She glances up at the TV, he is still flicking through the channels trying to settle on something to watch, and she snuggles in tighter to him on the bed, a rare day off during the week to spend together. She sighs contentedly.

The doorbell sounds and she grins quickly then returns her face to a passive expression before looking up at him with feigned puzzlement. “Expecting someone, babe?” she asks tilting her head to look up at him.

He shakes his head as he looks down into her puzzled expression, slipping effortlessly from the bed, “I’ll go see who it is.”

As soon as he leaves the room, she gets out of the bed to rummage through the closet. Finding what she is looking for she quickly strips off and slips on her new shoes she’d hidden at the back.

She closes the curtains to darken the room and sets about preparing the room. Her time is running short as she hears his footsteps on the stairs. She lights the last two candles, shuts the door over and runs and jumps back on the bed. Piling the pillows up she lays back on them, stretched out with her feet crossed at the ankles.

“The parcel is for you…” His voice trails off as he catches a glimpse of her. Her heart flutters as his eyes trail from her feet to her eyes and back down. “New shoes?” he asks.

Smiling softly she barely nods, “The parcel is actually for you, you should open it…”

He gives her a quizzical look as he peels the box open, his eyes moving between her and the box. He pulls a layer of bubble wrap from the box and she watches his expression change, he licks his lips and looks up at her. Gone is the questioning eyes, replaced with a hunger, the look alone makes her shiver with anticipation.

He reaches into the box again, “Someone has been shopping hasn’t she?”

Unsure of her voice she just nods. He smirks and she immediately realises her error and stutters “Yes, Sir.”

“Mmm, that’s my good girl, or maybe you wanted me to test some of my new toys out…”

He pulls out the pair of nipples clamps and swings them by the chain. “My dear, we will have fun tonight…”

“May I look too Sir?” she asks quietly as he picks through the box, not pulling anything else out but just moving it to the side.

His reply is simple, “No.”

She watches his face carefully and sees the smirk form on his lips. Her breath catches in her throat as he swiftly hides an item from the box behind his back.

“Now, this is my present and this is the first one I want to use.”

She nods as he speaks and replies instantly “Yes, Sir,” straining to see behind his back as he steps around from the foot of the bed to stand beside her.

“Ready?” Before she can even respond he pulls out the item, despite herself she laughs and then quickly slaps a hand over her mouth. He looks at her sternly for a moment and she breathes out in relief as the corner of his lips curl up and he smiles.

He flicks the soft material of the blindfold, she picked the pretty one with smooth silky material and trimmed with lace, and she smiles at her choice. “It’s pretty isn’t it?” he smiles down at her and brushes a hand across her cheek gently. “Yes, it’s pretty and will look lovely on you.”

He slips the material over her head, resting the blindfold just above her eyes so she can still see, and smiles softly. He motions for her hand; she places hers in his before he reaches into his pocket and stretches her arm out to the top of the bed and tying it there before moving to the other side, once the other side is secured he leans over and kisses her palm.

Her mind is racing, she hadn’t even seen him get out those ties and yet they were in his pocket. She is distracted by her thoughts and jumps when she hears the sharp slap of leather against skin, focusing on him again.

She knows he has been watching her for a little, and his face gives away his anger but slight amusement. “What were you thinking?”

She stutters slightly “You had the ties in your pocket and I don’t remember you getting them out.”

He smiles and laughs. “Oh my girl, I know you better than you do remember? I always plan for every possibility.”

She watches him reach forward and pick up her top foot lightly around the ankle, sliding his hand up her calf, kneading her skin as he goes. She feels the goose bumps rise on her skin and closes her eyes briefly, enjoying the touch of his hands on her body.

“When did you get these shoes?” he asks.

She pauses briefly as his fingers slide over the top of her foot, his fingertips brushing down the side of the black glittered surface and down to the point of the 3 inch heel, “on Friday of last week.”

“They are stunning and suit you.”

She smiles at his compliment. “Thank you.”

He extends her leg out to the side and picks up the other, he slowly snakes his hands and fingers over her skin, giving it the same attention as the first before laying it down on the bed. He reaches in his pocket again and pulls out the remaining two ties and secures her ankles to the bed, stepping back his eyes travel all over her body causing her to shiver as she watches him.

“Ok I think that’s enough.” She barely has time to think before he is back at her side and pulling the blindfold down over her eyes.

She bites her lip and strains her ears to listen for where he is in the room. She feels his breath on her skin near her side and tries to pull that way.

“Settle girl, we’re just getting started.”

She takes a few deep breaths to settle herself, relaxing against the pillow behind her and feeling her heart beat slow slightly.

The original anticipation slowly decreasing as the minutes count by, she has lost track of time and starts counting to keep track. She hasn’t heard him at all in the room and she frowns slightly. Her heart rate picks up again as she feels her panic rising; she tugs at the restraints at her wrists and flexes her feet.

As quickly as her brow furrows with her concern, his lips are on her forehead kissing her tenderly, “Don’t frown, I’m right here.”

She smiles and relaxes again, now she can hear him moving around, he is at the foot of the bed again rummaging in his new treasure chest. She can hear him make slight sounds, a small laugh here or an interested mumble there.

“I wish I’d been there when you placed this order. I can only imagine how wet you must have been. When did you do it?” he asked.

She considers the question for a moment and a small smile plays on her lips. “Well, remember the night you said I was being a naughty little minx?”

He laughs. “Which time?”

