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Axton hefted the grenade mod in his hand. He knew a thing or two about things that go boom, being a soldier himself. Well, ex-soldier. Anyway, the commando had done a little tinkering and increased the blast radius by a meter and a half. The Maliwan core employed shock weaponry, which Gaige seemed to enjoy, so he thought he’d show it to her.

Deathtrap, the patchwork slaughter machine, hovered in front of her door protectively. It scanned Axton briefly and Axton was grateful that Gaige had programmed him into its friend-or-foe database. He had seen it slice through bandits with disturbing ease. He paused to wonder exactly what kind of science fair project the flying murder machine had failed to win. The commando shook his head and held up the grenade mod.

“Hey, I wanna give this to Gaige. She likes blowing shit up, right?” Axton said.

The machine seemed to consider this and then hovered aside. The door was a small hatchway in whatever kind of ship Sanctuary used to be. It was really too bad that it couldn’t fly anymore. The city was damn near choked with refugees but as Vault Hunters, Axton and Gaige had small rooms near Roland’s command center. Axton could hear some kind of machinery whirring from Gaige’s room and wondered what she was playing with this time.

He pulled on the lever and ducked through the hatch, letting the door fall shut behind him.

“Hey…” Axton started. He stopped at that because ‘Hey, I thought you might like this grenade mod, it’s pretty awesome’ was no longer applicable to the scene.

There was not much more in the room than a pair of leaning dented lockers, a small desk, and a bed. The teenage ‘mechromancer’ –as she liked to call herself –lay on the bed, nearly nude. The girl was topless, exposing her pale chest. Her tits were small and slightly pointed, not much more than B-cups if Axton was any judge. And the commando considered himself a great judge of breasts. She still wore her thigh-high striped stockings and pleated skirt, but that skirt was pushed up around her narrow waist. Her legs were spread wide, her panties –black with a winking yellow happy face printed on the ass –hung from one knee. Her smooth white thighs joined at her shaved crotch. Her pink pussy gleamed with juices which made wet squishing noises as the machine did its work.

…The machine. It sat on the desk at the foot of the bed and appeared to be a small motor. It hummed and clanked loudly, almost covering up Gaige’s moans at it drove two pistons between her legs. Each shaft terminated in a sparkling purple cock-shaped apparatus. One pumped in and out of her teenage twat, glistening with girlcum as it withdrew, then sliding more smoothly back into her cunt than the rumblings of the machine would imply. The second piston was positioned below the first and the dildo at its end was slightly shorter and smaller. Axton watched Gaige’s sybian thrust it in and out of the small pink pucker of her anus. The mechromancer writhed on the bed, shifting and squirming under the sexual assault of her machine. She thrashed on the bed, but never enough to dislodge the toys working in her holes.

The right words finally came to Axton.


The teenager finally became aware of her guest and looked up. Sweat shined on her brow and her pale chest.

“Hey!” she moaned.

The girl pushed herself up and reached between her legs for her machine. She shook in the grip of orgasm, her whole body shaking as she strained to touch the huge lever that controlled the sybian. Being the gentleman that he was, Axton crossed to the bedside in a single stride and slapped the lever. The machine died down in a series of shuddering jerks that Gaige seemed helpless but to enjoy. Her slender body shuddered along with it and she bit her painted lip against a moan. When the dildos were still she pushed herself back until she could pull her pussy and ass off the shafts.

Gaige grabbed her skull-emblazoned t-shirt and held it up to her chest, bringing her legs together to hide her sopping pussy. “What the fuck’s the big idea, Axton?” she yelled.

“Hey, you shoulda left a ‘do not disturb’ sign on that flying cuisinart out there,” Axton said. “I just popped in to give you this.” The commando tossed the grenade mod to the teenager.

The mechromancer snatched it out of the air in her robotic hand. The machinery of it whirled smoothly and her fingers curled delicately around the mod. Clutching her shirt with only one hand, it fell away from her left breast. Her nipple was still hard and thrust out from the pale orb of her tit.

“Wow, neat!” She turned the mod over and over in her hand, examining it closely. “Someone did some pretty shoddy work on this thing, but I see what they were trying to do.”

Axton flushed slightly. “Yeah, probably some bandit dimwit. Lucky he didn’t blow his own nuts off. I thought you might get a kick out of it anyways.”

“Yeah, cool. Thanks!”

