WARNING: This is EXTREMLY Futa / hermaphrodite heavy fiction written for a niche audience. The plot is a bit thin, and really only there to string our poor hero from one encounter to the next. Please exercise a healthy suspension of disbelief: This is not realistic erotica, it is fetishized, exaggerated, largely impossible pornographic smut. Thank you, and happy fapping.

I will write future chapters until I run out of inspiration / ideas for this story arc. Enjoy!


Chapter 1, “The Woods”

Rick was making good time on the trail, on track to reach the hill’s summit by noon, when the alert tone on his phone went off. Unlike his friends, Rick had opted for the ultra rugged, satellite uplinked mountaineering cell phone over a flashy smart phone. He couldn’t surf the web, but the thing was fully waterproof and could get signal anywhere.

Currently, its insistent buzzing was telling him that the National Weather Service had issued an alert for his area of sudden T-storms and flash flooding. Sudden changes in weather were to be expected in this part of the country, but this was supposed to be a doozy. Rick was prepared though, being a more experienced hiker than many twice his age (other college kids went to Cancun for spring break, he’d been hiking since he was three..), and broke from his planned route to get to the nearest high ground. It began to drizzle as he found a good spot, and outright rain as he started setting up.

Rick quickly strung his camping hammock and rain tarp between a pair of tall, sturdy trees, slung his pack with its waterproof cover on a nearby branch, and ducked into his setup as a loud crack signaled the sky opening. The rain became a downpour, dropping the temperature considerably. Rick had gotten a bit wet while setting up, and he was beginning to get cold. Fortunately, dry clothes were in his pack for later, and he had tossed his micro-fleece blanket in the hammock while setting up.

Amidst the roar of the rain and booms of thunder, he shimmied out of his wet clothes and stuffed them into the storage pouch of his hammock, and wrapped himself up in his blanket. Figuring it might take a while for this to blow over, Rick drifted off for a light nap.


Rick dreamed of his college dorm, just that morning when he was about to set out for his hike. Stacy, one of his friends (not ‘girlfriend’ though, more like frequent friend with benefits), had just got out from a morning lecture on deviant behavior, and being a deviant herself, was intolerably horny and determined to delay him for a little while. He had just finished filling his pack when she slunk into the room and pressed herself to his back. He could feel that she had already ditched her blouse and bra, as her perky little tits were unmistakable through the thin fabric of his tank-top. A delicate hand reached around to cup his crotch as she nuzzled his neck.

“Stay a while why-don-cha?”

Rick laughed and squirmed in her embrace, as much to get some movement on his cock as anything else. “Stacy, I gotta go, its a long drive out there..”

She slipped around in front of him, giving him a full dose of pouty lips and puppy-dog eyes. “But its such a short drive in here…” She said, rubbing between her legs with her other hand. Her firm hand-fulls bobbed on her chest as she pressed her arms together to give Rick a good view of her cleavage. Stacy had kind of a sultry punk girl appeal to her, with modest curves on a slight frame, bright pink hair, and dusky eyeshadow. Her pale skin was decorated here and there with a growing tattoo collection, and glints of light shined from a few piercings that punctuated her features from her eyebrow to her nipples. She planned to go lower eventually…

“You could always come with me…we’ll pack a picnic and I’ll eat you for lunch!” Rick waggled his eyebrows at her, knowing that oral was her weak spot.

She smirked at him and suddenly dropped, taking his shorts with her. “How about we stay in and 69 all day.” Her lips dove forward, not waiting for a reply. She licked up the length of Rick’s growing shaft before guiding it into her mouth with her tongue, rolling the studded ball of her tongue-ring right under the head of Rick’s cock. She gave him a look halfway between innocent schoolgirl and town harlot as she started to bob her head over his shaft.

“You mind-tricks won’t work on me…” Rick’s voice shuddered and sounded less than convincing. Stacy was a psych major, and the only thing she liked better than a real fuck was a mind-fuck. Still, Rick figured he could stand to be a little late getting out. His hands went to rest on her shoulders as she swirled her tongue under his cock and slid her lips up and down his shaft, sucking gently all the while. Rick’s knees trembled a little and Stacy swung him over towards the bed, breaking her mouth off his cock to lick his balls while Rick leaned back against his pack.

“Mother nature can’t make you feel like I can Ricky-boy, Besides, she’s always around and I’m feeling freaky now!” Stacy’s lips nibbled softly up the underside of his shaft, her tongue tip flicking its stud back and forth as she climbed, until taking him into her mouth again and bobbing more energetically than before. Rick had no reply but a moan as he let her win this one. Suddenly he felt something knocking at his back door and sat up abruptly.

“What the hell Stacy!”

Stacy just grinned at him around his cock, withdrawing her finger from where it was poking at his asshole. She pulled off and kissed his tip. “Oh come on, some guys like it. How can you be sure you don’t unless you try?”

Rick scowled at her, his ass clenching reflexively. “Hell no. I’ll be into that when pigs fly. That’s an exit only…” Stacy just smiled and slipped her hands under his butt, squeezing and rubbing his cheeks. “Can’t help it, dat ass!” She nuzzled his cock and gave an over the top porn star style lick up one side. “Besides, you didn’t seem to have a problem going in my exit last night…”

Rick blushed, admitting to himself that it did feel amazing. He was just a little uptight about it, after all, he was a guy… “You’re right, I’m a prick. Maybe…I’m just not ready for it yet ok babe?”

Stacy grinned and grazed her teeth carefully over his tip, making him shiver. “Ok lover, whenever you’re ready.” She gave him a naughty wink and went back to stroking her fingers and lips across his shaft. “And you’re not a prick. This is a prick!” with that she downed his cock again, rolling his balls in one hand while squeezing his buns with the other. She had him moaning like a whore in minutes and cumming like a champ soon after. She swallowed his load, making sure to suck just a little more to make Rick squirm and yelp, then pulled off his cock with a smack of her lips. Stacy stood cupped his balls, giving him a Cheshire grin, “Well, I really should go study for my test tomorrow. Enjoy the woods! I enjoyed yours…” and sashayed back out of his dorm, slipping on her top along the way. Rick let out a bewildered chuckle as he tried to catch his breath and got dressed again. Stacy was crazy, but then thats why he lov…liked her.


The vivid dream / memory faded, leaving Rick with his hands around his dick under the blanket. Something nagged at his mind, bringing him out of dreamland and back to reality. When Rick woke up it was eerily calm. No patter of raindrops falling from leaves, no birds chirping as they emerged from their hiding places, only wind blowing over tall grass. Wind, and the creaking of overstressed wood…

No sooner had Rick peeked out of the hammock to see what was going on, than he suddenly fell earthward. Landing with a splat, his fall was cushioned by a deep mud puddle below him, which immediately seeped into the hammock and covered his blanket and clothing. He struggled to disentangle himself from his muddy silk sheath, and what greeted his eyes when he got free left him in shock: everything was gone.

All the trees that had been surrounding him were gone…

Washed away maybe? No, because in their place were rolling fields of chest high grass. The trees where his hammock had been hanging were now old rotted husks, broken from his weight. How could this have happened? Even if he had somehow slept through some kind of landslide, there would be evidence of it…right?

He wasn’t in a good place to sit and ponder though. For one, he was stark naked out in the wilderness. Not that he was bashful; while Rick might have been a little round in the middle, his muscular arms and legs made it obvious he wasn’t soft. And his partners so far hadn’t complained about the girth of what was hanging between his legs or how he used it (though he had always been paranoid that it was a bit short).

His blanket and damp clothes were muddy now, but he’d have to figure out a way to salvage them; his pack with all his spare provisions was nowhere to be seen, possibly washed away with the rest of…everything. Rick re-strung the ridge line of his hammock as a makeshift clothes line and tossed his much covered gear over it to drip dry. He might have to park it here for a while to at least let his shorts dry before trying to figure out where he was, he just hoped on one else happened upon him while he was au-naturel.

A buzzing from the mud broke him from his sulking and instantly lifted his mood, his phone! Quickly he bent over and snatched it from the mud, wiping off the screen. Somehow the battery life had dropped from around three quarters to less than 10%. With the last moments of battery life he checked his GPS – ‘Location not found’ was all he got for his efforts. Before he could ponder just what in the hell was going on, he heard a sound like rapidly approaching hoofbeats…

Rick looked up just in time to see what looked like a strange horse barreling down on him through the tall grass. From the expression on its face, it was just as surprised to see him! He had only moments to puzzle out how the animal’s gait seemed wrong, and its face too short… almost like a cartoon character, before they collided and he went down into the mud with… whatever it was.

When the stars cleared from his eyes he was sitting atop something from the mind of a perverted cartoonist: Somewhere between a person and a horse, the creature… a “she” as Rick was embarrassed to find out from his hands firmly planted on her ample, heaving, bosom, was covered in fine jet-black hair and was firmly muscled, except for the soft yet perky globes on her chest. The skin under the hair was also black, becoming inkier around her lips and nipples, and her eyes were storm grey. Rick was even more startled when this humanoid mare smirked and spoke,

“Well little naked monkey, if you wanted a pony ride, all you had to do was ask!”

It was almost too much; she even had a deep southern accent like some hayseed country horse might have in children’s program. Rick’s face crumpled in confusion at her remark, then alarm as he felt something smack into the small of his back and creep up. He twisted around to see what looked like a mottled black and pink snake the width of his forearm crawling up his back…until he realized that it wasn’t a snake, and that the horse lady wasn’t strictly a “she”.

The mare, ‘stallion-ess’ actually seemed more appropriate, chose that moment to buck, sending Rick flying over the growing monstrosity of her horse-cock, to land on his face in the mud ahead of her. Before he could react he felt strong hands grip his hips and yank him back. Something wet and wide pressed against his pucker, threatening to stretch his poor virgin ring wide. He felt a little spurt against his ass, the thick pre lubing his entrance and letting him know that the the horse-woman was more than ready for him, tingling slightly.

“Oh God no, please please, it won’t fit…” was all Rick managed before she jerked his hips back again, her tip starting to push into him slowly.

“Giddy-up partner.” the stallion-ess whispered into his ear as she slowly pressed forward with her hips, forcing the oversized blunt tip of her horse meat past his sphincter. Rick cried out in shock and pain as he was stretched wider than ever before, a thick invader making its way up his gut. Miraculously, Rick could feel himself stretching faster than he thought possible and the sharp pain he imagined he would feel as his hole was torn apart never came. “Ooooh, a virgin!” she cooed, shuddering behind him as she fed inch after inch of her fat cock into the man’s ass, squeezing his cheeks in encouragement. “Just relax boy, let it happen and I won’t ride ya too rough..”

She nibbled on his ear as she passed halfway, many more inches yet to go. Rick squirmed and clawed at the mud, but she held his hips firmly. He could feel her pre lubing up his insides as she stuffed him, the tingling spreading. Was there something about her spunk that was making this possible? By all reason this should be splitting his pristine little sphincter in two, but she was putting him on like a tight rubber glove! Despite the shock and shame of being so suddenly ass raped by a talking horse with tits, Rick’s cock was rock hard from the constant slow slide of her prick over his prostate. This did not escape the stallion-ess’ notice, who chuckled into his ear, “Like it? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet..” She finally stopped an inch or so from her base, pausing for a moment to wiggle her hips and feel her cock stir the man’s insides.

Rick moaned again, no longer trying to get away, but just trying to endure this. She started to move again, drawing her length out of him, stopping at her flare, and sliding it all back in. Rick cried out and began his struggles anew, the constant motion of her shaft making it hard to think. The black beauty behind him bucked like a broncho, stuffing him over and over, making his whole body shake with each thrust.

There was a rustle in the grass ahead, and Rick heard a new voice, “Hey, where did ya go?” A moment later another horse-woman stepped forward, smaller then the first – pony like. Her coat was patterned like a painted horse, brilliant white with chestnut splotches, and pearly skin covering her face, nipples, and of course, her oversized, dangling fuck-stick.

“Oooooh, there you are…Did we make a new friend? I wanna ride too!” the pony exclaimed, and trotted forward excitedly, her mast extending and rising swiftly.

Rick only had time to open his mouth in protest before his new playmate thrust herself deep between his lips, making Rick gag around her cock. He felt it slide down his throat, and it was all he could do just to try to keep breathing as the monster began to pump in and out of his mouth, the salty tang of her pre smearing all over his tongue.

The two worked in unison, silent now except for alternating grunts, and moans, and the wet sound of fucking. The pony was taking Rick’s mouth with vigorous enthusiasm, lacking the measured pace of the stallion-ess. She also seemed to lack the stamina of her counterpart, as her body suddenly tensed and she rammed her entire length down Rick’s gullet, making his neck bulge out. She came in long spurts, pumping at least a liter of hot salty spunk right into Rick’s belly, trembling and whinnying all the while. Her hips sprang into action again, convulsing in short little bursts, fucking Rick’s face like she was trying to fling the last few spurts of her orgasm down his throat. Panting, she pushed away from Rick, a torrent of cum pouring out of his coughing, hacking mouth as her limp cock flopped out.

“Im… not… done… yet!” she panted and shoved on Rick’s shoulders, taking her partner by surprise and pushing the stallion-ess onto her butt.

The stallion-ess’ hands clamped down hard on Rick’s hips, pulling him back with her as she fell. Rick was briefly suspended mid air on the black horse-woman’s cock before his body weight drove him all the way down the the hilt, impaling him on well over a foot of horse-cock. The stallion-ess moaned and rolled her hips under Rick as he bottomed out, grinding her pelvis against his ass.

“Again? Always did think you were part rabbit.” she grunted out between groans, “Well, I ain’t even halfway, so git on already!” The stallion-ess’ hands went from their grip on Rick’s hips, after all he was speared on her pole and wasn’t going anywhere, to pull Rick into an arm lock that leaned him back enough for the pony to climb aboard. Her hard nipples dug into Rick’s back as she nuzzled his neck, “That poor filly always did blow her load too soon. Don’t worry, she has plenty of spunk left in her. Speakin’ o which, I’m savin’ all mine up; I’m gonna plug yer ass up good…”

Sapphire blue eyes locked on Rick’s hard-on hungrily as the pony straddled over the comparatively small human penis. “Aw, its so small it’s kinda cute! Still, I just gotta have something in my cunny… it feels so empty!”

