Gillian 07 – An innocent wife no longer


Robert – her husband, who knows she has been blackmailed into prostitution, and some of what she has done but not all of it.

Nat – Black visitor from USA, who paid to have sex with her. He contacts to make another appointment.

The Jeweller, Harry, who first blackmailed her and led her astray

Her husband’s secretary








She replaced the telephone receiver and felt the butterflies in her belly. She would not tell her husband about the call. Not yet. She might not go through with it. After all, her marriage was more open now. She and Robert were more adventurous. There was no need to see Nat, no need to take risks. She poured herself a drink and found herself surveying her living room, the fine furniture, the life she had made with her husband. She felt how much she loved him. Through the room window she saw the quietness of their road, with its neat gardens.

And she thought of Nat, the big African-American, and his confident, easy manner, the mystery he carried of distant places. His deep voice and thick American accent. Memories came to her. Shocking, unspeakable memories. His velvety black cock in her mouth and deep inside her body, invading her, filling her. His smell, his colour. She remembered the jeweller piercing her, and the men admiring her when it was done. She felt the piercing in her pussy, felt herself getting wet. She looked out of the bedroom window at the peaceful life she had wanted, and felt the weight of the barbell, felt it tingling.

She tried to act normally when Robert came home but she was distracted. She was aching. She moved around the house quickly, constantly finding something to do, never settling down. She experienced short periods of blankness, almost dizziness while she was doing the housework.

Robert knew her well enough to know something had happened but he said nothing. All evening he watched her fidgeting. That night in bed he found her wet and passionate. More ready than he could have hoped. When they had finished and she was resting her head on his chest, she told him.

‘It’s on Saturday,’ she added. She didn’t look at him. She hoped he would tell her to cancel it, but he said nothing.

‘Who is it?’ He asked.

‘Nat. I don’t know if there’s going to be anyone else. I don’t have any more information.’

She looked up at him but he said nothing. She rested her head back on the pillow and gazed at blurred shadows in the dim light.



The following morning, Robert phoned from work and told her to come into town for lunch.

‘Without underwear,’ he said. ‘And wear that grey jersey dress.’

It was a good sign, she thought. He was ok with the meeting and he wanted to play. The dress stretched over her figure and reached down to mid-thigh. She settled into the hugging fabric and adjusted it in the bedroom mirror. She tried to make the plunging neckline cover as much as possible, but whenever she moved, it revealed one breast or the other almost completely. She knew it would attract attention and felt herself getting moist with the idea of men, and women, looking with desire at her breasts. She chose lace-decorated hold up stockings. Black high heels. She wondered what Nat would think if he saw her like this.

She was squirming by the time she arrived down town and pushed open the glass door into Corpacci’s. She was aware of heads turning as she was guided to the bar where her husband was waiting.

Diners could see no panty-line under the dress. It cleanly revealed the contours of her body where her flesh pressed against the thin material and put it under tension. Other parts of her body left a hollow under the fabric, and these areas of hollow and tension shifted with the undulation of her walk, so the clinging dress had the effect of accentuating every curve of her figure as she moved. When she left home her nipples were soft and relaxed. Now they betrayed her. They were swollen and jutted through the knit fabric to reveal how excited she was.

But although she was turned on, she still carried herself like a well-brought up girl. Her walk was proud and elegant. She tilted her head and brushed hair from her forehead with the middle fingers of her right hand in a delicate gesture that was typical of her. Those watching would imagine her neat shoulder bag to be organised inside, for her to be well-educated, and for her life to be refined and contained. And all these things were true in many ways. Gillian did not have the appearance of a woman who would entertain degrading thoughts, let alone engage in degrading behaviour, and her polished manner added considerably to her attractiveness.

She felt eyes surveying her as the waiter pulled out her stool. The short dress rose high, and the round seat of the bar stool pushed apart her thighs, so she clenched them together to avoid showing herself openly. The tension in her thigh muscles put pressure on her pussy and she felt the pressure between her legs. She wanted to cross them legs to hide more, but that would expose her bare pussy if she moved. She tingled.

The lace of her hold-up stockings was clearly visible. She balanced herself on the bar with her left hand and with her right hand, tried to pull the dress lower to cover her stocking tops. But that only attracted more attention, and at one point revealed her large areolae.

Her husband seemed to enjoy her predicament. He smiled and gestured to the girl attending bar, who seemed to know him well.

‘Champagne please,’ he said. She obviously knew what he wanted and went directly to the fridge.

She noticed a group of business men at the dining table nearest to the bar. He husband seemed to know them. Their chairs were lower than the barstool, and their sight-line even with the seat of her stool. She adjusted her position to face away from the table as far possible, and managed to sit at a three-quarter degree angle to them. But she became of the material stretching around her buttocks. She knew they were still staring at the swell of her hips and the narrowing of her waist.

One man paid particular attention. She felt herself going hot and cold. Had he seen her at the hotel that night with the jeweller? The idea filled her with horror that the young man had seen her being publicly degraded in the hotel lounge, that he might have witnessed what the jeweller and his friends did to her. She had never had the courage to tell her husband about that night.

Her legs faced towards the bar, away from the table, so she relaxed the tension in her thighs and she was unprepared when Robert took her shoulder and swiveled the stool to face the men at the table, leaving her thighs open in front of them. She hastily brought them together, but it was too late. She knew that some of them and seen all the way up. She blushed deeply.

‘Oh, Antony, this is Gillian,’ she heard him saying. The young man nodded. He gave her a knowing look.

‘Pleased to meet you,’ she said, holding her thighs tightly together again. She nodded and tried to smile casually, knowing how deeply she was blushing in front of the men. She was agonisingly aware of her body, of the dress, of the feelings along her nerves. She remembered what the young man would have seen if he really was there in the hotel that night, the way she yielded and enjoyed it. Her blush deepened.

There was a smugness in his attitude, Gillian saw.

A distraction arose behind her as the champagne was popped and she turned to see the waitress filling a champagne flute. Bubbles rose in the glass and broke on the surface. Her husband raised his glass to hers and touched it. He leaned in to her.

