Jennifer stepped through a wooden doorway, leaving behind the bright sunlight of a weekday lunchtime and entering the closed, almost conspiratorial atmosphere of a typical suburban joint. She stood motionless for a moment, disoriented by the sudden change of her surroundings. It was almost like stepping through a secret door into another world.

The thought occurred to her that she was experiencing the opposite of blinking in sudden sunlight. An old cliché sprang to her mind, the wife secretly coming to check up on the husband’s lunchtime assignation, concerned he was with some scarlet woman. He’d arranged to meet her here, but her imagined watchers wouldn’t know that. Jennifer decided that the quickest way to stop these half-remembered, low-rent plot-lines from hampering her behavior was to simply find her husband; and so she headed forward randomly.

Quickly acclimatizing, Jennifer heard the familiar sound of her husband’s laugh and turned to find him watching TV with some other guys at the bar. She mischievously traced her red painted fingernails lightly down the back of his denim shirt, moving to the side so that he immediately caught her face as he turned around. He grinned: exactly his wife’s usual style of announcing her presence to him.

“Not often we get to hook up in a bar these days, eh babe?” he muttered to her, looping his arm around her curvy waist and casting a rather obvious look down at her assets. Jennifer was dressed fairly conservatively, given that she had business to attend to; but the weather was hot, and he was rewarded with the first glimpse of her full cleavage in several hours. “Nice. What’s for dinner?”

Jennifer laughed, never growing tired of her handsome husband’s style of compliments. His shirt was almost as revealing as her tank top, and she slipped a hand onto his chest, humming gently. “You. No, me. Whatever!” They laughed together and Jennifer thought they would retire to a table to order; but Adam surprised her by first telling her the food order was placed, and then immediately leading her over to a group of men by the pool tables.

“Ben, this is my wife Jen,” he introduced a little casually, then started to correct himself.

“Jennifer,” the light-bearded man corrected without missing a beat. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am, we’ve been hearing about you.” She supposed that her look of mild consternation must have been marked, as three or four of the men chuckled. It was friendly laughter however, and she felt included. “I mean to say, Adam has been telling us about your shared interests… and before you get the wrong idea again…” one of his friends chuckled filthily: “I’m talking about the bike thing.”

Jennifer knew something like this had been coming, of course; Ben was too casual to be winding her up. “Oh, yes!” she actually clapped her hands. “I’m getting really into it now, and Adam has been a really great teacher.”

Ben was tall and well-built, with a light stubble and a fairly calloused face. Jennifer’s instinctive reaction was to back off: something about him felt a little threatening. But his body language and his friendly smile told an entirely different story. He flashed that smile at her husband now. “I always figured he would be, so when he mentioned you were planning to get your own bike, I knew he’d have you up to speed quickly.”

Jennifer launched into an enthusiastic history of her interest in motorbikes and engines, referring to her tomboy streak when she was younger, and her first proper encounters with engines. For some reason she wanted these men to see her as an enthusiast in her own right; she supposed because she felt challenged by the situation. She didn’t know what this was all about, but she was happy to talk about herself, and she was genuinely enthusiastic on the subject. She concluded her personal history. “And then this year I spent a whole day riding out with Adam and some friends, though we didn’t stay overnight.”

“Aw, you gotta do an overnight trip, especially in the summer. You can get to some great places from here.” Some of Ben’s friends chimed in, and she found herself in the middle of a discussion about the best way to spend a summer biking excursion.

It was a few moments later when their food arrived, and the couple withdrew to the service area. “Maybe we can join you sometime! Anyway it was great getting to know you!” Jennifer withdrew, followed by several pairs of eyes.

Once they were seated, Adam confided in his wife. “That was a good thing to say. You remember the bunch of guys I rode out with for that afternoon, back in May?”

“I assumed you were having an affair,” Jennifer winked.

“Well I did use that as an excuse. But hey… turns out it was that lot over there, not the blonde heiress I was telling you about.”

Jennifer giggled. She knew she could totally trust Adam, and so the idea of some skinny society rat bag turning his head made her chuckle. “Ben and his boys.”

“Right. After we’ve eaten, I’ll join them for a game of pool. It’s worth a shot… you know we’ve got that weekend to ourselves coming right up?” Their daughter would be staying with friends, leaving the couple alone. “Well it falls right on that Saturday. They don’t seem that keen on having girls along, but I’ll try.”

“I wish you’d told me, I wouldn’t have put so many clothes on this morning! Adam, that is a great idea!” Jennifer beamed over her burger. “That’s why I married you… I love a man with initiative.”

“Just doin’ my best for you, babe.”


Jennifer spent the rest of the afternoon trying to concentrate on her work, but always returning in her mind to the thought of a full day out riding with her husband and the guys from the bar. The thought of her being one biker among many somehow made the prospect more exciting, and less daunting. She knew she felt confident enough to take the next step to this kind of ride, and just hoped that Adam would have persuaded Ben to see her interest in such a light.

She wasn’t even disturbed when Adam failed to return home, taking his absence as a sign that things had been going well at the bar. She didn’t dare to call him, for fear that she would come across as a nagging or dependent wife – just the sort of image she needed to avoid in the eyes of a bunch of testosterone-fuelled guys. By the time Adam finally rolled in toward the end of the evening, she was bursting for news.

“Well?” she quizzed him immediately, a hopeful smile lighting up her face. “Good news for Jen?”

Adam caressed her face a little clumsily before kissing her upturned lips. He had clearly been drinking and Jennifer quickly realized that he had been in the bar the whole time. “You’re so hot,” he told her, sliding a hand down her figure.

Jennifer giggled. “Come ON!” she urged. “You’ve got to tell me! Did you manage to…”

“I’m getting to that honey! You shouldn’t interrupt your man.” Jennifer knew he was playing with her, and decided to play along. She waited for him to continue. “Yeah, you’re hot, and those guys back at the bar…” – he gestured with his thumb and stifled a hiccough – “they think so too. So I bargained you into the ride!”

Jennifer bounced excitedly, but had to ask: “What…. deal, Adam?”

Adam let out a dirty belly-laugh at her concern. “Nothing too bad, babe! Don’t worry.” He steadied himself for the explanation, then held up two fingers to illustrate. “Two things,” he told her. “First, they don’t have passengers along, so you actually have to ride the bike… up-front… and of course I told them we’re sharing, so we’ll be doing half a ride each, and that’s cool with them. But that’s the deal – you do have to drive!”

Jennifer clapped her hands with glee. “Well, that’s what I wanted!”

Adam put one finger down. “And second, well, when they take girls along they like them to be…. Oh, hot girls, like you are, yeah? They just like a bit of eye-candy.”

“Eye-candy?” Jennifer giggled.

“You know… it’s just a matter of giving them…” He glanced down at his wife’s ample chest: “Something to look at.”

Jennifer giggled again, and ran a hand through her brunette locks. “They really liked me?” She twirled a strand of hair flirtatiously across her face.


“So… I just need to show myself off a bit? And I get to ride with you and the guys?” she winked at him, then traced a hand across her husband’s chest. With the alcohol inside him, he was easily distracted.

“Yeah…” Adam grinned, enjoying her tracing her fingers down his body.

“Well honey,” she lilted in her sexy southern accent. “I think I can manage that darling. You have done so well!” Jennifer reached the growing bulge in her husband’s jeans.

“Yeah? You’re happy with that?” he asked.

“Baby, I’ll show you just how happy I am!” Jennifer traced her fingers across the outline of Adam’s erection and expertly unfastened his belt before sinking to her knees on the kitchen floor. As she tugged his jeans open, she glanced mischievously up at him. “I’ll show myself off all right. But you’re the one who gets the real perks, baby.” She freed him from the jeans before kissing him again from where she was kneeling. Judging from Adam’s excitement, this wouldn’t take long.


On the morning of the ride, Jennifer woke feeling buoyant. Parting from their daughter, even for a short period, was always difficult; but after the goodbyes and the promises to be good, she began to focus her attention on the excitement of the day ahead.

Jennifer’s thoughts drifted back to the conversation with Adam earlier in the week. The idea that she would be driving the bike herself for at least half the distance filled her with girlish enthusiasm. Her husband would just be her passenger, and she’d get to show this bunch of guys that she was as good a rider as any man. “Awesome!” she chuckled to herself melodically, picturing herself as the only biker chick in a group of men, riding with the wind in her hair.

The mental picture turned her thoughts to the other “condition” which Ben had set for her inclusion on the ride. No passenger chicks, he’d said, riders only… and she’d have to be accept her role as the eye candy for the men. Jennifer threw herself onto the bed and stretched out as she contemplated that thought. So Adam would get to show off his sexy wife, and she’d have to put up with being constantly checked out. Some of those men were actually quite handsome, and what girl didn’t like being eyed up when she was feeling good? Well, she sighed to herself with an ironic grin, I suppose I can force myself…

Jennifer knew she had over an hour till Adam got back, so she took a luxurious shower and contemplated her clothes while her hair quickly in the day’s rising temperature. She hoped that she and Adam would have some privacy at the end of the day, because riding often left her feeling aroused. How could a woman not be affected by the power of a big engine between her thighs? Jennifer settled on a pair of sheer black panties, shiny and sexy yet plenty comfortable for the ride. Nobody would see these until Adam undressed her at the end of the day. She was sure that if they were left alone, she could coax him to use the remainder of his energy up on her!

Being endowed with mouthwatering 38D breasts, Jennifer had a good selection of hold-up bras to choose from; it took her only a moment to choose her most overtly sexy. Black to match her panties, and flattering and revealing; she hooked the straps over her shoulders and checked out her cleavage in the mirror. Her tanned breasts were held up like a ripe offering by the thin, sensual material: she knew right away that this was a winning look for the day. Tracing her hand down the front of her bra she checked for comfort, feeling her fingertip brush her own nipple. A delicious spasm of excitement flowed from her breast, right down her curvy figure. She may be planning to spend the day in a testosterone-filled environment, but she felt all woman today!

Checking her classic lingerie in the mirror, Jennifer was pretty happy with how she looked. Her tanned body was well-defined after all the work she’d been putting in at the gym; yet her tanned skin retained its soft appearance. Curvy in the right places, she grinned to herself. As usual, she frowned at the freckles which smattered her tanned shoulders, upper arms and breasts. Like many women, she saw this as a weakness; no matter how Adam praised their cuteness. She’d never fully understand mens’ professed liking for such blemishes, she mused; but seeing that it often turned her husband on to examine them, she concluded that they might not be all bad.

Such self-contemplation naturally led to further preparations. Jennifer knew that this was no kind of day for modest make-up, and she reveled in her intention of a heavy making-up session.

Bikers were suckers for eye makeup, she knew this from experience; so Jennifer spent a while carefully applying black liner, a hint of mascara, and grey eye shadow. The effect on her face pleased her: pretty obvious, but sexy, she decided. Finishing off with her favorite pink blusher high on her cheeks and a light red lipstick, she playfully pouted in the mirror. Jennifer was naturally pretty, but like any young woman had learned to make the most of herself. She looked smoking hot sitting there in her sheer black panties and thin push-up bra, wearing full make-up and lipstick, her lightly damp, unkempt dark brunette hair tumbling down to her freckled shoulders. She was pleased with the result, and giggled girlishly to herself: they wouldn’t see her in this state of undress, but somehow she just knew she was going to pass the “biker” test.

Finally she turned to the question of clothing. Practicality dictated that she wear jeans, of course, and Jennifer chose the tightest pair she owned; if she hadn’t been working out regularly, she reckoned it wouldn’t have been possible to squeeze herself into the skin-tight blue denim. But today they were a perfect fit, showing off her firm ass deliciously. A smile lit up her eager young face as she looked over her shoulder to check herself out in the mirror. It was a day when everything just seemed to be working for her.

Almost without thinking, Jennifer threw on a favorite tank top. The grey, familiar material was comfortable and it fit snug around her breasts, covering most of her cleavage. She looked and felt great, but she was supposed to be eye candy – she needed to think more out of the comfort zone. What was the point in wearing a sexy bra if it didn’t show her off? Searching through her drawers, Jennifer found a light black top which she didn’t recall owning. Pulling on the new tank top, she remembered why: the front of the thin-strapped top was daringly low-cut, far more revealing than she normally wore. There weren’t many occasions where it was appropriate. The slinky fabric stretched around her breasts lightly, but hardly concealed more than her bra was already covering anyway.

Feeling barely half-dressed, Jennifer stared critically at her reflection. Was this the sort of thing Adam had in mind? Her breasts did look impressively full and soft with so much of them on show. Jennifer realized that the full effect of her tight top and jeans was like glamming herself up for a night on the town, or appearing in some dumb rock video. Yeah, she did look good – though maybe a little available. Well, she was eye-candy for bikers, that was for sure. That’s what her husband had instructed, and he was going to be right there with her… Then, right on cue as she considered his opinion, she heard Adam’s car pull into the driveway. Jennifer quickly set about arranging her hair as the car engine shut off.

Jennifer heard her husband coming through the house, and a thrill of wicked excitement gripped her as he reached the bedroom. “Babe, you just gotta be in here,” he said matter-of-factly just before she saw him enter the room casually and stop dead in his tracks. Jennifer enjoyed seeing her husband’s eyes widen when he saw her. “Oh. Wow.”

Jennifer giggled at the suddenly boyish expression on her husband’s face. “What do you think, Adam? I need to be the eye candy, you said,” she chirped. “Is this the sort of thing you had in mind?”

For an answer, Adam approached her and slipped his arm behind her, feeling her through the taut denim, instinctively cupping his hand gently around her ass. “You look so hot,” he muttered, pressing his lips against Jennifer’s eager soft mouth.

Jennifer kissed him lovingly, and let out a little squeal of delight at his tongue’s eagerness to explore her mouth. “I guess that means yes!” she fluttered her dark eyelashes, delighted by Adam’s display of attraction. She knew he was impressed: Jennifer always knew when her husband’s cock had begun to stiffen, and it did so even before his other hand started to caress her exposed breasts.

The couple enjoyed a moment of passion and for a minute, Jennifer thought that the sexy outfit might be coming right off her again. But as she felt his hard cock through his jeans, she happened to glimpse the clock through the corner of her eye, causing her to halt. “Honey, we’ve got to go soon,” she breathed in her melodic southern accent. “You don’t want to be late, they’ll assume it was your wife that made you late, and I don’t wanna get the blame…”

They laughed together. Adam replied of course, that nobody would blame him; but he knew how much his wife wanted to enjoy this weekend, and so didn’t press his ardor. “Later then, babe,” he muttered, heading to the bathroom to compose himself. “Damn, you sure do look beautiful. I’ll get you on your own tonight.”

“You hope!” Jennifer laughed, knowing now that at the least she was going to have fun teasing her husband.


It was only a few blocks out to the outdoor parking lot where they had arranged to meet, and Jennifer was just getting used to being on the bike again when they pulled in. They weren’t even the last to arrive, as she had feared, but there was still a contingent of eight or nine men there to see the couple pull up.

They were greeted with whoops and hand-slaps as they circled to find a good place to pull up the bike. Heads were turned, more towards Jennifer than the bike or its owner. Her jeans were stretched tight around her strong, round thighs as she was slanted forward in her riding position, and even clung to the tops of her calves. There the view of leg ended, for she had worn a pair of wide black boots over her jeans, and these stretched right up to her calves. The heels of the boots stretched out behind her from where her feet perched on the bike, drawing glances from the men. A glimpse of cleavage was all that was offered, all but hidden behind her husband as she the bike came to a halt.

“Nice machine,” one guy chimed out approvingly as Adam cut the engine.

“Nice lady too,” another shot in immediately. Everyone laughed in jovial spirit, nobody more loudly than Jennifer.

“I was going to say that,” retorted the first biker, to further amusement.

“Well, thank you all, I’m sure,” Jennifer responded graciously, her sexy voice winning favor all round. She swung her legs from the seat and climbed down from the bike. She had tied her hair back to ride and released it now, noticing the way the men’s’ eyes were drawn to her. She knew she was going to get plenty of attention today, but this moment felt a little awkward: what was she supposed to do now that every man there was gawping at her? She had seen a couple of them unashamedly looking her up and down; some were brazenly staring at her chest, now that she was no longer sheltered behind Adam. She took a deep breath, and felt the low cut of her tank top tighten around her bulging cleavage. For a moment, Jennifer felt like she was just a piece of meat on display for them. She shook her hair loose, drawing yet more approval, when Adam cut into the moment by climbing from the saddle and doing his best to distract them.

