As Lucy pulled into the driveway at Marg and Paula’s home, she could feel the slick spot on the seat beneath her bare vagina, she quickly checked her make up to ensure she looked desirable for her mistresses. As per usual she had a moment of apprehension before getting out of the car to go inside. Torn by the knowledge of the shameful acts of degradation and humiliation she submitted herself to, it conflicted with her body’s new found addiction to gratuitous sexual stimulation.

Without letting her mind linger on the dramatic changes her life had undergone in the 2 months since her sexual enslavement to the two lesbians, Lucy got out of the car and went up to the door. She couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for her once she entered the house. Her body betrayed her arousal at the knowledge that it was a regular Friday evening session, which usually entailed the most excessive abuse of her once delicate body.

After ringing the doorbell and being invited inside, Lucy immediately began to remove her clothes, which had become customary for her on arrival at the lesbians’ house.

“Come through little slut, we have something very special in store for your pretty little ass today,” said Paula before correcting herself, “some things, I should say.”

She was amused by the look of trepidation which crossed Lucy’s face.

The two Lesbians had recently discovered Lucy’s concern for them playing with her asshole. It was primarily due to the fact that Lucy’s boyfriend, whom she still lived with (although with a significantly altered relationship), had taken to exclusively fucking her ass. He claimed her vagina was only good for lubricating his cock as it was too loose nowadays to provide any pleasure.

Privately Lucy was terrified that if they gave her ass the same treatment her pussy had received, she would no longer be able to satisfy Michael and he would leave her for the other young woman she knew he was sleeping with, much to her dismay.

So Lucy followed Paula down the hall to “Lucy’s bedroom” a room they had fitted out with a large bed and an assortment of equipment designed for sexual abuse and stimulation. As they entered the room Lucy froze in shock, there on the bed was Marg, surrounded by a horde of naked black men. After weeks of fucking, sucking, licking and fisting, it was not easy to surprise Lucy, she had experienced a lot around the cruel hands of these lesbians. But never before had a stranger been involved, let alone 8 big black men with fat black cocks as she now noticed.

“How do you like your surprise little piggy?” Marg asked.

Lucy was stuck for words, standing in silence.

“We thought you might have been missing cock since you’ve been spending time with us,” she added.

Truth be told Lucy had not been missing cock, becoming subservient to Michael, she was being fucked in the mouth or ass every morning and evening at home.

“Well don’t just stand there,” said Paula, giving her a hard slap on the ass. “Get on the floor and show these gentlemen how much you appreciate their presence by getting yourself ready for them,”

Lucy knew what this meant, it was a regular exercise, she moved to the middle of the room, lay down on her back and spread her legs so that her pussy faced the audience on the bed. She then spat onto her fingers and proceeded to massage it into her clit and pussy lips. Smiles spread and cocks swelled as Lucy closed her eyes and began to masturbate. She could feel their eyes examining her body as a hot rush of humiliation and arousal washed over her.

Within a minute her pussy was glistening and her pink labia began to open out revealing the tattoos of ownership on the inside of each cunt lip. The third physiological reaction that occurred was a result of the regular abuse her pussy endured. Her hole began to open, even before she’d slipped in 3 fingers to fuck herself. Before long it sat agape, an open red tunnel leading up inside her body, with ‘Marg’ and ‘Paula’ written on each side of the opening.

After watching in silence, one of the black men piped up, “Holy shit! That bitch is loose!”

This elicited a round of laughter.

“Okay boys,” said Marg, “I suppose you want to get started. Here’s the deal, listen up slut!”

Lucy looked up at them as Marg tipped a big packet of pencils onto the bed. She wrapped both hands around them, to hold the bunch and demonstrate its diameter of at least 3 inches.

“We’re going to play a game. From smallest to largest cock, all 8 of these men are going to fuck your ass until they cum. Your aim is to hold as much of their cum inside you until the end. Starting with these 30 pencils, every millilitre you manage to retain, one less pencil will be inserted into that tight little anus of yours at the end.

Lucy’s heart sank. How the fuck was she supposed to come out of this with an asshole that closed? Lucy’s helplessness set in, she knew there was no way of avoiding the treatment. So she gritted her teeth and set her mind to retaining as much cum as possible to reduce the abominable size of the bunch of pencils.

Before long Lucy was kneeling on the bed with her knees tied together and her bottom sticking out. Paula had set up the video camera on a tripod aimed at Lucy on the bed.

“Open up fuckhole number 3,” Marg said, that is what they insisted on calling her mouth. An appropriate name considering it was regularly used in the same fashion as fuckholes number 1 and 2. Lucy obeyed and Marg squirted 2 generous dollops of lube into her mouth. Lucy swilled it around her mouth. She hated the taste but she accepted it knowing that it was more comfortable for both parties when a dick was in her mouth, it helped them slip in and out of her throat.

In this state, the first and smallest of the 8 black cocks came up to her face. It was significantly fatter than Michaels cock which she was used to in her mouth and ass. She shuddered at the thought of increasing cock size.

With a deep breath she took the head in her mouth and pushed all the way down to the base, letting it stretch her throat open, ignoring her gag reflex. Aiming to lubricate the cock all the way down so it would slide in her ass that little bit easier, she bobbed her head up and down feeling the cock grow and stiffen.

After a few minutes the man pulled out got up to walk around behind her, pulling her hips back towards the edge of the bed, then without delay he slid his cock all the way in.

Lucy let out a groan as her anus was opened up. She could take a cock back there, but this one was bigger than usual.

He began to fuck in and out, gradually increasing the pace. Before long Lucy was moaning with each rapid thrust. She was unable to escape the sexual stimulation. With her legs tied together, the cock pressed her G-spot through the thin membrane. Her orgasm was rising. After a few final hard thrusts the man groaned and stiffened, pumping her ass with a load of semen. Lucy switched on, squeezing his cock as it withdrew, not letting any cum escape.

The next two men stepped up, one kneeling in front of her face, the other sliding his dick up her prelubed asshole. Lucy relaxed her sphincter again as the next cock pushed inside.

As the man behind her began to fuck, the man in front grabbed the sides of her head and pushed his cock into her mouth. It was noticeably bigger as it slid down her throat.

By the time the 4th cock was ready to take her ass, Lucy was having trouble keeping herself closed. Before it was inserted, a dibble of cum escaped, rolling down between her pussy lips. Not to mention she was reaching fever pitch, she’d almost cum when the 3rd man ejaculated inside her.

The 4th man wasted no time. Once inside he set out at a rapid pace, pounding Lucy’s rear faster and harder than anyone before. Lucy began to squeal as her orgasm rose. She tried to hold off for as long as possible, hoping he would orgasm soon. It was no use, he just kept pounding her. He was jacked up on the image of his fat black cock stretching her as it slid up inside her slender hips and waist.

Then it happened, Lucy let out a scream as her ass and pussy clamped down in orgasm. It was so hard that mid thrust she literally shat out his dick with a glob of cum. But in the heat of the moment his dick dropped down a level and slid straight into her pussy.

Either he didn’t notice or didn’t care, because despite Lucy yelling, “ahh no, fuck my ass!” he continued to pound away. Lucy continued to orgasm and a few moments later he shuddered and came deep inside her. Lucy began to cry at the wasted cum as she felt it trickle out of her pussy. That was a whole lot more pencils in that were now going into her ass.

They rolled her onto her back, knees in the air and cock’s 5 -7 fucked her ass with abandonment one at a time. By the 7th load the increasing cock size and decreasing elasticity left Lucy with another problem, she could no longer close her asshole. So she had taken to reaching down one side to plug her hole with her fingers. This treatment had created quite a mess, 2 more orgasms, a gape and a full rectum meant there was plenty of cum that wasn’t staying inside her, it has leaked out to coat her fingers, bottom and bed.

After taking 7 cocks up her ass Lucy was nearly delirious when the 8th man stepped up to the plate. By that time she had familiarised herself with the men in the room. There was one surprise left in store for her. She had not yet seen the eighth man’s cock, suffice to say it was big, shockingly big. Lucy stared in fear and awe at the member as it came towards her. It went out of sight behind her knees as the man squatted slightly to line it up with her bottom. Then almost in slow motion she felt it press against her asshole, with a feeling of immense stretching she felt it slide up inside.

The thought that such a cock was now inside her horrified Lucy, she couldn’t believe that her asshole was able to accommodate it. It was the same horror she felt the first few times she’d had her pussy fisted. The certain knowledge that it would be forever far from virginal.

The man fucked her. Lucy lay there feeling him destroy her asshole, the only thing her boyfriend seemed to value. How could this be happening to her? She wondered. Then, before she knew it, the sensation of being overwhelmingly full of pounding dick caught up with her. She exploded in orgasm. Screaming with each thrust as he continued to fuck her.

As the 8th black man fucked her to orgasm he could feel her asshole becoming less tight with each thrust. Slowly but surely Lucy’s exhausted muscles gave up, leaving the stretched skin as the only thing holding sphincter to dick. Lucy felt this too, and with growing fear she realised her fingers may not be enough to hold the cum in. When he finally deposited his load in her, Lucy did the only thing she could think of to retain the precious contents of her rectum. She reached around and grasped the base of his cock and begged him not to pull out.

Everyone else in the room laughed at this wretched sight as the man slowly withdrew. His slick softening cock sliding through Lucy’s desperate fingers.

Marg adjusted the camcorder so that it framed Lucy’s ass, capturing Lucy’s final attempt at anal salvation, as the cock popped out, she shoved her four fingers and thumb up her ass to plug the hole. As she lay there whimpering, the camera recorded her humiliation as the cum leaked out through the gaps in her fingers and dripped to pool on the bed.

Her poor ruined asshole had one last ordeal to go through. But by this stage the number of pencils wouldn’t make much difference.

My disclaimer: This story is male-male in nature and involves forced sex, spanking, and pissing. If you’re not interested in that, please don’t leave negative feedback. Enjoy.

It was a brutally hot and humid day in the Midwest; a typical summer. I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and wash my car. It’s been a couple of weeks of relentless rain and storms and it’s taken a toll on the shine of my baby. Unfortunately, because of all the rain we’ve had this summer and the high temperatures, it’s horribly humid out. I’m always more horny in the summer than in the winter. The hot weather really makes my fantasies stand out more, not to mention my cock.

I brave the oppressive humidity and heat and head outside to wash my car. I’ve dressed somewhat sparingly, wearing only a thin, old, super tight t-shirt and short-shorts. I love my cut-off denim shorts, I made them from an old pair of worn-out jeans a few years ago and I wear them often, but not in public. They don’t hide much, but they make me feel sexy and it’s so hot out that when I’m wearing this outfit I get somewhat excited. It’s almost like I’m being an exhibitionist, even though I know that nobody will see me. My yard is fenced in so I could be naked and nobody would know the difference. My cock would hang out the bottom of my shorts if I let it, they’re that short. Sometimes, I do let it hang out, just to make me even feel more like an exhibitionist.

