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John couldn’t help but smile at the predicament he put the three very different people in.

Here was a beautiful 18 year-old innocent girl with flawless skin and long brown hair laying on the bed drenched with sweat and cum flowing out of her pussy.

Next to her was Nickolai, a Russian badass who looked exhausted from his brutal fuck with her not too long ago.

And chained to a chair was Emmanuel, his worst enemy who was chained helplessly to a chair forced to witness the love of his life’s rape right before his eyes.

Emmanuel glared at John, “We did what you said John! No more!” He struggled uselessly at his restraints.

John chuckled, “You aren’t in a position to compromise Emmanuel.”

Nickolai interrupted, “I attacked the girl, even broke her leg. I was not gentle.” which was true. But he wasn’t rough because John said, ever since Nickolai met Anna he wanted to destroy her cute little innocent body.

“I know Russian.. What do you think we should do?” John asked as he say in a chair with three of his toughest men behind him, “What is it that YOU want?”

Emmanuel looked at Nickolai nervously.

Nickolai’s face didn’t change, “I want my friend to be let go.

John raised his eyebrow, “Then let’s make a trade.” he clapped his hands together happily.

Emmanuel shouted, “NO! NOT ME FOR HER!”

Anna finally stopped sobbing quietly and wiped her face, “What?”

John glared hard at her, “I’m not speaking to you.”

Anna sat up being careful to move her broken leg slowly, “Excuse you? I’m not one of your little henchmen that you can push around! You are not the boss of me!”

Emmanuel was torn between feeling pride and worry for his Anna, “Shh.. Anna..” he hissed at her.

Nickolai laughed a little, “I like her.”

John was unamused at her comment and fierceness as he stood up and started walking towards the bed, towards her. “You need to learn your place.”

Nickolai was instructed by one of Johns men to step aside. He obeyed quietly.

When John approached her she crossed her arms and turned her face away.

“Oh you want to play that game huh? Well darling, in going to teach you your place.” He slapped her hard across the face, sending her falling back in the bed, “And your place..” he started and he climbed on top of her, “Is under me.”

He slammed into her sore bruised pussy in one hard swift motion.

Anna screamed with pain as she tried to move away from him. He didn’t let her get wet at all, the only wetness being her blood and a mix if her and Nickolai’s cum.

He suddenly pulled out and smiled as another idea crossed his mind.

He grabbed her throat roughly with one hand and with the other he slapped her breast, first one, then the other, as hard as he could. Then He slapped her pussy a couple times.

He gritted his teeth, letting his hand linger on her warm crotch, digging in with his fingers, rubbing her as hard as he could.

Anna tried to scream but she couldn’t because of his merciless grasp in her neck.

He dropped a wad of spit into her aching mouth as she struggled to scream, continuing to rub her pussy viciously.

Then, he used his four fingers to dig into her pussy, as his thumb pushed into her still virgin ass, penetrating her. He forced it in as far as it would go.

He then bit her breast, using his teeth to tear into her bruised skin.

Anna’s eyes started to close because of the intense pain, she was slowly passing out.

John want having that, he slapped her awake, and then grabbed her head by the hair and smashed it into the bed hard, making her dizzy.

He held out his throbbing member, dripping with pre-cum all over her thighs. He pressed the tip against her pussy, harder and harder, but not quite entering her, then he pulled away, and re-aimed for her still virgin ass, forcing his cock in hard, and buried it in her ass, balls deep.

The sent her over the edge as she screamed in pain.

Emmanuel’s eyes were watery as he tried to look away, he couldn’t bear to watch any more.

Anna couldn’t help but get wet at her predicament. He was taking her control away, feeding her every dark desire.

John kept pumping deeper and deeper, pushing her along the hard cold firm bed as he mercilessly fucked her.

“Ah,” He said between grunts, looking at her dripping wet pussy. “Your cunt is drooling… Let me see if I have a little something for it”.

He reached his hand out and on of his mean chuckled as he handed John an 8-inch flashlight.

He roughly fit its head into her pussy, forcing its way past her bruised and battered lips. As it filled her up, she clenched down on it, making the light turn on inside her sickly, allowing a light to show through her skin, deep inside her pussy, bobbing up and down.

