Virginia was a curious girl. She wanted to know about everything. She was 19 years old and had only recently left the Catholic boarding school where she had spent the last 10 years of her life. Her parents had died when she was little, but had left plenty of money to provide for her education. What they hadn’t provided for her, though, was any close family. So she grew up lacking any real adult friends – except perhaps Max and Dolores, a rather bohemian couple with whom she spent many of her holidays.

She was staying with them now, enjoying the summer between school and university. But unlike most girls her age, she wasn’t spending her time idly. Oh no. Having been shut away from the world for 10 years, she was determined to catch up on lost time. She wanted to know everything that she had missed: pop music, films, art, the sights and sounds of the big city, sex. Everything, particularly sex.

To this end, she took to spying on her hosts. Max and Dolores were an attractive couple in their late 30s, he tall and dark with long wavy hair and a fashionable 5 o’clock shadow, she vivacious and blonde with the sort of figure that looked good in a bikini. She painted large abstracts and was always dressed in paint-splattered jeans and T-shirt; he was a photographer and preferred knee-length shorts and brightly patterned shirts. Virginia thought them the most attractive people in the world. She liked nothing more than sitting at the kitchen table over dinner and a carafe of wine while they laughed and talked about every subject under the sun. She felt as if she hadn’t been properly alive until this summer. At night she lay in bed listening to them in their room, sometimes still talking, sometimes silent, sometimes making noises that she couldn’t decipher but which sounded intriguing.

One night her curiosity got the better of her. She tiptoed along the landing to their half-open door. There were sounds emanating from within, low inarticulate moans, heavy sighs, the creaking of the bed. To Virginia it seemed as if they might have been wrestling or playing some game together. But it didn’t sound as if they were competing in any way. Occasionally she would hear a definite word of encouragement.

“Oh yes, just there…”

Whatever Max was doing to her, Dolores was evidently enjoying it.

“Oh yes, harder… harder…”

What could it possibly be that gave her more pleasure the more brutal Max was towards her?

“Aah… Aah…”

Whatever it was, it seemed to be driving her to a veritable frenzy.

“Nngh… oh God…”

Even Max was being moved to cries – of pain or pleasure, Virginia found it impossible to tell. The bed creaked alarmingly, rhythmically, as if they were jumping up and down on it. Whatever they were doing, plainly it was reaching some kind of climax. Appalled, yet for some reason excited, Virginia wondered whether she should rush in and rescue whichever one of them needed it. But the suspicion that she was witnessing something that she shouldn’t held her back. As the noises within subsided to the occasional low murmur, she turned to creep back to her own room. And walked straight into a low chest on the landing.


“What was that?” she heard Dolores say.

“I think we’ve had an audience,” came Max’s reply.

“Oh dear.”

Virginia expected Dolores to sound angry, but to the girl’s surprise there was a distinct tone of amusement in her voice.

“Hello Virginia.” Max leant against the frame of the bedroom door, his arms crossed, a smile on his face. “Have you been spying on us?”

“I thought you were fighting or something.” Virginia was too busy trying to rub away the pain in her shin where she had cracked it against the chest to think of a better excuse. Max was immediately all concern.

“Have you hurt yourself? Here, let me see.”

The next moment she was sitting on the edge of their bed with Dolores dabbing at her shin with a damp cloth. She felt hugely embarrassed, particularly wearing her drab school pyjamas. She tried hard not to look at Dolores, who was clad only in one of her husband’s brightly coloured shirts, or Max, wearing only a pair of brief cotton shorts. Not that they seemed to care whether she looked at them or not, nor that she had been caught listening at their door.

“There,” smiled Dolores, “you’re not going to bleed to death. It doesn’t even need a plaster. You’ll just have a bit of a bruise tomorrow.”

“Thank you,” said Virginia, immediately standing with the intention of getting back to her own room as quickly as possible. But whether she stood up too quickly or was in a state of shock at the night’s turn of events, she suddenly felt faint.

“Whoops…” said Max, putting a strong arm around her to stop her falling. And that was the last word she heard.

The next thing she knew she was lying in the middle of their huge bed. Max and Dolores sat either side of her, looking concerned. Dolores stroked her forehead.

“Have you fainted before?”

“Once, years ago,” she admitted. “I thought I’d got over it.”

“That will teach you to go creeping around the house,” grinned Max.

Virginia blushed with shame. “I’m so sorry about that.”

“What were you doing?” asked Dolores. “Did you want something?”

“I heard noises. I was being nosy. I’m so sorry. I didn’t see anything, honestly.”

Dolores laughed. “I don’t think we’d have minded if you had. We are married, after all. We are allowed to make love.”

“Oh, so that’s what you were doing,” said the girl, having not the faintest idea what Dolores was talking about. “I thought it must be something like that.”

“Really?” grinned Max. “We had no idea you were such a woman of the world. Have you made love often?”

Virginia thought of the strangely exciting kisses she had once been given by an older girl at school. “Once or twice.”

“So you know what it feels like to give and receive the most intense pleasure? To have what the French call “le petit mort”?”

“Stop teasing the poor girl,” laughed Dolores.

Reassured by the older woman’s sympathy, Virginia decided to be brave. “To be honest, I haven’t. Made love, I mean. I’m not even sure what it is. Is it the same as when you make babies?”

“Sort of. Except that we have no intention of getting Dolores pregnant.”

“Oh, well, I know all about that,” declared the girl. “We learned all about that in biology.”

“That’s one thing we won’t have to teach you, then,” smiled Dolores. “We wouldn’t want you suddenly announcing you were expecting.”

But Virginia’s thoughts were elsewhere. Her insatiable curiosity was aroused. “But I didn’t know it involved so much noise. It sounded like Max was doing something horrible to you.”

“Oh no,” Dolores reassured her, “quite the opposite.”

Virginia wasn’t sure she believed the older woman. “You mean you like it? From what it said in the textbook it sounds awful.”

“I assure you it isn’t. In fact, I’d say it’s the best feeling in the world.” She looked lovingly across Virginia at Max.

“I’d like to take a look at this book,” he said. “It sounds as if it’s given you entirely the wrong impression.”

“Oh no, it’s a very good book. I’m sure I’ve got all the details absolutely right.”

The girl spoke so self-assuredly, Max decided to tease her a little more.

“So how exactly did it describe the process of making babies? Just generally. This isn’t an exam.”

Virginia was pleased to be asked. Biology was one of her best subjects. “Well, the man puts his penis in the woman’s vagina and ejaculates. Then the sperm swims up until it meets an egg, then one of the sperm…”

“Okay, I get the picture,” laughed Max. “I believe you.”

“The trouble with that way of looking at it,” said Dolores, “is that it misses out the main thing.”

“What’s that?” Virginia was sure she’d remembered it correctly. There had been a question on it in an exam for which she’d got top marks.

“That it’s hugely pleasurable.”

“For both of us,” added Max. “Otherwise we wouldn’t do it.”

“And does everybody like it? Even when they don’t want to make a baby?” Virginia was amazed. To have a man put something inside you down there – it didn’t bear thinking about.

“Most people,” smiled Dolores. “When they’re in love,” she added, feeling the conversation should end on a moral note. “And now you’d better get back to bed. That’s enough sex talk for tonight.”

Back in her own bed, Virginia lay thinking. She tried to imagine Max and Dolores making love, what they might look like as he put his penis into her vagina. But it was no good. She had only a vague idea what a penis looked like, having never seen one in the flesh. Her only experience of them came from photographs of Michelangelo statues. She found it difficult to envisage one being put into a vagina, a part of the body of which she had a little more knowledge. She had washed her own often enough, inserted tampons in it, even glanced at it on occasion, and there was no doubt in her mind that it was far too small.

The puzzle intrigued her. She knew that Max and Dolores had told her the truth. What reason had they to lie? Somehow this basic human function gave them pleasure. Was it something that only happened when one reached a certain age? Was it yet another mystery of adulthood, like puberty, growing breasts, spotty skin? She had to know.

The next day she was rather quiet around the house. Max and Dolores decided to let her be, thinking that she was perhaps a little embarrassed at the events of the previous night. But over dinner and with a couple of glasses of wine inside her, her tongue loosened. Not only was she dying of curiosity, but now she was feeling rather brave.

“There’s something I wanted to ask you.”

“Ask away,” smiled Max, filling her glass for the third time. He had decided that what she needed was to loosen up a little.

Little did he know what he was about to unleash.

The girl looked at Dolores, who smiled encouragingly. “You know last night, you said you wouldn’t have minded if I had seen you, you know, making love…”

“I remember. It’s true, we wouldn’t have minded.”

Virginia’s courage faltered. What she was about to ask seemed so rude, so cheeky. She took a gulp of wine. “Well, I want to,” she blurted out.

“Want to what?”

“I want to watch you. Make love.”

For a moment the two adults were struck dumb. Then Dolores started to laugh.

“I mean, I’ve been thinking about it and thinking about it and I still don’t understand how it’s supposed to feel so great, and I thought maybe if I watch you I will. Understand, I mean.”

There, she’d said it.

“Oh, darling, that’s so sweet.” Dolores took the girl’s face in her hands and gave her a kiss on the mouth. “Of course you can watch us. Why on earth shouldn’t you?”

In the bedroom Dolores told Virginia to lie on the bed.

“You understand, we have to build up to it. We can’t just do it cold.”

“Well, I’m pretty horny,” said Max, pulling his shirt over his head.

“You’re always horny,” laughed Dolores, putting her arms around his waist.

“What does horny mean?” asked Virginia.

“It means wanting to make love, feeling an insatiable urge.”

“Will I ever feel it?”

“Oh yes,” Dolores assured her, “when you meet a man you fancy. Like I did when I met Max.”

“Ah, darling…” Max embraced and kissed her. Their hands wandered over each other’s backs and bottoms.

Virginia watched with interest. It reminded her of the older girl’s kisses at school, though this seemed much more – what was the word – passionate.

To Max and Dolores having an audience added a definite frisson. Not that it was the first time they had made love in front of other people. They were artists and they had been to plenty of wild parties in their time. On the other hand, they had never been watched with quite so much interest.

“Is kissing part of it?” came the girl’s voice. “Does that feel good too?”

“Definitely,” smiled Dolores. “Sometimes I think it’s almost the best part.”

Max lifted her T-shirt above her head and started to fondle and kiss her breasts.

“Mmm, lovely…” She raked her fingernails gently across his muscled chest. In only a short while she felt a growing hardness in his shorts. “Hello, what’s this?”

“What’s what?” came the girl’s voice.

“This,” said Dolores, turning Max towards her so that she could clearly see the outline of his hardening cock, “is what you call the penis.”