I pulled out my washing supplies and unwrapped the hose in the backyard and started spraying the car. I’ve already pulled my car onto the grass in the backyard in the shade to cool it off a bit. Every once in a while I ease up on the pressure of the hose nozzle and spray up in the air to create a cold mist to cool me off a bit. Of course, this makes me soaking wet. It’s ridiculously humid out and I was soaking wet from my own sweat anyway. But, like I said, I’m in my fenced-in backyard anyway so who cares, nobody can see me back here anyway.

My thin t-shirt is clinging to my upper body, showing off my hard work at the gym. I’ll never be a pumped-up muscle-head, but I’ve got just about no fat on my body and a few years of working out with pull-ups, running, and crunches have tightened my torso and I look pretty good if I do say so myself. My ass is pretty tight, too. Squats and lunges have done wonders for my figure-skater-like cheeks. With these short-shorts on, I think that I look hot enough to match the temperature.

As I’m washing the front driver’s side wheel, bending over scrubbing the tire with a brush, I hear some rustling and stand up and start to turn around but someone grabs me from behind! They’re almost crushing me with their bear hug around my waist. They’re bending backwards and my feet come off of the ground, their waist grinding into my soaking wet shorts and I can feel a bulge on my ass. I know they have a hard on and I also know that I’m in for trouble, unless it’s just a friend of mine goofing around. I don’t recognize the arms and hands around my waist and I try to wiggle free but there’s no way that’s happening, they’ve got an iron grip on me and they’re dry humping my ass through their pants.

It seems like minutes, but it’s probably only seconds before they finally speak. “Don’t do anything to cause trouble or you’ll get more trouble than you’ve ever wanted.” Now I know I’m in trouble.

I shout, “WHAT THE?! Who are you? What do you want? I don’t have any money on me. Please don’t hurt me, I’ll do anything you say, just don’t hurt me.”

Being a young, single man who hasn’t been in a relationship for months, I’m always fantasizing about being taken by force and made into someone’s sex slave for the day. Could this really be happening? I should have been wishing to win the lottery, I didn’t know I’d have this much power over my fantasies. I probably caused this by wearing these skimpy clothes, but I didn’t think anyone could see me back here. Who is this guy? Do I know him? Is it the delivery guy? The post man? One of the lawn service guys? A painter? I have no idea, especially since I haven’t seen his face. I don’t recognize his voice either.

As my mind is reeling trying to think of who this could be and if it’s really a joke, he pulls my t-shirt up over my head and ties it so I can’t see and my arms are sort of flailing around. He pulls my arms behind my back and I hear velcro ripping apart and he takes my hands and ties them up with velcro straps behind me! I’m almost totally helpless and am now half naked in front of a stranger! Or, a friend? I don’t have a clue who it is, but oddly enough, I’m feeling twinges in my cock and feel like I’m going to start getting a hard on. That would be bad timing, then he’d know that I was getting excited.

He pushes me forward so I’m pushed against my wet car fender and pushes down on my back so I’m forced over the hood. Before I even realize what’s happening he’s slapping my ass through my wet shorts! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “Owwww! Hey!”

He keeps that up for what seems like several minutes and I’m starting to get worried that the neighbors will hear. I should actually be hoping that the neighbors will hear and rescue me, but instead I’m getting turned on by this treatment and am now worried that he’ll stop and I’ll find out that it’s a friend who’s just messing around. In the back of my mind though, I’m pretty sure this is real and it’s not a friend but a horny stranger who’s planning on using me and abusing me. My sex slave fantasy is about to come true.

Two or three minutes of spanking my ass with my wet shorts still on, I can feel him unfastening them around my waist and he pulls them down! Now I’m naked, my ass, cock, balls, and torso are exposed but my head is still tied in that wet t-shirt so I can’t see anything. My shorts are around my ankles and he pushes on my left leg and I lift it up and he pulls the shorts off of that leg and pushes my legs apart. I’m still facing the wet car and my cock is sticking straight out above the fender and my balls are pushing into the top of the fender! I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a more rock hard cock in my life! I hope it doesn’t get me into trouble for him to see how turned on I am. He’s obviously noticed by now though, since he’s behind me and I’m naked and blindfolded in front of him.

He starts in on my butt cheeks again. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.. it goes on for several more minutes and I know my cheeks are getting pinkish red and are becoming hot. He’s putting his hands on my cheeks and moving them around in circles with the palms of his hands. I can feel the air on my exposed asshole as he’s spreading my cheeks around, just playing with me like I’m a toy. I know that he’s probably getting a raging hard on himself treating someone like this. It’s not long before I find out that I’m right. I feel his hand rubbing up and down on my crack, up and down, up and down. Rubbing on my tender, tight hole with his middle finger as he rubs up and down. Then his finger goes in! I’m not lubed or anything so it’s a tight fit. He takes it out and starts spitting on my asshole to make it slippery. That really makes me feel dirty and nasty to have someone spitting on my asshole. I love it!

I can feel his finger in there again and it slide right in now that it’s slippery from his hot spit. He’s plunging it in and out and soon there are two fingers in there, then there! With three fingers in my ass, he starts spreading them apart, spreading my asshole open, gaping it wide open as much as he can. I’m embarrassed and turned on at the same time to have someone being this intimate with my most intimate area out here in the daylight in my backyard! The feeling of that spreading goes away for a few seconds and I hear a zipping sound. Oh-oh. I know what’s going to happen next, and sure enough, I feel his soft, pliable cock head pressing between my butt cheeks. He’s rubbing it up and down my crack, over my asshole. Stopping at my asshole but not putting it in, just rubbing it over and up and down and slightly pressing on my hole but not plunging it in.

I’m getting so turned on, I feel like I’m about to cum! My balls are pressed up against the car fender and my cock is sticking up over the hood, like I’m fucking something but there’s nothing there! And, this dirty stranger is rubbing his cock head up and down my butt crack and over my asshole! It’s a dirty feeling and I love it!

He keeps rubbing his cock up and down in-between my cheeks and before long I feel his cock head start to push into my tight, wet asshole. I’m worried that he’s got a huge cock and he’ll just ram it in there without any warning. But, he doesn’t ram into me, he just sticks his cock head into my asshole, pushing just a bit at a time, slowly entering me what feels like about an inch or two. I’m wondering what he’s doing. Is he teasing me? Because my cock couldn’t possibly be any harder and I couldn’t possibly be any more horny than I am with this treatment from a stranger! With his cock just a couple of inches in my ass he holds it there for a few seconds as he again grabs me around the waist and gives me a big bear hug again.

NOW I know what he’s doing! I feel his jets of cum start spraying up inside of my ass! He’s unloading his sticky mess up inside of me with just his cock head in my tight hole. He hasn’t even fucked my ass yet. Is he mad because he thought I was a woman with short-shorts on and he doesn’t want to fuck a man in the ass?

He finally stops cumming in my ass and slowly plops his cock out. Instantly his cum starts leaking out of my asshole, mainly because there’s so much of it and because I’m standing up, there’s no way I can clench my ass enough to keep it in there. He SPANKS my cheeks again and starts to rub his cum all over my ass and lower back. I can’t lie, it’s a great feeling being used by this dirty stranger as his sex toy. I hope he gets around to actually sticking his whole cock in me. I hope he likes fucking men so I can fulfill my fantasy. If not, at least I was awarded his load of hot cum, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had that feeling and I miss it.

I love the feeling of guys putting things in my ass and shooting cum in there and enemas and anything to do with using my asshole anyway they want to. Although, I’ve never been raped like this, by a stranger, anyway. A former lover raped me once. I think you could consider it rape because he forced his cock into me after tying me face down on a bed and tying my hands and feet together. We had an argument and I said, “fuck you!” to him. That didn’t go over too well.. Even though we were together, I wasn’t the one that wanted to be tied up and fucked. I wonder if that’s where my rape fantasy came from?

As this stranger is rubbing his own cum onto my ass and back, I hear another voice! Is this someone coming to rescue me? I don’t recognize that voice either, and I don’t recognize that laugh. What’s so funny, I think to myself. These two guys are laughing as the first one is still rubbing his cum all over me. My asshole is exposed to two strangers now! I hear the new guy say something, something like he wants in my ass, NOW!

Ohhhh, I feel a cock head on my asshole and this time it does go in! It goes in all the way to the hilt! WHOA! The fresh cum in there really make is slide in and out as he starts ramming it in me. My cheeks are being pressed up against his waist as he’s literally bouncing off of my ass with me bouncing against the wet car fender. I hear a different voice behind me and I know it’s the second guy who just got there! He’s already got his cock buried up my ass and he just got there! Was he watching from a distance, stroking his cock and getting ready for this? He’s really slamming into me, our sweaty bodies are making a slapping sound as he drives into me and slaps against my sweaty cheeks. He grabs my hips and starts speeding up and I can almost feel his cock swell in my ass! He starts shooting a huge load of hot cum up my ass while continuing to pump into me, almost creating a foamy mess in my ass. He’s churning both his cum and his buddy’s cum in my ass and making a mess of me. Wow, what a feeling.

Now there’s another cock in me, it has to be the first guy. He’s really fucking me hard, almost like he’s punishing me for not getting to fuck me first. He’s really slapping into my poor, abused little asshole for letting the other guy get in there first. I feel so dirty being used like this. My ass is now filling with a fresh load of hot sperm and it’s really shooting in there in shooting jets like a super-soaker water gun! What a feeling!

Now there are a pair of hands on my hips again and a cock is pressing into my slippery, dirty asshole. Only the head is in my asshole, not the whole thing. Is someone going to cum in me again with just his cock head in my hole? NO! It’s not cum! Someone is pissing in my ass! WOW! What a feeling, that sharp stream of hot fluid being sprayed up my ass! I’m being used as a toilet for this guy, now I really feel dirty and nasty. My cock has never been harder and it’s still hanging out there over the hot hood. We’re all sweating and slippery and my ass is especially slippery with that guy unloading a huge load of cum and then the other guy starts pissing up my ass!

He finally stops shooting inside of me and no sooner then he pulls out, the other cock slides in and starts shooting another load of hot piss in me! I’m so full of cum and piss that it’s sloshing out as he’s now pumping into my ass as he’s pissing! He’s fucking my ass and pissing at the same time. So much dirty mess is spilling out of my abused asshole and I really feel dirty and embarrassed knowing these strangers are looking at me and I can’t see them. They’re raping me out in my backyard in this oppressive heat.

I hear more laughing and feel a spray on me, they’re spraying me with the hose! They’re aiming right at my poor little asshole, spraying it right at my puckered rosebud! OHHHH!!! That doesn’t go on for too long, but pretty soon I feel more water on me, this time in big glugs. They’ve taken the nozzle off of the hose and are just hosing me down without the nozzle. The water is pouring on me and it’s still warm from the hose being outside in the heat so it feels great. Then I feel the hose being pressed up against my asshole and they’re slipping it inside of my ass! They’re giving me an enema out here with the garden hose! WOW, what a feeling. I’m being filled up, first with hot cum then hot piss, then with warm hose water. They keep the hose in me and I can’t take much more. The water is starting to leak out I’m getting so full. They finally turn the hose off but keep the end stuck up my ass. I know the water and piss and cum and shit will start shooting out of my ass as soon as they pull that hose out!

