Note: There is no sex in the first chapter (maybe more) of this story. We’ll get there. It’s a multi-part piece, and I really want to set stuff up before I get to the sex. I hope you all enjoy my first submission to Literotica.


It was just luck that she survived. Most people wouldn’t have given her a snowball’s chance in an inferno of being that lucky. It had been her day off, she’d decided to take a drive, and when the bombs hit she’d been halfway between here and there. She saw the flashes and stopped at the filling station at the halfway point of the turnpike. She bought all the beef jerky and dried fruit that the filling station had along with filling up her gas tank. From old military training she realized that this would be the last time she spent actual money on anything for a good long time. If anyone else realized what was happening, they’d be doing the same, but Deirdre had little faith in the intelligence of other people.

“Going camping?” Was the question from the clerk when she showed up with her beef jerky, bottled water, and dried fruit and nuts.

“Something like that.”

“It’s cheaper at the grocery store.” He said with a little sneer.

“Yeah, you guys have my favorite kind, though.” She made a mental note to hit some outlying Wal-Marts. They’d be relatively safe because of the lack of windows. Most people didn’t realize that radioactivity behaved like sunlight, if it came up against a brick wall it’d just bounce off. Something in her hardened, then. She walked back out to the car, and drove off.

She gave her situation some thought, and turned on AM radio. The news wasn’t good, not only had there been nuclear attacks in most major cities, some genius had figured out a way to sneak a biological agent into the mix as well. The zombie apocalypse was good and started, and the situation in the cities was totally out of control. She was in an enviable position with her car full of gas and dried foods. She sat in the car for a few minutes trying to decide what to do, and grinned slightly as an idea struck her. Who better to consolidate and help her then a few men she’d known before. She was more than aware that her life was now going to be measured in ‘before’ and ‘after’ the blasts.

Everything had changed in an instant. She made a few phone calls–cell phones still worked, as no one had thought to turn anything off the instant before the bombs hit. She wondered how long that would last, and tried to reach all of her family. Nothing. The calls were even going through, which surprised her somewhat, but apparently everyone had been in the blast zone or contaminated by the ‘virus’ that was killing people too slowly. From the radio, the National Guard and police forces that were left were ripping through the ‘zombies’ but the numbers of the infected were overwhelming them.

She turned the car toward Poteau, Oklahoma and started to drive.

She stopped at a gas station when the gauge registered about half. The electricity was still on in the station, but no one was there. She figured out how to release the gas pumps and filled up her car. Also, she took every bit of dried fruit, meat, and water out of the place. Her car was filling up, but there was no help for that. She had an idea of where to go anyway, and what she was going to do. She had a plan. That was more than most people had, anyway, and she was really clear on what was going to happen in the next six hours. What she was considering was absolutely crazy in the world that had been three hours ago, but in the new world it made plenty of sense. Two hours later, she rolled up on the prison.

The area was gorgeous, the prison had been built by the CCC in the 1950′s. She knew about it, honestly, because her grandfather had been in the CCC. There was a lot of history behind Jim E. Hamilton Correctional Facility, but the part that Deirdre liked the best is that there was a lot of vo-tech training going on there. The place was kind of far away from society, and also there were a couple of guys she knew there. She was clear from having visited a couple of times that there were really a minimal amount of guards at any given time, and with everything else that had happened, she was really kind of expecting what she found.

There were about four guards left, and they were somewhat panicked. They had the inmates locked down, but almost everyone else had fled. Deirdre walked calmly up to the building, and went in through the front door. The guards were arguing over what to do with the inmates, and the options ranged pretty much from letting them go to shooting them all. Deirdre, unnoticed by the four men, pulled out her pistol, sighted the guy that wanted to kill the 654 inmates, and shot him through his head.

The other three, unarmed, turned to look at her babbling like idiots.

“We won’t be having any slaughter of minimum security inmates.” Her voice was calm, firm, and the officers–although slightly rebellious-looking–at least were shocked into silence by her sudden violence.

“What are we going to do?” Asked one of the men.

“Have you done anything about cooking dinner?” Asked Deirdre.

“Well, no.”

“I suggest you get out some inmates and get to it, then. And I suggest you treat them nicely. They may not know what’s going on now, but they will soon, and at that point things are going to change.”

She felt the officer creeping up behind her with the same sense she’d known when her children were up to something. She turned and shot him twice in the chest.

“The rules have changed, gentlemen. There are two of you now unless you’ve left someone to babysit the inmates. Let’s get dinner started. And I’ll need a set of keys and the current census.”

The youngest officer, Jim Thomas by his name tag, got the stuff she’d asked for. She took it and started looking through the census when he spoke.



“Why?” His gesture took in more than the two dead men on the floor. It took in Deirdre, and by default, her pistol. It took in her actions.

She heard the door behind her, and smoothly turned and knelt. Her marksmanship was as good as ever, and the officer she’d sent to get dinner ready fell with a bullet hole in his chest and one in his head. He was holding a rifle and never got off a shot, not even a wild one.

“You know what’s going on, Mr. Thomas.” She didn’t even look at him. She could tell that he was upset by the goings-on of the day.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Things have changed. There are a few inmates here that I knew when I was a nurse at one of the County Jails. I won’t bore you with the details.” She shook her head, then fixed him with her piercing blue eyes. “They are people that I believe I can trust. People that made some mistakes, but they are still people. I will not see them executed because they are in prison. The United States seems to be down a few billion people right now, and total anarchy is reigning. We must be smart if we are going to survive, and I can’t think of anything smarter than having a small army to start with.”

He nodded as her words made sense, and was relieved as he realized that someone here was going to take charge.