‘To my beautiful wife,’ he said. She raised the champagne to her lips. Her glass was refilled twice. She had not eaten and the champagne went straight to her head. She felt the attention of the men at the table. It was lunchtime and her body was alive and awake, stimulated by the attention, by the champagne, by the atmosphere of the restaurant. She felt herself getting moist.

Her husband leaned into her.

‘Open your legs,’ she heard him say. ‘Slowly. ‘

She obeyed.

“Now turn round and survey the room. Make out you’re looking for a table.”

She did what she was told. She opened her legs slightly. She noticed the heads turning, the pause in conversation. She knew they saw all the way up between her thighs to the moist, exposed flesh of her pussy, the shiny barbell piercing there. They had time to look at it. She flushed deeply. But the lewd attention turned her on. As she turned back to the bar she noticed nudges and winks at the table, intakes of breath. She was wet now and tingling. She wondered why her husband had chosen this moment to humiliate her like this, whether it was revenge for the meeting she had arranged with Nat, or just for his own pleasure.

The waiter came to show them their table.

‘I’ll be back in a minute,’ she said to Robert. She headed for the ladies room to check that moisture had not seeped through her dress. In the toilet, she ran her finger between her lips. She was very wet. She saw her sticky pussy juice on the material. She dabbed at it with toilet tissue to try and remove her juices and prevent the dampness from seeping through. Her blood was pounding.

The door of the Ladies opened and she heard steps. They were not a woman’s steps. There was a knock on the door.

‘Open, quickly!’

She recognised the voice of Antony, the guy at the table. She did not want a scene so she pulled back the latch, and opened the door an inch.

‘What do you…’ But he squeezed himself into the compartment before she finished or had a chance to close the door.

He looked down at her with the smugness she had seen earlier. He put his hands on her head and drew it towards his crotch until she was pressed against the thin material of his pants. He did it with authority, like he knew he had a right to do it. He must have seen her that night. She felt his growing stiffness against her cheek. She closed her eyes and sighed.

‘Yes,’ he said.

He unbuckled himself and pulled down the zip. It was semi-erect, the head emerging from the glans. She could smell it. Her pussy was flooding now. Her body wanted it but she knew it was wrong. Her husband was waiting at their table. She looked at it, and she knew that by looking she would make it worse, she would want it more, be less likely to challenge him. It was going to happen.

She leaned forward and took him in her mouth.

‘Aaah,’ she heard. He guided her up and down as his cock stiffened. It grew massively. The taste and feel of sucking the warm flesh made her even more dizzy. She ached to be touched herself. She pulled herself away from the cock to look at it again. It’s head was big and red, fully engorged. The veins stood out. He was very excited. She looked up at him and took it in her mouth again. She remembered the jeweller and the first time she had done this with a stranger, the effect it had on her. It was still the same. It was like she lost reason.

He placed his hands behind her head and pulled her onto him until she gagged. Then he applied more pressure, choking her on it. He pulled out and she was breathless. Her mouth full of fluid.

‘Just relax. Let it go down.’ He had a nice voice now. Gentle, encouraging. He rubbed it on her lips, on her face and put it in her mouth. Then the hands when behind her head and she felt the pressure again. His cock pushed against the back of her throat. She tried to relax her muscles like he said. but they tightened again, and again he pulled out. Fluids dripped from her lips down her chin.

‘Jerk it for me. Kiss it.’She did it. She rubbed the cock up and down. She could feel the veins, the velvety texture. She took the bell end in her mouth and continued masturbating. Her pussy was drenched. She kissed the tip of it and took the head in her mouth while she jerked it.

Then he applied pressure steadily and firmly, ignoring her gagging until her throat opened and his cock pushed past and went on down. She felt a panic as her throat gave way to the invading cock. She couldn’t breathe. He held it there, his hands on the back of her head, and when he pulled out slowly, the juices from her throat and mouth dripped down onto her breasts. He massaged the liquid into her large breasts and felt their weight, pulled on the nipples.

He was very worked up now. He took his cock out and pumped it in his hand a few times and then pushed it in between her lips. He repeated what he had done before. She felt her throat resisting and then opening. The panic. The cock going deeply into her body. She felt her face up against his belly, her nose in his pubic hair.

When he took the cock out now, she wanted it back. She kept her mouth open for it. She was panting and mad. She took his hand and pushed it down between her legs and his fingers found her wet, swollen pussy. They slipped in easily and he churned his fingers inside, her hips jerking on the toilet seat as she came.

He put the other hand back on her head and again pulled her down onto his cock until her throat gave way. Then he fucked her throat gently until until his cock was squirting its load into her.

She felt the warmth of his semen. She was choking, nearly vomiting. He held her there while his cum spilled down onto her breasts. Tears ran down her cheeks when he pulled out and smeared her make-up. She was crying and gasping and puking drool. She could taste his cum. Her nostrils were full of it.

She looked up at him and swallowed.

‘Phew. God, you’re something,’ he said. He pulled himself out and quickly adjusted his dress. He wanted to escape from the ladies room.

She mopped up the wetness in her pussy with tissue when he had gone, and wiped the fluids from her chest and breasts. She was a mess. She did not want to be caught cleaning her breasts in the ladies room outside the cubicle, so she flushed the toilet and wet toilet tissue in the flushing water to wash herself. She pulled her dress down and leaned over the toilet and used the toilet paper and flushing water to clean the slime and come from her breasts and chest. ‘What have I come to?’ She thought.

Her pussy was still inflamed and she knew it would wet the dress in seconds. She used tissue as a makeshift tampon to stem the flow of juices. She stepped out of the cubicle and cleaned her face and reapplied makeup and lipstick, but she could not conceal the flushed ecstasy of her appearance. She squirted perfume generously.

Robert had ordered for her by the time returned.

‘You were gone so long, so I took the liberty.’

How can he not notice? She wondered. And she wondered about the nod and glance he gave when Antony stood up to leave. What was in that look? She wondered if Robert was observing her while she pretended nothing had happened. She thought about telling him. She decided not to.

All through the meal he looked at her knowingly. He smiled and ogled her. But she just couldn’t tell if he knew what had happened. Her nervousness was made worse by the waiter who came regularly to ask if everything was to her satisfaction. He stood at an angle that gave a good view of her breasts and did not hurry away. By the time the bill came she was pressing her thighs together again to relieve the tension.

