long before he came: she could taste his pre-cum, could feel the glowing warmth of his shaft and its fully erect size. She could also feel her own parts aching to be touched again, and suddenly the teasing part of her personality broke through her arousal. Just as she was sure that he was about to cum she slid him out of her mouth and let go.

Theta looked at her, confused and then almost angry that he had been denied the incredible orgasm he had just been about to enjoy.

“Baby,” Jess said, smiling at him and attempting her best sexy but cute voice, “why don’t you kiss me down there for a bit, then we’ll do something… special to finish?”

The promise of “something special” seemed to placate him a bit, though he still looked frustrated to have had his pleasure deferred.

Theta once again kissed his way tenderly down her body. This morning she felt so much more relaxed than she had done last night, and she realised how tense she must have been then, though she had not noticed at the time. Each kiss gave a little tinge of pleasure emanating from where it had been carefully planted.

Finally he reached her tummy, then kissed down onto her left leg, onto her inner thigh. He kept kissing down her leg, away from her bits. She looked at him a little confused and frustrated. The kissing was nice, but she had been ready for something a bit more intimate. Then he looked up at her, and the smile on his face explained everything: he had been teasing her in the way she had just teased him.

Eventually he allowed his lips to meet those between her legs, planting gentle kisses which sent tingles through her body. Then he started to use his tongue to please her. It was the best thing she had ever felt. He flicked his tongue across her vulva, teasing her by pushing it as far as the opening of her vagina without ever quite penetrating her. He had learnt of the importance of her clit from his previous night’s experience and made sure that it received plenty of attention too.

She made sure to let him know how he was making her feel. “Mmm… yeah… baby… mmm… yeah, there… yes…” She gasped and moaned and just let herself do what felt right. She wanted him to know how fantastic he was making her feel.

She would have loved to lie there and have him do that to her forever, but she remembered her promise to him. She was ready to have him on top of her again as she had the previous night, but then a memory came back to her. She had once walked in on her best friend in flagrante with a boy. Though she had left the room as quickly as she could, she had just had time to make out the position they were in — her friend on her hands and knees, her boyfriend knelt behind her. She had always wanted to try it when she had a boyfriend of her own, and she didn’t know when she would next get the opportunity if she didn’t try it now.

Jess smiled at Theta then got herself into the same position she had seen her friend in that day. She looked up at Theta who seemed unsure as to what to do.

“Use your imagination,” she said, smiling at him.

He looked at her somewhat confused for a second. She gave a little jolt of her head to indicate that he should be behind her. She watched as a smile started to spread across his face. As he disappeared behind her she stole a quick glance as his still erect cock, knowing that she would soon be feeling it inside her.

A few seconds later she felt his cock being pushed against her vagina and took a deep breath as she felt him enter her. It wasn’t a familiar feeling yet, but at least she knew what to expect.

“Mmm, that feels lovely baby,” she said as she felt him fill her up.

She felt Theta take hold of her around the waist and remembered that this was exactly how her friend’s boyfriend had been holding her. There was something especially exciting about reliving that moment with her in the action, not just catching a stolen glance.

She could feel him going deeper than he had managed the night before and she knew that would take some getting used to.

“Gently, baby,” she implored.

He did as he was told, thrusting slowly at first, allowing her to reacquaint herself with the sensation. She missed being able to stare into his eyes, but she loved the submission of the position; she loved her man being in control.

Theta used his hands to explore her body, playing with her boobs, rubbing her clit, even giving her a back massage. Jess could feel herself edging closer to her first orgasm since she had arrived in the village.

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