“Jerry, I know you, how’s it goin’… hey Steve, you met Jennifer my wife before, yeah?… But you three guys…” he motioned to a small group who were regarding the new arrivals coolly with mischief in their eyes, “I don’t like the look of you at all. Oh boy, no.” There was more good-natured laughter and an implicit intention to take it slow on the new arrivals. Adam ushered his wife toward Dave, a mustached man she had met at the bar, providing her with a foothold in to the group.

As they shared some Coke, Jennifer felt herself relax: it had been a nervous moment, strutting across the asphalt among those unfamiliar, somewhat burly bikers in her boot-heels and skin-tight jeans. She had worn a light leather jacket which partly covered her for now, but she was already feeling the heat of male attention. When she turned to say something to Adam, she noticed a guy with a short black beard, who had yet to speak to her, simply staring at her backside. She knew, from the care she had taken preparing herself, that he would be able to clearly see the shape of her firm, round buttocks through those jeans. Well, she thought to herself, it’s started – this is the price of riding out with the guys today! Jennifer couldn’t help feeling flattered, and a little thrill of excitement ran through her as she realized she would be getting a whole day of this kind of treatment.

Dave made sure that Jennifer met a couple of guys, while Adam stayed close by, giving her room to be herself. Jennifer appreciated that, and enjoyed the meetings; she was full of energy after her quick tussle with her husband and a short ride, and she was genuinely excited about the day ahead. Plus, it was impossible not to be flattered.

Andy, an older guy with flecks of grey in his hair, tried hard to look her in the eye but his gaze kept getting drawn downward. He looked as if he hadn’t seen a 30-year-old woman’s breasts in years. Jeff, the black beard guy, was about her age, but kind of quiet, yet in a slightly unnerving way. He was kind of sleazy, she decided as he stared into her face during a pause in the chat. Alex, on the other hand, was a painfully shy 20-year-old with a fresh face who blushed when she talked to him and kept looking away. Jennifer giggled – so this was what it meant to be the sole eye candy! She glanced down at her cleavage and pulled her leather around herself a little – perhaps she should keep it in reserve, in case she wanted something.

Just then a group of three bikes roared around a corner and into the parking lot. “Full house!” shouted Dave, and Jennifer recognized Ben from the night before. He threw her a mock-salute as he passed, and he and his two buddies dismounted. Like some of the men, he was a light black leather jacket; his friends were both in dirty leather vests. Nobody was wearing anything heavier, due to the humidity of the late summer.

“Guys…” Ben disappeared into the throng. It was obvious to Jennifer, as obvious as it had been before in the bar, that Ben was the unspoken leader of the group. That was fine, she thought, she knew him and he’d invited her along.

No sooner had she thought this than he approached her. “And the lovely Jennifer,” he grinned confidently, stretching out her hand to take hers. She offered it, and he grasped hold of her and kissed it. Then, her forearm; her shoulder, and cheek, in a comical fashion. Jennifer giggled loudly, realizing what he was doing: making light of her position. It cut through any remaining nervousness for her, and the two laughed together. “Hope they’re treating you well, doll. You are looking fine.” He winked at her and turned away.

“Nice,” Dave confided in her. “That means he’s glad you’re along for the ride.”

Jennifer nodded eagerly and patted Adam’s backside, as he returned to her side. She felt good, and even feeling Jeff’s eyes on her again failed to dent her buoyant mood. Let him stare, she thought to herself, that’s what I’m here for and I’m going to have fun!

After a few minutes, Ben clapped his hands and a near silence fell. “OK gentlemen… and, of course, lady…” Ben mock-bowed toward Jennifer, drawing another giggle from her.

“Y’all are so sweet,” she responded.

“Why yes, we are, Jennifer. Anyhow folks, you know we’re headed for my friend Jack’s place tonight…”

“Jack Daniels.” That was Jeff, muttering almost to himself. A few labored laughs was all it drew.

“… He’s got room for us all, with the tents we brought, and you’re gonna love the lake. Now, you might not have room for your fishing gear…”

“Jennifer’s got MY rod!” Andy’s quip drew laughter from all around, and Jennifer wiggled her hips in acknowledgment of the better joke.

“Already, Andy? Anyway, but what we do have is whisky, green, some cards, good music, and good riding country. Sound good?” There were cheers. “Plus…” He leaned toward Jennifer, and she sensed another quip coming as all eyes drew toward her. He whispered: “If you’re real good I’ll show ya my scars from that shark I killed.”

Jennifer laughed again. “Appendix scar!” someone shouted.

“Who said that?” Ben grinned, and kicked his bike into action. He twisted the throttle, making it growl furiously, then led the procession out of the lot – at a comically steady pace. “Oh, why, I’ll get you…” his voice trailed out of range, running the gamut of cartoon characters.

“He’s funny!” Jennifer laughed to Adam as she climbed onto his bike. “Dunno why you were worried.”

She got comfortable behind her husband again, tying her hair at the first lights before the bikes left town. A cop car slowed to regard them, but these were known to be pretty enthusiastic, harmless bikers and the police knew that if they gave them a berth, there would be no trouble. Live and let live: these were just guys out to have some fairly harmless fun. Things got a bit rough from time to time but there was much more to worry about.

As they hit the open road, the group thinned out a little into groups of riders enjoying the space on the road. Adam rode toward the back of the group at first, but there always seemed to be someone slower. That was fine, because the last thing Jennifer wanted was to be the chick who was always last. “Come on!” she pushed her husband’s side and whispered into his ear as the road straightened out. “Let’s have a bit of speed!”

Jennifer clung on to Adam as they raced forward. She loved feeling the power of the bike, the exhilaration of the rushing air, and the vibrations hitting her right between the legs. Jennifer’s boots held a strong grip on the bike, but still her thighs juddered wildly as they rode quickly over a rough patch of road. She squealed gently to herself, and clung tightly to her husband. She had not forgotten how Adam had gone for her back in the bedroom, and she enjoyed wrapping her arms around him. No doubt he was feeling pretty pleased with himself, after seeing how the guys had reacted to his wife; and she couldn’t blame him.

Jennifer leaned back a little, and a whoosh of air whipped inside her jacket, cooling her exposed cleavage. A blissful smile spread across her beautiful face as she felt it quickly billow down her tank top, cooling her from breast to belly. God, that felt nice. She winked at Dave, whose eyes she met as she glanced to her right. Even now, there seemed to be eyes on her all around! Well, let them stare, she thought to herself. She was having fun with Adam now. She planted a kiss on the back of his neck, and sensed him respond with approval.

Coming to an incline, Adam changed down as the engine labored slightly, so that the revs increased. Jennifer felt the increased vibrations travel up through the seat, juddering through her thighs and buttocks. Never having ridden in such tight jeans before, the sensation caught her by surprise. She could really feel her ass start to judder with the engine! She gasped, giggling at how it felt, and thinking that it probably looked pretty raunchy. She glancing behind to see who was there. Sure enough, a row of three bikes were right behind.

She might have known it. Those guys! But Jennifer was too excited by enjoying the country road with her husband to think about that now. She punched the air with one hand, and let out a wild “Whoooo!!!” Take that, guys, she thought to herself. Adam grinned, not knowing quite how closely his wife was being ogled from behind. Jennifer pushed herself up a little with her strong legs, lifting her ass off the seat for a moment, and wiggled it for the pursuing bikers to see. Her wide hips swayed, jiggling her big, firm ass purposefully through the tight jeans. “How you like that?” she called back. Thumbs were raised.

As Jennifer relaxed back down on the seat, she glanced back again. Who the hell was she showing off her butt to, anyway? One guy who’d been in that little group when she first arrived. Hah, she’d guessed as much – those guys’ eyes had been all over her! Then she recognized Ben, who had a big grin on his face. How the hell had he got back there? Jennifer blushed: somehow that made it more personal, being checked out by someone the guy who’d invited her along. But oh well. And…. oh, yes of course, Jeff, the sleazy black beard guy. Well, she didn’t care. If the price of this fun ride was having a pervert check out her ass, it was more than worth paying! It didn’t do any harm anyway; and right now, she even enjoyed the feeling.

Further down the road, Adam began overtaking a few of the other riders. Nobody seemed to be making a huge effort to pass them again, and soon Adam’s bike was near the front of the ride. When they hit the front of the line, Jennifer thought she’d better clue her husband in. She leaned forward to call into his ear. “You realize everybody is checking out my ass?” she called.

Adam laughed. “I wondered why they were going so slow!” he eased up on the throttle a little. “Well baby, I did warn you. And like I told you back at home…” he paused, reminded of their encounter in the bedroom and how he had longed to go further with her at the time… “You look totally beautiful, so I’m not surprised. Baby, are you still OK with this? They’re being pretty obvious.”

“Hell yeah!” she answered without a pause. Jennifer thoroughly loving the ride, and had no intention of letting up. It was especially enjoyable, too, knowing that she was the source of all the sexual interest on the trip; with all those men, including her husband, lusting over her, she felt totally alive. “It’s just boys being boys! Baby, I’m totally loving the ride, and I feel all woman… your woman!” she squeezed her arms around him and slipped a hand down briefly to Adam’s crotch. “And I can’t wait until tonight.”

“Me neither,” Adam admitted, stiffening a little while trying to keep his attention on the road. “I hope we get some time to ourselves, you know what I mean?” He was answered by a feminine hum and a kiss on the back of his neck.

Other bikes started to pass them again and the whole bunch of them rode for perhaps another hour. Adam and Jennifer moved backward and forward through the line of riders serendipitously, enjoying the scenery and the freedom of the road. The attention paid to Jennifer was not a constant obsession, but it was ever-present; with around a dozen riders in the group there was always at least one or two nearby, and Jennifer with her jeans and boots stretched tightly around her strong legs was a sight from which none of the men could easily overlook.

After a long curve in the road, Adam saw a little diner by the side of the road and noted that there a whole bunch of bikes parked in the wasteland just to the side. A little trail led fed the parking lot from the road, and as he neared he realized that this was where the group was going to break. In fact, he could see some of them in the lot already, finally noticing that Ben was waving him over.

As Adam pulled off the road into the little space, some of the men whooped and clapped. Adam circled the cluster of men and bikes, and one of Ben’s friends let out a wolf-whistle. Both husband and wife laughed at this, and a big smile spread across Jennifer’s face. “Blow them a kiss, Jen,” she heard her husband say; but she hardly needed encouragement.

As they neared the group, she pouted her red lips in their direction, motioning with her hand. A couple of men cheered, and one wolf-whistled loudly; Jennifer giggled, and Adam decided to play along, slowing to a crawl and circling the group a second time. Quickly, Jennifer shook down her hair and raised her arms, gyrating her shapely figure from side to side in the seat.

At this low speed, it was possible to see the exquisite spot of cleavage where her smooth breasts met, heaving with excitement took deep breaths of the warm air, a look of girlish delight on her flushed face. Somebody called out that her arrival was “Awesome!”, and Jennifer raised her ass from the seat again, giving herself a few smacks on the seat of her pants. Her sweet giggles could be heard over the sound of the engine, until her husband slowed and parked up by the side of the other bikes.

Jennifer leapt off the saddle eagerly before he had even secured the bike. She clapped girlishly with delight and greeted the group that stood there, while the last few bikes rode in. She was loving this attention now, and wanted to play up to it. “Hey Ben!” she called out. “Hi Andy! Wow, it’s hot now, don’t you think?” She quickly took off her leather jacket, exposing her bare, tanned arms and leaving nothing more substantial than her little black tank top to cover her eye-catching cleavage.

Unsurprisingly, a number of the men were looking in her direction. “That was an awesome ride, wasn’t it? I’m having such a great time!” She bounced toward them energetically, demonstrating her excitement after the morning’s ride. Her impressive cleavage wobbled deliciously against the tight material, her sexy wisps of dark hair now dancing around the freckled skin of her shoulders.

“Awesome, yeah,” one of the quieter guys muttered: a blond-haired guy in his late thirties called Rob, his mouth almost hanging open as he tried not to stare too obviously.

“The day’s definitely heating up,” Andy concurred, glancing down at her boot-covered calves. She saw him run his eyes slowly up her strong thighs, the dark blue jeans molded tightly around them, before lingering on her gorgeously exposed, tanned cleavage and finally returning, with just a trace of guilt, to her pretty, glossily made-up young face. Jennifer was genuinely excited by the ride of course, and with the testosterone in the group all directed her way, she could feel her body responding. Her breasts were tingling exquisitely as her husband joined the group, and the last of the bikes shut down their engines.

She beamed back at Andy even as Adam joined in the conversation, loving the obvious way he had eyed her up. She fluttered her mascara-laden lashes at Andy, knowing that Adam would not mind; and then gave the same treatment to another of the guys who engaged her in discussions about the morning’s ride.

Jennifer cut a strong feminine figure standing confidently among the men, the womanly shape of her legs obvious through her tight jeans, emphasized by the high heels on her boots. It was easy for Ben to spot her, and as Adam was distracted to talking about bikes with some of the guys, he cheekily approached her and slipped a hand around her curvy waist. “How did ya like that, baby?” he muttered gruffly in her ear. “It’s more fun in a big group, eh?”

Jennifer turned her pretty face upward to Ben’s unshaven face. “You bet!” she nodded enthusiastically, thrilling as she saw his eyes, too, dip down into her cleavage. From his close position, she quickly guessed that he would be able to make out her bra inside the little top; from the look on his face, she knew she was right.

“Now, I know you’re gonna be up the front end of the bike in the afternoon, right girl? I told your hub, that’s part of the deal, right?” Ben winked.

Jennifer’s face lit up all the more. “Oh, you bet! I just love to be up front!” she pushed her chest out a little, giggling, and nibbled on a finger. Playing the sex kitten was so much fun for her, and Ben was a little less obvious about his desires than some of the men there, which made him all the more fun for her.

He grinned back at her, then gave a slow, confident glance down at her front. “I can see that,” he drawled.

Jennifer giggled like a flirty teenager, enjoying the wicked frisson of the situation. She ran a hand through her hair, letting it fall freely around her shoulders. “Thank you, Ben,” she laughed, before some of the other riders joined them and the moment was ended.

Jennifer even found that she was comfortable with being temporarily separated from her husband. Everything felt so casual and fun. One rider, a fairly handsome thirty-something long-haired guy called Josh, engaged her in a discussion about keeping hair protected while riding. She was flattered again when he touched her hair, telling her how soft and it was, and joking that he should get tips for his rather unkempt, wispy hair. Jennifer joined in the laughter at that, and enjoyed the way the conversation seemed to center around her appearance.

Entering the bar, it seemed totally natural when the hand that slipped around her waist was Ben’s, rather than Adam’s. He even caressed her back with familiarity, before being replaced briefly by Rob, and then Andy.

Sitting opposite from her husband at the table, she accepted a drink and food that was bought for her, as well as a good many smiles and a few friendly caresses from the men. There seemed no harm in any of this, as Adam was right there with her, sharing in the conversation and clearly enjoying himself. He was also looking on her with an extra sense of pride today, she noticed. The only unfriendly eyes belonged to the blonde waitress who brought the food. Jennifer barely noticed as the sullen girl shot her a number of dirty glances. It didn’t matter of course, as the party began to group for the second part of the ride, and Jennifer found that her meal had already been paid for.


With everyone regrouped at their machines, Jennifer showed no hesitation in climbing aboard the front of the bike. She had been looking forward to this part of the day more than anything, and for now she suddenly dropped her interest in her lustful fan club and turned her attention to the bike. She was comfortable with the machine, but given the excitement of the day and with food and some beer inside her she wanted to avoid any silly mistakes.

Jennifer had tied her hair up behind her and stowed her jacket. With Adam behind her she confidently kick-started and drove a slow, relaxed circle around the area before following Andy and Josh out onto the road. Her attitude commanded a certain respect, and with Adam suddenly riding as her passenger she began to turn savor the experience.

The sky was blue and the humid afternoon turned to a warm rush of wind as the bikes surged forward, Jennifer loving the feel of power between her legs. Adam barely guided her driving, presumably sitting back and enjoying the passing scenery instead. Jennifer liked the area they were driving through, but she was more interested in making a good job of the riding.