She was dizzy, confused. And inflamed with lust. She wanted to know what Robert had planned for her.



He said nothing. He guided her to the street and across the road. She walked through his open plan office with the gentle sway characteristic of her walk, and greeted members of the staff as she passed. A couple of junior programmers watched her open-mouthed. She heard their whispers.

“That’s his wife.”

“Was she wearing underwear?”

He led her past his secretary, a dark, confident girl with tortoiseshell glasses on a string around her neck, and a prim pin-stripe suit. Her sharp features matched her clipped, efficient voice. Gillian wondered how someone so young – the same age as herself – could be so buttoned-up. She remembered how officiously the girl spoke on the telephone, as though her relationship with Robert was more important than his relationship with his wife.

The girl’s eyes surveyed Gillian’s body unapologetically and Gillian felt her lack of respect. She felt herself burning. She was relieved when Robert opened the glass door and led her to into his office. He adjusted the built-in door-blinds to give them privacy.

She sat on the black leather settee, while he poured a brandy and placed it before her on the glass coffee-table. She felt detached, unreal. She wanted to ask him about the man in the restaurant, or tell him what had happened to relieve the feeling of being tested.

‘Did you enjoy lunch?’ He asked.

There was a mischievous smile at the corner of his mouth but she didn’t want to risk confessing.

‘Mmmmm. Nice,’ she offered, ‘creamy.’ She matched the glitter in his eye.

He sat beside her and slid his hand inside her dress to cup her heavy breast. He held it and squeezed it gently and repeated the caress with the other one. He pulled the dress off her shoulders so they were free, and when he leaned to kiss her she knew how ready she was. It felt wicked here in his office while his employees were working outside. She kissed him back and put her hand on his crotch to feel him. He was stiff.

She was dizzy with lust and unzipped him to feel the nakedness of his cock. She squeezed it as he kissed her. She unbuckled his belt, and pulled down his trousers to take him in her mouth. She kissed the sensitive knob of his cock and took it into her mouth, taking it as deep as she could.

Then she felt his hands on the back of her head, both of them pulling her gently put powerfully down, the way the guy in the restaurant had done. The pressure did not stop, did not allow her to pull back. It forced the blunt head further down into her, and then she felt her throat opening and her lips sliding along it and his cock going deep into her body, somewhere near her heart. Her eyes were wide with astonishment and apprehension.

She felt panic. He started a gentle rocking motion with his hips and fucked her. His hands held her steady and he kept up the movement. Then he let go and she brought herself off it, gasping for breath. Snot dribbled from her nose and she puked huge gobbets of slime and saliva. They dribbled from her mouth down her chin and onto her breasts. Tears dissolved her mascara and it ran in dark streams down her face.

She was panting and mad again. She knew he learned it from the guy at the restaurant. He set her up. He made some deal with Antony, a bet perhaps, even money.

‘Oh God’, she thought, ‘He’s tested me and I’ve failed. He’s treated me like a whore.’

She wiped her mouth with her arm and felt the pressure of his hand pressing her back down onto his cock. This time he held her head and brought her down faster. It reached the gagging point and he applied the steady pressure. She could feel her throat gagging, on the brink of giving way to the invading cock. Her throat opened, and he was in and pushing further down. She wanted to escape, to come back up but he held her on his cock, gently fucking her throat.

Then she heard the door open.

She could turn her eyes just far enough to see the secretary looking at her. It’s odd what comes to your mind, she thought, as she noticed the girl’s tight cut skirt and blouse. The girl did not apologize for intruding, or turn around or leave. She shut the door and approached, a file under her arm. She looked down at Gillian and her eyes seemed to say, ‘this is exactly what I expected of you’.

I knew Jeff through a friend. He was one of those good-looking guys whose reputation preceded him. You could tell, just by the way he acted, that he was dominating and enjoyed taking control.

I’d known him for a few years; he was dating a friend of mine. As couples, we enjoyed nights together drinking wine, exchanging playful banter and flirtatious looks… then one night it all changed.

New year’s eve the four of us decided to get together to celebrate. I knew Jeff and his girlfriend had been going through some tough times, but thought since they invited us to spend the new years with them, things must be on the mend.

We headed over around 8:00, a couple bottles of red wine in hand, and a change of clothes… as we always drank too much with them and ended up crashing in their spare room.

The night began innocently enough. We played some games, drank some wine and then ended up in the Jacuzzi around 11:00. As per the norm, things started to heat up and both of us girls ended up ditching our bathing suits, opting for some skinny dipping… playing around in the Jacuzzi, as couples, was normally how we ended each evening with them. Fucking our partners for an hour or so, and then crashing…

But tonight was different. We’d all had quite a bit to drink and were naked in the Jacuzzi. My boyfriend isn’t a real aggressive kind of man, so we were taking things slow… our friends were already on their second round by the time my boyfriend decided it was time for us to start.

He was sitting down in the Jacuzzi and turned me around so that I was on his lap. This angle gave me a full view of what our friends were up to. I had no choice but to witness her savage taking as I longed for a more aggressive experience.

My boyfriend grabbed my waist and pulled me slowly onto his swollen cock… it felt hot and fulfilling… but secretly I longed to be fucked as my girl friend was. Without caution and without limits…

Happy to finally be fulfilled, I took his cock willingly and started to bounce up and down… my 34DD’s bobbing in and out of the water. It was then that I noticed Jeff watching me… His gaze was intense… and then he raised a single eyebrow… as if enticing me of what was to come. I smiled back, not thinking he meant anything more than us both being “caught in the act” and lowered my eyes to avoid his stare.

Then suddenly I felt someone massaging my clit… Since my boyfriend still had both his hands on my hips and my girl friend had both her hands on the edge of the Jacuzzi, the only hands left were Jeff’s.

His touch was electric. Her continued to rub my clit and brought me to an orgasm almost instantly…

As the evening wound down, we all said our good nights and headed off to bed. I’m normally a night owl, so I decided to take a late night/early morning dip in the pool, naked after everyone had gone to bed.

