It was coming up to Saturday night, which means my usual late night game of poker with a few of my mates. We did this every Saturday for as long as I can remember. It was just an excuse for us to talk woman and get drunk, sometimes even win some cash.

Maybe I should tell you a little about myself and my life. I am mike 23, average build average job. What wasn’t average was my girlfriend. She really is a true stunner. On the short side maybe 5, 2 but has a figure to die for. She is a size 8 petite little thing but has amazing tits. 30DD but on her small frame they are huge.

We have an amazing sex life, at least 3 times a week. The great thing about Danielle is she’s so shy and really doesn’t like to show herself off, so not many people know how dam sexy she really is.

On Saturdays she usually goes out with her friends for the night and gives us our house for the night. After all she doesn’t want to hear guy talk with a house with 5 guys all drunk. Unfortunately this particular Saturday her friends cancelled on her last minute an her mum was away so she had no choice but to stay home. It was ok though she agreed to stay out the way. We wouldn’t know she was even there she assured me.

Since her friends had cancelled so late Danielle was nearly ready to go out. She had on a lose skirt about 4 inches above her knee, killers heels and a pink blouse. The blouse was tight across her huge tits as was everything she wore, yet it still covered her up really well. She hated attention when she went out.

There was a knock on door just as I was taking the bin out so I asked if she minded just letting them in. Danielle hesitantly walked towards the door knowing what she was wearing and there were 4 probably drunk men on the other side. She opened the door and in walked the guys. I noticed all eyes on her sexy figure. Just as she turned to walk away from the door a gust of wind blew and whipped her lose skirt right up to reveal a very tiny pink thong on my girlfriend’s ass. At this point every lad cheered and whistled at the awesome sight before them. Danielle grabbed it down and ran straight up the stairs and out of sight. The lads still cheering an clearly all excited from the unexpected flash from the usually covered up Danielle.

I went upstairs to check she was ok. Danielle was in the bedroom sat on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands. Its ok don’t worry I told her they will forget about by the time they sober up. Anyways you should be pleased they all enjoyed the sight of your sexy ass. I kissed her an joined the guys downstairs.

I made some drinks an sat at the table to get the poker game started. The guys kept saying what an amazing ass my girlfriend has. And it was starting to get me excited I could feel my dick twitch with the thought of others seeing Danielle’s ass in that sexy little thong. But the game had started so had to concentrate as I didn’t really have any money to lose tonight.

As the game progressed I seen my chips dwindle to next to nothing. I was nearly out the game when I drew an amazing hand. One I knew I couldn’t lose with. But as the stakes got higher I ran out of cash to throw in. I asked the guys if I could owe them the difference as I really didn’t want to throw this hand away. Dave one of the guys got a look in his eye I hadn’t seen before. A sort of mischievous look. When he came out with it. How about if we lose you win all the money. I thought great but what’s the catch. When he said it I nearly choked on my beer. I was expecting to have to wash his car for a month or mow his grass. But no he said instead of cash I could bet cloths. I thought what the hell kind of game is 5 guys playing poker naked. But that’s when he continued. It wasn’t my clothes I would be betting it was Danielle’s

I knew there would be no chance in hell that Danielle would agree to it but I had to try. After all I couldn’t lose. I went upstairs to find Danielle still say on the end bed watching TV. I sat next to her and explained the situation I was in. her answer was no chance. I told her I had used our savings to play with tonight and I would lose it all if I didn’t stay in this hand. She knew we couldn’t afford to lose them. An I assured her I couldn’t lose. We both walked downstairs, Danielle looking very very nervous. But the guys just cheered at the thought of seeing her for real this time.

We all shook hands and that was that the bet was done. For me to stay in the hand Danielle had to take off a piece of clothing an put in with the chips. She looked terrified but I Simply told her take off your shoes and then the game will end and we will win. Danielle gingerly took them off placing them on the table. I was about to turn my cards over when Dan raised it again. . SHIT how could I stay in now, I tried to protest an say that was unfair but they all just laughed and said that I knew what was needed to stay in the game. Danielle’s face dropped as she tried to walk away. I grabbed her arm as all the lads proceeded to tell me we shook so a deal is a deal. She had a tear rolling down her cheek as she started to unbutton her blouse to a room full of wolf whistles.