She laughs along with him, “Well it was one of those times and I think you knew something was up because you didn’t let me cum that night.”

The silence returns and she frowns again and he tuts. “Why are you frowning now?” he asks.

“You always tell me how easily distracted I am, and as I lay here I am trying to keep track of time I am counting and then lose track of that. I can see why it must frustrate you.”

She hears the smile in his voice as he speaks again, his fingertips brushing down the inside of her lower calf, “Let me worry about the time today, you just sit back and relax. After all you did say this gift was for me and I plan to take my time.”

She feels a shiver course through her body, goose bumps rising on her skin as she ponders this for a moment. She sighs out a deep breath and settles back to wait.

She hears the sound of the chain on the clamps again; as she focuses on the sound she feels the cold metal drape over her foot and drop down on each side. The rummaging sound once again fills her ears; she can hear his feet shuffling along the floor around her feet.

“This is quite the collection; do you have any preference for where to start? Well I do so let’s get started.”

She quickly controls the smirk on her lips but, as usual, she is too late. “Smirking pet?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry Sir. I find you funny,” she blurts out.

“Funny? You find me funny? We’ll see if you still think that at the end of the night. Now…” She can hear him pacing back and forth at the end of the bed. His footsteps stop just to the right of centre and she feels the change of weight on the bed as he picks up an item, his footsteps move around to her side and she turns her head towards him.

Suddenly she feels his warm lips against hers and pushes up to him only to be pushed back. As she opens her mouth to say something her mouth is immediately filled with the taste of new silicone rubber.

He buckles the gag behind her head, gently moving her hair away from the catch. “Ah peace, at last.” She knows that chuckle, it’s a chuckle that tells her he knows she is glaring at him even through a blindfold and she is.

She has lost him in the room again, she felt him pick up the nipple clamps as the chain had been lifted from her foot, jumping as his fingertip suddenly touches her breast, circling one nipple, she moans softly from behind her gag. His touches become more insistent circling tight on her now hard nipple. As she feels him secure the first nipple clamp, her breath catches in her throat causing a gasp.

His movements are deliberate as he strides back around, her right nipple already aching for his touch., his first touch causing her hips to rise off the bed, his hand firmly presses her back on to the bed as he secures the second clamp, the cold chain is draped between her full breasts.

He leans in and whispers softly in her ear, “You are beautiful.” his tongue glides the length of her ear before nipping her earlobe causing her to squirm and tries to thank him through her gag.

He claps his hands together once, “What’s next pet? I guess I’ll decide.”

She has been listening to him pace for what seems like hours, she is sure he knows what he wants to do, he is smart and he’ll have planned every moment by now but this is torture, and he knows how to test her. Her patience is her weakest quality and he pushes it a little more with moment.

Her breath is coming out in short pants, the combination of the nipple clamps and the gag making it hard to take deep breaths. Although the room is cool she can feel a light sheen of sweat coming up on her body as her internal heat rises with the anticipation.

She hears the door open to their room; she is unable to speak but whimpers slightly. His footsteps return quickly and he is at her side, he whispers in her ear, “Okay let’s get started.”

She feels his fingertips glide down between her breasts, her body responds to his touch, moving towards his fingers. His fingers reach the steel chain draped on her skin and lift it slowly, gently tugging the chain causing her to moan deep in her throat at the sensation of the pull on her nipples.

He uses his other hand to glide over her skin down her stomach and over her hip, her hips have always been sensitive to the touch and as he reaches her right hip he gives a sharp tug on the nipple clamps causing her to moan again, arching up off the bed as best she can, and whimpering through her gag.

“Sorry what pet? I can’t hear you.” He chuckles to himself as he lays the chain back on her skin and brushes down her leg, he is now back between her feet. She counts the seconds in her head “1..2..3…….” just as she is about to squirm her hips buck involuntarily, he has brushed his finger up her slit and brushed over her clit causing her to lose count instantly.

She knows she is wet, she was wet before he re-entered the room and now she was sure there was a wet patch on their sheets. She silently thanked him for putting the gag in her mouth to keep her thoughts from being betrayed by a smirk.

As quickly as his finger is there it is gone, she relaxes back knowing that he is happy with her, he would let her know if he…

Her thought is cut off by a bite to her inner thigh, she squeaks behind the gag and squirms, his hands clamp firmly on her hips as she squirms, pinning her to the bed as he nibbles, bites, and kisses her inner thigh.

Her head lolls back, unable to squirm or move she just feels, her nipples aching deliciously as his mouth marks her inner thighs, his hand on her hips causing goose bumps to rise on her flesh again.

Using his tongue he slides up her inner though barely brushing over her slit as he slips back and forth to each side, the slight touch of his tongue over her lips causing her to purr each time. Then he is gone, she feels his weight leave the end of the bed and she is alone again.

His hands return to the top of her thighs, pressing gently down on her so she is once again pinned, even though she’s not fidgeting, but before she can think too much of it a long, moan reverberates through her, it feels like her entire body is humming. He presses the small but powerful vibrator she bought against her clit; its cool material is a momentary shock until the vibrations hit her senses. Now she understands his hands as her hips shake and attempt to buck.

She is mumbling “Oh.. Fuck…., oh…..” behind her gag as the relentless vibrations course through her body, she can feel an orgasm building and tries to grind her hips. He pulls back slightly, the vibrations still there but not enough to let her cum and she groans.