She noticed that some of the attention was off her for the time being. Perhaps because she was doing a good job, she was getting no special attention; and presumably the guys couldn’t really see so much of her with Adam right behind. For almost an hour she was unbothered by the attentions of the men.

Jennifer played with speed a little and experimented with acceleration and revs on the open road. Seeing what she was about, Andy pulled up beside her with a grin on his face. He pointed at toward a big old tree by the side of the road which could be seen in the distance. Jennifer giggled, nodded vigorously, and careened off ahead of the older man.

Perhaps it was his experience, or lack of a passenger, that told in the end; but Andy pulled comfortably up alongside the frustrated Jennifer by the time they reached the marker. As he winked at her, she pouted back petulantly.

Jennifer played a little with the other bikes, toying with other little race-skirmishes along the way, joining in with the fun.

The afternoon was drawing on as the road began to climb and the air became cooler. The group generally slowed to a lower speed although the incline was only gradual. Slowly, Jennifer became more aware of the vibrations juddering through her body – her ass, and her chest. With the slight but noticeable dip in temperature, she was aware that her tank top was hardly enough cover, but she was hardly going to stop now to add more clothing.

It was Ben first, who pulled up alongside to shout “Nice work, lady!” at her, and whose eyes first swept down to her cleavage. Jennifer had almost forgotten how much of herself was on display; but following his eyes now, she almost shocked herself at the sight of her prominent, vibrating cleavage. She was visibly wobbling on this road! She felt a sudden thrill between her thighs as some of the other guys exchanged glances with her, and the thrill of being the day’s plaything returned to her.

A few miles further on, Jennifer began to see signs to their destination, and the scenery changed a little, becoming greener. Seeing that the ride out was nearing its end, she began to think of the evening among this bunch of men. She also wondered how she would get to be alone with Adam, remembering their encounter at the start of the day. Would they be given space to themselves with all these men around? She realized that as the miles had passed, her pussy had grown gently moistened from the pounding of the road on the bike between her legs. This was normal for her, and part of the reason that she loved to ride. She hoped again that she would get to be with Adam tonight.

With the ride now slower, it was more obvious to the men what a voluptuous figure Jennifer was showing at the front of the bike. There was some unrestrained leering at the amount of tanned, full breast gently vibrating above the low line of her stretched tank top. Aware of the attention she was getting, Jennifer became more aware that her nipples were beginning to harden. The chill of the wind buffeting her exposed skin did little to stop that, but there was little she cared to do to rectify the situation now. She felt Adam’s hands around her waist, and a sweet sensation of desire awoke within her bouncing, nubile body. She shifted uncomfortably inside her jeans. These things were so tight! As if reading her thoughts, Adam cupped her ass for a moment.

With a roar of his engine, Ben assumed direction of the group. He led them off from a side-turn in the road, quickly guiding them through a dense patch of trees before turning up a narrow driveway. Emerging at the apex, a miniature scene of idyllic natural beauty greeted the riders.

The drive led out onto an expanse of gravel, which led up to a large pine shack with an open porch. It was well constructed and obviously carefully tended, and presented a gleaming welcome from the relatively dark driveway. Beyond the shack, an expanse of grass led down to the tiny shore of a placid lake – only a few acres in width and giving an appearance of shallowness in depth, but nevertheless a place of some beauty. There was even a tiny jetty with an old rowboat attached by a short length of rope. The far side of the lake was just out of view, disappearing into trees, but its full size could easily be guessed. Jennifer gasped with delight: she had given little thought to their destination, but this was a far better sight to behold at the end of her first long solo ride, than she could have imagined.

Ben led the now slow procession of bikes to the shack, waving an arm coolly as a well-built man emerged. He quickly kicked his bike onto its stand, jumped off and exchanged buddy-punches with the owner of the shack. The signal set, there was general confusion as everyone tried to find a suitable place to leave their bikes. Jennifer laughed to herself as she joined in the melee, noting the Ben and the well-built guy watched with amusement.

Ben introduced their host as Jack; a number of them nodded with familiarity, and he made his way around the rest of the group. Some of the men had wasted no time in opening their travel-packs and distributing beer, and there were assurances that plenty more was to come.

When they were introduced to Jack, Jennifer and Adam felt as if they needed to be at their best behavior somehow; but despite his imposing height, a somewhat swarthy appearance and notable bicep, Jack had a slow, soothing manner which made them feel welcome. “I’ve been hearing good things about your riding, young lady,” he rumbled at Jennifer. She thanked him, noticing that his gaze seemed to take in both her face and her chest at the same time.

Jennifer grabbed a cool beer and glanced down at herself. Now in just her tight jeans and tank top, her body felt thoroughly aroused by the sensations of the ride. Her pussy was gently pulsing with excitement from the feeling of power she had enjoyed; one of the thin straps of her tank top had slipped down over her smooth shoulder, allowing the top to sink slightly further.

Jack made sure that Jennifer felt welcome, patting her behind familiarly as if it was the most natural thing to do. Jennifer giggled at the cheek of that, but her face showed that she would allow almost anything, being practically buzzing with delight at the way the day had turned out. Jack glanced down at her exposed push-up bra and winced at the sight of her soft young breasts sitting up pertly. Jack noticed the cute freckles on her tanned shoulders and cleavage, and was joined by Dave and Andy as the three of them engaged her in talk about the ride and location.

Jennifer continued to talk and jabber away excitedly, hardly stopping to wonder where Adam had got to. He’d be back. Music was starting up, and a party was starting to get moving. As Jennifer leaned back to take a gulp of the beer, her hair cascaded around her bare shoulders, her top tightening further around her breasts and revealing, to the delight of the gawping three men, the exquisite dimples of Jennifer’s erect nipples poking through the top. The marks of her arousal remained visible after she had downed the beer.

Jack made the most of his position as host, slipping his arm around Jennifer’s shoulders. He towered above her, but she felt comfortable. “So, your husband’s…”

“Adam – oh, there he is, I was wondering where he’d gotten too!” she broke away for a minute, swapping hand-slaps with Josh as she bounced her way over to see him. Her perky nipples were all the more obvious now, and drew a number of lustful glances as she did so.

Adam was engaged in some drinking ritual with Ben and Jeff, but broke off to talk to his wife. He didn’t seem concerned about Jennifer’s state of half undress – like the rest of the men, he was happy to enjoy the view. She linked arms with him for a while at the table though, and downed a whisky. The pungent smell of marijuana smoke filled the air and the music grew louder, and the married couple began to enjoy the evening’s relaxation.


The sun set over the tree-tops rather than the lake, but made for a beautiful view of the sky nevertheless. Jennifer broke off from dancing with one or two of the guys, in time to catch a sheepish look from her husband. She hadn’t been with him for an hour or so, and now he was engaged in a game of cards.

Jennifer bounced over. “Now don’t bet the bike, honey!” she laughed lightheartedly at him. “We need to get home!”

Adam winked at her confidently. “How about I win us a new bike?” he answered loudly. Jennifer recognized the game as poker and realize what he was up to from the expressions on some of the other faces. The atmosphere seemed cool though, and she grabbed a beer, taking some air by the lakeside before returning to him.

“So, where’s my bike?” she laughed. She reckoned she could get away with such a massive breach of etiquette by virtue of being the only girl, and sat herself next to him on the bench.

Jennifer knew a losing hand when she saw one, and Adam was holding trash. He was playing a reasonable game though, and she was relieved when he folded rather than get involved in some silly bluff. When the hand ended, Jennifer left him – cards was not a favorite pastime, and she was now convinced that Adam was playing sensible enough. The stakes were not too high anyway – worth playing for, but nothing for her to worry about.

Since Adam was enjoying his occasional vice, Jennifer headed off to grab a beer and see if there was anything left worth smoking.


Barely half an hour had passed when Adam touched her arm. “Jen, I’m having a few problems back there…”

Jennifer was nicely buzzed by this point, and had almost forgotten that Adam had been gambling. It didn’t seem possible that there could be any sort of problem in this lovely place. “Tell your honey about it, baby.”

Adam explained the amount of money he’d fallen behind with; some of the players were more experienced than he was used to, so he’d been losing some hands, and had tried to recoup when he had a chance against weaker players. Slowly but surely however, he had fallen into a slippery slope. The amount he had lost made her concerned, but Adam assured her that he would make good. He was just asking her opinion – he wanted to get back to evens.

Jennifer looked into his eyes and found herself trusting his judgment; he didn’t seem to be drunk or overly concerned, he was just behaving earnestly by tell her. She sent him back with her blessing.


After another twenty minutes she thought she’d better drop in on the game. One look at her husband’s face told her everything had not turned good. Ben was talking to him: “You know Adam, if you want to lay your bike as security, I’d be happy to let you ride it home first.”

Jennifer couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Had things got that bad? Adam shot her a sheepish look. She wondered what he had got himself into here. Adam was obviously trying to claw his way out of trouble but without funds remaining he was just slipping further into trouble

Without wanting to guide him further into problems, Jennifer suggested that if he knew what he was doing he could do the unthinkable, and take Ben up on his offer. It did seem like Ben was trying to help out of concern. It felt right enough; yes, and it wasn’t like he was betting the whole thing.

A few minutes later however, one of the guys unveiled a devastating hand to take more away. Jennifer saw the blood drain from her husband’s face. She knew this was getting serious now.

It was only another five minutes until Adam had practically lost their transport home. Jennifer shared his mortification – the idea of them having a bike each by next summer was suddenly evaporating before her eyes! She looked imploringly towards Ben, who had had perhaps the best night of all at the table.

To her surprise, Ben spoke straight to her as if he knew what she was thinking. “Sure, there could be another way out.”

Every set of men’s eyes at the table landed on her. If she hadn’t laid so much blusher on herself a little earlier, she might have turned red anyway.

“You know Adam, you must have noticed our lady here has been kind of popular with the guys. We could always have a little show to make up for your debts, what do you think?”

There was a chorus of approval around the table. Adam looked on helplessly as the men all stared at his wife. Jennifer had been bending over her husband’s chair and straightened, but couldn’t help a little wiggle of her wide hips as she did so. Her breasts were sitting proud for all to see, and there was an intake of air around the table.

Adam took a swig of the whisky he had previously been sipping. “What… sort of show?” Jennifer’s red painted lips parted a little. Was Adam considering this? What about what she thought? Maybe she needed a whisky herself!

Ben looked up at the exquisitely concerned expression on her flawless face. “What sort of show depends on how much you guys want the bike back. Or how much of that money you’re willing to do without.”

Now Jennifer really did need a whisky. But with the eyes of every man in the room on her, she found it difficult to consider the suggestion neutrally. And Adam seemed to be seriously considering the idea. “Well, perhaps…” The words had escaped her lips almost before her brain had decided to form them. What was she agreeing to? She glanced at Adam. He looked half shocked, half relieved. She had expected him to nip the idea in the bud. Now, Jennifer really grab his whisky.


Ten minutes later on the front porch, Jennifer found herself the only member of the gathering who was not seated. She had had not time to check herself, and so she appeared before them as she was dressed and made-up at that point of the evening: her curly, vibrant hair around her bare shoulders, her breasts straining to be free from the black bra and top; and her round ass and strong legs encased in skin-tight denims. As had been the case throughout the day, the men’s’ eyes devoured her hungrily.

With her dark blue jeans disappearing into her long black boots, she was hardly in a position to put on a sexy striptease. She exchanged a confused glance with her husband, who seemed slightly aroused to see his wife so obviously the center of attention after the long day. She supposed that Adam still carried the morning’s passion, and was craving her now; well, if all that was required to save the day was a quick flash of her breasts, she’d be happy enough with that. She was a bit foggy from the evening’s intake, and felt like there need be no issue with such a display.

Ben wasted no time, quickly removing Jennifer’s confusion about what he wanted. “OK Jennifer, you’ve been a great addition to the day so far, and I just know that we’re all liking what we’ve seen of you so far.”

There was a rumble of approval from the men, and to her distaste she heard the creepy Jeff call out, “Got that right!”

Ben continued: “We were all lovin’ your ass when you were on the back of the bike. Why don’t you bend over and remind us just how great that looks?”

Jennifer gasped. So this was what Ben wanted – her was going to show her off for the men’s’ amusement? She still didn’t think that jeans were good for a striptease, but she supposed that right now she would just do as she was told. She reasoned that there was nothing wrong with a bit of bending and flashing, if it saved the bike!

She turned her back to the watching men and stuck her round ass out toward them. Feeling the skin-tight denim of the jeans tighten around her ass, she leaned forward and presented Ben with the view he’d requested. There was an intake of breath, and a few whistles as she showed off her ass. Jennifer giggled, then gave her hips a little wiggle and ran a hand over her own taught roundness for them. “Like this?” she cooed. She glanced at Adam, who was staring just as hard as the other men.

Ben laughed. “Yup. Now who wants to feel that fine, fine ass?”

Jennifer gulped. So Ben wanted a hands-on show! She supposed that for the money at stake…

Her thought was cut short as an unwelcome voice spoke out. “I’ll take a piece of that!” Jeff called out. He hardly hesitated, striding toward her. Jennifer instinctively straightened: of all the men there, why did it have to be the guy who creped her out?

Ben laughed. “Oh come on Jen, let him have a feel! You don’t want to give up so soon, think of what’s at stake!”

She glanced Adam again who seemed to concur with Ben, and resigned herself to her fate. She glanced back at the black-bearded Jeff, who was already leering at her. She saw his eyes widen as she bent over provocatively for him and waited for the inevitable.

She caught her breath as she felt the initial contact. Jeff’s hand slithered its way slowly across her taught, round ass. Glancing back, at him, she caught the lustful gaze on his face as his fingertips explored the sweet crevice beneath her ass-cheeks, then roughly fondled her buttocks. She felt him shake her gently, causing her ass to wobble slightly; the men cheered, and Jeff gave her a couple of gentle slaps, then trailed his fingers right down the middle of her ass. It was such a filthy, intimate grope that there was felt her dignity had been snatched away in front of the watching eyes.

“Nice, Jeff, I bet that feels good.” Jack joined in with Ben’s baiting of their captive performer. “Ain’t it someone else’s turn now?”

Ben laughed. “Well, that’s the ass man happy. Now who else wants to play with our prize?”

Andy, was barely able to restrain himself. “I’ll have a piece of that action!” he laughed.

Jennifer felt that the men were being selected to creep her out the most! She was glad to see Jeff sit down again, but Andy was far too old to be getting his hands on her – no man with grey hair had ever touched her in a sexual way!

Still, all she had to do was concur and the day would be saved. Jennifer felt Andy’s hands confidently grab her waist, and encourage her to stand up. “Let’s take a look at this sexy top of yours,” he told her.

Jennifer watched as Andy’s earlier restraint gave way to an obvious longing for her flesh. He stood straight in front of her and gently stroked her neck, then her freckled shoulders. Her breasts were inches from his probing fingertips, rising to strain against her tight top as she breathed more heavily in response to his attentions. Her freckled, soft cleavage moved gently, inviting his touch.

As had been the case earlier in the evening, Jennifer’s her nipples were visible through the thin material of her top. Now, it gave the impression that she was aroused by Andy’s attentions. She had to admit that there was something exciting in being explored this way, with the audience watching in rapt attention. She could not help but gasp as he skillfully cupped one of her breasts through the thin material, feeling its weight, before finally brushing the backs of his fingers along her soft, exposed flesh and gently caressing the tops of her semi-exposed breasts.

“It’s pretty nice actually,” Jennifer laughed as his fingers dipped into her cleavage. There was another rumble of approval from the watching men, as she giggled girlishly while having her breasts felt. She glanced at Adam, who smiled back at her. This was pretty dirty, but not too bad, she decided – Adam was obviously enjoying the show, and if he was OK with it, then this was the best way out of their predicament.

Jennifer was braced for Andy to fully expose her womanhood, but he restricted himself to tracing his fingers over what was visible, and fondling her through her top. She had to admit it felt nice, and while this was the strangest of experiences in full view of the watching men, she knew there could be worse experiences having her attractiveness confirmed in front of these lusty men. She caught her breath as Andy rubbed his fingers across the little nubs in the material of her tank top, caused by her erect nipples. He squeezed gently, sending pleasurable sensations through her breasts. Jennifer gulped: there was no disguising how nice that felt. She writhed a little in her boots, while not daring to move from the spot in case she somehow transgressed whatever rules Ben had in mind. She ground the high heels of her boots into the ground.