They keep the hose in me to plug my ass and they start pressing on my stomach, moving their hands over my abdomen and stomach to press the water around and make sure I’m cleaned out. Then the hose is pulled out and I can’t hold back, I start pressing everything out! My ass is like a geyser! Then the hose is pressed in me again and they turn the hose on and start laughing. Now what? They fill me up again and then turn the water off. As soon as they pull the hose out someone shoves their rock hard cock up my ass as I’m shooting out all of the water! They’re fucking into my ass and the water is spraying against their cock as they keep fucking into me. Finally, the water stops coming out but they’re still fucking and again, another load of hot cum is shot up my ass.

This goes on a couple of more times with each of them fucking my ass as water is shooting out of it. That must be quite a feeling, I’ve never done that before but I sure would love to do it to one of these guys if they’d untie me. More voices? I hear what sounds like two or three different voices, but it’s not English. It sounds like Hispanic accents. Who are these guys?! Are they bringing everyone in my backyard to abuse my asshole without me being able to do anything about it?! How long will this go on before I find out who these guys are? …

Matt and I had been friends for years, since high school I guess. We had been through lots of good times and bad times together, but nothing will compare to what happened after he got his divorce.

Matt cheated on his wife, not headline news or anything, but he got caught. After a long and drawn-out divorce, he had become a different person. I didn’t see much of him anymore, but occasionally we would meet for a drink or dinner. Matt would always choose the location, which seemed to be whatever seedy, run-down bar he was currently crawling into to hide his problems. The last time I saw Matt he had called me and asked if we could meet up. That evening over dinner, he informed me he was deep in debt from gambling and didn’t know what he was going to do. After a few hours of conversation and catching up, I excused myself and went home. I remember thinking that I wished I had something I could do to help him.

I was surprised this afternoon. I had just walked in the door from work and seen the missed call on my cell phone. I listened to the voicemail, it was Matt, asking me to meet him at 9:00pm and he left an address. He said it was important that I meet him, and then he hung up the phone. He didn’t sound like himself, but he had been a friend for a long time, so I decided to go. It was already 7:00pm when I got in the shower to get ready. I had looked up the address that Matt had left on the voicemail, and according to my GPS it was only 45 minutes away. I stopped to look in the mirror while toweling myself dry. I had never been a fan of my appearance, however I had been working out recently and had to admire the results. I am 5’0″ tall, 130lbs, long light-brown hair with highlights of blonde, green eyes, big breasts. I stopped to play with my breasts for a moment, as I continued to dry myself off; I lay back on the bed. Using the mirror in front of me, I watched myself. I slid my hands down over my stomach, then to my thighs. I couldn’t help myself, I was getting turned on. I started to play with my clit, then down to my tight little cunt. At 28 years old, I had had sex randomly, but my pussy was still very tight. I fingered myself for a moment, feeling how wet I had become. I could feel the orgasm building, getting warmer and more urgent inside of me, closer and closer. I looked at the clock and saw it was 8:30pm… shit. I was late. I stopped my play time and finished getting ready. I pulled on normal clothing, since I didn’t know what type of place I was going to. I figured, If I should be dressed up, Matt should have told me. I took one fast glance in the mirror. I thought I looked pretty good, very short shorts, a low cut, white tank top that tied around my neck, and some flip flops. It was simple, but I still looked good. I was tan, silky-smooth legs, hair looked good… It made me want to finish what I had started earlier, but no time.

In the car, I punched the address into the GPS. While on the highway, out of curiosity, I hit the location button on the GPS and tried to see what the place was that I was going to. The GPS couldn’t find anything. I searched the address on my phone, again nothing was found. Oh well, I thought. There is no telling what the hell Matt is up to this time. I noticed the scenery as I drove on and on, looking like I was headed out to the middle of nowhere. The few houses I did see looked vacant and run-down. I pulled into the drive that my GPS had brought me to.

It was a commuter parking lot, mainly empty, but with a few cars parked here and there. There wasn’t a house or gas station in sight. I was in a parking lot, with dim street lights, surrounded by complete darkness. I started to notice the situation had become somewhat weird, when I noticed someone getting out of a black SUV parked behind me. It was Matt. I got out of my car and walked over to him. He didn’t look good. He had a black eye and some bleeding around his lower lip. His clothes were torn and dirty. I immediately asked him, “what the hell happened to you, and why are we meeting here?” Just before he answered, someone else stepped out of the darkness.

I looked from the stranger to Matt’s face, he looked scared. The stranger was dressed in black from head to toe; he even had a black ski mask on. Before I could do anything, before I could even think, the stranger pulled out a gun. He pointed the gun at Matt, and walked up to him. He held the gun to Matt’s head, and then began to speak. “Your friend Matt has gotten into a great deal of trouble. He owes my boss a lot of money. In order to ensure that money is paid back, we have been watching Matt’s every move for months. When we saw him meeting you for dinner last month we were very interested in you. When Matt didn’t make the deadline, we made our decision. You see, one way or another… we are going to get what is owed to us.” Just then, three more masked men walked out of the darkness, all dressed in black. They walked to me. I began to run, but was stopped by the sound of the gun, clicking to chamber a bullet, aimed straight to Matt’s temple. The stranger spoke again, “that’s a good girl. You are going to like tonight… or not, I don’t really care. One thing is for sure, if you don’t cooperate… Matt will die, and you will never be set free. We will own you, and do whatever we see fit with you, forever. If you do cooperate, both of you will be free. Depending on how well you cooperate, Matt may even be debt free.”

Two of the men grabbed my arms, holding them behind my back. I was crying now, and completely in shock. I couldn’t react, or struggle. The third masked man held out an opened bottle of water, but it didn’t appear to be water in the bottle. “Drink it”, he said. He held it to my lips, but I kept them closed tight. The stranger with the gun then slung his arm hard against Matt’s face, hitting him with the gun, causing fresh blood from his nose. “Drink it now”, the man repeated. I opened my mouth and swallowed the liquid. I could taste the chemicals in the water. The man kept pouring it into my mouth, so fast it ran down my cheeks before I could swallow it all. After the bottle was gone, I quickly felt strange. Everything got blurry, and the ground felt like it was moving. Then I was out.

I woke up, not having any idea how long I had been out. I was in a dark room, on a cold table. I was lying on my back. My hands were tied above my head, my legs tied into stirrups attached to the table. I was completely naked. My head had been secured to the table, and although I couldn’t see it, I could feel something cold on my neck, like glass. I tried to move, even just an inch, but it was no use. I had ties around my ankles, my calves and my thighs holding my legs open and into the stirrups, spread wide. I even had a rope around my waist securing me flat to the table. The table wasn’t long, just from my hands to my lower back, it felt as if my ass was not touching anything, but merely suspended by my legs. It was cold in here, and my nipples were extremely hard. I had no idea what had happened to me while I was unconscious. Did they rape me? I couldn’t tell, but since nothing was hurting I assumed not. I laid there for what seemed like an hour.

Then the lights came on. I was naked on a table that seemed to span between two rooms. The first room contained my head and the upper portion of my arms tied to the table. There was an enormous glass window creating a partition through which the rest of my body was sticking through into another room. There had been a hole cut out and the table stretched into that room to allow my breasts and everything below them on the opposite side of the glass. I could now see the rope surrounding my legs in many places. My legs were spread as wide as they could go, almost painfully.

In the room with my lower body I could saw what finally caused me to panic. The room was filled with dildos, cuffs, chains, butt plugs, suction devices, clamps… you name it. There were things in the room that I don’t even know what they are used for. There were also three video cameras, one in the corner mounted to the wall, and two on tripods. All cameras had red blinking lights, so I knew they were on and recording. I tried to move again, but didn’t get anywhere. I started to yell, whatever I could think to say.

The door to the room with my head opened and three men carrying a chair entered the room. Matt was then brought in at gunpoint, sat in the chair, and tied down and gagged. He tried to speak, and all I could make out was “I’m sorry.” One of the men came to me and put a ball gag in my mouth, I assume to stop me from yelling. Then they left the room.

About five minutes later, a door opened on the other side of the glass. A masked man entered, still dressed in black. He spoke, and I could hear it was the stranger from before. “I am going to get the party started, but you are in for a long night honey”, he said. Matt, behind me on the chair, began to struggle. He didn’t try that very long, realizing it was no use. The man grabbed what looked like small, clear tubes from a shelf. He placed one over my left nipple, and then attached a small black bulb. He then began squeezing the bulb, causing suction. I watched as my nipple sucked up into the tube, higher and higher. Just as I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he stopped. He pressed a release button, detaching the bulb and leaving the tube sucked to my nipple. He repeated this on the right nipple, so that both my breasts were being sucked. Next, he started to touch me. He rubbed on my stomach, my legs, and slowly worked his way to my pussy. Without any warning, he shoved two fingers deep inside me. The man looked up at my face, and smiled through his mask. Matt began to scream, muffled into his gag.

I knew why the man was smiling, and there was nothing I could do to hide it. I was soaking wet. My clit felt as if it were on fire. I could feel the raging urge inside my abdomen. I wanted to be used, hard… and even if I didn’t want to, I didn’t have a choice at this point. The man continued to finger my dripping wet cunt. He was very rough, fast and hard, but I liked it. The finger assault only lasted about thirty seconds and he stopped. The man turned and grabbed another clear tube, this time attaching it to my clit. He hooked the bulb to the tube and began sucking my clitoris. The pain and pleasure combined were excruciating. When he stopped, I could see my clit pulled inches into the tube. I could feel it throbbing, aching to be touched. I rolled my eyes as far as I could to look back at Matt, he had his eyes closed tight, trying not to see what was being done.

The man turned around again. When he came back, in his hand was a black round item with another bulb attached to the end. With no warning, he shoved it into my pussy. He moved it around, sticking it deep in. He then pulled it out and placed it to my asshole. I realized now, he was only lubing it up with my cunt juices. I started to wiggle and scream out in protest, but once again, it was no use. This time slowly, he worked the device into my ass. Pumping my hole back and forth, until I could feel the entire ball go in. He then began pumping the ball, making it bigger and bigger. I could feel the pressure and pain as the expanding ball inside my ass got to an unbearable size. He soon stopped and detached the bulb, leaving the ball in my ass.

My nipples were aching, pink and swollen into the tubes. My clit felt like it was going to explode. Now, I had a huge ball inside my ass. The man walked away and came back with a dildo, not to big, about average size. He slowly started working it into my cunt, back and forth. It felt amazing. My muscles were tensing up, and the orgasm was building inside of me. If I weren’t tied down, I believe I would have been rocking against him, begging him to fuck me. Deeper and faster he shoved the dildo in me, and I could now hear how wet I was. I felt embarrassed that I was enjoying this treatment. I didn’t want Matt to see me ready to cum while being violated like this. I looked back again and his eyes were wide open. I could see the crotch of his pants and the outline of his dick. He was hard as a rock. Then, the man stopped. He withdrew the dildo and left the table, leaving me disappointed. The fear inside me was clouded by excitement. I was so eager to cum, and at this point I didn’t care. I continued to lay there, naked, tied, gagged, with tubes sucking my clit and my nipples, and a plug in my ass.