As I dove into the cool water, feeling it rush over my naked body I started to think back over what had happened earlier in the evening… I was floating on my back my tits floating above the water, my thoughts and desires swirling around in my head, when I noticed Jeff was standing at the edge of the pool watching me.

Startled I sunk into the water, trying my best to cover what I could.

“What are you doing up?” I asked clumsily.

“Couldn’t sleep either,” he said. “Mind if I join you?”

Afraid that we’d be caught in the pool together… naked, I replied, “Actually, I was just getting out… why don’t you put in a movie.”

He looked disappointed, but only briefly, then he replied, “sure, that’s a great idea, but first, let me get you a towel.”

So hesitantly, I stepped out of the pool, naked, as I allowed him to wrap the towel around me, his hands running slowly up and down my body as he dried me off.

I changed back into my clothes out by the pool, aware of his eyes on my naked body… enjoying the fact that he was watching me, I felt the heat between my legs increase and the wetness from my pussy coursing down my inner thigh.

I turned to him and asked him what movie he was going to put in.

He just smiled, grabbed my hand and took me into the den. I sat down on the couch, wearing only a thin t-shirt and a pair of pants, my nipples hard from swimming in the cool water and my pussy hot from the evening’s events.

“Would you like another glass of wine?” he asked me, already carrying two full glasses and walking towards the couch.

Nervously, I said yes. What the hell was I doing, I thought. My boyfriend and his girlfriend were upstairs, and here we are alone together in the den.

Taking the glass from his hand, he sat down next to me and placed his hand on my leg. His touch was electric. I felt a yearning from my pussy. I wanted this man so bad. I wanted him to just rip my clothes off and take me then and there… it was almost as if he read my mind…

I couldn’t tell you what movie he put in. It didn’t matter really, what happened next has change who I am forever.

He turned to me and looked me in the eye and said, “You’re a good slut, aren’t you?”

To which I replied without hesitation, “Yes…for you.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear. Now take your shirt off. I want to see your tits.”

I started to take my t-shirt off when he stopped me.

“Stand up, I want you to stand in front of me.”

I stood up and positioned myself between his legs, standing directly in front of him. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and tossed it carelessly to the side.

He reached up and grabbed both of my tits, massaging them and pinching my nipples until they became hard. Then he leaned forward and started to suck on them gently at first, then with more force. Biting and suckling my nipples as I threw my head back unsure if it was pleasure or pain. His hands explored my body as his mouth worked my nipples, my pussy becoming hot and moist with every touch.

“Now take off your pants,” he said in a low voice

Slowly I undid the buttons on my pants and slide them over my thighs until they fell to the floor.

“Turn around, I want to see your ass.”

Standing only in my underwear, which was almost completely transparent, I turned slowly around so that I was facing away from him. Then he reached up with both hands and grabbed my ass.

“Bend over,” he said. “Bend over and stick your ass up in the air.”

These words sent a shudder though me. I wondered if he could perceive the effect, his words had on me. I bent over, legs straight, my ass up in the air.

“Spread your legs, bitch,” he said. “Wide.”

I did my best to keep my balance and spread my legs.

“No, VERY wide,” he said slowly, but sternly as he kicked my feet even farther apart.

Maintaining my balance as he kicked my feet apart, I felt the rush of cool air across my pussy. Frozen in this shameful stance, legs spread wide. I closed my eyes, powerless to what was to happen next.

I felt his hand caress my buttocks, first gently, then with more force. Then I felt the hot stinging sensation of his hand slapping my ass. I was completely unprepared for it, and it took all my concentration to keep from falling forward.

Then I felt his hand again. This time harder, and he let his hand linger for a moment, rubbing my already sore and reddened ass.

Then again, his hand came down hard, and this time my legs gave out from under me, but I felt his steady hand grab my hips until I was able to regain my balance. I was screaming behind clenched teeth, not wanting to make a sound or to wake anyone in the house.

A strange and desperate abandon came over me as he reached between my legs and started stoking and slapping my pussy. Then his hand punished my already welted and reddened ass again, stinging, causing me again to lose my footing, only to be held in position by his steady, strong hands.

“I want you to stay bending over, but I want your hands on the back of your neck,” he said in a low, soft voice.

“I’m going to punish you with this leather paddle now, and you’re not going to take your hands away from your neck, you’re not going to open your mouth, and you’re not going to struggle to get away either. With every smack you are going to show me how much you appreciate it, how grateful you are for the punishment I’m giving you and how much you know it’s what you really deserve.”

I was shocked and amazed… I nodded yes to him, without making a sound. Then came the first smack. The blow stung my already sore and reddened ass, but I bit my lip, my face flush and silent tears now streaming down my face. Then came the second, and the third… I lost count when he finally stopped; his hand now gently rubbing the welts on my ass.

“Turn around and get down on your knees,” he commanded.

I scurried to obey.

“Suck my cock,” he said, as he pushed his large cock into my gaping mouth.

I sucked his cock with all my power, sucking as hard as I could while his hand explored my breasts, tugging and twisting my nipples, causing my pussy to quiver, fluids coursing down my inner thighs. I reached my hands up and massaged his balls, sucking the tip of his cock and running my tongue up and down his shaft. Forcefully, he grabbed my hair and started fucking my mouth, I opened my throat and took him as deep as I could.

He continued to fuck my mouth with such force, my jaw began to ache. Not wanting to disappoint him, or incur another round with the leather paddle, I struggled to satisfy him, taking his as deep into my throat as I could with each thrust.

He placed his hands on the sides of my head, pulling handfuls of hair into each fist, and slamming his cock deep into my throat. I felt my nose nestle into his pubic hair. He held me tight. I could feel the head of his cock deep in my throat,

“Look at me slut,” he said with a smile on his face.

“I raised my watering eyes to his stern, downward glare. I tried to hold his cock in place but I was slowly running out of air. My gag reflex caused me to choke on his cock and spit. He pulled it out for a brief second, only to grab my hair and push his cock deep inside my throat again. My eyes stayed on his the entire time. Tearing up and running out of air he quickened his pace. Slamming his rock hard cock into my throat as he pulled himself deep using my hair as a grip.

Saliva and precum dribbled out the corners of my mouth. My eyes were filled with tears and my jaw ached… But he pounded on, holding for a moment, withdrawing and pounding hard again.