Virginia was transfixed. How had it become so large? And why was it making her feel funny?

“And this,” continued Dolores, easing Max’s shorts over his cock and down his legs, “is what it looks like in the flesh.”

“Oh!” It was quite as frightening as she’d imagined it to be, standing all stiff like that. Is that why it made her feel funny?

“And I imagine that you already know what this is,” smiled Max, slipping his wife’s jeans and knickers over her hips and down to her feet.

Virginia stared, blushing profusely but not caring. There was so much to take in. Dolores’s vagina, unlike her own, was almost completely hairless, except for a small thin vertical strip. Did it grow like that naturally? Surely not. She must trim it – but why? Was that all part of making love too? And she still didn’t understand how that huge penis could fit into such a small slot. It was hardly an opening at all.

“It’s too big, surely,” she blurted out.

Dolores gave Max’s cock an affectionate stroke. “Not at all. You’ll see.”

She took his hand and led him to the bed, making him lie down between her and Virginia. “Now you can get a closer view. You can touch it if you like. I’m sure Max won’t mind.”

“I’m not sure I dare,” murmured Virginia, conscious of a definite flutter of feeling somewhere in the region of her stomach.

No such inhibition occupied Dolores. She took hold of Max’s cock and lovingly started to stroke it.

“It looks so red. Does it hurt?”

“Far from it,” smiled Max. “Dolores knows exactly what to do to make my cock feel good.”

“Cock? Is that what you call it?”

“It’s a much better word than penis,” said Dolores. “Penis sounds so medical.”

“Mmm…” Max lay back and closed his eyes.

“Are you sure you don’t want to touch it?” asked Dolores again. “It feels lovely, believe me.”

Virginia reached out a tentative finger. It looked so red and swollen, she thought it might explode at any moment. To her surprise it felt quite soft despite looking so hard. She traced her finger from the tip to the base. It really was very long. Dolores took her hand in her own and wrapped it around the shaft.

“Move it up and down. Max loves that.”

Virginia did so, becoming quite engrossed.

“Mmm…” Max opened his eyes to watch the two women tending to him. Virginia seemed to be learning fast. He slipped a hand between Dolores’s legs. She opened them obligingly. He parted her lips to find her already moist. Now it was her turn to moan contentedly. She bent forward and, to Virginia’s amazement, took the head of Max’s cock into her mouth.

“What are you doing?” blurted the girl.

Dolores didn’t answer. Well, she couldn’t, not with her mouth full. While Virginia continued to stroke it, she kissed and tongued and sucked it, until Max gently lifted her head away.

“You’d better stop now, darling. Or Virginia will miss what she wants to see.”

Smiling, Dolores lay back, her legs wide apart. Virginia could see how different her sex looked, her labia parted, moist and swollen.

“Why does your vagina look so different?”

“Because I’m turned on. And please call it my pussy.”

Max teased and stroked it until Dolores was moaning softly with delight. He moved down the bed and between her legs. Virginia was transfixed. Surely he wasn’t going to… Her heart began to beat wildly. As she watched, his lips closed on Dolores’s – what was the word? – pussy. Imagining the same thing happening to her, the fluttering feeling in her stomach became almost unbearable. She squeezed her legs tightly together as if that might stop it. It had no effect. If anything, it seemed to make the feeling worse.

“Oh, yes…” moaned Dolores, thrusting her hips up to Max’s probing tongue.

“Does that feel good,” asked Virginia, hardly able to believe what she was witnessing, “being kissed down there?”

“Oh, yes,” smiled Dolores, “more than you could possibly imagine.”

Virginia wanted to ask if Max enjoyed it as much, but didn’t dare. Besides, how could he answer? He certainly seemed to, judging by the enthusiasm he was showing. But why? To kiss someone down there seemed so… She couldn’t think of the right word. She was finding it difficult to think at all. There was that feeling in the pit of her stomach, the way she felt the need to squeeze her legs together. What was happening to her?

“No more, darling,” she heard Dolores say. “I want you to fuck me.”

Another new word. “What does that mean?”

“She wants me to put my cock into her pussy,” smiled Max.

Surely not. Even though she could see that Dolores’s pussy was now pink and wet, surely that big thing of Max’s couldn’t fit in it. The thought made her heart beat quite wildly.

Max grasped his wife’s hips. “Move to the edge of the bed, darling. Virginia will have a better view.”

Dolores did so, spreading her legs wide. Max stood between them, aiming his cock at her eager pussy. Virginia knelt beside them, watching in excited fascination.

Max stroked his wife’s pussy lips with the tip of his cock.

“Why are you doing that?” Virginia couldn’t help asking.

“To help lubricate it, so that it goes in more easily.”

“And to tease me,” said Dolores with a catch in her voice, “you bastard…”

Max gently probed at her opening. “See how her lips spread apart for it.”

Virginia leaned forward. “Oh, they’re stretching.”

“Put it in,” moaned Dolores, “please…”

Max smiled wickedly at Virginia. “Why don’t you put it in for me, so that you can feel for yourself how easily it slips in?”

Without waiting for an answer he took the girl’s hand and placed it around his thick cock. To Virginia it felt, if anything, even harder than before.

“What do you want me to do with it?” She wondered whether to grip it tightly or gently.

“Just gently guide it,” murmured Max. “You’ll see.”

She held it so that the swollen crown pressed between the lips of Dolores’s pussy. She felt Max push forward. To her amazement his cock slipped slowly into her opening with barely any resistance.

“Gosh, it goes in really easily.”

“Oh yes,” moaned Dolores. “Now fuck me.”

Max slid his cock slowly in and out, while Virginia held it loosely. As he pressed forward she felt her hand squeezed up against Dolores’s pussy.

“Do you want me to keep holding you?” she asked Max.

“Oh yes.”

The truth is, what with fucking his gorgeous wife and having a pretty girl holding his cock, he was getting close to coming.

“I think I’m going to come,” he told Dolores. “Do you mind if I come first?”

“Of course not, darling. But don’t come inside me. Come over me so that Virginia can see.”

For her part, Virginia wasn’t at all sure what they were talking about. “What do you mean, come? What’s going to happen?”

“He’s going to ejaculate,” smiled Dolores, “but that’s such a long word. It’s when the man has his climax. Just watch. Poor Max can hardly control himself.”

Max withdrew his glistening cock from his wife’s pussy. Virginia instinctively loosened her grip on it.

“No, don’t let go,” insisted Max. “Hold it more tightly. Move your hand backwards and forwards. Oh yes, just like that…”

Slick with Dolores’s juices, his cock slid easily back and forth in Virginia’s hand. She felt unaccountably excited by the feel of it. She could tell by his movements and expression that she was giving him pleasure, even though she wasn’t entirely sure how, and his pleasure made a thrill run through her. She pumped his cock enthusiastically, eager to see what result it would have.

“Oh yes, I’m coming…” he moaned.

His cock twitched and jerked and, to Virginia’s amazement, suddenly produced a spurt of white fluid from the slit at its end.


“I’m coming… Don’t stop… Don’t stop…”

As the girl continued moving her hand, more spurts of fluid appeared, landing on Dolores’s naked belly.

“That’s right, darling, come all over me. It’s so hot watching Virginia make you come.”

Virginia briefly wondered why watching her make Max ejaculate made Dolores feel warm, but felt she had asked enough questions for the time being. The sensations between her own legs were almost unbearable now – was that what Dolores meant by being hot?

Max gave her a surprisingly long and full kiss on the lips. It felt rather thrilling to be kissed so firmly. She felt quite breathless when he finally released her.

“Thank you, you lovely girl. You’re an absolute natural.”

“Am I?” She felt flattered, though she wasn’t sure why.

Dolores spread Max’s come over her belly. “What did you think of that? Did it satisfy your curiosity?”

“It was… amazing.” Her mind was racing almost as much as her heart. She continued to gently pump Max’s cock, even though she could feel it gradually softening. For some reason she didn’t want to let it go.

“I think she’s fallen in love with your cock,” smiled Dolores. “Not that I’m surprised.”

“You can stop now. It’s lovely what you’re doing, but it won’t have any effect for a long time yet, not now I’ve come.”

Reluctantly Virginia released him. She would have liked to explore this fascinating object in more detail.

Dolores spread her legs wide and smiled seductively. “Now it’s my turn.”

Max knelt beside the bed, his face only inches from his wife’s glistening pussy.

“You must watch closely, Virginia,” she urged. “This is one of the most wonderful feelings a girl can have.”

Then Max’s lips were on her.

“Oh God…”

Actually, despite leaning as closely as she dared, Virginia could see little of what Max was doing. Most of the time his mouth was fully covering her pussy; whatever his tongue was doing it was certainly having a remarkable effect. Dolores was moaning incoherently and compulsively thrusting her hips upward.

“Oh God… Don’t stop… Please…”

“What’s he doing to you? Tell me.” Virginia was almost worried for the older woman, she seemed to be in agony.

“He’s sucking my clitoris. Oh God, it feels so good… Please don’t stop, darling…”

Her hands clutched at the sheets of the bed. One found Virginia’s hand and gripped it as tightly as if she were drowning. Virginia thought her hand might be crushed.

“Oh God, I’m coming… I’m coming…”

Her hips thrust hard at Max’s mouth. She gasped and moaned incoherently.

“Ah…Ah… oh God… Please… Oh God…”

Virginia watched excitedly as Dolores jerked in her orgasm. Would she experience the same thing one day? She didn’t know whether the prospect thrilled or terrified her. It all seemed so out-of-control, so abandoned. She had read the word orgasm in her biology books, but nothing there had given her any hint of this.

“I think you’ve stunned Virginia into silence.”

As if coming round from a trance, she realised that she was staring at Dolores’s pussy with her mouth open. Now Max’s mouth was no longer covering it, it looked red and swollen. Max gave it a couple of gentle kisses. Dolores stroked it with her fingertips, as if calming it.

“That was so good,” she smiled lovingly. “I was so horny I came almost immediately.”

Max stood up. “So what did you think, Virginia? You’ve seen us fucking and you’ve seen us both come. Was it anything like you read in your books?”

Virginia was for once a bit lost for words. “It was… amazing.”

Later that night, alone in bed, she could think of no better word. Nothing in her life – and certainly not in her books – had prepared her for something so dramatic, so passionate. She replayed it over and over in her mind, second by second. She thought of Max’s rigid cock. How large it had seemed, how thick, how long. Then of Dolores’s pussy, initially so small, almost hidden, but then how it had opened like a flower, a vivid rose, and how it had welcomed Max’s cock. She remembered how it had felt in her hand, how she had held it at Dolores’s opening and how it had slid in so easily. She could feel her heart beating, just as before, that awful feeling between her legs, that insatiable itch. She squeezed her legs together but all that did was to quicken the pulse that was already travelling through her groin. What could she do? If it didn’t go, she would never get to sleep.