He continued to double penetrate her vigorously, alternating his pumps and filling the room with wet noises and the primal sounds of coitus.

Anna couldn’t take the intense pain and pleasure, “Please get off!! I will listen!! I will listen!!” she begged.

That just made him pound into her much faster and harder.

“Oh you’ll listen alright, but first I’m going to make you cum so many times, you’ll be begging me to give you orders so you can be a good little girl and listen to whatever the hell I tell you to do, wear, and/or say you understand? And they won’t be little orgasms, they are going to be fucking intense and unforgettable you little slut. Unforgettable,” he paused for a brief second.

“Starting, with this one…’

He dug his cock into her ass and held it there, angling it up to push into the wall between her ass and her pussy, squeezing the flashlight right into her sensitive g-spot. But Anna don’t cum yet. He angled the flashlight down, pressing it against the tangent wall his cock is pressed against, and He slowly rubbed it along side his cock, ribbing it through her soaking wet pussy, leaving her g-spot to fill with juice.

“Almost there, sweetie,” He whispered, looking at her blushing face.

He then moved his hips in a circular motion, moving the root of his cock inside her ass hole, stimulating it’s walls. At the same time, he removed the light, her poor pussy making a *squelch* sound as it popped out. He reached and put his two longest fingers in place of the flashlight, curving them up, pressing against her g-spot, and massaging it roughly, kneading the juices inside, coaxing them to cum all over his hand. He began to flick his fingers, tapping them against her erogenous spot while still rotating inside her ass.

He can feel her begin to cum, just a little. But stopped to make sure she settled down, before he inserted another finger into her dripping twat, pressing all three up against her pleasureful landscape, squeezing her juice all over his hand, dripping down his wrist.

“Ok, you have my permission to cum for the first time. but you cannot make a sound. I want to see you cum, not hear you. If you cum for over a minute, I will break one of your fingers. So control yourself.”

He forced a fourth finger in, quickly making wet juicy sounds as he finger fucked her tight abused pussy until she came.

She came hard and loved every second of it. Suddenly, she didn’t care about anything except cumming, and this brought her to her ultimate high.

After it subsided she opened her mouth to talk, to beg, anything.

And he quickly shut her up by taking his filthy cock out of her ass and shoving it balls deep down her little throat, rotating his body so they were sixty-nining.

“You bite and I’ll punch you so hard you’ll have to get two new kidneys…” John warns.

He started to eat out her pussy, taking care to swallow her cum, as it leaks all over his mouth.

“Start sucking me off, girly, the quicker you make me cum, the quicker this is over.”

He dipped his tongue deeper inside her, licking her rough walls, tasting her salty cum. He swirled his tongue around her orifice, while biting her clit roughly. He slid two fingers in, this time, facing down, and He slipped his thumb in her ass, trying to touch his fingers and thumb together, rubbing her lining. He twisted his fingers inside her, vying for depth, trying to feel how close she is to cuming.

All the while, he gently rocked his hips up and down, sliding his cock in and out of her abused throat, feeling her hot wet tongue against his veiny cock, slapping his balls on your eyes. Degrading her even more than he already had. She chokes a little on his huge cock, and he can feel her pussy clench at the same time as her body convulses like she just coughed. He took the opportunity to use his other hand to finger her g-spot, forcing it to fill with succulent, sweet cum. He felt and tasted her pussy lubricating his fingers, he started to drool, and as he does, he stretches her pussy open, so his wad of spit can find its way all the way to the end of her pussy, which is so hot now, his spit feels cold inside her.

“You’re almost there, I can feel you swelling again. But you can’t just yet.”

He used his rough palm to rub her whole pussy at once, rubbing quickly and roughly, trying with all his might to bring her to the brink of paradise. Right when he heard her moan with his cock still in her mouth he stopped.

“Ready to cum? This time you can be as loud as you want, but with my cock still in your mouth. Also, take your time, you did well with your last cum.”

He stuck his fingers in her, and unleashed her orgasm.

She screamed as she came, sending vibrations all up and down his cock, making him smile.

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