As the last butted was undone the blouse sprung open to reveal a matching lace pink bra just like the thong. She turned around an dropped it off her shoulders. The room was now silent. Danielle held her arms over herself trying to conceal her huge tits from the 5 pairs of eyes as she turned around to face everyone.

I have never seen her so red with embarrass meant in my life. I was he only person she has ever slept with an even the other person to see her naked. Yet here were 5 drunken guys ogling her huge tits while she stood in front of us all in just her skirt an bra. A part of me wanted to cover her up yet my dick twitched with excitement.

At least this was as far as it would go now an Danielle could soon cover up knowing she has just saved our money. But dived raised again. THE BASTARD I thought. Again what could I do? By now Danielle was crying but she herself knew we couldn’t lose that money. The guys started to shout for her skirt to come off. Her hands were shaking so bad she couldn’t pull the zip down. Quick as a flash John lunged forward an yanked the skirt to the ground to an round of cheers and whistles.

She slowly stepped out of her skirt as john picked it up an placed it on the table. I couldn’t believe what was happening. My shy humble girlfriend was now stood in a tiny thong an bra in front of 4 men all ogling her curves. She tried her best to cover herself to no avail.

At this moment Dave suggested a quick end to the game. An offer Danielle would kill for at this moment. How about if you win, you get the cash, plus £50 from each of all an most of all she gets her clothes back. But I knew there would be a catch. And if I lose? If u lose Danielle strips naked right here and you have to watch while all 4 of us fuck her silly in every hole till she can’t take anymore. And while you watch u have to film your shy girlfriend suck and fuck every one of us. My first reaction was no chance is that happening. There is no way Danielle would let this happen; After all she has only ever fucked me in her life. Yet she is expected to fuck 4 guys at the same time like some kind of porn star. Even though I was angry at what might happen I could feel my dick getting hard. The thought of my shy girlfriends with my friends dick buried in her tight pussy excited an angered me at the same time. I wanted to keep her as mine an only mine but my dick wanted other things.

I took Danielle into the kitchen so I could speak to her. In the kitchen Danielle slapped my face for what I had made her do. She straight away told me not to make that bet as she couldn’t fuck them all. I gave her a hug an explained once more that we couldn’t afford to lose that cash. I could tell from the look in her eyes she knew this too. It didn’t help the fact that she didn’t want the consequence of me losing to happen. I assured her that it would all be over soon enough as there was no way I could lose with the hand I had. Danielle said that she trusted m.

Walking back into the lounge where the guys looked on in anticipation I couldn’t help but notice her tits bounce as she waked. She had given up trying to cover up an almost accepted that fact she was stood nearly naked in front of 5 guys for the first time in her life. The guys clearly still loving the sight of her 30DD tits and sexy ass in that tiny thong. Even started to squirm to adjust their growing dicks.

I told them that it was a deal but they were not to hurt her in any way as I was the only person she had slept with. Danielle blushed and turned bright red as the guys looked on in even more anticipation. They started saying crude things like mmmm can’t wait to feel that tight little pussy of yours and to see them huge tit bounce.

We all turned our cards over at the same time an at that point my heart sank. I had lost. There was one hand that could beat mine and Dave had it. I couldn’t believe it and neither could Danielle. She was crying with her head in her hands. She knew exactly what was about to happen. She was about to be fucked harder than ever before by 4 of her own boyfriends mates. The guys could not contain the excitement. I tried to plead with the guys but I was getting nowhere and whether I liked it or not I had made the deal. John asked where I kept my cam cored. I told him it was in the top draw in our bedroom. As he went up the stairs to get it a thought entered my head. Also in that dray was a dildo I had bought for Danielle for them extra sexy nights. We hadn’t used it often as it was about 8 inches and very fat. She really straggled to get even half of it into her tight pussy.