“Stand up, and bend over the couch,” he said as he pulled his cock away from my mouth.

I stood up, dizzy, my adrenaline pumping and my pussy aching. I turned around and bent over the arm of the couch.

“Spread your legs and pull your panties down,” he instructed.

I reached up and pulled my underwear down to my knees.

“Now reach back and spread your ass open for me. I want you to show yourself to me.”

I shuddered, my whole body felt hot and on the verge of explosion, yet to my own amazement, I spread my legs as far as I could, reached behind and spread my ass

“That’s a good slut… wider. Wider!”

I stretched it as far as I could, not believing what I was doing, and then I felt his hot tongue deep inside my pussy. Licking and sucking, biting my clit. My desire was burning inside me now. I desperately need his cock inside me…and as if by magic, as if he had read my mind, I felt his large, hard cock force its way deep inside my pussy.

I wanted to scream with desire, my hips rocking back and forth to meet his every thrust. Every time his cock going deeper and deeper.

“Keep your ass spread open for me, slut, ” his voice commanding.

I rode his cock while keeping my hands firmly in place holding my ass open for him. Then I felt something entering me. As he continued to fuck me with his rock hard cock, he was also inserting a butt pug up my ass. I felt the rubber rip at my flesh as he pushed it in deeper and deeper until I felt it pop into place. I wanted to scream, his hands around my waist, now, forcing me down on the full length of his huge cock. Harder and harder, he worked me. The sensation was too much for me to take. I was filled beyond my wildest dreams and I exploded around his huge, hot cock…shuddering, the ecstasy paralyzing me…on and on it went, I hoped it would never come to and end. And then he said.

“Suck on it, I want to come in your mouth, slut.” And he pulled his cock out of my quivering pussy, and the butt plug out of my ass, and spun me around so that I landed on my knees, my open mouth directly in front of his large, hard cock. He grabbed my hair and forced his way into my waiting mouth. He continued to fuck my mouth with long, hard strokes as I massaged his balls with my hands.

“Lick my balls,” he said. “Stroke me and suck on my balls.”

I did as he asked, hungry for whatever I could get. My body still tingling from my orgasm, I licked and sucked his cock and balls until I felt him tighten. I opened my mouth for him as he forced his cock deep into my throat. I drew him deeper and deeper until my throat contracted and his come shot into me. I swallowed quickly, not wanting to spill a drop.

I dropped back, now sitting on my knees and looked up at him and smiled.

He smiled back. I think this was the beginning of a wonderful new relationship.


It was another beautiful spring day. We started off our day like the majority of our days. We ate breakfast, chatted a bit over the meal and headed to our posts. I worked on editing videos while Maria worked on editing a new batch of articles and stories submitted to her. Around noon we met at the kitchen, had lunch and chatted again. That was the wonderful thing of working at home. We were never really away from each other all that much.

Around late afternoon, I received a call about an additional video that needed to be edited. I went to pick it up and came back at six o’ clock thanks to horrible traffic. I was extremely happy when I got home and went to search for my love. She wasn’t in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen or her work station. So I went to the only place left I could think of and surely enough I found her there. She was out on the back porch, sitting on a white patio chair.

In front of her was a round glass table with a pitcher of chilled lemonade in its center. A half-full glass of the yellow liquid was to its left side and another empty glass was to its right. Maria held a paper manuscript in her hands and had a pencil tucked behind her right ear. She was wearing a blue baby powder, sleeveless blouse, a pair of white linen shorts and white sneakers with a blue strip running across their sides. A pair of black rimmed spectacles hung from her nose and the serious expression on her face as she analyzed the manuscript gave her the appearance of being some hot philosophy professor, or naughty teacher. The naughty miss Maria, it had a nice ring to it.

I stood studying her for a minute. There was something about a woman in a pair of sexy glasses that always turned me on. My girl rarely wore her spectacles so I considered it a treat whenever she did. I walked over to the patio table and took a seat next to her. Maria didn’t seem surprised at my presence and continued to read the stapled pages in front of her. I reached for the pitcher of lemonade and poured myself a glass. I drank down the liquid in sips and laid back on the chair.

After nearly finishing my glass, I turned to address my love.

“How’s it going?”

“So for so good. I have to hand this in by tomorrow and it has to be free of any error.”

She took the pencil tucked behind her ear, made a few corrections on the page and turned to the next one before placing the pencil behind her ear again. I watched her scrupulously work, not wanting to interrupt her. Far in the distance I could see the sun in the midst of setting. It cast a warm, orange, glow across the backyard and upon everything in sight. It was four degrees warmer than yesterday though a bit winder which wasn’t a bad combination. A couple of our neighbors were hanging out in their backyard and there were a couple of kids playing across from our own yard, but both parties soon retreated inside their homes for dinner.

The sound of wafting wind and distant cars became the only sounding noises, in addition to Maria occasionally turning a page. A few corrections later she let out a sigh.

“I need a break.” She professed.

The clinging of melting ice cubes resonated in her glass as she drank down some of the lemonade. She placed it back down and let out another sigh.

“You know what helps me relax?”

‘What?” She replied engrossed.

“Doing anything else but work.”

“That’s very specific.” She replied wryly.

“I’m serious. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it isn’t work. It can be anything.”


“Yep.” I replied.

“Like taking a walk, spending some time with a book, or even watching tv or…”

“Sucking cock?” Maria inquired.

“Yea-yeah. Sex is always good.” I answered a bit astonished at her blunt response.

She placed her manuscript down on the table and faced me.

“You know, you shouldn’t be so surprised. After all you’re the one who made me into a blowjob addict.”

“Yeah that’s true. I remember how nervous and reluctant you were when you first blew me.”

“Well back then I hadn’t sucked a dick before.” She defended herself.

“Your cock was the first one I ever blew. And now I can’t go very long without it in my mouth. Or your yummy cum.”

“Is that right? So just where do you like getting plastered the most?” I grinned.

She posed a cute thinking posture and let out a pondering hmmmmm.

“Definitely… on my face. Another pervy habit I picked up from your insistence to blow your load on my face when ever possible.”