And then she thought of Max – what was the word? – fucking Dolores. It seemed so brutal, yet exhilarating at the same time. How could that give them pleasure? But it obviously did. In fact, pleasure seemed an entirely inadequate word for what they seemed to experience. They seemed delirious – especially when they came – almost out of their minds. She thought of Max’s cock spurting all over Dolores’s stomach. How it had jerked in her hand! And then of his mouth on Dolores’s pussy. Oh gosh. The throbbing in her groin was becoming unbearable. She turned on her front and thrust her pelvis against the mattress in the hope of deadening it. It helped, but not much. She mustn’t think about Max kissing Dolores’s pussy, she mustn’t…

She spent the next day in a bit of a daze, partly because she still couldn’t get the events of the previous evening out of her mind, partly because of lack of sleep. Max and Dolores disappeared into their studios and worked as if the day were like any other. Eventually Virginia plucked up her courage and knocked on Dolores’s door. She couldn’t keep her thoughts to herself any longer.

“Are you all right?” asked the woman. “You look a bit tired.”

“I’m fine, I’m just a bit bored.” This wasn’t in any way true, in fact it was a downright lie, but she couldn’t think of a way of talking about what was really on her mind without dying of embarrassment.

Dolores laughed. “I’m not sure we should entertain you again like we did last night. Much as we both enjoyed it.”

It was the opening Virginia needed. “Did you really? I mean, enjoy it?”

“Couldn’t you tell? We didn’t pretend to, if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“Oh no, it’s just…” She ran out of words. She didn’t really know what she was thinking.

Dolores put down her paintbrush and put her arms around the girl.

“It was all a bit much, wasn’t it? We should have taken it more step-by-step. Was it all a bit frightening, thinking that one day that will happen to you?”

“I don’t know. Maybe…”

“You mustn’t worry. When you meet a boy you really like, you’ll want him to do all those lovely things Max does to me, believe me.”

“I kept getting funny feelings down here.” Her hand drifted down to her belly. “Is that something like what’s supposed to happen? I’ve just never felt anything like it before. I couldn’t control it. I couldn’t make it go away.”

“I’m not surprised,” laughed Dolores. “Watching us make love must have been a real turn on.”

“What’s a turn on?” All these strange new words.

“It means being excited, aroused. You were feeling a bit of what we were feeling. The reason you couldn’t make it go away was because the feelings weren’t satisfied. You were frustrated. I’m surprised you managed to sleep at all.”

Virginia was feeling more courageous now. “I kept thinking there must be something I could do. I pressed myself against the mattress, but it didn’t help. I tried squeezing my legs together but that just made it worse. In the end the only way I could get to sleep was by thinking of algebra equations.”

“Oh my god,” laughed Dolores, “we can’t have that. Are you telling me you’ve never masturbated?”

“I don’t think I can have,” admitted the girl, “since I don’t know what it means.”

“Oh dear, you really have led a sheltered life.” Dolores gave her an affectionate kiss on the cheek. “I thought every schoolgirl knew how to do that.”

Poor Virginia was beginning to think that her education had lacked nearly all the important information about life she needed to know.

“I think another demonstration is needed,” smiled the older woman. “Come with me and I’ll show you how it’s done.”

Back in the main bedroom once more, Dolores told Virginia to take off her jeans.

“Do I have to?” She hadn’t thought that the demonstration might involve her.

“Oh yes,” insisted the woman. “This time you learn by doing. But you can keep your knickers on if you want.”

Shyly the girl undid her jeans and slipped them to the floor.

“You have lovely legs,” said Dolores admiringly. “I bet you look really sexy in a bikini.”

Virginia blushed prettily. Dolores took off her own jeans and knickers in one smooth movement.

“I don’t think I need be modest. You’ve seen it before, after all.”

Virginia didn’t know quite where to look.

“You sit at the head of the bed,” Dolores told her, “and I’ll sit facing you. Then you can see exactly what I’m doing.”

Anxiously, Virginia did as she was told. “What are you going to do?”

“Well, in a way, we’re going to do to ourselves what Max did to me last night.”

Immediately Virginia felt her heart beating rapidly and that now familiar feeling creeping up her thighs. “You mean… kissing? But how can…?” Her mind raced wildly as she remembered the sight of Max’s mouth on Dolores’s pussy.

“No, not kissing, sadly,” smiled the woman. “This time we’re just going to use our fingers. But you can think of Max sucking my clit if that helps.”

Virginia didn’t need to be told. The image of Max kissing Dolores’s pussy was forever burnt into her mind. She could hardly think of anything else. As if seeing the same thing, the older woman spread her labia apart with her fingers.

“First you need to know what to touch and when. Put your hand on your pussy.”

Virginia put a tentative hand over her knickers.

“Alright,” smiled Dolores, “outside your knickers if you prefer. But sooner or later you’re going to have to touch yourself.”

The poor girl blushed at the thought. Washing down there was one thing, deliberately touching oneself to stimulate goodness knows what feelings was quite another.

“Run your finger up and down,” instructed the woman. “Can you feel your lips? They should stand out either side.”

Virginia did as she was told. It was true, she could feel the swelling of her lips, a tantalising tingling.

Dolores licked her fingers thoroughly then returned them to her pussy. “Lubrication is important,” she explained. “Otherwise it’s just painful.” She moved them up and down between her labia, occasionally teasing and playing with the pink lips.

Virginia copied her movements as best she could over the cotton of her knickers. After a while it produced a vague pleasurable sensation.

“Does that feel nice?” asked Dolores.

“Sort of…” murmured the girl.

“You really should put your hand inside your knickers. It will feel much nicer, believe me.”

Virginia didn’t know if she should, not in front of someone else, but after watching the older woman freely stroking her own pussy, eventually slipped her hand beneath the waistband.

“Oh…!” The sudden touch of her fingertips on her naked pussy gave her a shock.

To Dolores the sight of the girl’s hand moving beneath the cotton was quite a turn on. “That’s better. You look very sexy.”

“Do I?” Actually, the same thought had occurred to Virginia. Watching the older woman playing with her pink and glistening pussy, her legs stretched wide apart, was undoubtedly exciting, almost as exciting as the feelings that were at last beginning to make themselves known between her own legs. She felt her heart beat faster, her breaths shorten.

“Have you found the places that feel good?” asked Dolores.

“I think so…” murmured the girl, squeezing her lips gently, marvelling at the sensations being produced.

“Move your fingers around. Explore yourself. You’ll soon find what works and what doesn’t.”

Virginia did so, closing her eyes so that she could better concentrate on the movement of her fingers. It was a pity that by doing so she could no longer watch Dolores playing with her own pussy, because she found that very exciting too, but somehow her body was demanding her full attention. Something was definitely happening to her.

Dolores watched the girl in a state of mounting arousal. With her eyes closed, her legs apart and her head thrown back she looked a picture of erotic concentration as her fingers busied themselves inside her knickers.

“Are you quite wet?”

“Mmm, yes…” murmured the girl.

“Have you got that feeling you had last night, the feeling you couldn’t get rid of?”

“Oh yes…”

“Now’s the time to concentrate on your clitoris,” instructed the woman, doing exactly that to herself. Her fingers unerringly found the hard nub of her clit and started massaging it mercilessly.

Virginia tried hard to recall the diagram from her biology textbook that showed the location of the clitoris, though it was a struggle to think of anything while all these insistent pleasurable sensations coursed through her. But almost as if they knew by instinct where to go, her fingertips found it.

“Oh gosh…”

“Play with it, tease it… Just like I’m doing.”

With an effort Virginia opened her eyes. Dolores was frantically stroking herself, her swollen clitoris plainly visible. Instinctively the girl mimicked her movements. Almost immediately the feelings inside her seemed to multiply a hundredfold.

“Oh God, what’s happening…?”

Her legs started to tremble involuntarily, her hips to jerk up and down. Some sort of volcano of pleasure seemed to be about to erupt in her groin. Her clitoris seemed to be crying out to her: more, more, more.

“Oh God… I can’t… Oh God…Aaah…Aaah…”

The eruption happened. Pleasure radiated unstoppably from her clitoris to the rest of her body. Her fingers seemed to be moving of their own accord. Her entire body seemed to be out of control. All she could think of, all she could feel, were the wave after wave of indescribable pleasure coursing through her.

“Aaah…Aaah… oh God… Help… Please…”

She had no idea what she was saying, nor that she was crying out so loudly. She was quite unaware that Dolores was already coming down from her own orgasm, speedily brought on by the sight of the no longer innocent girl’s first ever climax. What a beautiful sexy picture she makes, thought the older woman, I could easily make love to her myself. She moved to the side of the still convulsing girl and put her arm around her.

“That’s it, let it come, let it come…”

The girl clung to her with her free arm as if to a life raft.

“Oh God, doesn’t it ever stop…?”

Laughing softly, Dolores put her hand over the girl’s knickers, gently pressing Virginia’s own hand until it stopped moving. Together they calmed her pulsating clitoris.

“That was some orgasm,” she said admiringly. “Maybe you could give me a lesson or two.”

And it was just at that moment when Max came in.

“So this is where you are,” he smiled, taking in the sight of the two semi-naked women in each other’s arms. “I was about to offer to make a cup of tea, but maybe you’d like something stronger.”

Dolores laughed and held out her hand to him. “You can get out the champagne. Virginia has just had her first orgasm.”

“Bravo!” He gave each of them a kiss. “That definitely deserves a celebration.”

Over dinner, what with the champagne and more wine, they became quite merry. The women had both had showers and came to the table more or less dressed for bed. Dolores had persuaded Virginia to jettison her school pyjamas in favour of one of her own long T-shirts. Max felt quite aroused facing two beautiful semi-clad women, a condition that did not go unnoticed by either of them. Whenever he got up to clear plates or fetch more wine, Dolores took the opportunity to tease him about the tell-tale bulge in his shorts.

“Honestly, darling, can’t you think of anything but sex?”

“What do you expect,” he protested, “with all these beautiful legs on display?”

“You’d better lock your door tonight,” she warned Virginia with a laugh, “or he’ll be trying to fuck you.”

