Jeremy leaned in towards me slowly now, his large masculine hand on the back of my head just edging me closer. I was anxious, flustered just knowing what was about to happen. Closer and closer we came until I could take it no more and threw my lips towards his, they collided. His delicate lips coupled with that furry moustache now tickling my upper lip. We held that pose for what felt like a lifetime, until his lips spread apart and his tongue emerged, it pressed itself against my lips soaking them with his saliva. I parted mine to allow access, just enough space for it to wiggle through, only to block it with my own. Our tongues were dancing round each other, like there was a rhythm to it. They held up close then parted then hugged in close again, all happening inside my mouth.

I started leaning back onto the bed, lifting dear Jeremy on with me. He was on top of me now, firmly pressed against my body, his hands were on the move feeling down me while mine were still firmly grasped around his back. I moaned when he slipped his hands under my shirt and I felt him smile, his lips firmly pressed to mine. He sat up to lift off his shirt, and I did the same. In a moment of pure passion I took Jeremy and rolled him onto the bed, pressing against his body with my rippling muscles. I put my hand on his cheek and he looked me right in the eye as he spoke “Oh Klaus, it’s not like you to take control like this.” I blushed as he told me this, it’s true I thought but this just seemed right and I started to run my hand up Jeremy’s leg.

Jeremy soon followed suit moving his hands to his belt to take it off. I slid down his body stopping on the way to feel his rock hard nipple against my face, I approached his crotch as he was down to his boxers, and I could see some bulge, pulsing through his pants. I teased it through his boxers and saw it move and respond to my touch. I slid down his boxers to reveal the mass of cock that lay underneath, as soon as they were lowered it shot up in front of me, just inches from my face now. I put my hand around it, it was warm to my touch. I blew against his balls, taking it all in, as I slowly stroked the magnificent beast. I looked up and over to see Jeremy looking down on me, my eyes were fixed on him as I hovered over with my mouth open. His balls were firmly in my hand now, his penis wriggling at the excitement of what I was about to do. I gently licked up the tip to then wrap my mouth around his dick. It was Jeremy’s turn to moan now, with every stroke, every suck I did, his breath became heavier and heavier. I was pumping up and down in gentle rhythm with my hand and mouth together. I could feel something coming, as Jeremy was getting more and more excited. I moved my face away and began pumping furiously now. “MY LORD KLAUS!!” he yelled as I licked up the side to finish. As he moaned cum came shooting past my ear, and more of it was gushing out and down my hand. I wasn’t ready to sample it quite yet.

I rose from my crouched position and crawled over him like a tiger. Jeremy was catching his breath now when he looked at my face he realised “oh yes it’s your turn now isn’t it?” My Penis had been rock hard since we started, it somehow got even harder knowing he was about to start on me. I whipped my trousers off and crawled up to meet him face to face. My cock fitted nicely and rubbed up against his. I wanted to do more than suck him off, I wanted to fuck him. As if reading my mind Jeremy smiled at me and instructed “get ze oil Klaus”.

I went straight for the bedside cabinet where I knew it would be, I took the bottle in my hand and saw Jeremy on his knees, pointing his perfectly rounded ass right at me. He fingered his tight butthole to show me what to do. I oiled up my hands and moved up close to him. I reached out and grabbed his magnificent cheeks for a squeeze. He was so firm. I rubbed his asshole lightly, just pasting the oil on him. I then stuck just one finger in, it tightened immediately around my finger, I had to poke and prod at it to fit anything else in. Little by little I fit more fingers in, more of my hand, until I had all five fingers in there. At this point I knew it was ready.

I rose up to my knees and slowly moved towards his crack. The second my penis touched that beautiful hole I couldn’t contain my excitement. I slid it in, just a little, enough to feel the inside. It tightened around me, it was the greatest thing I ever felt, I wanted more. I thrust it inside, deeper and deeper each time, until I was pounding my thighs against his buttocks. Jeremy was flinching each time but he was rubbing his own balls to, even after finishing he was still incredibly aroused by this. I put my hands on his legs for a better hold, so I could thrust faster and faster. YES the pressure was building I couldn’t hold it in anymore and I came, I came inside his ass, I squealed as more kept flooding out of me, there was more than enough lubrication to slide out. I was breathing so heavily now, It was the most relaxed sensation, all I wanted to do was lay in Jeremy’s arms and rest. Jeremy was just as exhausted, I don’t think he could’ve taken any more. So I rolled up in front of him and held him in my masculine arms. I moved up to his ear and whispered “thank you”. What else was there to say?

The Chronicles of One Boxer: The Adventurer

Story 8

Tale 5 – The Crossroads of Destiny

(This story is based on a fake Earth, on the large continent of Oula)

Chapters 4 – 6

With such little technological advancement around the year 250, it was hard for anyone to spread the news that the empire of Jardi in the North East had arisen from nothing; It was just there. It held many rumors of what occurred on the inside including a vast amount of ‘Red Skins’ who only fought those of the Garge empire In the North. It’s history arises from rumors as well – it is the only such country with rebels that could expand and claim independence (an unbelievable feat for the time).

Our adventurers were on their way to see what lied behind the massive dome that claims its borders. An intelligence report from another large and sneaky empire in the West, that seemed to have been allied before they were flushed away and defeated by those of the South empire of Kopal. The adventurers, two men of the Kopal empire, were there to inquire what had them ally with such foes in the West.

“Ma…Man, it’s so c-c-cold……” Boxer started.

“I wish we could actually see where we’re going too. Are you sure we’re moving in the right direction?” David asked.

“Yea…. It’s that hugue dome off in the distance, it has to be.”

“Well, surely. But what do we expect to accomplish? Our king is a ruthless one, he would do anything to expand and harm people.”