“I gladly take full responsibility for that. Although I did find a couple of other places on – and in you where I love to blow my load.”

“All this talk about blowing loads is really giving me a hankering for some cock. Why don’t we go inside? I think I know what I need for my break. A dick to suck and some delicious cum on my face.”

A grin grew across my face and an idea on how to make the act even better was formed.

“Why go inside? Let’s do it right here.”

Maria glared at me for a while as the proposal ran through her mind. She recollected fucking me in the theater the day before and all the excitement she had felt then.

“I guess it would be fun.” She finally stated.

I arose from my chair and she followed. She squatted down behind the glass table and pulled down my shorts and underwear.

“For your sake, I hope no one can see us.” She spoke, gripping my cock.

I scanned around and was confident enough that even if there was someone out there, they wouldn’t be able to descry my girl sucking dick. At least not any children. The last thing we wanted was some kid telling their parents they saw the woman neighbor eating the man neighbors peepee. A wooden fence cloistered our backyard and the glass patio table provided some cover for both of us. If there was an adult on the other hand, they might have been treated to a live porn. It was a risk that made things more exciting.

Maria’s hand tugged back my foreskin and she began to stroke my cock. She was about to remove her spectacles when I interrupted.

“Keep the glasses on.” I ordered.

She obeyed and went back to massaging my dick. The teasing part of her act was at once set in motion. She expertly stroked my cock with her right hand and used her left hand to play with my balls. Like two marbles, she fondled them between her fingers. She carried on to grope one between her forefinger and thumb and began to massage it in a circular motion, repeating the same technique on my other testicle. She then leaned her face in and rather than going straight for my cock went for my balls.

Her lips gripped my nutsack and gently tugged on their skin. I watched her lips explore my testicles from top to bottom and from side to side. Her mouth sucking on my balls and her lips teasingly tugging on their skin as she pulled away. In between her playful ball nips she cuddled my privates with soft loving kisses. Maria’s cock suckings were always fantastic and so damn hot!

She seemed to realize her hand was still busy jerking me off and decided to give her full attention to the cock she held. She gave up playing with my balls and her hand came to a rest on my prick. She squeezed the mid section of my cock and a clear drop of cum exited between the fleshly head glands of my dick. She stuck out her tongue and using its tip, licked up the driblet. The tantalizing sensation of the abutment sent a jolt of pleasure through my cock and up my spine. She stuck out her tongue again and jumpstarted a frenzy of licks on my dick.

Those lovely ruby lips of hers followed up by enveloping the head of my rod. Securely griping my cock in between her lips, she sucked the head of my cock like it was the last dick she would ever blow. The sensation was exquisite and the suction was so great, it felt as if drops of cum were being sucked right out of my member. She released the suction and slowly worked her way up the length of my cock till all of it was in her mouth. The head of my dick was hitting the back of her throat. On my lower abdomen, I could feel the warm air her nostrils drew in and slowly breathed out.

She traveled back down my cock, but kept her lips wrapped around the head of my rod and deep throated me again. My cock furrowed in through her mouth, through her throat and was held there for a few seconds. Recent mastery over her gag reflex allowed Maria to fully insert my cock into her mouth. It was always hot watching her swallow up my entire dick. She pulled out to give my dick a few good sucks and gulped down my cock again and again. I soon realized I was holding back the urge to began thrusting in and out when I heard Maria mutter out something.

“Fffuk mai mowth.” She mumbled with my dick still stuffed in her mouth.

“What?” I asked, not sure what she saying.

She pulled out and glanced up at me.

“Fuck my mouth.”

“Oh. Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Just not too rough.”

Maria gripped the base of my shaft and slowly swallowed it all up again. She released her grip on my dick and transferred the power of control over to me. My hands gently fell on the sides of her head and I gently leaned back with my body. I watched my dick sluggishly retreat out of her mouth and once I leaned forward, watched it disappear again. My mind and body were transfixed by the marvelous sensation of my cock sliding down her soft rosy lips and into her hot wet mouth. I slowly drove my dick in and out as Maria coquettishly stared up at me behind her black rimmed glasses.

She watched me be enraptured by the sexual act. She watched me utter gasps and unmistakably felt my cock lunges get faster and faster. I was shoving the entire length of my drool drenched dick with great hurry. My hips rapidly rocked back and forth as I fucked Maria’s mouth. I could hear the soft thud of my dick gently hitting the back of her throat. She stayed calm, but then I heard her start to let out gags and gasps. I stopped for a moment and looked down at her.

“You okay?”

With my dick still tucked in her mouth she nodded her head up and down to communicate a yes.

Reassured, I leaned forward and felt the intense pleasure of my cock rush past her lovely pink lips, her slippery warm tongue and to the back of her throat once again. Throughout the mouth fucking, Maria focused on her breathing and made sure her lips stayed firmly wrapped around my dick. She had never had her mouth fucked and I could have never imagined she would have been the one to suggest the act, but she seemed to welcome the new experience. What was stranger was the fact that the sound of her gagging was really turning me on. My cock persisted on banging into her mouth. In fact, I began to drive in my rod faster and faster.

I couldn’t help myself and had to take full advantage of the opportunity presented. My once slow and careful plunges were now savage, high velocity rams. My hips wildly rocked back and forth to drive in my cock, while my hands simultaneously shoved Maria’s head forward on every thrust. Another intense pleasure came about from the sensation of my frenulm rushing past the bottom of her lip. Trapped in the primal ecstasy, I fucked on. It took me a while to notice the harsher than usual noise of gagging.

I halted momentarily and looked down at my love.

Maria quickly used the instance to grip my cock and expel the phallus from her mouth. Upon withdrawal, she let out a gasp and began panting. She looked up at me with a flushed face and spittle running down her chin.

“Not so rough.” She angrily stated.

“Sorry.” I apologized meekly.

She took a moment to catch her breathe and took my cock back in. This time taking back control and deep throating me again. I had the whole desire of fucking her mouth out of my system and she hadn’t gotten up and left, so I wasn’t complaining. Her cock swallowing was a slow and pleasant process that lasted for a long while. However, my girl did get tired of deep throating and settled on giving me a good old-fashioned dick sucking. On her last deep throat, she slurped my cock out and prepped it for the fellatio with a couple of hand strokes.