Just then john came down the stairs an just as I thought he wasn’t just holding the camera. Sure enough he placed the huge dildo on the table and said now now who’s a naughty bitch, I think we would all like to see you fucked yourself with this bad boy. Danielle’s face dropped, things where going from bad to worse for her. I sat on the chair an started to camera. I pointed it at my crying girlfriend as she started to undo her bra. She slowly dropped it to the floor to expose her mammoth tits. They looked even bigger now an she was clearly a little excited. Her nipples where’s standing up aching to be sucked. Next she lowered her thong an stepped out to reveal her beautifully shaven pussy. Danielle stood naked in front of 5 guys all with the mouth open at the sight. Paul a big muscle man stepped towards her an cupped her huge tits an quickly sucked on the. Danielle gasped at the new hands on her. He pushed her back onto the table an lowered his mouth to her naked pussy. Danielle couldn’t help but moan as he licked an sucked her clit. Danielle almost lost in the moment seemed to forget the audience but soon remembered as john handed her the huge dildo and told her to fuck her pussy for the camera. Danielle placed it at the opening to her now soaking pussy an slowly pushed it inside. A few mins and Danielle was starting to get accustomed to the huge size and was starting to fuck her harder. I had never seen her use it herself an now had my pants down rubbing my dick at the sight. The other guys soon followed and where all stood naked with their dicks in their hands.

Danielle lost in moment didn’t notice that 2 guys now had the dicks right next to her face as one forcefully pushed his 7 inch dick into her open mouth. Caught by surprise she had no option but to suck it. The other guy lifted her hand to his own dick as she started to stroke it. Her eyes now wide open john stepped up an pulled the dildo from her an replaced it with his own medium size dicked. He rammed forward an buried it in her pussy. She screamed in pain even through the dick in her mouth. Getting into a rhythm soon she was being fucked while sucking a dick at the same time. What a sight but nothing could compare to what I was about to see. All 4 guys took turns fucking her now well used pussy and mouth.

She was pulled from the table an lowered to the waiting dick on the floor, it slipped easily into her pussy an her mouth was soon full too. I noticed Dave who had the biggest dick. Easily 9 inches long positioning him behind her. He soon had his dick placed to the opening of her sweet arsehole. Danielle tried to protest but just as he pushed his huge dick into her virgin ass. Her mouth was filled with cum. She swallowed what she could but her face an tits where sticky with cum. An was soon being covered once more by the 4th dick.

I couldn’t wait no more I placed the camera on the chair not wanting it to miss a thing an soon had my own dick in her mouth. Danielle was in so much pain from the double fucking she was getting she didn’t even notice it was my dick she was now sucking.

With all her holes now filled with dicks Danielle was screaming in both pain an pleasure and I loved every minute of it. The dick in her pussy soon filled her with more cum and so did the one in her ass. She rolled off into a heap on the floor. Cum running down her legs an ass. She was crying from the fucking she had just sustained but that was not the end for her. I lay back as Danielle ass was lowered on to my raging dick. Wow her ass was tight and I was soon fucking it for all its worth her pussy soon filled an so too her mouth I couldn’t believe the sight. We call cum again in her ass pussy an mouth.

The guys thanked me and told me what a fucking good fuck my girlfriend was an soon dressed and left. Danielle was still on the floor with cum covering her. Her ass and pussy bright red an gaping from the brutal fuck she had just had. I carried her to bed but remembered the camera.

I spent the next 2 hours watching it my girlfriend being fucked my 5 dicks for the first time in her life.

“Please John?” Carly begged as she looked over her shoulder.

The desperate tone in her voice only made his rock hard dick throb more and he pressed it teasingly against her firm little ass. “What do you want, Baby?” he demanded. His strong hands where holding her hips and he pulled her back against him. Moving slowly he spread the fluid dotting the tip of his cock over her already swollen clit.