She handed him the census sheet. “I’ve made notes by a few names, here. What I want you to do is go get those five inmates and bring them to me. Then go get five more you know are mostly trustworthy and get to the kitchen and start cooking. Things are going to be different, so get ready.” She walked over to the dead man with the rifle and took the rifle and his keys. “Send those five men to the warden’s office, and until I say something different, you can address me as ma’am or Warden.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

‘Who has keys to the armory?”

“On this shift, just Jim. And well, I don’t think he’ll be bothering you anymore.”

She had to resist the urge to giggle. Between the Army and nursing she’d developed a really warped sense of humor. No reason to disturb the kid, though.

“All right. You’ve seen what I’ve done so far today, so don’t try me. Get dinner going. Make it some kind of sandwiches, we need to eat the perishable stuff first and save the other stuff for later. This is going to be really slow going until we get things straightened out. Thank the gods that we’re in a wildlife-heavy low population area at least.”


“Hmm. Yeah, Gods. I believe in more than one. A fat lot of good the Hebrew one’s done today.” She paused. “Come on, let’s get this show on the road.”

He nodded once and fled. She could see how nervous he was. Hopefully he’d get his game face on, or the inmates would eat him alive.

It was less than ten minutes later that a soft knock disturbed her, and she looked up.


It was a voice that she remembered, and she started to smile. She knew that this man had been innocent, but the criminal justice system had railroaded him into prison. There had been generous proof of his innocence, but he was an African-American male with priors. There was no way that Oklahoma was letting him loose.

“Come in.”

The door opened, and he smiled broadly as she jumped up and hugged him tightly.

“Andre.” She barely breathed it he was squeezing her so tight.

“Deirdre.” He hugged her some more, then looked down at her. “About those dead guys in the lobby?”

“Yeah, we probably need to bury them or something.”

“Did you do that?”

“Well, yes…”

“I only have two years left! How could you do this? We’re going to be in so much trouble..”

He was getting louder and a little panicked, and she put her finger on his lips. “Things have changed, Andre. Nuclear devices that were armed with a biological agent went off all over the U.S. this morning. This place is far enough away from the fallout that we’ll be relatively safe. I am taking over this prison, and also a state park not too far from here, maybe two. We are going to secure this part of the State before someone else has a chance to, mostly because it’s going to be mostly safe from fallout and the virus.

He looked at her like she’d grown an extra head. She turned on the radio, and right as the other four men showed up the news confirmed what she’d told him. The looks on their faces were grim as they looked at her and at each other.

She turned it off.

“Gentlemen, I know you remember me from the County. I never lied to you. I always had your best interest at heart.”

They all nodded.

“We need to secure this prison. I need a few people to go into Poteau and obtain some things from stores and pharmacies. We’ll go together after dinner is over. I need a few more trustworthy people to help run things. That poor officer I left alive is kind of…twitchy.

The white man, the one she knew would be trouble from the first and had decided to make an example of turned toward her slowly.

“Who the hell do you think you are, Bitch, giving us orders. There are five of us and one of you! I could make you do what…”

The report of the gun sounded loudly in the room, and Deirdre casually put it back in the holster at the small of her back.

“I don’t suppose you guys know anyone good at taking care of dead bodies?”

Three of them nodded and she gave them a key out of the warden’s lockbox.

“Just get a few to dig graves, and then after that’s done let’s get everyone to the mess hall. I have a lot of explaining to do and not a lot of time to do it in.”

When the other three left, Andre looked at her.

“Is this hard for you, Deirdre?”

She gave him a level gaze. “You know me.”

He gathered her up in a hug, she had lost a significant amount of weight in the last couple of years, and his body almost swallowed hers now. She was barely visible in the hug.

“I can’t cry now Andre. There’s no time for it. We have to be hard now. Later. But if we’re going to survive, I have to be hard now.”

“Hard times are what we’re made from, Baby.”


“Do you think we can do this?” He stared at her. Her asymmetrical haircut. Her blue eyes, her generous lips, her now-muscular but still small frame.

“At least it’s ‘we’.”

“It’s always ‘we’ baby, since you helped me. I’m here.”

“I’m not here because you owe me, I’m here because I need someone I can trust, and I need people that know how to stick together. Honestly this is the best place next to the military, and they’re having a pretty tough time right now.”

“I can see that.”

“Also, it kinda helps to have people that are used to taking instructions. These guys at least will need a bit of guidance at the beginning, but they’ll be thinking for themselves in the way we direct them. Regular people are just running around like idiots right now trying not to die. I don’t intend for us to die.”

“At least not ’til our time, Baby.”

“Yeah, a lot of numbers got punched today. I don’t intend for our numbers to be up for a while.”

He didn’t say anything. He knew her well, and knew she was crying on the inside. One thing he’d always admired about Deirdre is that she was able to do what was necessary. He could see her logic in coming here, and he admired her casual brutality in taking control. There would be a lost little girl in her tonight, once she tried to sleep, but for now he stood behind her as people filed back in.

“Dinner is ready, Warden, and the bodies are taken care of.”

“Thank you, Gentlemen. Let’s eat.”

Prologue: The Shortcut

The Star-Ship zoomed through empty space faster than the speed of light. For the two young men aboard the craft it felt like they were crawling.

They were small time freelance traders, hauling small amounts of cargo from one system to another, hoping to make a profit.

The Captain, Ben Anders was in the cockpit, sitting in the Captains chair which was the comfiest chair on the ship. He was going for the high score on his video game ‘Laberinto 2′ and was loudly cursing the hell-frogs that kept getting him out.

He was eighteen years old, the son of a military officer in the Federation, he dropped out of the Federation Academy when he realised he didn’t want to spend his life taking orders.

Ben wanted to be his own boss, so he spent two years repairing and modifying an old Federation shuttle so that he could become a freelancer. He was gifted with machines and electronics, but was cursed with being a bit of a slacker and alcoholic. He had named his ship “Apollo Creed” and asked his best friend Streek to be his First Mate.

