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Emily, my auburn-haired cousin, and I had drifted apart again over the last fifteen years. We had never talked about that night, agreeing the next morning, as we woke up wrapped around each other naked, that it would be best not to. Some years after she had gone abroad for some time, but we had kept in touch by phone or letter. These contacts had grown further and further apart and eventually stopped. I had no idea where she was or what she was doing until one evening in a local pub I saw her.

She was at the bar, trying to get a drink, and being accosted by some drunken romeo. I didn’t know it was her then, but I didn’t like the way he was pawing at someone who obviously didn’t like it. I stepped behind him, grabbed his arm and forced it up his back, pushing him forward onto the bar, spreading empties everywhere.

“If you don’t leave the lady alone bud, I’ll keep pushing until your arm comes off, and then I’ll stuff it up your asshole.” I growled.

“Okay, okay.” He said frantically. “What’s it to you anyway?” By now I had seen who it was he was molesting.

“As it happens, it’s my cousin. And if I’d have known that, I wouldn’t have stopped when I did.” I pushed away from him. The bouncers were coming over. “Its okay guys, we’re leaving any way.” I said, raising my hands, and then turning to Emily. “Hi Em. Long time, no see.” I took her hand and led her out of the bar into the night air. Emily didn’t say a word until we reached the fresh air.

“John, where did you spring from?”

“I never left, it was you who went around the world, remember?”

“You know what I meant.”

“I was having a quiet drink before I went home, then I saw something I didn’t like and decided to stop it.”

“Thanks for that. I only wanted a drink before I left too, and then he started…” We were walking towards where my car was parked. “Anyway, how have you been?”

“You know me Em, same old same old. Take what life throws at me and shrug it off. What was the world like?” She smiled for the first time that night.

“Big and interesting. Can we go somewhere and talk; I’d like to catch up?”

“I’ve got a full bottle of Jack at my place, five minutes drive away?”

“Why not? I can get a taxi later.”

She slipped off her jacket and sat down. I splashed some JD into a couple of glasses and was about to hand one to her.

“Is this wise, considering what happened last time?”

She laughed.

“I promise to be a good girl this time.”

“You were pretty good last time!” I said before I could think. Emily blushed and looked away. “Sorry Em, that was out of order.” She took the glass from me and downed it in one.

“That’s all right John; I’ll take it as a compliment. Now fill up the glass and tell me your news.”

We sat and talked for well over an hour. I told her what I’d been doing for the last few years, she told me of her adventures travelling the world. As we talked I took time to appraise my cousin. Time had done little to spoil her looks, at least to me. When I mentioned it, Julie looked at me disbelievingly.

“You really mean that don’t you?”

“Truth Emmy, yes I do. You still look as attractive to me as you did at fifteen.”

“Oh! You want to start the ‘Truth or Dare’ game again, do you?” I looked into her eyes and saw the wicked glint I knew so well. The bottle of JD was now nearly empty.

“Maybe.” She grabbed my wrist and twisted. “OWW! Ow! Yes!! Yes, I want to play ‘Truth or Dare’.”

“Good. I’ll go first. Why have you never married?”

“Truth: I never found the right girl. What about you?”

“Truth: No one ever came up to my expectations.” She sat back and folded her arms. “What girl were you looking for?”

“Truth.” I said and then hesitated.

“Come on Johnny, who were you looking for?”

“Truth: I was measuring them all against you, Em, and after a while I stopped looking, there is only one of you.”

She smiled and reached for my hand, squeezing it.

“Thank you. That means a lot to me. Your question.”

“Okay, what were your expectations that no one could live up to?”

“Truth: I expected them to treat me like you did. Kind and caring, sweet but manly, and.” She stopped. “And able to fuck me like you did.”

“Emily, I think we should stop, we can both see where this is heading.”

“I know.” She burst into tears. “John, why do you think I left to travel the world? I couldn’t bear to keep seeing you and not be able to have you. I said that you gave me the best sex I’d ever had and that was true. It still is true. Every fuck I compare against that night and nothing ever comes close.”

I moved beside her and held her close, brushing her hair from her face, wiping the tears from her face.

“Emmy, I’m really sorry. I should never have done what I did. I’ve ruined your life.” She looked up at me.

“No! No, it wasn’t you. I started the game; I led you where I wanted you.”

“I could have said no at anytime Em.”

“You did if you remember, and I dared you.”

“I could still have said no.”

“I won’t let you take the blame yourself. I could have stopped too.”

“All right, I accept that. But it doesn’t help you, or us even, does it. We both want something, someone that we can’t have.”

She shrugged.

“We’re stuck with it I suppose. We’ll have to live with it.”

“I suppose.” I said, running my hand through her beautiful hair. “Emily, you look tired. I can’t let you go home like that. Go and sleep in my bed.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll sleep here. Go on.” She stood and started to walk towards the bedroom, then turned back to me. “No. Now go and get some sleep.”

“That’s what I mean about caring and kindness John.” She turned and went into the bedroom and closed the door.

I turned out the light and sat back on the sofa. I watched the light under the door go out, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I felt old and knew I had wasted much of my life chasing something impossible. The memory of that one night of perfection had caused this. I shrugged and found a blanket. Stripping down to my boxers I curled up on the sofa under it and tried to sleep.