His action pulled a desperate moan from deep inside her and she balled the sheet in her fists as her need overcame her. “Oh, god, please John!” she groaned even more desperate than before. “Please fuck me. Please? I need you inside me. I need you so bad.”

Grabbing his dick in his hand he positioned himself at her entrance. “I’ll fuck you, Baby,” he promised as he rubbed himself over her lips. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you scream my name until you are hoarse.” He hardly ever made her beg like this, but when he did it drove them both crazy and so when he finally thrust himself inside her they both screamed with the released tension. “Fuck,” he breathed trying to keep control as he slid into her tight warm pussy.

He was so close to losing his mind; so close to losing control and just ramming himself into her deep and strong and without any thought other than the pleasure of his result. How had they gotten here? The situation had happened spontaneously and he was in no shape to analyze how it had happened, all he knew was that fifteen minutes ago he had been sitting on the couch reading.


“Lift your feet please,” Carly asked.

John raised his legs off of the coffee table and lifted his eyes from the magazine he was skimming. Carly’s round little ass was directly in front of him encased in a pair of perfectly fitted shorts, her current position making them ride up just a bit more than she probably realized. She was holding his crossed ankles in her hand as she swiped a dust rag over the table. She lowered his legs and started to move away but tossing aside the magazine John’s hands quickly cupped her hips and held her still. “What are you doing, Babe?” he purred. He didn’t move his hands from their hold around her sides but his thumbs traced the soft slip of ass that peeked at him from beneath her shorts.

“Housework,” she answered with a dark chuckle. She wiggled her hips and mimed dusting.

The sight of her hips swaying beneath his hand sent every ounce of available blood directly to his waist and he shifted to accommodate his suddenly engorged cock. Growling with hunger John pulled her into his lap. “I can think of something that needs to be polished,” he suggested pressing his hips up into her.

Carly turned making sure to apply plenty of pressure to his lap as she did so. “I’m awfully busy, John,” she objected but her smile betrayed her interest. “It would have to be worth my time.”

Sliding his hand into her hair he made a fist and pulled her head down until her lips met his. “I guarantee it will be worth your time.”

“I don’t know,” she said wiggling over him as she tried to get up.

John hissed at the way her ass grinding against him made him think about getting out of his pants. Carly saw his eyes darken and knew how she was affecting him. “I wanted to get this housework done, John.” Her fingers played with the short hair at the back of his neck and he shivered. “I would really have to want it to stop what I’m doing,” she added. John grunted and pushed her down on her back. He shifted and stretched himself across the couch so she was trapped beneath him. The look in her eyes caused him to stop and she grinned when she saw he understood. “Can you make me want it?” she purred.

“I’ll have you begging for it, Baby,” he promised. He sat up and jerked her up with him pulling her t-shirt over her head. She gave a startled gasp at his quick movement but she didn’t object. His fingers expertly released her bra and he tossed the silky garment away. Shoving her back down to the couch he used both hands and squeezed one heavy, perfect breast in each. His thumbs scraped across her nipples simultaneously and he applied just enough pressure to make her grow wet between her legs. “I am going to have you begging to be fucked, Babe,” he warned her.

“I’ll take that as a challenge,” she taunted.

Chuckling at the game John crushed his mouth to hers. She kissed him back with obvious approval for his aggression and he immediately demanded a deeper kiss. Carly moaned and parted her lips inviting him in. Their tongues danced and John’s movements became more and more demanding. His aggression made her head spin and she gasped for breath and stability as he pulled his lips from her mouth and began moving them down her body.

“So perfect,” he groaned as his mouth reached her breasts. Still holding her left in his strong, hand he ran his fingers over her skin circling the dark ring before flicking the nipple. Cupping her right tit so that it bulged invitingly in his hand he slowly sucked it into his hot mouth. Her whispered exclamations let him know she enjoyed the way his tongue lapped at her and he teased her mercilessly. The opposite nipple was hard and raised beneath his thumb and he shifted his mouth to the other side. He sucked hard and then released the pressure so he could bite gently on the pink nub.

“Shit!” Carly gasped in reaction and her hips bucked automatically.