Bens’ head was full of dreams about being a freelancer. He planned on making big money and soon trading up for a bigger ship. He dreamt of one day being the Captain and owner of a huge Galaxy-Class trade ship, with scores of crew-members working under him and Streek, and they would get laid at every Port they landed. He would call it ‘Rocky Balboa’ after the legendary warrior from pre-warp Earth, who once defeated Apollo Creed in battle.

But things were not going as planned. He found being a trader was tough when you’re at the bottom of the barrel. Apollo Creed could only move small amounts of cargo at a time and even with her heavily modified engines, she was slower than almost every other trader.

Trade missions took many days and even weeks and usually by the time they got to their destination, other traders had flooded the market and prices were not so great any more, leaving them with barely any profit.

‘But this trade mission will be different, this time we’re going to be rich’ Ben thought to himself.

Streek was in his quarters, which he referred to as ‘the crate’ on account of it being so damn small and crampt. It was the only place on the small ship where he could get some privacy. He would get sick of the sight of his best friend Ben, just as he got sick of the claustrophobic interior of the ‘Creed’ on their long space flights.

Streek was sitting up on his bed which took up nearly the whole room, He jerked off his six-inch boner as he watched one of his favourite porn vids ‘Anal Slut Adventures 9.0′ on his TAB.

A hot brunette in pig-tails was bouncing up and down on top of a huge meat-head stud, she was moaning loudly as his fat, twelve-inch cock pounded her tight ass-hole in high definition, holographic 3D.

Streek jerked his cock as he watched, the girl was Lisa Lovejoy, she was one of his favourites, but he wished he could afford some new pornos, or even better, to visit a whore and pay the extra to do her up the ass.

Ben was always promising a big payday but it never come. Ben was always dreaming big and talking of things that were to come and Streek was getting sick of it, just like he was getting sick of being stuck in a tin can day after day with Ben and the same old porn and video games.

His name was Stephen McKenzie, but everyone who knew him called him Streek. He was never that good at school, and dropped out in high school. He wasn’t really tough enough to be a street thug, like a lot of young men from his neighbourhood either.

His parents tried to convince him to join the Federation Academy, but he just couldn’t see himself as a Bluecoat.

So Streek worked a number of dead-end jobs and smoked a lot of weed until his best friend finished working on his ship and offered him a place on his crew.

Streek took him up right away, he wanted to get away from the settled world of Darion where they grew up, and see the galaxy, he also listened to Bens’ promises of riches and being in charge of a Galaxy-class freighter with fifty crew members under them, but now it became apparent that that wasn’t happening and the life of a space traveller wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

The small holographic Lisa Lovejoy with a big, slutty smile on her face rose up off the giant cock, and it popped out of her stretched out ass-hole. Now it was out again Streek was reminded how huge the thing was, at least twice the size of his own hard cock. Streek always suspected that porn stars must be genetically engineered to have cocks like that, and to take cocks like that up their ass and still have a smile on their face.

Ben had argued that they weren’t real at all and were just computer animations that looked real, but Streek saw vids of Lisa Lovejoy collecting her trophy for best Ass-to-Mouth scene at the Galactic Porn Awards. He still believed that she was robbed for the best Anal Gangbang scene trophy. Lisa got down again opened her mouth wide and slipped as much of the huge organ into it as she could.

The ringing sound came from the ceiling, not overly loud but you couldn’t miss it. It was a familiar sound travelling the space ways, it signalled that they were coming out of hyper-warp in a few minutes.

Streek liked to be there when they came out of and jumped into hyper-warp, he was second in command on the ship and felt like he should be doing something. He shut off the holo of Lisa Lovejoy fucking her face with a giant cock and tucked away his own boner.

“Guess I’ll have to finish up later” he told himself as he climbed out his bed and left the crate.

Ben was slumped in his Captain seat when Streek walked in.

“Oh hey bud” said Ben turning to him ” You don’t need to worry, I got this.”

“Nah, the First Officer should be on deck whenever we drop out.”

“Right, are you real happy to see me ‘First Officer’?”

Streek looked down and saw that he still had a boner and it was poking out the front of his pants. He quickly sat down, his face red with embarrassment.

“I was watching a movie.” he told Ben.

“Of coarse you were” he said and turned back to the console smiling.

“I scored sixteen and a half K on Laberinto, smashing your highest.” Ben told Streek.

“Dude, you know I never play that game, I prefer ‘Cave Smasher’.”

“Yeah Cave Smasher is alright, …If you’re into kids games!”

Streek felt weary that this was a conversation that they have had before, possibly a few times, he preferred to change the subject. “Are we coming up on the Mara System now?”

“…Nah, …not the Mara System.”

“Is it the Aerowyn System then?”

“We’re …not going through those systems this time.”

“What? I saw them on the flight plan before we left.”

“Yeah, I made some last minute changes to the flight plan before we departed.”

“What? Why the fuck didn’t you tell me?” Streek reached forward for the console and punched the buttons that brought up the flight plan. He was shocked when the 3D Holographic image of the Space Map appeared.

“You’ve taken us right out of protected space!” said Streek.

“I’m taking a shortcut.”

“You’re taking us right past Daveyjones Nebula, that’s notorious Pirate territory.”

“I had to, there were black holes the other way.”

“You’re fuckin’ crazy! You’re going to get us both killed!”

“Look Streek, this route will only take us thirty-four percent of the time it would to go through so-called ‘protected space’. We’ll get to the Rohme system while the price of medical supplies are still sky high. We’re gunna make a huge profit for once dude, Payday!”

“No payday if Pirates steal our cargo. No payday if they kill us and take your ship!. There’s a reason all the other freighters travel through protected space!”