“Noooo, pleassse.” she drools around her gag, her efforts futile as she hears the wicked chuckle she knows so well. As quickly as they appeared the vibrations and his hands are gone, her hips continued to wriggle on the bed, trying to recapturing the sensation.

She can hear the sound of clinking against glass as she wriggles, she stills and listens again, she can’t place the sound and it hits her as his tongue glides up her slit again. She keens as the cold tongue and ice slides over her skin, the cube of ice dragging slowly over her slit and coming to a stop just over her clit. She can feel an icy bead of water slide down her wet pussy, the chill makes her shiver. He scoops the cube up from her skin and circles her clit relentlessly, the nub highly sensitized almost painful as he circles over and over, sucking the nub into his mouth she tries to shout out but it is muffled.

The sensitivity causing a slight pain and has her muffling protests, this is soon replaced with the building again. He still has her clit between his lips, pressing them tight around it and using the tip of his tongue to flick it. She lifts her hips to him, trying to grind into him, almost there, oh fuck she thinks; I’m going to cu…

He stops. He always stops.

“Fucks,” she curses behind her gag and instantly regrets it as his hand slaps her clit causing a shout from her.

“Fucks?” he asks.

“Fucks, Sir,” she struggles out the words so he can understand.

“Good girl,” his finger back on her clit circling it, soothing it.

Her hips grind down, seeking more relief from his finger, he lets her so she seizes the chance and keeps going as deep moans now fill the room. She should have known it was too easy she feels a slick finger slide down her wet pussy lips, lower to her tight bud.

Unable to bite her lip she bites into the gag as his finger probes, her hips stilled to feel every movement of his fingers.

He continues to circle her clit with his other hand, his fingertips increasing the pressure slightly as she relaxes for him. She feels him push into her bud as deep as the first knuckle. She can hear his breathing increase, he is now almost panting as he pulls his finger out slightly. When it returns she can feel a second finger beginning to stretch her.

She concentrates on her breathing, his fingers, and how her body is reacting to him. Her body starting to heat up again, she can feel the heat in her cheek as she thinks of what he is doing. He returns the vibrator to her clit, his fingers pressing deeper into her, at least second knuckle of both fingers now. The vibrator must be between his lips she thinks as the hand from her clit pushes a finger into her pussy, stroking her inner walls carefully. He knows her body, he plays it like his own instrument and if she could, she would be singing for him. Instead the only music she makes is muffled moans

His fingers in her ass are removed slowly. She groans at their loss but it is short lived as she feels a different pressure. She remembers the small vibrating plug she purchased and smiles, well tries to smile.

He has stretched her a little but it still takes a few minutes to ease the plug into her tight hole. Once in place she senses the shift on the mattress, he has moved back from her, taking the vibrator from her clit but still stroking inside her with a single finger.

“So beautiful, my sweet little girl,” she hears him murmur. A blush rises on her cheeks, his compliment catching her off guard like always.

He kisses each of her rosy cheeks, “My beautiful, sweet, and thoughtful little girl, who is going to cum so hard for me.”

She nods quickly and mumbles “Yes please Sir,” he leans back and as he kneels between her legs he takes his hands away, she knows he is watching, he loves to watch, she must be a sight, splayed open, nipples clamped, pussy dripping wet and a butt plug buried in her ass.

He slips back off the bed and she can hear him, he slowly lowers the zipper on his jeans, she whimpers slightly her mind racing with what will come next.

He steps back beside her and stands there for a moment. His hand brushes her cheek, cupping her face before lifting her head up and undoing the buckle on the gag.

“Okay, enough of this.”

She slurs “Thank you Sir,” and then flexes her jaw side to side, licking her lips and breathing deeply and repeating “Thank you Sir.”

He chuckles, “I heard you the first time pet.” His fingertips brush down her side, to her hip he lifts her to place two pillows under her

Hearing his satisfied sigh she smiles and waits, his weight pushes the bed down as he kneels by her head. His hand is once again on her cheek this time he coaxes her to tilt her head towards him and presses his cock to her lips. She swallows just the tip at first, swirling her hot tongue around and around. The pleased sounds encouraging her as she slides up and down a small way, her tongue lapping up his pre-cum like it’s her last meal.

His hands still cupping her face he leans forward, she relaxes her lips around him as he presses into her mouth, about half way now, pulling out and pushing in with a steady rhythm. Moaning around his cock, knowing he loves those little vibrations and feeling him stop to savour it. He lets out a deep groan of his own as his hands snake into her hair, pulling it tight between his fist and pulling her back before sliding in long and deep.

She gags slightly but he has already slid back out, in and out now, long deep strokes of his cock into her mouth, fucking her face.

Her hips are grinding down, the plug in her ass against her pillow causing her to buck and whimper around his cock. His fingers find her clit again, circling it, still fucking her face.

As he drives her closer to the edge, she grinds her hips up and down, down into the plug, up into his slow teasing fingers. Nearly there…..

“Oh, fuck,” she moans around his cock.

He stops and moves away quickly, leaving her empty. A desperate moan forms on her lips.

He chuckles

“Does my little girl want to cum?” he teases

“Please Sir, please let your little girl cum. She wants to cum so hard for you. Please.” She begs and begs and he says nothing, she finally falls silent.

Squirming on the bed and tugging at the restraints again she sighs softly, her perception of time gone. She can hear her heart beat pounding in her ears and she taps her fingers softly on the bed.

He kisses her lips softly. “Good girl.”