Smiling around his mouthful of tit John sucked again. He could do this all day but the way she had moved let him know she was already growing ready for him. Giving her right breast another hard kneading he let go and moved his fingers to her shorts. They were too tight to reach her so he cupped his hand over her mound and rubbed letting the heel of his palm press firmly against her swollen clit. She whimpered and he switched his mouth to her other breast. “Get them off!” he ordered before he sucked her nipple back into his mouth. He lapped at her tit hungrily and Carly’s hands moved quickly to comply with his order.

When she had loosened her button and unzipped the shorts he pulled them down her legs taking the soaking wet underwear with them. Tossing the last of her clothes over his shoulder he put both strong hands back on her tits and squeezed them together. “You have perfect titties, Baby,” he told her as he dropped kisses across the each swell of soft flesh. “But they are nothing,” he said as his hands dropped slowly to trace a trail over her flat stomach and down to the short soft hair between her legs, “Compared to your delicious pussy.”

His fingers ghosted over her clit and then drifted with barely a touch across the lips beginning to swell in response to the blood collecting below her waist. “Are you ready to be fucked yet, Baby?” he asked.

“Is that the best you’ve got?” she teased, “Because I’m still thinking about cleaning the kitchen.”

The challenge in her eyes made his already full erection twitch against the jeans that were constricting him. Resisting the urge to touch himself or thrust his dick into her mouth he focused on her dare. “Not for long,” he promised.

She sighed as he gently licked her clit and her legs automatically widened to allow him access. He loved the way she tasted and smelled and he set to work with eagerness. His hands pushed her thighs even further apart and his tongue traced the edges of her entrance. Her breathing was shallow and he knew despite her act she was craving what he was about to do. He sucked first one lip and then the other into his mouth before he moved up to pull her throbbing clit completely into his mouth. Her fingers pulled at his hair as she reacted to the pleasure and he twirled his tongue around the hard nub of nerves before he released her.

She glistened with wetness and he lapped up what was outside her before he thrust his tongue deep into her. Carly growled in approval as he used his tongue to fuck her. He slid inside as deep as he could go and then curled up to drag the tip of his tongue along her walls as he pulled out. He could feel her tightening around him and knew she wouldn’t last long. Her little act of defiance had turned her on more than she would ever admit. He pulled out and sucked her clit back into his mouth in a hard quick movement. She whispered his name over and over, “John, John, John,” as her orgasm carried her away.

He kept his head between her legs as she rode out the pleasure kissing her with soft gentle strokes. When it was over she started to rise and he pushed her back down on the couch. “You aren’t going anywhere,” he growled as his hands gripped her hips. Holding her still he thrust his tongue back inside her and lapped up the excess fluid her release had provided. After only the briefest of pauses she began to respond to him again.

John rubbed his finger over her swollen pussy and then slipped it into his mouth until it glistened with wetness. He once again teased her clit licking and flicking it until she moved her hips silently asking for more. Making sure his fingers were moistened he sucked her clit into his mouth. Carly moaned in enjoyment and then gasped as his finger slid into her tight ass. Raising up he moved to her and his eyes met hers as he gently moved in and out of her hole. “I should stick my dick in there, Babe,” he taunted. “It’s so tight.”

She didn’t answer but she did kiss him hard as he crushed his mouth to hers. Sucking her lower lip into his mouth he bit down, his strong white teeth gleaming behind the smile he wore as he did it. She moaned again and pressed herself more firmly against his hand. “Dirty girl,” he purred into her ear his breath sending shivers down her spine as it brushed across her hot skin. “You like this don’t you?”

“Yes,” she gasped in a breathy admission.

John kissed her again and then moved lower to suck again on her ample breast. His attentions were driving her crazy and the sounds she made were stoking his lust to nearly unbearable heat. He lifted his body and growled in her ear. “I’m going to make you come again, Babe and I’m not even out of my pants yet. But when they come off I am going to fuck you so good.”