“Bah, they still get robbed in protected space.”

“Not near as much I bet, Come on Ben turn us around and go back before you get us killed.”

“Why?, when we drop out we’ll be roughly half way there, might as well keep going and get our payday.”

“But we know the space is clear behind us.”

“Do we? Space changes my friend, space is in a state of constant change, it might not be clear when we get there again!”

Streek grit his teeth ” Damn You Ben!, If you get us killed, I’m gunna …kill you!”

Ben smiled “Chill dude, we are little minnows swimming through an ocean, no one will even notice us.”

“Little minnows get eaten.” said Streek under his breath. The ringing came from the ceiling again signifying that they were now dropping out of hyper-warp.

Ben and Streek turned their attention to their consoles. “Fuck, I hope there’s no Pirates waiting for us here.”

The viewport was pitch black while they travelled through hyper-warp. Suddenly the whole ship buffeted as the hundreds of stars came into view. Streek bought up the radar on his console and quickly scanned for anything out of the ordinary, Pirate ships in particular.

“Long-range radar seems clear” he was relieved to tell Ben.

“See bud, nothing to worry about.”

“We got three more systems before we reach Rohme, I’d say that’s something to worry about.”

“Uh Oh, I’ve got some bad news!” said Ben.

“What?, what is it?” said Streek, worried.

“I just farted!” said Ben seriously, then he cracked a smile and laughed.

“Fuck you!”

“You know, it sounds like you need some weed to help you relax dude, why don’t you go out back and get high, I’ll handle the jump, no worries.”

“No, I’m gunna stay here and keep watching the scanner until we’re away in hyper-warp, …then I’m going out back to get high.”


Sixteen hours later Streek was awoken from his sleep by the ringing, they were coming out of hyper-warp again. ‘Vico System’ Streek remembered, at least he knew which system he was entering this time, even if he didn’t know what was there.

He had a boner poking out the front of his boxers, he never did end up finishing up to Lisa Lovejoy, when he was stoned he just wanted to veg out, and after that he was too tense to masturbate.

When Streek got into the cockpit Ben was already in there, as usual. “Ben if we get through this mission alive, promise me you will never do this again, or else I Quit”

Ben laughed “Is that supposed to be a threat? I only gave you this job ’cause you’re my bud. Anyone I hire would probably be better than you.”

“But you seem to put a lot of trust in me, would you put that trust in a stranger?”

“Alright, it’s just a one time thing!” said Ben. “…They probably wouldn’t suck at games as much as you too!”

“You’re the one who sucks!”

“You suck!”

“You suck!”

Soon the second alert sounded and the Apollo Creed shuddered again as it dropped out of hyper-warp into the Vico system and the stars of other systems returned to the viewport.

Streek had the radar open already and soon objects blinked into place on the image. Streeks’ attention was drawn to one particular object.

“Fuck, it’s another ship sixty four kilometres away.”

“What kind of ship?” asked Ben.

“Unknown, it has no identifiers or specs.” Streek turned to Ben, his face had gone pale “Fuckin’ Pirates!”

“Chill dude, we’re just a little minnow remember? The shark will probably think we’re not worth their time.”

“How long until the engines are ready to jump again?”

“Just over six minutes, Fuck, I knew I should have had that upgraded.”

Streek watched the radar screen intently and grimaced. “Drakk! They’ve changed coarse and are heading straight for us!”

“Fuck! Set the bearing that’s away from them, I’m setting the engines to full power!”

The Apollo creed turned and flew away from the pursuers as fast as it could go, which was not all that fast.

“Shit they’re gunna catch up with us in just under two minutes.” said Streek, trying his best not to panic.

“When they come I’m gunna evade them until we’re ready to jump.”

“That’s your fuckin’ plan? To outfly them in this thing?”

“Well have you got a better plan?”

“Yeah, jettison the cargo.”


“They might just let us go if we give them our cargo.”

“Do you know how much that stuff is worth in Rohme?”

“Not our lives, that’s for sure. Come on Ben, it’s our only chance.”

“Hail them.”

“What are you gunna say?”

“I don’t fuckin’ know, just hail them.” Streek noticed Ben was starting to get stressed out, and that was rare for him.

Streek tapped the button to hail the pirate ship and waited a few moments. “No response.” he told Ben.

“Ah, fuck it!, jettisoning cargo!” Ben tapped a button on the console and the back doors of Apollo Creeds cargo bay zipped open and four pallets of medical supplies flew out into space as the ship fled away.

Soon Streek was watching the radar image intently as the pirates approached the jettisoned cargo.

“They’ve gone past it, Fuck!, they’re still coming after us!”

“Those Cunts!” said Ben angrily “…try hailing them again.”

“Still no fuckin’ response, One minute until they’re on us.”

It was a long minute, but not long enough for Streek, when he informed Ben they were ten seconds away. “Rerouting power to the shields and laser.”

“The laser?, what’s that weak thing gunna do?, you should leave it offline and give the shields more power.”

“If I’m going down, I’m going down fighting.”

Loud alarms sounded in the cockpit “They’re on us” said Streek. Suddenly the whole shuttle shook violently as its shields absorbed a laser blast.

“Drakk!, shields down to forty-six percent. I told you to give the shields more power, one more hit like that and we’re toast.”

“It won’t matter look at that thing” Ben pointed out the window as the Pirate ship passed by “It’s a SonyCorp Gunship, those things can give Galaxy-Class ships grief.”

Streek got a good look at the ship, it certainly looked fearsome with large laser turrets and missile launchers sticking out from its hull. Its hull was painted black and Streek noticed a shark motif painted near its stern, a bit of coincidence, with Bens’ talk of minnows and sharks.

Ben targeted the ship and fired his own laser. “Nice one Ben, I bet that was barely a mosquito bite to them, they’re probably laughing at us, now divert the power to shields.”