She smiles at her favourite words he leans over her, lifting the chain of the nipple clamps again and places it softly against her lips. “Hold on to this. No matter what, don’t let go. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.” she pulls the chain into her mouth with her tongue, the length of the chain perfect to slightly pull on her nipples. She hears the familiar buzz again and the vibrator is back on her clit, her head falls back out of instinct and she tugs on the chain hard, nearly dropping it in the process as the clamps tighten and pull on her nipples.

“I will do anything for you,” I whisper, and I mean it; I would do anything to have you be my master and care for me always. You smile at the submissive naked piece of meat you’ve seduced and after today, you’ll abandon. I’m giving myself to you even though I know you’ll just throw me aside like the bones of a piece of meat you’ve devoured. You lie me down on my back, tie me to your dining room table with tape, and gag my mouth some cold metal contraption. I feel more naked and exposed than ever, yet happy because I’m still here with you and I know it won’t be this way for long so I live in every moment of it. You’re watching me and all I want to do is hide my soft, wet, fleshy pussy from your predatory eyes which I stare helplessly into. You call over your friend to show off your prey. Your stares make my body feel overly sexualized and weak but at least I feel wanted right now.

It’s time for desert; you eat off my soft, sweaty front and I feel ashamed because the ice cream is melting on my hot and sweaty body. I’m shaking with pleasure and I feel filthy as you lick off drops of melted ice cream that are dripping down my breasts. As you suck icing off my nipples my body tenses and I breathe in sharply. Your friend holds open my tensed thighs as you play with my wet pussy. You laugh at me and I turn red with shame. When you bite into the flesh of my soft inner thigh I scream and shake.

Then you blindfold me and drag my shaking body somewhere you hang me up by my arms. I feel a draft and shivers go through my body but there’s nothing I can do. I cross my knees, trying to cover up but I feel hands squeezing between my fleshy thighs and playing with my wet pussy. The hands wipe off my fluids on my legs and begin fingering my ass violently. I scream and shake but there are arms around my chest, nails scratching me, teeth digging into my muscles. I feel so full of you. You’re touching me everywhere and I need your touch more than anything.

Suddenly there’s a break from being violated and all I feel is warm breath against my body and the residual pain of the bruises and scratches all over me. Then there’s a loud smack followed by searing pain on my ass cheek. Spit drips from my gagged mouth as I scream and fall forward. Tears flow from my eyes against my will and I can’t stop jerking, trying to avoid the next slap even though I know it won’t help, this is after all what I asked for but my body disagrees. I want you to come so the pain will stop.

I feel your cock slide inside my wet pussy and your friend’s tongue flicking my sensitive clit. My body shudders violently and I convulse, my breasts bouncing as I shake. Your friend is sucking my clit and I’m close to coming all over her face. Now there are hands on my front, pinching my nipples, and something is searing my skin. You tell me you’re branding me and that from now on I’m your slave. You rub my warm blood around the burning area and it stings so badly I scream through my gag, spit dripping down my face, my eyes wet with tears. All over me is a mixture of fluids; our sweat, my blood, spit, and tears. Then you start fucking me harder, hitting the wall of my insides so it feels like you might break me. As you come inside me, you grunt and slap my ass with one hand, pulling my hair with the other. I smile and exhale, satisfied. I’m relieved that it’s over. Then I realize how much I wish it wasn’t because I feel empty again.

The fear comes over me. I don’t want to be left alone. I feel used now and usually that’s what I want but right now… I need you. I need to feel you loving me. I need to know I’m not the object you made me into. I’m hyperventilating as you leave me in your basement, tied up. I’m crying as you ignore me but I’m too embarrassed about my weakness to ask you to love me. I’m too proud to ask you to make me yours. I’ll never belong to you as much as I want to in this moment. That’s all this is: a scary moment of weakness. I am strong. I went through with all the pain you inflicted on me and I liked it.

“Is that all you’ve got? Get back here and fuck me like you mean it!” I yell angrily with the voice of used and indignant woman.

I hear your footsteps approaching and my heart beats fast; I’m so nervous. “How dare you order me around slave!” You slap me across my face which is still wet with tears. I can’t look into your eyes. I need you so badly.

I arrive at your house just after dark, and I walk to your front door. I remove my shirt, then my pants, leaving me naked except for the tight hood on my head and the tight silky shorts that let my ass show out the bottom. I knock on your door and bow my head.

I’ve been thinking about the boy in your place. When I left a few days ago, you told me that you were keeping him all week because his parents were out of town. I’ve been imagining all the things you’ve been doing to him these past few days. It makes me feel really horny to think about this eighteen year old, tied up in a 60 year old man’s house, to be used by you and other men for whatever sexual fantasies they may have.

The door swings open and you drag me inside. It’s dark inside, and the heat is turned up really high. As you drag me through your dark home, I wonder where the boy is. You lead me downstairs into your basement. There are a few dim night lights on, slightly illuminating the room. The room is bare except for a couch, a mattress on the floor, a large television, and a camcorder on a tripod. There is a closed door at the other end of the room, and that’s where I assume you have our little boy.

You seat me on the couch, then go through the door and close it.

The tv comes on and I see on the screen a picture of the boy. He’s in a room, completely naked except for a tight cock ring and a collar around his neck that says “teen slave”. He’s blindfolded and standing with his arms tied to the ceiling so tight that he’s on his tip toes. I wonder how long he’s been tied like this. It looks as if you just shaved his body again, and I notice that having the hair removed from his cock makes him look quite a bit younger than his eighteen years of age.