He moved back down her body taking his time to kiss every inch as he passed. Carly writhed under his hand as his thumb rubbed her clit and his fingers moved inside her. Shifting into position without removing his hand from her he clamped his mouth over her clit. It didn’t take long after only a few coordinated thrusts and some demanding pressure from his mouth she came apart again. He chuckled as he gently pulled his hand out of her. “That’s two,” he said kissing her still quivering center.

He stood over her and had to smirk at the satisfaction on her face. “Your body is so good,” he told her as he pulled off his shirt. Carly’s eyes gleamed at the sight of his chiseled abs and defined pecs and she sat up. Her fingers traced the lines of definition on his body as he worked his pants loose. When he pushed his pants off his hips he took the underwear with them and his cock sprang forward. Carly moaned in appreciation. “You like my body, don’t you Babe?” he asked.

Nodding but silent she leaned forward and kissed him; the soft hair around his manhood tickled her chin as she pressed her lips to him and she rubbed herself over him from side to side enjoying the feeling. John bit his lip hard in an effort to back away from the release he felt coming. He had made promises and he was going to come through.

“Yeah,” he purred wrapping his fingers in her hair. “I know you like it. I know everything you like, Baby.” He pulled gently on her hair and tilted her face up to him. “You like it when I do this,” he said bending to kiss her possessively. Carly moaned and nodded. “You like it when I do this,” he added squeezing her breast and tweaking the nipple between his thumb and finger.

Carly whimpered again and he smiled at the way she was allowing him to control the situation. This game had started without planning and he loved that she just indulged him. “You love my body. You love sucking my cock, don’t you?”

“More than anything,” Carly agreed.

John’s hands held her head gently in position and he pushed his throbbing dick into her waiting mouth. She was eager for him, sucking encouragingly as he slid inside. “Holy fuck, Babe,” he gasped as her actions nearly sent him over the edge. She could give the most amazing head and he reveled in one of his favorite of her talents now as she deep throated him. His hand slid behind her head and he pushed himself inside her mouth. He was tempted, so tempted, to let her work her magic on him. It would not be the first time he was unable to walk away from the pleasure she could provide this way, but he reminded himself of his mission and he forced himself to withdraw.

“So perfect, Baby,” he told her bending down to scoop her into his arms. He lifted her and she obligingly wrapped her legs around his waist. Her head dropped to allow her to kiss his neck and his body quivered as she sucked at the tender flesh at the hollow of his shoulder.

“I thought I was the one who was going to beg,” she taunted.

Laughing John dumped her on the bed and dropped on top of her. He pressed his rock hard member to her still slick core and ran his hands roughly over her hip. “I’m not begging, Babe. I was complimenting you. Trust me, you are going to beg. I’ve given you two mind shattering orgasms and I haven’t even been inside of you yet; not even a finger in that perfect little pussy. You know you want me. Don’t forget, I know what you like and you, my sexy, perfect beauty, you love my dick.”

He flexed his hips and the pressure made his breath catch and caused Carly to moan. “See, you want it,” he purred into her ear.

Kissing his way over her neck he gently bit her ear before sucking it between his lips in comfort. “I’m going to fuck you so good, Babe,” he whispered. “All you have to do is ask for it.”

He knew she was trying to fight, she didn’t want to give in, she hated to lose, but there was no way she could stop what was coming. She was making tiny noises in the back of her throat as she struggled against the effects of his touch as his fingers traced a trail over her body. He could feel the way she wanted to give in. She wanted him inside her, craved it, she was ready to give and the way she looked at him only proved it. All that remained was to find out how much torture she could endure.

He began his assault on her defenses by indulgently toying with her tits. God he loved them, they were full and heavy and shaped to rounded perfection. She deliberately wore those low cut tops combined with pushup bras with the sole intent of driving him crazy. He spent far too much of his work day thinking about the soft swell of her cleavage and imagining exactly what he would do if he could touch her. He played out each of those fantasies now, every single one of them.