The pony spread her loose, drooling cunt lips wide and slowly sank down over Ricks cock. With constant pressure on his prostate, Rick had been hard almost the whole time, and his dick ached for some attention. Rick was barely even still lucid at this point, a dribble of cum still oozing out of the corner of his slack-jawed mouth, but his eyes flew open wide as he was sheathed in the pony’s burning hot horse sex. Her cunt slipped on easily, but then squeezed tight as a virgin once she had him hilted.

The weight of the white horse woman drove Rick down even farther on the black one’s cock than he thought possible, spreading his ass cheeks wide over her lap. He was surrounded with, and crushed by, two pair of massive, soft tits, and sandwiched between a throbbing cock and a milking cunt; every which way the boy was covered in horseflesh. The pony started to rock her hips, sliding his cock within her, sliding his ass over the cock in him.

Rocking and grinding soon became bouncing, which then became hammering, making his ass take the stallion-ess’ cock deep with each slamming stroke of that mare-sex. The stallion-ess behind him began to get into the action, thrusting up in time with the other’s bounces, making the tits smooshed on his chest and back bounce and jiggle furiously. He was in her pussy so deep it almost felt like her cunt lips were slurping on his balls, and with the stallion-ess driving him from behind, it was almost like she was fucking the pony-girl with Rick as a kinky cock sleeve.

Rick felt something getting hard over his belly and begin to creep up, and before too long the white flared head of the pony’s cock was playing peek a boo with him from within her cleavage. His ass had finally accepted the thick cock deep inside it, and he was actually beginning to feel good. Rick moaned again, bucking his own hips up and down between the two in an effort to get himself off. He was so close, and from the feel of the other two, so were they.

The pony’s prick finally extended past the jiggling valley it had been trapped in, pistoning up and down under Rick’s chin. The pony grabbed her own breasts roughly and began to mash them over her cock, rubbing them up and down, smearing them with the pre bubbling enthusiastically from the tip. The slow and steady work horse under him finally reached her peak and screamed, unloading buckets of cum into his ass, spurting with such force that squirts of the thick white stuff were forced out of his hole from around her cock in great waves. Her orgasm triggered his, making him erupt into the pony, his balls clenching as his cum disappeared into the white horse’s hungry snatch. The pony came last in the chain, her cunt bathing Rick and the stallion-ess under him in her hot juices, quivering and clenching around Rick’s modest cock. The pony’s self tit-job set off her cock next, hosing Rick’s face down with a white spray, causing the mess to ooze down his neck and onto his chest.

“Where the hell did Corporal Anderson get to? He was supposed to be back 10 minutes ago.” Sergeant Johnson raged aloud. Johnson, known to most as Sarge, was one of the oldest and most experienced soldiers in the army of the kingdom of Altyr. He was now stuck leading a small patrol of mostly young, raw recruits through the forests in the far border of the land. Anderson was a headstrong, vain young man whose self-proclaimed best feature was his extremely attractive face and muscular body. In short, he thought himself the ultimate lady’s man. “If he isn’t back in 5 minutes we send out search parties” Johnson then went about dividing his remaining 20 men into search parties.

“Well looky here boys, a beautiful woman, passed out on the ground, and so close to the border, that ain’t safe nowadays ” Anderson laughed to himself as his 4 cronies grinned at the busty young woman in torn clothes spread out before them. They crowded around to get a closer look as Anderson knelt down and gently tried to wake the girl. When she wasn’t stirring, a devilish grin came over Andersons face as he gently pulled the torn shirt off the girl, exposing her large breasts. He grabbed then and slowly caressed the soft orbs of flesh. He and his men were so focused on the girl in front of them; they didn’t notice the host of shadows sneaking up behind them…

“Alright, everyone move out! Party leaders remember your directions, back at camp in 10 minutes at them most!” Johnson yelled. He had organized three parties and left a couple men to guard all the gear. He joined a squad and they tramped of to find their missing friends.

For the whole ten minutes, Johnson felt he and his men were playing a game of cat and mouse with an unknown enemy.

Near the end of their search, a man reported he could hear funny noises nearby. When asked what sounds, he said it sounded like to people “getting it on, if you know what I mean, sir”

“Yes private, I’ve had my share of women, believe it or not” Johnson replied. Of course, not all of them had been willing partners; Johnson had sacked too many towns to count and had come to view their women as just spoils of war. But as the men relaxed and went to join their comrades, Johnson warned them off. He had a bad feeling about this.

He led his men into the forest and off the path. After creeping through the bushes, he finally could see into a clearing. The private had been right, and it looked like the other two search parties had found their way to the clearing and were joining in the fun. But something was wrong; this wasn’t a traditional way of having sex. Instead of the man being on top, and the woman either on her knees or bent over for the man, it seemed it was opposite. His men were being raped by shemales! Some were forced to suck them off, while others were getting their asses brutalized.

Johnson heard the rasp of a sword being pulled out of its scabbard, then a sickening slicing sound, and finally a thud as a heavy body hit the ground. Johnson spun around to find two of the most beautiful women he had ever seen standing there, swords drawn and armor gleaming while one of Johnson’s soldiers dead at their feet, his throat cut.

“Hello boys” the one if front said in a sultry voice. “If you would be so kind as to drop your swords on the ground.”

“Are you kidding? We outnumber you; I believe it should be you who should surrender “hardly were the last syllables out of the grizzled old soldiers mouth, then another 10 or so armed and armored women rose out of the forest.” “Ah” was the only thing out of Johnson’s mouth before he and his men’s hands were bound and they were forced out into the clearing. Two women who had been watching the ongoing rape in the clearing moved to intercept the new arrivals.

“Ahh, the last of the patrol is it? Good, the rest of our force is tied up with your other men. But I’m sure Heather and her girls will gladly keep you occupied until your deaths. Let’s see, there are 4 of you left untouched, and 12 of my Amazon warriors that were left out of the other fun left. So each of you gets the personal attention of three girls. I congratulate you on your good fortune. I must be off to organize the siege of your precious castle Alzahar.” As the leader left, the 12 girls grinned at their prizes and quickly stripped the captives of their padded leather jerkins and rough woolen trousers.

Johnson and his three remaining men were forced to their knees, while the girls unveiled their own pricks. Most were average size, 5 or 6 inches, but heather and her second in command were bigger than almost every man Johnson had ever seen. They must have been at least 10 or 11 inches long.

“Now, who among you do you name as your leader?” Heather asked.

“We will never tell you anything! We are strong, we will never brea-˝ the brave soldiers defiant cry was cut short as his head was severed from his body. Eddie and Howard, the two remaining soldiers with Johnson cringed as his head hit the ground. Johnson however, remained expressionless. That coupled with his obvious seniority over the other two fresh faced soldiers’, convinced heather that he was the leader.

“Ahh, good, you shall receive the personal attention of Janielle, me, and Julia here.”

“Who’s Janielle?”

Heather cackled over that question “she’s the second in command of the whole army, and also the one in charge of interrogation. Her particular specialty is men.”

Johnson was taken out of the large clearing and into another, smaller area where a large woman was waiting.

“Ahh, you must be the commander of this ill-fated expedition. Tell me, what is your purpose here?” The extremely attractive woman asked.

When Johnson didn’t respond, the woman, who assumedly was Janielle, nodded to heather, who slammed the pommel of her sword into his head, knocking him to the ground and disorienting him. “I’ll ask again, why are you here.” Janielle asked again.

“Were just a patrol, exploring a disturbance that was reported at the border.” Johnson said. He figured there wasn’t much harm in telling them that, after all, everyone on this patrol knew why they were there.

“Good you’re being honest, which will serve you well the further we go with this chat” Janielle said. “Now on to more difficult matters. Are you the only patrol? “

“Yes” Johnson lied.

“Shame, I was rather hoping to avoid this. Heather, if you would do the honors.” With Johnson on his knees and still a little disoriented, it was easy for heather to walk in front of him and shove her cock down his throat, cutting off his air supply. “It’s only going to get worse once she gets hard, you won’t be able to breathe at all.” Janielle said. Johnson gagged and pushed away, but nothing he did affected heather in the slightest.

When she pulled out her cock hung limply in front of her, but Johnson would have sworn she was hard when she was in his throat she was so big.

“That was a test; we know there are two other patrols the same size as yours as well as a smaller mounted patrol. If you continue to lie it will get worse.” Janielle calmly explained. While not the most effective in terms of pain inflicted, it was found that the humiliation a man feels when he is forced to choke on a penis is far greater than any pain, especially if the man is a macho big tough guy like Anderson, who had broken the first time an amazon had put her dick in his mouth.

But Johnson was not Anderson, and would not break easily. After he refused to answer any of Janielle other questions outright, his punishment became worse and worse. After a longer period of Tim’s being choked by heather’s cock, the cock started to grow, and be buried deeper, until Johnson was holding out for minutes against a fully hard member that was nearly 12 inches long, and fairly thick, and was so far down his throat that heather’s balls were mashed against Johnson’s chin.

When became clear that it wasn’t working, Janielle moved it up. Letting heather get soft again, she stunned him with another blow to the head and prepared his ass. His first non-response was rewarded with a powerful thrust from heather, burying her cock in his ass. After that came the growth of the cock, stretching his ass out unbelievably. When that did not work, Julia was brought in to work on his mouth as heather worked on his ass. Soon he was up to a full pounding in his ass as he was simultaneously choked by Julia’s slightly smaller dick. When that did not work, they switched places, forcing Johnson to suck on the cock that had just been in his ass.

Janielle finally decided to get in on the fun. She pulled out her own member. Even limp it was easily the size of Julia’s cock fully hard. Janielle positioned everybody so both heather and Julia would be in his ass, while Janielle was working his throat. It almost broke him.

What finally did break him, was when he saw how big Janielle was fully hard. Almost 16 inches long, and twice as thick as heather’s, Johnson didn’t want that thing anywhere near him. He spilled everything he knew, troop locations, numbers, tactics, knowledge of the royal family, positions of the castles, his birthday, his mother’s birthday, his favorite Color, absolutely everything he knew, he told them.

When he was done he dropped exhausted. He looked up to see the three women standing around his face.

“For your obedience, I believe you’ve earned a shower. Never before have I actually been necessary to break a prisoner.” She said with a grin. The ladies aimed their considerably meat at Johnson and opened fire, drenching his face, back, and butt in cum as he lay face down on the ground. When they finished, Janielle pulled him to a kneeling position and nodded to someone behind him and he was out cold.

To be continued….

Bayonetta has a rather unusual fetish and her slave is going to learn all about it whether he wants to or not.

Bayonetta’s Abuse II – Cereza’s Curious Kink

The green foliage sped by as Bayonetta pressed down firmly on the accelerator of her Noble M12 GTO. It was a warm spring day and James, sitting in the passenger seat beside her, was basking in the sun and fresh air. It was the first time he’d been outside of Bayonetta’s lair since he fell into her clutches and he was overjoyed to be out and stretching his legs.

He was even more thankful that he was not wearing the latex bondage suit that had become his second skin as Bayonetta’s plaything. For two months now he had been bound in the sinister full body prison and constantly bathed in her cum as he sucked her off and took her massive cock up his ass more regularly than he would have thought humanly possible.

He was a slave; a sex slave. There was no other way to put it accurately. She had not tortured him or left any permanent scars or marks on his body to date, but the fact remained that he was a prisoner in her elaborate dungeon of a guest flat, and she demanded his sexual services roughly and frequently.

As the yellow sports car flew down the gravel country road, James thought about what an odd relationship he’d developed with the mysterious woman since becoming her personal slut. As the weeks had gone by, Bayonetta had become somewhat friendlier and warmer with him. Perhaps it was genuine affection or maybe it was simply because he performed his sexual duties well. Either way, he was getting perks now, and he was glad to have them.

She had bought him a Playstation 3 and a stack of games to keep him entertained when she wasn’t there. He remained chained to her queen size waterbed at all times when she was absent, but she had installed a longer chain on his collar. Most of the apartment was still off limits to him, but now he could access not only the bathroom, but the entertainment center.

For the first month he had been allowed no sustenance except that which came from her thick, pulsating phallus. Eating nothing but her cum had caused him to lose weight quickly, and after his first month of captivity Bayonetta had begun providing him solid food, if only occasionally and always followed up the next day by a full enema. She insisted that his ass remain clean as a whistle at all times, as it was the personal sheath to her magnificent sword.

The perks were nice, and in recent weeks when she wasn’t fucking him they often chatted as if they were a normal couple. When she wanted sex, however, Bayonetta was all business, and there was no acceptable response to any of her queries or commands but “Yes Mistress.” Anything else resulted in a whipping or a beating with one of her endless supply of sex toys.

The night before, James had the opportunity to enjoy one of those rare solid meals. Bayonetta had a wonderful steak dinner catered, and when she had eaten her fill she gave the leftovers to her pet. Earlier today, he had been hustled into the bathroom and finally released from his tight, cum slick bondage for the first time in a week. She gave him his enema, ordered him to shave his body, and allowed him to take a wonderful hot shower.

Now, as they traveled deeper into the countryside, he found himself in a simple t-shirt and shorts, under which he was wearing a pair of Bayonetta’s black silk panties. She didn’t have any men’s underwear on hand and she insisted that he looked better in panties anyway. The only other articles that adorned his body were his sneakers and the new collar that she had produced for just this occasion. It was purple leather and simply read “SLUT” on the front in bold white lettering. It fit snugly around his neck and had a long, thick leather leash attached to it.

Bayonetta was also dressed somewhat more simply than usual. She was wearing black track pants with white stripes and a white tank top with no bra. The shirt could barely contain her enormous breasts. Her black latex arm gloves ended halfway up her upper arms and her track pants concealed most of her thigh high latex leggings. The combination of fetish wear and casual wear was pretty odd, but it was a good bet she wasn’t planning to keep the casual wear on.