Later, in bed and feeling a bit woozy, Virginia couldn’t help wondering what that might be like. She thought of how exciting it was to watch Max fucking Dolores and the wonderful feelings it gave her when she held his stiff cock. A hand found its way under her T-shirt and onto her breasts. Within only a minute or two her nipples were strangely hard and tingling. There came that feeling again. Her other hand slid down her belly and between her legs. Feeling like a seasoned performer she quickly settled it where it felt good, her fingers stroking and squeezing her already swollen lips. Oh yes. It was amazing how quickly the pleasure started to build. Why had it taken her so long to discover this? What a lot of time she had wasted.

Licking her fingers just as she had seen Dolores lick her own, she soon made her pussy wet and slick. It felt so smooth, so swollen – so fantastically sensitive. Every movement sent a thrill through her. She pictured Max’s cock moving in and out of her hand, it’s red swollen head looking as if it were about to burst. Oh yes. She could feel those waves of pleasure starting. She opened her legs wide as her fingers eagerly sought her waiting clitoris. She couldn’t hold back. She pressed it and squeezed it and stroked it and the waves of pleasure instantly overwhelmed her.


She was coming. She was coming. Oh gosh. Could there ever be a feeling more glorious than this?

In the main bedroom Max laughed softly.

“Someone’s enjoying herself.”

Dolores playfully grasped his erect cock. “Yes, and I bet you wish you were there with her.”

“I do not,” he protested.

“What’s this then?” She gave his hard cock a couple of firm strokes.

“You can’t blame me for being turned on by the sound of a girl masturbating.”

“Don’t play the innocent,” insisted Dolores, continuing her stroking. “I know you. You’d just love to fuck her. I saw how you looked when she made you come all over me.”

“Well, you’d better stop talking about it or I’ll start getting ideas.”

“I knew it! You’re such a horny old goat.”

“Not so much of the old. Anyway, you’re just as horny, otherwise you wouldn’t be pumping my cock quite so enthusiastically. You’re probably thinking right now what her pussy tastes like, or how to get her to taste yours.”

“I am not.” Which wasn’t entirely true, but wasn’t entirely false either. Dolores decided to be conciliatory. “If you must know, I was thinking exactly what you’re thinking, so you might as well admit it. I was wondering whether you should fuck her.”

Max laughed. “What do you mean, should? Are you saying it’s my duty?”

“Of course not. I was just thinking someone is going to be her first fuck – maybe it should be you.”

Max couldn’t think of a response to this right away. He was beginning to feel the effects of her steady stroking of his cock – it was either that making him excited or the thought of fucking beautiful young Virginia. He also realised he could be walking into a trap. Dolores might just be testing him. If he agreed – which is what his instincts told him to do – she would more than likely accuse him of being an unfaithful bastard going through a pathetic midlife crisis. Days of miserable celibate silence would ensue. He’d been there before and he knew exactly what it was like.

On the other hand she could be serious. She had some pretty weird ideas about young women and sex and she was plainly very fond of Virginia. He wouldn’t put it past her to think that it would be far better for the girl to be deflowered by someone experienced and who she knew and loved like family.

He decided to play it safe.


“Is that mmm yes, or mmm no?”

“Yes, I admit it, I think she’s very attractive and if I weren’t married to you I would love to fuck her. But no, I don’t think I should.”

“Pity. I was getting quite turned on by the thought.”

Max backtracked fast. “Well, when I say no, I mean I could be persuaded.”

Dolores wrapped her leg around his. She started to play with the tip of his cock. “You don’t think it would be taking advantage? She’s still rather young and innocent.”

“She didn’t look very innocent when she was milking my cock all over your belly.”

“Mmm, that was pretty hot. She looked absolutely mesmerised.”

“Like you say, someone’s going to take her virginity.” He was beginning to warm to the topic. “And the chances are it will be some spotty youth without an ounce of finesse or consideration. It may put her off sex for years.”

She kissed him. “Whereas you will show her that sex is something pure and wonderful and will take her to the very gates of heaven, I suppose.”

He laughed and slid his hand between her open legs. “Something like that.”

“Oh yes,” she murmured, “play with my cunt. All this talk of you fucking Virginia has made me so horny.”

The only question, thought Max as they mutually masturbated each other, was how do they get Virginia to agree?

There was a definite tension in the air over the next few days. Virginia seemed preoccupied and jumpy and both Max and Dolores found themselves tiptoeing around her as if she were some wild young animal that mustn’t be frightened. In fact, she was only agitated because each day she couldn’t wait for Max and Dolores to disappear into their respective studios so that she could go back to her bedroom and practice the new skill she had acquired. Hardly a day passed that she didn’t make herself come at least three or four times. Denied this wonderful pleasure for so long, she was definitely making up for lost time. Occasionally she worried that she might be becoming some sort of sex addict, but then the urge would come again and soon she would be lying back on her pillows, eyes closed, knickers off, legs apart, fingers busy in her damp pussy.


Of course, she wasn’t entirely antisocial. She took to spending time in Dolores’s studio. She liked watching her work and Dolores didn’t seem to mind. They chatted of this and that and inevitably the conversation turned to sex. Virginia felt more confident talking about it now – well, she was a woman now, wasn’t she, now that she knew all about having orgasms – and Dolores was only too happy to encourage her.

“What was it like,” asked the girl, “your first time?”

“You mean with a man? Not wonderful.” That was an understatement. It was so awful Dolores preferred not to think about it.

“We were so young we hardly knew what we were doing. When he eventually worked out where to put his cock it was so painful I couldn’t think of anything else. I just wanted him to pull it out. But he was too far gone and just kept pushing and pushing.”

Virginia was horrified. Was it going to be like that with her?

Fortunately, Dolores had other ideas. “But don’t worry,” she smiled, “it doesn’t have to be like that.” She took the girl’s hand. “Come with me.”

Meekly Virginia followed her to the shower room, where she took a long pink object from the cabinet.

“A girl’s best friend,” she laughed, holding it up.

To her surprise, Virginia realised she was looking at a replica of Max’s cock – well, maybe not an exact replica, since she was sure Max’s cock had been larger.

“What do you do with that?”

“Not a lot these days,” admitted the woman, “but I still use it occasionally when Max isn’t around. And the great thing about it is that it never goes soft.”

“Oh. So you actually… fuck yourself with it.” Virginia could feel her heart beating faster at the thought.

“It does the job,” smiled Dolores. “And today it’s going to do something for you.”

“Oh no…” Virginia started backing towards the door. But Dolores held onto her hand.

“Now don’t be shy. This is by far the best and least painful way of losing your virginity. You will be in complete control. You can take it as slowly as you like. And then, when you come to your real first time, you’ll be able to enjoy it properly.”

Virginia couldn’t think of an answer. Dolores made it all sound so convincing. But to lose her virginity to a piece of rubber – surely that wasn’t right.

“Take your knickers off,” the older woman ordered her, suspecting that the girl would do as she was told if she gave her no time to think about it. She stepped into the shower, where there was a low marble-topped bench. She showed her the base of the dildo. “See, it has a suction cup here.” She banged it firmly onto the marble, where it stuck fast, the shaft pointing upwards.

“Now all you do is stand with your back to it and your feet apart and simply lower yourself onto it.”

Staring transfixed at the erect cock, Virginia slid her knickers off and gathered her dress about her waist. Dolores took a bottle and dribbled a copious amount of its contents onto the head of the dildo, spreading it all over with her hand. “It needs to be thoroughly lubricated, otherwise it won’t go in.”

She took the girl’s hands in her own and moved her into position, then smoothed some oil around and into her pussy.

“Oh.” The unexpected touch felt rather nice.

“Now lower yourself until you feel it just touching you.”

Holding Dolores’s hand for balance, Virginia bent her knees. Suddenly the head of the cock touched her pussy lips.

“It feels too big,” she panicked.

“Don’t worry,” Dolores reassured her, “it will go in easily enough, at least to begin with. Now move backwards and forwards a little, so the head is properly between your lips.”

Virginia did so. She could feel the cock’s hardness pressing into her, rubbing her clitoris. It felt rather nice.

“Now just let yourself slowly sink onto it.”

“Oh, it’s going in… It feels so big…”

“Slowly,” cautioned Dolores, quite taken with the sight of the dildo disappearing into the girl’s pussy.

“Ow! There’s something stopping it.”

“That’s your hymen. That’s the bit that hurts. You have to tear it. Just go slowly and it won’t be so bad.”

Virginia’s breathing turned to quick gasps. She wanted to lift herself up to avoid the pain, but at the same time wanted to bear down on the cock, to feel it all inside her. It pressed into her, unable to go further. She imagined her flesh stretching, stretching…

“Oh… Oh…”

There was a stab of pain. It was through. Suddenly it was past the obstruction and sliding into her. Her knees trembled with effort. She sank helplessly onto the dildo.

“Ooh… It feels so big.”

Dolores stroked the girl’s hair away from her face. “Don’t move. Just sit still for a while, until you get used to it inside you.”

The poor girl winced. “I can’t move. Every time I do, it hurts.”

“I know. Just imagine how awful it would be if it was some boy shoving his cock in and out of you. Take your time. When you feel ready, just lift yourself off it. In two or three days you’ll have healed and you’ll feel as if nothing had happened. The only difference will be that when your first time comes, you’ll actually enjoy it.”

Virginia was pleased to discover that Dolores was right. There was no real pain after she lifted herself off the dildo. As the days passed, she considered exploring herself with her fingers, but didn’t have the courage. Instead, she contented herself with a few bouts of masturbation, mainly fuelled by the memory of the rubber cock inside her. It had felt awfully big, but actually rather lovely.

Max, of course, teased her about it mercilessly.

“I hear you’ve lost your virginity to one of my wife’s toys,” he announced at dinner the same day.

She blushed furiously but couldn’t help smiling. In fact, she felt rather proud of herself. She had taken another step on the road to womanhood.

A couple of days later he said they should celebrate.

“What’s the occasion?” asked Dolores.

“I’ve just won a commission to photograph some Hollywood star. I’ve no idea who he is, but I do know it means oodles of cash.”

“That’s marvellous, darling,” smiled Dolores, giving him a big kiss.

“Does that mean you can buy me a car for my birthday?” asked Virginia.

“No, but it does mean we can open two bottles of champagne. One for the yank and his dollars and one for Virginia and her lost virginity.”

Everyone seemed in the mood for drinking, so it wasn’t long before they were all laughing like drains at very little. Virginia had never felt so happy. She loved Dolores. She loved Max. She loved champagne. When Max proposed they play what he announced was his favourite game, she clapped her hands delightedly.

“I love playing games. Tell me the rules.”

Max got out a deck of cards.

“It’s just about the simplest game there is. The best way to learn it is to play it.”

Out of Virginia’s sight he winked at Dolores, who grasped his meaning immediately. He dealt a card face down to each of them.

“Now turn your card over.”