“I want to know why there was an invitation to a dinner party in that damn castle. You don’t invite an enemy to a dinner party! They must be allies. I can’t let that happen. After I screwed over the queen in ’49, she’s probably had orders for my head.”

“But how can she when we took over her empire?…. You know, I heard humans live here, that they helped the red skins and live peacefully together in the dome. Seems impossible, but I befriended a human, so I guess anything’s possible.”

(Humans are a scarce people)

“Yea and having sex with one didn’t hurt either.” Boxer slyly mentioned as David punched his arm.

“Hey, that was a one time thing. I only like girls; you’re just very persuasive.” David continued.

“Or maybe you’re just easy to fool….” Boxer laughed.

“Is my masculinity funny to you, ass?”

“Yea, it is. Kinda.”

“Cut it out. I can’t concentrate on the cold and your lame sense of humor at the same time….”

“Then let me help with both…-Boxer continued as he got close to David- We need to cuddle for warmth.”

“I believe the expression says ‘huddle’.”

David was getting slightly aroused thinking about it. But mainly ignored himself growing erect as they continued to walk up to the huge dome.

“It’s father than the eye can see! Wow, this is something you actually have to see to believe!” Boxer started.

“I don’t see a way in though. Should I make one?” David asked.

“I don’t think it’s that’s the smartest thi– and you did it.” Nino sighed as David used his shoulder and bashed a hole in the dome.

“Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” A lanky green man yelled as he ran up to our adventurers. (These green men would be found mainly in the Garge empire, a huge force to be reckoned with)

“Sorry, man. We were just trying to get in-Boxer started- we were just curious to what was going on here. My friend here can’t help his strength sometimes. We just want to talk to the Queen.”

Queen N. was heard to be the queen of Jardi, she was said to be beautiful and not married. She alone ruled Jardi.

“To set up an appointment with the queen, we must have you come with me.” The man started as he showed them to a huge black building.

“Now wait in here so that you may talk to the king.” the green man finished.

“The King? David, it’s a trap!” Boxer started.

The green man burst out in an evil laughter. David took him and threw him twenty feet away. The two ran away from the black building into a town filled with buildings.

“David, wait. No one is chasing us.” Boxer started as they caught their breath.

“There isn’t a person to be seen at all here. How strange.” David ended.

The two adventurers looked around the town, but it was as if it was deserted.

“What’s going on here?” Boxer wondered.

The two went into a nice looking house to rest.

“Is there any food in here?” David asked.

“Theres only this one banana. This is all the food we have. We have to share it because it might be the only food we have this entire adventure.” Boxer mentioned.

“Look, there are knives over here! We can use them as weapons for future enemies.” David continued.

Boxer took a knife from a countertop and wandered. He came back out stark naked holding the knife.

“Now you’re my prisoner of war!” Boxer started as he walked to David with a blank expression on. He knocked the knife out of Boxer’s hand.

“Hey!” Boxer shouted.

“Will you cut it out?” David started.

“Look-y here! I also have the banana.- Boxer continued as he peeled he top off.- You want the banana? You have to play ball.”

David thought about it for a minute. He was extremely hungry and Boxer always had a trick up his sleeve.

“…..Ugh……Fine” David continued as he threw Boxer onto a bed in another room.

“Not this time big boy. This time, you’re riding me!”

“What?! No way!”

Boxer dangled the banana in front of David’s face. They were both certainly erect. David murmured for a minute but knelt down to take Boxer’s penis in his mouth. David sucked Boxer for a long time without a break; Boxer knew he loved his cock. From past experience, he learned from Boxer, who was extremely talented.

“Ok big guy, time to ride me.” Boxer started and David got on top of him.

“It won’t go in. Looks like we wont be doing that!” David started. Boxer took some of the banana and felt up David’s hole. David cringed, but put himself down again and managed to get Boxer inside him.

“Gah! Ow!” David yelled.

“Calm down, I only have the head in!” Boxer continued as he slowly entered him all the way. David held onto Boxer’s shoulders. Boxer started with slow humping motions which quickly turned into fast thrusting. David let out some painful and pleasureful moans as Boxer continued to fill him with his man-meat.

Boxer took another piece of banana in his mouth and kissed David. David, who was always a hungry man, kissed back passionately and aggressively. They both wrestled for that banana for thirty seconds until Boxer bucked and came up inside David. As he did, David rolled back and let out his tongue; he was filled with all sorts of pleasure.

“Ok, now it’s my turn.” David started as he took the last of the banana and put it to Boxer’s ass. He ate his ass out Boxer with much glee. He couldn’t keep his face out of there. David thought that Boxer always had the sweetest and tightest ass he’d ever seen. He put his dick to Boxer’s hole. He pushed inside of Boxer with no effort at all and roughly humped Boxer for five minutes straight.

Boxer moaned, taking in his huge cock for the second time in their adventuring. He always thought David was sexy and easy to fool. After all, David was tricked into having sex with Boxer twice now. Boxer’s ass was so tight around David’s cock and it filled him with so much pleasure. Roughy humping, Boxer didn’t want it to end.

After that, it didn’t take long for David to cum inside Boxer with four huge spurts. He continued to hump for thirty more seconds and he collapsed on the bed next to Boxer. They cuddled for a while and they cleaned up.

“Man, that was our only food! I’m really thirsty now and still really hungry!” David started.

“Oh! That? Yea, I kinda lied man. If you open the cupboard, there’s like 500 lbs. of food. Funny, right?” Boxer laughed.

David’s eyes widened and he grew angry. He walked toward Boxer in fury.

“Dude, it was only a joke, you know? To have sex….. I’m just a man! A horny, horny man!” Boxer finished as David picked up Boxer and gave him an evil smile.

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