Ten or maybe twenty minutes had gone by when the man returned. This time he was wheeling a cart into the room with something on the top of it, covered in a sheet. Another man entered the room behind him. This man also had a mask on. The man, who I believe to be the original stranger and the leader of the operation, spoke to the other masked man. “You know what to do, no mercy. I want you to change it out every time she has an orgasm like we talked about. Oh, and don’t worry… she is enjoying this, so you should have no trouble telling when she has an orgasm.” With that, the leader left the room. The remaining masked man started doing something with the thing on the cart. He had his back turned to me, so I couldn’t see what it was or what he was doing. After a minute, he started wheeling the cart up to my table and putting it in position between my legs. He locked the breaks on the cart. Then he removed the sheet. On the cart was a machine. The machine was big, with three different hydraulic pumps and what looked like a remote control. Each pump had a long shaft attached to it, and on the end of each shaft was a skinny black rod. The man got the machine into position, with the black rod at the end of one pole about an inch from my pussy. He then went back to the shelf and got a large dildo, it looked every bit of eight inches and thick. Next, he brought the dildo over and slid it onto the black rod, putting it in place to fuck me. The machine was moved closer and the rod was slid into my cunt. I felt completely filled up. I could feel the pressure of the dildo as it pushed on the ball in my ass. The man then turned the machine on using the remote control. It began to move the dildo in and out of my pussy very slowly.

As this was going on, the man turned back to the shelf and returned with some rope. He began to slowly tie rope to each one of the suction cups on my nipples. He then ran the rope through a metal loop on the celing and then down to the suction cup on my clit. He tied the rope to the cup on my clit and then pulled the rope tight. My tits were now stretched up off my body and into the air as far as they could go. My clit felt like it was being ripped off. I was now so very wet and excited that I was aching for an orgasm.

The man returned to the remote control. He pressed a few buttons and the whole machine started moving. The machine was still fucking me, however now the pump started turning slowly on a different axis, causing it to move the dildo in circles inside my cunt as well as in and out. This was all it took, and I began to cum. I writhed and jerked all I could, moaning into the gag in my mouth. I could feel the cum dripping out of my cunt and running down to my asshole. I looked back at Matt. He was still watching, and there was a wet stain on the crotch of his pants.

The man stopped the machine and moved it out of me. He then turned to the shelf and grabbed a bigger dildo. This one was black, about 9 inches long and very thick. He replaced the previous one with the new, bigger one, and then moved the machine back into place with the enormous cock in my pussy. He turned the machine on, but faster this time. This felt completely amazing. I had never had a cock so big, and I could feel it stretch my cunt open with every hard thrust. As I was being thoroughly fucked, the man hooked the bulb back to the end of the ball in my ass, and removed the air. He then withdrew it from my ass. Next he untied the rope from my nipples and clit suction tubes, and removed the tube on my clit. The rope, now only connected to my nipple tubes, was then ran through the loop on the ceiling and connected to a metal weight, maintaining the constant pulling tension on my tits.

My clit, still bulging and swollen was now his play toy. The huge dildo-fucking machine had me almost to orgasm all by itself, but the man made it so much worse. He spread my cunt open with one hand and with the other he was now tugging on his own cock. He squeezed my clit between his fingers and rolled it around. I began to cum again. My body was writhing and convulsing on the huge dick inside me, harder and harder. The man didn’t stop the machine this time, he just kept going.

My clit, so very sensitive after the suction and recent orgasm, was still being fingered and teased. The man’s erection was huge and bulging. I knew it wouldn’t be much more before he would cum. I looked at Matt, his penis was hard again. The man then stopped playing with my clit and climbed up on the table in one fast motion. He pressed the head of his hard dick up against my clit, and moved it in circles. He then gave a few more tugs to himself. He used one hand to spread my pussy lips apart as far as he could while I was being fucked by the machine. Then, he came on my pussy, directly on my clit. Warm cum ran from my clit down to the dildo machine in my hole. The man un-mounted me and put his dick away.

Then he stopped the machine. He went to the shelf and got another dildo, this one was the same as the one already in me. The man pulled some levers and pushed some buttons on the machine, moving another pump directly on top of the one that was currently in me. He placed the dildo onto the end of the rod, and moved it into position. Using my pussy juices and his own cum, he lubed the end of the cock, then slid it into my already filled pussy. The pain was unimaginable. I now had two, very large dicks inside one hole.

The man turned the machine on, slowly at first, then up to a faster and harder speed then before. The dicks seemed to be on alternate patterns, one thrusting in while the other pulled back. Both dicks were ramming deep inside of me, harder and harder. It began to not hurt as bad after a while. The man then went to the shelf again and this time returned with a vibrator. He turned it on and put it right on my clit. He then used the rope covering my abdomen to hold it in place. This was getting me hot again.

Two different dicks in my pussy, and my clit being vibrated was enough for me to go insane. The man watched for a moment, then turned the fucking machine to high speed. The dicks were fucking me so hard I felt like they would break through the other side. I had cum everywhere down there and I could hear it splattering with each thrust. The man also turned the vibrator on high, then he left the room.

I began quivering all over with orgasms, again and again. After each orgasm, my clit became so sensitive that I thought I would explode, but it just kept going. Matt was still watching me from behind, and had flooded his pants with cum again. Just when I thought I could cum no more, another man entered the room.

This one was shorter than the other two, but a stocky build. He shut the machines off. The man moved the third hydraulic ram into place and shoved it deep in my asshole. The cum that had ran all over my ass again and again made the toy enter much easier, but it still hurt. The combination of all three cocks made my bottom half feel like it was going to tear apart. He turned the machines on the highest setting yet. They were racing so fast it sounded like a machine gun. He left the vibrator off, so I all of my focus was on the three cocks pounding into me without mercy, all three on different rhythms.

While the pounding continued, the man untied my breasts and removed the nipple tubes. He massaged my nipples slowly at first, but then harder and harder. Finally he leaned down and bit the engorged, swollen tit. The man’s phone rang. He answered it quickly, listened and then said, “I understand.” The man hung up the phone and turned the machines off. He then took them out of my swollen and dripping cunt and ass.

The Site Foreman

When Phil, John and James left Sunday night (see the roofers) they said that they would be clearing up on Wednesday, as I was in Leeds till then we arranged for a farewell meet after they had finished work, and the rest of the builders had left.

I got home late on Tuesday night and was exhausted so I showered and went straight to bed, dreaming of the following day when the guy’s would be on site again, I found it difficult getting to sleep partly because of the heat but mainly because I couldn’t get the three of them out of my mind, the weekend had been really horny.

The doorbell woke me up so I went to the intercom and was disappointed when a voice said “Morning miss, its George, the site foreman, can I see you a moment”

“Yes ok come on up” I said, still half asleep. I pushed the button to let him in and, as I was naked, I grabbed my dressing gown and wrapped it round me, I started at the loud knock on the door, he must have run up the stairs to be so quick, I opened the door and tied up the dressing gown, without waiting for an invitation George walked in, clip board in hand.

I had seen him on site before but never to speak to, he was about 40, overweight but not fat unshaven and not exactly clean, he was wearing the smallest pair of shorts he could fit into, I knew by some of the things that I had over heard while sunbathing on the balcony that he could be extremely crude, I took an instant dislike to him.

“Morning miss” he said blatantly looking me up and down and doing nothing to hide the rising bulge in his shorts “Got some things we need to check with you, about this roof access you want”

The phone rang and hoping it was the roofer’s I said, “Just give me a moment” and went to the phone.

He continued talking something about windows and 4 o’clock “………..ok see you then”

“Err yes ok” I said not sure what it was all about, the phone call was from my brother asking how things were going, I gave him a rundown, leaving out the part with the roofers, When he hung up I went down stairs to get the post, George was in the entrance taking measurements, he leered at me as I walked past, It dawned me how I much I disliked him. An instant dislike was unusual for me; I normally gave a person a chance at least.

“Later then” he said

I waved a hand at him as I passed. I sorted through the mail, one of them was hand delivered so as soon as I got back to my rooms I opened it and read:

Dear Kim Sorry but we wont be onsite till late Wednesday we have been sent on an urgent repair job, hopefully it wont take too long so we hope to drop in and see you about 4 o’clock on our way home, the scaffolding will be taken down by another team on site.

It was signed by each of them, John, Phil and James, my heart sank, I had been really looking forward to seeing them and teasing them all day, still 4 o’clock was only 6 hours away, I had some breakfast and decided to sunbathe on the balcony, as it wasn’t overlooked I could lay naked and continue with my all over tan.

I was restless throughout the day and realised just how much I had been looking forward to another session with the roofers As the day progressed I could feel myself getting more and more turned on, checking the time every few minutes.

By 2 o’clock I was walking walls and my fanny just wouldn’t stop twitching, I swore and had a shower that took all of 5 minutes, I stepped out of the shower and lay in the sun to dry off, 4 o’clock came and I was laying on the balcony naked trying to calm down, trying to stop the pulsing in my pussy, so strong now that if anything or anyone had touch it I would have cum instantly, 4.30 and still nothing.

Knock knock. At last, without thinking I rushed to the door, opened it and saw, George, Luckily I had not just flung the door wide, I was behind the door poking my head around and before I could stop him he just walked straight in.

“Sorry I’m late” he said “had to catch the brickies before they left”.

I was naked, holding the door to me to cover what I could and I was angry that he had walked into my private rooms without being invited, or was I angry because it wasn’t Phil and co.

He looked at me with that filthy smile of his, challenging and said “Right! We got a few things to look at so slip something on and lets go” challenging me to move away from the door

I was soooooo angry, but this man was not going to beat me, I hated him, I turned away from him and walked towards my bedroom, I could feel his eyes running over my body as I walked, I opened my wardrobe and grabbed the first thing I saw, a cotton summer dress with a single button at the waist, low cut, revealing. I had modified the split so that it was open to the thigh, I’ll wind this bastard up, I thought; challenge me in my own home.

By the time I got back to him I was as calm as anything, again he looked me up and down, his semi erection becoming less semi by the minute, there was no way it could be missed and he knew it, I looked at it then at him and walked to the door “Ok where first then” I said

He went through the door and pointed the direction he wanted me to go, following behind me; I knew he was watching my bum so I put a little extra swing into it.

“Nice tan, by the way,” he said, “Nothing like an all over tan on a nice body, I take it it’s all over, not just the back”.

Not in the least shocked by his abruptness I replied “Yes it is an all over tan, one of the joys of a private balcony.” I carried on walking

“Right miss, this way,” he said

I turned round a saw he was standing at the bottom of a ladder. “We need to go up,” he said pointing upwards with that challenging look on his face

I smiled; ladders didn’t bother me in the least as the roofers had found out. I stepped onto the first rung and started up, I smiled to myself, the dress was split to the waist and came wide open with each step I took, that was an unexpected bonus, let him see a leg if it turns him on, poor sod, I will drive him mad by the time this trip is over.