The video plays for a moment, showing the boy hanging limp from the rope tied tightly around his wrists, he must have been tied up like this for a long time. I see you come into view on the tv screen. You walk up to the boy and take a ring gag out of your pocket.

Standing behind the boy you reach around him and lift his limp head to face the camera. Holding the boy still, you wrap the gag around his head and stuff the ring in his mouth, forcing his jaw wide. You tighten the straps behind his head which causes him to squirm a little as you latch the gag into place.

With that, you put one hand around the boy’s neck and your other hand snakes around his belly, reaching down to his rock hard cock. I assume you’ve been keeping the boy full of Viagra and amphetamines, I know you kept me full of them a few years ago when I was his age. I see you tighten your grip on the boy’s throat, and I watch as his face grows red and he gasps for air. I love watching you choke this eighteen year old boy, holding your large hand tightly around his throat while roughly stroking his hairless cock.

I watch as you choke the boy so hard that he can’t breath. As I watch on the screen, the boy’s face grows bright red. I see the boy begin to struggle and lose his footing on the floor. The boy shakes for a moment, and then I see his body go limp amd his head fall forward. The tv shows you remove your hand from his neck and slowly walk around the limp, eighteen year old body. As I watch, you begin to slap the unconscious boy hard on his ass, stomach, chest and face.

After a moment of this, you walk off-screen, leaving the boy tied up and passed out, still hanging by his wrists from the ceiling.

You open the door in the basement and walk over to me. It is then that I realize that I’m not watching a video, but a live feed that must be coming from the room you were just in. You come up behind me and attach a tight collar around my neck. It says “young slut” in big silver letters and I feel it being latched tightly around my throat.

With that, you lift me up strongly by my collar and drag me over to the door. You open it and throw me inside. I can hear the lock on the door being latched, and I know I’m locked in this room until you see fit. I look over at the center of the room and see the unconscious eighteen year old hanging by his arms from the ceiling.

My mouth begins to salivate as I look the boy over. I see red marks all over his body, some from your recent slapping, and some that look to be a few days old. I walk up to the boy and slap him hard on the face.

I see him stir, his body starts to move a little as he regains consciousness. I realize that I can do whatever I want to this boy. That’s why he came to your house in the first place, to be completely used, fucked, and gagged by an older man. The boy now has drool dripping out of his open mouth and down his chin.

As the boy drools, I slowly put my hands around his neck. I feel him pull away, but I remember in his email that he said he may pull away and that it should be ignored. I put my hands around his little throat and begin to squeeze. As the boy shakes and makes gurgling noises I feel my cock grow even more rock hard.

I hold my hands tight around his neck until the shaking stops and I feel his body go limp again. I assume that you are now watching the tv and can see everything I’m doing to the boy. It turns me on to think about you stroking your cock in the other room, watching as I choke this eighteen year old boy to the point of unconsciousness. I get on my knees in front of the limp body and take his little hairless teen cock into my mouth. Even though he’s passed out, his cock remains rock hard.

I begin to shove the little boy’s cock into my throat, holding his tiny little ass in my hands while I force myself onto him. Once I get his cock all the way down my throat I leave it there, feeling my gag reflex tighten my throat up on his small teen cock. Drool begins to spill from my open mouth, and I can feel it’s sliminess as it slides down my stomach.

After a few minutes of deep throating the boy, I can feel him begin to wake up. He is still blindfolded and I wonder if he has been blindfolded the whole time these last few days, or if he even knows he’s being videotaped. I let his cock fall from my mouth and I stand up facing him. I walk behind him and put my arms around his torso, feeling the complete smoothness of his hairless little teen body. I lean in close and whisper to him.

“I hope you like being used like a slave boy. The man who did this to you just might decide to keep you permanently if you’re lucky. Wouldn’t you like to stay here in this basement and be a sex slave for older men? I can tell you’re frightened, I was too when I was your age, but it will get better once you’re fully trained to serve him. Tonight we are going to work on your fear tolerance, it will help you get through some of the things I know he want’s to do to you.”

With that, I walked in front of the naked boy and again wrapped my hands around his throat. I watched as I tightened my grip, seeing the boy squirm and shake as I held his throat closed. His face grew red again and he drifted off into unconsciousness.

I heard the door being unlocked and I saw you enter the room, fully naked carrying a gym bag. You set it down in the corner and pulled out an ipod and headphones. As I watched, you put the headphones on the boy’s ears and pressed play. Loud, sadomasochistic thrash metal blared from the headphones and I knew that when the boy woke up, he wouldn’t be able to see and all he would hear would be the violent music blasting his ears. I then watch as you open the gym bag and pull out a variety of things. I see the big realistic dildo that I used before to throat fuck the boy, I see a few butt plugs of varying sizes, a bottle of baby oil, a long whip with little knots on the end of it. You then pull out a large penis gag with a tube attached to one end of it, a baggie full of pills, a length of rope, and arm and leg restraints. You set these things on the floor just in front of the boy and then grab me by the collar.

You take me by the collar and lead me from the room, then close the door and lock it again. You seat me on the couch and sit down next to me. The boy is on the tv screen, hanging limp from the ceiling with the ring gag causing drool to spill from his lips and down his chest and the cock ring causing his erection to just out in front of him.

“I’m glad you came over. This boy seems to really enjoy being turned into a slave. I’ve given him multiple opportunities to stop this, but he hasn’t. He must really enjoy being used like a little fuck toy. Let’s get high and watch him struggle for a little while, there’s going to be plenty of time to abuse him tonight.”