“Yeah …right, truth is neither will do us any good, These fuckin’ sons of whores are going to kill us!”

“They’re coming around again, this is it! Ben, I fuckin’ hate you for getting me killed!”

“It was an honour knowing you too, my friend.”

The ship shook with laser fire again, Streek shut his eyes hard and waited for death.

Slowly he opened his eyes again, he was still alive, for now. He scanned the readout “The shields only went down five percent that time.”

“They reduced power to their lasers, they’re firing to disable us” said Ben with a wave of relief.

“Why? we gave them the only thing we had of any value, why would they want this crappy ship.”

“Hey watch how you talk about my baby, continue trying to hail them.”

Streek continued trying to hail the pirates as they continued to chip away at their shields with their lasers.

“They’re toying with us, those Cunts!” said Ben, angrily.

Before long the shields failed, then louder, move violent blasts hit the Apollo Creed, and Streek was still certain he was going to die.

Alerts and flashing red lights where going off all over the cockpit. Ben turned to Streek “Damage report.”

“Engines and laser are out, we’re dead in space.”

“Life support?”

“Still operating.”

Then there was a beep and an icon on his console blinked. “They’re hailing us.”

“Now those fuckers want to talk!”

“They’ll want us to surrender, do it Ben.”

“Open the channel.”

Streek pushed the icon and the head and shoulders of a rough looking man appeared on the screen. He looked to be in his forties, the first thing that drew the eye was the large scar running diagonally across his face, narrowly missing his left eye, he had short salt and pepper hair and a strong chin covered in stubble.

He regarded Ben with his cruel dark eyes. “Are you the Captain, boy?” he asked in a gravely voice.

Ben collected himself. “I… I’m Captain Ben Anders, of the Apollo Creed.”

“How many crew or passengers do you have aboard?”

“Just one crew, …who are you?”

The Pirate ignored the question. “Listen up boy, we’re coming aboard now, whether we kill you or not depends on you. I want you to open you’re bay doors when we dock, if you have any weapons leave them in front of the door and stand away from them, but where we can clearly see both of you, And I don’t want any surprises, if there are surprises, I start killing.”

“We jettisoned the cargo, that was the only thing we had worth st… ” The pirate ended the communication before Ben finished speaking.

“You think they’re gunna let us live?” asked Streek.

“I’ve heard stories of Pirates boarding and robbing traders and leaving them alive. That way, they might steal from them again some day.”

“Well, we’ve got no choice anyway, we can’t fight them off.”

“Yeah…right.” Ben sighed.

There was an ominous THUD! as the pirate ship docked with them, attaching itself to the wounded ship. Ben and Streek did as they were told and unlocked the bay doors at the rear of the shuttle and stood in the middle of the cargo bay which was eerily empty now that the cargo had been jettisoned.

After a few anxious moments the doors hissed open and gasses swirled in the air where the two ships joined.

The man who had hailed them, who must have been the Captain, was the first to set foot inside. He was carrying a large hand gun, leaving it pointed toward Ben.

He was wearing dark leathers, with the blue shark motif clearly visible on his chest. Others entered behind him, all rough looking and carrying guns.

They noticed a woman enter, she looked like a punk, with a spiky pink, purple and black mohawk and a large number of piercings. She was wearing tight dark leathers like the others, and carried a small laser gun.

One of them was huge, a stocky, muscular giant with a blonde crew cut who had to duck under the doorway as he entered, he carried a large assault rifle. Streek also noticed a machete sheathed at his waist.

Streek counted six, five men and one woman, all armed and looking over the cargo bay and him and Ben.

“What a shitty little tin can!” said the woman “how can they travel in this piece of shit?” “So this is your other crew member Captain Anders.” said the Pirate Captain looking Streek over. “I was hoping you might have a nice young woman for me. Is this one your bitch?”

“He’s Streek, my Second in Command.” said Ben

“Second in command.” the captain had an amused look on his face “…With a crew of two, that makes him the bottom bitch I reckon.”

“We jettisoned our cargo, that was the only thing we had worth stealing.”

“Yeah thanks boy, we’ll pick it up later, but I’m a curious man, when a ship jettisons its’ cargo, I have to come and see what they didn’t jettison.”

He nodded to the others and three of them including the woman walked past Ben and Streek and moved to the forward section where the small crew quarters, bathroom, mess and cockpit were.

The Captain and the giant and another large, bald headed man stayed there in the cargo hold, pointing their weapons at the traders. They soon heard the pirates roughly rummaging through everything, and smashing things.

“Cuff ‘em Duff.” Said the Captain to the bald man. Ben and Streek didn’t offer any resistance as he took their hands behind their back and whacked cable-locks around their wrists.

“I’m Captain Naeme, of the ‘Jaws III’, member of the Steel Sharks. What are a couple of little fishies like you doing in this part of the pond?”

“We were just passing though. Captain Name? …seriously?!” said Ben.

There was a loud smash behind them as the rummaging Pirates broke their stuff.

“If you have anything valuable hidden away, you better tell me now, we’re gunna find it anyway, and I hate secrets almost as much as surprises.” “I told you, the cargo is the only thing we had of any value.” said Ben.

“We’ll see” said Captain Naeme. The bald man had a big smile on his ugly face as he looked over Ben and Streek.

“Are we gunna have some fun with these ones Cap?”

“Maybe we will.” smiled the Captain.

Ben and Streek didn’t know what they meant by that and they were sure they didn’t want to know, they were almost pissing themselves.

“Is this all the fuckin’ weed you have?” came a womans’ voice. She came back into the cargo bay holding up the plastic bag with Bens’ weed in it. “You faggots got any snow?, or downers?, Zero?, Ryphin?, Genisticks?, or anything?”