He saw that he had the lowest value card.

“Whoever has the lowest value card loses,” he explained. “That’s me.”

Virginia felt a little disappointed. “Is that it? It doesn’t seem very difficult.”

“Oh, that’s not the game. The game is what the person with the highest card tells the loser to do.”

“Ooh, forfeits! I love forfeits.” Being halfway to drunk, Virginia felt ready for anything. This was going to be so much fun.

Dolores had the highest card. “Take a shoe off,” she told Max, “and stand on one leg for exactly a minute.”

Pretending to be more drunk than he actually was, he lost his balance after only a few seconds, much to Virginia’s amusement.

“What happens now?” she laughed, thinking this was quite the best game she had ever played.

“I have to take off an item of clothing.” He put on a look of disappointment as he pulled his shirt over his head.

Virginia had a brief moment of doubt – but then reassured herself that, unlike Max, she would be able to perform any forfeit faultlessly.

Max dealt three more cards and they turned them over.

“You lose,” he grinned at the girl, “and I win.”

“Oh no,” she exclaimed, suddenly nervous of what he might ask her to do.

“Let me see…” He pretended to think hard. “You have to drink a glass of champagne, then whistle le Marseillaise without interruption.”

“Oh, that’s easy.” She had learnt le Marseillaise in French class. She was sure she could remember it.

Dolores filled her glass and she drank it down. The bubbles tickled her nose. She started to whistle, but after only a few notes air rose in her throat and escaped in a loud burp.

“Interruption!” declared Max triumphantly. “Off with your shoes!”

The next round Dolores lost and Virginia won. Annoyed at having lost her own forfeit, Virginia chose a particularly difficult task, which Dolores failed to complete. Being barefoot, she chose to remove her jeans. She then insisted they all move to the bedroom, where they could sit on the bed and be more comfortable.

Once there, Max, by means of a lot of dealing off the bottom of the pack, soon had the girls clad in nothing but their knickers. Virginia baulked a little at taking off her bra, but since by that time Dolores was already happily displaying her breasts, felt that she was being childish. She was also feeling a little drunk – and a little excited. What was going to happen next?

What happened next was that the forfeits became considerably more risque. When Dolores lost the next round he ordered her to masturbate for a minute.

“Oh no,” exclaimed Virginia, certain that Dolores would refuse.

But Dolores simply laughed and slipped a hand beneath her knickers. Virginia watched open-mouthed.

After a while Dolores closed her eyes. A murmur of pleasure escaped her. Virginia could feel her heart beating in her chest.

“Time’s up,” declared Max.

“Spoilsport,” sighed Dolores. “I was just beginning to enjoy myself.”

The next round he made her lose again.

Poor Dolores, thought Virginia, what will he make her do now?

He smiled wickedly at them both. “Now you must masturbate Virginia for a minute.”

“Oh no!” the girl protested.

But Dolores was already at her side, her hand between her thighs.

“It’ll be fun,” she assured the girl, “and it’s only for a minute.”

Only a little persuaded, Virginia allowed the hand to find her knickers, hoping it would stay outside them. But her hope was disappointed. Before she could resist, she felt Dolores’s fingers on her pussy.


And then the fingers were moving, exploring the folds of her flesh, stroking, squeezing, teasing. Without meaning to, she let her legs fall apart.

“No… please…”

But then it started to feel nice. She closed her eyes. Those feelings were happening again.

“Time’s up.”

Dolores didn’t stop. And Virginia didn’t particularly want her to, despite Max watching. She had never been touched on her pussy by another person – it was awful, but it was exciting.

“I said stop,” said Max, “otherwise I’ll make you both do another forfeit.”

“Promises, promises,” laughed Dolores, taking her fingers from beneath Virginia’s knickers and, with a seductive look at the girl, sucking them into her mouth.

Oh gosh, thought Virginia.

On the next round Max decided that Virginia should lose.

“Now it’s your turn to masturbate Dolores.”

“Oh no…”

“Yes please,” said Dolores, taking the girl’s hand and kissing it. “But I’m getting rid of these first.” She lifted her hips and slid her knickers down her legs. She placed Virginia’s hand on her shaven pussy.

“I can’t…” protested the girl, her head swimming in confusion. She could feel her heart beat with excitement, but surely this wasn’t right.

“Yes, you can,” murmured Dolores. “Just do to me what you do to yourself. You know what feels good.”

“I can’t.”

“You must,” said Max. “It’s your forfeit.”

Dolores smiled at her sympathetically. “It’s only a game.”

It struck a chord with the girl. She had always prided herself on being a good sport. Dolores was right: it was only a game. Where was the harm?

She allowed the woman to press her hand against her pussy. It felt warm and soft.

“Mmm…,” murmured Dolores. “Put your finger between my lips. Mmm…”

Tentatively Virginia explored the woman’s pussy, trying to repeat the movements that she found so pleasurable on her own. Dolores smiled encouragingly.

“That’s not so awful, is it?”

“How do you like fingering another woman’s cunt?” asked Max.

The poor girl could hardly think. “I don’t know…” And what was that word he used? She didn’t have to ask him what it meant. She’d never heard it before but she knew it was terribly rude.

“Dolores certainly likes it.”

It was true. Dolores loved Virginia stroking her cunt, even though her fingers were awkward and nervous.

“Squeeze my lips, darling,” she murmured. “Tease them.”

Virginia tried to obey, but could barely concentrate for the thoughts and feelings whirling through her. She felt as if she were being led into some dark forest, in which all manner of horrors might be waiting. Her heart pounded in her chest. Her naked breasts rose and fell alarmingly. She felt terrified and excited at the same time.

It was fortunate, then, that Max chose that moment to call a halt.

“Your minute’s up, darling. Time to stop, Virginia.”

She quickly withdrew her hand from between Dolores’s thighs.

“This is such a frustrating game,” the older woman laughed. “When do we girls get to torture you?”

“Don’t blame me. It’s all the luck of the cards.”

“Oh yes?”

To Virginia it was obvious that Dolores didn’t believe him. Was Max cheating? Surely not. That would be so unfair.

He dealt the cards again, Virginia watching closely. He lost.

“You see?” He smiled triumphantly.

Virginia was reassured. He couldn’t be cheating. Having the highest card, Dolores told him to stand on his head for a minute. Virginia was delighted. This would be so funny.

As Dolores had expected, Max couldn’t even stand on his head, let alone do it for a minute.

“Forfeit!” exclaimed Virginia, highly amused and by now entirely oblivious of the fact that she was sitting on the bed naked but for her knickers. She was even more amused when Dolores ordered him to take off all his clothes.

“I’m naked,” she declared, “and Virginia is as good as, so you might as well be too.”

With a fake show of reluctance Max stripped, displaying a splendid erection to a wide-eyed Virginia. It was the first time she had seen it since she had helped him come all over Dolores. Heavens, she had quite forgotten how large it was. She couldn’t take her eyes off it.

Pretending not to notice, Max dealt three more cards, this time making sure the girl lost.

Her heart beat nervously. What would he make her do now?

“You must lie down and close your eyes,” he ordered her, “and whatever happens, you mustn’t open them.”

“Oh, playing dead, I can do that. That’s easy.” She’d played that game at school and she’d always won, even when the girls had tickled her.

She lay on her back and closed her eyes, her body tensing expectantly. But, to her disappointment, nothing happened – not immediately. Then she felt the lightest of touches on her bare arms. Here it comes, she thought. The fingertips moved slowly over her limbs, her arms, her legs. Were they both touching her? It certainly felt like it. She was dying to look, but kept her eyes firmly shut. Then a hand touched her breast.


Her eyes flew open.

“Oh dear,” laughed Max, “now you will have to do a forfeit.”

“Oh no…”

“Oh yes,” he insisted, “and the forfeit is that you have to do it again, only this time for five minutes.”

Virginia wanted to say that they shouldn’t be allowed to touch her breasts because it was cheating – but she wasn’t sure that it was cheating. She’d never played the game without any clothes on before. She put a defensive arm over her chest and closed her eyes.

This time the touching started straightaway, the two sets of hands moving over her more firmly. Thank goodness, she thought, firm touching is much easier to resist. Unfortunately, two hands were soon at her waist, pinching and tickling. Her arms instinctively moved to push them away, with the result that two more hands started caressing her breasts.

“Oh no…”

She tried to defend herself, but she was no match for the four hands.

“No peeking now,” she heard Dolores say.

She kept her eyes tight closed. The tickling and the touching of her breasts were making her quite breathless, but she wouldn’t give in, she wouldn’t…

Then the tickling stopped. What a relief. She could almost relax. She could withstand the touching of her breasts. That wasn’t at all ticklish. Even when she felt four hands on them she didn’t open her eyes. Not even when they started rubbing her nipples and squeezing them. Not even when she felt a mouth on them, kissing and sucking.


If anything, it felt rather nice, soothing even. It also seemed to go on for a long time, so that after a while she began to get those feelings again, the ones she had when Dolores had played with her pussy earlier. Instinctively she squeezed her legs together.

“Do you like Dolores sucking your nipples?” she heard Max ask.


Then Max’s mouth was on her other breast, kissing, sucking the nipple. Oh gosh. She was finding it difficult to breathe. She wanted them to stop but at the same time wanted to push her breasts into their mouths. It felt wrong and lovely at the same time.

Just when she thought it ought to stop, she felt Dolores’s hands move further down her body, stroking her belly, her thighs. It gave her a little relief, but not much. Max was still sucking and teasing her nipples and caressing her breasts. Dolores’s hands slid between her legs, gently but firmly moving them apart. She felt a hand brush the cotton of her knickers.


Fingers pressed and probed, feeling the swell of her pussy lips beneath the fabric. Oh gosh. Then, before she had time to realise what was happening, two hands grasped her knickers, pulled them over her hips, down her legs and off.

“No, don’t!”

She felt very naked. She could feel the air on her pussy. She squeezed her legs tight together, but she didn’t open her eyes. She didn’t dare; she was afraid of seeing her own nakedness, Dolores and Max moving their hands freely over it.


“Shush,” she heard Dolores say.

“Just relax and enjoy it,” added Max’s deep voice.

She couldn’t. She felt tense and tingling all over. Every touch seemed to send a little jolt through her. Her breasts ached.

“She has lovely tits,” she heard Max say, as if she weren’t there, “so firm.”

Then Dolores’s hands were between her legs again, gently urging them apart. She resisted for a while, but eventually gave up. Dolores was so strong. A hand brushed her naked pussy, again and again.

“No… Please…”

But the hand was relentless. A finger pushed between her lips, slipped into her hole and withdrew, then moved slowly up and down. The feelings in her groin expanded.