It was Jack’s voice that broke the silence. “Oh yeah, I think she likes that!” There were laughs and claps. “What do you think, Adam?”

Adam just coughed and nodded: “Well, yeah, I guess she would!”

Jennifer knew that she should feel demeaned being discussed in this way; but somehow the attention was giving her a more agreeable sensation. She was almost disappointed when Ben called out to stop the contact: “All right. That’s enough for you right now, Andy.”

Jennifer wondered how much of this there would be. “Right now”, Ben had said: how much more fondling would there be? As she wondered, she was aware of a mumbled discussion between some of the men; and then Josh, the long-haired guy who had so complimented Jennifer’s looks a little earlier, stood up from his chair. “I’ll take that hit!” he said. She wondered what he meant.

Josh brushed the hair from Jennifer’s face, where it had fallen as Andy did his work. He appraised her as she stood before the men, running his eyes slowly over her ass bulging out of her sheer jeans, her breasts straining at her top. But Josh brushed his fingers against her face. “She looks beautiful, you know…” He appraised her closely, the thick mascara and liner framing her clear, hazel blue eyes, her blushed cheeks, her full, red lips. “I bet she looks fantastic giving head.”

The men all laughed. “Well, Adam?” Ben chuckled. “I bet she does, is he right?” Adam nodded sheepishly. “Well then,” Ben paused for effect. “Let’s see.”

Josh placed a hand on each of Jennifer’s shoulders, playing with her straps for a moment, before gently pushing downward. She gulped, and glanced at Adam, who seemed nervous, but nodded almost imperceptibly. Without thinking further, Jennifer sank to her knees to a chorus of approval from the watching men.

Now she knew she was in deep: she was kneeling in front of Josh, her face inches from his crotch. There was no mistaking what was expected to happen, and she supposed she would have to go through with it: Adam had nodded, and there was clearly an expectation. Things could go badly for them now, she reasoned, if she refused. Reaching her hands forward, Jennifer felt the bulge in Josh’s jeans: he was already quite hard, it seemed. As he loosened his belt, she tugged at the top button, feeling it pop open easily.

Pulling his jeans down to his ankles, Jennifer kept her eyes on the good-looking, long-haired man’s bulging boxers. She could smell his desire for her, and knew what had to come next. She had not touched another man since marrying her husband; but she knew with a grave certainty that that had to end now.

Jennifer rubbed the bulge in his boxers, feeling him harden. The tip of his cock was exposed through the slit in the shorts; and taking courage, she yanked them down with one hand, grabbing at his suddenly-exposed manhood with the other. Josh groaned out loud as she wrapped her hand around his stiffening member, gently caressing his thickness, pulling him towards her.

“You go, girl!” she heard Jack call out. There was no sense in delaying: Jennifer leaned forward, letting his length touch her soft face, then gently licking the top of his shaft. Ducking down, she kissed the base, then gently drew her tongue along the whole of his length. She kissed the tip of his circumcised cock-head, then licked his length again, familiarizing herself with the intimate taste. Finally, she swirled her tongue around him, hearing him grunt with approval, before slipping his cock between her pouting red lips.

There was an intake of breath all around as Jennifer began to suck the cock in her mouth. She closed her eyes, but could still feel the eyes of the men upon her. She cupped Josh’s balls in one hand and kept swirling her tongue around his shaft as she moved her head downward, allowing his hardness deeper into her mouth. She heard Josh’s breathing become deeper; so she bobbed her head a few times, her red lips caressing the length of his now full-erect cock.

After a few strokes like this, Jennifer moved her hand from Josh’s balls to the base of his cock, and gave him a few hard jerks while still sucking at his tip. Then she took the whole length back in, tilting her head as she took him into her cheek, feeling her mouth bulge outward.

“Nice!” Jack clapped his hands. “She’s a good little cocksucker, eh fellas?”

There was a rumble of agreement, and Jennifer heard Josh speak up. “Her mouth feels fucking amazing,” he confirmed for the audience. “She totally knows what she’s… ohhh!!” his sentence ended abruptly as Jennifer started to bob her head up and down rapidly, taking his cock right into her mouth, her nose almost grazing his stomach. Her soft brunette curls danced around her shoulders as she brought ecstasy to the gasping man, her full breasts bouncing up and down within her thin black bra.

After a minute of this frenzied activity, Jennifer lifted her lips from around Josh’s glistening cock; a long trail of her saliva extended from her lips as she grabbed his length and rubbed him. She let it fall across her chest as she extended her tongue to lick his tip, then dipped her head to taste his balls. Kissing him there, she teasingly licked her way slowly up his length before taking him deep into her mouth again, sucking and slurping.

Seeing Jennifer’s sexy face performing this way, there was no way that Josh could last out for very long. She repeated her actions two or three times more, before he began to groan loudly and twitch inside her mouth. Jennifer slipped him out of her mouth and busily licked up and down the length of his shaft, knowing that he was ready to climax. As she circled her tongue around his pulsing cock-head, she felt his body stiffen and heard a groan of release. His cock released a jet of cum which hit her in the open mouth, coating the tip of her tongue and her pouting red lips with the thick white goo. She stopped working on him, knowing that the job was done; a second spurt joined the first, trailing down her chin and dripping onto her chest, just above her heaving breasts.

There were cheers from all around. “Nice!” Jack approved. “That’s a great sight!”

Josh composed himself and headed back to his seat. He turned to one of the men. “Ben, you gotta get yourself some of that action, man, she’s got all the moves.”

Ben shook his head. “Nah. Time for us to see a bit more of this girl.”

Jennifer gulped. Was it not over, yet? She looked across at Ben, her lipstick now smeared with cum – she wasn’t sure where it all was, but wiped some from her lips before speaking. “You want more?”

Ben laughed. “Oh yeah, that’s not enough for all of that debt. You gotta go further. Take your jeans off!”

Jennifer glanced at Adam. He seemed resigned to this going further: and having gone as far as giving a blow-job, she didn’t want that wasted for the sake of showing her legs. “OK…” She unzipped her boots and removed them, then bent over to shuffle her way out of her tight jeans.

There were cheers and whoops as the men saw Jennifer’s shapely round ass finally bared. They appreciated the sheer black panties which she had chosen for Adam that morning; their sexy cut barely covered her ass at the back, and although the men were too far to see in such detail, Jennifer knew that they were moist with her pussy juices. She had been so aware of the closely watching men that there had been no way she could have stopped herself from growing wet during the act she performed upon Josh. Her thighs were strong, and as smooth as the men had hoped. They knew the shape of her legs well enough, after a day of watching her so closely. “Now,” Ben continued. “Boots back on, girl.” She hesitated, confused for a moment, but did as she was bidden.

Ben stood up and approached Jennifer. “Now let’s go see this bike you’re trying to save.” He led her a few steps to the side, where Adam’s bike was parked. Some of the men followed, but the nearer of them remained seated. “OK, handy that it’s parked here, don’tcha think?” With a fast movement, Ben confidently hooked his fingers underneath Jennifer’s tank top and lifted it up. He whistled when he saw her body, then gently persuaded her arms upward.

“Niiiice!” he laughed as the hem of the tight garment edged upward, revealing her stomach and shapely waist. “Take it off.”

Jennifer flicked her sexy tank top up her arms, hearing the men whistle as her bra was now fully revealed, fitting snugly around her heaving breasts. She felt shocked that she was now standing in front of the men, dressed in nothing more than her boots, bra and panties. She glanced at the watching men, seeing them gawp at her. She had to admit it made her feel good that they were so interested in her, and wiggled her broad hips for them, watching their eyes follow her.

“Sit down a moment.” Ben pointed to a nearby chair. Jennifer did as she was instructed, and watched as Ben unbuttoned the front of his jeans, quickly removing them completely. Ben seemed to have no problem with baring himself in front of his mates, as a moment later he hooked the hemline of his boxer shorts over the considerable bulge and freed his growing erection as Jennifer and the guys looked on.

Ben traced his fingers around the soft curves of Jennifer’s cleavage, gently massaging her breasts. He dwelt upon the softness of her freckled skin, toying with the sexy trim of the bra as her breasts rose and fell, admiring their firmness. Then without warning, he moved right in front of her and guided his cock to her chest. Pushing her breasts together, he looked down as the softness of Jennifer’s cleavage enveloped his rigid cock.

With her pretty face level with Ben’s hairy stomach, Jennifer gasped and glanced at the watching faces. She saw their expressions change to satisfaction as Ben began to fuck her full, delicious breasts, feeling his cock grow as he enjoyed the pleasing softness that she brought to his throbbing hardness. Jennifer gasped with surprise as she felt and sensed just how keen Ben was to make the most of her body.

As he thrust into her soft cleavage, Ben squeezed Jennifer’s breasts roughly, jerking the bra down and letting more of her soft, tanned flesh spill out. She felt him grow fully hard as he rubbed himself against her, a drip of pre-cum spilling from his tip and smearing across her cleavage. It joined the residue from Josh’s ejaculation on her soft chest.

Finally, Ben pulled back and took another good look at her. Jennifer’s sexy hair was more unkempt after the action with Josh and the insistent back-and-forth of Ben’s own tit-fucking. One bra strap had fallen down over her bare shoulder and her left breast was exposed, her large pink nipple on view for all the men to see. There was a group intake of breath as the men took in the sight of her erect nipple. Her other nipple was visible through the thin material of the bra, poking through and making obvious that she was enjoying this form of appreciation.

“Stand up.” Ben was dogmatic in his instruction: he knew what he wanted next. He guided Jennifer over to Adam’s bike and instructed her turn around. Jennifer’s large ass wobbled as she moved, her white skin showing off its softness. Ben moved in behind her and bent her forward. He lifted her up slightly, feeling her ass as he pushed her against her husband’s bike.

“Man, she feels fucking great,” Ben commented for the onlookers. Jennifer did not fight Ben’s obvious physical directions, suddenly sandwiched between the big man’s rough thighs and the metal and plastic of Adam’s bike seat. The men had a full sight of the turtle tattoo on the small of her back as she bent forward, feeling Ben immediately trace his hand between her thighs. She caught her breath, whimpering aloud as Ben traced his fingers against her wet pussy, then felt her face flush as she remembered how obvious her every reaction would be to the on looking men. She glanced at Adam for reassurance, but he seemed just as interested in watching her bend as the rest of the men. He didn’t even notice her looking at him.

Jennifer could feel Ben’s hard cock as he moved between her thighs and coaxed them apart. “She’s fucking wet already,” she heard him comment. She knew it was true. Then suddenly, she felt the sexy panties she had worn for Adam being pulled to the side by this brute of a man. The thong-like cut strained into her ass, but there was no denying Ben now. She felt his cock moving toward her wet opening, then his hands on the small of her back, pushing her down on the bike so that he could control her position. Jennifer’s pussy throbbed with anticipation as she realized what was coming next, then she gasped aloud as she felt the tip of Ben’s cock find her opening and slip fluidly inside.

Pulling her back toward him, Ben thrust right into Jennifer’s hot, tight pussy. She let out a girlish gasp as he penetrated her halfway in, then groaned as he finished the job with a second stroke. “Nice,” she heard someone comment as her booted heels struggled for purchase on the ground, her white ass wobbling in full view of the watching crowd.

“She feels fucking amazing,” Ben reported. Jennifer felt her pussy lubricate further as she struggled to take in her situation – the leader of the gang, his cock inside her, reporting on the pleasure she was giving to the other men, including her husband. She couldn’t believe this was happening – how real it felt, and how aroused she was to be the focus of all these lusty men. Her half-stunned face turned to her husband as she spread her thighs a little further, and this time Adam caught her eye. If anything he offered her a look of encouragement.

Ben began to move inside Jennifer now, thrusting back and forth. The soft plastic of the bike seat creaked as she began to whimper, feeling Ben forcing himself in and out of her with gusto. Her round ass bounced as his thick thighs started to slap against her soft flesh, the rhythmic sound of the sex quickly becoming audible. Jennifer was gasping for air, completely trapped against Adam’s bike, and her gentle squirming only seemed to spur Ben on. He was treating her roughly now, fucking her hard and starting to groan himself, now losing himself in the pleasure of having his cock inside the voluptuous woman. Another glance at Adam, but he didn’t seem to have much of a problem with what was happening to her.

Jennifer had always loved being treated roughly by a man who took control of her. It made it harder to control herself as Ben fucked her. She had intended to let Ben get off quickly, and then maybe the whole “payment” would be at an end; but with him forcing the pace, there was little for Jennifer to do but take the pounding he was giving her, and hope the bike would stand firm.

This was not the biggest cock Jennifer had ever had – he was about the same size as Adam, or maybe slightly thicker – but there was something primal in the rough way he was fucking her, which made things so different for Jennifer. The slaps of Ben’s thighs against Jennifer’s her ass grew louder, her own noises now adding to the unmistakable sound. She could not deny the feeling of pleasure and release as the thick cock pummeled her wet pussy.

As the pleasure in her crotch continued to build, Jennifer found herself letting out a series of little shrieks then finally wailing as she was pushed over the edge, force-fucked into experiencing an orgasm. In her submissive position, she shuddered and writhed as Ben ground his cock slowly around inside her pussy, enjoying the spasms of her hot, wet pussy as she abandoned herself to her climax. When she finished, Ben simply pulled himself out of her and gave his slick-coated erection a couple of hard strokes, gasping with release and jerking straight as he shot his load over Jennifer’s red, quivering ass.

Released from Ben’s grip, Jennifer struggled to her feet, feeling Ben’s cum dribble down onto the back of her strong thigh. Both breasts were now in full view for the first time, with the bra nothing more than a stretched-aside piece of cloth cupping them a little from beneath. Her little panties were in similar condition, still riding to one side as Ben had left them, soaking wet from Jennifer’s pussy juices.

There were whistles from the watching men as Jennifer as she reached her hands behind herself, resigned that nothing was going to stay hidden. She dropped her bra onto Adam’s bike, fondling her sensitive breasts gently as she turned back to the excited mass of watching men.

“You better get those panties off too,” he instructed. There was no modesty left for Jennifer now: she let them fall down her smooth legs, kicking up a boot to collect them and deposit them onto the bike. The men now had a full frontal view of Jennifer’s shaved pussy, gaping slightly from the rough fucking she’d just received, but still looking ripe for the taking. Her full breasts drew more attention now that she was finally freed from them. With nothing but her boots on, she had no way to hide herself. She noticed that Adam seemed as much enraptured as many of the men she had met only that day. “You’re doing well, Jen,” Ben continued. But there’s still a ways to go. We better work you harder. Jack?”

Jack had moved from his chair, and now proceeded to gather a rug and spread it out on the ground in front of the men’s’ chairs. Beer bottles popped as Ben led Jennifer to the middle of the rug. Jerry, a man of middle build and fairly young age, stood as Jack beckoned him. Slightly bashfully, he moved to the centre of the rug. Jennifer noticed that he seemed to be having performance issues in front of the men, his half-erection sagging slightly as he sensed their eyes on him. She was having no such problem herself now, with the mixture of sexual release and intoxicating substances buzzing through her nubile body. She strode over to him wearing nothing but her boots and, business-like, settled on her knees in front of him.

As soon as she brushed Jerry’s cock with her cheek, she felt him start to overcome his slight problem. She made a show of gulping him down, hearing him groan in ecstasy as she sucked his length deep into her mouth. Her big, round breasts bounced freely now, as she bobbed her way up and down his length, growing longer with each stroke, her lip-smacking and slurping occasionally loud enough for the crowd to hear. “She looks nasty,” she heard someone say, and only then did she know that they had a full view despite the constant movement of her long, dark curls.

Jerry began to groan and she slipped his cock out of her mouth, feeling a dribble of his pre-cum slither across her cheek as she did so. “Fuck her, man,” someone encouraged, but Jerry was already grabbing the now fully-willing Jennifer by the shoulders and encouraging her forward onto her hands. He traced his hands down her full, shapely curves as he moved behind her, lingering at her waist, as Jennifer settled onto all fours.