I had gone up a few steps and felt movement on the ladder, I turned round and saw that he was following close behind me, so close his face was brushing my bum, as I got to the top and leaned forward to step off the ladder my arse went back and I pushed onto his face, I heard his sharp intake of breath and felt it run over my bum cheeks as he let it out, I moved away from the ladder, the feeling of that warm breath on my raw pussy started the throbbing I had felt all day. I was turned on by 3 guys’ who weren’t even here and angry at this slime ball, not a good combination if you’re me. Some self pleasure maybe called for later

“Well that was nice wasn’t it” he said. I turned round smiling, I saw his now full erection, poking out of the leg of his shorts, I showed no surprise, I looked at it, and put a sad look on my face. He walked past me and mumbled something about roof access.

“Over here Miss, its Kim isn’t it”?

“No” I mumbled “Its Miss to you” I turned round slowly and looked to where he was pointing, I was enjoying this, I loved teasing men and this one deserved it, He wasn’t the first crude flasher I had seen, but it was the first time it had been so blatant and seemingly so ignored by the flasher.

“Can you see it? ” he said

I moved to where he stood and said “Sorry see what?”

He took my arm and moved me forward; standing behind me he said, “Follow my finger with your eyes”.

I knew what this was but I followed his finger anyway, and then felt his other hand on my hip.

“That cross piece up there” he said and moved closer.

I felt his erection brush by bum cheeks, I twisted slightly moving against him and said “Oh yes you mean that dark bit with the bit poking out” another movement and a step away, idiot I thought, did he think he could get me embarrassed that easily

. He was panting slightly “We need to go over the other side to see the other option” he said and started down the ladder, I followed him knowing that he was trying to catch a glimpse of my naked pussy, the dress dutifully came open and I smiled to myself, I knew his face was close to my bum, and I loved the thought of him being that close to something he would never have, When I got to the last couple of rungs I realised he still had his hands on the ladder, as I took the last step I felt his erection rub against my naked leg, my dress resting on his erection, if I took the last step it would be pushed hard against my bum, or maybe my pussy. I took the last step; his erection was so close to my pussy I felt it throbbing. I waited for him to move away, turned and gave him a smile I looked down at his stiffness and then back at his face, still smiling.

He moved to the next room and said “This way” without waiting he went up another ladder. I was a little disappointed that he went first; I think I enjoyed his breath on my arse more than I should have. I followed him up the ladder, looking up I saw him standing at the top, his erection looking down at me, I looked at his face, he was leering at me, that filthy grin of his saying what you gonna do now then.

I moved up another step and he moved forward his throbbing member only inches from my face, his hand touched my head and I felt a little panic, what was he going to do, if he pushed forward I couldn’t move away, I was partly excited and partly scared, this was his move and I couldn’t do anything about it. I took a deep breath but said nothing, he moved his hand away, and I breathed out heavily. I knew he felt my breath on his erection by the jerk he gave. ‘I better be a just little more careful’ I thought.

I joined him where he had stopped. Standing behind me once again he came up so close I could feel his breath on my neck, he pointed up to the ceiling with one hand and ran the other one down my waist to my hip digging his nails softly into the tender flesh, pulling me to him.

Slightly off balance I felt his erection slide between my bum cheeks, resting between my legs, only the dress stopping him, I let out an involuntary gasp, his hand moved across my belly and back to my hip. He wasn’t going to have this all his own way, I bent over, spreading my legs slightly and picked a piece of paper of the floor, I lingered a moment before I slowly stood back up and moved away from him, as I did I heard something drop to the floor, but it wasn’t until I turned that I realised it was the button from my dress. He was standing there his shorts pulled right up so that his erection was fully visible, throbbing at me, in his hand was a knife the retractable blade showing, he was leering at me again, saliva round his mouth.

“Nice tits Kim” he said

“Whaaaaaa” I stammered and looking down I realised that my dress was wide open, the button on the floor at my feet. It took all my willpower to leave the dress open and not scream at him, I put my hands on my hips opening the dress still further “Well I like them” I said

“I love a shaven pussy as well, I bet that’s seen a few dicks eh” he said with a leer and walked past me into the next room talking about building work. Erection pointing the way.

I was dumb struck, I couldn’t think of a thing to say

I followed him, not bothering to cover up, he was watching me move, every step brought out that leering gaze, his dick seemed to throb in time with my steps, I took the edges of the dress and holding them out done a twirl, and then bowed in front of him, my boobs swung like pendulums, my breathing was erratic and I realised I was getting excited, stubborn, but excited. My eyes were fixed on his erection and I realised the throbbing in my pussy had started again keeping in time with his dick.

“Lovely view” he said, “This window I mean, don’t you think it has a lovely view”

I walked over to the window and peered out, again he was behind me, I felt his erection squeeze between my legs again, this time no dress in the way, I was in a strange mood even for me, all day I had lusted after the roofers and here I was with this revolting man pushing his erection as near into me as he can, running his hands over by boobs, pinching my nipples and whispering in my ear.

“What was that you said?” I asked not believing what I had heard

He squeezed viciously at my nipple with one hand while the other hand ran down towards my pussy. “Do you take it up the arse” he whispered.

I was shocked, not at what he said, but at the effect his crudity had on me, my juices were running down my leg.

I pulled myself out of my shock and ignored his question, he moved in front of me and opened the window, sitting on the sill he leaned out and said “Its this frame you can see how rotten it is on the outside” I couldn’t help but notice the way his erection pointed straight up, still throbbing as he leaned out, he saw me looking and came back in “Have a look” he said

This time I knew I had to be careful I had no doubt whatsoever if I leaned out of that window he would be up me as fast as he could get there. I played safe and looking him in the eye I sat on the sill and leaned out, without realising it in order to keep my balance I had spread my legs.

He was fast, he got between my legs before I could move, I felt his erection touching my pussy lips. I was leaning out of the window using both hands to keep myself from falling.

“Well Kim” he said, “You don’t mind if I call you Kim do you”

I just looked at him, my pussy was going wild, I knew he could see the juices I just stared at him saying nothing

“It is alright to call you Kim isn’t it” he said only this time firmly and with a flex of his erection.

I thought it was going in “Yes George, call me Kim”

His hands were running up and down my legs, I could see how excited he was, it wouldn’t take much for him to take me now and I wouldn’t be able to stop him.

“You didn’t answer my question Kim, Do you take it up the arse, and be honest, I wouldn’t want to slip in now would I?”

He was leering again, daring me to ignore him, spittle at the corners of his mouth.

His hands stopped on my legs “Answer me you bitch” he shouted and moved, only a little but enough to penetrate, it wasn’t even rape, how could it be when my pussy welcomed him with open legs.

“Oh shit,” I shouted I could feel him in me, the head of his erection just inside and my pussy was wanking him “Yes yes”

“Is that yes you want more or yes you take it up the arse”

“You Bastard” I screamed at him and my movement pushed him further in “Yes I take it up the arse, now get off me”

“I thought you might” he said and to my surprise pulled out of me and stepped back.

I pulled myself into the room and fell to my knees, I couldn’t believe what was happening, I was the tease and yet he was outwitting me, and my juicy, throbbing pussy was helping him. What was happening to me, how he could be so near to what he wanted and just move away like that, all he had to do was push and I was his.

That was it, it suddenly dawned on me that he could move away because he knew he could have me whenever he wanted to, what was worse, I knew it as well, I didn’t want him, but after a day of waiting for the roofers my body did and my body usually won these battles.

The realisation that he was going to have me and that I was going to let him, changed my attitude considerably

He was standing over me now his erection almost touching my face, I slowly stood up, taking his throbbing member in my hand as I did, squeezing it gently, he let out a soft moan as I played with him. We were so close our noses were almost touching.

“That’s better,” he said “The better you get to know him, the more you gonna love him”

He turned “Come on then one more room to look at” and he was gone, I stood for a moment smiling, now I was relaxed, slowly I followed him, my thin dress flowing behind me, as I went through the door he was waiting, reaching out he gripped my boobs digging his nails into the soft flesh, he pulled me to him “yes definitely a nice pair of tits”

Now that I had accepted the inevitable, the brutality of his actions ran through my body, my pussy was throbbing and my body was shaking, he lowered his head and took my nipple into his mouth, nipping it with his teeth, I gasped and my knees shook I held him to stop me from collapsing to the floor. He put his arm around my waist, pulling my tit further into his mouth, his other hand diving between my legs he shoved his finger into me, again I gasped out loud, I stood there and aloud him to explore and abuse my body, deep down knowing that I was enjoying it.

If he hadn’t been holding me I would have collapsed to the floor, his fingers brushed my clit and felt the orgasm instantly rise.

His head came up as he pulled his finger out, he let me go and I staggered slightly, I looked at him, he was leering at me again, licking his finger, “tasty” he said “very tasty”

“Fucking bastard” I said angrily

He turned and went down the ladder, I followed him knowing, wanting him to be at the bottom, his erection waiting to penetrate me again, but no, he had moved away catching me by surprise, I was disappointed when I turned round, I could tell by the smile on his face that the bastard knew I was expecting to be fucked. He moved through some rooms and then up another ladder, again I expected him to be waiting at the top and this time I wasn’t wrong, his erection met me, almost brushing my face, he had his hands on his hips and made no attempt to hold my head, or to move, I looked up into his face, “Do it” he said “You know you want to”

I didn’t move, my eyes closed, my mouth opened and my head moved forward but he wasn’t there he had moved “You fucking bastard” I screamed following him.

The room was long with a bay window at the end and windows all round. Now I knew where I was this was the south wing, it was an exact copy of the other wings but this one was furnished, it was the showroom for potential clients wanting to rent office space in the house, plush carpeting and Chesterfield settee’s with a desk to one side under the window

Walking round, his arms wide he said, “Now this is a fucking nice room” he ended up behind me, breathing on my neck his hands exploring my body, as his hand moved toward my pussy I moved away, dress flowing and stopped to look out of the big bay window.

Seeing some of the workmen were still outside I stepped back but he was behind me, hands on my shoulders and erection brushing my bum “There isn’t a man working this site that doesn’t want to fuck you” his hands moved to slip the dress off my shoulders, it dropped to the floor, “they talk about it all the time, what they would like to do to you” he said, hands roaming freely over my body again, wanting them to see that it was him that had me and not the young fit good looking one’s.

I turned round, taking his erection in my hand, slowly moving down, at last taking him in my mouth, even down here I could be seen the windows were that low, he moved slightly so that anyone looking in the window would see what was happening, I was past caring I needed this and I needed it now, I slipped my fingers into his waistband and slowly removed his shorts, working his hardness deep into my throat, moving a hand through his balls to the crack of his arse, I could feel him throbbing, hear his moans of pleasure, turning me on even more, his hips moving in time with me, breathing getting heavier and faster, I knew he was close, I could taste his pre cum, he was leaning back now arms resting on a Chesterfield.