She slipped my dick back in her mouth and ran her luscious lips across my shaft like a well experienced cock sucking whore. I delighted in the wonderful oral stimulation and being out in the open added to my enjoyment. The scent of spring filled my nose and the cool blow of the wind and warm rays of the setting sun felt pleasant on my skin. Fireflies emerged and flitted across the red and orange atmosphere. I stared off into the distant for an indeterminable amount of time and almost forgot about the hard-working babe sucking on my cock.

Mmmmmhs managed to escape from Maria’s mouth and was a confirmation she was loving blowing dick. All my attention reverted back to her and I looked on as she skillfully serviced my rod. Her cheeks were drawn inward from the vacuum she was producing and she took my cock in at an angle till it was visibly poking out of her cheeks. She lost temporary suction of my dick and I took the moment to grab a hold of it. She opened her mouth wide with an aaaaaahhhh and I slapped the head of my cock on her tongue in rapid successions before shoving it back in her mouth. My love accepted back control and resumed where she left off.

Her pursed lips slid up and down my shaft faster and faster. Her head bobbed back and forth as she stole glances from me. I could see her brown chocolate eyes behind the black rimmed glasses she wore and the pencil still tucked behind her ear. The wet noises of my cock being sucked into a vacuum and rushing past globs of saliva were distinctly audible. The groans escaping my mouth and the cock squirming in her mouth alerted Maria I was close to an orgasm. She responded by keeping pace and sucking cock as fast as she could.

Not long after I immediately pulled out and pointed my dick toward her face. I felt my pelvic muscles powerfully contract and the first shot of cum jetted out. It was a slight miss as it flew past her head and landed on the paved patio floor, but caught some of her hair on the way down. The rest of the milky goodness successfully managed to land on Maria. My balls pumped out ropes of semen that were vertically drizzled across her face and the lens of her glasses. I waved my cock across her face til the very last drop of cum was shaken out.

Drops of the white liquid were already rolling down her spectacles, cheeks and lips.

“I love cumming on your face.” I sighed in ecstatic relief.

“We’ll that works out for the both of us. It’s become my favorite beauty product.” She smiled and rubbed my hot cum into her cheeks.

I watched her pucker her beautiful lips and give my drooping cock one last kiss on the head.

“Thanks big guy.”

With that said, she stood up and swung the glass partition to the kitchen open and undoubtedly headed for the bathroom. She returned by the time early night had fallen with a vibrant young look on her face and spotless spectacles. Maria retrieved her manuscript and asked me to bring in the lemonade pitcher and drinking glasses. So I did, closed the glass partition to the patio and waited in the kitchen. She reappeared again and set out to cook dinner.

The same routine to the end of our last day played out. We ate our meal, had pleasant conversation, headed back to our work stations and were in bed by eleven thirty.

Thursday: Busy

We awakened about the same time. Maria headed off to work and I stayed home alone for half the day. I managed to complete a large portion of video editing and only exited the work room to go to the bathroom or eat something. My girl didn’t return till five o clock. She had stopped at a market and done some sparse shopping, buying a carton of eggs, some bread, milk and a cluster of bananas. Hungry, but not in the mood to prepare a meal, we ended up ordering Chinese and watched the evening news in the living room.

Maria headed off to her writing room after that and only came out once to take shower and once more to go to bed. Since there was no way I could fuck myself and I certainly wasn’t going to attempt to blow my dick, I finished off the load of work I had remaining and went to bed. At the very least it was a day to replenish my depleted cum.

Resting my weight on the sink in front of me, I looked into the mirror at the face staring back at me. I didn’t recognise myself; my eyes were streaming, leaving black mascara trails down my cheeks which were still burning red from where he had struck me. I could feel myself shaking from the shock of what had just happened and I struggled to catch my breath.

I stood there for several minutes, trying to pull myself together. Once I had finally calmed down enough to trust myself to stand unaided, I turned on the tap and splashed my face with water, drying it after with a paper towel and pulled a hair band out of my pocket to tie up my now-tousled hair. Taking a few deep breaths I walked, shakily, towards the door.

My instinct was just to run, get out of there and never come back. The logical side of me, however, thought it would be better to talk to my boss. It’d be safer for me to ask him for help rather than wander around outside, alone, in the middle of the night, especially in the state I was in.

I approached his office and entered without knocking. He was sitting at his desk and looked up at me, slightly annoyed at being disturbed.

“I thought our discussion was over.” he said bluntly, not seeming to notice my distress or my dishevelled appearance. I closed the door and sat down on the opposite side of the desk. He looked at me, waiting for me to say something and I fidgeted uncomfortably under his stare. I didn’t know how to find the words to describe what had just happened and couldn’t meet his eyes.

“Are you here for a reason or are you just going to sit there all night?” he asked, to the point.

“I’m sorry.” I managed to mutter in reply, and I could feel unwanted tears brimming in my eyes. I took a deep breath, attempting to fight them off. He continued glaring at me with no word of comfort. “I- something just happened. I can’t- I don’t know how to say it.”

I bit my lip but I couldn’t hold it back any longer — I burst into tears in front of him, unable to stop it. He continued watching me as I sat there in front of him, my sobbing uncontrollable and he made no move to comfort me. Eventually the tears subsided and I managed to look up at him. His eyes looked cold and uncaring.

“Have you finished now?” he asked, sounding bored. I didn’t know what to say in reply. “Are you going to explain what this is about?” he demanded.

“I was attacked,” I managed to answer, “by a member of staff.”

He frowned at me. That wasn’t the response I was hoping for. “Would you like to expand on your accusation?” he asked with a threatening note to his voice.

I took another deep breath. “A member of staff… forced himself on me.” I had to look away from him. Saying it out loud made it so much more real and I had to grip onto the bottom of the chair to keep myself steady.

“And?…” he asked in reply. That made me look up – I couldn’t quite believe his response. “Did you hear what I said?” I asked him, confused.

“Yes, of course, and I’m sure you remember what we discussed earlier. I told you the way you were dressed would have an effect on my men. If anything happened it was entirely your own fault.”