I must have got about an hour or so of rest when I felt someone shaking me. I opened my eyes and looked straight into my cousin’s face. She looked serious.

“What is it Em?” I said sitting up, the blanket dropping to the floor.

“I been thinking, I don’t care what people say any more.”

“What?” I asked, rubbing my eyes. As I opened them again I saw where Emily was looking. She was looking at my crotch, at the erection I had got whilst sleeping.

“Johnathon! What have you been dreaming of?”

I grabbed at the blanket to try to cover myself up.

“Sorry Em, I don’t remember.”



“I said ‘Liar’.”

“I’m still not telling you.”

Emily stood up, and then pulled off the old football shirt she’d borrowed to sleep in, revealing a still firm body beneath.

“I can guess anyway; one night some time back?”

“Emily, we agreed!”

“Like I said, I don’t care any more. I want you, now.” She grabbed the blanket and pulled it away, and then pushed me back down onto the sofa. Her hands went to my boxers, pulling them off. I wanted to stop her, or did I? It would have easy, just move away, stand up, but I did nothing. Emily’s mouth encircled my prick, her tongue teasing the head, her lips softly caressing me. She took the whole length into her sweet mouth, deep-throating me, her chin resting in my pubic hair, her eyes looking up at me.

“Emmy, please! We can’t do this again. It’s wrong.”

Her head bobbed up.

“Why is it wrong? I want you, you want me. What is wrong?” Her mouth dropped around my knob again.

“We shouldn’t.” I gasped out. “Oh god, that was so good.”

“We’ve lived by their rules for too long. I want your cock and you want me, I can tell.”

“Yes, I want you Em. I always have.” With my exclamation, Emily deep-throated me again, and began to bob up and down on my dick. I clasped my hands to her ears and began to face fuck her, controlling the speed at which she swallowed me. I could feel her tongue working on me as I did so, and then her teeth. “Em, Emily, I’m gonna come soon.” I released her head, but she kept working my prick at her own speed. “Emmy! I’m cuuummminggggg!!!” I shot off just as she released my cock from her mouth. My spunk flew into her face, her eyes to her chin. She just swallowed my knob again and took the later spurts down her throat. As I subsided Emily let my deflated dick slip from her mouth. Her hand went to her face, cleaning the spunk from her features. She licked the jizz from her hand while looking at me and smiling.

“See John, we were meant for each other. Fuck me properly please, it’s been so long.” I looked into her pleading eyes and down further at her still gorgeous body and was lost. However much I tried to deny it, I was in love with my cousin, and I wanted her. I pulled Emily up to me and kissed her on the mouth. A long hard kiss. I could taste my own cum on her lips. I kissed her eyes, her nose, her neck. I moved to her pert tits, licking at her nipples. I took one of her teats in my teeth and gently shook it, then the other. I trailed my tongue down her stomach to her belly-button, leaving a track of drool. And then I went lower. Into her furry tuft of hair. My head was between her legs, my tongue at her slit. As my mouth worked on her clit I brought my fingers up and slipped into her cunt, first one finger then two. In and out I worked them adding a third into the now slick entrance. Emily was moaning with pleasure, her hands on my head, her legs spread wide. “Your cock, I need your cock!” She sighed. I stood up, and then knelt between her legs, my again rampant prick twitching. Slowly, carefully I slid into her welcoming pussy. She groaned with pleasure. I began to fuck her, gently, no hurry. “Doggy style.” She whimpered. We altered our positions so she had her ass in the air and still I pumped her. We kept changing our poses, her on top, me from the side, her riding me, me riding her. It was a long slow screw, Julie coming more than once, me managing to avoid it. For an hour we kept going, until finally I could hold off no more.

“Emmy, I’m coming. Shall I pull out?”

“NO! I want your seed in me!” It was too late anyway; I shot my load deep into her. She practically purred.

“Do it again Johnny. Fuck me some more.”

“I… I don’t know if I can.”

“I’ll help.” She had me on my back with her lips around my cock before I could stop her, bringing my tired prick to attention again. “Ass fuck. No one ever fucked my ass like you John. Please.” I was too far gone to refuse. Everything about Emily was turning me on. The sweat on her tits, the way her pussy clenched, the feel of her tongue, everything. Her butt-hole swallowed my dick so much easier than before. I held onto her hips and began again. Fifteen years before three times in a night had been simple, now I wasn’t sure I could do it. Emily ground her ass into my thrusts.

“Emmy, Em.” I panted. “I don’t think I can keep it up.”

“Then I’ll sit on top and do the work for a while.” We switched positions and Emily worked herself up and down my cock for a while.

“Okay, okay. Em I can take over again. There’s an angle I want to try.” I put her on her shoulders, her legs balancing her. I stood over her, my prick above her ass, and then dropped in. I couldn’t keep going for long, but it was long enough. I came and shot another load into her butt, and then down her belly. The spunk dribbled towards her chin where she licked at it.

We lay together, curled around each other again. It felt right and stuff what the rest of the world thought. Emily;s hand cupped my cock once more.

“Truth or Dare: Once more?” She asked, a wicked grin on her face.

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