Jennifer’s nipples were eye-catching enough, but brought further into focus by their erect state. Her large breasts hung exquisitely beneath her full frame, attracting the stare of most of the men. The remainder were watching her face as she felt Jerry mauling her ass, his now rigid cock sliding against the wetness of her inner thighs. She realized now that her pussy had been dripping with wetness as she gave him the blowjob that had aroused him to this state; and given the state Ben had left her pussy in, it was obvious she was ready to be fucked again.

Choosing his moment unceremoniously, Jerry pushed himself inside Jennifer’s hot pussy in one smooth motion. There was a grumble of affirmation among the watching men as they studied her reaction. Jennifer closed her eyes and groaned as Jerry began to fuck her, feeling her ass wobbling as he quickly picked up the pace. He was an easy fit for her willing pussy, the motion smooth and lubricated by her juices. For a moment the only sound to be heard was the slaps of his thighs against her round, juddering ass; then the men began to voice their feelings.

“She’s loving it… check that expression on her face.”

“Yeah Adam, what d’you think… wifey loves a good fuck, eh?”

She heard Adam hoarsely agreeing that she did.

“Fuck, look at her tits swing!”

Jennifer guessed this was true; she could feel their heaviness as she enjoyed the fucking in full view of her husband.

Jack’s voice now. “Someone needs to get another cock in that chick’s mouth!”

There was a bustle of activity, and Jennifer looked up to see Rob, the thirty-something blond-haired guy she had met alongside Andy, moving toward her. He unzipped his jeans and knelt before her, hooking his boxers over the obvious bulge to reveal a big, stiff erection. Jennifer’s face was sultry and flushed as Jerry slowed his thrusts behind her for a moment to allow Rob easier access to her hot mouth.

“Suck it baby!” she heard someone say, and wondered if it was Adam; but by now the evening was just one mass of hard cocks wanting her to satisfy them. Gazing up sexily at Rob’s semi-naked body, she caught his eye as she parted her lips and sucked him deep into her mouth.

Rob groaned loudly as Jennifer snaked her tongue around his shaft, then heard her whimper as the slaps of Jerry’s thighs against her ass increased in volume and frequency once more. Jennifer’s body was forced a little further forward with each stroke, driving Rob’s cock deeper into her wet, slurping mouth. Her nose almost touched his stomach as she sucked and slurped, taking him all the way inside; then she withdrew and gasped for air, whimpering at the force of Jerry’s thrusts, her drool hanging from her pouted lips for a few intense seconds before she caught her breath enough to take Rob’s cock back inside her mouth again. Rob groaned with the exquisite pleasure her mouth provided, brushing her hair aside from her face so that he and the watching men could see. Jennifer’s cheek was distended, Rob’s cock bulging outward as she gagged noisily, slurping on cocks at both ends.

“She does two guys well,” Jack muttered darkly and approvingly. Jennifer looked up and caught Adam’s expression as he watched his wife suck and fuck two virtual strangers. He seemed transfixed, and the look of conflicting emotions on his face was giving way to joy. Even as she worked her hips backward to take Jerry’s cock deeper insider her, she saw a familiar look on her husband’s face: the look she was more used to seeing as he climaxed inside her. It was replaced by a look of surprise mixed with relief as he looked down at his own crotch. Jennifer realized that her husband had just climaxed in his pants watching her… yet she had been watching, and he hadn’t even touched himself to get off.

The realization that Adam was loving what was being done to her put Jennifer into the wildest sexual mood she could remember. Gasping and whimpering, she ground onto Jerry’s cock as she let out deep groans, bobbing wildly on Rob’s cock. She heard Jerry cry out in delight and pull from her smooth pussy. A jet of hot cum landed on her ass as she heard his groans of relief. A second spurt dripped down her thigh as she felt Jerry rub himself against her big, soft ass.

She popped Rob’s saliva-covered cock noisily out of her mouth. “Get that thing in my pussy,” she muttered huskily. “I want more cock.” Rob didn’t hesitate, but pulled off his jeans and replaced Jerry between her shapely thighs.

Rob pushed gently and watched as his cock, tinted slightly red with Jennifer’s lipstick, disappeared into her willing pussy. She groaned and immediately bucked her hips backward, taking Rob all the way inside her. “Fuck!” she heard him exclaim behind her, to the amusement of the watching men. “”She’s definitely into this!”

Jennifer showed that she was certainly starting to make the most of her situation, forcing herself back onto Rob’s length rhythmically, doing most of the work. She gasped with pleasure and exertion as her pussy slurped at the hard cock buried inside her, hearing Rob’s moans as she fucked him. Her knees were hurting now, as the ground was hard beneath the rug; but she continued undeterred. She shifted to relieve her hands slightly, and the watching men were treated to a full view of her full breasts juddering beneath her smooth body, as she let out a long groan of pleasure.

After a few minutes of allowing Jennifer to control the pace, Rob began to fuck her on his own terms. Jennifer groaned, but allowed him to control the pace of the movement as his hands slid forward from her buttocks and grasped her by the waist. Once again a man’s thighs slapped noisily against her reddened, exposed ass for all to hear. The sound was easier to hear now, the moisture of Jerry’s cum still on her ass, occasionally slurping as it lubricated the skin of the two rough-fucking performers on the rug. She began to yelp noisily, gasping for air as he pounded into her. “She’s gonna cum again,” she heard Jack’s voice gloating over her as the inexorable rise of pleasure, which came in waves emanating from her sopping wet pussy.

Jennifer had a full view of the lustful gazes of the men as her orgasm overwhelmed her, but had to close her eyes as the pleasure became too much. With Rob’s cock still pumping her used pussy, she wailed helplessly, her smooth back arching and her breasts bouncing freely, their erect nipples pulsing exquisitely with delight. “Ooh! A, yeah! Fuck me good and hard Rob, it feels fucking… amaz…..!!!” She shuddered on the ground, moaning as the orgasm swept through her, feeling Rob slow his pace only slightly to allow her a moment’s respite as she gasped for air.

She heard Jack’s voice again. “Somebody needs to plug that mouth.” God, Jennifer thought to herself, how many more men would she be able to handle? She was tasting a mixture of different men in her mouth now, and her knees and hands were hurting from maintaining this position, but she supposed she would have to remain so for now. She had come this far, and didn’t want to get into some form of semi-bargaining for the debt – it would be so much better if it were to be cancelled in full.

Her eyes were still closed as she heard the footsteps of the next man in front of her, and he coolly reached to her side to grab her swinging breasts. She whimpered, “Ow! Ooh yeah!” as he mauled them, rubbing her sensitive nipples between the rough skin of his fingertips.

“They’re heavy and horny,” she heard a drawling voice mutter to the watching crowd. Something about that voice riled her, and her mascara-laden eyelashes flicked open to see Jeff beside her, grabbing at her sensitive breasts, a look of debauched delight on his face, part-hidden by his dirty beard. She had taken a dislike to him earlier and at close quarters she still didn’t like him. He was rough with her soft flesh as a gleam of delight filled his eyes. “Here you go,” he announced, and without any fanfare he unzipped his jeans and thrust his dark, wrinkled, hardening cock in the direction of her face.

At first Jennifer tried to avoid it, but she was hardly in a position to do so – Rob’s thrusts were growing harder as he enjoyed the moist, soft embrace of her pussy, and Jeff was anything but shy about how he presented his growing member. When her mouth failed to open as keenly as it had for the other men, he tried coaxing her by rubbing it against her cum-smeared cheek. “C’mon baby, open up,” he cooed sarcastically. Jennifer jerked her head to the side, but even as she did so she knew it was pointless, feeling him dribble with excitement, almost against her ear. The things she’d do for her husband…

Jennifer succumbed and parted her lips into a willing “O” shape, then turned her head toward the tip of Jeff’s filthy cock. He grunted with relief as she sucked on him and, with a moment of hesitation, took him into her mouth. Almost immediately he began to buck his hips forward rudely, fucking her mouth rather than waiting for her to suck. She let out a cry of protest, but it was too late: in her prone position, with Rob fucking her from behind, she was truly trapped on all fours as Jeff filled her mouth with his cock. Jennifer spluttered a little, and saliva dribbled down her chin as she struggled to take keep her composure as she was fucked by two men. She gagged noisily as Rob’s thighs slapped against her own reddened ass, then let out a soft whimper as Jeff tugged at her tousled, matted brunette hair. “Take a breath,” he told her, which she did noisily before he plunged his manhood back into her mouth, this time thrusting at an angle and causing a bulge to appear repeatedly in the side of her pretty face.

“Mmmmm!” Jennifer’s cry was half-protest, half-pleasure as she felt Rob begin to fuck her in shorter, sharper thrusts.

“That mouth feels fuckin’ awesome,” she heard Jerry gloat to the crowd.

“Oooarrggh!!!” She heard Rob’s cry from behind her as he mauled her big, soft ass-cheeks, his cock jerking wildly inside her as it pumped his semen into her. She felt the hot load shoot deep inside her – a sensation which might have brought her off again, but for the discomfort in her mouth.

Slowly, the frenzied activity of the two men slowed and ceased. Rob pulled his moist erection out of Jennifer’s sloppy pussy with an audible squelch, then lay gasping for a moment. Jeff grinned as he popped his cock out of Jennifer’s abused mouth. “Good, that makes room for me.”

As Jeff moved behind her, Jennifer once again had a view of the watching crowd. Adam’s face was reddened now, perhaps as a result of his earlier climax, or some other reaction to seeing her used this way. She held his eyes for a second but was somehow unable to gain any particular message – he seemed as resigned to her fate as she was. Jack was watching as if he knew what was coming, and most of the men were staring lustfully at her. Ben looked on with satisfaction.

Jennifer had finally caught her breath, but the respite lasted only a moment. She could feel the sleazy sensation of Rob’s cum leaking out of her used pussy, just as Jeff’s hand touched her ass. He began to caress her full buttocks, initially as if to coax the hot stickiness out of her by encouraging her movement. He pushed a finger into her juicy wetness, gently poking into her, as if he intended a gentle seduction. After a minute though, she felt his fingers creep up her sweaty crevice, probing rudely into another hole. These fingers were colder, and she gasped aloud as she realized that he was using lubricant.

Still fingering her pussy, Jeff began to penetrate Jennifer’s tight asshole with his lubricant-smeared hand. He had both hands inside her now, making her cry out in anguish. But there was no denying the pleasurable feeling which the attentions of so many men had left between her supple thighs. Waves of excitement from her well-fucked pussy accompanied the shock she felt at having this awful man’s fingers stealing their way into her ass. He kept adding lubricant and probing further, each time making his job easier, as Jennifer began to writhe, whimper and squeal with surprise at the sensations she was feeling. The toes of her boots ground into the rug. As she gasped loudly at one particularly rude thrust, her now wide eyes looked askance at the watching crowd, but if anything they seemed more intent.

“I wonder if our friend Adam has fucked this asshole,” Jeff gloated meanly as he savored her reactions. Jennifer bit her lip: only she and her husband knew the answer to that, and she wasn’t telling. “Ah…” she heard him sigh. “Who cares.” He began to finger-fuck her in both holes with the same hand, making her shriek with alarm. She knew now that he was planning to fuck her ass in front of these men, and nobody seemed to be stopping him. She let out a long wail of what she thought should be distress, but it sounded more like excitement and anticipation.

She felt the cold shock of one last thumb full of lubricant being worked into her before Jeff slapped his hard cock between her ass-cheeks. He played with her buttocks for a second, rubbing himself up and down them, before pulling them apart. Jennifer felt his tip at her most private opening, and closed her eyes tightly in anticipation.

To her surprise, she felt him slip inside her tight ass with little discomfort. Still, she squealed girlishly, bringing a round of applause from the audience. Barely able to comprehend what was being done to her now, her body quivered and sweated as Jeff pressed himself home, surprisingly gently. She moaned more deeply now, feeling him slide inexorably deeper into her. It felt so wrong, and yet kind of raunchy at the same time; she experienced a moment of panic, in fear that he might go so deep that he somehow stuck inside of her. But as Jeff grunted with the pleasure he seemed to be getting from her, her pulled out a little, establishing a fucking motion for the first time. Jennifer was shocked that he had got so far.

Jennifer’s hands and knees were aching so that as Jeff began to push harder into her tight hole she was forced forward slowly, stroke by stroke, forward and downwards, her doggy-position slowly collapsing. Finally her throbbing breasts were trapped right against the ground, her strong thighs roughly parted either side of the sneering bearded man behind her as he kept fucking her round ass with short but fluid motions. Jennifer was growling under his attentions and weight, groaning and gasping as he reamed her back passage remorselessly.

So this was what he’d been thinking when he was checking her out from behind on the bike, she realized. She’d assumed the guys were all enjoying the sight of her butt, her legs, her figure bouncing on the bike; and they had been, but darker thoughts had been stirring too, and none darker and sleazier than Jeff’s. Strangely, she felt an excitement building inside her, and when she realized that the men had crowded around to take in the wicked spectacle, she rose above the strange, thrilling discomfort of being fucked in the ass by a man she could barely stand to look at; and instead began once more to enjoy her place at the centre of their attention.

Jennifer’s forced grunts and groans became more womanly again, and she felt a change in Jeff; it was as if he’d got what he wanted from her. Even as she began to tentatively hump her ass backwards into his strokes, feeling a drop of Rob’s cum still trickling out of her pussy, she sensed his climax approaching, hearing him begin to grunt rhythmically. “Ah, she’s even loving this…” Jeff’s voice transmitted a little surprise, but moreover, satisfaction. Suddenly without warning it was he who was growling loudly, pulling out at the last and spattering her sore, quivering ass with his man juice.

Jennifer lay on her front gasping, her face hidden by an unruly mop of curls. As she slowly regained her breath, she felt Jack take her hand. “Best have some of this,” he told her kindly. Jennifer swigged the drink he passed her, a whiskey which warmed her inside, relaxing her innards. Jack grinned. “Well you’re doing a good job my girl. That debt’s getting paid all right. But you gotta deal with the host!”

Relief flooded through Jennifer, along with the warmth from the whiskey. At last there was some talk of an end to this! Now she knew she could go through with it. What’s more, she thought, Jack was bound to be in a state of arousal after all he’d seen. Maybe a quick blow-job would see him off.

Electing to move on now rather than wait longer, Jennifer staggered to her knees. The men were still crowded closely in a circle as if for a pagan ritual. She felt her ripe ass quivering firmly as she raised herself to her knees, turning to face the standing Jack. With a sexy lick of her lips, she reached out to touch the bulge in his jeans, then unzipped him. “That’s the idea,” he told her.

Jack was a tall man and Jennifer was expecting a sizeable cock, so when she pulled down his jeans and found an impressive bulge inside his boxers she was not surprised. However, as Jack stepped coolly out of his jeans she realized that he was not yet hard, and started to wonder what she was taking on. She rubbed him through his jeans, settling to her task, feeling that at least she was on more familiar ground now that the stinging in her ass was beginning to recede.

Jack’s hardening cock began to push at his boxer shorts, so Jennifer hooked them over the growing bulge in a business-like fashion: she had seen enough cocks tonight to take the freshness out of seeing a new one. But Jack’s made her stop in her tracks. He was not fully hard yet, but already he was larger than most men… larger than any she’d had that night. Bigger than Adam. She gulped, wondering if this was the largest cock she’d ever seen. Jack chuckled. “Yeah, I get that a lot.”

Jennifer looked up at him for a moment, her hazel eyes full of concern and curiosity. “What… what if I…” she began.

“Oh, you’ll manage it,” Jack assured her. “I know you want to.”

After a pause she decided to take one thing at a time, and pressed her soft face into his musky groin. She stuck out the tip of her tongue and licked his hardening girth, tonguing him tentatively. Hearing Jack growl his approval, Jennifer began to use the flat of her tongue as his cock grew before her eyes. She raised her head back and kissed his moist tip, giving him a look in the eyes, secretly imploring him to climax quickly. Maybe he’d been touching himself as he watched her? She widened her mouth, sucking him in gently, angling her head so that she could take him in smoothly. Slowly, she slid her wet lips down his half-erect shaft, slithering her tongue around him as he entered her mouth.