You set a plate in front of me that has amphetamines crushed up and separated into large lines. You hand me a dollar bill and I snort up a large line of speed. You then handcuff my arms behind my back and force me to my knees facing the television. I watch as the little hairless eighteen year old boy begins to move a little, and I know I’m going to have a lot of fun tonight.

To be continued…

Kevin’s Story

Analena made it that last block, running home nude through the neighborhood. I enjoyed watching her as she ran, ducking into back yards and doing everything to hide her nudity. It was as if a beautiful naked brunette could not be seen if she ran or hid behind small trees. When she arrived at the back door to our house I refused to let her in. I made her come to the front door and then made her stand there and wait for a few minutes before opening the door and letting her in. She was red from head to toe, either from the exertion of running or the embarrassment of being forced to travel naked, on foot, in the open. I let her in and took her immediately to the shower. While the water found the right temperature Analena stood and waited for me to direct her. I stripped my clothes off and led her into the shower.

I then washed her. I used a fragrant soap and a soft cloth to clean away the day’s adventures from her soiled body. She had just spent a few hours I the woods giving blow jobs and being masturbated by the three biggest nerds in town. I know that she was as humiliated as she has been since we met but she followed orders and sucked each of the boys off twice, wearing most of their cum on her face and chest. She also was heckled and ridiculed by the people we passed on the way back to the car as her blouse was open and her tits could be seen, plus the cum drying on her face was obvious. Yet she took it all in and then I made her traverse the last block to our home naked.

I was so proud of all that Analena had accomplished but knew there would be more for her to do. I was cleaning her and washing cum from her face and hair and I would then have her soak in a scented bath while I prepared dinner for us. I enjoyed washing her hair, I loved the color and the feel was so soft. Analena was like a limp doll as I washed her, she just allowed me to take care of her, which is her task in our relationship. I tell her what to do, she does not have to think or consider she only has to do. She allows me to pamper her or abuse her it is all the same. So I allowed myself to enjoy my task of cleaning that magnificent body of hers.

As soon as she was clean she sank to her knees and took my cock in her hands and said to me.

“Kevin, I acted like a child today and made your task so much more difficult. I apologize and I promise that I will improve. I ask you to let me suck your cock please. I want to have a real cock in my mouth after those smelly foul cocks I had today. Please?”

“Yes, Analena you may.”

She proceeded to suck my cock as the shower cascaded around us. She licked up and down the outside of my hard cock and sucked both of my balls into her mouth before inhaling my entire cock. She had taken me so deep, obviously into her throat, that she was able to lick my balls as her tongue protruded from under my cock. She was wonderful and I decided not to last long. Watching her suck those nerds today had me ready and the warmth of her mouth was enough to get me off. She swallowed all of my ejaculation and softly kissed my cock as it softened in her hands.

I pulled her to her feet and kissed her, telling her what a good slut she has become and how much better she would be. I turned the water off and led her to the bathtub that I had already filled and scented. It was full of warm water, bubbles and the scent of lilac. I saw her into the tub and gave her a glass of wine while I lit some candles and turned off the lights. Relax, Analena. I will give you time to relax and review your day, to soak away the feel of the woods and the stench of the nerds. I will come for you when dinner is ready.

Analena’s Story

The shower was wonderful and I loved these moments when Kevin took care of me. I so wanted to please him today and I fear that my inability to easily accept my task today has upset him. Yet as I stand here in the shower feeling his hands caressing my body as he cleans me, I feel reassured that he will give me more chances to please him. I begged him to allow me to suck his cock and I loved it. I love the feel of his hard cock, the veins that protrude from the sides and the heat that it gives off as he slides in and out of my mouth. I normally prefer his cum on me, but here in the shower after he had so softly cleaned me, I drank him down and he tasted wonderful.

He has put me in this wonderful tub full of soapy bubbles and the scent of lilacs with instructions to review my day but I can not think of anything but his cock and the hope that he will take me this evening and fuck me like the slut I want to be. I must have dozed because I next saw Kevin standing over me with a big fluffy towel. He reached a hand to me and helped me up while wrapping that soft warm towel around my body. He delicately dried me off and placed an equally soft robe about me and led me to the dining room for dinner.

He had made a wonderful meal and we ate by candlelight. It was a wonderful evening and I learned that Kevin had felt I was due for some rest so we would be staying in this evening and spending our time together in bed. I could not hide my smile as he said this. I would make this a wonderful night for him, fuck him like never before, and make his orgasm special.

Kevin’s Story

Analena looked like a queen at dinner her hair shown in the candlelight and her eyes glowed as well. When I told her it would just be the two of us tonight, taking our pleasure in our bed she looked ready to float. I decided to wait until we got in bed before I would tell her it was time for her ass again. She has always fussed about the ass fuck, but once we are into it, it’s like the greatest of all acts. So I will let her rest a little from out adventure and to allow her to have some energy for tomorrow, out most adventurous day yet.

It was time and when I held my hand out to Analena she came to me. I told her to lose the robe and walk to our bedroom. I loved watching her walk in front of me, especially when she is naked. Her ass wiggles slightly back and forth and as her head sways her hair brushes her shoulders as well. She has a beautifully round and firm ass and when she walks this was her ass blends into he well-toned thighs.

