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Anne looked out of the window seeing the Qatar scenery in the early evening light for the very first time. Her husband John had been working out here for a few months now so she had been missing him terribly. When he had told her that he had arranged for her to come out to be with him she had jumped at the chance. The build up to her flying out had seemed to drag, the day had of course arrived, so now following the long flight here she was. In her mind she had told herself that they would have enjoyed a romantic, yet passionate, lovemaking session as soon as they got a private moment together. She had not accounted for the tiredness she would feel from the flight or for the fact that their first evening together would clash with a party to which John, and of course now Anne, had received an invitation to attend.

She smiled at the lovely romantic vista in front of her. Then her smiling face turned to meet John’s as she felt his muscular arm encircle her waist. They kissed then as they separated John asked, “So do you like the view?”

“God, yes. If I felt sad at missing you it will be worse now as you will have this when I have returned home.”

He kissed her again. “You’re right but it’s nowhere near as beautiful as you are.”

“Right answer.” She said laughing then kissing him. With that she made her way to the bathroom to get ready for their night out. John had warned her that the trip would take them into the desert and would be held at a ‘bachelor camp’ so she would definitely have few fellow women to take the men’s attention from her. This has really sold the party to her and she was determined to put the maximum effort into her appearance for John’s benefit of course.

After bathing in the luxurious bath Anne washed her longish brown hair. Prior to travelling out she had had blonde highlights put in so that her hair looked at its absolute best. For this reason the surprise of the party was not too bad. Then she lightly shaved her bikini line. This had been trimmed at home as she was certain to take advantage of the Middle Eastern sun and get as good as tan as possible: for this reason her bikini would be a skimpy as possible. While it won’t matter tonight she felt that the more pampered she felt the more she would shine on John’s behalf.

Putting on her robe Anne dashed into the bedroom. The instruction to John had been simple: no peeking, as she wanted him to see only the finished outfit. The room had a full-length mirror in front of which she stood; luckily the tanning sessions at home had meant she did not have lilywhite skin. To enhance the tan she had picked a white outfit. Firstly she stepped into a pair of white panties that left little to the imagination, looking at her reflection she adjusted the white gusset so it was perfectly positioned. Then she put on her white halter neck dress, one of John’s favourites, which fully showed off her impressive cleavage whilst allowing a tantalising glimpse of her firm 34B breasts. She had decided against any type of bra as she was yet to become accustomed to the heat. The real reason why John was so keen on the dress was that it really showed off Anne’s fine long and curvy legs. These had been recently shaved and were silky smooth. Looking into the mirror she grinned as she felt she had never looked so drop dead gorgeous in all of her 25 years.

Walking through the door into the living area Anne gave a gentle cough. John looked up and from the look on his face she knew how much he appreciated the effort that she had invested in her appearance. “Anne, I don’t think you have ever looked this beautiful before.”

“I’ll take that as a complement. I think I know exactly what you mean and not that normally I don’t look that good.” They laughed together and John walked towards her. He attempted to embrace her and she resisted. “Hey, you have got to shape up boy if you want to date me, please shave and get ready.” He laughed and went to get ready.


Upon arriving at the camp Anne quickly became aware that John had not exaggerated when he said the men would out number the women. Also she was gaining lots of nice comments together with many appreciative glances from the partygoers. There were over fifty men yet just three women including Anne. She could never recall ever being in such a lopsided mix of sexes.

John saw a colleague who he said he needed to speak to about something so he grabbed Anne another wine to drink. As he handed her the glass he promised that he would be a matter of minutes but he hoped she was relaxed and would enjoy the party. Taking the glass she smiled, partly giving her consent for him to slip off, but also at the more than generous size of the drinks she was being provided with.

As she took in the music and general hubbub of the party she became aware of a man standing beside her. She looked at him before returning his warm smile.

“Hi. My name’s Bob. I guess you are John’s wife Anne?”

“Please to meet you Bob, you’re spot on. I’m impressed at your deductive skills.”