“Ooohhh yeah, you’re good at that,” Jack approved. But he showed every sign of being in control of himself. Jennifer felt his cock hardening fully, pushing its way deeper into her mouth, even becoming harder to stretch her lips around. She withdrew her head to gasp for air, and a strand of saliva attached his cock to her lips. He was almost fully erect now, and seemed far too large to get into her mouth. God, she thought to herself, she couldn’t fuck that! He was half as big again as Adam! Her pussy would be ruined.

“Suck it girl,” somebody urged.

“Yeah, do your job, you horny cocksucker.”

Jack grinned as Jennifer eyed up the challenge before her. “Don’t think about it, just do it,” was his advice. She decided to try. Again she sucked his tip into her mouth, pushing her head down onto his length. As he half-filled her mouth her lips seemed to be as wide as she could get them, and were stretched around his girth, but there was more to come. She withdrew, gasping, but refused to give in. Instead she let him slap his hard shaft against her pretty face while she regained her courage, then began to lick and suck at his balls.

Slowly Jennifer worked her way up his shaft, kissing and sucking, teasing him with her tongue. As she reached his tip once more she circled his circumcised head with her tongue, then suddenly bobbed her head down in a hard stroke. She was shocked to feel him hit the back of her throat. She could do it! Flattening her tongue to make room, Jennifer began to bob her head up and down, hearing herself let out a strangled noise as she gagged, but keeping her motion going as fast as she could bear. Again and again she felt his cock against the inner reaches of her mouth, and slobbered over his shaft as he took what she had to offer, groaning with pleasure as she gasped and glugged.

Finally, Jennifer felt his hands in her hair. He gently tugged, pulling her up over his lips. “OK girl, that’s enough. I got stamina, you won’t get me that way.” Jennifer felt herself flush: she knew she’d been trying to finish him off. “Get on your back.”

Jennifer groaned. “But I won’t…”

“Yeah, you can. You can take it. You’ve come too far to fail now.”

Fail? Again Jennifer renewed her motivation to keep going. This had been the most intense sexual evening she had experienced, and although she wondered how she would feel about it when she looked back, she hadn’t come this far just to end up in a compromise about how much of Adam’s money – her money, too – she had saved, and whether or not they got to keep the bike! It felt all or nothing, and that thought convinced her to do as their host instructed.

The men cheered as Jennifer lay down on the tangled rug in front of Jack. Some of the onlookers had already experienced her tight pussy, but still their eyes ravished her curvy body as she parted her legs to allow Jack to kneel between them. She noticed their eyes drinking her in, and felt her pussy moisten in response to the magical feeling that right now, she represented all of their most lust-fuelled desires.

It was just as well that she had moistened. As Jack hovered over her, she felt a wave of trepidation; a feeling that the sensation of the hard nub of his cock-head poking against her pussy did nothing to quell. Jack slid his shaft against her wet opening, grunting with satisfaction as he sensed Jennifer’s wetness. She supposed she must be fairly gaping and wide by now, having accommodated such a number of hard cocks in the one evening. Still, Jennifer had no idea how she was going to take that monster erection inside her.

Jennifer saw Adam looking on again. He seemed to be excited again – she knew he had climaxed earlier, and yet there was a bulge in his jeans once again. There was no denying that lying with her legs splayed, waiting to be fucked by this tall, rough, super-endowed man was a sexual thrill for her, and she realized that she was writhing on her back as Jack slid his cock and slapped her pussy with it gently in preparation for his entry. Jennifer gasped, feeling herself moistening further, as Jack also groped greedily at her exposed breasts. There was a murmur of approval among the men, and Jennifer saw Adam’s face glazed with an almost hypnotic concentration. It seemed that he was longing to see her take this man on! For a moment Jennifer wondered if Adam had planned the whole day this way, but immediately knew that such a plot was just too far-fetched. It was just that Adam was loving the lengths which Jennifer had reached in order to rescue their interests.

Suddenly she was jerked from her thoughts as Jack stimulated her erect nipples, then removed one hand to guide his cock to what he knew was just the right spot. Jennifer could feel his tip nudging gently past her outer folds, and took a deep breath as her began to penetrate her. He rocked gently but insistently against her, using the strength of her hips to his advantage. Jennifer’s already-used pussy was flowing with juices as the men gazed at her, and squelched audibly as the first third of Jack’s enormous cock disappeared inside.

Jennifer’s eyes widened as Jack kept rocking, gently forcing his way in. “Uh! No deeper! I can’t… Oh, my GOD!” Jennifer squealed loudly as Jack responded to her hesitancy with a buck of his hips, stretching her sensitive pussy wide open. “Aow! No… I can’t… OOORRGGH!!!” Jennifer cried loudly, bringing a roar of approval from the watching men as her body bucked, her heavy breasts bouncing sweetly as Jack rammed his cock deeper into her. Jennifer spread her legs as wide as she could, feeling his heavy body pressing down on her now, forcing himself deeper. Her mouth was wide open, gasping for air as she felt herself filled more than she had ever thought possible.

Jack was grunting with satisfaction as Jennifer wriggled on the ground beneath him, whimpering gently. Her hair made a pool of curls around her amazed face, her still-booted feet waving helplessly in the air now as he ground her recently-fucked ass into the rug. “OHH! GOD, I can’t… OOH shit, you’re so deep… No more, please, I can’t take it… OW! Oh no, don’t start fucking, I can’t… OH!” Jennifer squealed as Jack began to move his cock back and forth, punishing her tight pussy further with every movement. “OH! God! That’s good! Oh my God! YEEESSSS!!!!”

Jennifer had always assumed that being fucked by a massive cock would be uncomfortable, but now she began to feel the pleasure that it could bring, and it was more extreme than any sensation her pussy had brought her. “OOWW! God, so BIG! Ah! Oh! Ah! O…Yes!” Writhing and gasping on the floor, Jennifer had no way to hide the pleasure that Jack was bringing her. She had lubricated his cock now, making it easier for him to fuck her. Her boots were still flailing in the air, her gorgeous, shapely legs waving madly with every stroke. To her amazement, she began to feel Jack’s hips against her inner thighs. He slapped against her noisily. She had taken him all the way in! This was the biggest cock she had ever seen, and she had taken every inch! The surprising thrill of that knowledge sent sensations of pleasure and delight shooting along her spine, making her wriggle in delight, warming her ass, pussy, breasts, neck, lips, and tongue with delightful sexual thrills.

Jennifer could feel herself climaxing, her pussy slurping tightly around Jack’s thrusting member. But he barely paused, barely even registered interest as the orgasmic thrill swept over her and she gasped for air. Still he pounded at her, if anything more roughly now, and the slaps against her thighs grew louder. Jennifer saw her husband licking his lips with delight, but he failed to acknowledge her glance. In any case he was probably unaware of the extreme pleasure she was experiencing. Another orgasm caught her completely by surprise, making her back arch and another girlish squeal fill the night air. This time though, she heard Jack groan with satisfaction. She bit down on her lip, knowing that she was finally getting to him. “Oh yeah baby, fuck me hard, it’s the biggest dick I’ve ever had. I fucking love how deep you are.” Her soft southern voice cooed at the rough man acceptingly. She didn’t care that Adam could hear. If he was enjoying the spectacle so much, he could enjoy this, too! “Harder, fuck me harder! Oh fuck, I love that cock!” Jennifer looked Jack in the eye as she said these things, seeing that she was getting to him. He began to jerk more sporadically, trying to keep control as she even tried moving her hips responsively.

“Ah yeah! I knew you’d take it, girl.” Jack was clearly approaching his own climax now, and enjoying himself immensely as waves of pleasure swept through him. His thrusts slowed gradually, before finally he could keep the pace no longer.

Jennifer’s reddened pussy gaped wide as Jack pulled out of her, suddenly relieved of the rough presence inside it. Jennifer wondered why he hadn’t climaxed inside, and then quickly realized what he was about as he moved to where her head had been thrashing on the rug. Jack held himself in one hand and gave himself a couple of quick strokes, staring at Jennifer’s prettily debauched face. He groaned deeply and manfully as he suddenly climaxed, his long, hard cock spasming just inches from her watching eyes.

In keeping with the size of his cock, Jack had plenty of semen to give her. A thick jet of his sticky white cum landed right across her face, rudely covering her nose and cheek as he continued pumping at himself. A second wave was just as strong, hitting the other cheek, her parted lips, and falling into her opened mouth. She stuck out her tongue to show him what she had caught, and Jack groaned as a smaller spurt fell just short, landing among her brunette curls. He leaned forward, within reach of Jennifer’s face – and she reached up to kiss his hard manhood. Jack groaned with relief and pleasure. He had to admit that she’d taken what he had to offer better than most women who tried.

Jennifer, who was struggling to a sitting position as the cum slowly seeped down to her chin, could barely believe her ears as Jack staggered back in a satisfied state. “OK,” he announced to the watching men. “Who else wants her?” Jennifer felt like protesting. She’d sucked guys off, had them unload all over her, been fucked in her pussy and ass, and taken the biggest cock she’d ever seen… and still she was fair game?

“You bet!” It was Steve who answered the call fastest, quickly joining Jennifer on the rug and unbuckling his belt. From the look of the bulge in his crotch, he’d been enjoying the view. “Don’t worry Jen, I won’t be as rough as Jack. In fact…” He lay back on the ground. “I’m gonna let you do all the work!”

Jennifer was almost in a trance now as she unquestioningly climbed to her knees. If Steve wanted her on top, she might as well… nothing would be as difficult as what she’d done already! She watched as he unbuttoned his fly and produced, to her relief, an average sized cock. The men watched intently as she straddled his prone body unceremoniously and grasped it by the base. “Well, she said she wanted to ride,” Ben laughed. Jennifer raised herself up on her knees and guided Steve’s excited cock into her well-fucked opening, even as the men stood around and guffawed at the pun made at her expense.

Jennifer let gravity do the work, and felt Steve’s cock slide easily into her wet, used pussy. He barely moved, but she heard him groan with pleasure as she completed the movement. “Nice!” she heard him groan, presumably remarking to the on looking men. Glancing down, she confirmed what she had already guessed: that he was staring up directly at her heaving, sweaty breasts. She rocked a little, feeling his balls touch her ass. Well, she’d been well-fucked: time to do some fucking of her own, she reasoned.

With the pointed toes of her boots digging into the ground, Jennifer supported herself on her knees and began to fuck the man between her thighs. Businesslike in her approach, after a couple of strokes she settled into a fast, heavy riding motion. She pounded up and down his erect shaft, the thick slapping rhythm growing louder and faster as she closed her eyes in bliss. Having control felt good, and now she just felt like fucking this young man roughly. Her hair danced around her bare shoulders and she supported her heavy breasts, which would have bounced uncomfortably wildly at such a pace had she not held them. Steve reached up occasionally to rub her erect nipples and squeeze at her warm flesh like a greedy boy, but for the most part he simply lay back and enjoyed the treatment she was giving him.

“Does she fuck your cock like that, Adam?” Jack’s voice was half-laughing, half-sneering as he teased her husband. Jennifer looked up when she heard Adam’s voice answer in the affirmative.

“But…” she added for herself, gasping with exertion, “Adam can’t keep me going all night like you guys can!” As the cheers rang around, she wondered why she’d said that. She was kind of enjoying being the focal point, and at the same time was starting to think that Adam should be punished for getting her into this situation – punished by seeing her get off on it, perhaps. And it was difficult not to love having yet another hard, eager cock inside her pussy.

Ben stepped forward quietly. “Slow down a second, girl. We’ll work out something else that Adam can’t do.” Jennifer did as she was told, and the waves of pleasure which had built up inside her made her shudder with delight. Ben revealed that he was hard again from watching her. He trod carefully around Steve’s prone legs, then let his erection dance in the air mere inches from Jennifer’s lust-filled face. “You can fuck us both if you use your mouth too.”

Jennifer reached forward and took a hold on Ben’s cock. It was the cock where it had all started… Well, she’d already given him one blow-job, why not a second? She licked her lips sexily and, hearing the men groan in approval, leaned forward to take him into her mouth.

She had never done two men together before this day, but had already been surprised at how easily it came to her. Necessarily letting go of her breasts, she started to fuck Steve again; but more slowly this time, as she needed to concentrate on Ben at the same time. It was a turn-on to hear and feel, but not see Steve’s reaction to her movement, as she began to busily devour Ben’s large cock. She moved her head back and forth, covering him with her saliva, trying to keep a steady rhythm; but no matter how she tried, things were getting messy. If she misjudged a movement, Ben’s cock would end up sticking into her inner cheek; sometimes it popped out of her mouth and smeared her face with his pre-cum. Her slobber dripped down onto her chest, while her pussy slurped gently at Steve’s surging cock, which was now fucking her gently in response to the change in tempo.

Suddenly Jennifer began to gasp, girlishly whimpering as the situation became too much for her to stay in control. She was doing two guys at once – a fantasy she had always assumed would never happen the day she made her marriage vows. As Steve thrust she felt herself shudder with delight and then jerk violently, as her pussy tightened and a sudden, violent orgasm swept through her. “Aaargh! Oh, fuck!!!” The cry came not from the horny woman, whose mouth was too filled with cock to say anything more complicated than a single syllable; but from Steve, who in response to her climax had emptied his load into her hot pussy.

The men cheered and clapped. But Ben was far from allowing the girl respite. “Nice. I think I want that treatment!” Steve rolled aside as Jennifer climbed off his sagging member, but Ben had already placed himself on the ground in front of her. “I ain’t been inside your pussy yet, gal. I want Adam to see you fuck me, too.”

Without a word, and still shaking from her orgasm, Jennifer climbed onto Ben’s impressive body. His cock’s journey into her sexy figure was lubricated by Steve’s cum. “Hey!” Ben cried out to the onlookers. “Somebody should make use of that mouth, she’s fucking good with it!”

Jennifer began to grind her hips as Ben’s cock moved inside her. She was surprised at how much it turned her on to hear herself discussed like a sex doll. And sure enough one guy, a dark haired middle-aged man named James, to whom she had barely spoken, stepped forward. She touched his hard cock for a second and then took him into her mouth obediently.

With her situation resumed with a changed lineup of men, Jennifer was again getting into a very messy double-fuck. She was starting to see sparks now as the James began to thrust rudely at her mouth while Ben pounded her pussy. She was aware of emitting gurgling noises, which only seemed to please the crowd. Ben, it seemed would be able to make use of her for some time yet, and James was just getting started.

Then she heard Jack’s voice again, stern and commanding, yet with good humor. “Shame to see that ass go to waste. Ain’t anybody gonna take it?” Her round ass was still quivering from Ben’s fucking, as he slowed his pace to see whether there were any takers.

There was one. Brian, a younger friend of Andy’s who had earlier seemed pleasant and welcoming, emerged from the crowd stroking himself. “Rock and roll,” he laughed. Ben and Steve stopped fucking, even popping their cocks out of her for a second. There was a little uncertainty at how to manage the proposition, it seemed; however, Jack seemed to know what to do.

“Ben, get back in her,” he directed. Jennifer had raised her ass into the air obediently and expectantly, but now lowered herself a little, letting out a gentle whimper as Ben penetrated her once more. “OK,” Jack continued. “Now Jen, you bend forward a little… ok, stop. Brian, grab that perfect ass and pull her apart. She’s still lubricated in there from our friend Jeff.” Gently, Brian did as he was told. “Now do it slowly. You both gotta time it so you find the right angle.”

Jennifer squealed as she felt Brian’s cock at the entrance to her tight back hole. But Ben was right: she was still smeared with enough lubricant. The head of his cock popped easily inside. “Nice,” Jack said. He was watching intently, savoring the sight of Jennifer bent forward with two cocks inside her. “How’s that feel, Jen?”

Jennifer let out a deep groan, and the men laughed. She was covered in sweat now, with globs and dried smears of various men’s’ cum on her thighs, breasts, face and ass. She glanced up, looking around for Adam, a look of pure sultry delight on her face. Jack instructed Brian to make a push deeper and as he did so Ben braced himself against the movement. She could feel Brian sliding, slowly but smoothly, deeper into her ass. Just as both men paused, she located the intent gaze of her husband: his face was one of pure concentration on the spectacle unfolding before him, and from the jerking motion he was making with his right hand, there was no mistaking what he was doing.