“Did you enjoy that steak last night babe?”

“Yes mistress, it was delicious” he answered, genuinely grateful.

“Well you’re going to earn it today, that’s for sure.”

James couldn’t help noticing that her cock was jutting into the left thigh of her track pants, half erect and straining to be free against the mesh fabric. She was excited about something, but he had no idea what that was exactly.

“Where are we going again?” he asked, breaking the silence once more.

Bayonetta pulled the lollipop she’d been sucking from her mouth. “I told you yesterday, if the weather was right, today we were going to fulfill one of my all time sexual fantasies. Well, the weather is perfect and here we are!” She placed the lollipop back in her mouth and adjusted the wheel for an upcoming turn.

“Out in the middle of nowhere?” he asked skeptically.

She glanced over at him with raised eyebrows and smiled. “You’ll see.”

Returning her eyes to the road, Bayonetta could feel her cock growing stiffer and longer against the silky confines of her pants. She pressed the gas even harder. She was already going seventy miles an hour, but she didn’t care. She wanted to be there, NOW.

Ten minutes later Bayonetta spotted their destination and pulled into a small alcove by the side of the road. It looked like a spot for hikers to park for the day while they explored the area. There was a large brown sign painted with yellow letters that announced the entrance to a hiking trail and explained the rules and regulations for the nature preserve.

Bayonetta locked the car and grabbed his leash. “Let’s go!” She headed for the trail, pulling him behind her as fast as she could get him to follow.

For the next fifteen minutes they followed the trail as Bayonetta marched along at a brisk pace, tugging James’ leash the entire way. She was wearing nothing but sandals on her feet, but the terrain didn’t seem to bother her in the slightest.

“There it is!” Bayonetta exclaimed suddenly and veered off the trail, pulling her boy toy behind her. They moved beyond the trees and into a clearing which then proceeded onto a grassy hillside. From the hill you could see for quite a distance, and this part of the park was mostly open plains with a river not too far in the distance. Oddly, the plains were not grassy like the hill and this part of the park was mostly bare land.

“Strip” Bayonetta ordered as she pulled off her tank-top and began removing her track pants.

James looked around, confused, but he took off his shirt, shorts and sneakers as instructed. “You mean we’re there?”

“Almost” she replied with a grin.

James began to take off the silk black panties. “No, leave those on” she said as she yanked her track pants off her legs and tossed them aside. Her enormous ball sack plopped into view, gleaming in the early afternoon sun as her heavy penis unfurled in front of her; bobbing, hungry and at almost full attention.

Bayonetta licked her lips, admiring the view of her slut, completely nude aside from his girly underwear and purple collar. She climbed to the top of the hillside, pulling on his leash and pointing over the ridge. “See that? That’s where we’re going.”

James moved up beside her to get a better view and as he did Bayonetta let go of his leash. “I don’t see anything” he replied “It’s mostly just flatland out there and—WHOA!”

There is a certain mixture of confusion and complete terror that one can only experience when they are not falling one moment, falling the next moment, and they had never anticipated falling at all. That is what James felt as he plummeted towards the ground and he had time for only one thought: ‘This is going to hurt.’


Only it didn’t hurt, or at least not badly. In fact, the only part of his body that was in real pain was his scrotum, as it had connected to the ground with a loud, wet smack.

James struggled to catch his breath and make sense of what had just happened. As his senses cleared, he realized he was already thigh deep in warm muck. Looking around he saw that he was near the center of what appeared to be a very large mud pit. The gunk was light brown, had the texture of pudding and the consistency of wet cement. Even as he analyzed his situation he was sinking deeper at an alarming pace, the warm, sucking goo encroaching on his sleek panties.

“Mistress? MISTRESS?!? HELP I’M SINKING!!!” He panicked as he continued to sink into the mire at a steady pace. ‘Oh god, is this quicksand?!?’ He tried to pull one of his legs free, but there was virtually no give and there was no bottom to push from either.

‘Wait, I’ve read about quicksand before. The best way to escape is to float, right? You have to try and swim your way out. Ok…’ He leaned forward, hoping to grab something, anything; hoping that the muck in front of him wasn’t as deep. As he groped forward in desperation, he succeeded only in sinking both of his arms into the creamy sludge past his elbows.

“BULLSEYE!” Bayonetta cheered, admiring the view from the edge of the pit. She had circled around the hillside and was now fisting her fully erect 16″ sausage in long strokes as she watched him struggle in the mud.

James twisted his head, looking for her. “Mistress, help! I’m sinking!”

“I know” she replied “That’s the idea… You might want to stop struggling so much. That will only cause you to sink faster.”

James tried to extract his arms from the mire but the strength in his midsection was fading fast and his hands weren’t finding a bottom in the mud any better than his feet. He knew that Bayonetta was right, so he stayed still, forming a bridge over the muck with his body as best he could.

“Is this quicksand?” he asked over his shoulder.

“No, quicksand has much higher water content. You can usually float in quicksand. This is deep clay mud. This shit will suck you right to the bottom if you’re not careful.”

James’ face was a mask of fear. “Well how deep is it?!?”

Bayonetta kicked off her sandals and began walking into the pit casually. “Twelve feet the last time it was measured. Could be deeper now…”

With the hot sun beating down on the clay pit, she advanced into the muck, completely naked save for her latex arm gloves and latex leggings. She savored the feeling of her feet being fully immersed in the warm gunk before taking two big steps forward and sinking her legs up to the knee. The mud sucked and slurped at her legs as she slowly made her way toward James’ exposed ass.

She scooped up some of the clay with her gloved hand and spread the muddy slime all over her glistening pole. “Jeanne was right… natural lube is the best.”

James had now sunk up to his chest and shoulders and was beginning to panic again.

“Relax!” Bayonetta called from behind him “Now that you’re flat against the mud you have more surface area creating resistance. You won’t sink as fast as long as you don’t struggle.”

She grunted as she used the full strength of her impressive thighs to wade further into the stubbornly thick clay. She was up to her hips now, her balls dragging through the muck and her cock just above the surface of the moist pit.

James suddenly realized the true danger they were in. “Wait, Mistress! What are you doing?!? You have a rope right? Something attached to the outside?!?”

Bayonetta finally slogged to just behind James’ hovering asshole, her legs and hips settling into the sucking mud. She pulled his silk panties down, grabbed her cock and held it up to his pretty little pucker.

“I never work with a safety net babe. What would be the fun in that?”

Without hesitation she grabbed his hips and speared her clay lubed cock into his ass, burying a full 10 inches in the first thrust. Fighting through the pain of her sudden insertion, James made a mental note that he could add “mud” and “mortal danger” to the list of things that got Bayonetta off.

She established a moderate pace, opening him up with her thick salami as quickly as possible, her hips and ass making wet smacking sounds in the mud as she pounded his sissy ass.

“Mmmm, Mother Earth’s very own bondage. You can’t escape and she even set you up doggie style for me” she intoned huskily as she thrust into him. “Pretty impressive, eh slut?”

James tried to control his fear as he sank another inch into the mud. “Yes Mistress, but what if we can’t…”

His words were cut off when she suddenly and deliberately buried all 16 inches balls deep in his ass. James cried out, his face dipping into the muck as she filled his ass completely.

“What’s the matter? Worried that I might not be able to get us out? That’s the THRILL, slut. That’s why I’m hard as a lamppost and ripping you a wider asshole right now.”

She emphasized those last words with a return to steady fucking; sliding her fat dick out a few inches and jamming it back in over and over. James’ face was visibly red and he panted into the sludge, her assault coming too hard and too fast. His limbs tried to move; tried to react to the invasion of his most sensitive orifice, but they were locked in thick, sucking clay.

“You don’t need to worry about any of that. Your only concern, as usual, is pleasuring my cock! If I want to fuck you into the mud until you drown in brown shit, that’s what I’m going to do. If I want to keep shafting your lifeless body until it’s full of clay and cum, I’ll do that too! Now shut the fuck up, AND TAKE MY MUDDY COCK!”

Bayonetta began fucking him full speed, or at least as close to full speed as she could muster while being sucked into luscious clay. She pistoned 14 inches of her greasy fuck meat in and out of his ass as they continued to sink into the mire. Lost in the pleasure of his tight ass, she didn’t notice or care how much farther they’d sank until the mud had risen above her cock and James’ asshole had disappeared below the surface. She could feel her cock glide through the clay every time she withdrew from his ass and every time she launched back in.

“OH FUCK! OH FUCK!!! THIS IS THE BEST! THIS IS THE BEST!!!” she wailed as her climax rolled over her like a tidal wave. Her ejaculation was so powerful, it pushed her back several inches out of his ass. She plunged forward again, a tornado of semen blasting out of her staff and drowning his insides.

Bayonetta’s head swam. The feeling of the muck groping her body as James’ ass gripped her cock had generated her strongest orgasm to date. As bliss cascaded through her body and her colossal penis continued to spurt gobs of cum into his depths, she reached around, grabbing handfuls of hot clay and massaging the brown gunk into her bare breasts.

Her eyes glazed over as she rode the wave of intense pleasure, and once her engorged phallus finally ceased spraying jizz she gripped his hips below the mud and returned to fucking him immediately. The mud was starting to ooze over James’ back as he sank even lower into the pit, but she didn’t care. Right now she needed MORE.

“Mistress, we’re too deep! We’re not going to be able to…”


Bayonetta smacked her latex covered hand onto the top of his ass cheeks, the only part of his ass that was still above the sludge. “I told you to shut up slave! I didn’t go to all this trouble just to get one climax out of your slutty ass. Now hold still unless you want to sink even deeper!”

Her relentless shafting seemed to stretch on for an hour as the muck bubbled and ever so slowly sucked them deeper. Normally her marathon fucking stimulated James’ prostate to the point that he orgasmed and shot his load without his member even being touched, but in his current state he was too terrified at the prospect of drowning in mud and remained limp in his panties.

Bayonetta was seemingly on auto-pilot, obsessed with the exquisite sensation of pumping her fat cock into James’ tight ass, pulling out into the warm, smooth clay, and thrusting it right back in again. She had never felt anything so good in her life and she never wanted it to end. The thick mud made fucking him much more of a chore than usual and she worked up a good sweat as she raped his muddy cornhole.

“Yeah, you like mud fucking, don’t you? I knew you would bitch” she growled as she plowed back and forth through the muck. “What else is your ass good for anyway? It’s probably forgotten how to take a shit by now. Entrance only, right slut? Take it! TAKE IT! TAKE MY COCK YOU MUD SLUT!”

Her second orgasm was slower to start, but lasted even longer than the first one. She dug her fingers into the flesh of his hips and pulled herself violently into him as a torrent of creamy jizz flooded his ass once more. Bayonetta could feel her copious ejections seeping out of his asshole, pouring out around the seal of her cock and mixing with the mud below.

As her meat hose fired burst after burst of her own muck into his body, she could only throw her head back, eyes closed and her tongue hanging out of her mouth. She was amazed at the strength of the orgasms she was having, and so happy she had finally found a slave she could abuse in this lovely clay pit.

As her climax faded away, she realized with some alarm that she was, in fact, already up to her belly button in muck herself. After resting a few moments, she twisted her hips and focused her full strength on withdrawing herself from the mire. She placed a hand on James’ ass for leverage and pushed down, using his remaining buoyancy to help extract her from the thick sludge.

“Wait, mistress, NO!” he yelled as the rest of his back and ass disappeared into the ooze.

She lurched forward, finally extracting one of her legs from the clay and putting forth the first footstep back to the edge of the pit. Little by little she advanced back to dry land, the mud coveting her legs the entire way.

Her leggings and arm gloves were now completely covered in clay, the shiny black latex only somewhat visible below the sticky brown coating. “DAMN that was good!” she exclaimed as she stepped onto dry land, mud oozing off her lower body.

At this point James was nothing but a head and neck sticking out of the sludge, looking more panicked than ever. “Mistress, what about me?!?”

She sauntered around the pit, coming to a stop on the other side; in James’ view for the first time. “What about you?” she asked playfully. “I should leave you in there for only giving me two orgasms. Not to mention you just said “no” to me.”

“I didn’t mean to—Mistress, I’m sorry!” he stammered “Please, help me!”

She reached down with her left hand and began rubbing her cock once again, mud and cum squishing around her fingers as she stroked the slick monster. She walked into the pit once more, slowly masturbating her enormous length as she approached her immobilized slave from the front.

“Oh, I suppose I can get you out of there” she said coyly as she plunged her legs back into the warm clay.

Thankfully his head was a little closer to the edge of the pit than his ass had been, and Bayonetta didn’t need to trudge quite as far into the mire to reach him this time. As she arrived at his face, her legs had plunged into the muck all the way and the mud was greedily sucking at her hips and scrotum.

“I’ll get you out” she said again, still stroking her fat python “but only after I get one more climax.”

James looked up at her impossibly large cock. It was hardening back to its full 16 inches rapidly and it was dabbed in clay, cum and the juices of his own ass. He opened his mouth to speak but she interrupted him.

“You don’t have much farther left to sink, slut, and we’re not leaving here until I blow in your throat, so I suggest you get to work.” With that she brought the tip of her missile to his lips and waited for his acquiescence.

Well this took a bit longer than expected. Sorry Love’s. I had a major case of writer’s block. Not to mention my classes and my internship. these past days have been filled with stress. Quotas, Deadlines,the works.. Positive or negative feedback I’d love to get constructive criticism on what I’m doing wrong or right, Regardless here it is! enjoy :)


~ ~ ~ ~

Texting Bree the address, I tried sliding out of Daniel’s arms while he slept.

“Where are you going?” He greeted me, pulling me back into his chest.

“I have to go home,” I hinted, patting his leg.

His chest rumbled with laughter, “You do have to go home, sorry it’s just been forever since I’ve cuddled with anyone.”

“A giant like you really? I would think you’d have no problems with the ladies,” I joked, slipping out of the bed.