“That’s it Kim, take it deep” he moaned and then louder “Don’t waste a drop” and his hand went to my head pulling me onto his thrusting cock, fucking my mouth making sure I wasted none, making sure I swallowed it all, I was choking on his warm cum, feeling it catch in my throat.

Once the thrusting stopped I gasped for breath, moved back and looked at his face, his eyes were wild, chest heaving He grabbed my arm and threw me onto the settee in front of the next window, grabbing my legs and swinging me round so that my back was on the arm with my legs in the air he pushed his face into my pussy.

Copyright 2012, Nicolo Parenti


A special guy helps a young woman face and conquer her fantasies.


“Hi, my name is Carie and I’m not selling anything. Can you please take a minute to answer a few questions about the upcoming election? No? No? No?”

If you can’t handle rejection, don’t get into anything that involves door-to-door cold calling. I really wasn’t selling, just doing political surveys, but from some people’s reactions you’d think I was there to barbecue their kittens. After a while I started to consider that. Some people are assholes.

But you develop a thick skin, move on, and find fun where you can. When your expectations are really low, almost any surprise is a good one. You never know what’s behind the next door. That’s what this story is about.

I had a real job as a waitress at a fairly nice cafe whose half-day hours left me time for this side job in polling. And for all my bitching I was good at it. Being a little hottie helps (hey, no brag if it’s true, right?). Women see ‘just a girl’ while the men, well, they see tits. (You guys, side note: we know.)

Let’s get me out of the way: Carolyn Wells, then 20 years old, a slim 5’3″ with close-cropped red hair and a pixie face. When I say slim I mean like 90 pounds. Not much in the hips and butt, but… I’ll bet 10 of those 90 are up front and proud. Well OK, five. But still, 32C is eyecatching.

I’m no freak, just a slender and sexy shorty. I discovered early what that does to guys of all ages. These C-cups have been opening doors ever since they sprouted. They’re not my only asset, but they give me a chance to wow them with my brains too. Wits and tits: a winning combo.

I guess I’m pretty normal sexually. I like to say I’m not bi but I’m not shy. No steady man, but a few regulars and of course fill-ins when needed. At this point in my life I’d done a lot of what two can do, and once, something that took three. And I was sure I’d do it all again, because it felt really good.


We were canvassing in a good neighborhood with large lots, some pools, nice groomed hedges. I was dressed for the hot weather. Our dress code is conservative, but a sleeveless top over slacks is fine, and nobody does a bra check (I mean, sure my manager checks me out but he never says boo).

This was my fifth stop, maybe 4:30 in the afternoon. We work in teams of two for safety, on opposite sides of a street, but you can’t always stay in sync and my partner of the day was several houses ahead on this curving lane. I suppose he got his door slams faster than I did. No tits on him.

There were more cars and vans than you’d expect in the drive and at the curb. The door was opened by a plain, harried-looking girl about my age who didn’t let me speak before grabbing my arm and snapping, “You’re late, get in here now, we’re going in a few minutes. Wait here a sec.” She left me standing in the foyer as she scurried off into the house.

I’m not naive. The sprawl of cables and road cases quickly clued me there was a movie being shot in the back. Good chance it wasn’t an episode of Law & Order I’d stumbled into.

I’m as curious as anyone, more than most I guess, and no kind of prude. I’d giggled over pornos with my friends, as we rated the dicks and critiqued the ‘plots’. So a chance to see one in the flesh, so to speak, intrigued me. I started off toward where my greeter had gone.

“Who the fuck are you?”

I whipped around to see a distracted man in his 40s eyeing me with a bit of interest and some concern. I started my pitch: Hi, I’m Carie and I’m not selling anything…

“How the fuck did you get in here? This is a closed set.”

The girl was back. “That was me Alvie, sorry I thought she was that Brandy you were waiting for. She rang the bell, I don’t know…”

“Well, it isn’t Brandy, is it? Get her the fuck out of here. And find me Brandy. That twat is costing me time. Money. Shit. Fucking actors.”

I gathered this was the director, apparently named Alvie, and he probably wasn’t ready to share his views on the upcoming elections. So the prudent thing was oops and split. Ah, prudence. Never met the girl.

“Um, Mr… Alvie?” I spoke up with some hesitation. “I know I don’t belong here, but now that I am, could I look around if I stay out of the way? I won’t be any trouble and I’m really curious about all this.”

He focused on me for the first time. “Why? Who do you work for? Who sent you to check up on me? Are you from Marty? Jesus fuck that guy is a douche. Tell him I’m not giving up any points in this one, I already made that clear.”

So he was the producer too. Low budget for sure. Maybe even the camera operator and dolly grip. If you know what I mean. Nah, too inside baseball.

“No, no, I’m a pollster,” waving my clipboard. “I’m with Dean & Bean, doing a survey on political attitudes before the election. I rang the bell and…” I gestured at the assistant.

“Billie,” she offered helpfully.

“…Billie yanked me in. No checking up, no Marty, no points. Just a survey. But since I’m here maybe I could, you know, see what it’s all about. I’ve always wondered what goes on at a movie set. I’ll be a fly on the wall, I promise, a mouse. Invisible.”

I’d exceeded his attention span and he took the path of least resistance. With a vague hand wave he said, “Fine, whatever, just stay out of my way. No talking, no noises. Billie, if she fucks up you’re fired and I’m voting for some Bush again.” So, he was paying some attention.

Cool! I was in, on the set of a cheap porno. Billie warned me to keep my phone totally off, no pictures either.

In the best tradition of the afterlife, I moved toward the light.


I saw a dick. A big one, even limp. And another big dick. My first lesson: there are big dicks on a porn set. You can intellectualize all day, have a solid grounding in porno theory, but until you actually see the dicks it’s just academic. I had seen the dicks. And it was good.

Right now things were slow. Stopped, even. The two dicks and their attached hunks were at the craft services table snacking on nachos, along with some crew people and one towel-wrapped woman. The guys had no towels for modesty, which is about what I’d expect from well-hung dudes.

Ms. Towel, who I found out was Sarah, was cute, blonde and nicely curved, with firm B-cup tits. She was maybe 25, actually quite wholesome looking which I supposed was a big asset. If you saw her at the market you’d never peg her as any sort of sex worker.

Everyone but Alvie seemed content to relax, chat and nosh. Alvie was not content, because no one buys noshing movies, even ones with big dicks, and right now that’s about all he could shoot.

I could just make out the conversation as he drew the cast aside. “OK, plan B. It looks like Brandy’s lost so it’s all you three. Guys, let’s stop eating and, ah, start eating. How’s your ass, honey, you up for a DP?”

Sarah made a little face. “I didn’t prep and I’m not getting paid for anal, Alvie. You want the butt, come with the gelt.” She was talking his language. “I’d need another five.” I didn’t know if that was hundred or thousand, but Alvie did.

“Shit, I can’t afford that. I’ll only save three grand by dropping Brandy. You can have that. C’mon, you’re no virgin, and Billie can prep you. I swear there’s more work next week. Do it for Alvie.”

“Long as I don’t have to do it with Alvie,” she cracked. “Sure, OK, one DP for three bills and a player to be named later. But don’t screw with me, Alvie. I got witnesses.”

“You screw best in front of witnesses, babe. Let’s do it.”


What followed was educational, and I don’t mean like Sesame Street. For something so blatantly sexual it didn’t map out very sexy. Setup and blocking took half an hour. Coitus would be interruptus several times to change angles and re-light.

It started, like many of these, with Sarah on her knees sucking both guys, whose names were Dick and Dick. No, really Steve and Chris. They weren’t hired for their math skills, but they did have a talent the industry values: they could fuck and fuck and more importantly, stop fucking on cue and pick up where they left off. They were machines, and they swear there are no prescription drugs involved. I don’t know if I believe that.

It turns out the easy switch from straight sex to butt sex you might have seen on the screen, requires a bit of prep. Billie was more than Alvie’s assistant, she was also the lube girl, in charge of getting Sarah’s shitter cleaned out and working in a dose of sex gel. Sarah was a regular so it was easier than with a new girl, but the main thrust (ahem) was still to make it pain and shit free.

Billie wasn’t a fluffer, exactly. She didn’t have to work on the guys, just keep Sarah slick. So my second lesson: there are probably tons of jobs you never knew existed. Like, you don’t see “lube girl” on many resumes.

Next, Sarah was laid out on the bed with Steve licking her crotch as she continued blowing Chris. I know it’s a business and these people are actors, but it was also real sex and Sarah was getting into it. Her nipples, not shy to start, were now fully erect, and as the guys reached out to tug and twist them you could see Sarah’s heat rise. Lesson three: sex is sex, and the mechanics of it work on or off camera. Even the pros get wound up.

A break in the action, a reset of cameras, a slight flagging and revival of the boys, and back into it. Now Steve was getting head as Chris pounded in from behind. I’d figured out where I could stand to get the best view without interfering, and saw every inch of Chris sliding into Sarah’s pussy. His dick was fat enough to stretch her, and I watched her inner lips being pulled and pushed on each stroke.

Yeah, if I’d been watching this on a screen I’d probably have snickered at the whole thing. But honestly, being right there was arousing. If it felt half as good as it looked it was a joyride. I know us girls aren’t supposed to be as visual as guys, but damn, I had a dugout view of some raw, steamy sex and it was getting to me. No Billie needed, I was starting to lubricate and squirm. My hand strayed inside my slacks and I put some pressure around my throbbing clit for relief. And rubbed just a little.

And wouldn’t you know: caught. Alvie, seemingly intent on the action, looked up just as I looked at him. I think it was the first time he really noticed me, and by the way he grinned I knew he was checking out more than my hand action. This is a guy who’s seen many women naked, sucking and fucking, so my little indiscretion couldn’t have been a shock to him. Yet his gaze lingered as he took in my small frame, especially the spots where my braless and now very erect nipples poked out the silk of my top.

Well, I thought, that’s out of the bag, no sense in worrying now. I made no effort to hide what I was doing as the scene on the bed was reset again. In a few minutes Sarah was bouncing on Steve’s substantial spear as Chris stood by giving her a mouthful. Then Steve pulled her forward, mashing her pert cones against his hairy chest and fully exposing her greased anus to me, to Chris, and through the camera, to the wide, wide world.

Chris knelt to probe that hole with the tip of his cock, and after a token bit of natural resistance from Sarah’s rubbery ring, slipped an inch into her ass. I tried to watch both his progress and Sarah’s reaction. No doubt about it, she liked it and so did Chris. After a short pause he pushed straight in, all 8 or so fat inches, and his balls dragged across Steve’s shaft. Like me, these guys weren’t bi, but they sure weren’t shy.

Then the rhythm started, two cocks stroking in and out of Sarah, working her to a fever pitch. Two minutes, five minutes, good god how could they take this without climaxing? I was so close myself I had to put my free hand in my mouth to keep quiet. Then my orgasm hit and I slid soundlessly to the floor as my legs gave out. Fuck what a come. Alvie saw, the crew saw, and I didn’t care who saw.