“Nice,” Jack said. “Now you both have fun… gently at first, you guys!” Ben gave a groan of affirmation and began to fuck Jennifer with a short, jerking motion at first. She wailed loudly as Brian joined him with a longer, ploughing stroke, pushing his way rudely right up her ass.

Jennifer had never experienced a fucking like it: the intense pleasure that came from having both holes filled and relentlessly fucked was more than she could have imagined. After a minute she began to wail wildly, drawing a roar of approval, claps, whoops and cheers from the watching men. Her groans became deeper, but her expression never changed from the look of pure amazed delight at what was being done to her. She began to groan deeply as the men settled into a combined fucking pattern: first Ben would thrust upwards and back, then as he withdrew, Brian would plough forwards. Jennifer’s ass was red and used, quivering helplessly as she bent forward and back, taking the two-directional pounding. Her cries were growing in volume, leaving no man there in any doubt as to how much pleasure she was experiencing. In response to Jennifer’s abandoned cries, Jack called out. “Hey James, you oughta plug that mouth, she’s gettin’ loud!”

The look of astonishment on Jennifer’s face grew more pronounced as James began to slap his erection against her cheek. As she bucked forward in response to Brian’s insistent reaming, he slipped it inside her O-shaped mouth. Jennifer began to suck, but a salvo of quick thrusts from Ben caused her to lose control as she gasped helplessly; and in response at her failed attempt, James began to fuck her mouth. Jennifer’s hot, curvy, glistening body bucked wildly as her mouth, pussy and ass were fucked at will by the three horny men surrounding her. The watching crowd drew closer, not wanting to miss a stroke; but Jennifer was past noticing any of them now, even Adam, as she closed her eyes and muffled groans accompanied a series of short, but multiple orgasms that failed to jerk any of the three cocks out of her.

“Now that’s how you do it,” Jack chuckled as Jennifer gasped for air, opening her mouth wider with a cock still inside her, gurgling as slobber and pre-cum mixed on her chin. As Jennifer opened her eyes, she saw a second cock pushing toward her face; and without waiting even to glance up to see the man’s face, she let James go and instinctively began sucking that cock instead. Her hand clasped James and tugged, reassuring him that she’d be back; and, even as Ben and Brian resumed their double-fucking, she moved back to James, while giving the unknown new cock an impromptu hand-job.

Suddenly, the motion of the cock in her ass grew more frantic, and Jennifer braced herself, expecting his climax; sure enough, Brian groaned loudly as she felt his cock twitching. Deep inside her sore ass, she felt the gooey warmth of his cum as it shot out of his pulsing dick. Jennifer gasped in surprise at the pleasure she felt from the intimate feeling of having her well-fucked ass filled with his hot seed, feeling the hot sticky liquid squelch around inside her abused hole as he plumbed her with his twitching cock, leaking further cum into her. For a moment Ben stopped fucking her pussy, allowing Brian time to finally withdraw, before resuming his grinding into the horny, writhing woman.

Jennifer straightened and returned to the new cock which had been presented to her mouth. Her ass was gaping, stinging and sore, with cum trailing out of her and sticking to her buttocks; but with that cock gone, she was able to concentrate on pleasing the men before her. She turned to the new cock’s owner and glanced up lustily. She still didn’t know his name, but began to suck anyway as she bounced on Ben’s hot rod.

My wife Xia Lin and I moved to Vegas about 6 years ago, when I took a high level IT security position with one of the big casino companies. One of the things that surprised me when I left my position with an intelligence contractor at an agency not to be named, was the level of parity the casinos had in their IT shops. I would say the most hardened networks and systems in the world are found in Langley Virginia, and Las Vegas Nevada. I was extremely well-paid, but worked insane hours in my IT arms race with cheats, thieves, foreign governments… you name it.

Xia Lin put up with my schedule because she quickly adopted the Vegas lifestyle, to a point. She filled a bikini like a plus-sized bombshell. She wasn’t necessarily obese, but at around 130 pounds on her 5’3″ frame, she was thick in her legs, ass, and boobs, but her waist was not paunchy or flabby… at 32, she exercised regularly to keep things from going off the deep end. We both loved to eat in Vegas… we both took care of ourselves so that we could keep eating.

I was so busy keeping up with hackers and cheaters and thieves in the outside world, that I didn’t really notice Xia Lin spending more and more time in the Casinos. She didn’t play at the casinos my company managed, for one thing, so she never really showed up on my radar in that way, but she was definitely playing more and more especially in the last 6 months.

What I didn’t know at the time was that Xia Lin had established credit lines at a couple of the off-strip casinos and had been going extremely black and extremely red… finally hitting a rough patch where she owed about $40,000 to a couple of dives owned by a group of Taiwanese businessmen… that’s when things went really wrong. She didn’t tell me she had developed a problem… she didn’t tell me she had borrowed money she didn’t have, and she didn’t tell me that our house and my career were in direct jeopardy to her out of control betting.

Instead, she kept quiet. I could have helped her—but I never got a chance.


I was away at a conference in DC on cyber security and Xia Lin was getting dressed at our ranch home outside of Henderson. We lived in a development with a mix of upper income people… a lot of gaming execs, IT wonks, lawyers, doctors… the houses were all on three to five acres of land. No need to hear your neighbor unless you went over. My wife didn’t sport any tan lines, if you catch my meaning. Entertaining was easy, you could play your music loud. It was a nice retreat from the craziness of the Strip.

When the doorbell rang Xia Lin just assumed it was her friend Thao even though it was hours before she was supposed to pick up Xia Lin to go out. My wife was wearing a loose, floral skirt with a slit up the left side and a fitted, short sleeved, button down top that showed plenty of cleavage when she went to open the door. She was knocked back a few feet when the door suddenly opened at her slightest touch, causing her to scream.

The men who charged into our entry foyer were unfamiliar to her a couple of them looked Japanese to her, a couple looked Chinese. One man looked distinctly Vietnamese–like he could be Thao’s brother. Two of the men had small, HD camcorders rolling as they came inside.

“WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT!?” Xia Lin screamed at the men.

The leader kept his sunglasses on. Two of the Asian men grabbed her by the arms and pressed her back against a wall, facing the crowd of men now forming in our house.

“You owe the Lucky Golden Palace a very large sum of money for someone with no income of their own.” the sunglasses wearing leader said to her in a gruff voice. “And I’m here to collect, but I’m sure you can’t pay it.”

Xia Lin looked at the floor and sputtered some excuse about the money, but had literally no idea how she was going to repay her debts.

“I know that you can not pay, Xia Lin. But the money must be repaid. You do understand that, don’t you? The money must be repaid.” the man said to her with a slow, steady, cadence–to underscore the seriousness of his message.

“I can’t… I can’t get it right now.” my wife replied.

“That’s okay, Xia Lin. I thought you might need assistance in coming up with the money… these kind donors have come to your aid and agreed to pay on your behalf.”

Another man was shooting frame after frame of Xia Lin’s face, of the crowd… he walked around like a wedding photographer just blending in and shooting.

Xia Lin looked around the room and pondered the meaning of the Asian debt collector’s words.

“Do you like anal sex?” one of the other Asian men asked my wife.

Her response was swift and forceful, exclaiming, “NO, of course not! I don’t even let my husband do that!”

“Yes, we know… and that actually works out quite well for you, for you see we were able to raise significantly more money on your behalf because of it.” the man replied to her.

“Wh–what do you mean? What are you saying?!” my wife exclaimed, looking around at the men–a couple of which had begun casually undressing.

“These men have agreed to pay portions of your debt to us. For their donations, they have agreed to fuck you in your ass, and in your mouth… a couple of them want to fuck those fat cow udders of yours although I can not understand why myself,” he said back to her.

“I WON’T DO IT!” my wife exclaimed, attempting to wag her finger at the man but being too restrained to move at all.

“Oh, I was hoping you would say that.” The debt collectors’ leader said with a snarl.

“It will be rape! I won’t give myself to any of you! And I will NOT. DO. ANAL!” My wife hysterically exclaimed. “YOU CAN’T DO THIS!”

“I told you she would be worth the price you paid, Mr. L.” the leader said to short Arab man who looked looked built like a football player–not overly muscular, more like a fire plug, but he had that linebacker build.

“Your first donor paid the largest fee, Xia Lin–and specifically agreed to an extra thousand dollars if you didn’t willingly submit. You see, he wants very much to be the first of many to rape you in your ass tonight.” The deputy leader of the debt collectors said to her.

My wife struggled and screamed, but there would be no chance at all of anyone hearing her right now. Our house is just too far from the road, and just too far from anyone else for sound to carry…

The Arab man stepped forward where my wife was pinned with her back against the wall of the entry foyer. Both video cameras were trained intently on her, and the photographer was reeling off frames as the beginning of my wife’s ordeal was at hand.

The Arab grabbed my wife’s tits through her fitted top and smiled as he turned to one of the cameras and asked, “These–are real?”

My wife struggled in the grasp of her captors and said, “fuck you, of course they’re real!” as she looked away. She struggled to move or kick at him and screamed as he pawed her tits. She pleaded and begged to be let go… for this all to stop… for her to be given more time.

The Arab laughed at her and the leader informed her that if he stopped now, then he would have the debt, no money, and 10 angry donors on his hands. Xia Lin cried and screamed as the man stuck his fingers into her cleavage and inside of her bra. She begged for them to stop. Her begging reached a fevered pitch as the man unbuttoned her top button and exposed quite a bit of her push up bra and her huge brown mams to the other men in the room watching from the semi-circle they had formed around her nearby.

The Arab grabbed the lapels of her shirt, slid his hands down a few inches and tore outward, sending buttons to the floor of our foyer, exposing my wife’s bra-covered tits completely, and eliciting cheers from the men in the room. The cameras caught every detail.

The Arab introduced himself as “Sheikh Raping Your Ass Tonight” causing laughs from those gathered and anguished cries from my wife. “But you can call me Tony,” he said as he brought a knife under her chin and asked her, “do you understand?”

My wife sobbed uncontrollably, but shook her head in short, quick up and down strokes in answer to him.

Tony carefully slipped the blade between her tits and under the bra, turned the blade outward and pulled. It’s razer sharp edge made short work of the fabric holding the two bra cups together, and my wife’s 38 inch breasts popped out into view. Everyone cheared–even the debt collectors as my wife’s magnificent tits hung in proud if unwanted display in front of the men. She continued crying as Tony mauled her tits and then brought them to his mouth, kissing on the tops of her breasts as he slowly made his way down to her nipples. She hated the uncontrolled response of her nipples to his sucking–they filled with blood and hardened and became sensitive, like they always do with me.

“Put her in position.” the stocky Arab commanded.

My wife was dragged kicking and screaming into the next room, where she was thrown over the back of a low couch. They put leather straps on her wrists and ankles and fixed a spreader bar to her ankles and tethered one of them to one of the legs of the couch. The cameras caught everything from multiple angles and the crowd reformed in the room to witness my wife’s rape.

Tony used his blade to cut her skirt from her, then he yanked her panties to her knees causing raucus cheers from the crowd again. My wife waxes, and then men commented on her completely hairless pussy and ass. Her round, candy-apple bottom looked big, but tight, and her deeply recessed asshole looked as tight as anything the men could imagine. Their comments were harsh–their words intended to hurt my wife; to degrade her.

She screamed for help… pleaded not to be raped… and then in a last ditch attempt to avoid anal sex, begged to suck the men off, all of them, as much as they wanted… she offered to suck them whenever they wanted after tonight if they would not fuck her pussy or ass–especially her ass.

It backfired of course–only making Tony move to the front of the couch where the Asian henchmen held her down, and offering his cock to her to suck.

“If you touch me with your teeth, or bite me, I’m not going to kill you–no… I’m going to make sure every man fucks your ass until your insides are spilling out. THEN I’m going to gut you and let you bleed to death on your floor, do you understand me?” He said to my wife.

My wife nodded her head and opened her mouth, believing she was being taken up on her offer. Tony’s fat cock was of average size but slightly thicker than most, and he filled her tiny mouth easily with his semi-erect member. Using nothing but her tongue and lips, and sucking deeply, my wife attempted to pleasure the Arab man as best she could without use of her hands. She bobbed up and down as the men cheered her on and the Arab clearly enjoyed her oral skills as he hardened quickly–displaying more length than before.

“You’re good, baby… you’re so good… the men who wanted to rape your mouth are going to be glad they did.” Tony said to Xia Lin, while pulling his cock from her mouth.

“So–you like it? You can come in my mouth or on my face when you’re ready.” my wife said eagerly, opening her mouth to accept his cock again for him to finish.

Tony removed a tube of sexual lubricant from his pocket and began smearing it across his cock, working it completely into the skin before applying a second, generous glob.

“My dear, I am paying 10% of what you owe all by myself–and I paid to rape you in the ass first.” he said to her as her eyes widened in fear.

What happened next is almost too cruel to describe. He wasn’t slow… he didn’t wait. He wasn’t loving or kind. He didn’t open her ass with a few fingers first–he didn’t let her get used to him. The asian men holding her down gripped her more tightly than ever, and Tony came up behind her and lodged the slippery head of his cock directly against her tightly clinched back door. He then grabbed my wife by her hips to steady himself as she violently struggled to resist and made sure her own motions lodged the tip of his cock a little further into the recess of her asshole.

Then, he lunged.

My wife, who had never completed anal intercourse before (I got her to let me try twice, but we stopped both times after a few frustrating moments because it hurt too much) screamed at the top of her lungs, and nearly passed out from the pain. It would have been better if she had passed out. The Arab growled loudly and screamed “take it you fucking whore!” and then he pulled out and slammed into her again.

And again.

And again.

The men yelled and screamed as Tony wrapped one first in my wife’s henna-washed hair while filling his other meaty paw with her tits as he slam-fucked her ass. Her body shook with every one of his thrusts and she shrieked every single time he plowed into her. His 260 pounds slammed into her with deafening body slaps.


The men hollered and cat-called and said demeaning and hurtful things to my wife.

The cameras caught it all.

For his ferocity and pace, Tony showed amazing staying power, rapidly slam-fucking my wife’s tight, virgin back door for almost 10 minutes. Imagine going from never having anal, to having one 260 pound, thick-cock pile-driving thrust per second for 600 seconds as your introduction to anal sex. Xia Lin actually did hyperventilate and pass out a bit after screaming her lungs out for a couple of minutes. When she came to, she was lost–delirious, and in excruciating pain.

The asian men no longer needed to hold her arms to restrain her… the spreader bar and ankle tether would keep her in place, and she was too weak to do anything violent in resistance. This allowed Tony to fill each of his hands with one of her massive boobs and pull her up against his chest while he fucked her. But at the end of ten horrible, rough minutes of brutal anal rape, Tony was ready to cum.

He pulled out of her ass and released her, allowing her to go completely limp over the back of the couch, but he made her look up at him and open her mouth. I know my wife–she would never in a million years consider ass-to-mouth, but in her tired, ravaged, over-everything’d state, she willingly–almost happily accepted Tony’s long, thick rod in her mouth because at least that meant no more anal.

Of course, the Arab held my wife’s head as he slam-fucked her throat a few times, but then he settled into a faster but shallower rhythm where he pistoned over my wife’s tongue and in and out of her overstretched lips… he held off as strongly as he could–he wanted his orgasm to be powerful. At long last he pulled out of her mouth, screaming for her to keep it open, as he stroked his cock with the tip just resting on her bottom lip.

The three cameramen did their jobs.

With a series of loud groans, the Arab began pulsing thick ropes of cum directly into my wife’s open mouth. It looked like he hadn’t cum in weaks, and perhaps he hadn’t–he had at least stored up a while in anticipation of tonight’s event, because the cum just filled my wife’s mouth and overflowed over her bottom lip. He screamed at her to swallow it–she reflexively complied–and he kept shooting.

When he was done, he slapped her across her face with his cock. He clenched his fist to punch her, but the Asian gang leader admonished him to hold his temper, and he quietly withdrew.

Cheers erupted in the room as my wife began sobbing into the couch, aware that 9 other men had paid to use her that night. She felt her ankles being untethered and stood when two of the asian men led her away.

“Wh–where are you taking me?” My wife pleaded, worried she would be taken outside and murdered.

“Your bedroom. Where are your clothes?”

“D-down the hall… master bedroom… first floor.” She stammered as they led her to our bedroom.