“One out of three chance, considerably slimmed by seeing you together!” He laughed. Then they chatted with Bob complimenting her on her tan, especially given her recent arrival. During this he rubbed her left arm with his hand remaining on her skin for a second or two longer than she was totally comfortable with. Yet when she looked over to John, catching his eye, he smiled back and waved. She guessed if Bob was a problem John would have come over so she carried on talking with him. Bob offered to get her a top up for her glass. She accepted his kind offer.

While he was away she saw some people play darts, groups were chatting, all the while the music continued to play. When Bob returned he handed her the drink. Then he produced a digital camera and took a photograph of her. Quickly she adjusted herself into a pose and smiled broadly.

“Thank you.” Bob said, as he showed her the back of the camera. The photograph was very good. “Do you like it?”

“Its very good.” Anne replied.

“One of my big hobbies. I love taking pictures. You are a very good subject, very photogenic. I must say you have extremely beautiful eyes Anne.”

Anne laughed. “A lot of people find grey eyes cold and stern.”

“Nonsense, I find them mysterious and fascinating.” Bob replied and Anne felt he was being really honest. “Tell me, have you ever done any posing or modelling.” With that Anne blushed slightly. Again he gently took hold of her, “Sorry if I seemed too forward but you are perfect for modelling.” With that he took a few more candid pictures of her. She was beginning to feel really at ease when John returned.

“Oh, hello stranger you look very much like my husband. But I ain’t seen him for ages.” Bob sniggered while John feigned indignation.

He shrugged his shoulders. “You seemed to be getting on fine with Bob.”

“Must mingle, catch you guys later.” Said Bob as he left them to themselves.

Anne and John talked before she convinced him to dance with her. “So what did you make of Bob. He was very happy to hear you were coming tonight as he had seen a pic of you that I have got in my wallet. Thinks you could be a model.” He saw Anne’s face and added. “Don’t think of him as a dirty old man. He’s only ten years older than us and he does take his cameras and photography very, very seriously.”

“I guessed that, he seems really nice.” Anne had thought that Bob was a handsome man so she decided here and now that she would allow him to chat to her, even chat her up, as well as letting him take some more pictures of her.

John got them both more wine from the bar and when he returned they sat down, watching their fellow partygoers, relaxed and enjoyed themselves. As Bob walked past he took their photograph. He asked them to get closer together, embrace, then why didn’t they kiss one another. After their impromptu posing session Bob thanked them before he crossed the room to where the dartboard was. Anne looked up lovingly at John as the mix of alcohol and the humid heat slowly intoxicated her.

“I have enjoyed today.” She said to him. “I am jealous you get to work out here, I can’t imagine you miss me.”

“Bob used to say I talked non-stop about you. Then of course he saw your picture and fully understood. Want to play darts?” She nodded and they made their way to the board.

The people were playing ‘first to the bull’ to try and hit the bull’s-eye but it seemed everyone’s aim was effected by the drinking. After a while one of the guys noted it was one o’clock in the morning and announced he would hit the bull and call it a night. A mixture of cheers and laughter greeted his throw as it hit the centre just as he had predicted. In a dramatic style Bob pretended to faint through shock and lay prone on the floor. Anne threw her darts and as she walked to the board she passed close to Bob’s head and he looked up. His eyes opened wide as he got a view up her skirt and she knew he would have glimpsed her panties. Looking down at him she gave a dirty wink, looking across at John, they both laughed.

Anne went to the toilet then as she returned she noticed Bob and John at the bar. Walking up behind John she playfully grabbed at his sexy round arse. He turned and kissed her, while his hand groped at her firm round bottom. She told him that she wanted to pop outside to get some fresh air. Walking into the open she realised that even at night there was little fresh air.

“Surprised by the heat?” It was Bob.

“Kind of remember being told the night was cold in the desert.”

“Normally yes. You see when there is no cloud the heat escapes up into space. However, there was cloud today and they haven’t moved so they act like a quilt trapping the hot air.” Looking out into the darkness he asked, “Please can I take some more pictures of you?”

“Sure, but where’s your camera?”

“Actually, I wanted to ask if I could take some sexier ones this time.”

Anne looked at him. “Such as?”

He grinned and his eyes dropped to Anne’s legs. “I really like curvy and sexy female legs. Your legs are two of the best I have ever been privileged to see. I mean I would not expect you to flash your legs out here we could go to my room it’s quieter and private.”