The three on the bed didn’t see. They were in their own groove, always with an eye to the cameras and what was expected of them. I’m not as professional in my job as they were in theirs. They kept on fucking as the crew flowed around them and a still photographer snapped silently to document the scene.

Sarah came. I know she did. There’s fake and there’s real and I know they’re actors but I know what I saw. She came hard, and that was the signal for the money shot. Chris pulled out of her ass and stood, then Sarah hopped off Steve and knelt to catch the rain. The men took a few more strokes and out it pulsed, first one then the other. Sarah caught some on her tongue but the bulk sprayed her face, just as the audience likes it. Finis. Fade to black.

Alvie called ‘Cut’ to the cameras and the three actors laughed and joshed. Ho hum, another day at the office. Yeah, sure. They could say it was just a job, but it was also some primo sex. It feels good to get off, even in semi-public. Like I now knew.


As the cast hit the showers I got my clipboard, hoping to slip out unnoticed in the general bustle of the strike. But Alvie had other ideas. He collared me by the kitchen door and sat at the table.

“Hey, Avon lady, what’s your hurry? How was your first porn set? I don’t have to ask if you enjoyed yourself. If the public has half that much fun I can retire to St. Barths on this one,” he grinned. “So what’s your name, Red? I’m Alvie, I guess you know that.”

“Ah, I’m Carie and I’m not selling anything,” I joked. “Just taking a poll.”

He tilted his head a bit to peer out of one eye. “Taking a pole is what Sarah does. Don’t tell me you really are in the business?”

I started to explain that no, different kind of poll… but his chuckle stopped me. I blushed like a girl. Well, I am a girl, but I was more embarrassed by not catching the joke than I was at my open masturbation. It troubled me that I wasn’t more abashed. I should have been beet red and running away, but instead I was chatting about poles with a guy twice my age who paid people to fuck on camera. And to think just this morning I was refilling decaf for hipsters.

I sat too. As we chatted we reassessed our initial impressions. Alvie was no dummy, and I think he was so used to bimbos that he was surprised I wasn’t a dummy either. He’d graduated with majors in math and literature, traveled Europe by rail and bike, and had married and divorced in the distant past. I told him I’d finished college in three years and wanted my own political PR firm — that’s why I took this job for Dean & Bean.

I had to remind myself that I was getting comfortable with a guy who’d watched me get myself off in front of his crew, who might still smell pussy on my fingers. The smart play was to get out of Dodge and go back to canvassing. Oh shit, my partner Paul was probably insane by now since we hadn’t reconnected at the end of the street. Shit, shit. I had to go.

Or not. I turned my phone back on and saw 10 texts from Paul, so I called. He was frantic, but I cooled him off with some bullshit and by the time we hung up he was down to just pissed. Alvie was grinning again.

“Pretty smooth, Red. If I hadn’t been here I’d have believed you myself.” He leaned forward. “But I was here. I watched you diddle your clit while my actors fucked. I think I know you a bit better than your Paul guy.”

I was shocked at his directness, though I shouldn’t have been. He wasn’t saying anything we didn’t both know.

“I’m curious. What got to you most? Do you like seeing big cocks, or was it the butt fucking? Did you imagine you were Sarah, getting it from both ends and your face all spermy?”

“I, I…” I couldn’t respond. His bluntness was both disarming and threatening. No one I knew talked like this. But being part of that scene had been like permission to be nasty. I took a deep breath and dived in.

“It was all of it. The setup. The crazy loose attitude that’s part of your business. And yes, dammit, I did like seeing cocks with that size and stamina, imagining I was the one getting fucked, fucked in the ass. And knowing people were watching. Especially that.” I was baring my sexual soul to a man I’d just met and I had no idea where this was heading.

Billie came into the kitchen and saw me with surprise. “What… why are you still here?” Her eyes never left me as she spoke to her boss. “Alvie, that Brandy showed up and I told her she missed the shoot but she still wants her money. What should I do?”

“Tell her to get lost. This isn’t the first time she’s flaked on me but it’s the last. Fucking druggies think they get infinite chances. Kick her out. Grab Bruce if you need a persuader.”

She left and he continued, “People think AIDS, STDs are the bane of this business but it’s drugs, it’s always been drugs. Most of the women are damaged goods, and they need their crutches. Nothing we can do.”

He looked at his watch and said, “I only have this rental for another hour. I’d love talk more but I have to wrap up and cash out. It’s all pay-me-now in this racket. The only ones who don’t get paid right after are the ones I pay before. No trust,” he smiled, and handed me a business card. “Give me a ring and we’ll get some dinner. It’d be nice to spend time with a smart sexy woman who isn’t part of this nutty mess,” he said with a sweep of his hand.

I told him I’d think about it, knowing I would but knowing I wouldn’t call.


I did think about it, a lot. I could summon up a shudder just picturing what I must have looked like to everyone as my legs gave out in the throes of orgasm. I was glad none of those people knew know who I was, or would ever see me in the street and remember me as the girl who… you know, that girl.

And no, I didn’t call. Once I was out of that immediate scene, reality set back in. That wasn’t a business, and Alvie wasn’t a man, I could have anything to do with. I tried to forget all about it.

But life has its ways, right? It may be a big town, but it’s a small world. It got smaller the day our hostess seated this middle-aged guy at one of my tables. Yes, it was Alvie. He hadn’t seen me yet and I briefly considered sneaking out the back and playing ill.

But I needed the shift and the tips and I thought, how bad could it be?


“Yep, and some oran… whoa, Red, it’s you! What the hell? Don’t tell me you gave up politics to sling hash?”

So this was just a coincidence. “No, I still do polling, this is my day job until I get enough cash together to poach some of D&B’s clients,” I smiled. “It’s a nice place and the tips rock.”

“We seriously have to get dinner,” he said. “I’ve thought about you the past couple of months and I know we could be pals. Say you will. Still have my card? Use it. And now I know where you work, I can bug you in person.”

He flirted throughout his meal and while that’s something I deal with all day every day, it felt different with Alvie. We had a connection we never mentioned but which was the loudest thing in the room. We’d watched people fuck. He’d seen me come. Clothed, but still. He knew my fantasies.

Now he’d re-sparked the feelings of that outrageous day, and I knew they weren’t going to be easy to shut down again. In the weeks since, every time I came, no matter who I was with (if anyone), it was to full color visions of that session. But I hadn’t had one orgasm even close in intensity. I wanted that again, and I might not ever get it.


A week later I called.

“Hey Carie, perfect timing. What’s up? Ready for a dinner? I’m just wrapping up something and I can meet you in about a half-hour. Steak OK, or are you in some alternative foodscape?”

We had dinner that night, and again a few days later. It was low key, Alvie was just fun to be around. We seemed to be past our, um, introductory experience. He never brought it up, even though I was on alert for any nuances. And you know it was always on my mind.

The cheers and chants were still ringing round the ground, though it had been over five minutes since the Memphis Christians victorious soccer team had left the field after clinching victory in the Tennessee State College Soccer League. It wasn’t true that the Memphis Christians won nothing, but it had to be said that this was the first time since 1947 that anyone but the cheerleading team had tasted any victory outside Bible readings and Spelling Bee competitions. And of course the victory tasted so much sweeter as it was over the Christian’s hated local rivals, the Lancers.

Inside the changing room it wasn’t much quieter, the players whooping, cheering and high-fiving as they celebrated their victory by exploding (non-alcoholic) champagne over themselves and the coaching staff. A few were already getting undressed, shorts and shirts being dropped to the floor and muddy boots kicked across the room. In the stadium corridor Savannah Monroe, captain of the college cheerleaders, the Cyclones, waited for her cue. It was soon to come; the coach Bob Parkins, a fit and muscular fifty-year-old with a body of a man half his age, jumped onto one of the benches. He lowered his hands, palms down, motioning for the team to be quiet and let him speak; for a few moments the excited soccer players continued to yell and chant, but soon they were silent waiting for him to speak.

“What can I say boys. Well done; last game of the season and we got it. Two great goals, and what can I say about the defending, but ‘clean sheet’ and some fantastic saves to make sure it stayed like that. But it’s more than just one game, whether you were on the field today or on the bench, as a sub or not… it’s been a great season, you’ve worked hard, trained hard, played hard and, for the Dean’s sake, kept those GPAs up.

“Now as I promised earlier in the season, if we got the league I’ve laid on a couple of treats. Tonight, the team bus will be heading out to a spa resort for a long weekend of relaxing fun… and just in case you haven’t worked out, boys, you’ll be on that bus. But first… all season they’ve been cheering for you, supporting you in your victories and encouraging you after our few defeats. Now the Cyclones want to give you their own special reward.” He brought his hands together and started clapping.

“Go, go, go,” hissed Savannah to her cheerleaders as the rest of the footballers joined in the ovation. Standing beside her sister, Charlotte and Kathy (aka Nasty Kathy), Savannah watched approving as the rest of the female side cheerleading team bounded into the room, somersaulting and leaping, whirling their Pom-Poms with wild abandon. The clapping stopped as the soccer players noticed that none of the cheerleaders were wearing anything but pumps and socks, though Savannah proudly noted that nudity didn’t harm the routine one jot. The silence only lasted for a few moments, before the young men started cheering and hollering, shouting out their appreciation of the cheerleaders. Through the crack in the door Savannah watched as her cheeries danced energetically, a special routine that they had designed for today – one that involved a lot of thrusting and bouncing, ending with the girls all on their asses with their legs spread apart.

The cheers got even louder, even more frenzied than when a last minute goal thudded into the back of the net as the players looked at the nude and sexy female flesh on display. But it wasn’t over, the coach again made a motion for the team to quieten down; it took longer this time, but eventually the changing room was quiet enough for Parkins to speak.

“Take a good look boys, good Christian snatches untouched by man or plastic… unsullied until they enter the holy state of matrimony. And that is how it should be – a joining together of two virgins to become one partnership, with you boys bringing home the bread and your wife making sure the house is kept and the kids are obedient.

“But I was a young man once, I know the temptations that crowd you, especially when we hit the spa and those masseurs get to work. So as a treat can I welcome, the Cyclone’s team captain, Savannah Monroe, and her two colleagues, her sister Charlotte Monroe and Kathy Kurowski.”

The team broke into another round of applause as the three cheerleaders ran in; they were even more naked that the rest of the team, having neither Pom-Poms or footwear. Also unlike the rest of the team they didn’t dance, but instead dropped to their knees in front of the team in the begging position.

This time Parkins waited for the noise to die down naturally before he continued his speech. “Now, the best way to make sure you can resist the temptation to stuff your cock in some slut’s cunt is to have a good Christian virgin remove the lust from your pricks by sucking it out. And what better girls to do that our three virginal cheerleaders…”

Savannah wasn’t absolutely sure that Kathy was as virginal as she claimed, she had an eye for the boys and her late night returns weren’t always due to extra-late prayer sessions at the Young People’s Christian Club. However, Savannah was a virgin and proud of it, sure she’d blown a lot of boys and her hand-job skills were renowned all over Memphis, but no male had touched her womanhood and nor would they until her wedding night. But she was still a young woman with a young woman’s desires, so when the coach had suggested that as a reward to the team and that she might like to suggest a few girls who could give great bjs, she had quickly put herself forward. Despite some reservations about her co-captain’s loose sexual morals Kathy was the obvious second choice; from comments around the campus Kathy was a queen of the messy, slurpy, deep-throat – her willingness to swallow giving her the nickname ‘Nasty’.