Axton stood where he was, shuffling his feet slightly. The erection trapped in his fatigues was painful, but he wasn’t about to do anything that might make Gaige cover up that perky little tit. Gaige looked back up at Axton, smiling, then the distraction of the grenade mod wore off again.

“You still shouldn’t have come in here, you jerk,” she griped. “I should shove this thing right up your stupid ass!”

“You didn’t lock your door, little lady! Not my fault!” Axton said. “What the hell were you doing? Wouldn’t it have been easier just to find a dude and get laid?”

“You mean, like, a guy?” Gaige made a face like Axton had suggested she eat a rakk.

“Well, yeah. Looks like you could use at least one cock,” Axton gestured to Gaige’s sybian.

“Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!” Gaige protested. Axton appreciated the fact that she was still only bothering to hold her shirt up with one hand, leaving her breast happily exposed.

“You’ve never done it with a guy, have you?” Axton accused.

Gaige bit her lower lip again, with more shyness than Axton had ever seen from her. “Maybe. So?”

The commando grinned. “Just saying those things,” he pointed to her machine, “aren’t the same, darlin’.”

The mechromancer looked at Axton, then her gaze walked up and down his body. He saw her eyes pause on his shoulders and biceps, then his chest. They widened slightly when they got to his crotch. Whoops. Forgot about that boner. Axton shrugged. There was no use hiding it now.

“Is that an offer?” Gaige asked. She cocked her head defiantly, but continued to chew on her lower lip.

“Hell yeah!” Axton said. The commando unbuckled the more ungainly of his holsters and harnesses and plucked the t-shirt out of Gaige’s hands. She let him take it and leaned back on her arms. Her pert tits thrust out, pink tipped. “Nice!”

Axton kneeled on the bed next to Gaige and reached between her legs. The teenager let him part her thighs slowly, a little hesitantly, until her dripping pussy was spread. The commando slid his hand up her leg until he passed her stockings and felt her smooth skin beneath his hand. Axton’s callused fingers found her slit and traced her lips slowly. Gaige shuddered and bit her lips again. It did not quite stifle her moan.

For a moment, her knees quivered as if she might close her legs against him, but the mechromancer gave a faint whimper and relaxed. Her thighs spread wider and she allowed his fingers to penetrate her. Axton moved closer to Gaige as his fingers slid into her meltingly hot tunnel. He put one arm around her as he began to work inside her, stroking her vagina from within. Gaige trembled under Axton’s touch until her arms grew weak. She fell back into the bed, whimpering. He found her g-spot, touched her cervix, stroked her shining lips.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” Gaige moaned.

Axton grinned again as he finger-banged her little teenage pussy. Wetness dripped down his fingers and wrist. The mechromancer arched her back as she climbed to another orgasm and Axton leaned down and took her nipple between his lips. He sucked and nibbled on the peak of her breast as she clawed at the sheets. She fell limp against the mattress as she came down. Axton took the opportunity to fondle and lick both of her perky tits until she began to stir again.

“Like that?” he asked.


Axton pulled back. “Okay then. I guess I’ll just leave…”

“Don’t you fucking dare!” Gaige told him. She was obviously a girl used to getting her way. Third place in the science fair wasn’t enough, and neither was one orgasm, no matter how long she had writhed on Axton’s fingers or how much she had soaked the bed with gushing girlcum. But Axton knew that she would get what she wanted this time.

He flipped Gaige over and pulled her onto her hands and knees. Bent over, her skirt failed to cover her ass completely –a fact that Axton had not failed to notice when she stopped to tie her boots out there on the Frostburn Plateau. The commando admired her small, firm ass for a moment before slapping one cheek firmly, leaving a blushing pink handprint.

“More, eh? You got it!” Axton said. He held her hip with one hand and speared her pussy from behind. He worked his strong digits in and out of the writhing teen. Gaige renewed her moans and curled her toes as Axton stroked every inch of her tunnel.

“So, you like taking it in the ass?” he asked, one blond eyebrow raised.

Without waiting for a response, Axton bent over her and licked up the crack of her ass, tasting the pussy juice that had dripped from her. Gaige’s back arched at the touch of his tongue and a long ‘aahhhh’ escaped her lips. The commando chuckled and licked her ass again. His experienced tongue circled the pucker of her anus and traced the cleft of her buttocks. Axton waited until she hit the peak of another orgasm and then dipped his tongue into her asshole. He rotated his finger in her cunt and pushed up, thrusting his tongue deep into her butt and licking hard at the bulge of his finger in her rectum.