Gathering my stuff the hairs on the back of my neck stood. Turning slightly I caught Daniel staring at me.

Wrinkling up my nose, I put my hands on my hips, “What?”

He sat quietly, grinning. Following his gaze I stared at my crotch.

“What the fuck..” I muttered.

“Morning wood, it’s ok it happens all the time. Well with guys,” he implied.

“I wouldn’t know that,” I sighed, sitting on the bed I put my face into my hands.

My body tensed, as I felt him rub my back gently, “I could help you with it if you want.”

I looked up at him, his tone was sincere with a hint of curiosity. Giving him an unsure look, his hands explored my body. His fingers slid up my side slowly, I felt the warmth of his hands as he cupped my breast. Kissing the back of my neck Daniel blew air into my ear. I gasped sharply, jumping slightly. He fondled my boobs as he nipped at my ear.

Moaning quietly, my breaths grew rigid. Reaching down into my pants he freed my confined dick. Thumbing the head of my tool, he gave a firm squeeze. I groaned in his hold.

Removing his hand from my prick, I felt his own cock press into my back, “I’m sorry. Foreplay just really turns me on and those socks aren’t helping.”

“It’s fine. what about them, their just socks?” I noted.

“I have a fetish for them,” he admitted, now pumping my appendage.

Forcing soft moans out of me, Daniel chuckled.

“Take the rest of your clothes off. Except for the socks,” he demanded.

Kicking out of my shorts and panties, he lifted my shirt over my head, tossing it to the side. He marveled at my body. Laying me on my back Daniel kissed a trail up my stomach, stroking my member. Taking to my nipple he bit at it slightly. I moaned, the sensation was unbelievable.

Down to his boxers Daniel unsheathed his cock. The head of his phallus oozed pre, trickling down his shaft. Grabbing my leg he began to thrust against the ball of my foot. I felt his thick shaft move to and fro moistening the bottom of my sock. Firmly rubbing his throbbing prick onto the bottom of my foot, I could feel the familiar dampness in between my legs.

From the sheer sight of him towering over me, as he drove his shaft from on the heel of my foot to in between my toes. I came, hot, white goo bursting from my turgid cock. Thick rope after another raced up my phallus. Moaning loudly, I grabbed at the sheets, Daniel ceased rutting his hips and wrapped his hand around my purging appendage. Slowly he started tugging at my tool, coaxing my seed out of me.

Without warning, Daniel lunged forward, “Nngh..”

Groaning he coated my thigh with his warm spunk. The strings of cum that shot out of me splattered against my chest. Landing in my hair, onto my stomach, and a bit in my gaping mouth. Swallowing the hot goo that landed on my tongue, I laid there sprawled out. My breathing was steep. Daniel laid next to me, propped on his elbow he watched me closely.

Scooping up some of the gunk off my stomach on his finger, he brought it to his mouth. Letting out a low moan his eyes went wide with surprise. Dragging his tongue down my body, I gasped arching my back. I was shocked as he took my now returning back to life girl cock into his mouth.

“Oh..Gawd!” I hissed, feeling myself grow until I rested at the back of his mouth, my dick nipping at the entrance to his throat.

Slithering his tongue up and down shaft, he sucked hungrily at my prick. Daniel bobbed his head trying ever so slightly to take me into his throat. His attempts failed, but he continued to service me well. Bucking my hips, squealing uncontrollably, he worked yet another climax out of me. Filling his mouth I watched, as Daniel worked his throat to swallow as much of my jet of frothy cum as he could.

“Jesus, Daniel.. S-stop,” I whimpered.

My spurting member slowed, but he kept sucking at my tool. I could feel it stir once again, twitching in his mouth.

Removing me from his mouth with a pop, he sat back and gave an apologetic look, “Sorry.. I guess I just got carried away.”

Rolling my eyes, we headed into the bathroom. Daniel joined me in the shower.

“You’re gorgeous.. Even with a dick,” he whispered, massaging the shampoo into my hair, as the warm water pelted my body in front.

“Yea right,” I snorted, keeping my lids closed to keep the shampoo from reaching my eyes.

Turning me around, he tilted my head back.

“You don’t believe me?” he questioned, running his hands through my hair.

I tensed feeling exposed. The water washed the shampoo from my hair. But I felt small droplets hit my ear, jumping slightly. I couldn’t speak, I was frozen with fear. Spinning me back around, returning me as I was Daniel moved my hair aside. Kissing me at the nape of my neck with the hot water massaging my appendage, I could feel my dick growing.

Tapping my right hip, he commanded me, “Lift your leg up.”

Obliging I slowly lifted my right leg. Hooking his arm underneath my knee, I felt his manhood rest at my entrance. Holding my leg he continued to kiss and nip at my neck. Thrusting his hips once, Daniel managed to slide in with ease. I gasped. He felt incredibly hard.

Driving his dick into my tight passage, I cried out at every thrust of his hips.

“You’re-so-tight..” He grunted into my ear, as he continued to fuck me.

Lifting my leg up over my head, Daniel slammed into me. Hitting that spot inside me, I moaned relentlessly.

“Fuck me Daniel, fuck me. Nice and deep,” I pleaded.

With those words he became animated. Tearing in and out of my velvet sheath. Slowing down to a stop, he hooked his other hand beneath the knee of the leg opposite of the one which he held. Hoisting me in the air, Daniel stabbed into my depths. I arched my back taking more of his cock into me. My own dick was throbbing while it slapped against my stomach.

Stuffing his huge slab of meat into my stretched folds, he growled into my ear, “You’re such a dirty little slut, Lex. Letting me fuck your tight hole like this, you like it, the feeling of me stretching your greedy little pussy don’t you?”

I squealed, his thrust turned into slow deep stabs. He was going to make me work for it.

“Yes, yes I do. Now please, fuck me!” I begged, gyrating my hips.

Daniel stopped rutting his hips, “Your so snug, Lex. I think I’ll rest here inside you’re pussy and keep you on edge.”

He chuckled at my subtle whimpers.

“Daniel, please. I need you to fuck me,” I begged.

Hefting me off his prick, Daniel shoved himself home. Hitting my cervix. I screamed joyfully as he continued to ram away into my gash. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I helped pierce myself with his stiff dick.

“I want you to cum for me, cum around my cock. Can you do that for daddy?” He whispered.

With quick and deep jabs of his lengthy tool, I let out a desperate cry. Flexing my muscles I tightened around his manhood. Groaning, he slammed me around his dick. Letting out a silent scream, I came from both parts. My thick organ sprayed cum all over my stomach and a thick glob hit the roof of the ceiling.

My muscles massaged Daniel’s spurting member, as he shot hot seed up from where it churned, deep inside somewhere in his balls. Painting my walls with his white goo. Withdrawing from my cunt he tilted my head back and gave me a deep and passionate kiss. After exploring my mouth with his tongue, we got cleaned up and dried off. Returning to his room instead. He helped me comb out my tangled hair.

Stepping around a pile of textbooks Daniel grabbed a red and black, plaid shirt and helped me into it. Handing me my panties he watched as I pulled them on tucking away my prick. Daniel put my shorts on one leg at a time, and securely tied my black, combat boots.

“You didn’t have to help me,” I frowned, while we walked down the steps.

“It’s fine. Besides I can’t get out of the habit since I used to do it with Cassandra,” Daniel laughed, grasping my hand as we walked down the hall.

Strolling into the den we saw his father, Travis, and mother, Stacy, cuddling on the couch.

“Well Daniel I must say we were mistaken and wrong to worry about you,” his father coughed.

“We heard the two of you going at it in the bathroom,” Stacy, his mother interjected.

My jaw dropped. I could feel my face turning unbelievably red.

“Oh…” Daniel choked, scratching at his head with his free hand.

“It’s ok. It actually reminds us of the days we were young,” they both said in unison, their eyes locked.

We nodded uncomfortably and Daniel walked me out the door. We exchanged numbers and said our final goodbyes as Bree pulled up. Slamming the car door, I watched him walk back into his house slowly. Bree and I made it back to her mother’s house quickly.

“Alexandra!” Jennifer smiled, pulling me into a warm embrace.

Her breast brushed against mine, my dick twitched slightly, “hello Jennifer.”

“I was worried you left us. I thought you were terrified of my cooking,” she laughed.

Jennifer was Bree’s mom. Complete opposites. Her mother was very generous, respectable, kind natured, and obedient. But on the other hand there’s Bree. Abrupt, sneaky, selfish, and disruptive. During winter break I was here with them this year celebrating their heritage.

Her hips weren’t as wide as her mother’s own, but her breast defiantly surpassed hers. Her lips were thin, but they stretched into a beautiful smile. Bree had her fathers eyes, a deep lovely brown. A very shapely figure, close to a perfect hourglass.

“Not at all. I just wanted a break from Bree,” I smiled warmly at Jennifer, leaning in I kissed her on the cheek.

Bree swiftly drug me up to her room. Closing the door she sat on the love seat that rested against the window. Patting the cushion next to her, I sat beside her.

“So what’s up?” I asked, with my hands folded in my lap.

“The potion Michelle gave you obviously caused you to grow your own dick,” she paused, then turned to face me. “But the good news is your body didn’t take to Alyssa’s seed at the time.”

She beamed at me as she delivered the last bit of news.

I shook my head, “Bree, that’s not the point and it sure as hell isn’t good enough. I want this thing gone.”

I was glad that I wouldn’t have a creature growing inside me, but I want my body back how it was. I didn’t like change, never did.

“I’m sorry, but the elixir for that is locked up in Michelle’s study. But I can teach you how to retract it into your body,” she proposed.

I nodded to her offer. The felling of having my dick pressed tightly against my stomach with the help of the waist band of my shorts was brutal. Hiking up her dress, she revealed her bald mound to me as she stood in front of me.

“Going commando?” I grinned.

“Well I was in a rush,” she giggled, spreading her legs apart a bit further.

The lips of her pussy glistened. Her cock was gone, as if I imagined it all. I blinked in confusion.

“Try picturing your crotch before you got your phallus. Then relax your body,” Bree instructed me.

A vivid image of my body before I sprouted my own tool appeared before my mind. Relaxing myself I felt a slight suction at my crotch. The pressure I felt with my member pressed against me disappeared. Unzipping my shorts, I let a surprised yelp. It was gone.

“Just as I remember, nicely trimmed, big fat, puffy lips..” Bree murmured, absently licking her lips, as she stepped forward.

I watched as her cock grew out of her, standing proudly at its length. Cowering back into the seat, despite my muddled feelings my own prick grew out of me uncontrollably. My phone rang loudly breaking Bree’s focus. Buzzing inside my purse as it rested on the dresser. Shaking her head she allowed me to move past her to grab my phone.

I answered it quickly, “H-hello.”

“Well don’t you sound tense,” a voice laughed.

It was Daniel.

“Oh, hi. I forgot to put your number in my phone,” I blushed, feeling my timid behavior returning.

“That’s rude, I saved yours as soon as I got inside,” he pretended to sound disappointed.

Bree came up from behind me, stroking my shaft slowly, “Fuck.. Ur— well I’ll make sure to save it afterwards.”

He listened to my heavy breathing over the phone for a while until he finally spoke.

“What are you doing?”

“I… I’m a little held up.”

“Was I not good enough, sheesh you’re like a hormonal teenage boy.”

I could hear him laugh over the phone.

“You w-were great.. Listen I-I have to call you later.”

“Alright, just don’t be gone too long.”

He hung up.

“Who was that?” She asked, making her voice small.

“Mind your damn business,” I hissed, trying to escape her grasp.

Wiggling out of her hold, I moved to the other side of her room. Closing my eyes I willed my dick back inside my body. Bree moved closer and pulled me into a hug.

“I don’t like sharing you,” she confessed, keeping her face pressed into my shoulder.

“Bree..” I sighed.

She was my best friend, I couldn’t see anything past that. Despite how badly she wanted me to. But I could try.

Putting on our clothes we left the house to go shopping for groceries. We held hands out in public, receiving dirty looks. To strangers I suppose we looked like a couple, but to people we know in town they knew better.

“I think we need milk?” I recalled.

Walking off from Bree I trotted down the aisle. Grabbing two jugs of milk, I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard someone call my name. Turning around I was pulled into a bear hug.

“You didn’t call back,” Daniel complained, stepping back to look at me.

“Sorry, I got held up,” I replied.

Struggling to hold up the milk I placed them on the ground.

“Here I’ll help you,” He volunteered, reaching for both of the milk jugs on the floor.

Picking them up he waggled his eyebrows. I couldn’t help but laugh. Walking back to the aisle lined with bread I couldn’t find Bree.

“Maybe she’s in the meat section?” I mentioned out loud, more to myself than anyone.

Daniel gave me a questionable look, “Who?”

“My best friend,” I answered him quickly.

Scouting the aisles, we ran into Daniel’s friends.

“Danny boy, who’s your friend? Why don’t you introduce us,” one of the five urged.

“Guys this is Alexandra. Alexandra, these are some of my idiot friends. Their looks are deceiving,” Daniel smiled down at me.

Since we’ve been looking long enough for Bree we decided to grab a cart. I actually dressed appropriate for today, but I was still a bit cold.

“H-hi,” I beamed, shaking their hands.

“You’re wearing more clothes than last time I saw you, your still cold?” the man with green dyed hair laughed.

“Yea, skinny people have bad circulation. Unfortunately,” I shrugged.

I was dressed a bit warmer, but I still felt cold. Wearing my black sweatpants along with my navy blue long sleeve shirt. I had my hair straightened, with my black scarf draped around my neck.

“I wouldn’t say that. You were pretty warm the other night,” Daniel teased, winking at me.

“Your such an ass,” I giggled.

My phone buzzed in my pocket. Glaring at the screen I read it slowly. It was from Symon. “Hey, are you in town?”

“No-yes, but only for winter break. Why?” I replied.

“I thought I saw you down the bread aisle. Why don’t you come grab a beer with me for old times sake?”