She was weakening; her hips moved grinding against his aching hard-on in a tantalizing invitation. But, she still hadn’t begged for it. He could smell her arousal and it called to him. Trailing kisses down her body he moved down until his face was once again buried between her legs. He licked her slowly and she gasped.

“Go ahead,” she challenged. “I would let you eat me all day.”

His reaction was not at all what she expected and she gave a startled cry as he stood and in one single fluid motion grasped her hips and flipped her on to her stomach. “Maybe I’ll just do it the other way,” he taunted leaning down and pressing his aching rod between her ass cheeks. He moved his hips, grinding himself against her rear and pressing her swollen clit into the bed. “You know you want it, Babe,” he purred. “It’s going to be so good, I promise. The best fuck of your life, guaranteed.” He knew what his words were doing to her, every time he taunted her with the offer she wanted it more. She would give in soon.

He knew her, knew her body and he knew he could surprise her. She liked surprises. She growled appreciatively as he lay over her and nipped at her back. He kissed the spot and then repeated the combination all over her back. His grinding had never ceased and Carly began to whimper beneath him. She was so close to giving in.

Standing up he made his final move, the one guaranteed to make her beg. Spreading his feet in a wide stance he jerked her by the hips and pulled her into position right in front of him. Her legs dangled from the bed, her body bent double over the edge of the mattress. Leaning forward he rubbed himself all around her entrance.

“Please John?” Carly begged as she looked over her shoulder.

The desperate tone in her voice only made his rock hard dick throb more and he pressed it teasingly against her firm little ass. “What do you want, Baby?” he demanded. His strong hands where holding her hips and he pulled her back against him. Moving slowly he spread the fluid dotting the tip of his cock over her already swollen clit.

His action pulled a desperate moan from deep inside her and she balled the sheet in her fists as her need overcame her. “Oh, god, please John!” she groaned even more desperate than before. “Please fuck me. Please? I need you inside me. I need you so bad.”

Grabbing his dick in his hand he positioned himself at her entrance. “I’ll fuck you, Baby,” he promised as he rubbed himself over her lips. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you scream my name until you are hoarse.” He hardly ever made her beg like this, but when he did it drove them both crazy and so when he finally thrust himself inside her they both screamed with the released tension. “Fuck,” he breathed trying to keep control as he slid into her tight warm pussy.


And now they were here. She was ready, she wanted it, she was begging for it. He gripped her waist and thrust again going in hard and deep before coming to a complete halt. Carly screamed in ecstasy and balled the sheet around her fists. “God damn it, John!” she cried in frustration. “Fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me.”

John pumped himself inside her, slamming in and pulling back out with equal force. “So good, Baby,” he purred. He was deep inside of her and his teasing had done its work. He could feel her tightening around him. She was always good, always hot and tight, but this moment before she came was always the best the anticipation making her firm and ready around him. He shifted forward to alter his angle and she screamed again, this time as her pleasure sent her senses spinning.

He continued to move letting her feel him as she shuddered through what was clearly her most powerful orgasm of the day. When she was spent he pulled out and rolled her over. Carly flopped like a rag doll still unable to move as her body reacted. “Three and I’m still not done fucking you, Babe,” he taunted.

He climbed onto the bed and slipped his arm beneath her. Then flexing his arm he pulled her up onto the bed until her head hit the pillows. Then with a need so great he didn’t want to admit it he moved so he could push his way back inside her. His cock ached with the effort of controlling his desire and he twitched painfully as he hovered just outside her. “Do you want it, Babe?” he demanded.

“Yes,” she purred no longer making any pretense of resistance. “I love you, Baby, I need you. Please, John.”

She shuddered as he reentered her warmth and John grunted at the sensation that was almost too much to bear. He dropped his head and pressed his forehead to her shoulder so that she enveloped his senses. “So perfect,” he repeated again as he began to move his hips.

Carly’s arms circled him and she stroked his back in long slow movements as his slow rhythm continued. Her hips moved with his and she met his thrusts in a leisurely dance, each step helping to pull him further and further inside her. “Please, John,” she whispered to him as she kissed his chest. “Please fuck me.”

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