“Fucking shit! You fucking cock, I’m cumming! Shit, I’m cumming!” Gaige cried again and again.

“That’s not even the main course, darlin’,” Axton said.

He shook his fingers, flicking drops onto Gaige’s pale ass, then licked them clean. The commando rose from the bed and kicked off his boots. His fatigues followed quickly. He watched the teenager panting on the bed, pleated skirt tangled around her narrow hips and round ass still up in the air.

Axton’s dick was as hard as it had ever been. He felt like someone had slipped him a couple of capsules of Engorge™. He grabbed Gaige’s hip and rolled her onto her back once more. The ex-soldier admired her tits again and fell on them hungrily. Axton held one smooth, pointy orb in each hand, squeezing and pinching until the girl was writhing and hungry for more.

“You ready for this?” Axton said.

Before Gaige could answer, Axton held her legs open and kneeled between her thighs. The girl didn’t resist. She just looked up at him, the band-aid on her cheek standing out against the blush beneath. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly, her nipples slick from Axton’s mouth and her pale flesh showing the pink marks of his groping fingers and the darkening love-bites beneath. The commando grabbed his rock-hard cock and lined it up with Gaige’s virgin pussy. The mechromancer looked down and pulled her skirt up so she could watch. The ex-soldier’s cock was nine inches long and as thick her three of her fingers. Axton could see her measuring him against her machine. He was considerably longer than her machine.

He leaned forward and pressed his hips into her. Gaige’s orgasms ran slick and wet over her thighs and her shaved pussy and his girth slid easily into her, but slowly. The sybian’s dildos were not as thick as Axton, and even with the juice of a half dozen climaxes glistening over her crotch, she was only eighteen years old and her young quim was tight. Inch by inch Axton spread her pussy with his cock and penetrated the mechromancer.

Gaige trembled beneath Axton. She reached up and ran her hands over his arms, his shoulders, his chest. Just yesterday she had asked if he worked out. He was glad she noticed. Or had he asked her? Ah, who cared? Axton was just glad that he did work out as he held himself up on his arms and began to pump his hips back and forth.

“Damn, you’re tight!” he grunted. His thick cock slid in and out of the girl. She didn’t seem to notice his comment. Gaige was now digging her fingers into Axton’s shoulders and using her grip as leverage to grind her hips onto his shaft. She was panting and moaning and the flush on her chest was deepening.

“Fuck, your cock is big!” Gaige panted.

“You like?” Axton said.

“It’s hot. So much warmer. Fuck me! I’m going to cum!”

She did and Axton was glad that Gaige approved of real cock. He hammered her twat hard as she crested and then began to spew pleasurable obscenities. A tirade of filth laced with words like ‘cumming,’ ‘fuck,’ ‘cock,’ ‘cunt,’ and ‘capacitor.’

Gaige spread her legs wide and held her ankles. She pulled herself into something like the splits so Axton could plow her deeply. Her breasts were flushed and her nipples stood up from her small tits impossibly hard. Axton leaned down and began to suck one while she came. Gaige’s tight cunt and the stream of perversity flowing from her mouth was driving Axton quickly toward the brink of his own climax.

“I’m gonna cum, baby!” he grunted. Gaige stared at him and nodded, but her eyes were wide and she bit her lip again. She had no idea what was coming.

Axton pushed himself up onto his knees and slid his cock out of her tight slit. A thick coat of slick girlcum coated his shaft and dripped onto Gaige’s mound as he knee-walked a little closer. The commando grabbed his heated shaft and began to jerk it in hard, swift strokes. With a deep moan, Axton hit the point of no return. A long rope of pearly cum flew from his cock and splashed onto Gaige’s chest.

“Yeah!” he shouted.

Cum volleyed from him again and painted a line down the girl’s sternum over the first. Axton’s hand blurred up and down his cock, milking out pulse after pulse of semen. Jizz flew in long spurts that splattered over Gaige’s teenage titties. Jizz ran in thick streams down her pointed breasts and crisscrossed her lean stomach. A small puddle of cum collected in her pierced navel. Axton sighed and wiped his cock off against the mechromancer’s stocking-clad thigh.

Gaige took several long minutes to catch her breath. Her pupils slowly constricted back to normal and the blush began to fade. “Wow. Much better than machines.” She traced a finger down her chest, scooping up a wad of semen. “What’s this? Did you spring a leak or something?”