She was forced to towel off and removed the last shreds of her earlier garments.

My wife was forced to put on one of her fitted black business pant suits and heels, with a sheer, see-through white top. When dressed, she was led back to the main room with the other men.

“Mr. A and Mr. M have paid the second highest total, Xia Lin. They want to strip you and rape you themselves. Even though the shock of your first encounter may be wearing off, I will tell you that it is in your best interest to resist these men and act as scared as you can. Each of your donors is getting their own video, and they were explicit in wanting to capture you, strip you, and rape you.” the second in command said to her in her ear as she was presented to the men in her new wardrobe.

Their catcalls stung her–the still photographer asked her to pose before the men ripped through her clothes. She was forced to disrobe like a regular nude model, turning this way or that, bending at her hips or squeezing her tits together. The photographer made efficient work of it, while the men enjoyed the show–some took pictures with their cell phones. Other than the expression on her face, the photospread could have been hosted on any of the nicest pay porn sites…

She dressed again and was led to a desk in the corner of the den. Mr. A and Mr. M were two black men in suits–one looked familiar, but she couldn’t place him–and they were going to enter the room, strip her, and rape her as they saw fit. The sense of dread overwhelmed her, but she did not cry yet. She was told not to cry during the setup. Her tears would fall easily once things began.

The cameras captured everything.

In truth, the second rape was as bad as the first. The men slapped her face and punched her in her stomach and violently tore her clothes off. They took turns fucking her in the mouth–their black cocks longer than Tony’s–choking her and stabbing the back of her throat so much she gagged and heaved regularly.

They forced her to give one a blowjob while the other fucked her… then they forced her to give one a blowjob while the other took her ass. She had a hard time concentrating on the cock in her mouth when her ass hurt so much, but the hands in her hair would practically do the work for her when she stopped. They passed her back and forth, each taking multiple turns in her ass, pussy, and mouth.

Unlike the sex stories on rape websites, my wife never got into it. She didn’t orgasm; her body never “betrayed her,” and she never felt so happy to be getting fucked in the ass that she fell in love with doing it or that she needed to get assfucked to cum or anything like that. No, she was raped. Painfully. Repeatedly.

The one thing she would tell me later was that after a while, she just didn’t really feel anything anymore. When men wanted to use her ass, she could take them in her ass. When men wanted to use her mouth, she could take them in her mouth. Cum, lots of it, swallowed mindlessly.

The cameras caught it all.

A group of four men of mixed races followed the two black men. They raped her in our hot tub and on mats by the pool. They DP’d her in her pussy and ass. They made her “air tight” for about 10 minutes of porn-rape-fantasy fucking. She said she hated it when they were doing it to her that night but admitted she had previously fantasized about being with multiple partners. Dreams and reality don’t often match up.

That group of “donors” all came inside of the holes they were fucking–two in her mouth, one in her pussy, and one in her ass.

She was made to shower before the last two men were to take their turns. The two black men had already left her house, as had two of the group of four that fucked her after them, but the Arab was still there as was a Japanese guy and a Swedish guy from the 3rd group when her doorbell rang.

Poor Thao had come early to pick up my wife for their night out.

Man fed up with women swears never to be involved with another one.

Can’t live with them and can’t live without them? Oh, yeah? Wanna bet? Just watch me.

I’m done with women. Finished. I’ve had it. After three failed marriages and three divorces women are all alike. A sucker for a pretty face and a hot body, I’m a sucker for love, but not anymore.

Only, now, I’m done with being a sucker and being sucked dry just because I want my cock sucked. Marriages don’t work and I’m done trying to make them work. Women are only after one thing, money and men are after somethin’ more meaningful, sex. I know.

I vow never to have anythin’ to do with another woman again. Seriously, I swear on my mother. Okay, my Mom isn’t dead, yet, but if she was, I’d swear on her soul. And if I had a Bible in the house, I’d swear on that, too, but my second wife took even that, when she packed up and left.

Just like Alfalfa on Spanky’s Little Rascals, I’m going to create a Women Hater Club. What do you think? Anyone with me? I hate women. They suck.

After my first failed marriage, after my second failed marriage, and after my third failed marriage, much like Al Pacino as Michael Corleone, in Godfather 3, just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. In my case, just when I thought I was out and living the good life, the life of a carefree bachelor, they trick me into marryin’ them by being nice. Yet, once I put that ring on their finger, once they take that vow, then everythin’ changes and it’s me they try to change first.

Well, not this time. No sir. I’m not fallin’ for that no more. I’m done with women. Over and out. Bye, bye. Get lost. Scram. Beat it. Leave. Get out.

I’m done, I tell you. I’d done. There could be a beautiful, buxom blonde who wants to blow me and, okay, after she blows me, I’m done with her.

It all started when Gloria, my third wife wanted me to take her on a cruise. What do I look like I have money? Cruises cost a lot of dough. I need the money that I have for my gamblin’. Hey, cruises are for later when I’m old and retired, not now. For now, I just wanna bet on sports.

Besides, after I agreed to take her on a cruise, once we were out in the middle of the ocean, do you know what this broad said to me? Do you know what she confessed to me? She told me the reason that she needed to take a cruise, are you ready for this shit, was to forget about her boyfriend. Her boyfriend? Yeah, I know.

To forget her boyfriend? That’s what she said. Her boyfriend? Is she serious? Are you kiddin’ me? What the fuck? When did she get a boyfriend? Where was I? Why is the husband always the last to know that his wife is a cheatin’ whore? Hey, I didn’t get the memo that my wife had a freakin’ boyfriend. Who knew?

She broke up with him, she said after he cheated on her. Well, join the club, sister. I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend. She’s supposed to be married to me. I actually thought she was faithful to me. I trusted her. It makes me wonder, now, what else did she lie about? Maybe that wasn’t an act of God that she said put that dent in the hood of my Caddy. Maybe it was her.

She made me so angry that I couldn’t wait to go home and tell my girlfriend what my wife said about having a boyfriend. I couldn’t wait to tell my mistress that after breakin’ up with him that she wanted me to take her on this stupid cruise, so that she could forget him. Unbelievable. Can you believe her nerve?

What am I am asshole? Do I look like a chump? Does she think of me as a sucker willin’ to do anythin’ to please her, while she cheats on me? Well, no more. I’m done.

I should have taken my girlfriend on a cruise, instead of my wife. It’s not bad enough that my wife, my third wife, at that, has been cheatin’ me, but now my girlfriend is mad at me because I took my cheatin’ whore of a wife on a cruise instead of her. My girlfriend said that, except for that one little indiscretion she had with those sailors, that she’s been faithful to me and I believe her.

Hey, she does her part to support the military, you know. What’s so wrong with that? She works in a gentleman’s club. Again, I ask you, what’s so wrong with that?

Unbelievable. I mean, it’s okay for a guy to cheat on his wife but it’s not okay for a wife to cheat on her man. That’s different. It’s not a double standard that I’m writing about here, it’s just the way that it is in nature. Right?

You guys know what I mean. You’re men of the world. Men are going to be men and women forgive them after we buy them somethin’ nice and take them out and show them a good time. That’s the way it’s always been and will always be. We men have needs.

So there we are in the middle of nowhere, an ocean with whales and icebergs, and she tells me not only did she have a boyfriend but also that she broke up with her boyfriend and now she’s a miserable bitch because she misses him. She misses him? Can you believe that? And she tells me all this shit to my face, too. I wanted to slap her. I wanted to give her a head butt.

What the fuck? Why did I bother taking her on a cruise? If I knew she had a boyfriend before, I never would have taken her on a cruise. I would have told her to go fuck herself and to tell her boyfriend to take her on a cruise. She such a friggin’ frigid, money grubbing bitch.

I had to get away from her before I picked her up and threw her overboard off the top deck and left her for the fishes to eat. So, I went in my cabin and locked the door. Not ten minutes later, I’m in there takin’ a good shit from all the food they give me on this cruise, you know, when she’s knockin’ at the door. Mama mia, I never shit so much in my life. I filled the bowl.

“Sammy,” she says. “I need some money. I want to gamble. Sammy. Open the friggin’ door. Sammy!”

It stunk so bad in that small room that I needed to light as many candles as I lit for when they gunned down my friend, Mario. I was embarrassed. There was no way I was letting Stella come inside. It smelled like someone died, that’s how bad the stink was.

“Wait a minute,” I said stallin’ for time. “I’m on the crapper. Give me a minute to wipe my ass.”

The friggin’ cabin is so small that I probably could have slid the money under the door from the bathroom toilet. Only, I wanted to make sure it was Stella who was outside my cabin door and not some imposter tryin’ to get me to give her my money. Hey, I wasn’t born yesterday. I’m wise to all the scams they do today because I’ve done a few myself in the past.

Besides, now that I don’t trust Stella no more, how do I know that she wouldn’t scam me by sayin’ I never gave her any money. She could say that wasn’t her behind the door, when I slid the money to her. I needed to have a face to face meetin’. So I did what I had to do and opened the door a crack and handed her five hundred dollars.

“Did you wash your hands?” She says to me, as if I’m an unhygienic animal of somthin’.

“Yeah, I washed my hands. What do I look like a homeless vagrant to you, a hobo? I have more class than that. I used to work in a restaurant when I was a kid. I always wash my hands, especially after I do number two,” I said holdin’ up two fingers and wantin’ to say, especially after I just took a giant shit like I just took. Wow.

No, I wiped my ass with the money I just handed you because I knew I was goin’ to give it to you, is what I wanted to say and should have said. Only, I thought of that later, after she left. And as if she’d turn down money that had a little shit on it anyway.

“Good, because I don’t want to get sick aboard this boat,” she says to me.

“That’s all you get the whole cruise,” I said handin’ her the money. “Make it last.”

“Make it last? Sammy, this won’t last me an hour.”

“Too bad. Make it last,” I said.

“And what happens when we land in port and I wanna go shoppin’?”

“Pick one. Either you spend the five bills on gamblin’ or on shoppin’ or spend half on gamblin’ and the other half on shoppin’. It’s your call, only make it last.”

“C’mon, Sammy, don’t be so cheap. If you’re nice to me, I’ll suck your cock later,” she said.

Suck my cock, my ass. I’m not fallin’ for that line again, only to hear her excuses why she can’t suck my cock later.

‘Oh, Sammy, I have a horrible headache, a migraine. I can’t even open my eyes.’

‘Then, keep your eyes closed and just open your mouth.’

‘Sammy, I feel so sick. I’m seasick. I nauseous. I feel like pukin’.’

‘Good, then bend over and I’ll shove my cock up your ass, while you puke.’

‘Sammy, I’d suck your cock, but I have my period?’

Period? Huh? Are you kiddin’ me? Like havin’ her period has anythin’ to do with her not suckin’ my cock. She’ll say anythin’ not to blow me.

“Have you boyfriend wire you some money,” I said and slammed the door in her face.

So, come midnight, there’s no Stella. She’s been gone for hours. I was gettin’ a little worried, you know, but I figured we’re on a boat. How much trouble can she get herself in. Then, I thought what if she was depressed and got drunk and fell overboard? Fuck!

What if they blamed me for her death? What if they figured that I pushed her overboard, which is what I wanted to do, especially after she told me she had a boyfriend. Just my luck. And I ain’t got no alibi. I’m in my cabin drinkin’ alone, while practicin’ countin’ cards to play Blackjack later.

Everyone knows I have a temper. Everyone knows that Stella and I fight a lot. I’d go to jail without even havin’ the pleasure of killin’ her myself. I don’t mind going to jail for somethin’ I did, but I don’t want to go to jail for somethin’ I didn’t do. No one wants to be framed, especially for murder.

Maybe she’s still gamblin’. Maybe she’s winnin’. What the Hell else could she be doin’ on a ship for six hours unless she’s gamblin’, eatin’, or, holy fuck? I betcha that’s what she’s doin’. She’s fuckin’ somebody. That no good whore.

I walked that whole ship, all nine decks, until my feet where fallin’ off. I felt like I was on the friggin’ Titanic with all the icebergs that were floatin’ by the ship. Then, I finally made my way down to the lower deck where passengers aren’t supposed to go because it’s all crewmembers and there I see my Stella’s stiletto, red shoes stickin’ out of a staircase. She’s was on her knees between some guys legs. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I had to get closer to make sure it was her. That was when I heard her squeaky high pitched little voice. Oh, yeah, that’s Stella alright. No one talks in such an annoyin’ voice as my Stella.

“I love your cock,” she said. “You have a beautiful cock.”

I was peekin’ between the stairway. I could see them, but they couldn’t see me. I was in the dark and where they were was light enough that I could make out what they were doin’ and imagine the rest.

He had her blouse splayed open and her bra was up and over her tits. He was feelin’ my Stella’s tits and fingerin’ her nipples, that son of a bitch, dirty bastard. I watched him suck her tits. Then, she was kissin’ him, French kissin’ him, as she was strokin’ his cock.

No wonder why she never wants to blow me. She’s blowin’ everyone else. Oh, my God, I had such an erection watchin’ my Stella being unfaithful to me, the dirty little slut.

“Do you want a blowjob?” She asked him in that same sexy voice she asked me when we were first dating, before we were married and she was cheatin’ on me. “Do you want me to suck your cock?”

“Yes,” he said.

Tell me, unless she was askin’ one of those rhetorical questions, you know, what guy in his right mind would say no to a question like that? Can you imagine a guy say, no thank you, but I’m not in the mood for a blowjob. Maybe later. Give me a break.

I couldn’t believe it. I watched her lean down and take his cock in her mouth. She was suckin’ him. She was blowin’ him. My Stella was givin’ some little foreign guy a blowjob.

What happened to her headache? She’s not nauseous now? She was seasick before, but not now. It’s a miracle. She’s cured.

I pulled out my cell phone and took a photo of Stella with his cock in her mouth. They didn’t even see the camera flash. I got up, walked closer, and took another picture. I was practically standing right beside them when I took my third photo before either of them noticed me. They were both drunk, but I got a beautiful photo of Stella suckin’ the guy’s cock, while he fondled her naked tits.

“I want a divorce,” I said. “My attorney will be in touch with you,” I said walking back to my room and locking the door.

He was a foreigner alright. I didn’t know what the Hell he was, what country he was from, all I knew was he was young and full of cum and my Stella was goin’ to suck him off and have him cum in her mouth, no doubt and swallow. She’s such a dirty little whore. She’s so nasty.

Is this what she does to her boyfriend? Gives him a blowjob? How many boyfriends has she had, since she’s been married to me? How many men has she blown? Surely, this wasn’t the first time she cheated on me. She’s no better than a cockroach or a rat. Once you see one roach and one rat, then you know the whole house is infested. Well, I’m done with her infestin’ my house.

I don’t know where she slept that night, but I was packed and gone off the boat, as soon as they docked. I took the first flight home, while Stella finished the cruise, no doubt. By the time she arrived home, I had all of her clothes and things packed in boxes and staged in the front hall. This was my house, after all, and she had no rights to anythin’, especially with the photos I had of her cheatin’ on me.

So, that’s why, I’m done with women. It’s over, I’m tellin’ you. No more will I make an ass of myself over another woman. It’s not happenin’. Nope, I’m done.

“Excuse me while I place my bet. Give me a hundred on the nose for the seven horse,” I said handin’ my C-note to a cute redhead with big, blue eyes and big D cup boobs.

“You have such nice big hands,” she said.

“What? Nice, big hands? I do?” I looked at my hands wantin’ to say and you have nice big boobs, Red. “Yeah, I guess I do,” I said lookin’ at my hands, again. “Thank you,” I said givin’ her a smile.

“I was about to take a break,” she said to me. “Wanna buy me a cup of coffee?”

I never had a woman flirt with me, so openly like this before. Maybe it’s my new cologne.

“Yeah, sure, doll,” I said. “Yeah, I’d like to buy you a cup of coffee. What’s your name?”

“Colleen,” she said.

“I’m Sammy,” I said thinkin’, so much for the Women Hater Club.

That idea lasted a few hours. I have to admit, it was a stupid idea because Colleen is such a nice girl. She’s a beautiful girl. She gives me all the sex that I could ever want.

So, what was I sayin’? Oh, yeah. I love women. I think I’ll ask Colleen to marry me. I like bein’ married. Maybe we’ll take a cruise for our honeymoon.

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