Anne felt her face flush. “I am really not sure. I would have to ask John but he might not get angry.” She started to bluster.

“Why don’t we ask him now, I will come with you.” With that Bob took her arm and whisked her towards the bar. The drink had weakened her inhibitions, as she felt a little excited at the prospect of becoming the centre of attention with Bob. “John is an extremely lucky man you know. I would love to have a wife like you. Look how sexy you look tonight, there could be one hundred women here and you would stand out as the most stunning.” Although Anne did not need convincing anymore the compliments were making her very hot and horny. She prayed that John would give his consent to Bob’s request and in turn she could behave like a brazen model.

As the pair of them went to enter the bar John stepped out almost bumping into them. “Hey guys I was coming to find you.” With this Bob nudged Anne gently in the side to prompt her into making the request.

“John, I have something to ask you.” With that she broke from Bob and wrapped her arm around her husband drawing her sexy body closely to his. “Well actually it’s me and Bob who want to ask you.”

A frown rose up on John’s face. “Oh yes.” He said with obvious trepidation.

“Well you see Bob has been complimenting me all night and he has taken some pictures of me and..well he has asked if I would pose for some more. Sort of private shots of my legs really. In order for us to have more privacy he has suggested we can convene in his room. I have told him that it is your call and if you do not want me to do it, it will not happen.”

John grinned. “I am cool with it on one condition, that is I want all three of us there and we see where we go!” Both Anne and John turned to Bob who had a wide grin on his face. With that they both walked with Bob to his room.


Entering Bob’s apartment he immediately offered Anne the sofa to sit on. “Please relax and make yourselves at home.” He walked into the kitchen and returned with a tray of glasses with another bottle of wine. They sat around chatting and drinking before Bob broke the ice. “Is it still okay for me to take some sexy pictures of you?”

Anne, having already got John’s consent, took the lead. “Of course. I am your willing, if not very experienced, model. Tell me how you want me to pose.” Bob grinned.

“Before we start, I will just go to the bedroom and download the images on here to my laptop. Then we have a clear memory to play with.”

With Bob gone Anne turned to John. “Are you still happy with this?”

“Are you kidding? Its great to have my sexy wife becoming a model. If you like I will make sure Bob lets us keep a copy of the pictures so we can look back lovingly on them in our later years.” He leaned forward and kissed her. Their tongues entwined as they passionately embraced.

Bob entered the room and smiled at them. “Mmmm very nice. However, can I have you sitting alone on the sofa at first?” John kissed Anne on the cheek as he slid away from her. Looking over at John Bob asked. “Please feel free to comment, anything you want her to do or specific pictures you want let me know. And if either of you wants to stop at anytime please say.” Both Anne and John grinned and nodded excitedly.

Bob took a couple of pictures. “Now can I ask you to pull up the hem of the dress a bit and can you part you legs so I can see more of your legs.” Anne did exactly as he had asked. “That’s lovely. Are you sure you have never acted as a model before?” He asked laughing hoping that the compliment would put Anne at her ease. She was a natural.

Then Bob asked her to stand up. He cleared the coffee table then asked Anne to place her right foot up on the table. Her skirt rose up and he asked her to pull the skirt up and bunch it which she did, and lifted her dress to around her hips.

“That is so sexy Anne. Hold the pose, come and look at this John.”

“Wow you certainly know how to pose a model Bob.”

Then John whispered in Bob’s ear. Bob grinned and said, “Mmmm I sure can John. Don’t move Anne.”

With that Bob put the camera down and walked over to her. He knelt before her. She looked straight at John. What had he said to Bob, as he was now kneeling in front of Anne with his face inches away from her pussy. She had becoming aware of how turned on this was getting her and she guessed she was becoming damp down below. As she looked down Bob looked up at her and their eyes locked. Then as well as returning her gaze he winked at her before seductively licking his lips. With Bob facing in the same direction, as John, Anne was aware that her husband would be completely ignorant of the fact that Bob seemed to be enjoying being is such close proximity to her.

“That’s a very nice pose.” Said Bob as he moved away from her. “Hold it right there. Yes that is lovely. John is it okay if Anne flashes her undies now.” John nodded and Anne bunched the material so that it was drawn higher and higher. “Oh Anne I love white underwear on a woman. How on earth did you know to wear my favourites?” Bob teased as he took another couple of shots.