“She’s lovely and wet,” Dolores murmured.

Virginia felt like a toy, a plaything lying there for their entertainment.

“Let me feel,” she heard Max say. Then his large hand was on her, gently probing and stroking her pussy lips.

“Please… Oh…”

She couldn’t think. Her pussy felt alive, tingling. Every movement of his fingers sent a shock of pleasure through her. She moved her legs wide apart, no longer caring what she was displaying. She just wanted him to carry on touching her.

Max chuckled softly. “I think she likes having her cunt played with. Look how open she is.”

“Let me kiss her,” she heard Dolores say. “I want to taste her.”

“No… Please…”

She couldn’t let her. She couldn’t.

But the next moment she felt the soft touch of Dolores’s lips.

“Oh God…”

Then the unmistakable hardness of a tongue started to lick and tease her, tantalisingly close to her clitoris but not quite touching it.


She could hardly breathe. Her heart raced. She could feel it pounding in her breast. All she could think was that she didn’t want Dolores to stop. It felt so good, so good. She felt Max’s hand stroking her face. “You can open your eyes now. No more forfeits.”

She hardly dared to, afraid of what she might see. But she realised that her eyes were aching, she had kept them so tightly shut. The first thing she saw was Dolores’s head between her naked thighs.

“Oh no…”

The second thing she saw was Max’s cock only a few inches from her face. It seemed very large and red. She was transfixed, so much so that she let Max put her hand around it as if in a dream.

“Kiss it,” he ordered her, “put it in your mouth.”

She didn’t protest. With it already in her hand it seemed the natural thing to do. It also seemed the urgent thing to do. Somehow the feelings Dolores was generating in her pussy were making her want Max’s cock too. She wanted to feel its hardness, to taste it. She licked the tip, the slit, around the crown, then pursed her lips and kissed it. Max gently pushed forward and it slid slowly into her mouth.

“Mmm…” A moan escaped her. It felt so big, but at the same time so exciting. She licked it, twirled her tongue around it. It felt like a large soft lolly in her mouth, but one that made her body thrill.

Max stroked her hair. “Do you like having my cock in your mouth, Virginia?”

“Mmm…” She looked up at him and was surprised to see on his face an expression of loving tenderness. Whatever it was that she was doing to him it seemed to please him enormously. It made her feel good.

Not to mention what Dolores was making her feel. With Max’s cock filling her mouth she could only moan her appreciation. She could feel her climax approaching with every lick of Dolores’s tongue. The woman’s lips were now firmly attached to her swollen clitoris, sucking rhythmically, unrelentingly.


She wanted to cry out, but Max’s hands were holding her head in place, preventing her from releasing his cock.

“Keep it in your mouth,” he told her. “Let yourself come while you’re sucking it.”

Oh God, it was true, she was coming. Every part of her body seemed to be about to explode. From the rigid cock filling her mouth to the relentless lips sucking her desperate clitoris, everything was conspiring to fill her body with unbearable pleasure. Her legs began to tremble. She could hardly breathe. Oh God, she was coming, she was coming. She thrust her pelvis against Dolores’s mouth. Harder, she pleaded silently, suck me harder. She plunged her mouth down on Max’s cock; she wanted to feel as much of it inside her as possible. She wanted to be filled up.


“That’s it, you lovely cocksucker,” she heard Max murmur, “let yourself come.”

Oh God, yes, the pleasure… She was still coming. She hardly registered the terrible name he had called her. Her whole body was alive. It felt so good, so good…

Holding her head gently in place, Max savoured the sensation of her tongue and frantic breaths on his cock. But he didn’t move it, much as he had the urge to. He didn’t want to come yet.

“Darling Virginia, you look so beautiful when you come.”

As he felt her climax quieten he slowly withdrew his cock from her mouth.

She clutched at it, almost frantically. “No, don’t take it out…”

He smiled down at her. “Don’t worry. You’ll soon have it inside you again.”

Dolores released the girl’s clitoris and gently stroked it with her fingers.

“You have a beautiful cunt, darling. And you come so quickly. I feel quite jealous.”

Virginia continued to hold Max’s cock, looking at it longingly. “Please let me suck it some more. I want you to tell me if I’m doing it properly.”

Dolores laughed. “Well, don’t disappoint the poor girl. She wants to learn.”

Faced with the encouragement of both women, Max could only comply. He let Virginia feed the crown of his cock between her lips. He hoped he could stop himself coming in her mouth before he had the chance to fuck her. From behind, Dolores gently cupped the girl’s cheeks, feeling the outline of her husband’s cock within.

“That’s right,” she instructed, “suck it, lick the slit with your tongue.”

Avidly the girl sucked Max’s cock, twirling her tongue around the crown, probing the slit and that funny flatter bit just beneath.

“Ah, yes, just like that… Oh yes, that’s great…”

She glanced up at Max’s face. His eyes were closed in what seemed to be some kind of ecstasy. It made her feel good to be having that effect on him. Instinctively she pumped the shaft with her hand, at the same time continuing to suck and lick the crown. She could feel Dolores stroking her cheeks, encouraging her.

“How does it feel to have Virginia sucking your cock, darling?”

“Fantastic,” he declared. “She’s a fast learner. If she doesn’t stop soon, she’ll make me come in her mouth.”

“Don’t hold back, darling,” Dolores urged. “I’d love to see you come in her mouth. You can always fuck her later.”

Again they were talking about her as if she were just their plaything, thought Virginia. But she didn’t mind. If anything, she found it exciting to be thought of as a means to their pleasure. After Dolores had given her such a wonderful orgasm, she wanted to learn how to please them. Yes, she wanted him to come in her mouth too. She didn’t know what it would be like but she wanted to experience everything about this glorious new world of making love.

“Mmm…,” she murmured in what she hoped was an enthusiastic tone.

“That’s right, you darling girl,” said Dolores, gently but firmly moving the girl’s head forward deeply onto her husband’s cock, “make him come in your mouth.”

The sight of his cock disappearing so far into Virginia’s mouth and the feeling of it touching the back of her throat soon pushed Max to the brink. His hips jerked in expectation.

“Oh yes, I’m going to come, I’m going to come…”

Encouraged by Dolores’s hands, Virginia moved his cock rapidly in and out of her mouth, sucking and licking as she did so. She felt it twitch furiously between her lips.

“Oh yes, I’m coming…”

Dolores watched with gleaming eyes. “Yes, darling, come for us, come in her mouth…” By this time she was so turned on that she felt almost on the point of coming herself. She could see her husband’s cock jerking uncontrollably and knew that he was on the point of spurting into the girl’s waiting mouth.

“Oh yes… Yes…” The first load shot from the end of his cock. Virginia felt it hit the back of her throat. Then the cock jerked again and again, until her mouth was filled with an odd tasting fluid. She felt Dolores’s hands on her throat, stroking it gently.

“Just swallow it, darling. It won’t do you any harm.”

With her mouth still occupied by Max’s throbbing cock she really had no choice. Not that she wanted any. Happily she swallowed. If this was all part of making love, then this was what she wanted. And judging by the moans of ecstasy coming from Max, this was what he wanted too.

“Oh God…”

Dolores gave him a wicked smile. “How does it feel to come in Virginia’s mouth, darling? Does it feel good?”

“Marvellous…” He continued to move his cock slowly back and forth, savouring the touch of the girl’s lips and tongue, a final twitch or two delivering the last drops of his come into her eager mouth.

“Mmm…” murmured Virginia, surprised at the excitement she was feeling, despite having come herself so recently. Really, to be able to do that to a man was quite an achievement. And rather thrilling too.

Reluctantly she let Max withdraw his softening cock, but not before she had given it a last affectionate kiss. The next thing she knew, Dolores was kissing her passionately, thrusting a tongue into her mouth. She responded enthusiastically, throwing her arms around the naked woman, loving the feeling of their breasts pressing together.

“Mmm, you taste of sex,” smiled the woman. “Now it’s my turn.”

Before Virginia had time to ask precisely what it was Dolores’s turn at, she found herself laid firmly on her back and Dolores kneeling astride her shoulders. The woman’s naked pussy was only inches away from Virginia’s wide eyes. It looked so pink, so swollen, so wet – so open. Her heart raced. Was Dolores expecting her to…? The prospect frightened yet excited her.

Dolores looked down at her with unmistakable lust in her eyes. “Now you can suck my pussy like you sucked Max’s cock. I want to come in your mouth just like he did.”

The woman moved her pelvis forward until her pussy was just above the girl’s lips.

“Lick me,” she ordered. “Use your tongue.”

Tentatively Virginia extended her tongue. What would a woman’s pussy taste like? She was almost disgusted at the thought, but weirdly excited by her disgust. It was such an intimate part of a woman’s body. Yet it was only a few moments ago, she reminded herself, when she had had a man’s most intimate part in her mouth and had happily swallowed the most intimate of his bodily fluids. The tip of her tongue touched Dolores’s pussy lips.

“Mmm…” murmured the woman at the delicate touch.

Virginia found that, to her surprise, there was little taste at all. But she instantly loved the soft swollen smoothness. Avidly she explored the lips, licking along their length, pressing them from side to side.

Dolores sank lower, pressing her pussy onto the girl’s mouth.

“Kiss me. Put your tongue inside me.”

Dutifully Virginia searched with her tongue until she found the entrance to Dolores’s vagina. She circled it, probed it nervously.

“That’s it, fuck me with it.”

Virginia thrust her tongue into the hole as far as she could, then withdrew, then repeated it rhythmically, just as she had felt Max thrust his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Mmm… oh yes…”

Dolores pressed down harder, wanting more of the girl’s tongue.

“How does it feel to have Virginia tongue-fucking you, darling?” Max asked, stroking her breasts and giving her a long passionate kiss.

“Lovely…” breathed the woman, feeling her excitement rise at the thought that she was being kissed and fondled by her husband while at the same time having her pussy sucked by a beautiful young girl. “Glorious…”

Virginia was also excited by the sight of them kissing. She thrust her tongue in and out of Dolores’s hole more rapidly, kissing her pussy lips, sucking on their swollen smoothness. It had an instant impact.

“Oh yes, do that. Suck me… More…”

Virginia obeyed happily, sucking and kissing the wonderful soft flesh. She found the hard nub of the woman’s clitoris and stroked and licked it with her tongue. Dolores felt herself rapidly approaching climax.

“Oh God, yes! Kiss my clitoris. Suck it… Harder…”

Virginia enthusiastically wrapped her lips around the hard protuberance, sucking and licking it. Almost immediately she felt Dolores’s hips start to jerk in spasms.