She stood by the bed awaiting further instructions and I let her stand as I stripped and got ready for out last session of the day. Finally when I was ready I flipped the lights on and told her to kneel on the bed. I climbed on behind her and placed a cock gag in her mouth fastening it around her neck in a single move. The cock portion of this gag was long enough to reach the back of her mouth effectively preventing her from either swallowing or speaking. She twisted her head to me with questions in her eyes and I took both hands and steered her head back the other way. I have never used restraints on her, never gagged her or blindfolded her our sex has always been free. So this was new for her and she was a bit leery, not knowing what to expect.

I had gagged her mainly to take her ass without the usual protests and I think she sensed that as her head swayed side to side as if saying no. I slapped her ass with my hand and whispered into her ear.

“You do not have an option, Analena. You are to accept and not complain. Are you ready to learn how to do that?”

She nodded her head and grunted something that sounded like a yes. I was going to take her ass without any preliminary foreplay. I would use lube of course but I was just going to fuck her ass without warm up, without cuddling, just straight fucking.

Analena’s Story

I truly enjoyed all the tenderness I shared with Kevin tonight, his gentleness in the shower, the time he let me soak in the tub and the wonderful dinner. I liked Kevin when he demanded, when he ordered, when he disciplined and now and again I liked being pampered and made to feel special. I knew he loved me and that he was pushing me to do more and more outrageous things to please my desires and to allow me to experience some of the most tremendous orgasms ever. His ability to both command and pamper, I believe, is what makes me cum so easily when he fucks me.

When we got to the bedroom, I was unsure if we Kevin would continue to pamper me or if he would take me someplace I had not yet been. He chose the later. I enjoyed the tenderness, don’t get me wrong, but when he takes me to these new and exciting levels of erotica I can’t help but get so excited and anxious waiting to see exactly where we go. His actions now, as he makes me kneel on the bed get me wet. When he gagged me with the cock gag I knew we had crossed another line in our games, he had never used anything to keep me quiet, in fact he loved to hear me scream or grunt as my excitement built. So this action alone had my pussy dripping with need. When I shook my head to try to hold the excitement at bay, Kevin must have thought I was saying No, because he spanked my ass a couple of times and then whispered in my ear a warning that I did not have the option of wanting or not wanting.

We were back in our play mode and I was wet and ready for whatever was to come.

Kevin’s Story

I just lined my cock up against her back door and pushed in. I heard Analena gasp as my cock pushed all the way in at once. She was filled completely and my belly was resting against her ass. She was trying to scream or say something but the cock gag in her mouth muffled it all and it was just noise. I pulled out and pushed in again and again, each time I went in I pushed harder and came out faster. Her ass was tight the way I like it and she was starting to enjoy it as her ass started to come back to meet me as every time I plunged into her.

I kept up a steady rhythm pounding in and pulling out over and over. I reached around to finger her cunt and found it dripping wet and her clit swollen with lust. Still I pumped into her ass and now I fucked her pussy with my fingers. I was in heaven and sooner then I had thought I felt her ass clenching up, squeezing my cock and her arms gave way as she allowed her head to collapse on the bed. The action allowed me slightly better access to her ass and I took it pushing even deeper into her. I was able to push three fingers in her hot pussy and they were fucking her fast while my thumb rubbed her clit. Analena was a bomb ready to blow and it started in her ass. I could feel the trembling as it came from her legs and she began to rhythmically clench my cock as I fucked in and out of her ass. She was drooling saliva around the sides of her gag and her pussy was grabbing at my fingers.

Analena was at the onset of one of her better orgasms. Her whole body was moving in different directions, I pulled out of her ass just to sit and watch her cum. Her legs were shaking, her arms would not stop pounding the mattress and her head just swayed from side to side, odd noises were coming from her throat and drool was running from her mouth. When she finally settled down I climbed back on the bed and slid my cock into her sopping pussy. I knew that she had already cum so after a few strokes I let loose and shot my cum into her.

I let the gag free and she spit it out. I could see that Analena was exhausted, it had been a long day and she had been humiliated more then ever by servicing those three nerds not to mention the fear of running through our neighborhood naked. I also knew that tomorrow would be an even harder day for her so I allowed her to sleep.

Analena’s Story

When I awoke the next morning, Kevin wasn’t in bed with me. I got up and wandered through our house naked looking for him. I found a note on the kitchen table.

“Good morning Analena. Now that you are awake and see that I’m not here I want you to do the following. Take a shower and get yourself ready to go out. You are to have your hair done, you can pick your style, put on make up and be ready for me to dress you when I return.”

Not knowing when Kevin left or when he was coming home I knew not to dawdle. I grabbed some juice and a muffin and hit the shower. I decided to leave my hair down and brushed it to a nice shine, finally I applied my make up and was prepared as ordered before Kevin returned. Lastly I went to the front hall and waited for Kevin to return.

Kevin’s Story

I tried to give her sufficient time to be prepared as I did not want to start the day with discipline and I had plenty of time to kill anyway. I had gone out to purchase her outfit for the day and prepare the days activities. When I felt sure that Analena should be ready I came home and found her right where she belonged waiting for me at the doorway staring directly at me waiting for me to give her further instructions.

“You go to our room. I have your clothes for the day and it’s time to get you ready.”

When we reached the bedroom I handed her a white garter belt and white fishnet stockings. She knew to put them on for me and she did so, very sensuously. I then handed her a team jersey for our local football team. It was a large red and white jersey in a mesh type of material. When she had put it on the jersey was long enough to reach mid thigh but the mesh material revealed all. Her slightly tanned body came through the mesh and looked great.