“I’m not to sure about that. I’m here with Bree, you know how she is.. “

“No worries old chap. I’ll try talking with her.”

I sighed sliding my phone back into my pocket.

“Lex, where were you?” Bree asked, strutting towards me down the aisle.

“Looking for you,” I quipped.

She wrapped her arms around my waist, kissing me on the cheek, “I’m sorry Lexa-boo. I’ll let you spank me all you want later, baby.”

I could feel my cock stir inside my body. Giving a nervous laugh, I could feel my face getting hot from the watching eyes.

“Well we should go gather the other items if we don’t need anything here,” I mentioned to Bree. “Bye Daniel.”

Unwrapping her arms from around me, Bree took the cart and we started down the aisle.

“Wait, Lex!” Daniel called after me.

I turned slowly, in time for him to cup my face, and crane his neck. Giving me a deep, hot kiss with plenty of tongue. Separating I gave him a quick hug and we went off to finish our shopping. Loading the groceries into the car Bree gave me a funny look. On the ride back we had a few words.

Her mother and father put up the groceries, as we went over to Symon’s place. I knocked on the door lightly. There was music playing softly, grumbling Bree kicked at the door. Symon poked his head out from the door. A sloppy grin spread across his face.

Motioning us in, we towed after him, through the house, and into his room he Tossed us a beer. Symon sensed the tension between us two. He tried lightening the mood. We spent a while reminiscing over the days spent in high school. I could feel myself relaxing and the mood between us lifting.

“So are you still a virgin, Lex?” Symon smirked, sipping on his own beer.

I nearly choked on my own drink, “No,why do you ask?”

“Aw, well I was hoping to fuck you myself for your first time,” he added, killing off his bottle. “We never did get to it in high school.”

“Yea, that was out of the question then..” I trailed off, looking into my half empty beer.

Symon was just as I had remembered him. Tall, lean, but a built figure. His skin a nice color of bronze, thin yet nice lips, a sharp jawline, and beautiful grey eyes. Unusually his hair was shoulder length as apposed to his regular buzz cut.

“What about now?” He wondered, raising his eyebrows.

I shrugged, honestly I had not one fucking clue. Symon and I had gone out together back then, but I was confused at what I wanted then. I still am.

“I can’t even answer that. I’m sorry,” I whispered, staring down at my hands.

“It’s fine. Maybe one day I’ll catch you off guard,” he joked, giving me his familiar sweet smile.

I felt fuzzy all over. It felt good to have good memories to come back to. After a few hours Bree had drunken a bit too much, I stopped after two. I don’t like beer I’d rather have a bottle of whine. Driving back home, I dragged her into her room, and onto her bed. Bored I decided to visit Daniel.

Rapping on the door I waited for someone to answer. I began to feel self conscious.

“Where’s Lex! Danny go get her back, get her back,” I could hear Sam screaming his head off through the door.

Opening the door Stacy greeted me with a warm hug, pulling me inside she closed the door behind us.

“He’s been asking for you since you left,” she gave me a weary smile.

I smiled back, giving her a kiss on the cheek, I ran into the den. Snatching Sam into a bear hug.

“Hey you!” I chirped, trapping him underneath me, I started tickling him.

He laughed, squirming in my hold. Once I let him go his face was red and tears were in the corner of his eyes.

“Why’d you leave me?” He pouted, crossing his arms.

Kissing his cheek, I patted his head, “I’m sorry sport. I have a lot to do.”

Out of the corner I saw Daniel poke his head out the kitchen.


Sorry for the wait, I have been in the hospital for a good while. I’ve been having problems with my heart and lungs. I managed to hurt my wrist in the mix as well so it’s hard to type let alone move anything. Hopefully my grammar mistakes have improved.

Enjoy lovelies.

~ ~ ~ ~

Christmas was great.

Bree had given me a lovely silver wire ring surrounding my birthstone, the moonstone.

It was beautiful.

I knitted her a grey and black striped scarf. Along with that I bought her an Xbox 360 like she’s been wanting for the longest.

She sat in the den of my moms house and played from Christmas morning to night.

I called Daniel.

“Where have you been? I have a present for you and everything..” Daniel trailed off, sounding disappointed.

“I have something for you too. I’ve just been held up..” I answered him.

He stayed silent for a while, “Is it her?”

“Oh no, Daniel trust me! It’s not because of her,” I insisted.

Well part of it was. But he wouldn’t understand.

“Can I come over and at least drop off your present?” He sounded hurt.

“I’m at my mom’s place. It’s a while from yours,” I told him.

“Just text me the address,” he sighed.

“Alright. Bye,” I breathed.

I sent him the address, and waddled into the kitchen. Cat was washing the dishes when I walked in.

“Hey,” she smiled over her shoulder.

I moved past her, mumbling a hello. I was pretty annoyed with Daniel. But who could blame him. Why would I even think to trust anyone like me. I’ve practically become a whore since I sprouted this thing.

Fixing two glasses of orange juice I sat at the table and began guzzling down the first glass.

The doorbell rang, Cat dashed off to answer it. I started sipping the other glass when Daniel walked in.

He stood tall in the frame of the doorway. His red hair was tousled, he was breathing heavily, carrying two gift bags. Cat stood behind him winking at me.

Daniel rushed over to me. Putting the bags on the table, his cold, big hands cupped my face. Bending down he kissed me on the temple. Pulling back he stared into my eyes. It had been a solid while since I’ve stared into his deep, beautiful, green eyes.

“Well I don’t think we’ve been introduced?” A voice broke our stare.

We turned to see my mom standing in the doorway with Cat. I’d kill that brat later for this.

“Uh—Hello ma’am! I’m Daniel,” he stuttered, standing up right, he reached a hand out to my mom.

Shaking his hand, she smiled, “Sabrina, charmed to meet you.”

I announced our departure. We retreated into my room. We sat on the edge of my bed talking.

“What are you thinking?” I asked, staring down at my hands.

I just laid everything on him, which happened to me in the past week and few days. He was still absorbing it. I could deal with the silence, but the glances he took at my stomach made my chest tighten.

“How are you feeling?,” he asked, grasping my hand.

I swallowed the lump growing in my throat, “Besides the slight pains, I’m alright.”

He nodded and released my hand.

“Stay here.”

Before I could protest he left, closing the door behind himself.

I was alone.

Placing a hand on my stomach, I felt a kick through the thin material of the dress.

“How’d I get myself into this,” I sighed.

Bree confessed her feelings to me the night she made love to me. I didn’t know how serious she was about me until that night. I cried because I just couldn’t say it back.

The lump in my throat returned. My eyes watered, tears began to fall. I wept a while till I heard footsteps ascending the steps. Wiping away my tears, Daniel came through the door.

I composed myself.

“Here come down stairs with me,” he grinned.

Descending the stairs, he held my hand, and kept his other against my back.

“I don’t need help,” I insisted.

He gave me a sharp look that made me bite my tongue.

“I didn’t ask you. If you want my help or not either way I’m not going anywhere,” he fussed at me.

We strolled into the kitchen where my mother sat at the table smiling ear to ear.

“It’s come to my attention that you’ve met someone. Daniel is a polite young man, he asked me for my permission to date you, I approve. You’ve caught a good one baby girl,” she smiled.

I looked between the two.

“Oh this is such great news! I can finally say my daughter isn’t a lesbian, you had me worried you’d never find a man to settle down with. Then that of course would mean no grandchildren,” she continued.

“Mom!” I exclaimed.

Daniel broke into laughter. Bree crept into the room, sliding into a chair across from my mom. She grabbed a banana from the basket of fruits. Peeling it she threw me a questioning look. I stared down at the floor in guilt. I didn’t know what to tell her.

“Oh Bree, that’s right I haven’t told you the good news!” My mom clapped with glee. “Alexandra is dating this charming young man here, Daniel.”

Bree gave me a look of hurt. Standing from her chair, she tossed her half eaten banana into the trash, and trudged out of the kitchen. I winced at the slam of the front door.

“What’s eating her?” Daniel laughed bitterly.

I nudged him in the ribs.

“You guys talk, I’ll go get Bree. If she’s calmed down by then,” I sighed.

I slipped out of the kitchen and put on my warm boots. Waddling out the door, I trudged through the snow.

I found Bree a few blocks down sitting on one of the swings at a park. Her hair fell to her shoulders in gorgeous waves.

“Looks like you might be due for a haircut,” I smiled at her weakly.

She grunted and kicked snow at me. The news was a slap to the face for her; I could only imagine the amount of disrespect she’d felt.

“Look I’m sorry, Bree. Really I am..” I said, fiddling with the edge of my dress.

She peered up from the snow, giving me a blank look.

“Lex..”, she began, but held her tongue. Bree was deep in thought.

It was better to tell her how I felt now than to drag her along. Nothing is worst than being left in the dark about something. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, not now anyway.

“Are you going to stay out in the cold like this?,” I smiled, hoping to change the mood around.

A grin spread on her face.

“I guess not,” she replied, getting off the swing, she walked ahead of me, her mind shrouded in thought.

We walked back to the house, making small conversation. The walk back wasn’t as awkward except for the few loud gaps of silence between us.

Daniel was in deep thought on the stoop.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him, as Bree and I approached the steps.

He glanced up at me, his face grew cold, “Why’d you run off like that in this weather for her?”

It was then I started to notice how jealous he was, but there wasn’t anything for him to be jealous of.

“Listen, Bree is my friend before anything else. There’s nothing for you to worry about!” I raised my voice, growing agitated.

“Look I was just worried about you,” he sighed.

“Maybe you don’t need to worry about her. I’ve taken care of her fine by myself,” Bree scoffed.

I rubbed my temples,”I can’t deal with this right now.”

Sharp pains erupted throughout my body. My back began to ache, and my stomach was tingling with the slightest bit of movement the child did inside me.

They bickered back and forth. I felt a warm liquid pour down my legs. Confused I stared at the wet front of my dress.

“Bree,” I called for her. “I think my water broke?”

She stopped arguing with Daniel, “Shit..”

My legs felt weak and the pain in my stomach grew. I sank down in the snow, my vision was fading. Bree knelt beside me as Daniel stood over me. They were saying something, but it was all muffled.

Everything went black.

I struggled pulling my eyes open. I could hear a faint wailing, the fluorescent lights were bringing pain to my eyes.

“She’s up!” A voice cheered.

My vision cleared up. The room looked familiar. Bree sat on the side of my bed holding something wrapped in a yellow blanket.

“Hey babe, how you feeling?” Daniel smiled, walking into the room, he kissed me on my forehead.

I inhaled the musky, luring scent on the collar of his button down shirt. Sitting up I realized my stomach was back to it’s original state, flat.

“What happened.. Where are we?” I asked, feeling slightly light headed.

Daniel leaned back against the wall, shoving his hands in his pocket, “We’re at my parents house. Being exact we are in the guest room.”

“We needed a empty place to put you in just in case you did start screaming..” Bree trailed off. “So Daniel offered this place since everyone left and won’t be back till tomorrow.”

I nodded slightly, “Where is it?”

“She’s right here did you want to hold her?” Bree said, her eyes glistened even in the bit of darkness.

I nodded. There was was a slight ache in the back of my head.

Bree stood from her chair, and placed the bundle of joy in my arms. She suddenly came to life, wriggling in my arms.

Her skin was a slightly darker shade of bronze compared to mine. The cap on her head was falling of, letting the small curls of light brown hair out the sides. She had rosy cheeks, with a cute button nose, nice thin lips, and her eyes were in the shape of almonds.

“She’s beautiful..” I breathed.

Bringing her close to my face, I pressed my lips to her temple. She was of my own flesh and blood. It came to me, right then I knew what I wanted to name her.

“I decided on what to name her. Athena, I want her name to be Athena,” I declared.

“I like it,” Daniel grinned.

Nodding to herself in approval, Bree smiled ear to ear, “it’s a lovely name.”

~ ~ ~ ~

New Years was great. Bree and Daniel managed to stay in each other’s presence without chewing one another out, much to my dismay that didn’t last long.

I convinced my mom that I’d be taking care of Daniel’s baby sister.

For a while I breast fed Athena. Daniel bought me a breast pump, making it easier on me to feed Athena without the nipping. It took a load off me.

“Lex, Giovanna asked for you.. We’ve put it off as long as possible,” Bree mumbled, watching me feed Athena.

I felt a shiver go up my spine. It was long past due. I fretted this day.

“I’ll leave tonight,” I grumbled. “Can you put Athena to bed?”

“Sure, anything for you. Take my car,” Bree smiled, taking Athena from my arms.

Cleaning myself up, I picked through draw of what to wear. I pulled a black shirt on, and grey pants over my lingerie. I flat ironed my hair bone straight, and used a bit of makeup.

Strolling into my room, I carried my boots in hand to keep from making noise. I leaned into Athena’s crib and gave her a peck on the cheek.

I saw Daniel on the way out, I gave him a warm hug. Passing Bree downstairs I motioned her to follow me outside.

“What’s up?” She asked.

“There’s three bottles I left upstairs for Athena. one for lunch and two for dinner, change her in four hours. I’ll see you later,” I said, kissing Bree on the cheek, leaving a red mark.

Sliding into the car, I pulled off and drove down the snow covered road. As I drove I mulled over my situation with Daniel and Bree.

Biting at my lip, I gripped the steering wheel tightly. My knuckles ached slightly. I was sitting in Giovanna’s driveway. Fearful of stepping foot into her papaya colored house.

Exhaling loudly, I tried to hype myself up, “Alexandra, you got this.. J-just go in there a—”

The rest of the sentence was caught in my throat. I couldn’t do it.

Unbuckling my belt, I stepped out of the car. Shoving my hands in my pocket, I dug my nails into my thigh, as I approached the door. I’d just go in there and tell her the deal was off, simple.

Ringing the doorbell I looked down at the faded “welcome” mat.

I didn’t feel welcome at all.

“Who Is it,” a voice sang behind the door.

The hairs on my arm stood,it wasn’t Giovanna, but it sounded awfully familiar, “Me..”

“Me, who?” the voice giggled.