“Oh God, yes, I’m coming… I’m coming…”

Virginia wondered whether to stop or continue.

“No, don’t stop! Suck me… Suck me…”

Virginia did her best, though it was difficult with Dolores’s body moving so much and so unpredictably. Yet she managed to keep her lips fastened to the woman’s clitoris, even when she felt a little fluid flow into and around her mouth.

“Oh God, darling,” Dolores moaned between desperate kisses, “I’m coming… I’m coming in her lovely mouth…”

Max held his wife’s naked body as it went through the spasms of her orgasm, feeling his own excitement build as he watched the girl enthusiastically performing her first cunnilingus.

“That’s right, darling, come in her mouth, just like I did.”

Dolores could only moan incoherently as her climax radiated through her. She had waited for what seemed such a long time. Virginia had come. Max had come. She had wanted to come for ages and now it had finally happened, more wonderful than ever for being denied for so long. She could feel every small movement of the girl’s lips and tongue. Was there anything more glorious than being sucked off?

“Ah…Ah… so lovely… So lovely…”

Virginia, for her part, was feeling rather pleased with herself. Dolores had come so quickly and so noisily and uncontrollably that she felt sure she must have some natural talent for doing this. As she felt the woman’s climax subside, she gave her pussy a few last lingering kisses.

Reluctantly Dolores lifted herself from the girl’s face.

“Darling Virginia.”

She took the innocent young face in her hands and kissed it long and passionately.

“You smell and taste of nothing but sex. And I love you.”

“Did I do it properly?” the girl wanted to know.

“Perfectly,” smiled the satisfied woman. “Even Max couldn’t have done it better.”

“Congratulations,” added her husband, “another milestone along your sexual journey.”

He kissed her too, excited by the taste of his wife’s pussy on the girl’s lips. Then they were all kissing, almost hungrily.

“Now,” said Dolores, finally breaking away, “you must let Max fuck you.”

Immediately Virginia’s heart began to race. “No… No…” She tried to think of an excuse. “I have to go to the lavatory.”

Dolores got off the bed. “So do I.” She took the girl’s hand. “We’ll go together.”

In the bathroom she made Virginia sit first. But the girl had never peed in front of anyone before and found it difficult to start.

“Don’t mind me,” smiled Dolores. “Just let it come.”

With a great effort of will Virginia managed to produce an initial trickle. To her surprise Dolores bent over her and caressed her breasts and kissed her.

“I love being able to taste me and Max on your lips.”

Then her hand was slipping down the girl’s stomach and stroking the top of her pussy. Oh no. She wanted to stop peeing, but couldn’t.

“I like watching you pee,” smiled the woman. “You look very sexy.”

Virginia wasn’t at all sure she agreed, but even as Dolores continued to watch and caress her, managed to finish. When Dolores took her place, she moved to the door.

“No, don’t go. Come here, kiss me.”

When Virginia hesitated, Dolores took her hand and pulled her to her. They kissed as the woman started to relieve herself. Virginia felt her hand being moved down Dolores’s body, over her breasts and nipples, down her stomach to her shaven pussy. Oh gosh. She looked down. A stream of pee was emerging just below her fingertips. She thought she should be disgusted, but she couldn’t take her eyes off it. She could feel the tops of Dolores’s pussy lips and slipped a finger between them.

“Mmm…” murmured the woman, “I love being touched while I’m peeing.”

As they washed their hands Virginia plucked up the courage to say what had been worrying her. “I don’t know if Max should fuck me. I mean…” The trouble was, she didn’t know what she meant, everything was happening so fast.

“You can’t back out now,” declared Dolores, completely misunderstanding her concern. “Otherwise we might have to tie you down,” she laughed wickedly. “On the other hand, you’d probably enjoy that too.”

The girl’s mind whirled. What was Dolores talking about? “No, no,” she said quickly, “I mean he is your husband, after all. Surely he shouldn’t…”

Dolores gave her a kiss. “We both love you, you darling girl. We both think you should have your first fuck with someone who loves you. I want him to and I know he does, so where’s the harm? You do want to know what it feels like to be fucked, don’t you?”

“I think so,” the girl said uncertainly. Actually she was desperate to know what it felt like, but she didn’t think that she should sound so enthusiastic, not to the wife of the man who was about to fuck her. Oh gosh, making love was so confusing.

Back in the bedroom Max and Dolores set about reassuring Virginia with more kisses and intimate caresses until she was quite breathless. Dolores took hold of her husband’s cock and wrapped her lips around it. Virginia looked on in mounting excitement as the woman lovingly brought it to a state of full hardness. Oh Lord, it was so big. Surely it couldn’t possibly fit inside her.

Finally satisfied with her work, Dolores made Virginia lie down and spread her legs wide. She smiled encouragingly at her husband. “Now I want to see you lick her pussy.”

Max could hardly believe that his wife was encouraging him to make love to this beautiful young girl. But she was continually surprising him. She was wild and unpredictable and he loved her for it. What’s more, he couldn’t wait to get a taste of Virginia’s sweet pussy. He put his head between the girl’s thighs and breathed deeply. He could smell where she had recently peed and where she had come against Dolores’s mouth. It was an intoxicating aroma. He placed numerous kisses on her thighs before finally touching her pussy lips with the tip of his tongue.

“Mmm…” the girl moaned encouragingly. His tongue felt so firm, so different from Dolores’s. Almost immediately she wanted to lift her hips, push against him, make him kiss her fully. She could feel his tongue exploring her, running along the length of her lips, rubbing them from side to side. Oh gosh, that felt so good. Then his lips were on her and he was kissing her.

“Aah… Aah…”

Surely she was in heaven. She wanted to cry out to him not to stop, please don’t stop. But then she heard Dolores’s voice.

“You’d better stop, darling. You don’t want her to come before you’ve had a chance to fuck her.”

Max gave her pussy a last tender kiss then his mouth was gone. Virginia had never felt so disappointed, so frustrated.

“Please…” she heard herself imploring.

Dolores gave her a wicked smile. “Please what?”

She couldn’t say it. “I don’t know.”

The next day was Friday. Vivienne arrived to work a little late, fighting fiercely to hide her flustered state. She was never, ever late. It was just that she was so tired and sore. Michael’s fucking had been more than enough, but Victor kept her up the whole night, devouring and consuming until there was nothing left.

She was also nervous to see Michael. It was never like this with the others. It was time to admit Victor had been right once when he said never to play their game at the office. Yet she was also eager, dreadfully curious to see how he’d behave. She was sure he’d be devastated, but would relief and satisfaction join in? She hoped so.

All day he eluded her; she wasn’t sure if he was avoiding her or out with a client. When it was nearly time to go home, she decided to go over to him. When she got over to his side of the office, his door was closed. Jess, his annoying secretary, hummed at her desk. Her head popped up when she noticed Vivienne standing there.

“He’s not in today.”

Vivienne couldn’t help herself. “Oh? Is he sick?”

“I have no idea. He just called in to say he couldn’t make it.” The girl looked Vivienne up and down, taking in the cream dress and trademark red lips. A little smirk crept on her face. “You have a run in your stocking.”

Vivienne looked down. There was a hole.


Something was wrong. Michael had barely said two words since he made it home in the middle of the night. He acted calmly enough when he joined her in bed, saying he had too much to drink so he waited a bit before driving. And he was casual when he told her he wasn’t going to work, that he wanted to rest. To anyone else, that is, he would have seemed calm and casual. Christine knew him far better than that. She knew him better than he likely thought she did.

She checked on him at around noon and saw him laying in bed, staring at the ceiling. He hadn’t slept at all, she’d noticed, and he hadn’t eaten the breakfast she’d brought him. His eyes were bloodshot, his hair a mess. He looked awful.


His reddened eyes shifted to her. “What’s up?”

“Aren’t you going to get up? It’s past 12.”

He turned his head away. “I need a lazy day.”

Christine walked over and sat next to him. “Are you okay?” He only nodded. She touched his jaw. “Are you getting fired or something? Is that why you’re upset? You can tell me.”

“Fired? No.” He let out a small, brittle laugh. “No. I’m fine. Really. Just tired.”

There was obviously something bothering him but she wouldn’t nag him until he spilled. He’d tell her when he wanted to.

She got into bed next to him and nibbled at his stubbly neck. “Would sex make you feel better?”

Michael laughed dryly, rubbing his eyes. “Normally I’d say yes.”

“Not in the mood?”

He only shook his head, keeping his eyes away from her.

“Maybe I can get you in the mood.” She fondled his dick, skimming her smooth palm across the head. His cock lurched a little, but didn’t grow.

Her warm mouth nudged at his. She licked his lips and ran her tongue around the inside of his hot mouth. She was a little shocked at her behavior; Michael always initiated the sex. Today, however, something made her want it enough to overcome the embarrassment and tinge of shame that accompanied her arousal.

“Make love to me, baby,” she whispered.

But his cock still wasn’t hard. He pulled away from her and crossed the room to the bathroom. “I’ll have to take a raincheck. Let’s go out for lunch, okay?”

Christine watched him close the door. She burned between her legs and asked herself what she did wrong. +

“You’re boring me.”

Vivienne looked up from her book and grinned at her husband. “You’re always bored.”

Victor only shrugged. She moved closer to him on the couch and let him put his arm around her. He kissed her hair and squeezed her tighter to him. This was how it was meant to be, she reminded herself.

“Let’s do something exciting.” He played with her hair, touching each strand with the adoration and touch of possessiveness that drew Vivienne to him years ago.

“What did you have in mind?”

He kissed her languidly and then pulled away, a smile in his dark blue eyes. He really was handsome. “I was hoping you could come up with something.”

“What do you think Carl is up to these days?”

Victor’s face sobered. “What the hell made you think of him?”

“As if I could forget,” she said. “What do you think he’s doing with himself?”

Victor’s fingers danced down the front of her. “Honestly, I don’t know and I couldn’t care less. He’s probably provoking evil somewhere.”

“Did you love me right away?” It was a question she always wondered, but never asked. Vivienne couldn’t figure out why she asked it now, and from Victor’s expression he was as perplexed as she was.

“I’m sure I did.” He kissed her hand, tonging her knuckles. “I think everyone falls in love with you right away.” His eyes lightened as he sifted through memories. His smile returned. “You were so young and pure, in spite of everything. Sweet and soft and sexy. When I met you, I remember thinking it was like you were waiting for me. And you were, weren’t you? You knew someone had to rescue you.”

“Am I the same?” she asked suddenly, feeling a weird sense of panic.

Victor’s eyes crinkled with amused confusion. “The same as what?”

“As when you first met me. Am I the same as then?”