“Just some booze in one of mess cupboards.” said Streek.

“I already beat ya to it Sadie.” said another man from the doorway of the forward section, before he took a swig of Bens’ Whiskey.

“Fuck it then,” said the woman “I’ll be in the Jaws, this piece of crap is giving me claustrophobia.”

“Don’t smoke all that weed by yourself baby, we might be a little while!” said the Captain.

Sadie looked from Captain Naeme to the two bound traders and shook her head. “You’re gunna fuck them aren’t you?, Yer all a bunch of raving homos.”

Ben and Streek were stunned, it was the first time the thought crossed their mind that they might be getting raped by these Pirates.

“Hey, an asshole is an asshole.” said the Captain “…and you never let me stick it up your asshole.”

“Fine, fuck ‘em then, but don’t expect me to suck you off again.” Sadie walked off back into the Pirates’ craft. “I could have her doin” ass-to-mouth if I wanted!” he told his men.

“Yeah right!” said the man with the Whiskey bottle. “She’d rip your cock off” he laughed.

Captain Naeme finally holstered his big hand gun and approached the terrified traders. He stood a foot taller than both of them and smiled as he looked them up and down. Streek couldn’t bring himself to make eye contact with him.

“They’ve got bugger all captain” said a skinny, bearded Pirate returning from the front. “…A couple of TABS with a bunch of video games and good pornos stored on ‘em. ‘Anal Slut Adventures’, I love those movies.”

“Well you two are gunna have your own anal slut adventure now!” the Captain told Ben and Streek.


The terrified traders were pulled into the forward section. The Captain roughly pushed Ben down so that he was bent over the small table in the mess, Streek was soon pushed over next to him. “You can’t be serious!” cried out Streek “…please, don’t rape us!”

“Shut up bitch! I bet a little faggot like you is gunna enjoy getting a good reaming by some real men.” said Duff as he rubbed his butt.

“I found this in the quarters” said the bearded man “…It’s a tube of anal lube.”

Streek saw that he was holding his jack-off lube. “I knew it, they like playing hide the sausage on their long space flights.” said Captain Naeme “…and that one is the bitch like I said” he pointed at Streek.

“No, we’re not gay, leave us alone!” Ben protested.

“Not happening.” said the Captain “You’re both our bitches now!” He grabbed hold of Bens’ pants and yanked them down. Ben tried to get back up but the Captain effortlessly pushed him down.

He pulled the cheeks of Bens’ ass apart and looked at the brown freckle. Next to him Streek had his pants pulled down as well. The Captain gave Bens butt a playful slap.

“Stay right there bitch!” he said as he stepped back and dropped his own pants, freeing his thick, half-erect cock. “Give me that lube Widge.”

The fat, ugly, bald man they called Duff had Streek pinned down on the table, he groped at his skinny ass with one hand and then prodded at his little puckered anus. Soon he pushed a fat finger inside him.

“Hey stop it you freak!” Streek cried out “…Leave me alone!”

Duff just laughed as he wiggled his finger about inside his ass. “Mmmmm this is a nice tight hole. I’m gunna enjoy this!”

Streek managed to look around, there were big bodies all around him, he saw the Pirate Captain rubbing and lubing up his eight inch cock, getting ready to fuck Ben.

Duff pulled his finger out of Streeks ass and grabbed the lube off the captain. Streek tried to get up but one of the other men held him down, he realised there was no getting out of this now, he was going to get raped. He regretted telling Ben to surrender now, they should have gone down fighting.

Captain Naemes’ big hard cock poked out in front of him, it was slick with lubricant and Bens’ ass had been well lubed up as well.

“Well lets get on with it then!” he said to Ben with his gravelly voice. He grabbed his cock with one hand and used the other to spread Bens’ ass cheeks, exposing his wet anus.

The fat cock head prodded at the tiny opening. Slowly he pushed forward and the tight ring gave way as the cock head slid inside.

“Aaaagh stop!” Ben cried out. The cock continued forcing its way in deeper, inch by inch until it was fully wedged in and the Captains’ big hairy balls pressed against Bens’ skin.

“That’s the second time today, I boarded you from the rear Captain” said Captain Naeme and his men all laughed.

Ben just gave a groan, he was clenching his teeth in pain. The Captain slowly pulled back and then thrust forward again as he began fucking his captive.

By now Duff had Streeks ass well lubricated and his thick, seven-inch cock was rock hard. He was anxious to start fucking like his Captain.

“It’s ass fucking time!” he said as he positioned his cock at Streeks anus and thrust forward, the cock didn’t go in and instead slipped upward between his cheeks. Duff grabbed hold of his cock and this time made sure he pushed it into the tight little hole.

Streek let out an “Ooooowwwll!” as his rectum stretched open for the big invader. The cock felt massive as it wedged itself inside his body.

Streek couldn’t believe it, he had a mans’ cock up his ass, and it bloody hurt. Duff wasted no time as he rocked his cock back and forth, fucking Streek with short, hard strokes.

Ben and Streek were side by side, bent over the small mess table, both getting their asses raped by pirates as other pirates looked on laughing at them, and waiting their turn.

Streek desperately wanted the fat, meaty invader out of his body. The raping cock was unrelenting as it continually poked deep into his bowels.

Then Streek saw a big, hard cock poking right in his face, he tried to turn away but the bearded man grabbed his hair, “Suck it down bitch! or I’ll smash your face, instead of just fucking it.”

Streek reluctantly opened his mouth and the pirate stuck his cock into it. Streek got a strong whiff of his body odour with his crotch stuck in his face, even worse, he could taste the mans bitter cock.

He sucked as the cock moved back and forth in his mouth, rubbing along his tongue and sometimes poking the back of his throat almost making him vomit. The other cock continued to painfully thrust back and forth in his tight ass.