She was playing with me.

“Alexandra,” I barked.

I could hear the door being unlocked from the inside.

I was certainly greeted with a surprise.

Alyssa stood clad in a bright pink bra with bright green, glossy heels on. She chose to allow her prick to swing freely. Her dick had grown since I last seen it or her.

I felt the urge to run, but my legs wouldn’t obey me.

Yanking me in by my shirt, she shoved me against a wall.

“I missed you baby, didn’t you miss me?” She snickered.

Giovanna turned the corner, unlike Alyssa she was completely naked. Closing the door she strutted over towards us.

Her skin glistening with water. The fat buds she had as nipples stood at attention. Giovanna was trimmed neatly, a single strip of hair resided on her mouth watering mound.

“I’m glad you could make it,” she purred. “Here lets have a drink before we get started.”

I gulped, “Actually, we’re keeping the baby ourselves so this isn’t necessary, but thank you.”

I grew nervous as she studied me, she finally spoke, ” I insist.”

We all sat down at the table, sipping glasses of white wine. I jumped when Alyssa slid her hand up my leg. Forcing her hand down into my panties I tried keeping my composure.

“Let your cock slide out of you,” Alyssa demanded.

Feeling her hold on me I obeyed her. She took me into her hands, and squeezed me slightly. I dropped my glass letting a moan escape my mouth. She caressed my length lovingly, but kept a firm hold.

“I-I think I should go,” I strained, trying to stand up.

“You’re not going anywhere,” She snarled. “Alyssa grab her!”

I tumbled out of the chair from Alyssa’s hold and darted for the door. My semi hard prick was pressed against my thigh.

Something heavy latched onto my back. Falling onto my face, I grunted, kicked and screamed. I saw a lock of golden curls out of the corner of my eye. I knew instantly that Alyssa had thrown herself onto me.

“Get off me you Bitch!” I spat, shouldering Alyssa square in the jaw.

“I like it when you call me names!” Alyssa chuckled.

Pinning my arms behind my back, I felt a stabbing pain in my thigh. I let out a blood gurgling scream. Giovanna knelt in front of me, holding a cloth, she pried open my mouth and tied it behind my head. Alyssa tightened her grip forcing tears from my eyes.

In the back of my head I hoped for Bree to appear and save me like she usually would. No luck.

They tried pulling me to my feet, but a kick to the face proved I wasn’t going anywhere without a fight.

“I love fighters!” Giovanna growled.

I groaned in pain, as Alyssa pulled me by my hair.

Dragged into a dimly lit room I started to shake. Giovanna tugged at my shorts, as I kicked to get her away from me. Her heavy boobs jiggled as she fought with me.

Pulling my hands above my head Alyssa tore at my shirt. She ripped a sleeve of my shirt, and a huge slit up the middle of it. The tear displayed my sheer blue bra and my hardened nipples.

I whimpered softly, as she tore off my bra and what was left of the shirt.

Pulling my panties down my ankle Giovanna stared at my growing prick.

“Look how big she is.. I wonder how she tastes,” Giovanna grinned, licking her lips hungrily.

Alyssa wrapped my wrist with chains, and closed shackles around each ankle. I tried moving away from her touch as she smoothed her hand up my stomach, but the shackles held me in place.

I felt Giovanna wrap her cold lips around the end of me. Bucking my hips, I moaned around the cloth. Alyssa removed the gag and sat on my face.

“Eat my ass,” she demanded me.

I couldn’t bring myself to do anything so degrading. She firmly squeezed my nipple, I screamed into her crotch. They were so sore from breast feeding Athena.

I flicked my tongue at her tight pucker.

She cooed with delight,”More Fuckmeat, more.”

Alyssa was bent on debasing me.

I closed my eyes tightly, as I fed my tongue into her clammy passage. It was such a tight fit.

“Oh—Yes!” Alyssa crowed.

I moaned slightly at Gio’s hands wrapped around my tool.

Wrapping her hand in my hair, Alyssa gripped it tightly, as she rode my face. My tongue stabbed into her tightening asshole.

I soon found myself thrusting my tongue of my own will.

She howled in pleasure as her quivering hole hugged my serpent of a tongue. Her juices flowed down onto my mouth. Withdrawing my tongue from her depths, I clamped my mouth onto her fat, delectable, pussy lips.

I could feel in between my own legs moisten.

“She’s at least sixteen inches,” Gio said, I could hear the smile spreading on her face.

Alyssa cried out in surprise. Shoving my tongue deep she clawed at my hair. Pumping in and out, I worked her nice and deep.

“Ah—Oh Gawd. Fuckmeat, your such a good bitch. More, oh dear Gawd, more!” She begged, rutting her hips.

I tongue fucked her with all my might. She couldn’t take it anymore. Her body bucked, she gripped my hair for dear life.

After coming down from her mind blowing orgasm, she moved from off my face, and shifted downward to suckle at my left nipple. working the right with one of her hands, I groaned at the slight nibbling she did.

Alyssa stopped sucking at my nipple and stood to the side. Giovanna hefted me up slightly in the air by my waist, but kept my back on the floor. I stared up at her mammoth sized beast. It was thick and veiny. Much thicker than Robin, but they were about the same length.

I opened my mouth to protest. Before I could utter a word, she shoved herself home, to the hilt. I cried out in pain, as she tore into me.

“Such a tight body!” She hissed, pumping into me. Rutting her hips, she burrowed her frow, keeping a steady pace.

I could feel my resistance fading slowly. My pain turning into pleasure. Her thick cock filled me, hitting my G-spot, She forced soft moans from within me.

“The dirty slut likes it,” Giovanna cackled, continuing to plow into my clamping depths.

I could feel my self tighten around her swelling member. My breathing turned shallow and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. Releasing loud moans my mouth was agape.

Waves of pleasure crashed over me, I screamed silently, as I climaxed.

Continuing to viciously stab into me, Giovanna slammed her thick prick in with a hard thrust.

Her green eyes gleamed with satisfaction, as she filled me. Jets of warm spunk painted my tight folds, pouring out around her thick monster.

Alyssa moved closer to me. I allowed my curiosity to get the better of me. Turning my head slightly, to my disarray she was stroking her cock. A thick rope of her jizz covered my chest. She continued pumping, several strings landed in my hair, and on my face.

Lowering me onto the floor, Giovanna withdrew herself. Panting, I felt light headed.

“Clean me off,” Giovanna growled.

I didn’t respond.

A devious grin spread on Alyssa’s face. She walked over to the far wall to the left. I was still trying to gather my bearings, catching my breath was proving to be difficult.

She returned with a rubber ball gag, and rope. I pressed my lips tightly together and balled my hands into fist. I fought as much as I could, but It was shown useless.

Drool escaped around the gag as it rested in between my teeth. She removed the chains and replaced them with rope. Alyssa tied my hands behind my back. I cried out in pain around the pink ball when she tightened the ropes.

Flipping me onto my stomach, Alyssa propped me up. My chest pressed to the cold tiled floor with my ass raised in the air.

“Gio, bring me the kindle stick!” She barked.

I flinched at the tone of her voice.

Taking the stick from Giovanna she waved the stick in my face. She began walking behind me, I twisted my head to see what she was doing.

Taking a swing with the stick she brought it down hard on my ass. I screamed in burning pain.

More drool poured onto the floor. Giovanna watched with glazed over eyes, her drooling cock head slowly oozed making a small puddle on the ground.

I whimpered as she brought it down against my left cheek again. I’d lost count of the several blows I’ve gotten to my rear. Adjusting herself, Alyssa swung the stick landing a blow on my right cheek. Just as she did with the left side she beat the right.

I started sobbing. Drool profusely poured down my chin. She tossed the stick aside. Kneeling down behind me, Alyssa grabbed her dick and stroked it slowly.

“You need to be taught a lesson. Once a dog forgets its place it must be retaught,” Alyssa breathed, aiming herself carefully.

I whimpered louder. She grabbed my hips tightly, I could feel the weight of her prick resting on my rosebud.

With no mercy Alyssa jammed her tool into my tight passage. Searing pain filled me, I nearly passed out.

My eyes widened, as I screamed in pain. Rutting her hips she tightened her grip, her nails ebbing into my skin. Thrusting roughly into my ass, she moaned with each thrust.

My anus clamped down tightly onto her intruding member.

“Relax— it—will—start—to—feel—great!” Alyssa grunted, plumbing me deeply, continuing her anal assault.

She felt enormous inside of me. Driving her swollen prick into my abused rectum. Her hips collided with my ass, as Alyssa drove her spear into me.

Her shaft grew thicker, she crowed with triumph. Dumping a copious load into my ass. I shuddered helplessly. She rammed into me with abandon, her muscles flexed at each thrust of her spewing dick.

My eyes burned with tears, and drool cascaded down my chest. Alyssa pulled out of my backside with a slorp. She fell back onto her ass, I groaned at the pain of withdrawal, my cheeks burned a scarlet red.

“Now when your gag is taken off, you will clean Giovanna thoroughly. Understand?” Alyssa breathed.

I simply nodded, feeling embarrassed from being savagely taken from behind.

Pulling me up onto my knees Gio smiled wickedly. She slowly pulled the gag from my mouth, moving it down around my neck. I gasped for air, sputtering.

Her veiny, thick member, loomed over me intimidatingly. I winced at the stinging pain in my rear.

I jumped, as a string of cum oozed onto my shoulders, cascading down my bare back.

She nudged me with her foot,”Well?”

I hesitantly stuck my tongue out, and flicked it at her throbbing cock head. My head swam with the heady scent of her sweat from the inner part of her thighs. Licking from the base of Gio’s shaft, she clawed her hands through my sticky hair. I wrapped my lips around the end of her immense tool.

With my arms pinned behind my back I tried my best.

“Don’t be selfish, you have way more to go!” Gio hissed, grabbing the back of my head, she hauled me along her length.

I curled my tongue around her meaty prick. My throat jutted out, as I took all of her into my throat. I struggled to get accustomed with her dick. My drool leaked around her cock, while I slurped hungrily at her member. My chest heaved heavily trying to make an attempt to breath despite the thick cock lodged in my throat.

Pressing my tongue against her prick, I lapped it back and forward. Gio stroked my hair and sighed in delight.

She held my head tightly, without warning she thrusted her hips, slamming into my throat.

My feelings were begging to get muddled. I wanted nothing more than to escape from them, but I was beginning to enjoy my abuse.

Gio was shocked at the eager suction she felt at her shaft,”Ah—yes! That’s it. Be a good little bitch and suck me like you mean it.”

I allowed myself to engulf all of her length. At the base of her member I flicked my tongue at her slit. She gripped my hair tightly groaning in pleasure.

I sucked on her dick firmly. Guilty thrills ran up and down my back. Gazing up at her, Gio smirked down at me, holding a masterful stare.

There was a small sound growing louder. I’ve soon came to realize those sounds were soft, muffled moans, emitting from me. My body flushed with lust.

My crimson painted lips sucked at her sensitive, girthy, fuckrod. Raw sex rolled from in between my thighs. Gio held my head still and fucked my face venomously..

The rough pounding, was enjoyable. I wanted more. I craved for her frothy white girlcum to pour down my throat.

The lewd wet sounds of slurping and sucking filled the room. I gagged and choked around her thick meat. She buried herself deep into my tight throat stretching it. My cunt ached with need along with my prick.

My senses were flooded.

She removed herself from my throat and pressed her dick against my lips. Gio slowly began pumping her hips.

“Your lips are so lush, and full. Their made for one thing only and nothing else. You love sucking cock don’t you?” Gio breathed, continuing to rut her hips.

I parted my mouth, but I couldn’t speak. My throat felt completely raw.

Ceasing her movement, Gio slipped her hands under my arms. Lifting me up she pushed me against the nearest wall. I could feel her prick ease between my legs. The bulbous head of her member pushed up between my buttocks.

I held my breath, bracing myself.

Giving me a sadistic grin, she moved her hands from under my arms, gripping my shoulders she stuffed three quarters of her cock into me. Stretching and filling me instantly.

I shrieked, writhing in pain.

“You like it? Good. Mistress is going to show your ass a real good time,” she snickered, shoving more of her tool into me.

In the back of my head there was a whispering voice telling me to give in and enjoy it. The feeling of completely letting go. All my responsibilities melting away. It all sounded so good, to just surrender my body to them.

Without time to adjust, Gio plowed into my ass.

“P-please stop!” I begged, continuing to fight losing my will.

She kept a steady pace,”Stop being so gentle you say? Why Alexandra of course!”

“N-no!” I cried.

She began fucking me feverishly, thrusting up into my ass with mercifulness stabs. I could feel her shaft throbbing. I cried out with every jut of her hips.

Gio crowed with delight, as her dick invaded my stretched ass repeatedly. Grunting, She slammed me down along her cock.

My face wrestled between pleasure and aching pain in my rear. I could feel my body working up another orgasm.

I couldn’t let her win, but my pride was fading away. My mind was slipping further into the pleasure of being so used.

Panting I felt a shiver go up my body. I gasped once an orgasm rippled through my body. It seemed to spur off onto Gio.

Viciously stabbing into my tightening hole, she wore a smug smile.

I started enjoying it.

Arching my back I let out a hoarse moan.

“You love being fucked nice and deep like the dirty whore you are don’t you? Soon enough you’ll come back crawling to us for more!” She growled.

I bit my lip, refusing to admit it. With as much strength she could muster, Gio drove her prick into my abused asshole. Each thrust grew harder at the lunge of her hips.

The spearing pain in my rectum grew slightly. I tried putting the dreadful pain in the back of my mind, as I was stretched ridiculously wide. My sphincter hugged tightly at her shaft. Gio howled in delectation.

Driving her mammoth cock into me, she pulled me tightly against her, as a hot gush of seed exploded deep inside me.

I was already full from Alyssa’s previous filling. There was nowhere for all of it to go.

A profound amount swelled my stomach, as more continued to be pumped into my gut, a stream of her warm spunk spilled out around her thick tool.

A wicked grin spread on her face, “You’re free to go for now.”