“Analena, we will be entertaining some of my friends from work today, they are coming to watch the match. This is the outfit you will wear all day unless I instruct you differently. I want you to serve my friends food and beverages making them feel at home. When they arrive you will answer the door and welcome them. You will tell them your name.”

Analena’s Story

It looked to me that at the very least I was going to be some eye candy for these friends of Kevin’s and at most well, I don’t think he has a limit. I had to admit to myself that I was excited about the guys seeing me with thus outfit knowing how embarrassed I would be if they made the obvious comments. I busied myself making up some finger food for the guests and chilling some wine and beer as well. I was just finishing when the doorbell rang and I ran to get it. I knew Kevin expected me to do this. Kevin was in the TV room watching the pre match discussions and I opened the door to four guys. I introduced myself to them and they turned out to be Matt, Ken, John and Sean.

Matt was like Kevin, tall at 6’4 or so and built nice with muscular arms and a full head of brown hair. Ken was short, maybe only 5’8″ or 9″ and a bit overweight, but nice looking with blonde hair. John was the kind of guy who just looks normal, about 6′ tall average build and well kept brown hair. Sean was, like Kevin and Matt, tall and well built. He had black wavy hair and a really nice smile.

Sean said.

“Analena I love the sexy outfit, it looks real good on you”

He then came up and hugged me while kissing my cheeks. He also used both hands to fondle my ass. The other three also kissed me and fondled either my ass or tits, while either laughing or making comments on how much fun it was going to be to watch me, and the match. I accepted this reluctantly and led them into the TV room.

Once they were seated I took drink orders and went to fetch. I returned with the drinks and overheard Kevin saying.

“I met Analena and we have been seeing on another for some time now.

I gave the guys their drinks, my face red knowing that they could easily see me all exposed I spent the next hour or two fetching food and drink as the guys watched the match. Each time I brought something in to the guys they would touch my ass or slide their hands up my legs. As they drank more and more they also became rude commenting on how my tits were either too small or my ass too big. Once, Matt actually reached up under my jersey and grabbed and pinched my nipple causing me to yelp. Kevin laughed and told the guys to behave. I noticed as the score made the match less exciting, the home team was in a romp and would win easily, that the guys were staring more at me then the game. I guess Kevin noticed because he said.

“Analena, come here and put this DVD in the player and then bring the remote and sit on my lap.”

I did as Kevin had asked and as I sat in his lap he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. I gathered that the game was all but over and Kevin had some movie to show the guys. I settled into his arms and waited. I felt his cock harden then I heard him say.

“This DVD I am showing you was taken yesterday at the Castle, I think you are going to enjoy it.”

Kevin’s Story

I felt Analena tense up as she realized what the DVD contained and that I might decide to use her in front of the guys. It was seeing herself kneeling in the woods that really got to her. I had a friend film yesterday and put it all on DVD for me, I had picked the disc up this morning. As she continued to stare at herself, topless giving blowjobs to the nerds I began to caress her legs and work my hands up bringing her jersey with them. It wasn’t long before her ass and pussy were naked and I continued to raise the jersey. Analena did nothing to object, she did not even look at me and beg with her eyes. She was still staring at herself on the TV. As I lifted the jersey up I pulled her arms up too, she was not ready to lose the jersey this easy. Regardless I removed the jersey completely. She now sat naked save her stockings, garter belt and shoes. I now used my hands to caress her tits and pussy. Her legs spread as I worked my fingers into her hot wet cunt.

The film was coming to an end and I looked to my friends and said.

“Analena get up and kneel in front of me, then unbuckle my pants and take them off!”

The guys stared open mouthed as Analena stood, her naked body on display for the guys and knelt down and took my pants off.

“Analena suck my cock, make it nice and hard, show these guys what a good cock sucker you are.”

Analena never hesitated taking my cock into her mouth and allowing it to slide into her throat. I heard one of the guys comment.

“Shit she has his whole dick in her mouth, it has to be halfway down her throat.”

Analena had me hard in just a few minutes and I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her mouth off of my cock.

“Now I want you to sit on my cock, Analena, facing the guys. That’s it sit all the way down. Ok now I want you to rise up and back down and fuck my cock.”

She did a wonderful job of riding my cock and I could see the four guys were still staring at her, watching her tits bounce and her pussy swallow my cock. As she continued to ride me she began to groan as she impaled herself on my cock. I noticed that when she bent forward resting her hands on her thighs that one of the guys would grab her tits or pinch nipples. She did not move away but stayed and allowed all of them to play with her tits. Sean even bent forward with his hands squeezing her tits and licked her face and kissed her sticking his tongue into her mouth. I too was playing with her tits, rolling her nipples from side to side and nibbling at the back of her shoulder. Analena was headed towards orgasm and every part of her body was now jerking as she fucked me. I felt her pussy clench around my cock and her legs were having a hard time supporting her as her orgasm washed over her. As her body slowed down and she was about to collapse on my cock I said.

“I want the guys to watch me cum all over your face and tits. Kneel in front of me.”

She rose slowly and turned to kneel. Her right hand grabbed my cock and she began to stroke me while pointing it at her face. She leaned in towards me as her hand felt my cock start to explode.

“Play with your pussy Analena as I cum for you.”

She used her other hand and pushed it between her legs stroking her pussy and grinding her hand into her clit. I felt my cum explode and the first shot caught her square on the nose, with the following spurts hitting he mouth and eyes and the last couple I made sure landed on her tits. When I was done I instructed her to stay naked then I said.

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