Savannah had even greater reservations about bringing in her younger sister. Though she was absolutely sure about the younger Monroe’s virginity, she wasn’t convinced she’d got the experience. Sure Charlotte had been sucking cocks for a good couple of years and had moved on from giving her boyfriend a blow in the back-seat of the Chevvy to sucking four members of a Christian Rock Band after an uplifting gig. But sucking the football team and their coaching staff was big girl’s games – not only were there lots of them, but as stars of Memphis Christian they were used to high quality sucking and Savannah worried that Charlotte didn’t have the experience.

It was Kathy who came up with the solution; let Charlotte loose on the male cheerleaders and get their opinions. Charlotte had been all for it, as were the men and within a few minutes Charlotte had taken them into the back room and blew all six of them whilst a judging panel of Kathy and a couple of other experienced cock-suckers watched. The reviews from both the recipients and the watching panel had been resoundingly positive. Savannah was still worried that her sister wouldn’t be able to cope or that there would be sotto voce comments from some of the team about nepotism, but it was too late to replace her now.

“Coach, if they’re going to blow the entire team, there’s over twenty of us and three of them…” it was Bud Ross, the captain. Savannah had been hoping that he’d shoot in her mouth, but he didn’t seem to think that the three of them could take the whole squad which was so insulting that she almost began to hope he wouldn’t choose her as his cum receptacle. Even if Charlotte flagged there was no way Kathy or Savannah would stop until every cock had been sucked clean.

Parkins also didn’t seem to think there was any risk as he grinned and replied, “Son, nearer thirty cos if you think me and the rest of the staff ain’t going to put our cocks between those lips you’re as cuckoo as them Swiss clocks.”

Ross looked momentarily unconvinced and Savannah quickly spoke up in her best peppy tone, “We can do it. We can take you all.”

“Y’all heard what the girl said,” Parkins began undoing the cord holding up his own tracksuit bottoms.

“Dang, coach, what was I thinkin’. Sorry Savannah, I know you can do it – you’re a Memphis Christian, world-beaters,” Ross pulled down his soccer shorts, taking his boxers with them and showing his nine inches of pumping cock.

Looking at it, thick and meaty and oh, so tasty Savannah was reminded that a good Christian always forgives. She smiled, “Apology accepted.” Then she took his cock in her mouth, sliding up the large chunk of manhood. The soccer captain moaned and straightened, resting his hands on her shoulders as she began working her mouth up and down his prick, going further each time. On either side of her Kathy and Charlotte had taken a dick each and were replicating her motions.

“Savannah, you’re so good, so good,” moaned Ross. The cheerleader sucked deeper taking him further into her mouth. She was starting slow, letting her mouth get used to the size so as not to give herself too much of a jaw ache too soon. She knew she’d have to speed up and take it deeper soon if she wanted to get through all thirty, but for her first one a long, slow blow would work. Certainly Ross didn’t seem to have any objections, his eyes were closed and his breath was coming out in slow, pants even though the only work he was doing was standing. He groaned again as Savannah’s ran her tongue over his cock as she worked her lips up, “Oh my, oh my, suck my large prick.”

The remainder of the cheerleaders were up and standing, clapping and giggling as they watched their three colleagues suck their first cocks. A few of them were obviously struggling to resist the temptation to touch themselves and had to sit down and keep their legs crossed. Savannah knew how they felt, she was holding onto the thighs of Ross as she sucked him, knowing if she let go she’d be risking eternal damnation and social ostracism by plunging a finger into her pussy. She tried to push the thought of fingering herself away and concentrate on giving a good blow-job.

She was moving faster now, taking it deeper and more intense. She could feel the cock expanding and contracting in her mouth ready to blow and saw Ross’s face squash as the orgasm started to hit him. The cum exploded in her mouth, she swallowed the first shot and then took the rest in her mouth swilling it round, until Ross’s cock was out of her. Then slowly and deliberately, she let the cum dribble from between her lips, over her chin and down to her its. She waited until it was all out before looking up at the gang of men waiting with their hard cocks out; “Next,” she smiled.

The second cock came, and she sucked that. Harder and quicker than her first, taking it deep and pushing it against her throat. It didn’t take long for him to cum, and again she swallowed some cum and let the rest drip down her chest. A third cock appeared in front of her and Savannah opened wide to take it, noticing as she did so that it was had ‘Jesus Saves’ tattooed on it which given it was the goalie’s dick was either an act of faith or false modesty.

Kathy and Charlotte were working their pricks as well. Kathy was more intense and deeper, a real sloppy deep-throater, dripping cum, saliva and bile everywhere as she took the pricks so deep she gagged as they came. Most of the cumshots shot down her throat into her stomach, a sure recipe for future stomach cramps, but Kathy was experienced enough to be able to keep going for the afternoon, though Savannah guessed she’d be as sick as a parrot later in the evening. Enough cum dribbled from her lips to create a vampire like effect, except the liquid sliding from the corners of mouth was white rather than red. Another player exploded in her, and Kathy swallowed and retched and swallowed some more. She wiped a her eyes, which were watering with the force of the throat fucks she was getting, before looking up, “Come on, boys, I want to drink your cum, I want you to shoot down my throat. I’m a thirsty cheerleader…”

Equally impressive was Charlotte; she wasn’t taking it as deep as Kathy, but for a young woman who had only turned eighteen a few months back and without the cock-sucking experience of the other two, she was doing well. She was slobbering quickly and enthusiastically at the prick in front of her, the eagerness with which she was slathering over the eight inches of thick prick making up for any lack of skill. Her front was glistening with gooey sperm, she was no swallower; the cum dripped down her tits and onto her thighs, creating a small pool in the crack between them as it slid down her legs and onto the floor. She jerked her head back as the dick she was sucking blew, taking the first spurt in her mouth, but the rest over her pretty features. She smiled as it dripped down to join the copious amounts already on her bosoms. She laughed, “Who’s next? I want more big dicks, give me your big cocks; I’ll suck them all.”

Savannah took another cock, her fifth or was it her sixth? She wasn’t sure. It didn’t matter, she’d carry on taking prick in her mouth whilst they were there – it wasn’t a competition on who could take the most. She rammed her face down the cock, deeper and deeper, feeling the cock contract and expand in her mouth as its owner pumped into her.

“Go on Savannah, suck him deep. Take it for the team.” “Kathy… Kathy… Kathy… suck… suck… suck…” “Charlotte, you’re doing well, take it girl,” the other cheerleaders danced and clapped, shouting encouragement to their team mates, “Suck him. Suck him! Suck himmm!!!” “Take it all, make him cum.” “You go, you all go, suck those tasty pricks.”

Another cock exploded in Savannah and she let the cum slide from her mouth, dribbling over her semen stained titties and down her belly. Kathy choked up some cum and drool, all down her front. She wiped her mouth, “Come on, don’t stop.” Another soccer player stepped up to take his place in front of the cheerleaders. Kathy’s lips draped round his cock, moving further and further up until he was so far in his ball were banging against her chin as he fucked forward.

Savannah, however, didn’t have time to see how her team mate was coping as she already had another prick in her mouth and was slurping at it hungrily. She was keen that everyone got a good quality blow, there would be no slacking off from her until that last dick had been sucked. The soccer player groaned and gasped as her lithe and talented tongue played with his manhood as her lips squeezed and sucked at the nine inches. The trouble with being such a talented cocksucker was that the young man barely lasted a couple of minutes before he was shooting his load over her face. Savannah wiped some burning cum from eyes and let the rest trickle down to join their brethren coated on her tits and stomach.

“Suck…suck…suck!” chanted another cheerleader. “Eat those pricks, eat… eat…eat.”

Charlotte took anther blast of cum, shrieking with excited pleasure as it the assistant coach pulled out and jerked the explosive shots over her hair and face. Her hair was already messed and gooey, he wasn’t the first who’d shot there and as Charlotte took another prick and said to the new man “I want you to cum over my face,” it seemed likely she’d get even more head shots.

A cock with ‘Jesus Saves’ tattooed on it appeared in front of Savannah. The cheerleader frowned, sure she remembered it from a short while before. She looked up at the goalkeeper, “Haven’t I sucked you?”

“I’m hard again, coming for seconds. That alright?” he said.

Savannah looked round at the soccer players; a few were sitting down, but most were standing up, their cocks already hard or desperately pumping them to make them so. She called out, “Anyone not been blown yet?”

There was no answer so she guessed everyone now had at least one blow-job under their belt. She looked back to the goalie, “Sure, I’ll give seconds,” she grinned and moved her mouth over his member. There was the salty taste of dried cum on his dick as she sucked, not that she minded, it just added a bit of further flavouring. She sucked harder and faster, aware that she’d have to put some more effort in as he’d already cum shortly before and it was always more difficult to bring a man to fruition the second time than the first. Her mouth slid up and down the cock, her lips squeezing and pressuring the prick.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!!!” gasped the goalkeeper and filled her mouth with his cum. As normal she swallowed a bit and let the rest leak out, emptying her mouth of the salty white goo before she took the next dick in her mouth, sucking and slurping at the new dick, just as cummy and flavoursome as the one before.

The other two girls were also on their second helpings of cock, sucking and slurping at pricks already blown, which were sticky with saliva and cum and tasted so good. Some of the players deliberately tried a different cheerleader, some so pleased with their previous blow job stuck with the same girl, but the majority were just random, moving in as one of the cheerleader’s finished a blow job and was ready for the next dick.

Cum shot after cum shot blew out, coating the girls and making them almost swim in semen. Not that they were complaining… But gradually the number of pricks being waved in front of them decreased, all the coaches and players had got one blow job, most had been blown twice and an elite had been sucked off three times before they were spent. Eventually Savannah pulled her head back to dribble the cum blast down her tits. She looked around, their was no-one left, they were all sitting around and both Charlotte and Kathy were sitting on their knees; with no cocks in their mouths they looked like lonely snowmen.

The coach jumped up on the bench again, “A big round of applause to our three cheerleaders,” the room erupted for a few moments as the soccer players, coaching staff and other cheerleaders clapped and cheered the three cum soaked cock-suckers. The coach gave it long enough to be polite, before quietening it down, “Okay, boys, quick showers and then on the bus in thirty minutes. You’ll love the spa we’ve booked, just make sure you all get some time with those masseurs – I tell you, you won’t regret it.”

There was a hubbub of activity as the players got up, grabbing towels and talking as they headed towards the showers. Savannah got up, wiping some cum from her face and chin. She helped Charlotte up and then Kathy, who was starting to look a little green from her excess salt intake, together they headed out to hit the cheerleader’s showers.

With luck, thought Savannah, the basketball team would win it’s big match next week and she could do it all again.

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