I was still trying to catch my breath. Giving her a dirty look, she laughed, and lifted me off of her prick. I gasped at the slight pain of withdrawal.

Placing me on the ground, she left, twisting her hips as she walked out of the room.

I shuddered slightly at the torrent of cum easing out of my abused ass.

Alyssa sauntered into the room soon after. She untied me, and guided me to the bathroom. Stepping into the already running shower, Alyssa came in behind me.

I let the water pelt my body, as she smoothed her hands up my stomach. Fondling my breast Alyssa breathed onto my neck. I shuddered in her hold.

She lathered my body with soap.

“Such a nice tight body,” she breathed. “Lets clean you and use you up again, and again.”

I bit my lip to fight the familiar tingle in my crotch.

Her hands slithered around my cock. I gasped when she squeezed my member slightly. She worked her hands up and down my turgid shaft slowly.

Thumbing the head of my tool, she sucked on my neck. I moaned softly. Leaning against the tiled wall for support, Alyssa continued. The palm of her hands were smooth, but cold to the touch.

She continued to tug at my prick, reaching a hand down, she fiddled with my clit. I bucked against her.

“Just as I remember. So sensitive,” she purred into my ear.

I groaned loudly, my hands splayed out on the wall, trying to find purchase. A knot in my stomach formed. It grew ever so painfully, as she guided her hand along my length.

Alyssa eased a finger into my sex. I could feel my legs growing weaker. She curled her finger inside of me, and licked at my neck. I shuddered instantly. My cock throbbed for release in her hand, as the hot walls of my cunt gripped her finger tightly. Keeping my breathing steady was a challenge. I could feel myself swell in her grip.

“Oh baby, you’ve gotten so big!” She breathed.

I tried keeping calm. She kissed and sucked on my earlobe. A bead sized drop of pre formed at the tip.

“Did you want me to stop, Baby?” She whispered into my ear.

My chest felt tight, I closed my eyes giving myself to her use, “No, please Miss more.”

“Such a good girl. I knew you wouldn’t resist long enough,” she giggled.

Her perky tits rubbed against my back. I sighed in enjoyment. My body craved this, all of it.

I was a fighter, stubborn to everything I was against. But I was just as submissive, as every part of me was against it.

Alyssa withdrew her finger from within my sex, aiming carefully she drove her cock into me. Inch by pleasurable inch. Keeping a firm grip on my prick, she thrust into me slowly, as she pumped my shaft with a steady rhythm.

My member throbbed violently. I was so ready lose my self and give into the lust. But it was going to happen my way.

Once Alyssa drove into me. I found a perfect opportunity. Shoving back my ass back against her, she yelped and fell onto her back.

Turning around, I swayed my hips. Smiling deviously down at her I stroked my length. She gave me a startled look.

I squatted over her slowly, my thighs spreading widely. Placing a hand on the tile underneath me I steadied myself. Enclosing my other hand on her dick.

I sat myself down on her pale meat, “You-can’t-win-that-easily.”

Clinching, I massaged, and milked her stiff pole. I rose up almost off of her prick and slammed down back onto her.

A wail of pleasure escaped from Alyssa’s mouth. The corners of my lips curled. I drew myself upward only to sit back down on her cock. I impaled myself again, and again.

Wordlessly she reached up and grasped my shaft. A chill ran up my spine. Alyssa began to pump my tool, a smile crawling onto her face. I drove her engorged head into my hot folds.

The sensations were getting to be too much. But I just had to hold out a little longer. Rocking my hips I worked her with an agonizing slowness. Alyssa cried out, keeping a firm hold on my leaking member, she went stiff. With a deep throated groan she shuddered underneath me. A jet of her hot seed erupted from her prick, filling my womb.

With a sobbing strangled cry, I went turgid. Throwing my head back I buried Alyssa’s dick deep into my cunt. My own cock exploded, healthy strings of milky white cum rocketed past her head. Jerking my hips each spurt caused another cry to escape my throat.

As we both came down from a mind rattling orgasm. I slumped forward, Alyssa’s eyes were distant, and half lidded.

I smiled in triumph. Gasping as I lifted myself from on top of her, I cleaned myself off.

Sneaking into one of the rooms, I managed to find some clothes suitable to wear. I crept out of the bedroom and found my keys resting on the coffee table in the living room.

My heart sank.

Giovanna was reclined in a chair grinning at me, “you know that skirt does look pretty small. I can practically see your ass.”

I felt drained of color, but my cheeks did flush slightly in embarrassment.

“You can go for now, but you will be hearing from us,” Gio purred.

Without hesitating I grabbed my keys, and slid my feet into my boots that were by the front door.

I shot out into the blistering cold.

My ass burned as I drove down the bumpy road. Gritting my teeth I tried baring with the seeping pain in my rear.

As I pulled up in the driveway I let out a sigh of relief. But I did notice Daniel’s truck still pulled up in the yard.

Walking up to the door I quieted the slight groans of pain that emitted from my throat. The door swung open and Bree pulled me into her arms.

On the way up to my room I told her everything. I sank down slowly into my bed.

“Wait here I have something for that,” she said, deep in thought.

I watched her leave the room in a hurry. My gaze flickered to Athena. She looked at peace, her little body writhing about while she dreamed. I just melted at the site of her.

Bree came back with a vile of lucid liquid.

“What is it?” I asked her.

“It’ll restore your body to how it once was. Kind of like a rejuvenation serum. You’ll still have your dick, but it’ll be as if you’re a born again virgin,” she informed me.

I blinked absently, “Did you have this all along?”

“No, I just so happened to learn how to conduct it from a friend of mine not too long ago,” she confessed.

I nodded. This was certainly a good find on her part. Prying open the top she handed me the vile. The aroma was enticing, but I was still a bit suspicious.

Bree urged me to drink it. With a sigh I swung my head back and drank the vile. I began to feel light headed and hot all over.

“I’ll see you in the morning,” Bree smiled.

She tucked me into the bed and kissed my lips lightly. I was out in a matter of seconds.

~ ~ ~ ~

It was a week after everything we headed back home. Home, being our loft off campus.

That vile Bree gave to me worked wonders. I haven’t felt an once of pain since.

I tried to settle into the new role of becoming a mother. By now Athena had grown so much. I did have help from Bree and Daniel of course. Their squabbles was often more than I could take rather than of Athena’s wails for dinner.

“I’m just saying you’d think you could be less of a bitch since I’m helping!” Daniel snarled.

“Fuck you! Nobody asked for your help,” Bree retorted, throwing an empty bottle of water at Daniel’s head.

His face turned a vibrant red before he stormed off into my room. Setting Athena down into her play pen I crept into the room.

“Daniel.. Are you ok?” I asked, nervously.

Daniel had grown taller. His features were sharper and his body. Oh Gawd, his body was unbelievable.

With his scholarship into the school for basketball he was constantly working on improving his body. But boy there was nothing I would change about him. His nice firm ass was looking every bit of damned good as his sculpted body.

“I’m fine. I just had to cool off,” he sighed. “I’d just wish she could give me more credit. I’m taking care of her child when I don’t have to. But I’m only doing it for you.”

His back was turned to me while he stared out of the window. I moved closer, wrapping my arms around him.

“I know baby, I know. And I really appreciate you for this,” I smiled, kissing his back through the thin shirt he wore.

“If you do that again I’m going to have to get you,” he chuckled.

“Well then I guess I should stop then huh?” I said, I could feel the smile on my face growing wider.

I unzipped his pants, moaning in delight at the feel of his limp cock through the material of his underpants.

He definitely grew in all the right places.

Daniel sighed.

I caressed his dick through his boxers, “Hai ottenuto così grande, papà[You've gotten so big, daddy].”

“I love it when you speak in Italian,” he breathed.

I kissed his back softly. Rubbing my hands up along his length through the protection of his boxers. I was rewarded with a soft groan.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, “Sorry you’re going to have to wait a minute.”

He grumbled and sat on the edge of the bed waiting for me patiently.

“Hello,” a voice sighed.

“Hey,” I answered.

“It’s Jimmy, we need you at work in an hour or as soon as possible. A lot of clients are asking for you,” he breathed through the phone.

“It’s my day off?” I whined.

“I know, I know. Look their asking for you just get your ass down here!” He growled then hung up.

Fuck. I’d go, but when I’m finished.

Returning my attention to Daniel I smirked at his pleading look he gave me. He was nice and hard, at his full length of fourteen inches.

Strolling over to him, I knelt in between his legs. Running my hands up his thighs he shuddered. I carefully released his pulsating prick.

Flicking my tongue at his swollen cock head, It throbbed.

“Wait, I want to try something a bit different,” he smiled.

I was curious at what he meant. But I was always up for something new.

He had me to lay on the bed on my back, but with my head over the edge. I watched him struggle to get out of his jeans and underwear. I could feel myself grow hot just from waiting, anticipating in what he wanted to do to me.

I licked my lips hungrily, as he smiled down onto me. His lengthy tool hovering over my lips. I stretched my tongue out to graze his fleshy member.

“No, you just lay there. I’m doing all the work, ” Daniel ordered.

My body shivered at the demanding tone of his voice. I could feel my mouth watering waiting for him to shove his prick down my throat.

He pulled down my peach colored halter top. The cool air greeted my nipples. I mewled softly.

“Open your mouth,” he growled.

Obeying his orders, I parted my lips. Daniel slid his tool into my eager mouth. Forcing his prick into my throat he sighed.

His warm hands groped my breast fiercely. He kneaded my nipples, carefully paying attention to the signs my body gave him. My body was burning for more of his touch.

The way his flesh brushed against mine sent tingles up and down my spine. I wanted him badly.

Balls deep, he withdrew till his member nipped at the entrance of my throat. Driving his shaft back in with all his force he grunted. Daniel began to fuck my throat with abandon.

His heavy balls slapping against my face. I gagged and choked, but he continued without mercy. Drool rolled down onto my upper lip. I moaned around his prick, my own hardening in my shorts.

He gripped my hair firmly. But I ignored the slight pain. I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation. Lost in the sea of lust, waves crashed over my body. Easing further into the yearning of his use.

I squealed, my body thrashed, and my hips bucked. I came hard. My phallus spewed cum which soaked my panties and spilled over the waistband of my shorts and onto my stomach.

“Nnhg!” Daniel grunted, with one swift shove, he crammed his member deep into my throat.

Cum erupted from his pulsating dick. His purging length, emitting hot seed, which once churned in his balls.

I swallowed his ponderous load. There was just so much, it oozed out around my lips. My cheeks were full of his warm spunk when he retracted from my throat.

I swallowed it all happily. Pulling on his clothes, Daniel knelt and kissed me firmly on the lips.

I wiped my face clean after sitting up. Grabbing a change of clothes I rushed into the shower. Dashing for the front door, I gave Bree and Athena a quick kiss then I was out the door.

Jim was an asshole. He may be my superior, but he definitely didn’t have to treat me like trash. Sure he was fun at first when I was just the receptionist. But since I was promoted he’s been strange, sending me on errands when I had clients, swearing at me for no apparent reason.

I was getting tired of his shit.

“Hey, Lex!” Ashley smiled behind the desk.

I greeted her with a friendly kiss on the lips.

“Hi, Ash. How’s the shop been?” I smiled , stroking her hair.

It was just playful flirting, the usual.

“Business is slow except for the clients that been coming here for you,” she smiled. “Jim is a real ass for not giving you enough credit. Your a total badass. When can you do my first tattoo?”

“Thanks, Ash. Whenever you’re ready I guess. So how many clients today?” I sighed.

“Fifteen.. You up for it?” She laughed.

I shrugged and headed into my room.

I’ve recently started working here just a few months into school. I always admired body art yet I don’t have any of my own. My art skills weren’t as defined as the others, but I was still learning.

I readied my station. Prepping my tattoo machine, and cleaning off the chair the clients would be laying in. My attire for the job was mainly important since I had no tattoos of my own. According to Jim I either dressed skimpy or flashy. That or no job.

My black sheer stockings clung to my long smooth legs, as I worked my way to the storage room. I wore a black shirt that reached my stomach just barely. In white, big, bold letters it said, “Fuck me? No, fuck you!”

The fuchsia shorts I wore were nice and comfortable. Along with the black, spike studded boots I had on. I like adding a bit of edged to my outfits. It displays my creativity and who I am.

I looked through the boxes to gather some bottles to contain the liquids needed for my long day of work. I could feel a migraine creeping on me.

I would need a load of coffee to get through this.

I took a break in between clients. Once I finished, I walked to the front desk. I was worn out.

“Your closing up,” Jim ordered, his back turned to me, as he tried his luck yet again with Ashley.

I didn’t bother protesting. It made things worst arguing with him.

Jim was tall, but fit. Pasty white skin, fiery orange hair pulled into a ponytail. Dark blue swimming pools for eyes, with broad shoulders.

Ashley was a short little thing, with milk chocolate skin, and short curly hair. She had a sexy accent and greyish-green eyes. But everyone knew she was a big time lesbian. Jim stood no chance.

After a while once everyone left I cleaned up. Exhausted I walked outside greeted by the cool wisp of air blowing. I juggled with the ring of keys, trying to figure what belongs to the lock.

The lock sounded as I found the right key. I smiled to myself. But now there was the challenge of locking the rusty, metal, gate that’s pulled in front of the shop’s windows. I sighed in relief since I knew that key it wouldn’t be as much of a challenge.

I felt as if I was being watched. The small hairs on my arm stood at attention.

“It’s time for a shave,” I chuckled nervously, shoving the keys in my back pocket.

I drove home, the radio station I had it turned to was playing a few soothing songs. My nerves were still on end. There was a hot sensation on the back of my neck, like someone was burning a hole in the back of me from staring.

When I returned Daniel was in the kitchen slicing up something. It couldn’t be anyone else since Bree couldn’t cook for her life.

I kicked off my boots and let out a sigh. Locking the door behind myself, I crept into the kitchen. His back was turned to me. He was carefully pouring the sliced red peppers into the non-stick skillet. Along with that Daniel poured in diced meat.