After a few minutes Duff stopped thrusting and stood there for a little while with his cock wedged up Streeks’ squeezing pooper. He didn’t want to cum just yet so his pulled out.

The fat cock-head slipped out of the stretched sphincter with a plop. Free of the meaty invader, Streeks’ stretched rectum quickly shrank down to a tight little freckle again.

The bearded man saw that his ass was unoccupied and pulled out of his mouth. He moved around behind Streek, and before he knew it, another big hard cock forced its way deep into his ass.

The hard thrusting started all over again. Streek then heard some slutty moaning, then a sexy feminine voice “Ooooh Yeah, fuck me harder big boy!”

He recognised Lisa Lovejoys’ voice straight away. They had ‘Anal Slut Adventures 9.0′ playing on his TAB, They chose the same vid he was watching earlier.

“Yeah!, yeah! take my hard cock you little bitch!” the rapist taunted Streek. “…You love it don’t you, you’re just a horny little anal slut!”

Streek could hear Ben moaning and groaning as he was getting raped along-side him. He could see that the Captain wasn’t fucking him any more and had been replaced by an ugly dark skinned man with dreadlocks. The Captain wasn’t far away though, teasing Ben as he slowly rubbed his big erection.

A couple more minutes of relentless thrusting and the Captain moved behind the bearded man screwing Streek and tapped him on the shoulder. “Move aside Smitty, I’m gunna get me some of this ass hole as well.”

Smitty gave a couple of last deep, hard thrusts that made Streek moan out loud and then he pulled his cock out from the tight ass.

“Hmmm yeah, that wet little hole looks very welcoming.” he said as he moved into position behind the bare ass.

The Captains’ big, eight-inch cock forced itself all the way in. Soon Streek found himself getting fucked by a third cock, this one was bigger than the other two and he could feel every inch of it as it rammed him hard.

Soon the dark skinned pirate stopped fucking Ben and Duff went and took his place.

The Captain pounded away into Streeks ass for a few minutes before he suddenly slowed right down. “I think its time Tank came and joined in on the fun, whadda you say Tank?”

“Hell yeah, I’m ready!” said the huge man moving forward.

Captain Naeme popped his cock out of Streek and pointed at Ben. Fuck them both, but do the Captain first.” He pulled Streek up off the bench, Streeks’ legs were weak but he somehow managed to stand.

“You can watch and wait your turn, little bitch, you like watching pornos don’t ya?”

The other men were all cheering and teasing their victims. Duff stopped fucking Ben and pulled his dick out “You two like big dicks eh?” he said “…Well Tank here’s got a treat for yas!”

Tank dropped his pants and a huge, meaty cock thrust out in front of him, Streeks eyes went wide, it had to be twelve inches, as big as the unrealistic monster cocks in the Lisa Lovejoy movies.

It was real and it was right in front of him and threatening to fuck him in the ass, ‘that thing will kill us!’ Streek thought.

Ben turned his head to see and his eyes went wide too when his saw the giant with his giant hard cock. “Oh fuck no!!” he cried out “you can’t be serious!” He tried to get up but Duff easily held him down as he struggled feebly. The Pirates all laughed at him.

Tank had the lube and was applying it generously to his oversized cock. Streek could hear Lisa Lovejoys’ slutty moaning coming from his TAB behind him on a bench. It’s all right for you!, he thought, …you take huge cocks like this for a living, plus you’re a chick, I never wanted to get fucked in the ass by men.

The huge Pirate had to bend his legs a little in order to line his giant cock up with Bens’ pail, chubby ass.

The dark skinned Pirate helped by spreading Bens’ cheeks wide. Bens’ little anus looked wet and a little rosy from the fucking it received, Streek thought that his ass must look the same, he certainly knew how Bens’ ass felt.

The huge fat cock head moved ominously toward the little hole until it pressed up against it. For a second Streek thought that it would never fit, but he had seen enough pornos to know that it certainly would.

The other Pirates were all chanting Tanks’ name. Tank pushed forward and slowly the tight ring gave way, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!” Ben cried out.

Slowly the huge cock pushed its way forward and sank inside Bens’ body inch by inch. It finally came to a stop, wedged up Bens’ ass hole as deep as it would go and it still had another few inches.

Streek turned his head away but Captain Naeme roughly turned his head back and slapped him. “I told you to watch this bitch!!” he growled. So Streek watched as the huge man grabbed hold of Bens’ ass and slowly began moving his monster cock back and forth.

The other Pirates all cheered, almost drowning out Bens’ crying out and begging for him to stop.

As Tank went on, his thrusts slowly started to get deeper and harder. To Streek it was like watching a porno, he used to fantasize about being the man with the huge cock, fucking a hot chick up the ass. He never thought about what it was like to be on the receiving end.

Ben continued to cry and beg as the brutal fucking went on, Streek watched the huge cock ramming back and forth and he could still hear Lisa Lovejoys’ slutty moans.

Suddenly, Duff looked up from the fucking and pointed to Streek. “Looks like our little bitch is enjoying the show too!” Streek looked down and was surprised to see that his six-inch cock had become fully erect and was sticking out in front of him.

The Pirates all laughed at him, even Tank turned his head and gave a deep laugh as he thrust his huge cock deep into the tight ass.

“Well, looks like our little bitch wants a try at being a man” said Captain Naeme. “How about it sweet-heart, you wanna stick that thing in your Captains’ ass?, Tank has softened it up for you.”

“No!” said Streek straight away. “I just … It’s Lisa Lovejoy …I …I can’t help it!” “Nah, I think you should have a turn with your Captain. Tank, take a break!”

Tank pulled his huge fat cock all the way back until the squeezing rectum released its tight grip on the thick cock-head and it popped out.