“It’s cum. Give it a try,” Axton said. Gaige considered for a moment. He watched as the jizz dripped from her finger, dangling in a short strand until it fell back onto her tit. Apparently, Gaige decided that if Axton was right about real cock, he just might be right about cum. The mechromancer scooped up another line of spunk and popped it into her mouth.

“Huh, interesting,” she said, quirking one eyebrow. She plucked another gooey wad from her nipple and sampled it again. Axton thoughtfully tossed her the discarded t-shirt and Gaige scrubbed the semen off her perky tits and stomach.

“So, you ready for more?” Axton asked.

His cock was long and hard again. The commando wondered if someone had mixed up some Engorge™ with nutrient pills or if bandits had mixed some into health vials at one of Dr Zed’s medical vendors. Again. He hoped that Gaige was ready for more, because he sure as well was.

“Damn, you are a machine.” Gaige winked. She spread her legs again and idly stroked her dripping wet pussy.

“How about a little anal?” Axon asked. He helped Gaige stand up and then bent her over the little desk.

“Um,” was all Gaige got out before Axton slapped her ass again and made her squeak.

He felt the soft globes of her ass against the sensitive head of his dick and then the tight pucker of her ass. Her crack was still wet with saliva and dripping girlcum. Axton held Gaige down with a heavy hand against the small of her back and steadied his cock with the other. He held it firmly aligned with the teenager’s asshole and pushed against her. She whimpered as the swollen head pushed against her lubed anus.

The sybian sat on the desk in front of Gaige. She watched it closely, perhaps remembering using it only twenty minutes ago. The dildos still shined with her juices. Gaige inhaled, smelling them, and then stuck her tongue out. She touched the tip of her tongue to the rigid purple plastic and withdrew it immediately. Gaige probed the dildo with her tongue again and gave it a tentative swipe. She licked again, then again.

Axton wondered if Engorge™ came in extra-strength and if this is what it would feel like. His cock was ridiculously huge and steely. If Gaige was trying to make it easier for her to take him in her tight little ass, her plan was backfiring as his dick just got thicker and harder. Honestly, Axton didn’t care much why Gaige was now busily cleaning her dildos of her pussy juices, sucking each violet pseudo-cock clean. It was just awesome.

Finally, Axton managed to force the blunt head of his straining cock through Gaige’s tight sphincter. The crown popped past the muscular ring and into the smooth warmth of her back passage.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” he shouted.

Gaige whimpered but she pushed back against him a little. His cock was bigger than the sybian’s larger dildo, and the one that went up her ass was the smaller of the two. It must have hurt, but the mechromancer squirmed pleasantly against Axton. Another inch of hard flesh disappeared into her backside, then another. He began rocking his hips slowly. He pulled out an inch, then drove his cock in two inches. Out an inch, then another two into her. The commando paused for a moment when he had reached maximum depth. His balls pressed snuggly against Gaige’s seeping pussy and the head of his cock nuzzled deep in her bowels.

“It’s deep… It’s big…” Gaige whispered. “Fuck!”

Having her asshole spread, having her butt filled with hot meat, must have been too much for her. Something broke in the teenager and she screamed out. Her slender body jerked and bucked against the soldier, working his cock deep in her rear. Freshets of juice began to spurt in waves from her young pussy, bathing Axton’s balls until her wetness ran down both of their thighs. Her anus squeezed Axton’s cock almost painfully hard. Axton cracked the flat of his hand against Gaige’s ass. Left cheek. Then her right and then the left again. She screamed, but it seemed to loosen her tight little anus up. The commando’s cock moved more freely through Gaige’s rectum and he began to ass-fuck her in earnest.

She steadied herself on the desk while he fucked her butt, but still his hips slammed into her small ass and rocked her back and forth. Gaige licked at the sybian dildos, tasting the last traces of her orgasms. She gasped, then almost choked as Axton bumped her forward. It pushed her further forward than she was expecting and as she gasped, her mouth was forced down the dildo. Each piston-like thrust of Axton’s cock up her ass shoved the mechromancer’s mouth down the plastic dick, choking her on it. Drool began to escape her lips and drip down her chin. Gaige pushed against the cock with her tongue and clamped her lips down on it to slow its invasion of her throat as Axton forced her to blow the dildo.

Axton drew his hips back and Gaige finally managed to work her mouth off the sybian’s cock. She coughed and spat and then screamed as Axton drove his dick back into her rear, full-length.

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