I slipped my arms around his waist,”What’s cooking good looking”

His chest rumbled with laughter. Stirring the meat and peppers, he poured a few shrimp in. While that sizzled Daniel covered the food with stir fry sauce.

His scent filled my lungs. Fuck, I wanted him so bad. I needed him.

The aroma filled my nose. Putting the lid on the skillet, he pulled my arms from around his waist and held me close to him.

“You know I have to go back to my own place right?” He announced.

“Yeah. I know you’d eventually have to go home,” I whispered.

I just wasn’t ready for him to leave yet.

While Daniel finished cooking I decided to change into something comfortable.

I lounged on the couch, half asleep. Staring at the empty spaces on the wall I wanted to fill for a while, but never got to it.

Daniel announced dinner was finished. Feeling sluggish, I moved with not much life in me.

The sounds of forks clanking and scraping plates echoed the room.

We both say quietly at the table. Our food was finished, but neither of us moved or looked at each other.

I wanted him to stay with me. With Daniel around I felt secure. I’m sure Bree wouldn’t have any of it if I asked him to stay another night.

I cleared my throat, “I’ll clean the dishes.”

My chest was growing painfully tight. I was holding back what I really wanted to say.

“I guess I’ll take my leave..” Daniel said, barely above a whisper.

I placed the dishes into the sink louder than I thought.

“Here I’ll walk to your car,” I managed to smile.

The ride down the elevator was quite. We held hands as we walked through the lobby, and out the door. There was a cool breeze of the night blowing against us. He bent to cup my face and give me a deep kiss.

I could feel my eyes water when I watched him pull off, and drive away.

Standing alone in the cold, hot tears rolled down my cheek. My lip was trembling. I ambled back through the lobby and into the elevator.

Arriving back into our place, I finished washing the dishes, and trudged into my room. Athena was sleeping in her crib. I leaned over the side and watched her intently.

Her body was feeble. Those gorgeous tawny ringlets brought out her features. Over the time she’d gotten more pigmentation to her skin. She was slightly lighter then she was, matching my skin tone, but I expected her later to resemble Bree. Her cute thin lips filled out nice and full.

Smiling I crawled into my bed. I was finding it hard to fall asleep. My ears perked up. I listened to the front door being unlocked. The door was slammed shut.

“Lex?” Bree called out for me.

I’d just gotten in the bed. I felt drained emotionally and physically.

I would have called out for her, but Athena was sleeping. Sighing I slipped out of the bed and walked into the hall after pulling the room door up behind myself.

Walking into the living room, Bree smiled brightly at me.

“Want to stay up and watch some movies for old times sake?” She asked.

I shrugged, “Sure why not, I can’t sleep anyhow.”

I sank down into the sofa, tucking my foot underneath me. Bree flicked on the tv and inserted an old black and white Dracula movie. There wasn’t sound, but I was pretty good in the art of reading lips.

Bree sat down next to me, her arm stretched behind me. My leg was growing tired of supporting my weight. I shuffled about trying to get comfortable.

Bree stared at me intently for a while before speaking, “Come closer. I won’t bite, yet.”

I inched closer. She wrapped her arms around me tightly. We watched the rest of the movie cuddling. Bree released me to put in another movie.

Returning back to the sofa, she sank down next to me. Bree pulled me in close to her.

I started to fall asleep half way in the movie. My eyes were beginning to feel heavy. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

The room was dark and freezing cold. I could only make out a growing figure, as I continued to move forward. Walking cautiously I watched the silhouette of the mystery person stroll towards me.

Drawing closer, my heart was caught in my throat. It was Michelle. The room finally came into view, it was the library on campus.

I stirred awake. Holding my chest, I could feel my heart thundering. My palms were moist and my body felt ablaze. I turned on the ceiling fan hoping to cool off. It didn’t help one bit.

Tumbling out of bed, I walked into the bathroom. Staring into the mirror I sighed in relief. My tank top was drenched.

I splashed some water on my face and headed back into my bedroom. Glancing at my alarm clock I groaned in despair. I had class in three hours. It often took me an hour to get to the school with traffic, and with how my sleeping pattern was off I didn’t want to chance it.

Dragging my feet across the carpet to my closet, I reluctantly picked out what to wear.

Climbing slowly into the shower I decided to shave my arms. the rest I could do later. Drying off I moved sluggishly to the sink to brush my teeth. After rinsing my mouth out with mouthwash I made a beeline for the door.

I stopped to get tea on the way. I wasn’t a coffee person unless I needed the energy. But tea calmed my nerves. With time on my hands I decided to walk about the campus.

Strolling through the food court, I sipped my tea. The warm liquid filled my stomach and traveled through my veins. I shivered slightly, it made me feel warm all over.

I felt at ease, relaxed, tranquil almost.

I saw a couple of familiar faces wave my way. Smiling I waved backed and continued on venturing the school. Pushing through two heavy metal doors I walked into the library.

The scent of old and new books filled my nose. Mixed perfumes with cologne of students were carried throughout the building and the stench of heavy black coffee. All ten floors of books, computers, and studious students. If you needed a quiet place to cram before a test this was it.

Heading over to the assistance desk, I requested a private room in which I could study in.

“Room fifty-six. You might have to share it with someone, is that ok?” A sheepish ginger asked, reclined in the chair behind the desk.

“That’s fine. Thank you,” I smiled at the man.

I shivered slightly. It was always cold in the library. Since the weather was heating up I threw on a long sleeve, red and blue plaid shirt, with dark denim shorts.

With my shorts I was allowed to have my dick out without the worry of anybody catching sight. The felling of my fleshy member brushing against my constraining laced panties kept it semi hard.

Grabbing a few books on math I climbed up three flights of steps. Swaying my hips I strolled into “room 56″. The black plaque outside hanging on the door was new.

The rooms were all closed off. Of course there were cameras on the outside, but I suppose not all the rooms did they remember to add a camera.

I was puzzled to find Ashley there, intently reading an anatomy book.

She stared up at me in shock, “Lex?”

“They did say I was going to share a room,” I shrugged.

Sitting down across the table from Ashley, I placed the books I carried on the table. I cracked open a book and stared blankly at the pages. Sipping my tea, after a few minutes in I had given up. I sighed and closed the book in defeat. Math wasn’t a subject I ever wanted to deal with in college after graduating high school, but it was required.

“Did you know women have more than fifth-teen sexually sensitive spots on their body?” She announced. “Do you mind if I use you as my human model?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I smiled wearily, completely aware of semi hard prick.

“Come on, please. Besides you owe me a ton for saving those clients for you,” she insisted.

I caved, “Alright. Are you getting graded on it?”

Ashley rose from her seat, and walked around the table towards me, “Yes, but soon after I have to find a male model as well.”

She scrunched up her face in disgust.

Ashley grabbed my arm and rubbed the underside gently. I showed no sight of the least bit of change in expression. Frowning, she glanced at her book.

Moving onward she slid her hands up and down my thigh. I gasped, feeling my cock stir in my shorts. Ashley smiled at her find and pressed on. Crawling under the table she spread my legs widely. Grazing her finger on the inside of my thigh, I moaned softly closing my eyes.

I jumped feeling her moist, warm tongue flick at thigh. My eyes shot open to watch a devious smile spread on her face.

“I think you should stop there,” I frowned.

“What’s wrong, Lex. It’s just harmless fun,” she whined.

Actually looking at Ashley as some to fool around with, I began to consider it. Her small pouty lips looked welcoming, and her heavy rack of double D’s were amazing. There was denying it Ashley was cute and her was body was toothsome.

The tent in my shorts was growing. I bit my lip and avoided looking at Ashley.

“What the hell.. This is a joke right,” she said in disbelief.

I gulped. The words flew around my mind, but they hadn’t left my lips. I wanted to jump out of my skin when Ashley unzipped my shorts curiously. She ran her hand up my length making a restrained groan escape my lips.

“Wait I’ve seen you in a bikini at the pool before.. You didn’t have a cock then,” She recalled. “But it’s real..”

I wanted to avoid the questions and get the hell out of here. Gathering my things, I tried pushing Ashley off to leave. Persistent, she gripped my dick firmly. Feeling weak in the knees I fell back into the chair. The smile returned to her face.

Moving her fist up and down, she began to stroke my length. I held my breath as she replaced her firm grip with her hot and moist mouth. Her cold lips wrapped around my tool tightly, like a vise.

“No,” I whimpered, trying to fight the urge of being buried deep in Ashley’s throat.

Her mind was already set, Ashley waxed my pole like a pro. Bobbing her head she took my member in her windpipe with ease. The slightest gag caused her throat to hug tighter at my shaft, I restrained myself from moaning loudly.

Removing my dick from her mouth with a pop, she started to stroke my well lubricated length, “From now on this is my dick. I can share, but just know who it belongs to.”

“But aren’t you a lesbian?” I managed to ask through my sharp gasps, fidgeting.

“I don’t like men, that’s true. But a woman with a dick is a plus,” she giggled.

I was shocked to see this side of Ashley I didn’t know existed.

After a few rough strokes she guided me into mouth. Grabbing the arms of the chair, I held on for dear life. She lapped at my cock with much affection. My nerves were burning with lust. Ashley gave one eager suck at my member and I came. I bit my lip and watched her burry my prick deep into her throat, and swallow every drop of frothy girl cum my pulsating tool spurted.

I hung my head back over the chair, and closed my eyes, as Ashley licked me clean.

“Lets go over to my dorm a bit, I could use a good lick down myself. A good lick deserves another in return,” she purred, smacking her lips.

She tucked my dick away, and zipped up my shorts. I wasn’t getting much done with studying anyway. I was terrible at math.

I followed Ashley out the library, into the halls, and through one of the many dorm buildings. The door was unlocked when we arrived.

I placed my books onto the table. It was a four roomed dorm. Pretty spacious, but a bit too many girls to have in such a space. Especially with dealing with different attitudes.

Ashley pulled me by the wrist into her room. She immediately began to kick off her shoes and pants. Down to her panties, I helped her lift her shirt above her head. I kicked off my shoes and left on the rest of my clothes.

Our lips met. Her tongue flicked at the roof of my mouth. I moaned, pulling away I bit at her lip. Pushing her back onto her bed, I crawled in between her legs. Staring down at her naked body I took everything in.

Those curves she was blessed with were dangerously enticing. Well endowed with big breast her nipples were as fat as my thumbs. I bent my neck and kissed her lips softly. Taking her earlobe into mouth she gasped sharply. I kissed a trail down her stomach. Licking the undersides of her breast, I fondled them passionately.

She lolled her head from side to side, moaning. I sucked and bit at her nipples. Ashley cried out in pleasure for more. Grabbing one of her legs I kissed each of her scarlet painted toes. She giggled and smiled down at me. I smoothed my hand up and down her thigh.

I tugged at her panties, she raised her hips slightly. Ashley was shaved completely. But that’s not what caught my attention. My eyes were fixed on her clit, which was pierced.

I kissed the inside of her thighs, and made my way to her dripping slit. She cooed in delight. I sucked at her clit, nibbling at it gently. Shoving my tongue into her sex, Ashley lost it.

“More, more, more! Ooh fuck,” she hissed, wrapping her legs around head, pulling me closer.

I cradled her ass, moving my tongue rhythmically. Reading her gasps and moans I could tell she was close. Using a hand I gently stroked her clit. Bucking against my face she suddenly came, clawing my hair, she brought me in closer to her orgasmic body. I could feel her shuddering, swearing on top of her lungs.

Withdrawing my tongue, I lapped up her hot nectar hungrily. Every drop I happily swallowed. Ashley was breathing heavily, trying to recollect herself. Releasing me from her locked legs I sat up to gather my belongings. I was frozen in place to see three other faces staring at me.

I could feel my face turning red. Ashley’s tiny hands snaked around my neck and she sucked at my neck. I shivered, I was trying to keep my composure, and get the hell up out of here.

“Oh Lex, baby. Your tongue can do things beyond what I expected,” Ashley praised me.

I was starting to return back to my timid nature, “uh—yea, thanks.”

She ran her hands down my side. I flinched slightly.

“I have to go. I have class,” I said, trying to shrug her off me.

“We have the same class. Let me get showered and walk with you,” she insisted.

“Wait you have calculus?” I asked in shock.

“You don’t really notice me in class since I sit in the way back,” Ashley laughed.

I nodded, “Well meet me at the Starbucks by the art studio. I need a bit more tea in my system.”

I grabbed my shoes, moved passed the gawking girls, and picked up my books on my way out. My messy bun was falling apart as I strolled down the hall. I felt in my back pockets, searching for my phone to check the time. But both were empty.

That’s when it hit me. I left my phone in the library.


I rushed over to the library. Walking in a speedy manner, speed walking. That soon turned into jogging, which soon turned to sprinting. Everything I needed was on that phone. My work schedule, my credit card information, down to my diet, and reports on my bill payments.

I have bad memory and I tend to lose papers. So I came up with the ridiculous idea to load my personal information onto my phone. I’d definitely kick myself for this later.

Flying up the stairs of the library, I ignored the strange looks. Arriving at the room I was devastated. My phone was gone. Turning around I came face to face with my nightmare.

She stood in the doorway, smiling wickedly, “Did you need this?”

Her pasty white skin contrasted drastically with her bone straight auburn hair. The glimmer in her unearthly eyes froze me dead in my tracks. It was what I feared, who’ve I’ve been running from for months. Michelle.

Well isn’t this a bitch?

She was waving my phone in my face, “have a seat. I’ll make this quick and to the point.”

Obeying her I sank down into the chair. She closed the door and sat in the chair across from me. This definitely was not what I had in mind for today. I was caught off guard.

Mitchell placed my phone in the middle of the table. Propping an elbow on the table and placing her head in her hand she gazed at me for a while.

“You know I’ve gone through a lot of trouble finding you. I have a proposition for you. You have a choice, either you give me Athena in return for your freedom or you submit and surrender yourself up to me. The ball is in your court,” She grinned.

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