“Oh thank god!” Streek heard Ben say under his breath. The giant moved away from Ben and Captain Naeme pulled Streek forward, Oh Fuck! They’re really gunna make me fuck Ben, thought Streek …I can’t do that! I gotta think of gross, unsexy things and make my dick soft.

Streek tried but he couldn’t think of anything but butt-fucking and his dick stayed hard against his will.

How can I have a boner when my ass is sore as hell?. Captain Naeme took the cuffs off of Streeks’ wrists, Streek was glad to be able to move his arms around in front of him and rubbed his wrists.

“Come on ya pansy, fuck your Captain!”

Streek shook his head. “No!” he said weakly.

“Fuck him!, or would you rather have Tank pounding the shit out of you?”

Streek really didn’t like the sound of that, he reluctantly reached forward and grabbed Bens round butt. Bens’ anus seemed bigger now, and wetter and softer. Streek rested his cock head on the sphincter.

“Hurry up and stick it in there!” ordered Captain Naeme. “Sorry Ben” said Streek softly as he pushed forward, the sphincter squeezed around his shaft as it slid into the soft, wet warmth.

“Go on, Fuck him!” encouraged the Pirates.

Streek slowly slid his cock back and then slowly forward, he was amazed at how easily he moved in the ass hole, and how good it felt.

Streek could see why the Pirates enjoyed this so much, but the memory was very fresh of what it was like to be on the receiving end. He felt bad for Ben, and moved his cock slowly and gently.

At least his cock was smaller than the others, and way smaller than Tanks’. “Come on, ram her hard with that little dick.” said Captain Naeme “…Fuck her like I fucked you!”

Streek ignored him and continued fucking slowly and gently, for a little while at least, Captain Naeme soon got fed up with it. “I think we need Tank to show you how a real man fucks!”

“No!” said Streek, he grabbed hold of Bens’ ass and began giving it long hard thrusts.

Ben groaned, but it was too late, the Pirates grabbed hold of Streek and pulled him away, making his hard cock spring out of Bens’ soft ass-hole.

“Bring the bitch to the bed for her lessons” said Tank as he moved to the crew quarters.

It was Streeks’ room that he chose. The giant sat on Streeks bed with his large, hairy legs out in front of him and his huge hard cock poking out from his crotch, his large hairy balls resting beneath it.

Tank was too big for the bed, he looked too big for the room. It really did look like a crate with him in it.

Tank looked at Streek, the other Pirates had brought him to the doorway, on the way they stripped him naked except for his boots.

They weren’t going to fit inside the room. Streek couldn’t stop looking at the huge cock, he was scared as hell.

“So, you’re tiny dick’s gone all soft again eh?” Streek hadn’t noticed that his erection was gone. “That’s good, You don’t make a good man, you make a better bitch! Get her over here!”

Streek found himself being pushed onto his bed, right on top of Tank. Tank grabbed his head and pushed it down to his huge cock. “Open wide bitch!”. Tanks’ cock looked even bigger and scarier sticking in his face.

Streek had no choice but to submit, he opened his mouth as wide as he could and took the cock in his mouth. ‘Oh My God this thing is huge’ is all Streek could think as his wide open mouth was filled with cock.

He could feel his lips stretching around the shaft and the head rubbing along his tongue, it had a horrible bitter, salty taste and a horrible smell.

“Does it taste like your Captains’ ass?” called out Duff from the doorway. Three of the pirates were watching them from the doorway. In the mess room next door, Captain Naeme had gone back to fucking Ben, and the Lisa Lovejoy porn movie continued to play.

Streek gagged and barely stopped himself from throwing up all over tanks’ monster cock. “It’s gunna taste like your ass now.”

“Come on get up bitch!” Tank said to Streek as he roughly lifted him up. “turn around” the giant manhandled him as he turned the terrified boy to face the three men staring from the doorway.

The huge man was lifting him and positioning him like a rag doll. Streek never felt so helpless, even when his arms were cuffed behind his back.

Soon Streek felt the big round head prodding at his ass. Tank had him facing away from him, squatting over his cock, the reverse anal cowgirl, Streek remembered the position from his pornos. He never thought that he would ever be the cowgirl.

“Lower yourself down onto me bitch!” Tank said in a commanding and menacing tone. Streek could already feel the head pushing at his ass hole, it seemed way too big to ever fit in, but he knew it was going to, there was no stopping it now.

Ever so slowly he lowered himself down onto the cock, the horrible pain was getting worse and worse as his little sphincter stretched around the fat cock head.

Tank suddenly grabbed Streek around the waist and pulled him down. Streek screamed out in pain as ten inches of thick cock slammed through his squeezing ring and stabbed his insides. underneath his cries Streek could hear the other Pirates laughing.

“Wow you’re even tighter than the other one.” said Tank behind him. “Lets fuck!” His grip was still tight around Streeks waist and he lifted him up several inches before letting him fall back down, driving the big cock-head really deep up the tight rectum.

He lifted the Streek up again and again, getting into a rhythm as he fucked the tight hole. The men at the doorway were stroking their hard cocks, cheering Tank on and enjoying the show.

Streek didn’t want to look at them so he looked down, he couldn’t believe it, his cock was bouncing around with each thrust, but he could see that it was getting hard again. Soon it was fully erect and the men from the door noticed it.

“Look there, the little bitch is hard again!” one of them laughed.

“She’s really enjoying herself, that’s why!” said another.

“Of coarse, all sluts love the big cocks.”

Streek couldn’t understand why his body was doing this, he wasn’t loving it, he was hating every second of it. Why the hell was he getting aroused?

After a couple of minutes Tank started breathing harder, lifting Streek up and down on his cock turned out to be quite a workout, he was ready for a change of position. He lifted Streek right up until his huge cock popped out of the tight ass.

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