My mind reeled and I gripped onto the seat a little harder. He stood up and walked around the desk to where I was sitting and grabbed onto my shoulder, standing behind me. “I warned you.” He whispered into my ear. “You brought this onto yourself.”

I tried to stand up but he kept a tight grip on my shoulder. “I would have thought a whore like you wouldn’t mind anyway.” He continued and I struggled uselessly against his strength; adrenaline rushed through my body and all I wanted to do was get out now. This couldn’t be happening. He was my boss, I should have been able to trust him.

He placed his other hand on my other shoulder so I was held down completely. I cried out and he laughed. “Why are you bothering?” he teased me. “Who’s going to help you?”

I struggled some more but he put his arm around my throat so I was trapped helplessly, his mouth at my ear so I could hear his breathing. He slowly licked my ear and my whole body froze up as the sensation overwhelmed me, blocking everything else out. When he stopped my body relaxed slightly. “Wow, it was almost like you liked that.” He said with a smile in his voice, “but then I wouldn’t expect anything else from a girl like you.”

I panicked again and as his arm was so close to my mouth I tried to bite him, scratch him, anything I could do but he immediately smothered my mouth and nose with his arm so I couldn’t breathe at all. “You will stop that, understand?” he said in a commanding tone, squeezing a little harder. My head felt light and my ears were ringing from lack of oxygen. I tried to nod from under him and his grip lessened.

He was quiet for a minute and I could hear him doing something with his other hand while still holding onto me. A few moments later he grabbed both of my wrists and pulled them behind me, in between the bars of the chair. I felt something cool and hard wrapping around them which I realised must be his belt. He pulled it so tight I felt my skin burning and there was no way I could move them from behind me or get up from the chair.

When he was happy I couldn’t move he walked back around the other side of his desk and turned on a monitor facing my way. There was a video player underneath it and I watched him press the “rewind” button and wait until it stopped, then press “play”. I saw myself on the screen. I was stacking boxes on the shelves and I felt sick. I had no idea there was CCTV.

I saw the colleague approach me. I saw us talking. And then I saw the rest…

When I glanced up my boss wasn’t even looking at the monitor, he was watching me with a sick smile on his mouth. When the tape finished he rewound it and played it again from the start, then walked over to where I was sitting and took up his place behind me again. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

He’d seen the whole thing.

“I told you, you got yourself into this mess.” He breathed into my ear. It was disconcerting being unable to see where he was or what he was doing. Without warning I felt his hand sliding down my chest and under my top so his hand was cupping my breast. At the same time I felt something hard pressing into my back and still I couldn’t take my eyes away from the screen, couldn’t move, couldn’t scream as no one would help me.

He let go and walked around the chair so he was towering over me, not quite blocking my view of the screen and grabbed my chin forcing me to look into his eyes. “I could do anything right now and you couldn’t do anything to stop me, could you?” he asked with a satisfied grin.

Tears prickled my eyes again and I tried to look away. “Answer me when I ask you something!” he commanded, holding my head so I couldn’t move it away. What could I say? He was right.

“No,” I sobbed, “I couldn’t stop you.”

“That’s right.” He said, taking a step closer to me and placing a hand on each knee. Slowly, he parted my legs so he could stand in between them. “Good girl.” He said, softening his grip on my chin and stroking my cheek instead. “It would be so much easier for you if you didn’t struggle this time.”

He reached down and unbuttoned my shorts and undid the zip, then pulled them all the way down to my ankles and then off each foot. He did the same with my pants so I was sitting there naked from the waist down. He stood there staring at me for a long time, my legs open wide in front of him and me not daring to move.

He stood over me again but this time undid the zip on his trousers and took out his penis which was level with my face.

“Open your mouth.” He ordered. I hesitated. I couldn’t do this again…

“Please-” I protested.

“Open it or I’ll do it for you.”

Still feeling the sting on my cheek from being hit before, I did as he said. He immediately filled my mouth with his penis and I felt him hit the back of my throat, making me gag. He pulled out and did it again.

“Ah, yes.” He groaned, forced all the in, “That’s fucking IT.”

He grabbed a handful of my hair and held my head in place while he slid his penis in and out of my mouth, groaning reflexively. It was hard to breathe but I kept as still as I could. I just wanted it to be over.

After a while he pulled out and stopped. “You don’t seem to mind this very much.” He stated. I didn’t say anything in reply. “I knew you were just a fucking whore.” He lifted up my top and bra so both of my breasts were on display and pushed them both together. He slid his still-wet penis between them, fucking my cleavage. “Open your mouth.” he commanded again, and I did as I was told. He moved up and down but this time as he slid upwards he slid his penis into my mouth. Again and again.

“Stick out your tongue.” He ordered, so I did. My tongue brushed the shaft of his penis as he moved in and out of my breasts. He stopped suddenly; “I want you to lick it yourself now.” He said and stood there waiting for me. I didn’t want to — up until now I’d been passively letting him use my body but this was different.

“Lick it, or I’ll have to hurt you until you do.” I knew he meant it.

Reluctantly, I leaned forwards and put my mouth around his penis. I felt it pulse underneath my lips and he let out a breath in excitement. I moved my lips as far up his shaft as I could then pulled back. Using my tongue I licked the tip and then worked my way down his shaft again, getting into a rhythm. His breathing grew louder and harder and I felt him pushing back into my throat. It felt like he was on the verge of cumming when he pulled out suddenly.

Roughly, he lifted both of my legs and forced himself inside me which happened easily as he was so wet from my mouth. I felt his hand underneath me and his thumb worked its way to my anus. While he was still inside me he slowly, slowly pushed his thumb into my behind. I cried out in shock and pain but that just made him push harder. Soon his whole thumb was inside me. He carried on fucking me but kept his thumb in place, moving it backwards and forwards slightly to make me squirm in pain.

This seemed to be too much for him, suddenly his body tensed up and he released all the pent up energy into me and I lay helplessly open for him. He gradually came to a stop and pulled himself out of me, dripping slightly on the floor underneath us.

Too much had happened for me to feel shocked or upset now; I just felt empty and cold. I sat there, still half naked, still tied to the chair waiting for him to decide what he was going to do with me next. Whatever it was, I don’t think I had much say in the matter.

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