Warm lips tugged at her throat. “You’re still as sexy, if that’s what you’re wondering.”

It wasn’t, but she couldn’t bear to ask him again. Besides, she already knew the answer.

“Am I wicked, Victor?”

She felt his lips curve up against her skin. Then he tore at her robe, revealing her body to the cool air. “Mm, to the core, my love.”


Monday morning Michael was back. Vivienne could sense it, even before she saw him.

She decided to visit him before he came to her. That was her rationale when she stood in the doorway to his office, anyway. He looked exhausted. His clothes were wrinkled, and his normally smiling face was drawn out and pale.

He looked up and saw her. His entire body jolted and he shut his eyes.

“I wanted to see how you were doing.”

“It’s almost time to go home,” he said. “I’m just finishing up.”

“You know what I mean,” she whispered, walking in and closing the door. “I’m sorry for leaving you like that but I thought it was best. I hope you didn’t get in trouble with Christine that night.”

He ran a hand over his face and then stared at her. “We need to talk, obviously.”

Vivienne shook her head. “Talking about these things only makes them worse. Do yourself a favor and pretend it never happened.”

“I can’t.” He exhaled slowly. “You came over here to talk about it, anyway.”

“I really don’t want to talk about it, Michael. I just came to see how you were.”

He looked down. “Are you going to tell anybody?”


“I keep thinking I should tell Christine, but then I think that’s selfish. She’s better off not knowing. I’m probably trying to get rid of some of the guilt.” His dark eyes were glassy. “What do you think? Are you going to tell your husband?”

“You shouldn’t tell her. Honesty isn’t always best.”

He ruffled his hair, looking like a lost little boy. “Is it wrong to say that the other night was amazing?”

“No. It was amazing.”

Vivienne thought about the other night and immediately grew wet. She hadn’t been fucked like that in a long time. It was hard and rough, but strangely tender all at once. Without meaning to, she started having fantasies about doing it again and wondered what Victor would say. Would he encourage an encore? Probably. He had gone mad when he saw all the marks Michael left on her. He said it was so hot she finally played the game with a real man, that it made it that much more exciting for everyone involved.

Still, it was hard enough on her the first time around. He was dangerous, threatening to bring out the parts of Vivienne she had buried deep inside herself long ago.

Unfortunately, some of her desire must have seeped into her tone. Michael met her eyes when she agreed with him and a current of hot electricity zapped through her veins. She didn’t care anymore if it was a bad idea. She would conquer the consequences. Right then, she needed him.

She put her hands behind her and locked the door. Michael swallowed when he heard the click.

“What are you doing?” he asked her, his eyes flicking from her approaching figure to the door.

Vivienne reached him and touched his hair. His eyes fluttered shut but his hand shot out to grab her wrist.

“Vivienne, I can’t. We said we’d only do it one time. We can’t.” She bent over and tongued his ear, grinning at his sharp intake of her perfumed air. “Vivienne, we’re at work, for God’s sake.”

She smiled and reached around to unzip her dress.

“What are you doing?” he asked again. His eyes popped open.

Her dress fell off of her, exposing the black bra and panties beneath. “Making you feel better.”

She knelt down, ignoring the scrape of the carpet. Michael panted, taking in her new position. He jumped when she reached out, running her hands up his legs. Her hands reached his zipper, pulling it down carefully. She got wetter at the erotic sound.

“You make me crazy,” he confessed.

Vivienne only laughed. He helped her take his pants off, too far gone to protest now. His cock pushed greedily against the fabric, eager for her mouth or cunt. It didn’t matter which, Vivienne guessed, when she saw how hard it was. She yanked his underwear down to join his pants at his ankles and then blew out a long breath against the head.

“Fuck,” Michael whispered. His breaths were frantic, almost too loud.

“We need to be quiet,” she reminded him.

Her tongue slipped out and travelled across the smooth, rippled skin. She heard him moan a little and grinned up at him. His eyes bore down into her aroused gaze, conflicted and tormented and so turned on. He opened his mouth, perhaps to tell her to stop, but she couldn’t allow that. She swallowed him whole, feeling the earthy hardness slide down her tongue and fill her throat.

“Oh my god. Fuck.” Michael’s hand ran through her hair and pulled.

She moaned into him, sucking and tonguing as she let him rest inside her mouth. Then she retreated, letting his cock slip out in tiny increments.

“You taste so good,” she whispered.

She sucked him down again, working up a pace. He grunted and begged quietly, pulling and pushing her towards him with his hand. She squeezed his balls, delighting in the gasp he released. She was half aware the phone was ringing but she cared as much about that as he did.

“I don’t want to cum yet,” she heard him say. He tried to tug her off him but she wouldn’t allow it. She wanted to drink him down, to have a part of him somewhere else inside her body.

He wasn’t having any of that. He yanked on her hair so hard it brought tears to her eyes. Regretfully she sat back.

“Take your clothes off,” he ordered in a voice that was not his own.

She got up with a trace of a smile and ripped off her bra. She stuck her thumbs into her panties to take them off but Michael stopped her, spinning her around to face his desk so fast she got dizzy. His own warm hands slipped her underwear down, just enough so his cock had access to her. Then he bent over her back and entered her in one long, full stroke.

“Shit,” she groaned into his desk.

He yanked at her hair again. “Quiet. You have to be quiet or I won’t fuck you.”

So she bit her lip and focused on the feeling of him thrusting in and out, thumping her body against the wood. His hands wrapped around and grasped at her tits, running his thumbs across the hard nipples. Her body tried to fuck him harder, meeting his thrusts.

“Feel how hard you make me? What the hell am I going to do?” he panted. “I want to fuck you everywhere.”

“Fuck me, fuck me,” she chanted.

“So bad.” He shivered against her.

He moved deep within her. She could feel his balls smacking her ass with every violent return. One of his hands moved down, finding the front of her soaked pussy. His fingers massaged her roughly. She gasped as lava flowed through her blood and heat flooded into her stomach. He slapped the smooth skin of her ass cheek and laughed as she yelped. Vivienne cried out, tossing her head back.

Michael shifted her head towards him and kissed her, eating up all her cries and screams and feverish moans. All at once everything crescendoed and overflowed and she came in a gush. She squeezed him further into her. The contractions were so tight and intense, Michael had to pull his mouth away with a curse.

She lay there, rejoicing in the feel of him rutting into her. She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. She had never really orgasmed like that before. It left her paralyzed with pleasure.

“Oh, fuck,” Michael moaned.

He threw himself into her as his cock swelled and exploded. Liquid fire poured into her, filling her throbbing emptiness.

A few moments passed. They caught their breath and Michael pulled out. He looked at her for a minute, his expression unreadable. Then he leaned over and kissed her. His hands caressed her oversensitive body, leaving imprints of the feeling of his skin on her own.

She let him put her bra back on for her, and didn’t protest when he wiped the cum off her thighs. She even stood like a child as he put her dress back on. Then he stepped back, his sad eyes staring at her.

“What the fuck have we done?”

Vivienne couldn’t say.


The house smelled of delicious spaghetti and meatballs. Michael’s favorite. The aroma usually made Michael’s mouth water; tonight it turned his stomach.

“You’re late!” Christine teased from the kitchen.

He tugged at his tie and peered in, watching his wife waltz around. “What do I owe this special occasion?”

She came over and kissed him. Belatedly he worried that he smelled like Vivienne’s perfume, but if he did Christine didn’t notice.

“I thought you needed some cheering up,” she said once she pulled away.

Guilt simmered in Michael’s gut much more violently than Christine’s sauce. “Thanks.”

Her cheeks reddened. “I also thought… maybe we can make tonight a special night. What do you say?” She busied herself with seasoning the already perfect dinner, clearly too embarrassed to look him in the eye.

He didn’t want to fuck her, he realized. He couldn’t bear the thought of doing it with her when only an hour before he was balls deep in Vivienne. It didn’t seem right. And he just didn’t want to do it.

“I’m a little tired,” he said.

Awkwardness coated itself all over them.

“Oh.” She placed a healthy amount on a plate and brought it out to the dining room for him. “I understand. They’ve been working you really hard lately, haven’t they?”

He sat down and watched her, feeling horrible. What was happening to him? He loved Christine. He loved being her husband. He loved the life they built together.

But he craved Vivienne. Even now, with shame and regret and self-hatred sharp in his chest, Michael wished he was inside her.

His wife joined him at the table, forcing a smile. “Eat up, baby. Enjoy.”



Vivienne only nodded.

“He must be really good, this guy. Though I don’t really have to ask. You’re fucking glowing!” Victor’s blue eyes glittered in the restaurant’s lights. He watched her as if she were a difficult but fascinating movie with a million different plot points, twisting around like a fragmented puzzle one might not ever solve. “I can’t wait to get you home.”

Vivienne put her fork down. She wasn’t hungry anymore. Victor picked up on her sullen mood and grinned.

“Don’t get pissy. You’ll ruin your afterglow.” She stayed silent. He got up and joined her side of the booth, running a hand up her thigh. He kissed her when she opened her mouth to protest and laughed when she groaned into him. He toyed with the edge of her dress and then quickly flipped it up. His fingers curved around the fabric of her panties and sank into her sensitive pussy. “Do you want me to be jealous all of a sudden? Is that it?”

“No, of course not,” she gasped. “Victor, let’s wait until we’re… Oh, god. Let’s wait until we’re home, okay?”

“No. I’m going to make you cum right here so you get over whatever little mood you’re having.” He smiled when the waitress came over and replaced their drinks. He pumped his fingers in and out his wife all the while. Then he returned to Vivienne’s ear. “So now you want me to be like other guys, hmm? Worried you’re going to leave me? Biting my nails?”

Vivienne undulated under his rocking hand. He was always exquisite with sex, but he took the art of fingering to new heights.

“Wanna know why I’m not? Because you’re never going to leave me, Vivienne. I saved you once, and I save you every fucking day. No one makes you cum like I do. This guy may have given you some nice cums, but I’m the one who owns your fuckhole. He only rents it. You understand me?”

His fingers fucked her faster, growing violent as they slid in her wetness. His thumb pressed down on her clit. She went wild, yet somehow miraculously stayed silent.

“Your cunt is mine. Your every orgasm is mine.” He licked her earlobe. “Now cum for me.”

And she did. She hunched down in her seat, losing control of her entire body. It spasmed as her legs flailed out. Her hand grabbed Victor’s and held it closer to her while she rode out the final waves. Then he pulled his hand away and returned to his side of the table. The fading passion and the air conditioning of the restaurant sent goosebumps across Vivienne’s skin.

“Now finish your fucking dinner. You’re always hungry.”

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