Then John chipped in. “Anne pull the skirt all the way up and fully expose your knickers.”

“Yes, go on Anne make your old man happy.” Said Bob as he winked from behind the camera. Looking across the room Anne noticed John drinking his wine in the chair, his free hand fell to his groin, as he adjusted what she was sure was an erect penis through his clothing. In an obviously aroused state he rose from the seat and walked over to Anne on the pretence of bring her some wine.

Bob paused allowing Anne to have a drink. John leaned over her whispering into her ear. “Are you enjoying this?”

“Am I behaving too slutty for you yet? I am loving this attention. I honestly think that both you and Bob want to fuck me and would if you thought you could get away with it. Sorry honey but I am not that drunk! Still I am loving putting on this dirty show.”

John laughed. “As you want to give us the horn lets show Bob something that never fails to make me hard then.” With that John spun her round and bent her over the arm of the sofa. Then his hands were on the dress and he flung it up and over her waist fully exposing her bare arse cheeks with the g-string a single white strip between the tanned cheeks. In an instant Bob was behind her taking a number of pictures.

With John moving across the room to get more wine Bob approached Anne. “I have a special shot I want to take which will definitely turn young John on.” Her grabbed Anne’s wrist and pulled it down to her ankle. “That’s it now grab hold of your ankles with a hand on each leg. That’s it you are very supple. I bet John has no complaints of your athleticism in bed sexy.” Anne felt herself blush which was not only due to her head now being below her waist. She froze as Bob adjusted the dress so her backside was fully on display and she felt his hand squeeze her exposed rear.

After taking a couple of pictures it was agreed that the session would pause for a moment which would allow Anne to compose herself a little more and finish her drink. She sat there feeling extremely sexy, as she knew both of the men were getting hotter and hotter with her performance.

Bob interrupted the silence. “Are you enjoying this Anne? I hope that you are and want to continue as I would love to take some more pictures of you.”

“I am having a great time thanks Bob, John are you cool with this continuing?” He simply nodded in reply.

With the bottle of wine finished Bob went to the kitchen from which he produced yet another bottle. By now Anne was feeling extremely light-headed but John helped himself to yet another glass. Bob picked up his camera. “Ready to start again? Stay sitting there as I want to take some more pictures of you sitting down.”

He moved the coffee table and positioned himself on the floor in front of Anne. John came over and pulled the hem up so that Bob had a good view of Anne’s legs and the crotch of her g-string. He took a couple more shots as Anne opened and closed her legs. Bob began to lean closer and closer to her. By now the entire charade was lost as Bob’s attention closed in on Anne’s pussy.

“Anne I will admit that I am not my usual composed self here. Normally I try not to get turned on by the model but tonight it simply is impossible.”

Anne smiled as he confirmed what she had suspected for some time. “Why thank you Bob. You are such a smooth talker.”

“It’s honesty Anne. Can I please ask you something?”

“Fire away, if you don’t ask you might not get!”

“Would you remove your knickers, so I can take some more revealing and ruder shots.”

Anne’s mouth fell open. She looked at John. “I am sorry Bob but I am a married lady. I could not show you my pussy, that’s far too intimate.”

Bob immediately apologised. “I am sorry for any offence caused.”

They were both shocked when John interjected. “I would have no objections Anne.” With that he sat down next to his wife. “See Bob has already seen your knickers and to be blunt your almost bare bottom. So what would hurt with a couple of naughty pics? Specially if he gave us the pictures and his word they would never be given to anyone else.” His hand rubbed his wife’s thigh as he spoke and as his hand rose higher and higher she felt his fingers rubbing over her silky undies. He could feel how wet she was and looked into her eyes. Leaning over he opened his mouth and kissed her. While they embraced she felt his fingers rubbing her. Her eyes opened as she looked across at Bob. Although he was not taking any pictures he was looking at her husband gently fingering her. Then she felt him hook the fabric to one side so that there was nothing between Bob’s gaze and her uncovered vagina. She knew she was wet and that now both John and Bob knew. She was surprised to find that she did not care.

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